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Comptroller Says Bldiculous
Sums Are Sought for Many
Strango Items.
Service Involved Concerned
Extraordinary (irand Jury
Investigating Criino.
Crime Committed Week Ago
In Uptown Apartment Is
Still Unsolved.
Comptroller Cral rattled yenterdny
tho skeleton of tlie "ovemliadowins
crime" and the extraordinary iranl
Jury by pouncing on Charles I. New
ton, Attorney General, for alleged prod
lual and lll'K,l extniv-ifiinoo In the hir
ing of special aeputle. In a long letter
to Mr. Newton the Comptroller refers to
certain VOUebtTI cillinic for compensa
tion for William Hand, Nathan A.
myth and Itohert V- Manley, desig
nated iik special deputlee by the Attor
noy General. Mr. Cralr asserted that
tlitt voucher! call for a ridiculously large
amount, appe.ir to be only preliminary
to mure later and will not bo paid by
The thren deputies In question were
engaged In rosecutliiff the matters
brought before ;he extraordinary Grand
Jury. The Comptroller alleged that Mr.
Newton, according to the vouchers,
would be paying Mr. Itand at the rate
of 151,000 a year, Mr. Smyth at the
ntc of $30,000 a year and Mr. Manley
at tho lame rate. Hu further com
plained that the vouchers were not made
out properly; that they .were worded
"on account," as If for only a part of
compensation contemplated, and were
not cubmltted through the proper chan
nel via tlie Attorney Genoral's office In
"Besides the vouchers filed for com
pensation for these special deputies,"
Mr. Craig's letter went on, "a number
of others vouchers have been filed for
xpenses alleged to have been Incurred
by them, which Include a variety of
matters, such as services of secretary,
stenographers, private detectives, rail
road lare, hotel bills, typewriting, print
ing ard office equipment delivered to the
Office of Messrs. Jerome, Itand tt Kresel,
17 Wall street. New York.
"Only two of these vouchers for ex
penses have been approved by you per
sonally, being those In favor of Frank
B. Whipple of Genesco, N. Y., for trav
elling expenses from Geneseo to New
York city and hotel and restaurant bills
while employed hero as a stenographer.
AH of the other vouchers for expenses
have been approved by William Itand,
signing as iipeclal Deputy Attorney
General.' I do not know whether you
have given Mr. Hand any general au
thority to approve vouchers of this
character, and I would like to hear
from you In regard to this and be fur
nUhed with a copy of any such authori
zation. If given."
The city becomes the debtor for the
services Involved because Mr. Newton
superseded the District Attorney, upon
the order of Gov. Smith, In the proceed
ings of the extraordinary Grand Jury.
Directs Improvement of Hail-
road Strip to the Hudson.
Francis D, Gallatin's plan as Parky
Commissioner for extending the River
side Drive l'arkwuy westward to the
Hudson River water, Hue provided the
New York Central Jtallroad can be
ousted, meets with vim approval of
Mayor Mylan, who instructed the Com
missioner yesterday to proceed to Im
prove "the unsightly and uselcas strip
of land which now keeps the people
from tho shores of tho river."
"It la particularly fortunate," the
Mayor wrote to Mr. Gallatin, "that '.he
Now York Central Railroad Company,
by Its answer in tho ejectment suit
brought agulnst it by the city of New
York, has admitted Unit It does not
own thu land occupied by ltd tracks In
the bed of Twelfth avenuo, but claims
only and easement therein. Doubtless
the suit will result 'n still further
diminishing of the railroad's exorbitant
claims and permit you still further to
follow the Legislative behests with re
gard to the land."
Two Payroll Hnndits Obtain
81,100 and Escape in Stolen
Jersey Boy Killed and Sister
Seriously Hurt.
