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Pertly cloudy to-day, to-morrow fair;
not much change in temperature ; gentle
variable winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, (3; lowest, 7a.
.,ulM weather report wUl b found uu pge in.
The amalgamated SUN AND HERALD
preserves the best traditions of each.
In combination these two newspapers
make a greater newspaper than either
has ever been on its own.
0tv Taxes, Peace Not
War, Promised to Wheel
ing Throng.
Tniu Three Times in Ohio
Before Facing West
Virginians Twice.
MaJoney Mansion, at Which
1 ! Cardinal Gibbons Is Guest,
Central Field Coal Miners
Decide on Wage Demands
CLEVELAND, Aug. 14. After
several hours' discussion to
night the representatives of the
miners on the joint scale com
mittee of the central competi
tive soft coal field announced
that an agreement had been
reached on the wage demands
they would make to the opera
tors. They refused to divulge
tho amount until after the scale
had been presented to the operators.
$100,000 (jEMS
Workin? People Said to Be
Ground Down by Capital
ists of 0. o. r.
Mysteriously Entered.
., . , t... ... .... Same Band Believed to Have
.-.,, ,.f, n f of il l. Hl'N AND
py q t-iu www""'
New YniK lint a in.
Wheeling, W. Va.. Aug. 14. Gov.
Basehnll Man Tells Swann's
Aids of How He Went
Out in Lambs Club.
Had Four Quarts of Liquor
Before Taxi Hide and
Slavin's Injury.
Inquirers Find No Benson for
Alarming Bulletins of Pa
tient's Condition.
Miners of Central Field
Demand $2 a Day Increase
CLEVELAND, Ohio, Aug. 14.
Representatives of the miners
on the joint scale committee of
miners and operators of the cen
tral competitive bituminous coal
field, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and
Western Pennsylvania, at a joint
conference to-night submitted to
the operators a demand for a
supplemental contract calling for
a wage increase of $2 per day to
all day and monthly laborers and
an increase of ten cents per ton
on both pick and machine min
ing, both retroactive to August 1.
! $600,000,000
Government Will Tay . Six
Months' Losses Back to
Committed $10,000 Jewel
Bobbery Later.
After a Inn delay there came nut
yesterday John J. McGraw's story of; Total of $900,000,000 Must Be
Cox, fighting every foot of the way
UTAH Ohio Into West Virginia to-1
div made a bitter assault to-night,
"' . Special I" Thi SrN asd Ngw na Hiiiaid.
upon the Senate Republicans who re-
up , ' ,, . , Spring I.akb Beach. N. J., Aug. 14.
fated to ratify the Wllsnnlzed League '
,u ' . .. . . i The summer home of Mr. and Mrs.
Of Nations. He charged In the broad- ...,w,.
.ii uu .ea4uur ui uiwiurn'iiKr, nunc
Mt terms that they were attempting ; m
cok ' I nr-A na K Km l ig chnnd no h Slim.
Pisbursed Rate Increases
Eases Situation.
his adventures of last Sunday, when
h was knocked out in the grill room1
of the Lambs Club, and when John C.
Slavln. one of his actor friends, re- ,
celved a fractured skull before the
n miiio Washington. Aug. 14.. Government
door of McGraw s domicile. ,
The tale was that tho Giants' man- . . . . hllh,.. ., imn .lmfwt
t term, that they were attempting Mnr,,n fWo" of Philadelphia, where, The taIe was that the Giants man- Spptmbpr prohaWy wl Jump almost
dishonor to America and,' Cardlnal ''IB0011 ts spending ths sum- ! Bger was "clouted on the Ivan with a $100,000,000, It WW estimated to-day y
10 ' nK v, " lie ntine to mtr' wn roDbed of Jewelry and silver j water bottle when In an altercation at Treasury officials, nearly two-thirds of
further, that they were a t mp p w mm by thesnlans' rendesvOUSi and that h this sum representing straight out
rtttla eontroi or me ne mmy u . m u Utf ,n the nght , know ..whRt lhp aevll hap. pavmPnt. , thP railroads
an arrogance that Is without prece- .... . ... . ithJ , , I The roads will hav.
i thtnvofl .li.v.ri tn hflvp hoen -the - ih.t
. .......v.. ........... - i t 1 1 ' i luin in ...
' am. win, hrr,U liltn tho MnlonpV ; m.., i- mm v.A nM It h. hn nrt
. . . ....v - inni la iu n?. n w
GOV, Cox's speech to-night, delivered li0m((i goIve( the combination lock of , .. -,..vr nl how Blavin and
at a mass meeting on the river front, a afe In the summer home of Samuel : w)nn1(j Liggett carted him to the wash
was the fifth of a vigorous day in Metzer. an official of the Guggenheim n of the club an(, erlspd some o lhe
... ... . Cnrnorntinn in Allenhurst. near ,B-, . .. . , . li .
whrli the uemocratic nominee ht- r r ' ' ' J . . , , .,.,,.1 traces or tne Drawi irom nwwuiiwwm
tiled Iti mile, from Columbus by HSSoLwOW "' I how they conveyed hint later to a
tomobile. He spoke In Zanesvllle. I None of the m'inl.ers of the Maloney taxlcab. Neither can he recall a Single
s..t,iM ,) St rlairaville. Ohio, family would discuss the robbery to- Incident of his trip with them to his
The roads will have computed
amounts due them under tno oovern-
ment'a guarantee against loss for the
six months ending September 1 by the
middle of the month, it was said. The
Interstate Commerce Commission has
estimated that the total guarantee
which will have to be paid will run be
tween $500,noo,ooo and $600,000,000.
