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r it"
Partly cloudy to-day; to-morrow local
showers, moderately warm; gentle to
moderate aouth and southwest winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 85 ; lowest, 67.
retailed weather reports will bo found on Hie Bdliorlal
The amalgamated SUN AND HERALD
preserves the best traditions of each.
In combination these two newspapers
make a greater newspaper than either
has ever been on its own..
New York, N. V.
Baseball Manager Gets Bat
tered Nose and Eye in
Lambs Club Fraeas.
Actor, Reported as Peace
maker.' May Have Frac
tured Skull.
Police Puzzled Also by Dis
crepancy In Time in Stories
Told by Trio.
A telephone call from St. Luke's
Hoffiltal received at the West 100th
street police station soon after noon
uderday Informed the officer on the
oak that a man had been brought
Into the place suffering from a proba-
le fracture of the skull and concus-
on ef the brain, and that the persons
' ho had conveyed him to the hospital ! nnnnn tvta T HT
.... . - i unrii a.aw aji.
Sees Chicago Divorces
Equal Weddings in 1950
Kpfinl to Tin Sun and New Yore IUbuld.
QHICAGO, Aug. 8. If the
present rate of increase of
divorces over marriages con
tinues Chicago by 1950 will be a
city of wrecked homes, according
to William F. McDermott of Chi
cago. "Last year," said Mr. Mc
Dermott, "there were 37,583
marriages and between 5,000
and 6,000 divorces. This shows
an increase of 20 per cent, since
1911. Three decades more will
see the number of divorces equal
ling the number of marriages.
"A study of the fundamental
trouble shows that of 3,577 suits
filed in 1914 only seventy owned
their homes. In 2,171 esses
there were no children.
"Incressing childlessness, the
growth of the apartment habit
and the tendency toward ease,
indulgence and fast living only
presage more broken homes and
greater menace to the future of
Chairman Esch of House
Transportation Committee
Outlines Effects.
Believes State Commissions
Also Will Permit Increase
in Local Charges.
Statement That G.O.P. Con
gress Failed to Cut Tax
Refuted by Facts.
Speech of Democratic Nom
inee 'Mixture of Errors
and Misstatements.'
Promises to Withdraw Forces
if Armistice Terms Are
icre apparently unable to account for
' ll Injuries.
Hurrying to the place. Detectives
: nve and Fitzgerald found that the
injured man was John C. Slavln, a
etran of the musical comedy stage,
ir.d that he had been taken to the
ipltal by Wlnfleld Liggett, a resi
dent of the Lambs Club, aided by a
lUicab chauffeur. They were told
that he had received hts injuries in
""me unaccountable manner in front
of the apartment home of John J. Mc
'".raw, manager and part owner of the
New York National League Baseball
Doesn't Know How He Got
There; Won't Tell Where
He Got 'It.'
Says Department of Justice
Ought to Protect Against
Rise in Prices.
Harding Headquarters Nails
Accusations Made by Gover
nor Accepting Nomination.
Must Not Advance on Any
Russian Front and Must Re
move Crimean Army.
dingus headquarters replied to-night
!2??reitntative John J. Esch, chairtnon
of the House Committee on Jntereiate
and Foreign Commerce, in which body
the present Each-Cummins law originated
at the la it session of Congress, and him
self recognized as one of the experts in
... i.dHuinrfi'hfiii nuestions.
vvnwnem " J - ' y rtetall that tne present Congress
hn, niiei. tn The BUM and NSW ORh-l
" " " , ... rf,..rr, i had not only checked Democratic ex -
Hkrald his vinos on the recent aaxances .
m treioht rates to the railroads bp the j travagance but had effected a saving
: lnreratofg Commerce Cominiiaion. In of nearly $2,500,000,000 in Government
ijhorf, Mr. Esch believes that the in- expenditures.
Newark S Police KOSeneS Ites- i r(,aje(i ,(M will reauU 4n increased The Governor's speech Is character-
CUP SleeDeT WhOSe Snores cfficiency in transportation, ana wun me I ,j.ed as ..curl0Us mixture of errors
' ' ... nu-nrd hrinn veace in fhel ... , .... . v.
una misstatements wnicn win ue
pointed out In detail as the campaign
progresses-. The statement also cited
the record of the Republican Congress
cn taxation, finances and the League
of Nations.
Leasrne Challenge Accepted.
o 8taff Corresponds of Tub Bp and
Nrw York Hrralp.
Marion-, Ohio, Aug. . Commenting
on the Cox charge that the Republi
can Congress made no effort to lift the j ml Issued by the Russian delegation
war load of taxation. Senator Har- I ln London to-day.
i Bp ths Associated Press.
London, Aug. 8. Russia is ready to
start withdrawal of her forces In Po
lund providing Poland agrees to the
hrmlstice terms, according to a state-
Scared Cop.
