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WANTED?-A clerk in a Law O.-hce, one nbu hu had ?otn<
expeiienre would he preferred, to whum a moderate talirj
would be given. Direct ta box Nwl JO Post Oilier. jan7-Jt*
"UU ANTED, Two ropert.ible young women of rood addrev
11 and unexceptionable refererne* to attend in a Confectionary
Store where they we required In be active, prudent and attentive
One of the two wbo has been aeoi.tomed to lite buainro will in
preferred. Apply immediately at the Bowety Steam Confection*
ry, No 208 Bowery, after 3 o'clock, P. M.
no* 1?N* [ S. W.BRYH.AM
WANTED?A ROOM, 'iiuated in the central part of th<
city tor meeting' of a private vjeiety held every Friday evening.
.Addrear J E. H. Box 1482 Put Office. jan t-if
Wanted i tooted lately, ;*t Cinriiiuatt, Ohio. FIFTY uf SIXTi
good workmen, lowborn cwulnt employment will he given, at lh<
following prkes:?
For Napping Beaver and Olter on Wool Bodies 3H
' Muskrat aud Coney, ... 17^
For Finishing, '* " (per doz.) - 2 "5
' Beaver and Otter, - - - 3 75
VALLE i TE. BATES, it. CO., Cincinnati, Ohio
New York, January 7, 1836. yan7-10t
\p ak.t nkm WANT e D l.N 111 JOB~ PKIXTINti
BUSINESS.?The establishment has a gwsl rim of custom
and by a lit it - effort it may be much increased. Address A. D. B
at this offii e. jan 7-3t'
TA1COIIE8SEM WASTED. * My Peart street
up stair,, to make In en Coats, Jackets, Pant il.mn^ Marseille
Vest*, kc. A run.'ant supply of work at good price.,
jano-lm COCHRAN k PHILLIPS, 149 Pearl ?L up stair*.
innneilialely two first rate bawls ; to meh the highesl
mages will be given and constant employment. Applv at the mailwfcctnrv
of S. W. R+tYH A.M
sep7 2nti Bowery, between Spriiurand Prince streeLs.
about eighty acres, with good buildings; the -oil must be .>1
a good quality, with a proportion of woodland. Applv to
tnw 7 G.G. SICK ELS 21 Wall street
bintsest to his customers and friends that in hit <t-.ck neg x iatians
he will do nothing on his own acrmn I?hit (iine and ability
in all rases, shall he devoted {or the benefit of those who favor bins
with their orders. oct 23-sf
ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE.?Having hy deed of assirninent
been appointed Assignee of the prope it; t (JACOB
SMITH, of the City of New York, (Livery Sta r .* Keeper) in
trust for the benefit of all of his creditors, 1 requite all pel son, indebted
to l.io> to make immediate payment, and all persons having
claims or deounds against him to furnish a statement of the particulars
thereof without delay to the suhscriber, at the corner of Beekman
and South street', New York.
Nov. 26, lata. nov 3f>-if WM. P. WRIGHT. Assignee.
New yokk bowery fire insi rANCE
COMPANY, Capita! *300.000-Wi!l insure
Dwelling Houses, Building, in general, Merchandize, kc. Itcy?
Rales as u-.ua'.
Be id. M- Brown | David Colheal | Pliny Freeman
Bt. n. Warner www run i tee.., Mjwj,jr.
| Jaheah Lo.ett
Ercd. R Lee Peter Gos-ner ; J.me- C. Sloneall
faEfWhfo ?UL?nlrfJ,r Jack P. Bunlinj
P**nn K. R. Dupirme E. D. Cmiittork
R* W. HiWHard. M. D. Edward Dnurhlj
PETER P1NCKNEY, Secretary. <kr 22 2w
N ?C }m Pavv K PLIFK 1 * 21 ?M > CIEJtT RUST
x 9 ' '-"'r- *"* ?Persons may edect insurances with this Company
on their awn lives, or the lives of other?, ami either for the
whole Juration of life, or lor a limited period. The p lymeuls .1
peranum aiay he either Blade annuillv, or in a gr.>j*
Premiums on ?w Kundrtd dollar* for one yea..
Ago. 1 year. Aft. 1 year Age. 1 rear Art. 1 vi,r
H 0 72 2b 1 07 ? I ? 50 Ygs'
J5 0 77 27 I 12 35 1 57 .51 J ?
16 094 26 120 40 ] 69 52 2 02"
n 4 86 29 1 28 41 1 78 53 2 Itl
18 * 89 30 1 a 42 1 35 >1 2 13
19 0 90 31 1 32 43 189 55 2 32
? 091 32 1 33 44 1 90 56 2 ?
0 32 33 1 34 45 1 91 57 2 70
i! ? 34 1 35 46192 58 3 U
3 095 35 136 47 1 93 59 3 ?4
? 1 00 37 ! 4" ?1M 60 4 3,5
3r> 1 Wi 37 I 43 49 J 96
Honey will be received in deposit by the Company, and held in
Ui?t, upon which interest will beallowed as followsUpon
any turn over $180, irredeemable for 1 year, 4J per ct,
.! " ? i " u for 5 months, 4 per rl
TRUSTEES. ^ 2 m,"Uk'' 3 P"Ct
Win. Bard, Saml. Thompson, H. C. De Rham.
Thomas W Ludlow. Isaac Brunson, Jonathan Goodhue,
Peter Remsen, James Mr Bride,
ar<4* Stephen \5 arren, John Ralhhon,. J,.
John Duer. James Kent. p. Q. Stuvvewi.t,
Peter Iformony. Nathaniel Pi ime, Thus. J. flakier,
Van RemaeUanr, NDevereux. SlephV Whitney,
John G. Collar, Beiij. Knower, John J. Astor,
TW Sulforii, Gulian C. Vrrp'-nck, Benj. L Swan.