A heavy drain also Is expected on tno
r.mVlrlM and St tJlalrarlua. unto, rain y WOUId aiscuss me ronuiry w inaunii " 'v - - -
Cambridge and St. aw . ., wa9 Mrn(4 ,hat private hom, at 109th street and Broadway. J30n.n00.000 revolv ng fund by the trans
and this afternoon addressed the West , .naed and arc- rf.,, it,. .Idswalk in portatlon act'for tho purchase of ne
afternoon addressed the West j ;-;, ; navrbeen engaged and ro! ,h n, on the sidewalk Importation act'for nc purchase of new
Virginia State convention In session Maroh ng lhe MtatP for clues. It la re- . , whlch mlgnt ac. , equipment, imwuwi row j
The two paramount Issues lht ;r.hfrL ,tol ' rver! vaLbl. the disappearance of two teeth from tt lt , though! the rosds will have
campaign Gov. Cox described as: First, jkjjcti which had been given to Mr. the front of his nouth nnd a cut 08 his dlff,.uty In borrowing the propor-
wkithtr or not the I'nited states Is Maloney, who is a Vapal Marquis. tongue. tlons of their equipment needs rrora iPrt-
. , nnv ta tha League of In fact, McGraw says, he was dead yit OAplta required by the commission
to Wcome a pan5 to in " i SrrTnt' Aid Suaprctcd. . t0 the world" until two detectives called toP part,.,,ati(.n in Government loans.
Nations; second, whether readjustment, det(tlves have declared ! upon him early Sunday afternoon and Wltll tbJl outao from the Treasury
Women With Children In
Arms in Crowd Dispersed
by the Police.
Creditors of Rival Concern
Also in Scramble for Re
turn of Money.
Said to Have Advised Against
Sijrniiifi: Russian IYace
Hidden Assets Soulit and Res
titution of 'Winnings' Will
Be Demanded.
British Labor Appeals to
Workers Across Channel
for Support.
Cp-inl to Tus 8in An Nr.w ToSI fflBUU.
Boston, Aug. H. While I'onzl was
safe from harm, smiling in his cell at
the East Cambridge Jail to-day. his
angry creditors stormed the office of
the Attorney-General at the State
House and started a riot as they de
manded their money back and called
for the life of Ponzl. Police and spe
cial guards hftd to be summoned to re
store order. AtirlintF tit, nun nmhituwiilor in the
under the "
Sprrinl fnble Pftpalch to Till Br ami Niiw
fOBX Hrrai n. Cnpiripht, lOtO, by Tub Hi n
ami Nnw York Herald.
London, Aug. 14. London hears that
the French are advising the Poles not
to sign tho peaco terms presented to
them by the Bolshcvtkl, and that
Warsaw is stiffening for another bat
tle that will bo to her what the battle
of the Marne wits to France a fight
to save the capital.
Meanwhile the London "Soviet" is
Most of the people were
impression that money was being paid
person en YV. Adamson, chairman of
the Labor party in the House of Com
aftt On the notes and that It was a case ,. n, ,.
of first come, first served, t or this . ntQ ,oca,
reason there was a scramble to get ! C0UncUi whctner or not
close to tho doors of the AttttW-1 uoh couno,s bfi ln a,.cordance with
General's office, In which men, women . (ho con.
and children tOUght for positions
Shouts of "Give me my money.
"Kill Ponzl!" "Kill BrlghtweU!" "Tear
them to Dieces!" "Give me mme-or pay
stitutlons of the French labor organ
isations. At this hour there is no news here
from .Minsk, where tho Russian teovlet
i. BMtMkM ..mf.ili, helieve reduction
thev he eve tne mieves wr umm , - , - bi-.u I di.m.
' .... , m-A map. an, i tlnii him about the injuries of SlaMn, A thm ,,hi. dsht mav be somewhat CV
were Questioned In order.' if possible, to 'who was In St. Luke's Hospital. tailed, although reductions will continue
i The private detec ives nave nee area i upon ibmi -
(.. ( In h nniilr the SUS- , 1 nB rr"1" . .. ...j .V... than hn Hima to oues-
..".ii vi.c ..o. .. ... - . , . ,k nra. .uu r. ...i,in nv mm i n iiini in, ; ......
... m - .. e.n. """ V" " :"""' u. -K. ,h intt
;f8 or ine A"?iiiui i.uv j'nij,
.-.ntrh nrncresslve thought, or the
1 ....... j.jL0r!K.,i an tvnlfvinr mi .t ih hot torn of the theft. The de-
, . tectlves believe the robbery occurred be-
UH rh. eeo- tween 11 o'clock and midnight, before, ail
, 'If you re m e eeo-, membcri 0, y,. (amy hBd &
t.omica lt represents through the reduc- ,
lion ot armaments," the nominee de
! tlrl.
