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' 17
the Latest Sporting News Is Here Continued From the Second Section of the Present Issue
tFni'iJ" I'iini liOiuis ny mil
Mile nt Fi nihil of New
. n'li A. C. Mace.
, , t II ltl.US l MATJIISO.V.
i ,n.r .I'd ltli mud thrown by lila
Bmii ( t ""'I "i "retiming n
'!) its ni .n man who merely chases
Ill) UK "
, ii 1 1. -nines jvoiiieiniiiiicn, in
1 3'ln.
.if iiiuuiicl, romped gracefully
sri'iiihw.ir(l ut Travcrs Island
m1 Mimnifr bnmn of tlio New
lub, vosterday afternoon
nf i ho 2CVj mllo liwra
imiier i iir .uumiicph of tho Winged
dull Tho victor, who Boomed ns
h,,. us ihuuiil) no nuti uecn ruling in
n' niu nil i"o way, covered tho dls
, , h una 47 minutes nnd 49 1
nlH, v"i' ti oonpiiU'rinff trio disnenrt
rrillt- "i() iliniin inn. iiiu luub iiitik
w, uA" ""' "' ""'IT instance worK
I, Arimi "f tno years, was remark.
nhu fas' B"ins
Kohlcinaiirn finished nearly a mile In
mtlo hi advance of tho second mnn, who
turned up I" Jofopli Organ of tho Pitts
ll'JIE A
The tli ni man was n Orcok, John
mnmlkoaki. of the Qulncy A. C. o
Ouinrv. Mhj . "ho led from the thlr
twit imie to within two miles of tho
finiili The ilreol; plainly showed tho
effects of his grt-at efforts, and, while
he walked nivn In fairly good condi
tion iftni h.s time was announced, yet
lie was i verv tired athlete.
Kihlntmimen when the start was
n .Hi... fruin the dtv house or the Now
1 .trs ' at : o'clock had his plan of
I'umuaien u.l mapped out. UQjiot away
wiih an easy stride and Jet several of
the ambitious runners so up to the
front and set the pace. At tho thlr
uen'li mile It F. Conboy of tho Seven
t -fourth Regiment A. A. was In the
J dd wiih the Finn, Organ nnd the
Ureek lawng back and taking matters
easily, though not permitting; the man
in front to get too mucn or a teau.
At Uie twentieth mile the Greek was
cut In the lead, and ho held his advan
tage till the twenty-fifth mile, at which
r olnt ho was about fifty feet In advance
il'l jvunai v'iiiiiuiii i.iwi imtiicrt ..luuui,
lljho ChlcsKoan, a close fourth and the
thers following in this .order: wick,
iKironen. Clifton, Mitchell. Kohlciiul
iei), Organ, Kennedy, Klrxwood, Weber
nnd Illlhnan. The remainder of tho
'ftv.flvfl starters .were strunir out nil
ilfflS the loads from Harlem to Pel-
am and were decidedly out of the race
t that time.
The Finn 'Ink en the Lend,'
ToAid the close of the twenty-fifth
mile ihi' Finn stepped on the gas lever
end shot up to the front. Organ and
the Greta answered the challenge, and
f" 'iaif a mile there was a, terrific
etmjtle between this trio. The Finn
ptnled away null hardly an effort nnd
iff' his pursuers so far behind ''cy
ioi d nnt see htm In tho drenching rain.
At it- ivoiueniainen cut loose the only
ow)- mn was as to secona place, and
Ors i 'onk tho honora after a rush that
; f' u In last ounce of vitality.
w .irr an hour had elapsed from the
1 m- ,.f the finish of the victor tho tlmc-
heem-r. and scorers called It a day's
) efi aueil from the rain. Twenty
imihed ofllrlally. .
1 I'. n is a famous winner nf Ion:
"'impir events and" holds many
t not belog a citizen Is not
eilt!bi( to represent this country In the
rex' Miimpii games. Judce Weeks. Lou
.-arpe '"tiar'cy DIEes. Bob Stoll. Matt
I.Ha'tun and many ether veteran officials
he ngpd Foot Club showed them
K -a be determined sportsmen, for
ie stood m the deluge and officiated
Il'l the lart runner limned In.
. j . .
iiruer or J inisti.
The nnier of finish and the times of
the run its follow-
ani Cluh.
'?' ho ii
2:47-49 2-."
namtn, N. Y
:W 1-3
T. .n kill. Oulnev
2 :32 :Ptt
2 :TA 2
W k Qiilnry
'' -hrx , lM'tftmrg
K . iTt..n, V'jrose
M"lini, Toucan Suuare
1 ". ' "I. Crixn I.yceiini
'iiiniui.i-. Uroeklyi .1 :On :3S 3-3
Mi'. nui. Pt. ciirlitoplier.
11 a" Ihjrctieter
1 I mi h. JVahlnRton, . .
' tinned-. Mornlngsldc
h 'iml, I'aulL't
s Travalenn, Jlalidwk. .
t Chrintopher. ...
Itillnmn. Klnntsh.Amer. .
3 :0.l :2fl
a:0r,:M 2
.!:OS:M -.
