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Minister Bretor Informs N&
I tlonai Assembly of Magyar
Monarchists' Plans.
IHsclosure Jlado by Officer
Who Got Offer to Command
Hungarian Army.
-.. CnliU Drtpatrh In Tnr HrN ni Nsw
Rom Hmuu. OopvrtfflW, id, tv tub hi-m
ivn New iik Hssaui.
BUMfMT, Aug. 2S. M. Ureter, Mln
luf of iIib llonvil (th I.sndwehr of
HurtKim). lnis Informed the National
Assembly tliat tlio ri'iu-tlonary party
bout the mlddta of laat month praparad
for tho restoration of Kins CbtrlMi
A MmpttU Cablntt list had been pre
pared by them, In- dtolarad, iiml com
mand of the troops wus offered to a
alien military offioar M, Bratar as
sarted that the arrest of members of
tha National AMerobly who wara
tajronllie to tho restoration was
Th officer to whom the army rom
raami an offered dlaolo(l the plot to
Jie Homed Ministry, .M. Ureter de-
Kred, and the .Ministry was prepared
to submit to the Assembly a list of tha
men Implicated and the minutes of their
inferences, Ha aaaerted thai certain
ficnenti in Hungary had triwi to shake
the Government's authority In favor of
tha exiled Kinc
M. Ureter's declarations caused great
excitement In the Assembly, many mem
bers demundjtiK a secret session. Tha
President of the Assembly, nowevor,
held that ufter'a public disclosure of
the plot a secret session was unnuces
Labor Federation in Revolt
Against Radicals.
Pptrial ( able .'., .11 i, v Tils Hi IN ami Nsw
Yosk Haul Copyripati imo, ik Tua Hun
m- Nsw Yoaic irssAU'.
Paris, Aug. 25. Not only Is there a
schism in the ranks of tho French
Socialist party but tho French General
Federation of I.sbor has now definitely
broken with tho rudlcala and denounced
the Moscow Third Internationale's de
mands, declarlrlK that lnbor here CHiinot
accept ellln-r a Iteil or a While dictator
ship, Leon .louhaux, secretary of the
General j ederation of lyabor, undoubt
edly waa Influenced to adopt this stand
by the Government's thretit to dissolve
his labor body If It mingles In political
Momow asked for tha most extreme
changes In tho constitution of the Gen
eral Federation of Labor, favoring com
plctu solidarity in the event of war, and
even refusal to allow workers, even
through motives of patriotism, to par
ticipate In the defence of their country.
Milder Socialists in the direction of
the affairs of tho General Federation
of Labor Uphold M. JOUhatU and prom
ise to carry the fight to the finish when
the labor congress DMMtl next month.
Especially are they determined to tight
the MOSCOW Soviet's demand that the
Trench Socialist party chanfa Its name
to the Communist party, With interna
tional reoreeentatlon through tha Am
sterdam Workers' Internationale.
Alloy, Non-Exportable, Un
likely to Hurt Currency.
Sssrtai Ca&Is Xesatca to Tan 8un and New
Yosk Hluld. Cutyrighf, mo, by Tua Uln
and Nsw Yosk ilnui.u.
Fsjue, Aug. 28. Nearly a1 hundred
until". i dollars worth of new nickel and
aluminum coin will be Issued by the
French Treasury early next month In
a new effort to remedy the currency
shortage here. Following the disap
pearance of the silver coins. It has been
obsorved that the brome and copper
pieces were leaving the country. 8per
ulatore.galnlng as much as 40 per cent,
profit on such transactions. A new al
loy has been dtacovered, however, which
dooa not offer such advantages to spec
ulators ami which probably will result.
In the entire French coinage being based
In future on purchase rather than
metal In values.
The new MM probably will be ef
fected through the Hank of Franco at
the rato of 300, Ouu francs a day, coinci
dent with the recall by the Chamber
of CcJmmerco of tli one and two franc
notes which were Issued recently and
which proved to be an unsatisfactory
solution of the currency crisis because
of the Inferior quality of the paper
upon wjilrh they were printed.
TJie Ministry of Finance. ays that
it win be impossible to counterfeit the
new coins unless the most powerful
compression machinal are obtained, the
secret of Which Is possessed by the
French Government only. Therefore
When they am in i irculation tho Gov
ernment docs not anticipate a currency
depression Such as resulted In the whole
sale printing of rouble notes hi Hussla.
Farm Laborer Union Men
aces Harvest in Valencia.
Madrid, Aug. 28. Theatre managera
r,t Barcelona have decided to bring
legal action agalnat Syndicalist actora
who liaa refused! to carry out their con-;
tracts until tho managers recognise
their union. SfSts will be brought j
cgalnst all actors who refuse to appear
when the season opena next week. j
Harvesting work throughout the en-1
t.re district of Valencia Is threatened
a mi paralysis owing to the demands of j
Syndicalist furmlng laborer A col-1
lectlve claim for 13 pesetas dally waa
inad for harvesting rice and 15 pesetas
for general fiold work. At first the em
ployers refused to grant this demand.
1 ut, at the Instance of the Mayor of
Valencia) a joint meeting was called, at
which tho terms of the men were agreed
to, It is reported that they demanded
a further advance of 2 pesetas dally,
which whs relused.
Orders Home All Except I.earatton
Attache From Latin America.
Home. Aug. 27. All Italian officers
now In Latin-American countries except
those accredited to legations as military
attaches or sent there on special mis
sions were recalled to-day by Minister of
War Bottoml, This step follows reports
that .100 Italian officers have landed In
i Bolivia, saya a seml-otlli ial statement.