I . . . . .. fr.nn.a nnmilil.. th rn -
nun vi .iuiwov,.. .-- . AnB ..luiuntj uuiii" uv.r-.-
flirad stiDDort the Governor of Ohio at , ,, . . t.M civ block in Spring lAke
tht November election. If you are for Beachi and )8 entirely surrounded by
Mr 3" ' th ure.1t AXDCnS that mUSt Ammm fnliim and flower Kardns.
follow, aupport the Republican Senator ( around all of which Is a high steel
Gats Fonr Qnarts of Whisker. j It is emphasis d
As to how the rumpus in the Lambs' J cvf mgmSIAl' LSf.1 F Jffr)C
fold started McUraw furulshMl a few ;JW WAIT tlULC fkiUJ
Is generally considered .-,.'Jfril night
lh. S,"ebV ,Z? Mr,. WiUon Also n Machine
but he was able
of them. They 1
ile ana
, v,.riMi
onlv three
Grand Dad."
He had
' each. and. with
stance, had emptied
With Them.
i..... i
no oneV were heard on oery n.mu. , am, ,hp j.oli8n envoyB Hrc to meet to try
..,1 i. was feared that several would to negotiate an armistice and peace
" , , agreement. It Is the consensus here
bo seriously Injureu. (ha, f lhe dove nf p(..,r anouui alight
The Pomi note holders and the Ola g. Mn(lk rKnt n0Wi ,v)tn .snippers on
Colony Foreign Kxchange Company nil sides, she would be a lucky bird If eho
aute holders seemed to have an idea got off alive.
. i ..n In hnth roni-
that aonil iu n v i
panics. On every hand there are cries
. ...L.t thA itian wlio
at enuiii" . . . . .w.i. that France continues her encourage
they shouted had roiiDea mini u. mh. . t of pol)sh ne,llgerency ,ven in the
life savings. Women with small chil- face of premer Lloyd George's etate
dren in their a,rms were in the centre ment that England will not fight for
of the throng, and their shrill cries any better terms than those which
or tne mro. , u f Moscow has offered to the Poles, pro-
could be heard shove the tumult of -JJJJ (lww terrns are
voices. j bona jje. But close obeervers here
I . ... .... ....
t rind Fi.nal'1 Plant. i Believe It IS qune possime win. wu.
French I raje on Poles.
t'nofflelal reports persist, however,
Bu ts asaeetatsd Prtst.
Wabiiinoton, Aug 14. Three kids,
follow, aupport the Republican Senator ! ar0und all of which Is a high steel ; of ther
(rem Ohio in November. It Is an Issue (ence. The gates are not locked MlMutdva
of peair or war; economy or conunuea , nt)ti Bnd entrance to the estate t h0ueht a auart
ipn for armament.' comparatively easy. So far as could : -finHa sWHstanre. had emptied j of a awlmmiig hole In Rock
... m. ihe learned the robbery was not discov- 'bottle. Regarding the last bottle k picked up to-day by
least. Repabllr.n. Atl.cked. , untU tnU morning. Mr. McGraw said . .President Wilson, treated to a forty
t. ...u ., ,u.,.k hut n.rrieii. : Ventrdv afternoon Cardinal Gib-; ,.t don't remember what ktnd it was. . . i. ... drnm.t nut
larlv In that to-night, Gov. Cox directed ' bona was the guest of honor at a re-1 I bought It from one of the boys em- ' g( home jn tQwn g0 pr0UlJ thP fot1t9
fire at the Senate Republicans, whom ' caption in the home of Mr. and Mrs. ployed at the Lambs ( lub. He asaeo , M no( hoM (hcm w,th R rope
bi rondemned with all the adjectives Samuel Hellner. Mr. and Mrs. Ma-j me if I wanted any more wnisKey, ana Th had jugt come from a dp
hi could emplov. He was extremely ; loney were also present, and It is said be got it for me. , !n Qn( nf th parK's gtreams and were
caustic In his attacks on Senator Har- ' that upon their return with the Car.li-; With at this firewater mm. rne roadw(iy wnen th(.y
ding, whom he described as a tool of nal to their home they found nothing Giants' chieftain sa d M Ill, lt saw the White House car and recog
tht Senate "ring " attempting brazenly , wrong about the estate. It was re- "'".J ' nlred the President. Off came their
to obtain control of the Government. 'ported to-night, that the thieves Ob- had to In err upt tl e mirth fuld OW ISIO a? Jfr w)((on arl)trad th( car
"The question Is for you to decide." ! talned property belonging to Cardinal try towr e mm 1 w ; a d hff WM , gtopre(i ,hey timidly approached and
ha A.r.r.A "...h.ih.r nnt von unl lllhhnna hut this COU d not be con- Know HIM agt' k r ."' . - ,. -i. olonir
.......... . , , - i n mood tO De SDuOyeU Will SUUl A RB.rU lion iir nn. Bv.....n 0
,rfic.,in. ...j.. ... ..ni,... nf er.,.urf it urs a d to some Quarters:"0 mooa io "e "Vr . ' . ...... u .v. o-.-M-n.
nronositlon. so he addressed a few cuss i "Hop In." said the President, and they
words to him. i hopped.
