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I . . .. - - n
j Must Maintain Domosllo Instl
j tudoiifl, Soys Itonulillcan
J Onndldtttc.
hVould Tut Country Hack on
Simo Hauls of Economical
) Administration.
MAKCliriHTKn, N, H,, Hept. Jl, Oov
Calvin Coolldgo o( Massachusetts, Ho-
publican nominee for VIce-I'realdent, In
tin address here to-dy said that Amer
ica, "led by a patriot Ilk Warren 0.
Ilnrdlng, will protect the Intercut of all
Iter people nt homo and perform un
grudglncly all lier duties abroad,"
"Jt In well to keep In mind," lie said,
"that unices wo maintain our domestlo
Institutions we shall have no foreign
relations, Unions we cherish llborty and
prosperity nt homo wo cannot provide
or defend them abroad, Tho welfare we
H'dt la ever the welfare of America, and
If not of Amrrlcu alone certainly of
America first.
"It Is for tho purpose of ndvnnrlnr
, that welfnro that cltlicns associate
themselves In parties. If I were asked
, to Mute the purpose of the Republican
party In two words I should any, 'Hound
""government.1 'J'hnt party ban been pe
culiarly tlio custodian and defender of
our Constitution, No problem lylalng
. from the war rutin more urgently for
; miluiion than how to return to and
; irnlntnln constitutional government,
"Thoiii nre two dancers which will nl
.' wayn thrcaton our Constitution, One Is
autocracy, tho encroachment of the Kx
; ocutlvc, It is cer easy for on Imll-
Iiluul to bollevo himself divinely chomm
'. to snvo tho people, Bucti salvation Is
, always sought by relieving them of the
i expansibilities' of their freedom, tuklnsr
vr the direction of their affairs, an
i sumlng government for them, oblivious
1 to the groat fact that If there Is any
salvation for the jxoplo It will come only
by reason of tlio people governing them
.' wives under and In .accordance with
. their own Constitution.
Objects la Autncrntlu I'otvrr.
' "When tho war began tho American
'" peoplo granted powers to the executive
I the lilts of which were exercised by nu
'other person on earth, Thoso Powers
Vlniva not yet bocn surrendorcd. Under
; Ihcm, to far as I can Judge, the power
exists to put n draft Into effect to-
morrow ,ind Impress our cltltcnn to be
. Fi'nt to figjit anywhere In tho world. It
i, N not cnouirh to say this will not bo
ilone, I object to the exlstonca of any
. such powers In tlmo of rcace, nie only
nennoy now seeking to brim? this condl
, Hon to n clcso in tho Ilcpubllcna party.
"The Independence of the Congress
must bo preserved, It Is not tho fortune
; of Jgglslntujyg to bo popular! thoy do not
iW?"tliu publlo fiincy. Helng human,
tbey may err. Hut no teglslnturo ever
, isurpcd tho liberties of u country, nnd
no country ever lost Its liberties until Its
4 legislative tepresentatlVcs hnd been
v Hlrlppcd of their Independence nnd their
"There nro grave assaults being made
on our system of representative Gov.
eminent by minorities orennlzi.d for ape
j i Ul purposes. Their motlvea nro per-
tonal gratification and privet Interests
rather than tho public welfare There In
Z no objection to thcoe mlnorltlw bocauiio
; they nro minorities. Tho rights of niln--orltlou
nro ns uncred as tho rlchts of
! majorities, They como under censure
; l-oeuusu they consider nothing but them
r selves,
"Thore ore othor Influences at work
In America as there are throughout tho
world more evil and moro sinister. In
general thoy mnlco tho same claim.
: They proposo to relievo tho people from
all tho burden of maintaining their own
freedom and their own Independence. I
do not deny that this can bo done. Hut
1 fr M u contradiction In terms to suppose
it can bo dono and any Independence
and freedom remain.
"If theso Influences prcrnll ctvlIUa
; tlon ends and barbarism begins With
- them death and destruction walk hand
,n hand. For tho presont population of
America can only be kept nllvo by nn
orderly use of tho powers of modern In
ventions und thu uso of great acoumula-
. tloni of capital. Unless this order Is
maintained famine would destroy our
country In thirty days.
