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ess3a-sg. :' r leass... i
Building Jh Dnmngeil to
Extent of $500,000 by
' Explosion.
TyuliiH SHMi!ur Morgan iml
TlioiniiH Liunont Sllght
' ly Hurl.
Conference of FIiiimclcrH
TnhcH Tlicni From Positions
' of Most Dimmer.
or Hi" Imllillniii Immediately sur
rounding tlio scene of the explosion yes
tetday In the flnnnrlal district tho Mor
gan offices wsro most seriously-dnmagrd,
Tin explosion occurred on tlm Wall
street 'side ot tho building, nnd that
structure, together with Hip now Assay
Otltcn. across the street, felt tha full
- foire of tho crash, which swept In
ward llui hlir window of tlio Morgan
ofllre, sending glass m rid pleov of Iron
nnd steel on tho clerks ut wirl( In t tit
departments on thnt side of tho building,
Ono clerk there wss killed, but ut knit
thirty others were so wrlously out that
thoy hud to bo attended by ambulance
Th.i cb-rk who lout hl llfo waH Will
iam Joyce, con of Thomnn W. Joyce,
head of A department In tlm Jlorgnn
office. Young; Joyce wai employed In
coupon department and wiih appar
ently In front of tho window which got
tlio full force of the explosion, Ha was
carried ngnlnst the' cagn In which he
wnM at work andnilnhed ngnlnnt Hi door.
He wiih dend beloro help arrived,
Joyce's father, who wax emioycd on
the nunc floor, wax alio rut nbout the
liody, mid It wan necessary to glvo him
attention at tlx Uroad Ktrrct Hospital
before, hn could bn told of tlm detith ot
Ida con. Young Joyce had been em
ployed In the Morgan ofllces for several
. years, nnd It la understood that he
pliinnad to bo married within a few
Tho only nVniber of tho Morgnn firm
who wna Injored was Junhm Hpencer
Morgan. son of J. P. Morgnn, present
liead of the firm. He wan sitting In tho
office on tho Wall street side when tha
txploilon occurred, nnd wns covered
with n ahowtr of broken glass, tie rn
reived n slight cut on the linnd, but In
H-lto of these assisted those more a
- rlously Injured who were being brought
Into tho building for flrat nld,
Oh ml by llelutr at Conference.
Thnt not more ot tho Morgan part
ners were Injured wna due to the fnct
that tho other pnrtners wcro In confer
ence on tho second floor. This confer
tnct la a dally affair Among- senior
mombers of tho firm, and utunlly tnkoa
i placo In tho private office, of J. P. Mor
i gall, on the accond floor overlooking
Hrond nnd Wall streets. Aa there nre
no windows facing Wnll street, this of
.flee did not feel the full force of tho
explosion, but In spite of thin tho win
uowh on tho other ride wero shattered
and Thoma W. Latuont received a cut
on tho sldo of the face. Other partnora,
however, escaped without n scratch,
Tha sceno In the MorKn offices after
the explosion was almost exciting for
a few minute at In the street. Tliero
was great confusion, but aa the partner
came down from tho second floor to
take charge, calm was restored, and
those who had not been nerlously In
jured helped to treat persona brought
in from outside.
Only ono or two persona were sailed
In tho Morgan waiting room, but none
or these wns Injured. Ono of the persons
In the Morgan ofriccs wns M. Cnsonavc,
Minister Plenipotentiary and Director or
French Finances In tho United States,
who recently completed negotiations
with tho Morgnn firm for flotation of the
French loon In this country. Glass show
ered all around him, but he escaped vlth
a few scratches on the arms und hands.
The fact that it waa noon nlso prob
ably saved from Injury hundreds of
clerics who nre employed In the Morgan
firm. When the explosion occurred
many of the clerks had gonu to lunch so
thut altogether .there wcro not mora than
, fifty persons on the first floor. Tlioso
I cn the upper floors escaped Injury ex
cept for a fow cuts.
