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)IUU BAR TMIIDI nrr u rcnpnr4M ' 1 vulw" miiuunu , CT 50M FOOD
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Known value, tie says.
Hventlov See Allfe I'rovok
' In? One and Sdiddeiiiniui
Vwlkt It.
oadi.vkt vmm mui o.v
ajJority SoclHliNtK Will
slosf Vielilliijf Further
Vartlw of the .light.
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Tmk IImiiv. 6if Tlia Hex
4M .Vrw V(K linns.
Brau.Y. Jun 10. Th Entml r-
1?"'. Jiu",.,,V"b.L1 "'SjW'uiyrcot! With Government
Affair (.'nmlttre of tha Chamber of
lputlj IcmIj ywaa dlscuiilr ptro!um I I'olifV of Buffer Stfltc Oil
mlA 'f..-L-lL ltll I sulfa fUrtllMI ,
chiratd tlust 'ornisr I'retnW Omm
'iu had altiraJontd Kranee'a rlchta In
MMOpoMmlo. 'lapt, Andre Tardleu dt
fended II Clttncneeau and rwil u letter
In whirl. In fatf.rM. "Unit T L'nnvn
lh value of vMoiul and Mesopotamia I ', ITemler HhuJ.kl realeneil yesterday: The
would iierer liie tradtd them oft." , ministry atwmtd office on December IS
In 'he lobbliU of tl Cliamuer tliUj,,t
.ltern.n the cU-U between Tardleu and i f rJIUl,on af tIw UIn,t ,, un.
Ilirlliou on lh gwttlon of Mosul and !..... , . ....
MeMbotamU Kt UDwrmaaL Tlie oo-i i nsv- oen ..rua.i.i. auuui
KnsKlun Harder.
VVaxiaw, June 10. Tle :.'ablr( f
lionents of the Venule treaty and the
foimer Clemenceau MlnUtry Interpreted
the letter teJil bt :apl. Tnrdleu ax
meaning tliat II ilenirnceau nxa not
converiunt with thtr icrf-craptlcal poll
tlon of Hr,ul.
tlilntf I knoir arlitrM lloul In." Mid
(Mr. ('Iemii.eau. when Clio corretp&ndent
called at hi home tlfix afternoon. "I
o Iriiuly that Mr. Lloyd .eotze kneir
nothtne about ceorraphy. he went on
anilllntly. "The treaty wai not a Ques
tion of tfojrrapli). It wai a iiueitlon of
piytliolos). I iln not poi ai a proff.
nor of Kfotiaph). but I ivis.de tllng la
etalrcrafl '
ielcet In the Herman political crliiia anu t,iBj, j Know a, nlucn aom lloiul aa
hopei for n tv irar here, to tnat U'yir. .;oj rirorxa knew uiiout Tearben."
may dlimtmhr niany. thire Count ijr, c'einmcenii a racaced In writ
von Heventlow In the Dtuhche Tafif . (nj a linil at t!f time, ) do not mean
vtlivnff, lie nroau innni'
li!atlu T. Lincoln, one of the Inatlw
tor of the Kapp rUilnr lat March anil
who Ii now tn derma ny. i apendinK
lane Jme of money and worxlnic to
rtafe another revolutionary eoup d'etat;
that hi la In fact a itnt of the Kiencn
ar,d the Knxiiih
m la moro than ilkely," he wrlieit.
'that repren-ntaHreii of the Knlente ln
.vtectnl conference dicued their atO-1
tuSe In the eent of cirll war In Ger
many, fomented b) tliene method, and
iruitca:!)' approved It a I'd fixed the
Ipr.lta of their acvlon. Thli action In
nil probability mould havr taken n-ay
fat unity and aurvirtl of the fierman
Ctt: ion ftevenilowa ptrlurballoiM
are ahared bv many peraona tn Ger
many, althouih they aie- without hli
auaptclont, Phillpp Hcheldemann, chair
man of the majority SocUllit Itelchilax
nucu. at a recent meetlnj of the
rity Council of Caael. where h l
Mayor predlctei that Germany would
IA. n civil 'lr toon. Tina propnecy
thoucii made In a prKale teialon of
council, found lla way Inlo Ih
eia In caroled form. llrr Kcheld
ann belna Quoted na havlnc foretold
the comlna- revolution hy to monlhii,
Jvftw a corrected veralnn hae appearel
rrrfun a n r at a nrmrnri
null UHftV CiJV,i 1 particularly with the iilow progrets nude
DECIDES TO REMAIN '" 11,6 nitt b:"uLacr,.r,an ,,?form WiL
Activity of Armed Terrorists;
to Be Put Down.
