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Toney Pitches Giants to Another Victory Over Cubs, 7 to I, While Dodgers Down Pirates, 2 to I Yankees L
Cobb's Double' and a Wild
Pitch Yield Winning Run
in Fourth.
t r
Giants Make It Four Out
of Five Over the Cubs
ffeial to Th Sum and New Yosk Ihuui.o.
Detroit, Mich., Aug. 8. Leave it to
the Yankee to lose the rlose games.
When they need one run or two to be on
term of equality or better they grope
'id stumble. They- were beaten 1 to 0
by the Tlsera this afternoon. Their
fielding was of championship grade and
there was quality all over their work
In two departments, fielding and pitch
ing, but they wore fatally deficient In
Howard Ehmke's pitching was a
masterpiece ; that of Hip Collins was of
the highest grade of excellence. Khmke
was rolling's superior to the extent that
the Yanks rarely reached bases on him.
Collins allowed more travellers to gei on,
but pitched with skill and nerve when
they wera on.
Khmke held tho Yankees to one run
ami five hits last Thursday, and to no
runs and three hits to-day. Only thirty
men faced him. Col. Ruppert, president
of the Tankeo club, took note of the fact
that Ehmke, the star of Jennings's
mound corps, pitched against the Yan
kees twice in four days. It was Leonard's
turn to pltCh to-day, but In went Khmke.
The Yanks muBt be beaten. When they
were In St. Louis last time Shecker
pitched two games against them.
Whether this policy of putting the best
1 . urler against a team twice In a single
scries will bo pursued when thes ciuos
face Cleveland and Chicago next time
will be watched with keen Interest by
the Yankee people.
A Ground Rale Game,
It was another of those ground rule
games, euch as the Yankees play to fre
quently. Tho field fringe of spectators
reached from both foul lines along the
borders to the centre field corner and
In front of both pavilions. This park is
njpposed to have housed a crowd of 3!,
Ono once, but It must have had clastic
fences to do It, and to-day's concourse
looked mora like CS.O000. Fans were
perched, up on top of the walls and
In hi, sorts ot nooks and crannies.
T;ie Yanks faced Elunko again. He
Is Detroit's best pitcher and pitched the
first game of this series. That Is nn-
other thing the Y'anks are used to
facing the best winning pitcher twice In
a series.
They drew a blank In the ilrst Inning
to-day. and in less time than it takes
to tell it. Ruth's effort was a grounder
to young.
Tho Tigers did better. A single by
Young opened the Inning. Cobb easily
ini through to right on a hit and run
play, following Jones's force of Young.
Pratt was slow gettlns the ball to Peck,
else there would have been a double
play. Veach couldn't do anything, nor
Heilman : both grounded weakly.
On a single, a steal ailn Stanage's bad
throw Pratt landed at third In the sec
ond inning. One man was out. With
three out he was still on third. Ehmke
threw out Plpp; Pinelll threw out the
noble Plzzola.
Ten New Yorkers were vis-a-vis with
Khmke in the first three Innings. He
was mowing them down mercilessly.
Lewis. Coillns and Ward were mowed
on strikes.
It's a habit with Collins and Ward
Only eleven Junjaieer faced Collins in
the, first three. The pitching was mas
1 terful to date.
Cobb caught Ruth's high rocket in the
(ourth after Peck had singled. The hit
ting back of Peck was light as fleece
and he was left at the halfway house.
After a double by Cobb and sacrifice
by Veach, Collins shot a clean strike
past Heilman. "Ball." said Dinecn.
Collins, disconcerted possibly by the poor
decision, let loose a wild pitch, and Cobb
can score from third on a wild pitch any
day. A few more battery errors fol
lowed. A passed ball and another wild
pitch followed Heilman's single.
A New York chance In the fifth was
mined when Pinelli caught Pizzola at
second on the hidden ball trick. Owens did
not see the play and called on Dlnneen
lor a decision. Dlnneen. who may or may
no) hao seen It. promptly called Bodie
out. If this was a guess on Dlnneen's
part, It was a good one. Plxzola was
asleep. He was a fearfully Indignant
Italian when be woke up and found him
self out.
Owens, who also was asleep on the
play, showed his vigilance and authority
by chasing Lefty O'Doul off the bench. It
was not a good alibi for the nodding
Pixxola Caught Asleep.
Jones could have girdled the bases In
the sixth, although he walked, with no
body out. Cobb sacrificed. Ward did a
fast Job on him. Veach and Heilman
drifted grounders to Pipp. Capital
pitching by Collins, and not the first
time either. But it had been all wasted.
His associates hadn't hit Ehmke hard
fnough to break glass. Their defense
was mighty good, though. Ward, Plpp
and Ward erased Strange and Plnelll in
aMouble play of speed and precision In
the seventh.
Into the eighth went Owen and Col
lins with his splendid pitching In tight
places. Ehmke slashed a two bagger
to centre to start and Young sacrificed.'
While Ehmke was trying to score on a
squeeso pray Coillns hit Jones with the
hall and Ehmke had to go back. High
flies set down Cobb and Veach and
stranded two runners.
As a pinch hitter In the ninth MeuWl
was a chllllnc frost. He fanned on his
weakness, a low curve. Peck was no bet
ter. He stood still while a good third
strike curved over. Young took care of
Ruth'a grounder. The score:
ab r h o a ibih 0 11
WiM.ltb. SOO 1 ISOlYottng-'b. 301 4 BO
Peck.ss.. 401 2 1 0' Jone.3b. . 200 0 2 0
Ruth.rf.. BOO 2 OOlCohb.cf. .. 312 1 00
Pratt.Sb. 30 1 3 2 0' Veach. If.. 3 00 1 0 0
3 00 1 OO'H'mann.lb 30 1 12 0 0
3 0 0 12 1 CShorten.rf. 3 0 0 1 0 0
801 1 OOlPlnelll.ee. 201 0 3 1
3 00 2 1 OlStanaxe.c. 3 00 8 1 1
Collina.p. 3 00 0 3 0Ehmke,p.. SOI 0 3 0
"Meusel. luu 0 OOi .
Totals. 25 1 6 27 15 J
Totals. 10 (I 3 24 IS 01
Batted for Ward In the ninth Inntni.
New Yerk n o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Detroit , 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 x-1
Earned run-Off Cellln. 1. Two base
li'ti Cobb, Ehmke. Stolen ba Pratt
Hellmann. Sacrifices Vch. C'obh,
Young. Double play-Ward and Plpp. Left
on bases N York, I; Detroit, 6. Buses
on balls Off Ehmke, ; off Collins, 2. Hit
by pitcher By Collins, 1 fjones). Struck
nut-By Ehmks, 8; by Collins, I. wild
Pltchea-Colllna, 2. Passed ball Ruel. Um-plres-Dlnnwn
and Owens. Time of came
1 hour and 13 minutes.
Vaughn Fails to Stop New
Yorks, Who Kally From
Slight Relapse.
Major League Records
for the Last Week
The week's record In arh league of
lames play,, won and lost, with runs,
hits, ttrrors, men left on bases and runs
aoeid by opponents, Including tames of
Saturday, August 7, Is as follows:
New York
fit. Louis
R. W. L. R. II. E. L B
. .8
3 22 48
4 25 M
II 24 40
1 34 A3
4 18 41
9 1
11 45 30
2 32 9
0 40 15
8 44 22
17 43 11 40
HI 57 ltl 52
Philadelphia.. 7 2 5 18 54 15 52 !!8
Cleveland ...A 3 3 30 54 8 40 27
Now York
Chicago ...
HI. Louis ..
Boston ....
4 30 25
3 27 71 7
2 41) 83 11 44 :tr.
32 55 3 3U 3!)
3 511 III
'.'6 83
28 H4 II
30 03 7
Lewis. If.
Plpp, lb..
Bodle.cf .
aoored Snyder. Young walked, filling
tha bases. While Hersng was throwing
out Pi-inch, Burna scored and Bancroft
fmd Young moved up. When Carte un
orked a wild pitch, Bancroft and
Young scored, too. Kelly fanned to end
the agony.