Walter H Walker of Point Pleasant,
N. J., and Mrs. Natalie T. McArthur of
123 Glfford avenue, Jersey City, were
dancing at Do Lisle s Hoad House near
Hrlelle late Friday night when they wro
arrested In connection with the killing
of Washington Dogg, 3 years old, with
an automobile driven by Mrs. McArthur
Mrs. Walker and Douglas Walker of 122
Clinton Hlreet, Clifton, also were ar
rested. The Iegg boy, with his sister Hvelyn,
6, and another sister, Kthel, It, were
crossing tlie street when tlie machine
struck them. The boy waa killed In
stantly and Evelyn Legg waa hurt
seriously. Ethel was not hurt The car
stopped and Douglas Walker carried
the boy's body Into his home, and then
with tho other occupants of the ma
chine left for the road house. The num
ber of the car Was taken by a neighbor,
who notified the police.
The four under arrest were arraigned
before Justice of the Peace Longstreet
In llriellc, who held Mrs. McArthur with
out ball und the others In bonds of
$5,000 each. Later they were taken be
fore County Judge Lawrence at Free
hold, who released them on a blanket
ball bond of (10,000,
Cotton Kiehsnge Is SO op Sept. 7.
The New York Cotton Exchange has
Issued invitations to the celebration of
the fiftieth anniversary of Its organiza
tion on .September 7. The ceremonies
will be held on the floor of the exchange
at 1 o'clock In the afternoon.
So Says Hylan, In Answer to Claim
of Realty Company.
Mayor Hylan's researches In musty
legal volumes resulted yesterday In a
letter to John V. O'Brien, Corporation
Counsel, supporting the hope of bunga
low owners at Hockaway Point that the
city owns their land and not a real
estate firm which Is boosting rents,
thereby forcing out some of the Inhabi
tants. Starting with record of 1S33, the Mayor
assembled data Indicating that the prop
erty was once part of Barren Island
and still is legally, and owned by the
city of Now York, as any one may see
by consulting Mulry vs. Norton, 100
New York Reports 429. The State was
first thought to have the clearer title
to the land, but In either case tho Mayor
holds that the real estate company Is
not the owner anl that the tenants can
be protected. He instructed Mr. O'Brien
to "take Whateveg legal action Is neces
sary to protect tho city's rights."
The theft of H0.J0O In diamonds,
$3,265 In cash nnd $1,500 In diamond
studded watches by two holdup men
who represented themselves as custom
ers at an apartment at 100 West 118th
street, where fiscnr Kookses conducts n
Jewelry business, was made known yes
terday after a week's sllenco enforced
hit the police.
Kookses, who was formerly In the
Jewelry business at 87 Nassau street,
now has a room In un apartment occu
pied by Charles Marks, and Is In the
"habit of seeing his customers there. A
week ago Saturday a man whom Kook
ses rccognlied as a former customer
called nt tho apartment nnd asked If
the dealer could supply him with a dia
mond to fit a ring he was wearing.
Kookses pulled out a wallet and was
about to show Ills diamonds when an
other man entered tlie apartment
He showed Kookses a shield and told
him he was un Officer sent to Investigate
a report of stolen property. Then the
two produced revolvers and took the
loot. The dealer gave the police the
name and address of his "customer,"
but he has not yet been found.
Two armed men entered the office of
the Madison Iron Works at 445 East
120th etreet yesterday and told the
bookkeeper, Irving Brodsky, they would
shoot If he offered resistance. Then
they made off In un automobile with the
company's payroll of $1,100.
Patrolman Harry Bachtle of the East
126th street station was fifty feet from
tho factory when the holdup occurred,
but the thieves worked so smoothly and
quickly that he knew nothing of the
robbery until the bookkeeper ran out
and gavo tho alarm.
The office which Brodsky occupied
alone Is separated from the factory by
a door which was closed when the men
Seven men arrested for the holdup
of fourteen persons In the Borough
Park section of Brooklyn were held over
until Monday In $10,000 bail each, upon
their arraignment yesterday In Flat
bush court. Detective Beatty of the
Hoboken police said he rccognlied one
of the men. who gave his name as Joseph
Relnall when arrested, as George Hten
rahan, a' man who hnd Jumped ball
while under two Indictments.
May End strike of Longshoremen.
Joseph Ryan, vice-president of the In
ternational Longshoremen's Association,
declared yesterday that the striking
longshoremen of the coastwise piers will
vote to return to work Monday night,
provided the nonunion longshoremen
new employed on the piers are dis
charged by the steamship companies by
that time. All questions.relatlng to the
wage scale are to be negotiated, Mr.
