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Berlin Bolteven Risrht f Oecu
pitton Will h Demanded
in Terms to Polos.
Serious Problem Ames Over
Effect on (icnnanv With
Hohsheviki on Border.
have mad MID and Wi collaborator ap
pear h W pieantatlve frsoly accepted
!;j Ihc popMwtiwN ran ,nc
.,,,1 , .f..n,i the nwtuapr 00ft
irn i - - -- - -
Imuoi TM sovin ru'. con:
i .,, . d ,,!ares Itself ii dictatorship, and
-h, .i ri nlnlslrntlon nave e
, intuly mull the praseni nn
.,. ilbliliy nf r ul national eonsul-
. . i.. ..,.., i i . i - :mv
(,-i o i;nvernment which might Mist In
i: nits, regardless of the form of It
rtltUllMU, but under condition that turn
vrnmenia truly appear us riWT
tic, of tttl Russian nation or fraction
announelna the recognition of Oen.,
Wrangel md It implied an posaiu.o,
mtiit.il assistance, trance win eiu
n hlirh commissioner to Sthustopol mi
ni, diatciy. . .
Twu reasons were lvcn by UN
tlgn i iff If. for rocowimnn wen. .
Wrangel. The firat wat hla proinla to
iiHHUini' all the oldlnatlona of the fmnvrj
Kusslim tiovi rnment. The ennd w
.i iv.. I'r .i i a .lwnocratle
nu urwtiitBv iu - --
government. Hire crsi.ei 0 tub nu e
In announcing the recnKmrfin of tho 1 bk Haaatn. CanrisMi Hi th hi 1
South Russian (iovernment the Mlnlsti) I AM, xnv Yoim IIuai.i.
pi Foreign Affairs said the Soviet Oov- iERUN, Aug Uv-In official govern
ernment' anxiety with regard to On. mont olrcln it U frit that the MketliM"
Wrong!'! successes waa due to its of thf immediate spread of tha RUMO
knowledge that hi tha moat rompc- p0n,h wnr haa channd to 11 probability
lint .mti Holshcvik leader who had 'et'of ,,rncCi an,t that thla la du to tha
appeared, Victory at Hythe of the IlrttlHh premier
Th- French believe fJen. Wrangel 0fr , jerarch policy, aa wat un
r hows more promlae of overturning the I nuuniCt m premier Uoyd George un
Bolehevtk regime than did the Poles, ' nouniment In the Houae of Commone
Gen, D'n.ldne or Admiral Kolchak In j yesterday.
their operation against the Soviet. t g aaaerted In well informed clrelea
Oen. Wrengel, the French point out. la thnt nuaala will now follow the ex
...uv. Muai mmmh tn turning I . t ,h. i. nT..nt, Powers In tha
T-llll, n.i pi"". " . , I HMU'IU ,l V..W -- - -
Could Oite LitUe Material At
sistance Without Extra
Session of Conffrcsi.
President's Note an Effort (0
Drive Wedge Between Len
ine nnd People.
CoaHnued rit Pag.
l.enlne'a with th
II the Coaauck tribes agalnat the
Hoi- . .Uo tn the roles. This
example. German opinion point out.
I u... I,.,.,,, fnni-eii In prolonging
RFmCNlTlClN RY ll S armlatlco to obtain cerUln ital
KLLUllNll lUn DI U. D. i ooneeMlon nn.l also In the public dec
MAY i?nt tnW I ATER',i--U" by Tchltcherm, BoUhevlat
MAY tULLUW LAICK (, mmMoMr for tyr,.m Affalra. that
i president Wilson s "fourteen points
Army Men Sec Hope of De- win be the bans of the peace.
