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blindly. When yn Invfest
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J,30Q Brokers and Employ
ees of Throe Big Market's
Biully, Shaken.
President Remick Orders
Suspension After 'Terri
fic Hour Subsides.
Curl) and Consolidated Both
Within Vow Hundred Fc6t
of Blast.
Vtt hundred men on the floor of the
New York Stock Exchange, as many
mora on tho Curb market, 200 feet
fiwuy, and 300 on tho Consolidated mar
ket, n block nwny, ran helter skelter for
fhcltor amid showers of flying glass,
nfter recovering from tho momentary
stunning of tho terrific explosion.
William II, Htmlck, president ot the
New York Stock Exchange, wai stand
ing In tho "money crowd" chatting with
friends at the time of tho explosion.
Un than a minute after It occurred He
had Jumped to tho rostrum and tapped
tho boll that brines a compulsory stop
to trading, Trading- stopped, too, on tho
Curb, an operators nnd their clerks
leaped for sheltered doorways.
With the oxceptton of a few minor
ruts by fljlng glass, none of which were
serious enough to requIrO moro than
"ujwfluous dressing by the first Aid
"orpti, no one on the Btock Hxchanco or
'ho Curb market was Injured.
Not only on tho markets, which slmul
ancousl) stopped trading In all of the
principal markets of tho United States
which look to Stock Exchange prices for
their cue. but In banks and brokerage
offices, business was brought to u sud
Jon halt by the explosion which ripped
, path of death through the financial
'.strict. Thousands of clcrkrt, released
from their usual duties, flocked as near
to tho scene of tho accident ns tho police
lines would admit, whllo others, most of
them out of sliucr curiosity, crowded
about the doors of the llrond street hos
pital, where most of the Injured wero
Jinny Hftyeil by Silk Ctirtnlna,
Engineers started rui examination of
the building, now undergoing repairs,
and reported that tho shock of the ex
plosion hall not damaged tho Stock Ex
change building, with tho exception of
shattering practically all tho heavy
glass In (ho windows. One of tho ua
flons why few of tho members nnd cm
ployocs who happened to bo on tho floor
at tho time wero Injured wai becauso
of heavy silk curtains which line the
windows on the Broad street side.
Theso served as a barrlor to break tho
flight ot the crashing glass, and most
of It tumbled harmlessly to the pave
ment outside.
In view of the report from engineers
that the building Is undamaged the
board of governors, meeting In mid
afternoon, decided that the Exchange
will reopen for business at the usual
hour this morning. Tho Curb nnd other
markets Interrupted by the explosion
also will rosume business. t
In connection with the report that dy
namite was being used In wrecking the
old Exchange bulldlftg and that the ex
plosion might have been caused by a
load of high explosives en routo to tho
Job Robert J.-Eldlltz, treasurer of Marc
Eldlltz Son, Inc., the builders, notified
the officials of the Exchange that ho
had been Informed positively by the
Foundation and Underpinning Company,
who have the foundation work under
way, that no explosive was on the way
to tho Stock Exchange Job and that
there was none on the way to tho Ex
chango building at any time during the
day. Arthur Longendyke, secretary of
tho building committee, issued a state
ment to this effect
It wad remarked about the Wall Street
district that tho proclivity of Wall
Birretcrs to take a late lunch probably
.paved many liven, In the lost few years
Wall street clerks have shifted their
lunch hour, unconsciously, from tho H t30
and 13i30 period to 13)30 and 1 (30.
Tlicio wore many persons about tho cor
ner of llroad and Wall streets at 13
o'clock, but probably not so many by
)ml( as would havn been In tho vicinity
thirty minutes later, when the, 1280
contingent rolled out Into tho ntreets In
quest of lls.mldday luncheon,
Tho Metropolitan Life Insurance Com
pany recently Insured all employees ot
tho Htock Exchange on tho group plan.