The Cuba were saved from tha Ig
nominy of a shutout In the ninth inning
when Toney let up and gave them some
hits. Toney tossed out Barber. Then
l'nekert hit to centre for two bases, went
and scored on Deal's one timer to the
same place. That stopped the acorlng.
for Burns got O'Kariell's fly and Daly,
batting for Carter, forced Deal at sec.
ond. The score.
brh o ii ab r h o a e
FIsck.rf. 3 02 0 00 Burns. If.. 411
H'iog,2b. 400 5 fl O.B'rroft.ss
Terry.ss. 402 0 4 0 Young. rf.
Barber,lb4 00 1 0 Frlach.Sb,
P'Kert.cf. 4 1 2 2 0 0' Kelly, lb..
U'son.lf.. 4 0 1 3 0 0:Klng,cf. .
Dsal.Sb., 40 1 1 0 0, Doyle, :h.
K'ltfcr.c. 2 00 S 2 0iflnyder.c .
Merkle.. 100 o 0 0Tony,p, .
OTrtll.c ouo '-' no
Vaughn. p 2 0 0 0 0 hi
tT'mbloy. 10 1 0 Oct
Carter. p. 000 II 0 0i
IDsly.... 100 0 0 0,
4 1 1
3 3 3
4 1 2
3 0 0
I 0 0
3 0 1
3 1 I
3 I) 1
0 20
Tottls 30 V 10 27 12
Totals. 34 1 0 24 13 0;
Baited for Kllllfer In the eighth Inning.
tBstlert for Vaughn In the eighth Inning.
1 Batted for Carter In th ninth Inning.
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 l-l
Naw York 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 4 x-7
Two base hits Young, Snyder, Paskort.
Three base lilt Terry. Home run Young.
Sacrifice Kelly. Ptolen bases Doyle, Frlsch.
Double play Frlsch, Doyle and Kelly. Bales
on balls Off Carter. I; off Tone), I, Hits
Off Vaughn, 7 In "7 innings, off Carter, .1
In 1 Inning. Struck out By Vaughn, 1 ; by
farter. 2. by Toney, 2. Left on bases
Chleaiio, 7; New York, 1. Loilng pitcher
Vaughn, Wild pitch carter. empires
Klein and Braalll. Time of game 1 hour
snil 4., minutes.
It was hot enough at the Polo Grounds
yesterday afternoon, even If ona did
nothing more than alt still anal cuzile
pop In between destructions ot lea cream
conea. But for the wall known Cuba the
park became op torrid aa an African
Jungle. The Giants made things hot for
their rivals from the start and trounced
them for the fourth time In their series
of five games. The score was 7 to 1.
Tho victory was the eleventh earned by
the New Yorks In thirteen games playod
since their return here and was ac
claimed lustily by a crowd of more than
The Giants enjoyed a complete recov
ery from the lapse Into which they had
fallen Uie day before and played winning
ball In every department. They hit bard,
ran tha bases with verve and extreme
Intelligence, and, best of all, they got
line pitching, Fred Toney was on tho
mound for New Y'ork and had the Cub
in hand until the last Inning. Then, with
a lead of seven runs and the persplr.i
tlon rolling down his brow In rivulet,
the bis follow relaxed and permitted tha
Cubs to save themselves from complete
eclipse. They got three hits In that In
ning. They got two In tho eighth. Pre
vious to that round the Cubs rollected
only four scattered safeties.
In contrast to U8 fine work of Toney
whs the pitching uf Jim Vaughn, the
lefthander. Lust Thursday Vaughn en
gaged In a grout duel witli Barnes and
held the Giants to three hits. Y'ester
day Vaughn was no mystery from the
first crack out of the box. The Giants
got to him for a couple of hits in the
first round and kept adding swats in all
Innings except the second and fifth. In
all, they found the big southpaw for
sovon hits In seven Innings. In the eighth
Carter took Vaughn's place and was
slammed with vigor and effect, tha New
Yorks getting three hits for four runs in
their last turn at the bat.
Young Hits Home Itnn.
The most prodigious blow of the game
was n home run Into the lower right
field stand by Ross Young of the Giants.
Young turned the trick to open the
fourth Inning. He took a wicked cut at
the ball and Just wafted it out of the
Held. Vaughn rallied after that and
kept the Giants at bay until the seventh.
Then they hit him again and persuaded
Fred Mitchell to send Twombly to bat
for him In the eighth.
Young was the stellar hitter for the
Olants. getting two singles and a homer.
In addition to a pass, for a perfect aver-
sge. Frlsch got a couple of telling hits.
Doyle, helped with a single. Even To
ney got a single.
I'askert was the most effect. ve bats
man among the Cubs, with a double and
a single. Terry got a triple and a sin
gle, but hla three bagger came with two
down and Vas wasted. Paskert's dou
ble started the rally that gave tho Cubs
their lone counter.
The Giants again played flashy ball
and made the niot of every opportunity
which presented Itself. They worked a
protty double steal in the seventh, ran ;
out every chance and kept at the task of I
making runs even when it was felt that,
the Cubs were done for. They never
relaxed In the field and at bat even for i
a moment. And It was an afternoon In'
which a little relaxation might have'
been condoned.
Doyle's Fine Play.
A scintillating stop and throw to the
plate by Doyle saved n run in the first
and featured the throttling of what
looked like a dangerous assault. The I
Cubs got men to second and third with
one out but could not ecore. Flack, to
begin with, walked. H-riog forced
Flack, and It looked as if Doyle's throw
to first beat "Cantaloupe Charley." but j
Emslle thought otherwise and erred.
Terry singled to right and when Young!
let the ball get away from him Henog
went to third nnd Terry to second.
It was then that Doyle came to the
fore. Barber hit a nasty bounder tr,
hi:n nnd Larry made a fine ston. He
shot the ball to Snyder like a rltle shot
and got Herzog at the plate. Paskert
hit a terrific bounder to Toney, who
stopped It and retired his man.
The Giants got their run in the open
Ing inning on two hits, which came
after Burns and Bancroft hart eon nut
Y'oung started the little rally with a ; reminded one of the old daya of hefty
single to snort centre, and went to sec- "" mountainous pitchers.
ond like a streak when he saw Paskert
muff the ball. Frlsch smashed a single
to left and scored Young. Deal leaped
up to stop Frlsch's drive and managed
to touch It with his glove.
Terry I Stranded.
It looked as If the Cubs would score
in tho sixth, but Terry had the Ill-luck
to get a triple with two gone. Barker
then lilt a long fly to left centre ami
King caught it after legging altogether
too fast for a torrid afternoon. Terry
would have made his hit a home run If
he had been aale to get up a llttl
more steam.
New Y'ork got In another run In the
seventh session when Herzog helped
make a double steal successful. Frlsch
started it all with a single to centre and
Kflly sacrificed him along. King fouled
to Klliofcr. Doyle beat out a hit to
Hcrzcf. A double steal was started and
Hersog came In to take a short throw.
Umpire Rigler's Decision
Questioned by Pirates.
A wild pitch by Charles Elmer Pon
der, Pirate richer, a wild dash from
third to the home plate by Zachary
Wheat nnd s wild outburat by Pirate
playera against the decision of I.'mplra
Charlea Rigier declaring that Wheat
scored the winning run, were some of
the salient featurea that were crowded
yesterday afternoon Into what waa prob
ably the wildest ninth Inning over Been
at Ebbeta Field. Wheat's run gave the
game to the Dodgers by 2 to 1, and
brought to a close a turbulent contest.
The wild pitch by Ponder wae not
the only one of the game. In tho eighth
Inning, after Field Umpire Moran had
declared Mitchell out at third, the spec
tators In the right field grand stand
made about forty wild throws of pop
bottles nt tho official. The throwing was
so Inaccurate Uiut many of tho Brook
lyn nnd Pittsburg players who were
arguing with Moran narrowly escaped
being "beaned" by the missiles.
The Pirates, who had won twice In
succession from the Dodgers, hal scored
a run In the third on an error by Johns
ton, a single by flouthworth and a sac
rifice fly by Whltted.