McGraw asserted that William H. Au along the ride they kept their
Boyd, who was standing nearby, resent- yM on the President and Mrs Wilson
ed his language because some scrub- j and anewered more questions tl.an they
women were present. Then the bac- gd. Water from tousled heads
chanal came to an abrupt end. Mc- I trickled over three sunburnt faces and
Graw said Boyd was the aggressor, al- i dropped on the President's shoes. One
though that man and a number or . younMer aucked to save the President's
others who were present contradict this. , d apoi0gjled. but was told not
McGraw said that he was knocked down : ' "
and that he sprang to his feet again i Cemlnf doWn cnnectCut avenue the
"Hly t 51 the actor, then ...d a rail 'ad.
F&VJLwTZrt 10 h,mdby T ,Th.
ta the dlwctlon of his head. Then, jrounaster n h"t iTOA a loaf
,.'... .n wn darkness. ! of bresd and gasped.
J t5. 5lta. oTThls timing narrstlve When the kid. got out all three shook
ware furnished bv the wounded diamond 1 hands with the President and his wife.
,, A. trt Albert lb OCR unger, AaniBiani , 'ub. " -
S2S Mtww: T!A. McGulre. 1 secret service man on the front seat
S S iclan I Uched to the Tombs, and to : The President smiled broadly, lifted hi,
Detective. Love and Fitzpatrlck of the hat and started home.
West 100th street station. An official -...,. ,
stenographer recorded every word. Mc JQ CENT GASOLENE,
Graw's own physician Di W Ban-j tAVtr.A1m AT TU AT
der of is Fort wasmngiun aoouo, iu Ai IKJll dls f i J nexi
was present
MeGrmW. Attitude rhamei.
McGraw's sudden desire to tell his
mm km, .n. ofRi-tnla rsmi to llffht SOOn
r r " .c v v
after tne appearand m an u, nno- ..p.cini ia r. u ...n .v ..wm.v.
papers yesterday of a statement from , Washinoton, Aug. 14. Gasolene will
' . . ... .... a....n ..vln. iH.t ho ih.,, 1 0 rent a ration
naajis:tn-nt unaer tne auspices 01 ; nrmea. 11 wa ehiu hi o"" ...
progress or under the direction of reac- i that none of the Cardinal's property
Uonarlea." J had been taken
The effort plainly was to add to the : ThleT MU. ,7.500 Xecklace.
Dsmocratli strength In West Virginia
n:h progressive forces as may be 1 The private detectives . believe that
iwayed from the Republican narty. in the thieves cached their loot after rob
the hope that this, with the labor rote, I blng the Maloney home, and then went
chiefly that of the miners, for whom j to the home of Mr. Metzer. There they
there 'was a special appeal, would carry : ransacked the safe, but overlooked a
the State for Gov. Cox In November. j valuable necklace, worth more than
"Serious times demand prudent , $7,500, which had been hidden behind a
ictlon," Gov. Cox said. "In a political : picture. A quantity of stocks and
campaign, when the welfare of every . bonds ta one of the drawers of the safe
man, woman and child In this country I. also was left behind. The loss was dls
concerned, plain talk Is demanded. The j covered this morning by one of the
Republican partv has passed into re- members of the Metzer family who went
actlonary control. The fight which ' to the safe to put away Jewelry worn
Roosevelt made to reform lt availed for I the evening before.
the time, but Its effect was not lasting. I Private detectives and operatives of
"Domination by political figures once the Asbury Park police force are lnves
slolemlv repudiated by the American tlgating, but so far they have not been
electorate Is unblushing and undented, able to find any clue to the burglara.
The men who control the United State. The list of stolen Jewels supplied to' the
Senate are determined to annex the police included a platinum dinner ring,
Preeldenrv to their domination, and in ; with three large white diamonds, a
what they believe to be a certain Re- i Jewelled bag. a diamond platinum watch
publican year they have done things and a pair of Jewelled opera glasses.
at tbty would not have dared to think
0tZp, they have .CHICAGO GOING DRY,
awed one f their own number for Presl- 71nuC 77") A I CCiHfml
4nt ,.d fhey have attempted to fasten ! UKtlO I U AlAjnJL.
noon the rank and file of the party their
creed of hate and Intrigue. They dls- gonJed Liquor Hard to Get at
wis plural government and with self- j 1 Prirm
rrttUmt candor. Their frankness Is to ; nny rrw.
k commended, because their purpose
hyoni question Is to make executive 1 Special to Th. Scn and Nbw Toag Hbiald.
a4mini.tfnn nn, ,h. ffir nf the re- I Chicago. Aug. H. Chicago 1. threat-
spnnsibie President himself but of the 'ened with a "liquor famine." Prior to the PP ted e at ; official, now are studying a tentative
fins that surrounds ilm. Senatorial pol-; Illegal whiskey Is now. reported by "ant mc ' statement i proposal of big refiners to cut down
iy ha. so often run counter to the gen- aloon men to oe scarce ai uo a case. "'' . ...j... 1 u.- . ronsumntion tnrougn an iniormai sys-
1 welfare that details are not neces
Consumption Now Far Ex
ceed Production.
papers yesieraay 01 a bwkuichi h nABninuiuj a- - n...v n-...
District Attorney Swann saying that he cost more than 40 cents a gallon
did not intena 10 wait rj miiaw iur uiruutiiuu. vow . ....... j . 1
McGraw and would lay the facts In tember 15, officials here believe, unless
Slavin's case before the Grand Jury. 1 refiners succeed in persuading Joyriders
Says s,nn te Is Dominated.