Prosperity la Contnalous.
"Tho moans by which theso nllucnces
, work Is propaganda, always nn appeal
tc discontent, to envy or worse. They
t'eny every principle of civilisation.
They would supplant all good with evil.
, Against this proposal to. contlscate civil
ization all good citizens must Join In re
. hlstancc." x
(Joy. Coolldge said that the Kepubll
, can party always had sought to on-
courage business enterprise.
"Prosperity la contagious," ho con
' Unuod. "Thoro Is no power that can
; prevent nn lncrcaso of capital, Irre
', spectlve'of Its ownership, Increasing the
welfare of 4ho people. It always pro
, vldes moro employment, Increases wages
and raises ovory standard of living."
Ho praised the new railroad law as "a
; jrreat constructive piece of legislation."
"Uut," ho went on, "neither conBtltu-
' tlonal government nor well ordered lib
erty nor sound banking nor the Ameri
can spirit nor good railways can Insuro
our material prosperity unless thero can
be an cud to, botli public and private
extravagance. Tho waste of public
money during the last few years Bur-
; passes tho Imagination, Tho great es
tablishments organized to prosocuto tho
war by tho executive arm of tho Oov-
' crnmcnt havo not yet been reduced In
tho number of names on tho payrolls to
anywhere near tho pre-war standard.
Tills condition must be remedied. Thero
must bo n great change to further dimin
ish tho great extravagance of tho pres
ent Administration. To this tremendous
, task the Republican party has dedi
cated itself.
"Wo havo tested the spirit of America
nnd found It true. We have 4,000,000
of men vho have served undor tho flag
of our country. Wo have called up the
womanhood of tho land to give its coun
sel In the guldanco of affairs of state.
In this morning of a new existence
America alone of nil tho earth Is young,
vigorous, unexhausted, Under such con
ditions, with such powers, led by a pa
triot like Warren a, Harding, America
will protect tho Interests u all her peo
ple at home and perform ungrudgingly
all her duties abroad."
Ex-Governor Attacks Treaty
in Maine Speech,
Hockmnp, Me,, dept. II, The league
of Nations was referred to ns "simply
a league for spoils" by R, C, fltokes,
ormer Oovernor of New Jersey, speak
Inr hero to-night In the Interest of the
ItepuhllcAti national campaign,
"The lenue, an advocated by our op
ponents, without reservations, la not a
court of Justice, hut Just n political ma
chine," Mr, Mohea milil,
"It la controlled by politicians like
Moyd (leorge, Mlllernnd and the I're
niters of Italy nnd Japan, The diplomats
and politicians of Europe carved out
the world around the peace table nnd
made a new map,
"Transylvania, with It coal and Iron,
Is taken away from Hungary, leaving
that nation without the raw materials
of Industry, Austria Is parcelled out
until the great city of Vienna, wlUi tt
millions of population, l left without
sufficient agricultural territory to feed
Its people nnd la compelled to buy of
unfriendly nelnhbors,
"jJiiKiami, near old imginnd, t;eu
701,000 smiaro mllea of territory In
Africa, with 8,000,000 of people, of-
course solely fur altrulstlo purposes, to
liecomo the mandatory, net or merlin ter
ritory, but of Mesopotamia, because
isngiana experts to raise cotton In Meso
potamia nnd freo herself from tho neces
sity of buying cotton from tho United
"I make no criticism of Kngland he-
cntiso she Ih clever enough to get her
share or the world out. or the European
era!) bag. What Inteicsta the American
people Is the fact that this I.enguo of
Nations hart been pictured nero ns a
Icaaue for peare, whereas It Is (Imply a
league for bpoIIh,"
Tollfl Mnlno Votow Loilffc MJh
pfntcfl tlio PnrpoBQH of
ICIIffUO of NdtlOllH.
Harding and Cox Audiences
Equal, Says President.