At tho tlmo of tho explosion only two
of the senior partners of the firm were
in the building, Mr. I.nmont and Dwltlit
W, Morrow. J. P. Morgan, head of the
firm, is In Europe, while Henry P. Davl
ion, who recently came back from tho
Went, had not yet returned to tho of
fices from his vacation- Tliomus W.
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Darby, Hooper & McDaniel, Metropolitan Managers,
Charles F. Endcrly, Mgr. Service Dept.
Cochran waa out of town, while ISdwaril
H. Htetiiiiiua la rernvinug irom an vi
oration, The three Junior mombtu of
His firm, Junius Mpcncer Morgan, Jflllot
llncon mid (Ivorxu Whllney, were All on
the ground floor wlmn the exploaloi oc
ctirretl. Jlacon and Wiiltnuy escaped
without a scratch,
dm Mulri first flliapecledt
None of the Moruan partner or those
employed by tlm firm actually saw what
Imppentd, or hail any more than paulnaT
information ua to what caused the ex
plosion, The first theory advanced wa
that there had been an explosion of
K main, but ns pieces of ttl begn to
he found In the, building, suggesting a
homh. this theory was changed, How
ever, no one employed In tho nulldlngj
faw more Ihan a sbuet of nre iwro up,
whlth wns followed hy tremendous
crashing of glass,
A partner who examined th building
and thn imidwny where tho explosion
occuired a.tld It could oat possibly havo
Nun a giiM explosion, hut must Iwvn
Iweii causM'd by n high ,xploslve, appar
ently planted In eiihtr a wagon or one
of the automohllles aundlng autsldit the
building-, Hn denied, however, that tho
linn had been receiving threatening let
ter recently or that the explosion wti
directed particularly at the Morgan Arm,
HIm theory wan that If It wna a bomb
It was directed mora nt tho whole of
Will IHtreet thnn nt the Morgan firm, be
cause of the spot where It was planted.
He pointed out that It would have been
cosy enough for thnso who planned the
thing to have found out about the
dally conference on the second floor, and
inni rover, that If tiny real damage lmd
been meant for the partners: the explo
sion would have occurred on thn llroid
ftrcel side nf thn building, where tho
partners hnve their offices, Not n single
partner has rut office on the ground
floor on the side of tho building that
was most damaged,
As n matter of fnct, thn damage to
tho Morgan offices wiih only slightly
rrrre serious than In tho case of the
new Assay Office, nrross the way. Vlr
timlly the whole Inside of the Mor
gan building on the 'ground floor wns
rrockrd. (lines wns strewn over nlmost
every Inch of the floor space, whl'e somo
nf the window frnmes lay nlwut tho
desks und chairs In a broken nnd twisted
A great chunk lmd hern broken out of
the celling, a pulling which cost nn Im
mense sum of money nnd which wns
th( talk of the nrchltecturnl world at
the time the InilMIng wan first put up.
Here nnd there on the Inner walls of
the building, opposite tho Wall street
side, were pits und 'cheeks showing the
effects of the terrific blowup.
Nniril Morcnn Douin llrnken,
Thn huge glass donio which covers n
largo part of tho mnln hanking lobby
of the bnk, nnd which wjh the pride of
tlio Morgnn firm, was broken In nevernl
places, but tho frnmn of the dome ro
malned In plnce, The glass, however,
uns so badly damaged thut ono of the
partners thought It would bo neceisnry
to replace the whole dome. There was
hnrdly a light or plecn of glass nnwhor
around lh building that wna not dam
aged, A peculiar fentuto of the explo
sion wns thnt while nil glnss In the
t.ulldlng was shuttered thn telephone.
tickers nnd news tervlco wero not dam
aged In thn least.
On the Wnll street side, which Is oc
cupied hy tho bond department, desks
wero thrown over and the big bomb
proof netting which stretches across tho
windows was thrown Inside the building.
The force of the explosion In tho hack
p.irt of the building was so great that the
netting on the last two windows on the
Wnll street sldo was thrown completely
'cross the room, u distance of more twin
siventy-flvc feet.