Policeman Bush of the Newark Po-1
lice Department heard a hearty snore
shortly before dawn yesterday at
Fleming avenue and Providence
street. Newark. He pinched himself
to make certain he hadn't fallen
asleep, and then he heard It again,
reent wage award bring peace in the
labor situation and an tmproico moraic
His statement reads:
Spe.-ial to Tub Sin and New Yok Hbruj).
La Crosse, Wis., Aug. 8. Section
i:'2 of the transportation act pre
scribes that the Interstate Commerce
Commission in determining just ana j The Republican party, it said, is
reasonable rates shall initiate, modify, i ready to Join battle on the question of
establish or adjust such rates so that j whether "the Senate attempted to
carriers as a whole (or as a whole , aubvert and did subvert the wish and
in ouch of such rate groups or ter- , i,urn0se of the American dcodIc In
'litorles as the commission may from preventing ratification of the Presi- j
the t.'me to time designate) will, under j denl'g iengUp."
. ...,i .nnnnm m I m I' 1 . 1. In Ih. ...... 1. .... ........... '
CHIVI-IIL A111A WWW. 1.1 " MtllH: ,11 Ol.ll. 'T III. I'M- fJ .lilll' lll
i lonest,
1 orthwest corner of Broadway and 109th
itrMt and he was obliged to ring he
Wll vigorously before the baseball man
cMId be awakened from hi slumbers.
Whan he was admitted to the apartment
M detective perceived that the Giants'
a battered and swollen
I . lb, who had been his companion at gathering volume as it proceeaeo anu
rather boisterous session In the ! v.lndlng up in a tremendous, ear-shat-i.ambe
Club. tcring snort.
Detective Love Immedlatelv went to i The nollceman looked in all
or; lag'e anT ho" ?ln m ! STE1 ts 'ind searh cariy agement and reasonable expenditures , in person In answer to Go, Cox,
... i .,. ma ntnnnnre or way. n,- , .... .,i-
a over the sldewalK. e even pnra - - etrre-
up a manhole cover, but every time tore, and equipment earn an aggre
he would tell himself there was no on. gate annual W ma v Z to a
around who qould possibly sjore the ' come equal aa nearly as maj bft a
sno?e came aaln and alwayT louder ! ftfN-retBrn P
tnagor had a battered and swollen than before. I"" :'?,'., ,T-i ,,. ..rvi
"Spooks V aald the cop to himself. . "era neiu iu. " secral days awaiting the utterance of
He looked around, somewhat fearfully. of transportation. Such fair return . hu opponent
. - . . j . 1 .. I. 1 K .IFmli.nil mm Hmp tn time I n-u- rt.i. , ,,, . . ....
' Snd nnallv nis gaxe turneo upwuru. aiiu t suaii ijc u.. . ..w... J(IC vniu iinninrirn win up ncra i uea-
1 there, forty feet from the ground, ne and the percentage snau oe uiuiorm nay ana mat win cioar tne ncia or the
m an'i a blackened eye.
Mary Told br the Trio.
flory that McGraw. Liggett and !
nam .Meagai
ment written by the campaign leaders.
The Presidential campaign will get
well under way this week. The t'ox
speech has set up the Issues clearly.
Senator Harding is ready tn swing Into
the fight with greater vigor than here
tofore. He has been holding back far
Before the receipt In Moscow of the
note despatched as a result of Fri
day's conference between Premier
Lloyd George and Leo Kameneff of
the Russian delegation, to-day's an
r.ounctmcnt says, the Soviet Govern
ment instructed its delegation to
communicate to the British Govern
ment the following statement:
"Resultant on acceptance by Po
land of the armistice terms, which will
deal principally with reduction of her
srmed strength, the Soviet Republic
will be prepared to begin withdrawal
of her troops to the line drawn by the
.Supreme Council In 1918 and indicated
"gain by Earl Curzon (British Secre
tary of State for Foreign Affairs) in
his note of July 20 to M. Tchltcherln
i. Bolshevist, Foreign Minister), and
tonsiderably to reduce the number of
Soviet troops on this line if the Allies,
particularly France, undertake not to
advance and not to support any ad
vance against Soviet Russia on any
lront and to withdraw Gen. Wrangel's
army from the Crimea." '
Proposed Trrma of Trace.
The memorandum presented to the
Russian emissaries by Premier Loyd
George last PrMttr proposed a truce to
run from midnight of August MO on
these conditions :
First The Poles to retrain from re
equlpplng their armies and moving
troupe and munitions and (he Soviet to
Witos Cabinet Will Stand by Warsaw;
Reds Seek to Foment a Polish Mutiny
Bp the Associated Press.
TARSAW, Aug. 8. Premier Wftos in a statement to the Polish
newspapers to-day said the Government would remain in War
saw indefinitely. The Premier said that representatives of foreign
Governments desiring to remain did so on their own responsibility.
