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f iJMfcM UJ JclUir.V.n. I-'.
Giants and Dodgers Win and Pirates Displace Reds From League Lead--Yankees to Remain at Polo Grounds
McGraw's Team Mnkcs It
Three VieioricH Out of Four
Games Flayed.
It Allows Lcur to Scoro tlio
Winning Hun In the
Zlxtii Tnnlnff.
I,fdl ( Tue Hvrt am Ng Yoik Hruib.
Cinaeo, May !I.-Th Cllaiita to-
dsy made It ir' out of 'our from ,,le
Cubi. tdhlr.it lh Uit Bnw of tli series
by awe of i to 1. George Tyler,
hurling Mi ionil ganio of the season,
,u ln good form, but Krl Toney wis
even tetter. The Giants cord the win
tint run In the ninth after the Cubs had
fed Hi score m the eighth.
Voting punched a single to lft In tha
trit innire Her Hurna ld n retired
en inKt. Young pl.rrJ second, a.
moment later and on Klllefers pes to
tmtre n-ld continued on to third.
Fletcher hit to the fence In right centre
for two bases. fcorlUB Young, but ex
pired m n attemi't to stretch the lilt
Into triple. , . .
Three hlti failed to produce a run for
tie Cubs in the second Inning. Uarber.
ho led off. singled to right TojnB
Billed down rtobcrtson'a Ions fly clnso to
M light field wall, after which Barber
rtuved ort nrt ban and waa cnugl.t
nnorlns bv Tony Denl singled to
"X and Terry to right, but Klllefer-a
best wai a fly to Hums.
Toney itot a baie hit In the second In
rlr.g. He Uncled to right centre on y
to be forced by Hums. Young tried o
sscrine, but he hit a pop foul Into
Deal's hsnds. Burns won cut down In
n atlempt to steal "econd.
Hollocher drew a pna with two out
in the fourth, but waa forced by Paa
Urt. With one out In the fifth tlobert
ton walked, but Deal fanned ond nob
ble died stealing.
71,, GlanU threatened In the fifth.
Ler, flrt up, elncled to left.
TUV. !l it w. a threat, for Kelly hit
Mto a Uchtnlng double play. Snyder
cot a fall ticket to first, but Tonay shot
a lire drive straight Into Flack' hande.
In the Cubs half of thl Innlnjf Young
robbed Klilefer of an extra bnso blow
Kith a ipetacular catch of his lovr lino
drive to right centre.
A pu to Hollocher In the sixth was
waited There was one out when It
wis liiued and Paskert ltftext to King,
attr which Hollocher waa caueht steal
tor. fine stop by Hollocher prevented the
Carts from coring In tlio seventh.
'ri' singled to left and took swond on
Kmrs Mcrirt-. After Icar had fOUlfd
n nurtvr Kelly smashed the ball
ward left fleld. Hollocher sot one
.nd on the ball and held It to an Infield
i it Doyle being forced to pull up at
filrd. Dovio and Kelly tried a double
iteal, but the former was nailed at the
i late. Robertson tripled with one out
') the Cubs' halt of the Inning, but Deal
It to Lear, who made a great pUy on
tie ball and threw Davy out at the plate.
Snyder tingled In the eighth, but
Toney hit Into a. double play. Burns
rmtrhed a hit fast Deal and Tyler
tiled to locate tho Hale for Young.
Flrirher forced "Pp" at second.
After Klilefer had been deposed of In
he eighth Tyler hit to th frv In left
tr.tre for three bases. Flack dribbled a
Ut between Kelly and Doyle, and Tyler
counted, tying the score.
Doyle singled to right In the ninth and
K!'i sacrifice put him on second. Lar
it to Tyler and Doyle was run down
txtween second and third bases. Kelly
poked a single to right, and when Rob
ertson allowed the ball to roll past him
to the fence Iar scored anrKJvelly
tired to third. Snyder walked, but Kelly
wi nailed at the plate when he and
Frank tried a doubla Meal. The score:
ab r h i ' abrhoae
Fjrr,!f 401 S 0 0! Hack.rf . . 4 0 1 2 10
Twss.rf 3112 0OH"cher.. 100 4 0
riSir.ii.toi 4 no'ramert.cf 400 : oo
Pmle.th. 4 02 1 ) 0 rtarbr.)b 4 02 It 0 0
Kmtt.ct. 2 00 1 0 OJtoh'f on.lt 301 0 0 1
Wlb 411 n 2 0;i)ral,3b... 4 01 2 00
Ktj II) 3 0 2 7 1 0 Terry .2b. .401 3 40
F-ri!fr.c 2 0 1 7 2 fKlllfer,C. 300 fl 4 1
Tcr.r.p S01 0 2 0Tler.p... 311 0 40
To'tU 212 10 27 11 0 TMI. 31 1 7 27 p I
vWlerk .... 1 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 1-2
n-icwo ...oooooooi o-i
o 1.1 Mt-Fletrber. Tlir !' Ml
r'rifon. Tjlfr Stolen ba-e Toung. Hac-
"W-Kauff 2. nacle. Double play-Deal,
'"T and Ilsr'jer. Peal. Hollocher and
it-Vr in on bKftt Chleaso. 6; New
r ti. C B cn blls-Off TrUt. 4; off
-. 2 !nlt out Dy TyUr, 2i br
ir. 4 fnp!rt Moran and Rlc!r. Time
! tra-l lxiur and 42 rrtlnutei.
Heavy Hlttlns Mnrka Indians' Vic
tory Over Alhletica br o'to 4.
PHtUDtLPHf, Jly II (American).
F"r home runs durlns to-day's to
v ctrry of Cleveland over Philadelphia
ran the weeVs total of fojr base hits In
e local park to thirteen, a rtcord here
'or five playing days. Walker, who
erirtered the flr of the two Phlla
delPMa circuit drives to-day. has made
""' ef the thirteHti.
Pallafteiphla bunched hits off Cald
irand took the lead In the first in
r'."f. but Smith's home run In the ec
rl tll the score. Manager fipeaker's
f'me run drive In the third scored two
'jr.ner. ahead of him and decided tha
;ae. The scot e:
ttn'EW.vp (A.) I riULADELrHlA (A.)
. ..'Ch ajj abrhoa
'tp 22 0 0 OOjririffln.lb" .10 2 1.1 2 0
Trt.t. -r.... --In'Sbee.p.. 20 1 1 2 0
riU!iJli:7 9 1 Itsstr.p... 100 1 10
-iwrrut.. loo 0 00
mtl. ' TotalI,.37H7717 0
'-.t.Ji ""ir in nir.ui inning.
""M.WI. ft'2?13100-9
we.ph, 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1-4
ni;M hJi-John.ton. Speaker. Oart-
u.T...k""'. Walker. Dyke, stolen
v7h ,?" laertfifee-Chaoman. wilt.
,.?t,S,'-j!" Dlfbte. 3: off
,e ."u-0 nltea. 9 In 5 L3 in-
n-Lnt'.- br Blaix. J. Wild
iC B1r?"; ,,4,r' Lo'n PHeher-r-T;,
ln!Plre-Hlldibrahd and Evsns.
ti .r.e 1 hour and 22 minutes.
pAr.TUI- rtH.E.
I; 'nr, ......... B a 1
3 2
I ,il'KTaU MelUnemy; Koob
k;v7r- H.H.E.
' p,,,f' t 1 g J
i-'n'Whlieho'uie' and'jjirir ; Flaherty
LJSliVatr n.n.E.
o Ji ?
fv.'r'Wan and Hartley; Amrt,
)" -l..w '!- rt-H.E.
.'..10 13 I
-''l'i'""1-'''"' flearlnand Oaiton; Nei-
x .Tr.nx i.KAtirK.
t'',"e ptponed owing lo rain,
lr'-l TO-DAY, POLO 0n0f.1D..
H. tlftktet s. SL Iuls-Aiflr.
it, I tl" 4 imrins.o l
5J I - oo'witt.rf... 301 no
Leading Hitter
in Major Leagues
Ilaier. (Ink, (l. A.M. B. H.
