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States, (habits Rvaws Hwmiv achieved an ft H uoiBinnoVe' shall not welgi more than 1.02 ounces
villi his matchless atruke of MM In unlvertftjr administration. Xot'nor be 1pm than 1 Inches hi 1tsai '
and genius of coordination, could 4" j only are their representatives to have eter The old i-mi eight unit has;
It tleueral PowHtsG could, Doubt-, an Important fiart In regard to currlr-'beeu discarded and. the new uulta of
the Senator Wa4wortb Polat. the Way
n l.l.l.r Him What He ed.
and , It. tlener.! I'tawnix. fonid, I'otitn an Ironortant nart in rectinl to currlc beeu dls. sn.le.1 .ml Hi- i amlra ofi ' nmw "
THE NEW YORK HERALD. irfhera t-oukl. uluuis and other Intern.! quest.irtia. I eft;bt and measure being stated by, To Thi Bin and Mr Toaic KriMfl ToThi Sm and Maw Yok Hsbald.
mhm iu .ids. i-...... .1... ,.,l. ..f . hut t.' f.nf ,Ka1i i 1.M1...1 .. h in immu -..'i ! 1...... .- - ' ..- 1 8amul aompere seem, to Ignore the , Senator vvadswortb delivered at a farm-
a w. .. .- a ii .vim-. . " 't i...i...iiii.-i -...ini-,.i..-ii i . i I Mlil'I'l 11 i.l HJrillT U 1 III' MB .IV llir
. u.luiiix. n-iiiii ... ... ... ...(.-I,. .. m 1 1 v ' r la at " i DtirBvsj
' speech that shows he haa a clearer un-
..11 .1.. ...... a I . . r t . t , . ,f , II, I I. - -a a- I a. i.l fc I .a . . a
irf m Ai'llifT U '!')
aaww.awa,--., of , praj ,,.... leader, a lender poa
the N HKKAI.l' g2iatRATIO,' ' sessed of tfl men's rcntldence In kit
valT'liu!''!-.-'''-. ability, till Intetrrliy. OtWHr, vialon
Knu Kifilrur., V n iifii". .i,;l- ..f i, ,
r .r- vit.u,iiJ.ni ani fraurtr, K think or II n
it. Tmnae". mMTt . , ' f h rtnfr to aubacrlbe and pay In for
ST .
three al
r i here ;
i.. m un ta e -era iMf
nuiu akiuff the
tlteineeivca a harelioider lo uu
(H-n rnt rolled elT Ty the ix'lltl-, oered aa eaallw aa unik'nrto.x! i.v tK. i..nr.u..i. ii.iirnnd He dm-
clana. The Immediate reanlt of the The eevera! other amendment wem recatea the doaliui of the .ootn nulla. ; d.rtandina; of the largert voting body
Str.iv Wr-m. h. ofTeea ne eron ..n lr "I " ""r "
prewent rerolution, n ta most mex to have been adopted with the tvltei
In blcli popular jOTemmeut addenly ' purpose of aHollahloc penalties which
reform that nill find other employment ag-aln-t thoae ano work with their aa'
floda Itself supreme, haa
Ma .nlle. MKt tear eat
, fi,r era-; etwber.
On. U Osa
Mall. foatta.M. ' Mmfm H'l
i ailv a HrA si. w
t'All.v onb I" "' 7
PfNUA aair rfi
I'AU.t a kin imv ..saw lM!
I'AII.r on. is.
SfNLiAY ool
fnr th... ,. ih.i. iat nfT IMS thai, any omer IW man ixj i.
grarelbave long been rv.xvjnlse4 as too , . A kllMr ,f ,, men recently appeared on the platform ei-
(eofunion and dlaorgan'zaiioa Thei harsh for the meet malorltr of play were wea-ktwa- m a field where onlr two ceptina- Henator Hardlnr
tional cwperatlve euterprlae a niASle j action of the students has tla farlers, and they testify o the rexunl- nwei were aatettod aad if an adjoining J In advocating organisation by the
drtltf ttnymnMSu jmr been Deativ rather than (Mustroc tion of the truth vital to finance ! cultivation the wis. trt f " 0,4 ."VIZ'
(unnon. Tm nilllluDH tir niiarMunj iied pfformi. Mi t to be hoDOd duffer iwr th frntirht ..L.- ..u 1ZI ih ttettMil and ntrrtAinlntf
n H,te lu thirty dnys. One numired andthat frfmi the pr,m rendition ,.f Voun gentlenveu who slip around would tncreawe production and lower ! facilities as residents of the city He
.'! :W" millions of dollar when lhe( . fh. .,, ,,wrH .!. .. in T" e f.r hw taaw tat hullH oruea aiwl this ta what the average-'ays that "this should be done to stop
v ear wns ui I And then, with stieht .. . ,' . ... A , gaaassa atwava doea. desertions from the farms " It should be
: . I 'vu . ... .i iii tFi- iicv i i . . -i - nu'i csfopBRnHM umm m iui 1
...... iti imn. nun a Tin u f .... .... I ....
w .i ...en ...uu ... - tup iwDefui .fTeet or jailitkn: inter- their upkeep: it is their pa. and
fret 0 Ckare, A 0ana . .
became tAe provirt- 0 Fr-.i . I "
I uattiaudeaik .. laee .A'.'v"'
.m..fTdo, i;;
Buf More Monoy Will ' Be 1-
i hi siMjtN .vn .
Needed .t Year to , main Bi'HfsH x rV"r",u
$10,000,000 in Liquors Seized
by T. S. Ajrenfs. Kramer
Will Report.
Stop Leaks.
