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Mr. Lunn.iald. ".Vothlnz Is salil
this report about the Lcoguo of Na-
wo should express oursoivea on
Mr. Cockran eni'a that Hie
srteen "points stated by the President'
nil td tha mora cone or interna-
knal law ana aro accepted by tha cc-un-
', tlut Mr. Cochran haa notnint: 10
r'abut the PrtsMent'o later nchlevj-
ents. When tlio 1'resldent returned to
Nierlca with tho treaty containing the
ikuo of Nations lis stood at the pin
tle of moral power. Aro wo as Dem
rati irolna- to remain silent when the
untrtf wants to know how wo stand?
lo Wo rolnu to dodce the Issue? You
trying to dodo an issue viucn can
. bo dodircJ."
frohiMly accenting Mr. Lunn'a dial-
(se, Mr, Cockran deolaied no attempt
s to be inmlo to bring our economic
essure AKAlnut other nations, no said
rThe Loairue ot Nations, no matin
bat Its merits, la not a ran nnd win
be until Congress Is changed. 'J ins
estlon can wait until March. Thu
Itruo has no machinery to enforce din
natneni: nations anticipating tho
sue. are- Increasing their armament
cat Hrltnln Is doubling hers. e
ust act without waiting (or tho end of
i contest over tin lestue.
fhla disarmament proposal Is either
iaattca! or democracy la bankrupt. Wo
flnanco Industry, but we Will not
anco war."
nr. Scnburv went to the support or
league und Mayor I.unn.
The commltteo'ii recommendation
Pges every Issue before the public,"
, Seabury said. "It gives ua a nerora-
b which Is not new. If we arc In
or of tho leaf uo let's say so and not
General in Only Campaign
J5pecch in Manhattan De
cries Militarism
rant Itr-rntlon suwct-ntlont.
the delegate? could not Indorse the
euo without reservation, Mr, Sca
ry proposed that Misgeatlona of ao
snrlate reservations be made.
rwould not that tc in opposition tn tho
ifsldent' Jeremiah Mahoney of New
'I have no rmoii to think It woi.nl
Mr. tieaburv. "Hut whether for
against the treaty, let us take a cour
roua stand and not the pitiable atll
to of running away."
Jr. Farley, the chairman, asked Mr.
abury why he did not present to the
nmltteu a resolution Indorsing the
sue Instead of waiting to criticise tbc
PNo one ever dreamed a Democratic!
kventlon would fall to euloelze the ter
e and tho work performed by Wood.
Wilson, John J. Kttxgeraia or
nklyn said. 'Tho Democrats of this
showed where they stood on the
se when they took action Tiers Ust
ry. ueelnring for immediate
b wjth n League of Nations, with
destructive reservations."
Stabury then offered his liquor
clutlou. staling:
ho constitutions! amendment should
slrlr uid luslly enforced In tho same
nner as nnv other amendment of tho
fcslltutlon ot the United" States i ami
tire tmnosed tu any niank and plat
ft delgnefl to sanction tnc iax n-
ement of that law or any otner law.
we condemn any suxeestion mat
It amendment can be nullified by the
Inn nf nv statu of thin Union."
l one it not to run sway from mat
bp. e ther." sir. BeBDury aiu.
ild not be gagged or- suppressed on
r,r tiit .li.li.fnt ro rallied a nont Of
Er. and Mr. Farley ruled the Heabury
intinn rnnl.1 nnt l considered as nn
Indment to tho committee report. Mr.
Offered It separately ana it was
krrit in Hie rommlttte.
I,W. O. ,
llrwan of the delegation and received
reception when li was escorieu to
chair. Ho connratuiaieu me ur--
, fnr the "fruv onen.ann trans aj
had discussed the real proDiema
the country. He said the delega-
would work In harmony and iron
.Its differences.
fhere la much talk anoui ,ew ivir
, tint vavlnir much power in national
f...ntu. e wimt other state organ-
bion can' nolnt to audi a record of
llcvementsr the Oovtrhor said.