3.11:12 4-3
n:U:.'W 3-3
3:10:4! 1-5
.1 :!:! 1-3
3:23:0rt 3-5
3:17:24 I-.-3:2R:35
I Conboy. 7Jtli Ilpct
Findberc, Mornlngalde...
Martin, St Chrlatoplier.
ftosen, l!rookl-n
IlfijiJen. Macvar
3:38:48 4-3
I'arklnson. Mnrnlntnlitn. . . X:tl-1i.r.
! Ctwtarakls, Dorchester 3M :39 4-3
V w,k. Hollywood Ino.. 3:47:49
Marshall, Tort Chester.... 3:48:47 4-5
3nd Weather Onuses Postponement
of Knickerbocker ItcRiitta.
r'JO to the fact that only ono yacht
repr ted to the race committee at the
atartmg lino off Kxeeutlon Ught, tho
nn al regatta of the Knickerbocker
la ht riub wng not sailed on Long
'"land Sound yestnflay. It Is the first
"n - tn a good many years that a cOm
M' te has ticcn comrclled to call off
impionshlp regatta due to the ab
n or achtsmcn. Of course, the
'ii i abie weather conditions and the
f tiiat yachting Is principally con
J' 'o small craft was responsible,
-o r -nr was the day that it was a
jue-non whether tho committee would
tone started the regatta had tho fleet
teen on hand.
The only yacht to report was the New
iork Yacht Club thirty footer Alera,
now the property of P. It. Belknap, a
Member of tho Knickerbocker Yacht
'tub Vnder shortened canvas, the
"urdy iulIo craft 10Vcred nround th
"t". waning for a race. After a long
it tne committee catrlo to the conclU
,ltpthat It was absurd to stay any
7tsr " In tho middle of tho sound.
' therefore officially called off tho
, nte'11 and put back toward Fort Wash
ington, un tho way homo tho Lous
''.arid Kound schoontr Allure, property
" ' and J. W. Alkcr, vrsut seen
forking her way out to tho line. She
a' only other yacht sighted by the
n l'cnniylvnnla Chnmplonshlp
I'lnnl Played In Itnln.
fr i , TlIB Rr;, AM) NnT Tmie lteulp
rt0EtjmA. Juno 5. Miss Molllo
Vrr of the Philadelphia Cricket
f IJ the new Pennsylvania and East
j. atea woman tennis champion. In
Hnal r0n(j ,, defeated jiiss Anne
' ' 1 11 IV .... , , I . . . . .
-ini, nmacr oi ino uoiaware
"i tn: .... . .
i at-ti wM played in a steady
"c -nr r of rn(n nt ,h0 Mw0n cricket
- TlA 1 -1 . ........
' NKTIH.KtTI-'M KTITt-1. ffinlfo viva.
r , n"b. DctMehem's fentnus
i l'.,"''."a,lon' wnlch spent over SM.OW
fV . llurl',S the war. has organ-
13,1 , aswlatlon end will put a
."am on for the re
In " waaon. The Bethlehem
A,r0:"s'in- team does not May baseball
tLX' ,th,cl1 'Tes the To-E4al
Hannes Kohlcmainen 1
Famous Olympic champion, who
showed a return to form in the New
York Athletic Club tryout mara
- 1 ' t
Mr. Belmont Declares Sport Is
Attracting Recruits.
'This Is tha finest testimonial that wo
have had mid to the thoroughbred horse
In my time," was tho comment of Major
August Belmont, president of tho West
chester Itaclng Association and chair
man of the Jockey Club, as he stood In
Uie stewards' stand at Belmont Park on
Decoration Day after the heart stirring
finish for tho Toboggan Handicap.
Before Jilm the vast lawn was thronged
w ith spectators, while the crahd stand,
tier upon tier, was a sea of eager faces.
The clubhouse and Its generous lawn had
no vacant spaces. Taking In the vast
assemblage with a sweeping gesture, he
continued : "The presence of so many of
our best people hero to-day Is not only
a tribute .to the horse but an evidence
of their faith In the sport and those who
are responsible for Its conduct. It amply
repays owners, trainers and all others
connected with the turf for the sacri
fices made when the situation was black
est. It should stimulate every man In
terested In racing no matter from what
angle he may view It tjj give greater
effort.? to Its promotion, so that many
more lovers of clean outdoor sport may
get a more intimate acquaintance with
the thoroughbred horse.
"I am Impressed by the size of this
lathering, but In looking over it," con
tinued the Jockey Club's chairman, "the
thought has been uppermost that we
have many recruits of tt most desirable
character to racing tills soason. Per
haps tho war has hnd something to do
with this. Much has been told In writ
ten words, In spoken words on the lec
ture platform and through the medium of
the picture screen of the part the horse
played In the great conflict. They have
seen him at work nnd at play and they
have also seen him dlo for his country.
Tho result, as I see It, la In an Increased
interest In the horse and .particularly the
thoroughbred, whose part In the produc
tion of cavalry remounts Is bo well
"If some of thoso who have made It
their life work to meddle with the pleas
wres of the people would view this scene
to-uay wunoui oiae, couiu miimiu wun
the masses and Imbibe some of the spirit
which has brought them here, there
would, I am sure, be a clearer concep
tion of the fundamentals of racing and
better understanding all arountt. it
would be Idle to say that thla throng
was actuated In coming to Belmont Park
by a desire to speculate on the chances
of this or that norse to neat nts com
petitors. Thero Is Something bigger nnd
broader at the bottom, and I believe It
Is a love to see these splendid Horses in
tho racing- tests without wlilcn our
breeding' experiments would be aimless."
