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'A .ns t 1,1 tf Ama tinn lead
Ing to recovery of 1919 Mrraon msroon
Hvtn pusenter touring body ear, rjo.
T10731. Ilcens. No. 1T4M1 N.Y., stolen rom
Wtli st. and Oth av.. New York city N.
Athletla Club). My B. brtween : "d
10H5 P. M. 8IIKHV0ODnJU8TI.N(l
IIEAU. 02 William it. Jolin Sfltfl.
A reward will bo paid for Information lad-
Ing to recovery of 1018 Ilu ck " "
enger blun touring body, aerial No.
llnse No. 1MIG8 N. J. 102J). stolen trom
1 Clinton at.. Newark. N.X. May 3.
1:13 and B;30 P. M. HHKItWOOD APJU8T-
INCl HUHKAU. 02 William at. "
nu nuitMtii i. -T
UllEItAL reward for return amaH alaa
suitcase, dick itamer,
left walling room. Pennsylvania 'iro'1
atanon. new lorn, inureu V" si.i,
J. EDWARDS, '.'Ot Montagus at., Brooklyn.
Main 2175.
LOST or atolen, thre tUn aable neck
piece. In Masonic Temple. Monday
enlng. May 3. Liberal and subsUn
tlal reward, and no questions ked,
If promptly returned to Mr. P. i
MAGNUS, 170 Eaat 17th t.. Brooklyn,
or 207 Peail at., New York.
A reward will be paid for Information , leaa
Ing to recovery of 1010 Tteo, redd eh. brown
lltney body, motor No. 10746. model 7. stolen
from 0 A v. C. Hayonne, N. J.. April SB.
between 10-10 IS P. M. 81IEHWOOD AD
JUSTING BUREAU, 63 William at. John
In 18 bills of 11.000 and S bills of $100 on
May 5. 1920, at about 3 P. M.. somewhere
between 72d it. subway. Times square.
Grand Central shuttle and Ilarrlman Bank
Building, ..th st. and Bth av.; same con
atltuted all ot trust fund for two Invalid
children: very liberal reward and no ques
tions asked. Address CHARLES T. LAR
Attorney, f'27 5th av.. New ork city. Tele-
piione vanacruui .tu
LOST-On Tuesday. May 4. between Stern
Bros, nnd Times aquare subway station r
In downtown train, diamond veil pm set in
platinum. Finder will receive reward by
returning to W53 Park av, apt. 10Vt. No
questions aked.
LOST-I'arty that took black dress suitcase
by mistake. West End train at Canal aU
Wednesday night, please communicate wiin
A. A. MILLEIt. 588 Broadway. Phone 1847
opnng. care j. uuacn
LOET-Old Pomeranian, sandy color. 110th
St.. between Broadway and Amsterdam;
the person who found It will be rewarded.
Kindly call Newton Hotel, 2528 Broadway,
Mla MIltANPA. ,
LOST-Sllver fox neck piece In taxlcab, Tues.
day evening, between Waldorf-Astoria and
Healy'a (Kith street restaurant. Reward.
Plione Itlver B5I3.
LOST-Whlte poodle; lost Saratoga av., Mon
day; answers name Chubby: liberal re
ward paid. P. TUCKMAN, 1840 Park place,
Brooklyn. Decatur 7015.
L08T-Diamond platinum bar pin, Sunday.
May 2. between 137th, Broadway and 100th.
Riverside Drive. Reward If returned 884
Riverside Drive, apartment IF.
. LOST-Frlday, May 7, chain bracelet, stud
ded with diamonds: liberal reward. Com
munlcate with FRANKLIN TAYLOR, Wool
worm nuuaing. I'none ip narcmy.
LOST-Bank book No. 05011W. Seamen's Bank
for Savings. .6 Wall St., New York; pay
ment stopped and cancellation applied for.
Please return to bank.