This netting proved a life saver, how
ever, for thoso who wore employed noar
the front of the building, as It prevented
glass from entering tho building, but In
caso of the back windows tho netting,
glaH and nil wns blown Into tho struc
ture crashing down on tho heads of
thoso who wero employed In the bond
and coupon departments. Mnny narrow
escapes, occurred In that department, but
tho most rcmarknblo was that of Arthur
M. Anderson, hcud of the bond depart
ment. He was seated nt his desk on the
Wall street side of tho building when the
explosion occurred, and a plecn of gloss
flvo feet squnro dropped on top of the
desk. Jfo escaped, however, with only a
fow scratches
Tho dnmngn on tho second floor of the
building was not bo great as on tho first,
but the, whole line of offices on the Wall
street side, whero many of tho partners
have their privato ofriccs, wns wrecked,
with tho exception, of the, office of J. P.
Morgan, which was protected from the
explosion. Tho office of Thomas W.
l.amont, which Is next to the office of
the head ot tho firm, was literally
wrecked. The offices on the seconJ door
on the Hrond street side wero not great,
ly damaged. The damage throughout
tho building Is estimated at ubouN
None of the partners would mnko any
comment on the explosion, but tho fol
lowing stntement wns given out last
night by Thomas W. Lamont:
"One of our valued employees, William
Joyce, Is killed. Mr. Joyce Is the son of
Thomas W. Joyce, who has been In the
employ of our firm over thirty rears.
Others of our forces wer.j cut, somo of
them moro or less seriously oy ;!ylng
glass, Nono of the pnrtnern wns In nny
wny Injured, save that Junius Sjenasr
Morgan had a slight cut on the hand.
"Our building; Is rot seriously dam
aged, but nil thn largo windows on tho
firsthand somo on thi second floor, wero
blown In. " Our ofllco4 will be open for
business aa usual to-morrow morning."
Riot Insurance
.,.-....-.xr- tt - ..mtrm I nnnAnmnn ft I TTrtTTm TIT
SET AT $8,800,000
lirolwm OliiflH Mono Vnluod nt
.$200,000 Jfoi'fifnn Dnmnffo
Not Estimated.
Work of ItccoiiHh'iicllon Uo
gins ns Boon ns Shock Is
The damage done a the direct result
or the exploalon was variously estimated
yeatorday artupnon at from 11,1100,000
to J,li00,000, Uroken windows, shat
tered office furniture, lost securities,
rrnckrd walla and ceilings and other
dnmngn went to make up the huge total
of money lois, Plate glass Insurance
expertu estimated the dnmago In broken
glass alone nt more than 1200,000, whllo
the dnmago done '.n thn expensive wall
nnd celling of tho Morgan offices could
not be estimated, The New York Htoclt
Kxchangn r.'Jfft'red henry lona, and the
front of tlm now Assay Olllre, which has
Just been built by thn Treasury Depart
irent, directly opposite the Morgan
ilulldlng in Wnll street, appeared to hae
boen under bombardment by ifght artil
lery, so, badly waa It chipped and pitted.
Ileglnnlng nt the corner of William
and Wnll atrcetn nnd extending west on
Wall street to New street there waa
scarcely a pnno of glnss Intact below
the eleventh or twelfth floors. In. nddl
tlon to these two blocks the dnmago
done stretched north nnd soutb between
Pino street nnd Hxchange plnce, with n
few windows broken even further south,
The greatest damage wan suffered by
thn hulldlnv In the Immediate vicinity
of thn explosion, Including tho Rub
Treasury, the United States Assay
Ofllce, thn Morgdn Ilulldlng, the Wall
street side of the Mills Ilulldlng the
Kqultable Trust Ilulldlng, the Hankers
Trust Company and tho New York
(Htoclc Kxchnnge, At the Morgan unices
every one of the enormous pinto glass
windows on the ground floor was shat
tered, whllo thn heavy screenings which
protected these windows on tha Inside
were bent and twisted and In some cases
blown entirely Into the building, Little
damngo wiih apparent to tha building
nt the entrnnco, which I exactly on the
corner or Hroad und Wall streets,
hut on the Hrond street sldo there was
further evidence of heavy damage. Of
tho elnlit windows on tho second floor
en this side of the building three wero
thnttered nnd the other flvo dumnged.
ftteel Unm llent nnd Twisted.
