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Hcnd". of Corporaiion Operat
ing 2,.")00 Vehicles Deny
Merchants' Charges.
Federal Ascnts Take Testi
mony About Food Waste
Due to Tier Strike.
K y, ic of war ha been declared be
trirr '.sir trurklng concerns of. the city
i ru the Mr.rt.hnts' Association and other
liinmss organlrations which ha vt an
rojicod their intention o finding inde
ih mif 1 1 tru-Jring fncliltlt a to move trier-
i.uticiHe at the piers which in tied up
l. -'if strike of the longshoremen.
.'ying to the resolution adopted
Wi'dnt-bday by the merchants and shlp-jv-p
wbicn thf truckers were charted
Ti l esponslbillty for the Btagrmtion
c' "-aflic Georce "M. Daniels, vlce-presl-rt.-t
i.: i lie t'nlted States TrucUng Cor
po'stlon. which operate 2.J0O trucks in
VtTitjtttn and Rroolilvn. said:
"Toe Merchants' Association and oth
rvr w o are attacking us and laying tiie
j .. it up at our door had better direct
their uttention elsewhere. The truckers
t f v-inclng as hart as they know how
te ,.? moving what merchandise tbey
, ume within reach of. If this cdti
ti" onvmltlee would direct Its efforts
ti.wa'U settling the grievance of the
loi,p-fremen It might get somewhere."
llnl? four Ship Lines Tied l'l.
a 'ormal reply to the resoultions of
tti :. e n-hanta was made by J. 3. Illor
ci.' president of the r corporation, in
- - lie declared :
owhere is stress Riven to the fact
t ... -only Jour coastwise shipping lines
r.' of the vast transportation facilities
if utr rig In New Tork are now tied up
t industrial disputes. It is doubtful
helher these lines involve & Jer cent,
ef tie freight moving In and out of New
J "i city. By attending to our business
t'li roncernlng ourselves equally in civ
il? the bent possible treatment to our
errploj'ees we are able to attend to our
j.m ol the S5 per cent, of the c'ty's
flight which Is not affected by the
coastwise trouble
"OurHask Is the rendering of service.
In our .endeavor to do so in the fate of
Industrial difficulties, embargoes, e,
w have worked much of our equipment
twenty-four hours a day for a lone
pftod. with severe depreciation as a re
r t "While ordinarily confining our
r ru to this city, we have sent our
eMUipment to Glens Falls, Dnhhs rerry.
A'bany, Mount Vernon, rbiladcliihiti,
I'.pitirnore and other distant places in
e-der to brine in foodstuffs and other es--rt.al
Trie truckers also insist that their Job
If -nade difficult l the slow reooveiy
of the railroad lines from their tieup.
Settlement Not In Sight.
m far as an adjustment of the trou-bi-
is conremed the situation remained
iii'iiansed yesterday. The business or
ganizations which ate cooperating
against Uie truckmen proceeded with
fie formation of an executive, committee,
tv members of which will be an-ro.:r'-ed
in a day or so. Tne leaders
oi The local truckmen's unions p.srrt
the' the men will not handle goods
ire strikes ire in progress.
- dffer to a-wist in the settlement of
Tc ongshoreroen's strike and thus put
t- end to the dispute over the refusal
o' u' on teamsters to move mr han
ds from piers tied, up.Jiy the long
s '.rtmen was made vesterda'y b.v rep
r b t. t of the International Broth
er '."c of Teamsters in lesolutions
U e Merchants Association
t.'tr was accompanied, however.
- statement that failute n the
j't" f !'f Merchants' Association to
ec 'i vr.li the teamstets on the ooast
v -t :'ft would mean a fight on the
ptr; f ttii unions and a defiance of
e u -.Imatum of the merchants and
s' ; T"-"s This Ultimatum, in the form
' e- . ! ions passed "Wednesday by
! . business organizations acting
i r vtt to the effect that Inde-('-t:-
teamfcters would be used to
mr t j pments
it New Yolk District Council Board
o' fc-piness Agents, vihlth sent the
t-.wt resolutions, represents 40.000
;e6::-k-'rs .n the cit'
:ial Government investigators took
1 timony yesterday at the Federal
L-drlmg on the matter of wasted per-.-isble
foodstuffs caused by the srles
'' t'-tnsportation strikes and boycotts
b snnpBthtic unions. Tlie testimony
If btir.g taken with a view to the prose
r ri 'V under the I-ever act of those
:epor.sible for the food destruction.