Miuxjjard was pitching gilt edgo ball
and Tinder was unhlftable with men
on baea, which seldom came to pasa
so far us tho Dodgers were concerned.
Then In the eighth frame Ponder
seemed to lose his effectiveness and the
Dodgers tied the score. Kllduff, first up.
was thrown out at first, hut Krueger
to third on Robertson's single to centre ,t for a ijalie Bll(j ,of,i second when
WhltteU threw wild to Grimm. Mitchell,
batting for Marquard. singled to left
and scored McCnbe, who ran for Krue
ger. Olson Blngled to left, but Mitchell
wus held at second. Johnston sent a
long fly to Blgbee nnd Mitchell reached
third after the catch.
Olson then made a dash to steal sec
ond before the ball was pitched, and
Pender, mnklng a bluff to throw to sec
ond, lured Mitchell Into making a rush
forTiome. Ponder snapped the ball to
third and Mitchell was called out.
Uncle Robbie and the entire Dodger
force rushed at Umpire. Moran. who re
treated to his position nr first base.
The Dodgers Insisted that Whltteil had
not touched Mitchell, but the umpire
held his ground till a shower of pop
bottles drove him to :i strategic point
near second, where he remained till the
close of the game.
Cadorc pitched the ninth Inning
against the Pirates and let them down
in order, whereupon the Dodgers went
to the bat ter a desperate effort to win.
Tommy Griffith hit viciously at the
leather, but was thrown out at first by
the pitcher. Wheat raised the hopes of
the fans by placing an artistic bunt be
tween the plate and third and beating
Whlttsd'a throw to first. Neis. who
ran for Myers In the seventh and suc
ceeded HI In centre, walked. Koney
pounded s long one to centre that
Carey caught, hut after the catch
Wheat advanced to third and Nels to
With two out and a man on third, the
entire responsibilities of the situation
were loaded on the broad shoulders of
Pete Kllduff. Ponder seemed to be
weakening, but he braced up and got
two strikes on Kllduff, with only two
called balls. Pete rubbed sand on his
bat, pulled up his trousers, pulled down
hla cap and glared savagely at the per
spiring Ponder, after which Kllduff hit
five fouls in succession.
Ponder then gathered himself for a
supreme effort and shot the ball about
waist high, at which Kil luff swung with
ail Ills force anil missed. The ball was
an Inslioot and passed close to Kllduff's
breast. It then struck Haeffner's mitt
and shot hack to tho grandstand wall.
Wheat w.nne tearing up the third base
line ami tramped on the home plate.
Rlgler declared that the ball was a wild
pitch and that the run counted. It was
now the turn of the perturbed Pirates
to rush at Rigier and assert In vivid
language that the pitched ball hit Kil
duffs bat and also the batsmin's hand,
and w as either a foul or a hit by pitcher
and that Wheat's run could not score
Rlsler disagreed with the Pirate view of
the ts.Se. and the Dodgers thereupon
trooped Joyously off the field, leaving
the Pittebuigs to argue it out among
Kllduff after swinging nt the ball Ins'
Ills balance and fell on his hands. After
arising he held up his right hand as If
to show that it had been hurt nH ,.,.
Toney and Snyder, both behemoths Pittsburg players pointed to this .vi
and the biggest battery In the league, dnce that the ball had hit the batter on
toe hand.
On the previous appearance of Rlgler
and Moran at Ebbeta Field their deci
sions so angered the fans the umpires
had to be escorted to their dressing
room by police. The score :
Jeore S to 9 and 11 to 4 Victories
Orer lenatora.
St. Lotria, Aug. I (American). St.
Louis made a clean aweep of the aerlea
by winning a double victory from Wash
ington to-day. The acorea wete S to i
and 11 to 4. The locale won the flrat
Bam, In Hia nlntti Ml limllh'i rtoilble a
What wild throw by Rice and Tobln's single.
Slsler led the attack In the aecoml
game with a single, double, triple and
home run, driving In six runs. The
ab rl n
Judge, lb. 3 1111
Milan, If. 8 00 0
B.ce.cf. .. 3 0 0 4
Hoth.rf.. 302 3
Harris, 2b 4 0 0 it
Nhank,3b 4 110
O'Nelll.ia 3 0 11
O'rlty.c.. 30 1 2
Xaellliy.p 4 00 1
0 I
" 0
8 0
Copyright, 1920, bv Tha Bun.Herald Corporation.
WO major questions atand out In baseball diacusalona of the hour
Is the matter with the Yankeea?" and "What has struck the Giants.
The Yankees, we believe, are suffering a reaction from the high ten-
bIoti to which they have been subject theae many weeks. The club has been
losing altogether too often far more often than It should but there is no
call to haul up the white flag and give up the fight. The pennant race still
has a great way to go. YVe are rather puzzled by the statement made by
critics who are with tho club in the West that It will have to take all ten
games from Cleveland to make sure of the pennant. This feat la practlcoJly
Impossible, and It Is not at all iui essential In the Yankee pennant discussion.
Tho Yankoes have a powerful punch, and when that gets going again
the team will regain a lot of lost ground. The mam trouble with the club
Is, as wo have said so many times before, its lack of versatility and subtlety.
It depends altogether on brute force. However, as It lacks speed it is forced
to relv mainly on Its power. The men come un with n free swing and the
Intention to emulate Ruth and hit a home run. There is altogether too much j m"
Of that. The tight game which scores the points by driblets and shows the1 Two
bigger total nt the end Is not known to the Yankees. For this do not blame I Brntth,
XIII II , . - , . . . ..... ... .. . . , Uo .l , 1 ... I ""'II
.inner jiiiKguiK, tor no nas tried 10 maae tno ciun tuny nra way nuu. 7f"VLDou
Thero Is another fiiolnr In thn Vnnkpoli' laelr of siirv-eaa. Aa it la a clubTomii
..ui.u j , l T ' . ,. .... .....i . h on bases Washington.
which uaiienuB on power, men wno can aeveiop tnttt power ui w u ... l" on balls Off Zaehsry
exclusion or tnoae wno mignt piay me more suouo game. j qu
discipline and training rules also Is Involved. Meusel, for one,
pretty much the way he likes, and for a young man playing his first season
In tho major leagues Is a decidedly confident and at times freah boll player.
Meusel hits been benched and that end of the trouble from now on may be
Totals. 30 2 821 12
None out when winning
ah r h ose
Herberts 4 00 1 n 0
Gdon.2b 3 0 11 8 21)
flisler.lb.. 4 12 0 10
J'bson.rf , 4 1 3 2 0 0
W'ms.lf.. 4 00 1 0 0
Bmlth,3b. 4 11 1 11
Tobln.rf.. 4 0 4 2 0 0
Hsvartld.c 30 0 7 0 0
Sothoron.P 2 0 o 0 2 1
Ibookar.p. mu i oo
3.1 3 10 27 1 1 2
run mbs scored.
0 0 0 10 03
1 0 0 0 II 1 -3
Klsler, Jaeohson
4 ubs Make Protest.
The Chicago Infield howled with rage
when ESnMue called Young safe in the
sixth, when the Giant got his third hit.
Killefer ran out to second and Herzog
grasped his hand and !hook it and told
him how glad he was to see him. Young
was out stealing, so nothing came of it.
Paskert opened the seventh with a
single to left but Robertson forced him
end then Deal hit Into a double play.
Emslle appeared to have booted one
Vhen he called Hersog safe at first
after he hnd forced Flack. Doylo started
to protest with vigor, but got the sign
from the bench to desist.
Barber batted for Merkle before
Merklc even got Into the game. Mit
chell announced Merkle as his first base
choice and then sent Barber to bat In
the first.
It was hot enough to fry an omelet
out In tho centre field bleachers and
few fans gavn the broiler a play.
The crowd did not forget Killefer's
throwing his bat In front of Smith on
Saturday and booed tha catcher all
through the game.
Paskert Roba Doyle.
Paskert robbed Doyle of a hit In the
second with a brilliant running catch
and again called Time a liar.
Why the Giants Have Keen Winning dames.