At Blrmlncbam (first game). It. H. E.
lilrmlncliam n n
0 2 1
liattenea aiorruon anu leiem,
and Hager. .,
Second gam J'- l'j
Birmingham ? ? 2
Atlanta . .
Batteries Ulainer ana ooocn; oneenan anu
Seven innings Dy agreemem.
At Nashville fflrst tame) It. If. E.
Nashville 5 ? ;
Chattanooga - . -
Batteries Ilodire and Kohlbecker; Cunning
ham ana Townenu.
second game
n: n. e.
seven innwgi Dy agreement.
Batteries Perduo and Jonnard
Noel and
Townsend. .
At Ltttln ItocK (itrai game) u. u. i.
title Bock 12 17 2
Memphl 0 4 5
Batterle Itoblnson and Ilrottenj Albrls
and Meyers.
Second game
ilttle Bock i ? .?
Memphis .?
Batteries uonman anu iunu, iimemi
and Bluchnff.
At Mobile
Mobile i 2 y
New Orleans u i i
Itattcrles-SIgman ana tollman; Aiurcuuun
and Dtberry.
wif.i.iAMSTOWV. Jim 5. Williams Col
lege lias clvied on- of the tnoat successful
leTint" - f. pFi" mn. ill uiiiiiii
tn wlnnlnc tho New England title In both
.inien H.id doublrt tno Purple netmen
cored letorles In team matches over Am
tierat. Mlddlebury, M I. T.. Union and
Colgate. Ties were, contested Willi Dart
mouth and Weileyan. while the only defeat
of the (cason rani In the first match
acalnit Pennsylvania. Williams started its
ehedtilc with a veteran team. In addition to
Chapln. the freshman stir and New England
cl.Binl'I'iii In singles.
nxmilll. N. II.. June- S. rmillps liteter
Arademy defeated PhllllDS-Andovtr Academy
Shocker n Tuzzlo to Olovolnnd
Plnycrs nnd St. Louis'
Wins, 0 to 0.
Cmveunp, Juno 5 (American), St
Louis to-day defeated Clowand. 0 to 0.
It I'tlnff tho first tlmp this year Cloveland
nnd bten aofeatou utreo gucccssivo nays.
Shocker was a puzzle all the way, hold
ing the Indians to three hits. Nlchaua
was driven from tho box in tho second
inning, IV. e t li , who succeeded him, was
a victim of errors by hla teammates.
Ti'bln hit safely the first three times up,
making seven successive hits in two
days. Tho rcorc:
al) r Ii o u f
ab r h o a
Jam'ion.lf 4 0 t 1 10
Tnhn.rf. 42 3 1 01
n'don,2b 31 ! 2 2 0
C'pinan.sa 3 0 0 2 71
a r.ii. .in i ii in
Bpeaker.cf 3 0 0 2. 0 0
Rmtth.rf., 4 00 1 0 0
O'iincr.3!i.2 0 0 0 20
J'lHon.et. 401 4 ,0 0
W'ms.lf 2.11 ti 0 0
Altntln.3b 3 0
1 ti t)iw ana,.o 3 u u u rn
4 ll0!J'aton.lb,. 30 t 12 0 0
Oerher.m .1 0 t
Sever'd.c. 4 0 0
Shocl(or,I SOU
O'Nelll.c. 301 3 ft I
Nlehaua.p 0 0 0 0 10
Kaeth.p.. 200 0 1 0
Ulile.n.... 000 0 0 0
Burns... 100 0 0 0
Totals.31 0 11 27 12 1
Totals. 28 0 3 27 22 3
-uattea lor raulli in triq eigutn inning.
St. Loutn 1 1 0 0 0 3 0 1 O-fl
Clevoland i. 00000000 0-0
Two bias liltn-Odton. Austin, O'Neill.
Threu huo lilt Tob n. Stolen bases will
Inme, i. Sacrifices Austin. Slier. Double
Plays Chapman, wambsganss and Jolintun
2: WnmlmcaniK nnd Johnston: Gedeon
(Irrber and Blsler; Gerber (unaailsted). Irfft
on base St. Louis. S: Cleveland. 4, Basea
on ball-Off Hhoeker, 3; off Paeth, 3! off
Utile, J. Hits prt Nlehaua. D In 1 13 In
nlnrm off Kketh, (1 tn 0 2-3 Innings: off
Ulilo, none In 1 Inntnic. lilt by pitcher By
Fnetli. 1 (Wllllamn). Struck out-By
snocKer. i; uy metn, a. wua pitcnea
Nlehaui. 1: Paetli. 1. Loalns Ditcher NIe.
haus. Umpires Morlarty and Connolly. Time
or game i nour ana o minuira.
The Balllmore-Jcrjey City gatae was post.
potted on account of rain.
Toronto a; uurraio 3 in innings),
Akron, 7: Rochester, .1,
Beading, 7; Syracuse, 3.