"f4"; "I. I...... M l? l U Mi
Danbert. flnn.....,.,M lI It H .Ml
' "wirieaa, rhll,,,,X 4)1 1 tt 411
Myni, l)U,n,., tl i II 30 4t4
Jalmeliw, 1fl M (rj a n ,411
Jatkawt, tJl nj m it tU.
JarkhtAn. Ml. f tl a. .1 III
Uerber, 81, I, ii II I h
Their Boisterous 'rrolk Causes
Umpire Owens to Act Hcd
Sox Win by fl to B.
BoiTOV, Jlay J (American). Boston
continued Its heavy hitting to-day.
pounding Dauss and Ay era and defeat
Inc Detroit, to 3, Young and Hcott
ftaturod with clever plays on slow
Umpire Owens put eight of th visit
ing players off the bench for boisterous
tnl.'t. The scores
all r Ii o
Vounc.:b 4 ft I I
A'emlth.c 3 02 It
Cobbf... A 00 I
Veaeh.lf., 511 &
ll'ann.lh. 4 02 11
fhorten.rf 2 on n
Ilu.li,..,. 2 10 0
Jones,3b.. 4 0 1 .1
Dauii.p,. 20 n n
Avere.p, . 0 0(1 0
Hale 100 0
K'Mead. 1110
ihrh n
S 0 l!(irer,rf 421 I
3 0 MeS'r.Vt... 4 13 1
OOtH'noeky.lf 4 12 3
ouim nryi.er, ano
OOijlunter.ff, I 00
noiMMnnie.lb 4 I S
1 fHl'oelerb. 4 I 3
I 0 Kcott,i... 4 n
3 OhVallere.e, 210
1 onuisell.p.. 4 00
0 01 Totali.SISI3 2T
ai.i. e ft, aI
liatted fur DauM In the sixth Innlnr
HIatled for Ayera In tli ninth liming,
rvimit ft o o o o l n i 1-3
Bneton n 0 4 0 1 n 0 -
Two base hll-Jon, Ktarxead, Me.S'ally,
Mclnnle. Three base hlta-llooper, Kotler.
Ptolen bate Veaoh. Sacrifice hll Plrtn,
Walters, MeNally. Double play-Wslters
and Toeter, Ieft on ba Detroit, 10: Ho.
ton. 0. nates on balls Off Daum, li off
Ayers. I off nueeelt. 4. Hlt-Olf Dauit,
7 In .1 Innlnati off Ayers, 0 In 3 Irnilno.
Blruck out Br Dxuis. 3; by Ayers, 3) by
flurrell, 4. Wild pllch-riii.Mll. Lo'lng
pitcher l)aui. Umplret-Oweni and Chill.
Time of game 2 hours and A minute.,
One Hurls Bat and Other Dis
putes a Decision.
St. Locts. M6.. May 21 (National).
St. Louis took three out 'of four from
Philadelphia by wlnnlns to-day's game,
3 to 1, hunching three hits with two
pasres 'off Smith In the sixth for two
I'mplre Hart ordered Jtlsey out ef the
gnme In the fifth when the latter, after
being hit by a pitched ball, hurled hl
bat on top of the visitors' dugout, whence
It bounded Into the grand stand, flliey
protested It waa an accident.
I.uderua of the visiting club was
ordered off the fleld In the ninth for dis
puting a strike Hart called on R. Jililer.
The score:
ab r h o a e ab r h o a e
IWVau.lf 3 00 3 Oft'Junvrln.tf 2 00 2 0 0
irrroft.-a 4 02 0 4 fO.Smlth.ef 1 1 0 2 0 0
W'me.ef. 4 13 1 OO'Rehiilta.rf. 4 00 0 00
Flri fr 4 fl 1 0 OO'FloekC. 401 1 2 0
JM'er.Ili 4 00 3 2 0 lt'naby.Tb. 3 0 2 2 3 0
VtMU.th 30113 OOrnler.lb. 302 9 01
TI.M'erJb 4 A I 1 2 0Mr.I..ff.lf 3 1 0 r. I ft
Wtth'w.e, 201 1 1 Oit.asn.e. 3 ft 2 4 Oft
Wheat.e. 100 2 3 OJDirfer.c 300 2 30
llljey.n . 0 0 0 0 2 O'0'wln.p. .. 3 I 1 0 40
't.Sirlth.p 1 0 0 ft 3 ft! r
'Oallla . (in a 0 0 01 Totals 19 3 8 27 111
Uleurel.. 1 0 0 0 0 Oj
Talj 31 I 0 24 ISO'. t . ,
nn for niiey in the fifth Innlns.
n"ed for Wheat in the ninth Inning.
ralladelpMa .... 000 1 0000 o-i
El. Loula 0 1 000200 1-3
Two bae hit Iavan. Tliree bae h
Wllllm4. Ptolen bae DIIbofer, Saerlflee
Mta L" Dourveau. nley. Double plare
0. Smith, Whesl and Pauletiei Horneby
and lournler. Left on baee-rhl!aitelph!a,
7. St. Laul, 4, Ilate on ball-Off (J.
Frolth. 2: off Ooortwlft. fl. Hlte-Off rtltej-.
4 In 4 lnnlne: off O. Hmlth. 4 ti 4 tnnlngt.
"It by ptteher-Oy Goodwin, 1 (Rlaey).
Struck out-Dy rtliey. 1 i by It. Smith, 1 ; by
(lAftdnfn, 1. Losing pitcher . Fmlth. Um-ilrt-
Hart and McCormkk. Tiro tt tm
1 hour and S3 minutes.
Pm-sauart. Ms 31 (National).
Kayrs waa hit hard to-day by th Pltt
burg Pirates, who defeated the Boston
Hrnves by a score of i to 0. The score :
dostov (N.) I rirrDno (N.)
abrhoa aBrhea
rowell.cf 4 00 2 0 0:nibee.lf.. 312 2 Oft
IVk.3b.. 301 1 2 0jNleh'n.lf.. 100 1 Oft
Mann.lf.. 4 02 3 ft O'rarer.cf.. 801 3 0 0
CrtilK.rf. 4 02 0 0 O'fl'wortli.rf 412 4 OO
Holke.th. 4 00 a 0 (H.Whlt'di. 4 21 0 iO
rtoeeVUb 4 ft ft 3 2 0 f'haw.2b 321 4 AO
M'rille.ss. 4 00 3 2 llCaton.ae.. 401 I SO
flowdr.e.. 2 0ft r. 4 OTlrlmm.lb. 4 1 i 12 10
Eayra.p.. 201 ft 20:fhmldt,e. 3t I 0 00
Watton.p. 1 00 0 1 O'Lee.c 1 00 0 0 0
ICartaoii.p. 4 12 0 10
Tota!s..32 0 0 21 13 1 , ;
Totals. M 9 13 27 I 0
riotnn OftOOftftftfl 0-0
ntteburg 401 04000 a 4
Two bats hits Carey, Ctitshaw, Carlson.
Threa baaa hlt-nisbe, Whllled. Double
plar Kayrs. Oowdy and Holkei caton.
Cutsham- and Orlmm. Ift on bases Bos
ton. 7: ntt'burg. .V Bases on ballOff
Karrs. 3! off Carlton. 2. HlU-Off Eayrl,
IS In S Innings: off Wateon. 0 Ift 3 Innlngst
off Carlaon. In 9 Innings. Struck out
Br Eaym. 1 : by Watson. 1. Winning pitcher
Carlson. Losing pitcher Earrs. Umpire
Klem and Emails. Time of game 1 hour
and 30 minutes
At Llttla Rock- .P 'r'Ei
Little nock 13 ir, 0
liobtie , s g 2
Batteries Smith and Brottem: Hald, Tul
ion. Chlan?. Utt, Coltmin and Ponds.
At Birmingham- n. H. K
Illrmlngliam J J
Cbattanooga V':'l--V.L I
natleHes Olaintr and PeterS; Noel and
A Memphis- H.