I Vi
it th. PeAe.lrae.a Railroad avatem done for reaaons of civilisation and hap-
n h. nr,r;.t.d - nh 51. 660 men It la a pineaa. Desertions will dlaappear auto-1 St rel . Tin Sn 11. Niw Toas Hmxit.
meetln, more ; imcies who are proud of tb day trvmt 4It lftbor to mpi0) o.00 matlcaliy. Civilisation begma and. cm-j Washinoton. Aug. Six months of
The JO.OOtf additional I cinnatus wouiu son, u asa wiui ine natioasl proiiltiilion nas resuneo in mu.c
plough. than 10,000 arrests and selsurn of
ronowing .-er.a-.r.r naroina . ' ,,-. r,ml.,loner F. Kramer la ex-
S n econotni-- force liehlml II. surely j terWJPe and canahl e of
. . i . .1. . .. ...i..... ..r
l. i.naekj.. mu onJr. ac , u irni r". ndMHSte V the ( em aorta of in.rftern w hen fhev a!'!, nninil n 1 r- ), , ., ..
. . -II. ... T. . U..r. l..rM .... . . t I . " 1 '
' . . . ipilinrs. in one jenr. , tellee?iial Ufa mim .a. .imu lino i.i iiLn n men ihnnU he n'ired in nrodumve ehan
r.ia,awav , u.k i sk 1 -awwae-. " . . .J I Koltwlnr Qer.a-rr Hardmr a stale
w.itiiuhi in 1'aria cvrr nav In tlie rear. AM ill an. ii a r" ..re I ImJIli lLa jiliSk liiiiiiiiiai " eiaewnere ir ine men in ine woour n
RSSttf fleVMK EnJ ;fun(,1)()on of all Industrv. all con,-' kiml.y by a dub ireasurer. overproduce- woollen good, n-.ent In hi. speech of a. vept.nc. regard-
hSXk amoi - ' " Lr ,I human esideavor the er , ,M ' UMm! ' TSS?f " " - ,or them t0 rontlnM 1 ':'K n,e
t?T,C"' A n,er(- "" ' 1 "7; Vl?! The race riots In Wet I'mnkfort ''",la " direot e. They are ,hl, wlo, ,nd ,noulo a, tion. which mean, organisation of the
I nloroaation ronrernlng adrenlelns rana at!t"TAt
. . . , , ,. . . b. , ....i
T UL LU'UIIWU ..llii.
Irom toe mam Ne orli offl'e.
irf human existence the
. - . . . . ... 1 Tllinnlft nere nar.il hv lutonu on.
enrning power or wsrenouses, "i eie-
vators, of carriBge. of markeu. of!:alln !" "Irred to the
point oi viweruv by attacks ou two
are .,- ...i .. v...,j . . I tlon. which means organization of the,"1
- Wll! oeririuui-l.fn ami un ai.uu.u ei .... f ...... ..m. ... k... ih.
...i.f v - ........... r........ , , .. , v .ev.. ' aironge.c Kind, nenaior oiuii, - -
to rewrite all the old rulea which are is fundajnental aa well as rtmple.
wnrrtr ramio nnd conjMiuentlT sub- What Mr Oompem should advocate 1.
... a i.. .... ...... ... ...' nMi)ea
.... ... I.. . .i,.K .. .ii iiea as c .li..munhln from nrodncer to on-
pairhearedWd o n- no. MiHrwu. boys for which members of the ItoUan )wt ,0 al,p CVPD "m0 , Immedi.te employment of this surplus
M rssnss at jsastssa fwtal p "J . ensed men were taken acroa the State UvM on nrse- terest of further prodactlon that wrplus
"'"" ' xi 19 uu nrw ......a. i-t iuvw . labor in
.. . . . . , ine (0 lit. lii'.Kiua la. . a n. i: r .. ate
If iir ffi.ti.l. ho m:nr CI wi'll mane , inaimi. n "" , . ... .
ftrgjs ...d 2fffee2iftr ;S?;parntlrrty gmaU areas, eveu In sparely! " '"lori autuoru.es lutve
Is . fSSMa ei,4 rmi tot that purpoar. titled State, bv dnriaUDt, bj- So- Jl ;,cen Bl" 10 uD(J f"01 01 Ine
Te, aeensnn. rw.Lu.ii. h. inaaisMariaa i.v n,,n,, '"eatli of five persf.Ds alleaed have
t tct'V i' iiitoAUWAV telki'iiom. ' .. k ,..,,. killed In the disorders which w-
- i-tlrre-l Lefuro I in m lfinn..n Qrpiv-A.1
WdltTH I'l.OSO
succeeded. It more succeeds on the
Seaatssr Harding's frosTamntfelorthe
American Farmer Is for Amer
ican Institutions as Well.
la his speech of acceptance Senator
Habmnu promised to set himself and
his pony to u problem which must
wbota than fail. Think of it done
by the right men in the right way for
the right cause.
And somebody i thus goine to do
it. Why not now? It will be the
irrefutable answer of brains and sub
stance to the froth and freniy of a
type with batt In the belfry. It will
That one man was murdered in his
home after the troops took charge
seems to be beyond dispute.
There have Seen a number ' .er;
oits disturbances due to race bitter
ness in Illinois in recent years, of
waicn tne r.ast m. Ixjuis acl (. L;. ap
trance Bebulldlnc Her Shattered
Ilecoust nictlon this was the word
that set eaery indarrlul and agricn'.
tural chord to vibrating In Vran.-c
after 17". We have read about1
I' reach reconstruction In history. ,
any parti
shifted to a new line that Is only par
tially functioning. Rxat'ER.
Bkooklin, August T.
Most Toarlts Do Not Have Time to
lse tAe Mowe Trains.
To The fvx am) Nrw York Hetaui:
Since Novemler. 1018, some persons The suggestion of Louis M. Wlshemiua
lui-.e talked much about prevlou? rec-jth" paasengera to California and
ords. contrasting them rather cynl-,,th" w,t;rn r""ru shouM
... slow trala In order to see more of the
cally at times Willi the progr now a....... Bf l-sawaas ,kr tne
"rriCLS, :o BBQ4DWAT -'.
, .a v.ia a n t
Building. Herald sUaY. V y
Ida. Open until lo P u "".
WEST U18T (T t HL r,
Open until p ii
nOBATdtt'V i.v. ...
pected to .how In his annual re it. now oprn S A M.'iu lfl V JTL.. 4 "?
In preparation BRCIKt vn r-r,.-r.
