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Former Governor Wins His
Senate Race With Good Ma
jority Over Brown.
Man With Irish Backing Runs
Sensational Race Against
Governor's Choice.
: Bv a Staff rorreseoiidViif of tn fii'N and
Coli.'MBUB. Ohio. Auir. 11. A the
..outstanding surprise In tho results of
Tuesday's primary election, the returns
'from which were approaching comple
tion to-night, is the remarkable race
for the Democratic Senatorial nomina
tion made by A. F. O'Nell. police Judge
. of Akron, against W. A. Julian, shoe
manufacturer of Cincinnati, whose can
didacy had the backing of the State
Democratic organisation, a machine
controlled by Gov. Cox.
With two-thirds of the vote tabulated,
Julian was leading O'Nell Ity an ex
tremely narrow margin, a little more
than 1,000 votes out of a total of 85,000,
-and there was a possibility that O'Nell
might emerge from tho race victorious.
Those who studied the situation closely
aw in the remarkable showing made by
'O'Nell In the face of the Democratic or
ganisation something of a slap at the
League of Nations. Furthermore, they
- raw something of a slap at the Cox or
ganisation, which used such Influence as
It believed necessary on behalf of Julian.
O'Nell, as may be Inferred from his
imme. U of Irish descent, and it Is ac
cepted after study of the precincts In
w Mi'h he got his heavy vote that he won
much Irish support. The Irish In Ohio
are vigorously opposed to the League of
Nation! on account of the effect of Ar
ticle X. on the cause of Irish freedom.
Julian has been vlce-cnalrman for Ohio
mt the League to Enforce Peace, and as
-such has stood firmly for the League of
Nations. Up until last night, when the
returns begsi to show a heavy trot for
O'Nell hs really nad not been considered
as a possibility by Bute political leaders.
Under the Ohio primary system It is
necessary for voters to declare thorn -uoltes,
Republican or Democrat, before
they receive their ballots Democrats
who wanted to vote the Republican
ticket could not do so unlet they ad
vertised their change In politics, cr vies
vtrst. Democrats who did not want to
g. on record, therefore, had no other
course than to Airplay their dissatis
faction In this way.
It Is now evident that the winners
rn he Republican ticket r Harry I
Davis, former Mayor of Clevoland, for
Governor, nd Frank B. Willis of Ad
for Hsnatnr. Willi tha return noarlng
completion Willis has a lead over his
nearest opponent, Walter F. Brown of
Toledo, of mors than 60,000. The Re
publican aontest) for Governor and
Senator had been the most absorbing
of tho primary campaign.
Republican leaders generally were
satisfied with the results, figuring that
with Davis and Wills at the head of
the Stats ticket, they hnd an unbeatable
combination, even though It might be a
combination hardly dreamed of before
In Ohio politics.
Davis Is a liberal, called wet by some,
and there Is ho question as to Willis
being one of the dry ant of the drys.
Some Republicans took satisfaction In
the deduction that for the first time In
twenty years the Issue of wet and dry.
had disappeared from lta powerful In
fluence In Ohio polities. This was based
on the fact that thousands of votes
which went to Davis went nlno to Willie.
Such a combination, if nothing else,
Republican leaders figure, should sweep
Ohio In November. The Importance of
this comes in the general acceptance of
tho view that the National ticket which
will win will havo to carry Ohio with
Us twenty-four electoral votes,
Tuesday's primary results will help
Senator Harding; they are not consoling
for Governor Cox.
federal suffrage amendment and asking
that the amendment be not forced upon
theieopls of North Carolina by Ten
nessee. A petition from the Maryland Legis
lature asking that North Carolina reject
tha Federal woman suffrage amendment
was presented In the Senate to-day by
Senator Lindsay W, Warren of Beaufort
county, who, it ! understood, will lead
the fight again. : riii fleatlon of tha
amendment in the 1 1 ' branch of the
Legislature. The petition was not put In
the form of a resolution, but It ! under
stood this will be dons later.
