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fUnn-lr Out' In World Series
in Paris,' He Tells Chi
cago Cubs.
Jfnox Indorses Nominee's At-
nle in Intermit ionnl
Fivt Republican Representa
tives Are Renominated.
' absolutely rcruln tlw republican , bn rsclvoil In that way. That wan
will win?'
"Anil you ilon'' Intern! t:
to thm?"
: ncr moni-y
Yjfi stnft Comtptmlmt ot Tits log AM)
Nbw V. hk Hnui.D.
UARIDN, Ohio, Sept. 2. Tlifl American
inni struck out In the worlil scries In
dm btfSUSS our players relied on one
iwr rr.iliiiiR a home run, Senator Hard
dig t jlil the NttlOMl League ball team
of (Jili'.iRo to-day, who visited hla front
potth befor giving an exhibition buse
liaH jnmt with the Marloti club at Ltn
cu'n Hark.
flit i ontetylliig teams of Buropt played
, tieeia game ami eypce'.ed to noire
i to I on the United State, the Hen-.-!,
further comparing the national
lm lth the Internationa i situation.
;r America I to win the International
pennant ws mual bring up the batting
rugi ol our players and do better
, , Tin' Amsrican people toting
r.mplrfl . an be counted on to give a
fajv d -.Islon, ho Maid.
Th Senator not only saw in the Villi
i ; Ihl National League club an 0008
: drawing a happy parallel but
., .1 rattling good game of ball ami
lared he loved to be a rooter.
Senator Knm Sera Nominee.
Senator 1' C. Knox (Pa.) applauded
.: Senator Harding talked to the
ill players In baelall parlance and
gn particularly pleased when the
i r N declared he believed In the old
faililoned kind of team work, whieh
vlctorlei in government as well an
I- athletic The two Senators wire in
i inference fur an hour, and Mr. Knox
iti gave out a itatement praising the
v oleeome unaffectedneai and modest
ilneerlty" ofthe nominee and itrongly
end rilng hla campaign uml his foreign
nlntlom policy.
Another delegation which Journeyed
10 thi Senator's lawn to-day was repro-i.-
ttive of National and Illinois ns.o-
iations of school teachers, and to them
: ; Senator declared his belief that' the
American Republic would respond to
their demand for help as soon as the
(arts were Known,
Members of the Chicago baseball team
.1 Marion from Chicago early this
i "i lie ami had breakfast at the
Manon club. Shortly after ten o'clock.
With an escort from the Marion Harding
larchlng I'lub end a band, the visiters
'alked to the Senator's residence and
V re introduced by William L. Veeck,
president of the club. Accompanying
the players were William Wrlgtey, Jr.,
nntl A. D. Lasker, principal owners of
he club. Beveral hundred persons, In-
hiding a larce quota of the city's youth
ful hall players, cheered alternately for
tl ! Senator and the Cubs.
Tribute lo Hnnelulll.
"I pay to you," Senator Harding said,
"ins tribute to bsseball, because I like
tne game Just like every other resl
American, It has been in the blcod for
over half a century and It has helpi 1
us as a people. Of course, there has
been a vast Improvement since the earlv
game, hut i mi M.'ie it Is not reactionary
t i remind you tli.it you still try to hit
them ouft. and tie- big thing Is to reach
' ime piste. Then- are progressive
Um hut :t rejoices the average crowd
of rooters to aote an old fashioned
Tint' r-to-K ers-to-Chance,
"I like tie- tension of a tight uame. it
ll pi it to be a rooter, It Is fine to shi
him In recognising n great play, but 1
like hla partisans!) p. That ". the ex
pi nat on u baseball popularity. We ar
all partisans of some team. I am sure
I i Jolced as mucj as Garry Herrmann
when the Reds copped last year! I fee!
the isnn waj In bin national matters. I
like t.. think of America first. 1 want
mii country to float the championship
pennant in the contest for human
"You can't win a ball game with a
f ne ti t t- im. I like a p!'"her who puts
t! ball over end trusts to hla fielders to
pin the r stations. Maybe It Is old
fashl ned, but I am for team play. I am
opposing the one man play for the na
t. I Too much fanning out. too much
enpreparedness. National unprepared
! toi war COSl us many precious lives
11 I endless bill ns In waste, and unpre
parednesl for peace Is costing bllllims
md holding us in anxiety and nn-
cti t tint) -
Team Play In (Jovernment.
it is my observation that the na
tlm itl nam. now playing for the United
f, tes, played loosely and muffed dls
1 ilntlngly In our domestic affairs, and
then struck out at Paris. No one eao
li Utu thi American team played badly
-i lt got on H foreign field.