LOST Wallham wrist watch, with nickel
, bracelet, about 8th st. and 3th av. Reward
If returned to W. A. STERN, 231 West 80th
t., apartment 7A. ,
LOST Diamond circle, 12 stones, set in
platinum; liberal reward, no questions
asked. O. K., 400 Sun-Herald, Herald
LOST ODal diamond bar Din. between 100th
and 113th sts., either Riverside or.Broad-
eui west ii3tn. rnone uatnearai nw.
LOST Two .rings In ladles' room of Hotel
BUtmore, Thursday, May 0; liberal re
ward, iteturn UAHlllKlt, Hotel ummnre
LOST In taxi, gold monogrammed J. E 11.:
reward. Phone Schuyler 0911 before 11 A.
M. or between fl-7 P. M.
LOST Package containing keys, about April
23; liberal reward. C, 0 Sun-Herald, iter-
am square.
LOST Gold bar fain, containing one dla
mond, last night, at Brooklyn Academy of
musip; reward, phone Klatoush 4211
LOST Skunk collar, three tails, ICtli to
07th, on Columbus. 'West. WRIGHT. 20
west 07th. D2M Riverside.
LOST Crescent pin. pearls, diamonds, 84th
St., Columbus, Broadway to 81st St.; lib
eral reward. M. O'KKEKE. i:rt Went 84th.
IX)ST Passltook No. 152121 issued by the
Union Squtre Savings. Pank. Finder will
please return It to Bank.
LOST Bunch of trunk Scys, Wednesday.
Broadway, between 80th and 83th sts.
Return 34 Riverside Drhi. Reward.
LOST Lady's wrist watch, between Pennsyl
vania Station and Metropolitan tower; re-
" " " " ....... .n.. muiijiuiiu Hill UTI-H.
LOST A cane, probably in taxi; Initials R.
O.; $10 reward If left with cashier at Van-
slcrbirt Hotel.
LOST-Cold chain and locket, Wednesday
evening. In taxi, theatre district, to 114th
St.: reward. TEEL. 009 West H4lh .
wtq ia linger, uau luenmonq Hilt UM.K
LOST Seal scarf. Miller Theatre, Broadway-
44th: reward. RAY. 2fl Post av.
LOST-Gold wktch and fob, black ribbon,
monogram "II. T.:" reward. 8M Tremont.
for U pair ot link buttons, round platinum
disk set with alternate row a of diamonds
and onyx; lost April 21, Nora, Bayea Thea
tre, taxi to Montniartrc restaurant, thence to
Winter Garden building, Broadway and 30th
st. Return to BLACK, STAIIR & FROST,
Cth av. and 48th st.
$300 REWARD,
no questions asked, for return of gold mesh
bag with diamond monogram M. a. O. and
f;old vanity case monogrammed M. G. O.:
ost April 30. vicinity of East 43th. I, II. t
B. It. WEINBERG. OflS Sth av.
$100 REWARD for diamond carscrew, lost
May 0 between West C9th st. and West
OTth st., or in Broadway car. TIFFANY &
CO.. Bth av. - 37th st.
$100 REWARD for diamond bar pin. lost
April 30, on 45th st., betwen Sth and
Madison avs. TIFFANY & CO., Sth av. and
S7th st.
(73 reward, no questions asked, fur neck
piece, lost Vanderbilt Hotel lunch Tuesday.
WATSON. 0 East 30th at.
for return of diamond brooch with pear
shaped diamond suspended from It; lost May
6, between East 34th and West 50th sts.
MARCUS CO.. 5th nv. and 45fli St.
tl.OOO reward for tlio ruturn of een cases
' rubberized goods taken from Broadway and
4th st 11 A. M.. May a. Room 1013, 132
N'astau at., near Beekmati st.
CASIT Psid Immediately for Pawn Tlcitti,
Diamonds IYerlous Stones and Jewelry.
Confidential. FORGOTBTON'S. 503 tth av.
CASH for diamonds, pearls, sllrerware, old
gold. Mrt- T I.YNClt'S SOX. 227 W. 42d St.
Event to Be in Honor of
Greater City's First Chief.
Some" 5.000 uniformed policemen and
S.000 police reserves of New York will
have their annual parade to-day. Chief Englo exonerated the men from suspl
Inspector John Daly w 11 lead the pa- con of causing Mr. Weaver's death.