Juo. M.tauu, Cornelius W. Lawrftirp.
R A. NICOLL. Secretary ** BAR? Pr"W?tV.
U.JOHNSTON. Physician to the Company. Sep 9-|y
dry ? re v \v it- urn ti.vtii i w._^Vn,
"B nerof Leroy. usd 413 Hudson corner of Amos street. WHITALL
k LAWTON respectfully inform their friemLs and the consumer*
of Anthracite Coal that they are daily receiving cargoes ol
very oipenor quality Schuylkill Coal, warranted to I* equal to any
Coai sold in this market (under any name,) they would call attenlior
particularly to the Spohn and Gate Veins. Prom their arrangemen!
this year they feel satisfied they wiU he aide to give satiofrc
mn to consumers holt as' a quality and price.
Order* strictly attendei to.
Orders recessed hy A. i>e C.unp k Co. 34 Wall street; or to A
Ten Eyck, 108 Washington street; J. O. Roorback. 195 Bowerv; ?
at either of their yards. JAMES D W. WHITHALL,
ws*31 UN W. LAWTON.
B i to hase heen saved, the following articles :?
80 pieces Black Italian Lutestrings, on* brace or 22 inches wide
and bearing numbers from 26"0 to 2627.
10 " Black Italian Lutestrings. IJ braces or 36 inches wide
and hearing numbers from 2596 to 2607.
-10 " Slack Italian Lutestrings, same width, bearing nuiunsr
from 2633 to 2W7.
10 " Black Italian Lutestrings,, 1} braces or 40 incl cs wide
and bearing num ers from 2628 to 26-77.
49 " 40 German (Imitation Italian) Black Lutestrings, ahou
22 inches wide, and nundieied on their labels as follow,.from
1097 to 1101, U0S, 1106,1109, 1110, 1116,1117
1121,1123, 1129, 1135, 1137, 1140,1141,1142, 1145, 1143
1152, 1131, 1158. 1159. 1163. 1166, from 1171 to 1176
1182, 1139,1198,1201, 1206, 1217, 1248.
8 " Black French Broadcloths, each piece sewed up in
linen wrapper, and numbered with one ofthe fbllowiui
numbers-1814. 1815, 1824, 1827, 18J4,1841,1333, 1856.
4> " Black French Broadcloths, without wrappers. 2 piece
numbered '2637 and 440. 2 ditto 2659 and 421. 2 ditt
2638 ami 418
Persons I aving found any of the same, will please aire notice t
the owners, JOHN DC RAND k CR.
dec33-lw 11 Broad street, up stairs.
eriber having witnessed the inconvenience tn which gentlrinei
are frequently esposed bv being might in the rain while in the lotse
keeps i -lock of witer proof umbrellas on haw], which for hi, on
profit and (he aceaaaaedatiaa of the public, he will he happy to le
tor a single day and at a rraaotuble rate to any unfortunate way To
ran who may happen to stand in need of them.
J. H. HAVENS. Clinton Luuch,
dee 7-if Comer Broadway and Liberty street.
. AND EXCHANGE BROKER?Exchange* all kind, of un
current money at the lowest rates.
All kind, ot gold and aileer bought and sold.
Bank "f Eneland Notes bought and sold. Thompson will roller
and negotiate draft, on wuM ot the commercial place, in the State
and Canadie- oct 2S-tf
Most extraordinary :-a wh.de family ,
12 prison-, i, taught t Quarter, for only $10, the followtn
branches? Piano, Guitar, Sing ng. Flute, Violin. Dar.cing, WalLi
ing, Penmanship, Stenography, and Bsxdt-Keeping; all of whir
mould coat with other Frofe??or? not lew than $100 to for eee
one person, and which haee and will cos in private with ua frssi
$10 tu $30 each branch Mill to thnae who will learn in a claw, an.
make immediate application. this great redaction i, made; ao th.
erery family,? hich cannot adord to pay so much money and tinu
may benefit ky the moat eaay, ihort and thorough -y,tem e?er y<
disco set ad; taught with Mich surprising succc, the past 8 yean i
New York. by tnoee unrivalled and extraordinary Six Le??mi
Teacher,, Mr. and Mn. Goward, Pupil, of the fir, I D-ocutg, Musi
and Writing Master, in Europe and America.
DANCING AND WALTZING?Monday and Thursdaytill
5 and 7 till 10 Evening, at 292 Bowery.
PIANO, SINGING, fee.?Tiamday and Friday?2 tilt 5, and
till 10 evening, at 292 Bowery.
It ii itnudnj ?' Saturday?2 till 5, at 292 Bowery; and at T
B -sad way every morniog ? till 12, and Wednesday and Saturd,
t-uiap, 7 tHI ML jan 4-1 w
d^OCGH DROPS.?A superior article for cold, coa^gk
and ?1 afcetiuna of the reepiratory organs. Prepared aad so
waly at Mft Iraadway. ?a* M-U
; rOR SALE?22,000 Acres of good timbered Land iiTfij
J. the Stale of Maine, lying on the Nsrag iintus waters and within ' *
t a few miles of ship navigation. The limber consists principally of |
I White Fine, with a fair pr(portion of Spruce a>i?i Hard Wood;
theie are, alio, several go. "1 111,0. j. the vicinity, of ea<y access.? |
. Persons who have been no it, represent it as a desirable tract of laud
* : .ukI an object far speculators to take hold of. Terms of payment
' will he made easy and accommodating; fw further particulars ap
| ply to J. G. VANDENBERG. I
' dec 3-tf 55 Chatham street.
Book establishment fob, sale.-!
