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Giants Twice Defeat Pirates- Ruth Suffers Injury as Yankees Whip Indians in Tenth Dodgers Divide I
MAYS'S STICK WORK Spencer's Triple Brings
HELPS THE YANKS Giants' Double Triumph I
Coi.o Tnntl. TnnllliT With I'Hltfl
Uili I I n I'll'" s-,
, Double and Indians Are
Reaten, 7 to 4.
With Bases Full and
Wins Second Game Scores,
6 to 1 and 6 to ft.
rCtrll lo Tin led AND Naw Yum IlaULD.
CutviI.ANn, Aug. II. A nome run,
4rivcn out of the iark by Elmer Smith '
rtth three on bases and two out wat !
the only slip to-day tn the otherwise .
Invulnerable pitching of Carl Maya.
Those four runs were ClSVSlABd'l all j
.ml ihov were not enough. The Yan- .
Vernon Spencer, aviator, gentleman
farmer and centre fielder of the i.ilnnta.
numbers amung his varied attributes an
acute sense of the dramutlc. Spencer
also carries under his thatch a highly
developed sense of the fitting. Add to
these an abundance of unalloyed grit
and determination when they count
mo-it, In a pinch, and you have the rea
sons behind our hailing Spencer this
keos. Jumping on Uagby with DOU am I a u u st morning as the brightest and
and varlois bnts In two Innings, had the m0Jlt poterU individual factor In the New
game, tied by the sixth Inning, and they T(rk tUclt wntcn m.ora, a flamboyant
won It In the tenth. The score WM i j0bl, vlctciry over rittnburg at the I'olo
I to 4 . . i Grounds yesterday afternoon. The tal-
Mtyi not only pitched a good, plucky . m m , , and , ,
uphill gam." while outpltrlilng Hsgh. i s , ntlng i j0 with the re-
As hi playi only
aaiiin.'t right handed Pitching, and as
nut bitting went la iu " .uUn, the first game.
wiifn thrA rilllH WflM made, and he
opened the tenth by lacing a two-bng-fer
to centre when Speaker was playing
tn light centre for him.
Following that propitious clout Ward,
bunted past .Tohnston, who came tearing!
In tor just mar a ,M . ? ,'.,,, Pirates used Carlson, a right handed
Jamleaon didn't help, hut Meusel bounced nt clianc0 t0 be-
single to left and scored Maya Lom. n.r(Land became one.
Pratt forced Meusel and a double p.a who wlth the
was In the air until Wamby fiMd and two out, and the Clams trail-
first Pratt went to second and WaM wnacked a three bagger
Lewie jamrneei .... . . h i.ni.a nd
.. r ....... . . . ... ..... -
' I--..,. v, ...... ,..;,l,ii ..,.i thA ll rents
r, i mm inu i una miuwi b''" -
! dean sweep of the three games thus
far played with the Corsairs.
the Pirates sent Karl Hamilton, a left
harder. Into the Box to nnpose Rube
Ucnlon, another r.outhpaw, Spencer
Aiirmed the already warm bench while
Lee King cavorted nobly out In centre
field But In the second contest the
went home on the error
one so feroelouslv to Cardner that
went through that plnycr and
pounded home from second.
nnth Make Single.
The Yanks didn't do any waiting
Baphy Ward lined tha first pitch
.T.imlson and Peck tapped a By
kf-r. Ftuth iabbed a s'.n.'le
Ruth Hurt Sliding;
Carried From Field
Special to Tin Bun nd Ngw Venn Hbuld.
CLgvgLANP, Aug. 11. "Babe" Ruth
played but one Inning In to-day's
game between the Yankees and the
Indiana. Ie made a base hit and
hurt his knee sliding to second. He
hurt It again running to third. He
wanted to keep on but was not able
to and two players picked him up
and carried him to ths dressing
A doctor who was called reported
that there was no dislocation and no
torn ligament and expressed the be
lief that Oie "Babe" would be able
to play to-morrow.
"You bet you're life I will," ex
claimed the big fellow.
Trainer Woods also said ho
thought Ruth would bo ready to play
to-motrow, but nevertheless he was
taken to a hospital to have an X-ray
picture taken. The club Intends to
be sure he Is all right before taking
any chances of worse Injury. Tho
knee ass sprained, according to the
American Sprinters Run
Fast Trials in Belgium
As tha result of one of the beat day's
work with the stick In the history of the
Dodger team they won the first game
of a double header with the Cubs yester
day at Rbbets Field by 9 to J, driving
!two pitchers from the mound In the sixth
Inning, and lost the second game by ti
to I after a nip and tuck struggle. So ,s,,r ,t ratilr v, pal s to Till Hist np Niw
hard pressed were the Cuba In the ninth Vomk HattlD, e'i,pirtM, into, by Tug Bin
Inning that with one on base and one org New Yona Hbsaip.
out, and Carter pitching good ball, Fred t Hl Htabii.'M, Antwisrp, Belgium,
Mitchell sent the great Alexander to tho Aug. 11. An enormous crowd uf ath
' firing line to save the day. Alex lived j letes, representing all nations, thronged
'uu tn his renutatlnn for after nasilnr . th taiUnm Oils afternoon, where the
I the first batter that faced him, he retired perfect weather more than encouraged
(the second on a fly to left and fanned tho men to their work. The n-ar ap-
Murchison, Hayes and Schultz Show 10 4-5 for 100
Meters Zuna Best of the Marathoners Loomis
and Smark Fast for 400 Metre Hurdles.
Akron. II; Jtrsey City, 1 (first gams).
Akron, 3; Jersey City, 1 (second asms:
ssvon Innings).
I naltlmora, B; Buffalo, 4 (first gams).
Baltimore, 11; Buffalo, 7 (second gams).
Htaillng, 4; Toronto, 0 (first game).
Toronto, B: Heading, 0 (second gams).
Byrarusa. Rochester gams postponed, wet
W. I.. P.C I W. L. PC
I Baltimore., 74 S7 .MI7nsadlng. . .. 54 ,18 .4M
Toronto... 7i 41 ,CJ7jsrsey City. 43 67 JM
1 Akron 70 42 .2.VKtwhrter. . 34 74 .013
I Buffalo ... 89 IS .A"2dyracuas... !f7 (2 .248
the third. Incidentally, Pfeffer pltoheH I proaoh of the opening day, on Satuday
I a complete game and won. next, has put every soul on edge, and
I The Brooklyns made 2 hits In the two I thiso who want to put up a good show
games; which were-witnessed by 12,000 1 Ing are more than anxious to get In as
iDersona. th lioma tiim nerfurmln with much work as possible before the ball
'the bat In a manner to raise hopes that
(they wo;!d shortly Incresso their pres
letit lead of one point over the Reds to
.n more comfortable figure. Had the Reds
i played nnd won yesterday they would
i. . - i. a . i .u ir-v, iMinii Kt, tonMon
trouncing the unhappy Pirates twice IB I mioget oi tor ..-w ivi .
one day gained on tho leaders.
helm and Hurley.
starts rolling.
For the ilrst time since they landed
on Belgian mil the American too notch
prlnttra Wgrt out In a body, but the
trio to whom M.nkley paid the noet at-
were I.oven aaurcniBDU. wi
He Crosses Carlson.
" Tt wag Spencer whom Carlson ac- I
toj counted the least dangerous of the
to'cionts whom he expected to confront In
'o'tl-rt lnnln Hut a on snoth"r after
noon of recent memory Fpetieer came
who singled to left. He already had
got one single, but did not seem satis
fied. Southworth singled to right. Carey
dropped a single between Smith and
Douglas. The catcher mado a most un
usual throw to first whi. n permitted
Carlson to score, Southjgorth to go to
third and Carey to secemd. It was a far
rta.rh.ing peg.
There was a bit of a lull while Doyle
got under Nicholson's pop, but Whltfed
resumed the attack with a single to
entre which scored Southworth and
Carey and gave the pesky Pirates the
lead, which they didn't hold long. Cut
t.haw followed with an Infield out and
Ortmm singled to right. Then the Pi
rates tried a double steal, which they
Bottle Throwers Ready.