It the close of the Governor a spsmu
V convention adjourned.
aratttec Wll Oitoe AMg&p-
. clnlUt Meoure
m The Scs and Nw Y)r.K lUlul.o..
Klbany, May 7. Tlio F.xecutlvepng;;
. nf 1 1,.. stt Ffjoraiion oi-btaoor,-
wlll hold Its sprlnjr meetlnTPer-
hrsdav nnd Friday, will appeaTin k-
! before Oovenior Smith at the-tiea7J
tlallsts and radicals. Tha labor men
lose the measures, creatine a bureau
tho Attorney-General s umce to
ecutc criminal nnarcny, iiconain
ol teachers and private schools ana
the Appellate Division tue rignt
determine whether or not a political
ianisatlon shall be recognized as a
(he cominuteo wm consiuer wni
fid lubor will take In tho political
npalgn next fall. It Is oxpected that
sill Indorse tho administration of Gov.
and assure him tne support 01
inlred labor If he runs for reelection.
Good iAislness Administration
of More Importance.
lov. Edward I. Edwards, who haa en-
ed the Democratic Presidential rinr.
not abandoned his antagonism to
bhlbltlon, but ho believes that should
subordinated to more Important
ngs. This In suDstanoo was wnai
;er WVIck, his campalcn manager.
yesterday, when he noticed tho
nmcnts on the absence of any men-
of prohibition in the Edwards an-
i to the Governor's views on cotretl
Bonal liberties," culd Mr. Vlck, "we
tteve they are so well known as not to
subject to misinterpretation by any
Tlio policies which ho adopted
than a year ago when ho made
ght lor tho Governorship of New
ey, he has affirmed from tlmo to
1c. The Governor bellovcs that no
sstlons are of greatsr importance than
economic business administration and
problem of relieving the stress of
Procter Confers With Candi
date, Who Goes Rack to
Chicago To-iu'ght.
Charges Threat 'to Oppose
Wood in Effort to Sway
Dye Legislation.
department shall fix tht valuation on
which the ad valorem duty shall m
It waa explained to-day that Senator
Moses's amendment was offered because
some New England textllo manufactur
ers reared that a dyestuffs monopoly
might grow up In this country unless
the bill were clianged. The Moles
amendment alms to secure ngatnst the
ad Valorem duty being excessive by pro.
vldlng that it dull bo levied against
ft "fair wholesale selling price," which
Is dinned In tho amendment nnd care
fully restricted: and It makes other
chnngm designed to govern tho admin
istration ot tho snccino duties.
Senator Moses Insists his amendment
j would prevent tho dumping of foreign
I nyca nero ana operate against imports.
Shows Company AttachoAsked uyis lfXuS hr,ercpl,,I(m wllh
Senator Moses to Explain
His Attitude.
.najor-Gtn. Leonard Wood made his
one and only preconventlon campaign
speech In New York c:ty yesterday.
Ho had promised Herbert U. Kitttrlcc.
head of the local committee, some tlmo
ago that he would give a talk hee but
was unable to "make good" until yes
The talk wa before CM persons at
noon In the rooms of the Leonard Wood
l-our by Four flub, 120 West Twenty
thlid street. Alice McKay Kelly, who
spent some years In 1h0 I'hltlpplnes
wiiuc tnc uenerai was there, presided,
rhe General coVcrd tho ground that he
i no. taaon in ins campaigns In primary
Htates. ,
'Thc colt of living la going up. lie
declared, toiuhllKr on a toplo that proved
of BrtSteat Interest to his audience.
The people arc keenly Interested In
nn iing ho.ls keeping ua out of sugtr.
potatoes and other niiceasltlea of life,
wither tll laws aro Inerfcctlvo or they
are not properly enforced. Thero It no
quenion that profiteering of foodstuffs
Is general In sornu tactions of tho coun
tiy. We arc Mill able to fed a man in
tlio army for 4 a cents a day very well.
Thoao tljrurcs aro Inconsistent with the
prion which yen have to pay In civil
life. Production In tlil.i country haa
diminished 80 per cent. That menus
tie high cot of food.
