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jlilltnry Commands fcifford,
tVhcro Sinn Fdncrs Forced
Jurors to Stay Aay.
Eighty Cnscs Withdrawn in
Donegal, Whoro 'Now Courts'
Mndo Decisions.
BtLFABT, July 13. In IU campaign to
ji-cr-dlt the Government courts of Jiiv
hn In Ireland Sinn Fein Inaugurated
ifciy a new campaign Intended to pre
vent Jurors attending court. As a result
Llfford. where the County Qonegal Court
tt Assl" l being held to-day, was in
Mwesilon of tho military.
Two Lewis machine guns were In posi
tion on the roof of the court house, and
Jh,n Justices Dodd and Kenny arrived
to open court guns commanded the prin
cipal thoroughfares and soldiers occupied
Millions behind sandbags on the roof.
A couple of detachments or tno West
Burrcy Regiment wero posted In the
wuare In front of tho court house and
ether detachments were In tho burldlng.
where the balconies were guarded by
inidlers with flxod bayonets.
In the attempt to prevent the- Jurors
from reaching Ufford rails were torn up
on the Burton Port extension of tho
Lough Swllly Railway and telegraph
wires were cut
Of the 130 petty Jurors summoned for
duty only nineteen men wero present
when court opened. Moro than eighty
of the nlncty-nlno appeal cases beforo
the tribunal had been withdrawn, Jt Is
A remarkable feature was that yester
day a Sinn Fein court reached decisions
on almost all the appeals listed tor hear
ing before the assizes court, and bar
risters and solicitors were In attendance.
Liner's Fireman Caught at
Southampton Had Letters.
London, July 13. William Barry, an
Irish fireman on tne steamsnip New
Tork, pleaded guilty here xo-day to In
fringing the defence of the realm act
iy bringing In from America arms,
ammunition and letters. The latter
were from Irish revolutionists and were
Intended for ultimate delivery to Sinn
Fein chiefs In Ireland. Barry was sen
tenced to two months' Imprisonment.
Upon his arrest at Southampton July
I Barry declared the pistols, ammuni
tion and letters wero given him by an
unknown man for delivery at a Liver
pool address which ne asserted was
The letters comprised a covering let
ter signed "John" and addre&ied to
"Michael," who tho police eay presumably
Is Michael Collins, Sinn Fein member
of Parliament for Cork, and three let
ters addressed to Arthur Griffith, two
sifrned "James O'-Mara" and the other
The letters reported failure of the
Irish to obtain inclusion of their plank
In the platform adopted at the Itcnub
llcan National Convention m Chicago
and commented on the split between the
Cohalan and De Valera groups. O'Mara's
letters to Griffith stated that efforts to
get the Irish plank Into the Republican
.platform were thwarted because "ground
undermined by Cohalan grpup by Intro
duction of resolution of mere sympathy,"
ind said that Cohalan, Devoy, DtarmUd.
Lynch and Richard Dalton were Identi
fied with this group.
One of the letters signed "Peter" asked
that Dc Valera, be bolstered through
pamge of a vote of confidence by the
Dal! Elraenn ("Irish Republican Par
liament"). A letter purportedly written by
"Xoonan'1 to "Michael"' said : "Am send
ing by this delivery two parcels, one
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General Strike Possible Un
less, Troops Are Recalled.
By ins Associated Prat,
London, July 13. What Is tanta
mount to a threat of direct action for
tho purposo of forcing tho Government
to call a truce and withdraw tho troops
from Ireland and Institute an Irish
parliament wah voted at the trades
union congress In London to-day, when
a resolution Introduced by the miners'
federation demanding the withdrawal
of all British tromia from Inland nnd
Russia was adopted on a card vote by
z.ioy.uuu against 1,830,000,
This vote followed previous rather
confusing votes, but Its effect, accord
ing to James Henry Thomas, general
secretary of the National Union of
Railway-men, Is that should tho Govern
ment ignore the rallwnymen's resolu
tion, calllne for n Iturn In Trnlnml nnd
the opening of an Irish parliament, it
will become tho duty of the congress
commute to see that the miners' resolu
tion is carried Into effect
It Is believed, however, thnt hnfnrA
any ballot on this object Is taken an
other congress will bo summoned to
consider the matter. Th mln
gates are Jubilant over their success
in uirring me congress tor n "down
tools" pojjcy by a majority largely ex
ceeding one million.