The excellent entertainment furnished
by the Dodgers and Cubs was painfully
marred by an exhibition of rowdyism on
the part of spectators for -vhlch no pos
sible excuse can be found. The outbreuk
occurred In the seventh inning, and took
the form of hurling a ncoro or more of
bottles at Umpire Qulgley, who for
tunately managed to dodge the danger
ous missiles. Some of the Brooklyn
playeTs who were arguing with Qulgley
at the time the fusillade started were
hit on the body, but escaped fractured
This is tho second outbreak by the
bottle throwers within a few dai s, and
dentally tho national American cham
plon of the century; BUI Hayes of
Notre Dame University, the ex-natlonal
title hoider, and Jackson gchulti of
Missouri, the Western sprint champion.
It would be hard to say which showed
the best form, but as usual tho short
limbed Murchison exhibited grw.it speed
off his mark and on the stretch gave
every Indication that he will he right
In the hunt with the bst of the Ameri
cans, and all other nationalities for that
matter. , .
After a series of starts Voakley
.1,. -Firln.era slnilv Over tl. 100
II, VU 1 1 '!- oil.....-.-
ny W. II. (Sparrow) ItOBKRTSOV
talned. Zuna loped along at a good gait Toronto In J.rsey City,
and was vory l.ttle distressed when he !
pulled up. Under and Roth are In fair . Akron in Baltimore.
shape, but they cannot hold Zuna Just j
now. Hannei Kolehmalnen, who came ; AT ,Jr3Srv city.
from America for the purpose of repre- (PIMt GAME)
sentlng Finland, has had to lay off for a I p.. h. E.
few days as the muscles of one of his Akron eol00014 o-H U 0
iiM ...n. ri. htm trouble. It Is 'Jaraay City 000100100-2 9 1
. . . T. . Bi. i ... n.n ! Batterlea-rarn and flroltli; Carlson, W II
tnougnt mat me r inn ia ono ui nm m,o
Zuna will have to fear.
Two men who are going great guns
over the 400 metres hurdles are Kloyd
Smart and Jo Loomla of the Chicago A.
A., and Just now It Is a toss up which
Ik the faster. Their services will be i
badlv wanted when the real test comes,
for W. H. Meanlx of the Boston A. A.,
nomer or tne worms nsouroi '"i
a slump and It Is doubtful If he will
round Into shape In time to be of use In
the point scoring line. Ixiomls Is not en
tered In any of the flat sprints so he Is
devoting all his energy to tho hurdling,
nnd will also take a crack at the run
ning hop, step and Jump.
H. E.
3 3
Akron 200001 03
Jarsey City 000000 1-1
(Bevtn lnnlnsa by agreement.)
Fatttrlea Finneran and Walker; niem:ir
ai.d Frcltag.
Speaker, and put one over on that ball
hawk by dashing to second and hurry
ing him Into a wild throw. Babe's gan.e
knee wont wrong on him and required
first aid. All he could do was to limp.
Meusel wert to right field when Pratt's
grounder rnded 'he Inning.
The Cleveland first ami the New York
geoond were a story of popped flies.
When Parrhy laid the ball over the
Tanks hit, and though It was a toy
balloon In size and a big target they
couldn't meet It on the plexus. One hit
gplece was the reckoning for the first
two Irninir?
Steve O'Neill popped a flukey single
to centre as a Cleveland bid for a run
In the third. Nobody was out until
nrhv ivMffnri a walk to Jamleton
and the bases (.roanert under tne :oaa or I against i.arison nno goi iwu runs in ma
two tenants. Meusel snared a drlv first Inning. With Douglas pitching
from Chaiman and Mays hit Speaker! very effective bnll tho two counters
with a fourth ball. Bases peopled, j looked mighty big as the came rolled
Smith up: over the right field screen ; vast the halfway mark. They looked
home run ; four runs ; populace delirious, big enough to win.
A pitched ball bit Johnston or his bat But in the sixth Douglas faltered. He
o hard In the fourth that It rolled half Jiad yielded only three Mtl Until thn.
way to 'hlrd. Mave swooped down on i but one he began to stumble he made
the h"H and fired It to flrit. but Chill no halfway Job of It. He gave one hit
.i (V,.,. inlitiatAfi nnrl not his bat had 'and then another and then B third. Two
lid not work very neatly, and Whltted "nb-ss drastic measures are taken to
through when the opposition expected It
least and when the (.Hants needed It
most. It will be remembered that a
week ago last Sunday Spencer came up
In the ninth Inning of the came with the
Beds. Luque was leadlne by 2 to 0 and
the crowd was leaving the park. With
two down and the tying, and winning
runs on the bases Spencer smote the
ball hard and won the game.
Yesterday Spencer's entry Into the
hall of heroes was not as dramatic as
that In the game with Cincinnati. But
his hit was more powerful and Just as
effective In so far as the cause of the
New Tork club was concerned. Again
he showed the rtuff that makes tho
aviator. The Glanta mnde a fine start
was out at the plate. Douglas did not
civ them a hit or anything like It In the
last three rounds.
Benton Supreme In first.
The first game was one of those left
lianded dtieU, Bentcn had more stuff,
more speed and fa: better support than
Hamilton, so It was only natural that
the Ruhc came through the winner.
Hamilton tried to slow ball the Giants
to death and they bit from time to time,
but for the moat part his spinners wero
not effective.
Frank Snyder did the greatest execu
tion against the Hamilton delivery, as
he got a home run and two singles
Snyder's four base clout sent the ball
Into the left field bleachers In the fourth
Ini Ing. with nobody on base. Bancroft
also got three hits.
Doyle's error on Lee, a couple of In-
netn outs anel lilgbees Infield hit gvo ; that Incites the lawless element
me r-iraies me run wnicn saved tnem baseball crowd to attack umpires,
from a shutout in the fifth. In the sixth Krueger opened the seventh Trame
they threatened Benton again, but a with an infield hit. and Ijimar, batting
af-nsatlonal threiw by King saved a run. ; for Cadore, drove a hare! grounder to
stsmp out the cowardly practice an um
plre or player is ejulte; apt to receive
serious injury. If Zack Wheat or Bur
leigh Crimes were to be hit tn the head
With a bottle and put out of the game
the club management would doubtless
recret that they had not taken action
against the miscreants who throw bot
tles at defenceless umpires, apparently
not caring who may bo Injured.
An effective remedy would be the
non-service of bottled drinks In tho
stands, and If that Is Impossible, then a
large force of specials should bo posted
in the starVds, with orders to arrest any
and all offenders.
Another good method to prevent bottle
i throwing would be for Manager Robin
I son and all the players on the Brooklyn
bench to refrain from running out to the
I diamond and arguing with the umpires
every time R close play Is decided
against the home team. It Is this action
In a
Ray Gets Plenty Work.
At his own retjueat Jole Ray took two
trials over the quarter mile, to which
Moakley was agreeable. On hla first
attempt he sped around la 56 4-S sec
onds and after a little rest tried again
and did M seconds, and declared hlm
lel( satisfied with what he had done.
His obleet was to Dick up some extra
metres, and strange enough the watches ipee(j, whloh he will badly need against
,, luted to 10 4-5 seconds for the three. I H1, tn Er,gish mller. Brown, the
Bill Hayes was slow In getting mto hh American Intercollegiate two mile cham
strlde. but when he got up "m he ran well for two mta na a half,
moved like a real race-. Hch'iltx ap- ( wncn he covered In 12 minutes 28 sec-pe-.red
to b- a trifle weal', and faltered . on(, Qdre, of Georgetown Unl-
il'out midway, yet na " u vn ""r": verslty. who will enter tne suwawsi
vet he era very waii
These, with Charlie Paddock, look as If
they might be trusted with the hopes of
the I nlted States In the sprints. Sprin
ters and their trainers from othet teams
were on hand to watch the American.
..-.i ,..ui,,,t single exception tnoy aa-
mired the style of the Yankees In get
ting over the ground.
Zona Best of the Marathoners.
i la working satisfactorily.
A runner to attract a lot of attention
this afteirnooa was B. G. Rudd, the Ox
onian m'ddle distance man. Ho had e.
siow workout with a squad nnd It was
lenrneel that he wdll not be seen In any
fast trial until he takes his mark In the
500 meters trlala.
