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FOUNDED 18.13-lSSn.
NEW YOltK, FRIDAY, Al'OUBT 20. 1020.
Publishers, 2HU llioadwny.
Frank A. Munaey. President.
Ervln Woriinn, Vioe-preeldlrflt I wm.
Puwnrt, Vice-president nnl Tiouauriir,
H. Tttheetngtaa, leoretary.
Dully, two nnlH ropy In New York ritjr.
Il.iv.- ..ill, wlllilii 200 mil'" "
elsewhere; Hundiiy, fe . "'' 'l""'"r
t.'ll Kills.
Ono Six On
Br MM, Postpaid. Year. Month. HonW.
DAILY BONDAY...!i8 S8 " L.
DAILY only 10 J; .HB
SUNDAY only 4.00 S.SA .40
BUNT 'AY only, Canada ii.0 J.-
DAILY only 18.00 MJ
Cl.VII.AV i.lu 'IT.. ... I -
Ail elnoiuj money ordtn. Ac., to.no Ma
pnyublu to Th.' Hun-llonild.
I nr.. p. .in F.illllon.
Published In Paris every day In UM year.
Price In I'url-23 NMMi BU and
Information concerning dwlWiMt rB,r:;
for the. European Edition may be obtained
from tho innln New York office.
Tim AMOdHero frm i eaeltBrtveU" entitled
lo Um use f." republication of nil new doa
MtOhll credited to It or not OtherWUM
m-iilted In this paper and also tlw local
Mara pieushed heroin. . , ,
All right of republication of apcolal den
patches herein are also reserved.
If onr friends who favor i with manu
scripts iii., I llluatla' lolls for BllbUeatlOtl wlsll
to htvl rejected articles returned tliry must
In all rum Mud stamps for tliat purpose.
WORTH 10,0110.
Woman's Right to Vote Established
Without Further Legislation
As to the question whether statu
tory legislation is needed anywhere
to complete 'the establishment of
women citizens In their coiwtl rational
right to vote we have iud recently
it very clear opinion of the Supreme
Court of the United States In the case
of the Eighteenth Amendment It is
only a little more than ten weeks
slii"e the court laid, through Mr. Jus
tice Van Pkvantkk !
"The first section of the amend
., meat tho one embodying the prohi
bition 1 operative throughout the
entire territorial limits of the United
Slates, binds all legislative bodies,
courts, public officers and Individuals
Within those limits, and of its own
force Invalidates every legislative act
whether by Congress, by a State Leg
islature, or by a Territorial Assem
bly, which authorizes or sanctions
what the section prohibits."
The phrase we have Italicized above
should answer u question that must
be in many minds, particularly in
I hose States which by their own lcj:
Islntlve action or failure to act have
denied to women citizens the enfran
chisement that the Nineteenth Amend
ment grants, This question Is whether
a broad constitutional provision, like
the prohibition of the manufacture,
sale or transportation of intoxicating
liquors In the Eighteenth Amendment,
or the prohibition in the Nineteenth
of deprivation or abridgement of suf
frage on account of sex,.is absolutely
self-operative, that is to say, practi
cally operative without the interven
tion of the enforcement "by appropri
ate legislation" referred to Congress
and the States concurrently by the
Eighteenth ami to Congress alone by
the Nineteenth Amendment.
In the present instance, of course,
I lie muddle of the matter of concur
rent power, not yet satisfactorily dis
posed of by any reasoned decision of
the Supreme Court, Is nvolded by a
return to the old practice of lodging
the power of enforcement exclusively
in the Congress,
Rut can the Nineteenth Amendment
enforce Itself, so to speak, without,
formal exercise of the power vested
In Congress by the second section?
"Congress shall have power, by
appropriate legislation, to enforce the
provisions of this article."
Evidently under the construction of
the Eighteenth Amendment by the
Supreme Court's decision of June 7,
1020, and likewise under the construc
tion of ordinary common sense, the
prohibition of any deprivation or
abridgment of the right to vote, on
account of sex, completes the process
of enfranchisement without necessi
tating any act of Congress conceived
in the positive sense. Section 1 op
erates "of Its own force" ; and inde
pendently of section 2 it binds all
legislative bodies, courts, public ofli
cers and individuals to recognize the
equality of ppmnn's right of suffrage.
The pow-er Of enforcement left to Con
gress relates to such incidental mat
ters as the punishment of attempts
to deprive or abridge.
Owing to the shortness of the time
before the first Presidential election
nt which nil the duly o,: tllfled women
citizens of the United States' are to
cast their ballots the absence of any
need of intervening and Interpretative
legislation is of considerable practi
cal importance.
LA Huuita and Oovernor Cantu have
coni)Oscd tho differences which ill
vlded the Uepubllc of Mexico ami the
Stnto of Lower California hnvo not
been disclosed, but the fact of their
composition is one to cheer all Amer
icans who have at heart the welfare
Integrity and prosperity of onr next
door neighbor on the south.
Peace In Lower California.
If Governor Cantu of Lower Cali
fornia has agreed to submit to the
Mexican Government, as Is reported
by the newspaper Unherml of Mex
ico City, a serious menace to the peace
of Mexico has been eliminated and
the danger of developments nnuoylng
or. injurious to tho United Stated has
been removed.
Had the disaffection of Governor
Cantu brought on rebellion and civil
war the United States would have
been faced once more by an embarrass
ing situation on its southern frontier,
ft situation which nt any moment
might have been rendered acute
through effects produced In the Impe
rial Valley on our side of the bound
ary by acts committed on the Mexican
side of the line.
The terms on which President or
Notes on American Nomenclature.
The returns from'the stadium nt
Antwerp continue :
"flzYMANSKi, America, defeated
Hum., Czccho-Slovakla.
"Vandbnlebndin, Belgium, de
feated Zkonalioi, America.
"Maiciiakl, America, defeated
Leo.vaiu.son, Sweden.