At tho Assny Office, across from the
Morgan building, tha great tested steaj
bars which were designed to protect tho
windows wcro bent and twlattd In every
concclvnblo manner. Practically every
window In this building was shnttered
and the unavoidable delay which hud
prevented tho office force of the Assay
Office from moving Into the building
n few weeks ago on schedule tlmo prob
ably saved mnny lives. The doorwny,
which was looked upon ns one of the
most ornamental ever constructed In
Government office building wns practi
cally demolished. Inside, the walls were
pitted and broken, but nono of tho office
furniture had been moved Into tha build
ing us yet, so that the damage wns con.
lined to thn building Itself.
The damage to tho New York Stock
Hxchangn consisted largely of broken
glass, although It was thought that the
building, which Is now undergoing ex
tensive alterations und repairs, might
hnve been weakened somewhat. The Im
mense panes of glass which front both
tho rjroad street and New street sides
of the cxchangH, furnishing light for tho
trading floor, wero splintered nnd the
big skylight overhood was reported to
have suffered heavy damage, The floor
of the exchnnge was ordered cleared by
the governing committee soon after the
explosion took place because of the dnn
ger, It wns said, of tho skylight col
lapsing. Thnt none of tho brokers on
the floor of the exchange was Injured or
cut by flying glnss was nttrlbutcd to tho
heavy silk curtains which hang over the
windows on the Hroad street sldo each
morning to protect the traders from tho
bright sun rays. These curtains were
cut, shthed njid torn In scores of places,
but their position was such thnt the
breaking glass was deflected downward,
falling harmlessly nlong the Inside walls
of tho building. The window In other
imrte of the building were shattered arid
soma of the glnss partitions fnfitho vari
ous offices Jn tho exchango buffered a
like fate.
Missile Lodges In Cabinet.
At tho Hankers' Trust Company build
ing, which stands on tho northwest cor
ner of Hroad nnd Wall streets, the
damage dona was not so great as on the
other threo corner of that Intersec
tion. Nevertheless, there was a large
number of windows demolished and
some heavy missile, said to resemble a
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nt wlmlnu; welalit. hurtled
through tlio nlr, penetrated n window
nn tlio second floor and sped on Into
the nftlcn nf Pewanl Prosser, president
nf tlio Hunker' Tnwt Company. Mr
1'roni.Qr was sented nt Ills desk at thn
time, dlreetly In front or the. window,
and tho heavy pleee of lrn, which
was described o about threo or four
Inches long and ahout three-quarter of
on Inch In diameter, hurtled past Ills
head and lodged In a cabinet on thn
opposite aide of the .room, Olass fell
In a shower upon tho banker's desk, but
he escaped without n aerateh, Investi
gation afterward developed thnt th'i
crnp of Iron had penetrated a cnhlnet
standing In thn office and had lodged
In a drnwer In which were several
paper nil letters, Theao papers. It
wm said, looked as If they had been
chewed hy mice, so great was the force
of tho missile which so narrowly mlseoil
the bank president' head.
Hevernl windows In the Hroad "itrset
aide .of the Mills Ilulldlng were hroken,
hut the greatest rinmsge to tills build
ing wna on tho Wall street side, whero
It adjoins the Morgan offices, Prae.