Bolshevik aviators flying over the Polish lines have scattered
broadcast propaganda pamphlets signed by Felix Dziersman, presi
dent of the revolutionary committee in Poland, saying:
"Make your officers prisoners and let us jointly march on War
saw." The Poles are urged to wipe out the aristocracy and make Poland
a great communist country. .The pamphlets declare that the Bolshe
viki are marching on Warsaw with the best of motives to save the
country from the landowners' rule.
The Reds are gradually creeping up on Warsaw. They are re
ported now to be only 60 kilometers (40 miles) away and preparing
for a quick sweep onward.
It is announced that Cardinal Rattiv, Papal Nuncio at Warsaw,
will remain in Warsaw if the capital falls into the hands of the Bol
sheviki. The newspapers criticise the Poles who are leaving the city,
declaring they should not be allowed to return.
Soviet Government Itefuitf
Lloyd George's Request j
for Teii Day Truce.
Allies Advise Poles to Try
Direct Negotiations With
France to Give Military Assist
ance and Britain to Reim- j
pose Blockade.
Premiers Expected to Reach
Agreement Within the
Next Few Days.
Magyar Government Obliged
to Raise Army of 140,000
to Fight Russia.
Complete Understanding As
sured in Task of Reconstruct
ing War Torn Regions.
been a i rcfraln from strengthening their front.
i. ....... .. ....,. i.,. i n.ne. ihn ri- n ...rt.ir.o r.r t.rr inn.u atnu.fi : lan onn OHIUHI r mve
idsicao cnaurteur VMinam .neagan saw man ucl...u -v. 1UI B. . - , . , i ..." s.r.rlTh. e in rffrnin from
may be designated by the cornm ssion . f ontendera for ie Pre;,de;. J sending troops or munitions to Poland.
In making each determination it , ,.,..-. . t,k. , 'ln. ,.,., i Third Soviet representative to be
3 '"'olumbus avenue told the detec- phone wires, a few feet away from one
wn as follows: of the poles, sound asleep. The cop was
Slavln, tvho has played Irish comedy j afraid to wake him, so he sent for the
rU with De Wolf Hopper. Lillian Rus- rcserves and they came with -a life net.
i. Frank Daniels. Jefferson De An-i Several of the cops held the net under
:rlii snd other stars of note, had been the wires and Bush climbed the pole and
'Incline un n convivial nleht In rnm- nnked the sleeper with his club. The
shall give duo consideration, among i Senator Harding has refused. It Is a ' stationed at Danrlg or any other point
others things, .to the transportation j three-cornered Republican nght in both j to see that the terms were carried out,
needs of the country and the neces- 'the United States Senatorial and Ouber-!on the condition that they refrain from
sitv funder honest, efficient and eco- "aioriai corneal anj nc cniei cirecr on i prnpasunna
with the veteran hill nl.iver onn .nun stirred uneasily, and muttered I nomicai management 01 existing
.llgctt who describes himself as ' a re- ' something about taking anotner or ine ( transportation iacumes) or enlarging thrown Its strength against Frank
'ffd naval officer." same. Bush prodded him again ana me ; such faculties ln order to provldo the Willis, former Governor.
' the national campaign Is the attitude j Fourth The Russian and Polish dele-
of the Anti-Saloon league, which has ' aates to meet to define lines between
They l ad wandered Into the Lambs sleeper turned
ID, m West Forty-fourth street, and I him.
re became engaged In an altercation
fltt a man whose name they say Is un
uiown to them. This man la alleged to
:ve suddenly struck McGraw on the
.oat, draing blood. Others are said to
krt separated the couple.
A few seconds later, however, the
unsri Is alleged to have hurled un
ItiMltlrif remark at McGraw, and the
' UUa manager Is said to have retorted
r en the stranger planied a flat upon
IcGraw'a ee. Slavln. who Is believed
an uncertain eye upon
Mae of Mlietatemcnte.
How'd you get up there?" demanded
the policeman.
"Darned If I know," said the sleeper,
"got a drink?"
Th man refused to come down, but
Rush rrodded him long and vigorously ' gregate value, allowing In Its dlscre
with the end of his nightstick, and atjtlon an additional one-half of on"
length the sleeper lost his hold on the : per centum of such aggregate value
wires and fell with a roar into the net. : for improvements, betterments or
He was then transferred to an am- equipment chargeable to capital ac
bulance and taken to the Newark City i count
people of the United States with ade
quate transportation, provided that i
during the two years beginning March The statement follows :
1, 1920. the commission shall take al "Gov. Cox's acceptance address will
such fair returns a sum equal to five I not fail to please his political opponents.