"FaiRBxrixD, Norway, defoated
Mrtroitoloui, America,"
And so on in spectacular conglom
Bratlon. Americans, all, t not Yan
kees In the narrow sense! Strange
would the American Olympian cilia
logue seem If the hero lists from the
American Expeditionary Forces had
not accustomed our eyes to the cos
mopolitan nomenclature.
Sound American Constitutionalism
From Secretary of State Colby,
Secretary of State Cor.nY ItruCK a
true note of sound constitutionalism
anil uuliniH'achable Amerlcnnlxm in
his address on Wednesday to the rep
resentative citizens of Polish birth or
descent who, through him, urged the
United Stales to aid Poland in that
nation's present difficulties,
To tbcirf the Secretary of State
gave his assurance of sympathy ami
of the sympathy of the great major
ity of the people of this country. Then
be said:
"Tou must benr certain facts In
mind, Tho United States is a Gov
ernment ot law. Its otllolals are cre
ated by law. Their powers are de
nned by law. The law making power
Imposes certain limitations upon their
freedom of Individual Initiative and
action. This Is tho Government which
you have subscribed to, of which you
are a part, and you should bear In
mind constantly Its constitutional
processes. They measure the power
of this Government oven as the bear
ers of succor and relief to hard
pressed Poland.
"People aro prone to look to the
executive as a source of plenary
power, able to do anything that it Is
prompted to do, able to make any re
sponse that It Is moved to make by
the compelling nature of the appeal
that may be addressed to it. It is
particularly natural for men not
more than one or two generations re
moved from Kurope.-.n forebears to
fall Into that erroneous assumption
about this Government
"You must bear in mind, however,
that this Isn't that kfnd of a Govern
ment. You must look, of course, to
the executive arm of the Government
as the source of somo measure of
Initiative and of action. It has cer
tain powers despite the fact that they
are defined and limited, but you mu."t
realize. that they are defined nnd
limited, and you must look to the
true source of power in the coun
try. In the final analysis It is public
We do not recall, any previous ut
terance bearing the imprimatur of
President Wilson's Administration
which has vigorously set forth or
completely recognized Hie limitations
laid on the Executive by the ?e:i!us
of tho authors of the Constitution of
the United Slates; nor do we recall
any outgiving of the Wilson Admin
istration and Its spokesmen In which
these limitations have been directly
and cordially acknowledged.
us to fight this campaign on Utile
burrow issues."
Then comes Governor .Tajiks M.
Cox, tho Democratic candidate, with
lug the receipt of complaints from
outraged men lUM) women theymls-
undorsiaiiil their functions.
It should not he necessary for any
a demand for what ho calls "plain ; person In fjrlvato life to go to police
talk" as an excuse for vituperation 1 station or to magistrate's court to
bring about the arrest and punish
ment of tho author of unnecessary
street noises. The policemen on duly
In all parts of the city should bo alert
to suppress thl milsance. AH they
need to stir them from the strange
lethargy which now marks tbem Is
an order from hondqunrters to get
busy to preserve tho best Imitation of
quiet n city of live and a half mill
ions can afford.
and say I! k
"I waa not nominated by a Sena
torial ring nor any other kind of a
ring. I decline to be tied to my
front porch by a Senatorial ring. I
deny It tho Wght t6 hold me there
muzzled, In tho face of a great pub
lic emergency, and whea.1 am elected
I do not Intend that a Senatorial
ring nor any other kind of a ring
shall own me."
Wo shall not comment on the lack
of dignity In these utterances of
FBAMXUM D. Hoosevelt and Governor
Cox further Ihnu to say that such lan
gunge Is not the sort we have been
taught to expect from aspirants to
the highest ollice.s In the hind
Governor Cox chooses and dares to
call .Senator Haroino's Itepubllcau
colleagues in the Senate a "ring" be
cause the epithet Imports some sort
of moral turpitude. It is vitupera
tion without basis but the desire to
Mr. Franklin I). RooatvsXT applies
bis vituperative denunciations to a
larger class than does Governor
Cox. It Is true that ho calls the
opponents of the Versailles Treaty
without reservations only a "handful
of crooks," hut. those opponents would
mnke a pretty large handful. The
point is that such talk Is neither the
statement of a true fact nor argument
thereon, it is mere vituperation, and
as such is not worthy of consideration
by the audiences it is expected to in
fluence, ,
It is a favorable sign for the Re
publicans that the Wilsonlnn Demo
crats resort to this kind of oratory so
early In the campaign,
Digging l'p the Fourteen Points.
in his speech to the Democratic
convention in Ohio the well known
pansy fancier, postal economist nnd
Secretary of War, Mr. Nkwton P.
Hakkk, hurst out in defence of Article
X. of the Wilson covenant:
"This is the article of the cove
nant which, It Is said, needs to be
Americanised. It Li American! Wo
invented it and applied It among our
selves ; we fought for It as the cardi
nal principle at Issue in the world
war; our President formulated it and
forced its acceptance ; Its principle
and its purpose are thoroughly
"But all these questions were set
tled once. On the 11th day of No
vember, 1918, Germany signed the
armistice after an Interchange of
communications wlthW:e Presldi
in which she accepted the so-called
Fourteen Folnts, Including the four
teenth point whlelt 1 have already
quoted, nnd which contains the very
substance of the league covenant. We
and our allies accepted the surrender
of tho Central Towers on that decla
ration of tho President a-s an express
Mr. Bakkr Is right when he says
The Leaguo Itcrumhent. '
Our neighbor tlid H'orW has a hard
time to choose between Secretary
BaXEB'I declaration that the League
of Nations is ."at work" and Mr.
LLOYD QeoBQI's confession that the
Governor Cox Called On by a Friend
to Lv plain I In Covenant.
To Tub Sun and Nbw York BBOUUBI
The Evmlitg Pott Is not suspected of
being n humorous Journal, but In an
editorial article published on A vast 17
there Is an unconsciously humorous par
agraph :
Tho nn o,otlon whlrh dovornor Cox
must in, v, In l ho mont rourri'to fash
ion, tho one 1U( on which tho illoHOB
depohda, la whether the covenant en
danecra American sovereignty In favor
of tlio Mipcrmut.'. Tin covenant doea
not, and Ma Cox should demonstruto
beyond all doubt that It doea not.