The Oenernl said wo wnnteil a rlnu.
rrnmclit Which stood uealnst nn mi.
locracy of cither labor nr wi.iiih iik ,,
class, but for it real democracy.
"1 nm strongly opposed to militarism."
the ricneral added, "but what we do
need is a good efficient army of 200ij00.
Now 1 suppoep you want to hear some
thing about the Ltacim nr vniimi.
Thero can be no Ix-aguo of Nations
which Is not thoroughly Americanised.
America must be the judo when her
men are to gd to wnr. We must bo left
free to follow our traditional tiollciiM."
Once during his Address the General'
toico becanio huxkv .mil waa r1u,l
almost to a whisper. Home one called
to nave tne street door cloyed, thinking
that a draught had affected the speak
er n tnroat.
in ..........
.evtr in nil mat. no
thing has gbt In my throat. It Is the
urst time anylilng like that has hap
fcurii 10 me.
After he had a swallow of wntr tli
i.enerars voice relumed nnd ho con
iinucu ma addreeo. Iln nhnnU hivi
wun many in tne audience heforo coin
to the Union League Club, where he
WHS tno guest llf nnrnnlllin ItllH n I
luncheon. I .ater ha rnliifii.1 f II...
Harvard Club, wlttrd he spent the re
mainder of the tiny annwerliw l.u .nr.
reapondence. To-dav he will h nf..t
at the dedlcaOoii of a statue to fornmr
. w..vo nniirciur .iiiLuiiagn ana may
review the annual nollcunraii. i-hm
u '." re-urn to Ohlcago to-night
v-oi. iviiiiam u. Procter had a long
conference with Gen. Wood at the Har
vard Club yesterday morning;, but so far
us i Known Mr, Hitchcock had no words
nun nun,
Wptay Lands Republican
Ndftiination for Governor.
CotAXAPOUS. Mat- 7 Ilvlca.i
HiftTe but unomclal returns from every
JPttClnct In the Stato In tho primary last
uesuay, tabulated here this afternoon,
show Major-Gen. Wood ran 3.729 vote.
the Lusk-Fearon bills "i?!!!?,!"4 rSon.,0,:. 'Johnson In tho He-
hmbllcan Presidential preference contesT
... .1,1c. iyooq ss,H7,i Johnson. 7.
94; Lotyden. 39.B27: Harding. 20.8C3
For tho Ttepubllean nhmini.,,
OoyEoo ! complete figures show Warren
"iw' "BU H majority or 4,962 the
vote being: McCr.iv. mo hit. t...'.."
63.478 : Toner. 41.187.
While Dr. McCulloph l,n,i n-
ing lead In the Democratic gubernatorial
nomination race, it ? .
His plurality over Mason Wtaek hli
henrost opponent. w sutan ...
being: McCulloch. 4C.97;' ihin'l
0.7US; Isetibarger, 19,291 : niek. 15,931."
jjirnm io 'fns jcx ita Sr.ir Yon HsstLli,
Washington, May ".The chargo
that the Du Pont Towder Interests have
threatened. to oppose Major-Gen. Wood's
candidacy for President unless Senator
Moses (N. ID ceases prcssln-r an
amendment ho had offered to the dye
stuffs bill was made on the 8nute
floor by Senator Kcnyon (Iowa) to-day.
Senator Mose Is Southern manager of
tho Wood Presidential campaign. Sena
tor Kcnyon Interrupted tho debate on
the dyestuff measure by saying:
"I havo a letter rom vtho du Pont
Company, written to a Senator, which
threatens that Senator and also makes
a threat against the Presidential candi
date for whom tlio Senator Is manager.
A good deal has been said In denuncia
tion of the people who have opposed lhU
ilvesturr legislation and I think It Is
high time some Inquiry weru mede about
thosa who aro supporting It. The letter,
which I ask to have placed In the
Record, Is addressed to Senator Moses
and I offer It with his consent It Is re
sented by Senator Moses and by Gen.
Wood as well."
Letter Placeil In "tlecord."
The letter was admitted to the Hrtovd.