Federal , INJ. 30.1 wiuhkcti-..- t-.
apeecii kj the mort Important contrlbu-( prohibition forcea was worth more than'
tlon which lias recent!)- been made to I 1 10,000,000. It is estimated,
political literature. The rank and file of j Cn the hagji 0f Commissioner Kra
nelth.r of the great partlea realise the mM.g Tfporl Treuury Apartment
power, the potentiality, of the aggregate . ... n.mmm
of this isouted patriot following hi. cfflctato " fUnn,nf ' "k
plough . nor are th. leader, aware of the ntr'" t!l PPropHation (or next
relution that .h.ipes this Indlvlduars r to enforce the Volstead law The
couree. He read. more, he thinks more ajiproprlatlon for till, year is 13.000.000.
and he find., hla way alone more than ! Mr. Kramer believes national prohibition
sny other member of our national po- I "r, ProJ " c, ;'
, ' . . ,, . . , . a. could have ben exiiected. de.nlte in-
l.tlcal body. He chews bis honeyed or ,,,,,. ,.nnttn 110.,ten. nf tht law.
jemb.ttered cud oer and over, and when ; The prohibition CommlWionei now Is
lit is done It digests In his ol.lar planning ne . itulatlons governlr g etor-
thinking machine ami fixes the caaon , age an.) sal. .o non-beverage purpose,
that Roverna his c ourse. No delegate j of supplie. 0 II uor now on hand. Gov
mlaguide. him. No laborer In the world , trnmenf OOeials m all departrrenta af-
ve alowtv or .n Irrevorahlv hill" " 'n "
direction as the farmer. aaoV when he I
. . . SI. T. I .
BT r.r ...."..""I
Main. :t f OLTIT
upen unci id p. j(
I rtnrlpal Amerleaa aad Fnreiia r,...
Th... ... ....... ."I
. .wui n-f. an-. -. .
i. ,,4'-'0n l,y"A'l tlireugtiout N
. .i-,r... . V. . i" ""ere Hur. He-a
fore-arded for SubUeatMMI.
a I
he solvetl lf..re any other of our do-l " " . " " ,,, ! troubles between whites and negroes.
politicians must
mesuc problems can be settled satis-1 ",lu . v T , iand encounters in the mine fields be-
factor!, and permanently. This Is , se. sober cKlnshlp; w.wQ tamfjlat,r
the fundamentai problem of the farm. "J tD cl!del of triumphant Amen-, majfn!
We ure. none of us. of economic 1 an- . . tude of the problem State and !ora'.
UHaHHt except we builtl With Senator HAirnrr, states tire Repub-1 aulborltIes 1)ave n Mlve , ma!ntaiD.
and upon the elemental and essential P;atform r'n uUi atld Ung public order.
i-ield of the soil. Our national wTnltlrr c However, this problem
arises and demand.
listen and beware.
For yeara now In the great Missis
sippi Valley farmer, have 5tiently
icaated their State and national repre-
our national prosperity, our very Un-
tional exbjtooce, hunj; upon the never
fending flow to our mills and factories, j
terminal und airts. storehouses aud
markets, of the brendstuffs and Iive(
stock, the cotton mid wool, the sugar
and dairy food all the farm products;
which have made this the greatest
ad richest country' on earth.
let the difficulties of the fanners
to get labor, to keep their sousj
t borne, to find trustworthy agents
to sell their wares, to reach tbe
most fiivorabie murkets and to gain
the maximum of reward for their
lis rd labor and necessary service to
the nation are aa familiar to the aver-;
ngc American as his A H Ca, This!
declaration of Seuator Haboing isl
true, au l everybody knows it Is true:
"In the r! of price levela there
have come Increased appraisals to his
acre, without adding to their valus ,
in fact, but which do add to Kia taxe.
and expense, without enhancing hla
returns. His helper, have yielded to
the )ure of .hop and city until almoet
alone tie has met and borne the bur
dtn of the onlr Insistent attempts to !
force down price..
"It challenge, both the wisdom and
the lustic of artificial drKes on J
prices to recall that they were effec-
the almost solely against his prod-
nets In the hands of the producer i
and never' effective against the same I
products in passing to tbe consumer.
Contemplating tbe detencelecaneas of
the individual farmer to meet the or
ganized buyers of his products and
tbe distributers of the things the
farmer buy.", I hold the farmers
should not only be permitted but en
couraged to Join In cooperative as
aociation to reap the Just measure of
reward merited by their arduous
It would have been easy for Senator
Harmm: to fall into an exaggeration
of the- authority and power which the
Government must lend to the farmers
to bring their vast and imperatively
needed Industry up to date, for ex-
Ml'.y liat Is required Is that toil
first and most necessary of all our
prodigious national undertakings be
brought up to date. It would be
natural for anybody to 'he staggered
at the thought of financing or other
wise arranging the special Interests of
probably thirty millions of our popu
lation, perhaps ten t.i twelve million
working farmers and certainly six to
eight million farm.
Kut the truth is that in the hands Of
the farmers themselves lie at this
moment the ways and means to do all
that Is required. The principal thing
that is wanted of the Government is
Its moral support and technical guid
ance. The principal thing that is
wanted of the public is its apprecia
tion of the advantages to be derived
for itself as well as for the farmer.
The farmer can do the rest; the
farmer will. Senator Harding puts It
rery simply as follows:
"Let us facilitate cooperation to In
sure against the risks attending
agriculture, which the urban world
o little understands, and a like co
operation to market their product,
a. directly as possible with the Con
sumer. In the Interests of all. Upon
such association and cooperation
should be laid only such restrictions
as will prevent arbitrary control of
ur food supply and the fixing of
' axtortlonate price upon It"
Almost a single man like Herbert
giooTKi. with bis capacity for organl
ratlon. his daring for wide flung team
cork and his sweep of imagination,
rould rear In no time at all and ont of
the small gh'lngs of ten million farm
ers a money power which would ir
fectly and irresistibly do tbe work
which Is to be done io this vast field
of communities, States and groups of
mean this :
"Our platform :. an earnest pledge
of renewed concern for th;s most
neiu:al and elemental Industry, and
in both appreciation and Interest we
pledge effective expression in law and
practice. tVe will hall that coopera
tion which again will make profltar. .
and desirable Un ownership and op
eration of comparatively small farms
intensively cultivated, and which will
facilitate -earing for the products of
farm and orchard without the
lamentable waste under present con
ditions. "A Republican Administration will
be committed to renewed rrgard for
agriculture, and sees the participa
tion of farmers In curing the ills
Justly complained of and aim to place
the American farm where it ought
to be higjly ranked In American
acthlties and fully sharing the high
est good fortunes of American life."