.-"exernl fish merchants testified, They
tol of the amount of fish that rotted
iv had to be thrown into the sea owing
n the brycott of truckmen and fish
Lincoln, manager of the traffic
b -'a- of the Merchants' Association,
a busy aiding shippers to move
f-eigf that has been tied up on the
Ii" affected by the longshoremen's
s' ike Independent truckmen are sub
rt 'jtlr.g for the union truckmen tvdo
. b' "tilting the jiier.i.
Is It Worth It?
THE desire to make something besides the
interest when you invest your money has
lured many to loss and poverty.
There is nothing so sur& to lead to wealth
and comfort as interest regularly earned
and saved,with no losses to charge against it.
The safe and proper way to accomplish .tiws
end is through the purchase of Guaranty
First Mortgages and the regular re-invest-'
ment of the interest
They pay 5 li now.
Title Guarantee & Trust Co.
Crlebratra It
I pprriii
74 Trnr
Tlie College of the City of New York
celebrated jeaterdsy Its neventy-thlrd
! birthday with special "Charier Day"
UniiktUinois SiiiiiiMmI Lultor "fclses, rtoutlne lectures ended at
TJoard Shows Wages Small
Factor in Prices.
noon and the faculty, student body and
I a few alumni aasemblod in Great Hull,
where u programme, including musical
numbers and addresses by President S,
12. Meres and Dr. Stephen V. Duggan,
FVFRY TITIZEV i VICTiJM director or the lnntitute fir Intcrntttlonul
- mducation, was carried out.
. I Tribute was paid the late Col. Charles
' lu. L.vdeekr. h irrfirtnktf. utirl 1riinti tf
Extortion 'the college. A buffet luncheon was
W. I. Lflucl; Says
Amounts to a Fourth of j
Each Fainily'6 Income.
imwhall ame with WaaUltirlon JUiQ
Lee. in which C. C. N V. drew the small
end of a 14 to 3 score.. A debate with
Manhattan College and a dance on tlie
College I'iara concluded the festivities
of the day.
Sins Sine Term Tor AIdoetlou.
CUailes Hreslow, a nurse of 1140 Sev-1
cntii avenue, found guilty on Friday last
wee.k or abducting lxleen-year-old Peggy
AtMtln of Toms SOwr. N. J.. in March,
was sent yesterday by Judge Honalsky
In General Sestlona. to Slug Sing for
from three to ten Tara. Tlie Judge,
complimented Supt. Thomas F Mooic of
tlie Children's society and Assistant DU
trlct Attorney Bdelson for their work '
in tlie case i
Art Stationed and Engravers
are now located in their new store
13 East 47th Street, New York
Vnless L'ailroads Move Sup
Hes Dangerous Situation
Is Near, Thev Say.
Landlord Ashs $1,100 Differ
! ence Between Trice le-
nianded and Fixed.
Jacob son Finds Prohibition
No Better Than 'Wef Days.
T'ie a-e and thrift which Samuel
Ja. ,bi.ii) pUt into the saving of J75P.
the lc. uxulatlon of fifteen years from
iavr .r a cloal: and suit sweatahop,
"t nothing as Boon aa he per
il .l o strs.ngers to take the. money
b' liar :hase passage to Greece for him.
.lO'-uson having decided to return to
riinieianQ, drew his savings from the
btir,. visttrday and started for a steam -ii
v urie on the East Side. Two men
v om he asked directions Invited
'w ;r- . a soda fountain, he said, and
''jrr cnkinp there he became dixzy.
vrh" he cot to the street he found the
B''".- rone
'- not think, eicept it waa the
tne r: everj-thlng." Jabson said.
-' 'Ras arrested after putting up a
t-'-rcf.ijus battle with a group or men
aurht him Just as he attempted
'' from the Eses street subway
--r n front of a train. Patrolman
"i-acook him. to naser Market court,
Majrietratc Ten Eyck discharged
" w-h an admonition of eneourage
a" -o start saving all over afiain.
alUchrr ConvJclea mi Slarer.
r- 'zri Gallagher of 11 TVest USth
was found guilty In General Sea-s.n-
r vestj. or murtjr jn the sec-
' egree. He shot and killed John
- P "iterala nf ?st tv i tTh drt
-arrel In a Seventh svenue saloon
rw J t i-jjrr 1. r:&iit niS ti rA
- il '-defence when Fltigerald pointed
ver at him. The Jury was out
- re
lUon inti Delaware Men.
