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. I the lew. aa repreentd by the fit tild-
PTIT DDTTG TW fAIIOWl " nrJnr car. to take lu
UULlilllU III VnUIUIS'Polnt1 eourae. But lUUm'. con-
w ' -icienee I native, to Maaaaehuaetta with
to top create! to .S'ew iUmpthlre. and
ce plnche-l the outfit for hltdtif It at
thirty-five mile.
Preaestly. at tnothr rpe4 manlae
) shot by, he If ft the Suoii men on tnetr
) honor la the road and went after th
' demon rootorcyelltt. ,
I While h wai f on tome one In Sheriff
' Farfth'i car cauabt an Mm. For when
Tor the reawn principally that dartr. Hnm J)mi to
.. . . v i i . Sheriff fmlth lat manacled to him. aad
the le than a year he baa been In of- ,K .rTd..xllA riven that the car-
i - i --
fsl oa IK vy to court room, ana
ltj hatte. obvtouily. excurable. Hallam
Charles Smith of Nassau Co.
and His Aid, Tettit, Feel
Weight of Law.
One Death Also Is Partly At
tributed to It.
flee no oca in N'aaaau county haa rnt
away with murder, the claim of Sheriff
CharJei Smith spn the affeetloni of hit
electorate It very sreat But he wa to
leara ytiterday that there are certain
countlet In thla State vVeitebeer one )
tatuted and let them (to. But when the
cv)fr rmrhA hU home eountr soma
one there rae the wory to the ce-j
'Tea fellowi have hid your Jett." Mid i
of them-ln which he fUnda upon that j Judre BUkMy In tht Toukeri City Court I
quality before the Uw which I. meM t--day "and t -r. wlthyour rrnl-
. . . . . ilon or without It. prf-oe to have
everywhere to Tom Jonei or Dick Rot-1 W( j. -c rctili. ire fiatd IM 1
Icaon or Henry Farnham. ! for rpeedisc. and you. Smith, are re-!
A week ao Sheriff Smith with Deputy mladed that the arm of the law U pre- j
Sheriff Aubrey Pe,ti,-hla chauffeur j
depaty-and two other deputlti wu j matched lu 1th the policeman, you
moteilnr aouth from Elzg Star priaon at boald have thoucht of that."
I o'clock In th eaftereoon. Their car wa ! At ihli point Deputy Pettlt opeced I hit
! r s Hwr I & sw-" " .
Hallam of the traffic aquad. Hallam rtB,nied him that a round dlicretlon
la a rood policeman, but he doei not reti alwaya with Incumbent of the
uffer from an exceu of Imartnatlon. Judicial bench : that when one hai ruled ;
I livelier minded copper ml.ht 'J.HsKt
reflected that Belmont Park ilea almoit j ir d:oount In Wertcheattr
due aouth froai Toakerf, and that th'tona.
The wave fckh tarried the hotted
breath of the teaton cauied to per
aoca to be overcome, and probably con
tributed jfsierday to the death of
Michael Daclk). II ears old. of ltl
Fourteenth avenue. Brooklyn. DanUo
wai drowned In the ocran at the
of Oteaa Parkway. Coney lalaad.
The humidity kept advandnr throuta.
cut the afternoon, and rearhed St at t
P. SI, after which a declinisr wove
meet of the tube was noticed. The wai
btran operatlar )rt after S:( A. U.
when the bulb marked tl, the reoJnt
hor ef the day. At neon the tem
perature waa T7.
Daniioir and too chunu. William and
Walter Clearer, went to Oita Park
way with bathinr iuiu onder their
treet ciothei. and raced to ft ho
would be fint into tie water. D-rJlow
beat the other, and diied from the
jetty. Hla bedy aj not feen after he
truck the water It It believed the
undertow carried the body out.
Bow Lcn. a Ch!nte. as found over
come In his laundry, at IT) Third ate
nue. South Brooklm He was taken to
Queens County HorpiuL An unidenti
fied man about ii ears old, collapted
while waiving in Wuhlsrton street, and '
was taken to VoiuiUeer HorpiUL He had
. - Ia-1. r - 1 w .