IIAUMKR, Minn,, Hept. 11. Nearly the
same number of persona heard Gov. Cot
nnd Benator Harding makn ndilressns at
the Minnesota Htalo fair hero this week,
according to figures given out to-day by
R W. Murphy, president of tho Statu
Kalr Hoard,
According to despatches from New
York, .Oeorge White, chairman of tho
Democratic National Committee, was
(juoted ns saying that more thnn twice
as many pnsons attended tho fair on
Monday, when Oov, Cox talked, than
paid admission to hear .Senator Harding
on Wednesday. White la reported to
have asserted that "paid admissions to
tho fair grounds on tho day Uov, Cox
poke wero 09.000. while thero wero only
42,000 paid ndmlsslona on tho day Sen-
utor Harding spoko."
'On Monday JM7G persons wero mi-
mlttcd to tho grand Htnml nnd bleachers
to hear Uov. Cox, and 32, 12 persons
heard Senator Harding talk nt tho same
placo on Wednesday," nald Mr, Murphy,
The total nttenuanco on .Monday at trie
fair groundN was 179,011, Including 138,
0S0 paid admissions, according to olllclnl
figures from the treasurer's ollloo. On
Wednesday, when Senator Harding at
tended, the figures were 75,201, Including
00,275 paid admissions.
Nnvlirntlon Conipnny Orgiuiltnl,
San Salvador, ltcpubllo of Salvador,
Sept. 11. Tho organization of tho Cen
tral American Union Navigation Com
pany Is nnnounced In n circular Just Is-
vued by tho International Central Ameri
can Uurcau. Tlio company, It Ih stated,
Is to engage In tho Central American
coast trade.
roiiTUNP. .M Kept, II, A denial
that "the league of Nations Is a union
to wage war," as charged by flonatoi
Lodge, was made here to-nlRht by Will
iam U, MoAdno, In nn address nt thu
final Democrats maim meeting )n tin
State campaign,
Ha said thero was no foundation fur
such nn assertion and added that If the
United States becomes a membtir, "the
league will be doubly powerful to pro
vent yHr,"
"IJvery obligation of good faith to our
allies," Mr, MoAdoo said, "and nvory
principle and Ideal for tno seuiomeni or
International disputes by peaceful meth
ods, of which this nation has been thu
consistent champion for half n century,
appeals to the American people to Join
I heir power witn tno great nations or
tlm earth to secure for tho llrst tlmo In
human history this great boon of nn
organization to make the rccurrenco of
war so remote ns to be impossible,
"The paramount need of the world to
day Is pence and Insurance against war,
Tho Democrats party stands for peao
and Insurance against war, Thu Itepub
llcan party opposes It,
"At Augustn a few nlghtn ago Sena
tor I.odgo charged that 'the League of
Nations Is a union to wngo war.' This
Is frequently nuierled by Ilopuhllcan
oral ore, but without any foundation
whatever, Tlio unswer to tt Is tho con
stitution or the League or Nations It
niflf, which oxpreMly hinds thu thirty
seven nations which have already
Joined tho league 'to promote Interna
tional cooperation and to achieve Inter
national pcuco and security by the ac
ceptance of obligations not to resort to
"In the faro of the obligation which
theso honorable nations have accepted
not to losort to war, how con It bo
charged with any sort of Justification
that theso thlrty-ruven nations havo
formed a 'union to wago war'7 In othor
words, Senator Lodge nnd other Itepub
llcan orators say that where natloiiH
expressly agree not to wago war It Is
an agreement to makn war,
"It would be Jut an mtlonnl to claim
that nn agreement to actually inako
war Is In fact an agreement not to tnnke
war, Tho League of Nations noronnnt
binds tho thirty-seven nntlons not to re
sort to war, but to submit International
disputes to arbitration or Inquiry, and
not In nny ensu to renon to war until
three months after the award by tho ar
bitrator or tho report of tho Council,
"Kven then a ressonablo time Ih al
lowed for tho report of tho nrbltrutoi
and six 'months Is allowed for an In
quiry by tho council, so that If arbitra
tion falls to prevent war, or un Inquiry
by tho council proves futile, then war
cannot result until thren months there
after, It would seem beyond belief that
ufter nine months of dolay, during which
time tho dispute Is considered by all the
parties In Interest nnd through tho
agenclea established by tho Lcnguo of
Notions, tho pitsxlon for war will not
have cooled off and njnenccful settle
ment will not have been made,
"Of tho penalties which are provided
In tlio Iraguo tho economla boycott nlonu
will be sufficient to deter any faithless
or .criminal nntlon from, attempting to
disturb tho peace of tho world In tho
Flume reltbrstlnn, stadium nf the
Cellres of the City of N'uw York, Amntcnlnm
ammo nnd 138th itrttt, 3 I', M.