f eating Reds in Russia. j ZTl SSS
. . I demanding the right of occupation of
Vas::'NOTON, Aug. II, Hop of mil- , i,,)Ut, territory for a long time and
Itary ixpi rta here of the Mttblllhment j thua obtain un actual frontier with
Within Husrla of a force that mi-ht BUC- OTmany without legally 0'ffn'n J
Y(.rllle treaty pri'Vlalona renanl.ng
ceaafully combat the Bolahevmi waa, JStb weatenl damarkatlona
trengtheneil to-day by the IW.OUnce-1 jut this development t'::" Clerm.ins
nient of France' decision to cive d themeelvea In actual danger. Rub
facto recognition to ilen Wrawrel Mialaa occupation of Pcaan and the I'ollah
tli.. l,...-iil ,,r ih, .oiiih Rofjonn C;orn- I , ..i j t.rina the Holahevlst
nunt. Hen. VYrunsel has c ndUCtOd a
otioceaaful campaign agnlnit the Rod
forces, nnd tlM action of FVanCJ Is ax-
rrl.ln. ,VAIlM hrlll thC BOURTiai
troops to Germany's threahokl, hlch
strong elements In Uerman labor and
i . : troll l,f look uDon
" - -- mir.on ur iiiuwhwww -
rerted to mateuMly itrcngthan hla po-iWtl1 f rieni tv eye
Alao It IB asBumtn irn mi ...-
I will glV the local Soviet system of
i povarnment 10 Poland and a national
Igcvlet to the n.Mion. provided the Polish
r-ouulBtlon w.l' permit it
allion, r.mv h now Will b W 10 draw
n the outside for matertil aid,
Slmll.r r:. (ignition of Gen. ,'irtngal
the United states is not (xpfcetad, at
liust until the Husslnn lltuatlon be
comes clearer than it ii- at ti-.io :ime it
waa stiite-l otflclally that this n t to
bo Interpreted that the America u Gov.
eminent is not In sympathy with the
action of Prance,
The American Government has fol
lowed closely (len. Wrangkl' ar.tl-Uol-havlkl
campaign and ; believed to he
in gympathy with France's actlor, since
Gen. VYrangel h3 declared that Ms ob
jects wer the reeatabllahment ol a don
OCratlC Russinn Government and fulfil
ment of the f relsn obligations of Rurala.
It Is understood, however, that the
L'nlted States ia not prepared to extend
de faco recognition to any of the antl
UolshevlW regimes In P.ussla until the
situation has become clearer
Cavalry Creeping Along Prus
sian Frontier.
ti, ..nhin.iton n a (trowing Soviet
mortmeni with the presence of Ruasl.iu
Bolshevist troops within a hundred miles
of Berlin is counted on here as certain
tn stimulate Herman radicalism.
An Important German official Indi
cated to-day that lie felt the next crucial
point was whether Germany would re
main quiet. If there are any Internal dla-(,p,l-r
ha felt the occupation of the Ruhr
I t...i w ih mwtMita mlKht be unavoid
able, and this would then be a challenge
to th radicals to unite with the Xation
nllrts for a new war aitnlnst the Sitonlo
wlih KusHla as a Herman ally.
Undoubtedly the Gorman ftelir.R
nitainst France runs higher to-day than
It did durhns the war.
Another reaction to a radical out
break would give encouragement to the
Bavarian separatiats, who are nlready
Bhowlcg defiance of the law requiring
the disarmament of the Elnwohnerwehr
(Citizens' Defense Force).
a rial ta Tub Hon ano New Yoaa Mrnxtp
Wabiiinciton. Aug. 11. The United
Htxtes Government, will approve
blockade of Russia in th avsnt th
, Govtat Government Inalata upon Impoa-
slble condition In dealing with Poland,
i Oetariiilnatlon to utlllaa tho blockane
, la contingent upon the attitude tHkcn
, by tha Moscow representatives at the
, Minsk conference aa to suggestions
I made In the American nota dealing with
I tint Russo-Pdllah situation and condemn-
Ing the Moacow Soviet Government, lt
! Iradera and principles or lack of them
and how thsy will eon form with Great
Britain's poaltton aa outlined In Premier
Lloyd George'a statement In the House
of Commona yaterdav
I Beyond the blookadn there ia appar
! ently no decision as to the use of "all
. available means" suggested In the
j American roto which might be brought
to hear upon the Soviet Government
should it determine to demand Impos
sible peace terms from Poland.