ivwhlch It la uc;areu inai nr. m reiui
ifir the overaanaulnn arKUii'enij of a
kfi-al i o'.lr ii'nauu to Tiie i n New
)tK llisim ovr:t.l. i:t. On Tin Hi
M .Scnr Yaik Iliaui
B I'pa FcaT. June 10 The Hungarian
Cabinet, headed by II. Kemedeu, which
It iai (hcuilit would he forced to re
a!cn owlnx to the activity of armed ter
rorlati'. ha decided, afte" a conferer.te
l!h Admiral )lorth. the I'.esmt, to
colIrll;e In offlce. Herr Ilaller, Jllclaler
of I'ubiit Inttructlon. declared that he
certain that Admiral Horthy wou'd
t'ii.e all necfHsaiy attpn for the protec
tion of life and property and thai the
independent military handa would be
, The .1: J.'ef anerla, however, tint the
r:anatloti of Ihc Cabinet l bound 10
follow, and that Count Apponyl. Hen
llethien and Herr 'MeWy i-an be re
Kdrdcd an the comin? m"n II prllctii
that om of the present lliniflera will
British Labor Man Calls Bol
shevism Well Arranged.
London, June 10, Fifty per cent, of
the people of Soviet Itutala are hungry,
allhouch everybody U tettlnr a certain
alkiwanca of food, declared Benjamin
Turner, member of the Drltlth Labor
delegation to Rutala, In the coura of a
(raplilc deacrlptloa to-day of coadltlona
i In that country aa hi had observed them.
"There is no terror In Riuala. except
hunter, and that la a very real ttrror la
the cltie," aald Mr, Turner.
There had been a Ited terror, accord
inr to the BrltUii labor man, arid officii!
figures allowed that 1,(00 peraoaa had
been ahot, mostly, he was. Informed, for
acta of treachery behind the llnea dur
ing the Denlklue and Kolchak cam
palms. This terror had ceased, but the
Dolsherlk leaderatold Mr. Turner that
force would be used aa Ion as there was
the jjoitltllity .f s, CvUntcr itvoiutloii
and while the war with I'oland lasted.
Mr, Turner aald he found the Uol
ahevlkl jierfectly fran. about their hard
ships through iaclt of food, clothing and
raw materials. "Die physical and ma
terial ;ondlllon of the country la ao bad
they iid ot attempt to hide It," Mr.
Turner continued. "They have had a
tremendous battle with disease. There
have been a million cases of typhus find
scores of thousands Of malaria and
smallpox cases, with no medicines."
Mr. Turner declared he dlaaareed with
some principles of Bolshevism, but
thought thg system well arranged. Ife
said the Bolshevlkl admitted they had
been oblUrd latterly 'o suspend the ap
plication of some of their principles, but
noped to restore them completely after
the cessation of warfare. "It wilt take
a feneration or two to secure substantial
. 1 1 ... nf thtw l.lalMom " thm ll.lt.
BE ITALY'S PREMIERi lelesat averted. They are try
... In" 'o Jump too far In one stride."
chiefly by opposition to the Government's
policy wilji retard to the creation of a
buffer Slate between Poland and Rus
sia. It is txaecttd tnat President Fii-
ruaski will deai-nate same one to-mor-
I ro- to form r new Ministry.
i The National Uemocrale, It Is report
ed, will refuse to participate In a Gov
ernment hlefly made 'jp of Hoctallsts,
who ate Insisting on peace, but will ton
sent lo cooperate with '.he Conservative
and Popular parties and seteral ottux
worklnc croups.
