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Proposal of Polish Armis
liec Due to Fear of Influ
ence Nearer Hliine.
Both German "Wings Would
Welcome Jtolslicvlki With
r Open Hnndft.
Fptcial Catlt Dispatch to Tim Ben asb New
1 Toik IIsiald. Copyright, I HO, bu T Bc.s
AND New Toik IIesau.
JCoNnoN. July U. Tha Allloi' pro
t"sal for an armistice between Russia
anil Poland was dictated as much by
fear of Bolshevist Influences In Ger
. many as by fear of the rteds crushing
I'olAnd. If tho armlatlce Is granted
nnd tho resulting peace conference Is
hold here, this conference will assume
no less Importance than the Paris Con
ference, which ended the European
war, for this will be considered an op-1
portunlty to settle once for all the
attitude of Europe toward Bolshevism
and test the attitude of tho Soviet
Government toward tho rest of the
world. "-
rnc announcement to-day In the Hou
of Commons by Binnr Law flovcrnmont
leader, of the ttrms of the note tp
Soviet nmsla, prbpoMnc an armistice
with tffe Poles, and also with tha antl
Bolfhevltt forces of Oen. Wranfcl. and
or tho conditions of rtsumlnj negotia
tions for reopening trade relations, but
Increased the tenseness of the situation,
The Soviet Oovernniert has not as yet
replied to the proposal for jn armistice.
Germans' Hope In DoUtierUU.
The correspondent of Thc Sou and
New York IlenAU) learns that definite
Information has reached tho allied
rremlcr.s nt Spa that If tho Bolihevlkl
succeeded In overrunning Poland they
would bo met open hmdrd by both flic
Extreme l.eft and the Kxtrtnifs night
In Germany, each of these factions hop
) Ins to attain their own ends by further
German turmoil.
Two must danjerous motives, It was
said, were back of these Gcirmaiv
schemes. Information here Is to the
effect that each of these factions has
been secretly encourarlns the Bolshevist
Invaders and were preparing to take ad
vantage! of the disaffection created in
Germany over the proceedings at Spa.
They proposed to ue this advantage to
try to cause another revolutionary
movement In Germany, In which they
counted on aid from the conquerors of
the Poles.
Tho situation Is rcfcocnlrefl here as
the most critical of any. that has de
veloped since 19H, holding as it does,
t!i potsiblllty of a real overthrew of
"Western European Inirtltutluniv from
which the German 1ift hoped to gain'
openly Announced Bolshevist ends, while
the Extreme Bight fljured that out ot
this situation there would appenr "a
German on horseback" not a Wilhelm,
but some other war leader and on
a whiff of graneshot ride.. to glory,
It Is this now information 'which has"
disturbed the Allies at Spa.
Two Faction Among Ilrtls.'
Y.litle the slgnaturo of the Bolshevik
representatives to the armistice terms
w ith 'Ppland would afTord. temporary re
lief it would not by any means solve
the problem. Tho allied chancelleries
know fully what they have to contend
with In dealing with Bussla to-day;
namely, that there Is In Bussla a fac
tion represented by Icnlne, Tchltcherln
and Kras ?lne who are anxious, to estab-
liMi nn understanding with' the rest of
the world and work out Itussla's Soviet
problem within her own borders In a
manner hicli will convince tha world
that Bolshevism Is the true tolutlnn of
the modern economic problem, and that
there is still another faction there rep
resented by Trotiky, Zlnovleff and Lit
vlnoff, who dream of a real world con
V quest by" a proletarian dictatorship, with
Trotiky crowned. ,
This latter Bolshevist faction Is ut
terly unscrupulous,, as laa already been
revealed In Lord purzon! careful deal
ings with the Moscow Government. They
ore ready to promise anything to gain a
strategic position, "Which, onco gained,
they perform qulto contrary to their
If the armistice conference between
tho Poles and the Busslans is hld In
I-ondon, It will test, firet.'.JlUMla'B ability
to get down to the terms of civilized,
diplomacy, and, second. It will test the
good faith of the Bolshevik! In carrying
out the promises they make In connec
tion with the" terms, of tho armistice.
The latter test will be afforded by the
presence jf all the border States in tho
conference and by whether or not Rus
sia will abide by concrete promises to
them, pledging herself not to undertake
any propaganda work In these States
and also pledging herself not to under
take any conquests, which the confer
ence will exact
Parley Called Another Prlnklpo.
The announcement by Andrew Bonar
Law that Gen. Wrangel, anti-Bolshevist
leader, had been invited to tho London
conference which was proposed In the
terms sent to the Soviet Government,
has revived here the cry: "Another
1 Prlnklpo !'
It was thought when Gregory Kras
Bine, Bolshevist Commissioner of Ways
and Communications, arrived here for
the trade parley that Bussla was ulll
ing to do utmost anything to reestablish
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relations with the worldw However,
events recently are tending to convince
British officials-la charge of the Russian
negotiations that the party beaded by
Leon Trotsky It gaining supreme con
trol in Moscow and Is advocating a real
conquest of Europe In behalf of Bol
Soviet Must Accept Peace or
Allies Aid Poland.
