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"4 11
JRui Hits 3 Homers Yanks Divide With Senators Giants Are Beaten Reds' Lead League as Dodgers Lose
7finlPos Bitnlc Even "With
Wellingtons in Jlallnco ot
Kxtrftordinnry Slugging.
Ktelil of Thorn Made, of Which
Number Bribe' Iluth Helps
Himself to Three.
Hj- W 1 1,1.1 AM 11. II ANNA.
Tlfo wlnnlnj htrcnlc of tho Yankee,
m which sent them Bhootlnjr up tho
Smerlcun League lmlder to second plnco
und accompanied by hard hitting which
f the talk of the basoball community,
loBed yeetcVday nt tho Polo Grounds
with the first gamo of a double header.
The Gothftm sensations beat the Wash
iiRtons S to 1 In the tlrat gnme and ran
'iclr unbroken victory list up to ten,
They were beaten, 7 to 6, In tho second
garao, but their spirit ot never give up
was with them to tho final kick in that
game, and they went down fighting like
There were five games with tho Wash
ington, and In the way ot a single
Kcrles It was the most unbTldlcd carousal
of batting anybody can recall offhand.
The extraordinary long distance slugging
went right on, and In tho courso ot the
day eight homo runs were made. The
Illustrious Huth made three of these,
bringing his total for tho still callow
venr up to fifteen. The lncomparablo
llabo hit one Into the far corner of tho
upper grandstand and two into the right
field bleachers.
Of all tho homo runs that have been
mado at tho Polo Grounds the Babe''
third yesterday was the bluo ribbon. If
went hurtling Into the bleachers in well
nround to centre, where nono ever had
gone before, yet tho Iiabo wasn't tho
only slugger with a penchant for crashing
them magnificent distances to fan the
oars of tho fans In the bleachers with
colossal hits, Hob Meusel dropped ft tre
mendous homer Into tho bleacher exit
In far left field.
In tho second game tho Wnshlngtons,
as plucky a club ns there Is In the busi
ness, made one double, one trlplo and
two home runs. Tho Yankees mnile
threo doubles, two triples and three
home runs. The first clash was won by
the Yankees without half trying, Jack
Qulnn pitching a fine game and holding
his adversaries to three hits.
In the second game the Yankees
knocked Jim Shaw out of the box for
tho Bccond time of tho series, and tho
Washlngtons knocked Mays out of tho
box. Mays was hit vigorously, but poor
support was In part to blame for his
dethronement. Ho had poor support
from his Infield In one Inning, but that
wasn't as vital as double plays the Yan
kees hit Into and the fall down with tho
stick of Walter Plpp while rallies were
fomenting. Twice with men. on bases
und straight Into the ether ns a geyser
Plpp hit high files.
Thr Ilnlie Open Fire.
The errors hurt, but the broken con
tinuity of the attack hurt more, for there
were fat chances to hit In enough runs
to make up for tht errors. But the Yan
kees aren't supermen, and they havo
been doing wonderfully well. Snyder,
who relieved Shaw, pitched a nervy
game against the array of sluggers he
knew he had to deal with, and Rip Col
lins gave his second exhibition of the
scries of steady, skilful pitching after
a predecessor had (been driven out by
the severity of the enemy fire.
Ruth made his first home run In tho
first Inning of the first game. Walter
Plpp had forced Roger Peck, who had
fllngled. Peck's on a hitting rampage
himself these days and playing with
moro dash and go than ever before In
his life. The 3abe made this one oft
Zachary, a southpaw, and dashed it
against an Iron column In the upper
grand stnnd. It would have gono out
of the lot but for the obstruction.
On further batting by Iewls, Qulnn,
Pe k. Plpp and Ruth with poor fielding
by me Washlngtons as an adjunct, the
Yankees stored up four more runa be
tween the first and the eighth, and In
the eighth the restless Habe, deciding
ihat It was a long time between slams,
'reated a little commotion all his own
m the right Arid bleachers by spilling
l home run there and a greater commo
tion all over the place.
Tha attendance was 25,000, that In
itself a notable feature of the afternoon,
and with all the stir and action and
furore of homers and such like, tho fans
put In tho afternoon eddying and yelling
and on their toes. The attendance and
'he enthusiasm were unprecedented for
a midweek matinee of no undue Im
portance. The only tally off Qulnn was
a home run by the sturdy, brilliant
eieran Milan into the left field stand.
Ruth made a fine stop of Shanks's
flncle In the first round of the second
pame. not the first time he has shown
that he is a first class ball player aside
from his peerless position as a slugger.
In the same Inning Meusel, another
'louter from Bitter Creek, drove far
down Into tho left field stand.
The Washlngtons rocked Mays, who
plainly Isn't suffering any from emacla.
tfon, for two home runs In the third
inning. Shanks sent one Into the right
wing of tho grand stand and Roth pep
pered the wooden wing on the left. Tho
Yankees also mado two In tho third.
Mays tripled. Peck doubled and Ruth
Muri'a Snpport Wobbles.
Muddy Ruel maced a homo run past
nice In the fourth after Lewis had sin
gled. It was a tearing lick and went
M tho centre field fence. Three alien
runs in the fifth were less Mays's fault
than his support's. Shanks nnd Ellerbo
mado hits, and Plpp, Peck and Pratt
bunched errors. With two out in the
sixth Shanks singled and Milan tripled.
Ruth rescued the ball from the dirt at
the foot of the bleachers and the rifle
thot relaying of the Babe and Pratt
cut down Milan at the plate. This play
la what is known In refined circles as a
Two were out in the seventh and no
body on when tho Griffiths set to work
and gathered one more tally and tho one
needed to win. Harris singled and stole
f-econd while Collins held the ball. In
cidentally this tricky form of steal was
one the Washlngtons worked with ex.
reme cleverness here. It Is a slick play,
this one of Griff's. A variation of it
Whereby a man on third dashes for the
aiL .ViJu ihe' pitcher's nttention la
diverted to the man on first is a new
one under the sun, If there Is anything
new under that well known orb. O'Neill,
substituting for Shannon, who was
spiked, batted Harris home.
Meusel tripled with none out In the
U was a monster lilt and slapped
the fence In left centre on the first
bound Plpp popped. Ruth was passed
and Pratt hit Into a double play. Ruth
In the eighth made his longest homo run
of the day and possibly the hardest
"r ven ball at tho Polo Grounds this
r' I M. Yankees a. rhlladelphla.-Jdr.
Hitting Extraordinary
in Five Game Series
IN tho YankecWnshlngton five
gama scries just finished tho
t Yankees made 72 hits and tha
vahlngtonu 44 ; total, UO, Thero
wore 18 two baggers, 8 Hires bagcerB
und IS home .runs, making a total of
195 bases. Two baggers were by:
Rice, Roth, Kllerbo, Plclntch, Hnr
rls, Qharrlty, Shanks, Peck (4),
Bodle, Lewis (?), Ruth (2VHnnmih
and Pratt. Three baggers by: Milan,
Mays. Mejrfol (3), Hlinnah, Peck nnd
MogrldgfcT Homo runs byt Plclnlch,
Harris. Milan, Roth, BhunV, Lowls,
Hannah, Peck, Meusel, Ruol, Uodlo
and Ruth (4),
The scries drew approximately
83,000 spectators.
year. Its trajectory was low nnd It
went Into tho right fiold bleachers.