MemphI 1
Vew 0'lan 10 is 3
Battrle-Canaran and JI4r4; ilurcht
eon and DAwle.
At Nashtilie- n- B-
Nashvllla J '
HUfita .... ...........' a 10 2
Batteries-Stewart and Jonnard; BoOflO
and Hager,
At rhlladelpbla-Swarthmor. 17; Harsr-
tM Syracuse. N. T.-8,Tacuse. 7: noehes
' At 'Madison. Wls-IMMbe, 3: Wisconsin.
1 a" VllUOTa. Va.-Oetlr.trurg. 7: nils
American and National League Records.
aitmirAN IXAflCE.
The New Vark-M. Ixmla game was rxrltponfd
owing ! wrfi srejiidj.
rlneland. St PM ade pbla. 4.
ruyed. Wan. Lsl. r.C.
i rierrtand
IPx-lon ....
IfMraen -
I Net Yark...
ttaOilnstott .
.. tl
.. sa
.. 17
.. M
. VI
.. tn
M. Il....
I Mtidelplila
ift. lii In ew Tk.
Ie troll In nwfufl.
tlirland In TWIadelphU.
Cblcajo In Washington.
Dodffcrs Win by 0 to 0, Scor
ing All Their Runs In tlio
rifth Tnnlnff.
fttlMUvin iM.U tl.V ?1 lOn
Cador. hurllnV hlf flnt complete battl
since ha puclied the iwenty-na "
He tame against the nrftvei, held the
Jleds at his mercy here thl afternoon.
He allowed only six hits and the Dodgera
won by a count of 3 16 0, A the Pirate
Atnif., it, Ttravea tha llerts lost the
league leadership to the Plttsburgi.
Hod Kller started the game tor ii.c
lledg and went ulong smoothly until the
rlfih e.. tb teiatliusn ClUD
cracked out five of their eight hlta
and scored all their rum,
Koney. who made three hits off
nuethcr In ihe opening game of the
series, started the Dodrera on the roaa
lo victory with a lilt to left centre for
.i.. i.'ii.lnff who nnw la playing
third, followed with a slnele over sec
ond ond Koney scored, kiiouh
second when Krueger dropped a single
, - l . - i.i. tiU. over seconl
in ruin. -
and Kllduff acored, Krueger advancing
to second, Olson drove pasi aim
. . . hum. Wartl
Single ana urutsci - ... .
hit Into a double play and Johnson men
lo Nealc for the final out.
In the following round heat, the
... .. .ji e. ri er. waa hit on
lback ;Hh a Pched bsli. Pat Mor.t,
then look Hod out " n . his
the slab. The Cuban I Ivtd up to his
reputation as a remarkable relief hurler.
for th. Dodgera made only one more
hit during the rest of the .
In the third inning Kllduff r
tho first of three doubl i pUy
lha Dodger. He started another In the
following session. . . .
Jimmy Johnston. ft P'V., r'
tM until Tommy arlfflth I rea
patrol the territory, made eecrul gooa
"msl'dent Dunn of the Cleveland club
W toy that he would
jh Sanklln (Pa.) outlaw club thli
morning. The score:
nrtOOKLYK (N.l . ciwi vr .;
abrho aei . , 0
Ko'fhr.lb 4 1 2 10 20Kep'.- ' J S
Totals.. 31 31 l!2j'P.euthtr.. 10 0
Tolsla...:4 0ft2?l8 2
D.tlted for Lui'ie In the ninth Inning.
cZnnH.:.:::'.'0 HOMDOM
Tjto bs-e hll-Werd. Th b.V hJt-K-retell).
aerlfl-e-Mrer. Double Plala-lZI-
nrvi,' ft 0 0 0 3 n o u
l,r. Oror, and nam: r . t
on balla-Pff r.ller, 2i off Luqoe. 1: off la.
dore, I. lilts on isiier, i in
Luqut. 1 in 4 Innings. Hit by pltcher-Ilr
Kller, 1. Btruck out-By CTer. !i l lW.
. it t.al, M 1 4 Ket . VJT 1 f 1 , RIb
plres-O'Dsy and Qulstey. Time of game-1
hour and a minuiri.
Score nnnch at Ponr naoa and
Detent !enalM hf 11 to n.
WASHiNaTOW. May !l (American).
Chicago began hitting the ball In the
first. Inning, kept It up through we tenin
to-day and won from Washington. 11
to . Each team used four pitchers.
A pass to I.lebold, E. Collins' single
and double by Weaver and Jackson gave
the visitors their winning margin In the
tenth. The score:
ibrho ti ab r h o a a
Murp'y.rf 4 02 2 0 6Juri(a,tb.. 43 II 0 0
JC'nV.rfOlO 0 00-MI1aii.lt.... SIS 4 0 0
tLleb-d.ff 0 1 0 1 Oftmir.cf.... 0 4 5 00
ECo'n.Jb 4 4 3 1 r. 0 TWh.ff . . . 312 2 ft;
We-ver.ss 1 2 4 3 i;ilarrll,2b. 600 1 3 0
Jaeks-n.lf 1 2 2 0 O.EIIerbeb. 3 11 1 10
Felsch.r f. 4 1 I 3 0 0;Phan'on,ss 3 3 I 2 2 1
Joar'n.lb. A 0 1 13 1 0 (ihatfttr.e 4 0 1 4 lo
McM'nJb 6 0 1 1 4 a.PchaeM.p. 000 0 20
Schalk.e.. SOI 3 3 O'lCalva. . . . 1 00 0 0 0
Wllk-on.p .1 1 I 0 I 0;?nrr.p. . 1 00 0 20
Payne.p.. 0 00 0 OCttShank,. too o 0 0
lltuberg.. 1 00 0 oO;Courtn-y.p 000 0 00
Kerf. p.. . 100 o I 0 (Johnson.. 1 00 0 Op
Ckjotte.p. 000 0 0 6 Shaw.p... . 000 0 ft 6
' . .lriclnlch. lftO 0 0 0
Tola1s..44111J3017J' -
i Totaled 9 14 SO II 1
Batted for Murphy In the eighth Inning.
malted for J. Collins In Ih tenth Inning.
IP.atted for Pern In the eerenth Inning.
IBatted for Schacht In the second Inning.
TBatted for Pnrder In the sUth Inning.
(Batted for Courtney In the eighth Inning.
MBStt4d for Shaw In the I4nth Iftning.
Chicago 3 10100020 4-11
Washington..., 103010101-1
Tho base hits-Judge. Weaver. 2; Ohar
rity, nice, K. Collins. 2: Jaekson. Three
base hlta Wllklneon. Felech. Stolen bases
nic. 2: FeHch. SecrlflcK. Collins. Ohar
rlty. Iubls plays Pehacht, Gharrltr and
Jude. Wearer, B. Collin and Jourdan: E.
CollirS, Wearer and Jmirdan. Left on bases
Chco, II; WashlmrUn, It. liases on
bali-Off Schacht. 2l off Wilkinson. 6i Off
Snyder; 2: off Payne. 1; off Courtney, 1: off
Kerr. 3: Off Shaw. 1. Hlt-01f 8heW.
In 2 Innlnse; off Shaw, 3 In 2 Innings; iff
Snyder. 3 in 4 Innlngsi off Courtney. 4 In 2
tnntngs; off Wilkinson, .1 lit 3 Innings (none
out, 2 on bsse In the sltth) ! off Payne, 3 In
1 Inning) off Xerr, In 3 2-3 Innings; off
Clcotte, 0 In 1-3 Inning. Struck out By
Pnyder, 1: by Wilkinson, 1: by Payne. 1: ly
Courtney, 2: by Kerr, I, Wild pilch Snyder.
Winning pitcher Krr. L4!fig pitcher Shaw.
UmplresMorlarty and Connollr. Tim of
game 2 hours and M minutes.
Galna Adranlasre la New England
Intereolleslnte preliminaries.
Bptdat 10 Tni sex 40 Nw TosK HcKtn.