That excellent stand, Clinton Hall, corner of Nassau and
Beekman, having a .elect assortment of Book, and Stationary, can
' he had on favorable terms. Apply at the Store. dec 3-if
Pliosphoruse-rOK SALE, in on ?a(it e? to ?uil pur
chasers,by FORTENBACH i. MILNE, ;
14 Huds ?, cornerof Reed street.
A large qeantitv of Loco Foco Matches also for sale, wholesale
' and retail; warranted good. janl-lw"
Confec tionary stoke for sale.?
A handsomely fitted up Confectionary Store, for sale. The
* catnies c.uwist of Glass Jars. Boars, Counter, Shelving, Baskets
Scales ami Weights, Settee, Oil Cloth on door, uui counter, awninr,
signs, kr. all new am] in first rate order, along with a small stockof
Confectionary. It will be sold a bargain, if applied for soon, as the
pmrpielot having more business than he can attend to, is the only re.i1
UKI of his offering it for sale. Pit Irish required, and good paper tor
the halonoc, at 90 days. Apply at No. 270 Bowery,ahnve Prince st,
*ep7 J a
. ? J \ P CAP AND STOCK FACTORY.?Tl* suhacriivr | i
I 1 alien for ?tle ? mrior SNortm^dt of ^itiri Bfavfr H?U, Cluih
5 Cjp*. and Silk, Satin, Velvet and B^mb-unse Stork*, in every va- j
ii#tv of HySe, quality and price. Alio, a huge assortment of Flench jj
in?i India Go-xl*. comiMrng ??f Bombazines, Satins, Velvets. Crapes
Lev inline*. Ate. witaMe for Sl.-ckniaker*. and Slorkmaker* Triu?- (
I ninp'ifalldnirtiptioitt. WILLIAM Ufc ID. 29 Cedar ?t. /
S. B. Black Silk Plush, f ir ftl titer * use. ?tp4. #
KD land for sale in lot* to suit purchasers situ- v
aled <1 Maine, where sloops can go up and lake the timber from a ! a
:>md landing. There is two or three good mills in the vicinity of I P
the property, also several streams running through the land audit ient ?
. to raft the ;<ip to the mill. The above is well worth the notice of r
any land cc:c:>a*iie$ ; the terius will he made accommodating. For 11
further information anplr to
oct 1G BR ANNUM. DAY Si Co. 137 Front-sr. l!
\\'(M)|)>( 1RPKN Tf :kv A \ I) MKCHAN- /
? v ICS* TOOL STORK, r.?rner of Chatham and ChainHt-r's ] }
streets. New York.?T. J. W. has constantly for sale an excellent |
assortment of the following p
Saw* of ev? ry description, St ?rk* and Bits, Augurs and Augur ! t|
Bits, Patent S tw Sets,Gail i per* and Dividers, Turning and Fa-.uer i
Chisels and Gouge*, S/rew Plate?. St.?rk? D.**, Hammers, ,?
Axes. Adaes, Bevil*. ?> ?urr , Spirit revels, Burnishes, Spoke- p
j starts, Circular Saws. Turning Lathes. Vices, Measuring Tapes, | a
Drawing Instruments, Wood B i.xes for Cutting Sciews of all sizes: ! c
Rules, Files, Drill Rnm. Cutting Nipper*, and Pliers, Mitre c
Square*, C?mp uses. Saw Pad*. Oil Shmes, Draw Knives, Plane . ti
Irons. Iron and Steel Square*, II Jin* Augurs. Drawing Snuares, J J
Screw 1 ools. ShettetN Patent Augurs, Cahiuet Maker's Clamp*. ' (,
Copper Glue Pots. Blow Pipes. for. , w
N. B. A 1-irje assortment of Plane*, manufactured by A. k E. . y
Baldwin. Pr*?:mui* Plane, Factory. N Y. ?Kt29-3#ir tj
-4 DUZF.R, 158 Chatham street, are seiling at very reduced
price*, a very vplendid asiotlment of Fun, consisting of Cape?, ?
Pelerines, Boa's, Muds, Neck Rutf*, Swansdown f.?r triinming, and f '
every ether description of articles in their lin*. Ladies* wishing to v
purchase would do well to call and see for themselves, as the subscribers
are determined to clear out their entire stock of Furs pr*vi JJ
ous U the holidays. WATSONk VAN D1ZER, | ^
158 Chatham street. New York. >
Also, en hand, as abote, a superior style of fine Fur Cap* and j *
Stocks. dec .Vit j ^
BROWN A Co. having ht-reiofnje madeareal improve- . 1
menls in the mxnnfoctiiie of Satin BeaverWab. PRICF. ^
1 iiur.e. uuLU.\ii.r nave extewisra tneir attention to 1
(his ni>i?! important branch of business, and flatter themselves they
have now succeeded in manufacturing an article, which for lightness,
durability and lustre, ran be excelled by nothing in the line. This
hat is the combined result of several years experience in the nianu- '
facture, much attention and gre?t perseverance in the pursuit.?