And Senator Harding's party pro
gramme for the American farmers is
as well a national programme for
American institutions.
is not par-
'ticularly Intricate, and no great
irenius Is needed to aoiveyt. An edi
1 cient police force and prompt Ju.-;.ce
' in tbe courts arc whut the eonuannltJF
requires t. Insure peace. Neglect t"
; provide for these lies at t tie bottom
of disgraceful affairs like tnat at
I West Frankfort.
J aaia asrwa X". wiui r a a l li . : r mm BBgagSBBj s
j being mode toward restoration of j u not a kasl one for thus who hava
iiorui.tl conditions :n rrencn nems.plentr of time at their disposal, r.ut
rtemaintoil en.! French factories de- what of the thousand, of tourists with laentattvea. They have not yet struck
. .v . j-- ti limited vacation.? Take the rase of a They may never strike. But there Is al
. . . I New lorktr with only a n.octh. How
we not been too doubtful or tooj fM much, Kvm by par.
cynical? tag the additional fars on the Overland
Conflicting reports brought back by (Limited he could have little more than
investigators have made it impossi- i three weeks on tbe coast, and the two
ble to form a definite opinion. Some,daE in aLh direction which it is pro- j
l.c.-oo lie aiiaii apriiu id ine mi ::iu
v enforcing: the law than now is pos
sible. With a large appropriation the
prohibition Inspection force can be In
creased. "With a larger force wa can pollea
ths international borders more efficient
ly." aald Chief fVld Agent H-iUr-
The borders separating the United
States from Canada and Mexico and the
Daily Calendar
For Eaatern New Torn PT-ti.
loudy to-day; to-morrow Lsesl 22
j. .. a .
moderately warm. r.r.Tl.
erale aourh t i . , . . .
,7 " vuunteji win'Ij
rZ"it?S?!S rXa sad .
alTower.: wV -Cm " .".."?'' . .
For northern New
vi. cai sr. t , ;r,.my,trr
Kor aouihera New y
1 hi... ... ' " ! v.r-i '.. ' """" . C.,;,rl .,
..i. .." a Tpir.'i nnw Mr I ..i-...j ... s.:.- ....
wavs a morrow, and the noli., and un- 1 "'""""' ?T" TZr.TTZ. .1 ZZ, I fl wind..
'i 77", . j the terrltorlea where proniouion is neuw-
oer constitutional authority they will de- j Mt fo enforce according to fomroli
mand aevurity. the cooperating riglits. i ...... v. .... r N'eit comes the big
.... . . .j I . : . . . , . j . I wast ind
me rign.a or emenainmeni ana euuca- . cities, New tors ana i-mcwgu, "u - i .or wtnern v w ,.
lluaSibk Umm .tor Msrrlln !nH Reniitnr lu... vtenl I'leveland. St. L)Ut. and ! rsnfc.lll, ..I, . cart . cie - ,
Wadswurth so clearly point out Poll-, New Orleana Prohibition squads are , j.nd to-morr..- : r..' ' ,'.1.": '..'''
tlciana m.eat rive th'oi.rht to (Ms and I now being shifted constantly from one ture. moderate wlsdl
of them said France was rapl.Uy re-, " -oTn l7 ' theh- wl.hes. J put n)T '- mn k
covering. fHhers told another story. rU. v.tlev tl si.nt redwsods. 1 Stow Tork is not an agricultural State. ! L S2 then ITn.l "V'. '
some of toe picturesque oid Sparish
mHslons or other distinctive feature?
te-day. local ahoe; . rr, , .i," ;
varm; gentle to modarail KajtJl Laa
west wind.. mmtm asss SO.
But now we have an exact and def
inite sta;crnem of what has been ac-j
ronqtiiabed. The French Office of In
dustrial Ileconstruction has pub
lished statistics of the ten Invaded
a ran
of California scenery, wtilcti. if he fol
lowed your correspondent s advice, he
might be compelled to omit
L sttxl the Rockies rr Sierras are
departments showing the condition reached mort tourist, fir.d the long Jour
of industrial establishments and ney rather tiresome and are only too
trades is of Mav I HBO giad to reach their destinations. Delays
Taking 100 rr rent, to represent 'of ar' Wa(! vexatious. USeptsmbar,
" . . T .1 1M4, the writer was held up for three
Making Duels Legal.
The report from Fruguay that all
TiAnlrixfc hnv liorni Mn..-.vai amain.. .... " - - i .. i.,i . . k. n . ... ..... nf '
ttnelling may have brirbt side. The establishments now in operation cioudnurn and missed seeing a bullfight
bftl which has pHBsed both houses Bt I stands at T4.W per cent. This isat Tla Juana. Just scroes the Mexican
Montevideo provides that the seconds, tnilv a remarkable snowing. It Is fhordar. In 1101 the traift between Hous.
m . ,4 . .'... ,, mn fr.d etan Antonio was delavec. twenty
must first submit to a court of honors. Dotterel by only a small margin in four hours for me other cause. Oh. ?,
the question whether an offence just!- the recently published figures show- there was plenty of time to view the
fjrtag tbe duel exists. The history of ing that Belgian industry is 80 per mi-rounding landscaped But wers the
the duel in Franca shown Uaat while -n-r nr.rmai on;l it... .. rrw.nsipric. psaeengers p.tao. ot
the law itself could not prevent com- j tlon has been the marrel of tbe world
bats, duelling was considerably de-j since tbe armistice.
creased when, about twenty years ago, 1 But this enccmraglng show ing of
"tribunals of honor' were established i the resumed Industries In France is TRULY A LEVIATHAN'S JOB
i in various provinces along the lines modified by the figures revealing the
of the International League, an or- j numbers of employed. In the re
gnnization started by Prince Alton so opened factories and trades there are
of BourtMin. j 340.002 worker, compared with 67SV
These entirely unofficial courts,! 13S in all the factories and trades
composed of a dozen or more military open in 1914
a Mt of it
They ere the most disgruntled lot yon
ever saw. v pa Toitiist.