S, hi S?"' hi.mi W"r,b t.h flndlnE Mn Weaver waa drlvl"S reck!
police band. Major Hylan, Commls- leusly
leg'.iJnt of police riflemen who sawlBrother. wa. .Tr,KtrH whii rivin
nnJ,irVhe Wtar' a,mUn,ed baJ, Krft BMvIl" L Ho v A lK2
take nart rps : Simpson street.' The Bronx. Poschov-
The line of march this year wilt b J " ? "jSKn" hme' AV6'
slightly different from former years out nUe A' Manllattan-
of deference to the wishes of the Fifth '
Avenue Association, which does not like
cxienaeu marcnes tnrough that thor
oughfare. From the Battery, where tho
parade will form at 11:30 o'clock this
morning, tho line of march will be as
follows: North on Broadway to Twelfth
street, west to Fifth avenue., north to
Twenty-second street, west to Seventh
venue, nortn to Fortieth street, east to
Fifth avenue and south to the Worth
(Monument at Twcnty-flfth street. The
parade will disband at Twenty-third
It has been announced that the police
parade of this year will be held in honor
of John McCullagh, the first Chief of
Police of Greater New Uork, In 1&97 and
Applies for Mandamus Writ.
Terrence Farley, counsel for the Pub
lic Service Commission, applied yester
day to Supreme Court Justice Fawcett
In Brooklyn for a writ of mandamus to
compel tho Kings County Lighting Com
pany to serve residents of the Thirtieth
Ward In Brooklyn, The case will be
heard Monday. The commission con
tends that the company refuses to obey
Jts orders. Tho company pleads finan
cial' Inability to comply.
Crooked Politicians, Mixed in
Bond Theft's, Warned for
Financing Flight.
Noted Gambler in Ohio Me
tropolis Also Said to Have
Heceivcd Stolen Securities.
Corrupt Cleveland politicians wero ald
last night to have aided not only In tho
disposal of vast quantities of securities
stolen in tho financial district here, but
also to have' financed tho flight of
"Nicky" Arnstcln, "Big Nick" Cohen and
other principals In thoso thefts. Tho
connection has been discovered through
an Investigation that prlvato detectives
have been carrying on for weeks In tho
underworld of Cleveland, as well as by
Inquiries Into the doings of certain profes
sional men of that city.
A high city official or Cleveland has
been discovered to have been a customer
of a brokerage house through which
many stolen stocks passed. Another of
ficial Is said to be a frequent visitor
at a gambling house run by "Cheeks"
or "Roughy" OInsbursr, a friend of Cohen
and Arnsteln, who has been mentioned
frequently In testimony given In con
nection with the case.
A telephone call that summoned one
of Arnstcln's lawyers to Cleveland to
see him was traced later to Otnsburg's
room In the Hotel Wlnton. It was also
Ginsburg who several months ago dis
posed of $50,000 worth ot Liberty bonds
that were discovered afterward to be
a part of the loot of Bennlc Ulnkowltz,
the murdered bank messenger.
Fnffltlvea Hide In Woman's Home.
For a while the band of politicians Is
said to have kept the two "Nlckles"
concealed In tho homo of a notorious
Cleveland woman. They are reported
to have done much to throw the officials
of this citv off the scent of tho
"Nlckles" and other suspects.
Saul S. Myers, attorney for tho Amer
ican and British surety companies that
are seeking to cet the fugitives, said the
two "Nlckles"4 switched most it their busi
ness to Cleveland after the firm of
Sullivan & nowlc ot 10 Wall street
had been closed by the District Attor
That was In November, and from that
time until February Arnsteln and Cohen
are alleged to liavo dealt with vari
ous Cleveland "fences," which have
thrived under protection of certain oV
ficlals. To date not a man or wonutn
connected with the bond plot has been
Investigated who had net some Cleve
land connection.
Mr. Myers said that the stocks turned
over by the two "Nlckles" to Sullivan
& Bowles aro certain to result In much
litigation. All have been found In banks
in Philadelphia and Washington, whore
Sullivan & Bowles pledged them ns col
lateral on loans, and these banks will
not return them unless ordered to do
so by a court of proper Jurisdiction.