The Senate was In session only thirty
minutes, adjourning until 11 o'clock to
morrow, when Gov. Hlckett Is expected
to send a special message to the Legis
lature advocating ratification of the
suffrago amendment
63 Members of Lower House
So Wirt Tennessee.
Raleiok, N. C. Aug 11. Sixty-three
of the 120 members of the lower house
of tho North Carolina Legislature to
night Bent a telegram to the Tennessee
Legislature assuring that body that
North Carolina would not ratify the
Artistic Endeavor Failed to
Touch Judge, Though.
To the many novel excuses given for
shoplifting was added yesterday the
dsfsnss of Mils. Gaataln Lachanes, 21
years old, who said she was a French
scenario writer and artist, and who said
she stole some chUTon from a depart
ment store on June 1 In order to feel
the sensation of belne; locked In Jail, and
to obtain material for a motion picture
"I am In favor of allowing her to
completo her work by a term In the
workhouse," aald Justice Mclnerncy,
when he heard the defence. Justices
Krescht, Melnerney and Kdwards In the
Court of Special Sessions, fined Mile.
Lachanes $60. with the alternative of
ten days In the workhouse. The fine
waa paid by a friend of the young wom
an. In imposing the fine, Justice Free
chl said that her defense, which was
given by her attorney, waa "rot and
"The woman who goes out and steals
deliberately without regard for the law,"
he said, "should be severely punished.
There appeared In this court to-day a
l.oor unfortunate woman wno nao Deen
arrested on a similar chorge. She told
the court that she had stolen because
she had seen another woman steal and
get away with It. How do we know
that this Is not the very woman whose
ridiculous act caused that poor mother
to steal?"
State Board to Soph Out
382,039 Adults Hart.
There are 382,039 residents of New
York State between the ages of 21 and
50 who are Illiterate or cannot speak
English, according to the 1920 Federal
census. The Stats Department of Edu
cation, which has the names and id-
aresses or ail these people, will undnr
tBke an extensive campaign to draw
them Into ths night schools and Into
vocational and extension classes.
Dr. John H. Flnlsy, Stats Commis
sioner of Education, secured the coop
eration of Gov. Smith In obtaining the
list from the Government in advance of
official publication for the flrst time,
thus making It possible to reach the
large number of Illiterates whose ad
dresses may be expected to change
The dnla has been compiled according
to school districts, and to every superin
tendent of Oiools has been sent a list
of all nern: i hi rhonl ,ntri,.f
are llllte; u cannot speak English.
In many p ll the work Is already In
irogress. and .i permanent record of adult
Illiterate I Is being kspt. Tho Depart
ment of Education Is placing Its Immi
gration education stuff at the service of
local education officials.
$4,000,000 Back Taxes Paid.
Washinotok, Aug. ll.Tha Inter
nal Revenue Bureau neclared to-day
that its special drlvs to bring about
the collection of delinquent sales and
other miscellaneous taxes had brought
in approximately $1,000,000 since the
mlCdle of June.
VALUE $31,355,937
Pennsylvania Gets Transfer
Tax of $40,197.
IIarrisbum, Pa., Aug. 11. Pennsyl
vania to-day received a check of 140,
107.87 as the State transfer tax upon
that part of the estate of Andrew Car
negie within this Mate. Mr. Carnegie
died a year ago to-day and the Horns
Trust Company, New Tork, executor,
filed statements with Audltor-Oeneral
Snyder showing that at ths time of his
death his sstate was worth $81,156,117.1
and that he had given away during his
lifetime 1830,000,000, of which a con
siderable part had been tn Pennsylvania.
Ths only property left In Pennsylvania
which waa taxable was given as IU227,
811.94. consisting of stocks and realty,
and when thla was verified by Wilson
C. Parker of Pittsburg, settlement was
Balloon Raee Shitted to Cklcasce.