T FH-xcTor;, May 'James H.
-'es and Martin F. Parry, both of
J - icton, DcL. were nominated to
tir h- President "Wllion to be tinlted
P'tts Attorney and United Stotea
t 7"' rwpeetlrelr, for the Dtetrlct
tt ljiware.
Pnless the railroads can bring flour
into this city faster than they heve In
the last three weeks there will be a terl
ous situation by the middle of neit
week, and by the first of the following
week It may be positively dangerous, it
was declared yesterday by flour job
bers, grain dealers and representatives
of milling companies.
It was the genera opinion that only
s bout 10 per cent of the normal flow
of flour into New York is now being
moved across the river. There was a
surplus what was tonsidcied a fairly
safe suiplus as late as three weeks ago.
But New Tork ufes approximately
30.000 barrels of flour a day, and al
ready the bakejirs and chain grocery
stores are complaining tliuthej cannot
get flour. Some of it is trickling amiss
the rjver. but tlie prsfuie if bM-oming
harder and the orcers increasingly hard
to fill.
Ii C. Broentiiman, president of th
company which hears his tiauir and
New York representative of the North
western Consolidated Mi'llug Compan,
raid that tlie bakerf aud otliei large
consumer of flour have rcacut-U a cilti
tal stage with their sttxks.
"There has been no presume vntll
now," said Mr lljoennlman. "but unles
the situation shows a nimKed lmpiove
memt soon things wrll begin to louk
liangerous. A"e arc abolutel h'-lplss.
and the ralhoads assuie u that they
aie doing all in their power to move the
flour. Th! firm has moie than 300
cars of flour Mimrwheie hetween here
ard Buff all', and they haie t-.n their
five weeks. Tne surplus which xi.ted
two weeks sro lias just about been ex
hausted All wt can do if to keep on
pleading ith the milroad. ti. do tnelr
John O. tVade, lepresentative of the
Pillshurv Hour Mills Company, was
careful to make il plain that no famine
exists, but be said that the rapM deple
tion of stocks ill result in a serious
situation wioti unless mote flour can be
moved across from the Jerse shore.
"I th!t,k tb railroads will rerogmze
what is.about to happen and will prevent
it if they tan." said Mr. Wade -The
situation is ."rlons to the extent that
the movement directly into New Tork is
hampered. There is plenty of flour near
here an.d in transit 1 1-elieve there is
even enough in Jersey Cit to prevent
the threat of famine, if it could only be
moved acrois Dealers in New Tork are
willing to leceive Sour anywhere on
Manhattan Island that can he reached
with trutks. 1 think ne would even be
willing to go to Jersey City after it. if
that were possible.
"Some of the larger bakers are pro
testing. We hafe bought and contracted
for enough fiour to last a long, long
time, but we are helpless so long as it
is tied up. tVben the bakeries and gro
cery stores run through with their .sup
ply" and can't get more, then the people
will liegin to get hungry in a surpris
ingly short time. Flour is so Important
that we simply must have it, and very
Tlie milling companies in this city are
unable to get whole wheat for the same
reason that flour is not coming in. They
hace plenty of wheat bought and in
transit, but the percentaje which actu
ally Is coming into the city is only about
lo'jier cent- of normal
Dr. Stiret Delivers Address at
St. Thomas's Church.
On the fifth anniversary of the sink
ing of the Lusitanla more than a score
of partriotlc societies and half as many
women's clubs held yesterday a joint
memorial service at St Thomas's
Church. The Rev. Dr. Ernest M. 6t!re.
rector, addressed the 100 j.ersons gath-
rfl to nav respect to the victims of
Germany's crueltj
-One of the lessons urawn irom me
tragedy is that the law mast be re-
. .-..i ,v,nt e.rrrnHs mast be used
FnCL'lCU ftuw 1 " . ,
in dealing with the lawless.' said Dr.
Stires He raio mat me i" -tions.