But No Final Agreement Un-
fu After Conference.
Mexico Cut, July 13. The Govern
ment has aCCDted in nrlnelnli. h
definite proposals of the representatives
of the petroleum Interests, according to
iu universal io-aay.
No final agreement will hn ram-had
however, the newsnaDer cava, until fh
conference on Saturday next between
Provisional President de la Huerta'and
the oil men.
Secretary of the Treasury Alvarado
Is duo to arrive at Tamplco to-night,
wnere ne win inspect the petroleum
fields before leaving for New York.
Von Eckhardt Letter to Him
Published in Mexico.
Mexico Citt, July 13. The news
papers print to-day what purports to
be a copy of a letter from Helnrich
von Eckhardt former German Mlnlrter
to Mexico, to the late President Car
ranza. The letter, dated at Hamburg,
November 10. 1919, reads In part as
"Respectful thanks for your greetings,
which have been my only Joy since I
left your country. Dr. Krum Heller
(former adviser to President Cnrranza)
has had much success regarding rela
tions with Mexico and I think he can
do much for emigration to Mexico.
"Tho situation here Is difficult but I
think we shall soon overcome our ob
stacles and that tho nation will be as
strong as ever. What Is happening In
Europe to-day Is not flnnl. Great modi
fications arc expected and we hope that
Mexico, guided by your strong hand, will
continue our friend."
Eligible After Thnrndny, Lard
Chancellor Announces.
London, July 13. In accordance with
an act of Parliament already passed
the Lord Chancellor announces that
after July IB women are liable to serve
on Juries under the same conditions as
Husband and wife will not be per
mitted to serve on the same occasion.
London Hears Lloyd Gcorgo
Has Received Jlcssagc From
Poles to Halt at Grodno-Brest
Lino With Soviet Army 50'
Kilometers Away.
London, July 13. It Is rumored in
authoritative quarters In Spa that
Pfjimlnr TJnvd rifOrcA linn THPetved a
message from George Tchltcherln, Bol
shevik Commissary for Foreign At
fairs, accepting the proposals of the
Allies for an armistice between rolaml
ml Tln.nln nrrnrrilnir tn a Sna drsuatcll
to tho' Exchange Talcgraph.
Fakis, July 13. Th correspondent
of the Petit Parisian at Spa says to-day
he is Informed that tho Allied condi
tions for the conclusion of peace be-1
tweon roiana nna tno itussia ooviei
Government provide for renunciation by
Poland of any Imperialistic policy.
Tho allied note on tho subject, the
correspondent states, declares that Po
land would accept settlement by tho
Allied Supremo Council of the various
questions at Issue, among them those of
Danzig and Teschen. Under the condi
tions, the Poles would retire to the front
of Grodno, Brest-Lltovsk and south of
Przemysl, whllo the Soviet nrmy would
halt fifty kilometers from this line. The
Bolshevist army Is lapldly approaching
this lino.
The Allies promise to aid Poland lo
prevent any further ndvanco by the Rua.
slans. the correspondent adds, nnd offer
to discuss peaco between Poland and
Russia, and Poland, Lithuania, Finland
and Latvia, at a conference to be held In
Reds Advance on Vilna in At
tempt to Cut Off Poland.
By f As'odattd Press.
