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Suggests He Quit 8enate Bace
in Favor of C. E. Hughes
or F. A. Munsey.
f Jlrrtal to Tin SDN HD NsW TOSK Hsald
ELUHmua, N. Y., Aug. II. Oaorce
Henry Payne, speaking at the Ulster
County Fair here to-day, save out n,
telegram, which he ha sent to Jamea
W. Wadiworth, Jr., salting the Senator
to withdraw that the national ticket
might not be endangered. The tele
gram reads:
"The fear of national leader that
should you be nominated the great re
sentment of the people might seriously
affect the chaneea of carrying thta State
for Harding and OoolMge leads me to
suggest that you withdraw In favor of
soma such progressive) and trusted cltl
on as Charles Evan Hughes) or Frank
A. .Munsey. In the Interest of the Re
publiean party, and In behalf of the
cause I represent, as the only Republi
can opposing you-1 would gladly with
draw In favor of either of the gontlemen
named or one selected by thorn. I be
lieve that you will he dofeated at the
primaries, as my canvassers show that
05 per cent, of the enrolled Republicans
are opposed to four nomination. That
this Stats may be safeguard ad for Har
ding and Coolldge 1 sincerely urge you
to take this course."
In his speech Mr. Payns said :
"Mr. Wsdsworth Is to-day the leading
exponent In public life of the theory that
the people are unfit to rule. He Is not
a Republican : he Is a Federalist. He
has nothing In common with the Jpariy
that came Into power with Abrahanr Lin
coln, for he views ths plain people with
distrust I have studied Mr. Wads
worth's speeches snd writings carefully,
aad Instead of finding him a bright man
I discover that ho Is rather a dull young
man with an Inordinate vanity over his
social position, so called, and a stupid
belief that he can continue to vote
against ths interests of ths people and
still get away with it. . ..
"Never In hi career has ho shown ths
slightest Interest In those who live by
dHy toil. Hs hag held himself wholly
aloof from all problems that concern ths
plain people. Theodore Roosevelt re
garded him as ths worst type of our cltl
senshlp the map of means who openly
fought those of lesser fortune In their
efforts, to better themselves. Wadsworth
Is the most dangerous exponent of oltss
legislation In this country to-day."
Sola Booss on Sownd Liner.
Boston, Aug. SI.-r-Rum running be
tween New Tork and this city, which has
been reported to be active on road, rail
and water routes, recalled a checu to
day whan Federal prohibition agents ar
rested Ave porter of the Metropolitan
Una steamer Calvin Austin as they
stepped ashore with seventeen suitcase
of whiskey. Ths liquor was said to be
valued at IMOO.
(incl. tax)
This season's Dnsdoume is designed to appeal to the taste of
the carefully groomed man and is made with the object of main
taining the reputation of style and comfort whfch have distin
guished the Dnsdownt of the past.
The new smart curl brim model is featured; also practically
every staple block and in every seasonable shade.
Light Brown, Olive and Staple Dark (
Brown, Hunter Gray and Others.
Everything that you expect of a good
hat is represented in the DtttfMPM.
iJjinCTS Ma In Floor, 35th Street.
Increased Demand for Autocars
Shows Business Activity
THIRTY-FIVE per cent more Autocar motor
trucks were sold in the first six months of 1920
than in the corresponding period of last year.
There is a significance to this increase beyond that
of the constantly growing recognition of Autocar
When business rrfen in such numbers foresee and act
upon their need for more transportation equipment, it
means that, in their combined judgment, the business
outlook is good.
Are you bringing your own transportation equip
ment up to the assured needs of this fall and winter?
Chassis (V2-2 Ton)
$2300, 97-inch Wheelbase
SUM, US-lnch Wheel base
S49-S57 West 234 St.2431 Grand Concourse 930-938 Bedford At.
150-163 Commerce St. 418 Washington St.