Squnbblcs Open Trial of Dr.
Mordorf, Principal of P. S.
139, Brooklyn.
a ring wr.h the initials,
condition '. serious.
M P." Hit
The trUI of Dr. Oliver C. Mordorf,
prtsclpal of Public S:hool 1JJ. Brooklyn,
accutsed f havlr.ff hurred and kissed
Mary Elizabeth Woolwy. a thirteen-
ytar-oM pupil In his school, opened last
nieht before the local school board of
the Flatbtjih district ui Erasmus Hall
Hirh School. The trial prod iam
rompa.--i with the dlMIor- which
arose within th board as to whether
the public should b permitted to at
!rar.cU J. Sullivan, a lrnyer. miin
UlneJ that everybody. Includlnc r-wj-paper
men. should b excluded. Arthur
G. Dor, president of In board, him
self a newspaper man. thereupon ten
dered hla reslsiKUIon Then the Kev.
Dr J. Krederkk Brrr, pastor of the Flat
bush Dutch Reformetl fhurth, said that
the acceptance of such a reelrnation
would be a UmentaWe affair and
offered a resolution opcnlnc the trial to
th press hut not to the reneral public,
which was adopted.
.'o sooner had the trial started than
arvothr squabble beaan William J. Mc
Arthur, a triend of the Woolsey family,
anttd to a-ic outions of the witnesses.
Denla (TBrien counsel for Dr. Mordorf.
objected on the .round that Eliot 8.
Benedict, Assistant Corporation Counsel,
wai to conduct th prosecution. When
that difficulty was adjusted witnesses
were colled.
They included Mra. Edna Woolaey.
mother of Mary Elliabeth; Mr. Woolsey,
the child herself and Jamea J. Rey
nolds, Dr. Mordorf" Immediate superior.
Slrr. Wool ley testified that on two
occasion her dauthter cam home com.
plalninr that the principal had huatfM
her. and on A third occaalon told her
mother that he had husced and k!sd
her several times that day. She sakl that
when she and her nusband went to the
school and saw Dr. Mordorf he admitted
havinr kled their dauthttr. Mr.
Woolsey told virtually the same iiory.
"Bettr." as the child la called, cried
while her mother testified and broke
don durtnr her own reciuL Her story
differed illrhtly from her mother- In
that she said on on occasion Dr. Mor
dorf had simply told her how pretty sh
Th car hi" V r-uumed to-morrow
evenlnc. Other witnesses to d eailMi
Include teachers who were present when
the ttlrl's parents a.-ui-d vr. Jiordorr
of annoyinc their child. j
Rally Aids University Fond,
A rally luncheon at tho lilltmore Ho
tel brought In JiS.Slo for the New York
University endowment fund campalcn
yesterday. Alexander Steele Lyman,
reneral attorney of the New York Cen
tral Railroad, announced that the rrand
total In the H.UO.000 drive is ST 1.030.
Special attention Is being paid to Wall
Street durfnr the campatrn It was said
1,00 clerks and other employee of the
banking districts are takinu courses at
the university.
flying boat opens
Carries Two Passengers
Initial Trip From Here.
Meeting Ignores Money Col-1 Appeal to Estimate Board
lected for Reserve Force. Under Burlingame Law.
The first trip in what 1U projectors
announced u a retrular triweekly flyins
service to Boston wai made yesterday
afternoon when a fiylnr boat of Aero,
Ltd., covered the SIO mllea to Boston
in three hour and a half.
i til J 111 fcv. -
tin .l.t. I LA Umha
venea .avy ijd-., mm a . -vi-
power Liberty motor, left the foot of J
West Eighty-third street at noon piloted ;
by Harry Borers, wno recently new ine
same "ship" 1.100 mlle-s from Miami to
this city in a day. It carried Mia Helen
MacLean. a traiellnir saleswoman, and
Robert T IJeJIchambera. who were
landed at Commonwealth Pier, Boston,
about J.le P. M. The fare waa tlSO
a paitenrer.