Great Britain and America, were
essential to each other and he referred
.... nf (tiniovaltr committed
lo rrvcuk n . - .
asalnst England here and which have
gone unpunisneo. .
Assisting Dr. SUrei In conducting the
service were the Rev. Floyd S. Leach
i vnMe. orranlst and
master'Vf the choir. This was the first
anniversary wmcn leu up r
aamc day of the week as the Blnking.
Dismembered Dwelllnir Fnd anfl
FItc Arrt Made.
Acting Detective Sergeant Schley of
the Staten lsianfl poUce went sleuthing
for a two story frame house that was
reported mUibc from iu foundations
on tie Bishop eaUte at Sandy Ground,
that ooroutfi, yesterday. He mit five
arreita. Jennie Feero, a xweai.
JS" of the property, said .he Hadn't
missed the houae untn she made an to
sneeUon trip Thursday afternoon. ie
?eUve Schley went ecouting and finally
'iTtfS of a dwelling .tacked in
the back yard of the live defendant, all
negroes. They -were arraigned in Sec
ond District Court on a charge of rn
Udoua mischief and larceny, giving the
names of Joseph Herman. Richard Har
SJjSlSw Kelson. Bert Roach and Mary
A landlord tried jesterduy to compel
a Jusilc-e to pay the difference between
the5 rent fixed by the court for the
tlriuif and the amount asked by the
landlord. The justice is Thomas Mur
ray of the Third D.ftrict Court. Man.
hattan. in "West Fifty-fourth street Tlie
landlord Is Edward Margollts. real
estate dealer, of IP East Thirt -third
street, who instructed
Jacob Klein. 1
Ws attorney.
Broadway, to sue the i0j
lustlee to recover tl.400 damages, reP'
resenting Hie increase whioh Justice
Murray refused to allow in the case of
Mrs Nancy Nathanway. who runs a
boarding bouse at Zii West Forty-sixth
' tttreet
I -Mrs. Nathtnway is kublettlng her
'rooms st a big profit, and 1 will not lie
! the property of n Judge .seeking labor
I vniM " mid Mareo'ies "There is no
: milium of th woman's quarters in-!
i vnived. It Is rental ujion a hut.lnes
projeitj " Thirteen other tetiants of
I the sam- blotk werr raised and paid
the increase. Justice Murray allowed
Mrr Nathanw.iy rn stay in tne nouse
until October 1. despite the landlord's .
ev.rtion proceedings.
An obstreperous latidlnrd in the Sec
ond District Court the Bronx, gave
.lustre William A. Morris so much
trouble that he was threatened twice
with contempt proceedings. 1'hilsp
Bilier. Prosneet avenue, was told
by tiie Justice thst if he wished lo in-,
' -rease the rent on his property at 1141
j I'rospect avenue more than "i per cent
j he would have to prove that the In
I crease Is not exorbitant.
-If yoj take that view." replied
Boci.er "it 1s notl.lnr Wss than conns
, cation of my proix rt
"1 don t know wlmt i,r i.ddrrss is
now." said the Jusi. "bat or.e disre
j spectful remark and i' will be Uie Jail "
An apology smopthed matters over
Beckers tenants were allowed to re
main in the house anothrr year at tat
rent ihey have txen paying Justice
i Murray granted rsten?ione of tim in
numt-rou other caws.
1 All of the municipal court were
t crowded with comnlalninc tenants. The
crowds were so great in the Sixth and
Eighth District Courts. Manhattan, and
the Keve,nta District Court. Brooklyn
i that police reserves had to I called
,out to hiuidle tl em The cloiiiing of
many litipants was torn ir. struggles
(for standing room and rfforts to push
through the throngs when their cases
were called
j Trie majority of the css-s not coa-
tinned were adjusted on the IS per
'cent basis or extensions of time, ten
'cr.ts with large families uiually getting
.three months' delav
, Justice William Blau of the Eighth
District Court regarded had mia-r and
, sanitary conditions , complained o." by
tenants at 1H4 Madison avenue and 5C
!Rasl llfth street so serious that he ad
Ijouraed the caws to make a visit to
'the hous and ascertain for himself
' whether the ref ual of the tenants to pay
rent is justified.
I Charges of radical threat also were
; aired in Justice Blau's court A tenant
named Rosen, at 20 East 116th street
j was accused by his landlord of being a
member of the Communist party and of
threatening to blow up the house. Rosen
denied the charge.