Uostoh, Mass., May tl. Brown and
Mxasachusetta Institute of Technology
led In to-daj" trials of the New Eng
land Intercollegiate games, qualifying
most men for the finals In eight events.
Brown's ttal waa la; Tech had 12;
Williams. Veeleyan. Bowdoln and Bos
ton College, 7 each: Amherst. ; Nw
Hampshire State, J; Holy Croak. 1;
Tufts, 3: Trinity and lIiaachuetU
State. 2. and Maine. Bates and Middle
bury. 1 each.
Chicaco, May Jl. Oroter Lowder
milk, pitcher of the Chicago Whlto sor,
to-day was released to thi Minneapolis
club of the American Association.
New York, It Chicago, I.
Brooklyn. 3 Chrritiitatl, ,
riffuurg, ti ruelmi. i.
St. Louis, 3 1 Philadelphia,
nayed. W.a. it. r.C.
rillburg ..,
tlnelrinatl ..
HrmtklyM ...
at, InU....
New York..,
fl HadelphU
l I .411
. th
, XI
. it
, is
I V Vaffc 111 SI. nil.
I tlr.w'jljn la rill.arnf.
Btm la rinelnrull.
ftiHadclphU la Chicago.
Yankees to Continue
.at Polo Grounds
THIS conference which August
Herrmann, formerly chairman
of the National naisball Com
mission and president of the Cincin
nati club, and II, 11, Johnson, presi
dent of the American League, held
on Thursday la Chicago with Charles
A, Stoiieham, prealdsnt of the GlanU.
relative to the ousting of the Yankeet
from the Polo Orounda at the ending
of the present season, bore fruit
yeiterday whon Col. Jacob liuppert,
president of the Yankees, received
the following despatch from Presi
dent Johnson:
"In conversation with Mr. Stone
ham yesterday he agreed lo allow
your club lo continue nt the Polo
Ground. Next Thursday he will be
In New York and will then arrange
details with you."
Wm. Du Pont, Jr. Pilots His
Hunter Over Triple Bars.
Waiiiikctok, May il Quite the
most difficult feat ever staged on tha
tanbark cf the National Capital Horre
, Show woj performed at Arlington Park
i this afternoon when Nlckletlp, owned by
William Du Ponl, Jr., carried away the
I blue ribbon In the triple bar Jump. The
'big bay,- ridden by young Du Pont,
cleared the three preliminary nve root
Jumps and the difficult triple bar appar
ently without the slightest efforL Tn
bars wrro arranged in a slanting posi
tion, with the first bar suspended two
and n half feet above tho ground, the
second three and a half feet above and
the third four and a half feet above.
This arrangement nerved to test the
mettle of tho horses an none of the
Jump taken previously In the ahow
In the lightweight hunters class little
Miss llecky Lanier of New York con
llnued her brilliant performance of the
three preccdlnc days, winning admiring
comment from both the Judges' stand
and the prand stands. In the light
weight class she rode Silver Crest, owned
by Frederic McElhone of Uppervllle,
Va.. to first place.
I Miss llecky' sister, nine-year-old Pal-
lie Lanier, promises to roilow in ner
clever slster'a footsteps, already show
ing herself a skilful horsewoman. In
tho ponies saddle class to-day she won
the Hilda fiykea Cup with Nipper, owned
by Mrs. Charles Itandolph Mayer of
In the heavy and middleweight hunt
ers' class old Alarm, owned by Edward
McLean, again proved himself a winner.
Defeat Jlnrrnrd, 0 lo 4, In Dnnl
.Meet nt Forest Hills.
Uy tsklng two out of three matches
In doubles and three out of six In sin
gles Princeton's tetinls team defeated
Harvard's racquet wielders at Forest
Hills yesterday by a score of S to 4.
The meet was the closest between the
two colleges In many years, the major
ity of the matches developing Into sharp
even tussles. In which extra gamea and
seta were frequent Although the West
Side Tennis Club courts were soft and
slippery, th quality of tennis waa well
up to standard. J. Werner. Princeton's
captain, had, strange to say. the easiest
task of all In disposing of Harvard's
leading player, 0. W. Helm.
The summary:
tfli.alea J de Turenne, Harvard, defeated
E. Ilerndon. rrtneeton, (14. 1-4!, 64; J.
II. Penn, Harvard, defeated J. Hrneon,
rrlnceton. fl-2. 8 I: C. HhlPway, Prince
ton, defeated C. H. Hramf. Harvard. 03.
7-3s J. Werner, Princeton, defeated O. W.
Helm. Harvard. A-l, 0-2. D. Itoblnson,
llartard, defeated II. Kaltenbaek. Prince
ion. 0 2. C 2: II. Hrawner. Princeton, de
feated P.. N. Bradley, Harvard, 8-0, 20.
DouMes-Wemer and Herndon, Princeton,
defeated Helm and De Turenne. Harranl,
I. 7-3) Fenno and Hrams, Harrard. de
feated Hynwn and Khlpwar. rrlnceton.
a-fl. 0 lj Kaltenbaek and Dickinson,
Princeton, defeated Boblmon and nowe,
Harvard, --. 4-0. 6-1.
err York: Anglers Handicapped
T noniih w'eatber.
ruin and variable winds prevented
contestants In the annual bait and fly
caatlm? tournament of the Anglers' Club
of New York In the big lake In central
Park yesterday from making note
worthy records. The summaries:
Dry Fly Accuracy Competition, Class A
Won by Dr. ft. J. Held, Anglers' Club M
New York, with W IMS Pr eetit.: A. TU
Hanners. Anglers' Club ef New York, and
J. 8. Pettlt, Anglers' Club of New York,
tied for second place with f4 13-13 pr Cent.
Hanners won second prlts on the toss.
Dry Fly Accuracy Competition, Class C
Won by R, 11. Banning, Anglers' Club of
Nw York, with Ms.j per cent.; George
D. Stark, Anglers' Club of Nv. York, and
W. 8. llotsrt. Anglers' Club of New York,
tied for second plat4 with PR 2-13 per Cent.
On the tois fltarx obtained the coveted prlia.
"Light Tackle Distance Fly. Clais A Won
by John 9. Schwlnn, Newsrk Bait and Fly
Casting Club, with an average eaet of 97 1-3
feot. Dr. tl. J. Held. Antlers' Club of Amer
ica, with an averse cast of 81 1-3 feet,
second; Dr. J. O. Fulton, Anglers' Club of
New YOrk, will) M 9-10 feet, third.
Klrtgsley School soundly trounced the
West Orango High School track and
field team In a dual meet on the for
mer's field at Essm Fella,. N. J., yester
day by a score of 57 to 39 points. West
Orange only won three 6f the twelve
events, but succeeded in pulling down
many place positions. Myers accounted
for IS of Klngsley'a points, while Bali
man, a team mate, was credited with a
performance of tZ seconds In winning
tho JZO yard fun.
retail f Tetterday's Game,
rteadlnr. 7; Jersey City, 3.
BSltlfflora. Ill Syracuse, 0.
Buffalo, 4: Toronto, 3.
ItoehStter, 6; Akron,
Handing of tbe Unbi.
VT. I., r.c
n.iff.lo 20 7 .741
w. i.. p.c.
needing... 13 t.i ,im
rtoehesur II IB .arrr
AkrOn.... 13 .
ruillmor. Ii II .Ml
Jersey City 9 1.1 J 15
Brraeuse.. 4 13 .Hi
ftironlA.. 17 11 .C07
Game fehedtled f.r Te-dar.
Jersey City m Iteaamg.
liattimore In Syracuse.
Akron in rtochetUr.
Toronto In Buffalo.
At Itesdlnj- ft H. B.
Jersey City fl 0 I 0 I n o 1-3 11 1
needing 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0-7 J 7
DatteriesDlemlller and Freltag; Karpp
and Konnlck.
At Pyraeule tt. H. E.
nalllmof. 3 OJ 0 4 0 3-11 II 0
Syracuse 0 0000000 3 2
liatiene-.oaier Luer; iierscnier
and Nlebergall. Game called on account of
At rtuffalo- It. H. G.