To Juds.e from the whisperings of the
m.inHjA Ik... .viiarr a Irflllnr In the
The approach of the Marathon, and no ! Jftvel)n AiKXlll and ,oU They claim
matter what might be thought of any : hal have tnrM mPn whe will beat
other event It is the classic of the entire. J0 ffft (n ja,eltlli two who will put
programme made it Imperative that the over ? fMt 6 ,nchts n the 1 pound
runners should have a real lengthy caT- j wIgrrit and six who will heat 150 feet
130001000-4 9 3
13000001 x-B It 3
-McCaba and Cook; Ogden and
been hit. Johnston made the o,a oiurr
of showing the place where ho was hit
and the gullible Cleveland crowd "fell"
for l: -nd made the Alblao first .acker
a hero "Great stuff our boys ain't
thev grand?"
Hits clattered off the New Tork bats
at reverberating rate In the fifth. On
iieoessive smacks by Plpp. Bodie, Ruel
r.Jttei singled and then CaUhow iln
ifle.l to centre. Whltted was scouting for
tl ird when King, with a rifle shot heave,
and Mays runs trooped In, but the top
t the hattlnr order as represented by
Ward and Peck hit grounders and killed to Caton. but then the fun began
the rally. Three runs, however, put the
Tanks right In the game. In the Cleve
land fifth Smith, who spilled the homer
In the third, was fanned by Mays with
a man on sscond.
more safeties were gained off his d
Ihery In that round, and when it w-aa got his man a la Jack Murray
over the Pirates held the lead by 3 to 2. j FIRST CAME.
Sllll the Giants were iar irom teaiea,
nonplussed or flabbergasted In any way.
i r.ev naa neeaeu run. un unwi uvii-i
occasion since they came bnck from the J-arey.er. 30 1
West, and they had got tium. This J-
matter of being only one run behind Cuu'wjb 4 0 2
was nothing to become excited about I Cston.as. 4 00
n,,m. onenert the sixth with a grounder i Lee.e 4 10
........ - ... tn
ab r h o a
UUbee.lf. 4 02
Yanks Rally ShortllTeU.
The avidity with which the Yanks
took to Bagby In the sixth promised big
returns, but right In the thick of It the
croft Starts Trouble.
Bancroft started the rally with a
double to left. He stopped at third when
Young poled a two bagger to right
Soutimorth misjudged the ball and
when he ran in where he thought it was
iroing to light the contrary pi'd swung
Itself over his head and gave Young a
Orlmm.lb 3 0 0
Hsm'on.p 3 0 0
Barber 100
fSlch'ton 1 0 0
ibrho & a
on Burfts.lf. .4101
0 o anc'ft.aa
0 0 Young, rf..
4 OlFrlach.Sb.
5 l Kelly.lb...
2 0 Klng.ef...
0 0!Doy!e.2b..
2 0 Snyder, c..
1 liBsnton.p..
0 01
0"i Totals
3 13 3
3 0 10
3 10 3
4 00 14
3 112
40 1 3
4 13 1
4 00 0
o o
I l
; o
i '
8 1
8 8
in the tnicK oi it me fpct, double. Frlsch swung a
Meusel walked, Pratt . - , d Carl!loa wanted to
and U-wls singled and with a run in ano
none out, Husglns halted the hitting to
have nothing to do with It. so he passed
Frank on purpose. This roused the i
crowd to a series of hoots and hisses
and nt tho same time filled the bases j
Carlson no doubt hoped for a double
play. He still Is hoping.
Kelly tried htirel to lift a long ny ano
out, for tne mne.a , - " l least tie the score, but the
playlr.g In. ,nllM f,ml t0 HaefTner.
call for a sacrifice Plpp tried to oney.
but forced Pratt. Bodle and Plpp were
ruffed out by a double play. This rap
Of Bodle'l would have been a single and
cored two runs had Plpp's bunt worked
for the Infield would have been
.32 S t IT IT I
Totals. .84 1 1 14 11 21
Ustteit for rtrlmm In the ninth Inning.
tBatted for Hamilton In ths ninth Inning.
T'lttstiurs 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 01
New York 0 0 1 10 110 X 9
Two se hit Bancroft. Home run 8ny
elar Stolen baseBif b. Sacrifices-. Rao
rrott. Frlsch. Double play Bancroft, Doyls
and Kelly. Lft on bases Pittsburg. 8; New
York. 8. Bases on balls Off Benton, 2; off
Hnrallton, 3. Umpires Hart and Harrison.
Time of game 1 hour and 42 minutes.
short and was out at first: Nels, run
ning for Krueger, went to second. Ol
son hit sharply to right for a single, and
Nels tried to make the plate with what
would have been the tying run. Flack
fielded the ball quickly and his hard,
accurate throw beat Nels to the rubber,
Daly putting the ball on the runner be
fore he reached the plate.
Dodsers Question Umpire.
Instantly Uncle Robbie and half a
doien Dexigers rushed from the bench
and performed a war dance about Qulg
ley, assuring bim that Nels was safe.
There was not a possible chance of a
reversal of the derision or any gain for
the Brooklyns, yet the Dodgers con
tinued to browbeat Qulgley till the
shower of bottles started.
The Dodgers scored two runs
third on singles by Krueger, Oleon and
This tied the score, the Cubs having
tallied twice in the first Inning on
Flack's triple, Twombly's sacrifice flv,
...... mr. eonae-
ter over the otnciai iuui-.
quently Mike Ryan, the old Marathoner,
took the squad along for a spin of fif
teen miles, of the lot BTnnJJ Zuna who
made such a poor showing before leav
ing America for Belgium, was the best
of the lot. and at this fage the Newark
runner appears to be the man on whom
the United States will have to depend
on whatever honors are likely to be o
H.itos. Terry and
Merlile: Tarry and
-I't.leaso. 5; Brnok-
f f Hendrlx. 1: off
duff Double plays
Mrrkle; lleriog and
M'Tkle. beft OH bs
lyn. T. Hsaea on row "jj-i
Alexander. 1 : off ( adore 3. Hlto-OK
drlx. 8 In H Innings; off Carter. 4 I n 1 13
Innings; off Alexander none n jjJSSS
off Cadore, 7 n T Innings; off Mamaux, -
M inning.. lilt by pttehejH 2 3 by
(Terry). Struck out-By Hendrtx. 3. ny
Alexander 1 bv cdor.. 3; by Mamaux. 1.
vYn"ng"pltVher'-Hendrix. tM
e-sdore. empires gutgley and O Dsy. Tims
of game-1 hour and 39 minutes.
cr LOUIS, Aug. 11 (American). Boston
to'day mixed timely hitting vilth Solhoron a
wlldness and errors by Carter and Smith
and defeated St. Loula, 3 to 3. The score:
the runwav
Speaker doub'ed In the seventh. Mays
miner w d make ,h(, cat,,, H fner.e .100
i tobu 5S th. .nts yelled long and loud tin; ' OjgM J
a . l' ..... i. nod riaMnaf w;. i 1
nass'f. DurDOMly. The rrow
n. le 1,1,1 a rlvht tn Ha hilt
.l. Iji.A.. a,.ei- mmtMA oil Hrht 'he 4lPtl
for the Tanlit, for wamoy oumeu . f hftTe gaJd -thlnf which
Unvr - i rt riii,soua,ii.
Wi'h light hitting
was not a legal one. jonnm , n'lsner.p. 000
rivers did not veil as loud as u:o rest
. ,, , ,h I stung harder than any of the other ie-
In the seventh,, 1mA .,.. the emi-
eighth and ninth by both sides the game - Harrison, the eml-
entered the extra Inning stage. The " d Bv6r 0 thl. FM.
Pltohlng had become smooth and effec-1 ' " atl werp c,0gg(,d when
Uve. A two bagger by Ward was the j t0 bat The wore two
only Yankee hit after Plpp s lamented, . tn. . lpn,, 0;ie
, ijiiwii a,, i "
'counter was urgent. Hpencer warteu iur
un i iv He waited for an-
Jaws out, went to It and put over an, .' ' h, rtoDPtd waiting. As
, r. ,-ni ,1... F u TIlO . " " ' I. " ..
core :
NEW YORK (A.) CLEVELAND (A.) j V ... Th-vrv moment the
I Terry's pass. Merkle's single and an out
tat first.
