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. , - , , ii mil j in inmniini i iin i ...11
S -
JiYankees Grasp Second Place by Beating Senators, 14 -Dodgers Snatch League Lead by Whipping Giants, 109
1 1 " ) ' 'i
?T .. i i . i . . , iviiurFNT niruABns C T ..... : "I
1 1
1' H
fStrf'? replies n While, and
ICTcck and Iloilio Toko Up the
Homo II mi Burden.
Wnihlniton Pitching stood up nil right
ffor two Innings ngalnst the Yankees at
hthe Polo around yesterday, then began
jr.- .,-n. th. i.inu-a Tha
no oi me lounn inning iney ic.i.
i,run to !. Tho llnnl score wa 14 to 7
Mn their favor 'mere was a lot oi pen
MibcII hitting, and the Yankees made
Nineteen hlle. but U.o same became tire-
iromft nnd wah a lianny-oo-luclty anil un-
Cjlnterestintr affair. lU-wevcr. It put the
t"" H.r.
"IU" u'"11"" vutvw'
k Uabe Huth pitched a while, and It was
Ibroucht to light that for pitching pur-
:?ojeB hla arm was In need of practice,
He wasn't hit much, but he d'.dn't have
flgood control and tho wing wasn't In the
n 1. ..... 1. . ....... -M(V -..-. 1
vmtti v un hv; ic Trim ...(UK ,hu-
7i 1 . .1.. v, 1 1 -. tn ... rn. i.nin. ...rt
f'.ij iv iiiuu .i mu iimimi. mm
;th"S' Babe nos allowed to spend the reft
por the afternoon guardinc the oiu Home-
-!cad In right, displacing Simmy Vick,
RVbO had been showing that he wns a
jjcorklns good understudy for the 15ab
niiy time the home run wonder cared to
mry nis nana in ,ome otner ponnon.
w Babe's pitching might not have been
the amiable little Incident It was If the
Washington had had any sort of mound Tnere were tnirty-one hits, and seven
service. But tho Yankees, with then 'n f h were made by the Brook
nnworfni limine .nnn iimemiiieii n nir l'n. Tliere were seven legal errors
.lead for Babe, and any uncertainty a;nd fur f em were perpetrated
In the outcome of the game waa prac- :,h Plants, nut they made many ar.
Slcally batted away by the end of tli ;?,h'Lr "ror which could not find a place
ffburth Innlnc
!tf Home run workers were around as
(usual, though Huth for the day dls-
ifflSKAcintMl hlmrelf from fhut nrt. Th
Incle and
Hti:l lfnrrla dirt
was played
n2K Sffi&wer- P"k
llr-' Ait or nis to rignt
""SaWJ-lly by Roth and as tho ball got away
15 trW" who hl18 'iecom vcr" 'Pecdy all
l'w'fJi once, raced clear around. All the
iTanka are hlttlnff the grit on the hlsh
h these ddys.
vw jn nettling was more or less de-
bfiimble by Peck and a two bagser by
jiiea. a case on oaim anil steal, a
ylarrls gave the Washlngtpns two runs
(ln the first lnnlnp. They didn't hit
yuiiti again until tne nrth, viien the
iDabc, . passing Sliannon i nj being
jLtouched for two baees by Gharrlty, re
pred to the privacy of r,lght field. "Be-
ins pereneu up on ine lop oi n 11111 inai
way, right before everybody, he mused,
':1s no place for a shy and Inoffensive
Jiome run maestro."
Uontiah Starts tbr Cliarse.
Thormahlen pitched the rest of the
;amo and exerted himself Just rnough
.to keep the lead of comfortable length.
The signal for the Yankeu charge wax
Kiven by Truck Hannah In the third
!nln, 1',. t",r.d th,ei.lnl! a
unv wav ink hiiu liu?cu n nun u Biiinc
tout" Hftlmn VIek drew :i nn. 1'eclt
' at ruck out and Mcuecl singled. Hum
(singled, Ruth was passed, Pratt tiled
lout and Bodle drifted a home run Into
hhi left flehl stand. Pine batted In
U)ee runs with that lick and two more
rwitn a sing e in tne next inn nr.
k ... . ... ....
wmi. ,,., r,nm nv. mil in I ii. in m
.5-t- . .( , .... i , ...
unlng and six from seven In the fourth
mn the way the Yankres worked It.
rl'lck opened the fourth with a bunt and
Peck (tabbed his home run through
itRoth. Krlckscn stepped aside and cave
may to Courtney. Meusel and Ptnn shot
plneri past Shannon, Ruth beat out a
thlt to Judge, Pratt sent a hot one
Jthroush Shannon's guard, and on some
Spoor throwing while the Yankees were
tfccampirlng ailonsr the paths a run or
Jrwo1 came In, Bodto'a single, brought In
jkhe fltth arul sixth.
ii Judge was severely spiked In th foot
laa the play on Ruth's base hit. f'ourt-
ney didn't to over to cover, and both !
Judgo and Ruth slid for the bag, Ruth )
(beating Judge In a close play. They
slid from opposite sides and spikes met
siplfcea. Ordinarily In a p'ay of this j
i sort the bag- would aervti as a buffer,
fbut It's always risky for both men.
it. Feck took second On a two bagger In
Jtho fifth, went to tnlrxl on Shannon's
jeVtor on Meusel and scored on the
jcqueeze when Pick laid down a bunt
whlch he would havo beaten even had
itEllerbe made play for him. Kllerbe
utnew this, made a forlorn hope toss
(to the plate, but not In time to get
kPek had the play been thrown accu
rately, which It was not.
ip-With two out In the eighth Plpp hit
to centre, his fourth single of the game.
iA.' wild 'pitch put him on second, and
iCtuth whaled a liner past Shanks so
idtitii the first baseman couldn't get hln
tliand up In time. Plpp camo home on
twhat splitting shot. The score:
!' II) r Ii n i if nbrli n ,
jjudte.tb. 1101 on:Pfck,ji... r, 22 l .11
1.1 HIIV,.!, . " WWj.lVU-trtU ..... I. J
MMtian.lf.. a I a a o o
mkt.et.. 2 00 1 no
ilK's.tMb. 200 r no
Plpp.lb... 334 11 20
rtuth,p-rf. 422 e on
Pratt.Sb.. r, I 1 ao
,notll.rf 42 t 2 1)1
Uodle.rf.. 4 1 3 3 0 0
Ifnrrlt. Rharrlty. Peck. Ruth. Hannah.
Ilomo runt Harris, Peck, Oodle. Stolen
base Judge. irsi oase on errors wasn-1
tnalon, 2: New lork, 1, Lett on baset-
IWasblngton. D! New York. (I. nates m
bans Off KricKson. 2:o:i i;ourtrey, u orr ;
loth. 3; off Thormanien, s. ntrucK ou -1
By Erlrltson. 2: oy uouriney. 1. wild
Bitch Courtney. Earned runs Off Krlckscn,
It . , r 1 . n . .. I? . , , 1i(. r f t nl.n.
uii wmi i!-1 ..i.-.n., .
m-innlnr nlipher Ruth. Lnslnc Bltfher-
Erickson. iimpirt " v.iun n .'ischf. umi
ptt game: nourt ana .-u inmui.
V". . ... . , ,1 , 1 T
aiorwury, vuiui. ... ii. r,.
Kpriartieia i
fraicroury - s
. H.Kerin stavberry and Wilder: Williams.
Fuller and Pnlnault.
j At Plltatleld. Matt.- R. H. E.
Irittsfleld 7 9 I
llfartford n. 0 1 3
SV I'atterles Snover and Jordan; rtnnlngton.
lin'llliame, Aoami ana uamm.