Toronto ...o o n 1 o o I o 0-3 fl i
Buffalo . .. i 0 0 J 0 1 0 0 0 1-4 II 3
tuiunee-swa and sandbefg: Jfecabeand
At Whester It. 11. E.
Akron 1 3 000 0 00 1-3 13 1
Rochester .3 0 4 0 1 00 1 0X-4 14 4
Batteries-oomnan and Walker; Acetta
and ftols.
SptciaX ti nt scy M Km tosk Hata.
gWAltTHMORE. Ta.. May Jl. Sirarth
more college overwhelmed llaverford Mr
is-day. 17 to 3. Hiterford uid four
plkhers. stl of whom were hit bard. Wltae
made four hits. Th seore: p !!. E.
Swsrrhroor ....5 3 7 05 1 5 0 0-17"lS s
llarerford OOIIOOOOO 3 7 3
natlerles-Larkln. Karrutiaw and Berroel
er; Hunakkir, Kearney, Plerte, Drown and
Know Hon.
Will Steer Sir Thomas Up
ton's Shnjnrock IV. In
America's Cup Uncc.
Capt. William P. Hurlon. 0. n, K
raled as the best amateur yacht skip
per In Kurope, and who will havo the
responsible task of steering Blr Thomas
Upton's Hhamrock IV. In her assault on
tne America's Cup, arrived here yester
day on the While Btar liner Adriatic. He
waa accompanied by his wife, for years
regarded at the keenest woman navi
gator In the world, and who will never
learo hli side while at the wheel In the
International races.
As a helmsman Capt, llurton has a
great record. As owner and steersman
of the nineteen meter Octavla he swept
the dc&s In that class for three season
prior lo the war, and earlier with much
smaller craft his long string nt vic
tories could hardly bo enumerated. Not
alone as commander of the challenger
should dpt. Hurton be of Interest to
American yachtsmen Just now, but In
case Sir Thomas ahould grow weary of
Producing Uhamrocks he will be the
I logical man to step Into the Irish bar
onet's shoes. He has the ambition and
tthe love for the yachting sport, and,
what Is most Important, he has the
money. Capt. Hurton Is known ne "tho
rice king," at which industry ne nan
amused millions, and II Is no secret
that he would give the biggest share of
what he owns to havo tho honor of lift
Inc the cup.
While Mrs. Durton might In some
quarters be regarded In the light of a
mascot, she Is of decidedly more Im
portance In tho estimation of her hue
band. In the palmy days of tho Octavla,
and even In trie smaller boat whose
achievements hae now paseJ Into his
tory, Mr. Dutton was alwuys found be
side the steering wheal, watching and on
the lookout for the movements of the op
posing boats. An expert watch holder,
she always times ever)- move of the
yacht. Capt. Hurton served during the
late war, and Is In the service at pres
ent, belntf a member of the Hoyal Com
mission of Wheal, and Is on a tliree
months leave of absence. In tho party
was Claude A. Hickman, who will act
as navigating olTIcor of Shamrock IV.
Later In the afternoon Capt. Hurton,
with Mrs. Burton, Designer Nicholson
and a party, visited City Island, and the
skipper was pleased with the appearance
of the Shamrock IV. He Mid that she
had become handsomer and had more of
the looks of a real racer than when she
left England In U14. "I am making nrv
predictions at all as to the outcome of
the race." he aald. "We've come over
after the cup and we hope to take it
home wlU us. But whether or n6t we
shall Is a question I will be better able
to answer ten minutes after the start of
Ihe first race on July 15. In all I've won
about a thousand races, and I can any
without boastlni; that a majority of them
has been awarded to me. Hhoukl we
win the cup I'll be satisfied to sum all
the records of my racing career arid call
this race Ihe one that gives me a per
centage of M races won to 49 r;r cent,
lost, and let it go at that"
jV. y. u. athletes
swamp haverford
Score 76 Points to 30, Star'
ring in Weight Events.
lUvtRrOBD. Pa.. May 21. New York
University arenged itself for the eight
defeats It has received at the hands of
the Haverford College team by com
pletely overwhelming the Scarlet and
Ulack cinder path athletes on the Haver
ford College grounds this afternoon, run
nirn up 7t points to JO. The New York
ers put a remarkably well balanced ag
gregation In the field, shining especially
In the welffht events.
100 Yard Dash Won hy Terlman. New
York UnlTerslty: second. Hllleman, Haver
ford. Tlm. 10 !-3 seconds.
320 Yard Dash Wort hy Terlman, New
York University: second, llacon, Haverford.
Time, 13 4-3 second.
440 Yard Run Won by Silver, llarerford;
,-econd, Bacon, Haverford. Time, 33 4-3 sec
onds. eo Yard Hun Won by Orlim, Haverford;
eecond. Test. Haverford. Time. 1:00 3-1.
Or Mile Iteee. AVon by Lyon, New York
University; second, Btrartr. Haverford.
Time. 4:."4.
Two Ml! IUce.-Won by Fratler. New
York University, second, Segrete, New York
University. Time, 10-.J4.
130 Yard Hurdles Won by Mclntoh,
Haverfortl: second, l'aldln. New York Uni
versity, Time, J(J 3-5 seconds,
ISO Yard HUh Hurdles Won by Boyaton,
New York Unlverelly: second. Zlnr, New
York University. Tim. 10 1-5 seconds.
Discus Throw Won by Cann. New York
Unlvenlty; second, flulney, New Yort Uni
versity. Distance, 123 feet 8 Inches.
Javelin Throwing Won by Cann, New York
University: eeonnd. Sliver, Haverford. Dis
tance, 143 feet a Inches.
Pole Vaulting-Won by Beeee, New York
Unlvenlty; second, tie between Knowliori
and Henderson. Haverford. Height. II feet,
Shot Put Won by (Julney, New York Uni
versity; second, Cann, New York University.
Distance, 37 feet 4 Inches.
Broad J'Jmp Won by Bald In, New York
Unlver.lty: second, Zlnser. New York Unl,
rerSlty. Distance. V feet 7 Inches.
llich Jump Won by Derff, New York I'nl
erltr: second. Helf.rt, Nw York University.
Height. 0 feet Inches.
Dattok, Ohio, May 21, Battling Le
vlnsky Of New York and "Chuck" YVIg
ITlns of Indianapolis fought a twehe
round draw here to-night.
Sandcskt, Ohio, May :i. Willie
Heecher of New York won the newspaper
decision over Don Curley of Indianapolis
in a slow and uninteresting ten round
boxing contest here to-night.
LOCOMOBILE, 1916. 7p Touring
LOCOMOBILE, 1916, Limousine
MURRAY, 1918, 4 pan. Sedan
MURRAY, 1917. Landaultt
3, G. V.) 1915, Brougham
LANCIA, 1915. Landaulrt
19 Wett 44th St, Murrtr Hill 1133
iitMp CAR
First Payment, Btlsnei MoniM;
E-Kay Motor Co.,
38S East 149th St., Bronx.
3,539 Broadway, Manhattan.
W. P. Barnat, Hlghfield Farms,
Port Washington, Long Island.
13 Shetland. TVei.h pcmle., five donkeys, gov
erness rarts, ponr trap, riding aadle. and
1'ridl.. tot children: alM three cowboy .ad
dle.. WK1R. 432 F.a.t &3d St.. rile. Pl.
53 19.
TRAM aappl sra)S wsnted, l,4M 10... eaii
ISO; pair farm borw. cich 393, eight
rar.e, M upwsrd. MUTUAL ItOOFINQ. J
st.. Brooklyn. Pro.pxt 101U.
War Citation for
Col. T. L. Hit on
COI T. h, HUSTON, part owner
of th Yankees, yesterday re
ctlvod a citation "for excep
tionally meritorious nnd conrplcuou
(services with the Hlxteenth Engi
neer, American Expeditionary
Forces." Above Ihe atgnaturo Of
John J, Pershing appear the words:
"Jn testimony thereof, nnd as an ex
pression of appreciation of these Mr
vices, I award lilm this citation."