The Cubs went Into the lead In the
fifth, getting n run on O'Farrell'e nass.
Hendrlx's Blngle. steal of second and
4 0 Mack's single. The Dodgers tied up the
0 0 score again In the sixth, getting a run
4 0 on (irlfrlth's double. Wheat's single, and
JJj Myers's out at first.
s o The Cubs scored what proved to bo
2 i the winning run In the seventh, scoring
3 0 on Deal's infield hit, O'Farrell's pass ancl
1 ,,,,,, l I, .. ... .... I L . . .. . . .
0 0 0! Totals. 28 a 3 27 16 1 "l ,m ' weio ewuea tor tien-
Totsla. 3.13 8 24 110 I The Dodgers came close to tying up1
Batted for Carlson In the atventh Inning. the game again in the ninth. Koney j
Pittsburg 00000300 03 I opened with a slnele anel Kllduir a-ri.
x 0 i flced him to second. farter whn haH I
ab r h
S orth.rf. 4 I 1
'arey.rf. 4 1 t
N'son.lf 40 1
best he ' Jt'tedb. 4 0 1
i.uis w.iin u u
ne , ..... . ik a o i
ca'on.ss. 40 1
o a e
3 00 Rurns.lf..
O 0 MYroft.e.
o o Young, rf.
0 Kelly. lb.
0 0 Spsncer.ef 3 I 1
2 0 Doyle, 2b.. 3 0 1
.1 0 Rmlth.e. ..
1 o Douglas, p
o a
h r h
3 112
3 12 3
3 112
4 1 0 14
3 0 1 2
.100 0
ab r h o
401 0
4 12 3
2 2 0 4
4 1 2 10
3 00 2
4 10 2
Vltt.tb. ..
In the 1 M'sky.ir..
Hooper. i .
Reott.as .
Sehang.c. -I " i
Hsrper.p. 3 0 10
P'nock.p. 1 00 U
Totsla. 33 S
ST. LOCI8 (A.)
si, ab r h o a
sniOrter.aa. 15 0 2 3 3 1
f, O'Oedeonb 400 1 2 0
o 1 Blsler.lb . 40 1 10 i 0
OO J'bson.cf.. 3 12 1 0 0
0 0 W'mi.lf.. 4 00 1 0 0
t OlSmlthJb., 4 00 0 2 1 ,
no Tobln.rf.. 4 1 2 3 00!
0 0 Severeld.e. 000 1 0 0
1 n rtllllngs.r. 3 00 A 10j
0 0 Knthnron.p 10 0 1 00
,'Auatln... 1 00 0 P0l
27 10 1 'W'nisii.p. 0 0 0 o on
Collins. .. DID "
Shocker.p. 000 0 0 0
fThonipa'n 000 0 0 0
bunt fizzle.
In th" tenth
the Yanks stuck their
ab r h
Ward, 3b 3 1 2
Peck.ss.. 3 00
Ruth.rf.. 101
Meusel. rf 3 1 1
Pratt. 2h. 8 1 1
Bodle. rf
May. p.
8 0 2
8 1 1
4 1 1
4 1 1
4 1 2
a e, inrn
1 OM'leson.lf. 4 1 0
1 0 rhsp'n.ss. son
0 o Fpeakar.rf 4 1 2
0 0 Smith, rf . 3 1 1
1 O'C-rdnar 3h 8 0 2
omwanss,2b. 4 0 1
0 lij'ston.lb.
0 0 O'Nelll.c.
0 0 Heighy n.
3 0)flraMy,
I e
1 11
0 1
1 o
1 i
the ball waftel liseir near inn ,,i nan.
... . . . i . M..r ; utea.
was met wun migmy impnti
arona Intent. The very-
gladsome ring of the bat against the
b ather resounded through the park tho
crowd knew that some runs were com-
ln for New York. It was not neres.
to wait and see wticr? tno nan
JfaW Tork 20000400
Two base hit' Nicholson. Bancroft, Young.
Kmlth. Three base hit Spencer. Saerlflre
Young. Double plays e'utshsw and Orlmm;
Doyle, Banrmf and Kellv. Left on basrs
T'lttshiirc. 4: New York, 2. Baaes on balls
Off Carl'on, 3 Hrta-Off Carlson, 7 tn 0
Innings; off Wlaner, 1 In 2 innings. Hit by
pitcher-fly Douglas, 1 (Blgbee). Btruek out
-n- Carlson. 3: by Douglas, 1 Losing
imurei-i a, iiwi. Lmpirna rtarrison and
Time of game 1 hour and 50 rain
R. H
0 13
4 10
4 0 0 1(1 0 0lw(nt f wa, jU,t one of those terrlfl
30102 0 whacks.
i no o irt -m Kfilt stormed out In
..., u la ileenest. ana roll' IU to ine
Totals. 41 7 12 soar Totals. 37 4 8 30 13 3 before Southworth came up with
netted for wamnsganas in tne tenth in-.;."". ,,, voune and Friscl,
trotted across the plate the crowd of
threw hats into tne mr, mis
Into stage snow, howled and
crowa can
Ken- York .
Cleveland . .
Two basa
...0000 3 1000
...004000000 04
vl,. ii. I. n m..j
f, .'....- o unm n,n oh u...,.. ....iia.i n onlv a baseba.ll
O'Velll. "Double play-fapman. Wam'ba, yell Even old Irry Doyle, waiting
ganaa and Johnsfon. Left on bases New ' ut In hand for his turn, became
Vorlr 5- Cl.rel. 10 tl.... I,. 11. W1W nat in Iluiu wi ...
Mays'. Bi off B.'gby. 1. HH bi "pi cnerZBy "'i;" the lead bv
Mara, i (Johnston). Btruek out-By Maya, I clouda. The Olanta were In the lead b
4. by Beghy, 3. Runs batted In-By Mauael, 5 to 2, and the game was safc. To
1: by Lewis. 2: by Bodle. 1: by Mays. 1 ; by ' make It still safer Doyle got an Infield
Ward. 1 : by Smith. 4. Earned runs Off hlt . .rored Our Hero.
Msya. 4; off Bagby, . I'mplres-Chlll. ' hlt a"fl
Owens and Frlel Time of gams-3 hours.
Ae Plttsfleld
Batteries Kcllehar, Sno-.er and
Mayhem , Bohn and Miller.
A Bridgeport
i Hrltlseport
If-,..-,.. !' . - .... . ...... Ill
wKimori, om'inri anil ottiri ; Williams and
field Shlnault.
At Albany . R. . k.
New Haven 13 2
Albany a 7 1
Ilatterlos Brown snd Nagla; Horn and
t HartfordT-Ths Hartford-Woreestar game
was postponed owing to wat grounds.
Frlsch Mends In Two.
Vow York got Us two runs In the
CARDS HIT MIX HARD. . a pa.g. Burns, to
PHILADELPHIA. Aug. II fNatlonal).-Bt. I wlth walked. Bancroft beat out
Units knocked Meadows from the box snd D1," ' ,.nr1 Vounir advanced the
hit Ensmann freely here to-day, winning Its' hit to nerond. iwnt aeivsncea ine
third straight vletory of the aeries, 18 to 0. , runners with a sacrifice. Frlsch sent
Haines eeied up In the closing Innings. Will- j both of them home with a single to left
Isms hit hi thirteenth home nn of the sea- ' r.ntre
sen The aeore! hltht0 docne pirntes became
RT LOC1S at. PHILADELPHIA (N.) i c '8ar, for fair In the sixth. They
,... ..",Vrth,SiL. .irS.? '!S.n Douglas like a lot of mos-
illlllLM.l 1 .1.,.. , .,,,., UB,,i, ,1.1 I U , fv" . , ... . .
0 0 quitoes on a picnic in.. iu..v,.