Warsaw, July 13. The loss of the
city of Minsk, capital of the Russian
Government of Minsk, by the Poles Is
announced In to-day's official com
munique from Polish army headquar
ters. The Bolshevikl decupled the city
on July 11 after a desperate all night
Tho loss of the town of Sventstany,
nlnety-flve miles south of Dvlnsk and
fifty miles northeast of Vilna, Is also
Hard fighting Is continuing In the re
gion of Molodechno, the Poles retreating
step by step with strenuous resistance.
The Bolshevik losses, says the com
munique, hare been heavy south and
east of Minsk, where the Rod Eighth
Division was completely defeated and
the Sixty.slxth Infantry annihilated. In
Potcsia a Red column was beaten back.
Tho enemy, continues tho statement, Is
passive after the defeat near Rovno Sat
urday. Women are reported to be taking up
arms for the, defenco of Vilna, toward
which the Bolshevikl arc driving along
the railway from tho northeast Word
has been sent out that Vilna must be
hcldiat all costs.
The capture of Vilna would give the
Bolshevikl communication by railroad
with cast Prussia arid sever' Poland
from the Baltic State.
The severest fighting since the Polish
withdrawal began, with much bayonet
work. Is reported In the region ot
Ovruch, south of the Prlpet marshes. In
despatches from the front to-day. Two
Bolshevik Generals, Knatjinskl, a dlvl
slon commander, and Orysow, chief of
staff, have been killed, as well as 400
other Bolshevikl, In this region.
Gen. Matkowskl, a former officer ot
the Russian regular army who has
been the right hand of Gen. Budonny,
the Bolshevik cavalry leader, U reported
tq have been captured In the region ot
Rovno, whero Polish lancers clashed
with Bolshevik cavalry, cutting off sev
eral Bolshevik detachment,
The member ot the Koscluszko aerial
squadron, composed almost entirely of
Americans, are using bombing Gothas
Along the southern front against the
forces of Oon, Budcnny, tho Bolshovlk
cavalry leader.
Theso Gothas, which recently arrived,
are the largest airplanes in use on any
front and- have proved particularly ef
fective against cavalry. The first day
they were used one Gotha, pllotod by
an American with nn Amorlcan bomber,
put out ot commission two Bolshevik
armored trains,
Gen. Budenny himself had a narrow
escape from the bombing while rldlnar
at the head of his forces.
An overwhelming number of Bolshe
vikl have been thrown against tho
Polish loft, which Is gradually bending
southwest The Reds are constantly
bringing' up reenforccments.
From the northeast tho Bolshevikl are
driving against Vilna, which Is being
evacuated of military supplies, but the
Poles are determine to defond It, ond
both sides are being rcenforced,
French Doctor Guarantees
Cure in Three Months.
Jjierial CalU Dnpatch to Tits Bun and Nrw
Yok Hnuu. CopiHohf, mo, byTiis Sun
no Nr.w Yosk Ileum. ,
Paiiis, July 13. Thousands of soldiers
who aro victims ef German gns nro fol
lowing with Interest a project which, has
been brought to tho attention of the
Chamber of Deputies, whoreby Dr.
Arnod, Inventor of a form of treatment
known as "Inhaloratorlum" promises to
cure gas cases within three months If
the Government will nrslst him by pro
viding ncvmmodatlons for tho patients.
Dr. Arnod has obtained the coopera
tion of leaders ot organizations 'of one
tlmo soldiers, as well as that of sev
eral French newspapers. He said that
he had got "miraculous results" In tests
of his new treatment which were con
ducted under the strictest supervision.
His system consists In keeping patients
In bed In rooms through which is
pnssed a superheated atmosphere which
has been treated with antiseptic es
sences and healing balsams. He asserts
that the cost of Installation of his ays
tern Is insignificant and declares that
when Its merits nre understood It will
be adopted by cities throughout 'the
world as a part of their treatment for
curing gas cases. He says that it Is a
reliable remedy for bronchitis and re
lieves even advanced cases of tubercu
fly (As AttoefaUd Pnit.