Pullrnllon of the community rnituanleum,
Ocean View Crmnery, Blnten Islsnd, 8 I. M.
John Cou per l'nwys will spesk on I'florthe
the rionror of the Modern Spirit." In tlio
Kourth Assembly Milrtct Asaomlily Ilnll,
i:,,H Iloston rond, Si!.", P, M.
Continued" from 'F lrt I'npt,
The Issues Involved am clear out, Upon
their right decision rests the future of
America, perhaps, of the world, nnd I
appeal to eVery American who lovea
our country and wants It to continue
an Independent iJoverelgn nation to voto
the Itepubllcnn tlokat,
"Since tho prlmnrlen last June I havo
visited approximately halt nf the towns
and oltles In Maine, Rverywhere I have
been told of lifelong Democrats who nre
dlMatlsfled with the Drmncrotla na
tional administration nt Washington,
and who have declared their Intention
of voting the Ite'publlcan ticket, AVe
are well organized, militant nnd deter
mined that tho vote In Maine shall he
a declslva Indorsement of tho Itepubll
can national candidates," 1
War Contrnets . mi Issue,
Col, l'arkhurst Is president of the J,
V. rarkhurst Son Company, which
manufacturer trunk nnd leather goods
and whlrh had large Government con
tracts during the war lor artillery har
ness, bridles nnd pistol holsters, The
effort which has boon made by Demo
crats politicians to makn political capi
tal out of theso contracts haa aroused
considerable resentment throughout thu
Slate, and the net result has not boon
hopeful for W. It. l'nttangall, tho asttrte
former Htnto Attorney (tonernl, who Is
managing the Democratic campaign.
After tho urmlstlco the l'arkhurst
company surrendered Its legal rights
iiiidtr the contracts In exactly the same
way that thousands of other concerns
did, In consideration of this surrender
the War Department offered n aetiie
mcnt purporting to compensate the t'ark
hurst company for Its direct loss nnd
to provide for any liabilities the com
pany might have with firms from which
It had In turn ordered goods,
Allen k Hons, who were subcontrac
tors, claimed of the l'arkhurst company
some 12,000 moro than the Government
had allowed on account of this particu
lar liability. Offsetting this wom a larger
claim against the Allen concern pre
untiled hv Col. Parkhurst's company.
The questions Involved nffect the two
companies nlofte, und a ruling to thin
effect was miidu by the legal udvljer to
the Wot' Department last March nnd
confirmed by Secretary rtuktr. The
matter waa then dismissed, no far ns
the Government was concerned,
It Is charged hero that the civil suit
against the l'arkhurst company later
Instituted by the Department of Justice
was brought .for political purposes at
Mr. Pattangatl's behest and In nn en
deavor to suplort statements which ho
haft made In his capacity as a Demo
ciotlo campaign manager. It Is not re
turnable until njxt February, and the ut
most doubt of Its every coming to trial
Is expressed here.
Ira O. Hersey of Houlton, Represent
ative from the Fourth Mnlno district
and n cnndldnto for reelection, nsrertid
to-day that 7f per cent, of the women
of the Stnto who reglMcrrd would vote
tlio Republican ticket Monday.
Local Ilettoni Turn Interest to To.
morrow's ISIrctlon Thrrn. f
InteresLIn election betting In Wall
Street yesterday was confined hugely
tr wagers on tho outcome of the Matno
election to-morrow. Odds were grer.tly
In favor of the Republican party In the
betting as to which of tho dominant
parties would carry tho State, and most
of the betting was made on various prop
ositions ns to tho plurality by which the
O. O. P. would win.
Only one emnll bet on the chtnees of
tho Democrats to carry the Stato was
mado. This was a wager of 31,000
ngalmit 41,000, or odds of 8 to 5 on the
Itepubllcnn State ticket.
