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Local showers and thunderstorms to
day and probably to-morrow ; somewhat
lower temperature; south winds,
Highest temperature yesterday, jj lowest, 01.
rtl)t4 weethsr nport win b found on Us Rdlor)al
The amalgamated SUN AND HERALD
preserves the best traditions of each.
In combination these two newspapers
mske a greater newspaper than either
has ever been on ita own.
('purlnht, into, by The Hun-Herald 7ororolfon.
"Kntercd eond dm matter, Fost Office, New York, N. T.
PONZI, $3,000,000 SHY,
T. S. Agents Hold Financial
Wizard' for Using Mails
to Defraud.
Police Guard Prisoner. Who
Has Hard Time to Get
$25,000 Bail.
Hfarrested in Larceny Suits;
Forced to Furnish 910,000
Additional Bond.
fv a
l ( nrrranniidrnl nf Vhk Son am
S'BW Y,iaK HfjRAI.D.
Boston, Aug. 12. Charles Ponst'a
primrose path, which he BO airily trod
Mscs last November, ended abruptly
.(U) 111 a dreary police court. Twice
:; this little Jtallun, who rose
(:11m shabby penury' to t,he reulm of
n ;llionalre in a year, was hustled
through stone corridors between lines
r taping people, who Jeered, cheered, j
ikrtnMt and nralaed him into COUrtN
'iere lie was arraigned on charges
sustained may mean that he
mil spend twenty years In Jail.
And Hirnugh it all he preserved his
unntM assurance, his sardonic smile,
Mi ability to banter with the report
ers his Jaunty swagger and his In
t n.K Interest in all that was going on
nl out him. For two hours this queer
little men, who promised those who
lint luni money that he would pay
back with 50 per ceo.. Interest
within 90 days and did It; this money
Juggler who survived 'W( prison
rmi and whose great Joke it was to
le four blocks in n taxlcab and
proffer the astonished chauffeur a
li MO bill to change, sat in the United
lutes Marshal's office while a quar
ts of his attorneys ransacked Boston
(Of ball for their client.
took more than two hours to find
ra who was willing to poet I36,0ot)
r.Vonil might embark In his $12,000
tratw car for his magnificent country
: m m l.c.ilngton. Almost friend
ut srlmly smiling, the little
c Mmcr 01 fortunes waited patiently
until EUih u man was found. j
rklloanphle Oftr Desertion.
"Kind of rough the way a man's
trltMU desert him when he needs a dol- j
!ir, isn't it. Charlie?" ventured a re
ports. Rough?" he replied, bending his ma
Itccs cane across his knee. "Why no,
not (.specially. It's what do you call
it human nature."
The end of l'orizi's dream, and It I
mmt bound to be the end, convicted or
me with a sudden crash that
tUrttal Boston. The whole funtaatlc
ilrocturi that he had reared collapsed
II I rickety house built of blocks by
t!ie unsteady hand of a baby, First Ed-
40,000 Gave Ponzi Funds;
Total About $20,000,000
Bit the 1 . . ted Pma.
gOSTON, Aug-. 12. Some 40,
000 investors intrusted a
total variously estimated at
from $15,000,000 to $20,000,000
to Charles Ponzi in his money
making; scheme, postal officials
said to-night. Inspector Mosc
ley said:
"We have obtained conclusive
evidence that there has been no
abnormal issue or redemption
.of international reply coupons.
There is no means by which a
man can manipulate interna
tional reply coupons. Ponzi's
claim that he has made millions
in this way is simply a Stupen
dous fraud, with nothing upon
which it can be based.
"The entire, issue and redemp
tion of international reply cou
pons throughout the postal union
for the past six years would not
aggregate $500,000."
Sa.vs Nominee's Speech Re
veals a Poor Memory,
or Else
Democrats Pose as Savers
on 0. 0. P. Appropria
tion Cuts.
Cheers for G.O.P. Woman
as She Runs Convention
WHEELING, W. Va., Aug. 12.
Mrs. Ellis A. Yost of
Morgantown, W. Va., presided
over the Republican State Con
vention of West Virginia to-day.
Announcement of Mrs. Yost's
appointment as vice-chairman of
the Republican State Committee
and presiding officer of the con
vention came as a complete sur
prise to the thousand or more
delegates and large audience and
was greeted with round after
round of cheers.
Mrs. Yost tried to still the
tumult with vigorous whacks of
the gavel, but it broke out
again and she was given a great
Chienro Address Admitted Ad- J
ministration U Wasting t Connecticut Senator Makes
2.000,000.000. 'Wilson issue in Campaign
for Reelection.
Governor Fixes September
for Legislature to Take
I'p Problem.
Sprn'al to Tun HUM IKS ttWH VotK li r.