It is declared t.iat no Italian olllceri
were sent to Bolivia, Peru or Chill during
71r :
t (
" Yes It 's Rachmaninoff,
You Couldn 't Mistake Him
VNE evening early this spring my
V- wife and I stayed in town to attend
a recitaj by Rachmaninoff. I had long
been an admirer of his compositions but
had never heard the great Russian play.
It was a revelation the power and in
dividuality of the man were expressed
through his masterly interpretation so
amazingly that you felt as if you knew
him intimately. In his playing, as in his
compositions, Rachmaninoff expresses his
own rich nature.
'So impressed were we by the beauty of
the recital that we again realized the need
for music in our own home, both' for our
selves and for the children. The following
afternoon we stopped in the Knabe
Warerooms to select a piano for the
children's lessons we had determined to
have music of some sort in our home.
"Suddiily,from a little distance, I heard
the Rachmaninoff Prelude played exactly
as I had heard it from the hands of the master.'
Quietly walking to the next room I looked
in and found a great Kjiabe Grand. It
was playing alone not a hand touched it!
Then it. dawned on me that here was a
new instrument such as I had never
dreamed possible. Not the ordinary
player piano, but a wonderful instrument
that reproduced the playing of great pi
anists exactly as they had recorded it.
"Here were form and fullness and per
sonality in every bar. Golden melody,
sparkling with genius came from the be
witched instrument. It had something to
say to me that no disc or record had ever
said. There were air, earth, water and fire
in the music. It was life genius in
carnate. "And it is this reproducing piano the
Ampico that has made a new place of
my home. My wife and children are de
lighted with it. And to me, left to myself
these lonely summer evenings, it is a com
fort and pleasure beyond words. I know
that now you have heard the Ampico you
will not be long without one in your own
home. To you, as to us, Ampico will
mean musical perfection. "
You are cordially invited to hear this wonderful instrument reproduce t:e playing
of great pjanists in the Ampico Studios.
Uprights from $1250 Grands from $2500
The Marque Ampico, foot operated, from $975
FifthTtoenue at Thirtq-ttinfh 0t
! Altttratt Sc ffic.
Thirty-fourth Street telephone 7000 murray hill Thirty-fifth Street
The Autumn Costume
The Store is splendidly equipped with new assortments of
Fashionable Clothes for Dress
Travel and Sports Wear
particularly ffeatoringne models favored by the Younger Set
:ng men and women about to return to college will find a profusion
of garments to select from, and the boys and girls attending schools
in or outside of New York will also find that adequate preparations
have been made to provide them with becoming clothing correct in
design, dependable in quality, and reasonable in price.
For Monday
A Remarkable Sale of
10,000 Yards
-in. Soft Dress Satin
high luster, superior quality
consisting of over thirty-five desirable
shades (including navy b?ue, flesh
tint and nut brown) as well as all
black and all-white
at $2.90 per yard
( First Floor)
For Monday and Tuesday
Another Sale of
Bath amid Room Toweli
at prices that offer unusual purchasing
1,500 Dozeh Bath bowels
will compromise
All-white Turkish Bath Towels, hemmed :
Size 19x38 inches, per dozen $4.75
Size 20x40 inches, per dozen 5.75
Size 21x43 inches, perdozsn 7.00
Size 22x45 inches, per dozen 9.1
Colored-border Turkish Bath Towels
'Size S9z38ircs. (blue only), per doz. $5.75
ize 21x40 Ins. (blue or pink), dor. 7.00
300 Dozen AM-lioen
HMckaback Room Towels
will comprise
Plain Towels, hemstitched:
Size E8;:34 ins. . per dozen $ 1 2.00
Size 20j.-36 ins. (finer), per dozen 1 6.50
Fine Damask-border Towels, hemstitched:
Size 22:38 inches . per dozen $ 1 8.00
(Fourth Floor)
For Monday
Ami Economise Sale of
Children's Shoes
at unusually low prices
These Shoes are well-msde and adapted
to withstand the hard usage incidental
to the approaching school days.
Brown or Smoked ESkskin
Laced Shoes
. per pair $3.75
.' per pair 4.50
Sizes 5 to 8
Sizes 8-2 to i 1
Sizes II to 2
per pair 5.
(Second Floor)
.Misses' and Girls'
School and College
in models that are the latest word in
comfort and fashion, are strongly fea
tured just now in anticipation of the
assembling off the Autumn and Winter
Of special interest to Misses
Tailored Suits SS.OUto 95.
Fur-trimmed Suits 68.00 to 215.
Cloth Dresses . 37. 50 to 110.
Silk Dresses . 45.00 to 1 1 0.00
Coats or Wraps . 3 9. 0 0 to 1 9 5. 00
Of special interest to Girls
All-wool Regulation Dresses
at $14.75 to 35.00
All-wool Coats, 2 6. 0 0 to 98.00
Cotton Middy Blouses, 2.25 to 6.75
Dress Skirts '. 1 0.00 to 22.00
Raincoats . 8.75 to 18.50
All-wool Bloomers (subject to tax) , 7. 5 0
(Second Floor)
, 1
Charming New Blouses
some plain, but conveying a note ofindividuality, others richly embellished with leather,
beads, silk or wool embroidery or dainty real lace, are priced, subject to War Revenue" tax
$16,75 to 158.00
(Second Floor)

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