ToKio, July 12. Universal suffrago
was defeated In the lower hoUso of Par
1 amcnt to-day when a resolution nro-
vMIng for It, introduced by the Opposl-
t.on, was rejected by a vote of 155 to
While the measure was being debated
Immense crowds assembled In nearby
parks and held pro-suffrago demonstra
tions. Although they permitted meet
ings In moro distant parts of the city.
the police refused to allow speechmaklng
near the Diet building and mingled
with the crowds which marched, shout
ing, through the streets. Students held
an Indoor meeting at which an attempt
was made to adopt resolutions censur
ing the Cabinet tor "hindering the de
velopment of the nation," but police in
terfered and broke up the meeting.
Newspapers criticise what they call
the "outrageous" attitude of the police
and armed gendarmes summoned to
quell possible disturbances at the suf
frage mass meetings.
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Joint Plans Itoportcd in Which
French and Italians Aro
Loft Out.
Entering: Zone to Capturo
Turk Snipers, Hellenes Aro
Fired On by Italians.
By tht AmoHatiit Trtta,
Constantinople, July 12. Gen.
Paraskevopouloe, tho Greek commander
In chief, 'Is In Constantinople conferring
with Lieut-Gen. Sir George Milne, com
mander of tho allied troops In western
AbIa Minor. Many rumors are in cir
culation here concerning Joint plans by
tho British and Greeks, In which the
French and Italians aro not to par
ticipate The opinion Is becoming general here
that the Greeks probably will not ad
vanco much further to the eastward,
but the latest rumor Is that the British
will take over' a portion of Anatolia.
Under this plan the tfreeka would oc
cupy the outside Smyrna district nnd
administer It aa an autonomous coun
try, thus providing a barrier between
the Greeks and Turks who are such
bitter enemies that reconciliation would
bo difficult If they were left on a long,
dofencoltwi boundary.
The Greeks lost one officer killed nnd
thirty other casualties near Ephesus re
cently when they entered the Italian
zone to capture Turks who were sniping
at Greek trains. The Italians objected
and opened a machine gun fire on the
Greeks, who charged tho Italians with
fixed bayonets and routed them.
Paris, July 13. The victories of the
Greeks, their occupation of Brusa and
thi demoralization of the Turkish Na
tionalists have caused a great reaction In
Turkish circles, which now show an In
clination to accept and sign the peace
trotty, according to despatches from
Constantinople to-day.
181 P. C. SINCE 1914
Collections in June' Exceed
Estimate 45 P4r Cent.
Sptcial Cable Dispatch to Tin Scn and New
Yoik HeuLD. CopvriaM, lOtO, by Tub Bc.n
and New vok Hau.
Pabis, July 13. Taxes and Indirect
revenues collected by France last month
exceeded the estimate by 45 per cent,
according to figures published by Fred
eric Francols-Marsal. Minister of Fi
nance, this morning, while even greater
income was shown over the figures for
last year.
The total for June reached 907,000,000
francs. According to the analysis pub
lished by the Finance Minister, the In
direct revenues showed an Increase of 30
per cent This was explained In part by
the State's Interest In the sale of to
bacco, colonial foodstuffs, nnd sugar,
over which the state still exerts control.
Receipts from all revenue sources dur
ing the first six months of this year
amounted to almost 3,500,000,000 francs,
which Is 181 por cent more than the re
ceipts for the corresponding period in
Prcsidont Gntlorrcz Guorra
and Cabinet Arrested-- , '
Savcdra in Power.
Peruvian Press Considers Rev
olution a Blow' to Chilean
Santjaoo, Chile, July 13. A despatch
to tho Jferenrio says that advices have
boon received from Arlca, Chile, to the
effect that Prcsidont Gutierrez Ouerra of
Bolivia has been overthrown by Repub
lican party revolutionaries led by Bau
tlsta Savcdra, Savcdra, It .Is reported, is
supported by tho army and has ap
pointed Jose Carrasco; former Bolivian
Minister to Brazil, ao Chancellor.