Ryan said, after the longshoremen re
turn to work.
27 W. 38th St.fJ N EW YORit J k
$12 'lALE
Women's Fall Footwear
THE high shoes illustrated are standard
models from our regular stock, always
good style, always in demand. In ad
vance of the busy fall season we offer them at
the uniform low price of $ 1 2. 75, tax included.
Typically "ShoeCraft" in their good leathers
and workmanship, they are both handsome
and easeful, with snug fit at heel. And you
can get the style you Want in the size you
Want nowhere else in town will you find
such a complete range of sizes.
Low Shoes, $7.50
To effect a quick clearance of our summer models
we have priced them at $7.50. Practically all
of them are shoes that are useful the year 'round,
some for dress, others for street wear with spats. As
these are broken lines, not all sizes are available in
each style. Two models are illustrated. Do not let
this opportunity slip by.
27 West 38th Street
Bdween Fifth and Sixth Avenues
ssrves railed to Disperse
"rowd at Proa Concert.
The voice of Joseph Rosenblatt, a can
tor, attracted such a crowd yesterday
to Chad Zedek Synagogue, at IKth
street, between Fifth and Lenox ave
nues, that police reserves had to be
tThe cantor tiad sung at Chab Zedek;
before, but then the audience of music
loverB was admitted by ticket. Yester
day, however, the rabbis decided to
make no conditions whatever and to
admit the public without preference.
The result was a throng of more thnn
2,600 persona Eight hundred of them
could ho seated. The rest were locked
out and beselged the doors.
Police reserves were called to quell
tho disturbance, he officers turned the
disappointed away while the voice of
Rosenblatt still echoed through the audl-
to.lum. 1
He Describes Conditions
Therm at a 'Stench.'
William H. Anderson, State superin
tendent of the Antl-Aaloon League, re
newed yesterday his attack on vice nnd
lliuor violations In Yonkers. This time
his attack Includes some shots at Mayor
"I did not name the Mayor In my
first statement," said Mr. Anderson,
"but since he has seemed to Include him
self under 'guilty officials' and has In
jected himself Into tho controversy I
cheerfully swept the Issue. The claim
made by him that ho has cooperated
with the Federal authorities is espe
cially Interesting, In view of the fact
that conditions were so rotten In Yonk
ers that I myself complained to the Fed
eral authorities and obtained a promise
of a Federal Investigation. Somo ar
rests were made, but one of the ap
parently protected saloonkeepers In
Yonkers came so near murdering one
of the Federal agents and so much fuss
was kicked up over It that the Federal
authorities temporarily dropped their
Investigation before It got well started."
Mr. Anderson described conditions in
Yorkers as a "stench," and said he had
reoelved many letter from reputable
cltliena of that community of complaint
against tlie distribution of liquor.
Mr. Anderson said his expose of
Yonkers was Intended to "call attention
to a condition which exists In a very
large degree elsewhere In Wostcheeter
county." He promised In due time to
unfold some "very simple, fur reaching
plans to Insure the Yonkers public get
ting the Worth of Its money for Its
taxes used In supportkig the police and
other city olllclaU."
frown 1'rlnce Carol Leaves Frisco.
fOtMpi Aug. 11, Crown
of numtnlu was en route
rrlnre Carol
to-day to l'ortland, Ore., after a visit
here of two days. H'i expected to visit
BMtUa before proceeding eastward.
La Verne Davies Filee Suit in
Supreme Court.
La vtrne Davies, a former Lieutenant
In the United States Army, who won a
verdict for 1150,000 damages against Al
fred C. Harrison, Jr., for alienating the
affections of Huby M. Davies, sued her
yesterday for divorce In the Supreme
Court, g. He names Harrison, alleging
that ho visited her In hotels and apart
ments here while her husband , was In
The divorce charge Is n counter claim
to tho separation action which Mrs.
?i.i, m t, . n few weeks aao. She
complained that her husband bad failed
to support hor and Had ananaonea ner.