The comtjany plans lines to Albany
and Atlantic City. blde "commutln.
servlce" from Newport and other
Enrland polnu to New York, accordlnr
to C. Nicholas Relnhardt. ceneral pai
senrer arent
Sirs. CnvnPBh Held for Trial.
Mrs. Allc J. Cavanaurh. who became
acquainted with the rent situation as a
volunteer member of the Mayor's Com-
n.-it Trnrttricr. and Is now
accwed of w-lthholdlne J.00 collected j
from tenant durlnr the arbitrament of
...... . la -Mit-,4 rnwa. was arralrced be-1
fore County Judge Glbbs In The Bronx
yesterday. Her plea was not STiilty.
She was continued In IS.0O0 ball for
.-i.i v. Atm .f uKirh has not been f!
inai. .v. ........ .- - - ,
To Indictments are pendlnr aeainst her. j
No action was taken yesterday by tbe
board of .governors of the Aero Club
of America concerning the expenditure
of a fund of llTl.Oll.K collected by the
club to provide for an aerial reserve
force. Criticism has been voiced re
cently over the handling- of this fund by
a committee of which Alan R. Hawley
was chairman and Henry Woodhouse
and Henry A. Wl Wood member.
Col. Jefferson De Mont Thompson,
president of the club, who vis elected
last November, said that both he and
vral members of the board of gov
ernors were not familiar with the facts,
since the fund was co!lted In I'll and
lilt. The first he had beard of it, he
raid, wa from newspaper report.
"The matter ha not been brought to
the attention of th fard of govjnor."
he ald. "We had at the meeting yes
terday, which waa called for another
purpose, one of the most representative
bodies of gentlemen to be found In any
club. I think the character of the gov
ernors 1 well known. If the matter Is
brought to their attention you may de
pend upon It that tbey will go through
It with a fine tooth comb."
'"In view- of the publicity which has
been given to the administration of this
fund do you think the board of gov
ernors will consider the matter.".. he was
"I presume It will be brought up and
attended to later on." he replied.
The Patrolmen' BenevoUct Arta
tlon and the Uniformed Firemen Aji
elation, acting for the first time under
the right granted In the Burlingame a"'
submitted an appeal to the Board of
Kstlmate yesterday asking that in
crease In pay be granted to the Inwtr
ranks of firemen and poUcemen as larg
a those given to the officer.
The petition polnu out that prcer'
age and other method of Increase a -ready
have greatly widened the dis
crepancir and that further purruit of
that policy will "make the men who a'-i
struggling again higher rent and bight
food price more and more djcontct '
They Are Scarce, But We
Have Them.
Light and medium grey Pi'.'t.
They are a ct-ol looking a a
square of ice. and t-t-cau- of
their w--arclty unordlnary
around forty, forty-five and
fifty dollar you wl find yrjr
desire. There are two shades
In a homespun effect, two In a
worsted and wool fabric, pln
did quality and then roor-j "tco
numerou to mention." G. N
VINCENT. Sl4-t:6 6th Ave
near 21st St.
Offers for Sale by Sealed Bids
Barge "Starina." Gross tonna&e 400. Net ton
nage 308. Length 161'3", width 31'. depth 9'6". Dralt.
9'. Built by McAllister S. S. Co. Location: I. M.
Terminal, Philadelphia, Pa.
Barge "Wm. A. Sumner." Gross tonnage 284,
net tonnage 269 Length 140'7", width 33'6". depth
8'7", draft 8'1". Built by McAllister S. 5. Co. Loca
tion: Point House Wharf, Pniladelphia, Pa.
Two Barges. Nos. 514, 521. Gross tonnage 600.
Length 110 tt width 32 ft., depth 10 tt., draft 8 tt.
Built by V. H. Gahagan. Legation: Philadelphia. Pa.
Ten Barges. Nos. 304AT5, 305A75. 306 ATS,
307ATS, 312ATS. 313ATS, 314ATS, 315ATS 316AT5,
317ATS. Gross tonnage 600. Length 110 ft., width
32 ft., depth 10 ft. Built by Henry Steers, Inc. Loca
tion: New York.
