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.,,,,,,,,,,,,, J.
RopuMicnn Advisory .Commit
tee on Policies and platform
Mnlces llcport. t
Exclusion of Political Ap
pointees From Arbitration
Rortics Is Suggested.
That nn unprecedented nmount of
thought In preparation for tho Repub
lican National Convention 1ms been
given to tho problems of Industry anil
Kiclal justice Is indicated by two reports
of the Nntlonul Commlttco's advisory
ciimmlttfo on policies and platform
made public yesterday.
In searching for a plnn for tho settle
nicnt of industrial disputes tho commit
tee has considered tho Industrial Itola
Vons Court established In Kansas
fl through tho effort of Oov. Henry J.
Allen, also tho plan of voluntary media
tion, conciliation and arbitration, nnd,
finally, the method of applying cconomlo
pressure. This Is tho commlttco's con
clusion. "Tho results of tho answers to our
questionnaires Indicate a widespread be
lief among employers and tho general
public, with some measure of acquies
cence from a fow ropreacntatlves of
labor, that eood will inside the plant Is
a more valuable cconomlo factor to all
concerned than the kind or quality of
materials, inanimate machinery or any
other factor of business organization
and management.
"That this cannot be developed di
rectly by legl.ilatlon, hut that a sympa
tnetlo atutudo on tho part of govern
ment will so far to making conditions
favorable for its development, and that
no agency can contribute more than tho
shop committee, tho Industrial coundl
nnd similar devices for bringing together
tne representatives of employers and
tmployee3 as frequently as possible and
developing mutual responsibility for and
consideration of tho numerous and com
plex details that enter into and consti
tute a fundamental human relationship.
,o Simple Solution.
"A review, analysis and study of the
numerous official and unofficial In
quiries concerning the Industrial situa
tion In tho United States In recent years
furnishes no conclusive and simple solu
tion to the problem of Industrial unrest.
A consideration of the numerous reports
of the experience of other countries,
where a similar industrial situation ex
ists, yields tho same results. The spe
cial Inquiry made by our advisory com
mittee and the results of the question
naires, which express the opinions of
thousands of representative Americans,
do not point the way to any certain road
to Industrial security and peace.
"The answers to our questionnaire in
dicate the following opinions:
"(1) That in tho Government service,
strikes can legitimately be forbidden
provided that the rights and interests
of the emplojees are protected by means
of Impartial tribunals.
"(2) In so far as public utilities are
concerned, there appears to be a division
of opinion as to whether strikes should
be made Illegal, and the decisions of
commissions or tribunals be made legal
ly binding, or whether provision should
custom FinisN trrrrtour
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be made for thorough Inquiry by board 1
or commissions and tho force of public
opinion bo railed on to enforce their de
cisions, strikes being forbidden until
after tho decisions have been rendered,
"(J) In so far as private employments
are concerned, .whllo many hold that
thnro Is no need for Government action,
tho majority of thoso expressing an
opinion favor tho creation of some form
of tribunal or commission composed of
representatives of employers, employees
and tho public, to whom disputes may
bo voluntarily referred, whoso decisions,
niuss unanimous, would not be binding
or enrry weight, snvo In so far as thoy
enlisted the force of public opinion,
The tribunals or commissions, however,
snoum havo the independent right cf
Investigation and report even It nalthor
party decided to avail Itself of their
services. This last provision Is a recog
nition, of course, of the puhllo Interests
affected by violent Industrial disturb
ances, oven In private employments.
To liar Out Political Inflnence.