"At times the upper branch of Congress
" exceeded its constitutional author-
-j. .uu 11 is aominaieu nvw no... ..
rrogan.-, without precedent. I recog-
. t he scarce at 1130 a case, tempt of Mr. Swann 10 get a siemenc ." 7." an lnformal ,y.
Many sataon. hav. been unable to pro- from Mm. Mt "e! , m QnKn tern of raUonlng to apply In all forty
cure bonded liquor at all and have Men physician ,XnandLrutWta! . eight State.. The .ystem would be an
compelled to fall back on preparation, offlc. on toWtpto. tUi VJ I IL and...T,ul:
consisting chiefly of grain alcohol and
coloring matter.
"It's been harder to get hooch this
week than at any time since the pro
mention amenamrni ..m imu meet
, .er.n, alarming renin. " v. B..r.. poatg ana airpwica wuum
'' " wnnoui preceaoru. a ""-"a, ... . rviday to excuse his fa lure to ap-1 hv the rationing system.
that the people are restive; that .aid a Loop saloon man who was 00O- TWOays Attorney., office, i a. a. Satlon now Is
"ir mr(inn huv K.n Hxsn K ntfrred : ctiitoH on th ublect. "It isn't a aues- : Pear Bl . . i A,,r VVz . 2
vlted an official party uptown to que.- ' ...thnrltv thouarh lt
" " QUI TVI wxja iiauv" . w
Hon his patient. probaWy will hare the moral backing
Nothing about McGraw s condition, as f 0overnment officials. Approximately
the visitors found him, warranted all ; . 000 0u0 owners of automobile., power
. - .1... 1. . J V... .1.... ' . . . , A V. ....... A
alarming repona ii "u s"r" boats and airpiames wouia w wui""
.... vnA.v tn Axc.uae his failure to an- I w.. .h. ..iinnln. avatem.
more serl-
.... . . naar at tne lisirici. n.iiunieyo uuice. ' Tne SSS Situation livw ia iimm "wu-
-'r emotions have been deeply strrrea . , luited on tne suoject. t .sn t a ques- gj McQuir., who examined McGraw, 1 oul, than It has been for months. Con
h.!r conveniences have been Inter- ; tion of price ; you simply can not ft "2ftonea of brain concussion. Amotion Is reported a. between 1S.000,
reo with by the necessities of war, ana : bonded goods for love or money.
've. but
Dr. Mcviuire, wno eAimiiiieu .nnji.., ous tnan it n&a u.m i.i iu". j-
found no' evidence of brain concussion, sumption Is reported as between 18,000.
In fact the baseball man's condlUon ! 000 and 14,000.000 ajallons dally. Pro
.'. . i j...i k.,.v la runnh-iir nnoroxl-
M emersapcy taxes have been oppres- ! wM oul'te normal. ! ductlon, however. I. running approxl
B.:,.h ' vrr.d Chicago mayok wstp suit. Pr. Mcouir. and n of th. o,her mate.,- .
noo onn B-allona below con
Dr. Mcuuire ana an ot tne otner mtci .,vv." ...
I'm.. C f"- " 1 vtaltora as well did observe that one of sumption. ine aineianue r
?:n.rvU ie. naVrS ! for V.pn.d Te. ye. bore an ..rance .,-: X
tt ps. i . A Aln.t Him. ;t'v of a 3&J& 1 . lower than at thl. time last
i was not nominated by a Senatorial : .. ,.
2l nor any other kind of a ring. I j Special to "
Wis. to he ed to my front porch by j Chioaoo, A. 1 Wudgwent
'atonal ring. I deny it the right the Mayor, William Hale Th,
to holrt n.. .h..r ia i .h. for nonpayment of personal ti
tered Against Him.
summer thundershower. Tney noted also .... tha. at , b..
ttetui-D. I that various parts of his physiognomy ; ";in""0"f aprh the stores were the
aca nst : tnnt.n If thev had recently weathered ginning "i -v ' "
Thompson. I a gevere .torm,' and that the top of hi. biggest inea ,
Reds to Force Soviet
Government on Poles
gKRLIN, Auff. 14. Gen.
Weg-er, commnndinp; the
Fourth Bolshevik army in Lomza,
yesterday told the correspondent
of the Berliner Zeitung Am Mit
tag that Warsaw was surrounded
on four sides nnd its capture was
Asked whether peace would he
declared with Poland, Gen.
WcR-cr said: "Certainly it will."
He added that the Polish Soviet
Government, which he said had
been formed July 30, would pro
ceed to Warsaw upon capture of
the city and would concludo
peace "on a Soviet basis of the
rijrht of self-determination."
The headquarters of this .lew
Polish Soviet has been estab
lished in Bialystok, where it is
presided over by Julian Marchi
cwski (the German Pole who
joined the Bolimeviki while in
Russia at the time of the 1917
revolution). '
Fresh Troops Prepare for
Great Counter Drive to
Save Capital.
Fighting Forces End Re
treat and Regroup for
Decisive Battle.
Hods to Moot Polish Delegates
at Sledloe nnd Take Thorn
to Conference.
Hungarian Delegation Arrives
In Warsaw to Offer 50,000
Men and Arms.