Club. W. L. P.O.I
Club. W. L. P.C.
Buffalo... .10 12 .714
Reading... 20 2t ,48ft
J'aeyClty. lit 23 .410
Toronto.. 2(1 1.1 .GM
Baltimore 21 10 .010!
Rochester. 1(1 27 .371
Akron.... 20 18 .r.2fiSyracuae.. 10 31 .241
Jersey City In Daftlmore.
Toronto In Buffalo.
Rochester In Akron.
Reading In Syracuse.
The Jeraev City-Baltimore game was post-
poned on account of rain.
n.'ir. k.
Buffalo 00020000010-3 7 3
Toronto 0101000001 1-4 10 1
Batteries Koeers and Brutgy: Shea and
Sandberg (eleven Innings).
It. It. E.
Rochester 00000020 1-3 7 1
Akron 01020202 x-7 10 1
Batteries Kelley and Rosa: Barnes and
n. ii. e.
Reading 03020002 0-7 7 0
Syracuse 000110010-3 8 4
Batteries Juattn and Konnlck; Permman
and Xtebergall. ,
ST. LOUIS. June 5 (Natlonal).-St. Louia
defeated Chicago, 11 to 0, to-day. overcom
ing A six run lead. Martin and Bailey were
driven from the box In tlie flftli. Chicago
batted out Hafnes In tho flrat inning, tho
first fouT men to face him singling. Sherdel,
nho succeeded him. was reached for a triple
and a homo run In the tame Inning, but held
the visitors safe for tho remainder of. the
game. The acore:
abrhoae abrhoaa
Plack.rt. 4 I: 1 0 OiSmlth.cf.. 4 2 1 4 0 0
T'bly.rf. 100 0 0 Ollfcote.lf . 5 24 0 0 0
lfcher.ua Sill 0 0!Stock,3b.. fill 2 00
iiarner.ci 4 i z l i i'irn-sy,.'t) 5 12 1 4 0
R'aon.lf.. 5 12 O- 0 0
P'nler.lb. 3 2 1 10 10
Merkle.lb 4 0010 0 01
IXaUb.. 413 1 101
Terry ,2b. 4 0 0 2 1 Oi
O'F'rell.o 3 1.1 2 10
Sehultz.rf. 3 0 0 0 0 0
Lavan.aa. 3 12 0 3 0
Clemona.c 4 11 3 2 0
Halnes.o.. 0 0 0 0 01
Martin. ti. 1 00 0 0 0
Sbtrdei.p. 3 11 1 CO
Balley.p. 00 0 0 1 0
Hendrlx.u 1 00 0 0 1
Totals. 33 11 13 27 131
Carter.p. 0 00 0 10
Gaw.p. . . 000 0 1 0
M-asKert. 100 0 0 0
i mm-..,, ( u .1 i - ,
Batted for Carter In the eighth Inning.
Chicago fl 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
St. Louli 1 1 1 08000 x-11
Two base hits Stock. Hcathcote. Three
haso lilts Deal. Heathcote. Home run
O'Karrell. Sacrifice lilts Merkle, Fournler,
Schultz. Lavan, Double play Sherdel, I.avan
and Pounder. Left on bases Chicago, 8;
SI. Lou!-, S. Baaen on balls Off Bailey, ll
oft Carter, 1; off Sherdel, 2. Hlts-Off
Martin, 10 In 4 Innlnga (tone out In fifth);
off Bailey, 1 In 1-3 Inning (one out lu
fifth) : off Hindrlx, 2 In 1 2-3 Innings (none
out In seventh) ; off Carter, none In 1 In
ning; off Caw, none in 1 Inning; off Ilalnca.
4 In no Inning (none out In first); off
Sherdel, 0 In 9 innings. Hit by pitcher
By Sherdel. 1 (Barber). Struck out By
Martin, l: by Sherd!. 3. IV a nltcn Mar
tin. Winning pitcher Sherdel. Loslnc Ditcher
Martin. Umpires McCormlck and Hart.
Tim of game 2 hours.
CHICAdO, June 5 (American). Chicago hit
Ehmke In the early Innings to-day and -defeated
Detroit 4 to 1. Williams allowed two
hits until tho ninth, when a single by Bush
and n double by Cobb scored a run. The
ab r h o a cl abrhoae
Toung,2b. 4 00 4 2 O'LciboId.rf 3114
Bush 4111 2 0!K.C'ns,2b. 301 3
Cobb.cf... 4 02 0 no;Weaver,3b 4 0 0 1
Veach.lf.. 4 0 1 2 1 01
312 1
401 .1
.113 5
200 5
200 0
Ifman.lt) .10 0 8 0 0
F'stead.rf 2 00 3 1 0
PInelll.3b 3 00 1 5 0
Stanage.c 3 00 5 1 0
Ehmke.P. 2 00 0 2 1
Hale.... 100 0 00
Totals..2"4 0 27 61
Totals.. 301 4 21 14 ll
Batted for Ehmke tn the ninth Inning.