As for the Giants, they have hit the trail at last. The club had class
when It opened the season, but the pitching staff rollapsd us a whole and
other parts of the defence went with It. The attacft failed too whlh' men
like Sicking and Lear were floundering around In the shoes of Frlsch. Be
cause he had Inept helt. at third Fletcher was made to look worse than he
was. Doyle felt tho general lack of confidence In the Infield and he sagged too.
Then came Frlsch apd the trade which made Bancroft a Olant. The
hole at third wns plugged up, and the shortstop position was filled with a
star. Doyle Immediately perked tip. He regained his confidence. The
pitching riegan to feel the upward trend and responded. Just as the staff
had gone bad at one time, so It came back In a bunch. The result Is success.
The Giants are getting fine pitching, fine catching, fine fielding and hard
hitting. And they are as peppery an outfit as you ever saw. If they do not
win the fiennnnt they will come close to It. They are versatile. When they
nnd that they cannot hit a pitcher on the nose they switch to the short game
They work about everything In the boseball curriculum and they make their
own opportunities. They may strike a snag, hut, we do not think so. TDc
club Is as good as Its recent record shows It to be.
ton 1 u n
s o 1 0
isse li I (ft- Tohln.
Three base hit Tobln. Ktolen base
sacrifices Rice. Rath. o'Nein.
hla nlavs Hlsler i uiisaMlstfid i llerbio .
Ondeon and Slsler; Zachary and Judge. Left
; si. i. oiiis. 7. Bases
1 ... s
A question of Hits Off Wothoron, a'ln'fll-3 Innings; 'off
behaves "SX ' "ol" ,n : 3 Innings. Hit by
,,y aoinoron, j milium. BtrucK nut
By Eaebary, 1; by Sothoron, 3; by flhooker,
2. Wild pitches Hothoron 1, Zachary 1.
Vi Inning iiltrher-Hhocker. Umpires Con
nolly and Nallln. Time of game-I hour ami
3fi mtnutti.
WASHINCTON (A.l i ST. kOt.'IR (A.)
ab r h o a el ab r h o a
Judge. lb. 412 3 I olGerb.r.ss. 1123 I 7U
Milan, If.. 5 1 3 2 O OKiedeon.Sb 1 2 u 8 30
Rlce.c... K01 3 OOlSmier.tb,. .1 2 4 13 2 n
Rotb.rf.. 800 2 0 Oi ja'baon.ef . I 2 2 0 .1
Harrls.2b 412 I 1 I Will'ms.lf (12 2 1 On
Sh'nks,3b 4 0 1 2 1 1 hinlth,.'lli. . 518 O .to
O'Neill.M .10 0 I 1 i Tobln.rf.. 40 1 1 in
Hhar'ty.o 311 7 I OIHIIIIiiRs.r. .". t I 3 10
Kr'kson.p 2 0 0 1 OllVangll'i.p 10 0 0 10
Kllerbe.. 1 00 0 0 0 (Collins. . . 100 n n .
Burwell.p. 2 0 1 I 10
America Welcomes Back Its Tennis Victors.
To-day the greatest lawn tennis team which ever represented the United
States In the Davis cup competition returned to this country from Eng
land. Johnston, Tlldcn, Williams und Garland already have earned honors
a plenty, but they Still face the biggest test ot the series, the challenge match
with Australasia.
The showing of Johnston and Tilden In England makes us feel that they
are invincible. Tilden orlngs with liim the championship of England an
honor never before won by an American. Williams and Garland bring the
British doubles title another honor never before gnlncd by Yankees. John
ston brings the championship of London, and distinction which finds no artic
ulation in terms of mere Mtles. America welcomes back its victorious Argosy
with ciien arms.
Frlsch's catch of Herzog's low liner
lr. tha third was aVlasslc. He almost
doubled Flack at first.
Toney made a single to short left In
me iiurii ano ata n violate, ib -,.i
, . .. ablJl ? brh o He
i.. ... ; s " u .1 .1 'I i ison.ss. . 4 02 4 3
arey.ci. i n iiu j iisTnn,..n
of the Pitchers' I'm .hi.h IT EH"!" 4 ? r 9 0 Ornnm.rf.
-- , ' . M .
hrt , ,v . , I.-,... ..
.. u uer among tne New
fllngt ira,
Mems Lets go I" was In splendid
form. Bill again worked behind the bat
the fifth game in succession.
t Toledo (First Game) n t r
7 I
liRtterles-Relnhait and Outan I ft,'. it ..'!
Second Game
Milwaukee ....
n. ii.
. 15 1
Charley dropped the ball, while Frlsch , I: ,,...;" C7wJHKl llauser. Gas
..j .. .U. r . . ..I . . """ "VH SOU MUnin
Doyle was out
At New Orleans p
H. E
fl 0
4 0
New Orleans
Five Innings, rain
Patterlet-Wglker and D Berry: Lohman
and Jonnard.
.A,.M0bl"- B: E
s'oblle .....I 0 17 4
Memphis 11 j2 1
TatterlM-Haid. Hlgmsn. Roberts "arid
rond. Coleman, Pucote. Tbweatt, Marshall
snd Blsrhoff.
The Birmingham Chattsi. gam waa
Tf stponed on secount of rain. a
fthsr Ulmi wr not sohsdulegT
(lasts to. Pittsburg To-day, 3:3 P. M. Polo
Orounds. Adm. 7&c. 4 81.10, Incl. tai.-.4ifi .
Hasrinlt To-day, Rhbets field. Brooklyn vs.
f Mease. 8:80 P. M. B' ay-Brighton Bub.
limaa Sq. to Proapact Park St. B0 mln.-Adv.
scooted across tho pan
trying to make third.
The Cubs played poor baseball In the
eighth, ih which, with one out, Twombly.
pinch hitting for Vaughn, singled to
right, and Flack followed with a single
tj the same place. With men on first
and third. Hersog filed to King. Twombly
bad a chance to count, but Mitchell held
him on third. Why this caution, with
the Cubs three runs to the bad In the
eighth, only Mitchell himself knew,
Carter Is Slammed.
Carter fared the Giants In the eighth
and was Jolted out of his complacency
Immediately. Snyder greeted him with
a double to left. Toney trying to sac
rifice was a sight for sore eyes. With
the aid of two bats the behemoth finally
fanned. Snyder went to third when
Burns beat out a hit to second. Ban
croft blew himself to
futile attempts.
R. H. E
o fl i
and Owens,
At Lculsvtlle
Batteries Lowdermllk
Koob and Kocher.
flor.ond Game
Batteries Sehauer. James and
Anon right and Meyer Hen Inning!
At inounapoua i f lrst Gam) R H F
Kansaa City 4' 5 '0
Inrilanapolla 8 3 0
Batteries Reynolds and 8weney; White
house and Henllno.
Second Game R H E
Kanaas City 0 8 .i
Indianapolis . ..17 17 0
Batteries Songer, Msarowa, Letter and
Swoeney: Covet and Gossetf.
At Columbu (flrat game) ' R. H
i,JSg! : 3 f i
Colitmbua . . . I a jo 2
tlatteriee O. Brown, Cou.nbe, Grtnor and
llnrgrave. Danforth and Hartley.
Ser-ond ganit R. H E
ft. Paul in 11 1
hit after tbrtO I SSSSmmX' 5-
He singled lo right and Sherman. Bargar and K.lly. ' T
Ponder.p. 4 0 0
4 0 0 I 2 1
4 0 0 3 0 0
4 12 1 0 1
3 0 1 .1 0 0
O O 11 1 no
4 0 0 no
1 0
Leading Hitters
in Major Leagues
Player. Club. C. AB. P.. H. PC.
Speaker, Cleve 14 387 OS 1(11 .411)
Slsler, St. Louis ..103 414 87 Ids .400
Jackson, Chicago . 101 :;!4 67 186 . 396
Ruth. New Vnrk .103 333 118 1211 3R7
Rtea. Washington. .100 403 61 117 363
Player. Club. Q, AB. R. H. PC.