It waa received more thai! A fortnight
ago by Senator Moses, was written on
tho statjonery ot K. I, du Pont Gc
NcmouM A Co. and signed by Charles
K. Wsston. Senator Motes wrote to tho
tho president of the company atktnjr
whether Mr. Weston was ah official of
the company and hits position. A prompt
reply camo saying that Mr. Weston wag
tho company's manager of publicity.
Senator Moses turned over the two
tetters to Senator Kenyon with lila con
sent that they bo laid before thu Senate.
Tho letter, signed by Mr. Weston fol
lows :
WILMINGTON', Del. April IS. 1920.
Dear fienalor Motes: 1 was among
tho gathering of Republicans at the
Playhouse In Wilmington on tho eve
of April 15 nnd listened with great
interest to your address In support
of tho candidacy ot Gen. Leonard
Your exposition of your candi
date's nttltude on national prpared
ness wim particularly Interesting, in
asmuch as It showed the General to
ho In thorough accord with all of
the principles Involved In the pend
ing legislation for th development
of a self-contained coal tar chemi
cal Industry. Wilmington Is Inter
ested deeply fn this Induxlry, for no
community had closer contact with
the vital questions of preparedness
or mure Intimate knowledge ot the
unpreparedness of the country when
the Into war broke out.
The amendment which you have
offered and your active opposition
to the prr-iaredneks features of tha
dyo bill seem to somo ot us to bo not
In accord with your candidate's posi
tion or with your fervent appeals to
us to support him because of his
stand for national preparedness.
"Cannot Reconcile Attitudes."
Personally, I want to support Gen.
Wood, but I find it difficult to recon
cile the two attitudes of one ot his
Jmportant campaign managers the
ono cn the floor of the tienate and
tho other on the public platform
sufficiently to have full faith in his
I am outlining a publicity cam
paign to Inform the public concern
ing the present status of .the pro
posed dye legislation. May I ask
you to set me straight as to the rap
parent contradiction In your atti
tude toward Gen. Wood's candidacy
and your attitude on tho dye bill, so
that I may be perfectly accurate In
what I write? .
Very truly yours.
Charles K. Weston.
The amendment by Senator Moses to
the dytstuffs bill referred to would con-1
sldcrably charge the measure. The bill
provides for an ad valorem duty In Im
ported dyestuffs ot 30 per cent, olus
specific duties ot 2 1-2 to 3 cents per
pound. Senator Moses's amendment
strikes out the specific duties and pro
vide a method whereby the Treasury
WiLJit.VQTpN, May 7. "The E. I. du
Pont do Xomours Company Is not In
tercstell In any political' candidate," was
tho ofllclal answer of tho company to
charges of an attempt tn roorrn login,
latlon by threatening to oppose-the can
didacy of Major-Gen. Leonard Wood,
mado by Senator Kcnyon at Washing
ton tg-day,
Tlio letter sent to Senntor Moses was
a personal letter from Charles K. Wes
ton, officials of tho company enld.
ho often refused to take tho evldenco of
Government agents because "this waa
at varlanco with the facts."
"Of all thoso arrested by the Depart-
men of Justice I found that only forty
or fifty favored violence against tho
United States," Mr. 'Post said. Ho as
serted that ho unnirinrt th rutin? of
(Secretary Wilson that mcro member-
Acelninnf, Sffrrfltnrv of Labor "'"p tho cosamunist party waa n dj
iissisinnc occroiary ui uuuur por(abI ff ' b , hld thIt thi
posits ruling In th case ot tho Com
munist Labor Fatty wm barfed cn the
grounds that tho latter organization did
not advocato forco and violence.
Asserts at Hcnring Proof
Was Insufficient.
expected. MorrlBHillnullt, one time So
clallst candidate for Mayor of New York
and chief counsel fir tho Socialist As
scmblym!n In tho Albany ouster pro
ceedlngs, is slated' for temporary chair
man and keynote" orator,
Coiliin(t from Flrsl Pagtf
Michigan, Illinois, Montant and Indiana
Gov. Lowden has polled SS0.S49 votes.
