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i7T ! ii ' Til tlimmi&mm iumi W In mwil
Cummins (fowa), din. Georne W. Clot
i. .i. initio Ki. U'ntKoii (Inn,)
Kenator Trank U. Kllof(f (Minn.). ThU
jirr nonts an Imjioklnf list and til uMftt
many Instances tlio powwlblo cithdldtoy
r"tn lurcely III
tliclr cwn minds. It la alio renllxed
Mat tho convention may neveiop romo
man who lias not yet iwn conmucreu
fact that suggests innniio powi
mm.. I Li. ... 1.11. I
IHIIIiea 01 IIIU RUI'SMIK toiiivbi. mini.
telns tlaiteil at Chicago.,
Credit Inflation Cause, Say
The Wit Ktp In endlnuvthe high cost
of llvlnir la t6'"top cnJIt Inflation on
the part of tho Treasury through lt t er
tlflcate borrowing poilcy, in the opinion
of members ot tho advisory committee
on policies ami" platform of tho lUpub
Ilrnn National Committee
Tho snb-commltteo wni named by Will
Jf. Hays, chairman of the National Com
mlttec to frame HugtreRilon for conaid
tratlon of tho National Convention.- Or
don h. Mllla la chairman of tho executive
committee. Tha reports submitted yes
terday dealt with the high com of living
mid Immlcrallon.
Itovlewlng the causes which led up to
0nflatd prices, the committee points out
that tho man 6n salary Is tho onn who Is
euC'irlnc most ilamace. The prlmo rca
son ror tli hlRlt rort of living has bfn
b to per oenl. depreciation In the pur
chaslntr power of tha dollar, the repoit
"In lieu of certificate borrowing, tho
existence ot tho flontlng debt xhould be
recosnlr.cd, Its volumo determined and
rciponslblllty for It fixed," tho report
states. "If elrcumslnneoa permit a
funrtlnff operation or discharge by taxa
Hon, this ahould bo done. If short term
renewal In Inevitable, this hhould be if
compllshed through obligations ndjust!
as to Interest ratco so iih to Insure bona
fide Investment absorption from out of
existent credits Instead of lodging with
the bunks under n form Of ndmlniurh
tlvo compulsion and payment by tddl.
tlonal credit creation."
Showing that the country M now car
rying on Its business with twice ns
much money and bank deposits as be
fore tho war, the report deals with 'ho
three stages of the Inflation movement.
Too (treat reliance hns been placed upon
certificates, of indebtedness In connection
with wa" borrowing, the committee
finds. The report continues:
"The bitter penalty of price Inflation
Is tha' Us oVlU are, In large .part, beyond
remedy, We cannot hope soon to return
from the economic d!.turbnncen Ot the
credit expans'on, public and private, of
tho past five years, nor to return to the
conditions from which It ban dislodged
us. 1'rlco Inflation Is an unwelcome
process In which tho genci.it Interest Is
likely to find ItSf If opposed by particular
kroups. Speculative elements In the
bualnost world will bp dlnpleased at the
prospect of lower markets; the debtor
body wll. resent, as to unwisely as
turned obligation!!, tho burden ot heavier
Interest charge; tho publlu treasury will
be called upon to bear the weight of a
heavier debt pressure.
"llut If speedy nnd complete return to
before war prlcoa be a counsel of per
fection, thero are certain wholesome
things that can bo dpne. and It M upon
these that present effort should be cen
tred. In the first place, theic hhould be
no placid acnulescence In the existing
stato of affairs and no tolerant uncon
cern m to tho courses which havo
brought Us there. Ilesnonslbllltv for In.
flatlon should be definitely and spo- j
clflCally ae.Ucned. Only a full recogni
tion of the part which tho fiscal methods
of the part five years have played In j
it,K ug iu uur present liana W ill ai-
ford sure vrotectlon for the future.
"in the second place there should bo
no further recourise, under any wanant
or pretext, to those fiscal methods and
banking practices which have up to this
time encouraged- or permitted inflation.
To tolerate an ill Is one thing, to aggra
vate Is another. The doctrine of Drao-
tlcal necessity may do yeoman service
In defence of unsound wartlmo policies ;
it may not be as securely Invoked In tho
caimer years that follow. Finally,
though we may not fully retrace our
steps nor undo tho largest mischief
that has been done, our faces should
be set In the trie direction.