London, July 14. The note of the
British Government to Soviet Bussla
agreeing to continue negotiations for a
resumption of (rade relations and pro
posing an armistice between Soviet Russia-and
Poland and also botwesn the
Soviet force and Gen. Wrangsl. the
anti-Bolshevik commander In the. Crimea,
waa read In the House of Commons to
day by Andrew Bonar Law.
The note take cognisance of the ac
ceptance by the Russian Soviet Govern-
mcnt of tho principles laid down In the
British memorandum of July 1-and of
the basis of agreement for a resumption
of trade relation and the cessation At
hostilities and agreea to a resumption
of negotiations for definite trade rela
tions as soon as the Russian delegates
return to England,
Then, proposing an armistice with
Poland, the note said:
"The Soviet Government repeatedly
han declared Its anxiety to make peace
with all Its neighbors. The British
Government Is no less anxious to restdre
peace throughout Europe, and therefore
proposes the following arrangement with
this object In view :
"That an Immediate armistice be
signed between Poland and Soviet Rus
sia under which hostilities shall be sus
pended. That the terms of this armis
tice provide, on the one hand, that the
Polish army shall be Immediately with
drawn to the Ihiej provisionally laid
down last year by the pence conference
aa to the eastern boundary to which
Poland I entitled to establish a Polish
"On the other hand the armlstlct
should provide that tho army of Soviet
Russia should stand at a distance of
fifty kilometers east of tills line. In
eastern Gallcla each army will stand on
the line they occupy st the date of the
signature ot the armistice.
'That a.i soon as possible thereafter
a conference, sitting under the auspices'
of the peaco conference, shall assemble
In Ldndon, to be attended by represen
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Great Fabric Variety ALL
tatives of Soviet Russia, Poland, Lithu
ania, Letvla and Finland, with the. ob
ject of negotiating a final peace between
Russia and Its neighboring states.. Rep
resentative o(l eastern Gallcla Also
would be Invited to London to slate their
"For the purpose of'th.ls conference
(Jreat Britain will place no restrictions
on tho representatives which Russia
may nominate, provided they undertake
while In Great Britain not to Interfere
in politics or the Internal affairs of the
Brltlth Empire or In propaganda."
The note said the armistice with Gen.
Wrangel should be on the basis that
Wrangel retire Immediately to the
Crimea and that during the armlifttc
this must be a neutral (tone. Wrangel
would be Invited to London to dlscurs
the futufe of his troops and of the refu
gees under his protection, but would not
be a member of the conference.
"Tho British Government," the nolo
continued, "would be glad of an Imme
diate reply to this teleuram, as tho Po
lish Government has sbked for the In
tervention of-ftie Allies, and a the time
I vital and a situation may develop
which will make the conclusion of a
lasting peace far more difficult. There
fore the British Government has bound
Itself to give no assistance to Poland
for any purpo3o hostile to Russia nnd
to take no action Itatlf hostile to Rus
sia. It Is, however," bound under the
covenant of the League of Nations to
defend the integrity of Poland within
its legitimate ethnographical fron
tiers." "If, therefore, Soviet Bussla. despite
Its repeated declarations, will not be
content with the withdrawal of the
Polish army on the condition of a mutual
armistice, but Intends to take action
hostile to Ptland In Poland's own terri
tory, the British Government and Its
allies will feel bound to assist the Polish
nstlon to defend Its existence with all
means at their disposal. ,
"The Polish Government has declared
Ha willingness to make a peace with
Soviet Russia and to negotiate for an
armistice on the basis set out above di
rectly It is informed that the Soviet
Government also agrees."
Mr. Bonar Law said' tha note had been
ent with the approval of the Allies.
Soviet Gets Transit Permit to
Invade Poland.
Copexhaoe.v, July 14. The peace
treaty signed by Lithuania nnd Soviet 1
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Russia' elves Ruwlan troops,' permission
to Invade Poland through Lithuania, ac
cording to reports in circulation here.
Tht special military correspondent of
the ntrnoke Tidtnde at Kovno says
that tho military presturo of the Bol
shevik forces and tho moral pressure of
Uhe advancing Lithuanian army make
tho Poles ready to evacuate Lithuanian
Conditions at Vllna are reported
hopeless. The Poles, without food and
panic stricken, are said to be organizing
Volunteers to garrison the town when
the regular troops leave, probably to
morrow. -The correspondent saya ,thl
la likely (o lead to fighting with the
London, July K By tho peace,
treaty between Lithuania nnd Soviet
Russia, which was signed In Moscow
July 12, according to a wireless message
from Moscow to-djy, Lithuanian Inde
pendence Is recognised. The Rustlan
Soviet, Government also promises to pay
Lithuania 3.000,000 rubles In gold,
Measures are to fee taken for the con
clusion of a treaty covering tho transit
of trade between the two countries.