Tho paper la dated March IS, 1510,
Col, Huston wont to I'ranco soon
after Hid United States entered tha
war and was there to the finish,
International Stages Enter
tainment at Commodore,'
Members of the International Sporting
Club flocked to tho grand ballroom of
tho Hotel Commodore last night and
were entertained with a unique pro
gramme of events. Pending the com
pletion of Its clubhouse, at forty-ninth
street nnd Lexington nvenue, the club
officials utlllio the Commodore for peri
odic entertainment 'for tho 2,000 mem
bera already enrolled In this noted or
Knntxatlon. Those who attended the event last
night wero treated to nn unusual spec
tacle. They saw a cluelcr of men who
had made history In the roped square.
Men who had been chnmplons and man
who had engaged In the most sensa
tional battles ever staged In n boxing
Champion lightweights of a quarter
of a century ago hod crown to be heavy
weights, but still they possessed the rug
gcdnrsa that follows nthletla training.
Many of those who had not tx".n In
i-ontest for years still were bright iyed,
active find vigorous, showing the kckmI
effects of a boxing career. Tluse old
tlnio champions posed, boxed and mndc
speeches, and Indulged In Interesting
icmlnlsccnces of the squared crele of
the long ago.
Among the old fighters who were
there were Jim Corbett. Tommy Ityan,
Hattllnc Nelson, Prank Erne. Jack Ma
Aullffc, the last threo all former light
weight championship holders : Joe Wol
cott. Young C-rlffo, Kid McCoy, Joe
Choynskl, Mlko Ieonard, the Heau
Ilrummell of the ring, and Philadelphia
Jack O'Hrlen.
Former Champion la Ih Good
rhyalral Condition.
Jess tVlllard, former heavyweight
champion of the world, weighing 270
pound, is b'se on private business, and
refused to discuss tho possibility of his
return to the ring.
"That Is a matter upon which I have
taken a non-committal Maud for the
present." said Wlllard. "I cannot state
what my future plans might be. for I
have other business matters that are
claiming my entire attention. I know,
however, that my farming and roughing
It In the oil lands haa kept me In fine
condition and that 1 can regain the nec
essary ring condition should I decide to
resume boxing at some later date."
STRAWS, N. V.. May 21. Syracuse
defeated Cornell at la crosse, t to 3, In
an extra period game here to-day.
Bandy Hook Princess Jamaica nay Coventors Willow New
mwiiitMHivi, nv (Canaft s) Island I'olot London
Xtax 33
May t.i
.May 34
A.M. I-.M.AJd. P.M. A.M.
.11 W ll:0 llTli 1IJI5 ll:S4
iVu 12:10 mis
U:Sg 18 1J3 1!U 1:13
Maya 137 2:0 VAi 3:13 3:12
May 20 224 33 330- 3:10 3:10
The tlma eivaa la the abote table Is Eutern
one hour.
lnt SallfUh Taken on Vet Coast.
Th following letter a received recently
from L'.eppa Uland, riorlda, by Mr." Barron
O. Collier, of New York; "Ye.terdajr Mr.
Richmond Talbot caught a tallfish. which I
believe: l the flrit taken on th wett ccatt.
Theio fish are multlplytng very rapidly on
theeast coast, and It Is possible they May
migrate lo these waters as the tarpon do.
In which event th. west coast will offer to
lb angler her tb only fish that now give
th eatt co.lt an advantage. Mr. Talbot
kindly presented the fl.h to th Ixaal Walton
Club and Is having It mounted. The circum
stance, of the catch are aa follows:
Taken by Richmond Talbot
Weight, 41 pounds: Length, 6 ft. In.
Struck one mils we.t of Bell Buoy at Boca
Grande Pats.
If later the fl.h become plentiful In the
Sand and Blood Worms
Fishing Tackle
121-123 Klthth Ave- Cor. 16th St.
Tel. Cheli-a till.
312 E. 34th SI. Murray Hill 26J3.
Belt. Tackle. Agate, Mountings, Repairing.
Split Bamboo Surf Tlpa. 14.99. Big stocK
Oreenneart. Betnansra ana lanctwwn.
lv. E. 1224 St. Tue... -jnur..,
Pat., Sim.. " A, M.: B. IJSth
St.. ?:io. nrlng bait. Si
.top atOI't St. Tel. M'irld 137S. A. LTOX3.
leaves Canarsl.
ride flhlnt.
"1.1 A. M. Sunday for cut
leaves Glen Inland. Nep
tune Dock. Sunday. 9
A. M. Far $1.13.
Bring bait
Dally except Monday and
rrinay a a. . (buna.r
A. M.l.
Capt. PLABB. .
TR P V P I V Ii Pally t A. U. exceif
a in. t wr. i-in Mon. Son, u, u
Bait, of eoaree. always! plenty of It,
A. O, ST. o gp note. Freeport. L. I.
n f-peeUI trip Satarday at 3 P. L
I OCnnfWH Clawn Pt. for nounders. Othr
UUjUIIUTQ daystoharter.Capt.CHARLES,
.Leaves diet St., East Rltrr. 1 A.M.,
Cla.on Point, a A. ll. Bring bait.
io cnarter for private parties.
Capt. U. HKKVKg
v ni.trKnsii.
leaves Bar 44th St., Ulmer
I'ark. Funday S A. M.
dally, S A. 31., nr. Moru
fr.ro SheessKxl 1r.
Capt. LC1.
Im i'nfc doc it
w lajp s A. if,
Ung. Hake and VTbltlng-Leavn
Battery Thurs., Sat. A Sun.. 7
A. M. Bait on board. Capt.Bert.
lusts isa Street, Soutn
Brooklyn, Sunday. " A. M.
leaves Battery Park Pier,
r a. m.
rittBlmrgcr Now Mennces Po
sition of Jlrltlsh Clininplon
Frank Moran, Ihe rd IhaUhed batller
from Pittsburg, who haa bean.ln I-ondon
for aome months, appeara to be' licnt on
vanquishing alt the heavyweights In that
part of the world. AlthouBh Moran
probably la the slowest heavyweight ever
developed In America, he la speodler
than a majority of the Kngllah heavies,
and ha hlta hard and straight.
Aside from Beckett, Frank doddard,
latest victim of Moran. la the most dan
ireroua Hitter In Great Ilrltaln. doddard
la fi blr, alow, awkward clmp but n
hard hitter, and withal oombittlve. Ood
dard defeated Ileckett the first time they
met, on December 17, 117, Heckctt be
Inr Mopped In the eighth round. Hut
Ilocktt turned the tables last June, when
ho knooktd out Uoddard In tho eecond
It therefore become, evident that Mo
ran. judged by hie performance against
Ooddard, would have an excellent chance
of defeating; l.'eckctt.
ThA Tlelllah ImAinlnn. Iinwsver. iwnw
(o he using excellent discretion In tha
selection of opponents and mny decline
to meet tho American.
Joe kynch la reported to be fasting In
dustriously no aa not to be overweight
when he face Pal Moore nt iho Armory
A. A., Jersey City, next Monday night.
The West Blder will bo restricted to on
soda cracker nnd a half glaaa of water
next Moni'ay morning. I.ynch absorbed
ten rolls nnd three cups of eoffc latt
Monday shortly before weighing time and
wm a pound and a half overweight. How
ever, the fact that Moore refused to ac
cept Lynch'a weight forfeit of B0O
proves that the Memphlan was not eager
to box the New Yorker on that particu
lar overweight night. Each man has
posted f BOO with Manager Jennings to
assure appearance, nnd It Moore balks
again he will lose hla money.
American Lands Knockont DIorr
In Second,
London', May 21, Frank Moran of
Pittsburg1 to-night knocked out Prank
Ooddard, the English heavyweight. In
the second round of what was to have
been a twenty round bout The fight
took place In the Hotborn Stadium.
In the irecond round Ooddard first was
floor! twice for counts respectively of
nine and eight, and then Moran landed
a terrific right on Ihe Englishman's
Jaw and he waa counted out.