"In so fur as tho membership of these
tribunals, commissions or boards Is
concerned, It is essential that tho repre
sentatives of employers and employees
should bo freely chosen by tho parties
themselves through soma form of so-
crct ballot, rather than that they be
uppnlntcd by public officials and so be
subject to the vicissitudes of political
Influence. A national board to supervise
and curry out such a plan and servo us
a court of last ,rcsort would appear to
uo an exception to such a ruio."
in Its application to Government em
ployment the general principal of the
Kansas Industrial Court Is favored by a
large majority of thoso answering the
committee's: questionnaire. A majority,
hut not a largo one, .favors the applica
tion of this principle to public utilities.
llut when It comes to prlvnto employ
ment tho majority Is adverse. On this
point tho committee notes:
ino refines opposed to tne application
of the prlnciplo of the Kansas Industrial
Relations Court to private employments
come for tho most part from persons
resident outside tho State of Kansas, and
therefore probably without full knowl
edge or cxpcrlenco concerning the exac'
scope or operation of this law. lluslness
and commercial organizations very gen
erally throughout the Stato of Kansas
havo adopted resolutions Indorsing tho
Industrial Relations Court."
The commlttco says that all types of
nomcompulsory legislative remedies for
strikes and lockouts are found In Ameri
can States. About twenty States have
provision for boards of inquiry for com
pulsory Investigation and publication of
findings, but they have rarely been
utilized. This failure, the committee
says, Is duo In part "to tho neglect to
provide adequate machinery, but more
largely to tho extension of this principle
to too many Industries not much affected
with tho public Interest or having much
relation to public comfort."
Machinery for Settlements,
Regarding the settlement of disputes
by economic pressure, with a minimum
of Governmental supervision and with
out compulsion except as a matter of
voluntary contract, the committee finds
that a good deal of machinery for this
has been developed and that a very large
number of employers feel that this can
bo strengthened and made more effective
without Governmental Interference. And
the representatives of the American
Federation of Labor, answering the
questionnaire, said :
"Where the machinery offered by the
trade union movement Is accented and
applied with Intelligence, good will and
earnestnes". every desirable object Is
achieved and every fair demand Is
met. . . . The practical application of
Broadtcay al Ninth, New York
Now comes the closing out of broken lots
and sizes in our regular stocks today
All Fancy Sits for Hen Reduced
Meaning all of our finer suits in the Bur
lington Arcade Store in Three Sale Lots
141 were S49.50
212 were $50
272 were $55
77 were $60
291 were $65
197. were $70
199 were $75
83 were $80
195 were $85
114 were $90
89 were $95
36 were 100
to '
. all
. to
What docs it mean? Just ttys:
Wc have reduced the price of every fancy
suit in our regular Burlington Arcade stock.
By "fancy suits" we mean cverything'that
is not a plain shade.
This takes in all our finer suits; and it means
that no matter what kind of suit you choose
you will get a good, substantial fabric and the
right kind of tailoring. The Wanamaker
standard guarantees both features.
Understand, please
that a sale of regular Wanamaker stock is
much different from an ordinary sale of odd
lots. There is no skimping in variety no lack
of sizes no questionable patterns and color
ings. Every suit was chosen by us originally
for regular Wanamaker patrons men who
come here season after season because they
know and want Wanamaker clothes. The
BEST we have goes into this sale.
It is not customary
to reduce prices so early in June; but the
heavy demand for Wanamaker clothing since
the 20 per cent, deduction went into effect has
broken some lines, more or less; so we're taking
the entire remaining stock and reducing it ac
cording to the above prices AND giving
you the additional 20 per cent, saving besides.
an ample variety
plenty of sizes.
accurate service
this principle must be worked out within
tho Industry Itself,"
Tho commltteo remarks, however t
"Our Inquiries show that many keen
observers of tho operations of the exist
ing machinery relied upon by employer?
or trada unionists to bring about tho
prompt settlement of Industrial disputes,
or their prevention, havo not resulted In
making the public Intercut supremo, or
In having tho public Interost seriously
considered as u factor, or In preventing
tho publlo constituting from 95 to 9J
per cent, of persona not In any way
parties to the dlrputo suffering eevera
losses nnd bearing nlmost tho whole
brunt of the cconomlo pressuro which
tho parties to a dtsfmto bring to bear
upon each other for Its settlement,"
Child Labor Lnnlnlutloii,
The roport credits tho Republican
party with leadership In legislation for
tha protection of childhood, cites the
plank In the 1916 platform, "Wo favor
tho enactment and rigid enforcement of
a Federal child labor law," and says
that If tho present child labor tax law
should bo declared unconstitutional
other means should he sought, even if
tho Constitution has to ba amended.