When officials of the Insumnco company
heard ot IJie explosion they despatched
to the exchange a unit of twenty nurses,
who wero later sent on to tho llrond
Street Hospital to aid In caring for the
Employees of the Stock Exchange were
given strong commendations by tho
board of governors for tho manner In
which each man and woman stuck to bin
post nt tlio tlmo ot tho explosion and
directly afterward. Every one of them
"stayed put" nnd thcro was no such
panic fin occurred In tho street os the
crowd surged back and forth,
Herman Htcarn ot 35 Wall street,
manufacturer of cigars, was sitting at
his desk In a window on tho Wall street
s'do when the explosion: occurred. An
ho wlndow.beforn him shattered a heavy
Iron mlsslo same hurtling through. It
struck ,tho, edgo of, a cabinet at which
.dr. Htearn was working anil crashed
tl rough tho colling, missing his head by
tho fraction of nn Inch,
Charles 1 Dougherty. In choreo of
messengers for tho New York Btock Ex.
change, was walking In Wall street at
the tlmo of tho explosion. Ho was op
posite Si Wall on tho right hand side
f tho street. "I saw the explpslon, n
column of smoke shoot up Into the air
nnd then raw pcoplo dropping all around
me, some of them with their clothing
Tho exchanges nil will reopen for
business this morning.
Offidnty Cltizonfl nnd Public
Bulldliipfl Attacked by llnui
cnl Affttators,
OlmrclioB, Courts and Even tho
Federal Capitol Suffer
From Beds' Missiles.
Cordon Thrown Around Stock
Exchange and in Hanking
fijfr(a( to Tim BjIn ko New Yomc Usui
Ciiicaoo, Sept. 18. Upon being Jn
formed of tho explosion outsldo the of
fices of J. I Morgan & Co., In New
York to-day. Chief of Police Qarrlty Im
mediately ordered a police guard thrown
around tho Htock Exchange. Hoard of
Trado and several other buildings In I
Fnlle street, tho Wall Street of Chicago,
lie was determined thcrn would bo no
duplication of tho tragedhere.
Capt. Morgan Colllns'wna onlered to
tako chnrgo of tho details and des
pntchrd fifty plain clothes men nnd uni
formed officers to guard tho buildings.
Chief Marrlty then called In tho anar
chist squad and Instructed them to
watch for all secret meetings of tho
Iteds In Chicago.
"I am not going to tako any chances
here," tho Chief said following tho con
ferences, "The explosion may or may
not havo been caused by Ited activities,
but I am going to guard against any
such thing being perpetrated here,"
Meantime Information was recolved
here to make It appear that the ox
ploxlon might bo a part of a contem
plated reign of terrorism.
This was tho opinion of Allen O.
Meyer, chief Investigator of lied activ
ities In tho East for tho Hums Detec
tive Agency. Mr. Meyer believes In
vestigation will show that the outrage
can be laid at tho door of the Com
munist party, several leaders' of which
wero convicted here recently.
He cumo from New York to-day to
go before the Grand Jury In connection
with tho case of Lloyd Wilson, arrested
several days ago for alleged complicity
In tho bond deals of "Nicky" Arnstcin
of New York.
'Two weeks ago wo notified clients
who have engaged us to Investigate the
Red situation that within n few weeks
a reign of terror would begin," he said.
"Tho Cqmmunlst party Is behind It all.
They are planning to wreck buildings,
murder nnd commit all kinds of atroci
ties. A general strike Is planned, so that
ull tho nation's Industries' will be tied
"Tho seriousness of tho situation can
'not bo emphasized too geatly, inasmuch
as life and property are at stake. The
snake Is to be turned loose to bite tho
railroad men, tho great army of miners
and steel workes, and stive to tie up tile
country's Industries."
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Fifth Avenue
Men Shops-Z to 8 Vest 38th Street
New York has suffered many previous
bomb scares, though thnt of yesterday
wns t'liprecedontrd In horror,
Explosions of bomlM nnd Infernal ma
chinos almost simultaneously near mid
night of Juno 2, 1919, nt tho homo of
prominent officials and citizens In a
dozen different cities throughout the
United Btates mnrkod tho effort of rad
ical agitators and anarchists to Inau
gurate a reign of terror, Thero were
fplwilons In New York, Washington, i
Cleveland, Doston, Pittsburg, Philadel
phia, Itftcrson, N, J,j Newtonvlllo, Mass.,
and In several other cltlos.
Ono of tho bombs wrecked (lie front
of tho homo of Judgo Charles (". Nott,
Jr., of the Court of (Ir'nrral Bertlons,
1S1 East Sixty flrat street, and threw
tho body ot an unidentified man Into tho
street. Judgo Nott had presided nt tho
trial of anardilsM who wero accused of
attempting to explode bombs Ui Bt. Pat
rick's Cathedral. Ho was not In tho
house nt tho time. His wlfo was, but
sbu was unhurt.