Many suits are In preparation now for
their recovery.
The total value of these stocks Is up
ward of $600,000. They were pledged
with tho banks for $230,000. Half of
this went to Wllen W. Easterday and the
firm of Sullivan & Bowles. The other
half went to the two "Nlckles." The
latter gave about $20,000 to Joseph
Gluck, who turned the stock over to
them, and Gluck gave $900 to the mes
sengers who originally stole a large
part of the securities. j
53,000,000 Bond Thefts Ilereanont
Bond thefts within the last year in
this part of the country are said to total I
I $3,000,000. More than half of the loss
has been sustained by the brokers be
cause thefts exceeded the amount of their
Insurance. Tho remainder of the loss
has been borne by the surety companies.
"Morty" or ".Mortle" Burns, who was
sought by detectives on Thursday as a
principal In the bond theft plot, was
said yesterday to have died on April 11
In. the Lenox Hill Hospital from a tumor
of the lungs. A death certificate bearing
his correct name. Mortimer nernatein. Is
I on file with the Department of Health.
Detectives who had prevfciusly thought
, that the report of"".Morty's" death was a
ruse questioned members of his family
' yesterday and It Is expected that they
will be called as witnesses In an effort to
I trace stolen stocks that he received.
An examination made yesterday of the
records ot the Post-Graduate Hospital
tended to corroborate the testimony of
Joseph Gluck that heL went there with
"Big Nick" Cohen last September to
give stolen stock to "Morty." The latter
was a patient there from September 6
until October 6.
The re-eJtamlnatlon of "Big Eddie"
Furcy and James Kean, scheduled for
yesterday, was postponed until this
morning. "Nick'' Cohen's sister Raye
may also be called to-day before Alex
pnilr Gilchrist, Jr., United States Com
Two Men Accused of Robbing
Wrecked Machine.
Rudolph Wagner and Andrew Pos
chovskl, who were the first to report
the accidental Killing of George H.
'Weaver, vico-prcsldent of the Remlng-
lon Typewriter Company, in an automo-
duo acciaeni ounuay morning, were ar
rested yesterday charged with the theft
of two automobile tires from Weaver's
wrecked machine. Both are said by
the police to have confessed. Coroner
EV- p fj. .
tlortsl promise Not to Tilt
Cost of Carnations.
Alarm 'among the florists of the city
over the proposal to observe Mother's
day in other ways than the purchase of
carnations reached such a point yester
day that a special meeting was called
In the shop of Max Schllng, president of
the United States Florists, Inc., Fifth
avenue and Fifty-ninth street. It was
announced that there would be no ad
vance In the price of carnations to
morrow and that there Is no excuse for
any florist to advance the rate, because
carnations have been plentiful this
Ilss Anna Jarvls of Philadelphia,
founder of Mother's Day, who made the
protest against florists prices with a
statement at Washington, will attend
the exercises to be held to-morrow after
noon under the auspices of the Marine
Corps and other organizations at the
Mall In Central Park. About 300,000
persons are expecto d at the exercises.
inieroorougn to ray .
P. B. Maloy of Flttsburg vtelted this
community a short tlmo ago, and be
sides being delighted with tho rapid
transit adjuncts thereof was surprised
and pained to hear that Mayor Hylan j
muses to let fares bo raised, ho Mr.
Maloy wrote to the Interborough Rapid
Transit Company, Inclosing a check for
e..uv 10 compensate tne company "
Ills riding at least.
"I 'feel that I am morally bound to
make good what your company haa lost
In carrying me about tho city," said Mr.
Maloy, "and I encloso my chfck for $2.00
which, If It does not cover all tho def
icit. In any case It Is tit least an evi
dence ot good will."
Frank Hedley. president of the Inter
borough, replied and said that Mr. Ma
loy was n man among men, or words
to that effect, and that the check will
bo added gratefully to-the Sunshine
Fund which benefits tho company's em
When Corporation Counsel John P.