Hornaby, ft. Louisnm 894 gj us ,374;
J. Smith, tit. I 71 24.1 4A 70 .323
Williams Phils... N 381 120 .322
Rouah. 1 Inrliuatl. Ki S.'iS 4 114 .321
Young. New York too ;70 62 121 .818
With Semi-Professional
and Amateur Ball Tossers
Hot-heater Takes Flrat Gaaa. 4-2i
Jersey City Second, 8-0.
Ttochesier. 4. Jersey City, 2 (first gamei.
Jersey city, S; Rochester. 6 (second game).
Akron, 6; 8raruse. 1 first gam).
AJtron, Sj in, use. ! 1 second game, ggven
Buffalo. 8; Reading. 7.
Toronto, 8J Baltimore. 4.
W. L. PC. w. L. PC
Bslt iuioi e
Buffalo .
Toronto. .
Akron. . . .
.n .til .Hun Reading . 63 ri .186
us as .nr. jersey city 42 if. .303
7i n .6.16 Rochester 33 72 .314
1 i .1.21 ..Syracuse.. 2-i 81
At Todd Field RUE
Penn Red Caps .0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 3 ft 4
Robins Dry Dock. 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 3 11 2
Gam called end eighth Inning account rain
IlMterlea-Wllcy anil Bavn; Halev and
At ThiIiI Field j. 11 15
.1 O. Red Bos. 11 0 n n n n n 0 11 n 0 a 11
Robins Dry D, 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 (1 0 1 1 J ;
None nut when winning run vias scored
Ualtcrles-L'mmrins and C.issell; Holborrow
and Blair.
At Rest Nev York 1 first gnme) R n E
t'herrolet ...0 11 O 0 1 no 0 12 g 1
K.N.Y.A.A...0 11 0 I o 1 11 1 x3 ,
Itstterles-Speno and RuibN i:.,.,h
' Kitten. ,
1 Second game B H F
I 1 hevrolet 2 O 0 4 1 O 1 g ft'
E. N. Y A. A...0 2 0 6 1 1 ,-10 10 5
Battel lea-Brogan an.1 r.uddv , Archer
Gerard and Hlrten. ' '
I At Protectory Field (First Game). R. H. E
1 iinan .--inrs. ... I 11 1 11 4 1 20 n ft 14 0
Lincoln Giants. .0001000001 r, 3
Batteries-Fun and Fernandez ; Archer
snd White.
Second Game R H E
Cuban Stara. nnoOO-0 3 6
i.ircoin i.ianis.. 11 1 n 11 0 0 0 2 I 3 6 0
naileries padrone and Hnrrnto; Ravls and
W 11 cy
At Bronx Field (first gam) R. H E
Beth. Steel. 00(10 1 000 I 0 00 0 O-S 11 ii
Bronx O'U. 000-00 21 00000 01 4 12 4
Batteries-Harrison and Wilson; Kcliwartl
and McCarthy.
.-"conn gome n x m
Totals.. 84 41024 6 3!
Caldwell Pitches Ltagu,
Leaders to Victory.
OUVSUND, Aug. 8 (Amerlr.,,
Caldwell'a pitching w, tu0 YU"V
Philadelphia to-day, ,, CUvaSSfti?
B to 0. Parry was bMUd I 1,1 ,
tlinetv momenta, and v,j 1..,.. l
ported by his
' ' lUlWi V .....
Itlflelden v...
Speaker waa unable to play Unll
ninth inning, having had a s.v, . .,
tack of neuralgia. The cor'
ah r h 0 a ei JK( ')
W.lch.rf. SOO 3 I n J'aon ef i ! !! ?
"i IP,
1 ii
m I (, i.
D)ke,2b 4 00 6 4 1K;hap'nia 111 i
OtV'k'r.lf 40 10 OOlGranV'f til ? I1
FW'k'r.cf 400 4 0 0,8p-k.rcf 0 A A i !'
D.,gun.3b 40 10 OllSmlth rf U ? !"
ln,lb. 8 0 2 6 1 ft J'naton.lb all It 11
ry.p.. 300 1 2 O'O'Nain c. iVH H
tfe.p.. 00 0 0 ftO'Caldw.n.n lit i M
,tt... loo 0 0 n 1 0 2"
on hu.i.bb in, t in nr,Sb. 4iii i
Parklna.o 4 111 2 1 oiWarv. !2 ?
v.rinui.iu. a 11 j n
Ballad for Perri In eighth Inning.
iilhioriiniiii 11 11 11 o 0 .
11 ,, . ... . 1
'I .1 II
10 0 0 0 0
.33 0 6 24 II
- Total.. St si::7i,,
Two baa lilt- Smith, stele,, tltt ja,
ston. Chapman, liranev. Sacrl(ic..,-...
Hintth. rmsnman tin,,,,,. ... n,lp
c. ,.. ui." Tr"." las
. ........ ....... ...... .-.,,,nii..i ...
Johnston. Left on ha......n Lll.lfRff?,' "jl
Cleveland, 6. Bases on .balls-Off Kj
off Caldwell 1 Hli.n n- '. .
Innlnga; off Keefe. none In 1 Inning. B,n,rv
out-ny rerry, 1 ny eg dwell, ':. .J
','""--. nm 1111 nu
Tim of game- 1 hour and 25 mlnutM
W hi
So livens p Serle
Winning, 8 to 0.
Chicaoo. ,ug. 8 ( Amerlcm) chi
.-,..v ...u wiq ,,n nostnn l.
day by shutting out the visitors. 2 tn 1
Th . 11.,. u'ns . ...," 1.1. . ..
l'n".-.n un.li 1.. netWfrAli
ioi r ami rennoos, wun uie former ha
Ing a shade. Fclsch's hORM run dm,
Into the left field bleachers In the fourm
runrnea tne gnrne for Chicago. The
score :
i Totals 31) It 11127 1!) 0
Batted for F.rlckeon In ninth Inning.
fBatted for Vanglldtr in fourth Inning.
Washington 0 0 2 1 11 11 I 0 0 4
St Loula 0 0 4 2 0 2 12 s 11
Two buse hit Harrla, Slakr, Jacobaon,
Smith, O'Neill, Gharrlt;,. Three base Ints-t-'lsler.
Billings. Home 1 uns- SI.Ui.s. Mils,,.
Jildga. Stolen bases --Shanks. Ml la v Tobln
Sacrlflcaa-Erickson, O'Neill, Tobln. Double
l-lay Gedon, Grrbcx and 8isli : Harris, 1
Judge and Gbarrlty. I.ft on bases Vah- I
I'iKion, n. Si, i.nuis, in. nases on """s 1 -,,,, ,.
i.'if Krickson. 4: off Vnglldr, I; off Bur- .; "'w o
wll, I, Wild pltch-Erlckaon. Wlnnlnrt ISIur
pitcher BurWfll. I'mplres Nallln and Con- I 5,"
nolly. Time of game-2 hours and 3 mlrutes. j ,s,.ni,,,g
TERREAl-S BEARS WIN T0 GAMES.! Tot. ,3 0 4 1 n
Jff Terau's Boars- ysterdy atternno:,
ab , Ii o
Vltt,3b... 4 0 1 1
S. ntl.es. . 4 n 1, '-
Msno y.lf 4 0 :t n
llnop'r.rf 4 0 I 3
Mcln'a.lb 4 00 7
Bailey. cf. 4 0 1 .1
2 0 n :i
2 11 ,1 O
1 I) II ,, 0 0
100 fl no
100 0 on
3 O Lslhold.rf Ol .. I!
fl OlEColl'f ,lb 2ni i 1
on W'r,Sb 4 on 1 in
nniJa'ksnn.lf 4 no I ti,
op Felach.cf. 4 11 i nn
oft J.Coll a.lb .loiu n,,
1 (VRIalie'g.m 3 0 0 " -, 1
10 Rchalk.c
1 0iKn.p.
Totsl .
