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aaaa aad :na4a,,Jt
r. ' r
$1 ,500,000 SINN FEIN T
1fr.n' 't frt
team U matt It
Wait it 1 unUntot 91 P'
tier 4 .ri favor ahrvnt
uiliaiiii na Ik bSI "
Warsaw aaniusveisig '
tMnnr " Brills MiraUT -je:
" 'n tm Kn hit own Tot-
. ..r. . .l attnllf U
.1' 1 ..." . -
th fr. ttUMta in Briuah rprs
from Warsaw, that th Polss
graulM), as.r.s tor ad kai
in Bolahla1 alotw WW rtavn.bt
for th ta startlM toi'tori
TV r-altsf hM h rlUah sal
.,r, Ir. Wart.s tht UM B-lhl hart
4!irr.il data) lh opMltnt f "
- - -- I .K l.r.rt f.f ra&tJT.nt fl
bafors lh hfun alto prr! '
upon th BrttiJh rVlrj. .On of h! , T,
,,t.im prtHttfl ihsi " "sr.-. r I AtfwPUwH HI nuv m aw.-
Followed bv Dwrp of
.'Appropriatfd to Infiamee
EIrtloD and Hiin Rerosr
I nition, BtJI London Pap-r.
0 9
ri "iv-ln!, th IvtrM wavM 84
furUtcr toult nn in M
i rliit.
of ih :
Poland ;
r!Oi Movo.
Will Send Munition, but No
Troops, to Poland.
v Ml 4MtMl "two
HTTHf KrlanS. A'if .-Th allil
ftr'fr" h' r'h4 a rowpttt
aartamtnt IMl afternoon on Nan
4a:inf tk Hatha MM
Tn7 In:!! tn r:rnpoltisj
blty-sad and alln support to
by ladnkal adve. supplying munition.
V , b'.t no allied troops will b
Tn. ptaai tra tunt to tn approval
of Um Brttlall I'arltamnt. whi'h I ran
Wfi tior ao'lrew to-morro.
p.m.er MllUran-J tt la un4rtol.
ur'-l HOI r1t maur b
..,. t.:'id r;o' iiO r-
1 "rt to aw or r-lauonj
brWtfel tro;t a r.omprofnl
It . rjtlr. tf th Pn "-
prov4 thai thy not o ir-o "
Mil : i" P"!imlnar- ritJl' of IM ml-
lrB i Uinak btttn Um l ,r"1
p'i.fti r.''t!tor r knr If t.i
i arlll nfn by tb R'JtB 10
, ,.. , n ma com Ma rail r"nbi m
d'tltna rtth UM 0k tlvt UBM I4
Th- BHtiah r;ov.-nm'n! -J .11
thai KraMlat, ramawrff ar. ) im r-j-mlaaiMi
" remain tn Lor'n
Mil . M.r. ronlern' ll "ncj4J
H- r, 4MI thai '-i. "''
, , , sot b 4Wre4 pD Ru:a. the
I ... rri -' cofrMU4 tt.' a rnort
difficult prnMfi It l known tby
.r loci load tt te Poiin-l 17 M
n um limrl of Uita item in
rK-th rr-'h and Britreh Hrelea here,
v, tr.a Tord "dafenaf e" m-
pVali4 I" '.onmy.tion with all th pro
tv.' p!n. and it a polntad out that
t-r . .r F.rrlnd ait f "J.rt'vnlv
ur.l' i' "i that they are rot eatV
paur.c fffeni! meaa-jt afaMat B
It It titH that the AlWa althouah
lr,4th to almlt II now fI ther. U lit-t-
hope of avtag 'ir "o that
the qjenlon Of Poland K r.o longer tha
ole Itfje The rr n prolm rr.nfront
bag the Premiere Ir the defe.ve of weat
ra Kjron.
In Brrdati and FVe drrlea It '!
fare! that UM lnn'lor. of Um BoI-
r.rrd" rv.'erd ' h.om-na
fVPT w!'h eo' hour TIM pravail
!n Imprnmon among In Brltleh and
r-'ich offfwciaU I that tre 8ov.t 0k
Irrnment Iit trough UM Poliah of
fn' flm 1 to ftah!ih Bolahevltm
at the door of the Weatern Powera.
Botal Aslant.