Direct Factory Branches of The Autocar Co., Ardmore Pa.,
flYasBBBBBs! VM9wSlfMHHMEHl 8 MhssIsTssMvIsTsIi swMavssn
H IfMNMttMl'
gaBBBBBaBBaj90sBrar sssssrss
isMyjM KtsfcajH i 'ssJIBrw
sssss . - ---,-.,, sssssssssssssllssssssssssssffMrJl ttWaWaaaaW
You can see Ita graceful lines, comfortable roominess,
fin finish, complete equipment. The Cleveland name
guarantees its At construction. But to Jrnow this hand
some car, to appreciate Its amooth action, easy riding
and the wonderful flexibility of it powerful motor, you
must drive it yourself. Telephone for an appointment
to get behind the wheel and feel the car respond to your
touch. Catalogue on request.
1886 Broadway, New York
Telephone Columbut 1011
the National Sextet creeps with
traffic It glides smoothly into speed.
It turns easily in forty feet It brakes
gently and firmly. Women especially
find driving it a pleasure.
1759 Broadway 524 Broad Street
New York Newark, N. J.
Smstufid Ytm
U. S. Shipping Board Offers
Steel Ships for Sale
Bid will be opened September 1, 1920. Tenders will be received
thereafter and considered in accordance with the requirements of
the law. To avoid interference with established steamship lines
and carriers, all sales to be approved by the Division of Opera
tions prior to consummation.
Typos and Classes of Vessels Offered
with Minimum Prices are as follows:
- Per
D. W. T.
Coal OU
Burners Burners
Vessel built on Croat Lakes f or ocean service $160 $1 70
Submarine Boat Corporation type, 5350 160 170
American International S. B. Corporation type,
7,800 D. W. tons 175 18S
Skinner & Eddy type, 8,800 D. W. tons 175 185
Skinner & Eddy type, 9,600 to 10,076 D. W. tone,
and all other vessels over 10,000 D. W. tons,
excepting combination cargo and passenger
vessels, oil t axe re and refrigerator vessels 175 185
The Board has established as minimum prices those set forth above.
The Board will entertain lump sum bid on the various types size
and classes of vessels described above provided the price offered shall
not be lower than the said minimum price. The foregoing minimum
prices are subject to a deduction for depreciation at the rate of six (6)
per centum for the second year of the vessel's age and five (5) per centum
for every year thereafter to date of purchase.
The Board at all times reserves the right to reject any and all
When ship are taken "as la and where la," the whole amount
due paid In cash, discount of 10 will be allowed.
10 of the purchase price In cash upon delivery of the vessel;
5 In 6 months thereafter t 5 In 12 monthe thereafter; 5 im
18 months thereafter 5 In 24 month thereafter; the balance
of 70 In equal semi-annual Installments over a period of ten
years; deferred payments to carry interest at the rate of 5 per
annum. All revenues derived from operations are to be deposited
in a controlled or supervised account, and the installments above
provided for, except initial payment, may be paid therefrom.
The purchaser shall be permitted to take from aaid controlled account,
after the payment of operating expense and the payment of accrued
installment of and intereit on the purchase price, an amount not ex
ceeding fifteen per centum (14) on the paid-up installments of the
purchase price as a dividend upon such investment, to be used free of
control as the purchaser wishes.
Upon payment of fifty (00) per centum of the purchase price the buyer
is to execute a preferred mortgage to the Board, and thereafter the
operation of the vesse I is released from the supervision and control of the
Board, except as to maintaining berth and route.
Tha foregoing terms of sale are applicable only to new steel
Upon application the Board will furnish the names, tonnage
and general specifications of the vessel for eale, and standard
contract of sale.
Further information may be obtained by request sent to the Ships
Sale Division.
Bids may be submitted for one or more vessels, or for any combina
tion of vessels, and must be accompanied, by certified check payable
to the V. S. Shipping Board for H t anions of the bid.
Bids should be submitted on the basis of purchase,
"as is and where is."
Sealed bid on a lump sum bails will be received up to Tuesday,
August 31, 1920. Bids will be opened September 1, 1920.