Ofllolnl Filer Named to DUtrlbate
Campnltrn Dope.
Not content with tho aviation that
Gov. Cox- and Franklin D, Roosevelt
havo been dolne on the stump, tho Dem
ocratic National Committee- nnnounced
yesterday they haa appointed nn official
William C. Jenkins, 321 Wyandotte
street, South Bethlehem, Pa., has tho
distinction of being the first man to bo
named ns aajofflolal aviator for 3 politi
cal committee. At hcadquattern'ye.Hter
day Jenkins said ho would use hlu nero-'
Piano In distributing campaign litera
ture m r.ow York, Pennsylvania and
New Jersey.
jKoch Prices Make Downtown Shopping an Extravagance?
e:aMisr.oi (080
2 5th Street West
A Mill Clean-Up of "Merode
Every season we receive' the first option on the
samples of "Merode" underwear for .women and chil
dren. The group embraced in Monday's offering is of
an unusually high character better in every respect
than previous collections. It consists of merino, silk-and-wool-and
cotton, in all sizes, but not in every style.
"Merode" is nationally known underwear. It
meets every requirement of service .and appearance
and is recognized as the standard in good underwear.
1 Prices Are 50 to 75
Below Regular
Lot J $1.65 nnd $1.70 "Merode" Cotton
Vest nnd Tights; fall weight, di i (
first quality ipX.lU
Extra sizes $1.25
Lot 2 $2.65 to $2.95 "Merode" Cotton
Union Suits, nil styles, first i q
quality l.OI
Extra sizes $1.75
Lot 3 $2.95 "Merode" Merino Vests;
fine quality wool; extra sizes; -i oq
first quality A07
Lot 4-r$4.39 to $5.69 "Merode" Union
Suits; silk and wool; merino and o jq
silk and cotton; first quality. . Cs.O7
Extra sizes $2.95
Lot 5 $1.00 to $1.70 Children's "Merode"
Cotton Vests and. Pants; also nQ
fleeced; all sizes; samples; each ui C
Lot 6 $1.45 to $2.45 Children's "Merode"
.Heavyweight Merino Vests lie
and Pants; each.
Lot 7 $1.85 to $2.65 Children's "Merode"
Cotton Union Suits;
Lot 8 $2.00 to $4.75 Boys' and Girls'
"Merode" Union Suits; silk and i QC
wool, and merino; samples. ., . laOO
Other Good Makes at Special Prices
$1.25 Women's Fleeced Vests and QCJ
Pants ; reg. and extra sizes ; each O O C
$1.75 and $2.00 Women's Cotton Union
Suits; low necks, sleeveless, knee or
ankle length; regular and extra -f ir;
85c and $1.00 Children's White
Fleeced Vests and Pants; all nr
sizes, each : DOC
$1.50 and $2.00 Women's Swiss Ribbed
Vests and Tights; all styles; 1 i r-
regular and extra sizes; each . . 1 I O
: Floor.
An Attractive Selection of (
Silk Petticoats
Smart models, of jersey silk
in prettiest color combina
tions, also taffeta with fancy
pleated flounce, in the newest
colorings. Second Floor.
324n Fall Dress Ginghams
Smart Checks
Solid-color effects
i . i
Second Floor,
Continual from Frt Pap,
Cox clmrflnn, tmt only tli rlmrKu ny to
tlm ln or tlio rampttlim fiin Iti
ifoureea nnd tlio methods nf rfllilwr It,
Tho Imlda working of nn "Intenntvo"
monoy rnlMrw rmpalii wern expowrt
tri'tlny whon tlm rnmmlttea Imrt on tlio
Mnml I'rcilrrlclj Courtsnwy Harbor of
New York, director of tlm Itepubllcnn
drive for fW.OOfl n CIiIchbo, Ha told
of Imvlnif compiled n enrd Index Hat of
m.tw prnlmbto contributor,
"Did you mark on the cnnln wlmt the
prnpect wn uppoed to ulveT" Hrnn
tnr Need nKcd,
"Noi I connldfr tlmt very Imrt piy.