Samuel Fregona. landlord of the prop
erty at ;t Wilson avenue. Brooklyn,
complained Wore Justice Strahl In the
bee avenue Municipal Court Brooklyn,
i that Anthony Polo plays the piano morn
I ing, noon and night and he wanted to
' evict him. The Justice agreed the land
, lord'a complaint was Just and ordered
, Folo to vacate.
' The Mayor's Rent Committee received
a complaint yesterday from a tenant in
.the Vmbria Apartmenta. 4S3 West End
avenue, that the landlord, Helene L. G.
Aiinari. Is asking an increase of ISO
per cent on a nine room apartment Tlie
i present rental, it was ssid. Is JI.S00.
1 while the amount asked Is Jt.SOP.
i $eeka 1w Show Police Boat Ilylan
i In No rieasnrr Craft.
So perturbed was Mayor Hylan oer
' recent reports that he and his official
' family are preparing to use the new police
boat as a pleasure yacht that he called
I upon C r over A. "Whalen. Commissioner
of Plant and structures, at the .Board
to testify
suitable for such
kprnat to Tux Sw Ssw Toti; HtKiLn.
Washington. May ". Several thou
sand pages of statistical data and charts
to support allegations of unconscionable
profiteering by the large corporations of
the country were, laid before the Rail
road Labor Board to-day by W. J. Lauck. '
who described himself as consulting
economist for seventeen railroad unions, j
Mr Lauck's rtutemeiit was made In
support of the demand of the railway ,
employees for higher wages at this !
time. He asserted that the average citi-
ren had hmi profiteered against extor- ,
tlonalely not only during the war but to .
an even greater extent since the war. I
Figures of hund'ed" of corporations were '
analyzed by him Jn support of the con
tusions i ached, and after finishing,
with the eurporution he laid a heavy i
share of the responsibility for prices to i
the door of distributors, wholesalers and
rtalkm j
The witness vontendsd that Increased)
jtgs were an efiect and not a cause j
of jirieei. and that waiie increases played '
only a small part la the general in-1
creases made In the prices of all neces-1
s.ltles and commoiities.
Jn support of the wage ronttr.tloni of,
the railroad men. Mr Lauck sa.d 1S1C to
llillt corporate profits, not inclusive of;
ro.valtieJ, rents, excessive salaries, stock i
div ider.os or any other form of conpen- j
Ration cost etch family of five in the
rnlted States H.iOO Thi estimate
was on tie basis of ri.nDO.000 families
in the country of five persons each. It
was calculated that during the same per-
the average in.-orne for the "nl.OOl1.-
(H'O families was JT.SPO. and that con
Eeouentlj. the toll exacted in profits
amounted to one-fian of the average :n-f
ccrne Mr Ijiuck said the estimate was j
cousenatire and that it might be shown .
that corporate profiteers took a fourth ,
of earh family income in profita.
lloce Net I'rot Sharrn.
Tv j-uinrnarirmg his figures Mr ljuik
caid :
3 The combined corporations of the
s-ountr earned in net jirofiti approxi;
mate1 J4.100. 000.000 more a year
during the three -.ears 1S1C to 1HI
inclusive llian during the th-ee jear
jire.T.rar period, arid that this oor
stituted a jrofileering tax of IK0
a .vear for eacn family of five
b That Ll'SO -orporations earned
.n net jiroflts more than 100 per
ceLt. a jesr on their capital stock
during the three war years, and that
S IU showed nf profit? of more than
Mi per cent and that :0,000 earned
from i'O to "'0 pr cent.
t. That the average profit of fc.ll
cinrailons in :a- Fnlted States with
net income of J2.000.0li0 or more sp-j-roximated
Z' per cert on capital
in th ihree vvr eiri
4 Tnat the increased profi'.s not
due to increased production meant
that the great group of corpora
tions controlling product" eastrtlal
10 daily life made profits BofTicient to
Tt-.ace the ent.re value of their capi
tal stock within a pe'iod of .slightly
more ihac four jears
! That These disclosures do not
rrvral completely the extent of co--l.orate
profiteering, s-mce corpora
tioiJi have used and are using various
devices to co-weal the full measure
of their earnings, such as excessive
deaiKtion? for depreciation and de
pletion payment of aatoundmgiy ex
cessi e',sklar.e and crossl firutloo
rov allies and renta
".lock. DITldmd Are Cited.