If there Is a man In this country that
should be qualified lo answpr this "one
question" it Ib President Wilson, na he
was present at the making of Um cov
enant and Is Its chief sponsor. But it
will be recalled that after Ids return
from ParlS when a body of Senators
vlBlted him at the White House to have
tho covenant explained they went away
1aiiiii.i .. i, .I., ii. ,,).;... i " ,.., ,.,.,, ,, ,..,
77 "l""" l"vm' """"' told that tho Republican Senators are
eiween roinna ana tne aaisneviKL
FiMlly tho trorM decides to repu
diate Mr. BaJCXB!
"The League Is rot yet on Its feet,
as everybody knows, owing to tho re
fusal of the Republican Senators to
ratify tho treaty of peace."
Docs the H'or'f think that the pres
eneo of the United States In I in
League WOUld have deterred the Urit
Ish Premier from refusing to Join
Prance In aid Of Poland?
if the twenty-nine nations which
hnvo subscribed to the covenant can
not get 1 1 io League on its feet to cope
with a situation which concerns all of
Europe the League must have weaker
knees than anybody suspected.
Uruguay's IVmlttng Dinieulty.
Economic consequences of the war
nre turning up In the most unpleas
ant ways and In the most unexpected
places as the result of 111 considered
financial operations' by hanks and
financiers who apparently" thought
the war boom w, aid pass w ithout any
need for cautious measures against
the day of deflation. The latest suf
ferer in this respect Is the city of
Montevideo, Uruguay, where the Gov
ernment has been obliged to grant a
six months' moratorium to the Banco
Itallaho del Uruguay, which sus
pended payment at the end of July.
The Institution hail deposits 01 !?-!,-200,000,
according to lis latest s:ale
ment, in ejjjdltlop r." $8,000,000 capital
and 1,7D0,000 in reserve fund-:, it
was a concern of Importance in Uru
guayan finance. The assets consisted
of f,400,00(s in cash, $8,000,000 in
hills receivable and loans nf $17,200,-
ihh. Although it was a hank 01 I8SUC
and its constitution dated back to
1887, iis Outstanding circulation was
only about $10,00X1
It Is surprising that, a hank with
a cash reserve of one-third the amount
of iis deposits should he forced to sus
pend payment. Loans of $17,200,000
would bol have been unwieldy or
excessive had they been Of liquid
type. But In this case, it appears,
the credits were such that an unex
pectedly heavy withdrawal by foreign
depositors caused trouble. Instead of
being able to liquidate Its loans the
hank found Itself Involved in n specn-
of a perverse ami stiff necked genera
tion that do not want to understand, but
what of good Democrats Ilko Mr. llryan
and Senator Heed?
Governor Cox has said that he favors
"going in." The unfortunate man that
recently went over Niagara Falls In a
barrel favored "going In," but he could
not know what would happen to him..
Thus far In tha campaign Oovernor
Cox has devoted a. considerable part of
his speeches to abuse of Republican Sen
ators and to making charges that be
cannot prove. In a speech recently de
livered nt Wheeling, W. Va., he charged
that certain Interests were scheming to
buy the Presidency for Senutor Har
ding. In bis latest effort bo attempted
to demonstrate that he had been a good
Governor of Ohio and that Senator
Harding Is a "reactionary'."
Now if ho Is to demonstrate that the
covenant does not endanger American
sovereignty lie should get busy. It wl'l
be a man's Job. A. F. P,
New TOOK, August 1!).
Ihlan Orders Tiivcstirxatlon of Smith Bald to Ito Courttn??
Stories About the Limn- Fnvop Willi Socialists of
stone Contract.
Tlic l?ronx.
Accuses Disappointed Contrite- RepublififtDI Blamed for In-
tors of Cimilntiiifr Anti-Ad-ministration
The rumpus that has been stirred
up among city onicisls by the pro
posal to use limestone Instead of gran
ite In the construction of the new oOUli
house for New York county has so dis
turbed Mayor Hylnn that yesterday be
Instructed David HiraMUM, Commis
sioner of Accounts, to' Institute an In
vestigation into the cost of limestone
"in order that tho people may know tho
The Mayor's letter then proceeded lo
outline what Commissioner HlrsilAeld In
all probability will And, wbluli is that
sistinir Upon Senator Who
Voted for Amendment.
Local political nctlvltles yesterday
were marked by considerable disposition
on tha part of both Demorrats und Re
publicans to dodge the blame for their
failure to arrive at a fusion programme
In The Bronx to oppose the reelection of
the ousted Socialist Assemblymen.
Trom the Republican side came n
story to the effect that none other than
Gov. Alfred B. Smith himself Is re
sponsible for the disruption of tho fusion
According to mat rt
ti... n .i . i.i.i .... it ii, , i., ,i,.,,, i nrranci ineius
,11. . llD,k "vi .... . " I . ... u 1. ..,... 41,nfr 1, tnt ,, -
TH I I, ,,in. nillllll i.i-m iii. it' . -
thing mors tltnn 16,000 Socialist votes
Vituperation In Political Oratory.
Do political meetings do much or
any good to the parties that hold
them? Those who answer this ques
tion in tlie negative think of the audi
ences as mostly made up of confirmed
and obdurate partisans who have al
ready determined how they shall vote
and do not need to be convinced that
the candidates supported by the
speaker ought to be elected.
In u Presidential campaign, how
ever, the conditions nre somewhat
different. This year thousands upon
thousands of men will vote who have
never voted for President before and
probably hundreds of thousands of
women who have never voted at all.
A large proportion of these new voters
will come to the elertion with open
minds. It Is only fair to assume they
want to vote for the candidates who
will serve the country best. They are
anxious for enlightenment in regard
to the qualification. of the nominees,
ami the result of the election will
depend largely upon the exposition
and arguments presented for their
consideration nt the political meetings
which shall be held from, this time
on throughout the country.