The Itnbo Is a fighter. He plays for
his team, Th t was seen In tho ninth.
Ward struck out. Peck singled wickedly
to left. Meusel filrd far back to Milan
and Plpp sent Peck to third with a sin
gle. Ruth was passed, purposely, of
"Como on now," he barked at Pratt
as he went to first, "you can bring-'em In
as woll as I. Get hold of It I"
Pratt tried to, but ho went nftor a
high ono and Milan clutchod Drrlll's
short fly. Tho scores:
at) r li o a e
nit r h n an
IVck.iB... 4 12 4 40
wrkn.cr. ,too
Milan. If . 4 l i
Hannah. c.
4 0 0 1 I ll
4 1 1 1.1 11
4 23 .1 0 0
.111 0 8 0
401 1 00
4 1 2 0 00
411 r on
4 11 0 10
rtlco.cf. .. 4 02
Itolh.rf.. 4 0 0
narrls.2b 4 00
KU'le,3b, .10 0
1-0 0 .1
1 00 1
.10 0 1
1 O'uulnn.D...
100 0
- il
Carlson, p 2 00 0
0 0 Totals.33 8 12
' 13 1
Tolnls.,,11 1 3 24 13
Washington 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-1
New York 22002002 x 8
Runs' batted ln-l!y Milan 1, by reck 1, by
ril'P 1, by Until 4, by Lewis 1, by Qulnn 1.
Two base Iilt-rratt. Home runs Milan.
llutli'2. Biolen bases-Rice. Itutli. First
bane on errors Wellington, 1 ; Now York,
2. IWt on bases Washington. 4: New
York, 4. Doublo play Zachary, Harris and
Shanks. Bases on balls Off Zachary, 1 ;
r.ff Qulnn, 1. Struck out Hy Carlson, li
by Qulnn. 5. Illts-Off Zachary, 4 In 2 In
nings; off Cai). on, 8 In 0 Innings. Earned
runs Off Zachary, 3: off Carlson, 2; off
Qulnn, 2. Losing pitcher Zachary, Um
pires On in and Chill. Tlmo of game 1
hour nd 40 minutes.
ab r h o a o nb r h o n e
Sh'nks.lb 4 3 4 11 0 llPeck.ss.. . .112 1 7 1
Mllan.lf. 4 11 R 1 0iMeuael,3h. n I 2 1 1 a
no l onripp.ib
SO 1 H 11
:n 2 o 10
Itnth.rf . . 4 1 2 0 0 0
HnrrK'-b 4 1 2 .1 2 0
013 3 1
El 'lie..1b.l 0 2 1 2
4 0 0 n oo
O'Nelll.ss r.O 1 2 3 0!
Plclntcli.c 4 0 0 4 C 0!
I.ewls,tf.. 4 1 2 0 0 0
Ilurl.c.... 4 12 fL ID
Shftw.D... 1 0 0 0 2 OI.Mnvs.n.
2 11 2 4 0
100 1 2 0
1 00 0 00
Calvo... 110 0 nOICnlllns.r
Snyder.p. 1 00 0 0 01 1 Ward..
rtal..17 7 ll 27 10 2 Totali. 39 fl 13 27 20 3
Hatted (or Shaw in the fifth Inning and
safe on an error.
Illatted for Collins In the ninth Inning
and struck out.
Washington 0 0 2 0 3 1 1 0 07
New York 1 0 2 2 0 0 0 1 0-0
Huns bntted In-Ily Shanks 1. by Milan 1.
by rtoth 1, by nilerho 1. by O'Neill 1. by
Peek 1. by Meusel 1, by Itutli 2. hy Ruel 2.
Two base bits Shanks, IVck, lYatt, Lewis.
Three base lilts Milan. Meusel, Mays. Homo
runs Shanks, Knth, Meusel, Itutli, Ruel.
Barrlflr hits Shanks, Milan. Stolen bases
Harris 2. First base oh errors Waslilng
ton, ,1; New York. 1. Left on bases Wash
ington, P; New York, 8. Double plays
Kllorbe, Harris and Fhanki 2. Ra'es on
balN-Off Snyder, 2; off Mays, 1; off Col
lins, 3. Struck out-ny Snyder, 2; by Mays,
3; by Collins, 1. Earned runs-Off Shaw,
fi; off Snjder, off Mays, 4: off Collins.
1 Hits Off Shaw, 7 In 4 Innlnjrs; off
Snyder, fi -In r, Innlngi; off Mays. 0 In fl
Innlngn; off Collins, 3 In 3 Innings. Win
ning pitcher Snyder. Losing pitcher Mays.
Umpires Owens and Chill. Time of game
2 hours and 2.1 minutes.
Defeat Cubs in Final Game of
Series by 5 to 3.
Chicago, June 2 (National). Cincin
nati went Into the lead to-day by win
ning the final game of a four game
series from Chicago by a score of 5 to 3.
Tho Reds batted two Chicago pitchers
hard, while Luque proved effective In the
pinches. Tyler was knocked from the
box with one out In the first Inning
nfter two singles, a triple and n double
had scored two runs. Uallcy lusted until
removed for a pinch hitter In the eighth.
Luque twisted his anklo In the ninth
nnd had to retire, fiallee pitched to only
one batsman, who hit Into a double play,
ending the game. The score:
ab r h o a o
ab r li o a
rtath.2b.. 4 00 1
DAUb't.lb 4 12 8
r.roli.3b.. 522 0
Roush.cf . 3 13 7
Dimcan.lf .10 1 5
Kopt.ss.. 3 110
Neale.rf.. 6 01 1
Itarlden.c 00 0 1
.Wlngo.c. 4 0 1 3
Luque.p.. 3 02 I
Hallee.p.. 000 0
1 OlTwo'bly.rf r. 2 1 3 0 0
Ho'cher.aa .10 0 2
1 1
Rob'son.lf li 1 3 2
Ilarber.cf. 30 1 1
Merkle.lb. 3 02 10
!)ell.3b... 4 00 2
2 0
4 1
2 0
1 0
0 0
Terry .2b. .301 1
illlefer.c. 3IM u
Tyler.p.... 0 00 0
llalley.p,.. 300 0
Henog... 100 0
(law, p.... 000 0
tO'Farrell 10 0 0
Total8..40 513 27 0 2
Totals... 34.1P27 10 2
Hatted for Uallcy In tho eighth Inning.
tllatttd for DarDer in tne nintn inning.
Cincinnati 2 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0-3
Chicago 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0-3
Two base hits Duncan, Luque, MolwrUon.
Three base hlt-Groh. Home runs Tw ombly,
Robertson. Stolen base Iloush. Sacrifices
Ilnth, llarbcr. Double play-C.roh, Rath and
Diubert. Left on barwa Chicago, 10; Cln
clnnatl, 11. liases on balls Off Uallcy, 1;
off Luque. 2. HitsOff Tyler, I In 1-3 In
ning: off Gaw, 1 In I 1-3 Innings; off Luque,
0 In 8 1-3 Innings, off Bailey, 8 In '2-3 Li
nings; off Bailee, 0 In 2-3 Inning. Hit by
pllcher-Dy Luque, 1 (Kllleferl; by Bailey.