Tho committee favors tho continuance
of tho women's bureau, under u woman
chief, In tho Department of Labor, and
says that tho principle of equal pay for
oqual work could bo more effectively
recognized by tho Federal Government
us tho largest employer In tho country.
It also .speaks encouragingly of a pro
posal already before Congress to pro
vldo flnnnclul aid to tho States through
tho children's bureau for educational
work to reduce Infant mortullty and
provide maternity protection. A Fed
eral employment agency and authorita
tive national study of social Insurance
aro recommended.
Tho report gives considerable space
to tho "amazing" ndvnnco of tho negro
In America nnd says without comment:
"Tho participation of negroes In polit
ical matters In the South does not seom
to havn increased. Some statistics In
dicate that in the Southern States the
Rcpubllcun vote Is small where the
negroes nro In large numbers, nnd large
where they aro In small numbers."
Tentative Republican Plat
form Nearly ' Completed.
Washington, June 2. Tho tentative
draft of the Republican national plat
form reeived Its finishing touches nt con
ferences) here to-day. Senator Watson of
Indiana, who has been In charge of tho
taBk, will leave for Chicago to-morrow
to confer with prospective members of
tho convention's resolutions committee.
The plank on Mexico was added to
the draft to-day. It was written by
Senator Fall (N. M.), who headed the
Senate's special sub-committee on Mex
ican affairs, and later was revised In
some minor respects nt n conference at
tended by Senator Watson, Senator
Lodge (Mass.), the Republican leader
of the Senate, and a number of other
prominent Republicans. It Is under
stood to follow In general the recom
mendations made by Senator Fall In his
report to tho Senate, declaring that un
less conditions In Mexico are Improved
the United States should Intervene.
All mention of prohibition Is omitted
from the tentative draft, and It was un
derstood that those who conferred here
would recommend against any declara
tion on the subject That Issue, It was
suggested, should be regarded as set
tled. The tentative draft contains a
declaration, however, urging prompt
Telephone Siuyvcsant 4700
less 20 per cent.
less 20 per cent.
less 20 per cent.
When you drink a cup of
good coffee, you really drink
to your health.
It supplies strength and stay
ing power to body and brain.
It is as refreshing to the lag'
ging spirit as dew to a dusty
And when enriched with milk
and cream, as at OHILDS, it
is as nourishing as it is invig'
CI1ILD3 cff, with It
fragrant aroma and hll
ratins bouquat, lathe daliiht
of connoUtturi.
ratification of tho woman BUffrngo
Another iloplnratlon still mlsslnc from
tho platform is thut relating to tho sol
dier bonus, ino leaders noro am tuey
wero unprepared to niako any rccom
m,nilnilnn nn th sublect under present
conditions, nnd that a plank on the sub-
Ject would be worked out at uiicago.
No attempt was made to rcuch a final
decision on a plank, relating to the
Leuguo of Nations, Several tentatlvu
declarations have been drafted, how
ever, und will bo laid before tho party
chles at Chicago.
Irr its work tho conference had before
it the platform adopted by the Virginia
Democrats and recently approved by
President Wilson. It was said that
virv i.ffnrt wu made so to phrase the
'Republican draft that It would make
tne issues as Clear mm uiivti uo
I'lilnsirnctcil Ileleuntlon Will Go
to Convention.
Rutland, Vt Juno 2. An un
instructcd delegation will represent Ver
mont at the Democratic National Con
vention in San Francisco. Tho dele
gates were selected without contest at
the State convention here to-day. The
delegatcs-at-large nic J. H. Jackson of
Rurllngton, Henry C. Urlslln of Rutland,
Fred. C. Martin of Bennington and Dr.