Tunning second to Major-Gen. Wood,
who has polled iK,Xl votes In the sams
Whllo Lowden appears to be In a bet
ter position than other Avowed candi
dates, the chances or his ulnnlngMho
nomination are subject to ninny of the
obstacles which confront all of the
others, rendering the final choice of a
"dark horse" candidate mute and more
In this connection political leaders are
giving closo attention to the Industrial
Itelatlond Court established by Gov.
Allen of Kansas. It Is recognized th.at
Gov. Allen has put forward a concrete
Idea for the ttettlcment of Industrial ills
putea which may mako tha nutlmr of
tno "Kansas Idea" the subjret of seri
ous consideration In the convention.
Alleges Bribery of Press in an
Effort to Crcttto a Terror
ist Scnro Here.
Hoover Wants His Views Also
on Lodge Reservations.
Herbert Hoover asks of Senator ltlram
XV, Johnson whether the latter believes
tho League of Nations covenant with
the Lodge reservations would ho an'L'ng
lUli league. He puts this Indirect ques
tion to tho Senator:
"Senator Johnson Is quoted as saying
lhat he haa never expressed opposition
to any leaguo to prevent war nnd re
duce armament. 'This Indication of n
change ot heart U a matter ot great
satisfaction. He MntC9 that he does not
want nn English lengue. None of us do,
Out does tnc- Senator mean that the
covenant with the I3dgc rriervntlons
t.i an Kngllsh league? This Is the
covenant and theae are tnc reservations
which I havn supported since they were
first voted by a majority ot th Senate
last November. Will tho Senator speak
out plainly on this subject so that the
people may know what Ira stands for
In this matter:".
Johnson Haa Big Home Lead.
Sam Francisco, May 7. with Onl
fornia Presidential prererenca primary
returns from only 101 ot the 5,707 pre
cincts In the State missing, delegates
pledged to support Senator Hiram W.
Johnson for the Presidential nomina
tion at the Chicago convention to-day
I itnnwr hv 1.,9.2.1 votes. The vote wis:
Johnson ticket. 367,463; Hoover. 205,203.
Depew at 86 Beckons Him
! and Two Others Attacked
tn Home by Robbers.
hrce women residents of the block
West Seventy-second street between
Itral Park West and Columbus ave-
wero taken Into the Hotel Majestic
Hysterical condition last night after
Ittempt had been made to rob them.
I police of the West Sixty-eighth
ict, station profess ignoranco of tho
lup at 1 o'clock this morning, saying
case was in the hands ot detectives
had left to run down the men.
"ports obtained from residents of the
said the women were alone In an
rtment when the men entered. The
iers held revolvers to their heads
demanded their Jewelry. Ono worn
nstcod of obeying tbc order snatched
revolver and fought the Intruders.
uproar that followed the first
irti of "Help!" wall heard nil over
immediate vicinity.
hen other residents of the block
lieu the apartment tlio women were
lerlcal with fright, and the robbers
disappeared. It waa learned they
away in a taxlcih. The -women
I red the attention of a physician,
at block In Seventy-second street Is
home, cf many well lnidwn families,
nz them thoso of Nathan Straus
Henry Morgenthau.
Washington, May 7. Former Speak
er Cannon was S4 years old to-day.
Members of the House gave tho Illinois
Representatlvo an ovation when Repre
sentative Mondell. the Republican leader,
announced that this was "Uncle Joe's"
birthday anniversary.
Messages of 'congratulation were re
ceived by Mr. Canrxm, Chauncey M.
Depc'w of New York, who recently cele
brated his SCth birthday, sent this
"I beckon you on to the S6th milestone
which I am holding for you. It Is i
beautiful Journey and glorious position."
OKfli'u) t Tn Sf asu Xsw Vl)K HttULD,
Washington, May 7. Assistant Sec
retary ot Labor l'ojf, appearing beforo
tho 1 loues Rules committee to-day to
defend himself against charge! of block
ing the importation of aliens seeking to
overthrow tho United Btntos Government
by force and violence, admitted that
since November 1 he had cancelled 1,293
deportation warrants of nlletfcd "reds,"
most of whom were arrcstsd In ths na
tionwide raids or the Department ot Jus
tice. Mr. Post's testimony revealed "a fine
family row" between the Department of
Juatlcc-and tho Uureau ot Immigration
of I he Department of Labor on tha ono
hand and the otilco of the Assistant
feorctary ot Labor on tho othes.