and one-half per centum of such ag- j Republicans and Democrat alike, who
are convncea inai ine country a most
immediate task Is to get its business
; -,i,teivit:il wher he cave his name a.i
1 have known McQraw'a assailant, is William Merkel, but refused to give his
-ne rusnea oeuveen tne men , address He had no Idea of thC clr
i to have said: "This man Is my cumlttl1c(, und,r whCh he climbed the
' ."."''-''"r. Mcraw- i,81!!'1" BJui i pole and went to sleep across the wires.
ittett. the police were told, then es- j.j-.. ji ., i. . v..
would only sny he had been out "with
and he felt rotten.
administration Into the hands of the
people competent to lake tare of It. and
get Its International relations Into the
control of men who are Americans first,
rather than Internationalists.
the armies and to arrange armistice
The statement by the Russian delega
tion was immediately transmitted to
Premier Lloyd George and later a new
communication was received from Mos
cow. "A half hour before the British Gov
ernment's note of Saturday was deliv
ered to the Soviet Government," the new
communication declares, "the latter re
ceived at last from Warsaw the Polish
Government's answer that It was ready
to'accept proposals to send its delegates
to Minsk for the conclusion or an armis
ticc ami the adoption of peace prcllmln
"Tied M. '!raw to the wash room, where
' '. lm rhprl hi. nn.a o,l .... .... ... 1
ttmpted to arrange his disordered cloth- j thc boy
A few minutes lafr the trio, McGraw,
'iftett and Sim in, adjourned to the
laewalk, where they hailed Meagan's
taxicab. Meagan states that to that
lime Slavln was able to walk, and he
ll f ire that he could not then have re
'ivd the. Injury which later sent him to
the hospital. One story that the police
have heard is that as the taxicab aped
northward on Broadway slavln made an
'fforl to climb out of it and was pre
fnt'd from doing .r, by his companions.
"Thp KnMrh lit n. rnrinii. mi.tnrp of I i ti.i. .i.,..,,..,.i I. n rnntlnllntlon
Property Valuation Made. errors and misstatements as to facts ' of the negotiations Inaugurated July 31
These provisions changed the rule of i so WB" known ,hat mere utterance can j at Baranowltchl. where the Russian
rate making which had been enforced 1 cause nothing less than amazement. delegates declared their readiness to be
since the original Interstate commerce ' "Tnul". on the subject of Government i gin negotiations for an armistice and
act was enacted li 1887 in that .h. i expenses. Gov. Cox said: 'Immediately j peace preliminaries as soon a", the I olish
. ' . lnal lne .ii i .i.. -.,,...(... arnuM Inform the Russian
i a siaiinara more ditn than .h. '"""""'s ii.roouirn m uv.i - ----.-
rates snouio be Just and reasonable.
ine new rule in the opinion of Chair
modify onerous and annoying taxation l delegates by wireless that full powers to
should have been taken, and tlus Repub-
man Clark will be simpler, will avoid I llcan Conr" naa not made a single
pnmi U pusecii n biiibil- iniv i" 1111 iroin
the American people a load of war taxa
tion that cannot be tolerated in a time
of peace. Federal taxation must be
that effect had been sent tneir dele
Thc communication then points out the
Polish delegation Interrupted thc nego
tiations and returned to Warsaw and
that thus 106 hours elapsed. The delay
. i. . j ; .M.I.IU. it n .1 ,1 a n a.
heavily reduced, and It will he done at ""'" ; " ' ' Russia's
IlUt III na - "
fto Fla-ht In Taxicab.
The i-liauffeur. Meagan, says, however,
nut th'rc was notnlng unfriendly in tne
a'Utude of his fares toward one an
Jther, At no time did he hear any angry
Tds oxchanged or any kind of a hos
tlli aruffle.
When the party reached McGraw's
fMldence. he told the detectives, the
three men besan a frlr.i ...n..
endless controversies and will nut an
HERE ON BIG DEAL j Ament.lntermlnable dlscUMlon nd
j In carrying out the rate making pro-
E. H. Crim of Philtppi, W. v'sl,on f iit" , transportation act and
t- vin appuLHtion to tne new rule, It , .7 , , -"" , dP!,ires.
Va., tne VtCZtm. was necessary to determine the aj-gre- cho,en in November- t 1 Within a few hours of the receipt pf
; !' va'"e of the railway property held ! . Hennhllii. Poland's message, the present communl-
Wlth only twenty-seven cents In his and used In the service of transporta- sepanim cation explains, the Ri'sslan Government
pockets and unconscious from a probable j J1""1 as a whole or by groups or terrl- I -The foregoing Is far from recorded , replied, noting Poland's consent to
dl-iriut. The Slxtv-slxth Conirress In a negotiate an ar-nistu-t? nmi is- ii
dent ot tne rirst national nana 01 c conditions has divided tha rallr. ' "j...- .u- w.. ...... I .t.. .m,l,i rrtve at Minsk. August 11
. Into groups corresponding In the main i 1 1 s ill is that Is." It aDnronriated thai The Russian Government proposes to
aeiPantes iu hum iiic una .it
rt front on the road between
1 Brest-Litovuk at 8 P. M.
commission under the act could utilize, -Tha namrK-ratlc Simv-nrth rnn... ! August 9
Sseriol C'otili! Despatch to Tur Bl'M and Viw
Voaa Hhui.d. C'opvripht. 1)!0, bp Ths Si n
aSd New Yobk Hbau.