E. H. Bailey of Barre.
The convention went on record as In
favor of woman suffrage and universal
military training. The platform ap
proved President Wilson's teto of the
Volstead Prohibition Act, declaring tho
law "unfair and un-American," and fa
vored the manufacture of light wine and
210 Soldier Dead Axrlve.
The Vnlted States Army transport
Nanscmond arrived yesterday from Ant
werp, Belgium, with tho bodies of 210
Americans who died in military service
Store hours 9 to 5
You Pay
You Pay
You Pay
Topcoats go, too
132 English topcoats (light weight) that
were $75, $80 and $85 now reduced to
..$55 less 20 per cent.
And 307 fancy topcoats that were $55 to
$75 now reduced to
$46 less 20 per cent.
All of these topcoats are spring stock, and
the best styles are obtainable.!
Burlington Arcade floor, New Buildingi
150,000 SEEK 13289
G. O. P. National Committee'
men to Dictate Allotments.
filarial to Tun fli'N and New Vomc IIeiuld.
Ciiiraoo, 3une 2. More than 150,000
applications have been received for the
13,289 Beats In tho Republican National
Convention. Secretary L. W. Henry of
the National Committee on Convention
Arrangements, made this statement to-
I' "Giving out the tickets for the Re
publican National Convention will be
gin at noon Saturday. Tickets will be
distributed from tho National Committee
rooms at Congress Hotel.
"Tho distribution In the Statos wll
be strictly held to tne chairman of the
National Committeemen, All tickets ap
portioned to each State will be placed
In tho hands of that State's committee
moa The only exception to that rule
will bo tho few tickets that will be net
aslda for tho candidates, for tho formor
olllcers of tho Natlonul Committee and
for furclgn Ambassadors and other spe
cial guests, but them) guests will have to
iomo to Chicago to get their tickets.
No tickets of any Kind nro being sent
out of Chicago, Tho distribution to tho
Slates will bo on the ullotmvnt an
nounced In tho letters which went out to
thu National Committeemen on May 20."
rinys Candidate Has .Nothliiff lo
Kcnr ' Kroiii Inquiry,
Sfeclal to Tim Bun and Nkw Yok IIeiuld.
CilICAaot Juno 2. U L. limmerson,
chairman of tho Lowdcn campulgn com
mltteo und Secretary of State of Illinois,
issued u stutemant. to-day regarding
testimony beforo the Senate Investigat
ing Committee relative to expenditures
hi tho Interest of Gov. Lowdcn in Mis
souri, Ho said:
"Tho Lowdcn commltteo jiresnnted
its expenditures on tho opening day of
the Senato Investigation. Tho amount
expended In Missouri, the fifth Statu of
the Union so far as tho number of dele
gates to the Rcpubllcun Natlonul Con
vention Is concerned, was small as com
pared with expenditures that have been
made on behalf of other candidates In
many other States. Gov. Lowden and
his friends havo nothing to fear from
any inquiry that may be made. From
tho beginning they havo welcomed an
$7,262,192 FOR PRINCETON.
Nerr York District Hit Subscribed
92,88U,7:t3 to Fund.
Additional subscriptions have brought
the Princeton endowment fund up to
$7,252,192, according to an announce
ment made yesterday by Henry 13.
Thompson, chairman of the endowment
There have been S.650 subscribers.
The New York district has subscribed
J2,SS3,T32; Now Jersey, JD0B.637 ; Phila
delphia, 596.96l; Pittsburg, J659,2a5;
Clnclnnatf, M60.950; St. Louis, J788,
39S: Baltimore, I214.62S ; New England,
J1S1.S36, and California, (101,736.
Shipyard Company to Quit.
Detooit, Mich., June 2. The Great
Lakes Engineering Company, operating
shipyards at Ashtabula, Ohio, and De
troit and Ecorsc, Mich., will shortly
offer Its properties for sale and go out
of business It was learned here to-dsy.