.-,, r,u Twt it
I let. Ha... a raar ffj. Tf Ma
IM Ira Teaa Naaai
U, . Ai -Th Irl.h coerce
ihlll tt now law and r4 to be r-t Into
1 effect The royal aawnt J1"
lrve me.ture t-dty iftr th Hout. M
Uortb paeeed n on aecond reading wlt?i-
ou! a d. 00.
i a, a meetmr
'June. aa !h fit
rr'.prtiKn of a
11.. nl -r, Ktrror.n
der.: o
me United
patgn and a
tf the Pail PHreann M
r.-.r,t (inr4ar4. '.M
ua not eireeo ,na
4. Valer 1
- . . a.- a
0M mm mun i
a.ov. aaa a& ... r rffiir, .'n '-
V--Me -'-
Ir.th Rpttl.ir" bX Ue tailed Ulri
fJa-WUMM wa a-jthorlted The
Mtn.ard gtv. a UMrtty jn
.a.nta of the maatlr.i. I Da e- d
hi. ff.'nwer bo:r. at 'Tslr-ago
FTan':"-o ort"l ffenjoviaiy U
r'ow!too of tht inti Rapttolie
por:d In the platform
' 1 - Vv
-h-owe a vivid light on tna m- -
whlea ! haa been aougni . mn
America opinion in tlM 'A
.trrpa gn and W -'ea- BJ ';"ft,
trlM do not P"ui UM caua. of the
flnn Fflr.
Th r.O'.'jxent. wr.lf'n a
Deny Knowledge of U. S.
Note Published in Pari.
t- DMatMet la Tmb "r
Maw Via Mtmii faavtaii. l.
Tart ft ! foa Maaaia.
DASIS, Aug.- 9 Mmben of
Premier Milerontl'a pttrty
when ibey arrived to-nifht from
Hythe aid they had no knowl
edge of received by the
French Govtmme.nt from Wash
ington. Reports Mid that aueh a
not had been handed to- the
Kreoch Premier and that it wa a
eem. -defence of the Ruaaian po
tation. A nummary of the al
leged note dealing with tha Ru-to-Poiith
aituation.v wa pub
lished. The Foreign Office was
admittedly astonishad by this
summary, at it had expected at
least semi-official recognition of
Poland's claim and the strogn
moral support of President Wil
son. The prominent member of
all political parties hare been
asked to hold themselves in read
ines for a special session of Par
Warsaw aaal it -'at tht Pf Th
C.o-r-unnt ar:" - t U tlaa tO
defend the homo Urea To OoTrnrtn:
llaclirit before tha cinllato woria
I '
Wahin.rton Ienies the Paris
Report of Not Sont to
Fonio;n Offiff.
public until Premiere Miiierena aw
Uod 'leoir have announced the rewolt
f Ih Hytht oonfrof u tn s rP
. Ptrluiment.
ha e
th document
Pasrs A'ig I Tli En'erte fJovrn
menta have d-..erei to tha fjerman
Oovernmen- a rol proteatlng
Intar'ere.ve w -h Entente trains en rout
to Upper niaata. ayt a Ben.n rnwaagi
rcelved to-dt:- The note p'.ir.tt ant
that au,.r irrxeedJig are contrarj to
r- i' M Tata c t Nrw V "t a Mat...
WatHixoTOV, Aug. . Watlitngton
acquired a mora Important petition to
day In tha r.egotlatlont growing out of
the Pollah rtitla There It ontlnjei
reason to b .- e tha. the i: ' . tation
of Europe that thli - ; ai wi!'
make known It position soon will not tJ
'. :ppointd.
TVr are indlc-atlor. that th lack or
deflmteneaa In the aanouneententa of the
retails of the conferen( at Kythe be
ta en Premiers Uoyd George and Ml'
lerand bad something to do with the
failure of the UnlltC Btatet to aniMtjars
Itt ttand on UM rourte to be tdopted
While it wa offlclai.;. deniel th.it
tVhlngton had aent a note to the
French ( eminent. It la und' retood fighting latlng
lsat the foeeign oTernment have been wa completely
Mpt advtaed o' 'he Amerl-an r-i.lc)
A Pa.-l despatch ld urh a nv frr.-n
. WaaWaagtOSI htd hn deilvertd at the
I"'en. h K'reign Office.
The'aa jmption It regarded as reaton
i ah'. that this Governmer.t htt net been
wnclly pleated with th- fact that tha Up
I League ! Nation ha !en ignored In ' fig
'dealing with tha Russian problem. nd
.. w.te.Oly to meet t.-.l oe. t -n
i Pre.-r.:er u Itto of
a communication
gram 'd . "The Government Poland) j WasmiMWTOa
t.wt;.l realy to give rusrantee , in ,.
