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Women Admit Playing Poker,
but Say Stakes "Were Xcver
High, as Charged.
-FIX BAIL AT 83,000
31 rs. .JjC Oleason, Pleads Xot
Guilt.v to Theft of Jewelry '
I !&, Vf'm'th S1000'
TMl expoV of Rarnblins for hlsh
atalces among women of the upper West
fUitfa nnart . rt, threatened by Mrs. J.
t. Gleswn of Chicago when she was ar
rested Wedne lay on a charge of Meal
ing a 11,800 (II tmond and onyx bar pin
from' thu home ' Mrs. Chester M. Curry
of ZZ1 West Se tnty-fourth street, fal'ed
to materialize rterday when ahe wss
nrraVfned before lagUtrate Slmpron In
West Side Court Aside from the pres
nc In court of fcln. Jtobert Milliard,
wlfo of the aetori anil several other
women ho mid tle had played poker
with Urn. GIaon, the case attracted no
unusual attention.
Mr Milliard iviid The members of the
pokf plalnir Ket d(l not gamble for
high stakes; that Ihel nvt eier charge
in hands at one alums was 1100, and
thai Mm. Oleason wa s wrong when she
talked about big stake p.
FU Hall nt fl000.
Tlie arraignment oil 'Mrs. Oleason
ended when MatlMratc .5nnp.ion ordered
her heM for the Grand .7nry. Her ball
n' tlS.QOO was reduced to ione-thlrd thai
ih nlea of heiA coun.il, I. T.
Flatto, nf :1 llroadway. ' Ipon auvico
. ....i f. ftijnnn nleaded not
Ul lt.or, .'. - -
KUlttr and waived examination, savin?
she preferred to tell everjUhlng to the
Grand Jury. , , .
Ilefort the woman walvcil examina
tion Charles I. Leonard olj flie Insur
ance company that had Issird. a policy
on Mrs. Curry's Jewels terttfled con
ceralDR his part In the cat. He de
clared Mrs. Oleason admlttwl to him
the theft of the pin and vn money
when he found her In Atli little City.
Mrs. Oleason was on her lect Immediate
ly making vehement denial. Sewral
times she Interrupted the picceflngs
US contradict the statements it other
witnesses. On Wednesday sho harfelf
made a somewhat hysterical admhrion
to the Magistrate that she took the pin
and money, but added that she piail re
turned them to the owner
Leonard testified that his queJtlonlng
of Mrs. Oleason at Atlantic City ftrcught
the statement that she had found: the
tiln on the floor of the bathroom In the
Curry apartment: that she thouRW: she
had been cheated, so decided to keep
i .nil in fwhiitlnn Leonard named
seven of the poker players and euld he
Mn. Currv when
the Investigation of the dlsappenrance
of the pin was begun.
Mamas of Players.
The names he mentioned IncludedMr.
Olga Milliard of 58 Central Park West;
rMrs. Frances Jacobs, wife of Ahryn
Jacobs, of ttt West End avenue-. Mrs.
Tlobert Burns and Miss Emmy 'Hays,
35S West End avenue ; Mrs. Boynlon It.
Jloblnson, 87 Riverside Drive; Mr.i. Otto
n Prnrlph. 317 West Eiehtv-third
street;. Mrs. Elsie I). Bolles, wife of Ed.
ward Pi Belief. Ml West Wty-jetfc
street, and Mrs. Grace Clark of ttt West
End avenue.
Mrs. Curry. middle aged w0mn'
testified tha gams on May SO, "b.n
pin dUappeared, lasted until S o clock
In the morning. Bhe lost 10 herself at
that sltUnc and after everything as
over, she said, she missed the pin and
about IJtO. She wasn't sure of the ts
act amount of money , . .
1 never know how much money ls in
my purse," she testified- "I don t know
how much Is in It now."
Express Hits Train on 'L' at
Freeman Avenue.
The record of the Interborough's "No
Accident Week" was marred by the col
lision of two northbound trains at the
Freeman avenue station of the Bronx
Park division shortly after X o clock yes
terday afternoon. George E. Adams, .5,
motorman of the colliding train, was
killed, to men were seriously Injured,
and fourteen others received bruises ana
a variety of minor Injuries.