54!in waa started by that catty Carlson,
1 0
7 A, '
I 01
succeeded Hendrlx in the seventh, was
then called off and Alexander sent to
the rescue. He paesed Elliott, but
Mitchell, who batted for Mamaux. fileo.
to left and Olson ended the game by
fanning. In the first game the good pitching
by Pfeffer and tho terrific hitting by the
Dodgers overwhelmed the Cubs.
Flack was the only Cub to hit Pfelter
. I with effect. In the sixth he did a Babe
I Ruth with a man on baee, nnd in he
, 1 eighth hie tacrlf)
,u ,-.c-i 1 uu i ream u, 1 1 o
v . 10 run.' 1 - - ,
,. I'oagers conco:, - 1 their hitting In rvkes.2h 4 3 2 3
n, H. i, (he sixth frame. 1 .,, seven elonf. j Iwalkerdf 8 12 2
3 i 2 I ,x un, driving Tyler and Martin off the M"'tL , I
. . mounrt 11 nnn ..,i...... u- i nieni,,.'" - "
. ..1.1 I ' . ,, " """"g wun .phan'n.as 3 0 0 o
a tuple, and he was followed with sin- lwwin. e .-,2 3 I
gles by Johnston. Wheat. Konev. KI'dnfT , c.rlffln.ib 3 2 2 13
and Pfeffer, with a double by Myers for
good measrure. The scoree :
Totsla. 33 3 7 27 14 2
rta'ted for Sothoron In the fouHh Inning.
Batted for Wellman In the eighth Inning.
IBatted for Shocker In the ninth Inning,
rtoston ... 02000300 0-3
BttSuli . . . . . . . . O 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0-3
Two base hits Melnnla. Brady. Stolen
base-Hoeper. Double rlays-Pmlth. Oerher
nod Cedeon: Vttt, Brady and Mdnnls. Left
on hasea-Boston. 4: St. L011U. 7. Bases
on balls-Off Harper. 2: off Pennock, 1:
off Sothoron, 2. Hlts-Off Harper, 3 In T1-3
innings; off Pennoek, 2 In 1 2-3 Innings; off
Sothoron. 7 In 8 Innings; off Wellman, none
In 2 Innings; off Shocker, none In 1 inning.
Hit by pitcher By Sothoron. 1 eScott) : by
Pennoek, 1 (Jncolnon). Struck out-By Har
per ti by Pennoek. I; by Sothoron. 3: by
Shocker. 1. Wild pitch Sothoron. Winning
pitcher Harper. io'in prcncr nmiiuiwn.
Umpires Connelly and Nallin.
game 1 hour and 3D minutes.
In the discus
HJerUberg had his Swedish team out
to-day and the best that could be sail
about his long distance men was that
they looked to be a trifle weary. Zan
der Is surely overdone and Backman Is
on the ragged edge of being stale.
HJertsberg says ho has a first class
Hj 18a tsaocfatrd Press.
The United States Naval Academy
oarsmen this morning settled In their
quarters at Marly on the Brussels Canal.
Their sheila and camp equipment were
brought by barge from Antwerp Tues
day, and the private hotel waa ready for
the oarsmen and coaches on their ar
rival. The accommodations are crude,
especially the kitchen, which has a one
hole stove on which cooking for thirty
hungry oarsmen must be done.
Two elghta and one four practiced for
a few miles this afternoon In limbering
up and starts. This was their first
water work In eighteen daye. Coach
Glendon tried to follow In a row boat,
but the boat waa lost by the speedy
Oustavus T. Klrby. president of the
American Olympic corrrmlttee. arrived
this afternoon, completing the official
representation of the United State at
the games.
American officials conferred for sev
eral hours to-night to consider recom
mendatlone to be submitted to the Bel
gian committee regarding certain
change In arrangements for the Olym
pic games. The Americana, It la
learned, will Joint the Swedish repre
sentative! In proteatlng against having
the hammer thrown from a grass ring.
They favor a throwing ring surface sim
ilar to that of the track.
Buffalo .
B. H. E.
Buffalo O01O0501O-7 0
Baltimore 02820310 x 11 18 3
llstterlaa Rogers and Cook ; Ogden, Groves,
Prank Arachar and Leflar.
B. H. E.
Toronto 000000000-0 6 0
Beading 1 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 x 4 10 0
Batteries. .Ryan and Devlna; Bernhardt
and Konnlck.
R. H. E.
Toronto 01001123 10 1
Heading OOOOOOO-O 3 1
(Seven Innings by agreamtnt.)
Batteries Shes and Bandberg; Swsrtz and
Rochester-Syracuse Two garnet, posipoced,
wet grounds,
FLINT, Mich.. Aug. ll.-Jack Wrlgh'. left
fielder with the Flint rluh of the Michigan
Ontario League, established what wa be
lieved to be a homa run record for thla
season jeiterday when he battrd out three
tn a game between Saginaw and Flint. Ha
waa also credited with a single and a sacrifice.
Leading Hitters
in Major Leagues
(i. A.H. H.
10.1 41M at:
W 311 U
14 (33 40
180 3MI 81
(3 38 43
llernahy, Bt. E .
Koush, ('Inn
J. HinUh, M. 1.. .
Milllums. I'hlls
Konrlrhy, 1(1,1 1,1
Npeaker. dove. ... 1M :m mt
slsler. HI. I I" 1 'I HI
jaeksoa. ( hi w. 4oa u
Huth, N. V 118 ISA in
I. ( .,111ns. ( III. ,,, 11)1 I 83
H. PC.
181 .311
G. A. Wood's Motor Boat Mitt
America Easy Winner.
Bv the 1 1 1 ',' 1 1 1 Preai.
Cowna, Isle of Wight. Aug. 11, Amafs
lea won the llarmsworth trophy, the
International motor boat prize, through
the victory of Miss America 'n the wo
on race of tlm Mfloa off here to-U.-"
Tho time of Miss America Iar u)
thirty mlle.i wis 37 minutes 5 1-5 it;,
ords ; her nverage speed S3. 42 knots
per hour ; hor highest speed, made In the
first lap of tho race, was IS.41 knots.
Miss Dotrolt V., entered for (Jarfei
A. Wood. Jr.. representing Miss Da.
trolt Power Boat Association, finished
aeiond In tha race. Her time was 37
minutes 43 4-5 acconds.
iMaple Lesuf V., owned by Sir Mackay
Edgar, cjime In third In 37 minutes R
seconds, and Map'e Leaf VI.. belonging
to the samo owner, was fourth. The
time of this craft, which finlahed second
in Tuesday's race, wus 10 minutes 69 l-f
seconds. Sunbeam Desenjol came In last
In 41 minutes B 1-5 seconds.
Maple Ieaf VI. crossed the line first
when the race started, but Miss America
slipped her by Immediately, and through
out the contest maintained her lead,
winning easily In hollow fashion. Ap
parently tho American boat waa never
pushed to her utmost.
Miss America, owned by Oarfleld A
Wood of Detroit, won the first race of
the series yesterday. The trophy gees
to tho country winning two out of three
1 aces.
Ih New Rochella Yacht Clab will etart a
tennis tournament Saturday. Suitable handi
eaps will be aranged In ilngles and doublas.
Sandy Hook Princess Jamaica Bay Governors
The Horseehoe) Bay iC snarsle) lalanei
A.M. P.M. A.M. i'.M. A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M.
544 8 11 &A 018 8:27 C54 8:16 6:42
: 6.40 7.03 0:43 7 OS 7:23 7:46 7:U 7 33
731 7:M 7:36 7:6A :14 8:38 KflS 8:27
. 8 20 8 42 S:3S 8:47 1f 03 0 33 8 ft 7 9.1.
9 09 0 30 14 9:85 9:53 10:13 9 47 10:04
The time given in thu above table Is Eastern standard time
ono hour.
August 12.
August IS.
Auguat 14.
August IS.
August 16
W Ulcus New
Polnirolnt Haven
A.M. I' M. A.M. P.M.
0:16 0.39 0 01 B.24
10:15 1037 10:00 0 23
U:07 11:29 10:62 1114
11:57 .... 11:43
12 30 12:40 12 01 1231
For daylight saving time adJ
Angler Will Celebrate Waltoa's Birthday
Come what, coma may, time and tha hour
run through tha roughest day. ?n'lrJihP
whole world Is having her roughest day .
what esn a body do. Go fishing. Izaak
Walton, born Auguat 9, 1393. and living for
91 years through Just such rough and
troubled tunas, worked hard In hla drapei
shop In London until fifty years of age..