It Is Interesting to observe that the
Democratic candidates for President
nnd Vice-President apparently have
very little respect for the intelligence
of the voters whose support they seek.
Otherwise they would make an appeal
to Intelligence; but Instead of so doing
they resort to vituperation of their
political opponents, which has thus
far constituted the most prominent
feature of their platform oratory.
Vituperation, In its orlginni sense,
means to find a blemish In the object
of one's abuse. Mr. Fra-ckmn D.
Roosevelt gave us a striking example
the other night nt Milwaukee, when
be compared the Itepuhlleans to a lot
of crooks. "I hate fighting crooks."
he said, "and we are being fed up In
this country to-day by a handful of
crooks with a lot of lies. Let lis call
them by their names. A little hand
ful of narrow men are trying to forcn
there once were Fourteen Point! and I lathre position because the collateral
it held was subject to speculative
market Conditions,
Uruguay, having large quantities of
food products and hides to sell, was
especially prosperous during the war.
American btnjiness with that country
icached unprecedented proportions, ai
did the trade of the South Amer-
I lean republic with Europe, Xhe elos
1 Ing of the Banco Itallono del Uru-
that the fourteenth related to an as
sociation of nations. Point l-l de
clared that the association must be
for the purpose "of affording mutual
guarantees of political Independence
mil territorial Integrity to great and
small States alike." Uut when It came
to drafting the covenant of the asso
ciation Mr. Wilson yielded to Ar
ticle X.. which sought not to guar
antee tne political inuepenuence i .,.,,. .., rv.s ib. h.-ivv rnsmmsl
this great State but to make it a po
litical dependent of the superstate
created by the covenant.
Incidentally we cannot imagine Mr.
Wilson us highly delighted with Mr.
BaXKB'a reference to the Fourteen
PelnU or any fraction thereof. Men
tion of those salients Inevitably leads
to thoughts of the miserable retire
ment from them by their creator.
Open covenants of peace openly ar
rived at; the impartial adjustment of
colonial claims what memories the
liiiitics Imposed on hankers in the re
construction period, no matter how
much the wealth of a country may
have been Increased. Advices from
Uruguay Indicate that proper safe
guards have been taken and hope Is
expressed that the difficulty will be
only temporary and will lie limited In
Itti effect.
Many of tho post office employees
who retire to-day under the act of
Congref! deigned to give thorn a little
Skeleton of a heading or two; ''est win imvo tne:r worK romcinmiy.
These arc men wno woum ratner worn
than' rust. They are faithful public
servants to whom idleness is not wel
come; That they rnay learn to like
cpose nnd live long to enjoy It is tho
best wish that can he made for them.
must arouse within him who let drop
at Versailles one precious point after
another in the making of his great
political bargain !
action by Congress Needed to Im
prove Postal Service ( auditions.
To the Scn and NSW Yon ic HkuaiJd:
When the I'ostal Salary Commission
after many months deliberation anally
recommended an inadequate salary re
vision Which gave to 'our loyal and
devoted workers of the postal service
tho "substantial increase of 10 per
cent." Its action was supposed to solve
the difficulties that existed In tho ser-
vlei and to keep the trained nndgjexpe-
rieaeed ""n from seeking oth.-JP lii.es
c f endeavor.
The truth Is that the present salaries
given to the postal employees have not
in. i'eus. ,1 lb,, efficiency of the service.
Men of many years training are still
Laving Hie service and the Civil Ser
vice Commission cannot recruit proper
applicants tu replace them. When Con
gress reconvenes In December another
attempt must bo made by the business
people to secure Justice for these loyal
workers, u living wage to help them
pay to Uncle Sam his 2li per cent, an
nual pension money nnd to the landlord
the 25 per cent, rent Increase, or In other
words a sufficient Inctme to meet pres
ent living oopdlttoni and keep cxp. rl-cni-ed
men from n signing:
The present I'ostmaster-Ceneral will
toon b OOHipellod retire nnd take
with him his record ot eight years of
hMfBeianoy, of demoralization of the
service and Of failure to recommi ni' one
single act of legislation that would bet
ter the personnel of the service. His
entire ndnilnistration has been devoted
10 keeping our postal workers in sub
jection, prohibiting them from appeal
ing to their Representatives In Wash
ington for relief, nnd the gag laws he
has established testify to the Ineffi
ciency which has afflicted the service
during his eight years Incumbency.
Congress must act at the next ses
sion In behalf of the 250.000 postal
VorkoTi and grant them a living wage
Irrespective of the belligerent attitude
of the Postmaster-neneral. The etll-,
clency of the service must be main
tained at any cost, because it Is of vital
importance to the American people.
Nrw Yopk, August 10.
the lowest granite bid, that "the granite
contracting comblno for the first time In
a good many years did not secure a big
city contract" and therefore are ctfi u
latlng propaganda against the llylan
ndnilnistration, that "tin; contracting
rings" have "got to" the newspapers, i
that limestone could not be used as
material for relieving the housing
The Mayor's letter moved F. 11. I.a
In tho 1018 election and, with the crisis
which has arisen over the ousting of
the Socialists at the lust session of the
Legislature he does not wish to Injure
his chances for cnpturlng that vote
iiKaln In tho forthcoming election.
Election records show that Charles E.