O'Brien saw copies of thla correspon
dence he scoffed at It and said, "An-
other plant !" But when he gazod upon i
tho photostat facsimile of Mr. Maloy's
check, which the company had taken for
Just such a contingency, he only mur
mured "Humph!"
One Is Held in Contempt in
Frost Counter Suit.
Mrs, Ksslc Graham, who lives at the
Hotel Imperial and Is named as a co
respondent In the counter suit for divorce
which Mrs. Rosalind II. Frost ot Gar
den City, li. I has brought against
Ellhu B. Frost, former president of the
Submarine Boat Corporation, was ad
Judged in contempt yesterday when she
failed to appear beforo Edwin Maxson
at 120 Broadway, special master named
by the New York Supreme Court at the
request of the Chincellor of New Jersey,
to take tho testimony of New York wit
nesses. Thomas J, Stanton, an attorney, testl-1
fled that ho served a subpoena on Mrs. J
Graham at the Imperial, April 24, qndi
that she accepted the paper but declined
the dollar ho proffered her, saying: "I
don t want it. I'll take the paper, but
don't know If I'll testify."
Miss Adelaide Martin, nlso ot the Ho
tel Imperial and also named as a co
respondent, was not present yesterday,
although It developed that no eubpicna
had been served upon her,
Mr. Maxson declared Mae Devereaux
of 151 West Fifteenth street, a witness,
to be technically In contempt for her
failure to appear. Mr. Stanton .said ho
served a subptena on her on the evening
of April 23, when he slid the paper and
a dollar bill under her door after she
I had told him she couldn't open It be
cause she wasn't dressed. He called
her on the telephone within ten minutes
and ehe admitted service, ho said.
Huddle E. Gantor of 204 West llith
street, formerly house detective at the
Imperial, another witness, was late In
arriving at Mr. Maxson's otTlce, explain
ing that he was so busy In an endeavor
to locate Nicky Arnstcln for a private j
client that he had become confused re
garding tho time for the hearing.
After George McCartcr, who repre
sented his father, Robert H. McCartcr,
former Attorney-General of New Jersey,
and Mr. Kroat's attorney, had agreed to
see that tho two corespondertts and Miss
Devereaux were present at any future
date Mr. Maxson might, decide upon, the
hearing was adjourned to Friday, May
21, at 10:30 o'clock.
Plead Guilty to Soliciting
aMoney in Uniform.
Magistrate W. Bruro Cobb decided
yesterday that the time has passed
when ex-servlco men may be excused
' for peddling pamphlets or soliciting
similar trade with the advertisement of
, their uniforms. H Imposed ten day
workhouse sentences upon two former
sailors who pleaded guilty to canvassing
passengers In a train at the B. R. T.
stlhwnv fltntlnn nt Tlrv. ninth trAt In
! an attempt to sell for twenty-five cents
a copy a paper covered book dealing
with the activities ot the A. E. F. In
It was said the men employed news
bulcher tartlcs, dropping the books In
the passenger's laps and attempting to
force a sale. The complaint was made
by passengers who said they were an
noyed by the treatment. The court said
the defendantts should have been
ashamed to resort to such methods, as
both of them appeared to be sturdy and
in the best of health. He advised the
men to seek work without delay after
thAi hnrt ronAU'oil o rnun lntonA n.ltt. It
I on Blackwell's Island.
The men gave their names as William
T. Christie, 23 years old, 1M Prospect;
avenue, Brooklyn, and Thomas S. D.
Ahearn, 23 years old, of 1351 Jefferson
avenue, Brooklyn.
Street Cleaning Department
Wants Three Constructed.