"The great evil of Inflation has been
social Injustice. To alone In part for
thla by a giadual but courageous con
traction of bank credit, with Its rea
sonable certain consequence of an ap
preciating money unit as speculation Is
checked and production catches up is
a wise and Just policy. If we neglect
this, under tho Influence of flnanclul con
venience and business advantage, we
shall fall to correct the situation.
"Designed originally to anticipate the
proceeds of war loans and taxed without
monetary strain, tho Treasury certifleato
of Indebtedness has degenerated since
the armistice into a device for masking
the existence and for staving off tho
maturity of tho huge floating debt. Tho
procedure of credit Issues to balance
current budgets, which Secretary Glass
fo violently reprobated In the case of
European ttates, has In essence been
our practice during the post eighteen
months. Whereas, our late Allies have
used inconvertible note Issues we hao
employed the more Insidious form of
bank credits. Tho Inflating effect of the
Because man must cat to live,
says Savarin, he is invited by
appetite and recompensed by
Yet, no matter how urgent
the appetite, only the gentle
art of cooking can make the
pleasure complete.
Cornmeal, for example, un
cooked would hardly please
even a starving man.
But, made into delicious grid'
die cakes at CHILDS.it is an
epicurean treat.
R.l Vlulnla commit!
cikeiwllh dillghtlul buttir
and roipla lUrored $jnxp.
two methods upon the prlco level has
differed only In degree.
"The prlco level Is tho resultant of two
factors the volume of money and the
mass of commodities. Over nnd above
measures of donation, the Increased rel
ative production ot goods and services
Is therclorc cerlilrp to bring about some
correction of high living costs In ho far
as thexo aro duo to an abnormal in
crease in tho circulating medium. Tho
possibilities of Increased production,
llrcugh more effective lalior and more
full v niulnned nlants. aro great, and
ove-v effort hhould bo expended tu that
Such a snecdliiB un of Industry Is
deli able, not only no a thing good In I
ItKolf In providing greater supply of
goods a,: ill cervices, cue i is impunam
In operating to supplement a poilcy or
deflation In reducing pvlccs. Increased
production la sometimes urged as a suf
ficient corrective, of high prices. I'm
till. tends to neglect the Immediate
cause and tho direct remedy. Kfforts In
tho direction of Increased production
rbould iclnforce, not replace n policy of
credit and currency deflation.
(Julto apart from Its fiscal Import
ance, iv policy of drastic economy is now
Imperative from the standpoint ot lower
living costs. Only In this way can ex
isting burdens of taxation b reduced
and Industrial tncrglea bo diverted to
tha Increased production of ordinary
goods and sci vices.
"Tho complement ot public economy
Is private thrift. If further credit ex-pam-lon
mid prlco Increase nre to be
ii voided, not only must the savings of
the nation supply the funds for the
liquidation of a formidable floating debt
hut they must also provide for the rapid
enlargement of the country's Industrial
capital, upon which Increased production
very largely depends."
Missing; Jin ii Pound Dead,
The body of John I'. Oardell, who
had been missing from hl home at "07
West Eighty-eighth street elnco May 1,
was found yesterday In the water at
the foot of Seventeenth street. Graves
end llay. Identification was made by
his brother.
Johnson Now nas 1 10 and Wood 1 1U
of Delegates Actually Instructed
fHE taster of delegates who will sit in the Republican National
Convention is now complete. Of the 984 Senator Hiram W. John
son of California holds itS under binding instructions from a Con
gress district convention, a State convention or a preferential primary,
while Major-Gen, Leonard Wood has only no legally obligated to
vote for him. The Wood claim ot more than too is bated on delegates,
who, whilo uninstructed, have expressed a preference for the General,
and on the assumption that Wood men will be seated wherevej there
are contests. The serious contests number roa, The actilal status of
the delegates in each State follows:
3 a
Alabama 11
Arizona , 0
Arkansas 10
.California.' 80
Colorado 14-
Conncctlout , 14 ,, .,
Delaware I) ,, ,.
Florida 8 ,. ,,
Georgia , 17 ..
Idaho 8
Illinois fl8 .. .,
Indlahn :I0 10 4
Iowa .-.,.. 20 .. ,.
Kansas,', 1 . 20 ,. ,.
Kentucky 20
Louisiana ..,., 12 ,, ..