clinloiry. It nvor nf dlctutlnir,"
Mr, rinrber la liosn of W0 worl(ern
rniiped In ovnn rtlvlnlnna, five of
Mb ch, called "front line dlvlalonC vla.
lied the rnrd Indexed proaptcti, the
nthrrn ereldnu mnnller miMcrlptlnne,
The divisions were subdivided into forty
or fifty tenms, To mnlte n rnmpnlim
nf thla l successful, Mr, Iinrbor until,
the nveniKe contribution must he. fft)
per nmn, A "preferred list" of 7i0 or
MO prospects to be nsked for 91,000
npleco wns Riven to the older workers,
"Doe tlmt embrace the cnpltnllats of
Cblcniro?" said flenntor Heed,
"Not ns capitalists Uut ns buslneas
men," Mr, Ilnrber replied,
"They nre men who could mahe the
11,000 contributions reasonably."
"Crenm M" Dunned for lf1,00O,
flenntor Heed elicited tlm fnct that the
members of the executive committee,
whose rhalrnmn Is Charles Plex, prob
ably would dun the J1.000 "prospects,"
The Renntor cnlled It "tho crcnni list,"
"If you will permit inc. htr. In thl
inrtlculnr cnmpalBn tlmt Is stieUhlm;
II n llttb), to call It n crciini list," snld
Mr. Ilnrber,
"If It Is not crcum It Is nt leant hulf
nnd hnirr
"Yes, sir, I should say nbout that."
The witness Insisted tlmt tho Chicago
olijecllvo wns only 1500,000, nlthouKh
Honntor Iteed thought that wns out nf
nil comparison with Clovelnnd'a nuntn
of 9400,000. Ho sold Chicago nnturally
would give five or six times ns much ns
Mr, Hnrbcr said be had honrd 1700,000
for Chlcngn mentioned nt rtcpubllcnu
hcadqnnrters, but not officially.
"HuppoHO you get moro than $.100,000
wlmt do you do?"
"Instructions would havo to come
from soiuo nnn higher In authority,"
"Do you Itnow nnythlng nbout n fund
to ho raised by the ladles?"
"I lisvo henrd there Is n fund, but
hnow nothing nbout It."
Through the testimony of Cnleh Knlx,.
rhlef copy editor of tlm Chlcngo Dalli)
.Veics, Senator" Heed mtnbllshcd thofuct
that enrly 'n August Fred Uphnm, tho
Republican national treasurer, rov nut
h statement that the objective In Om
caw was 1700,000, Wllllsm WrlslW
Jr., nnd Charloa I'les, who nro on ft
committee of business mn Interested In
the Clilcaifo drive, were called for by IN
Kenyon committee, but did not respond,
It was explained that Mr. Wrlulcy wns
"up nt n Inxe" and Mr. J'lea wnt nn
tho pllirrlmn of tho Chicago Itepub
Mentis who vlslUd Henntor llnrdlntt In
Mnrhm lo'dsy, flenntor KenyniT iil'o
nsltod for floorRo T, Carroll, president
of the New Jersey I'edorntlon of T.lnuor
Doalers, to, whom tlm commlttte Imd
sent sovrrnl telecrnmK, but that sentlo
mnn did not nppoar, ' . .
Tlm story nf tlm Klrls of Aberdenn
Pedernl vmplnyeai from wliom the I''m
ocrnts collected M0 apleco out of MHO a
month salaries was then told, Tlm llrst
witness on this phase wiw Kunlco Coyne,
n reportor for the Aberdeen, H. I),, dal ly
newspaper, film was so senred shec'iuld
not. titter nn audible syllable nt first,
but pinched up conrnifo when she dis
covered that IN nugust Henators wcru
Irenllntf her hlndly, Him Identified tlm
following letter ns having been received
by Marlsn Arnuitrout, ft stenographer
In the Internal revenue ofllca nt Aner
deem Letter Nnllcltlnir Cnntrlbntlons,
"August 31, :o, nemocrntln Nn
tlonnl Commllteo is raising In this Blnto
n fund for rnmpalgn expenses and thosij
who aro parlnldng In tlm benefits of
offlco nro naked to assist, You nre cor
dially requested to nrrnngo this mntter
by cnllliig nt the fmermnn Hotel, room
213,' during the next three days,
"jo, M. WATStmunT,"
Miss Coyne snvo the names of soma
of the girls who received this letter,
They were I.Ida Young, Marian Ken
nedy, Blgrld Holt, Jessie Ilarchard,
Clrnco Curtis, Kdllh Kelly nnd others.