Chicago, Aug. 12. Misstatements of ,
fscta were charged to-day against J DEMOCRATS ARE DIVIDED
Franklin D. Roosevelt. Democratic
I nominee for Vice-President, by Rc
J pcbllcan leaders here who reviewed
I his speech delivered last night to
r.OOO in the Auditorium.
! The work of "nailing to the mast"
the "forgatfulness" of Mr. Roosevelt
j was taken up by Representative
20 ' Jam "tV. Good of Iowa, chairman of
j the appropriations committee, who Is
serving aa head of the speakers bu
; rcau In Chicago headquarters of the
I Republican National Committee
Many Will Have None of Pres
ident's Eeajrue Cummings
Is Candidate.
(ions to Fill Assembly Seats
of Expelled Socialists.
SAVING OF FOl'R MONTHS j ttw congressman In pointing out what
j h.- termed discrepancies In the Roose-
i velt speech relative to appropriations
He Also Orders Special EICC- and Government finance.
"For more than seven years nanam.
Roosev. it has been uie Assistant Secre
tary of the Navy In the Wilson Admin
istration: In spite of lhat connection,"
continued Mr. Good, "lie has a very poor
conception of the duties of Congress as
sststsii ro Tut so sn w Toti: HaaitK they relate, to the Government's fiscal
,. 10 fin,. ..n.i .lffMrs. Ho too. has he a poor memory
to-day an extraordinary session of the .
Legislature for September I'O to enact
legislation which will relieve the acute
I iiiKin.r f on t (mi Hi. RnM thuf fmm
,..f k- 'Ka i.--i(Uk 'w-dy that the Treaeurj of the United
1 states Is running ahead and not behind.
MHO' Is so great that a saving of four , and you know, too, the pledge given by
months in the passage of "helpful 1 my chief and yours that If the Demo-,
Uiri-dnflnn 1 craln nf wtileh lns. i rllc
" exrtendlturre of t ie Government to-Oay, i
tae must be taken." ! running ,t $11,000,000,000 a year, will be , lieve It. As the matter atatids Mr.
At the same time he ordered snc- cut to $4.ooi.noo.OOO a year Just two- Cummlngs yearns to be the Democratic
Snator and the Republican party If
they win In November to throw the
protective arm around any Industry
threatened by ruin by an Invasion of
foreign goods.
The protective tariff Is Just a essen
tial to Industry to-day as It was be-
fore the advent of President Wilson's
new freedom eight years ago, the Sen
ator said
thirds of what they are now.
h vnranrlps .,.. hv h oM.tln- f ' ' ''''."' Congress that appropriated the
Bu a Staff Correspondent of Th 8rs isd
New Yoik Hnuin.
Harttohd, Conn., Aug. It. Just so
that it may not be said that any issue
herein Is befogged or weasel words
l am wondering whether Kranklln ; resorted tcllet's start out with con
ceding that the Republicans of Con
necticut are going to renominate
Frank R. Brandegee. whose present
term as I'nlted Slates Senator expires
next March. And inasmuch as folks
up here are not given to upsetting
themselves, politically and otherwise,
It behooves him who Insists upon fore
casting election results to Include In
his predictions the reelection of Sena
tor Bniiidegee in November.
There are a number of politicians. In
and outside of Connecticut, who will
not agree with the latter part of that
opening paragrapn. iiomer n. e uni
mlugs. deposed chairman of the Dem
ocratic National Committee and an
party la returned power th altogether nebulous factor In his party UH
i,nr..n ni ti,. , ; , , w r run en, 1,1-dnv , lust at nresent. pretends rtsU, to r
HardlnK i-iSJ
Th Senator's answer to the
regsrdliiK ap'proprlatiors made Con-
gressj for this year.
RooaeTPlt Dlaerepancles Shown.
"In his .speech .he said: 'We know
'American Markets Cannot'
Be Surrendered to For
eign Producers.'
Recognition of Wrangel Is
c. 0. P. is Pledged to stop I)eemc(1 Vital to MkintAln
the Flow of Cheap For
eign Croods.
Her Military Position.
Nominee Receives Encourag
ing Reports From North
western States.
French Spies Report Soviet
and German Governments
Have Formed Alliance.
Ukraine Orders Reds
to Leave Her Domain
VIENNA, Aug. 12. Ukraine
has presented a formal de
mand to the Russian Soviet for
the evacuation of her territory
by the Bolsheviki, says a Ukrai
nian press bureau announcement
made here to-day. Copies of the
manifesto have been sent to all
governments, with an appeal for
Western aid in the establishment
in Ukraine of a Constituent As
sembly to determine the form of
government to be maintained and
its stand toward Bolshevism.
Terms Demanded by Soviet
Slay Force British to
Change Front.
Lloyd George, AVorking tor
Peace, Supported by
London Press.
Its a aiaff rorrnvoudent nf Tin Bus O.nespo.dr,,! of Tim Hull INS New
Nkw Vosk Hbiai.0. i Yn"K "smio. (ovuriffht. ;, by Tub Sis j
tr',,. ., American1 am. New Vo.k Hbui.i.