1 (Daubcrt). Struck out-By Bailey, 3: by
Haw, l: by Liique, 4. Wild pItcn-Balley.
Winning pitcher Luque. Losing pitcher Ty
ler. Umplres-O'Uay and Qulgley. Tims of
gamo 1 hour and 30 minutes.
CLEVELAND, June 2 (American). C(ve
land won from Detroit here to-day. 8 to 5.
With tho score tied In the eighth and Cald
well on first, with two out, Jamleson hit
for three bases, while Chapman and Speaker
each doubled. The acore:
ab r li
a t
turn o a e
Young,2b r 2 1
Jon.:b. 300
Cobb.cf .. 4 2 2
Veach.If. 401
H'm'n.lb 4 1 1
Sh'ten.rf I 0 1
Uush.ss.. 4 0 1
A'amlth.c 3 0 0
Boland.p. .1 0 1
Hale... 100
2 0
1 0
0 0
3 3 1
.12 3
.'iO 1
30 1
30 1
4 0 2
1 00
4 1 1
0 I
4 00'dnerJb
rials 33 S 12 27 12 3
T'tals.13 5 11 21 11
'Batted for Boland In ninth Inning.
Detroit 2 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0-3
Cleveland 2 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 -fl
Two base hits Boland. Young (2), Gard
ner, Chapman. Speaker. Three bat lilts
Bush, Veach, Jamleson. Stolen bases
Cobb, 2; Alnamlth. Sacrltlco.1 Jories, 2;
Gardner, Wambsganas, Left on bates De
troit, 0; Cleveland, 8. liases of balls Oft
Boland, 5; off Caldwell. 1. Struck out-By
Boland. 2; by Caldwell, 1. Umpires Din
neen and Nallln. Time of game 2 hours
and 13 minutes.
Leading Hitters
in Major Leagues
- riarer. Clan. fl. A.B. R. H. T.C.
Itornsby, St. Loals. . 41 180 31 U J
Robertson, Chicago.. 33 130 IS 4a Ml
(iroh. Cincinnati 40 1U 33 87 Ml
Duuliert. I'lnelnmtl. 39 149 13 31 .312
Iloush. Cincinnati... 41 15: 26 31 .130
riaicr. Clnb. O. A.B. R. H. T.C.
Speaker. Cln r land.
Johnston. Clai eland.
Heudryx, Boston...-.
Inek.im, Chicago...
Jadge, Wnshlngfon.
39 116 41 M .397
37 11 13 R2 .3M
39 118 23 S3 .373
31 111 IS 30 .3.13
38 139 32 SO .332
Braves Run Away With Vic
tory by 9 to 1.
Spsclol to Tub Hcn and Nbw Toaic llit-an.
IIoston, Juno 2. Tho alnnts's second
Invasion of the season of Boston began
to-day with a crushing 9 to 1 defeat nt
tho hands of the Draves. Toney, Hubbell
nnd Winters hurled for the Oltlnta, while
the New York butters were held In check
by Bcott. Christy Muthcwson again was
In charge of the Giants, John McGraw
blng ill at his homo In New York.
Toncy moved smoothly along for tho
first threo Innings, but ho did not feel
woll nnd Matty removed him In the
fourth. Hubbell, who succeeded him,
was off form. Resides, his support was
atrocious. Winters, who completed the
gamp, was wild nnd easy to hit when
ho did manage to keep tho ball over the
The Giants were' the first to score,
registering their lone run in the fifth
Inning, Emlth hit to Marnnvlllc, who
fumbled tho ball. Hubbell popped to
Holke, bur Burns singled to left. Smith
trkd to reach third on tho blow but
Mann cut him down with a flney throw
to Boeckel. A throw from Scoft, who
attempted to pick Burns off flrjit base,
went through Holke and Hums reached
third. Young flammed a doublo to left
and Hums counted.
In the sixth tho Braves took the lead.
Powell beat out a tap to Sicking and
Pick was lilt by a pitched bait Mann
slashed a slnglo to centre, Powell scor
ing. Kniirt failed to arrest the prog
ess of the bounding pellet, which went
on to the fence, Dick also scoring and
Mann reaching second. Mann moved
nlong to third on a passed ball. Smith
essayed to catch Mann napping off third
base, Ibut caught Sicking napping In
stead. Tho throw got away from Ed
die and Mnnn crossed the plate.
Winters assumed the pitching burden
In tho seventh after Hubbell had re
tired In favor of a pinch hitter. O'Neill
smote a double to right centre nnd tal
lied on Powell's single to centre.
In tho eighth every Brave went to
bat. Cruise tripled. Holko's smash
glanced off Winter's glove and went for
a scratch hit. Cruise, however, remain
ing anchored on third. Boeckel singled
to right, scoring Cruise, Maranvllle
singled, filling the bases. Winters
could not get the ball over the plate
for O'Neill, who walked, forcing Holke
home. Scott also walked, Boeckel be
ing forced across tho plate. Powell hit
to Doyle, forcing Scott at second, 'hut
Maranvllle scored. O'Neill tallied on
Powell's foreed at second on Pick's rap
to Fletcher. The score:
nh r h o a e
ab r h o
Iturns.lf.. 4 114
Young.rf. 3 0 2 2
F'cher, 4 0 1 2
Doyle.2b. 3 0 0 1
Kauff.rf. 2 00 4
9lck'ir.3b 3 00 0
Kelly.lb. 4 00 10
Smlth.c. 30 1 1
Toney.p.. 1 00 0
Hubtttll.p 100 0
W'ters.p. 000 0
McCarty 10 0 0
tKlng.... 100 0
3 o!
Powell.cf. .", 1 2 B
Ilck,2b. ..310 3
Mnnn. If.. 3 12 1
Crulse.rf . 412 1
Holke. lb.. 4 1 I 10
B'ckeUb. 4 112
1 1
o 1
1 0
4 11 1
3 2 1 3
300 0
Totals. 33 0 10 37 11
Totals. 30 1 .1 ?i II 41
Mallei! ror Hubbell In the seventh Inning.
tBatted for Sicking In the ninth Inning.
New York 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-1
Boston 0 0 0 0 II 3 1 3 x-!l
Two base, lilts Youn;, O'Nell. Three ba
hits Young, Mann. Cruise. Doubl plays
Young and Smith; Scott, Pick and Holke.
Left on bases-New York, 0; Boston. .
liases on halls Off Winters. 3; off Seott. 4.
Illts-Off Toney, t In 3 Inidnpi; oft Hub
bell. 3 in 3 Innings: off Winters, fl In 2 In
nings. Hit by pltrlu-r Ry Hubbell. 1 (Pick).
Struck .out-lly Peott. 1. Wild pitch Win
ters. Passed ball Smith. Loslnff pitcher
Hubbell. Umpires Rlglor and Harrison.
Time of game 1 hour and 43 minutes.
PITTSnuitr,, June 2 (National). Tho St.