"Was thorn n cream list of thoso who
could best nfford to pny7" queried Hen
ntor Konyon,
Miss Coyne said she didn't know, Him
gavo her Impression thnt nun cent post
ngo wnH due on tho lettern when tho
girls received them.
"They oven hud to pay postage In
gelling duns from tho Democrats," Hen
ntor Kenyon commented.
Thirteen of tho girls culled last I'rlrtnv
nftvrnoon ttt Mr. Wnterbury's room, ns
rimintil. unl.l .Mini CnVllO.
"Was thnt tlm Tower room Of tho
Rherman IIotelT" nsked Henntor Ken
yon, getting In n little dig on the score of
the Itepubllcnn meeting In the Towsr
room of tho Union Kcngue Club Chi
cngo, mentioned In early testimony.
Miss oCyne muffed his Jost.
"No, wo have thrrn floors," iho nn
swered soberly.
Mr. Wnterbury told the i.lrli who
vli.fi.il dim. tlm wltnesH went on. that ho
represented Clnrenin Meo of ("cntlevllle,
H, I) chairman of the Deniocrntu Htnte
Iludget Committee, fnther of J, W. Mec,
Collector of Internnl Hovonuc, In whoso
olllccs tho girls were employed,
..... I . 1, .. , n l.'iHtl.l, A.
Al "US IlOHIl nuiiniui ieii;un iv-
marhed that It was "Infamy" to make
theso girls contribute, Henntor Heed
"I ngroe with you, Henntor, that to, In
nnv wav. lew n nolltlcnl nssessnient
upon n working girl, working for tho
fovernmeut Is absolutely lnKWIW",,
Right of thn girls left Mr, Vtsr.
bury's room nfler ha had marts his
npiunl, Miss Coyno said, snd flvo of
them remained to wrlta checks for flO
aiilnce, Hhs said Hint nt h-as two of
them, Mrta Younsr and Jrsslii Harclmrdi
did not have MO available and so wrot
two posl.datnd checks, one for October
I, the other fr November I.
"Are the girls," Henntor Kenyon In
quired, "girls who vnn easily afford to
give this monny?" ,
"They are worlilnff Klrls," Mlsn Covm
answered, "The greater part of them
do not live In Aberdeen, Jtenlnls nnd
eating aro tilth there, ami I do nut
belleva they could afford 11,"
The story that MIsh Coynn had writ
ten for her paper about this strangs
performance had the word "blackjack"
In the headline
"Jilnokmull would Im totter, wouldn't
lit" snld Hoimtor Kenyon,
Mls Coyne snld elm believed so, nnd
the Henntor added Hint "If there Is any
word ton strong to he used for this I
don't think the English languiiga con
tains It."
Tho effect of Miss Coyne's testimony
was prutly spoiled by that nf Ihs next
witness, Miss Jessln Unrohnrd of Min
neapolis, film was one of the Internal
revenue employees who gave up M0
to "Mr, Watertiury, but she, sworo she
was n Democrat and dirt It voluntarily
nnd willingly. Incidentally, lm Is an
unusually handsome young woman, and
nflor weary dnys of hearing politicians
nnd Y, M, C, A, secretaries the Hens
tor found her presenco, restful for he
eyes, Her Job nt Aberdeen Is operating
n meohnnlcal calculator at IIM a month.
film snld that when tha Klrls called
nn Mr, Waterbury by request last Friday
he nsked them If they wanted to con
tribute voluntarily, wnereupon the girls
talked It over nnd nix of them decided
to give MO npleco, the sum mentioned
by -Mr, "vVnterhury. flho said ehn didn't
henr nny of them nny It was ft hard
ship, Him added that Mr YVnterbiiry
did not tell them their Jobs depended
on It, nnd thnt none of tho glrla win
afraid of losing her Job, Him gave two
t dated checks for 120 eiuih.