' ' . . . . ; Paris, Aug. 12. The match is dan
markets cannot be surrendered to for- .
1,1 itv a gerously near the European powder
ei::n pnrjuerm liuwr.c,
may feel toward our allies, Senator
f 11 . 1 . . .1 .-, ,,t tfi.rlnv nllPIl he
, ' ' , .hB hl ! steps are being taken and which must
brought to the front ns one of the big K , .
" 8 , , . involve mutual concessions, can, it
Issues In his campaign the urgent, need 4 ,...4.-
would seem, avert another disaster.
for a nlgn protective uirm. mc ,
ducer may look with confidence to the !
keg. Only a new rapprochement be
tween France and England, for which
The American note In which Presl-
j dent Wilson's attitude on the Russo
i Polish crlslH was outlined to the Ital
jlan Ambassador In Washington has,
If anything, encouraged the French
j in the new position they have taken.
! In the form of French recognition of
j Oen. Baron Peter Wrangel as the head
of the de facto Government of South
j Russia.
I France, In the light of startling in-
Two Assassins Fire Eight
Shots at Him, Two Tak
ing Effect.
Future Relations on RuilO
Polish Policy Await Result
of Armistice Conference.
rnless nrooer nrotection is given formation just received here and be-
soon many lines of Industry will face : llevlng her security menaced, the
disaster, he said, and announced with- , whole Treaty of Versailles in peril, and
out reservation that he subscribed to Knglind. for commercial reasons.
the policy of giving first attention to showing a tendency to draw awayirom
American Interests. her, seems to have decided to bring
The Senator's declaration on this matters swiftly to a head beiorc a
greut subjeei was occasioned ty tne nPW coalition can oe lormeu anu ner
receipt of an appeal from the r-outh- ' military preponderance offset,
ern California lmon Growers Associa-
tlon. Frank P. Flint, formerly United cnnvrnstlssa Begw.
States Senator, has sent a telegram that Meanwhile however, conversations
15.000 men In that Industry' are threat- begm i0.day between France and
ened with ruin and looked to the Re- , Grcat BriiMin at tn, British Embassy
tho five SocrallKt Assemblymen, so that
their districts, all of which are within
New York city, may be represented
at the extraordinary session.
1 am unable to bring myself to the
undemocratic way of thinklnft." he
said, "that Ave large Assembly dis
tricts, containing u population of ap
proximately 250.000 people. In the con - :
nested portions of the counties where-
1 1 the unrepresented districts He, and 1
vitally affected by the housing concll-
opponent of Senator Brandegee In No- fornla fruit growers was ns follows
veinber and if his more cautious
brethren In Connecticut Pemooracy
brethren who have no special desire
to Indulge In personal defeat can help
It, Mr. t'ummings will be just that.
.ill the Republicans arc hoping It will
be Air. Cummlngs, and most of the
Democrats say that if Homer wants It
the nomination, but they
money tor this year is Kepuutican. ine
executive or spending departments are
Democratic. Money once appropriated
losses from the control of Congress,
whllo tho executive departments becom:
solely r, sponsible for Its expenditure. If
the Administration Is paying out tli!"
year I?. 000.000. 000 more than Is nees-
m ,),.. ,.r,,r,, i ndmlnlntrntlnn nf I he Clin have
the Government, as Mr. Roosevelt stated warn him not to complain after the elec
last night, then this Indictment of Hon If he finds that this same nomlna
wanton waste and criminal extrava- ' amounted to nothing more or l.
.;than another resounding wallop in tne
gance' Is against President VUlson and: . !l)at vulnerable sector ot the
tlons, should be without representation his ten Cabinet members, in whom is ' anatomy where the ribs separate.
n uie ssMmoi) . vest d the sole power to save or to
wnste ttie monev crranted hv Cnnvr...
-Mr RmmH ,n,. "he LZk ' U'S not that tlie Repiibllcan orsanlss.
fnsert In i.ts flcures He nn.bi m tion in this State sees salvation
we;K opponrin.
The Governor's statement calling the
extraordinary session follows:
"After a conference with several mem
bers of the legislative committee which
Wootd Weloome Flgkt.
In a
Senator Brandegee and
' n L Pritl, thr evnert nernilntant re
nned by Lulled atatt District -iiwr- ,vaa prepared to make recommendations '"" K. r , ... D,.i,,u n.nufallcan National
ernment's fiscal affairs he ought to be 1 Committeeman and chairman of the Re
publican state centra, imiuunw.. ..Bu.f
that It would oo mucn easier vu ucicm
5' Gallagher to Investigate Ponsl s ... ,h(. TJeirI.Iiittirt that would no a coii-
b -slncss the Securities Exchange Com- I pderable distance toward relieving the
rany Issued a statement which said acute situation throughout the State In'
v"' liabilities are upward ofre,a.lon to the matter 0f housing toclll-I
n.l that Mr. Ponil has made Ues for our ,e , have (lecld,d t0 j
JrtatfmfM to Mr. Pride that his assets , nn Irf,lglature , extraordinary !