At about tho name moment a bomb
was exploded premnlurely nt tho front
door of Atlorney-aeneral A, Mltchol
Palmer In Washington, wrecking tho
front nnd blowing Into fragments, the
unknown man who had placed tho ex
plosive. Nobody olso was Injured, Tho
lilo-itlty of tho dead anarchist who fell
a victim to his own plot never wax estab
lished. On the same night anarchists de
stroyed a Catholic church In Philadel
phia and exploded bombs, without toll
ot human life, at tlio homo of Judge N,
II. Thompson of the United States Dis
trict Court, In Iloxbury, Mass.; that of
Mayor Harry I Davis of Cleveland, nnd
near tho Boston houso of W, W. filbray,
Chief Inspector of tho United Btates
liurcau of Immigration,
Aim ai Vnnlo nd ttevnlntlon.
Ono month earlier, In May, 1919 oc
curred the May Day effort of tho "Ileds"
to precipitate a panic and perhaps revo
lution by aiming at the lives of scores
of prominent men by means of Infernal
machines sent through the malls. The
packages wero wrapped uniformly In the
paper used by a largo New York de
partment store, for the purpose of con
veying to tho recipients nn Impression
of their liarmlcssnees. This particular
campaign of terrorism resulted In the
attempted assassination of Mayor Olo
Hansen of Seattle; the nearly success
ful nttempt to murder former Senator
Hardwick of Georgia! thn delivery of a
bomb to the desk of Judgo Kenesaw
Mountain Landla of Chicago : the nar
row escape of Itepreaentatlvo Humett of
Gadsden, Ala,! tho harmlcsi receipt of
two other bombs In tho offices of Dis
trict Attorney Charles M. Flckert nnd
Assistant District Attorney Edward
Cunhu, the prosecutors of Thomas J.
Mooney. und finally In the discovery In
the General Post Office In this ilty,
through a quick wilted clerk, of sixteen
similar bombs addressed to:
. AwF' "uf'MO". I'ostmaster-Oeneral ;
A. Mltchcl Palmer, Attorncy-Gcneral i
William 11. Wilson, Secretary of Labor j
Mayor Hylan and Police Commissioner
Emlght of this city; Justlco Oliver
Wendell Holmes of the United States
Supreme Court, who sustained tho con
viction of Eugeno V. Debs; Anthony
Camlnettl of tho Ilureau of Immlgatlon,
Washington; Solicitor-General William
II. Lamar, Washington; United States
Senators Overman nnd King. J. J. Mor
gan, John D. llockcfellcr, William M,
Wood, president of the American Woolen
Company, and other wealthy men.
Explosion of an Infernal muchlno on
September i, 181S, In tho entrance of
tho Federal Building, Chicago, caused
tho death of four persons. Judge Kene
saw M. Land!, who had sentenced to
long penitentiary torms William D.
Haywood and other I. W. W. leaders,
was In tho building at tho tlmo, but was
Homo of tho most notable bomb out
rages within a decade wero I
October 3, 1910 Lost Angeles (CM.)
Hrnes Ilulldlng, blown up with loss of
twenty lives, J, Ji, MoNamnrA and
Milton A. Schmidt sentenced to llfo Im
prisonment, and John J, MoNamam to
fifteen years Imprisonment,
November 14, 1010 Ilomb with
lighted fuse found In front of Centro
Street Court, this city, near Muglitrate'a
butch) no arrests, ..
February 4, 1913 John Paul Farryll
confessed to having- made nnd sent thn
bombs which n year earlier Imd killed
Miss Clrnco Walker of 108 West Seventx
seventh street, Mrs, Madeline Herrera of
1,473 Fulton avenue, Tho Bronx, In
1913, and ono which wrecked tho library
of Judgo Otto Hosalaky's home, 011 West
110th street, severely Injuring nn In
spector of tho Bureau of combustibles.
Farrell was insane
October 13, 1914 Bombs exploded nt
St. Patrick's Cathedral and tho rectory
of 1U, Alphonsus's church, this city.
March 2, 1015 Frank Arbano ond
Cnrmlno Carbnno arrested by tho bomo
squud ns they wero placing a bomb In
Bt. Pntrlck'n Cathedral. Both wero an
archist. They wero convicted nnd sen
tenced to Indeterminate prleon terms of
from six to twelve years.