I spokesman for the Republican
paii I am urging team play in Gov
ernment on the home grounds, when all
t ii home tans behind us, and team play
we ii we represent America In the ail
rid series. There are too many
mi batting above 300 to rely on one
i iftcr.
"And I am advocating something
mare play according to the rules. The
Mies in tin- supremo American game
re in the Federal Constitution and the
unpin is the American people. There
;m a ni-etlng of league officials where
I .tending team tried a squeeze
play, and expected to score six to one
(Inst the United States. But the
American Senate was ready with the
ball at the plate, and we are still flying
our pennant which we won at home and
hold respected throughout "the world."
Hard lag Strikes. Out Flack.
Five etrans of Marion's first star
team 'f lTi received a big hand when
the) stepped odt beside the Senator. Mr.
Having took the mound wnen the um
Wr illed "play hall!" and threw three
hoi ones for Flack, rlghtflelder of the
Cubs, to swing at. Flack, of course,
could po reach them and the umpire
' 'ii' i tiurn all strikes, hut the Senator
admitted that Daly, the Cub catcher, did
'ing them In a little.
Senator Harding returned home as the
zame endul and continued his confer-
nee with Senator Knox. The campaign
' f' rs u,c country great opportunity to
record its protest against the mai
lt ration of national affairs. Sena
tor Knox said. The perversions and
Ttstefultiess of the administration ln
' tei almost unanimous protest of the
i ne great 'hlng to be hoped for
' campaign," said Senator Knox.
liquata appreciation of Its
' initios for tho Republicans of all
Netioni to record their protest against
e maladministration of national uf-
DrrrnoiT. Sept. :. Keturns from Tues
ilay's statewide primary compiled to
day served only to add to the lead of
Attorney Oeneral Qrosgbtok, who won
tlie Republican Riibernatorlal nomina
tion, nnd the Ave Rapuhllciiu Represen
tatives, Joseph W. Fimlnev, Karl C.
Mlchsner, Carl R, Mspss. James c, Mc
Laughlin and W, Frank James, who
were renominated bvar opposition, on-
hert A. Currle was the only Represen
tative to fall of renoinliiatlon. H e con
ceded the race to-day to Roy (), Wood
ruff of Hay City, who was leading h
1,100 votes In nearlj complete returns.
Three of th,. state's. Representatives.
Patrick H Kelley, Louis 0. Cratnloii
and Franklin I). Scott, were unopposed
for rehomlnatlon,
In the First, Third and Fourth dis
trict! Frank BJ, lioremus, J. M. C.
Smith and Kdward L. Hamilton, re
spectively, nre retiring. The Republican
nominees n these districts are OoorgS
P, Codd, William H, Frankhnuser and
John . Ketoham,
In the Thirteenth Clarence J. McLeod I
was nominated to fill the unexpired 1
term of the late Representative Charles '
B, Nichols, im.) Vincent M. Hrennan
"us nominated for the full term. There
wars no Democratic contests. I
Attorney-Orneral Qroesbeck'l lead to- I
night stood at U,w, with SM proctncts
out of MSI yet to reiort. Oroasbeck'i
total vote was s-.'.9., against t)l,2fc; for
Mllo I). Campbell, his nearest rival In
the field of nine candidates.
f'OHfOiurrt from first I'agr.
Cox manager had brought was "leads"
In the shape of names and data, which
the committee was to develop. Hut when
Senator Kenyon heard of the Interview
with Mr. Moore he said If he hud ktfown
In the. first place the nature of thsi
Ohloan's professed evidence he won) I
have announced then and there that
the Ohloan was subpoenaed fr next
Tuesday. Mr. Moore did not lav any
thing before tlu' committee as such. II"
did not, of course, confide In the Re
publican members, but had a talk With
the two He-moor At. Reed and I'omerenc.
as soon as lie gpt here this moinlnu.