Detroit 00000000 1-1
Chicago 02100010 xt
Two base hits Lclbold, Jackson, Cobb.
sacrlflco hits Williams 2. Schalk. J. Co
Una. Doubl plays Felsch and Schalk;
Williams, Rlaberg and J. Collins. Left on
bases Chicago 8; Detroit, 3. Bases on
balls-Off Williams, ll off Ehmke. 4. Hit
by pitcher By Ehmke (Jackson). Struck
out-By Williams, 2i by Ebmke, 4. Passed
nan Manage, umpires Nallln and Dlnneen.
Time of game 1 hour antf 30 minutes.
At Columbu R. H, E.
Kansas City n 12 ;i
Columbus 3 0 0
Batteries Horstman, Tuero and Brock;
George, Mulrennan and Hartley.
At Louisville It. Jt. E.
Milwaukee n 12 .1
Loulavtllo 5 11 1
B-- r1' -Northrop, Miller and Gaston;
Gtalu ., ICoob and Meyer. (10 Innings),
At Toledo Jt. II. E.
Minneapolis 7 11 4
Toledo (1 p 4
uaitenes James ana Mayer; MCColl, Mld
dleton nnd Murphy.
At Indianapolis n. H. E.
St. Paul 0 0 4
Jnitlannpolla 4 t 1
uatieries .-Hernu, imams ana uargrave;
Petty and Henllne.
At Irf)ulavllle (second came).. II. If. R.
Milwaukee 3 6 0
Louisville 2 S 2
Batteries Hchultx and uaaton; Wright, De
catur and Kocher.
Final arrangements have teen completed
for the Speedway 10 mllo bicycle raco to ho
held under the auspices of the Acme Wheel
men on the Harlem fcpeedway to-day.
atartlng at 10 A. it. Commissioner of Public
Works of The Bronx Wlfllam J. Flynn will
sens the riders off.
Broken Jewelry
Will pay rash for old gold, silver,
platinum, watches, diamonds, pearls.
Call, write.
Illinois Athletes Win
Big Conference Meet
Special fo Tim Son aud Now Yobk Hrium.
Ann Annort, Juno 5. By ecorlnff In
ten of tho sixteen events on the pro-
grammo tho woll balanced team repre
senting; tli university 01 Illinois won
tho twentieth annual track and field
meet of tho western Intercollegiate
Conference on Ferry Field this oftornoon
with a total of 40 points. Michigan,
nearest competitor of tho Illlnl, was
second with 30, nnd Wisconsin third
with The rest of tho teams trailed
'Missouri, aided crreatly by tho super
human efforts of Its star sprinter,
Holiolx, went into third place with 14 W,
California took 11 points, Nebraska 10,
Noxtro Dame 10 and Chicago 7.
Ono of tho biggest surprises of the
meet was tho absolute failure of Cliicago
and California, counted to bo among
tho leaders.
One conference record was broken
during the afternoon and two others
wcro tied. 'Johnny Scholz, the biggest
individual star of the meet in view of
Johnson's limited participation, stepped
down tho 220 yard straightaway in
213-5 seconds, equalling conference fig
ures, and also won the 100 yard dash in
10 seconds flat Tho Illinois relay team
tied the conferenco record of 3 :21 4-5.
To Hoffman of Michigan goes tho
honor of breaking 'the sltiglo mark
hnashed at the meet. This lank Wol-
verlno hurled tho Javelin 172 feet and 10
Inches, bettering by 2 feet and 1 Inch
the figure established by himself only
yesterday during the preliminaries.
A featuro of tho meeting was the fact
that of tho twenty-four teams ontered
sixteen managed to break into the point
This was only the second time In the
history of tho Western Conference that
Michigan was defeated In tho annual
track and field meet, and the only time
that tho Wolverines'failed to enter tho
affair us overwhelming favorites. Before
leaving the conference' Michigan par
ticipated in six: track meets, winning
five, and si-"a returning to tho fold,
three years aso, won two straight years,
with only this afternoon's defeat against
Its record.
MlchlRnii In Itnlly.
For a time Just about tho lialf way
mark It looked as If Farrell's men might
shatter predictions and como through
In first 1lacc. They kept pecklng'away
ut the Illinois lead, and at ono time were
trailing Gill's team by only two points.
Michigan's determined rally gained tho
admiration of both friends and rivals
and had Wolverine supporters in a state
bordering upon hysteria.
When Illinois could do no better than
third place In tho half mllo run Michi
gan stock began rising. Michigan failed
too to score in tho half, but about tho
tlmo that event was over a victory was
chalked up out In the Infield for Baker
of Michigan In the uhot put, and Hoff
man came through with his record
breaking performance In the Javelin
event This set tho Wplverlno sup
porters wild. Illinois crept a little
further to tho front when she tied for
flret place In tho high Jump, but Michi
gan kept in the running when Later
took third place.
The next great cleanup of the Wol
verines came in the broad Jump, won by
CapL Carl Johnson with a leap of 23
feet 7Jy inches. This was the only
Table of Western
Michigan ....
Wisconsin . .
Missouri ....
Notre Dame..
Other teams-Chicago, 7; Pnrdue. ;
4) Cornell (low) College, 3 Ohio Mate,
5th Avenue
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event In which tho Michigan leader was
ablo to participate, and his absence rep
resented JuBt tho points It would have
taken to pull tho Wolverines througK.