I Brown k Co. in presenting it to the public, think they hive near- ;
ly reached the ultimatum of beauty, cncapness, neatness, durability
md cunf>rt to the wearer. They also manufacture and have been 0
uoing for s??n?e time a very superior Fur Hat which is also furnished
TBRRK DOLLARS. This hat has been highly approved by ,
the public, a? lung experience will testify. All sales are for cash, i
therefore no good customer pays the losses of Uie oad. Wholesale ; r
i ( dealer* supplied at the shortest notice at
BROWN" A Co'*, one Priced Hal Stoie. i
sep 16- 178 Chatham, corner of Molt street | jj
Cork SOLE B*OTS.?LOR E N BROOKS, 21 Joh?-*t. 1
one door east of NaSMU-st., keeps on hand and rn ikes to order j t
water proof Cork Boots, of a superior quality. combining eleganre i '
with durability and lightness. They are particularly recommended
to gentlemen who are delicate in health and liable to take cold
from wet or odd fevL Gentlemen are invited to call and see the
article, where they will find a good assortment of Hoots, mafic in :
the latest French style. nov 16-eodt
Ladies* rrrh. fink fur caps, hats* i
AND STOCKS.?Watson A Van Duzer, 158 Chatham street,
respectfully inform their friends and the public that they continue
to manufacture, and keep for sale a splendid assortment of every !
article in their line, of the very best materials and workman-hip, :
which they oder at *?? low prices. Their stoek consists of thr
following articles, vix: Lvnx, Squirrel, Genet, Martin and Sable.
Pelerines, Capes, Roa*?, Muffs and Nerk Ruffs. Swinsdown Hurts
Otter, Fur-seal, Nutria, Muskrat, Rihhit. and Hair Seal Caps.
Also, Seallet, Plush, Cloth, Leather and Fancy Cans. Fine tur
, and Satin Beaver Hats. Foulard Satin, figured do. Striped do. Plan! i
do. PI tin do Stocks, with Handkerchiefs, Bows and Plain; also tig'd (
striped, plaid and corded silk Slocks. Also, splendid silk and satis
Vesting, Boiuboxin, Mohair and silk and bristle Stocks, utade on the t
best run hristle frames in the most approved manner. Linen Bo- \
sums and Shirt Collars, Cravats and Stiifheis, Pocket Handkert niefs, j
Suspenders, Gloves, Ac. nov 2-tf
i TLCMRN.?The subscriber ha* removed to the elegant and p
spacious rooms of the Collegiate School, ID Canal street, entrance
on the corner of Varick street. .
j A select class of youux gentlemen will be instructed in the usual r
blanches of education, also in the Classics ami Modern Languages. ( i
The French department is under the immediate direction of A (
' Pest iaux. Professor of the French Language. i
N. B. Particular attentio.. will he ilevotej to Book-keeping ird 1 |
* Penmanship.
Terms mode lit-. Apply at above. C. C. JENNINGS.
dec 2 If
' nOf BLE ENTRY BOOK KEEPING is taught '
I LP at Fuller's Commercial School 133 Broadway, upon the moat ,
1 modern and approve*! principle*. The hour* of in-trm tion are at : ,
' ihe learner's convenience?there hem* no dasu". The plan of
' instruction is at oner plain,practical, ami comprrhentive. During
! the rotirae, the pupil will open, pott, and helance two empiric ?elt
' of bookt, mud he q vilified to perform Me Hutin of a Hook-keeper
in ihe most extensive and diversified establishment. LESSONS ,
1 IN PENMANSHIP, morning, ifteraon. and evening. Tt run
I moderate. Apply at 18J Broadway, (over Mr. Milhau't Drugtisl (
I From Ihe Button Gazette.]
0 MERCANTILE BOOK-KEEPING -Trie manner in which |
j thin art it taught, cor.eeys but a very imperfect idea of the practice ,
* of merchaiiis; and when a person eels, fur the first time, into a ,
counting-house, he finds no more similitude between what he sees i ,
and what he has been taught, than really exists between the elian- (
- delier of a thnatre and Aladdin's lamp. The rreat difference he- (
uvceii theory and practice,?befw -en the study -I an art and ilaap- I
r plication to practical use, is tuo well kuowu to need remark; and (
e we think Mr roster's plan?hy connecting systematic book-keeping |
n ivitk actual transactions?possesses advantages worthy the roasidrt
i ration of all wh* wish to acquire the form- and modes of business |
it | a th-ruugh and effectual manner.
Mr. FOSTER'S long experience in the counting-house, ami
[ 'kill as a penman, qualify him, in a peeul ar manner, for '.he duties
of his profess on. ianfi-tf
: COLLEGIA TE SCHOOL. No. I tit) Canal street, enVy
trance in Vaiick, corner of Canal street, K. .McNEILL and
F. A. STREETER, Principal*. The location nf this School is
paiticulaHy eligible, ind its moras are spacious and well ventilated]
, It embraces four departments
, 1st THE CLASSICAL DEPARTMENT. In which pupils
are fitted to entgr any Uuirersily or College in the I'nited Stales, 1
is under Ihe immediate charre nf Mr. McNiill, a graduate ofTriniif
ty CoHege, Dublin, who was for many years occupied in the critical
e pienaration of stud-mis for that L'nivervitv.
h G1JAGES. in which the German. French and Italian are taught,
n is under the direction o Mr. A. Pest lux, Pr deseir of Moderu Lao- 1 1
d *"?5""THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, for a cnurae of intt
-truclion in the common and higher branches of English education
s, is conducted he Mr. C. C. Jennings.
q 4lb. THE PREPABATORV DEPARTMENT, to fit lads j
II under eight years of age for the higher English studies, by the par"
licular attention to Reading, Spelling, Writingaodthe rudimeotsof i
ic Arithmetic and Geography.
For furthe' particulars, apply at the rooms at any time between
-2 the hours of 9 A. M. and 3 P. M.
7 RL Rev. Bishop Onderdonk. George Bardie. Esq.
Rev. Dr. Mathews, Chancellor Anthony Barclay. Esq.
S of the New York University. John Chambers Esq.
14 Rev. J. F. Shroeder, Schuyler Livingston, Esq.
y Rev. A. Maclay, John Caldwell, Esq.