The collapse of, the '.'abinet was
brouthl about by the rrsir.iatlons of
thtee members, Vrancls Bardell, Minis
ter of Agriculture ; M. Kedilor, Minister
of I'uTillij Works, and M. Dabskl, Vice
Korelcn Minister. All are members of
the Populist parly, which disagrees gen
erally vw lilt the Government's policy,
ri ri itt r r i rs r r 1 nrr
Summoned, With Others, by
King' to Discuss Crisis.
Itour, June 1(1. Klup Victor Km
maiiut'l. following the tesignatlon of the
Mill Ministry, called to the palace the
former Foreign Minister Tomasso Til
tonl. the President of the Senate: ei
Premler Oilando. who rtalsned yester
day from the Presidency of the Chamber
of Deputies; es-Premlrs Glolltll, Luz
zatll and Salandra, I.tilgl Mede, fonntr
Minister of Kinar.ce. and fllgnor Rossi.
YUe-PiesIdent of lh Chamber of
Dejcjtlcr, ml dltciirsed wjth them the
Cablmt crisis, v
Newspaper comment illectil quite
senrall the view that the man who
would ultimately have to be selected
to succeed Nlttl In the Premiership was
fon wr Premier Giolltti.
Conservative Alderman, said .hal ' In
ntaad of there roseate hops, It i" my
W4w that that there Is comlns In i
shott while, another ciell war."
ffhe Cabinet crisis promlees to con-
Mnue. Herr Rfheldemann rill arrive Wi. be leia.iiro
rierlin to.iMorrnw for a majority So-'
must caucus and ui lead the f,si,t rFNSnBSHIP AH AIM IN HANDLE MUNITIONS
EcUJtssl III. V '
fan extending fuithr to the ItlRhl. lie.
Wll as nr. iiru'..ieiu, ii.uepriiur.ii
foclallM leaddr, and many Influential
ocfallsts of both wings are innsiina:
that ttu bourgeois parties unite and)
how what they can Io alone. This Is,
ireclsely what Hie conservatives are
trlvlr.g lo avoid, utlns all the wiles
jhey have to Induce at leat th modvr.
te Sojlallsts to enter the f ublnft wi'h
If the cr:l.i does not Involve a rcort
civil war. It is expected li:at it will
horten the life of the new P.eichEt.ig
ITALY AND RUMANIA ' Railwaymtn and Dockers Say
Poland Likely to Cet Help in Army C L" 77"m-
Fight Against Soviets.
Want Unions to Stop Hand
ling Munitions for Ireland,
London'. June JO. Under the presl
denc of Robert Smllle, the Miners' Fed
eratlon held a conference In Memorial
Hall to-day and decided to formulate a
demand for an Increase In wager, as
a share of the Increase In the price of
coa I.
The federation also adopted a leso
luilon protesting against the military
domination of Ireland, and Instructed its
parliamentary committee to summon a
special conference of trades union.'? to
deal with the production and handling of
munitlora for Ireland and I'oland.
Gen. Murguia Tlln SIHUary
Court of Attack ou Fa
I'residenfs Hut.
e same number carried out the attack . ltxti ,ht Gcrman people did net desire
'alnst Cartanxa, said the witness. a turn lo tne monarchical form of .gov-
Kit te AirJle Vet.
Mexico ClTT. June 10.-To have de-....-
f . Tla.MlinlAnen on
jcuueu i i w - mK ,
,i,. Mminr nf Mav !1 would have been I
"a tueltss ar.tlnc." Gen. Fnmtlsco
MurenJa. the formir Minister of War,
who accompanied the late President on
his flight, thua declared before the mili
tary court Inrestlrating Carranxa death.
"When we finished repelling the attack
against our but." Gen. Murgula con
tlnued. "the firing dlreeterd against t-ar-ranxa'a
hut had ceaaed and one only
hesrd 'Vlraa for Obrgon and I elaex
and ahoula of "Surrender, Carrsinia,
Fifty men attacked Murguia nui
... I. U - fm M,
"Finally I wai able to escap """-'
officers." ha rdded. "We learned ItitX
Carranxa was dead when we reached La
Union and that the attacking forces were
Herrero's." , . . .