..utra i,,W,w, ..ln tn ronvene nt the Tsnilnl nn i
scrupulously accurate
Where Nominee's Memory Fall.
'He seems to forget that while the
Mr. Cummlngs than it would be to over-J.,4, ratt,cr than to those of other con-' 3 .pv,e receipt by the Government
to appro
i i i . ..I i .. i... i
I.. ,i,u,l... r ,.. . k.... ........ j rr. uh iuuiiir hi. ,i mi.i i iuuiiiis e:ir
... . wco., , . . ,,,, .... ... .
finj ill inw iinit.,ui loitwn mi, iiib rW-
.... "" September JO
I itreets, for the rank and file of Bos- ! ,: ....
ion i. ..ill i.h d. i .. ...,u. , ,1.. I 'n addltlo
end iilm with furious argument. It!"- ' " " " ' . publican Congress refused to iippro-
i . . , ,,.i,, . .1.. ...! i prlate more than 14,171,195, 1 it. He
. V. . '.' 7'Y:'Z seems to forget that a Republican Con
a u ed -'.rn thing akin to rioting down
li Seutii Hoston, where hundreds of
Nn Nnd Italians, Greeks and Llthu
' ' - " Ithilrew from banks their sav
and even borrowed from loan
nirki to get rich quick through Ponxl's
''i.ardi j.
And tnen the second shock. Joseph C.
J n. State bank Examiner, said that
'''ad been quoted to the effect that the
ipltal of the Hanover Trust Company,
rwiit'l financial base. Where Panii had
Wtlflcate of deposit for 1,50(',000.
not bfen Impaired.
Bank's Capital Likely Gone.
"I wish to correct that statement.'"
M Mr. Allen calmly. "It Is not cor
jct There Is no doubt whatsoever that
capital is very badly Impaired and
Probsbl) wiped out completely. It
fouid be remembered, however, that
ftockholdera have a liability of a
' Pr cent, assessment, provided such
'-sment is necessary, to enable the
iili Pay 100 c,nU on the eona1- to
''depositors. Before the depositors can
. it lo.. therefore the capiul stock of
the surplus of $100,000 and the
, """""" 'tress, by Its refusal to grant all of the
,a..-iu.c a. . !L ' reauests of Democratic executives, sav.
come Tom Spellacy of Hartford, who Is
4 4-4 4 1-.11..1 4Z.,. Atfnrnev-Gen-
I- executives asked Congress al Dave Fltigerald. who besides
,Pri?,C ,$:;683,J i,219.,f0r ,hU; oemg the Vmcisn, Mayor of New Haven
Is splendid fellow and a wmue or a
So much for that. You may accept It
from one who has no particular interest
m Connecticut and her politics that U
Is quite true. Therefore it Is of greater
profit to analyxo he reasons for such
a state of affairs. Ordinarily It Is more
or less of a foregone conclusion that
,. rirnt flll "ao Republican. And
requests of Democratic executives, saved
the taxpayers for this year alone more
than 11.S12.000.100.
"He forgets while the present Re
publican Congress was convened In
gave earnest consideration to the quos
tlon of housing. A number of statutes
were passed to affect the relations of
landlord and tenant, to the end lhat
" . , . ; puoiican umirtm wu luinrnea in , iZLim i l... r.m.rk-
there may be a check upon some of the (raordnary pn, on Ma 19 .that. In Itself, Is more or less remark
abuses made possible by the shortage j 191, ihat ln a ,ltUe over on( y.ar ,n able, when you consider he POWJsUI
of buildings. These measures have un- I mAMn most of the appropriations for ties of any State containing Uo h boll
doubtedly served a useful purpoee, buttw0 v,arg. )t rtenj fhe requests of'lng points as Bridgeport, New HwrM,
It was never expected that they would D,m0Cratlc executives for money to the I New Tndon. Hartford. ew W't"'n.
have any Influence ln curing the under- j cxtent of more than j:,71 0,000,000. He WllUmantic, Waterbury, uanmio aieri
lylng evil. ! forgets that if the Republican Congress den and Winsted. Almost anything is
"The crying need Is more houses, and Kaa allowed every request of the Dem- liable to happen ln any one or mose
nothing short of the active resumption ocratic administration for money the ' places at any time.