ItiJU Albany- R. H. E.
Kew Haixn 3 a I
fVtlbany I 3 2
ItnKAtterles Oronn and Wilton, Harrlngtoa
find Flktrle.
wclal fa Tun Prx asp New Vosk IZjuxj.
'LEXINGTON, Ky.. June 1. Tnomas (li-ubbi.
Champion rouego Dasepau pitcntr or Ken-
HTKy ana aiso n rigm iieiaer, ta-aay was
rdtrta ny Jonn aictirsw to report 10 tne
nsnta mi June 7. Ontbba ?.ti rraduated
L.1,1. ,1.1. mI... I . l.n, . -I.. 1 .. 1
ailarrn.JD r, i ,t 4 .. uowii.u . r.111 1 "0 j;- ,, ioO 0 2 0 llrile.c. ... 300 3 0m, , , V n , ,. '1 I " nsny.sn n 11 a w 4 wnuteir..Vi 7 0 2 2 3(1
Kllrbe,ss 5 02 0 I llHannali.c. Sill 0 0 5;"-?b 1?? J S 3 00 0 1 1 ''&c,e J? ' 1 2lk?":;:b:;; 12' $ Po'rnr.lh no 110 2;NYhltn.!f 00 1 r. 10
8'non.2b. 310 0 SllPman.c.. "01 0 00 1 JII " naim.p, I ilSSTfJ' VA 3 SSD-En1,1? J??1? JO M'Hny.el 713 .1 Oircmon.se. 000 2 73
JSc.'rity.c. 4 1 1 0 40 Vld-.rf,.. 1 2 1 2 00! "rown.p. 4 0 0 0 I , , , it ler.lb.. 3 J 0 1 00 IK la rt. a I I 00 Rmlth.cf Oon 0 0 OiOrlmm.ll. 703 1 20
terlclfn.p IOO 0 OOT'hLn.p.. 200 1 20, Totals S3 7 7 -7 10 0' i0,,w' rwdsh : 2 ? n Jw.'n'Ve- ?7 i van.ss 10 1 4 4 0!Prhmldt,o a 1 2 .1 12
ICourt'VD 300 0 1 1 . Toian..jj - " .... iod.2i, .,12 1 JO Ilowen.rf. 21.1 2 OOlrt'lnfrr 7 " I R 1 Ollt'mlin n ni n in
CourtJ.P Totals. 41 14 lb 27 13 2 1 Reading 0 0 0 2 0 0 a 0 0-7 Mi-C'n.Sti 313 1 1 OjM'Pw.Jf . 4 13 0 l.i.o'u. n S V 0!"lo"d 0?0 S nn
fTotalS.M 7 10 24 l2 4 I Jersey City 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 -3 Kf."-- J V nX'.'"- '? '? .Iftbcoto 1 00 0 OOlMeX.p. nnn S-flO
ItVashlngton X 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 2- 7 To bate hlt-Konn Ick. Three bat. bits- n gough.c a 1 . 10 n n?.c.-... 401 0 J j .fnh,,p 000 n fflftitTPnehma 100 0 00
SfewTork..: ..O 0 6 0 1 0 1 0 x-14 Marriott. Wlgelswortli. Home run-Kane. Jft on'psamMn oSil a l Halnes.p. 300 0 20 Ponder.p 100 0 31
Htun, batted lo-By Calvo 1, by Roll, 1. by nastuudMIIunW BhS McCa.p 101 0 OffKrtS.? ?SS 8 ? 0 Toulf so a 13 43 17 l " 1 00 0 00
fe. 2by',ri!bV &firtfyn: To,a,..3dTT177o7tF- ULJ U ,;V,3;jnliT0,a,...M717
K ft.il 1 itnM '.. n h.u hti. Reading. ... Hate" on 1 oaiit uii "'"'"; tm.i. ss a 1, - "natted for Ooodw n n lha elehiK-
liablen. 3. Hits Of Ilrioiaon. n n a In. r M..,,i ,:, -,100 1 OlDVIson.lf 401 4 01
lines (nobody Mil In fourth when rrlled); i ", 1 0 0 0 n; WUrs,2h. 4 00 4 3 0
ff Courtney. R In 3 lnnlnss: off Ruth. .1 j?2,,,cf' 4112 (i0Oler,cf. 4 00 3 0 0
n -4 linings, nobody out In flffi when ,,..,," 3(,2 t I 0 Fi-lu'l'e.rf 4 0 1 4 0 0
vllsved): off Thormahlen, , In .. Innlnft. 'i'v.' si n 0 0li"rMm.1t 4 0 0 R 0 0
, Certify of Kentucky. He has lost only three
: ; jgaiaes In hla four college eart.
WILLIAMSTOWN. Matt.. June l.-Tli
I Hams track team ha elected John W.
"frofls. Jr.. '21. of Mount Vernon. N. T..
Vsotiln for next year. Ha liat won nolnls
'in lha distance runs for the Purclit three
iftasons in sucestlon nd finished third In
il'.s two niur 11 mv .aw cniana meet n
"jpVws-countiy and relay
vrot'j ajso rzs or. ts vanity
Dodgers Defeat Giants in
Ninth; Now Lead League
Brooklyn's Two Run Rally Gives It Victoiy by 10 to 9
in a Sand Lot ExhibitionMyers's Double Sends
in the Tallies Which Trounce the New Yorks.
An lour drawn out Ami painful on
in all night toothache, as spotted as a
uu" nn nooui as interesting 10
Tll. -. .,, ,,- . ... .,...
of a contest, because the lead shifted
fpnn. .... . -i,.t. ... . . . .ii
r tfll ,(h nr0olcyni With the'"' "rst ball pitched on the tip of his
a " 'nm.V inning bat and bansed It a,aln the .right
over jn9 tallies, thewon by a score of
xo j nna tooK the league lemleranlp.
tint as a true exhibition of baseball It
classed with the game of rounders they
used to play over In Deacon Jones'a
pasture when Oliver Wendell Holmes
wore kilts.
in conjunction with the delectable
' . .. . ... . . 1 . . . . ..
rtcui we my nay mat joiin j. jicuraw
... ,u. 1.. .1.1 . , . . 1
. Mip iuvtr3i man in tivw xorK. lie
did not hnve to sit through It and watch
nis nianta tots the messy thing away.
He was not there. It was a woosy game
for fair. At times the 8.000 spectatora
who had sentenced themselves to the
contest did not know whether they were
1 coupic 01 kiu ninea on a sanu
! lot or whether they were In a warehouse
,henj ancient cheese are atored.
m ,ne 0lc.,,,, tcon-
Mr Pitcher., and All 1'oor.
The Want.", under the combined man-
niagcment of Christy Matheweon and
Johnny Kvers, used up two left handed
i"";ers ami one ngni nnnaea one
jr,,", uuual. uumi uc ru
vunru uuuura in succession, u was me
third appearance of Douglas against the
Dodgers In as many tramej, Brooklyn's
pitching was hardly any better than that
of the New Yorks. Marquard started,
but he gave way to Mohart, who In turn
left the box In favor of Sherrod Smith.
! AU te plt'h.r" ,Mm,e! ' be ",,k' To
! drag In another one of those odious com'
parlsons, their work was on a par with
an over rlpo tomato.
The only thing- which prevented
Charley Kbbets from coming right out
Into the open at the finish and handing
the onlookers rain checks for a baseball
game was the fact that the advantage
changed hands no fewer than four times.
jand tho further fact that Brooklyn won.
in in lauer ueveiopment piacaiea most
of those who at the strt of the ninth
were making remarks which libelled the
Gowanus Canal.