A despatch rccolved by the Naeion
from Tacna declares that President Gu
tlerrez Ouerra and the members ot his
M'nUtry have been arrested, It adds
that two regiments of the garrison at
Vlacha are marching toward La Paz,
but rays it Is not known if these sol
diers aro still loyal to the Bolivian Gov
ernment. A despatch received from Antofa
gaata, Chile, says the original dat,e ot
the revolt In Bolivia was July 8, but
that. It was delayed until Sunday night,
when tho revolutionists seized the tele
graph lines and put Into effect a strict
censorship. The despatch adds that
President Gutierres Ouerra was mado a
prisoner In his home, where he was lying
In bed 111.
Lima, Peru, July 13. The latost des
patches available here from La Paz,
Boliviaconcerning the revolution against
tho Government of President Gutierrez
Ouerra are to the effect that all the
Bolivian troops nave recognized the
newly formed government with the ox
ceptlon of the picked cavalry regiment
known as tho Abarow contingent, re
ported to be advancing from Guaqui to
ward La Paz.
A strict censorship !s being main
talned and only baro details are avail
able. The revolution apparently was
brief. Rapid fire guns bombarded the
palace and the Government offered vir
tually no resistance.
The Lima newspapers this morning
unanimously declare that the revolution
Is of surpassing historic Importance to
Peru. "The revolutlon," says La Prenaa,
"constitutes a rude blow to Chilean as
piration, which endeavored to engulf
Bolivia within Its sphere of influence."
Rl Tlempo says: "The revolution
opens a wide pathway for Peru and
Bolivia toward harmony and Justce.
Peruvian statesmen must now grasp the
great historic opportunity. The Bolivi
ans have redeemed their citizenship and
national honor."
Jose Gutierrez Guerra was elected
President of Bolivia on May 7, 1917.
The Government which has been over
thrown was formed on March IB. 1920.
Bautlsta Savodra was formerly Minister
of Public Instruction, Having been ap
pointed to that office August 13, 1909.
Tho question of a seaport for I.'olivia
has been pressed to the front by Bo
livia recently, nnd Peru has charged that
Chile was working In conjunction with
tho Bolivian authorities to obtain such
a port at Peru's expense
Peru claims the. provinces of Vi-cna
nnd Arlca, which Chile took possession
of at the close of the war of ls79-83,
in which Peru and Bolivia were defeated
by the Chileans. Bolivia losing her en-
lira searioast as tho rosult of that strug
gle. The port ot Arlca was mentioned
(is tho one Bolivia should receive, and
this port Is in Arlca province, still
claimed by Peru, as the peace treaty
provisions for a plebiscite In the dis
puted provinces have never been enr
rled out
Martial Law in Tietsin and
American Seamen Land.
By tht Anoctated Prui.
Pkkin, July 12. Efforts are still
being made by new emissaries to per
suade Wu Pei-fu and Tsao-kun, the
Iteform party Generals, to obey the
Government mandate and not march in
tho direction of Pekln, as they had been
reported doing.
Skirmishing between rival military
forces near this city is reported, and
troops commanded by Gen. Tuan CM
Jul nro retiring toward Uullho.
Martial law has beon proclaimed In
Tien Tosln. Admiral Albert Cleaves,
commander of tho United States Pacific
squadron, Is reported to have arrived
WAniwoTOM,uly is. A detachment
of 160 American soldiers has been
ordered to Pekln to augment the Amer
ican Legation guard of 275 marines
as a precaution against threatened
revolutionary hostilities there. Admiral
leaves, commander in chief of the
Asiatic fleet, also said ho was proceed.
Ing to Peking to confer with the Amer
ican Minister there. The bluejackets
are being sent to Pekln unarmed, but
It Is understood there will be avallablo
arms for them there.
V. 8. Monitions DIott Vp.t 8 Dead.
LonuNT, Fiance, July 13. A freight
car loaded with five tons of American
munitions was blown up by an ex
Plosion to-day at tho Lorlent station,
wght men were killed and three In
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