of building on a large scale will bring I Government would be In the market1 Here In Connecticut candidates are not
adequate relief. This fact was'empha- now to borrow more than K.500,000,000 , nominated at Statewide primaries,
sized In the rtpbrt of the reconstrue- ; n addition to Its present short time i They Still cling to the old party coti
llon commission that I submitted to the i floating Indebtedness of almost 14,000,-; vention method of selecting men wr
Legislature. We have had six months' : 000,000. j their tickets. The Republican State
experience with the recent rent legls-I "In view of his very erroneous state-! convention comes to pass on fceptembei
latlon. I am Informed that the Joint I ment. both as to the duties of Congress I J and 9 In Hartford. The Democratic
Legislative Committee on Housing has j so far as spending money Is concerned I convention convenes about the same
some recommendations for the strength- I and the amount available for this year, time or a day or so later. Hoth sides
enlng of certain features of this legls- ! I am wondering whether Franklin thereupon fall to It with great vigor,
i., inn I really forgot or If he ever knew." and e0r six or seven weeks Connecticut
-".nuiufrs liability of IWO.OOO, pro
M the stockholders can pay, must
.it u'ed to take care of losses."
wht!e a thousand men and w
"Committees of citizens, chic organ
izations and officials of the cities
throughout the State have been grap-
. tiring In the heat that oppressed permanent
u ' "stormed the closed doors of tho j "i am si
Indulges In free-for-all campaigning
h.t renulres nothing to place the fight
well un In the list of the world's great
, png m. ". p''-" ijr UKUwrncu rr vyintiT u..k.. .h. Ren.hiiMn n
ao m"" W.4.4M." j--. . -
win lv the usual "or.ii ur ieiu
Tour telearnm describing the de
pressed condition of the California
lemon Industry suggests several things.
I feel an especial concern for the Cali
fornia fruit Industries because they
have given the country a splendid Illus
tration of the bencflcent results of
highly organized, well managed cooper-
here and these may bring about a new
It appeared to-day that the action of
m French Csblnst in roeogwUllit ssb
Wrsngel was made known to England
lrrmedfately after the Cabinet meeting
was held. and. therefore. Premier Lloyd
George's Ignorance of It last night Is
not understood here. Recognition was
extended to Oen. Wrangel. the corre
spondent of Thr Sun and New York
Hurai-B was Informed, for the following
reasons :
i Rnenu.e J.Yancc was convinced
Attempt on Life of Venizelos
Had Been Expected, l.onjr.
atlon. . , '.. . . -h niw irref
"Sicilian lemons, owing to demoral-, mrougii ntr " T:nr " fh
lied after-war conditions,, distorted ; "table Information that within
rates of exchange and extraordinary ' ten days the Soviet and the German
preJureSo get business can compete In ' VcTmLni
American market, with the home prod-! "dependent Soclaltat
.... A .l. n, Win.... Amer enn , lormeu nil .,
'""" . "w " a . - and military alllanco
elgn producers, howaver kindly we may
feel toward our allies, and the condl
41.... rimt imur Imluiltrv faces are itre-
. . . : .. tages
cueiy muse inui hhmij ," , . ' it yjle
Will laier romroni lliurs. vfiwi:i in
tixtlon Is given tn view of the extra
ordinary conditions in the commercial
aimed at the
overthrow of the Treaty of Versailles
and the restoration of Germany's pre
war frontiers and economic advan-
,. .f.,...,i nf Premier Lloyd
George a the conrerence m njuio m
accept the proofs offered by Premier
Millerand of Germany's complicity wn
world. The Republican policy of glv-jhc jjoishevlki and trGerman scheme
ing iirai. iiruii tv ..i....ii hsw- to ovprtnrow ine irt-Hii
tlnents will Insure against disaster to ncre before the Cabinet meeting of a
Industries situated as Is this one ; to cabed summary of the American note
uch a policy I gladly subscribe." , the Italian Ambassador ln Washing
Cott.mentlng on his telegram and the , torli whlch was accepted as supporting
tariff the Senator said : France's thesis and policy of non-con-
"1 think the country Is going td want tact with the Bolsheviki and as against
a Republican protective tarifr In tne y,e poiiCy of Great Britain,
near future as In years gone by. It Is i t,S nctlon hy tiie French Cabinet
goipg to need It as it did before the new i was fUny recognized - as precipitating
fieedom came, with Mr. Wilson. We tnP .risi.
cannot maintain American production at , France wants England to recognize
home If we buy our goods abroad and I rjen. Wrangel and to follow the samo
that applies to farm products as well as policy as do the French, but ll is
to all others. In that connection the doubtful If England will do so.
whole situation is mOre distressing than
the fruit conditions In California. We , Hforoiailon In Ju. Munition.
have an example in this country. Farm-1 The Information of a new and start
ers a short time ago were selling their ing chsracter was volunteered hy the
wool clips for 90 cents and now I am j French Foreign nrrice to-day In Justlfl
Informed they are putting wool lncation of tho action by France. More,
storage In Boston and not quoting ; over, It was said that all this lnforma
prlces for It. We are having a practical , tlon had been sent to Washington, the
demonstration of the economic necessity , sympathy of which Government If not
for a protective tariff." : ,H active support France was seeking
'on tl,e P'ea that a new comblnatioj
small Army not Best. j against her had been formed ln Eastern
While he favors a small army, he Europe,
wishes It to be the best In the world. According to the French Foreign Ofllce
Senator Harding stated to-day In a a German alliance with the Soviet Qov
telegram to Col. Morton C. Mumma, In eminent was formed through the me
charge of the rifle practice at Camp dlum of Vtctor Kopp, Russian Soviet
Pern'. The Senator declined an invlta-! trade agent ln Berlin, with whom Dr.