Ths oonteat committee ot the Aero
Club of America, announced last night
that they have transferred the national
oauoon race, September 11, for which
there ars fifteen entries, Including threo
from the Army and one from tha Navy,
from Indianapolis to White City Park,
Chicago. The International balloon race
scheduled for October 23 also has been
transferred to ths Chicago field. Of
eleven entries in the International event,
eight are from foreign countries. The
International race was held In White
City Parte twelve years ago.
We have recently inaugurated
a new department to concen
trate solely in the design and
construction of all types of
concrete garages for Home
and Industrial purposes.
Ask us to estimate on the fol
lowing types:
Type 1 Single Car Garage.
Type I For two or more can.
Type 8 Public garage, Industrial or
Commercial purposes.
Applet on-Morgan-RoI and Co.,
Building Con
25 W. 42nd St.
New York
Foil package
frith moisture
proof paper
Cordon & Bilworth
A V4r m ft) M i t, swm
Altmatt Sc (En.
Thirty-fourth Street Thirty-fifth Street
.Small Oriental Rugs
at moderate prices
aire ami Immportainit feature Jim-the August
of OriemtaS Rugs
now Jo progress on the Fifth Floor
As there Is a scarcity of Oriental Rugs In the smaller
sizes this Sale offers a purchasing opportunity of
peculiar timeliness
Stem Brothers
West 42nd Street (Between Fifth and Sixih Avenues) West 43rd Street
Values up to $60.00NOW
CONVINCING, value-giving demonstration, wherein
economically inclined patrons may effect extraordinary
savings on Suits suitable for all-year-round wear. This
season's smartest models revealing Fabrics of proven
worth and workmanship of a high standard.
Blue Serges, Cheviot and Cassimeres.
Forestall Your Fall Needs
and Buy a Suit at Our .
August Sale
of Men's Suits
which continues through this week. Every suit of the
thousands offered is cleverly styled, carefully tailored and
built of sterling quality fabrics. Every one is from our reg
ular stock; measures up to our rigidly maintained standards.
$40, $45, $50, $55 and $60
Kuppenheimer Suits
and Brill Suits
595 Suits were $40
710 Suit were $45
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800 Suits were $55
435 Suits were $60 now
$ 1 5 White Flannel $I5, $18 A 20 Suits
Trousers $0.50 PalmBeach $ 1 1 .75
M And Kool Hath
Brown. Gray. OllrS. etc. M M
Bur a rjalr for voiir va
cation. Well cut trousers
of very good quality.
Kuppenheimer Palm Beach Suits
$30, $35 and $40
Palm Beach, Mohair and Tropical Worsted Suits in
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etc.; single or double breasted models, as preferred.
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Kuppenheimer and Brill Suits J JL
Final Clearance of Straw Hats
Every Sennit, Split and Fancy Straw,
formerly $4 to $6 now
Every Panama, Bangkok, Leghorn, Balibuntal, $0 45
formerly. $6 to $14 noi T J
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279 Broadway
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44 East 14th St.
2 Flatbush Ave., B'klvn
12Sth St. at 3d Ave.
any Sweet Cap" smoker why, and he will say
' Because I like 'em" and that's reason
enough, too. But
could tell him tohy he likes 'em: Golden Vir-
finia tobacco, blended with just a dash of
urkish, not merely "cured" but cured Kin
ney's good old-fashioned way. And
could tell him also that he's iust like a million
other men. It doesn't make any difference
whether he
Sweet Caporata were the first American cigar
ette, the first blended cigarette and the first
pure and mild cigarette ever made. It may
not interest him to hear that
Caporals have never been changed in over
forty years -nor that the London Lancet, the
world s leading medical journal, says that
Cigarettes are the purest form in which
tobacco can be smoked." The thing that
counts most with him is his first reason "he
likes 'em." They are good
which meant that if yon don't Ilk 9t Capt
Cigarette y0u can Jet your moMy baek from the desler.
41 to

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