State lpartmnt officials win un
willing to comment as to whether the
Amarloan note and the address of Moyd
George waro In harmony. The nswn that
the French Government had decided to
recognise Osn. Wrangel, who is oppos
ing the Bolshevik government in South
P.ussla, was a great surprise. It had
Lhcen assumed that Lloyd George spoke
both for the British and French jov-
crnments, and the British Premier
clearly stated that no aid would be given
Gon. Wrangsl except In th contingency
that It would be necessary to us? force
against Soviet Russia.
i Great satisfaction with the unnoums
' aaenl of the Amarican position wss ox-
pressed it the Polish Le.itlon. where
Prince Lubomirskl. the Polish Mlnlste-,
I said the moral approval thus expre.sed
! would do much to bolster up the morale
i of his countryman,
The Polish Minister dlacusaed the
meaning of tho term "411 available
means" and suggested methods by which
help could be extended, dwelling espe
cially on the extension of credits. No
comment was made by officials concern
ing the Polish Minister's public state
ments, hut It waa apparent it was re
garded as bordering on diplomatic im-
wlth the Junkers
Both Kraaalns and Kameneff ar pic
turesque figures in the Bolshevist world.
They, haro been oalled "Lanln' high
priests." Indeed, Karheneff ranks Im
msdlatelyinftef Lonlte, the Bovlat Pre
mier, ae one nf tho lending 'Intellectual
forces in the Bolshevist movement. He
Is a Jew nnd Is S6 years old. HI real
name la Rosenfsldt. Hla father was
wealthy and the lad waa accordd the
best In Russian education. Ha waa rad.
u:Vtod from Moscow ITnlverslty, nd
whon the Bolahe-iki came Into power
he became ono of the leading figures In
the movement.
Krasalne Is regarded aa the best prae
iini l.nalness man In the Soviet Gov-
th arnnient. He got. his business training-
In Germany and Is notoriously pro
German. It has been asserted by well
Informed persona tht he 1 the go
between in all Important matters be
tween the governments of Moscow nnd
Berlin, for many year before the Eu
ropean war h waa Russian representa
tive for the German electrical firm of
Siemens Hnlske.
I in, ml. n Npread In Itnaata.
Proving the preent strength of the
Soviet In Russia the correspondent of
Tub Hun anp Nbw Yobk Hau saw
to-day a personal friend of Maxim
Gorky, who has arrived In London.
"Education In Ruasla has Increased
by 60 per cent.," he aald. "The Rusalnn
people now read and write, of which
full advantage la taken by the Reds.
"DerJInsliy Is the greatest beast of
all the commissioners. He heads the
Extraordinary Commission, which put
170 persona to death the very night the
decree agalnat capital punishment was
Issued. That showa hla regard for the
Gorky declared that there waa no
chance for a spilt among the Bolshevik
"They all realise they must stand or
hang together," he said. "Bach of thm
Is turning to his own advantage tho
allpp-ryiiBsa of the others. If the Allies
reach an agreement with the Soviet they
will have to watch always to see that
It la carried out.
"The western nations need not fear
Bolshevist propaganda. It cannot he
carried on by Individual propagandists.
It needs th maaea nnd uayonota to
make It really effective." H Charac
terised the Red rule as despotic.
At thy Hvthe conference there was
but one Russian In evidence, a woman
refugee and a violent antl-Uolshevlk
correspondent of an Italian newspaper
who left Ruaala a year ago after a aen
satlonal escape from prison. Gesturing
dramatically with flashing eyes sho
aald to a correspondent.
"I hale Bolshevism. It has ruined my
country and I know all the horror It
means. But the blockade that la worth
nothing. It merely means the further
starvation of women and children and
weaklings In the cltiea of a country
lntion alnce the war ended.