Paris, Aug. 8 The gravity of east
ern Europe's problems Is spurring the
French diplomats to hasten the cort
ciualon of the Franco-Belgian mlUtarj
and economic pact, which. It ts be
lieved, will be accepted by Premiers
Mlllerand and Delacroix within a few
days, thereby assuring France the
most complete aid from Belgium
against Germany or any other enemy,
notwithstanding the attitude which
"may be taken by Great Britain or the
United States.
Although the closest secrecy Is being
maintained regarding its provision. Tub
Sun and Nbw York Herald correspond
ent Is Informed that the military feature
of the pact guarantees the most complete
solidarity of the two nations ln thc
event of aggression, while the French
fleet Is placed as a reserve at the dispo
sition of the Belgians in the event of
the letter's coast being menaced.
In French circles this Is considered
valuable Continental security. Inasmuch
as Great Britain Is willing to make
many verbal promises of cohesion, but
there has been a disinclination to put
them In writing, at least until the whole
European situation is settled.
Regarding the economic terms, it .Is
evident that the closest cooperation Is to
prevail, aa already orders have been
given for French and Belgian collabo
ration along many lines, particularly the
exchange of minerals and manufactured
products required to build up the devas
tated regions.
The most difficult solution Is to recon
cile the Flemish and the Walloon inter
ests, the former Insisting that the pro
visions of the pact had been finally ac
cepted ln principle, although the Wal
loons declare It means the Germanlia
tlon of Flanders and the opening of the
way to Infiltration of German nationals,
with dire results In the future.
Anxiety Exists Over Possible
Attempt to Revive Dual
j... V. .,. p it i-virr. "' -"""ion. owing to
n or the Firs; National Bank of ' IhL'T"0'!0" a"d traf-! Uttle more than a year or Its existence, j limlnaries. and nround Russian dele-
! 5knW W v... and mterested In other I ."" "" "l?. l.no raiiroaaa : reduced the country's taxes by J .'.l 14,- ! gates wouiu ame
tewn, was
of James
fourth street.
Keady. who said he never saw Crim
before in his life and waa surprised to
find him In his room, summoned Patrol
man John Egan of the West Thirtieth
street station, who learned that Qrlm
in that minlne and mlllli !. .. 7C -i-IZ T U,B main i 115,1 14.13; that Is, It appropriated that l.ne kubii
found yerterdaf In the room S'"',?,11 ,ra"lc ""'tone ! much less than the amount which the the Polish d.
Ready ll : 151 West Thin addln .'J1' f'C mountaln territory, j Democratic Administration demanded the Russia
Keady at inirty , determ,nlng. a(rgre.ate va,U) appropriated. siedlce anl
"t the fare, each one insisting that he ! had registered recently at the Penney!
r" genuine". 10 pay it. Finally, accord-1 vania Hotel. He summoned L)r. water
ing to the stories told by Liggett, Mc-! rran. a house physician there, who diag
raw and Meagan, McGraw left them nosed Crlm's condition aa opium polson
nd went up to his apartment. Liggett j Ing. Crim was taken to the New York
Itarted to speak to the chauffeur, and ! Hospital and later to Bellevue. where he
,hn hn looked about for Slavln. He ! d'.ed laat night without regaining con-
'Ji that he discovered the actor lying sciousness.
'revhert .... ., j ,,. as n
"mienea out
"ueavored to gt him Into the taxicab
r'd then came to the conclusion that he
s m a aerious condition and should be
nm tu some hospital.
"hen the nature of Slavin's Injurlea
rI d!scoverel at the hospital Liggett
"d ths chauffer were questioned closely,
faty insisted that they had not seen
flavin fall. Neither had they heard It
nir backs had been turned to him and
y had no Idea whatever how he could
1V met .-iik -.- .
...... .,,; itivii miiuub injuries
' "y saw no one about who could hav
d l anything to do with the matter.