.'Ill 1
3 11 I
twlc ahut out the Knights of Columbus nln
at Dyckm4ii Oval. In Hie opening game th
home club triumphed by 2 to 0, and In th
final contest won by 5 to 0. Godfrey, who
pitched the final game for the Bears, yielded
only three hit. F. Brandeth, who occupied
the mound for the Bears In the first game,
was touched for five safeties. The scores:
ab r b o a ah r h o a
Fav.cf... 401 1 0 Lent's, 2b,lf. 3 0 ft 2 2
Little, If .. 4 00 O OMeara.cf... 300 2 0
Dunn.ss... 4 02 0 Si Kally .if . . .. 401 O 0
Tohln, Hi ... 4 0 0 12 0 S'pson.s,2b 4114 0
Hlckey.rf.. 800 ft Olllrowne.Sb.. 302 2 2
Coughlln.2b J 0 0 2 .V James, lb. . . 2 0 O 10 0
C B'deth.3b 2 00 2 .VFulIerton.lf . 1 ft 0 0 0
Reardon.c. 80 1 7 O'H'waltc.r . 311 7 8
F.B'deth.p. 30 1 0 llOodf rtu.p, . 3 0 0 ft
Muntet.SH.. 20 1 0 2
Totals . . 30 ft ". 31 16' i
I Totals.. . 28 2 8 27 12 I
K". of c ft 0 n 0 0 n 0 n 0-0
Tesreau's Bears.. 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 Jt 2 1
Error Jnmes. Hlckey, Dunn. Home run
Simpson. Double play Dunn, Coughlln and I
Tobln. Siole,, bases-HebMtwalt 2, Fay,
. 1 :
Briindeil,, 2 Struck out By Godfrey, 7; by
Brandeth, 7. Hit by pitcher By Brandeth, 1
(James 1 Wild pKchea Brandeth 2. Umpire
Tone and Adler.
R. H. B.
K. of C... 0 ft ft ft 0 ft 0-O 3 2
Tesreau 1 Bears 5 0 0 0 0 ft x .1 3 1
Batteries Dunn, Coughlln and Little; God
frey and Simpson.
Baited for Pennnck In eighth Inning
1Battd for Walters In ninth Inning.
Lincago 11 u 1 1 11 0 0
Two base hit Lelhold. Horn run-r.i.t,
Saerlfioa Brady. Double playa-fteett, Urmy
end Mclnnls: Pennock, Scoit ar.d Mrlnr!
Left on bases-Boston. 0; Chicago, ii. Daw,
on balls orr Kerr. 1: off IVnnock, :. off
imsn. 1. nits iiir rsnnoca, . in 7 inning,
off Bush, none In 1 inning. Struck out-4V.'
Pennock. 3, losing pitcher-Pennnek. I'm-
plres Hilrtelirand. Evtna and Moriarly. Tlmi
or game 1 Hour and -ai niiuutta.
Spfilal tn Tr Si n and New Y'ong Hbud
LTasterv Point. Conn . Aug. I, A
mixed foursome exhibition match wa
played on the links of the SheneceiHli
Country Club here to-day. In Btalgbt
best ball play Miss Glenna Collett, the
young Providence star, and De Wilt
captain, defeated Miss Elaine Rosen
thal of Ravlnsloe and Jeese ffweeUw,
the Intercollegiate golf champion frorc
Yale, by 1 up. However, under thil
best ball and aggregate sytem of scor
ing, which was used, Miss Rosenthal
and Sweetzer won by 4 points up and 1
2 to play after an uphill match.
3 0 1 1 3 I Wheat. If.
D'tt w.ID 3 0 0 2 S n Mvers.cf .
Grlmtn.lb 4 0 0 12 ,1 Nels.ef . . .
Catnn.as. 40 1 1 2 r Kona'r.tb
Hffner.o 4 02 1 0MKIMnff,3b 3 ft ft 1
u ivrueger,.- .1 ft a 11 ft ,1
- Elliott. c... ft ft ft ft n n
3 1 626 17 1 Marqu d.p 2 00 0 2ft
ICadnrep . 0 ft ft ft no
lMcCb.. 0 10 ft ft ft
twtehell.. 101 0 on
I Totnls . 32 2 8 27 8 J
Two nut when winning run wns scored
tRan for Krueger In eighth Inning.
IBatted for Marquard In ighth Inning.
Pittsburg 0 0 1 ft 0 0 ft 0 01
Brooklyn 00000 0 12
Two base hit Haaffner. Stolen base
Cnrey. Sacrifices Whltted. Cutshaw. Doubl
ploy Ponder, Catnn and Grimm. Left nn
bares Pittsburg. 8. Brooklyn, :. Bass on
bells Off Ponder. 1. Hits Off .Marquard,
1; In S Innings: off Cadorc. none In 1 Inrnng
Hit by pttchsd ball By Marquard. (Carevi!
Struck out By Ponder. 1; by Marouard.' 3
II. E. 1 Wild pltctfes Ponder. 2. Winning plirher
14 I ; Cndore. losing pitcher Ponder. Cinplrea
9 I . Rigier and Moran. Tim of game 1 hour
Mayer; ' nnd 40 minutes.
Akron in Jersey City.
Rochester In Syracuse
Buffalo In Baltimore.
Toronto lii Reading.
Jersey City and Rochester divided the
honors yesterday In their double header
at West Side Park. Jersey City. The
visitors won the opening game, 4 to 1,
while the Skeeters took the final tilt by
8 to 8. The scores :
... b JT 1? 2 ! ab r h 0 a
Iing.?b.. 4 00 3 SiHMcO'nnss I! s r. .
Mat'wa.lf 4 00 1 OOMooers.So 4 0 1 2 3ft
Ro'g't.lb 2 111,) 11 0;Ba'm'n,3h 402 1 on
K'sella.cf 312 0 OODeN'lU.lb 4 0 11:; 04)
Krahe.rf. 310 2 fl O'WIc'rth.lf 4ft t 1 ill
moi an.rt 1 u 1 1 ,1 n zitman.rf
Bowen.2b 4 n ft 1 6 O'Zlm'an.of.
Whltc.sa. 4114 2 (1 Hurley.c. .
Ma'nlng.c 30 1 .1 2 0, Vanbk.c.
Barnes.p. 3 00 0 10)0111,9
Kane. . . .
j;i,l , xjeuuenem meet 0 2 0 0 33 a
, i,. ...its 0 0 (1 ft r
. ft 2 0 0 0-2
and l)on: Hughes
called by agre-
Ratterlea Hrcktnan
and Farnaworth. (Gam
At East New York- R H K
Hack naack Bogota 0 3 0 0 fl ft 2 o g
i. n. n II u 1 1 1 2 5 7 1 o
and Hagan; Robertson
Batttrlea Boner
and Rlaaa.
At Recreation Park. L. I. City. R. H. E
Elmhurst Ortya. OtflftOOOOO 4 81
Springflelds 000001100-2 1
Batterl-Gott and Ott; Judd and
At Recreation Park. L. 1. City. R H B
Downty. 0 0 0 ft 1 2 0 0 0- 3 a a
Sprlngfleida 0 1 0 0 1 2 1 2x 7 10 1
Batterlea-Sheehan and Ott; Nattresa and
i,sonne, rv, J, n. H. K
Katti-rlea-Ilgusch und Arlington; McKentle
and Micger.
8econd Gam R H E
American A. A... 0 10 10 0 ft 2' 8- i
Federal Shipyard. 0 0 0 0 1 1 0-2 3 11
P.atterles-Kurfess and Hohman; McKentle
.ir.,1 HUH,
,mi..o, in., 1,1 At rallaades Park. N. J R
1 Totals. S3 2 It 27 13 0 , All Collegians., ft fl .1 0 1 ft 1 ft fl 1 ft
Batted for Hurley In Die alxth Inning. I Arrow A. C 300001021 0 ;
Roheatr 02000000 2-4, Batterles-Dcl Valll and Lla:
Jersey Clt 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 02 I ami UMBeri
4 0 1 2 1 11
2 11 3 on
2 0 1 3 fl 0
100 n 0,1
401 0 a 9
ifto 0 ft 0
Sandy Hook Princes Jamalra Bay Governors
, 1 nn norscsooei tiay - i.anarsiiM
Date. A.M. P.M. A.M. P M. A.M. P.M.