BoUheviki Defeated in Eight
Day Battle.
meet tr.lt ob)ecti:'n that nve. have Be
f Po.a: I bat addred
J nlied iat
Pa;, Aug . Gen. Baron W'rangL
tr.a anti-Bo.shevik commander in ao-'.h ,
Rjaala, hat telegrarhed the Russian Km- .
baaty In Parta under date of A'Jg.
that th second attempt of the Boleha-
vlkl to ttop development of h. offe'.t
"ended in comple-.e diate.- for them."
Gen. Wrangel t' egram continued:
Toward iha middle of July th enemy
or.ent.-ated four cavalr)' div;iona
tgaintt our front In order to launch a
decisive 'fTent.v :n ronjur. tlon with
the:r reorganised Thirter.t Army After
eight d t.-.t enemy
'lefeattd anl took
i o. i-j nr..-.ner it car.nor. . .0 ma'n.n
lur.i. four armored tra r. and a large
roantlty of war material. The 'n -inv la
omplele'.y dlsorganiaed and .s lleeirg
toward the north We are pursuing."
To-dt' Bolshevik communique picked
at K.ffel Tjaer real Anir w
htir.g a we'.k an1 a ha.: t.i an1 .-
f W-tr.gel. which had takn the onen-
have :een rerieiieu
Minrri Itecor.
Aug ? -Vrne: lean coal
have th-m flopped.
never '-n-
er.ded for p-jWicauoa.
Mr i V.ie-a t appolat rae '-rt .n
Boston. CWea.. Nw OrSeaaa -
sft . 0 to orgar.lt and direct .risn
opinion In those Cttlawl
la America.
Mlnnte-tel Vj-
---- "Pre. lent t i'e-
Preaiet esatlww
L'aoat ih heaamg
lion- '. th
n4 ih following
hat the decision of th Ministry au-
inog th PreastMrit u kPnd at au
turn, not ceaing
ros I M ,t rtfay b req-lrH tn conn'
ia. -Irk election campaign for
rVeMwi of th T.-nite4 f?tats of Arrer-
k. and i hereby ratified "
I Tn econd motion read. "That th
Preudtnl be mpore1 io eiptrel a
tum not etce'dlng U-WOS to obtain
recognition of tne I'tsh Republic by the
Government of th fnitedBUt
The .statdard ta 'The document
ibnwt e'.ear!) that th great Trtih cam
paign in America is due olly to UM e.
penlitvir of ten of ihouaand of po'.n-lj
ttertlng allocated fo- the pecll purpote
- f nflueactefl opinion la th I nit-d
rttat OaS may afly tav that the
asposur Will create a wwaa
Am-ica "
City It Hemmed In, With a
New Marne Expected.
Thro I.ISThl O"
' anvenllnn
referring to tne e-ond SOOOOfl,
,irr rh TDr.d:tu' of a sum
.r'.Ar. ti too 000 to obtain Amerran
r'.ogn.Uon or tne
au- !
Irish Republic." tt
a fa A MO.-9'' Pr,
PM Aug Waraaw It doomed"
wat the remark hard evarywher lo
ll official ar4 political circle of
parts reflecting 'tkg belief aapreased
w.thin the latt few fa. -There will be
another ba'tle of the Marne "
'rle which up to th present hsd
been mot optlmltle admit the Bolaiie
vikI htd rea'hed th Damlg-Wara
railroad at Clacnanow. severing con
"rie.-tlon Vween Wtrtta- snd the ea
Military circlet point out that th Polish
pitai i now hemmed In from the
northeaat. eaat and aootheaat and con
eider It fall a quettlon of daj per-
hi hour.
The latett Polish i-ommunhu n
noun'lng that the Rolhvlkl htd rap
turaH Przaanyt and ar moving wtt
ward toaard Mlawa and nechanow haa
created a most painful Impression In
Parle, the afternoon papers announcing
that the cap'ure of tha latter town la
a foregon econclualon.
The battle which la expected to de
cide th fat of Warsaw haa not t
rally bgun. but both slda ar gather
ing force for the final atruggle. Gen.
Haller's newly formed army occuplea a
strongly intrenched poaltlon In th fork
between the Narew and the Bug rivers.