These bids are to be opened In the presence of the Chairman of the
SEALED BIDS should be addressed to the Secretary of the U NITED
"SEALED BID FOR STEAMSHIP (Name of Ship)" and "Do Not
United States Shipping Board
W. s. BENSON Vnatrman
Paper houses are large users of Autocars
Wherever there's a road
If your "Lost" ad. is
printed inTHE SUN AND
it not only gets a more
than 300,000 circulation
but, what is of most vital
importance, it benefits by
the fact that New York
ers turn instinctively to
ads. when they find arti
cles of value they wish
to return.
Telephone Fits Roy oooo.
L fie C MAYERS CO.. Importer,
46 Cortlsndt Street
New York.
August 25, 1920.
It has become our custom al
ways to insert our adetrtisemtnis
only in THE HEW YORK
TIMES when at are seeing Ike
strikes qf employees for responsi
ble positions.
Cuticura Soap
atsu uirrTMErrr
Clear the Ski
of this Hremendoux
5000.000 SALE
An Explanation Not an Apology
Complaint has reached us that some people have been unable to find goods
advertised. That is so. These prices are so low that It sometimes
. happens that dealers buy entire lines at our retail prices fcruy
them in bulk, because OUR prices are so much under the
wholesale market. The goods are here at the time the
advertisement is written. It is an important matter
for you to be prompt in getting here.
Cheviot Wool Mixture
This is a moat remarkable
value. It is 54 inches wide, and
the manufacturer calls it all wool,
although we do think there is a
small percentage of cotton in it.
It is a good weight for women's
dresses or skirts; for children's
dresses or coats; for men's bath
robes, smoking jackets or lounge
It is in a basket design in three
shades, and is proving one of the
sensations of the sale.
In the woolen section this price
of 75c is subject to the ten per
cent, reduction which applies on
all woolens, making it really 67 M c
a yard net to you.
54-inch Plaid Back Coating
This coating, weighing 24
ounces to the yard, is a wonderful
fabric. Splendid for big, heavy
storm coats, for either men or
women, it is being bought for
auto robes, couch covers and
places where extreme warmth
is desired.
t m
This is one of the big bargains
that attract people to this great
bargain sale. It will pay you to
see this fabric at once, as you
T J m not c to duplicate this
Q value for a long time. Take ten
per cent, off at tune of purchase.
Men's Work or Dress Shoes
Men do not find many places where they can get shoes for $3 a pair nowadays. These
two splendid values are saving money for men who, by taking advantage of this sale, can get
both a pair of work shoes and dress shoes for less than they can find dres3 shoes in most stores.
No. 7,203 Men' black straight lace, English last
shoes. Goodyear welt soles, blind eyelets, tires 6 to
11. These are dressy and good quality.
No. 47 Men' heavy tan work shoes, Blucher style,
ALL SOLID LEATHER, This mean, solid leather
heels, soles, counters, everything. Sizes 8 to 11.
Burton Bros.
No. 2 Sateen
This -is standard merchandise, known
in the trade as high grade, and it has
been a long time since it has been offered
af such a low price.
It is in buff or pearl, and is intended
for linings, also for draperies and cover
ings for furniture.
Burton Bros.
100 Taffeta
67y2c rd.
This cotton taffeta, a Burton Bros.
f abric, by the way, is well known as bo
ng high grade. It is in floral and other
fancy patterns, and is splendid for drap
eries and linings. See it
Burton Bros.
No. 582 China Silk
This is cotton, standard sleeve lining,
known in the trade as absolutely stand
ard. There are but 500 yards of it, and,
at this price, 500 yards will not last very
long. It is 40 inches wide, and should
attract eager buyers.
Reduced from $5
$2 Yd.
Black, navy or brown, tubular or reg
ular Weave, splendid quality. Every sale
final. No exchanges nor adjustments.
This price is to close out remaining
stock at once.
All Woolens Reduced Ten Per Cent.
Merchants, tailors and dressmakers are buying these woolens.
They find assortments and prices sufficiently attractive to bring them here rather
than go into the wholesale market. There is no restriction as to the quantity one may
purchase, the only stipulation being that every sale is a cash sale.
Take ten per cent off the price marked on the goods.
Grand Central Palace
Nemours Trading Corporation, Chas. W. Mills, Vice President and General Manager
Hours 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Daily. 10 P. M. Saturday ,

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