"Tho Red armies Will not starve. They
are the only people who are fed In
Russia to-day. That is why we have
armies. They will not starve under a
blockade either. All that Is needed Is
terms, open the ports and resume aciivo
relations ani Bolshevism will die.
V I !
Pis. Aug, 11. The situation of
s little changed. Judged from
the s nt tews reaching Paris to-ntgh:
It scenis that ind converging movement
on tm- capita! SS marie only alight pro-
and that the greatest danger still
iiom the north. The Dsnalf.
Warsaw railroad is now cut on a lcr.gth
blrty mile and the Boianevik cavalry
nrin tn crein : ion:' the Prussian
The R,-dn nlso are advancing
west of. the MinUle Bur River.
The IIusiunc u.-e now occupying a
n-Mnh nf iuf.ntv-foi:r nil! a of the dl
Daniie. and a large force is pushing
across tha Danslg corridor to cut tho re
maining 'railroad, according to tho
French Foreign Office. The section of
the main line held by the Russlana la
between C'icchanow and Mlawa.
Much Read Into It, Including
Hint to Japan.
tin fie Associated pmi.
Washington. Aug. ll In diplomatic
aire! here ll is expect d that th Amer
ican note will affect thu attitude of
many governments which have not yet
assumed final position regarding tho
Polish and Ruasian quertlons. Some
diplomat believe, that the projected
London conference which was to have
aii ,..i,v, th Knviet delegates on trie
of twaniy-iour nu o. , rr.c,, . of the
rect railway line between vtarsa anu ,.... v e . T,r,mh.h!lltv
Diplomats generally regarded the docu
ment as having a threefold purpose:
First Th extension of moral aup
port to the Government and people.
Second An appeal to the massea tn
Ruaala to throw off the Bolshevik yoke
and establish a constitutional Govern
ment. Third The influencing of other na
tions to refrain from recognition of the
Soviet regime.
u.ui.i .n.inn tt, il. Axnret that
Revolution ' tne American noto will elicit a response
iieVOiUnon fmm .. ... rt rsovernmants. This is
i based upon the statement In the docu
i ... .km th., iTr it(l States would "re-
fpenai CabU Dupatch to Tut. leg and Nsw I gard with aatlafactlon Of b
Yoik HasallN ftps!, f M, ky Tna Bog th allied and associated Powers hat
New Yonx SSZ. territorial Intagr ;lty i and m-fcmnd-
Pants, Aug. U.-Marcel Caehln and arles of Ruaala shii be respected. 0t
a (1(H.Rl tttlon presupposed the Ith-
Fioaiard. French radicals, returned to ( (,rawa, o( for.ign troops from Rus
parls to-day after attending the meet- ! s(an territory, and that It ehould be ac
In? of tho Third Internationale. They ; rompanied by the announcement that
reiterated their praise of the Soviet j no transgression by Poland. Finland or
i Jovernment and expressed their Inten- , nav sUt Power of the Russian bound-
tlon to conv. rt French socialists to inc ; arv ir(, w0;ild be permitted.
internationuie. im; u.
Envoys Have Authority Only
to Fix Date of Meeting.
Axxrrf Russian
Has Triumphed
propriety for the Polish representative : which has already loat 25,000,000 in popu-
to suggest means or aid rrom this coun
try. The power of the United States to
extend aid Is greatly limited under the
I law. without approval of Congress, nl
; tiionirh it Pi exnocted the Government
j would find means to do what jt wants to let the light on Bolshevism, sign nn
u do. Approval or the reappucauon
of the blockade, against Russia would
' f,n1 this Government participating to
I the extent of putting a strict embargo
upon the shipment of all goods to Russia
! In anv form The extension of further
credits to Toland by the United States
probablv would b Impossible without
authorization by Congress, but the War
Department atill has important war mu
nitions In its possession In Europe, which
it has authority under the law to sell
to Poland on credit. This probably will
be done.
i Outside of this it is difficult to see
i what aid this Government can give
' Poland, txeaptejt moral support, wlth-
out calling Conr 1nto cx,r" session
' Ev-'n the reapplleatlon Of an emfiarr.o
I would bring little r.sults ro far as
I Ruasla is concerned, for there has been
I comparatively little commerce with Rus
sia from this country.