The treaty, defines the boundary be
tween Russia, and Lithuania as begin
ning at the Confluence of. the Gorodya
noa and Bobr rivers, pissing soutli of
Grodno and between the stations of
Kutnltsa and Sokolka, thence south of
Ltka, proceeding between Smoronya and
Vllolka. the latter rlmalnjng Russian,
while Oshmlany Is retained by Lithu
ania. The frontier ends on tho western
Dvlna between Kreslavka and Prld
Withdrawal qf British Re
garded as First Step.
By Ihf Atjoclofrd Prtnt.
CoNSTXNTJNorue. July 13. The Brit
ish troops which evacuated Balum ar
rived jin Constantinople to-day. Great
Britain's giving up of the port Is re
garded by persons of other nationalities
In Constantinople as tho Initial step to
ward trading with tha Bolshevik!, which,
It is declared, the Government could not
do consistently while the British con
trolled Batum. , ,
Georglt nominally Is under the tlflls
Government, but actually Is dominated
by the oXfscow Soviets, whllo aBtum and
PctI nre regarded ns the gateway
through which an Immense trade will be
inaugurated with the Bolshevik. Ahe
Georgian Government Is looked upon as
only a makeshift through which a large
Bolshevik mission at Tlflls Is acting to
get noccssarysuppllcs which are being
shipped out by way ot Baku, the Civplan
Sea and the Volga,
Tho announcement that the State De
partment of the United States had re
moved the prohibition against trading
with Soviet Russia nt traders' risks nnd
without passport facilities, makes It pos
slble for Americans to enter the field In
which Italians and French have been
working for many months.
The evacuation of Batum by tht Brit
ish Is considered in high quarters here
as a partial victory for Krastlne, the
BBol.ihevIk Minister of Trade add Com
merce, anl a clear Indication that Great
Britain does not propose to bo out
rtrlpped In the race for Soviet trade.
The Caucasus abounds with rumors con
cerning oil concessions which the Ital
ians are alleged to have obtained.
llrooklrn Man Sentenced.
Boston, July 14, George R. Her
mans of Brooklyn was sentenced In tne
Federal court to-day to five years In
the Atlanta prison for having counter
feit money Inch's possession and pats
log it. Hermans waa arrested in Lowell
by Federal officers who had trailed him
from Springfield, where he passed six
bogus bills. The ofheers seized II, 000
In twenty and fifty dollar bills, all of
which were counterfeits. Hermans was
wounded during the war while serving
as a wireless operator with the Belgian
Prolonged for Yenr, "Will Bo
Submitted to Lcaguo of
Nntions Council.
krtHnl Cable Dtspalch to Tu Ben and Nw
Vok Ilsutn. Copyright, mo, lil Tub Bu.n
and New Yosk Ileum.
London, July H. The Anglo-Japanese
treaty, which has been prolonged for
a year, Is to be submitted to the Leaguo
of Nations before it Is renewed next
July, according to a decision announced
In a Joint communication by the British
and Japnnesc Governinents to tho lea'guo
and publUhed here to-day.
Tills communication explain that al
though the treaty Is In harmony with the
spirit of the league' covenant, lt,vl not
entirely consistent with the letter of tho
pact, which Great JJrltaln tina Jpan
earnestly desire to- respect. These two
Governments will, therefore, before the
expiration of the present Angto-Japa-ncse
alliance next year, lay the pact be.
foro the League Council for revision In u
manner consistent with tha covenant,
Also It was affirmed that Australia
and New Zealand would be consulted,
and that the attitude of the United States
would bo sought In the revision, al
though tho American attitude already
has been sought and was denied. In this
connection, steps already have been
taken fof an Anglo-American pact.
In Foreign Office circles It was a,
sorted that no more Importance was
any longer attached to scarehead re
ports ot antl-Japunete agitation In Call,
fornla than In Australia, whore It has
been established conclusively that, no
such agitation exists.
Speeders. Croud Trafllc Coort.
Fair weather speeders crowded the
Traffic Court yesterday and (4,000 In
fines wero taken In. In the last three
days 900 casos wero handled and the
tines totalled (14,000. The day' calen
dar yeBterday was 355 cases, of which
120 were alleged first offendor.
S -
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Tokio Issues Statement Con
cerning Arrival Today of BO,
Tokio, July 14. The Foreign Offlre
Issued to-day tho following state
ment: "According to.' a' press report from
San Francisco tho news that fifty pict
ure brides were duo to arrive In San
Franclscd July( 10 eecma to have been
received with urprlie, In view of the
recent engagement of the Japanese
Government Tito engagement referred
to In the report, however, was not for
prohibiting the departure of so-called
picture brides after tho end of Febru
ary, but for stopping Issuance .of pass
ports for that purpose after that date,
"Tho passports, onco Issued, being
good for six months, It Is to be ex
pected there may be some picture
brides getting to 'America as lete as
(Ha latter part of August. This point
was made sufficiently clear to tho
American Government."
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