Louis Cardinals to-day mado It threo lc
torles out of four games here when they
defeated tho Pittsburg Pirates by a. score of
fl to 2. The score:
ab r h o a el ab r h o a o
Smllh.cf.. 3 2 0 2 0 OlC'atons. . 4 12 0 3 0
Schulz.rf . 3 0 2 2 0 0fC'shaw,2b- 4 1 t 0 4 0
Stack,.1b.. 4 12 1 1 O Carey.cf . . TOO a 00
H'nsby.2b .10 0 3 4 MjS'w'rth.rf. .1 0 1 1 10
F'nler.lh. 4 0 2 1.1 0 0 Whltt!.3b 3 0 0 2 3 0
M'H'ry.R 310 2 OOlRchmldt.c. 401 fi 3 0
I.aran.ss. 4 00 1 R OI.Volson.tr. - OO t 10
Clemons.c 4 1 3 1 1 OlGrlmm.lb. 4 00 11 10
Schupp.p. 3 1 2 0 4 OiCnrlson.p. 20 1 0 4 0
H'chman. 100 0 0 0
Totals.33 8 11 27 10 01
I Totals. ..302627200
Hatted for Carlson In ninth innlna;.
St. Louis 2OO1O03O
Pittsburg 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-2
Two base hits Foumler. Three base lilts
Founder and demons. Stolen base Smith.
Sacrifices Carey and Stack. Doublo plays
Hornsby and Fournler. Left on bases St.
Louis 8. Pittsburg 7. Bases on halls Off
Schupp 3, off Carlson -I. lilt by pitcher By
Carlson (Smith). Struck out By flchupp 1,
by Carlson 1 Balk Schupu. Umpires Mc
Cormlck and Hart. Time of game 1 hour
and 4(1 minutes.
ipsnol to Tits Son and New Yok Hrjiim.
ITHACA. N. Y., Juna 2.-Wlth Mayer
bringing In six runs with tno circuit clouts
and Spiers contributing another. Cornell de-'
feated Maryland State hero to-day, 10 to o.
Once with two on Mayer hit to far left, nnd
In the eighth with tho aacks full repeated.
The score :
ab r h o a e! wrh o n
Splers.2b 42 1 2 3 lR.K'de.3b. 2 00 1 ) 1
Wolf.rf.- r.ll 1 X0 R.K'do.lb. 40 1 1 00
Kns'th.lf. 331 2 OOlltlggji.as... 40 1 4 l
Mayer.lb 5 3310 0 01 Ilatley.c... 4 0 0 7 2 1
Cross.cf. 40 1 1 0 0'Pag'ct.lf.. 30 1 1 0 0
Frttz,3t.. 302 .1 1 OjIla.rrall.rf 400 0 OO
Cowan.ss 3 00 1 QO'Klso'nb, 40 1 1 2 1
Wlncor.c 400 7 1 OIHnyder.rf. 300 1 po
Mal'ey.p. 4110 .1 Oi Nlabet.p... 30 1 D jO
Totals.33 10 10 27 8 21 Totals. . .31 0 ,1 24 7 4
Cornell 0 0 3 0 3 0 0 4 x-10
Maryland State... 000000000 0
First ba on errors Cornell. 3: State, 2.
Passed balls-Balley (2). Two base hits
Uiseman. Home runs Mayer (2), Spiers.
1 1 Us Off Maloney. 3; off Nlsbet. 10. struck
out By Maloney, 7; by Nlsbet, ll. llaae-s on
balls-Off Maloney, 2: off Nlsbet. 4. WJld
pitch NlsbcU Hit by pitcher By Maloney,
1 (S. Knode). Stolen bases Knsworth,
Mayer, Frits. Left on bases Cornell. 7:
State. 7. Sacrifice hltsPaganuccl. Tims
of game 2 hours. Umplro Courneen of
At Watcrbury
R. II. E.
. 7 10 4
. 6 12 5
Springfield :
ifatterirs ocwan. Dim. bwu
Meytrjack and Siilnault.
. . : ii fin. ..M.i
R. II. E.
. 1. IB 1.1 1
New Haven - , 3
Batteries Marquis, aiangrero ana riKcrie;
nMar -if! Wilson.
(Second game; 12 Innings)
New Haven
Batteries-Horn and Klkerle
Rt Urldufcort
R. H. E.
...2 S 1
... 1 T 3
Bender and
It. It. E.
... I 1! 3
Worcester .
Batteries Lannon ana hs.ui; iiennen, ooi
ley and Tyler.
At Plttsfleld- R. II. E.
Hartford 11 J;'
Plttsfleld 1 8
Battcrlet-Brailll, Rleger. Jordan and Ilay
den: jjhemian and Kelly.
American and National League Records.
'ew York. 8; Washington, 1 (first game).
Washington, 7! New York, 6 (secood
ndcago, 7: St. Lnnls, 3.
Cleveland, 8; Detroit, S.
Oilier trams were not scheduled.
Played. Won. Lost. P. '.
... 3D 27 12 .892
...41 23 1H .811)
...38 22 18 J179
... 39 21 18 .838
...40 20 20 .580
Cleveland. . . .
New Yerk
Washington. .
St. Lools 37 11 23 .378
Philadelphia 40 in ..w.v
Detroit 38 12 20 .318
Philadelphia In New Yerk. I New York In Boston.
Boston In Washington. I Brookbn In Philadelphia),
1 Cincinnati in rittsburg.
Use Four Pitchers and Win
j by 6 to 4.
Special to Tns Hurt Ann Nsw Yonic Hkialp.
PiiiLAOBLnifA, June 3. The Dodgers'
winning spurt which brought them fo
first placo ended hero- this afternoon
when they were beaten by tho tall end
Phillies, 6 to 4. Tho Phillies used four
pitchers In halting tho hustling nggre
gallon from Klatbuah. Cecil Causey
started for Cravath's men. Then cama
Welnert, Gallia nnd (leorgo Smith. Tho
last named entered tho gnme In tho
ninth, when tho Dodgers had three men
071 the bases nnd two out. The only
batter he pitched to was retired.
Leon Cadoro was the first of three
Dodger slnbster to perform, and ho
was knocked off tho slab In the fourttl.
Mlljus succeeded him nnd gave way
to a pinch' hitter In the eighth lnnnlng.
Sherrod Smith finished the game for tho
The Dodgers found Causey for four
hits nnd three runs during his stay on
the slab. In tho third frame the Phil
lies got three runs. Wrlghtstaie-, bat
ttlng for Causey, singled nnd scored on
Bancroft's double. Stengle's slnglo sent
Bancroft home. After Casey had died
stenllng, Mousel hit Into the bleachers
for a home run.
In the fourth Inning, after Paulette
had singled, R. Miller's sacrifice and
Wltherow's single netted the Phillies an
other tally. Cadore was replaced by
Mllus, who went nlong smoothly until
the eighth, when doubles by Bancroft
and Williams gave the Phillies their
final count.
The Dodgers failed to hit at oppor
tune moments. They had tho bases filled
In the sixth, eighth nnd ninth, but scored
only In tho eighth when Welnert passed
McCabe and forced Mitchell over the
Tommy Griffith played hla first game
of the season In right field for the
Dodgers. He made two hits. His sacri
fice fly In the third scored McCabe. The
score :
ab r h
Olson. as. 3 1 2
NeU.lf.. 100
M'C'be.lf 2 1 0
J'ston.Sh 4 0 t
Myers.cf. 4 1 1
O'flth.rf. 4 0 2
Mlfll.lb. 3 1 2
K'd'ff.2b .10 1
Kr'ger.c. 2 0 0
Cadore.p 2 0 0
Mlljus.p. 1 0 0
Grimes. 10 0
S.Sml'h.p 00 0
(N.) 1 rniLA. in 1
one abrhooe
2 2 1 B'crof t.ss 3 a ;i ii -1 11
n III W'ums.cf 40 1 8
2 0 OSt'ngel.rf.