August 0 2.31 3:10 2:3 J:ift 3;u 8:88
August 10 . 3 40 4 13 3 ti 4:30 4 23 4 .18
August 11 4.46 8.15 4:31 6:30 3 20 .VSR
August 12 1:44 fl.ll 3.4.0 6 1ft" 6:37 0:84
August 18., 6 40 7 03 :4S 7:08 7:33 7:46
I be time given in the above table Is Eastern standard time. For daylight aavlng tmt MM
one bnur.
6 42
Wlllets New
Point Point Haven
A.M. P.M. A.M. P-St
0 30 6 11 i.34 IS .VI
6 il 7 .22 6 36 7
S:08 8 34 7 ,'J 8 19
16 0 39 S 01 9 2(
.7.13 7:85 10:13 10.37 10 00 lK
H. E.
14 0
two bus hit Mcfann. Hnllahan. Three
baa hlta McCann. Klnaella. Sacrifice hits
K'.naalla. 21mmrman. Stolen has,- Wigels
vnrth. Left or bases Rochester. 3; Jersey
CMy, ft. Bases on balls Off Gill, 2: off
Bnrnes. 1. Strflck out By Barnes, 3: by
Gill. 2. Umpires O'Brien and Warner. Time
of same 1 hour and 411 minutes.
Second game ' R. H. E.
Ro-hester 0 1 0001 3 0 16 8 1
Jersey City 80503000 x ft 10 1
Batteries -Sherman and Ross: Bit-miller,
Carlson, Hurley and Vanderbeek.
DETROIT. Mich.. Aug. 8. Col. Ruppert
oO the Yankeea. who Is her consulting with
Ctil. Huston. Miller Huggtna and Joe Klly
on club business, says th Yankees will
play tn more than 1,000,000 persona at homo
this year, and he ought to know. Thy will
play to more than roft.ftflO away from home.
and unquestionably are the biggest home Buffalo
and abroad attraction the game has known. Reading
i.uess wnicn individual member has the nrat
tn do with this. Right, Babe Ruth, and as
a "news feature" the Bab Is mado much
more of tn the West than In tho !;at.
At Hvracuse (flrrt gam) R. II. F.
krnn 1 0300201 0-6 10 0
Svrnruse 30000001 03 1 8
Batteries Hill and Smith; Donovan and
Second game R. H. E.
Akron Oft 1 1 00 02 4 0
Syracuse 00001 0 0-1 8 0
(7 Innings by agreement.)
Batteries Finneran and Smith; Sell and
At Reading- R. H. E.
sinooint it h 12 3
00203001 2-7 ir, 3
Batteries MoCabe and Bruggy ; 8warr?.,
Karpp and Konnlck.
At Baltimore - R. H. E.
Toronto 3020001 1 0-6 A 0
Baltimore 00400000 04 9 1
Batteries Thompson. Bader and Devlns;
Ocden and Egan.
National and American League Records.
New York. 7; Chicago, 1.
Brooklyn, 3; 1'lttsburg, 1.
Other teama were not scheduled.
Detroit, ll New York. 8.
Chicago', 3; Boston, 0.
Cleveland, ; Philadelphia, 0.
St. I mils, 3; Washington, t (first game).
St. Louis, II; Washington, 4 (second game).
One bright commentator hers, bv way i.f
showing what he did not know ilinjt lh I
game, referred to Carl Mays as the blond
German. May's ancestry Is Scotch Irish. I EASTERN I.EAGl'E
There Is no Ocrman In hla blood. Another riridooort (flrat anmel
srlentlllaMng paragraphs all i.favj 1 , ' "m"
can do at the bat Is hit them bark at the , VwZZZrt
pitcher, vet In tbs aame news
figures showing Mays to hav
average of .284.
Played. Won. Lost. r. C. Played. Won. Lost.
nrnoklvn 104 88 41 .867 Cleveland 104 6 38
Cincinnati 88 85 43 .861 New York KM 81 43
New York 160 84 46 .546 Chicago 106 .65 41
Pittsburg 88 53 46 .531 St. I. mils 163 81 61
Chicago 107 63 55 .486 I Washington R 48 63
Rn(nn 3 43 56 . 463 ! Boston 1 181 43 56
St. Lnnls 101 45 56 .446 Detroit 183 3 83
Philadelphia, W 41) 38 . 464 1 Philadelphia 105 3 73
Pittsburg In New Y rfc I New York In Cleveland.
r. c.
A stranger waa standing next to Mark
Roth wben Ruth same to bat and the fans
yelled. "Who ta that?'- the stranger asked
of Roth. "That," replied th Yankee club
ecretary,, "la "Ruth." and telling of th Hartford
incmni n aecnoa nis intrrogator'.,
question a th season's uprem Instance
of ignorance.
Batteries Bennet and Tyler;
Second game
Batteries Blsh and Redman
At Albany
Chicago in Rrookjit,.
St. I nul In Philadelphia.
Ctnclanail la Boston (two game).
Boston In St. Louis.
Philadelphia In Detroit.
Washington la Chicago.
Batteries Sloan and Kally;
At Waterbury flrat gam)
Batterle Morgan and Wilder;
the best wallop of'snd Shlnault. (Fifteen Innings 1
R. H. E.
... 7 11 I
... 1 8 3
Stauffer and
R H. E
...3 7 1
....3 5 2
House and
R. H. E.
...3 6 3
...8 8 1
Scanlon and
"There were great hittara In th old
days," says Hugh Jennings, "such as Bam
Of , noujjiion, 1 'an nrouiners, t-a nefep.ant
'-.'.'nod T.srrv I, stole, hut the ht -atln ,
those sluggers were bunts compared to lb ; Second gam postponed on account of late-
n rt.t - i.uui -ii mem
R. H. E.
1 S
3 11 1
Among other offers received bv Ruth re.
cently was on from a tailor. Th enter
prising merchant wanted to make fiv suits
for th master of th mac and nil th
pay h wanted waa to hav th home run
wonder wear them. Th Dab, however, was
compelled to disappoint' him. He "didn't
hav time ro go and leav his measure."
At Nw Haven (first gamei R. H. E.
New Haven 2 4 1
Plttsfleld 1 10 3
Batterl Woodward and Nagl. Kdlber
and Smith.
Second gam
New Haven
Batteries James and Sullivan
Jordan. (Eleven Innings.)
R H. E
.. 0 10 8
Relger and
At West New York R H E
Si. Johns 0 (1 ft 0 0 0 fl 1 01 6 s
Berkeley 0,0 ft I 2 fl fl 0 s 3 0 1
Batteries Hour and Muntley, Crlado and
At West New York B H E
N. Y. Fire !... 00020 100 0-3 7 2
West New York. .0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-2 5 1
Batteries Marshall and Kennedy. Mavis
and Flynn.
At Hackensarlt, J R. H. E.
Stamford OOOOflOOOO ft 4 4
H'eack Bogota .0008001 Ox 4 8 0
Batteries Subri and Berman; Boyl and
Ai C.reenport, I . I R. H. E
Sea Cliff 030000000-5 X i
Giemport 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 11 3 3 2
Batteries Mylea and Flnley; Gagen and
At Queonsboro Oval R. H. E
Pavla 8 Gllan. .00000000 0 3 6
Tigers 01 2 03320 '17 21 3
Oam called by agreement.
Batterl Slbbl and Nlon: ThaUn and
At Oione Tark R. H. E.
Erie A. A 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 3
St. M. Lyceum.. 00000001 t t 0 1
Batteries It. Lawrenc and Sawtell; Con
roy and Carlln.
At Ivanhoe Park R. H. E I
Rldgewood A. C ft ft ft ft 1 ft ft 1 1 3
Ivanhoe A. C ft 1 3 ft 0 0 x 6 7 3
Batteries Bonney and Loeffler; Erdtman
ant' Ackerman.
At Ivanho Park R. H E I
nonosen 1 0 1 11 o 11 n n n 2 3 1
Hanbo A. C. . . fl 0 1 0 1 S 0 .1 a 8 18 3
IVtlterl'-f Tohln and Steinbeck; Maloney
opt" L'ltr.- l.