PomerSBS bad come with him from
Dayton. Senator Heed had a squint
at the memoranda and clippings which
constituted tho "ground work" Mr.
MOON had brought, but what he thought
of them was not to be learned from the
set of his rock hewn face when the
conference ended. Ho did Hay that In
his opinion Mr. Moore did not have
'primary evidence" hut did have "leads."
Anyway, the moment the committee
went Into private conference lr Senator
Heed Is Accommodated.
"8o that as practice! men you have
picked out what you regard as battle
ground States where ths election may
go one way or the other?"
"Now, will you kindly tell tne what
thoie states are?"
Kxplnlnlng that he wouldn't want to
be hound strictly to It, as "the election
might change It," Senator I'olndexter
said :
i "We are considering Oklahoma. I
have not decided positively nbout Okls
1 homa, but 1 think we will make some
! effort there. Tho other States are New
I Hampshire, New York. Maryland, Ken
tucky, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Wlseon
1 sin, North Dakota, Washington, Idaho,
Oregon California, Aitiona, Nevnda,
Ctah and Colbrado."
' Senator Reed: "Are there any New
. England States outside of New Hamp
shire y
Benator I'oliidexter : "Possibly Con
necticut. We have not counted '
Unit as helng uncertain ; but wo cum
all tie. money the league hml received.
"You think l,9ll could be used for
e"rruptlng the American electorate J"
Senator Kenyon asked.
Among the contributors wore Will
iam H. Taft, William Hemes, Nicholas
Murray Uutler and Samuel W. Mc-
Relng naked If the league was trying
to raise a fund from the "big Interests"
Mr. Hnnkn said: "We hope to raise
more funds from Individuals, yes. A
finance committee was working."
Questioned by Senator Reed, the wit
ness said about 1,200 sutlcltlng letters
had been sent out tp "men of means."
The league, he said, gets out a monthly
paper. He said the league hoped to get
enough to spend $5,000 In each of about
twenty States, and In addition each
State organisation was supposed to get j
Its own money for Its own work. Then
sss no restriction on the sum a State
branch might raise, but It should be re
ported to th ntral headquarters. The
league, he said, had asked Will Huya
to have the Republican National Com
mittee finance It, but that was a month
ago and tt had no answer yet.
Senator Reed demanded a list of the
men of whom contributions were asked,
and Mr. Hcnke agreed to supply It. The
committee then took a ten minute re-
and the I'nlted States has one J1, J), ROOSEVELT IN PORTLAND.
"Obvious alttmpts have been made to
stir up trouble over the mlSOJU)tStlon Of
my speech. I have receive! no word
from the State Department und the
iienrcrs Issne Is
No Leant ur.
Portia xp i Me., tspt, s.
i.cukuc or
Franklin D,
Candidate Says He Did Not
Claim LfafftiP Control of
Other Votes.
representatives of the other American I h osevelt. Democratic nominee for Vice-
l epuoues KTOW me lAcis auu eau.r , ...... , ,,.,.. . ...,. lo-nmlil
losing t Im first of a three days' tour of
that no alleged statement of the Rl)
charged i-ould have n word of truth In
It. The good will and understanding Is
too deep seutcd to be disturbed by a
misquotation "
tell about the contingency of the cam- j cess which developed Into adjournment
pnlgn." ' t0 ntxt Tuesday.
Senator Reed :
starts fin Western Swing One
Year From Date Wilson
Began Leagne Tour.
Hall Corrcspondest ol Tits Bps and
Naw ross WsAts,
Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 2. fiov. Cox
started off to-night on the most com
prehensive campaign stumoing trip ever
undertaken by a Presidential nominee
The tour, which Will continue for a Ut
ile more than a month, will cover the
entire West, w ith an averages of four and
five spec, lies a day. Bv strange coin
cidence It Is exactly a vear to the day I then said
Ksnyon'l room at the Auditorium Hotel 1 otll ()f eighteen
tins ariernoon, me decision 10 near ..
Mourn on Tuesday was definitely made.
Some of Those tq Testify.
Nino other persons arc also called for
flint day. They are :
Harry N. Blair, asslstunt treasurer of
the Republican National Committee.