In the opinion of military' observer
th practical danger for the Poles Is
the advance along the Prussian fron
tier, because tt would force them to
emend their front westwsrd when they
need to keep their armies concentrated
aa much at possible eaat of Warsaw.
eay '
When the c litem of America read j
t i ..traz-t from the Dail Elreann
aaenda they will be able to unde'ttand a ,
litt better wny im.r
rcmlnatjon were marked bv o much .
Irish activity, and the resentment of t
vrv frt born Amrlcan at any at-1
tmpt on th part of ojtsldrs to tell I
im what he should do In the way Of
government U ot likely to be lea-,
sened '
The documen consists of seven pgei.
In It Is a recommendation that a m -1
eJoa b despatched to Hoviet RuesU with
vtw to stblishlng diplomatic rela-
. v.. the Sinn rein alio l" ar
was authorized to
v at Mr de Valera
...point conau'.a and d.plomatic agntt
la P.uttls, Franc. Spain. Italy. Austria,
Germany. Denmark and Hwltserland
Mr d Valra. Blahop Fogarty of K.l
lalo and Jtme, 0 Mara were PPo!n-'d ,
trngtaea of the funds of iha Dail
Central Staff 1$ Against
Having Him Take Command.
Paais, A'jg. Th Pollah gnral
itaff ha definitely rgji'ted the offer of
Gen Weygaod of tho French army to i
take command of the Polish army If I
granted full authority, according to to-,
day's report from the Anglo-French mis-l
tlon In Wartaw. Both Gen. Weygand :
and Gen. ftelma RadMlfTe of th British'
military mllon have heen lnlllng that
'the situation was not hopl and could
be retrieved If tbelr recommendation
were carried out. I
Th uggetlont of Gen. Wgand nd
Ttadcllff lncludd regrouping of th Pol-
1th forces and strategic movements I
They advised strongly against keeping i
lsr7 Part of the Poilh force on tne
Cow'id from Firtt Pof.
trip with him a comfortable aa poa-
"'bVhen he was asked If h would sy
anvthlng rirdlng his mission to Eng
land, Archbishop Mannlx rtplltd quls
alrally : . .
"I have no mission In F.nglano
hsd no desire to see F-ngland. I Juat
wntd to go to Irland "
H wss aaked what waa hla mission
In Ireland.
Ireland Is my horn, he replieq.
"I m a native of Ireland I have been
abeent from Ireland for seven years.
1 and It ! about time I returnee mere
I have lived In Australia the whole of
the time I have been away from Ire
land." rtrrstatl' of the stnn Fln snd
; other Irlhmn are proparl-ig to mt
i him when he reaches London at 4
lo'clocat to-morrow morning. They are
'not rnvklng i ny plans for a demons'ra-
; Hon until they consult Mm regaraing mi .
with. All of them are wining io n.p
hlai defy th British Govrnmnt If he
ebooatw. N vera I ac.vemes hare been:
propped for smugllng him Into IrelsnJ.
Just a Kamonn d Valera waa muggie i t
tn after hi vpe from Jail. However.
Hrotlnd Yard has elaborate plana W ,
watch th prlnt !rom Australia ever:
monfnt he 1 here and they hliev thai
It will le Impossible tor anyone to kid- j
nap him.
Bv ' awia'! P'ft.
PLTatOCTH, EngUnd. Aug. I. "I
iiiink ih Government I making It
large part or in i-o,in ore, on ma , .n,mVM than for m. Th
G.llcian front but th Poles were de- wo rte for w
termlned upon the tactl'. because they
feared that If eastern Gallcla passes out
of their hands It will h lost permanently
ar nuttlnc me to
h. it .re mklnt- themtelvet very tllly
Th nok ArchbWhop Mannlx to ate
few newspapermen wno
Poland holds east Gallcla at present ; pr." - - -T ,.,
attonsry arrelCu ..... - - - - --
1 Hitnk th peopi or ireiano. uie
Archbishop added, "know thair business I
a well a the people over here. I wa j
not going there to tell the people my
vlw at all. becauae they have mad:
up their own mind without any refer- ;
ence to me."
unoer a iweniy-nve jear intuuvimi; . .i.u niaht
ar-ngement. Gen. PILudskl 1. a QsV !f "Jl2
llclan snd had sentimental reasons for
keeping a strong fore- there.
It Is known also that SOD picked
Prench officers composing th Warsaw
mission have found It difficult to exer
cise whatvr authority apparently haa
hen allowed them bv the Poles. The
cffVers. and members of the British i , I
mission, had been counted on by Gen. GOLDMAN A SOVIET OFFICIAL.