02 2
1 I I
0 0 1
2 3 0 Meusel, ir. 1
3 iitHJ.MII'r.'Jb 4
n ivi'n'rte.lh 4
1 211
i nin AtiiT .ib :t
00 0 20
0 0Vlth'ow,c .1
1 OlCausey.p. 0
OlltW'stone. 1
01 1 00
0 0 0 2 0
110 00
on o oo
oo n oo
oo o oo
1 OtWnert.D.
0 OiGallla.p. .
1 0 G.Sm'li.p.
Totals. 32 1 921 0 21 T'tals 32 All 27 111
Batted for Mlljus In eighth Inning.
tBatted for Casey 111 third Inning.
Brooklyn 0 t 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 0-4
Itilladelphla 1 0 3 1 0 0 1 0 x-fl
Two base hits-Griffith, Johnston, Stengel,
Bancroft (2), Paulette. Williams. Home
run Meusel. Sacrifices Kllduff 121, John
aton, Griffith. U. Miller. Double plays-Olson
and Kllduff: Mlljus. Johnston, ONon.
Johnston and Kllduff. Ltft on bases
Brooklyn. 14. Philadelphia. 4. Bass on
bulla Off Mlljus. 1; off Causey, 1; off
Welnert, .1. off Oallla. 3. Hits Off Cadore,
8 In 3 1-3 innings; off Mlljus. 3 In 3 2-3 In
nings; off S. Smith, nono In 1 Innlns; off
Casey. 4 hi 3 Innings, off Welnert. 4 la
4 2-3 Innings: off Gallia, 1 In 1 Inning; oft
O. Smith, none In 1-3 Inning. Struck out
lly Cadore. 1: by Welnert, I. Wild pitch
Causey. Winning pitcher Wclort. Losing
pitcher Cadore. Umpires Kltm and Ems
llo. Tlmo of game 2 hours nnd 3 minutes
ST. LOUIS, June 2 (American) .-Chieago
drove Wellman from the box In the first In
nlnjc to-day, hit Vangllder freely and de
feated St. Louis, 7 to 3. The score:
ab r h o a e ab r h o a e
Lelbold.rf 3 1 1 0 0 O.Tobln.rf... 5 1 2 1 0 0
KCol's,2b 4 10 3 O'edeon.2b. 4 11 12 1
Wver.3b. 4 12 0 1 0 Slsler.lb. . 4 02 11 0 0
Jaek'n.ir. 3 2 1 3 0 OlJacob'n.cf 4 00 3 00
Felsch.rf. ftp 2 3 0 01
J.Cora. lb 3 1 2 14 1 Oj
Rlsb'u.ss. 4 1 1 2 2 0!
Schalk.c. 4 0 0 1 0 0
WlU'ms.lf. 1 0 0 2 0 0
Austln.3b. 4 0 1 3 2 0
Gerber.ss. 4 00 0 3 0
Severeld.c 4 0 0 3 0 0
Well'an.p. 0 0 0 0 1 1
VanuU'r.p 2 1 0 0 4 0
Smith.... 100 8 00
Clcotte.p. 40 1 1 2W
Totals.,407 13 27 12 0
Totala...33 3 27 12 2
Baited for Vangllder In the ninth Innlns
Chicago 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 0-7
St. Louis 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 03
Two base bit BJsbere. Tfireo base hit
Weaer. Home run Toblrf; Stolen bases
K. Collins, Weaver. Sacrlflre Weaver.
Doublo play Vancllder. Austin and Slsler.
Left on bases Chicago, 8: St. Louis, 7.
Bases on balls Off Clcotte, 4: off Wellman,
1. Hits Off Wstlman. 3 In 1-3 innlntr (ooe
out In the first). Struck out By Clcotte, 1;
by VancUdcr, 1. Losing pitcher Wellman.
Umpires Connolly and Morlarty. Time ot
came l hour and 27 minutes.
CAMBRIDGE. Mass., Juno 2.-Cllfonil.i
drove Babo Belton from tb box In the sev
enth Innlntf. and In the ninth found K.htb
Goode for three- hits, which with two errors,
scored th four runs which Bavo them a
10 to n victory over Harvard on Soldiers'
Field this afternoon. Tho acoro:
ab r h o A e ab r U n a e
Conloius 4 014 1
3 3 2 0 1 1
lt'IIock.cf 4 1 0 0 0 0
.1 1 1 11 2 0
n'm'ns.2b 4 0 1 4 1 Ol
Jones.lb.. 3 11 fl 1 01
Hudson.'.'!) S22 2 4 0
Rohwer.lf. 4 12 1 0 0
HTvelLrr. 3 10 1 0 1
4 10 3 11
r-Kham.lf 4 11 o 0 01
Ilowe.rf . .
4 11 1 00
301 4 33
I.lncm.3b zii 2 31
Blalr.e... 300 10 1 0EIIIson.p
400 1 21
3 10 I 51
selton.p.. 10 0. o 2 0 White,;
i.oone.p. . l u u u i o
Perkins.. 101 0 0 01
Totals..37 10 9 2717
Totals..30S(I 27 10 3
Batted for Goode In ninth Inning.
California 20000040 410
Harvard 1 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 0 S
Two bs lilts Krothlrieham, Dexter.
Home nin-llohwer. Stolen bases Rohwer,
Hudson. Myers. Sacrifice1 hits Blair. Fellon,
Lincoln. Maktn. Jones. Hits Off Felton, fl In
six Innings (pitched to five men In seventh) ',
off Ellison, 0 In nine Innings: off Goode, 3 In
three Innings. Bases on balls Off Felton 3.
off Ellison 4. off Goode 1. HU by pltrhed
ball By Felton (Myers). Struck out By Fel
ton 3. by Ellison 4. by Gooda 1. Wild
pitches Ellison 3. Felton 2. Winning pitcher
Ellison. Losing pitcher Goode. Umpire
Dan Barry and Jack Stafford. Time of
game 2 hours ami 10 minutes.
At New Orlenns-T Jl, H. E.
Mobile 4 t n
New Orleans j 7 0
Batteries Walker and Dcberry; Hald and
At Birmingham Tl. IL E.
Birmingham 0 13 3
Atlanta 1 S 2
Batteries Cofflndaffer and Peters; 8b.ee
turn, Morris and Hagor, Powell.
At Nlshvllle rt. II. B.
NashvlIIa .1 9 2
Chattanooga 1 a 4
Batteries Mels and Jonnard; Noel and
At Llttlo Rock R. H. j;.
Little Rock 3 s o
Memphis 0 4 0
Batteries Robinson and Brottem; Vance
and Meyers. (Called end of sixth; rain.)
NEW IIAVEV, Conn., June 2. Harvey S
Rted ot Reading, Pa., to-night was elected
captain of tha Yale University track team
for next year. lie Is a half mller and cap
tain or thla year'a cross-country team.
Williams B. Marshall of South Dennis,
Mass., was elected track maaager.
Boston, tl New York. 1.
Philadelphia,-; Brooklyn, 4.
ClnKlnnatl, 3; Chicago, 3.
St. Louis, 8; rittsbarg, 2.