Walter S. Dickey, Kansas City, wlunn
Reed '" at In the contest for the Culled
States Senate, and who lias been men
tioned before ttio Kenyon committee as
having lent money to the Republican
National Committee,
ll O, Qsrrett of Winchester. Ky.
Garrett da Kinney, Peoria, 111.
.1. o. Bryson, itrasii, Ind,
Mrs Jacob Hauer, Chicago.
b'red A. Miller, Columbus, Ohio, con
nected with the Republican campaign In
W K. Miller. Cleveland, connected
with the Republican campaign in Cleve
i aidley Blossom, Cleveland, chairman
of the Republican ways and means com
mittee in oiiio.
Mr. Moore, scanning this list, nodded
his head approvingly over some of the
names, hut mentioned ether persons he
thought should be summoned. Senator
Reed evidently had Mr. Moore s alleged
evidence in mind this morning when he
asked at the hearing for Mr. Blair, and
"Well, that makes n
RtAtes. Let us say
that you added to them those two; that ,
would be twenty for the cntnpalgn and I
It would be an average of 110,000 to'
each State provided you sjient the money
In the state. You say you are going to
spend all of it for campaign business,
campaign funds and material; that Is. I
Chairman Optimistic After
Chicago Conference.
literature und so forth?"
Senator Polndexteri "Not only that;
not only literature, but other campaign
activities of a general nature und nu
tlonal character."
Senator Heed: "Well, let us Just take
uie meraiure ror tne moment, uo you, "Thi
send literature Into the same States i o( jn(
inio mose states Hint you reguru as tnej
battle ground?"
Senator I'olndexter; "Yes."
Senator Reed: "Now what are thai
other campaign activities that will be
employed in those states?"
Senator I'olndexter: "Well, sending
representatives f our committee there
to do political work, give political ad-
,j vice, 'reconcile national differences and
an ordinary assistance mat comes
through the efforts of campaign work
Majority of American Repub
lic Would Agree Without
Ilmilels to Siieuk In Indlnnn.
j Wasiiinoton, Sept. 2. Secretary Dan
iels announced lo-dny that he hod ac
cepted an Invitation of the Marlon
County Labor Da Committee to innke
an nddress Monday at indlanai Oils.
tin state In the interests of the party
Candidates In thS State campaign, told
dii.4 sudleifee that "the Issue of the
League of Nations as against no I,canu i
Of Nations or as against some substitute
wholly Indefinite will appear clear to
the American people "
He dep'nred "blind partisanship" nnd
slid he hell. 'Vi d II was rapidly disap-
p aring, "especially now thai the women
oi America nav i been aocofdsd the frau-chlse."
Kitttrt. Me, Sept. 2.---Franklin D.
noosevelt. the Democratic nominee for
Vice-President, begun "to-day a three
day speaking tour of Maine In con
nection with tho State campaign.
On his way here to-day Mr. Roosevelt
made the following statement to the
Assoc'ated Press :
'On my return to the Kast. I find
that wide pub'blty has unfortunately
been given an erroneous report of a
speech mado by mo In Butte, Mont.,
nearly three weeks ayo In regard to the
votes of various American republics In
the assembly of the League of Nations
I feel certnln that ths misquotation was
entirely uplntenl'nnal.
' "It has n Charged that I declared
that the I'nlted States. If a member of
the lastue. would 'control' or h ive the
Tub BVM ami Nbw TOSS Hsbalo. i votes of at least twelve West Ind an,
etitral or South American republics.
CHICAGO, Sept. Chairman Hays
" i was highly optimistic to-day as the le-
sult of the two day Republican confer
ence. He said:
meetings yesterday nnd to-day
chnirman, vice-chairman and
more than a hundred men und women
from the twenty States have been most
satisfactory. Reports from everywhere
nil show the same unprecedented In
terest In Republican success. This ll
simply a still further reflection of the
conviction on the part of a great ma
jority of the electorate that Republican
success Is the most Important clement
making for the nation's greatest wel
fare. It Is this Interest on the part of
j nu rvsnraivM oi unsi oi prvawti inj
mat we nave oven urging
since President Wilson be ran his "ssrlna
around the circle" In behalf of the
League of Nations, with his first speech
In Columbus, and covering much of the
same territory.