The Street ClciAlng Department asked
yesterday for an appropriation of
$G28,60a from the Board of Estimate for
the construction of three permanent dis
posal plants on Hiker's Island to be
owned and operated by the city. These
would take the place of the contract
system, which recently was discarded
on account of tho high figure set by tho
contractors. Each of the nronnn,-
plants would have n capacity for ten '
scowloads of refuse a day and would !
serve Manhattan and The Bronx. The
Street Cleaning Commissioner estimates '
the plants could bo completed In four'
months. The request was referred to'
the Committee on Finance and Budget. '
Thomas J. Drcnnan, Fire Commis
sioner, applied for an appropriation of ,
$413,000 with which to extend the two'
platoon system throughout the depart
ment. Seventy per cent, of the depart
1 ment ls under the two platoon system
The board received a communication
from Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Dreyfus of
Staten Island presenting a public park
to the city to be known as Hero Park
In honor of Staten Island soldiers who
died In the world war. It will be dedi
cated May 31.
DttectlTes Enjoin Silence on Hen
rietta nnlte's Fntber.
The police prefer that nothing more
be said about the disappearance of Hen
rietta . Butte, the fifteen-year-old girl
who left her home In Harlem Anrll 12
with $265 to be deposited In the bank. I
Her father. Louis Bulte, -was totd last
night at his home at 116 East IKth
street by- detectives, who have been
working on the. case, that too much had
been said about It.
The Bulte family came here from
Cuba. Henrietta often said that she
would like to go back there. J
Gets Injunction Erovcnting
Interference With 0 Cent
Faro Service.
Corporation Counsel O'Brien
Is Puzzled Over Wny to
City officials still wero perplexed' last
night as to what to do about fighting
the eight cent faro on tlio lines of thed
Richmond Light and Railroad Company.
Corporation Counsel John I1. O'Brien,
after devoting another day to trying to
obey Mayor Hylon's command for re
taliatory action, admitted last night ho
had not yet discovered ho way to do It
"You can say I nm going Into court,
though," said Mr. O'Brien. "No, I' don't
know Just yet whnt court."
What the city did do, however, to
the amusement ot tho Public Service
Commission and traction officials, was
to vent Its wrath upon the feeble and
Inert Midland Railway Company, the
other Statcn Islaivd road which has been
unable to operate for weeks and has no
Intention of trying to. Mr. O'Brien
went to the Supreme .Couit and got a
writ of prohibition to stop the Iubllc
Scrvlco Commission from giving tho
Midland lines a similar permission to
charge an eight cent fine. Jacob
Brenner, receiver of tho company, al
ready had declared It was Idle for him
to supply for any faro benefits as the
company lias nyssed the ninety day
limit of Inactivity and Its franchise ac
cordingly Is forfeited.
To fortify ItMdf Kgalnst tho still de
ferred attack by the city, tho Richmond
I.I slit and Railroad Company also ol
talncdan Injunction preventing any In
"Ram it home as hard as
you like," says our Cloth
ing Man.
"Tell 'em our showing of
fine foreign woolens was
never more generous.
"Not only got our usual
yardage, but landed Scot
tish and English woolens
at prices under those of do
mestic fabrics of 'less fine
That's one reason why
we are able to offer cloth
ing for men and boys of
precisely the same high
standard of ante-bellum
At prices no more than is
asked elsewhere for quality
not nearly so good.
If you've been dogging
the steps of fashion
You've seen our young
men's oxfords!
Custom-made effects.
Some plain, but plainly
smart, as well as others of
more marked design, such
as our winged cordovans.
All, all-leather, of course.
Sport shoes, including
one for golf (either high
or low) of a leather that
dries soft, even after an all
day's play on wet links.
anytime, if
you want it.
,t I
terference with operation ot cars under
the eight cent faro. Judge Chattleld of
tne Brooklyn supremo court signea tins
Injunction and It was served on the
Mayor and on Comptroller Charles L.
Craig, a fact which developed one of
jesterday's Board ot Estlmato aeoatea.
Both officials were Indignant, as well
ns Grover A. Whalen, who has charge
of the Hylan bus system and who feared
Uio Injunction might mean that tho city
must stop operating buses In competi
tion with tho Richmond lines.
Mr. Craig sarcastically remarked that
mnybe tho Injunction affected conversa
tion, too. Whereupon Hlrioner pro
claimed In the tono of a martyr, "It It
docs, then I am ready to go to Jail."