Win. Sampson,Esq. dec 10-3m
7 tUVU au unincumbered real estate in this city, by
' jut O. 0.3ICKELS, M.WaU ?."
l <rs pills.?J-morrats vegetable Lire
L PILLS have lo-g inn known and appreciated for their eatraudinarv
and immediate powers of irst'Ting perfect health tu permu
suiteMug under nearly every kind of disease to wtiich the hunan
frame it liable.
In miny hundreds of certificated instances, they have even revued
seller ert from the verge of an untimely gr tve, after ill the
inceptive nostrums of the day had utterly filled; and to many
housauds the) have permvortstly terored that uniform enjoyment
>f health without which lifer itaelf it hut a partial blearing.
The ingredient* of the Life Pi 111 are purely andtolely vegetable,
ind contain no mineral, in any form whatever. They are entirely
nuipon d of vtracli from rare and powerful planti, the virtue* of
ihirh, though long knuwn to teveral Indian Irihrt, and recently,
o tome eminent pharmaceutists, but wete never befer? aduiniilrred
u to happily ethcacioui a combination.
Their firtt operation t* to ioaaen from the coats of the stomach
Hid bowel* '.he various impuritie* and crudiliea constantly letllinc
iround them ; and to remove the Hardeued feces which collect in
he convoluliiHis of he imall intestine . Other medicines only
vvrtially cleanse these, and leav* such r.Heeled ntasaes behind, to
vroduce habitual coMiveneaa with all iit train of evils, ur sudden
uarrmea wwn an lis .manio-nt dangers. Tins tact is well known
0 ail regular anatomists who examine lhe human b.wels aftrr
leatl) : and benee the prejudice of these well-informed men agonal
he quark medicine* of the age. The tecossd edict of the VEGErABLE
LIKE PILLS is to cleanae the liver and lungs, the
ilood, which take* ila red color from the agency of these before
1 paoei into the heart, being thus purified by the liver and lungi,
uid noun-died by find coming from i clean slomarh. courses freely
hr-.ogli the veins, renewa every pert of ih* -yvtem, and truunpfian'.,
y mounU the banner of health in the bl >oniing cheek.
The following are among the distiessing variety of human disease*
n which the VEGETABLE LI EE PILLS are well known to be
nfallihle }?
Dyspepsia, and all in train of symptoms, *uch is Flat-ilency,
vO?? of Appetite, Heartburn, Head n he. Restlessness, Ill-temper,
Inxiely, Languor, and Melancholy, will vanidi, a< a : itural hi
t-quence of it* cure. Costiveneas, by cleansing the whole leugtl
f the intevlinei with a solvent process, and without violence- all
Waal purgei leave the buwrl< costive within two days. Diarrh-r
nd Cholera hy removing the sharp acrid fluids by which these ruuiilaints
are occasioned, and by promoting the lubrirative secretion
I the mucin membrane. The LIFE PILLS have been known in
tire Rhe-imaiisui permanently in a short time, hy removing local
fbmatiou from the muscles and ligaments of the joints. Oiopsirs
f all kinds, hy freeing and strengthening the kidntes and bladder .
bey operate most d-lighlfully on these important organs, and hence
ore ever been fwnd a reitain remedy forlheworst casesofGravrl.
klvo, Worms, hy dislodging from the turnings of the bo~eJs the
limy malt-r hi which these creatures adhere. ITIcers, ind
ureterals Sores, by the perfect purity nf which these LIFE
'ILLS give to the blnud, and all the humours. Scorbutic Empi
ins, and Bad Complesioat, by their alterative effect upon the
uid* that feed the skin, and the morbid stale of which occasions
II eiuptive complaint*, .allow, cloudy, and other disagreeable r >m
lexioos. The use of these Pills, fur a very sh-irt time, will effr't
n entire cure of Salt Rheum, and a striking impnivcmrnt in the
learness of the skin. Common Colds and Influents will aiwiy* he
ured even in the worst rases. Piles?as a remedy for lists uesi disresslng
ami ob-tinate malady, the VEGETABLE LIFE PILLS
leservr adislinct and emphatic recommendation. It is well known
o hundreds in this city, that the Proprietor of these invaluable Pills
raa himself atflii led with this complaint for upwards of thirty-five
ears; and that he tried in vain every remedy prescribed within
llic whole compass of the Materia Mrdira. He, however, at length
ried the medicine which he now -iflers to the public, and he was
ured in a very short time.
N. B. These Pills or the Bitters will get all mercury out of the
ystem infinitely faster th-sn tile heat preparations of Sarsapaiilla,
nd a certain reraedv for the rushing of Wood into the head or all
intent head aches. All persons who are predisposed to apoplexy,
lalsy, tr. should never be without the Life Pills or the Bitters, for
ne dose " in lime will save life." They equalize the circulation
he blood, draw all pressure from the head, and throws off every imlurity
bv the pores of the skin.
I IFF PII I-4 iuV r..n.,? Ih. Ivu
iricticeof the quack* of Iht day, in advising persons to lake his
'ills in larre quantities. No good medicine can possibly he so repined.
These Pills are to betaken at bed time every night, f..r a
vock ot fortnight, according to the obstinacy of the disease. The
isual dose is from 3 to 5 according to the constitution of the person.
>'ery delicate persona should take but tsvo; those more robust, or of
ery costive hauits, may take 5, 4 or even 5 Pills, ami they will effect
sufficiently h sppy'change to guide the patient in their further me.
rhey usually operate within ten or twelve hours, and never give
min, nuless the bowels are very much incumbered. They miybe
aken by tiie most delicate females, under a v circumstances; and
me Pill in solution may be given to a young infant.
Price in Soxes .50 cents and $1.
ineat Tonic Preparation ever diacoTcred, Is a pure extract from a
oot oflhe most inestimable value for its [server of restoring strength
a the digsrsiire organs, and invigorating the most impaired ronslituions.