Woa. Last. P. C.
2.1 .Id .lit
1.1 .893
21 M .371
19 10 .300
18 19 .488
19 rt .483
1 23 ..393
13 23 .373
Cincinnati. ..
St. Louis....
New York. ..
. ... 48
Copyright, l:o, lu The Buz.Zirald Corporation.
LAST, winter, followlnc the transfer of Babo Iluth from tho Red Sox
to the Yankees and later during the nprlng training aensmi tho oft
repented nucry among baseball men was, "Will Habe Iluth keep on
hitting os he did In 1919?" It was tiro favorlto subject wherever basoball
players ami critics gathered, nnd It always mado Kd Barrow laugh. "That
bird will hit them moro offen and further this year than last," the Boston
manager Bald. Now Iluth la engaged In tho delectable and admirable work
of proving that Barrow was a real prophet. Thus far In 1920 Iluth lias
played In thirty-five games. lie was out of a number of contests with
Injuries and a short attack of the grip. Yet ho has managed to make
fifteen homo rims an averago of two for each flvo games played, and a
record never before even approached or dreamed of.
How docs Ruth's homo run hitting this year comparo with that of
1919, when ho set a new major league record of twenty-nine In 130 games,
nnrl n,n,,n,l ,,n ...1,1, ..,. n' 7907 1 1010 Ttlltll tllnVPll hlS thirty-
fifth emtio on June 10 It will be remembered that tho season was stnrted j
late. On that date he had hit only four home runs-agalnst Mogrldge. I
r..,v.ne n nA n Ti.. vu . vot nn oront tnllc of his going ,
after tho Freeman nnd Williamson
Is hlttlnir more home runs this vear
to four. Ho Is driving out nearly four times ns ninny homo runs In 1920
and his general average has not suffered, for he Is hitting .318, as com-1
pared with an almost similar figure for tho first thirty-live games oi mm
season. It Is altogether probable that Iluth will smash out fifty home
runs this year and set a record whleh only he will bo able to Bhoot at.
There Is only one Iluth. We were golifg to say that there lb likely to
bo only ono Iluth, but It may be that some other ago will bring forth an
even greater producer of prodigious wallops. Just now there la room for
Kllbnne's Jest About Picking a 'cw Featherweight Champion.
Says Johnny Kllbanc, world's featherweight champion: "I am going
to retire. I am planning a way to appoint a successor to my title." Granted,
of course, that Kllbane Is sincere In his announcement of retirement, this
Is all very Intercstms Indeed. It Is particularly interesting to note that
Kllbane Intends to name the manner In which the vacant championship
shall be filled. Perhaps Johnny Intends to present tho title to some worthy
featherweight of poor but honest parents. But seriously, does Kllbane really
believe that In the event that he does retire It will be his privilege to say
how the new champion shall be selected or to give tho title to somebody?
If ho holds such a belief ho Is duo for a rude awakening.
In so far as the world's championship is concerned It would bo for
tho International Boxing Union to say how It should be filled. As for the
American featherweight title It would be for the Army, Navy and Civilian
Board to conduct a series of elimination bouts for tho championship. The
travesty of prt-sentlns a title has been tried without .success by various
champions. Jlra Jeffries tried to give the heavyweight title to Marvin Hart
and we all know how that turned out. We believe that Joe Gans onco
perpetrated a similar Joke, with George Memslc as the recipient of the
lightweight honors. Jim Corbctt onceplckeil out Steve O'Donnell as the
man to whom he would present the title, but Peter Malicr .In the next two
minutes proceeded to knock Steve cold. Ring history contains many another
Joke of a similar nature. Champions never have had the right to name
their successors, anil Kllbane knows that we are not going to start giving
them that privilege now. s
Another English Derby (Iocs to an Outsider.
The one hundred and forty-Orst Derby has gone down into history, and
apraln an outsider has gained the coveted honor. Splon Kop, which won
yesterday, paid 100 for 6. The classic has been the medium for many a
victory for a lone shot. H. B. Duryea's Durbar II. was fyt 20 to 1 when
he won for his American owner in 1914. Richard Croker's Orby was ot
100 to 9 when he won In 1907 and Rained for the Tammany chieftain the
distinction of having been refused the handshake of King Edward VII.
William C. Whitney, father of Harry Payne, was another American who
won the Derby, but he scored with a horse which he had leased Volodyovskl.
Had Lady Meux raced Volodyovskl In her own name she would have been
the first woman to f?aln that honor. As It was lr was left for Lady Douglas
to earn the distinction In 1918, when her Oalnsborough, the favorite, won
the war Derby at Newmarket Tetratenvi, the favorite yesterday, evidently
proved that he could not stay.
Jcrey City, 7; Reading, 2.
Baltimore, 10; Syracuse, 1.
Huffnlo. 7: Rochtstcr. 4.
The Toronto-Akron game was postponed on
account of rain.
W. L. P.C.I W. L. P.C.
Buffalo.... 29 10 .741IRendIng. . . . IS 20 .471
Toronto.... 23 11 .(Ml (jersey City. 13 22 .403
Baltimore.. 23 13 .B2.1llochester. . 13 23 .373
Akion IS 18 .500!Syrcuse. ... 9 30 .231
Reading In Jersey City.
Syracuse In Baltimore.
Toronto In Akron.
Buffalo In' Rochester.
At Jersey City- It. II. E.
Jersey City 0 3D 00400 x 7 S 3
Reading 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 4 3
Batteries Karp and Kountck, Carlson and
At Baltimore- R. If. E.
Baltimore 2100301 . 1 x-M 18 1
Syracuse OOOOOOIOo-l fl 2
Batteries Ensnian and Niebergall; Frank
and Lefler.
At Rochester R. IF. E.
Buffalo .1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 7 4
Rochestsr (1 1 0 0 0 0 0 ll 3 4 10 4
Batteries Janws and Druggy: Burflehl and
The track muail of thu. Nw York Athletic
Clubi was slreiurthened considerably yester
day by th addition of Al Dolder, tho former
West SldrtY. 31. C. A. mlddla distance run
rer who Joined the. Mercury I'o"l organiza
tion. Dolder whllo wearlnir the colors of
the West Side association won many races
In A. A IT. rnmuotltlon at a 1.00O yards and
f80 yards. Dolder will sport the colors of
his now arganlzation next Saturday attw
mwin nt tii New York A. C. games at
Tntvers Island. 'Other atliletes who changed
registrations yesterday were Hyman Gold
man of the Boys Club ti unattached. Joseph
V, Ryan from unattached to the Glencoe
a . r. . Morris Zucker from tho Clark House
A. A. to unattached and Kddla Himdberg
from the New Iiaveu a. a 10 ina aioin
Ingxtda A. (1
Al Indianapolis- R. H. E.
St. Paul 3 - i
Indianapolis j ..... ... 1 0
Batteries Williams, Hall and Ilargraves;
Caret and Gossett.
At Louisville-- ' R. rT, K.
Louisville 1" J3 2
Milwaukee 10 2
Batteries Miller, Gearbi and Gaston;
catur and Kocher
At New Haven, Conn. Yale. 10; Holy
CASCambrlde. Masa.-Callfornla. 10; liar
I .. A K
jt ,ew 10rK Ldiumuia, u. ciu ,.,,
At Ithaca, IS. 1. uorneu, iu. .unrjjuuu
8 At''rr'ir.ceton. N. J. -Crescent A. C, J;
I'rincetin, 3 (10 innings).