Barge No. 7. "Rockland & Rockport." Length
185 ft., width 34 tt. 3 in., depth. 17 ft. l in. Built 1907.
Location: New York City.
Three Wood Barges. Nos 308 ATS, 310ATS
311 AT S, Gross tonnage 600. Length 110 ft., width 32
ft., depth 10 ft. Built by Henry Steers, Inc., Location:,
New York.
No. Crou Tonnage. Length. Wihh. Drpt-H.
Columbia 500 I Iff 32'- '10"
2 403
851 400 85' W V
856 520 I KM' 33T 10'S"
Built by
Henry Steer
bxitd il
New York
Newport News
Forty-Six Scows Nos. 701. 702. 703. 70. 705.
706, 707. 710, 711, 713, 714, 715, 716, 717. 720. 721.
722. 723. 724, 725. 726, 727. 723 729. 730. 731. 73.
735. 736, 738, 740, 741. 742, 745, 753, 764 765, 763.
767, 769. 771. 839. 840. 89. 853. 812. Located at
New York Harbor.
Ten Scows-Nos. 506AT S, 507ATS, 508ATS,
503A7S. 612A1S. 534 , 538. 539, 541. 542. 600 gross
tonnage 110 tt. length, 32 ft. width, 10 ft. depth.
Built bv Atlantic. Gulf & Pacific Co., W. H. Gahasan.
Inc.. Inland W. E. & D. Co. Location: New
No. Deicrlptltn (iro Tonnage Length Width Ilepth
500ATS Scow 600 110' 32' 10'
535.... Scow 600 110' 32' 10'
158.!.. Scow 570 112'4" 33'S" 10'8"
834.... Scow 550 128' 29'9" S'S"
Built by
Inland W. & E. D. Co.
International S. B. & D. Co.
Located at
New York
Newport News
Two French Speed Boats. Used as tenders. Obtained overseas.
Location: Norfolk, Va.
Ono Motor Sailer Launch. No. 5244. Used as tender. Ob
tained overseas. Location: Norfolk, Va.
Two Launche. Nos. 6539, 6543. Used as tenders. Obtained
overseas. Location: Newport News, Va.
" One Navy Barge. No. L-159. Used as a tender. Obtained over
seas. Location: Norfolk. Va.
Motor Launch. No. 4804. Motor Sail, Navy type. 36' length.
10 beam. Gas Screw Engines. 3 cycle, 2 cylinder. Navy standard,
carries 70 passengers. Wood. General repairs needed.
Motor Launch. No. 4498. Motor sail. Navy type, 30' length.
10' beam. Gas Screw Engines, 3 cycle. 2 cylinder. Navy standard,
carries 70 passengers. Wood. General repairs needed.
Motor Sail Launch. No. 7798. 36' length, 1C beam. Gas Screw
Engines, 3 cycle. 2 cylinder. Navy standard, carries 70 passengers.
Wood. General repairs needed.
Motor Launch. No. 5321. 30" length, 10' beam. Gas Screw
Engines, 2 cycle, 2 cylinder. Navy standard, carries 70 passengers.
Wood. General repairs needed.
Motor Launch. No. 51. 30' length, 10 beam, Gas Screw Engines,
2 cycle. 2 cylinder, Navy standard, carries 70 passengers. Wood.
General repairs needed.
Launch "Sarah." Length 34'. 2 cylinder, 2 cycle. Lathrop En
gine, 12 H. P. Carrying capacity 10 passengers. Repairs needed.
Launch "Scuttlebut." 4 cylinder, 4 cycle, 34' length, Cabin
Cruiser. Repairs needed.
Four Deck Scows Nos. 501,
513, 516, 518. Gross tonnage, 600.
Length, 110 ft. Width. 32 ft.
Depth, 10 tt Bui t bv Atlantic,
Gulr & Pacific Co. and W. H.
Gahagan. Location: New" York.