It has never failed, in a single instance, to cure the most
ihstiuate rases of Fever and Ague, and to effect a rapid restoration
if strength to persona who arejust recovering from anv other illness.
It may he taken, at any time, by all who feel weakness, nervous
reniors, or lowneaa of spirits, with immediate and lasting advantage,
rhe usual doae is one third of a wine glass full in water.
Price?Small battles $1?large bottles $2.
NUMEROUS TESTIMONIES in proof of the superior exellrnce
of the above Medicines have been gratefully rendered hy
ndividuaiiwhom they have vitally benefitted, and many others eould
rasily be obtained.
Piep.1 red ami sold, wholesale and retail, by the Proprietor, Mr. J.
HOFF.AT. at his office, No. 53 Hudson street, directly opposite
fay street, N. Y.?Also for sale at the following places ?Patrick
>icky, 413 Broadway?William J. \ an Zaut, 121 Heater, corner
f Forsyth st.?John Milhau, 183 Broadway? Dr. John S. Crane.
soshen, Orange county, N. I J. It T. E. Ourlaud. Chester,
Jrangt* co. N. Y.
Charlea W. Badger, 354 Broad street, Newark ; R. Covert, 368
iread street,corner William, Newark ; R. Catlin, Main street, op.
Write Vjuhoutoa, Paterson ; Dr. Joseph Clark, corner of Hudo,
ind Grand street, etsey City. Dr. Lee, 293 Mad icon, corner of
trammel. J. Hrutuo, comer of Twentieth street, and Eighth
ivenue. dec 16-1 m*
Let this true* be impressed on eiery mind?That all pain or
veabneis, are owing to morbid, stagnant, and corrupt humors ;
vhieh impede the circulation of the blood.? Brjnde.h.
' For the life of the flesh is in the blood."? Lciitirus rvii. 11.
r wit r nv navrnrfl ram 'Pur i viae uvao vc
I tiun, that the office of the stomach is to pre pare the foud fur [he
sourishmenlof (be body, and that ihe health of every organ must
tecassarily depend on the due performance of it* function* ; for if
he chyle ?r digestive fluid be not good, Ihe hudy cannot he prupetIjr
lourished. the i ervous ifiten will he affected, the secretions of (he
t ure obstructed, and the whole maw of blood become* impure.?
Hence rejult the disorders considered complicated, which are erroneously
termetl incurable, be men, who either do not, 01 will not
comprehend the hypothetic, that all diseases whatever srise solely
'ront acriujonioaa humor* in the blood.
When acute and infl i inmate r> diaeaae* are the c onsequenct-t of
hi. *t ite of the Mood, the faculty have recourae to bleeding! a meaiure.
murderous in iU effect*! calculated to aap the root of the eunitilution!
yet it iaatill persistad in1 though not a tingle c iaa can lie
jrudured wherein it hat been of aerrlce. But lO.OOu might be proluced
wherein it haa brought an paniiytit, ami a train of nerauiis
litorders, dreadful even ir. imagination to I hove who hava hehed
:heir fearful consequences.
How many thousands are aeut to in untiuiely grave! Huw many
ramiliet deprived of their amiable children' How inaay huhandt
f their lovely wive*! How many wives of their dear husbands'
have fallen victims to thii murderout practice! and the same may
he taid of Mercury.
Mankind, oh, consider this auhject. I charge ye, luae not one
imp of your hlond, fur the practice nf Weeding it opposed to cointnan
tense, and all eipei.euce proves it it mart rumen., to tke constitution
at all diseases are caused hy fuul and acrimonious matter
intering the circulation and contaminating the blood, Ihe purifyiug
not the abstracting the vital fluid, should he considered in the rure of
diseases; and those who are attentive te this, invariably attain to a
healthy old age. We should remember that according iv Ihe purity
?f our blood, so t our health. Had Ihe Crealot intended mankind
to have parted with blood, rely on it. a place would hare been made
for its discharge, when ten much had accumulated.
The neeeatily for bleeding is eulir* ly superseded hy
bramdeth9 universal vegetable
they do the same thing with this tremendous differ met, that
the uupuiities of the blood are taken away hy them through Ihe
".omach and howels, without any of its balsamic particles. Is the
pulse too high f a dnaa of these pills will b ing it down. Is it too
low ' the same means will increase it to a proper standard. Kit
tremulous, thowing nervous excitement' the pills by nothing the
ysiein will llay it. Let not any one say these various properties
are i tu possible to he posse wed by any one medicine Let *uch
doubter call on Dr. B. and he will wson convince him of the truth of
all tue above assertions. One box of the pills however, will do more
to mske him a convert than any thing that rould he said on the subject.
Price 2b cents per bom.
Thousands of the most respectable riti/ens of New York will he
referred to witk pleasure by Dr. B. who have for many yean bees
in the habit of being Med,often as many as 4 or 5 times in a year, and
wh.vae constitutions in route*,uence, were becoming weaker and
weaker; have, since they kave made use of these pills, never teat a
drop of their previous Mood. When ?ny of their old symptoms appeared,
instaad at running to the docter and having a vein opened,
they have swallowed or 8 pills, which soon removed the vitinled
humors, that wore impeding the Muod in its circulation. These
sensible people are increasing every day (he powers both of body and
mi ad, which hy the practice of bleeding, were both becoming dreed*
fully impaired, simply hy the use of these invaluable pills.