In a lengthy repott to President de la
Huerla. Pablo Gontatex saya that It
certain documenta had reached Carran
w's hands the latter's life oU.Mh?a,?
been saved. It ta prevumed that he re
fers to the guarantees iiienilonsd b
Gen. Margula. Gen. Herrero te Bed
for several hours before the m.lltary
court, but his testimony was no: made
Ti.j.xctt-A.vrooo. Stale of I'debla.
Mexico. June 10. Indian resident or
where President Car
ranxa met hla death, acout the theory
that of committed suicide ana acciuc
that no real defence was made of the
resident These Indians pointed out
the hut which they said haasieen as
signed to the President by Gen. Rodo Mo
n..... i. hniif nf fraelle materlxi
and la located far from the quarters of
the soldiers whose duty It was to j
tect him. The Indians asserted Uiere
were atone houaes available to which the
President might have been assigned.
Inrestigatlon by the correspondent
showed Jive bullet holes through the thin
wooden wall of the hut In a corner
where It was said Carranza alept. One
bullet Is reported to have struck him in
the Its, and according to belief here
when he sat up he was hit by the other
four. Thirty bullet holea were counted
in various parts of the hut.
Three hundred yards from where Car
rania slept Is a hut pointed to by the
Indians as one occupied by Ignacio uo
. nillas. former Mexican Ambassador at
Washington, who was one of President
Count Adolf von Montgelas
Here on Way to His Post.
CoumT Adolf von Montgelas, well
known here aa a Germaa diplomat,
whose wife wai formerly Miss Fann;e
iisuliln c.r Grand IUDldr. Mich., ar
rived yesterday by the Royal Italian
Mall liner Duca degll Abruiil. on his
way lo Mexico, where he will t the
new German Republic's Mlnhter. The
Count received no diplomatic courtesies
became of the slate of war technically
etlailnr hetwren hla country and the
X'nlted States, ahd his baggage and that
of his secretary of legation. Dr. Otto
vnn Prtlnif miifirff. Wtre Inspected as
that of the plain voagcr. He went to
the Waldorf.
The Count paka gsod En h and
used It to say that he did not knowr why
tha German Remibllc had eelcted a
titled subject of the old reglmi tJ rep
resent her In Mexico. He sa'd he be-
Hotel Knickerbocker
Sale of Furnishings
To facilitate the delivery of merchandise
already purchased the sale has been dis
continued for two days.
Reopening for Further Sale
Saturday, June 12th, at 9 A.M.
BRITISH AT TELFAR Carranr.a's companions In 1.1a flight from
i Mexico city. According to the stories
M. nrV.W. n;.V;'.l toW by the natives, "onlllaa remained In
,.Mw. .. . , tnr0U-n0U, tne nigni anu m i"-
and Towmmen,
W ash imiton. June 10 Oomph te i-e i
roiship lias btren establifhul in lia'j
and li:.mt'ila. according tn ortkial de
patciirit rtcBicd here lo-da
lleidit retorts .Vom Rumania have ie
.'erinl tn Uie po.isljl'ily that IlunumU
m:Rlit .'ii i Polar.il In the f,,jht thit
.ci.nlry it waging axalnst Hoviet Russia.
lit bun, .luiii- 10. A manifesto pledg
ing support for thf Dublin rallwaymen
and dockers in tneir
London. June 10. Two British officers.
refusal to handle , all the Government officials and a num-
munitions has been Issued by the execu-Jber of townspeople were killed in an at
lives of the Irish iJbor party and Trade
1'iilon Congri-ss. Tli- manifesto defies
the King and the Britl!'i Government,
say Ins :
"Not r. II the armies In the empire will
.tack by Shammar tribesmen on Telfar.
rear Mosul, Aflatle Turkey, according
to Bagdad advices coming by way of
The Government building was seized
compel us to tccme traitors to our n the jjttack. which waa made on June
But Warsaw Report Was
Contradicted in Paris.
Ill V ' AMdaliil Prtu
Warsaw, June 9 (delayed) - Poland
will send a peace note to the Rtuuian
Soviet Government within a few days,
according to newspope-s heie. The
proposal will be handled by Premier
gSMulskl who lias now teslgned oflicej,
&o Is empowered by Dlot leaders lo
ttt In behalf of the Government, which
framed its new noto on June 4.