Four Deck Scows Nos 502f
505, 509, 510. Gross tonnage.
600. Length, 110 tt. Width. 32
tt. Depth, 10 tt. Location: New
Deck Scows Nos. 504,
515, 517, 519, 520. 524. 526, 537.
Gross tonnage, 600. Length, 110
tt. Width. 32 tt. Depth. 10 tt.
Built by Atlantic, Gu- & Pacific
Co. W. H. Gahagan. International
D. & S. Co. Location: New York.
Two Derrick Scows Nos. 138.
151. Length, 115 ft. Width, 33
ft. Depth. 10 ft. Used tor load
ing ana unloading cargoes, Loca
tion: Charleston. S. C.
Five Derrick Scows Nos. 142,
148 153. 154 155. Length, 115
tt. Width. 33 ft. Drpth, 10 tt.
Location: New York.
Six Derrick Scows Nos.
S41ATS.842ATS, 843ATS.844ATS.
845A7S, 847ATS. Gross ton
nage, 570 Length 112 ft. 4
inches. Width, 33 tt. 8 in. Depth.
112 tt. 4 inches. Built bv At
lantic. Gult & Pacific Co., W. H.
Gahagan. Inland Waterways Mfg.
& D. Co. Location: Newport News
No. i GroM Tonnaie length
522 600 110'
827 387 120'
832 315 91'4"
836 625 103'
862 625 110'
869 652. 110'
870 -
872 535 115'
873 535 115'
762 550 115'
03 ATS 275 10.6'
806A1S 300 120.6'
807A7S 525 112'
809ATS 340 100.4'
810A7S 325 100'
813A7S 500 104'
815A7S 260 ' 87'10"
818A7S 650 111'
824 A7S 50 124'
Built bjr
Nine Open Deck Scows
Length, 110 tt. Width, 32 ft.
Depth, 10 tt. Used for loading
ana unloading cargoes Location:
Charleston, S. C.
Three Open Deck Scows
Nos. 751 754, 755. Gross ton
nage 550. Length 115 it. Width,
33 ft. Depth, 10 tt. Built by
Davis & Sons Location: New
port News.
Two Open Scows Nos. 746,
749. Gross tonnage, 550. Length,
115 ft. Width. 33 tt. Depth, 10
ft. Built by Davis & Sons. Loca
tion: Newport News
Located at
Charleston, S. C.
Newpor; News
Inland W. E.&D.Co.
International S. B. Co.
Gildersleeve S. G. Co. .
Empire Eng. & Co., Inc.
Smith Williams
Tug Boswell. Steel hull. Gross tonnage 311. net ton
age 156. Length 125 tt. . Beam 25 IL Depth 16 tt.
Dratt 14 ft. 7 inches. 7 riple expansion Engines. l6"-24"-40"
bore by 30" stroke: 650 H. P. One single boiler.
13 ft. 6 in. bv il ft. 8 in.: 170 lbs. pressure Location:
New York Harbor.
Tug Cuba. Steel hull. Gross tonnage 594, net ton
nage 266. Length 155 ft. 6 in. Beam 29 ft. 4 in. Depth
17 ft. 7 in. Draft 15 ft. Triple expansion engine,
17"-25"-43" bore, 32" stroke: 800 H. P. Built 1901,
Bath Iron Works. Location: New York Harbor.
Tug Grover Cleveland. Launch steel. Length 70
ft. Beam 16 ft. Depth 6 ft. Speed 10 knots. Gioss
tonnage 40. Net tonnage 26. Compound engine, 10"-20"
bore, 16" stroke. Built 1908 at Buffalo. Location: New
York Harbor.
Ocean' Going Tug Richmond. Used for towing.
Length 135 ft Width 27 ft. 5 in. Depth 15 ft. 7 in.
7riple expansion ngines 16x24x41x30. Built by
Neafie & Levy. Location: Norfolk, Va.
Perseverence. Length 78 ft. Gross tonnage 112.
Net tonnage 63, 20' beam, 11' Depth, Dratt 9 t. 5 in.