Mr i .ml: !h-n t hat ced that industries
tmA lnildne and other e-l
cersltles had exploited the people to an
even greater extent since tlie signing of
th armlstlre tlian before. These indus
tries, he said, had put another 10 per
cent profit on their huge war profits.
In addition, he alleged huge undivided
nraflt flowing out to capitalise through
ritwt: dividends under the recent Su-
preme- Court decision. I
The witness pointed to the case of-r
sugar to emphasize what he termed the j
flat failure of the Government depart-
menu charged with protection of the jr:
nuhlir atalnst profiteering, and seld(
that sugar prices were the result of un
bridled exploitation by twelve leading
sugar producers.
Mr. ljuck then went into figures for
Darticular industries. He iald in part :
"In the shoe industry the profit items .
amounted in 1SIT to approximately three-
fifth of the total price and more than
five times the total labor costs Thej
astounding thing about the shoe Indus-,
try' is this proportion of the price which iZZ
goes into various profit margins. esp- j ZZ
dally when contrasted with labor's share
of the price. In WW all he labor, from
the "hide to the finished shoe, absorbed -z
less than one-six-b of the price paid byl
the consumer, w hile In ltlT this share of . S
labor liad fallen to one-ninth. The tjuts- zz
tlon as to who Js responsible for the In- ZZ
creased cct of a pair of shoes quickly
can 1 answered e.hen it is realized
that of the t.tT irmease in the price of
a ;ialr of standard shoes labor received ZZ
l cents, while ie margins of various
manufacturers and taerchants absorbed E
"With respect to coal, increases In the j
retail price of the bituminous .product ZZ
have been four times as great ns theH
increases In labor cost The proportion i
of the proceeds of the Industry received jS
by the coal opera'or has increased from lEE
TTi to 400 per cent ' ,
During this Sale the Store will remain open until 6 o'clock
Is there any one living in these parts of , the
world who has not yet heard the news?
John Wanamaker is offering his entire re
tail stocks in New York and Philadelphia---20
million dollars---f or a limited time at 20 per cent,
or one-fifth off in an effort to drive down prices
and break the back-bone of the high cost of living.
Please come in the morning if you can and
leave the afternoons for those whose duties pre
vent their coming at any other time. :
Store hours during this "20 per cent, off
sale" 9 to 6 o'clock. ! s
Quartermaster Retail Store No. 1
435 Lafayette Street, New York
To Close Out Stock of This Retail Store
Beginning Saturday. May 8th. at 10 a. m.. until 4 p. m., and continuing each week day until all broken lots of the following
surplus supplies have, been disposed of: , E
j of EsUmate meeUng yesterday
1 that the craft Isn't even suitable
a Dmuoae. The Commissioner was there !
In connection with providing money for ,
. HA . L. . ... I. . 4 1 I
Ullil-UU W UI til icf .up . .tit u w ,uvn
to put the boat Into commission when It
was received from the Navy Depart
ment. Then. In order to leave no doubt
in the minds of the board, the Mayor
had the Commissioner show the mem
bers a picture of the boat
The most conspicuous feature of the
photograph was the boat's new name
The John F. Hylan In large letters on
her bow, which name supersede that of
the Nahant, under which the boat won
fame In the navy during the war.
Passenger Caught
Own tycals.
Cooking ' E
economical ZZ
The Ked D liner Maracaibo, in jes
terday from Curacao and l'orto liico,
brought a passenger of
habits -and brarfn development -who i-ras JE
surprised by Steward James ilcGritn zz
coolclng food on a patent portable stove ,E
in the amolcing room. iE
The passenger said he supposed that ,ZZ
because of the high cost of sailing each E
man had to bring along and cook hlsji:
oT.-n meals. He appeared dazed when
! the .steward told him teat the price of
One Time "'edal,' Artrvu ( the passage also included meal and ,
Sara H-a.baiid Strayed. tnat iu o-x. "f'"- !uza u "'T
saloon. ji. ajiiiusk acu.icu, vui icuwiitEu i
and got there In a hurry, and thereafter E
till the ahlp docked wa the first man 'zz
down at table and the last man up. ' ZZ
Lot. Lpt. Lot.