Ntw York, August 7.
Wet Doty Off the Coast for Our Mari
time White Elephant.
To The Scn anp New ot.k Herald.
You suggest that the I'nited Stares Ship
rmg Board, owner of the monster liner
fit .the workers now Leviathan, would be thankful for a prac-
men. took it upon themselves to pnss employed -CIM are engaged in re-itl.-at suggestion as to wnat to do with
on the circumstances leading to chal-, building and repairing, and 2o".874 in ship, Here is my idea:
Argentine universities are now pass-1 lengp,. Ti,e aggrieved found them-; commerclallv productive work. The! L a syndicate be formed to pnrchaae
seives willing to accept tbe decision of . commercial producers now are there- j v ,"' " .
I I 1 nv- . fA Rjirsn iii-1b rtr Hator.j frtw
fore only 37.9 per rent as numerous j , cf wtiltM beer, liquors, and with
as those of 1814
I Diversity I nrest In Argentina.
ing through a jriod of uncertainty
which Is destined to have an Impor
tant bearing upon the general social
und political evolution of the repub
lic. The three great institutions
which stand at the head of the edu
cational system there are the uni-
j verslties of Cordoba. La I'luta and
Buenos Aires. Each of them has been
threatened with complete disorgani
sation by the spirit of revolt which has
recently been manifested by their re
spective student bodies.
In a recent book which has been
much commented on In South Ameri
can countries and in the United Stutes
Professor Ernesto Nelson, who oc
cupies a high position in tlie educa
tional system of Argentina, makes an
exhaustive examination of the defects
of Latin American universities. The
comparative failure of these institu
tions as distributers of popular and
democratic culture, he says, Is due
to the fact that they have been sus
tained by the privileges of the State
instead of enjoying the direct support
of the people.
Argentina, like most of the coun
tries of Hispanic America, adopted
originally the Napoleonic type of uni
versity, whereby ihe institution Is
made a subordinate department of the
national Government. The Minister
of Public Instruction is a Cabinet
member, and educational policies are
determined largely by political con
siderations. University degrees are
transformed Into high political titles,
which explains the eagerness with
which they are sought after. To
.prefix "Doctor" or even "Bachelor'
to a name has been to stamp it with
the highest social and political ap
proval. For these reasons students
have been unduly interested in politi
cal questions to tlie detriment of other
forms of educational activity.
Opposition to the old system, aris
ing perhaps from the general social
unrest, provoked among the students
a spirit of rebellion which manifested
Itself In a series of strikes srhich were
marked by lawless acts. To a greater
degree even than our own college men
the Latin American student has
always enjoyed special privileges in
herited from inedlspval customs. But
In Argentina students imve now ac
quired still greate flower. By adopt
ing the strike as a weapon the stu
dents of the leading universities nave
compelled tbe Government to capitu
late and to promise to effect the com
plete reorganisation of the educa
tional system.
Toe student bodies have already
the experts in cases where mere civil
laws and penalties would not have
soothed hot tempers or stopped law
less swords.
Possibly tlie Scions of Uruguay
a .keieton crew on -board anchor three
interior di.
. ... T ' .. T ....... . riVU - A ..h.v i - . . . I. . ... T-.i. . '
v -"u I switched to another CU7. "c I .777-. t. . ur isilu:i-n ii, Ur
s.tate of the great West ; but It has still j m.mbe of th aquad are unknown. . 0. M
many of those who live the unprotected i -Most violations of the law seem to I Atlantic and liulf state, the r'-,-and
unso. ial life of farming, and they i be attempted by proprietors of soft valley, and th. aoutherii hW j,, J
need, and they need them quickly, these drink aaloona." said Mr. I 'I '.'-- ,
very things that Senator Harding and "P" 'h'rh tonT"l 1 Tr to un A Ss.';;..
Seaat,- Walworth have spoicen of. ZXTJ. wS52 t gKlwabS afffi
The Non-Partlan League has been cm, (.ffecuve. Many soft drink .tores. .hower. and thonder.torrr.. over rrc
forced to enter politics. I know because I no doubt are law obeying places, but a sm ft th. Ml.lalppi River to-morrew am
I have helped its member, and worked great many attempt violations whenever ; ,,,;ci faPe tSSaSf 'ST
with them and for them ; they have been 1 it U thought safe." c&untr-- '" cr
LArge quan'.uies Kiaej u? ihwhiuiuvm .
. ... Kelnr held awaiting- runln... .. ...... ...
than they do for .laughter . r, fnr ,h,lr Pro-: hureau nation., taken .7 1 V ,.'!,"
houses, miila or terminal elevators; but Mbttlon officials say they have no Idea ' yenty-ftfth meridian time:
when the farmer determines he acts . what will be done with this liquor. They T.mperature Bar-lti-''
you cannot turn him aside or stampede J are against the Government attempting, station.. UaL6wSB9Mer In? Waaiasi
forced to enter politics.
more for
him. The Northwest has gone into poll- i to sell
tics hfcause only in that way ha. it been
able to get the thing! that Senator Har
ding and Senater VV,id.wortU admit
fanners should have.
GcTtoN Boeetuat
New Yoaa. August 7.
Sea Water Comes Thre-agh Steel
Doors Opening Inward.