At West Point. N. Y.-Colgate. 8; Army. 4.
Sjedol to Tita Scn ami Nnw Tonic 'Hkbalp.
unit .inpi.mitA. Po.. June 2. Horry
Greb of Pittsburg used Clar Turner,, the St.
Paul Indian, as a punching bag in an eight
round bout hare to-night. Greb. weighed ICQ
nnrf Turner 173 Dounds.
Greb tried for a "K. O.." but Turnpr man-
. .i rn tnv tha limit. Johnny Murray riiv
Ished Artla'Root In the fifth round of their
scheduled six rounu ooui.
iriitnr Snenrer won. the auarter mile cliam-
DlonshlD. tho first of a aeries of twelvo
races to decide the title at the Newark
v.tnitrnms last nlcht. Soencer defeated Ed
die Madden. Ray Katon and Frank Kramer
In the order namea. Aitreu iKiuiiet iuu ive
gle McNamara defeated Orlando Tlanl and
Oscar Kgg In two straight hcata of a ono
mile team matcli.
1600 pairs of Low Shoes
Cordovan and Norwegian Grain
Were $12.00 to $15.00
records. It becomes evident that Iluth
than he did Inn hi the ratio of fifteen
Slerrtt, Plnylna; Willi Crescent A.
C, Heats Ills Alinn Mntcr.
Sfircial o The Sun anp Nbw Yonn Heoalp.
Princeton. Jf. J., Juno 2. Tho Cres
cent Athletic Club's baseball nine de
feated Princeton herp to-day In a close
ly contested game lasting ten innings by
the score of 4 to 3.
Nicholas, first tip In the Crescent A.
C.'s half of the tenth, singled to rijrnt.
Watson mishandled the ball and the
runner continued to third. Sterett, a
former Tiger captain, defeated his Alma
Mater when he contributed a timely
slngjo over second, Nicholas scoring the
winning tally. The score:
ab r h o a el ab r h o a e
Lef're.ss 200 2 4 0iStrul'g,cf 313 I 0 1
iieam.cr. ., n ! 4 i) m.ee,rr. . . . aw i i iiij
M'lmn.tlb 411 1 0 llWatnon.rf 2 n 0 2 02
Nlch's.lU r. 3 2 7 2Trl'hte,ss, 311 2 SO
8tcrRtt.lt 30 3 1 (lOlFlslu-r.e . 3 0 1 II 1 1
Klnn'y,2b 50 1 4 1 OlM'Nm'a.lf 401 2 00
B'nard.rt 4 0 0 0 0 0Jt'I'heo,2b 4 0 0 4 111
Wllhwr.c. 4 00 11 1 (MConk.lli . 312 S 00
Kasail.p. 4 02 0- 4 0 Garrlty,.1b 4 02 1 0 1
iLjons.p.. 4 00 3 OO
Totals. 3S 4 0 30 12 21
I Totals.. 30 3 11. 10 7 II
Crescent A. C. . 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 11 i
Princeton 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0-3 I
Two bas hlta Nicholas, (Sorrily. Three
baso hit Cook. Left on bases Crescent
A. C. 7. Karned runs Crescent A. 1 1
Princeton, 2. Buses on balls Off Lyons, 3.
Struck out Hy Pagan, 8: by Lyons. 5.
Pased boil Fisher. Wild pltrli-l'ngan.
Double plays MocPhea ta Coolc; Trlrabla to
Cook. Umpire Weslarrelt.
LONDON. Juna 2. Several American golf
players who have entered tho British ama
teur championship tournament dpuned an
active campaign of practice over tho Wal
ton Heath courae, Surrey, yesterday. Soma
of tha players, especially Bobert Gardner1
anil Nelson Whitney, ptotd most convincing
games, says Mia London Times. Whitney j
made a- remurldable score ot 74, nlthougli he
bad a seven on' his card. Gardner engaged
lit a four ball match and had. a card of 72.
So long was his drive at. tho fourteenO!
hole, measiirinn 333 yards- that he wis
onljTIi few yards short of the pin.
Conalstlni; ot
Both Fresh and Seasoned Stock
nicnsrtAY. juxe a,
with tha usual varied list or complete busi
ness outfits, wagons, harness, c.
Galesburg Horse & Mule Co.,
Galesburg, 111.
Carload of Illinois Horses.
Hera aro twenty-eight head of animals
ranging from 1.200 to l.fOO lbs. each, ae
lectoJ by a well known, shipper, one who Is
thoroughly familiar with rcqulroments of
this market. Ha wires- us this consignment
Is one ct tho best shipped this year, with
plenty of weight, finish and quality.
All warranted horses sold "subject to trial
up to noon Saturday.
Jtoney back then If animal proves other
than as represented.
FOrt sale, 13 Shetland anil Welsh ponies, 4
donkeys. Governess rara, pony traps and
harness an pony saddles anil brlillen: also
0 cowboy saddles. WEIR. 432 East 33d St..
city. Telephone I'laza "210.
FOR aale I'alr young farm horses, each $33;
tram dapplu grajs. warranted, 1,430, each
fl.V); light horses, i'O upward; hand-iome.
Shetland pony runabouts; alto mint anil
Vord car. In good eomlltlon. MUTUAL
ROOFING CO.. WW Fultoo St., Brooklyn.
I'hona I'rospect 10123. I
Kumagae, Richards, Beck
man and Stoddart Unbeaten.
With ono exception the four men who
camo through to tho wml-flnnls ot tho
Iiastcrn New York fitato tennis cham
pionship nt tho Amacknssln Country Club
yesterdny had been fnvorcd from tho
first to reach that round. Toe exception
Is Richard S. titoddnrt of tho homo club,
whoso victories over strong opponents
In tho enrly rounds had attracted so
much nttention In the tournnment. Sev
eral days aso a triumph for Stoddart
over Klllott H. Hlnzen would havo been
classed as nn upset, but coming ns It
did yesterday, nfter the Amncliasnh
champion had proved the sterling nual
Ity of his game, It was no especial sur
prise to the gallery.
Htoddart, plnylng with a dash and
skill that drew continued applause, de-
tenicu uinztn by a score of 52, t 4,
"ml now himself bracketed with
Vlnt "'w. the young national
ar champion, H tho semi-
final. Richards rflsnoscd of Herhlrf L.
Bowman yesterday in a match that saw
the winner at his best. In the other
,af of the draw Ichlya Kumngac, third '
on the Amerlcnn rnnklng list, Is to meet I
Leonard Ilcekmnn to-day for the riht
to contest the title round on Saturday.
Kumngao scored over Frederick C An- j
uerson, recent winner of the Harlem
open slngl's, who forced the Japanese, to
extend himself to take tho match at
75, 83, while Bcekman eliminated
Alex Her In an extrn set affair, In which
the former after a losing; first set struck
hl best (rait and outgenernlled and out
steadied Ills opponent In the second and
third. The summary:
Kastem New Ynrlr Mint Tannlu Pimm.
plonshlp, Women's Singles, Third Bound
Mlsa Bessie Helden won from Sirs. Na
thaniel Dnln by default: Mrs. Irtgo Hart
man defeated .Mrs. n. De Crsdorf. r 7.