Brooklyn opened with a two run lead
In the first frame. The Giant got three
In tho third and one In each of the next
two Inning. But the Dodgers scored a
! brace of runs In the fifth and regained
the lead with two more In the sixth.
New York went to the fire again with
four runs In the eighth, but Brooklyn
got two In its turn and made two more
to win In the final chapter.
Grimth'a Debut ancceaaf ol.
' ,. ... ... , . , ,, ,
Tn elv all Ihp. Imrrowlna acini! of
' the run making wquld take far more
. . . ,,.,
i -
space and effort than they are worth. Mitchell. Left on bases-Nrw , York. ,;
vi..n th. rtnAm.r. o.m. m hai in ih llrookltii. j. Pases on balls Off Msmuard,
When the Dodgers came to bat In the ,. off ynt.Kru ). 0f fmith. I; off ltentoi. 2:
ninth It really looked as It the aiants, 0f ehf. 2 Illla Off Marrruard. 7 In 4 In
after having swallowed two defeats on 1 nlngs (none out In flflhi: off Mohart. B In 3
Monday, would com. though with a j 'WTto'lSStoti
victory. S hen Krueger started the K.,lf ,n ,nnll, ,non(. out tte,Ml) .
frame with a fly to Kauff even the most j ff Douglas. 0 In 1 2-3 Innlngt. Hit by pitcher
rabid of home enthusiasts starteJ to -Uy Mohart. 1 K. Kmlthl. Ptrurk out-l.y
fltn mil in a lite dinner Smith wns Mohart. Si by Pmlth. 1: by Iter.ton, 2: by
Uo out to a late uinner. innin wns 3 wrBnlnif pfhr-8inlth. Losing
taken out to let Tommy Ortftlth mal.e pitcher-uomits. rmplrei Klem and Kmt
his first appeaiance of the year. The 1 n. Tltrt of game 2 houn anil 13 minutes.
Itonlts nf Yesterdaj't Osmes.
lieadlng. 7. Jersey flly. 3.
Iluffslo, ; nochetter. .
Baltimore . 3: Syracuee, 0.
Toronto, 4. Akron. 3.
Maadlng of the Club.
W. L. P.O. I Club. W. L. P.r:.
2 10 .737 Reading .Is in .Jn
-, II .041 Jertey C..14 22 .39
nalllmore.24 13 ,R1? RoehastsMa 24
Akron ...18 U .Ms)1 Syracuse, s a ..Ji
Came Schfflnled fer To-day.
P.eading In Jersey City.
fyracute In Baltimore.
Toronto In Akron.
Dutfalo In nochetter.
Jekskt Citt, June J (International).
Reading- won the opening game of the
rerles with Jersey City to-day, 7 to J.
Wllhelm received poor support and waa,
batted hard by the visitors In the fourth
and seventh Innings. Brown of the
Miners yielded one hit until the seventh.
The score
ab r Ii o "1 ab r li o a a
A-h.rr.rf 3 12 2 on Htarx.zn.. .i u - -i
nurns.rf. 3 1 0 4 0 017.'man.cf.. 3 I I
irmcl.2b. r, 12 1 Mi W'w'thJf. J02
ri'er.lb. 4 1013 n 0 n'maa.3b. 411
It'rloli.ab 4 t 2 2 SO Kane.rf... 3 1
1 n
Pelera.lf. 0 0 0 0 0 0.DeNHe.lb a 11 nis 1
it UullWICI'iOl, : 1 a a
(Htark. Alunani. vj iihii iiuuiuvn,.
Stracl: out-P.7 flmwn. .1: by Wllh.lm, 2.
LnVlna pltchtr-Wllhelm. Umolres-Car-
" . .v
l ima 01 siu 1 huu, iim
i; vi.TlMOP.E '1.1 1 SYRACUSE ill
" ..... 1. . k
an r 11 o 1 i
........... -on a 3 t'.M'AIAnJb 4 02
I nishop.ib 3 n 0 1 70 nii'-.M. 4ot 2 21
ra'"y.c . 3 00 rt 0 0Aikl-n,o 30 1 1 2n
Lefler.lb 2 0UI. uujii.mr.p. .1 v 1 u ui
Totals. .23 3 4 27 12 l Totals. . ..34 0 7 24 8 3
Baltimore 3 0 II 0 0 0 0 0 x-3
sTracu" 0000. 0 0000-0
To bate hll-ltolden. SacrlfKe-Lawry.
Holden. Double plays Bishop an.s. Ufltr;
M,rfott.3b 4 t 2 2 SO Kane.rf... 311 2 01 AT ROCHESTER
1 Q-i.i.n 1 1 1 umiWTCiff.ai. ., . . . .k ... . . .1 -1. , . 1
1 on a a 1 M'A on.a 4112 n 1 11
National and American League Records.
New York, 14i Washington, 7.
Detroit. 11: Cleveland. 1.
Philadelphia, S; Boston. (first).
Philadelphia. I; Boston, 2 (serand).
Chicago ts. St. !.oul postponed; rala.
Played. Wan. It. r.C.
..is. ss is i ai
.31 31 13 1 .CIS
.. .IS 21 10 J79
...33 20 IS MO
... 3a is is Mt
.. 3t It 21 .333
..40 11 ti ,175
.. 31 II 23 .131
I'l'trland . .
New Yotk..
Chin go
Washington .
St. Lonls....
Washington at New Yorw (two games). New York nt Boatan.
Detroit at ( letelaad.
rhlUdtlghla aad Bostoa aotscbeduird. '
returned prodigal spanked a single rlcht
through Fletcher. The ruih for the
exits wan stemmed.
Olron then made his third single, to
right. Doyle made a wretched effort
on Nels. and the bases were filled. That
error lost the came for It killed ft
chance for n double play, Johnson
popped to Doyle. With two down Myera,
whose triple In the sixth, had rent over
. tarn run . rami. In hat. M.ira ratlaht
t I re lil ttaii if tranl rns n la'n nntTtrni
lit 114 Sll. W " ITIlh V( " V "MVI
and scored Urimth and Olson, enainc
the rumpus exactly two and a qulrter
hours after It had started.
Th r.lnnt. rfll what lonkel Ilka their
winning with their four run outburst In ,
the eighth. This waa started with n
three baser to rltht by Kauff. Slckllnr
apanked ono at Olson, who threw wildly
to first. Kauff scored. Sicking got to
second even without the aid of n wild
throw by Mitchell and when McCabe.
out In left, further bungled things up
the runner reached third. Kelly walked,
Smith singled to centre nnd scored Kick
Ing. Mohart then quit the box nnd the
left handed Sherrcd Smith took his
Fletcher Sends In Two.
Nehf then sacrificed the t nnners along
and Burns walked, filling the bases.
Young forced Kelly at the plate. Fletcher
Jngled to centre for hla fourth hit and
Scored Smith and Burns.
Three runs to the bad, by to S. the
Dodger opened their eighth Inning rally
with a single to 'eft by Nels. Johns'rn
flnxlrd to right an event which marked
the departure of Nehf and Introduced
Douglas. Myers forced Johnston. On
Kllduffs Infield -.ut Nels scored. Mitchell
singled to centre and scored Myers.
Mitchell wns a handy cltUen for a
pitcher. His lnsle In the first gave
Brooklyn two runs. An error by Fletcher
made the two runs possible, for If ho
had r.nt fumbled on Kllduff the third
out. would have been recorded.
Zack Wheat was out of the game, and
Is likely to be out for n week. He
sprained an ankle cn Monday afternoon.
McCabe, recently acquired from the
Cubs, took his place.