tlon to visit the camp. i Walter Simons. German Foreign Mlnls-
Clarcnce B. Miller, secretary of the ter. it was charged had been In constant
Republican National Committee, told the j contact during the last ten days. Also
Senator that a careful Investigation , i, was charred that Dr. Simons had dur-
ftptetol CaHs Uri-patt h to Tn Hi s ami Saw
YolK HSJUIA t opurieht, 1!0, 0)1 VWM Hl-
AMI NllW VUBK Ill-All !
LoNDOit, Aug. 12, lepjte the val
iant efforts which are being made ou
both sides of the Chiuinel to patch
up the AAglo-Frrach split over fl
joint Busao-Pollth policy, no ono here
Iws dared to predict the future ot the
Entente, which has dominated Euro
pean politics for fifteen years, should
Premier Lloyd (Jeorge's policy of
peace uii the Eusslan Soviet Oor
srnmcQt work out nutl Moscow make
just peace terms with Poland, while
Prance at the same time ws tiiitiim
the Moscow Government through Geu.
Baron Peter Wrangel.
Great Britain was officially noiineil
to-day of the action of the Paris Gov
ernment recognizing Geu. Wrangel.
despite the statements made in Com
moos insi night by Lloyd George that
such contemplated action had not
been discussed with hlui by. Premlci
.Millerand and that in his Judgment
such announcement must be erroueou.
When War Is Juatlflrd.
The Premier made a significant ref
erencc to-day to the Russo-Pollsh eq
uation In addressing a meeting of
common iiueruis. expressing, u
fervent hope for cooperation eetween
Engtaod and France, which he win
lifid heeti "sanctified by the common
sacrifice,"' the Premier said :
"When the terrible question of
! a ftaff.Correspnndent of Tnz Box asp New
Yosi BaSAtD, Copyright , 1K0, 6v Tne Si n
and Nrw Ynns Hsbalp
Paris, Aug. 12. The long expected
attack on the life of Premier Eleu
therlos Venizelos of Greece came at
10:40 o'clock to-night just ns the
Greek Premier was boarding a train
for Nice, en route to Athens. He had
lust said good-bye to the Greek Min
ister In Paris and stepped from the,
train platform in the Gore dc Lyon to
his train when two .mti suddenly
sprang toward him and one of them
began to Are a revolver. He emptied
three chambers of his weapon when
bis companion began to shoot, nring
five shots at Mr. Vcnlielos.
The Greek Premier was wounded ln
the right hip and left shoulder. He
was taken to a private hospital in the
Rue Bizet in the automobile of the
Greek Minister in Paris.
It was said at the hospital that his t peace or war has to be decided our
wounds were serious. At midnight hisj flrsi duty ns n Government is to the
condition in said to be as satlsfac- J people, who trust us not to commit
tory. as could be expected considering
the nature of the wounds, the age of
the victim and the shock resulting
from the attack.
The shots caused areat excitement in
the railroad station, and when It became
known that an attempt had been made
on the lire or tne urees. rreinra "
their treasure to auy unjustifiable
venture. Nothing but the most Im
perative coll of national honor, na
tional snfety and national freedom
can justify war. Before the country
is committed to it, even In the most
limited form, we must be satlsfleu
crowd surged around the would-be us-1 these are i peril."
.uei TruJ,t Comapny. in Washing
n su-eet. and a thousand policemen
- ,l'iii;n
Planet to Starch To-day for thousand majority It will be a terrific
f B-v foray, for that's the way they do things
housing, and no doubt from their efforts
will come some suggestion looking to
setting the extraordinary ses
sion at a date that will give them all
mnle nnoortunttv to nresent for con-
I""' flunk's, sa arieri clerk. .nH 41. n 4K.lr o 1 ,,,, .ui. I
Wr white enii.r nn.kam .. I. J .. .v.. v.,. i fivinc for two hours over the waters
"t elAments ihm the ti.t ne ,. ' L- ,fi..i,i. w. i !,,. ,,,111 .IrhWd lute this after- . . 1. mnt nrlmirv ami outstanding
r.nrf'c a ' menis. mwu ". v.... - u, uuc, , ,i, - - -- mu. - . r
a aeposltors chiefly consisted) con- 1 .1.. .,nfv I. .a rreat th.t ..uin. 1 , ... f n.. mi... win. an .nd haaic. It Is Wilson, lhat issue--
Southampton, L L, Aug. 12.-
' In these parts.