In Mm (,ll.nntlnn Mil It Davies declared
h. llnrrlann ahnwered flowers. Jewels
and opportunities for amusement upon
Mrs. Davies.
When tho alienation suit was caiiot
for trial Harrison, who Is the owner of
plantations In Cuba and of business li.
trrests In Philadelphia, was on his ny
abroad. A Sheriff's Jury found the W
diet against Him by default. Hi attor
neya stated that he would reopen th
case In due time and defend It upon Iti
130 Will lee frew York To-day,
Then Go to Washington.
A group of III farmer boys fm-n
Texas who are touring the country h.
the guests of a number of Texas haul
ers and business men so they may learn
up to date methods of farming, will ai
rive In this city this morning, and, affr
being conducted on a sightseeing tour hy
Y. M. C. A. and Red Cross workers, will
leave to-night for Philadelphia. On the
way buck to Texas they will stop m r lit
Washington, where Secrotary of Agr.-
culture Meredith will greet thom.
While In this city tho boys will
Grant's Tomb, Chinatown, an l will
tho city from the oolworth tower.
Fifth Ave.
Stewart & Co.
Correct C?ppare forWomen&Dttisses
At 37th St.
Present the Style-Themes that Will Captivate in
The New Autumn Modes
With a touch of the ancient Greek and Egyptian in line, a hint of
the Persian and East Indian in Embroidery and the incomparable
care and superb skill of STEWART & CO. Workmanship in Tailoring
Prices Are Very Moderate
39.50 to 249.50
The simple, straight lines of classic Greece, combined
with the low-waisted effect of the moyen age, form the
keynote to the Autumn Modes in Dresses and Gowns.
Brightly colored embroideries and soft, luxurious fabrics
form an alluring background to these refreshing new
49.50 to 350.00
Long, straight lines and lavish embroidery treatments in
Silks and tinsels upon a foundation of soft, supple fabrics
give the new Coats and Wraps a very appealing touch.
Large collars and capes and novel belting effects assure
the new types of a cordial reception.
55.00 to 298.50
Slender lines and graceful contours, combined with artistic
effects in fine Silk, tinsel, bead and Wool embroideries,
are extremely effective in the New Suit Modes. Among
the most favored smart materials are Veldyn, Silk Duve
tyn, Duvet de Laine, Yalama Cloth and Tricotine.
15.00 to 50.00
Dame Fashion seems to favor the small toque quite
as much as the larger Hat in Satin or Velvet combina
tions, embroidered Duvetyn or Panne Velvet. Ostrich
feather and othfcr effective trimmings.
STEWART & CO. Direct Attention to Their
August Sale of Fine Furs
New Models of a grade and fine quality unequalled are presented
at prices so low that we cannot hope to equal them again this season
Hudson Seal & Mink Wrap 795.00
The Season's Price, 1,000.00
Sumptuous model, with huge color of dark Mink. -
Natural Squirrel Wrap 750.00
The Season's Price, 950.00
48 in. model, deep overcape and border of self fur.
Hudson Seal Wrap 595.00
The Season's Price 750.00
.Beautiful 48 in. model with voluminous overcape.
Mole Fur Wrap 450.00
The Season's Price 650.00
Handsome 48 in. model, huge overcape of self fur.
Moleskin Sports Coat 389.50
The Season's Price 495.00
With Natural Squirrel collar, cuffs and border.
Hudson Seal Coat
The Season's Price 525.00
Luxurious 40 in. model, self collar and bell cuffs.
Natural Squirrel Coat 395.00
The Season's Price 495.00
36 in. model with deep collar and bell cuffs of self fur.
Hudson Seal Coat, Trimmed 395.00
The Season's Price, 495.00
With Skunk, Squirrel or Beaver collar and cuffs. 36 in.
Hudson Seal Coat 350.00
The Season's Price, 475.00
36 in. model. Huge self collar and bell cuffs.
Marmot Sports Coat 125.00
The Season's Price, 175.00
36 in. model with deep collar and bell cuffs of self fur
These are merely a few of the many exceptional values in this Sale.
Furs Purchased Will Be Kepi in Storage Until November 15th Free of Charge.

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