NOTICB.?DR. BRANDETH* OAee for ihe tale of the
above Pills, wholesale and retail, 187 Hudson street,opposite Broome
street, where he may he cauaulled gratis, by those taking hit Pilivxi
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. jaw 7-1 m*
C W AIM'S PANACEA.?80 dogeu jest reeeived and for
C5 salt at asaau fee turns prices bv
dec 29 86 William street, and lit Broadway.
of the alrhemiat are realized, tad a reined; discovered for the Tooth
Ache, aod preserving those important ami beautiful appendages to
the human >;iteai, by the use of the Magnetic Odootica?which, by
its attract've, purifying, and strengthening qualities, removes all
eatraueuus lubstances from the teeth, and preserves them in their
nitural brilliancy, and the gums in sounineas and beauty. It is
ascertained from experience, that when used, the teeth will never
decay, but remain to the latest age of man with their natural wear.
When they are decayed, its progress will he attested, and the teeth
preserved and prevented from aching The use of it will save the
great expense of filing, filling, and scraping.
A gentleman nut long agu came to me, whose teeth were fast going
to decay; they were ITevve?his gums were spongy -nd feverish
?his breath fieted. I advised him In use Dr. 8.'s Magnetic Odontic
a, which he did, audio one week his teeth were firm in their
I sockets, hi* guius had resumed their health, his breath was corrected.
All this cost one dollar, a hrush, and a little exertion. I repeal. I
do nut believe the teeth will decay if this is used as directed. The
| prtparation is on dilTrrenl ptiuriples than anv other in use.
Since this was written?another, and aimlher, and another hate
called on me and expieaaed their gratification for the yreat benefit
| they hate received froia (he n?eof Dr. 8.?s Magnetic Odontira.?
j They say no money would induce them to be without this iovajuaI
bl- aiticle.
The following letter is just received from Wm. H. Fouler, Esq.
No. 37 E.1SI Broadway:?
Messrs. Burnett it Co.?Gentlemen: Having used Dr. Sliilnian's
Magnetic Oduntica in tuy family for same length of lime, and havI
trig become fully satisfied of its unquestionable merit and entire
superiority over every other mrdieine that has route within my
knowledge for the cute of that tormenting pain, the tooth ache, and
also fur preserving the gums free from disease, and restoring them
to health alls r having become diseased, as well as purifying and
sweetening the breath. 1 an, induced, for the hem-til of in.ee who
are afflicted with the disease of the teeth and gums, to oiler you my
testimony in favor of so desirable a remedy for these lr*:
complaints. I am gentlemen, your obedient servant.
Sept 9, 1835. VVM. II. FOWLER, 37 East Btxadway.
The abo>e articles for sale at 510 Greenwich street, (two doors
from Spring) by P. BITRNET k Co.. and Patrick Dickie, 413
Broadway, rorner of Lispenard street; and by J. Sytne, corner of
Walker street and the Bowery.
The following letter has just Seen received from a lady of great
iesper(ability residing in Brook yn.
.Messrs. Burnet i. Co ? Gentlemen. That merit may he given
where troth andjuslice demand it, should not beconsidcred nnworUirof
public attention and on that account it is, I state the following
undeniable fact. Having been for a considetable time affected with
a most fxcrutialiag pain in the teeth, gum* and jaw, and after having
dried various remedies and feund no reliefby thrgi, Mr. Place of 177
Cnaltou street, recommended me to try Dr. Stillni.in's Magnetic,
which I did, and strange tu say, the first lime I used it, my teeth,
gums and jaw, ceased aching and have never ached since. In con!
*equrnce >( having two or three decayed teeth, I was unable to
drink warm tea or cold water without distressing pain, and since I
have used the Magnetic. Oduntica. my teeth appear to be sound,and
gums and jaw free from diseases, slid can enjoy the luxury of my
food and drink better than I have for same years past. I am, gentlemen,
yairsrespectfully, MARIA WHEKLER.
P. 8. You will h ve the g.todnen to send b? the bearer of this
letter, another box of Dr. Stillman's Magnetic Odoutica. jan5-tf
say> Addison, would be content to follow Nature, and assist
her in her operations what mighty efforts might we expect! Every
tiling would dispose itself into order, is it were, uf course; and the
whole work is half dorm as soon is undertake*. Purge out the old
leaven that ye usay he anew lump, is the language -f Scripture;
this however, is denied by many, as having reference fc> the body.
| though itis known the heave by imtinct eat? thorns, thistles, he. for
the purpose of purgation, and the ens- bp this law of physiology, to
1 preserve health, searches the fields for the gleanings, where the
husbandman hat gathered of hit potatoes, that the mar be purged
nid heroine a new lump, or according to the original, a healthy animal
In like manner the dog and cat, and many other animals,
meander through the fields, when costive, that they may make a selection
of those grasses calculated to open their bowels, and purify
| their fluids. Do we not tec the feathered tribe, because deficient of
1 gastric juice, .wallow and carry continually < tones in 'heir stomachs,
to promote digestion, and produce healthy chyle, to pitiify their
aloud, and open their passages: ami hence these animals of the
hrulai race, from thus ASSISTING NATURE completely se|
cure themselves against epidemic contagions, although they are under
the 'imt laws which govern the human animal economy. This
principle of purgptioti, or assisting nature, is not Dr. Biandreth's oa
! any other man's, but it is a principle of Natuie. Are not the tider
I the daily purgative of the Ocean.' storms and hurricanes (he purgatives
or purifiers of the air t !ffhr any length of time this principle
becomes inactive, do not both water and air become stagnant.'
and if the circulation of our blood becomes languid, do not humor,
accumulate in the body, which ought tube passed by the bowels,
and which, if not remavevl. soun choke up the veins the arteries and
the passages of life.' Mankind, from facts like these, must see (he
all-unporlaiit necessity of attending to the state of the stomach ami I
bowels, and lite importance of a medicine which tentoves all'nox|
iout accuniulalionifrom them, without weakening the system?