Mlsa M. E. Levrla, Celebrated
Ureedcr. Arrive, on tbe Nrvr York.
Mlts M. K. Lewis, known In England
as the moat celebrated breeder of fox
terriers, arrived on the American liner
New York yesterday. She has come on
the Invitation of the American Fox
Terrier Club to act as Judge at the
club's show at Cedarhurst, U. I., on
Saturday. May 25.
P.SI. A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M. A-M. P.M.
M 11:40 17 3:313 ltl :
iii laisa s: a:a i-oo ma
11 13:43 1:43 4 03 6 0 33 ?:4
23 1:44 3!4 S3J Oflfl 3:00 3M8
3:40 3.-W 3:44 0 3 8 7:10 4:10 4:10
standard tune. For daylight sating time add
waters th taking of tha first ona will be
worth noting. Probably two thirds of the
anglers who now visit the east coast are
enUced thera br tba wonderful sport in tha
taking of aatlfUh, I feel surs you will b
Interested In hearing of this capture.
niaekfishing Should be Good Sanday.
Fishing on th Evelyn on Thuraday on the
grounds off Beabrlsht a large number of
blackfish wen hauled aboard. Individual
catches ran from IS to 22, and Uiey were a
fine run of fish according to Jake Martin.
Baffle of the catches follow: Lattle Vernon
and Grace Eldrtdge, together had 33; Gus
Elliott. 1ft: W. J. Rlckart. ID: 8. T. David
son, 13; George Brunner, 22; A. P. Dawson,
SHERWOOD 1,1V!' Sunday, B. 138th St., 7
anennuuu A, . cl41on Polntt Ia?
M. Thursday, Clason Point, S A. u. r
capt. LUNDaTHKM.
Rl IC VVfll 7 PHt Bamboo, Offenheart.
UU nRU Lancewood. Moantiaca.
Best reel line mis. IUIi
110 .t Ave., nr. IQIli St. Tel. Oreh.l. ggdl,
ki'kd9 FISHING TACKLE 'gftitt
tv also lend money on t.okl.
I. H. RE1F. 391 Id At., nr. 3id SL. N. T. C.
Itlni ntt4 ting Are Plentiful.
Rail and TaeU Very Reasonable.
Lat train leave !47 P. t. every nleht.
DORA n It. R. station, Wrecx Lead,
UUtlft H-dally rteept Hon. and rri. :
train! Sunday, :03 and o:oj train. Bring
svprrna. RATHMAN.
A.,.An leaves Sunday foot of trashlng-
m" ""Central Railroad Pier 1. 7:5
A. it. Capt. R. O'BRIEN.
IKthabara. Oreenhearl, Ldnoawood, Kil
ling., Agates. Repairing. Tel. 17.TA Bu.h
lck. C, VOEHTtlNnBn.UM Mrrlle av. rj'n
EMMA E.. large partr boat, will leave
Cltr l.lanU gasoline dock, two blocks below
brldSo. Sunday g A. M. Ilrln bait.
Evelyn b
leaves Clason Tolnt Sunday 8 A. .. Or.tir
fay. Capl. In RYER8.
CI 17DT!1.W!.S,,,,.' Plf. Canarsle,
0 A. M. Sunder.
capx. juhx MENINOER.
KID 11.1."'. 8"Bdav. 13llh SU Port
I. it0"lt- I-"-: CIa,on Point.
T:.tO A. M. Capt 8TRANDBERn.
leaves Slhl's l'l,r. Ca
narale 7 A. M. Sunday.
otADlKLI'1''' 'lom 6'ahle'., Canar.1,.
31. Sun-
Cspl. J. 8CHAEFEn.
Jfaves Clason It. Sunday.
TuM.. Wed. apd Thure. a
A. M. Flounder. 11. ZUnE
UNG FlbHINU-19 A. M. uAll.V.
oneepsneaa Bay Sun-
oy .api. CIIAHLlK.
UUIVIM A.M. Hounders. Bring bait.
Cant. PLOC.En. ai.o for private panl..
MOI ME 0 1 1. L'tv". 9!?n r'"t Sun-
Cant. II. OERTEU Phon Meln .WMJ.
The Winkle sa
Sinners Doailwxtse,
fteca. mursday.
ays 8 A. M.
Wave. Claran IViInt Sunday
fclSSnOl A. M. Flounder, rtrlng
leaves 13Sth St.. E. It. 7
A. M. Sunday. Bring bait.
n ft i ItUn V e,u A' M ' """"ay 7
R. C. LUrlUl trom gheepshead Bay.
Leaves dally.
3 P. M.
Kin. 7 A. M.
l.eatea ilheep.ned Hay D.Uy
s a 31. aun. : is Ou Kan.
, nilANE
. a'cs ln..ar K vv-ry iiay 7
A. M. Capt 31. ROWLAND.
"V'wi.i i irwinu from nATTBltV 13 A.Sf.
i;ain. i.mii.anh,
New York & Sheepshead Bay Boat
KSWIIIli. i i.,
Vtri ' .".,,'$0k' 5" " MX "hie (ill,
t Vi a ViJ PI "u't onausnnes.y i. lo
Ii do,ply'ii' An'-j S,0 v fl niy raws gut,
I'lilw- Ii??.,...11?1?J0 ""'r tn repaired.
iirMkivn """" i wyckoii Ave,,
tII)-IIUU'llnsil-ia BASH.
, Dally I A. M. xr. Mon.j
Bun,, 7 130 8heep.hrad Hay.
Capt. D. JfAnTIN
Sea Pigeon
New rtorhelle, daily and"
nnnHav. n 1 II flA,in.
"ring ball. Capt. KltANK IIAI.'MANN,
. l.i llla.lV.lt,
Captain Joe II!
In. Bheep.lieail Hay
dally nc. Hon. a A. it.
Caot. Arcli. lluckmr
OI'THIliK TniP-Ixng llaach tlround.
lv, Molllors docK,
Queenivtater Hla.,
Hunday, St:.1 train.
NOMAD leave. Hudson f'k. A. M. Hun
iwiniu daya for flounders. Private par
tie, week oaye, 30 pas.enger.. Capl.
I'lCTKnSQN', llla-hland Ave.. New Itochelle.
7()llim:-lolnr Irfiat Culgoa, for flailing or
pleaiure parties, leave. Ji Clllles dally.
Addre.s rar of JOK (ULUUS, Oreat Kills,
H'sten I,li,nd, -
I'ltlV.tT I! I'AllTII'.X-Veiv mntnr lxl.t
' "KIJIIi:," Ikeiircd n:. p.cni:ers. IM
m ,r,rr, epera t.i milts, all convcnicncei.
Tel. Ilowllnr Preen ftlTO.
GEORGIE M ! Murray's, Wreck Lead,
il- . u''ay s-jj train. Tare. 3,
nn ivar rx.
Pundsy 7 A. M. foot
Houtn nmakiyn.
AWNlfc, L". va.lilnston Kt Jer.ey City.
7 A. M.t C, II. It.. 7:30 A. M.
, , Capl l.AOAH'A.
ZANGAMnrr t : J
It- , 1.10. Cant. CllltlKTKNHBN
leave, tlit Hunday, .mth St.,
U.i Cla.on Point. 7 M.
Capt. 1.. ZI.S'Q AND.
ELS E K J.rK" Htnlil-- Tier. Canar. .
T , nan A. M. flundaja and Holl
day., formerly from timer Park,
mr. Dock, Kheep.liead liar.
3 P. M. Ling .nd llsunder. CaptTOll.
Rose R. Ih
Canarsl 7 A. il. Dall
. P1.KNTY OF I.l.vdi
leave, cant re le every day 7
leavea Sunday. E. Pl.t St.. OA. M"
,S?.m 'h SA' M " ior "otind.r:
leavea lith HI., Ilotmken. tl;.-.-
I'ier 1, C. R. R., 7:30 e-ery
Sunday. Capt. ED. HA LBTTI.