( ostein Votr. Sri'hag. Jr., I". $. .V., in
. ass v-;.a- ,. -
In submerging a- submartna sea water
is admitted througl: large Kingston
vahes to tbe ballast tanks. In the latest
Jouble hull type there are no Kingston
valves in outer tanks, be t iter comes
In through btg steel doo -n In
ward. The best practice, a. u.. eloped
primarily by the Germans, ta to have
sea valves alwaya open so that there can
be no undue pressure on the thin outer
hull plating.
Then when desiring to submerge a
master valve controlling all the air vent.
in the tanks is opened and water rushes
From this report it might be thought j miles off the New Jersey coast in the
that French production in the wariummer "th'' th coast of South
. -..!, w. t. .v ., ! Carolina In the winter months
area could be increased if the num- , . ,
came to the conclusion that the easl-jber of workers were Increaserl. Butabou, M4 oll-ottaoiyi No rio.
est way to discourage the duel was this is not the case. The employ-; igtion of the rmted Sutes laws will
to destroy the attraction Of its illicit i tnent figures are low not because of be incurred by visitors going outside the 'n. forcing the air out. As the submarine
character and to dull It by submitting a dearth of workers but because of thr" m,le "m,t t0 1u'hch their thlr.t. : sinks lower in the water the pressure
... . . I T Is fnrfv h Ml., fmm N.u. tn . n rrs water ... res.-c iin.il rh. tnnli.
Bermuda by ateamship. The expense are full. Then the vents can be closed
is heavv. Havana is too hot in the i The valves are located at the lowest oart
has accomplished wen forward with, summer time. If somebody would, ini- In the tanks, while the air vents are at
a minimum of outside financial aid. , tlate a scheme on the above lines he j the top of the tanks. After ballast tanks
the challenge to a formal and perhaps
wearisome scrntinj
lack of materials.
What reconstruction wark France
She has had one or two small loans would find no difficulty in obtaining all
from RnsJanrl since th annUMr . monc requisite to finance tha prop-
but tlieae were only a fraction of
what she could have used.
Let the world mark well the French ,
This Is not intends as a Joke.
Ei-Ex.isn L. S. N.
Asblet Park, X. J., August 7.
Golf Rules Kevlslou.
Committeemen of the United States
Golf Association who fcaie been lu
conference with a committee of the
Royal and Ancient Club of Sr. An-1
drews. Scotland, on revision of the1
rules of golf, have returned and .lsPirit of Insistent, unconquerable
ported results which should be re-1 lus nr Mi - ,
weakened, in auotucr year It may be Bcors""n irr juckij m ni
genernlly understowl that the cause 'da Now I nder Hay.
nf Trench rwonsrmcttnn Is ihn' Fsass f.e riirnla Tune feioe.
world's cause. History will vet re-
ceived with satisfaction by American
golferi'. The Americans did not gel
ail they suiked in revision, but neither
did the Ancients of St. Andrews: both
got something, both yielded some
thing, and In adjusting government of
sports that is us fair as
adjusting territorial boundaries or
ancient fishing rights.
Americans got the better half of
what ' they sought concerning tbe
stymie rule: the better half because
tne stymie is anonsnea wnen it most
threatens the solvation of tbe victim : 1
that Is, when It is laid by an op-j
ponent. it remains when a
are full the submarine is in the "awaah '
condition. It still floats.
To completely submerge water is ad
mitted into the auxiliary tank. Thl.
tank is built to stand the pressure of 200
to J60 feet depth of water. The main
ballast tanks are ia volume very nearly
equal to the reserve of buoyancy of the
submarine. The auxiliary ballaat tsnk
la for the purpose of compensating for
consumable stores or loss of weight of
fajsjssj by any cause.
The auxiliary tank then actually aub
merges the submarine The adjusting
tank is of a standard size and is used to
measure wwter going into auxiliary tank
or trimming tanks to obtain accurate re
sult in trimmlne down. A atihmnrlna
burden r,n others might have been "-""- " ' captain usually prefers to operate his
chosen SS tha eu'r Wl out of her ' myl0n S " Teasel with a small amount of buoyancy
caosen .1- tne eas.er way out or ner ssid whiIe inquirea regarding prelim- ' nalf . ,on
terrible trmls, j inary organlration hae been received!
1 from Lakeland. Bartow, ral.it. ... and
other points in the State.
Representatives of the Klan are pro-
rt.iMrxtr a.rivelv with the f.irm.tlnn r.f Ts l. .k I'.ubII.! L' mJ r.t uAi.u..n.
A V.o. nn.,,n,rf i. m,. ,,!. V.,,,1 " ' " " nraiirilk
1 l.tia Klan In this Slate and it la an. I
nounced that a branch of the Klan will
tVork of organizing brandies of
Kniffhrs of the Kti Klux Klan lrnurh.
cord another example oMiow the in- ... riorld. ha. k,,.. .e.....
it was an-
domltable will and courage of France land is progressing rapidly
I pnni.lfhl her to "roirso hncb n-hon ro nonn.-ed vesterdav.
i. ' ln give up In desnair and to force thei Organisation work already has brgun
l which permits sal-s for non-beverage
purposes. It would put the Government
in a false light, they sa. They hint,
i however, that they would be glad to see
I confiscated liquor destroyed. It would
reduce the amount in existence and cut
down possibility of law violations, they
believe. Liquor now legally In storage
under bond totals more than 50,000.000
Mr. Kramer's conviction that prohibi
tion thus far has proved beneficial to
the nation is baaed on social and eco
nomic conditions. Reports from field
agents reach him almost dally, describ
ing Interviews the agents have had with
are described as being only partially
filled, whereas before January 1. whan
national prohibition Became effective,
cell room was not to be had In some
cities. Agents also report hospitals
now have few patlenU wjsoae ailment
are directly attributable to alcohol
On the economic side prohibition offi
cials point to Treasury Department re
ports which show bank deposits to be
on the Increase throughout the nation.
They also relate stories of employer,
who are quoted as saying voluntary lay
Off, by workmen are lesa numerous and
efficiency per man Increasing.
Casenave Says Fyll Share of
Loan Will Be Paid.