PI LLS, which in England have stood the test ef 3d years trial, and
have performed cuies for thousands of hopeless and helpless persons,
after the usual scientific medical skill of physicians had consoled
(hem. they could do no more. Their properties as an antihllliou*
and aperient medicine are unrivalled, all who use thein
invariably recommend them; their virtues surpass all eulogy, and
mast be u*ed to be appreciated. The weak and delicate will he
Mrengtlirned by their use, not hy bracing, but by removing the cause
of weakness, the gross corrupt humors from the body. One 25 cent
boa will estahiish their character and prove there is truth even in an
' advertisement. They require no care of any kiud; occupations are
not at all impeded by their use. Plain directions accompany each
box, so that every one is his own competent phesician.
Editorial notice nf the Sun. 10th rfOctaber.
BRANDRETH'S PILLS.?There are few who do not know,
| that the essence of food is converted into blood, which, so formed,
| assimilates itself to the various ramifications of the human frame,
j We take it, therefore, as a clear axiom, that that medicine which
' makes the blood pure, without weakening the system, must be mast
, excellent. and as we know Brandreth's Pills to be such a medicine, |
we recommend them with confidence to war friends. Many and
i high are their letlimouiaie.
7500 testimonials have been received, from individuals of the high
est respectability. Call at Dr B.'s store, anil read the original leiI
l?i, all proving the extraordinary power of Brandreth's Pill; in
1 removing diseases of the mutt opposite character from the constitution.
They in fact prose, by the cues ihey make, that there is ao
I necessity fur any other medicine.
New York.?Mr. Lance, 250 Eighteenth at.; A. S. Whitman,
watch and fancy it ore, 15 Fulton.;.; N. C. N alia, bookseller, Jtr. 91
Catherine at.; B. 8. Taylor.grorer, kc.,78 Veaey at.; E.H.Tripp,
atalioner, kc., 167 Division sf.: W. k D. D. Wright, hariiwarrmen,
38 Houston at., corner of Lewis st ; Mr. Goward, Universal Book
store, runierof Chatham and Pearl ,ts.
Jersey City.?W. R. Diayton, grocer, kc., rornet of York and
Oteen ?t*.
Patterson.?Mr. Post, Passaic Hotel.
Brooklyn.?G. B. Booth, watch maker, 73 Fulton it.
Harlaens.?Jehn S. Kenyoo, Post Office.
New Rorhelle.?A Coutant, Caipenter, kc.
DR. BRANDRETH'ff OFFICE for the sale of the above
Pills, wholesale and tetail, 187 Hud em street, opposite Broome St.,
where he may he consulted gratis by those taking his Pills, on Mon
days, Wednesdiys and Saturdays. dec 23-3m*
Lt^OR RHBUMATISMe?-Evans' Camasnmile Pith
a (ptcpared from the cammnroileflowers hy a peculiar process
known only to the proprietors.) are invaluable ; they sooth the
nerves of sensibility, and f etify the nerves of motion, a laying
II irritability.
Th? powers of Evans' Camreomile Pills are such, that the palpitating
"heart, the tremulous hand, the diary eye, aid the fluttering
mind, vanish before their effects like noxious vapors before the benign
influence of the morning sun. This tonic medicine is far ner
vous diseases, general debility, indigestion, and ill consequences,
w ant of appetite, an appaient Hirtension of the stomach, belchings,
pains in the stomach, acidity, unpleasant taste in the mouth,
rumbling noise in the bosrels, nervous symptoms, languidness, when
the mind becomes irritable, desponding, thoughtful, melancholy,
Jejecled; hypocondriacism, low iplilu. palpitations of the heart,
nervous irritability, nichtmare, rheumatism, spaamodic affections,
rfirmess ,,f sirlit, and all other nervous symptoms, Evans' Cammondle
Pills will effect a safe and speedy rare.
References of the great efficacy of these invaluable pills may be
had at the office. No, X Division street. New Yerk, where the pills
are sold, wholesale and retail, and adviregiven, by Dr. W. Evans, to
these using Use medicine. net !l-3m*
NO QUACKERY.?TAYLOR k SON'S Vegetable Panacea,
an infallible relie for Coughs.Sore Throat, Hoarser-ess, Colds
and Irritation of the Lnngs.
It is the season for those disagreeable and often fatal visitors, colds
r.>ugh<. kc. and we solicit the attention of the public to oer Vegetable
Panacea. Its invariable heaeiici al effects, prompt us to offer the
Panacea on condition that if it does not WTord telief. the money shall
be returned. It can he had at our repository. No. 5J Division, and
at Dr. Evans' Nss.96 Division and 377 Broadway. The genuine is
,;v,ve^ on the label bv Taylor k Sen, and sealed with their seal.
dee 7-tf Propriety rs for the United fltatrs.
LP the most rmfidential manner, at his office. 12 Duane street,
between Chatham and William street. New Yulk, where persons
' affiicled with delicate discs es, old obstinate ulcers, dyspepsia,
1 worms, diseases of the bladder, urethra, and kidneys, and all disI
eases arising from the abuae of mercury, or impurit* of the blood,
are invited to call. The baneful effierti often (rising from the abuse
' of mercury, need no description, persons troubled with a certain
1 disease may apply te Dr. Coreitt with the amuranre of having it radically
cured without a particle of mercury, or any other danger*as
medicine. His diargoa are reasonable, and proportioned to the means
of the applicant. Dr. C. has been (derated ia Europe, under
teachers of acknowledged talent, tad has had considerable practise
, in extenaire hospitals and dispensaries. Instant relief given to
those (Acted srflh the piles, and a perfect rare effected tn three
days, without ceoffermmrt frees heal new or the slightest pain to the
patient A medicine map ha had te prevent (he occurence of a
certain disease. The mart honorable aecresy observed Attend

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