tlcnlly all of the wlndhrs horn were
l.nt tlm liiiMillnu'u MCO did not
show much sign of daning". In the
l...,.mn nf (111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 IT 1 lOCatOll the
cigar store of Htern & Co, Herman
Htern, a tnoixber or thn lirm, wns seaiea
nt hla desk In this atore, facing Wnll
atreot. Over hla desk wna .t largo cab
I.,. i ,.n,i n.i.n lhA exnlnslon occulted
n heavy mlssle hurtled through tho win
dow, struck inn raninei nnn win uc
fleeted toward tho celling, where Jl in.ido
a deep depression,
Windows Also (Hindered,
Thn buildings nt 20 and 21 Ilroad
ntrcet, occupied on the ground floor by
the Postal Telegraph Company nnd the
New York Trust Company, suffered
heavily from broken glass, but no other
damage was done, A hole about tho
else or a lorgo calibre bullet was made
In tho glnss show window of Weber &
Hrllbroner, who occupy tho store In
thu Johnson Ilulldlng, at 30 Hroad street,
Across from tho Johnson Ilulldlng la the
Hrond Kxchange Ilulldlng, occupied by
Paine, Webber & Co,, Munds, lingers A
Htackpole and a large numbor of other
Block Kxchange nnd Curb firms. Here,
ton, thu damage was confined largely to
broken glnss,
In tho Kfjultablo Trust Company'
building In .Wall Street, two doors east
of tho Morgan building, quite a bit ot
damage was done In tho front offlrea
on tha ground floor.' All of the win
down on that foor nnd soveral above
wero broken and many of the office
staff weio cut by flying glass, although
nono was seriously Injured so far ns
.mild bo learned, Alrln W. Krech,
president of the Kqultable Trust Com
pany, was reported to hnre been cut by
Tho building nt 31-Wl Wall Btreot suf
fcred n fato llko that of the F.qultablo
Trust 'building, all of the windows on
tho mound floor being broken, o well
as many higher up, Tho ground' floor
of this building Is occupied by a Hcnuuo
clgnr store and by ono of tho Ducloa
men's furnishing stores. In both stores
tho windows were shattered nnd some
of tho showcases within wero broken,
whllo In tho tfchullo store, In the reur
of which la located a barber shop, a
hrgo plnte mirror wna demolished,
NeTtt door, at 38 Wall street, Is located
tho building or Post & Flagg, members
of tho New York Stock Kxchange. Only
li rew weeks ago thin firm moved Into ft
new building Vfhlch It had erected at 51
Hrond street, and no other firms had
yet moved Into the quarter It left.
As n result there waa no one In the
building to be Injured by tho glnss which
flew In every direction, Members of the
Post & Fiagg firm, ns woll ns members
nf Its staff, wcro congratulating them
selves lifter the explosion on their change
of aildresH.
Other buildings which suffered heavy
loss hy hroken glass and damaged fur
niture were tho Hank of .Manhattan
Ilulldlng nt 10 Wnll street, the Dank of
America Building on the northeast cor
ner of Wnll nnd William streets, the
Kqultable Building at 120 Hroadwny, the
Hanover National Hank Ilulldlng ut
Nassau and Pino streets, and others In
that vicinity. Tho loss In theso build
ings, however, was comparatively slight.
A, G. Vernard Charged with
Raising Bills of Lading.
A few minutes before the explosion In
Wall street Special Agent J. J, Kennedy
of the Department of Justice arrested
at tho curb market Anaataslus O. Ver
nard, also known as V, V. Nlcas, who
was chnrged, with other members of
the American Company of Commerce, 70
Wall street, with raising bills of lading.
Kennedy took his prisoner up Hroad
stieet, continuing In Wnll to Broadway
and thence to tho Federal Ilulldlng,
where Vernard waa arraigned before
Judgo William H. Hheppard. Tlio ex
plosion took place as they were ap
proaching the Federal Building. Ver
nard was held In 150,000, ball for plead
ing. Vernard was secretary of the com
pany. Ho was Indicted with George D.
Ptfjgotsls, president, and Qeorgo Urou
xi treasurer, with having dofrnuded
banks and trust companies out of J200,
000 through alleged alterations of bill
of lading. Tlio others are under $100,
100 bonds each.
kcnrclillghtn Iflaro Jn Unusual
Bcono iifl Policemen Search
for Oluefl. . .