This meet closed Johnson's colleglato
athletla career, and his injured back
may prevent him from even trying for
the Olympic team.
Tho woather was fair and warm at
tho beginning of tho games and the
track woa in cxcollont condition. Within
tho shprt spneo of half an hour, how
ever, a violent thunderstorm broke over
Ferry Flold, and In less tlmo than It
takos to tell every ono of tho 10,000
spectators wa drenched to tho skin.
The meet was not halted, however, until
two events, the mllo and the 440, had
been run oft at tho height of tho down
pour, After these runs the spectators
decided they had had enough and broke
for cover, The meet was halted, but
was resumed twenty minutes later, when
tha skies cleared.
120 Yards Hurdles-Won by Wright, Ne
braska; Andrews, Wisconsin, second; Wal
lace, Illinois, third; Beardsley, Michigan,
fourth. Time, 15& seconds.
1TO Yard Dash Won by Scholz, Missouri;
second, Johnson, Minnesota; third, Malec
kar, Wisconsin; fourth, Spets, Wisconsin.
Tlmo, 0:10.
410 Yard Run Won by Emery, Illinois;
Brethall, Cornell College, second;. Butler,
Michigan, third; Donobue, Illinois, fourth,
Time, 43 4-5 seconds.
Ono Mllo. Run Won by Yates, Illinois;
Burke, Notro Dame, second; Ferguson,
Ohio State, third: Ramsay, Wisconsin,
fourth. Time, 4:?8 2-5.
8hotput Won by Baker, Michigan; Dale,
Nebraska, second; Majors, California, third;
Illgglns, Chicago, fourth. Distance, 43 feet
11 Inches.
Discus Throw Won by Illgglns, Chicago;
Weiss, Illinois, second; Wilson, Illinois!
third; Baker, Michigan, fourth. Distance
110 foe I 8 inches.
220 Yard Hurdles-Won by Knollln. Wis
cousin; second, Gallaghcr.wKansas Aggies;
third, Wright, Nebraska; fourth, Andrews,
Wisconsin. Mimetu:-o.
Two Mllo Itun Won by Furnas, Purdue;
second Wharton, Illinois; third, Watson,
Kunsas Aggtcs; fourth;! Rathbun, Ames.
Time, 0:33.
Pole Vault Won by Andrea, Wisconsin;
Weatbrook. Michigan; Slaughter, Michigan;
Merrick, Wisconsin, and Peterson, Califor
nia, tied for second, third and fourth at 12
feet. Height of winner, 12 foet 3 Inches.
220 Yard Dash Won by Scholz. Missouri;
second, Massengale, Missouri; third, John
son, Minnesota; .fourth. Cook, Michigan.
Time, 21 3-5 seconds. (Ties Conference rec
ord.) High Jump Osborne. Illinois, and Ivey,
Karlham. tied for first and second; third,
Later, Michigan; Bhtdecker, Ohio State, and
Williams, Missouri, tied for fourth. Height,
0 feet.
S80 Yard Run Won by Meehan, Notre
Dame; second, Sprott, California: third,
Spink, Illinois; fourth, Nash, Wisconsin.
Time. 1:51 1-5.
Hammer Throw Won by Merchant. Cali
fornia, second, Bennett. Illinois; third, Wil
son, Illinois; fourth, Illgglns, Chicago. Dis
tance, 150 feet 7 Inches.
Running Broad Jump Won by Johnson,
Michigan; second. Sundt, Wisconsin; third,
Crulkshank, Michigan; fourth, Keeling, In
diana. Distance, 2.1 feet 7H Inches,
Javelin Throw Won by Hoffman, Michi
gan: second. Wilson. Illinois; third, Sundt,
Wisconsin: fourth. Miller, Purdue. Distance,
172 feet 10 Inches. (New Conference reo
ord; former record 170 feet 0 laches, made
by Hoffman of Michigan In trials yester
day.) One Mile Relay Won by Illinois (Donohue,
Prescott. Sptnk, Emery); second, Michigan;
third. Notre Dame; fourth, Missouri, Time,
3:214-5; (Ties Conferenco Record).
BURLINGTON, Vt.. June 5,-New Hamp
shire College won a closely contested trian
gular track meet here to-day, with ftH
points. University of Vermont was second,
with 51. nnd Massachusetts Agricultural
Collcgo last, with 41i.
Conference Points.
H 5
E 2
5 1
H 6 H
3 510
.. ..-I5!i
1- 14W
.. 11V4
.. ..10
2- 10
5; Earllmm,
6!i .
114 .
Minnesota, 5: Kansas Aggies,
24; Indiana, 1; Aniei, 1.
Store Opens at 10 A. M. To -morrow
James IHcGneery & Co.
Main Floor
At 9.45
Included in the collection are such mate
rials as Woven Madras, Corded Madras,
Printed Madras and Fine Percales made in
coat style models with five pearl buttons and
soft French Cuffs. An excellent assortment
of patterns and choice of colors.
SIZES 13 TO 18
Blarney BccUsito Begorra Is
Awarded Honors nt Morris
Comity Dog Show.