Kelly's work at first base, particularly
on the rap which handed Krueger a
single In the fifth, was not one of the
features. The score:
ab r h o a ibrh n
Tlarni.lf.. 421 1 OOfdl.-on.M... f.23 4 2 1
Yming.rf. 4 2 2 n 1 1'Ne l.rf... . 3 2 1 3 00
ri'chf r.is r, 0 4 S 2 S'J'ruton -lb .112 1 3 1
Doylf.Ib. 401 a nlNyM.rf.. r, 2 2 2 1 0
ixMne.ef... 2 no i no.Kii.tuff.2,i sin a 40
Kauff.rf.. 3 I 3 I On'MI'rli'U.lb T. 1 4 4 10
UleVg.tb. a 2 1 1 2nM'r:b,lf. a 0 1 - 01
Kelly.lb.. 4 00 n 1 OlKrufger.c. 3 0 2 r, 0 0
Fnyder.c. 101 3 3 nlMsrnr'I.fc 101 n 0(1
n.Bmlth.c 1 1 1 4 OOlMnhart.p.. 100 1 00
P.enton.p. 2 1 0 0 4 fl'S Pmltli.y OHO n 10
Nehf.D... 100 0 1 0 tCrlfflth.. Ill 0 0 0
Dcuglas.p 000 0 10
-t Total 42 10 17
: 12;
Tun Atit trlton wlnntnr mn mnr0if.
Balled for 3. Smith in ninth Inning.
vorv on. 11 10040 9
Frooxiyn 20002202 2-10
, Two ba-e hits Voung. Myers. Three base
1 hits Kautf, 8lcklng, Myers. Sacrifices
rcyle, Snyder, Nehf, Nele. Klli'utt, Uarquanl.
Double plays Kllduff and Knsrger: Johnt
ton. Kllduff and Mitchell: Kllduff, Ol-en and
fleres and rarlttrom. Rates on balls Me
ilraner Z. Struck out-Ry Benlley. fl: jic
tlrar.er. 1. Left on bjvtes Baltimore 3,
ti-racu 7. 1'mplret Corcoran ard Ktockt
oale. Time of game 1 hour and 30 mtmittt.
ab r Ii o a ei ab r h 0 a e
O R I'.e.ss 3 1 2 3 3 0,Rhtelrft,2h 4 11 3 3 1
fpen'r.cf. 4 1 t 4 dO'Wlth.cf.. 412 0 00
Riloy.rf . 4 02 0 0 OIKnan'on.lf 4! I 2 10
rins'w.lh. 3 0 2 7 0 O lrvinr.rf.. 4 0.1 3 00
WMVn.lf. 4 2 3 4 nomb'tel.lb 20 1 11 10
lilac ',3b. 3 0 1 1 3 0;wlkr.lb 1 0 0 2 1 0
flonj't,2b 301 .1 2 0 Webb.3b.. 4 00 2 1 0
H.mrtlg.r 4 0 2 5 OO'C.ilp.tj. .. 40 1 0 ft 0
Derliiey.p 4 0 0 0 3 O.'S'niltli.c .. 3 00 4 0 0
HSII.p. . .. 3 00 0 0 0
Totals. Jfl 4 14 17 1 Ol
i Tr-tats.. J3 3S27 13 1
Tf'onto 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 04
Akro.1 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 C 2-0
Two base Mlf-llohllti-1, Walth. Tlirje
base lilts Whiten an. Shannon, tnirg. Hom
riH Whlleman. ShlelJe. Sarrlflce-nilry
D-iubl" plan Cnmales, O'Rourke and 0ns
loc. niackljiirne, Comale and Ontlo:
fMl.'j and HanlitMl. limes 11 ballt-Off
rtvlney. 2: ntt Hill, 3. Ktrurlc out tlv I.
vtney, 2: bv Hill, I. teft on bases-To'rcnto,
0: Akron, i. Umpires Moran and MrOovrsn.
TInit of game 1 hour and 32 mlnutet..
sRatleil for Werre tn tha .l.hlh innlnr
tBatted for Carton In tha eerenth Inning.
Buffalo 0000040 3 20
Rochester 0 1 0 1 0022 0-43
Tio hate 1'lts Holohan. Klntella, Bowtn.
McCarren. Rruggy. McCabe. Three hat
hits Matthews, White. Stolen bat-Bn-gough.
Sacrlflcet Bowen 2. Lone, Left on
batet Rochester, 8; Butralo. 11. Bates fin
halls Off Carton. 3; off Henman, I; off
Kelly, 1; off .Werre. . lllta-Off rtarton,
3 In 7 Innlngt: off Seaman, 3 In 1-3 lnnlne'
off Kelly, 4 In 1 2-3 Innings: off Werre. 8
In 7 Innlngt; off McCabe. 4 In 2 Innings,
lilt by pltclir-lly Carton (Miller, Strait);
by Seaman (BarBey); "by Kelly (Cllhooleyi.
SiPR'fc out Bv Gsrton, 15: by Wene, 4- by
McCabe, 1. Winning pitcher Werre. Losing
pltcher-Garton. Umpire- O'Brien and War
ner. Tlma of came 2 hours and 23 mlnutet
BASEBALL TO-DAY. 2 games: Tank.es
vs. Washington. Polo Ground!. Plrtt gams
1 :30 P. M. Adv. ,
Brooklyn, 10; New York, .
St. I.ouls, at Pltttburg, 4 (13 Inilnrt).
( Inrlnnall ; CMrjtn, 3.
Boston, 8; Plilladelphia, 4.
Braoklfn in
Played. Wan. Ust,
11 .mi
14 .640
17 JSS
15 .114
1 .472
21 .ISO
25 .103
23 J39
Pittsburg ...
St. Louis...,
New York...
. tirookln at railadelphla.
3L luU at PRdurg.
Claclaaatl at Chicago,
Dugan's Hitting Helps to De
cide First Game.
Boston, Juns 1 (American). Phila
delphia to-day took both game from
Boston, making It three out of four In
the scries. Dugan'a lilttlnr, particularly
a timely double In tho last Inning-,
aided the visitors In taking the first
ame, 3 to ,
Harris, a six-foot pinch right hander,
pitched effectively in the second same,
winning 7 to S. The scores:
nnsT GAME.
rilll.A. fA.) I BOSTON fA.)
ab r h o a t b rl o a
r'M,:b ,-. io i ROiiiootr,rr. 4 1 o : nt
T'mea,3b 110 2 SOIM'N'lly.Sb 4 00 4 SI
W'lktr.lf 32 1 l 0 IIM'osky.lf. 411 .1 on
Weitii.ef. r. j 3 a ooirdryx.cf. 412 l on
Ihigan.ts 3 .1 .1 4 A 2 M'Innlt.lb 3 0 0 8 0 0
Witt.r.. 3 0S 2 ooKoiter,Sb. 32 2 n an
Bu'rut.lb 4 00 11 Oil 'miii.. 411 2 f. 1
Petklna.e r.0n 3 2 0Bchang.c. 40 1 I 11
. itn.tv n nnfl n i nut. ...... n n n ft n AO I
JtomUp. ion o i oijonat.p... 201 0 10
W(f;' ?So 0 00 ,,:,6"""-l-i
. m . . 1 . Main1, i :
mm,.mm,m ..- ml J Oil III M D lil 11 I
t his hi s ii st it 3
Raittd for rlommsl In fifth Inning,
nait4 for Jones la ninth lonlng.