ErVln, the Socialist candidate for Oov
ernor In the last election, received only
121,705 votes, while Raymond Vihox,
cuarma, 1'reshient ol the l.oarei or Aiuei- ,. ,.,.,, f,. stale Kn
men, to think Of a lot of new objections : KnoePi ,, comparatively nn obscure
to the construction of the court house candidate, received thu mnximum So
nne! Issuo a statement covering them. I eiaHst vote of 138,566, The 16,861
Observing (HthetlcaUy that "archltec- votSS which the Socialist Gubernatorial
tare Is frozen music," the Aldermanlc candidate missed are tald to have gone
President took Qnjf Lowell, the court i to Hen. Smith
houso architect, to task for "Jazzing this
kind of a building" by recommending
In nddltion to that President La
Guard la entertained grave fears that
there w ill bo much and dire labor trouble
la connection with the construction, la
It was pointed out that the Gov
ernor's action In culling special elections
In the districts of the ousted Socialists
mh;ht serve to Ingratiate aim further
with the Socialist vote and certainly
would elo the Republican cause no good
with the Socialist voters by placing on
merited the waste of moni'V when schools 1 u" "epunucan Aisempiy again i.nc mir
nn,l i-omUIum r m ,.,l,.rt Kt. onclv h,m. I on of escorting the reelected Socialist
peeted that Tammany Is mixed up In the
Contracts, saw profound mystery In Al-
Thc Police Should Arrest Makers
ol Unnecessary Noise.
Unnecessary street noises, such us
are caused by shrieking sirens wan
tonly operated by drivers of motor
trucks, raucous horns blown by chain'-
,...... C ..nnnA.eifnn mil. i !,,. 111. fill-
" U1 I pressing f?loom of their wailing rooms,
stowed loads of metaldo more than Hs ,s m,.h frtVer behind the fash
disturb the tranquillity and break the: ion fa that resjiec: th.n he can afford
rest of citizens. They have an nude- ever to be In hats. Austin Dobsov
nlnl.lv had effect on the benltb of ya ago wrote of London doctors'
PAT Kvan wins hammer throw at
Olympic games. Jiewpaptf headline.
Now if the contestants were classi
fied according to race, instead of by
A world famous man milliner is
I SCOMlng London doctors for the ele-
those who are subjected to them. In
the case of invalids, Infants and the
aged this effect may be most serious
In Its consequences.
Particularly in weather such as we
have had tills month these unneces
sary noises menace the health and
strength of the people generally.
Every window must be kept open to
provide air circulation, and every
sosnd on the street echoes Into every
office, shop and apartment. Under
the most favorable conditions i here
is bound to be a racket ; with thought
less, sKyiavKing or in tempered persons ,. ,..
adding to this racket It becomes All ) WltbOSt the casement of the Mayor,
but Intolerable.
Why the police allow these out
rageous assaults on the common well
being to continue Is a mystery. There
aro speelnl en oments to cover every
conceivable situation which can arise;
there are broader enactments to pro
tect the people generally. That pa
trolmen and (their commanding offi
cers do not bear the sounds which
rack the ears of overytVdy else Is
unbelievable. If they conceive their
duty to be merely to stand by aWait-
waitlng rooms:
"No one could call the Lnnrrt gay,
Few could avoid confessing
That 'Jones on Muscular Decay" '
Is, as a rule, depressing."
The depressing reception rooms of
Barley street aro not a new develop
ment by any pteans.
There are thirteen soldiers of the
United States on duty in Kngland, and
If they should be called on to dine to
gether tho reunion would prove em
barrassing to those bold flghtera
among them who aren't a hit super
stitious, of course, but
Within the Bremen floored city square,
A palm tree spreads Its feathers free
And lords It o'er Ihe greenery.
What rauseil the palm tree there to sprout
Some ?ee:r mny be ailvleil about.
The tropic language of the Mayor,
So warm that oft It curls the hair?
some eooaterlal drrad atrayed?
Or Pat and MUee u o, pi. it ami apart??
Thn plain truth l. i ilo not know
What caused the prelm tree there, to grow.
nut I foresee the palm tree's fata
When Cox arrives to celebrate
Then Murphy "11 fyt "ThH palm to th.
Quite other palms bath Tammany!"
Mackicb Moobis.
An Inquirer Cannot Get the Figures
From the Administration.
To The Sun and Nkw Tonic Herald:
Our Clovernmint does not seem to know
how much ,WS spent abroad since April
6. 1917. I have written tour letters to
the Treasury nnd the War departments,
but all the Information I can get Is that
our military expenditures amounted to
$13, S04, 000,000.
The Government seems to be as Ig
norant ot how much of this amount was
spent outside of tho United States as
every one else. I have seen one esti
mate which places our war cost abroad
at $S, 5H0.000, 000, or two-thirds of the
total irar-COet What do you think of
that estimate? William H. Allkn.
Brooklyn, August 19.
Aliens Cannot Vote In New York
To Tnt: Scn and Raw Yopk Herald:
The United States Constitution, amend
ments, Article XVII., provides: "The
Semite ot' tho United Statea shall bo
wnposod of two Senators from each Z0"" 1 ",n " ms associates
.. . .... .v- .i I" my Judgment." said
members to the door.
Arthur II. Murphy, Democratic lead-
n..A fi'..v ....1.1 1...., lU .U., t .
Barman Kenneally's assurance of labor s , ,, ; . , ,' " ' ' ',
... It Socialist vlctorv as a result of failure
appraval Of he contrae s. prayed tha ( 1)eM,oc,uts aml Rm,.ca to
he Mayor might desert the majority of K g g JJ
the Beard of Kstln.ate and got no an- lhe door of u,e Republicans alone. He
svu'' 10 l'ri''cr. declared that the Democrats have been
...... wn t a v abi ' and m' "Hhng to go Into a fusion ar-
BACHE FOR TAX ON 1 rahgement upon the one condition that
the itepuhlleans elo not insist upon the
Sees Relief in Temporary
Levy of One Per Cent.
candidacy of Senator Peter Abides, Re
publican, who was elected on a fusion
ticket last time. Senator A boles voted
for ratification of tha prohibition amend
ment. "We could not be consistent with the
; Democratic platform If we Indorsed ,Sen
A tax on business turnovers, pref- j ator Alleles," Mr. Murphy said.,
erably of 1 per cent., was the sug- j "We uea ready to accept and Indorse
gestion of Jules H. Hache, who spoke any other candidate the Republicans arc
yesterday noon to the Rotary Club la willing to offer."