Vnlluro to Comploto Now As
flny Office Saved Jinny
The usually dark nnd silent financial
district blaicd with light from many
searchlights Inst night, and throngs of
workmen labored to repair the tremen
dous havoc wrought by tho exploalon.
All night In J. P. Morgan' oltlcn, m
Assay Office, the Htock Exchange alid
nearby bulldlnga, score of workera
were busy cleaning up fragments of
glass, broken furniture nnd debris, and
mnny a bit of twisted metal was found.
I-'rom Kxchange place to Cedur street
and from Broadway to William streot a
cordon of jkiIIco kept buck curious
crowds who continued tb pour Into the
district to see the damage dono. A few
on me In search of news of nilsslng ones,
but this could only be found In hospitals
ind inorgi;, where tho victims l.nd been
taken. I
Huge sfardillghta, placed at street
corners and other pejnta of vantage,
lighted the district. Homo business
house boarded up their shattered win
dows, Khlln other had tho itlnss cleared
nway In preparation for Instant replace
ment, Dcsplto the fuct that the streets
had been swept and rtswopt, broken
glass and plaster still covered them,
dropping from the buildings ahove.
Arctind a number of the buildings,
such as the Federal lleserve Hank, the
National Hank ot Commerce, tho Aasuy
Orrice nnd others, special policemen nnd
ether Riinrds hnd been thrown In antici
pation ot nncAher explosion.
Hay Baker, Director or tho Mint, who
wna In Phlludolphla at tho time or the
disaster, hurried to Now York to survey
1he damngo dono to thn new Assay Of
fice, He expressed thanks that tho
front room, directly outside of which the
explosion occurred, had not beon com
pleted September 7, be had planned.
Perhaps fifty employees would have oc
cupied space In tho front of the build
ing, he suld, nnd tho loss of life among
theso would undoubtedly havo been
A. 11. Wilson, chler clerk, who line
been attached to the Assay Office for
the past thlrty.slx years, narrowly es
enped death. He had visited the front
of the building only a minute or two
before thd-cxploslon, but fortunately hnd
gono back to his own office In tha reur
when tho bomb exploded.
Laurence Drlggs, former president of
the American I'lylng Club, now nfrillated
with the Aoro Club of America, re
vlsltod tho scene last night after narrow
ly escsplng death at noon. Mr. Drlggs
said ho had JusJ,.Jeft his car on Hroad
street when tho blast roarod out around
he corner, He ran around and found
dead nnd mutilated strewn about, whlH
biasing gasolene from tho tank of a
shattered and overturned automoblln
rent a column or black smoke high abovo
tho Morgan building.
Men and women who wcro uninjured
stood paralyzed, unable apparently to
move to tho aid of the mangled. Kren
police reserves when they nrrlved
seemed stupefied by the calamity.
zMisses ami Qirls
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the immediate wear, the
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Gpcn Daily, including Saturday, until 5.30 p.- m.
GoneuflRlon of Air Tlmt'Threw
Him Off Feet, Then Itonr
of Explosion.
Unll of ainsa Fell Throiiffli
Clouds of Yellowish Grceii
The olloiclttrr rvewllanss tru of the
ton, a reporter or thti Atsocloled rv.
TiU tww the seconn rmn uwnw mo (.
..mHiiva thnt itr. u'fjon had nor-
rawly ccapel death in an accident, lie
tefl n m Ulnfiwe ewioon wnwn
Info Jnmolcn Hay during Ins races or
the America's Cup:
"It was a crash out of a bluo sky
nn ir.expected, death dealing bolt whlcho
In a twinkling turned Into n shamble the
busiest comer of Amorlca' financial
centre nnd sent scurrying to plares of
shelter hundreds of wounded, dumb
stricken, white faced men nnd women,
fleeing from nn unknown danger.