Is Official Drink at Hang
Chow Functions.
accepting th Bovlat Government's iif
gsatlon for a meeting at Minsk, but
which was never officially acknowledged
by the Moacow Government.
London, Aug. 11. K. Kameneff of
tho Russian Soviet delegation here to
day communicated to Promlsr Lloyd
aeorge a meaaage rcelvd from Moscow
cnncnrnln the nronoAnd RuSBO-I'ollah
psace conference at Minsk.
The meaaage from the Soviet Govern
ment waa nt In French to Warsaw
Tuesday. It asked the dato when th
Polish delegation would arrive and alio
requested tha names of tha newspaper
correspondent desirous of accompany
ing th delegation. It added that no
difficulty would be placed In the way
of I'ollah couriers or of the use of the
radloa In communicating with Warsaw.
Concluding, the note aald :
"Wo havs no Intentions Incompatible
with Poland's liberty, Independence and
sovereign rights. Wo recognlie the
tarns in full."
Third Internationale Told I.
W. W. Is Only Revolution
ary Body in U. S.
It wa announced In London Sunday,
that the Moscow Government hnd noti
fied the Rrltlih Government that ar
rangements had been made for the
Polish delegates to cross the Russian
front on the evening of August 9, and
that the armtstloo and peace negotia
tions would begin nt Mlnak on August
11. A Wareaw despatch received on
Sunday, however, announced the Polish
Gnverninjait had received u wireless
desputch rrom Moscow expressing sur
prise that the Polish delegation had
not yet started for Minsk, and declar
ing the responsibility for tho delay
rested with the Polish Government.
Flooded With Invitations to
Address Meetings.
London, Aug. 11. Archbishop Mannix,
who arrived In Londdn yesterday, to
day was overwhelmed with messages
from sympathisers throughout England,
Scotland and Ireland.
These communications contained, be
tides expressions of indignation at his
arrest by the Oovcrnment, many Invita
tions to address mectlnga, according to
a atatemnnt by the prelate'a Becrelary,
Father Vaughan, to the Associated
Preat. Father Vaughan added that none
of the metsagea vere answered, aa the
Archbishop is Itttl without definite
plan for tho future
None present at the Naaareih House
Convent, wheru Archbishop Mannix nnd
Father Vaughan are residing, would dls
cusa reports published In London that
the Archbishop was aeeklng legal ad
vice to determine hla ohancca in a suit
against the Government. Authorities on
the aubject. however, told the corre
spondent that from u purely legal view
point It wat believed that Archbishop
Mannix could havo little hope of win
ning. Tho reaaon given for thla opinion
waa that the Government enjoya wide
powera under the defence of the realgi
act, adopted during the war.
Archbiahop Mannlx'a habit of sud
denly leaving hla quartera for ahort au
tomobile ridea Is furnishing much action
to detectlvea detailed to obaerve hl
Were Hounded Up In Pennsylvania
and Held Here.
Thirty Hindus who had entered this
country by ways that were dark and
Illegal, and who are now held at Ellis
Island, received word yeatarday from
Washington that they are to be allowed
to ahlp as aeamen for a trip back to
Bp ffie Associated Press.
Wasav. Aug. 11. Polish dolegates i
I have not left for Minsk, where an ar- j
mlstic" meeting waa to have been held 1
to-day, on account of the failure of the
! P.ussla n Soviet Government to reply to
Hit Polia.i note of Auguat J relative to i
armistice and peace terms. Russian ,
delegatea. however, arrived at the Polish
ad vnc poat at th appointed time to
t await the Polish delegates.