" ladtlphla 10 0 1 4 0 0 0 -
1S ilon 3 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0-0
'i''o base hits Walker. Dunn (2). lien-
I iiryx. Thres bass hit Scott, flacrlflr-
"lii. siclnnls, Double pli s noir.rorl to
Buian to Iturrus: Dugan t llurru. Lett
on Dae Philadelphia, 10: Itoston, 3, Basts
on balls-Off Ilasly, 2: off r.ommrl, 2: off
Harper. 4; off Jones. 2. lllta Off Ilasly,
2 In 2't Inning: off Rommel, 3 In 3 1-3 In
nings: otf Krf, 3 In S Innirw;-. : off Harper,
3 In 4 Innlnss; off Jones, H In a Inning.
Htruck Jut-lly Keefe. 2: by Harper, 2i by
Jews. 2. Winning pitcher Krefe. Losing
Pitcher-Jones. Umplrrs llllnrbranil and
Brant. Tims of game 1 hour and IS min
utes. second cmin,
ab r h o a el abrhna
nrkes,2h, 2 I 1 n 4 Mltooper.rr. SOS 3 00
Th'm'sjb SOI 0 30M'Nnl),2!) 210 1 II
Wslkvr.1t 4113 on Vltt,!b..,. 00 0 0 0 0
Wlli.cf. B2 2 2 OOMen'tky.lf 410 1 0 0
Dugan.is. 3 I 1 1 n lllt'dryx.rf. 301 2 2 1
Wltt.rf... 3113 OOJM'InnU.lb 40 1 0 20
rturrus.lb 4 1 1 0 1 0Tostr,3b.. 3 0" 1 1 2 0
Myatt.e., ,10 2 3 10ffolt.su... 20 1 1 2 0
Harrls.p.. 400 0 4 1 Mltler.ss.. 200 0 00
Walters.e 20011 ot
ruih.p,... 000 0 0 0
r'nrtune.p. 3 0 1 1 2 0
Fchanc... 100 0 0 0
Tolale IS 7 10 27 IS 2
tElbtl.... 1 00 0 0 0
Total!.. 32 S 7 27 11 2
Ilatlil for Welters In ninth Inrmig.
Hatted for Kertune In ninth Inning.
I'hlisdclphla t 0 R 1 0 0 0 fi 07
notton 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0-2
Tno tine lilts Walker, Hendryt. Three
bare Mt Myall. Ftoltn bse Witt. Sacri
fice Wht. MeNally. Double ptayjDiigan
10 Dykn to Uurns; Tliomai to Dykes to
llumi. Left on bates Philadelphia. 10:
llfliton. 3. Hi'c on In lit-Ott Harrle, 4: off
nuh. s. off Fortuhe. 2. IIlt Off Butli.
7 In 2 1-3 Innlngt: off Fortune, .. In (1 2-3
Innings. Hit by pitcher fly Iluth, 1 (Duran).
Struck out By Harris, 1; by Hush. 3: by
Famine, 2. Losing pitcher Iluh. Umpires
Eani and Hlldtbrand, Time of game 1
hour and vO minutes.
Hat Fnnr Rouble Plnyt Enable
Urarra tu Drfent Pbllllra.
PiiiuADEi-pitu, June 1 (National)
Four double ploys enabled Boston to
defeat Philadelphia. S to 4. despite
three local home runs. Mann's home
run In tho nlMh with two on bases
clinched the victory. Stengel drove one
home run to left field and another over
the right Held wall.
Philadelphia's major league games
have produrcd twenty-six home runs In
the last fourteen playing das. The
ab r h o a e ab r h A a e
Powell.cf. .'. 0 2 3 Ol'ltWft.sa 40 1 2 3 0
Plck.Ib.. 410 3 SOiWIll'ms.cf 3 1 1 4 00
Mann.lf.. 432 2 0 0 Stongel.rf. 4 2 2 1 0 0
Su'van.rf 41 t 2 0 0 Meuiel.lf . 412 2 On
Holke.lb. 3 13 R 0 0J.MIIIer,:b 4 0 1 2 30
B.-c'l,3li. 4 12 1 aOIPniil'te.ll. 402 10 00
M'tlllt.as 4 00 3 .10;n.MH'r,.".h 40 1 1 2 1
Ooivdy.c. 4 11 r. 2 0 Wlth'ot.-.e 2 0 1 2 2 1
Fll'cim.p. 4 0 1 0 0 0:-I.ul-rui. 1 00 0 0 0
Itthest.c.. 000 2 1 0
To-.alt .58 8 12 27 II l'RUey.p... 300 1 10
! Tolslt. 33 4 11 27 12 2
Batted for Withers v In tht etrenlti Innlnc.
notion 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 1 3-8
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 21
To bate hilt Boeckel, Mann. Three basa
hltt-Powell. 2. Ilolke. Home rune Mann,
Stengel, 2: Meusel. Sacrifice Ilolke. Double
plays :o Jy and Marvnrltls; Maranvtlle.
Pick and Holke; Maramlllt and Ilolke:
Rieckcl, Pick and Ilolke Left on basis
Boston. 3. Philadelphia. 3. liasi t on balls
Off Kllllnelm, 1. off RIvey. 3. ftlnick out -Ily
rilllnslm, 5: bv Rltey, I. Wild plfh
lllxey. Patted ball Wheal. PjiiDlrt" R'g-
ler snd Moran. Time ot game 1 hour and ZU 1
minutes. I
Errors by Ponder and Schmidt
Coat Pirates the Game.
PiTTsauao, June 1 (National). Si.
Louis defeated Pittsburg to-day, 5 to 4.
In a fifteen Inning game. "In the final
Inning MoHenry doubled to left and
eventually scored on successive errors
by Ponder and Schmidt.
In the last half of the nlnlh, with the
score 4 to'l In favor of St. Louis, Jacobs,
who hart replaced Goodwin, walked
f-. . . w.i,k -H.i 1 r. 1. , i .
..Tjr ".in aim jinuirs
Jacobs's place. Singles by Cutshaw
.11111 tvmticu iicu ine fi'orr.
Horrsby's batting featured, he driving
in four of his team's runs. The score;
ST. LOUIP (N.) I riTTSnuRO (N.)
ab r Ii n a el hrh n
.fnvm.lf. S22 R 0 O'B'thwth.rf 7 0 0 3 00
Schult- rf 0 1 1 3 OO'Carey.cf.. r. 2 3 S 0 0
Hio.-k.3b. 710 1 10!"'t.hfh T02 rt 0 0
matted for Hamilton In tha seenth,
jnattea ror ieador in the ninth.
IBatted for Ponder In the flftetnth.
st. tiuii .. on. t 0001 ononooo i-a
Iltttburg ..00000030100000 0-4
Two base Mta-Horniby 2, Mrlt.nry.
Ptolen batee flohmldt. Hood. Sacrlfl'-et
Rchultr. Lav an. Nicholson, Ponder. Left on
bana-St. Irfjuli 14. Pltttburg 14. Ua.-s 0'i
hallt Off Ooo1wln, 2: off Hsmlllon, 2- off
Jacob. I: off Haines, 2: otf Ponder 1
Hits Off Goodwin, S in 7 linings- 'off
JSob. 2 In 12-3 Inning.; olf Hamilton
B In 7 Innings; off Meailor. 2 In ? lonlngt
off Haines, 4 In a 1-3 Innlnss; off Tonder,
- In d Innlr.ct. Struck- out Bv Goodwin 3:
by Hamilton, 1; by Ilatner, 2; by Mtador
I. Balk-Goodwin. Winning pitcher Hatnet!
Losing r,Itchr Ponder. Umpires Hart and
Mccormick. Time of gtrne-S hours and
seventeen minutes.
l.ouls Mlltnthal of 324 West Fiflr-flfth
strset. Manhattan, and Max 'John of
Fortieth street. Brooklyn, arrnstrd the a-rong
man Sunday afternoon at rib.i. n.M .
they tried to aetl a ticket to Magistral Ms
Quade. treasurer ef tha plants. TI10 Maglt-1
iraia tu ivtrciirB iiiiinin l onroy. who
placed the men under anvst, on charges of
ticket .peculating. Tl-e rvn hj.l ill tiketa
jln their poisetilon when 't-v wer- errtted.