Message From Moscow Prom
ises Wireless Facilities News
Services Represented.
d'Oraav has alven such encouragement
Large sums of money have been I t0 the Foles. ta accord with the sincere
transferred by Charles I'onal to hie Kr(.,lCh opinion that there Is no use
wife, according to the best belief of Ed- dickering with the Bolshevikl, and that
win Pride, the auditor who has been if tlie fight comes It might as well come
going over Ponzi's accounts for United ow as ater. It was pointed out here
States District Attorney Gallagher, and that the French were encouraged in this
Mr. Pride also believes that a goodly belief by the quasi support Indicated
part of tha millions collected by Ponzl n President Wilson's note to the Italian
and his agents haa been deposited In the Ambassador In Washington and by
name, of .others. Mr. Pride takes the Premier Lloyd George's admission that
view that the money transferred to Mrs. ; he did not actually advise the Poles to
Po.txl can be recovered. i sign what was offered to them in th.
"It can be taken from her, and Iti way of peace terms,
will," e aald. "lt does not belong to There Is no doubt, however, that If
her. It Is money that was obtained France holds out hope to the Poles that
under fraudulent pretences, to be used results In unreasonable resistance to
for fraudulent purposes In going after reasonable terms, she will have to go It
what may be called Poml's concealed alone.
assets we shall reach the large amount: The action of the British Laborltes
transferred to or deposited In the name yesterday In empowering the Central
of Mrs. Ponal. It will be easy for us Council to call a monster gtrlke without
to show that the amount placed In her : a strike ballot, which all the organlxa
name came from investments of Ponil'a ', tlons' laws demand ta the event of war,
creditors. 1 . was not regarded here as actually se-
"I do not think she had anything be-: rlous, because, as has been outlined in
fore Ponii started on his get-rlch-qulck ! these despatches, the most conservative
activities, and I believe It will be easy , British capitalists are Just as violently
to show that" opposed to further military "adventures'"
None of the monev transferred by as are the most radical Laborltes, and
Pon.l to his wife has been deposited in : the entire country la solidly behind Pre
the Hanover Trust Company,. according jmler Lloyd George's endeavors to reach,
to Examiner Pride, who made this as- sn agreement over Poland which will
.ertlbn with such emphasis as to Indi-1 lead to subsequent negotiations for peace
cate that he was fully aware where the throughout alt eastern Europe,
donations to Mrs. Ponzl had been lodged Nevertheless the departure by labor
end that they could easily be reached. 1 from the principal action of the council
Mr. Pride also purposes to see that yesterday was. severely hammered to
the Ponzl monev deposited under other : day. Exemplifying the uncertain re
names Is uncovered, secured and made suits of such illegal proceedings as were
available for assets. Just at present adopted by the labor leaders yesterday
he admits he Is entirely In the dark as- It was pointed out that their meeting
to the amount of Ponsl's assets, navlng decided against Interference with the
devoted practically all his time to data French worker, on the ground, that the
In arriving at some conclusion as to movement was national not Interna-
the six. of the liabilities. This task tional. Ana yet touajr tno tuuni... ... e dlegat0n's
ha. been a particularly difficult one ow- effect rejected Its own principle, and J ffont Saturaay at
tag to the state of Ponzi's account, and
the practical Impossibility of finding out
how many notes had been sold.
Poa.l Hold. HI. Front.
Ponsl arose this morning at 6 after
a fine night's sleep and to all appear
ances was npt ta the least disturbed by
the fsct that he spent the night In Jail
Instead of his home In Lexington. He
conferred with his lawyers and appar
ently Is confident of his early release.
An Interesting outcome of the case
Is the formation of a note holders' pro
tective committee, which propose, to
prosecute all Ponzl winner, of the past
four month, who do not give up their
winnings for the benefit of all Investors.
The committee also proposes to lend all
assistance possible In the task of un
earthing Ponsl assets.
Bank Commissioner Allen to-day or
dered the Polish Industrial Association
sent Mr. Adamson to Paris.
Crl.l. Believed Past.
Every effort Is being made by offi
cials here to make it appear that the
country and most of the Downing street
offices are closed. It was announced
that King George would go on his trip
to the northern moor, next Monday.
He wa. to have gone there for the
Bv the Anstclalrd Pr'tt.
WARfsW, Aug 14 --The Polish peace
delegation, consisting of sixteen mem
bers, who are to meet Bolshevik repre
sentatives to discuss an aj'mlstlce and
peace, left at dawn this, morning for
Minsk, where the conference Is to be
They er tered the Red lines soon af
terward in twelve automobiles.
Tha string of autoVnobllea carrying
the delegates streamed out of the capi
tal Just as day was breaking. They
are scheduled to pass the frontier east
cf Slerllce before 7 o'clock, where they
will meet Bolshevik ofilecrs, who will
conduct them to Minsk.
Some at the delegates have not tieen
to bed for two nights. A night's prepa
ration, with conferences held up to the
last moment at various bureaus, pre
ceded the start.
Considerable baggage was taken by
tho delegates, in addition to the rec
ords and reference books. Packages of
food, enough for an extended stay If
necessary, were alsor carried.
Gen. LJatoWskl heads tile military ex
perts, while among the Diet members of
the party are Stanislas C.rabskl, the na
tional Democratic leader, and Norbert
Barllckl, Socialist leader.