the Hotel McAIpln. Failure of the Democrats to accept
"Dy no means do I claim that the Senator Ahe-les in the Twenty-second
turnover tax Is the panacea," lie said. Senatorial District resulted In tho re
"bat until something better is proposed fusal of the Republicans to indorse any
I declare that it Is the one em which Democratic offering in the Third and
all to whom the present tax evils nr.i Fourth Assembly Districts, In which the
brought home should unlto nnd make a i ousted Socialist of The Ilronx are
determined effort to test, and after re- ' standing for reelection,
suits have been obtained, decide whether , There was, however, a persistent cur
or not there is anything better. j rent of opinion yesterday that the
'I should start with the basis that Ilronx Republicans nnd Democrats yet
all turnovers should pay a t.ix of 1 per will get te.getHcr on a ticket to defeat
cent., but yripre the turnovers of any the Socialists. Murphy's statement was
one Individual or other unit be less th.m Something more than a "feeler," for it
a sum which can be flxed nt. s.iy. $:i0 sought to bring the pressure of public
a month, exemption Should be granted, opinion to bear upon the. Republicans.
Th. re are transactions, sneh as speeula- The possibility of the Republicans wlth
tlve ones In grain, merchandise, coffees, drawing Abeles nnd offering a substl
teas, me tals or Hccfjritics, either In fu- ! tute, in view of the Democratic offer, is
litres or for cash, which rarely net more strengthened b the fact that Abeles
than 1 per cent, profit and which must 1 cannot he reelected except as a fusion
necessarily be taxed in another wav. I candidate, so that the Republicans
"I believe the taxes of this country I would have nothing to gain should they
Til K BUS was otindeil by t:.
In ISM: THh! NKW YUIIK Unui.l)
it'll .mi by Jiliaca Oordon Bsnsetl
in I ..!... ' TUB HUN passed into lhe ,,,.
trol of Charlra A. Danu in IMS,
hi coin ii tin property of Frank A. Uuajay
hi llllfi. TUK NKW YOltK BXRALD
l einainid MS sole property of iti ouitdrr
until hta ilrath in lITIitMM lliu ION,alM
James Oonlon Hi nnrtt, tnreeeded In tan
ownership of the paper, which OontHtveA
in nis nanns uiiik nis ,' .., in idi
Till! HKHAI.l) liccii hi e the property ol
FraM A. Munsey in 1920.
BltgfNBM ANl la.iiouiM. OHrlCm
OFTPJCH8, 280 BROADWAY, 'i'liug.
1'HONK, WORTH 10,000.
BRANCH OFFirKS for receipt of ailv.r.
tlM.meitH and sale of paper :
Building, Herald Rqsart. Tel. He It, bono
NlUIt SKVKNTH AVK. Tel. 701 Merriln
side. Open in, III 10 P. M.
w wsiiiNdTON rnnanra offich in
WEST IMST 8T. Tel. 0008 WaU.vorili.
Open until 10 P. M.
Open s A. , to io P. U.i Sundays, ; p. '
to 10 P. M.
Main, ii fOPItT 8T. Tel. MM Mm
Oprn until 10 P. M.
USTH ST. Tel. IHkllt Mclro.iv. Opes until
10 P. M.
Priiiriiml American nnd Pureiun llurruna,
WASHINGTON The Miinm-y llulldlnf.
PHICAOO-iiOR South I.a Ballo st.
LONDON 111-43 Klai t at.
PARIS 0 Avenue do I'Opera. 3R Rua 4g
There are aliout fi."in advertlsemrnt reottv,
ln M.-t'S,, lueati'il ' throughout N w Yo:
Bit) and vicinity wbtn Sun-Herald aih-r.
tipemnnta 111 be received at office rules M
forwarded for publication.
Daily Calendar
For Lantern Now York Showers to
day and probably to-morrow ; mode-rat-tempera
tore ; moderate east and south
east winds.
('or New- Jersey Showers to-dny and prob
ably lo-niorrow; nie.dernlo temparatOrti
moderate east and aautheaat winds.
For Northern New BrtglandPrurtly eleadjf
to-dny. followed by sbOWeri tO-lllghl Hud (A.
moiTou : moderate temperature; aomlu-ast u
south winds,
Per Boutharn New Ens-land Cloudy t..cn
followed by ahowera to-night and to.Dtor
rovv; moderate temperature) southeast wloai,
ForJVeetera N.. Vork flloudy. w'lh uroh.
ably ahowera to-day und to-moi row: not
much ehangu in temperature; i jam
outliiaHt to .south winds.
Washington, Ana-. IS.-Tha centra
the blRh preaeure thai has beao over tlw p,.
Lawrence Valley J n lng the last forty ilei,.
hours baa moved southward to New Bnfltnil
and the pressure, remains in. I, over till
Norihweat. Relatively low prrsaurv rovere
the plains States and tlw Southwest, It aaJ
' iwm) ,n iimi.-ii ur on: country eiesi or t),
Reeky Moutitnles, and during the last tn
l-four hours there were rains In tho At
tenth) and lii.lf Smtes and In the real in be
tween tho Mississippi Rlvor nnd the ltoi-.c
Mountains. The temperature has fnllen mm
the central Rocky Mountain region and OM
I nuns htntes und It Is rising ng-ilu in the
far Northwest. Normal temperatures tir--rall
throughout the East and South Stat...
nn.l the middle Weal. Preezlng tempotatur-
and frost occurred this morning m ih" Vil-
linvstoun National Park.
in .-evv I'.nxiami the wen her wit i om-
ctomly to-morrow and be followed hy shower.
to-morrow night and Saturday with mod
crate temperature. In the middle Atlantic.
aouth Atlantic nnd oast Gulf Sta'.-s, Tannee
see. tile Ohl V.iltev it ml tha low ., ll.e r
ginti the weather win be un -- io-mln
row nnd Saturday, with ahowara an, I moi.
ahly thunderstorms ami no material ehariir
In temperature. In the upper lake resni
there will ho ahowera to-morro'v inul fal:
nnd cooler wenthar on Saturday.