They ntt asking l.7. for tickets told at
, tbe box office at 11.23.. tha police tald.
I MI'enthal and Cohen were held In S10O cash
lhall each yeeterday In the Flatbusli Court by
I Magistrate Short for examination on Thurs
OSAKA. Japan, May 23. Tha University of
Clileaao batcball team lost a fourteen Inntnr
gams to the Wateda University nine here
to-aay, ine s-ere wai wateaa, 4; Chi
cago. 3.
At Mrmphls n. 11. K.
Memji'ilt b 12 2
New Orleans ..... .. . 12 1,1 0
Batterlts Thureau Hnd Meyert, Murchuon
and L berry?
At NaiUvlllc Chlltnoo. same wa pn.
L0 0tr games scheduled.
pnnea oecaua ol ram.
Copyright, 1II0. till The Sun.lJtrald CorporoIIs.
N Intolerable altuatlcgi haa developed at 'the Polo Grounds and at
EbbeU Field In rceard to baaebalU driven Into the itonds. Nary
a day passes that docs not
municipal or private, and men who
tlcularly In Brooklyn the police have adopted gtronff arm method which
are entirely uncalled for and which antagonlro the onlookers. Personally
we feel that the baseballs, whether they be on the field or In the stand
hi the hands of ft fan, aro it all times the property of the home club. But
lhe fact remain that n Rood many of the onlookers believe mat cusim
bus made leeal the retention ef anv ball driven nmontr the spectators. Hen
who would not think of taking a red cent which did not bfelong to them
seem to believe that they are within their rlshta when thoy grab a ball.
For a cood many fans there Is a strange fascination a glamour about
a ball which has beon used In a major Ieaguo game, ana they want u mom
ns a souvenir than as a thing of which they may make actual use.
However, under exlstlne conditions, we feel that to keen a ball Is to
steal. At the aame time we feel that
officious and overzealous agents of
ball were the last one on earth and
have scon some of these agents
search. We have seen hinoccnt fan accused, wo havo seen all manner
of distractions, all on account of about five dollars worth of baseballs.
We think that the time has come for the major leagues 16 take official
action on this Bubjcct. It behooves them to announce to the public Its
decision as regards balls driven Into the stands. If the clubs want to take
tho stand that these balls are their property at all times they should post
signs all over the stands telling the fans that to retain a ball Is to steal.
Tho current gtrons'iirm methods should be stopped at once. They disgrace
the game.
Grate Danger That Big Kegalta Will Be Moved From Ponghkeepile.
Word camo from Philadelphia last hlght that there was grave danger
that the Intcrcolieglato regatta would bo moved irom Poughkeepsle to Ithaca
from the Hudson niver to Lake Cayuga. We hear that Pennsylvania
is very much In favor of the change. We expect that Cornell would favor
it too, As Columbia Is the only other member of the Intercollegiate Ilowlng
Association .the dapger of the ohange apparently cannot bo minimized. Wo
call It danger because we believe that to move the event, which la scheduled
for July 1, would be Inimical to tho best Interests of rowing and to the
success of the regatta.
The proposition to change the scene of the regatta was made ome
time ago up State, and gained strength last week when the West Shore
Ilallroad announced that it would not run an observation train on July 1.
At Ithaca there would bo an observation train, but what about other'acs
commodatlons? There aro not enough hotels, fraternity houses and dormi
tories to accommodate a crowd, even If It should mako the long and expen
sive trip to Lake Cayuga. The transfer of the regatta would localize It.
We doubt If 200 persons" would go to tho troublo and expense of making
the Journey to Ithaca.
At Poughkeepsle the regatta Is a public spectacle an event which Is
centrally located and which- attract onlookers from New York, Philadelphia,
Boston and other large cities. Ithaca would be a poor substitute Indeed.
Of course, without an observation train a regatta at Poughkeepsle would
develop some very perplexing problems. It Is for the officials to pcrsuado
the West Shore Railroad that In running the usual observation train It
would only be performing a duty which It owes to tho public. If the Inter
collegiate Association wants to restrict the attendance Ithaca would be the
place. But wo do not believe that restriction would be In line with the truo
spirit of the association.
Tigers Win Slugging Contest
by 11 to 10. 1
Cleveland. June 1 (American) De- j
trolt defeated Cleveland In a slugging
contest to-dV, 11 to 10. The losers
used nineteen players. '
The game waa halted by rain in the
eighth Inning when Cleveland had run
ners on third and second. YVlicn play
was resumed Ehmke had better control
and prevented Cleveland from tying the
Heilmann made Ave hits In five times
at bat while Evana of Cleveland had
three doubles in four times up. The
score :
ab r h o a el abrhoaa
Tounc.Ib 12 1-3 r, nr;vAnif.. 423 4 ol
Jores,3b. 4111 2 Ol.lam't'n.lf'2 0 1 0 00
robb.cr... .'.12 o oot.nanns 321 4 11
Veseh.lf. R12 3 OWRoe'ker.cf 302 3 00
Hell'n.lb 323 10 2 OlWood.rf.. 211 1 10
Rh'ten.rf 4 12 2 nO'Smlth.rf., 100 n (10
Bush.ss.. 2112 SOO'dner.-lb 13 n an
Alns'th.c 4 1 1 .1 Q01WanV.2b 4 2 1 3 2 0
OMham.p 311 S OOlI'naton.lb 413 S 2 0
Ehmkf.p :oi 1 3 1 uvieiii.c.. :n 1 uu
mr,mas,c. 11 11 11 1 un
Nun'ker.c sni 1 00
t'hle.p..,. 000 0 00
Morlon.p. 2 00 0 01
Fteth.D... 00 0 0 10
Totalt.3011 1727 13 1
Mjert.p.. 000 1 10
iMnnrg,p 11 11 11 11 on
nurns.. . 2 11 0 (10
Caldwell. 000 0 0 0
I Totals..3n 101827 13 3
'Batted for PaeUi In sixth Inning.
IBatttd for Myers In eighth Inning.
Detroit 0 (I 0 1 2 1 0 1 0-11
Cleveland 0 0 1 0 1 7 0 1 0-10
Two base hits Heltmann, Evans, 3: Wood.
Three hats hlta Alntmlth. Cobb. Johnston.
Home rnn-Iones. Stolen base Cobb. Sacrifices-Shorten.
Jones. Alntmlth. Cliaa
nan. 2; Wood. Hpeaker. Double play
Wambsganas and Johnston. Left on lasas
Prtrolt. Si Cleveland. 13. Bases on ball
Oft Oldham, 3i off Khmkt, 4: off Uhle, l!
off Morton, 2; off Boehllng, 1. Hlti-Otf
Oldham. 12 In rt 2-3 Innlngt: off Ehmke, 4 In
2 1-3 Innlnfia: off Fhle, 3 In t 1-3 Innings;
r Mnri a In 3 2-3 Innlrct: ott Paetlt.
3 In 1 Inning; off Mrers. 4 In 2 Innlnss;
--- "- .-, i,.v am.
, ny owiiiixi7" 1; bv Morton. 1: by Faeth. 1
I by Myer. 1. Wild plteh-ltorton. Winning
Dltcher-OWham. Istng pltrher-Uhle, Cm-
1 j.y Myers. I.
rirt,-Na!lln and Dlnneen. Tims ot game
3 hours and SO minutes.