Herman Harnott, a waiter, of 1100
East Tremont avenue. The Bronx, was
taken to Lincoln Hospital, where h s left
. i nri ht condition is
said to be Mrlous. John Morris, a broker,
living at Throgg's Neck, wa taken to
Koidham Hospital suffering from lacera
lions of tha tcalp and probable fracture
of the skull. His Injuries sre not so criti
cal. Three also received treatment in
Kordham Hospital, the others requiring
only first aid. which was admlnls ere-l
by ambulance surgeons from Fordnam
and Lincoln hospitals.
The cause of the wreck remains a
Jni how or why
mailer ui cuiijcvvm' . . '
Motorman Adams Ignored a signal set
against him may never oe
Seventh avenue express of eight cars
was discharging passengers and having
two cars added to the front of the train.
While this train was still at the station
plctform the ten car Lexington avenue
express, operated by Adams, rumbled
up over the slight grade and bore down
with such speed as to pass seventy-two
feet beyond the safety signal set dead
against it and telescope seventeen feet
Into the rear car of the stalled train.
An lnterborough wrecking crew
worked for more than an hour before
Adams's body was extricated.
The Public Service Commission will
begin an Investigation this morning.
Adams was unmarried and lived at
1158 Edson avenue, The Bronx.
Mrs. Ilasol.na Murdered In Slater
Ist-law's Ilame.
Km rml. Ilmtnlnna of 79 East
153d street, The nronx, was murdered
esterdav afternoon in the home of her
s:rtcr-ln-law, Mrs. Lulgl Trlmoco, at
131 Thompson street. She had gone
there to prepare supper for Trlmoco In
the absence of his wife, who was taken
n mm Ciat Rid. hnimitftl Wednesday.
Trlmoco, returning from work at five
o'clock, found Mrs. Basoiona's Doay on
vl,At.nH flnA. IJt- thrnat had heen
lie mii'ini - -.
cut and after she was dead. It later was
found, the murderer had slashed her
again and again.
British Flaar Barmlasr Inqalry.
Washington, June 10. The report of
the District of Columbia authorities on
M, hltmtnir nf ft. Ttritiah fllC by
Irish women pickets at the Treasury
Building was received to-aay Dy me
State Department and Is being studied
by officials. Meantime Its contents are
being withheld.
Yur Jily Kviieiis
May bo invested In new issue of
Guaranteed First
Mertgage Certificates
Netting VA
Secured by Six-story Apartment
. Audubon Ave. and 170th St.
Manhattan. New York City
Appraised value $100,000
Annual Rental $18,000
Send far Circular 13099.
Selections made NOW nsy be paid lor
after July 1.
UlCIIAltp M. IIUIID, r-rrtldent
Capital sad Surplus $9,000,000
yt Liberty SuS.Y. 1S4 Monusuefu BTm.
Telephone 7 BO J Con. Telephone 760 Miln
Having Enough Money, Bos
ton Scrubwomen Stay Home.
Boston, June 10. Scrubwomen are
quitting their jobs, prohibition having
made It unnecessary for them to do the
work, according to Information obtained
by Inspectors of the minimum wage di
vision of the State Department of Labor
and Industries.
In license times, office building man
agers told the Inspectors, they had no
difficulty In recruiting scrubbing squads
from women forced to support their
families because their husbands were
Under prohibition, the women said
they had more money for household
needs and, while some continued to
work, they did not have to undertake
the tiring labors of the scrubbing brush
and pall to eke out family support.
Breeklnrldire Lonir Is III,
Sr. Louts, June 10. Breckinridge
Long, who resigned yesterday as Third
Assistant Secretary of State to make
the race for the Democratic nomination
for United States Senator, is confined to
bed In his home here, suffering from
tonsllltls. It was announced to-day.
His physician has ordered that he see no
Continued from FWtt ragi
that we ratify the league with particu
lar reservations. That Is what we op
posed. That Is beaten. There Is no re
quest, as.I understand It, for ratification
of the League of Nations at all."
"Does that accomplish all you desired
to dor
"Absolutely. It Is the Justification of
what this little band of Senators has
done In Washington."
"Would you like personally to say
anything of he rumors that have been
printed of a controversy between you
and Senator Borah, or some falling out
you have had on that subJectT'
"There la absolutely not a word of
truth In It. AVhere was it printed V
Tills last question Senator Johnson
shot out with a flash of anger In his
eyes. It was explained to him that a
Chicago newspaper had printed such a
story, declaring that the more radical
views of Senator Borah on the league
were regarded by Senator Johncon as
likely to Injure his candidacy.
That 1 a great blunder," declared
the Callfornlan, "Senator Borah and I
are on the most cordial terms, not onlyj
that, but I might say affectionate terms.