"And I am ready to go to Jail, too,"
said F. 11. La Ounrdla, Aldermanlc
President, upon a tnom'.-iit's reflection.
Mr. O'Brien considered tho Injunction
only "a matter of form." Asked for his
opinion of the city's power to Increase
tho bus equipment, Mr. O'Brien, who
has only been Corporation Counsel a
few weeks, sought refugt In saying he
preferred "to tako the matter under ad
visement." Pending which, that propo
sition was laid on the table.
Tho city's writ ogalnst tho Public
Service Commission will be returned
Tuesday beforo Justice Whlttaker in
the Supreme Court when the question
of making It permanent will be argued,
Tho city has nearly closed negotiations
with the Midland's receiver to tako over
tho rood and run It, however, Mr. La
Guardln said yesterday.
Dr. Louis A. Dreyfus, president of the
Statcn Island Civic League, declared yes
terday that he was gratified at tho eight
cent fare, nnd that tho company de
served It. Moro patronage was won
bark by tho trolleys during the day. al
though tho buses continued to deprlvo
the oars of many former customers. A
few passengers refused, to pay the eight
cent fare, It was reported.
Talk of a tenewed strike by employees
of tho company subsided completely last
night when, after a conference with
Capt. J. J. Kuhn. receiver of tho road,
tho mcn,'s executive officials reported at
n mass meeting thnt they had reached
and signed an agreement for one year.
Tho mafia meeting, on learning the de
tails, voted indorsement. Tho agreement
provides pay of 00 cents an hour for tho
first three months, 85 cehts for the next
nine months and 60 cents thereafter,
with increases If the company's financial
condition permits.
Broadway at 13th Street
Broadway at Warren Street
Tailor, Taunted by Children,
la Wild in Park.
The taunts of children at play yester
day In Soward Park, on the lower east
side, maddened Philip Cooper, aged 36,
a tailor out of employment, so that ho
drew the weapons of his trade, scissors
and a penknife, and slashed at thoso
about him. Tho children eluded his
rush easily, but Morris Nlmkofsky, aged
48, superintendent ot tho Forward Build
ing, hurrying through tho park on busi
ness, stepped directly In front ot the
Nlmkofsky fell with the .scissors
plungod Into his chest Just above tho
heart. He died as ha was being carried
to the Beth Israel Hospital. The sud
denness of the nttack gave Cooper an
opportunity to run unmolested through
tho shocked crowd.
He Jumped to tho running board of an
automobllo passing- In East Broadway,
slashing with tho knife at the nearest
passenger, Louis Katz, 21 yearn old, of
344 Rodney street, Brooklyn. The blade
sank Into Kntz's arm. In a moment
Cooper Jumped free of the car. v
Joseph Saud, ono of tho pursuers,
caught up with Cooper and tried to
throw on overcoat over the man's head,
but tho madman Judged It and knifed
Lorrls Lublnsky of 214 East Third street
and Samuel Llpman ot 14 Jefferson
A moment' luter Cooper was felled by
a blow on the head from a file thrown
by a carpenter who had Joined the
chase. Tho crowd surrounded the
stunned man and bcyan to beat him
with fists, boot heels and sticks. Cooper
was rescued by police reserves and was
sent to Ucllcvue Hospital for observa
tion. Delaney to Open Illdi,
John H. DeUncy, Transit Construc
tion Commissioner, will open bids on
May 20 for tho construction of a 100
foot bhaft for four elevators ,ln the
168th streot subway station on tho west
side. Tho elevators will operate be
tween tho southbound track level and
Broadway. Two elevators will be. used
at the start.
The open trolley car
sells a lot of Spring over
coats. Ever heard the wheels
a-grindin' out
Wantacatchacold ?
Wantacatchacold ?
Until we collaborated
with the Scottish mills and
evolved our "Scotch Mist"
fabric, the Scot's beautiful
cheviots were only good for
fine weather.
Now they're fine, rain or
The fabric we import
direct. The overcoats we
manufacture ourselves.
Our trunks include one
designed specially for "Mr.
& Mrs."
Other specialties include
SfJorting Goods and Livery.