Observation- at Pnlted States Weather nn-
reaU stations taken at 8 P. M. yesterday,
seventy-fifth meridian time:
Temperature Rainfall
last 24 lira. Paro- Inst 21
Stations. High. Lew. meter, bra. Weather.
in their present form are In a greot
measure responsible for tho IiIrIi living
cost nnM tho restlveness of labor. c, Ic
it must Ire admitted that high prloi a
can In ' tho main be traced to othir
causes than that of taxation, ye: tie re
can be no doubt tbnt owing to uncer
tainties and tho amounts of the proi
taxes, the passing on of arbitrary ad
ditions to jtrioos of commodities b each
.dealer In turn through whose hands the
commodities pass Is largely the cause
of the high ewst of living, since tbe
untimatc consumer must bear the brunt
of the successive additions. It seems
to me self-evident that with u tax of
1 per cent, on turnover no such exag
gerated condition can arise, since each
merchant will know definitely how much
be will hare to pay and can be guided
"I have littln patience with the scien
tist in taxation who demurs nt tnxine
the worklngman's breakfast tnldo' but
thinks it all right to throttle tho capi
tal that woulnV furnish the work Which
provides the breakfast. If the present
system of taxation continues, the break
fast of the worklnunvm will hove little
In it to pay taxes on, since capital,
which furnishes the wages, will bo
driven off."
keep their present Senator In the rare.
W. F. Bancker Sees No Help
Yet From Europe.
This country mart continue for some
time yet to bo self-supporting so far as
manufactured and raw materials arc con
cerned, In tho opinion of William
K. Bancker, general purchasing agent
of the. Western Electric Company. Inc.,
who has Just returned from a six months
trip around the world and spoke on his
trip yesterday at a luncheon at the Rall-
State, elected by the people thereof.
for tlx years, and each Senator shall
have one voto. Tho electors in each
State shall have the qualifications re
quisite for electors of the most numer
ous branch of the State Legislatures."
No State has more than one Legisla
ture, hence the use of the plural "leg
islatures" must mean the Legislature
of any State.
Seme States aro very liberal. A ma
jority enfranchise women; several ad
mi persons not yet naturalized. Can
an alien who resides and has taken out
his first papers In New York vote for
Senator fiom the State of New York?
Philadelphia, August 19. J. D. B.
Shrill Whistles of Newark Bnses.
To Tub Sun and New Yohk Hera?.d:
You nre to be commended for your edi
torial remp lis about noisy automobiles.
The whistles used by some drivers,
particularly on trucks, aro enough to
shatter the strongest nerves. It Is an
outrage that such devices arc permitted
to be used.
All of the Jitney buses in Newark
seem to be equipped with these harsh
whistles. J. W. Bellinobr.
MoNTCiJtin, N. J., August 19.
The Pul-ble I don't see why they rompars
swindles to me I'm perfectly clean.
Tie Moth now tha deuca . can I aat a
German paper ault? ,
my judgment." so id Mr. Tinnokor
"American mannfai furors who look to
fpreign sources for large supplies under
existing, conditions will be disinpolnted.
In nearly every country visited In Ku
rqpe nnd Asia 1 found certain funda
mental conditions in common, such as
disturbed IndustrlaF conditions and gen
eral unrest, both Importnnt factors In
reducing output and raising eost of
"While there 3 a general demand
for machinery, agricultural Implements,
small tjools and the coal shortage In
Europe la particularly pronounced. th
most Important factor operating against
Lacraased production Is the general raw
material shortage, and with depreciated
exchange imports hy foreign countries
of raw materials in sufficient eiuartity to
permit of their return to this country
In fabricated form i.i practically pro
hibited until oredits have be-, n advance,!
In one form or another udeiuately to
meet the situation.
"While in practically every country
newspapers feature pessimistic opinion of
present conditions, there seems to be
general agreement of fundamental
soundness of structure on which to hulbl
for the future when temporary obstacles
have been removed. It Is generally
recognized that the price of most com
modities, has reached the peak and that
the tendency from now on should be
downward, but not precipitately."
rnpt. I.. C. Palmer Hulls Navy.
SAN Dntoo, Cat, Aug. 19. Cnpt. Leigh
('. Palmer, U. S. N, chler of the Bureau
of Navigation during the world war,
tendered his resignation, which has been
BoOefrted by Secretary Josephus Daniels,
It becadte known here tu-day.
Newton Questions Comp
troller's Faith in Dispute.
Upertal to Tin? Si n ami NW York ITerai r.
AUANT, Aug. 19. Attorney-General
Charles p, Newton Informed Comptroller
Craig of New York to-clay that he can
go Into the courts If he has any ob
jection to the compensation granted to
William Rand, who represented the
State as Special Attorney-General h
fore the Extraordinary Grand Jury. He
criticised the Comptroller for making
public the letter to him concerning
Band's pay before mailing It.
"I have nlivays questioned the good
faith of a public official claiming to seek
information from another public official
nnd ttem publishing his Inquiry In tho
public prcsa before submitting It to the
person Interested, wrote Mr. Newton
to the Comptroller.
"The certificates upon the vouchers
presented to you are before you. The
amounts certified to you by me con
tain my Judgment of the fairness of
the bills upon the facts presented nnd
the service rendered. If they do not
meet with your approval and you hnvo
any discretion in the matter, of course
you will not make payment unless the
court so directs. The matter Is one In
which Col. Rand and the deputies namoo
nre especially concerned, and I am
transmitting your communication to Col.
Rand with n s.i?:, sllon that he submit
to you such additional Information as
he cares to touching upon the subject.
"You hardly heed take your time or
mine In. calling attention to the fact
that the salary of the Attorney-tleneral
Is only $10,000. I take It that the honor
of being Attorney-General of the State
of New Y'ork, like being Comptroller
of the great city of New York, Is some
compensation. You probably would con
aeda that so far as the salary of the
Comptroller Is Concerned that it Is In
adequate for the tremendous responsl
h'llity nnd amount of labor necessary
to a proper administration of that office."