Score Over Mlaa Sheldon la Feat
lire Match nt Monlclalr.
Special to Tub pes asp Nsw Toan Hsui.o.
Mo.s-TCiJkia, N. J., Juno 1. Miss Hlor
ence Ballln's victory over Miss Florence
Sheldon proved to be the feature of the
opening day's play In the women'a Invi
tation tennis tournament of the Mont
clalr Athletic Club this afternoon. It
wasi spirited, evenly Contested, extra
set match, the final division of which
continued for fourteen games with the
result tn doubt practically until the last
stroke was made. The score was 3 t,
3, S C.
The summary.
Moritclnir Athletic Club Invitation Singles.
First Round-Mlts Caret Baker deflated
Miss Florence Pond. 4, 0-0; Mrs. George
B, Pchmiil defeated Mill Jana Rowson, ft 2,
0-2; Mrs. David C. Mills defeated Mitt Vir
ginia Doir S I. 0-0; Mrt. Irtna Johntorfde
feateil Miss Henrietta Brown. C-0, 8-l;
Mrs. T. Sohst defeated 3Irs. F Damrau, 62,
2: Mrs. J. H. McMIIIen defeated Mlts Alice
Bayard, 0 I, 0 I: Miss Jessie Gott defeated
Mrs. Harold H. Bradley. 0-2. 0-2: Miss C.
Clark, Mrs.Vobert LeBoy, Mrs. M. D. Straf
fln. Miss Carona .Winn. Mrs. Theodore C"-t-beer,
Miss Penelope Dals and Mlts MartUa
Bayard won by default.
Second Round Mlts Florence Ballin ds
feated MIssiFlorence !heldon, 3-S, 03, ft S.
Doubles. Flrtt Round Mlts Florence 8hel
do and Mrs. It. H- Bradley dsfeated Miss
Ceres liakor ami Miss jet tie i.ou. is 10,
8 2: Mrs. Robert LaRoy and Mrs. T. Caasa
bear defeated Mrs. J. H. McMIIIen and Mrs.
Marshall, 01. 0-2: Mrs. J. Myers and Mlts
Jans Rowson and Mrt. G. S. Shmld and
Miss Henrietta Brown won by default.
Second Round JIIa Gertrude Delia Torre
and Mlts Caroma Winn defiattd Mrs. David
C. Mllla and Mlsa Florence Ballin. 0 I, 40,
BRISTOL, R. I., June 1. The iloop
Resolute was hauled out on the marine
railway at the Herrsthoft yard her to
day (o recilv the finishing touches In
preparation far the trials Ith tht Vanltta
off Net port, beginning on Thursday next,
to determine the defender of the America's
Cup. The spars and rails were taken
asnore ann ine unaerDouy was ciean?. ,
PJS,"V. . . i.f i. ..... .
The TIesolute will be set afloat to-mor-
row morning and will proceed to Newport
unCfr her otn (all.
At State College-. Pa. Penntylvaala State
6, Maryland State 1.
see a battle between, the police, either
paid their way Into the ground. Tar
it is a bad thing for baseball to have
the club go nfter the fan as if eacn
na If the fans had no rights at all. We
arrogate unto themselves the right of
Australian Wool
Makes Livelier Ball
THERE'S been some slashing
hltt'ng- tn baseball this year,
wlili h, Ban Johnson says, is
due In pari, to tbe quality of balls.
A better quality of horsehlde, is be
ing obtained by the manufacturers
and they are getting yarn of Aus
tralian wool, something they weren't
getting previously. The yarn Is of a
quality which gives added liveliness
and resiliency to balls, hence their
greater spring and Impetus when
leavln? the bat. However, they could
be wrapped with lead and Dabe Ruth
would drive them.
Send Chicagoans Tumbling to
Third Position in League Race
Chicago. June 1 (National). Cin
cinnati climbed Into second place to- H
day and knocked Chicago back to third I
by beating the Cubs, ( to S, In the third
game of the sorles.
The Reds scored the ginning run
without hit In the nlntlf'on a base on
balls, to Roush, a sacrlee bunt by Dun
can, a wild pitch and a sacrifice fly by
Kopf. It was Ruether's eight straight
victoiy. The score:
Cincinnati (N. I chicaoo n.
ab r li o a "ab r h 0 e
Rath,2b..310 t 3 0 Fr'b.rf-cf Sit 2 10
D'ubrt.lb 3 1113 OOHal'chr.ta 4 22 3 2 0
CrolUb.. 4 0 1 1 SllP'tkrt.cf 403 3 1 0
Routh.cf 2 2 0 3 0 OiTw'mby.rt 0 0 0 0 0 0
Duncan.lfSIl 1 O0Barber.lt 2 00 2 0 0
Kopf,tt.. 3 1 2 0 40 Heriog,lb 000 1 00
Neala.rf. 3 00 0 O0iM'kl,1h-lt 400 S 10
Wlngo.e. 30 1 S 10!
Deal Jib.. 41 a n
nut nr.p a 0 0 0 20
Terry,2b. 3 1 0 2 61
Kirfr.e.. 201 1 10
O'Far'l.o 3 00 2 0 0
Hendrtx.p 4 0 0 0 2 0
Totals.. 2T 0 27 131
Totalt..24 3t27 10 1
Cincinnati 20120000 11
Chicago 00 2 20010 0-3
Two bast hits Oroh, Patkert, Kopf. Dau
bert. Hollocher. Threo bate hlte Frlberg,
raskert. Sacrifices Herro.T. Duncan. Kopf.
Left on bases Chicago 3, Cincinnati 1.
Bates on halls Off Hendrl. 4: otf Rtwther,
2. Hit by j.ltcher-By Hendrix (Roth).
Struck out-Ry Hendrit. 2: by Ruether, 0.
Wild pltch-Hendrlx. Umplrer-Qulgley and
O'Day. Time of game 2 hours and 2
Ron Johnson Says Saapenalou of
Pitcher Will De Up Then.
Ban Johnson was In New Tork yester
day to talk with John Heydler about
action regarding players who have
Jumped to Independent leagues this year.
Two recent lumpsra are Kinney of the
Athletics and Shevlln of the Browne ,
a. 10 11U.JU1 icnguo prcsiuents iavor Keep
ing the Jumper out of organhed ball
for alt time. Tha matter will be worked
Out by tho National Commission, which
Is composed of the aforementioned major
league presidents. Jt loo'as as if this
thing of a new chairman for the Na
tional Commission la a dead Issue for a
time. Johnson tald frankly yesterdav
that nobody would be chosen for a while
"What about Shawkeyr Ran was
asked. "When does his suspension for
punching Umpire Hlldebrand exnlre?'.
"He'll be eligible Thursday," was the '
answer. "How mu:h fine are you going to
give him?" "Well, that's a 'point I
haven't decided yet I'll decide In a day
or two."
It was last Thursday that Shawkey
had his figlit on tha field with Hllde
brand, so that his suspension will have
lasted a week.
Sevan horns runa at Ih llo iWii dt In
la ths Tankee-Wathlngton series thua fur.
Nine straight for tha Yankees ties lha
major league record of tha jear, niado ty
the Cubs. '
The scoring n as heavy yoMtrt!sy-uG runs
In the major league t;amei.
Dodts pulled up lame. Ha nit a ho,m ran
and had to carry ale weight around without
a pn:sc.
Anyway, the Glinu routd i:jS JInriuard
l'oni tn and t:t I'.ulw has ttrcn iolnr
1 , i... vi bums
strong of late.
Whin the weather gets hot and pltcliers'
arms get springy and free, look nut for a
considerable reduction la ths pressnt Mho'e
sala bitting.
Two gtmes at the PjIj Greuals to-day.