1 New wool and cotton . . . 350 22 .Developer, boiti 9 39 Apples, evaporated (30 lot. to
2 Ren. wool 5300 23 Kodak .film luili, 3V; in. 195 caie), cam
3 Ren. wool and cotton 330- 2-4 Kodak devel. powder. boie . I0t
. in- ,( v n , . , id l Hour, com (IlKJ-lb. sack).
4 Rtn. cotton, double 10 23 Developer, tube. u
5 Ren. cotton, single 20 CHEMICALS AND DRUGS p
51 iHelrneti. new
180 52 Harnett, lead. eU
6 Mitten, canvti 1416
' 7 Ltjpngt, canvu, pairt. :. . . .j"163
6 HU. oilikin -. . - r . . 170
9 Arctic, all rubber, pah . 192
10 Boot, rubber hip. pain 95
1 1 Sock, heavy wool, new, prj 4600
12 Sock, wool, ren- pain 7000
13 Sock, cotton, ren, pan 225
14 aothmt roll 103.
15 Shoe, field, new. pir. 24
16 Shoe, choc mirchin;. new.
pair .. 24
17 Shoe, ren, field, pain .... 36
IB Shoti. ren, field, pain .. 5500
19 Shoe, ren, field, pair . . 500
20 Shoe, ren, marchuij. pain . .' 4500
21 Shoe, ren, nurchinf, pau 4500
26 Developing powder, pkgs
. 27 Mustard platter (50 tins to
case, 6 ft. platter). cue
Sod mint (1003 each bottle),
Swab. Iodine (mattly dam-
Sugar of milk.' lb. bottle i
Compound cathartic pillt. bot
tle '.
Foot powder., cam
Eye thide. tingle
34, Bull Durham (258 to carton),
cartont -
35 Duke' Mixture (2BS to carton).
36 Tuxedo (144 tin to carton).
i-artoni 1 .
37 Velvet (144 tin to carton).
38 ' .Prince Albert, cartons
75 l
Flour. otmel (140-Ib. big)..
Dropt, lump (576 pkg.),
Flour, graham
(98-lb. bag).
Peanut but (576 pkgi ), cate
Raisin ban (120 ban), cue . .
Pirilu ban (476 ban), cues .
Fruit nropt (480 pkg.).
49 Lime fruit tablet (460 each).
50 Reld fruit drop (576 each),
case... . .. .
53 Harne, wheel set. ...... .. 3
54 Fltthlight. Evtrready 22
36 55 Broom, stable 3108
205 56 Batin. canvu col 206
nn 57 Drawer, rammer, ren. (200 to
bale), bale. 113
58 Drawer, wool. ren. (100 to
bale), bale 17
59 Undtnhlrt. fleece lined, ren - 1070
15 60 Oilcans 472
61 Mets kit, ren . 266
62 Mallet, wooden ;2Q2
68 63 Camp kettle and cov 3542
64 Ah can and cov 66
65 Axe. otowit&Sng 25
66 Computes, watch, dozen . . .. 222
67 Watche. writt, dorm 500
668 Safe, field 7
69 Compute, box . . 77
70 Stock and die ( to V,
16 inche). et.....v,......r 29
To Mrs. Maud Humphreys, who was
a chorus girl in the original production
or "FlOTodora,' -jras allowed JI4 a week
alimony yesterday by Supreme Court
Justice Lydon pending the tnal of her
separation action from Cecil H.
Humphreys, an employee of the Central
Railroad of New Jersey
Mrs. Humphrey admits that she con
tracted the drug habit after using a
drug during Illness. Although cured, she
says, the was arrested and sent to
Blaclrwell's Island as a drug addict. She
alleges that Jier husband is overfond
of another woman, but be denies the
Although' these good -will be offered in lots, the sale ol, single Items will also be made. . E
CONDITIONS OF SALE All stock sold f. o. b. this store, and successful bidders must make full payment in cash, and remove E
purchases not later than noon of the following day. E
QUARTERMASTER RETAIL STORE NO. 1, 435 Lafayette Street, New York (Near 8th Street , I
A large supply of surplus stock in original bales and cue will be told at fixed prices. Date of tales to be announced later Information on request from oSrcrr
in charge. E

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