Aviators I Wilson la tho lsane.
There is only one Issue. And that
made In the Dakotas, Minnesota and
Montana shows a strong Republican
drift. The farmers want a business ad
ministration, Mr. Miller' said. Similar
Information was conveyed to the turn
ing this time been ln close contact with
the Moscow Government direct. The
French assert that they have evidence
that Dr. Simons admitted to the German
Socialist chiefs that the aim of the
sasslns and besan to beat tncm. 1 hey
were kicked and cuffed and were in
danger of being mobbed by the crowd
when the police fought their way to the
two men and arrested them. Even as the
police were taking them away from the
railroad station cries of "Lynch them I"
were heard.
At first It was thought that Turkleh
Nationalists were responsible for the at
tack on Mr. Veniselos's life. When the
two assailants were taken to the police
itatlon they declared that they- were
Greeks, however, but were said by the
police to have admitted thst they had
lianned for a long time to kill the Greek
Premier, whom they characterized as an
oppressor of Greece. They gave their
names as Apoetolos Serppls. formerly a
L'eu'enant In the Greek navy and now
omploved as a correspondent by the
Athens Journal d In Bourse, and
Georges Thyrlakls, formerly a lieutenant
of engineers In the Greek army.
Vote to Be Taken on Wage
Boott and Price Cut.
ln worried groupsi on the street
I n zl trode lnto the office of
1 States District Attorney Galla
j ISd surrendered himself. He tliere
' anticipated the Government authorl
p a few minutes.
."Ml as taken before United States
"Wontr Hayes, where a charge of
tn mails In a schems to defraud
rr'f"Ted against him. The warrant
Jr"nea 'hat Pomtl solicited moneys In
j that advised the recipients that
., 1 nil. proposed using the moneys
obtained. In dealing In International
reply mupons. While the author-
re not yet telling (If indeed thev
I" What Ponzi was doing with
Hoi i lie did receive, thev Insist
international, postal reply coupons
nothing to do with the vait profits
" t the defunct Midas.
"Jir ? four lawyers, Daniel H. Coak
v Melsaac, Judge Llveron!
a Continued on Fifth Pas.
of four months ln the passage of help
ful legislation Is a gain or which advan
tage must be taken."
MAN. 52, AND GIRL. 16.
Artist Had Been Warned to
Stop Courting Waitress.
.u . nrnnvvlll. fln.Hnr .nm Wll.nn-la COPiprenenBlV C. 11 lllCIVHien
distance off shore. Rowboats took the the league of Nations the Treaty of
body from the water. Miss Wing, who 1 Versailles, taxes, nartlme Inefficiency,
was a sister of Thomas E. Wing, senior ; broken pledges and every other ruinous
member of Wing ft Russell, attorneys, shortcoming of the passing Admlnlstra
of 14 Wall street. Manhattan, went tlon.
boating yesterday with William Russell, j In Connecticut the natives never
12 years old, said to oe an invalid, tne
son of Philip Russell of Srarsdale. a
partner In the law firm.
They did not return and a search
early this morning revealed the over-
Inee by I A. Caswell. National Commit-1 Berlin Government Is not to recognise
teeman mom .Minnesota, wno headed aithe Versailles treaty.
delegation from that State to invite the I in further Dursuance of this agree-
Senator to speak at the Minnesota State menL It was said. Herr Laufenwlrth, a
Fair on Monday, September I.
noted Communist-Nationalist leader of
rostlNUfd on Third Pane.
The Senator Is quite pleased with the I . .ni.red the Bolshevist lines
outcome of the Ohio primaries fight. He i , company with a member of the Ger
sald: I think we have nominated a!man aeneral staff and Is now at
strong ticket and one I can commend I jrajtm wn)re he perfected a military
strongly to the people of Ohio," wUh ,he Boiah.vikl. whereby ma-
1 terlal military aid would be given by the
Klna; Albert Sets Sailing Daj-. aermans. beginning with a systematic
Bat.-ssts. Aug. 12 King Albert and i sabotage of the railroads of the Danxlg
f.'ueen Elisabeth will sal! on their visit ' corridor and concentration of German
to Brazil September 1.
Emmitsbuso, -Md.. Aug. 12. J. Ford
Thompson, artist. 62 years old. ion ot a
Washington physician, and Ma.-y Han
nah .Snearlpger. IS years old, waitress i
turned rowboat three miles at sea. The
efforts of searching launches proving
fruitless an airplane company on Ix)ng
Island was asked to send down a plane, i
The Wings have occupied a cottage in '
. n- . 111 .,.!., All ....II.Kl.
at the Hotel Slagle here, commlued sul- , "a ln .earc7,lng foV the,
clde near here reatordar. Their bodies Thc a.lrplane will go out again
were found this altcrnojn at Hal nun. t0lo(,k for the body of the!
about two miles from here. j '
Thompson was notified some days ago j . ;
thst he must no longer pay attentions nKt pj'S Kt'MYSW
to the girl on account of W extreme I ru,i rtlrtjUnitni lor th. tired bnslneee seen, i
youth. f
1 1. M. al Mala erfice. SSS nraadsrar
I P. M al fermer Herald Office, Rersld
BwUdlnf. Herald Sqoare.