Iteglsttred Trademark.
ifaBWrs-gBjftrMMMj i II J,
Rogers Peet Company
Sho Estimates Ho Was Worth
$1,000,000 and Secreted
Assets During War.
Court Allows Guaranty Trust
Company to Continue as
Temporary Administrator.
In papers filed yesterday In the Ap
pellate Division of the Supreme Court
Mrs. Mllla D. Shonts, widow ot Theo
dore P. Shonts, declares that she believes
that he died worth H.WO.000. She op
posed the application ot the Guaranty
Trust Company to act as temporary ad
ministrator of the estate pending Its ap
peal from tho order of the Appellate Di
vision reinstating her as temporary ad
ministrator. As fur back as 1903, Mrs. Shonts says,
her husband made out a schedule ot as
sets which showed that he was worth
more than $2,000,000 nt that time. In
1914, she adds, on Information and be
lief, Mr. Shonts got the Idea that men
of great wealth should conceal their
holdings as far an possible. In an ef
fort to cover up his wealth, she says she
has been Informed, Mr. Shonts had his
attorneys Invest more tahn $1,000,000 In
England, Franco and Spain. She be
lieves that proof of these Investments
will bo discovered If tho administrator
makes u search.
De Lanccy N'lcoll and 13. J. Berwlnd,
two of the executors of the Shonts es
tate, which Is estimated to bo worth
about $750,000, deny that Mr. Shonts
had any hidden Investments. They ulto
deny that Mr. Berwlnd offered to with
draw his claim for $200,000 loaned to
Mr, Shonts If Mrs. Shonts would agree
not to contest her husbond'u will 'and ac
This is the shape of a
man's head !
Don't laugh!
It's much more symmetri
cal than the average.
The point we want to
make is tnat our new stiff
straws will never bump his
Flexible where they
touch the head. ,
Require nd conforming.
Comfort along with the
customary smartness that
always goes with stiff
brimmed Splits and Sen
nets. Panamas, Bankoks, Leg
horns, Milans, too.
The Quality's fine!
Shirts that in every way
measure up to the Rogers
Peet standard.
Five different sleeve
lengths in the popular
"Shire" collars our
own brand. Pure linen
where the wear comes.
Also soft "Shires"- of
linen, pique or silk.
anytime, if
you wutt it.
Broadway at 34th Street
Fifth Avenue at 41st Street
cept $80,000, estimated to be one-half (r
)Jq residuary estate.
In his will Mr. Shonts named Mri,
Amanda C. Thomas, n friend, as rt.
slduary legatee. Mrs. Shonts Is conttii.
Ing the will on the ground that her liui.
band was Incompetent and unduly g.
Must Wear Stockings, Is P'o.
lice Edict.
The seasonal warning ot Police Capt
Snckett. who presides over the Coney
Island pVeclnct, was sent out yesterday
to tho effeot that for yet another sum.
mer the famous seaside resort mu
stand upon convention and forego tin
sight of damsels bathing barelegged,
Tho captain said he was moved to mik,
the announcement thus early becaute
some young women already hove ven
tured Into tho surf minus stockings, un.
der the impression that nothing would
be done about It.
Full length stockings are prescribed
and short box may not bo offered in
substitute. Capt. Sackett said he woalj
begin arresting without delay every
female bather who attempts to Juggle
with his regulations.
Mrs. Ethel M. Reynolds Bays Hat-
band Has "duties la Air."
In an undefended annulment action
yesterday beforo Supreme Court Jus
tice Glegerlch Mrs. Ethel M. Reynolds
asked tho court to declare void her mar
riage to Thomas L. Reynolds. Mrs.
Reynolds contends that she was de
frauded by representations of her hut
band that he was a man of wealth ami
She met him In a Broadway lettau
rant and he courted her for four
months. His engraved card boro ths
title, "His Excellency Hon. Thomas L
Reynolds." 'She says lis talked about
his cattle In England, his title of no
bility and dwelt In a word picture on
the vast acreage of his oil lands In tli
South and West Ills wlfo said none o.'
these statements was true.
Tho court reserved decision. ,

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