QOV. Cox's first night meeting on thu
trip Will be at Lansing. Mich., but there
will be ipeechOS also at TeoUtnseh, Man
chester and Jackson, Mich. As In the
past, tht speeches will b , d Voted to the
League of Nations and "progress. against
reaction," on the theory that these two
Issues will do most in winning the West
This Is to be Gov. Cox's first trip to
the otrc r side of the Mississippi River.'
The trip will be mad" by regular train,
the members of the party travelling In
three cars, one the car Kederal. for the
occupancy of the nominee, und the other
two for members of the staff and the
newspaper meu, of whom there are flf
te n. The entire party numbers twenty
six. Gov. Cox passed mst of the day pre
paring for the trip, his programme call
ing for but one speech at Mm
House to approximately a hundr
resentattves of the National Board of I
Farm Organizations. The delegation I
w ill go to Marion to-morrow to hear j
Senator Harding.
It whs an opportunity for do v. Cox
to voice his policies for the recognition I
of farmers in the event of his election,
and he promised them more, of a hand
in governmental affairs than t . y have I
enjoyed In the past
"The time has come When more good j
old hard headed farmers must hav i I
their feet under the tajilo when Im- i
ports nt national policies arc deter
mined," sab! he. He said he favored
the representation of (armors as mem
bers of the Federal Reserve Hoard, tic;
Tariff Commission and the Interstate
Commerce Commission. Transportation
problems as they affect the farm he also
The cold storage Interests through
their control of refrigerator nrs and
their elimination of the law of supi ly
and demand have caused the public
without Justification to look upon tin
farmer as a profiteer. A nutlonal law
limiting the period of cold storage Is
As one means of solving the problem
he urged the provision of more railroad
( v in 'i and few, r privately owned refrig
erator cars.
list of the
And I want n eomplet
regional directors."
The only witnesses hesrd to-day were
Senator Poindexter, chairman of the
Republican Senatorial Campaign Com
mittee, and Herman B. HcTik' treasurer
of the National Young Mens RepUb-
j i lean LesgUS
From Mr. Polndexter's testimony that
j the lord for the Sonata campaign was
, 1200.000 to b- applied In the States that
Seamed the least bit doubtful. Senator
Reed tried to draw a conclusion tluit tie
sum to he spent by or for each Bona
torial candidate would exceed the
$1 iJ.rtoO limit set by the Federal Corrupt
Practices Act. He also tot Mr. Poin
dexter to name the States regarded by
the Republicans as battle ground ' rrl-
tory. Chesrfully supplying the enemy
with this Information, Mr. Poindexter
listed New Hampshire. New York. Flor
ida. Maryland. Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana,
Missouri, Wisconsin. North Dakota.
Washington, Idaho. Oregon, California,
Nevada, Ft. ill and Coloradi
affiliations, that we
Senator Reed: "Hut the candidate Hil will urge i ontlnuallv. Bverywhon
will get" the benefit of these activities If Republicans recognize the serious mo
they are properly applied, and of this men! In the country's history, and
literature and of this money?" i recognize the party's responsibility
Senator Poindexter: "Yes." . the guiding hand."
Senator Reed. "So that practically,!
speaking now, It was the purpose to
contribute 1 1 r ooo to 112,000 to each;
Senator who has applied for It or to his
buttle gr und direct?"
Senator I'olndexter. "No"
Worries Over fcnntorlul fund.
"Well, :t i pretty near
Stats' I Arizona
1 rep.
Moore I-:nrl on the Spenr.
Senator Reed
that, isn't li?"
Senator Poindexter: "No. I assume
what you mean by that is that he gets
that proportionate value OUt of the
general activities of tin committee. In
:ha: sense It might be correct."
S"nntor Reed: "What are you gong!
to do. Senator, with those States w tore
there is the corrupt practices act, so a
sum of money to he expended by a Bli
ator Is less than $10,000?"
'Sen.vtor i'utndexter "Well, of course.
We do not apprehend that we will spen I
that much money in any state, and so
tar as ths senator s own expenditures
are concerned, we don't know anything
about It and have nothing to do with It.
I presume we comply with the law."