Leaders So Decide if They
Get Vote This Fall.
it the Fercral suffrago amendment
Is ratified by the final Stato beforo tho
November election It Is suggested by
suffrage leaders that the newly enfran
chised give as a thank offering for their
political freedom money for the Pr.
Anna Howord Shaw Memorial, the drive
to finance which was arranged yester
day. Leaders of tho Eastern district
held a meeting at tho National American
Woman Suffrage Association headquar
ters, 171 Madison avcriue, named a com
mlttco and arranged tho details of the
campaign. The decision to establish two
memorials to tho suffrage pioneer, one a,
foundation of politics In Bryn Mawr
College nnd the other a foundation of
preventive medicine. In tho Women's
Medical College of Pennsylvania, was
reached at tho recent annual convention
of tho national association In Chlcugo.
Tho memorlnls will cost $500,000.
Tho chairman of tho commlttco to ralso
this fund is Mrs. J. C, Mller of Pltto
burg. Others on tho commlttco arc Mrs.
J. Claude Ilodford, vlco chairman; Dr.
Ellen C. Potter, secretary; Mrs. James
Starr, assistant secretary; Mrs. P. Louis
Slade, Dr. Susan M. Kingsbury and Mrs.
Henry W. Rogers of New York.
Legislature Adjourns Without
Ratifying Amendment.
Dovr.n, Del., June 2. The Delaware
legislature adjourned sine die at 3;30
I'. M, to-day without ratifying tho Susun
U. Anthony Federal Suffrage amend
ment. There was a test vote Just beforo
adjournment, when Representative
Lyons, majority floor leader, attempted
to force the House Into a commlttco of
the whole to consider tho suffrngo rati
fication resolution. Mr. Lyon's motion
was lost by 21 to 10.
Wabhinoton, June 2. President Wil
son has telegraphed three members of
the Delaware legislature urging that
every Democrat In the legislature vote
for the suffrsgo amendment
"May I not as a Democrat," tho Presi
dent said, "express my deep Interest In
the suffrage amendment, and my 1udg
ment thut It would be of the greatest
service to the party if every Democrat
In the Delaware legislature voted for It"
The message went to Assemblymen X
J. Mulvena, J. A. Mulrlne and J. E.
McNabb, Democrats, who wero said hero
to li-"" opposed ratification of the
A Patriotic Song
Written and published by Jean
J. Markar at his own expense.
Will glvo entire proceeds from
Its tales to the Armonlnn Fund
to honor Gen. Pershing, who auto
graphed the Song When he was
guest of honor In Detroit.
Patriotic Americans arc asked
to lend their aid In placing the
song beforo tho public. Write R
29, Sun-Herald. Herald Square.
Sixty Styles- Catering to Every Preference
& point to these suits with pride. They are
11 J Saks suits gafcs values ! They take their
cue from much costlier productions which
gives to them a marked style superiority! They
have a quality of woolens and workmanship the.
initiated would consider impossible at the price.
But here are the suits, and we go on record as
declaring them to be without competition at $50.
Cheviots, Unfinished Worsteds, Tweeds
Blues, Blacks, Browns,
Heathers, Greens and Mixtures
at 45StrceL
Carlisle Salep Company, Inc.,
235 West 58th Street.
Tel. Circle 4733.
krf"- ' - -rV.
V7to Utmost in CigArcttca"
Plain End or OorKTp
Teoplc f culture and
tvftnement invariably
TREFER, 'Deities
to any other cigarette.
WUd OjanilttktltWsdi
A MAN who wears a Mabic
tailored-to-order suit is con
scious of three things:
That he is better dressed than most men.
That he has never had such complete com
fort in a new suit. That he has committed
economy in the first degree.
$75, $85, $95 to $125.
Bultt promptly delivered,
Unnecetsary try-ont eliminated.

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