Winding up with tho Judging- for Will
iam Hobart Moore's gold trophy for the
best dog or bitch nt the show, the Mor
ris County Kennel Club's second annual
dog show ended with the popular nnd
deserved success of the Irish terrier,
Blarney Bcckslto Begorra, owned by
John Qrenvllo Bates. Jt was a very
successful affair throughout, although
on account of tho inclement weather
most of tho Judging was done indoors.
All the Judging was In a bis tent, re
served exclusively for that work, on ac
count of tho rain. Later on, when tho
weather cleared, tho Judging was in the
open air. Tho lawn party took on new
life with tho appearance of tho sun.
There was a very large attendance for
such a disagreeable day, and undoubted
ly a largo sum was realised for the
beneficiary, the Morrlstown Visiting
Nurses Association.
At the Irish Terrier Club of America's
specialty show, held during tho morn
ing, with Oeorgo 8. Thomas as Judge,
there wero forty-eight bonched. Win
ners' dogs went to John G. Bates's Blar
ney Beckslto Begorra, with Mr. and
Mrs. Stuyvcsont I'cabody's Ballymooney
Flreaway reserve, while winners' bitches
went to Mr. and Mrs. Poabody's Bally
moonoy Dora, nn upset, as the reserve
was the Bates entry, Blarney Wonderful
It was the largest children's class, to
mention ono feature, ever seen at a dog
show near New York. The conditions
required that each dog In this competi
tion must be shown toy a girl or boy not
over ten years of age. There were
twenty children In the ring, girls pro
dominating, and they had every sort of
dog with them that had a class at the
show. Tho winner of the silver trophy
presented by Mr. and Mrs. George P.
Smith was Patty Zabrlskle, a. four-year-old,
and the smallest child In- the com
petition, who exhibited the Pekingese,
Wing Zee, bred at her father's kennels.
Townr B. Bates, son of tho president of
the Morris County Kennel Club nnd of
the Irish Terrier Club, took second prlic
with a Scottish terrier named Sandy,
and William Hobart Moore, 2d, a grand
son of tho coaching whip, captured tho
third prize with a 'beagle named Loafer.
Win or lose, each of the children re
ceived a box of bon bons, with the com
pliments of tho committee.
Tho nwards In winners claRsej, each
carrytns a J50 trophy presented by dif
ferent members oj the Morris County
Kenr.cl Club, follow:
Cocker Spaniels Dogs, solid color, first.
W. T. Pas re's Mldklff Firebrand; bitches,
W. T. Payna's Mldklff Marlgole; partl
folor dogs. W. T. Tayne's Mldklff Caliph;
titrhea. W. T. Tayne's Mldklff Seductive.
Beagles Dogs. Somerset Beagles' Wheatiey
Almoner: bitches, Vmon riace Beagles'
Vernon Place Mischief,
Old English Sheepdogs-Dogs, Klnnejon
Kennels' KInnelon Night nalder; bitches,
Klnnelon Kennels' KInnelon Halloween.
Chow Chows Dogs, Coassock Kennels
Yuey: bitches. Mrs. E. C. Waller's Sum
Airedale Terriers Dogs. Wllford Wood a,
champion Brookhaven Laddie: bitches, Briar
cmft Kennels' Brlarcroft iJidv Bachelor.
Bull Terriers Dogs. Little House Kennels
AIlflr Supreme: bitches, Alan Northrldge'a
Nnross 8weetheart, .... -
Boston Terriers Dogs, Mrs. Mabel C.
Thorpe's Thorpe's Tint King; bitches, II.
Rlesenberp's Rlesenberr's Dotty Dimple.
Win Haired Fox Terriers-Dogs. Q. A.
Shaw McKean'a champion Pride's Mil!
Tweak Em; bitches. Major II. HuEhess
Galllch GIp. ... ,
Sealrham Terriers Dogs, Mine Brook Ken
nels' Mind Brook Defend: bitches, Thomas
L Boutltller's Laneslde Cora.
Irish Terriers Dogs. John G. Bates BIa.
ney Berkslte Begorra: .bitches, John O.
Bates'a Blarney Wonderful Biddy.
Scottish Terriers-Dogs. Miss ,Ele,f,'i "'
Melton's Rumlnontly Redlleht; bitches.
Walescott Kennels' Waleseott Black Bonnie.
West Highland While Terriers-Dogs. Mlsa
Cthlen nilngworth's. champion Inyerlolt
Whitewash; bitches. Miss Cathlocn Illlng
worth's Greenwich Duchess of Boutherland.
Cairn Terriers-Dogs. "Mrs. WlMins Bur-,
nelfs champion Lugate. tatcld: etches, Mrs.
Wlnans Burnett's champion Bagpipe Out, or
fomeranlans-Dogs, Mrs. 0. E. Lakeland's
34th Street
Leading Hitters
in Major Leagues
rinrer. Ctob. 0. A.n. R. If. P.C.
Speaker, Clere...4iS 157 43 01 .380
Jackson, Clil 38 113 zt M .314
Johnston, Clete.,,40 141 14 W .368
Hitler, tit. I, 40 11)1 CO fill l0
Hcndryx, Dost.... 40 133 23 14 ,333
Player. Cluh. (I.