The Department of Justice was
charged by Mr. Post with trying to create-
a "terrorist scam" throughout the
country. Ilo asserted that "two sal
aried" newspaper men were sending out
"wild stories' about n great conspiracy
to overthrow the Government, when
tho facts nro that out of the S.000 ar
rested by the department In tho radical
raids, only three 'revolvers were found.
Mr. Post admitted ho did not have tha
evldenco tn prove Ills charge. When
ltepreser.tatl'.o Pnu. (N. C) asked what
Government denartment was paying tho
second salary, Mr. lH-t failed to answer
Sir. Post rhaiged the llutenu of Im
mleratlnn and Anthum CamlllCltl Dl
reetnr.fienernl of Immigration, with
recommending deportation when the evl
dencu did not sunnort suoh action.
Tho Hons Committee un Immigration
and Naturalisation was Vext attacked
br Mr. Post, who said It was unfair In a
man's nf evldenco recently submitted.
Statistics nrescntod by Mr. Post
showed that excluslvo nf those sent buck
on tha Buford. the "Soviet Ark." only
twenty-two aliens hnvo been deportcn
slnco November 1, lain,
"Krom November 1 to April 21 6,3.0
warrants for tho arrest of allons were
Issued," ho said. "Approximately 5.000
were nnnrehended, of whom 3,000 were
released almost Immediately. I have or
dered tho cancellation of the deportation
warrants of slxti-one Russian workers
and 1,232 msmbera of tho Communist
and Communist Labor partion. Doporta
tlon wan ants havo been Issued for 307
P.usstnn workers nnd 455 Communists,
but tho denotations havo been delayed
.bccaunc of tho Inaccessibility of Russian
Mr. Post was so bitter In his denun
elation nf the Uureau ot Immigration
nnd the Department of Justlco that
many members ot Congress ar consider
ing legislation to remove all the de
portation proceedings from Mr. Post'
office. He admitted that ho conceited
many deportation Warrants, whlla John
W. Abercronible, solicitor, who often
acts as secretary, was absent. He said
Federated Union Calls
His Impeachment.
I Cork Tips Plain Ends. I
Tne Paris Shop or America,"
Feature for Saturday in their
First Important Sales
of Spring Fashions
Formerly to $45 at $15 $20
Formerly $22 to $40 at $18 $25
Formerly $15 to $40 at $10 $15 $20
Formerly $85 to $225 at $55 $75 $95
Formerly $95 to $195 at $55 $75 $95
Formerly J$95 to $175 at $75 $95 $125
stetson nm
Metric' Shim
fielber Luggage
Imperial Underwear
For Wear With
Low Shoes
Shapely and snug-fitting, Hole
proofs have a sheer, silken
sheen that will never lose its
lustre. A. Spring and Summer
weight in
Holeproof Hosiery
for women, is madc of heavy
silk with ribbed tops to prevent
"garter runs." Offered at a
price that will be much: higher '
in the near future.
For Mm , For Children
. tiJO to flt Oi.JIelf Dot. ti.10 lo ft Uu Bait Doi.
For Women, f6 to fi:.S0 the Half Dozen.
1456 Broadway Brosdway at 49th St. 47 Cbrtlandt St.
279 Broadway 2 Flatbush Ave., B'klyn. 44 Ea-t 14th St.
125th Street at 3rd Avcmn, '
Tits Central Federated Union nt a
incetlntr last night tn Labory.TempIe,
l-:tctit-rourth street and Beco-n'nvcnUc,
adopted unanimously reaolu'tibns de
nounclntr Attomcy-aencral A. Mitchell,
l'almcr at "in enomy of tho lauor
movement and a falihlets and contemp
tibia publlo servant" and demanding his
impeachment and a Congressional 'In
vestigation of the Department of
Justice. After rccltlntr a formidable ar
ray of charges the resolution ends In
this fashion: "
"Ileolved. thai we, the Cjentral Fed
erated Union of Greater N'ew Yorh and
vicinity, denounce A. Mitchell Palmer
aji an enemy of tho, labor movement, a
traitor to American principles, a dis
loyal violator of tho Constitution of the
United Htates and a faithless and con
l"mptlbl pubtl? ewftnt.