The party left Warsaw led by three
Polish officers in an army automobile
which saw service in France. Three
new staffs around which were wrapped
white flags could be seen beside the
chauffeur of this car. On the hood ot
the automobile was perched a teddy
hear. '
Four of the delegates are military of
ficers, six are Foreign Office represen
tatives, counsellors and advisers and six
are Diet leaders M. Dombskl, Under
Minister of Foreign Affairs, heads the
delegation. Among the members are M.
Wroblewskl, Under Secretary at the For
eign Office.
A correspondent of the Associated
Press and another correspondent ac
companied the party.
Prince Eugene Sapieha, Polish For
eign Minister, last night sent a wireless
message to M. Tehitcherin, the Bolshevik
Minister, announcing the Polish
intention to cross mu
the time and place
Spr.inl Cable D(JMtC f" Tim Si N and NsW
Y(ik llBHAi n. ( npviaht, J:. tK Tn. Bin
ami New Vosk Hbhai.u-
Warsaw, Auj:. 14.-The Poliill
Army hns now completed lt west
ward retreat end established n ne
nf defence along the Vistula and the
Strypa, where lt uwnlts a grent buttle.
There is a spirit of optimism In
this capital and the evacuation of
Warsaw has come to n standstill.
Polish state nnd bunk officials have
decided to remain here and carry on
business. Warsaw's streets are lively
to-day, ns a great part of the popu
latlon has turned out to bid farewell,
to the Midlers who are mnrcbliiK
toward the front. TV i tlii rt
these forces Is Rood ami hall BQlllp1
ment Is excellent.
Impromptu refreshmf.. thl Uh
food, nnd cipnrettcs for the soul...
nre tit all street crossings.
Many of these troops nre fresh nnd
cannot be regarded its men who have
such a spirit -ns would be expected of
troops which hud been forced to re
treat 800 miles lu n few weeks.
On the other hand, the Red, who
tire nttacklng the Tolish forces hnve
come n great distance at an exhaust
ing speed.
Tho Poles are hopeful to make their
stand good.
The Polish Army seems In a situa
tion not unlike that of the French In
both battles of tha Maine, where
fresh trorips occupying positions in
part prepared, halted nnd defeated an
enemy that had advanced too fast and
too far nnd was tired nnd somewhat
Mch had been arranged He said the
party would Include some thirty techni
cal experts, and suggested that a special
party of Journalists representing both
the Old and New worlds should accom-
rials has been passed. Premier Lloyd Tchltcherln ,.nt a wtreless reply
korge is passing the In the , foUow..
"Your delegation win De met at
time and place indicated. Every facil
ity for communicating by wireless and
courier will be granted."
Two representatives of the American
complicated the situation by announc
ing to-day that she naa aecreaiiea uount
della Toretta as Italian Ambassador to
Moscow. Like Premier Millerand's rec
ognition of Gen. Baron Peter Wrangel
a. head of the de facto Government of
southern Russia, this Is but In line
..ui, it.iv'a nnllcv. although lt come.
a private bank at 32 Cro.. street. North Lt a tlme when the whole world policy
End, to close its doors. Mr. Allen said ! towar(i the Russian Soviet not only
that the bank's cash was practically j han ln the balance but may entail a
wiped out and Its loans in bad shape. Armageddon.
Henry Chmlellrsh! 1. the president of ubaT further extended IU autocratlo
the bank. He is also president of to-day when it announced that
the recently closed Hanover Trust Com- councn 0f action, created yesterday,
pany. ta which Ponzl was bo deeply , d ctliltA on au members to make a
Interested. The Polish bank, according . f all munitions which they know
to Its latest statement, carried deposits 1 v. . nf nutnnfaeture and to
nt .... niin Th. rlmln. thm IT-- I lu " " V . . '
w mmmmtvvv. "UU ..vv.,. ' . .UU 11.11'
over Trust Company started a run upon
Its cash reserves.
opening of the grouse season yesterday, rel ,f;.an,laton. Herschel Walker of
but his trip was postponed. Phnan.tr.hla and Maurice Pate, received
On the other hand, Italy naa rurtneri -""-. . w IO acenmnanv
iriai rin. T rf.nv It th. rlcht the Mayor, William naie inompeon, g. .evere storm, ana mat tne top or nis
'o MM me th.'e muzzled In the face ; for nonpayment or personal taxes in head bore a supernciai cut aucn aa one ,
great public' emergency, and when 1915, was rendered ln the Municipal : m),ht receive by being knocked against
1 m elected 1 do not Intend that a'Court this afternoon by Judge Harry ,0me sharp edged article of furniture,
autorta! ring nor any other kind of'OLon. The amount which the Mayer' McGraw was In bed when his vis-
- in .vn me Wii have to pay into tne timers oa vook uors arrivea. inn no si up .u. a ie
"I believe In the Constitution of the'eounty unless he succeeds in winning minutes to permit the Tombs physician
'; "' ! State.t and the preservation of Jan appeal 1. $.S0 in taxes and costs. .'... . '
S5l ami rity between the three co- The county claimed IU2.50 for ltlS j Continued on Siienth Pap,
nat branches, as our fathers In-'taxes which the Mayor wa. also charged
Mad, each Maintaining Its independ-1 with havlrg failed to pay. Action for
f" ut not exceeding Its function. I ! this money was halted by the mysterl
"'V. in .volution rather than rvolu-l0u disappearance of certain tax office
Hon ui i . . .w. i
a-,ri i offer to the country a. tha
!; .... .., mm I.