RESOLUTE r- w,.e,k ud ,or non-
1L. ...... . dir!- d,ll Pt 3Ion. A
r,,.. .. inin, unna worms. HERMAN'.
tagb. Scaford. L. I. Capt. Wn. N ih..
III A Btw c-1 a. v..
un. vapt. 1XII.L.AK.
FLOUNDERS at De Conlnck's, Haunt Sta-
lion. . iiammeis. Trslns stop at ddor
Hlood and Sand Worm.. Geo, de Conmek.'
ITJIVATE Houndcr Partle.. Make, daui'l
tash IM. Illll larcjey. 9eafor'd. Long Island
WIUTE WINOS- for hire, privals partlTI
Floundera. Accommodations. Writ or phon
110 Wantagh. Capt Ouy Davis, Seafard. L.1
LKUijUEi ,,, Canarsl. Sunday. 7
KLONDIKE leaves Hudson ParTi New
Itochelle, every day except Mon. and Wed..
9 A. M.. for Pounders, tiring bait.
leares Gason Point Sundar 8
A Vf fnrmsrlv anht. ri. ..
lnck's, Haunt station. Trl. 1:00 Hammeln.
RIoMl and Sand Worm.. Train, .top at door.
llflnnenu leaves Sheenehead 11. - bulk.
bridge). Sun, at g A. M. Capt. Harry Carson.
BLOOD W'ORJIS, Band Worms, Sinker Molds
all .lie.. Flailing tackle. Teleplum Yander-
m i-ot. nutmiKAr. 307 Ba.it 34th St.
Charle Nehn,Xl,.e CreejJ. jlg;
le As I Is . ,WOM urKJ r-on iinr
LAVjLL -"JS'u Canarsle. 7
A. M. Sunday. Caot. rna , k.
rinlniirnrlnrn Kaves Stahle's Pier. p..
UU dll dUUId n4i?"' 8un,ti''. a. m.
" Capt. THEO. FE1TH.
x.vencau ajmy.
leave P1.rtn l, ThiIH o.
8 A. 31. Flounders. Tel. New!
town I27-J. Capt. BTOEIIIt.
I.lflf IV,:
leaves Sheepshead Bav dally
2. Sunday S. JENSEN
Wrl nOITV01"- A- ' Sunday 7 j
HI Ml III I I trom Sheepshead Bay.
IkUUUII I Cant. M. nannnv
AIIUJVI Cla.on Point, t A. 31., Thurs
nnrriu day, Sunday, Tuesday.
ClllSDCTU leave Stable'., Canarle.
CLUAntln 7 A. M. Bun. CHAB. HARER.
FisliingTachleandBa it
Duvrt voe do not tell lire bait bite 'St
rwov, "tackle only" or "bo bll" f.lhralsg
their aimes. List sppeirs Tnssdiys. TSors
diys atid Saturdays.
Akbey t Imbrie, 97 Chstsbers t. Tackle only.
Abercromble A Fitch. Mtd. ar. & 4Sth. Tkl only
nsomsnn, 2232 SecoDd av.. sear llitb it.
Bimmian, Jobs, S71 W. 173th st.
Becker. 342 E. 31 lb St. Tel. Murray Hill 2;j
Blscblky,S0I2 3d av. (1351b st.) Tel. MeL1233
Brunner, Wash. Mkt. Tel.HM CorLBlood vrarau.
Clement. Oto. A., 163 Amsterdam ar.. N. Y. a
Co. Alpbeus. 27 West 1231b st. Tackle oaly.
Cesroy, Ttios. J.. 38 J.ba st. Tsckls only.
Dategi. S. B. Co.. 12S VT. 133th L "1 ' .
Dltega, 8. B. Co., Ill Ksst 42d it. I f
Davega. S. B. Co., 831 Broadirsy. alar
Pi ten. ST B. Co.. 13 Cortlaont it. I "'It.
Dtrkes. 401 W. 50th .L (A. Dory, prop.). Tit
Dnlll. John. 42S W. 4M it. Tel. Longacre 237,
Fucks. II.. 82 Pint ar. Tel. 934 Orcbard. D!t.
Olldesberg. 2321 Stb at., 133th st. Moni'i.1 SOTS
nsrdon. 3117 Ans.terdam av., le-Mn .t. Xo bill.
CeoTga'a. Ill Am'sta Av.TelCol.nM. Bait A T.
Oroi. 23S7 3d av., nr. 121 it. Sec. band tickle,
rifo.s. Stb ar. and 311b st. Se.-ond bind tickle.
lUrscb, U. 609 Am.t'dm ., S.90th St.. Tel.
lfteher.f.F., 307 K. 34tb it. TrLVsnderbllt 233U
J.ffe. 1331 Amst'dm av. Tackle and bait. Tel.
KellerBiia,3030 3d avl.M t. Tel.JIel.10C9. Bill
Klffe. H. .?.. 323 Brwdsriy. Tacile-Oaly.
Klrtlind's, CSambers st. Tsckl oaly.
Lstirns. ?ot. 21 E. Mia st. Xo ball,
Letltene. Ml E. 13S jl. Tickle ft ball. Mel.39.
Micy. II. II. Co.. B'wy and 34th t. No b.ltl
Merter.H..1492 An.t. av.j'r 134IH. T.ckleAb.lt
Jletropolltin Hdw. Co.. Church ami Vesey .ts
Hudson TennlnjL prsod Cenlr.1. No Lilt.
Otllry. B. Co.. T9 Chamber, st. No bait.
patterwn.Oottfrted, Hnater. 1T0 TuLst. No bsll
Pollel,D. Blwker. COT.PerryTsell. oil,
nelf J. II.. Tlnl Ta boova, '
ttAeers Peet Co., n'wsy A I3th it. T.clla
ReT; Pee t Co. B'iy snv.rrea if. I i'0
noiirsPMlCo.. B'wsysl34tht. tint
USerT Peet Co, Tit ;b a V. , I list ,t
rtoenbaa. "'iiVu L statloa.
Schoretllr.t. D.ly Oalji. SOM BrosdMy.
Schulti Novelty Co.. 123 ! Nasiiu i si.
Vom Hofe. E. t, Co.. 113 Fulton st. Tickle oaly.
Yon Lenfkc r)etro0Jd;. JJv. av. Thle,
TVit.O..l0 1st av..nr.lOth. 5387 Ore h. Tld his.
Anrahsm A Straus. Fultoa t. T.ckl only.
Conien. A . 532 Orand st. Tel. 3013 St.gi!
Doerlnr Co.. 6"J.L'br,r .'..Bear Scbenca a.
Knstela. I. A.. IH? Brojdsr.r.cor. De K.ih lr
3ob"sa. P.. 2J Wyckoff av. BB Erersreea.
Klatsloa. M9 Fulton L 75M Bedford. Rep.lrs.
KMeuler. 2T7 Graham av. Bill ft Isehle. TeL
Lne-r. Frederick, ft Co.. FultM st. Tsr.le nl.
JlsTrVter.. I. F.. 53 Court St. TeL 2123 Jl.ln.
itbselioa. It. IL. 1271 Bedford av. T.ekl.,,,
MIchielMO. m orosowiT. T.rXle osly.
llaller. O.. 23 Wyckoff ... Tel. 3211 r.ltTgl
JlorrlA.-lTST Fulton st..R!d .t. 1S33 Bedford
Rotper. M.W.. 777 Woodward av. Tackle only.
E?hi.f. IKS Flatbu.b av. Tel. 2319 Sterllnr.
S,hebr. F..23I Wyckoff at. Tel.19S7 E.srgiei
ftnlr. WO FlKblax ar. Tel. 4816 Start.
Swung. L.. 2T1 Atlsnlic av. Tel.MT Fj.t K.T.
lhtlbifr. lira rr::e ar. TI.117ft.W B'ltkk.
V.eber II.. tic: limadiriy. Tide boot.
Wytnw., 3.11k-. 411 12lh .l.AVesl New York, N.J.
vriebiD.ll..,17 U.ck.'u'k Plk. rJ..W.IIo!otea.

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