Albany ss iw
AthkBtie City.. TS 12
I iltlmore . . , H 74
H str.atck S3 SO
Snp'.on 74
I'uffalo 7 fJ
Cincinnati . . . K 7j
Charle.toii . . . Ki Ti
Chicago s4 so
Cleveland S2 72
Iwnver M 72
Detroit 3 fA
(iah-eton S4 78
Helana SO M
."ickeonvi!!. . . H 7
Kanaa. Cttr . m M
loa Angel..... M 71
Milwaukee ss
N'.w Orlaan. . Si 7
Oklahoma City 4 4
1 hllad.lphia . M 72
Piliaburg M SO
'..rtland. Me.. .. SS
rrtland. Ore. M 84
Hall Lake City S3 SS
San Antonio... S3 SO
sV.ii Diego 78 74
ear. Francisco. 2 SO
M. (2 73
Sr. Paul 78 74
Washington ..S3 S3
S0.14 ..
30 13 ..
29.81 . .
30 01
30.12 M
S0.14 1.3S
V:H .14
V. 04
3 sv
2 64
30 IS
30 OS
29 M
I '' ad
Pt 01
n c: ir
rs.vt as
n il 07
( - .
P-. cr
C o .:y
Pt (- tj
i am. im,
Barometer JO 14 .11
Humidity S3
WMnd-dlrectlen !. IW.
Wind velocity II
Weather Ci-itf f '
Ptecipltatlon Ncm Mao.
The temperature in thl ci ynr.trHy
rfcorded hv the offlc'.' Cirrwoeif:. H
ihown In the annex.d tabl
Maurice Casenave. Minister Plenipo
tentiary and Dlrecjor-General of the
French Services In ths United States,
iaaued a statement last night announc
ing that France 1. ready to meet in full
her share of the 1500.000.000 Anglo
French loan which is due the United
States in October. To repay this debt
M Casenave said. France will not have
to rely at all upon any part of her In
demnity from Germany. She will be
able to meet the obligation because of
the industry and energy of her citizens
S A. M.
- v
10 A. M.
i 1 A II
It M. ...
1 p to
2 P. M
4 P. VI
sp M.
11 M
P l iU l.l
Highest temperature. 8.. itir J
Lowe.t temperature. 87. at S A M
A' trag. tempt raturv. 78
1 r .
: p n
ip.E w
r M. si
r m 4
P M 1 g
Candidate, fer nemlnatlo
as ptmir
will present their claims t'fr-
cnmmlttee of the Queens C.-:r.y " -,,
Committee at tin North s.J raoc.a.w
Club. Corona. L. L. 8 P. M
Th. executli-e eomnrlttee C : r-", J
tH-ard of the National AMW.it .
Manufacturer., affiliated .
tlor.al Aaaoclatlor. of Garmr-. M.nfaur(..
will hold a olst roeetlrjr to rt - ' j "
fcr th. arbitrsrllnn comrolitee to: UM emmm
e.aon. Hotel Ijifayette. roe-
Meeting of the Tammany eit.-
!l r . m
A Kings county gas company serv
ing 250.000 consumers is going broke : ,
The Knights of tbe Ku Klux Klan.
i which la but a reorganisation of the
Colorado sheep shearers get $50 a j order that ran the carpetbagger and
day. or so much money that three ' the scalawag from the 8outh ha the stir
days' pay is enough to pay f"r a suit ( ring days of the reconstruct ton period
made of the wool they clip. I and restored to the white people of the
' South their rightful place In the nation
and the management of their own af
The saddest of all census returns
concerns Goldfleld. Nevada. That noted
town is now reduced to 1 558 souls, a
falling off of 87 per cent. In ten years. 1
And it was only a baker's dozen years j
ao that Goldfleld boasted a popula
tlon of 20.000
ness, and the worst of it is that from
!. v. aukfssrivuva mini uauaiupi aired car . u. ..jMj .B.iv Amt in
stymie" himself. The brief rule now lines the corporation's patrons know itly. 4n4 t0WJL
IS iu ttlpso words: lanauj uu tuui) iwi 11 atua 11 wui.
"If the opponent lay the player a
stymie the player may remove the
opponent's ball . the opponent .hall
then he deemed to have holed ln his
next stroke.''
"Note Ifthe player, playing with
in the boundaries of the putting green.
Jays himself a stymie the rule does
not apply."
Unexpectedly the delicate matter
of amateur definition developed a
broader spirit among the British con
ferees than among the Americans.
Britons In all sports hae usually been
unyielding on the point of profession
alism, but In this conference tliey
were liberally .dliqiosed to Include
golf architects bnrred by American
rules among those entitled to nim
teur standing. The Americana yielded
on the point from a sen.-:- of Justice,
no doubt, but not unaware of tbe fact
that yielding there would give them a
better position from which to make a
fight for a standardized golf ball.
In brief the compromise standard
ization rule provides for a ball which
Leader and Followers.
To Tag firs akp Naw York Herald.
Ton can t pussyfoot with the Bolsheviki.
Trotxky and bis band have looted Rus-
s. 1. and Trotaky can hold his power only
by giving them other countries to loot.
Peace would be fatal to them.
Democracy is at stake : apparently only
a dlrtator can prevent organised mi
nority rule.
Let us avoid speemusnes. ha our next
The Spimon.
Hall to Oil of aU the charmer.
Agricultural and turfy,
Cholee of thoae four famotaa farmers.
Taggart. Dnsfuian, Nugent, Murphy,
Hall to Cos now let aur rcadera
Mark the one and or.lv tnw gent,
Crn.cn of those cultured leader..
Murphy, Taggart. Brennan, Nugent.
Hall to Cos-hla Job I. heavy.
Loaded with tha League and pennon,
Choaen sy tlx seen trig bevy,
Nugent. Murphy. Tiggart. Brennan.
Hall to Coi-hla hat ha tosaea.
lit haa overthrown lit. braggart.
But he atnl must own as bosses
Brennan, Nugent, Murphy, Taggart.