Maine 12
Maryland 10
Massachusetts 95
Michigan 30
Minnesota 21
tfi 1 S ? Si
liiA I 1 1 I 1
S 3 5'l J? .1 A .9
Mississippi 12
Missouri 80
Montana , 8 .,
Nebraska f 10. 7
Nevada 0
New Hampshire , 8
New Jersey 28
New Mexico 0
New York 83
North Carolina 22
North Dakota 10
Ohio 48
Oklahoma 20
Oregon 10
rcnnsylvania 70
Illiodc Island 10
' (i
88 .
South Carolina 11 ,. u
south Dakota io
Tennessee , i . . ; . . . . . 20
Texas 23
Ulah ; 8
Vermont H
Virginia 13
Washington 11
Yest Virginia 10
Wisconsin.'. 20
Wyoming 0
Maska 2
District of Columbia 2 j
Hawaii 2 ' '
Philippines 2 i i
l'orto Itico 2 , , . i
Totals 981 110 110 1)0 30 2i 10 11 473 102
Instructions for Wood defeated in convention at same time passing
resolutions fnvoring him. t Unopposed, Wood carried Vermont primary.
Legally only advisory, but will probably be held morally binding in first ballot.
Stnto Convention Fulls to
' Noniiiiuto Governor, Engi
neer nnd Other Officers.
Platform Wants Housing to Ho
Public Utility Insurance
Afrninst Old Age.
HcilKNficTAUr, May 30. Helcctlon of
bIx cnndldatea for Stato oflloera to bo
voted upon nt tho noxt general olectlon
and a fight over a plank In tho pint
form touching on prohibition occupied
tlio greater part of to-day' closing
sessions of the convention of tlio Ameri
can Labor Party bf New York Htat.
Two women get placca tin tho ticket
Mlsa Itoso Schneldennan of Now York
wrts nominated for United Stales Sena
tor, and Mm. William .1. Fink of CiiIh
kill wuh the convention'!! cholco for
Stato Comptroller. Other candidates
cboKen nre:
For I.leut.-Gov., It. K. Haffoy. Uoch.
rutori for Secretary of Slate, William
H. Auyer, Wntertnwn : for Attornej
Ocnornl, P. n. Herri, llrookyn; for Stato
Treasurer, Joseph Cronk, Ti'oj'. Tho
nominating committee, In reporting Its
His to to 'he convention, failed to recom
mend candidates for tho ofllces of Clov
ernor, Stato KnRlneer nnd Surveyor
and Assoclnto Judges of tho Court ot
Appeals, mmgeutlriK that their selection
bo left to the Stato committee.
Tho platform committee recommended
a plank provldltfir for lotal option on
light wines nnd beers. , Thla provoked
a storm of protest, women delegates
leading tho opposition, Finally n plank
won adopted for a referendum.
Other planks nCopfed dealt with the
lilKh coot of living ulul tho housing situa
tion. I'IiiiiUh Incorporated In tho plat-
Conn seek to provide : '
"Itnmcdlato restoration of free speech.
free press, freedom of assembly nnd nil
the civil rlght.i granted under tho Consti
tution, lteductlon of the cost of living
by bringing tho farmer Into direct con
tact with the cunMimer thiough coopera
tion, publicly owned terminal markets,
Mliy(1rutton plants nnd m!Ic distributing
aiauona aim by .ompowcrinB municipali
ty to. sell hccoasltlca ot life, audi aa
coal, bread, Ico and milk.
"Tho bulldlnir of adequate homes by
regarding bousing aa n public utility and
by providing public credit for tho con
struction of houscH on a non-profltlns
basis, stnto Insurance against tho haz
ard of Industry, mich as unemployment.
Illness, old ago and protection of mother
hood, fatherhood, .widowhood and child
hood, Tho elimination of boss rulo In
legislation nnd tlio Introduction of econ
omy Into administration by tho adoption
of the Kxccutlvo budget."
A resolution dcmandlm? that the
"American Government tako no side
In tho Internal strugglas In Ilusala and
refine support to l'oland or any other
country which la attacking I!isl. and
resume frco trudo relations with Huusla
Immediately" wan adopted, Another
resolution ndopted dcmandH recognition
of the "Hejiubllo of Ireland."
Itesolutlpns nlao wore approved calling
for dho removal from offlio of Postmas
ter General llurlesou and for tho Im
peachment by CongrcBH of Attorney
General Palmer,
IS minutes from Pennsylvania
Station: 35 trains each way'.