Huriuby, St. L.,,4.1
droll, Cinn 40
Robertson, Chi. ..37
Daubert, Clnn....39
lloush, Cinn 41
A.B. R. If.
nt 31 en ,397
158 33 57 .Ml
13 10 50 ,300
111) XH fit
us n 6t .333
Mine Gold Glory! bitches, Mrs. Frederick
C. Brown's Coal Speck.
Pekingese Dogs, Khlrlelgh Kennels' Rhlr
lelgh Kunny of Alderbourne; bitches, Mrs.
Thomas Hastings's Bagatelle Fl.
HagAtolls Fl completed her American
Kennel Club championship by her win In
the Poklngcto classes, Judged by E. O,
Snow, Jr. The Irish terrlor classes In
tho regular show were Judgod by Theo
dore Ofterman. Ho followed Mr, Thomas
In tho dors classes, but reversed his
placing inrbitchcs by rutting; the Bates
entry, Blarney Wonderful Biddy, oyer
Mr, nnd Mrs. Tcabody's Balloymooney
Toronto, Juno G. Tho eight, men that
will represent Canada In the trap shoot
ing tournament nt tho Olymplo games at
Antwerp wero announced to-day as fol
lows :
J. II. Black, Winnipeg, Manitoba
(Captain) ; 0. J. Klllnm, St. John, N. B.;
W. M. Hamilton, High Wver, Alberta;
Ben McLaren, Calgary; Bam Vance,
Tlllsonburg, Ontario; True Oliver, Van
couver, B. C, ; H. J. Montgomery,
Bcamsville, Ontario, and Gcorgo Beattte,
Hamilton, Ontario.
J, McLaughlin of Halifax has been
selected ns a substitute. The team will
sail from Quebec on July 6, and will first
compete In the English championships on
July 14 to 16, From England they will
go direct to Antwerp.
C, F. Luby, temporary secretary of th
New fork Bute Billiard Association, recent
ly organised In Albany, Is calling a meeting
at tho Imperial Hotel for to-morrow after
noon at 4 o'clock for tho purpose of Inter
esting tho roomkeeper of Greater New York
in the new State billiard body. All room
keepers and players who have the best Inter
est of the game at heart are Invited tn at
tend. The object of the association will be
explained, as well as billiard conditions as
they exist In the various cities throughout
the State visited by Mr. Luby since the birth
ot tho organization.
Beginning Monday, June 7th
Copyright, Hart Schaffner Marx.
Just in time
for Graduation Day si
Oup Entire Stock of
Hart Schaffner
& Marx
Suits for Boys
(Sizes: 8 to 19)
The reductions are emphatic!
But to clothes-wise parents, the
important thing about these
stylish all-wool suits is that they
are the finest made. They last
long, look well, keep their shape-
and economize.
$33, &o and 25
Suits, NOW
Separate knickers for many
of these suits at 5.30 ,
for the $18.50 suits; 6.50
for thc $24.50 suits.
Wallach Bros.
Broadway, below Chambers
ilrosdway, cor JQtll
Tournnmcnt of tho Stuto Or
ganization Win Bo Ployed
nt Kiilgcficltl Park A. C.
Judge D, Francis Scano ot Rome, presi
dent of tho Now York State Chess Associ
ation, announces tho selection of Albany
as tho place of meeting: for tho annual
tournaments of that organization, In
cluding the one for tho State champion
ship, a title now held by A. Kupchlk of
tho Manhattan and I. L. lllco Progres
sive Chess clubs of this city. The vari
ous contosts will tako place tn the club
house of tho Illdgeflold Park Athletic
Club, wlioro a large room and wide piaz
zas will bo provided for the players, both
for Indoor nnd outdoor play, according to
the state of the weather. The duration
of tho meeting will be from August 2 to
August 7. Entries should be sent to
Paris R, Eastman, 33 Morris street, Al
bany, N. Y secretary of the association.
Itovlre International Chris.
Following tha example of tho British
Chess Federation, which has held a suc
cessful victory congress, tho chess play
ers of Jugoslavia will hold an Inter
national masters' tournament at Veldes,
Juso-Slavlaibcglnnlng Juno 20. Among
those who will participate are Dr. Tar
rasch, Maroczy, Tclchmann, Splelmann,
MIeses, Kostlch and Duras. Another
gathering of tho great masters will be
made posslblo by the Jubilee programme
of the Gothenburg Chess Club of Sweden
next month. Tho chief tournament will
be restricted to those who liava won first
prises In similar competitions In Uie past
NEW LONDON. Conn., Juno B. Word was
received at the United States submarine
base here to-day that the .local base has
been aelocted by the Navy Tiepartmcnt for
the Olymplo tryout preliminaries for th
llrst and third navat districts of Boston and
New York respectively, and tho date has
been fixed as
June zj.
There will bo eighteen iinai events.
shooting, runs, Including a marathon run!
field events, boxing and two championship
baseball games will make up the pro
gramme. The New York and Boston re
ceiving stations will send delegations ot be
tween 100 and "00 each and It la expected
thM between 1,000 and 1,500 sailors will
compete. All open events are open to civil
ians In Connecticut, Massachusetts and
Bhodo Island,
$40, $38, and $35
Suits, NOW
246-248 We "

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