-"f. cmiiiii ui p. uai u.a . aw
Cmt.1M( m TMri Pag.
Raw Oaralaw. taa.JU Jtaraas, U L eel
dantlal botel.Amerlca" plan. Knott MtV-vM.
Imported from Carlabad, Bohemia, Nature's
remedy for constipation, llv.r. atomach ant)
klanay diseases, rheumatism, etc. Beware
of lubitltutes. CARLSBAD PRODUCTS CO.,
Agents, SO West St., N. T. Adv.
t r. M. at Mala office. SSS Broadway.
S P. M. at former Herald Office, Herald
BaUdlng, Herald Square.
P. at. at all ether Branch Offices.
(Location! Uatad on Editorial Page.)
6 P. M. Saturaay at Mala Office, tSS
S P. M. at former Herald Office, Herald
Building. Herald souare.
5 P. M. at all ether Branch Offlcee.
(Locatloni Hated on Editorial Pat.)
report all increases ta manufacture, or
ders and output, wun a view to action.
This shatters the Premier's policy which
he outlined before the House of Com
mons In so far as concerns his dlstinc-
tion between giving aid to the Poles and
I making war on Russia. It will be re
membered that he Mid he might send
munitions to Poland, but he would not
l make war.
j Although the Government departments
I are closed, while officials are passing the
! week end out of the city, the labor coun
! ell of action Is taking no holiday. In
' fact, It 1. to m.et again at noon to
; morrow.
I It was emphasized officially here that
Continued on Second Page.
permission from Moscow to sccompany
the Polish commission to Minsk, where
they will confer with the Bolshevik au
thorities regarding 300.000 children for
merly cared for by the Americana but
now within the Bolshevik lines.
Strong Guard Ordered to
Protect His Life.
Geneva, Aug. 14. A telegram received
at Lucerne this morning from London
states that Premier Lloyd George will
arrive at Lucerne on Wednesday, but
that his departure depends on the devel
opments In the Polish situation. Owing
to a report of a plot against the British
Premier the Swiss authorities are tak
ing extraordinary measures to protect
Halt X'. S. Tare' Shore Leave.
CHinBorao. France, Aug. 14. Shore
leave for crews of American vessels hero
has been stopped.
The United States cruiser Pittsburgh Is
expected to start for the Baltic Sea, as
will also the French cruisers Marseil
laise and Gueydon and four French
The Greenbrier, all year-round, one night oa
compartment eleepera. Bookings PLAZA. Ad
Bp the A..crtntft Press.
Warsaw, Aug. 14. The Russians
attacking Warsaw have worked well
toward the rear of that city's defences
and are attacking Plonsk, within a
dozen miles of the Vistula, northwest
of the Polish capital, according to Fri
day night's official Polish communique,
available early to-day.
The statement says the enemy Is
advancing toward the Novo Georlevsk
Zegrje sector, north of Warsaw, and
that masses of Bolshevikl are attack
ing Nasielsk (twenty-two miles north
west of Warsaw) and Plonsk (six
teen miles west of Nasielsk and about
thirty-two miles northwest of War
saw). The communique announces that the
preliminary attacks upon these places
were repulsed by the Poles.
The roar of artillery on the battle
front could be plainly heard in War
saw. The Russians have brought up
artillery in the region of Radzymln,
Just south of the Bug.
President Pllsudskl In receiving a del
egation of citizens of Warsaw declared
to-day that the Government was firmly
decided to fulfill Its duty until th end.
He said the capital would be defended
until the last extremity.
A delesatlon from the Hungarian Par
liament visited the Vice-President of th.
Polish National Council of Defence and
renewed the Hungarian proposal to aid
Poland against the Bolshevikl. The
Hungarians are said to have offered to
place at Poland's disposal 50,000 men
and stores of arms and munitions, to
supply wheat and to furnish the service,
of the Hunsarian Red Cross.
Red. 31 Mllea From Waraaw.
On this northeastern front, along the
Bialystok road, tha Russians were
twenty-one miles from Warsaw, this
rhornlng's newspapers reported.
Before Saturday's dawn artillery
flashes were visible against the cloud,
to the north and northeast, and at time,
the sound of cannon could be heard.
People on the roof, of the highest
buildings watched the gun flashes until
the early hours.
To-day's communique ' concedes that
th. Poles withdrew further in the centra
of the Warsaw front, asserting it was
for the purpose of regrouping soldier,
who have fallen back upon the defetyc
line, less than twelve miles out.
But even more serious than the ap
proach in that direction, according to
observers, Is the situation northwest of
Waraaw, where some 2,000 Red cavalry
men are making rapid progress toward
the Vistula. The cavalry's right flank,
which follows the Prussian frontier, haa
been reinforced by Red Infantry soldier,
who have requisitioned the peasant.'
horses and are following closely upon
the heels of the cavalry.
The Poles sey there Is no chance of
the Bolshevikl crossing the Vistula
either below or above Warsaw, as th.
Russians have been doing habitually for
200 years In taking Warsaw from tha
west, and that all precautions In thesa
sections have been taken.
Pat Faith In Counter Drive.
It Is estimated It will require several
days before the Reds from the north
west reach the river. Meantime, tha
newspaper, continue confident that a

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