Then, being prosperous, he went aliening.
He leaves us hla record In the "Compleat
Angler, or Contemplation of Man's Recrea
tion." Hla book lives to-day, because It voices
the love of nature, good nature, for tie al-
, ...r A man tn ba B ludKC.
He tails us to put a frog on a hook as If
you loved him. W do. He tells good com
pany and good ill-course mass tiia
ream Bhorter.
Fishermen know that, so they will units
lth the United Anglura Liaguo to celebrate
Walton's birthday this very night In tha
World Auditorium. The Hon. e'harlaa E.
Harrington will give the address and tha
entertainment committee will pass tne noma
made crulleie had lemonade. Come.
Ilrlmar Fishing I111D to Eed Csstlni
The clever.'h annual caat'.ng tournament
of the Belmar Fishing Club la scheduled for
Saturday. Auguat 21. and will take plaoa
near tha club house. Belmar. N. J. The
tournament will ba under tha auaplcoa of
the Association of Surf Angling Cluba. Ths
committee haa arranged a number of events
.na iha nrlies are vary appropriate for
anxlere. The chairman of the casting tour
nlttee Is Harry 11. Laird.
Walton Birthday Feast
free at meeting of
United Anglers League I 0)(, tmer fishing from Prlscllla Saturday re-to-night
World Audi- I marked: "Bast baas fishing In two years,
torlum. Come. Address 1 7:43 EVBRY DAY EXCEPT MONDAY.
ska it. a.i ni.si sir 111.
from Hon. Charles E.
Harrington, renowned
litterateur on Walton.
Seats for ladlea.
Tims of
DETROIT, Aug. 11 (American). Phila
delphia hit Dausa hard to-day snd won from
pietrolt, 13 to 4. In the seventh Inning the
visitors made nine hits, which, with four
errors, netted a total of ten runs. Tha
rore !
i; .v.. .v."; I PHILADELPHIA (A.)1 DETROIT (A.)
, , " ' "" ah r h o a el ah r h
H. E.
I 0 1
At Atlanta
Atlanta Little Rock
(Called end of fifth: rain.)
Batteries-Markle and Hagsr;
and Brottem.
At Birmingham (first game)
I!rt'erle eilaner and Gooch; Ounnlnaham
and Nelderkorn.
Second game: R. H. e.
Birmingham 3 a j
Chattanooga 1 0 4 ''
FatterliB Gallagher and Gooch; Vines and
At New Orleans R. jr. E.
New Orleans 0 11 0
Nashville g 11 0
Batteries Duffy and Da Berry; Hedge and
At Mobile Rain.
ab r h o
Flaek.rf . 3 12 1
Tw'mby.lf 4 0 0 3
Terry.se. 2 0 1 2
MerVIe.lh 4 00 8
8 1 P'skrt.ef. 4 00 0
maahsn.. Oi 2
Robinson Hermg.Sb 3 00 3
Daly.c... 3 2 2 3
R. H. E. iTyler.p.. 100 2
4 T 4 I Martln.p 0 0 0 0
11 1 Bailey. p. 2 0 1 0
ab r h o a e
Totals.. 80S 8 14 10 2;
Chicago 0 0 0
onjoi,on.ss.. 5 2 2 2 2 0
OOiJ'hnatn.Sb 3 2 4 2 0 0
1 0'Nela.rf... 110 4 10
1 OjWheat.lf. 31 2 3 0 0
0 f' Myers, of . 3 11 3 10
1 OU.amar.cf. 2 0 1 1 0 0
2 I Kon'cy.lb 6 13 8 0 0
0 1 Kllduft.Sb 4 11 2 3 0
2 0Elllott,o.. 4 00 2 2 0
1 O'pfeffer.p. 4 01 0 0 0
2 0i
Totala..S 9 18 27 9 0
1 0
0 0
0 0
3 1
1 0-3
0 1-9
Rommel. p 5 2 2 0
a e
0 0lYourg,2h. 3 02 2 3 0
2 OUonaa.Sh. . 40 1 1 2 2
OO.f'obb.cf.. 4 1 t 1 01
0 0! Vearh.lf. 3 2 1 0 10
4 0 Rs'lmn.lb 3 00 12 0 1
4 0, Shorten. rf 4 0 1 1 0 0
0 0 rinelll.BS. 20 1 2 3 0
1 OiStanaga.c 4 0 0 R 2 2
3 0 Dauas.p.. 4 11 0 5 0
Ine. bait.
Totals. 45 13 16 27 14 01 Totala. .33 4 8 2T 1(!
Pht'adelphla ..200010 10 00 0-13
Detroit 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 -4
Two base hits Dauss, Dykes, Cobb. Home
run Vaach. Sa.-rlflces Dykes, Plnelll, Cobb.
Double plavs Young. Plnelll and Hellmann;
Dauas, Plnelll and Hellmann. Left on basse
-Philadelphia, 5; Detroit, 8. Baass on balls
Off Bommel. 4; off Dauas, 2. Struck out
By Dauas. 3: by Bommel, 1. Umpires
Dlnneen and Evans. Tims of game 1 hour
and 43 minutes.
tvery summer auio aaeruicea inis nrlllinl
Week! 1 SELN ADA
Demonstrations eeiven; Auiomooues laaenm 1
Trades. 1 i
Cadillacs. Pierces, nulcjts. Btntsea Mercers. I
I.lbertys. LancJas, Hudaons, Paiges, Oaklamli. ;
Chandlers, etc.
50 utHa kh rear aiiivi, iiaili
No Notes! No Mortgagee: No Publicity!
All Touring Bodies Sacrificed!
Big Bargains! Also Sedans. Limousine-, etc.
Carloads of Tires Big Cuts!
All Best Standard Makes; Cords. Fabrics
At 40 to 65 Discount
r.j eu . t sn t til sn Pte
1 UIU M..o at fvev w yi"-'vi
35x5 Q. D. Tires, $20 up. i SeaPlgeOD
TUBES. S1.2S. SI 50. S2.00. 82.30 wvaa. afjww
Jandorf Automobile Co.
Fishing Tackle Exclusively
Falearooma snd factory under ena roof.
IIS Fnltoo Street, Sew York.
I nnrhM nvnrl lif rrhmtnti rrvwl.
Always plenty of bait. "pt. EN'ULAND
El I A leaves every
Saturday Afternoon at 1 P. M.
gres S1.50 Inc. bait: Bun.. T A. It, 2 l
Tuea.. Wed., Sea Baas and Ling.
Steamer "LINTA"
leaves Canarsle, 7 A. M. Dally exc. Mop. ana
Frl.. 0 A. M. Sunday. WM. McAVOT
Sunday 0:30. Dally, exc.
Mon. and Frl.. 8 30, from
Silver Wave, Freeoort. Fare
S A. II.
Every day
riamy Basa.
Hammer's Dee.
Str. Myra
Ing Battery Lanilas
eicept Monoay. , n
Leaves Bayslde Dock.
Sbeepahead Bay. dally, 10
A. M : Sat. 2 P. M. : Sun.
SAM. Capt. JOK
Leaves Bay 44th St.. Ulm.r Park,
Tubs.. Thurs., Sat. 9 A. M. Sun.
Bbepehesd Bay 1
except Monday S A. M.
Leavea R. B. dock. Wrack Leact. I
dally, axe. Mon. and Frl., 8 4S
train. Sunday r,:2.i train.
Lv. Dunno'8 Dock, Shttpfthttsl
Captain teI.E"
Bay. 8 A
M dally
Capt. J
leavea Sheepahead Bay
A. M. daily for Fluke.
C 1 DDun leaves Cenartte every day 7 A.
OArrnvl M Boeder t- tyndall.