Senator Reed professed Inability to
reconcile a 2200,000 fund with the c r- ;
rupt practices act He thought that If '
an outside organisation could throw a
lot of money into a State the corrupt '
practices act was nullified.
Tin- payroll of Senator Polndexter's
committee is or l"1' a week, h said;
the entiie running expenses were about
It.iipe n cek, exclusive of 'literature,'
some of which would he speeches of
members of Congress, mulled under tin
frank The item for "literature" michi
he 220,002, Including postage and speak,
ers' expenses three or four thouftsdu
dollars a month Senator Reed figured
that the committee would have n bul-
heuring was adjourned It was lance of about Jl'.'O) to be .enr to encn
manager of a show had an-1 "battle around" State on the vm
I "Io you know of any other campaign
j lu which it was proposed to send 2t,ono
I i f i n h State for tho Senatorlnl cum-1
pnlgn?" Senator Reed asked the wit-
: r.ess.
"1 am not familiar with other cam-
I "Did you ever hear of a 2200,000 fund
! before?"
I "I have not beard what the amounts 1
"There has been a good deal of sneer-
DnnKliter of Late Slayor Gaynor
Freed In Reno.
s'prrfal fo Tun Bex am- New Yobs Hsoald.
Rsno, Nov.. Bert 2. it was learned
hue to-day that' Mrs Helen Paynor
Itedfoi I. laughter of the late Mayor
William J. Oaynoi of New York, ob
tained n divorce here last Monday from
Rrlward T. Bedford Sd, on the ground of
desertion. The couple were man led six
"I shou'd think It would be obvious .
that one who has been so largely in
looeh llh forelmi relations through the I
Navy Department during the last seven
years could not nike a deliberate false
statement of this kind.
"What I actually stilted nnd what 1
have continued lo state Is this : The
league of. Nations assembly gives u
vote to all nations Irrespective of their
size. Every American republic, Includ
ing the smaller ones In the West indies
and Centrnl and South Amerlra. could
have such a vote by membership In th'
league. History hns shown thnt the in
ternational interests of the United
States and nt leat a dOSen of these
republics are broadly Identical. Our
course has been their course and theirs
ours. This bus been abundantly proved
!n the past. It ts also true In my judg
ment that in anv grave Internitionn'
ns I ipiestlnu coming before the assembly n'
'he League of Nations the IWted
j states would vot.' w'th these republics
nd they would vote with 'he t nite"
Stales This Is bssed on 'be fuct of
common Interest and of historical prece
dent I fee certain that if In the assembly
the -British '"moire With Bll votes were
to east them In a manner contrarv to
Vmerlcnn Interests the PnltSd States
wou'd rind the greet majorltv of the
other American republics would be in
accord with our position because r mu
tual Interests
"All Of thl dlC"Blon, however, i"
of very secondary importance in view
years ago and havs n son. Fdwunl T. I of the clear statement In Article V i f
Bedford .id. Mr. Bedford s father is an
official of the Standard Oil Company.
The fact that Mrs. Bedford was here for
the purpose of obtaining a divorce was
well ki own. t
Mis. Bdlth VlngUt, an older sister of
Mrs. Bedford, obtained a divorce in the
same court lust July,
the League of Sittings, 'decisions nt ll?'
meeting of the assembly or r.f the
council' Hhiill reipdre the agreement "f
ell the members of the lea 'rue repu-
senten In thi- meeting, Puetheemo.-e,
It Is wcP known that the council is ihe
true governing bov of tVtx league, in
the council ths British fmo'T-- has one
He said the Republicans might in
i lude Oklahoma, and might change then
minds and send assistance to south
Dakota and Connecticut
"South Dakota," he said, "look-; pretty
e. rtuin for the RepubllcansQ Pofslbty
we shell spend sum.- money In Con
pecticut. although It Is not counted on
as uncertain, but you can't tell the con
tingencies of a i ampalgn."
Mr. Moore was on hand When the
hearing started. The, cameras wen' all
aimed at the witness chair for him.
When tin
as if tlx
pearud Just before the ero,lt third act
liniux and sent everybody home with
out a refund.