"Have you any source of Income ex
cept your salary?"- Henntor Kenyon
nskrd Miss IlnrohhlU
"No, sir," she said. '
"You think. nil thn girls contributed
out of their enthusiasm for the Demo
emtio cnuier 'I
. "I do,"
"The girls were nil Democrats:"
"Yes sir" 41
"It won Just n eTiontaneousioutburst of
enthusiasm?" . ,
Mr. Harber being recalled, Henntor
Iteed read the niuiios of the executlvn
committee of tho Chlcngo campaign, em
phasising their connection with bnnkn
nnd other buslnesa houses, I Id iiIho
spoko of Mr. Ilnrber nH an "employee."
"1'itrdoii m," mid Mr. Hnrber, "I
makn ft contract for carrying out nn
undertaking. I nm not employed by
anybody. I am tukfiiK for this Chicago
campaign the very much reduced com
penrntlon of 1000 a week nnd hotel ex
penses paid, I havo made n wicrlflco of
115,000 or 120,000 In my own work since
the Gth of July, when I came here, If
thla had been a commercial campalim m
fee would have been 13,000 a week sinl
expenses, jcor sxstnple, It Is very likely
my next campaign will be In r,,,,
93,000,000 for a hotel In a large city. vt
thnt my retainer will be a minimum of
110,000 and my compensation a mini,
mum of 12,000 n week, plus ciprom.
It Is hnrrt work, sir."
He nddsd that Im worked ns n voHn
teer In the wnr driven nnd accepted
Troubled by Refusal to Spenl(
in Three States,
Thnt Henntor Waller R Wge
abandoned the pretence of being u juiK
to assume the role of nn advocntn wjs
tho comment yeeterday of Ciialnnau
White of tho Democrntln National Coin
mitten on tlm statement of the Keif
Jersey Henntor In regard to the worn
of the fienatn Investigating Coinmllln,
"(lov, Cox has every reason to coin
grutulate himself and the American pro
pie, upon tlm successful outcome of the
hearing nt Chicago," snld While, "it
Is trim that we nre as poor ns the He.
publicans urn ilch, hut bourn poverty
Is n more creditable stain bifore f ho
Arnerlcnn people than tlm henvy obiui,
tlon of rnmpnlgn funds,"
Horcly troubled over the rcnum of
.William (1, McAdoo that he -lis not
Dooiioii to spoa in new torx, Illinois
or New Jersey, Henntor Harrison h.n
donn what ho could to counteract th
bad effect of the publication of I ho
Ho had a conference with Mr. Me.
Adoo, Im said yesterday, and thi l'n.
dent's Hon-lii-luw had "assured me hi
would i(f pleased to speak nnywlitni
thnt this bureau desired him to." Tim
Senator would not sny ho "derflud" inm
to spoak In thn banned HtaUs
Wheeler Nuy It Is Divided f4
tvreen fllnjop I'ltrllrs,
1 Wasiunotow, Hept. 11. A stntrmtnl
Issued to-day by the ofllco of Wayne )i,
Wheeler, general counsel for the Anti
Hnloon League, declared that chnrgei
"that the Antl-Hnloon League Is n JW
publican orgnnlxatlon," nttrlbut'l to &
II, Mooro In his testimony before tin
Heiintorlnl Investigation nt Chicago, went
fnUe, The leuguo ineinbcrslilp Is nlout
equnlly divided hctween Democrats sivl
Ilepubllcnns, snld tho statement, wln-h
Urscrltwd tho ornnnltallon ns "oinni.
"Tlm contldontlal proipcctus of Hit
Association Opposed to National I'mM
blthm," the statement continued, "dli
doses tho Information that Mr. Moors
viin their Ohio representative and tint
ho accepted tlm jioaltlon,"
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