"Resolved, that wo Indorse tha Amer
ican Labor party In Its effort to compel
n Congressional Investigation of the De
partment of Justlco and the Impeach
ment of A. Mitchell Talmcr."
r.leetlon I.nvr Cafe Postponed.
' William Hamlin Child, Joalah T.
Newcomb and William Sulier were to
havo appeared In -General fissions yes
terday to plead to lndletmen.ti chararlniT
them with violation of th6 election law
In the cahtpalffii of 1917. Pleading wan
postponed becausa their nttornoy, John
11. atanchniM, will nsl: tint .supreme
Court next Thursday for permission to
Inspect the Grand jury minuted. j
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
200 Delegates Expected to
Attend Meeting Here.
Tho national convention of the Ho
ctallst party which convenes hero to-day
Is expectod to nominate- Eugene V, Debs,
now serving ft term In tho Atlanta Fed
ernl penitentiary for violation of the
eiplonago law durlhg tho war, as tin
Presidential candidate. ,
Tho Vlce-Prosldentlal nomination ap
pears to rest among (Soymoiir Gtedman
of Chicago, general counsel for the party;
Scott Xearlng, ormerly professor of eco
nomics nt tho Universities nf Pennsyl
vania ntfd Toledo, and Mrs. Knto Doug
las O'lMro ot Kanxia City, now scrvliwc
u term In Jefferson City, Mo., for vio
lation of the espionage act.
Two hundred regular delegate ar
At The American Art Galleries
Madison Square South, Now York
S A. M, to 6 (. M. and Continuing Until Data of Sata
AFTERNOONS, MAY 13th, 14th & 15th
bt OHiintt rtrniE iixtrtiirrons ov tub latb
Thatcher M. Adams
Several Other Important Estates nrrd for
Account of Several Privute Owners.
An , Important Assemblage of
Costly Antique and Modern
Household Furniture
and Other Well Known Makers.
Expensive Curtains, Many Oriental and Chinese Rugs and Large
Carpets, Foreign and Domestic Silver, Sheffield Plate, Fine Table
China and Glassware, Bronzes, Marble Sculpture, Old Copper, a
Large Quantity of Fine Table nnd Bed Linen, Valuableurt and
Miscellaneous ObJocU of Embellishment and Utility,
Desirable for Citu and Country Homes
'.' CalulQfUQ mailed oa reielpt of rUU-Otnlk.
The Sale Will Be Conducted by Mr. THOMAS E. KIRBY
and siUtaiils, ot the ,
M Ad lion Bq, South, Cntrfcute O L 33d Strttt, Nftw York
THE Men's Shoe Sale
of the Season!'
Reducedh from $15.50 to
We Repeat:
An all-leather shoe at
$9'95when fewstorescan
sell them at ANY price!
It is nothing to pay $18 and $20 to-day and find that your
shoes are not all-leather. Of course, you don't find it out
until after it's too late. For that reason we stress the
point that these, ARE all-leather that at their regular
price of $15.50 they were marked less than many other
stores were getting for their part-leather shoes.
Tan Russia Calf
with Wing Tip
Ton Russia Calf
Tan Russia Calf
Black Kid Lace
Black Domino Calf
Black Kid Bluchers
Tan Norwegian Grain Bluchers
Tan Russia Calf
v - Bluchers
Tan Russia Calf
Tan Russia Calf
Wing Tip
Black Calf
Black Kid
Patent Leather
Dress Oxfords
Tan Norwegian Grain Wins Tip
James McCreery & Co.
5th Avenue 35th Street '
Second Floor
Use the- 5th Avenue Entrance
-r1 -: '

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