Prince Sapleha. the Pollth Foreign
I Minister, has sent an officer to the Bol
shevik lines to determine the armistice
I situation, if It Is ascertained that the
j Soviet Government la willing to conduct
I negotiations on the basla of the Polish
note of Auguat o a Polish delegation
will be sent to Minsk.
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Shanokai, Aug. 10 (Delayed). Tha
visiting Amarican Senators and Repre
sentatives were surprised to encounter
home conditions in Hang-Chow Monday.
1 when Chineao officialdom, In planning a
I ruwiois welcome, followed prohibition
tenets and tarved grape Jules at th va
rlous elaborate affairs, tn deference to
what they assumed were the visitors'
The party It now In Nanking en route
to Pekln.
Warsaw, Aug. 10. M. Okeckl. chief
of the Polish bureau, and Malor Stami
rowskl, ware due to leave Warsaw for
Minsk to-night to arrange the actual
date for a meeting between the Polet
and the Bolahevlkl to negotiate armistice
preliminaries. Officials explained that
they are only authorized to fix the date
for a meeting of th peace delegates.
The emissaries are to explain Poland's
side in the misunderstanding with re- I
gard to tht wireless note sent by Poland
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the Russian revolution hasi tn-
.tesnllc enormous difficulties;
that tho Red .nmy la wonderfully dis
ciplined and that the officers In that
army arc no longer elected by the
Caehln la planning to address an
enormous meeting here next Friday,
but the Government may prevent him
The Government expresses confidence
in the utmost antipathy on the part of
the French working classes for Bol
shevism and seems to have none of the
fears attributed 'to the British Govern
ment in this respect.
-ii'htu ma m.ertne mention of Japanese
occupation of parts of Serla was mado
It was the general belief here that in
his reference to the withdrawal of
foreign troops from Rueslan territory
Secretary Colby had chiefly In mind th
Japanese forcea In Siberia.
Cables to Austria Risky.
Cable despatches from the L'nlted
States to points In Austria will be ac
cepted only at the risk of senders owing
to the temporary suspension of the Aus
irian telezraph tervlce at a retult of
Ittrikes, the Weetern Union Telegraph
i Company announced yetterday.
Press Despatch Only News
Received at Foreign Office.
"gj.c'iol rolilr Deeratrh t Tnr Sen tun Nw
N TOBK HtBAIA r.,j,erlfl)if, ItU, bv Tilt Si n
anu mew ToaaftiKutav
Pants, Aus. 11. The text of President
Wilson's note regarding Rujaia la
, awaited by the French Foreign Otflcc
with Rrrat lmpntler.ee. The Government
It without Information, saw that ron
lalncd In (neat despatches, but hope Is
already abandoned In France of getting
America to encase activel in the pres
ent mi Ice.
The French Oovcrnment ia unable as
yet to give any explanation of the dea
tpatch from the French F.rnbassy In
Washington Monday on the alleged
! statement to the American newspapers
in which the Washington Government
wan said to tiave praised the Bolahevlkl.
Officials here are Inclined to believe that
the French Embassy In Washington was
victimized In some way. pokaibly by a
Bolshevist trickster.
Despn tehee received by Te Nevi
York llcruld of Paris brought the first
' news the French Government received
that tho Information contained In the
Embassy despatch was not correct and
giving the real purport of President
Wilson's dote.
The President's opposition to the
6ovict regime agrees with the French
policy, and to thla extent thi Presi
dent's declaration gives great satisfac
tion here
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Trotsky Says France Wants to
Exploit Both Germany
and Rnfifiia.
gp tat Associated Prus.
Mosco.w. Aug. 8. The closing setslon
of the Third Internationale WSJ held
yterdy. Nikolai I.enlne came put
In fnvor of parliamentary aa well aa
purely revolutionary tacllct In the world
aoclallat movement. His remarks were
tupplementod by a report of Karl Radek.
the radical leader of the trades union
movement In varloiiB countries.