Frrnpb VlrrfhHiit Fleet Groirs,
I Ieu, June 10 During llscui.ilon of
; the meicbant marine budget in the
I Chamber of Dt-putle to-day Pnul Rig
, rop. t ndr-Secretiry for Marine, Ue-
btid iliat the itnch mercantile fleet,
whldi previous to the war comprised
2,C50.OOO tone, would soon teach a total
of S.SjO.OOO tons despite the losses suf
fered duilng the conflict.
' Paris. June 9. It was aald to-day
t the Polleh legation regarding reports
of a tesumption of peace negotiations
i between Poland and Soviet Rusilfi that
such negotiations are out of tho ques
tion until the Polish army has occupied
defensive positions It has In view on tha
Dnieper ami Pvlna, river fronts.
,'l'olhli troops are purniilng th r treat
lac Bolrhevlkl between the Dvlua and
Upper IJeitslna rivers, according lo a
Itavas nespatcli from Zurkli. whlo.i say
there l confirmation that the Bolshevist
'shock troops, which won local successes
hetween Mav H and Jjne I, were ex
clusively commanded by German offi
cers. These troop, the despatch adds,
are now in orderly retirement 'owaid
Polotsk methodically destroying every
thing In their path,
H The rest of the Bolshevik divisions
fe reported to bs lleelr.g In disorder,
Tjhlie the Polish army Is approaching
flie lak legion nea the Upper Dvlna.
London, June 10. Russian Bolshevik
farces are advancing near Klcff and
southwest of that city, according to an
6fflclal statement Issued at Moscow,
frhlch says: ''Our troops operating on
the right bank of the Dnieper River
are driving the enemy back toward the
JCIeff-Korosten railway. We have also
advanced along the left bank of the
DJsr.a River, following the enemy slep
by step.
Grant's Former Aid, 83, Had I
Undergo Operation.
Gen. Horace Porter, who was aide de
camp to 1en. Grant and later Ambas
sador lo France, Is seriously 111 In his
home at ??7 Madison avenue, it was
Irfarned last night. It waa staled, how-r-,v'er,
that his physicians ur.d members
of his family still have hope for his re-
Viiivery. He 13 M years old.
,jThe General' waa operated on last Sat
urday for an nllment of the bladder. He
was stricken while at his summer home
Greenwich, Conn., and was, brought
back to the city when It was seen that
n operation was Immediately neccs
ry. v
o.vn nation, we win not shrink irom
lha consequences of that view although
the whole fabric of the commonwealth
be convulse." I
The railwiivmen zenerallv mi to this 1
i time have only refused to handle mu
nition lialnf. but rallwaymen at Ulnsle,
County Kerry, yesterday refused to man
a train with soldiers aboard. The sol
diers weie obliged to leave the train
before It could proceed.
4 A punitive column Is reported
have been sent from Mosul.
,1erb Spurn Austrian Muney.
Vienna, June 9. The Austrian com
mission sent to Belgrade to negotiate for
foodstuff and other nupplies has re
ported that the Serbs arc unwilling to
accept luxutles In exchange, which are
all Austria has to offer. Neither will
the Serbs accept Austrian money.
1 morning cut a hole In tne wan to acc
I how the land lay and then escaped.
Inter -Allied Commissioners
Give Up Mandate.
Berlin, June 10. The Interallied
Plebiscite Commission In Eastern Silesia
nas returned Its mandate to the Supreme
Council on tho ground that the task
cannot be fulfilled under the prescribed
conditions, according to report here to
oay. The commissioners are understood to
have known the Impossibility of taking
a plebiscite In Eastern Silesia for a long
ernment and that the republic wou'.d lart
many year?. He regretted era; me
United States waa still technically at
war with his own country.
The Count was married to Mlas
Haxeltlne In 1905, the last time he was
in this country. She and her children
are now In Santa Barbara, CaJ., where
they will stop until the Count has se
lected a residence In the Mexican capi
tal The Count waa attached to the
German Kmbassy In Washington from
1) to ISM. nnd had been since in
Bueharest. Petrogradand, Toklo.
That is almost the daily exclamation of delighted people
recovering lost articles of any description.
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