A residential hotel of the high
est type nfiiid beautiful sur
toundings. Kicrptlm'.nllr (lflrnhlr 2 Itooin SMtet
nltli mel for two ut S83 und $90 ntekl
Hill mailable. 1
Larger arrangements If deiirod.
Under kNOTT managerne'nL
OHO. II. WAltTMAN, Muuger.
"practised physic" in
Rome was the first to make
public the fact that by the
aid of salt, water could be
quickly frozen.
He immersed a bottle of
water in a pail of snow, into
which' he ' threw unrefined
salt, turning the bottle con
stantly until the water was
At Knickerbocker Ice plants, galvan
ised containers are sunk in the floor
and tidhily covered. They are sur
rounded by brine to hasten tho freez
ing, but the tcatcr inside is as carefully
protected as that in Villajranca's bottle.
' . Tiffany & Co.
,4 Fifth Avenue &37-Street
Paris,25 Rue de laPaix London.221 regent Street'
Pearls Diamonds Jewelry
. Silverware Stationery
ipmii u j in m inn i "'"I iim 111'WMi.iiiih.winwBmi
I Thcres
i3 something m"" b
about ihem L I
youlUik- m V) J
&a I
- Correct
Stout Women
20 Off
In our endeavor to provide
for stout women the same ser
vice that other stores provide
for slender women, we carry a
complete line of black ap
parel ready for immediate
wear. Suitable for mourning
wear and for the woman who
wears only black.
Sizes 39 i-j to 56 bust.
Dresses, Suits, Blouses,
Underwear, etc.
21-23 West 38th St.
" 'Tha Trousseau
House of A merica"
Fifth Avenue, 44th and 45th Sts.
The Season's Most Important
The quautity is limited an early visit is suggested.
SILK SWEATERS formerly up to $65100 25.00
TUB DRESSES form'lyupto$iSo.oo 45.00 65.00 75.00
COATS & WRAPS formerly up to $200.00 75.00 & 95.00
SPORT SUITS formerly up to $195.00 55.00 & 75.00
SKIRTS formerly $35.00 25.00
BLOUSES formerly up to $65.00 15.00 to 25.00
formerly up to $350.00 50,00 up
TRIMMED HATS formerly up to $65.00 From 5.00
MOURNING HATS formerly up to $50.00 From 0.00
No sale article will be sent on ap
proval, exchanged or credited.
Broadway at Ninth, New York, Store Hours: 9 to 5
The Store is closed all day today
Memorial Day
Once more it is the privilege of
the, living
to get a blessing today by remembering in their thoughts and
deeds the brave men who loved their country better than their
lives. ' tS v
" Tis the Sabbath of the Nation"
as some one said.
We keep Memorial Day
giving up the whole day to be free to keep step at the bugle call
to honor our comrades and friends who sleep iu silence along the
riverside or in the country churchyard under the smile of roses,
carnations and lilacs that they loved a heavenly light shines
upon every soldier's grave.
, Signed
May 31, 1920.
Tuesday we step into June
. And as we are going right
along with our present plans
We continue the offering of
Our Entire Retail Stocks
(with the exception of a few price-restricted
articles and our separate catalog stocks)
At Twenty per cent, off
(to be made at time of purchase)
Broadway at Ninth, New York
Valine, Qmia0tys add Service
are ootsfaniding- features of the Store policy. -This
is more than, ever eeipliasized in the ourciiasinsr oooor
s offered to the public at the present time
TMsty-foimrfe Street . v Thirty-fifth Street
The Important Yearly; Sale of
Women's Cotton- Frocks
will take place tomorrow (Tiuiesdlay)
More than- 2,000 pretty 'Summer Frocks will ibe
offered in this Sale, every one of them new
and made especially for the occasion ;
At the prices quoted tUne valines are MirasiLiirpassedl
7 v
, r T
at J5, 10,50, .HBO, 113.
$114.50, 115.5 J6.75, 118.00 & 20.
$8.75 & 14 JO
Sale on the Third Floor (Madison Avenue
Other Special Offerings for
tomorrow (Tunesday)
Woman's SMk Sport Skfimts, on the TUnM
Flloor; Women's Suinnimmer Underwear, onn
the Second Floor; and Fine Drapery Slflks,
- on the Fourth Flloor . ,.

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