May 4, 191IJ Flvo pounds of dyna
mic exploded In front of the Bronx
Borough! Hall, wrecking tho entrance,
Justlco Weeks, who had sentenced white
slavers, was bolloved to liavo been nlmed
July I, 1916 Bomb exploded In tho
Capitol, at Washington, doing consider
nbla damage, Later Frnnk Holt, who
committed sulcldn in tho MlneolsT Jail,
aftur having made an attempt upon J,
P, Morgan, confessed to thin crlmo also.
Police Hcu'dquwrirrs Attnckrd,
July 5, 1915 Bomb wrecked the
doorway of basement of New York' Po
lice Headquarters; supposed to have
been tho work of anarlhlaU; no ar
rests. July 23, 1916 Preparedness Day pa
rade In Ban Francisco wan the occasion
of tho explosion of nn Infernal machine,
causing tho death ot ten persons.
Thomas Mooney was sentenced to death
for the crime, but his sentence subse
quently was commuted to llfo Imprison
ment. October 25, 1916 Bomb wreckod
subway station at Lexington avehuo
and 110th street. Three labor agitators
were arrested and got sentences, thn
maximum of which was twenty years.
March 8, 1917 Two persons killed by
n bomb exploded In Boston Court
April 11, 1917 Eddystono munitions
plant, Philadelphia, destroyed by fire
caused by bomb, with loss of 100 lives;
bomb setter thought to have been one
of the victims.
December 19, f917 Bomb exploded
near Executive Mansion, Sacramento,
Cat, In effort to kill Gpv. Stephens.
February 20, 1918 Bomb wrecked
lower floor of Passalo County Court,
Patcrson, N, J.
March 8, 1918 Bomb exploded In
now Woods Theatre. Chicago.
December 31, 1918 Explosions In
Philadelphia In home of Justlco Ilob
ert von Moachzlskcr, Police Superin
tendent Mills and Ernest L. Trigg,
February 23, 1919 Plot to bomb
President Wilson on his return from
Boston led to arrest of fourteen anar
chists, seven of whom were held for
the office, killing hlmsef and Injuring
several clerks, Mr, Dago escaped In
jury, having been protected by Walter
Laldlaw'n body, Mr. Laldlnw was an
Invalid for tho rest of his life,
Octobur 29, 1900, a fire started In the
wholesale drug nnd chemical establish
ment of Tarrant A Co, at 90 to 100 War
ren street. Two were killed nnd tlio
property loss amounted lo moro limn
The ilrst great explosion within tho
last decade occurred December 19, U10,
I when the building of tho subway caused
nn explosion In front of the Murray
ailll Hotel, Five were killed, The prup
erty loss was estimated at f 1,250,000,
i The next big explosion which rocked
Now York followed less than two months
later, February 1, 1911, when forty tonsot
dynamite oxploded nt tho Communlpaw
terminal of tho Central Itallrond of
New Jersey, Windows In New York and
Brooklyn were shattered and blown Into
tlio street Thirty were killed and .the
property damage was estimated At moro
than 13,000,000,
Then followed tho Blade Tom explo
sion of July 30, 1916, In which only
throe were killed and ten Injured, but
damago amounting to more than ISO,
000,000 resulted, A small flro on the
Island oproad rapidly to cars loaded
with high explosives, and Just after
midnight this mass wont oft with a
flash of blinding light and a roar which
shook the city to Its foundation.
Thn "Klngsland" explosion, In which
tho plant ot tho Canadian Car and Foun
dry Company was wiped out, January
11, 1917. with a property loan ot fid,
7C0.O0O, was tho last big explosion of
the war period. ,
Some Were Mysterious, Par
ticularly Black Tom Blast.
The Wall street explosion ranks among
tho ten dls.iste.rii which have been expe
rienced by New York city during the last
fifty years. The Stnten Island ferryboat
WestfleM disaster, In which eighty-two
pet-sons were kilted or drowned and 135
Injured, probably holds first rank for
fatalities. It occurred July 30, 1871
when the boat had about 220 passengers
in board and was receiving more to make
an excursion.
Next In number of lives lost was "the
Park place disaster" of Saturday, Au
gust 22, 1891, In which slxty-ono perrons
wero killed apd property damage
amounting to 3500,000 resulted from a
mysterious explosion nt CS to 74 Far
place, ,
Excitement In tho financial district
yesterday revived memories of tho at
tack upon llussell Sago In 1891, when
Henry F. Norcross made his way Into
the Sage ofllco at 71 Broadway and de
manded 31,200,000. Ho followed this bv
throwing a bomb nt Mr. Sage, wreckln
hri$ty s
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mid Soft Hats
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