Speed 8 miles. Compound engines 15x30 bore, 2S"
stroke. Wood hull. Built 1910. Location: Perth
Amboy, N. J.
Steam Tug "Leopold Adler." Leng h 117 tt. 9 in.
Beam 23 ft. Depth 13 tt. Gross tonnage 243. Loca
tion: New York Citv.
Steam Tug Fred E. Richards. Steel Hull. Ocean
Going, Steam Screw, tor General Towing, 12 tt. dralt.
Length 121 ft. 4 in. Beam 26 ft. 6 in. Depth 14 tt.
2 in. 7 riple Expansion Steam Engine, 15 in. x 23 in. x
38 in. bore, 28 in. stroke. 1.000 TL P. Built in 1900 bv
J. W. Elwell & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Location: New
Seven Catamarans. 7hese catamarans were built lor use in
the construction of the Philadelphia Quartermaster Terminal. They
are located at the Quartermaster Terminal, Philadelphia, Pa.
Conditions of Sale
All or any part of this Floating Equipment is
offered for sale by Sealed Bids. Inspection is in
vited and may be made at the points of location
A certified check for 10cc of the full amount bid
must accompany each proposal. Balance of pur
chase price must be paid immediately upon re
ceipt of notification of award and delivery accepted
promptly thereafter.
Place your bid and check in a a sealed envelope.
Write on the envelope "Sealed Bid, Floating Equip
ment, to be opened June 14th, 1920. ' Place this
envelope in another and mail to the Chief, Trans
portation Division, Munitions Building, Wash
ington, D. C.
Any further information may be obtained from
Transportation Division, Munitions Building,
Washington, D. C.
Bids will be opened 11:00 A. M., Eastern Time,
June 14th.
The Government reserves the right to reject
any or all bids.
Transportation Division, Munitions Building, Washington, D. C.
Seventeen Lighter. Nos. 101ATS, 108ATS, 113ATS, 114ATS,
116ATS, 117ATS. 118ATS. 121ATS. 122ATS. 119ATS. 12SATS.
132ATS, 136ATS, 162ATS. 170ATS, 172ATS. 174 ATS. Length
110 ft., width, 32 ft. Depth 10 ft. Gross tonnage about 600.
iMade by A. J. & P. Co.. W. H. Gahagan. Inc. Inland Waterwavs
Co. Location; New York.
Nineteen Derrick Lighten. Nos. 129. 127. 126, 125. 131. 133.
139, 144. 150, 161. 163. 164, 167, 169. 173. 175. 176, 177, S4S. Loca
tion: New York Harbor.
Steam Lighter Communipaw. Wood hull. Length 9S ft. 8
inches. Beam 24 ft. Depth 7 ft 9 in. Draft 8 ft Speed 8 knots.
Gross tonnage 93. Net tonnage 54. Freight and passenger 90
ton carry ing capacity. Eight ton water tank. Single engine 22"
22"; 150 H. P. Can be manned by crew of 7. Location: New York
No. lOticrip'loi-uTotmigt.Length.U'idth. Depth.
2 Lighter 375 85'8" Iff' 9'r
3 " 500 114' 32'o" 8'I0"
4 " ' 450 100" 31'8" 8'I0"
5 " 500 UO1 32'8" Vn
6 " 350 85' 31" yi"
137ATS M 600 110 32'
852ATS Covered 400 85' 30" V
1 lighter 275 86' 26' 76"
I07ATS Derrick (00 110' 32' ff
II5ATS lighter H 1 10 32' I0"
157 " 600 W 32' I01
156 " ' 550 115' 32' 10-
117 " 660 UW 32' 10"
Built by Located it
Ne York
R. M. King Coi-L Warren
New York
W-RCahagin " ' "
Newport Newj
Baltinweo: New York
Atlantic Gulf
-Pacific Co. " "
International - "
S.B Co
Newport Nswj
Atlantic Gulf New York
BIDS WILL BE OPENED 11.00 A. M. (Eastern Time) JUNE 14, 1920

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