Regarding the L'nlted mates, Radek t
said, the Induttrlal Worker! of the
World wat the only purely revolutionary
labor organization In America. It
characterized the American Federation
of Labor as "an optimistic body per
meated with bourgeoleo aplrlt." Radek
recommended Intensive work within an
organization, rather than opposition, and
emphaalzcd the Importance of the de
velopment of tha trades union movement
among unskilled workers, who ho said
composed the mass of the proletariat.
Leon Trotzky, tho Soviet War Minis
ter, aald the great war had made clear
the need of a new aoclal status. The
people's belief In the moral alms of the
fight against the Central Powers, lie
added, had been shattered by the Ver
aalllea peace. German Imperialism had
been destroyed only to give place to u,
new Imperialism.
President Wilton, he said, came to
Europe with hla fourteen points a a
Messiah only to discover that the Brit
ish fleet dominated the world, that the
I Ulte Sea, the "English Gulf" and the
Baltic Straits were British colonies.
Poland, continued Trotzky, hi,d be
come a French dependency and the
French policy was fat exploit botn Rus
sia and Germany. L'nless Franco suc
ceeds, her position would be uo better
than that of the conquered countries,
the War Minister declared.
The net result of the Congrats hat
been the organization of a world Com
munist party with a uniform tactloal
programme and Iron roletartan discipline.
Teople of culture and
refinement invariably
TREFEFC "Deities
to any other ciaarette.
Last Sales of the Season
Afternoon and Evening Gowns.
Formerly to $195 at $58 and 7 5
Smart Street Dresses
Formerly to $295 at $85 and 25
Street Wraps and Sport Coats
Formerly to $195 at $55 and $75
Street and Semi-Dress Suits
Formerly to $195 at $65 and $85
The Sun and New York Herald
Leads World, Tribune and American in
There is no more "staple" form of advertising than that of Real Estate.
Down through the ages it has been a reflection of man's innate demand for a
home, land to till and upon which to build and raise his flocks.
To-day it represents far more than that.
It is the open market for the purchase, sale, rental and exchange of houses,
farms, acreage; factory, 6tore and other business properties.
It is one of the most' important classifications of advertising that a newspaper
It is not the lone, "far cry" of the individual, but the pulse beat of our entire
domestic and business organization and is of direct concern to every mem
ber of every family.
To be chosen by the people at large in preference to three euch great daily
newspapers as the World, Tribune and American, as a medium through which
to make known their Real Estate offerings and requirements, is an honor
and responsibility THE SUN AND NEW YORK HERALD accepts with
deepest satisfaction and keenest pride.
Lineage of Real Estate Advertising th the Newspapers Des
ignated During Six Months of February to July, 1920, Inclu
sive, Is Shown by the Following Diagram t
Sun-N. Y. Herald Leads the Sun-N. Y. Herald Leads the Sun-N. Y. Herald Leads the
SUN-N. Y. HERALD 961,8 SUN-N. Y. HERALD 9l,4o SUN-N. Y. HERALD 961.4M
I American 268,818 Tribune. 396,830 World o'o0i
I SUN-N. Y. HERALD'S lead.693,113 SUN-N. Y.HERALD'S lead.564,606 SUN-N. Y.HERALD'S laad.365.93J
Unlike worldly goods or chattels whose appeal is limited to class or sex, the
offering of Real Estate strikes a responsive chord in every human mind.
The desire for Real Estate ownership is closely akin to and quite as uni
versal as the demand for food or clothing.
A newspaper, therefore, that has been given a strong preference as a ready ref
erence guide to the demand and supply of houses, lots, farms,, business
properties, ftc, is equally as valuable and efficient a medium through which
to advertise any product from school books, guns or golf cluba to automobiles,
household furniture, clothing, or anything, in fact, that has a place in the
domestic or business life of the community at large.
Whether merchant, manufacturer or distributer, you will act wisely If you profit
by the experience of others, as evidenced by the figures above, and give your
advertisements the benefit of THE SUN AND NEW YORK HERALD'S
Over 200,000 CirculationDaUy or Sunday!

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