"I wns Just turning Into Wall street
from Hroadwuy when I first felt, rather
ik.n k.npil flxnlnnlnn. A concussion
of air similar to that experienced by a
passenger on the subway when a train
dashes Into one of tha under rlvor tube
..... it iu fnroA was sufficient to all
hut throw mo off my balance instantly
following the consussion camo n sunrw
resounding crash which shook to their,
foundation tho monster buildings fac
ing either aide of Wall street, wim me
.no nt ih lilnul I'ntn thn rattle of fall
ing glnss, and from the Junction of Wnll,
Nassau nnu uroau sireeis u mwtn mu
tant scream of Injured men and
PI nine nnd Smote.
"I dodged Into a convenient doorway
to escape falling glnsn and to reach a
telephone nnd call me office. Looking
down Wull street later I could see aris
ing from tho vicinity of the Sub-Treas.
ury Building nnd the J. P. Morgan &
Co. bank a mushroom shnpod cloud of
yellowish green smoke, which mounted
to tho height of more thun 100 feet,
the smoke being licked by darting
tongue of flame.
"I reached the scene a fow moments
alter the explosion took place. The
smoke had partially cleared from tho
street, but from the Morgan building
there was belching forth through tho
broken windows clouds or dust nnd
whlto vapor. In the trut nn over
turned automobile was biasing flerctly
and nearby, close to the body or n dend
horse, was another Are, evidently among
a pile of wreckage.
"Almost In front of the aUps trading
up to the Morgan bank was the mutilated
body of u man. Other bodies, most of
them, silent In death, lay nearby, Ah I
gnxed horror stricken nt the eight, ono of
these forms, hair naked and seured'wlth
turns, started to rise. It struggled,
then toppled nnd fell lifeless Into tho
"On the opposite, sldo of the street
wcro other forms. Ono of them was'
that of a young woman, her clothing
lorn and burned away, It wns moving,
not In an effort to rlso, but In the ngony
of death. I started toward her but ns I
did. It became still. Glancing down I
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haw that tho pavement was discolored
with blood, in plain right, within a
radhiH of thirty to fifty feet, were nine
lifeless forms.
"The body of the dead horse In the
middle of tha street showed plain evi
dence nf having been In very close
proximity lo the centre of the blast. It
was literally torn to pieces.
Window lllouit Out,
"Tho window of the Morgan building
were blown out, nnd through the open
ings could be seen tho smoke blackened
Interior of what but a few moments pro
vloiisj had been one. of 'the handsomest
banking rooms In tho city. Opposite, thn
entrance to tho newly comploto white ex
terior of tho Huh-Treusiiry annex wait
battered and torn ns It daring Jjeen
subjected to n bombardment of machine
gun fire. Tha doorway, with It mas
sive steel grlllwork, was shattered nnd
the stone surrounding; tha door crnckod
and battered away,
"Hy thin tlmo the crowd wua press
ing In, held In check by tho hastily
gathering pol)ce. At tho doorway of
the Morgan bank was a uniformed
guard, apparently half daxed, hut stick
Ing to hla post nnd holding back those
who sought to enter tho structure,
"Tho ciowd wns strangely quiet and
over It seemed to hang a feeling of bwo
nul horror. At thn commnmls of tho
pollen It moved nnd fell hauk silently.
On tho steps of tho old Hub-Trensury
building tho spot whero years ngo
stirring scenes connected with the
American Itevolutlon wero enacted
stnnds a statuo of George Washington
looking down'Troin Its pedestal between
tho masslrc grnnlto columns,acnrrel by
missiles from thn explosion, tho out
stretched hand of tho father of his
country seemed to carry n silent com
mand to be calm,
"Then cume tlio ambulances. Nearby
truck nnd uutomobllcs wero first
pressed Into scrrlce. Volunteers, heed
Ing not blood smeared hands and cloth
ing, tenderly lifted Into thn vehicles tho
bodies or thu dying and tho deud. The
dead that remained for additional on
reyunres were charitably hidden from
sight by corerlngs torn from awning
or by robes from anlvlng motor cure.
"It was such a sceno ns I had pictured
ns u H)slblllty during tha war should
thu enemy succeed In dropping on tho
financial district ona of hla deadly aerial
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