Senator Kenyon said that when It
finished in Chicago the committee prob
ably would sit In Pittsburg, the centre
of territory in which several prospec
tive witnesses live, and tnat William
Harms would be culled then to give
all the facts about the Albany Sveninff
Journal s h.jok. "Republicanism In I9"0."
in his testimony Senator Poindexter
ml that under the agreement with the I
i vST 31 Mtf3y
National Committee the latter guaran- ' lnB h"ri' at t,,c '1,'a of " being possible
j teed a,fund for the Senatorial campaign, ' to bu' th American people. Ho you
! an ugreement modified about July 26 to b,lleV' tl,at money can be used In such
I the extent of having a sub-committee a manner as to change the result of A
I of which Senator-Frellnghuysert Is chair- I Presidential or Senatorial election?"
fARM BO ART! FOR OIL TARIFF man, take charge of the soliciting. The "With the vigilance of opposing pnr-
Pre purrs Questionnaire for Two
Nominees for President.
CoLtlMBirs, Sept. 2. Congress is urged
to revise tariff legislation to include a
protective duty on all original vegetable
oils and other raw commodities when
their free admission acts "adversely to
the Interests of American farm produc
ers." in a resolution adopted here to-day
at B meeting of the National Board of
Farm Organizations.
other members uf the sub-committee are
fcenators McCormlek, Klklns and Calder.
The money collected was to bo credited
on the sum guaranteed by the National
"So that," said Senator I'olndexter,
"the entire1 campaign fund of the Sen
atorial committee la to ne confined to
:'00.U0il as maximum. That i" guar-!
u n teed by the Republican National Com- i
Senator Frelinghuysen. lie testified, is
the active member of the money raising
eolomittee an. I lie nlittiu ... I. ...... ....
The resolution also asks that Congress I ,.,... eommlttec nf whlh stint.
Wadsworth of New York ll chairman.
I hey have not raised any monev vet
make adequate appropriation for the of
fice of delegates to the International In
stltum of Agriculture at Rome.
Delegates to-morrow afternoon will
Journey to Marlon, where they will pre
sent to Senator Harding a questionnaire,
which Was presented to Gov. Cox to-day.
Tennessee House to Cornish Cot.
ernor Transcript of Action,
Nashvillk, Sept. 2. Tne Tennessee
House of Representatives adopted to
day. 43 to a motion to furnish the
Governor with a sworn transcript of
the action taken by the House Tuesday to th
to speak of, be added.
No Fixed Method of Help.
Asked about the committee's payment
of J3.000 to O. K. Weller, Republican
candidate for the Senate in Maryland,
Senator Poindexter said there was no
fixed way of helping the candidates, no
fixed allotment. lie continued:
"In some instances where they have
certain activities organized which re
quire the exiiendlture of money for the
usual campaign purposes our committee
pays the amount of money we consider
proper, and that we can afford. Other
candidate or to some represen:.a-
In non-concurring, in tho suffrage 1 tlvc of the candidate or Ms orguiizu
nmendment resolution. I tlon, to be used in the Senatorial cam-
The motion included a request that I Palgn In that State, In activities upon
the Governor certify this transcript to which we agree."
the Secretary of State at Washington. I Examined by Senator Pomerene, Mi
' Poindexter said It was fair Inference
I that the 1200,000 limitation placed upon I
tho Senatorial committee did not pie
ties you are very apt to do a party
more harm than good to undertake to
use money corruptly." Senator Poindex
ter answered.
"You mean If It is known?"
"It Is apt to be known."
Later, after A tilt with Senator Fdge, !
Republican. Senator Reed observed:
"Up to date we know who has got the I
money and we Intend to leain some
I more About It If the committee stays in
session torty-signi noun longer.
Election Standards Hlaher.
Poindexter gave his opinion that there i
was less corruption than there used to
he. that standards were higher.
"It used to be the custom In some,
places under the old regime." he said,
"to give a man 14 to come to the polls.
presumably to pay for his team for i
driving In. all that sort of thing. I think j
that practice has been abolished very !
Senator Reed : "You wouldn't regard
' the existence of a campaign fund of
HS.000.noO as a menace, would you,
, Senator?"
j Senntor I'olndexter ; "I would consider !
it a great abuse, a colossal abuse
Senator Reed: "Wh
! Senator Poindexter: "I think that
would be an abuse, and unnecessary."