AbUene DO 78 2!.RiI t.. Clear
Albany In (Id MiSd .. Olear
Atlnntlr City. AS As 30.28 08 Cloudy
Baltantore "O 70 :io.2l AZ Rain
Bismarck 7ii no ao.os .01 Clear
Piston 70 m 30.18 .. Clear
l'.uffalo H2 At 30.24 . . CloudS
Cincinnati... KM 70 S0.O8 .. Clear
Charleston... AO 72 30.1A .. Cli-ar
Chicago 7il 72 30.011 .. Clear
Olevetend..., so as so.h .. rioudr
Denver 7 SO M.Ofl .14 llnln
iHtroit 7N net 30.14 .. Cloudy
Galveston.... K; 82 80. OS .74 Pt. ."14,
Helena 72 4A 30.08 .78 Cloudy
Jacksonville. 00 78 30.14 ' .. Ch ar
Kansas City. 82 70 KN 1.S8 pt. Cldj
r.ns Angeles. 78 64 2.fKl .. I'll or
Milwaukee... 78 70 30.0S .. Pt. Cat
Ne w Orleana. 82 72 30.04 . 01 Cloudy
Chlaheima... 8U 72 20.10 .14 Clear
I hlladelphla. 74 AS 30.32 .. Cloudr
Pittsburg "2 I0.I cloudy
Portland. Ma. Tt! A2 80.40 .. C ar
Portland. Ore. M 80 20 11 .. Clear
Sell Lake City 74 lie 21' ss .. Oloudf
Snn Antonio.. 04 70 20.01 .. Clear
Sen IUeeo... 72 AA 2I1.9A .. Char
San F.anclaeo AC, M 20.04 .. Clear
St. Louis 88 Jl 30(12 .. C'lou.ly
HI. Paul Kll , !".8il .01 ClOUlJr
Washington.. 74 72 30 22 .OH ClontV
8 A. M. 8P.E.
narometer 30.30 M
Humidity 0 .18
Wind direction N.l. a,
Wind velocity 7 IS
Weather Cloudy Pt. OW
Precipitation Nono MoaJ
The temperature In this city yesterday, M
recorded by tho official thermometer, M
shown In the annexed table:
8 A. M...ATi IP. M...71 A P. M....1
n a ni lie. e TV ai 72 7 P. M...7'
in A m' ii7 a P. M...7'' 8 P. M...T"
II A. M...ir.' 4 P. M...71 l P. M...J
12 M 70 r. T. M...72 10 P. Mi- ff
1020. 1910, (090, Kit
0 A. M....W'. A4 A P. M 71 W
12 M 70 70 P. M....10
1 P.M ....72 77 12 Mid 8E
Htihaai temperature, 74, at 3:30 p. M.
Lowest temperature, A4. at 7 30 A. M-
Average temperature, no.
Convicts Present Testimonial
to Lipton.
Sir Thomas Llptnn visited Sing Sing
Prison nt Osslnlng yesterday as the
guest of Leon Welnstoek, Vice Presi
dent of the State Prison Commission.
He was accompanied on his Inspection of
tho Inslittitlon by Mr. Welnstoek. War
den Lewis B. Lawes, Chaplain vVtUtant
EX Cashln, and Dr. Amoa O. Squire,, the
paHson physician. Sir Thomas wns
"mugged" and finger-printed fdr tho
prlsoi Rogue's Gallery, and bis de
scription will be given tho plaeo of
The prisoners presented the Irish
spertman with a hand-painted testi
monial Inscribed, "To a good loser, Sir
Thomas Lipton, from some good loosers
of the Mutual Welfare League of Sing
"1 am very grateful, boys," said Sir
TSomas. "There was never a man born
who did not mako a mlstnke. I've made
some, but the thing Is when we grow
older not to make Ohe same mistake
again. If I come back to America and
win the Cup I'll bring It up here and
allow It to you."
It, nrlng- hy the Public Sen lee CViiiimlfloii
nn tn application of the Manhattan and
Queene Traction Corporation tor pernii"'""
to Increase Its fare. 40 Lafayette street,
2.30 P. M.
Mectlnc of the Socialist County Commlttea,
rtnud School of Social Science.
Carnival for the benefit of tho Array at4
Nav" Club hulldtne: fund. Long Reach, L. I ,
afternoon and cvertlnft.
Military rece-ptlon and ball by the Old
Guard of the City of New York, tho Mon
mouth. Spring I.ake X. I 8 P.M.
Meeting. National R. tall Pry Goods Ao
elation, Hotel Pennsylvania.
Field Men's Convention, Guardian Ufa I"
suranee Company, Hotel Pennsylvania. 5
A. M. and 2 P. if. ; boat trip around Man.
baKan I-land In the evening.
Convention, Pnlversal Negro ImprovctneM
Society, Uhertr Hall, West 13Aih itreaa
b P. M.
Moating of "outlaw" railroad striken,
Grand View Hall. Hohoken, N. J., S P. M.
New Organization to Meet
labor's Campaign.
Atlantic Crrr. Aug. 19. Represent
atlves of seven of the bcsi known iteel m
manufacturers In the I'nltetl Statel c r'
solldated their defence agalnel i"1"
"closed shop" tp-day by forming
Hot Rolled Strip Steel Manufacturer!
Association. E. XV. Harrison e.f the SO"
perlor Steel Company of Pittsburg, was
was elected president of the organiza
tion, explained that the association U
to bo both protective and precautionary,
"We are not looking for trouble SSI
we don't believe the majority of t
men in our mills want trouble any more
than we do." he said. "That la MJ
we are getting together to protect our
Interests and those of our worker
A committee has been m ule to i'-in
a constitution and by-laws and io pre
pare a campaign against the UireateseB
attack of the American Federation"
I.abor. which. It Is alleged, Is he"
the unions In their move to "close w
mills to non-union labor.

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