Weygand and Radcllffe to reorganise the ,
rola and they have been ready at a . a Berkosi 8k Hlstorteal !
moment's notice to assume virtually
every Important pott The Polish gen- Dat for Mo. com.
eral Uff Is composed of officers with Alexander Berkman and Emma Gold- i
Austrian. Russian and 'lerman training j m.n AfVort,s from the Cnlted States !
and l, therefore, not only not united tn j un(jnlrble, now ar serving th i
military theorise but Is also at varlanco rjovtrnment In official i
rlth Gens. Weygand and Had' line
Wblakey Hol
Thieve. Make
TOLgCO. Aug. I.
Government storage
day and stole several raie of Govern
ment confiscated whiskey valued at
,2. 001. Four men with two trucks are
aM to hsve committed the robbery
shortly before daybretk.
capacities, according to a letter from
' Mis Goldman sent to friends In New
vnrv I mm Petrorrad
. - i Tha entinl are tourtna rtutala a
iniec. anieren 11 -
ai.r -- members of a commission appointed bv
th Soviet uevernmem n gainer ma
terial for a muaeum of the revolution,
which will contain data bearing on th
last one hundred years of Russian hie-
saawaatlbla with th honor of tne Pol . ,
agalr.it i , tl)a t,, ijovernment Will defend the
country to the laM drop of Mood
Taw Polih legation in Washington
ggra oat the tit of a teigrim r.
; ved from Premier Wittos. It 1 1 I
"The t'ounc:'. of Minister sddre.ve-i ,
a desire to i nr-. 'tmttlon tc -he w -.: r..tio. tii:g
that the Soits are hop.ng :o oocup)
under war etreit.broke
ret-ordt for output, according to a
report by the Bureau of Mir.-s Juit pub
lished. The output was 1.1 11 snort ton.i
per underground employe- for that
ar or 1.4 thort ton per day per mar.
The r.eret i ompetito- of tr.e Ameri
can miner aere thne in New .outr.
Wtle with 114 short tons per man for
the ear.
LHVJ 1 1 VUPrJW I Ll In ...rTOTT(rT'ai ixifcyajaMi a
The? tign oi a reliable dealer
nd the world beat Gasoline)
Every motor highway and by
way throughout picturesque
Sew England and Sew York
is a part of the long "Socony
"Gveiy (jaUow
The home of Longfellow, the
most beloved of American poets,
in Pittsfield, Mass.
PITTSFIELD is a favorite rendez
vous for those motoring through the
beautiful Berkshires. And, as in other
similar meeting places throughout New
England and New York, the familiar
Socony signs of supreme motoring serv
ice are there.
The Standard Oil Company Of New
York has grown hand in hand with the
automobileindustry. Ithasstandardized
gasoline quality, and by large-volume
production has made it available every
where. Socony service has grown similarly with
the needs of the automobile users of
every community. It has not been con
tent with merely supplying these needs
but has usually anticipated them. For
a decade, in city and country alike, the
Standard Oil sign has been a symbol of
dependable service and quality.
Socony gasoline is made and sold today
under standard conditions. Every gal
lon is like every other gallon as clean,
quick-starting and full of power and
mileage as the most modem refining
methods can make it.
For complete, all-season motoring satis
faction, fill up regularly with Socony
gasoline you can get it everywhere.
Look far the red, white and blue
Socony sign.
James McGreery & Co.
5th Avenue
35th Street
Men Who Can Wear Narrow Width Shoes
Will Find Wonderful Values in These
Men's Oxfords
regularly 10.50 to 12.75
There are 748 pairs assembled for
this great Sale. Six different models.
There are styles in Russian Tan with
plain or "wing tip," Tan Calfskin
Brogues and Tan Cordovans. All are
te products of one of the best shoe man
ufacturers in the country.
A and AA Widths only
No Return No C. O. D.'s No Approvals
I: Altntmt Sc (Eat
Thirty-fourth Street Thirty-fifth Street
A Special Offering of
Women's silk Foulard Dressei
exceptionally priced at
wi!! take place to-day (Tuesday)
on the Third Floor
This attractive selection of Summer Silk Dresses Is
composed of smart; becoming models, newly made of
superior-quality foulard, chiefly navy-and-white and
The sizes are 34 to 44, inclusive
Another Interesting Silk Sale
to comnmetnice to-day, will offer
Fifteen Thousand Yards of
All-silk Crepe de Chine
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the new colors (and including a very generous quantity
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, $lo95 per ?ard
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