A. S. Bradford of 318 West Eighty-
ninth street, who knew of Crlm's pres
ence In the city for an "Important busi
ness deal," Identified the body and had
it removed to an undertaking establish
ment. He was surprised to hear the
bank president had only twenty-seven
cents, aa he said he was accustomed
to carrying large sums with him. Crim
cam to New York four days ago, he
said, leaving hla wife and daughter at
Arthur Dayton and Edgar Thompson,
Mr. Crlm's attorney and Duslneaa man
the results of Its Investigations to date
under the physical valuation act of 1913
and was further directed to give to the
property investment account of the car
riers only that consideration which
To Inenre Polish Liberty.
under the law of the land It Is entitled that had been embodied ln the appro-
died March 4, 1919. It had failed to:
pass many of the appropriation bills, and
Its task waa turned over to the Incoming while informing the British Govern
Republican Congress, which proceeded , ., these arrangements, the Rus
Immediately to prune down thc estimates s(an Oovernment expresses belief that
o In eetabllshlng values for rate mak- I prlation bills prepared by Its Democratic ' l"Ls Government alms, namely. ,
Ing purposes. When the valuation ! predecessor. This pruning process re- hostilities and resumption
under the act of 1913 is completed such I suited In a saving of H3.6M.641.7. 1 ruf relatlemat between Russia i
valuation is 10 ire tne oasis or aggregate i That is, u me Democratic congress nad p ",. d nd the full
"M U.1hl , l,7r..ri: Mr rectlvely, he a. d. are expected
he had left them a few seconds
.raw rould hed no "f"1 uPn 11 ne-
v r naa lert
D'rre it hanneneri
AH efforts to get a statement from
0,.n upon tha accident jr futlla K.
sl.M ,he man dld not regain conscious- I
waVn was taken nrat t0 a lar8e
am and later .removed to a private
,., A woman, who aald that she waa
uaa& " WH(a the hospital, but waa
ent. ' ,fak t0 nlm- He ,P'nt 0,8
tni " ift'rnoon and evening In appar-
A?gany' g;"anln almoit continuously.
At nrat the hospital surgeons treated
. but last night Dr. H. M. Lyle, a
lT' Physician, waa In attendance on
to arrive here to-day and take charge of
the body
at which the
InrlpnpnHanPft of
succeeded In passing, before Its lease of T,, v- ii .u ..i...
The commission, guided by these pro- i "re expired, the bills that It had framed, ! ' ,nlist wav by direct negotiation
visions, has just determined the aggre-! Jf would have appropriated nearly a bll- anrtnsnpc,urton tbe communication say.:
gate value of the roads undfr jurg. lion dollars more than the Republican , n R Government, therefore.
. ...... ... . '' wnlh l, tT"i7 T '' " lihUlw the British Government will
man the amount i priaieu ior mo B...c Vu,,,a. th.t t1.e i.it.r'.
11.140.572.811 leas
.... , . .... . ..E..I1. .!.. tkl. !.. .... 1
ciaimea ny representatives or the car- ' , -- . .. ..llv fh.
Her. Th enmmiaainn ... ...v.":. ! slon of the Republican Sixty-sixth Con- i proposal, so far as It real y aims at the
- - .W1 van uuuu t man . . . ." . . "
justify this reduction on the ground ,re8S' f rom wn,ch the Democratic admin-
IS 1 1 4ft 1 1 VI I uriiianuvu exyyn taiiuuo aB
gregatlng 16, 334. 312. 929. 46 Instead ot
granting this amount, wnlch was Insisted
upon with all vehemence by the various
Democratic departments, this session of
that the property investment account
prior to 107, when the uniform system
of accounting waa ordered, was unreli
able, even padded Items, properly
chargeable to operating expenses, being
included In capital account.
Water la Squeezed Oat.
above mentioned ouject. is oeing ruuy
covered by the Impending Minsk conference."
Spain Removes Paper
Madrid. Aug. 7. Import
Continued on host Page,
Bp the Associated Press.
a Republican Congress cut the estimated ! Waxsaw. Aug. . x-.anu . enort. to
appropriations ll.474.42M02.16. So, Isend a wireless note to Moscow con
from March 4, 191. to early June, 1920, cernlng the Minsk conference have ra
the aggregate saving effected by tho suited In a tangle of uncertainties. The
This matter of aggregate value i ! substitution of a Republican for a ! latest Foreign Office announcement saj-a
pTrn. Congress was $2,414,115.- the Moscow wireless operator answered
the amount of the fair return baseS 1441- . . ! Warsaw's call and Warsaw then sent
on the new rule While in the nast "In tne ttce 0 ' ls "ther aaton- . the note, but Moscow did not acknowl
the financial condition of manv ro.H. I l8hln that Gov. Cox. In a speech that , edge receipt of It.