I am astonished at such a report. If
you had told me It appeared In some
New York newspapers I might have felt
no surprise."
C'onfldent of domination.
The Senator was asked whether he
was atlll confident of success In the bal
loting for the Presidential nomination,
"1 nm confident, very confident," he
replied. "It has been a long, hard fight
concerning the platform. There has been
a tremendous victory for Americanism.
It Is a signal and overwhelming defeat
for Internationalism and International
bankers who are here to-day, determined
not alone to write the platform of the
Republican party, but determined also
to nominate a candidate for President
They have been whipped on the first, and
I am hoping that they will be beaten In
like manner on the second,"
"Does the agreement on the platform
mean that you will not attend the con
vention?" "That means I probably will not at
tend the convention. If the matter Is
settled as It has been reported to me
I'll probably not go to tl.a convention.
If It Is not settled that way I will go."
"Does that dispose of the "bolt or
third partI"
"I don't know anything about that. It
disposes of the first attack upon tha
Republican party by Internationalism
and International bankers. That Is all.
We'll try to attend to the second with
equal success. We have a mighty grave
question here, gentlemen. I tried to ex
press It to you the ether night Shall
the party of Lincoln continue the party
of the plain people In this land, or anau
It be a mere appurtenance of certain
New York International bankers! That
question has to be thrshed out, and It
has cot to be decided here In Chicago."
Senator Johnson and his lieutenants
did practically all the talking here to
day. There was nothing to eay for puo
llMtlnn at th Wood and Johnson head'
quarters. They do not relish the Idea of
having to defend themselves, through
their spokesmen, against tne expecita
nntlauirht of the Johnson forces. They
have been trying for the last few days
to forge', about the Senate committee
end disclosures about their targe cam
paign expenditures. They have been
hoping that the delegates would ferget
them. It makes tnem distinctly uncom
fortable to know that the whole die
Igreesble matter may be aired before
the great gathering to-morrow.
However, they are prepared to.answer
the attack to the best of their ability, It
It should become necessary. It depends
entirety on what hearing Senator Borah
gets before the convention whether they
will hae speakers to reply to him from
the rostrum. Should the convention re
ceive the Borah speech with Indifference
they will probably make no reply, but
will attempt to offset It by quick floor
work among the delegates.
There Is much speculation and not a
little bitterness over the veiled threats
of bolting the party made by Senators
Johnson and Borah. They were made
yesterday whllo the fight over the
league of Nations plank was at Ita crit
leal stare. With that settled by a John
son-Borah victory, it was thought tha
threats might cease. .
But Senator Johnson's Indirect answer
to the question as to whether his victory
on the league plank disposed of the re
port of a third party or a bolt opens
the whole matter anew.
The Old Guard and Wood and Low
den managers aayJohnaon and Borah
are running a strong bluff. That may
be, but tho Old Guard was afraid to call
It In the case of the treaty, and that un-
doubtedly has given tho Johnson camp
courage to try It again with regard to
the nomination for President To-morrow
should determine how successful
the secoruL attempt will be.
Senator Harding (Ohio), who Is still
In a strategic position as a favorite son
while not regarded as exactly a dark
horse, but certainly as a dapple gray,
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mad the only answer to tn Jehnicfl
Berah threats that has been made pub
licly thus tar. and he was mild about !U
Ha Issued this statement;
"After reading the morning paperi It
eeeras to me thai oome one ought to
speak the reminder that this la a Re
publican convention to write a Jtepub
llcan covenant and name a !UpuMlcn
ticket No NaUonal Convention ever
was more fairly commuted. U Is truly
representative of the nepubtlean party,
and the majority sentiment has forrou.
latcd Into expression and .action must
rula. Talks of bolta probably are not
Mthi4 hut Mriihtlv na minority
should be permitted to control through
threats, certainly tnose wno aro nj
to bolt the party or assail It after a
majority decision Is reeordsd should
have no voice In the deliberations.
"We are either a rtepubllcan party of
constructive party and policy of core
Avnr and cnnfld.nce or we are merely
a group made Impotent through rule or
ruin domination.
"I cannot believe that the reported
threats have responsible authority back
of them."
Former Presldmt Does Not Vlmp
to Visit Convention.
Chicago, June lO.-rFormcr President
Taft will arrive here to-morrow. morn
ing from the West and will stop over a
rew hours oerore leaving lor new mm,
T. oro olH tntsv li. nrohahly would
not visit the convention or attempt to
take part In platform conference.
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