FishingTackle and Bait
1 0 I't.eBou'll.lf 4 2 1 2
1) I OIRaivl's.Sb. 4 0 1 1
Kr.ode rf. 3 2 1
Fcur r.lb 7 4 3
P-o-k.3h. 3 4 0 2 0,WIM'ma.cf S3 4
H'nlT.2h. S 3 4 0 2 '.Miuael.rf. 50 2
Hriotton.lf S 1 S 2 0 OlFlefrh'r.aa S 0 0
Lsvsn.sa. 0 12 3 r, 1 W'st'ne.ss 110
Il'te rf.ef 90 t R 0 o!R.MIH'r.Sb 4 1 1
Dllh'ter.c 913 4 0 0'Wheat.c. 200
Holnes.p. 5 8 4 0 1 0:Wlthrow,c 2 0 2
;Mead ws.p 10 0
No games scheduled.
Totals. 48 18 20 27 13 3'Ensm'nn.p .1 1 1
National and American League Records.
Brooklyn ....
To base hits Terry. Daly, Johnston,
1 Wheat. Myers. Three baae hlta-OIson, 2.
Home run Flsrk. Stolen bases Deal, Nils.
Sacrifices Flack. Nels, 3. Double play
Myers and Konetchy. Left on bases Chi
le ago. 3: Brooklyn. 9. Bases on balls off
, Tyler, 1 : off Tfeffer, 2. Hits Off Tvler
8 In 4 1-3 Innings; off Martin. 4 In 1-3 In-
nlng: off Hailey, 4 in 3 1-3 innings. Struck
I out-By Tyler. 1 ; by Bailey, 1. Winning I
pitener ftertar. basing pncner Tyler. Um
pires O'day and Qulgley. Time of game 1
hour and 40 minutes.
CHICAGO, Aug. 11 (American). Chicago
made It four straight from Washington to
elav by winning, 2 to 1, when Brlckson
weakened In the seventh and had to retire
In favor of Zarhary after welkins' Sr.halk
ar.d Kerr. Oharrlty's triple and a single by
K.rlckson saved the visitors from a shutout.
The acore:
I Totals. 81) 0 14 27 12 4
8 0 1 4 2 S 0 2 1-18
1 0000303 2 S!
Tiro base Wts-Foumler (2), Heathcote, !
van. Stock. Sho'.'on. Haines. Paulatte, I
Louis . .
Meusel. R. Miller. Wltherow. Homa runs
Haines. William', fi'olen baae Heatlicute.
SriTlflces - rthotton, Horntby. Hawllnga.
Double nlsvs Sre-k, Hea a stay and Fournar,
Kletrh"r. Bawllnga and Pauletta. Left en
bases S(. lyiul-. U; Phradeiphla, S. Basse
OB balls-Off Mendnivs. 1 ; off Enrmann, 3.
Hits Off ileadows, 10 In 3 Innings (none out
In fourth); off Enzmann, IB In 8 Innings.
Hit by pl'cher Bv Haines, I (Lebourveau) :
by Enimann. 2 (Knode. Stock). Struck out
By Halnea, 4; by Ensmann, 4. Wild pitches
rnzraann. Meadows. Losing pitcher Maad
wa. Umpires Klem and Emails. Time of
game 2 hours and 11 minutes.
New York, 8; Pittsburg. 1 (first game).
New York. 8; Pittsburg, I (second game).
Brooklyn. 9; Chicago, 3 (flraf r.iaie).
Chicago, 4; Brooklyn, 3 (second game).
St. Ixiuls. IS: Philadelphia, t.
Clncinaall-Boston postponed; wet grounds.
New York. 7 ; Cleveland. 4 (ten Innings i .
Chicago. 8: Washington. 1.
Philadelphia. 11: Detroit, 4.
Boston, 5; St. Loola, 3.
Brooklyn . .
( Inrtnnatl . .
New York ..
Pittahorg ...
Chirao ....
St. Load ...
81 4S .870
98 44 .80S
87 4 .883
SS 19 Slo
83 87 .4SS
48 SS .462
44 S3 .484
44) OS Mt
Cleveland . .
Chicago .....
New York . . ,
St. Lonls ...
Boston ,
Played. Wen. Lost.
ab r h
' Flack, rf. 3 112
T-bley.lf. S00 2
: B'taon.lf. 00 0 1
Terry.aa. S 1 1 3
, Merkle.lb 4 0 2 11
; Pekert.ef 4 0 0 2
i Daal.Sh.. 4 12 0
i H'ing.Jb. 3 00 1
O'F'ral.c. 100 3
Daley.c. 10 1 2
i Her.drls.p 2 110
I Cartar.p. 10 0 0
Alexer.p. 00 0 0
I 'Frlberg. 0 0 0 0
Barber.. 10 10
as1 ab r h
1 O.Oteon.as. .Slj
ae'rstnn.sb. 40 1
0 0 Griffith. rf 4 I 1
SOWheat.lf. 40 2
81:Myers,of.. 8 00
oo'Kaney.lh. 4 03
0 liKllduff.2b 3 00
4 0'Kneger.c. 3 1 J
OllSIIIott.e.. ooo
0 0 Cadore, p. 201
2 0'Mamaus,p ooo
1 n.tNels nnn
0 o I Lamar. . 10 0
0 0'IMrCabe. ooo
no 'Mitchell. 100
ab r h
.Tudge.lb. 300 11
Mllan.tf.. 40 1 2
Rlce.cf... 4 0 1
Roth.rf... 201
El'rbe.Sb. 4 00
Rh"nks.2b 4 0 1
O'Nalll.ss 4 00
G'arrlty.c 4 1 1
Erlcks'n.p 3 0 1
Zach'ry.p 0 00
a e1
ab r h o as
.1 e
2 0
2 0 ;
1 o;
n n '
2 0
2 0 i
1 0
1 n
1 1
2 o :
0 0
OO.LelboM.rf 2 0 2 1
00 R C'lns,2b 3 0 1 2
0 0 Wa'rer.Sb. 40 1 0
0 0ijackson.lt 400 0
8 0 Sirunk.rf . 100 4
0 0 J.C'Ins.lb 4 01 13
1 1 lUaberg.as 4 00 2
! O'Srholk.c.. 3 10 2
2 0 Korr.p.... 2 10 1
0 01
I Totals... 27 2 S 27 14 0
Totals. .33 1 7 24 13 11
Washington 0 0 0 0
Two base hlts-4lhanks, Lelbold
I 0
1 0
1 0 0 0 0-1
00000020 -a
Established In 190. Telephone Circle 2478
235-237 W. 50th St., nesr B'wa
1681 Broadway. Corner Kid St.
Brooklyn Tire Branch, 1381 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn Store Open Evenings until 9 P. M.
Big Catches of Se
Seabass. Dally. 7:45 A. M.
Sunday. 8 A. M., Sheepahead
Capt. D. MARTIN.
dally 8 A. M., eve. Mon..
from Sheepahead Bay.
Lata nam m
Georgia M.
Wisdom r
Consisting of
Both Fresh and Seasoned Stock
with the usual varied list of complete busi
ness outfits, wagons, harness, etc.
am a i as a as a
uaiesourg norse ana mine to. - jivirsudr t. sat.
has ronsio-nerl a load of rlraufi-htein AMtKlt Hheepabead Bay. J
and busiriesg chunks. Among them ppjANE TV. catT mVowTand.
19 a wiuw uvin Duiwuis ivi fa
Dealers who do no-, sell live halt have tha
words "tackle enly" or "1.0 bait" following
their names. List appears Tuesdays, Thun
days and Saturdays.
Abbey A Imbrle. 97 Chambers si. T'kl or.ly.
Abercromble A FltcJi.Mad.av.A 43th. T'kl only
Ilaumann, 2C2 Second av., near 113th st
, Baumann. John, 371 W. 12.",th st.
Blachlnsky.3012 3d iv.l l.V.lh at.) .Tel. Mel 1ISS.
"runner, wash. MKt. Tel. 7i... e on. iieigiam:.a
Coe. Aichaus, k7 West lWth at. T'kl only.
Conroy, Thoa. J., 28 John st. Tackle onl.
Davega, S. B. Co., 12;, W. 123th at. I Hal
Davega, S. B. Co., Ill East 42d st. gram
Davega. 8. B. Co.. S31 Broadway. i Itei.