McLis-Mor.ii Wilms.
fairs. wa formed in Atlanta in Novem- j tlectlon and make the main issue the
ber. IMS. unorganised public against the organ-
While conditions to-day are not theM1"1 minority. Ima Worm.
same as they were when the. original I Bauxto Sra, August
Klan was organised, the need for an .
orgsnlxatlon of this character a Just a. Hu jBs-e uhrsjatlon of Gov-
innig now aa 11 ever was, accoromg
to Its founders.
Its announced purpose 1. to Inculcate
ernor Cox's Intentions,
To Ths Si n and Niw York rTgaau);
the sacred prlnclplea and noble Ideals of : In yur f to-day you hare a glar
. hiralry. the development of character. I ln headline to the effect that Governor
the protectioa of the boma and the chas- i Cox w'li accept to-day (presumably the
ttty of wotnanhood. the exempUflcatlon nomination for the Presidency),
of a purs patriotism, the preservation ! How does The Bi n and Ngw Toss:
of American ideala and the maintenance Hsuald, ussially so careful and correct,
of white supremacy. Icon to be so sure he will accept?
Only native born Anierican citlxens Rtf own hunch is that he will refuse
who believe la tha tenets" of the Chris- Ith empty honor in the same manner aa
miiiaut limmanv mm: . w t ....
ana tntir aeterminanon to put rTancei . v '""
as quickly a. possible upon her pre-war I
Ml. Helen Varirk Bo.ee wH rjsU1
luncheon of Republican a omen. Hat - r
Wit. 1PM .
Walt.r M Chandler nd Wi J. M j
Uton will .peak at Uie atternoor. .
P.epubiktan women In 'he Hotel ,::
; 30 P. M. Judg" C.nrge L osa"
the siwaser
Meeting .
cash payment by way of Indemnity from . eizth avenue. A M. and 9 P. M
basis of industrial and financial pros
The statement follow.:
"Up to the present time, on account
of economic and political obstacles to
the enforcement of the Treaty of Ver
sailles, rrance nas no: receivea an
Judg George L. wjwj-"
at an evening nwec.-.g t.-erf
of the Loyal OW WWj
ample. Twasty-thhrd tre '
..as t .nri S r M S '
ilermany Certain deliveries of coal at the NaMa Street rre.hiert3
svsirA maH laat rear hs- ilsswisn.. ... Crssnooir!. Rrookl.VTl. i
Intersttate Exhlbitora Corpora-.
France, but these did not approach the . ' " ""u,t.T... . ' . .vmnsode'. a" dv
"So far this year Germany has been
prevented by difficulties ln the Ruhr re
gion from masting her obligations to
France ir respect of coal deliveries, but
the French Government, realising that
coal must be .procured at all costs to In
crease the output from the reviving In
dustries of the, devastated regions, has
gone so far aa to authorise loans to the
German Government at the rate of !00,.
000.000 f.-ajics a month for six months,
sn as to assure delivery of the necessar
fuel rrom the Ruhr district.
"In he first flive months of u:o
France improved her trade balance by
nearly two billion francs, ncreaaing her
exports during that period by Mf,4M.
000 francs as compared with the figure
fee the corresponding period of 1519
- 1 -'-
t'lnner by the Atejar.df r Ham.:
nef.l Blltrrore. t 30 P M
CivMlinn !r.C.1 MAS'.er C'-l-
ation. Hotel Pennsyi. aria, ail 1' rf
Luncheon. Laundrj- Board of Trad '
rennsylvania. 15 30 1. M.
Two All-Metal Planes Left
. Here on July 29.
tlan religion and ce no allegiance of
any degree or nature to any foreiga
Government, political In.tltution. sect,
or people are eligible tor membership.
The Qoeatien.
Knlcker Cox and WTtaon are at one.
Bocker I. 'he connection heart .tiing. or
.pron .trlngst
I Follette refused that of the 4Jer.
Naw Yosk, August T. G. rj h.
Hla Master's Voice.
To Ths Scn and Nsw Yobk Herald:
Mr. Wilson s speech of acceptance) rings
trua to form C. D. Nswton.
Vw Tok, August T.
Oakland. C'al . Aug I.
metal airplanes tha: lefl N'
pn July 19 to blaxe a trail for a ;
continental aerial mail - ' ,
at 'an Oatlaxd flying field lM - V
'ffiSiiU SS...,.-. Inl.ril. . . sk.Sk. SV... I T r I j -. . . nfll-nr O f I '
hssss . sssssssj .ii.ciisi iu uuissiti lull ; .1 . ... . SSS.Wii. w - ...
nasjiisnt of th inl.mnlt klA la .1...! !i.-a.aA fn PnsfnvlST---
i . - J " " .1 . wwo . . . . . - v--k
to nor hi- flprmsnv sh Is nnsv ....Ins . K.nwh u ns.-k.-ire of en
though .urh navmenta would not ha ! cnnetitutlns? whs: vas sai.I
made. Ths budget for liS not onlv first tran.continental aerial
makes provision for balancing her oral- livery on re-ord.
nary expenditures out of taxation or1
ordinary receipts but allocates, also
out of ordinary receipts. 9.4OO.0d0.00o I
francs for the purpose of Interest on
snd amortization of. the national debt.
Moreover, the actual returns from Indl-
Uma. Peru. "Aug- ; --Jse
Guerra. deposed President of
....u s.1- ..i.iM.An and sever -
rec: laxat'on during June
. ceded budget estimates
francs, or 44 par cent. Flnall
firrs rrom innire-t taxation ilur nx
first six months of this year were Uol'or an interview si;
per ceng. in excess of the returns for the
tame period in 1914.
"France Is prepared to mast In full cert
bar share of the
French loan due
October." education
ne lS-'li as w!U nis cnliaien o.ni
by i:: 4.m -sd through oubxo r
Inally, the ra- the English liner Essequibo er , row
ion during the'Nw York. All h- ou 1 :
ir an interview -.as. . ..
"My country in the future Mil. -
:ts For the present all Is n
.rtain and dark. I am g"lf t0, ;
le 100.000.000 Anglo-1 State, to place my chil lren - '
to the United States in and will devote my attention - la

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