82, 7-5; Mrs. Benjamin V. Ilrlggs defeated
.urs. naniuei waring, o B, li 3, o :t.
Women's Double. First Bound Mrs. L.
O. .Morris and Mrs. 11. V. Ilrlggs defeated
Mrs. H. Wolff and Mrs. It. Lehman, 8-1,
rt-0; Mrs, W. jr. Prltchard and Mrs. B.
Stem, Mrs. S. Waring and Mrs. H. V.
Lynch, Mrs. (. Blanchard and Mrs. G. De
Ocrsdorf is on by default.
Socond Hound Mrs. Percy Wllbotirn nnd
Mrs. n. II. lllrsch defeated Mrs. a. Hallcr
and Mrs. A. Lehman. 01, 0-4.
Msn's Singles, l'Kth Bound Leonard
Bcekman defeated Alexander Her. 3 d. 01.
8-0! Vincent Richards defeated Herbert I
1 low man. u 1, 0 3; Ichlya Kumagae de
feated Frederick C. Anderson, 75, 03;
ltlchard 8. Stoddart defeated Klllott 11.
Blnzcn, 02, (t I.
A fine of $200 and a week's suspension
compose the aentenco visited upon Hob Hbaw
key (or SHincIng on Umnlie lllld'brand. Han
Johnson decided yesterday to mako the (Ine
io nunoreit oartwlieeu. snawkey is eugmie
to-day. Tho punishment Is not severe, but
It Li to be hoped It teaches Its lesson.
"How many home runs liava the Yankees
made this year?'" Al Monro Kllas was asked
yesterdny. "Twenty-al," was the answer,
but scarcely were the words uttered than
Iluth caught hold and made It twenty-seven.
John McCraw It slrk abed at his home In
this city, which Is why ho Insn't been with
the Giants lately.
Clyde Milan. llk George Buras ot the
(Hants, ncvt:r received do credit for being
the star fielder that ho Is.
It h to b hoped those who control the
Polo Grounds never build a doublo decker all
the way round. The light Is nono too good
there now for tho players, and they would
be handicapped severely with any moro high
Whatever Hugglns's reason were for using
Ward as a pinch hitter In preference to
Vlck, the move didn't pan out. A manager,
however, has but one guess.
Botween games yesterday a bug whose ac
tions Indicated that ho was lit up strolled
aerenely out on the. diamond to examine sec
ond base. Nick .tltrock had some fun with
nun. at which he became very much pcuv.eil
and finally was lifted out of the arena by a
special cop.
J.irk Dlllla. a semi-pro catcher, who played
football and baseball at Iloly Cross, has ,be,ea
signed by the Cleveland club.
Facts and Figures
We can show you how
and why the Harley
Davidson will make
your parcel deliveries at
le?s than half the cost
per mile of any other
delivery service.
.Motorcycle with roomy side-van.
40 to 00 miles per gallon of gaso
line; 800 miles per gallon of oil;
5000 to 0000 miles per set of tires.
Easy .payments if desired. Call
or write for catalorue. Open
week days until 9 P. M. Sundays
and holidays until noon.
Harley-Daridio'n Sales Co.,
S33-KK West 110th St.,
Near Broadway
Bronx Branch:
Webster Ait., ror. 163th St,
Auto Tire Specials 3 Days Oily
Biggest Saving Ever Offered in Standard, Relfabie
Goodyear Ribbed Cords, Q. D. Clincher. 35x5, $31,75
Lee (Blemished) Q. D. Clincher, 32x3j.1, 32x4, 3fe
35x5, 37x5, $14.50 to $25
Firestone Cords, 33x5, 35x5, 36x4, 37x5 30to 40
Cords, 30x33, 32x3, 31x4, 32x4, 33x4, $15 to $23
Royal Cords, Ribbed", U. S. Tire Co. (Blemished),
32x4, 33x5, 35x5 Discount 40
General Cords (Blemished), 35x5, 36x4, 37x5 Aa
Lot of Republic Tires, 37x5-$20
Tires 31x4, 33x4, Firsts, $15.50 and $17.50
1st Quality, Guaranteed, 30x3, 30x3W (List $21.35,
$26.10) at $12.50 and $15"
Other Ford Sizes, $8 to $12
500 Used Tires, $6, $7, $8, $10, $12; Some Big Bargains
Jandorf Automobile Co., Tire Department
Psrtal.'llshiil In lMMi. Telrrhnro Clrrlu 247K
1681 Broadway, Corner 53d St.
II, VltwrW
n,tor tl.
Reals 0. Wright. Waller M. Rail
Richards, Idiljn Kumarae, Theodore
I'tll, lunarl licckmnii, S. How
low aid Voiliull
lh proinliKj
In ths rabies.
nan Dean Matney aro among '
ulaytrs ho will rnmucte I
robin Imitation doubles tournament of th
(lleen Mradnw Country Club at llarilanil
N. Y., on Saturday and Sunday l.e Union
n, uuinrii miiiuuirro lor inv rniu jesierj
day Hint tho tournament would bo playT'l
on clay t'nuiis, ns it nas nirii inipoaimie
in litl tna luri into roiu.iuu.i
RAMIIRirXli:. Mass., Juno 2 -Tho Unl.
ver.ilty of California lann tennis Irani Hu-
fcntul r-o Harvard tram here tn-daj, .1
mnli'hes to I. -III
Some pray for fine
weather, others spray ior
What's it matter?
"Scotch Mists" do for
both. Light weight over
coats of misty Scottish
mixture s rainproofecL
Ideal for Summer motorJ-
Fit for the gods ! ' ,!
Suits tn fit Anollo BelveJ
J A 1 il. - U
ueres. titu uie ncdi-j
Apollos! Plenty at $50 j
and $60.
Straw hats.
, i ijj
where they touch the head.i?
Sporting Goods. Sum".j;
er furnishings. AlMy
leather oxfords.
Livery! Miles and miles
of satisfaction or yout
money back.
'Rtghtertd Trademark
Rogers Peet Company-
at 13th St.
at Warren
at 34th St
Fifth Ave!'
at 41st St.
The Largest Tiro Stock In New fori?
All Standard Make; Sweeping IleducttoJfe
10..-n l'yrcon Fire Kxtlngnlsher. 7.60
$3 Kunning Hoard Pump. $2.93; JI arras)
(luns. 30c,
s Jacks. 4.'J5 $1.30 3-mln. Viilranliers. flflrtf
Ij Tire CoTcrs,i 11.23 TJ Running JloarM
Slat. 9.V-.
1 1 wr a TJP arv m asi 4-v mm m V m m '
jri.uis.umu" iiiscsf
aiotor uoat supplies at Lowest rnccsc
E. J. Willis Co., 85 Chambers Sf
Morton W. Smith Co.
19 West 44th- Si. Murray Hill ID
PACKARD, 1918, Hcaly Brougham
LOCOMOBILE, 1916, 7p Touring!
LOCOMOBILE, 1916, Limousine
MURRAY, 1918, 4 pass. Sedan'
MURRAY, 1917, Landaulet
S. G. V., 1915, Brougham
LANCIA, 1915, Landaulet
Authorized Exchange Dealers'
Glidden Motor and Supply Co.
239 West 58th St.
Goo door lasL at Droadirav
1 1

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