Davega. 8. B. Co.. 15 Cortlandt at
Dlrkea. 401 W. 50tb it. (A. Dory prop.). Tel.
Dutll. John, 428 W. 42d at. Tal Longacre 231.
Fucha, H., P2 Flrat av. Tel. 838 Orch d. Bait.
Glldenberg.221 8th av.. ISSth at. Morn'id"015.
Gordon. 2127 Am'stm av., 183lh at. No ball.
Ceorge'a.188 Am'stm av. Tal.Col2I82. IlalttT.
Cros3,2337 3d as., nr. 128 st. Sec. hand tackls.
Gross, 8th av. and 34th at. Second hand tackls
Htrsch, L., 600 Amet'dm av. 89-BOth sts. Tel.
Hoehgraf.F.,307E:t4that. Tel. VandarM t SSOS.
Kallerman.3030 3dav.,168 at Tel. Mel 1080. Ball
Klffe, H. H. Co., 323 Broadway. Tarkle only.
Klrtlanel'a. 96 Chamhara at. TacVU- Ilelgra'ta.
Laiarus. Sol.. 216 E. Bflth at. No bait
Levltens. 551 B.138 st. Teklebat. MeLSSS
Macy. R. H. Co.. B'way A 34th st. No ha! .
Marker.H..1402Amst.av.,rrr 154ih. T'klnSball
Metropolitan Hdw. Co., Church and Vsaey
Dunne's Dock. Sheepahead Bay; j Hudson Termli al. Grand Cartral. M rait.
lso cjianer. eapt. unAniir,. -a .j. -"V. ':-,:, -,h.it.
rrom Sheepahead A A 4 i Pollmenl.i' .SBiee'ckercorPerry. Tackls onht
leaves BDeepanead Daily
S A. SL. Sua. 7 A. M.
Capt. PLAOE.
Lea. Molltor's Dock.
iQueanswater Station.
hursday and Sat..
gt43 train. Sunday, 6:25 train. Hen Wright,
Ives. Murray's, Wreck Lead,
dally ege. Tuea. 6:43 train.
Sun. 5:25 train. M. Murray.
Str. EVELYN Sunday 5 A. m'
Capt. J. MARTIN, Sheepahead Bay.
10 A. M.
iRelf. J. H.. 300 Third av. Fishing tackls.
I nes anaai leaves foot 18th St.. Hoboken,
I rHLAUIri ..go; ner 1. C. R.R.. J.C.. 7:13 1
' Tuea.
Thura.. Bat.
Roaers Paet (Jo.. B'way A 13ta at. 1 T.ckla
i Rogers Poet Co.lBway at Warren st at cur
n, m fan IM Ri ETTi I ttogera i-eet i.o. , u way ai eein . i '
J9un.Caot. Ea BALETT1. , Fifth av. at 41st at. , storea.
FI.l'KE AND SEA BASS , Rosenbaum, 88tl E. 138th at. 3d av "L" s'a'los
Let. carnarsia r a. m. aauy. 6rhovarllng. Daly A r.aiss. sen t nroaiwaj.
3:30 Sunday. DICK PERSON. Schults Noe-elty Co., 122 Nassau at. Ta.-kl.
r vom Hote.E. a Co., in eunonse. ibwi
perrtDTII VmUf 5: 1iftSL2fir2.' vo LangerkeADeimold.lnc .414 Mad.av. Tkla.
trrOnlll head. Capt. W. WHEOE. Walt.G .170 lstav.nr.10th .W70rcli. Tide bkt
nallr 8. Hun
Three bate
Mt-hsrrl(y. Sacrlftcea Roth. Lelbold.
Douhls plays Shanks snd Judge: Rlsberg
and J. Collins. Left on bases Washington.
' Chlcsro, 0. Bases on balls-Off Erlcksoe. ., -J m.ll. nalvw f .eTerDUlUtT !I'
6: off Kerr. 2; off Zachery. 1. Hlts-Off I ' ""'-Mr-"- jgnirswjcaiiT;
P. M. ,
W,-k , I
NTS v. rSTSnCRGH. S games. Sirs
1:80 P. M. Polo Grounds.-Adu.
(.ucinnau in nosion.
New Teak In aerelaaaV
Plillaelelphla In Detrelt.
Erlck.ion. 4 In 6 Innlnaa (none out In tho
seventh): off Zaohary, 1 In 2 Innings. Struck
cut By Kerr, 2. Losing pitcher Erlckaon.
Umpires Hlldebrand and Morlarty. Tlma of
game 1 hour and 45 ni'nutos.
As the feature of tha field day of the nay
aide post of the American Legton to be held
at t.egton Field, Bayslde, L. I., on Saturday
aftarneen, there will be a baseball game be
tween actors and comic artists. Last rear
Iha erelefa won This veer the error will
... 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 04 ; irv to got revenge.
1 . ,, . . A I.WL.1. I . am . .
aariiaii wuj, cuww siiaa, ssroaauyn VS.
c-nicago, ,i j" r. m. n way-nngntoa sod. ax.
Bayslde Dock S A.
Capt. BERT.
Abrabam A Straus. T 'ton st., Tackle or.ly.
Comen, A., 53 Orand st. Tel. 3015 S'.asf
Doerlng A Oo..WM Liberty av.. nr. Bchenck a
Dpsteln. L.A.,1116 Broadway .cor. Do Ka:t av.
Johnson. P.. 250 Wyckoff av.. 602 Everrr-ef
Kingston. 14IH. V-ulton at.7308 Bedford R.valn
iii m run until further no- Kraeuter. 277 Grabam av. Bait A tackle.
Totals. 30 4 0 27 13 3' Totala . .34 3 12 27 14 1
nan for O'Farrell In the seventh Ini
tBatted for Hendrli In the aaventh Inning.
tRsn for Krueger In seventh Inning.
IBatted for Cadore In tha seventh Inning.
man ror Konaicny in tne nintn inning
IBrtted for Maraaux In the ninth Inning
Two base hit Griffith. Three bass hit
Flack. Stolen bases Hendrlx, Eonetohy.
aeriricee-Tw SJ, Hertog. KB-
Ttmas ee. to Prospect Park ate. SO Bin. AS
v. ... ... , Mt run until tunner no- I ivraeuier. urinsn av, i,i l""'v,
of good bfar horses consigned for the VELOCITY Hoe, c.pt. henrt beebe. ; gaMrgTFay. rrtign. iijm
I r r.tr. sn frt s nnn itw rr - . ... .... lyoeeer, r T uer.Cie a . '.. r uu"" . .
ZiilB ly-" Bneepenea.! Marsters. J. F., M 'ourt st Tel. :i;j .'
ELrflAs . A. M j Bun., i :S0. QUS KAU. Mlrliaalson. H. H . 1274 Bedford av. TV .e or.,y
of Lincoln, 111.
Watch for the) date of tal of
From the Roach Ranch in Nebraska.
All warranted horses sold subject to trial
ap to Bean Saturday.
Money bank then If animal prof at other
than as represented.
banshee a.rtrnu,,,.. iw;rt&z!J!?
Z - . . 1 r, i v. 7-7 BfjMiilM . rA a M Ta.-klr or ).
Schaat! 15 Flatbush ave. Tel 2SI9 Btarllaf;.
Schahler,F.,23nvxltoit av.Tei.ivsi r.vr,.
Slots, 84 Fluthlng av. Tel. 4816 Sugg.
Sprung, L-4TSI Atlantic av.Tei.MT8 Eaet B-f.
Voahfnar.l2S5 Myrtle av. Tal.4178-WB'wlc-Weber.
H.. 1468 Broadway Tide bcoka.
Bat. S T. M
Bun. 7:30.
Capt. TOM.
Yankee Doodlell
RTX HMnY IBS S A. M.. Sunday 7
ViLUrWI from Bheepehead Bay.
Dimll Week daye J P. M.. San. 7 .so A. IS.
RMW capt. Bryan. Ostjota Dock. Bheepeh'd
leavea dally.
Boa. t A. M.
a p. M..
OITT fluff TOWN.
Wymbt. Mike, 441 I2th St., West ft! L.
Wlaaehan H J17HaeaWkPllr rd..W. HeSokas

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