h . rival HeprT whiph hl ! showed excess capitalization or watered 1 muat become the charter of principles I The Poles then duplicated the note by
abolished by a royal decre which he ; Btock thf bfgt al,ihorltles now concede i r hl campaign, that is certain to be! Way of Norway, with a request that
that the physical valuation of the roads I Placd under the moat searching anal- ! Norway use every effort to relay It to
soon to be completed will show little ' ' hould declare that the Republican j Moscow. The Norwegians agreed to do
difference between capitalization and i Congress 'has not made a single effort this, but since then nothing has been
valuation. This has already been dem-1 or passed a single law' to reduce the j heard concerning the matter,
onatrated In valuations made tn Mlnne- j taxation burdens. Earlier to-day peace negotiations
aota and New Jersey. "it Is worth while to pursue this ex- seemed at a standstill on account of a
That the roads could not he repro-1 amlnatlon a step further. If the esti-1 fourth refusal to-day of the Moscow
nrn.n rr to kbep welt.
on gain n- atrengtn oy aunn I
Father Jehn a
Pare food e-X1
duoed to-day for the amounts repre
sented In their stocks, bonds and ear-
Continued on Thirteenth Page,
Liner Carrying Archbishop
Delayed More Than Day.
Special Cable Despatch to Tun Si n and Xitw
Yosk Huald. Coppripht. t9!0, bp Tne BOD
ami New Ymhk Hsuin.
London, Aug. 8. The announcement
that the White Star liner Baltic, on
which Archbishop Mannlx sailed from
New York, will not arrive at Liverpool
until to-morrow evening, when she
should have docked this morning, lends
color to the suspicion that the fiery pre
late has been landed at somo port on
the English or Welsh coast.
The Government's Interest in the
Archbishop Is shown by the fact that
the Baltic was convoyed by destroyers
and a radiogram received at Queens
town from the Archbishop's secretary,
Father Vaughan, states : "The Com
mander In Chief in Ireland cabled this
morning from the Home Affairs Office
forbidding the Archbishop's landing in
Ireland, and In case of his landing
threatens his removal by military au
thorities." The London press Is beginning to
treat the case humorously, one news
paper calling It "a comedy on the high
Bp the Associated Press.
Fishguard, Wales. Aug. 8. The har
bor master ot Fishguard ad stations up
and down the coast to-day received In
structions to "stand by to take a pas
senger off the Baltic."
Inspector Scott of Scotland Yard, with
an assistant, Is aboard a small steamer
In the harbor here. His only Instructions
are to await further orders. There prob
ably will be no reception here If Arch
bishop Mannlx, who Is on board the
steamer Baltic should land at Fishguard.
mates submitted by the Democratic r'relesa operators to recslve the Polish
Administration had been granted ap- note asserting willingness on the part
I of the Peles to send a delegation to
Continued on Third Page, Minsk.
Amandaen'a Dash Delayed.
Nona, Alaska, Aug. 8. Wind and a
high surf to-day prevented Capt. Roald
Amundsen getting away on hts effort to
reach the north pole.
Staff Correspondent of Ths Bin and N'sw
Vosk HatAi.D. 4 "PW0ht. mo. bp Tin Sua
.and Nsw Yoga Haum.
Ba-xwx. Aug. 7 (delayed). The ex
istence of a military convention be
tween France and Hungary Is assumed
In Vienna to be unquestionable. It re
reported to have been signed on June
27 at Codollo in Regent Horthy'a resi
dence and obliges Hungary to raise an
army of 140.000 to take part ln the
war against Russia.
It has been reported there that both
Rumania and Hungary would join in
the war against Russia, but those who
are acquainted with Hungary's ambi
tion to regain the Important railroad
centres ceded to Rumania by the peace
of Neuilly are doubtful of the En
tente's ability to satisfy both Govern
ments. The fact that Hungary has a strong
army gives rise to great anxiety both
in Austria and Czecho-SIovakla It is
feared here that Hungarians will march
to Vienna, overthrow the democracy and
proclaim a new dual monarchy. The
Ciecho-Slovaks anticipate an att'.mpt to
annex parts of Slovakia. All official
press bureaus are coloring despatches
so that it Is difficult to obtain a clear
picture of the actual situation.
The Hungarian press agency charges
that Bolshevist propaganda has been
successful In Slovakia, but the Czechs
say the accusation Is a pretext of Hun
gary to Invade and occupy the rrovlnce.
Reports from Czecho-SIovakla Indicate
a troublesome mood among elements of
the population. A general strike has
been proclaimed already in parts of Bo
hemia because of certain military re
strictions and there has been plundering
In Slovakia.
Ciecho-Slovakla's predicament ls for
mulated In the Praguer Czecke Slovo
as follows :
"Either we must permit the use of the
Carpathian region for the passage of
troops to fight Russia, ln which event
we will have war with Russia, or should
we refuse we will have, if not a bloody,
it least an open, war with the Entente.
The consequences for us in either policy
would be catastrophic."
Bp the Associated Press.
WARSAW, Aug. 8. The question
of transporting; through Ihe border
States two divisions of cavalry whleh
have been offered to Poland by the
Hungarian delegation la under consideration.