At Dover. N. J. R u aj
Cuhan stars, oiiiinnflooon j2' rt
l-t.trhr.... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 8 2
Batterles-Luca and Fernandi; McC.anv
nn.i Smith. '
At Falrview, N. J. R H F
K T. Pollc Dpt. 1 1)0 (1 no ( 0 0-2 8 '6
Fletcher 1 0 3 1 0 0 0 0 x 5 A 0
Pstterte-0'Nll and Foltr; Wblttaker
and Smith.
. At Fatrvlaw, N. J R. H. E
Guaranty Club... 00000300 ft 3 4 j
ntebr 10103008 x 4 13 3
Battrl Lynch and Balvo; Morbach and
At College Point. L I. R. H. E
College Point... 0 0 t 1 5 0 0 fl x 7 13
Flshklll 0000001001 8 4
Battrls-Vn Kn and Lwi; Fl ad
AI Paterson, N. J. R. H E
Royal Olant 0 2 0 1 0 1 1 1 ft-6 6 1
Silk Sox ,. OftnflOftflO 00 0 3
Batteries Hubbard and Pulln; Clinton
and Pickering.
At Glendal, L. L R. H. E.
Bilk Sox 30001000 O-.t 7 1
F'armers 00000000 x O 5 3
Battertes-f!aton and Wiley. Rsa and
Bennett (game rolled oa account of rain).
Seabass Fishing Outside Keeps Improving.
The ling have at last started to leave th
bass grounds, and from now 011 the baas
fishing ahould show a marked Improvement.
Tha flahing pilots have all said that tine
were plenty of bass on th around, but that
the llfta Interfered with th catching of them.
Now that th ltng have taken to the deeper
water, the base fishermen will no doubt
00 19 Into their own. Down at th Klondike
ground some good catches of th large
humpback baas hav been made, and good
catches hav been brought In from th Eng
land bank, off Etbaron. To th east th
baa liav not been any too plentiful, but
here, too, an Improvement I noticed by the
fishing boat owner. Whn the bass ara on
the Long Beach grounds there I no better
place for them, and these ground are easy
of accaas for all of th fishing boats and do
not entail a long run. Thar arc hi bass
on the Cholera ground and on the Angler
nanus, ana one Doai trom rreeport made
oult a haul of baas last Tuesday on th
Middle ground, which lit between the
Cholera and Angler bank, allghtly to the
west aouthwest. A matter of fact, the
Cholera banks, the Middle ground and the
Anxier oanks really are on gret submarine
rock formation, and the sandy belt that
dlvld them are probably due only to th
fact that a continual process of landing up
and uncovering Is going on In this part of
the sea.
Quite a lot of seabass and soma large sea
porgles were caught hist season on a ground
which Ilea ln a direct line between th
Anglr banks and the Long Beach whistling
buoy No. 4. Thr has ben no report from
this ground this season, howover.
known, and good catches have been brougM
Into Hheepshead Bay and Canarsle fer tin
It ten da)-. There are aom larg black
fish among them, and almoat Invariably th
first prlu aboard th boats Is won by tin
tkr of a blockflah th prlte. of remv.
being for th heaviest edible flih. Blackflih
love th little fiddler crabs and will tat
them generally In preference to any oth'r
bait. Th china back fiddler, whkO m
and burrows In th whit sand bch. I'
bettr than th dark fiddler, found on 141 '
banks and In th mud. Blackfin!tiMl vrv
closely, and when once located It Ii "v
matter to bag a lot of them If th tlOt 180
wind will permit of th bait fetching up In
the aame place each ttme It I dropptO.
Blarkflsh on the Ground Off Sea Bright.
The flahing hosts hav found anv amount
of blacknsh on the Shrewsbury Rocks.
Caught 44 Pound Weakflsh at Great Ml
D. Flschbeln of Jamaica wrltea e follow'
"Want fishing last Sunday In til !
Onaway from Fitzgerald's dock at Ores'
Ktlla and caught a nice mesa of Mabaii r!
lafayette. I alio managed to hook and land
a weakfiah weighting 4i pounda."
Weakfiah are as scarce ai ben's tth 'n
thla locality and It la a rare thing to pull Jul
a 4K pounder. For some unknown reaion t
weakfiah hav not struck In In their usual
quantities and Stat,, Island grounds naw
been euffcring tn the ear.ie way a Jamaica
Edaar Brotlhead had a bit of luck cn
W'edneaday. Hs fished at Valenilna'a Point
and the ahetl heap In Jamlca Bay and man
aged to boat nine weakfiah, all ovir i
pounds. In addition he caught 23 good lUel
apota. Th flab bit best at high wattr 1K
and again near low water slack. At 1'
tlne'a Point he got two of th fish and It tn
shell heap seven.
The beet catch of the season so far sm
that of George Stark, M. Brownold and s.
1 . Kniaa u h ruhsd n-ifh rsnt. Moore. Tr
th grounds off Sea Bright are generally I party boated 50 wkflh on night reemlv
Sunday, ft A. M., Sliaepshead
l.ny. caot. D. MARTIN.
Alert i
Leaves Wreck Lead. 11:13 (rain.
Chartered by H. Hauaar, 107 8th
venue. Tl. cnelca 3 ON. All
Friends Welcome,
Sunday 0:3ft. Pally, exc.
Mon. and Frl.. 8:30, from
Silver War. Freeport. Far
V2, Inc. halt. CARMAN A DENTON
Leave Shpshcad Day
lally except Monday 8 A. M.
'Cn pt. ARCH Y Bl'CKNER.
l.envts R. R. dock. Wreck Lead.
Ily, exc. Mon. and Frl., 6 43
In. Sunday 5:83 train.
p n lesves S
SaMggw&g ti
Shecpsliead Buy
lly for Fluke.
5 A. M. every
day. Sheep
head Bay
Bass. BlacK-fish
Soakers : laaves
Hammer s Dock.
ADMIRAL Fa7.8''rAPtLY'1 10 A. M.
8un. 7 :30, Fluke and gpots. Opt. CHARLIE.
nil artlU lvs foot 15th St.
ritkJiaain ,
6:30; Pier 1, C. R.R.. J.C.. 1:15
Tu,,., Tburs., Sat., Bun, rapt. Eg HAI.FTTI
leaves Murray's, Wreck Lead,
dally, exc. Mon.. 6:43 train.
Sun. V?3 train. M. Murray.
Lv. Carnarl 7 A. M. dally.
H:30 Sunday. DICK PERSON.
Bay dally,
Rose R.I I
Fishing Tackle Exclusively
Salesrooms and factory under n root
lit Fulton Street. New York
Lunches and Refreshments Serif.
Always plenty of bait. riirKNLAMJ.
Caut. J. MARTIN. Eb.cp'headJ)!
u n ill ,iai;v 8 a. m.
M.J It III frnm Sh.
nr. 3lor. .
head Sfy.
S,A BASS AMI lit AI Ml , ,
leaves Slicepsiiean
6 A. H. i Sun. "'
Capt. rnAto
leave Wreck Lead K8W
dally exc. Mon an4 ij.
6-43 tie In. 8undv -CapLJake
Tiaily 8. Sua. 7. fri Jhrel
bead. Capt. F. WHtMt-
Sii.easliead Bay. J
lay I
josephine M:r,.v.By,,c.puT-
n'aa an leaves Sheepshcad
aV8.mnv a. M-! un.,
will not run wtlj IW'J'LJJ
tic. l"'1-
jr tTm aim IV I,,)' A. M., Sunday I
R, Xfm araya ' from 9heepbeqd Bay.
uiMurr lv
Bheepsbead Bay 2 p. M.
7 30 aunaay. Drolllntar,
VnknAAe)UII Dally 8 A. M., Sun. 7 30
''Sat. 2 P. M
Capt. TOM.
TEAM of dappl arajs. warrant. d. L
ch 1150. Pair horses, eaclij u
horse.. 850 : 8 h 1 1 a n d pony WW
ROOFER. 880 Fulton at. Prosp" """"

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