Youthful Star Advances Eas
ily in Eastern jV. Y Tourney.
Vincent nichard was one ot three
to reach the round before tht semi
final in the eastern New York State
tennis championship yesterday, The
youthful star advanced on the Amac
kassln Country Club courts nt the ejepertrt'
of James D. Ewlng, whose severe service
and hard hitting proved no match for
tho superior generalship and versatility
of the erstwhile national Indoor cham
pionship. Richards led by a score of
63, e 0.
The other two to move around near
the final wero Frederick r Anderson,
recent winner of the Harlem Tannls
Club open tournament, and Herbert L.
Bowman, Now Tork Athletic Club cham
pion, Anderson was slow to get Into his
stride and lost the first set to Donald
Keresey, 46, but ha established hla
superiority clearly In the next two set,
which he won by 3, 00. The match
was marked by an abundanceof Volley
ing, at which style of play Anderson
proved the steadier nnd the more skilful.
The women's singles opened with an
entry' of 32, but with the aid of many
defaults in the first round the field
narrowed to aeven In a single day's
play. Mrs. Edward V. Lynch made the
furthest advance, reaching the semi-final
round through the medium of a default
and vlcftrles over Miss Gertrude Hill
and Mrs. H. S. Lowenthal. In both her
matches Mrs. Lynch's hard hitting and
versatile attack proved too much for her
opponents, and she won in each case by
'1, 60.
Mr. Lynch Pray a tVelt.
Mrs. Lynch appear! to be the strong
est et the survivors In the upper half,
while In the lower Mrs. Benjamin F.
Brlggs, who played so Impressively In
the Pelham Country Club tournament
last week, is favored to come through to
the final tn the lower half. Mrs. Briggs
was not extended to defeat Mrs. M. L.
Bruneau and airs'. 0. B. Hlrsch In the
early rounds, buf she will meet a worthy
opponent to-day in Mrs. Samuel Waring,
who won from Mrs. Percy Wilbourn In
an extra ret match that the latter de
faulted when the score favored Mrs.
Waring 50 In the final division of
Mrs. E. Thompson was within a stroke
of victory over Mrs. Nathaniel Daln
when she decided to default rather than
eliminate her opponent, since she knew
she would not be able to play another
round. Mr. William H. Prltchard also
retired from her match with Mrs. Ingo
Hartman after the former had taken
the first set at 8 3 and had played her
opponent even In the second, 4 all. Mrs.
Prltchard complained of the heat and
asserted she did not feel strong enough
to continue.
Miss M. Westervelt, a newcomer to
tournament tennis, showed great prom
ise in a second round match with Mrs.
Ingo Hartmnn. The girl played fast as
well as versatile tennis In taking the
second set by a score of 8 2, but she
lacked stamina ami tired In the final
division of play, which Mrs. Hartman
won at S 4.
The summaries:
Eastern New Yor': State CI-amolonsMn,
Women'a Singles. First Round Mrs. Na
thaniel Daln won from Mrs. kl. Thcmp..i,
0-, 83, 4-3 and default: Miss Rettle Hot
Cen defeated Mrs. D. Sutton, 01, 01; ilrt.
C. Da Oertdorf defeated Mitt L. Nlrholion,
00. 01; Mrs. I.igo Hartman won from
Mrs. W. It. Prltchartl. 30. 4-r and default
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U. S. patent number 54200.
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Leading Hitters
in Major Leagues
riayer. Clab, 0. A. B. It.
Hornsby, St. L....40 161 31
Robertson. Cble...3 If IT
Oroli, Clan JW 30
Honbert, :lnn....J 14S $7
Williams, rhlln...JI 137 II
Player. Clob. 0. A. B, R.
Speaker. C1e JS ill 3
Johntlon, Clee...3S 132 13
Hendryr. float. ... 1JS IS
Jarkten, Chic 33 1 1
Judge, Wash III
II. F. C.
S3 .403
n. p. c.
ts .3e
M .379
S3 .33
49 JM
SS .352
Mils W. Westervelt defeats Mf. J, Blanch
aid, 6-1. 0-1! Mrs, Benjamin F. Brlggi 1 de.
fraled Mrs. M. L. Brunsau. tW, -4l Mrs.
Uamuel Waring defeated Mrs. PaulsMartln.
413. 6-2: Mitt T. Ulura, Mrs. F. Damrau,
Mrs. E. V. Lynch, Mitt Oertruds Hill, Mitt
I). Lockwood, Mrs. II. 8. Lewsnthal, Mrs.
8. Wolff, Mrs. a. B. Hlrsch and Mrs. Percy
Wilbcurn won by default. ......
Becom! Round-Mrs. W. Daln defeated Mill
T. Blum. 7-3. 0-4: Mrs. E. V. Lynch de
feated Mils Gertrude Hill, 6-1. 6-0: Mr;.
II. B. Lowenthal defeated Miss V. Loekwoe-d.
62, 6-2: Mrs. O. Da Oarldorf dsfeated
Mrs. 8. Wolff. C 3. 0 It Mrs. Ingo Hart-'
man defeated Mlts M. Westsrvelt, 6 4, 2 a.
04;' Mrs. II. F. Brlats defeated Mrs. O. 11.
Hlrsch, 0-2, 6-2; Mrs. Hamuli Waring de
feated Mrs. Percy Wilbourn, 0 S, 3-6, 6-0
and default. . .....
Thlrt Round-Mrs. E. V. Lynch defeated
Mrs. II, S. Lowenthal, 6-1, 6-0.
Men's Blngles. Third Round Jamea p.
Ewlng won from J. W."Mnercau by default.
Fourth Round Vincent Richards defeated
J. V. Ewlnc. 0-3. 0-0: Frederick O. Ander
son defeated Donald Keratty, 40, 6 3, 0-0;
Herbert L. Bowman defeated Gerald Emir
ton, 02, 0 I.
A. W. aierrlnm flenches Third
Round Ir nentlnff WAV. Irmrnhnm
Harttord, Conn.. June 1. Tennis In
the New England championship tourna
ment to-day reached tho third round In
the morning, play, A. W. Merrlam of the
Hartford Club defeating W. "V. Ingra
ham of Providence, 85, 63, In the
first match of that round.
The second round was completed by
reason of several defaults by winners
of the first round matches, W, B. Howe,
I. Kumagae, IC L. Simmons and Vin
cent Richards being among tho number.
Special (0 The Ben nd Nsw Yosk Hes.il.
PRINCETON. N. J, Juns l.-IIugh Crete
well of Philadelphia was to-night elected
captain of the 1921 Princeton varsity craw.
Crettwell, a mcmbtr ot Hie sophomore dais,
rowed No. 6 on the frethman crew last year
and stroked the varsity this season. Il
prepared at St. Paul'e School, Concord, N.
II., where he rawed for two years.
PHILADELPHIA. June 1. Willie Jackson,
the New Tork lightweight, Mho almost
knocked out Lew Tendler, wilt get another
chance at lilm. They have been matched for
eight rounds at tht Phillies' ball park on
July 12. Leon Rains has landed tbe match,
nhereby he agrees to pay Jackson 110,000,
nlth an option ot 33 per cent, of the gross
receipts. The men will battle at 133 pounds
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Rlwrlrf after 7 P. M.
Jit for its power.
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depend apdn it as you depend upon
your fnjnds. a -
10 ti.c men and women to
whom a motor car 13 something more
than a machine, we respectfully
recommend the Standard Eight.
Come and see the new models.
1920 Broadway New York City
Tel. Colombo! 4441,
sK jCr3XKs
1 v afJ
. iV.
II4 .
iajaaa' ' isMinir'-'

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