Bl'DAPgrr, Aug. 6 (delayed). "Prep
arations have been made outside and In
side the country to meet the eventuality
of a Bolshevik Invasion of Hungary,"
dec'red Count Paul Teleky, Premier
and Minister of Foreign Affairs. In an
address In the National Assembly to
day. "Hungary Is willing to fight for civil
ization, supported by France," he added.
Occupants of Automobile
Hurled 200 Feet.
Orion, Mich., Aug. 8. Five persons
were killed this afternoon when an auto
mobile ln which they were riding was
struck by an lnterurban car on a cross
ing near here. The occupants of the au
tomobile, all members of one family,
were hurled 200 feet and with one ex
ception were killed Instantly. The dead
are Mr., and Mrs. Edward Spies, their
son, Arthur, his wife snd his son. All
liver near Pontlac, Mich. The motornian
of the lnterurban stated that he sound,
ed repeated warnings when approaching
the crossing, but apparently Arthur,
who waa driving, failed to hear them.
American Airmen Mill Missing.
Paris, Aug. 8. Liout. Noble of the
Pollah Kosciusko aerial squadron, haa
arrived ln Paris to be treated for bul
let wound through hts elbow snd also for
a troublesome old wound. Lieut. Noble
reports that the American aviators,
Kelly and Cooper, members of the
squadron, who have been missing for
some time, are still unaccounted for.
Bp Ihe Associated Press.
Httbe, England, Aug. 8. Great
Britain and Frnnce are convinced that
the Bojuh'eviki Intend to capture War
saw mid set up a Soviet Government
hi Poland.
This was learned from on official
source to-night following an announce
ment at the conference between
Premier Lloyd (ieorge of Great
Britain and Premier Mlllerand of
France held to-day to discuss the
Polish situation that the conference
would continue to-niorrev, when tha
Premiers will pass upon naval, mili
tary and economic plans for saving
Poland. These plans are being drawn
up to-night by Marshal Foch and
Field Marahal Sir Henry Wilson,
chief of the British Iniperiul staff.
In the event of a final break In the
negotiations with tbe Moscow Govern-'
nieut. It is believed France will bear
the burden of land aid, while Great
Britain will assume full responsibility
for the Imposition of the blockade.
Delnlte Refasal by Soviet.
These were the outstanding develop
ments of the day and followed an of
ficial announcement that tbe Soviet
Government had definitely refused a
ten day truce requested by Lloyd
George as a result of Friday's meeting
with the Russian mission headed by
Kamaneff and Krassin.
While there has been no talk of of
ficially declaring war on Russia, tht
Allies have decided to give Poland nil
possible military, naval and economic
assistance without delay.
In British and French circles to
night it is admitted tbat tbe situa
tion created by the Bolshevist refusal
of u truce has brought about a crlsla
only second iu gravity to thut which
confronted the Allies In 1914.
The Premiers received two notes
from Moscow to-day in answer to
Lloyd George's request for a truce.
To-night they sent another note to tha
Soviet and also advised Poland tr
seek a truce direct from the Bol
shevlkl, who Indicated ln their refusal
of the truce that if the request cam
direct from the Poles it might have a
better chance of being granted. Onp
cC the notes received from the Bol
shevlkl to-day aald a meeting of tha
Poles and Russians had been called
for Minsk next Wednesday, and t..at
the Bolshevik! preferred to make their
own arrangements with the Poles.
It was reliably reported to-night
that the blockade on Russia would b
reimposed immediately.
Statement la Deferred.
Lloyd George haa deferred his prom
Ised statement in the House of Com
mons to-morrow until Tuesday. Mll
lerand and his party will not return
to France until to-morrow afternoon.
The French are urging the estab
lishment of a defensive line In Po
land, either before Warsaw or Imme
diately behind the capital If it is too'
late now for the former. Mlllerand
also proposed that the French and
British troops in tha plebiscite areas
he used for this line, chiefly for moral
support, and that Rumania and
C zecho-Slovakla also be asked to send
At the close of the conference,
which lasted untfl after 8 o'clock this
evening. Mlllerand presented for the
approval of the British delegates a.
declaration he had drafted. The sub
stance of this constituted a serening;
to Germany that If an attempt ls
nade In any way to cooperate with tha
Bolshevikl an army of the Allies will
occupy the Ruhr region and other
points In German territory. Lloyd
George has not yet indicated his ap
proval of the declaration, but French
c. roles believe that he will agree to it,
and that the warning will be conveyed
to Germany either directly or by an
allied declaration.
Further details of the meeting In Lon-j
don Friday between the Bolshevik rep
resentatives and Lloyd George vera
learned to-night Kraselne and Kaoie-.
neff apparently thought they would bo
able to Induce the Moscow Government'
to accept the terms of a truce, and tha
refusal of the Soviet Government Is
taken In conference circles here asm
meaning that Kameneff and KraMlnaJ

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