Senator Reed : "How about a cam
paign fund of $4,821,000, that is pretty
close to the 15.000.000 mark. Isn't it?"
Senator Poindexter; "Yes."
564 50G mi 566 tfth Aptfttur.
A6? ho-47" STS.
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Country over the Week-End Holiday
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hat about $5,000.-
vent the various Republican eommlttees
r" during the last eight years.
itor UurAiniF has mnrle lt clear
'h.u . not independent if we sur
tsder ;my of our functions of govern
ment to an alien council, and but one
Ihtog r an excuse such surrender of our
"dependence, nnd that Is oUr conscious
nilngneM to do so.
"""n.itor Harding's fervent reverenca
r 1 l country, Its Institutions and Its
wi I guide him aright and with
fegsrd for the spirit of the age
" ldom will reflect the wisdom of
"S' s in matters of vital irapooj."
Torr.aA. Sept. 2. The State Supreme ln ,no stat(! from rlsing monPy lMr
t?ourt to-day granted Alexander Howat. i own account to help elect a Republican
nreMent of the Kansas miners' union, a senate. Keminqmg tne witness that tin-
ten day stay t execution In his con
tempt of court case, to allow mm to pre-
limit that may fee' spent by a Senatorial
candidate In any State, under Federal
1 . .. . I ... r . . ...
onl lo the I-nlled StAtes Su- I m -" o.nerene 1 Ig-
... - llrrt ,i., .i,,.ro
Dremc Court.
Howat, With other union officials, was
sentenced to a term in Jail for refusing
to appear as a witness before the Court
of Industrial Relations.
Mrs. Roosevelt, Jr., tVIII Mump.
Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., wno was
Miss Eleanor H. Alexander, will take sri
active part In politics for the flret tiino
this autumn. She announced yesterday
that Bhe would take the Mump for her
husband, who Is running for reelection
as a Member of Assembly from the Sec
ond N'sssau district.
are Senators to be
elected In thirty-two States Ibis fall, the
1200.000 allotment meant an SVSOitge of
?6.250 to a State.
"It is reported that in one State
(meaning Mlehlgani in a certain inni
palgn the amount spent was about
$1 "6,000," said Senator Pomerene. "Your
committee thought w hen your $100,000
fund was provided, it was ., reasonabl
Four Nominees to Speak.
St. PAUti Spt. 2. PXmr Pnsidentiai
nominees will speak at the. Minnesota
State Fair next wee. It was announced
to-day. They nre Gov. James M. Cox,
Democrat ; Senator Warren fJ. Harding.
kteDUbllCBn: Aaron ft. Wntklns, Prohibi
tion, and Pnrley P. Chrlstensen, Farmer-Laboi.
Senator Heed : "That would he an
abuse, wouldn't It?"
Senator Poindexter : "Well, I would
consider it too large an amount; my
personal opinion."
Senator Kenyon got Into the conversa
tion to ask Senator Poindexter If ho
knew of any party that had $15,000,000
this year. The answer was, "No. I do
"Ho you know." peisisted Senator
Kenyon. "where wc can find out about
that llo.OOO.OOO charge? That Is what
I have heen trying to do."
"Well." Senator Poindexter said. "I
should think the source of Information
would be (iov. Cox. Who has made the '
assertion. Outside of that r .ton"? bMi
sum In behalf of Senatorial candidates or anyoody wno knows anything about
ln the thirty-two States." i It."
Senator Poindexter said it was ; Herman F,. Henke. treasurer of the
thought to be fairly reasonable, "so far National Young Mtn's Republican
as our activities were concerned." league, testified briefly, This was one
He agreed with Sonator Reed that the ! of the organisations listed yesterday by ,
Senatorial committee had no control Wilbur Marsh. Democratic national
over the finances of local committees in
the States.
"Your committee should not send
money to Alabama." continued Senator '
Reed ; "you can't send money to a State
where the election is a cinch for the
"TlSSt Is correct."
"Av J in certain Stales it Is regarded 1
as collecting money apart i
Republican National Commit-!
from the
Mr. Henke said the league, which is
designed to bring young men Into the I
Republican party, had raised money
thus fsr by sending letters asking busl- '
ness men to be vice-presidents snd con
tribute $25 apiece. Thus far $1,911 had ,
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