I r .. at all other Branch Of flees,
(gbeatlons llaud oa Editorial Pegs.)
- 1
( r. M. Seturaa) al Main ufflce, xs
5 P. M at former Herald Office, Herald
Bolldlng, Herald Sqaore.
I P. M. st all other Branch Offices.
tLoratlaru llatod on Editorial rage.)
officers who have been fighting with the
Reds In Intermediary, territory.
Colncldently. tho French Government
says, the German delegation conferred
In Vienna with Karl Renner, Austrian
Chancellor, and Brantskl Vsrschwaskl,
Red emissary In Austria, for the purpose
of reaching an agreement for united ac
tion by the Bolsheviki. the Germans and
the Austrtsns In the event Hungary
should send troops to Poland's aid, as
the Hungarian Government has offered
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Kew Aadro la, stew tlMfjsi, I- I. Keel-
Jntial)jStH. American elan. Knott Mgt. Adv
Fpedal Cable Despatch to Taa Srs asp Naw
Yosa Hbmld. CopvHoM. lf, bv Tn Bra
and Nsw Yosg HSSAU).
London, Aug. 12. The dispute be
tween the coal miners and the Govern- j
ment has now reached the stage where
It seems very likely there will be a coal
strike early next September. A con
ference of miners' delegates at West
minster has Just decided unanimously
to call on the miners to take a ballot
whether there shall be a general strike
to enforce a reduction In the price of
domestic cosl and an Increase of wages
to the amount of fifty cents a day. The
vote will be taken shortly.
The conference turned down the sug
gestion to demand only Increased
wages, dropping the demand for re
duction In coal prices. It preferred to
fight on the original demands made at
the Leamington conference. Labor
circles consider the oltuation ns very
Minion in Vienna AUo to
' Reopen Relations.
Paris. Aug. 12. Bolshevik plenipoten
tiaries have arrived at Berlin to resume
diplomatic relations between Russia and
Germany. It Is reported In a despatch
received here to-day from the German
The message adds that another mis
slon has reached Vienna from Russia
with a view to renewing relations with
Father John's Medicine to their children ue
causa it l safe-no dauga. av.
His hearers assumed the Premier
referred to possible war with Soviet
The Minsk armistice and peace con
ference has been postponed until next
Saturday. Thorefore It Is impossible
at this time to say what effect the
French action of recognition of Gen.
Wrangel as the head of tho de faeto
South Russian Government will have
ot: these negotiations.
See Impossible Term of Reds.
But tho fact of the postponement of
the Minsk conference Is construed lien
as meaning that the Soviet Govern
ment, In spite of the Lloyd Georg.
notes and the Premier's efforts to has
ten peace between Russia and Poland.
Is continuing its policy to delay the
opening of negotiations until Warsaw
tails, when the Bolsheviki will de
mnad terms of the Poles which not
even Lloyd George can accept.
Within a stone's throw of 10 Down
ing street, where Premier Lloyd
George presided over a Cabinet meet
ing this afternoon, the- correspondent
of Tub Sun and New York Hbraj.d
was told by two persons who usually
speak authoritatively two widely di
vergent viewa of the situation. The
first declared that the Reds would
soon make the necessity for the re
uniting of the Entente "violently evi
dent." The second asserted that all
misunderstandings between Great
Britain and France were capable of
being straightened out by mere ex
changes of views, a personal meeting
between the two Pr tnlers not being
However, neither of these men de
nied that there was wide divergence
between Great Britain and France over
tho question of a Russo-Pollsh pollcv .
Tfie only doubtful element was whether
the split might lead to war for Eng
land, she being forced Into It try Franre.
or whether France wouti sustain her
self In a war against Russia, while
England made peace and opened up
trade with the Russians.
People Behind Premier. .
In all quarters it was accentuated
that Premier Lloyd George spoke w.ith
the unanimous voice of the British peo
ple In the House of Commons on Tues
day night, and that the British .i
going to stand nn the policy he enun
ciated then, whether or not France fol
lows. Even Lord Northcllffe. a consistent
champion of France against Lloyd
George, In tVe London Times this morn-
h.g. nfter reviewing Instances like the
occupation of Frankfort by France and
when he hammered his own Government
for what he declared was neglecting
France, says: "Isolated action of the
kind suggested by this reputed announce
ment b the Quul !''' i cannot con
duce to tho ends all sane and Intelligent
citizens of the two nations desire."
This was written Inst light when all
London, like Premier Lloyd George In
tbs House of Common, could not hfteve

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