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i- * * "" y ?
?tef * * T
Offtre, Ji?. US A'oJtou street, between Betknun utui Spruce streets,
?pposite Dr. Spring's Church, basement stary.
t iqaari a year, . $Jt> 00 | 1 unrt 2 weeks, . (2 25
" 3 month*, . 8 00 I "1 week, . 1 75
" S oaaalhi, . 6 00 "3 days . 1 00
" I mouth, 3 00 J " 1 insertion, . 0 5*
Sixteen lines make a tq-ive,
(Mi?e No. 100 Chatham street, new Pearl street.?This Company
continue to I mure against !o-? or damage by Fire, on foods,
wares, merchandize, household furniture, buildings, aud warehouse*.
Thos. r. Woodruff Alexander Maitetton
John C. Merritt Caleb G. Tunis
Wm. Bradford Sauuel Webb
Benjamin R Robson John Clapp
lohn H. Lee Josephtvaiu
Muses Tucker Wni. IL Ireland
Thomson rrite Sleplirn Lyon
Thomas W. Therue D ivtd Rogers
John R. Davison Waller Peck.
David Jacot
WM. S. THORNE, Secretary
O* All letters must be post paid. Jin 8-lw
COMPANY.?Persens may effect insurances with this Company
on their ?wn lire*, or the lives of others, and either for the
rtlfiU (WslMUt rtf lift* nr feir m I imilprl ruri?J Tb? iMwmanls fcf
preuirain may be either made annually, ?r in a gioas tun:
Premium* on ?n* hundred dollars for *ne year.
Ait. 1 year. Aft. i year Are. J year Age. 1 ynnr.
14 0 72 26 1 07 38 148 50 196
15 77 ST7 1 12 39 1 57 51 1 97
l? 0 84 28 1 20 40169 52 2 ?2'
17 OK 29 1 28 41 1 78 53 2 10
18 (I 89 3H? 1 31 42 1 85 54 2 IS
19 090 31 1 32 43189 55 232
2# 91 32 1 33 44 1 M 56 2 47
21 092 33 134 45 1 91 57 2 70
22 W 34 1 35 46 1 92 58 3 14
23 0 97 35 I M 47 1 93 59 3 67
34 099 36 139 48194 60 435
% 1 (K) 37 I 43 49 1 95
Money will be received in deposit by (he Company, and held in
Vint, up* n which interest will be allowed a* follows:
Upon any una over $IW>, irredeemable for 1 year, 4i per ct
' " ' 100, " for 5 months, 4 per ct
" u " 100, " for 2 months, S perct
Win. Bard, Baml. Thompson, 11. C. De Rham,
Thomas W. Ludlow, Isaac Bronson, Jonathan Goodhue,
Wis. B. Lawrence, Peter Remsen, James Mr Bride,
Jacob Loriltani, Stephen Warren, John Ralhimne, Ji.
John Oner, James Kent, P. G. Stuyvesanl,
Peter Harmony, Nathaniel Prime, Thos. J. Oakley,
8. Van Rensaellaer, N. Devereua, Stepb'n. Whitney,
John G. Coatar, Beni. Kimwer, John J. Astor,
Thos. Su&m, Mulun C. Verplanek, Benj. L Swan,
J no. Mason, Cornelius W. Lawience.
WM BARD, President.
R. A. NICOLL, Secretary.
F. U. JOHNSTON, Physician to the Company, sep 9-ly
MCHI7*CH inchamber STRKKTT
consistory of the Reformed Presbyterian Chutch in the
city of New York, offer for sale their church and groundi in Chamber
street, adjoining the Saving* Bank, including a three story brick
Hou-e and lot, immediately in the rear on Reed street. The church
was huih in the moat substantial manner by days' work, and is capabla
of being alte e*l to great ad"aiitage into Houses, Stores, a Hotel
or Bath, being very near the Manhattan water works. The house
in Reed street, was l*o built in the best manner, and being connected
with die Chamber street Lots, is a great advantage should the
purchaser desire tu alter it f r either of the above pvrpoeet. P? .sanMa
Immediately. For further particular*, apply to WM. f.
HAW B>9. Kiq. corner 01 wau ana nanau street, or Kll/iiAiiU
OAKLET* R**l Rrt?le A rent. No. 43 Pine street. jau 8-1 w
v* neroFLer<iy, ami 413 HuiIsmi corner of Amos street. WHITALL
II EAWTON respectfully Inform their friends and the uctuners
of Anthracite Caul that they arc daily receivfng'ft.argoWof
very superior quality Schuylkill Coal, warranted to he eonal to agy
Coal kU<i Uiu market (under any mine,) they would call atteufiup
particularly to the Spoho and Gate Vcinv? Prosi Ihsiir- arranpe,.
nients Jhii year thej feel satisfied they will tfrable to give aatUfartian
lo-cuMMHuen hou. a?' a quality attd price.V
Orders strictly attend', to.
Orders received br A. De Camp k Co. 34 Wall street; or to A
Ten Ey< k? 102 Washington street; Jf O. Rooriikck, 19.) Bowery ; or
teither af their yards. JAMES D. WWHITEHALL,
auf 31 . UN W. LAWTON. ' '
THE 1j ATK EI KEi?Thesubscriber is preparingaeore
rect picture of the recent conflagration in U>U city, which will
be published on Monday next, and offered far s.-tte at his (tore Na
48 Cjurtl uid, comer of Greenwich street T he irtkt employed by
hiin is every way competent for the task of giving a-trut representation
of thi? dreadful erent and of its distressing and praisev, orlhy
incidents. .
XT The publication of the above Is unavoidably postponed for a
few days in totmequance of the great labor of the artists; the publisher
being determined to present the public with a unique and
iniihed picture. de<S?-lf S.R.
THE TEETH!?From Dr. 8. O. Paysick, Surgeon Dentin
of Philadelphia.
Messrs. Burnet k. Co.,t-I am not in the habit of making out certificates
af recommeiAlattyn for any kind of meiiicina whatever, but
a< you hadIheguodness to present nte with a box ot Dr. Stillwan's
Magnetic Odontica, it wonbMfVcome me to withold my unbiassed
opinion oisach a* invariable preparation for the Teeth. Its medicinal
prupenies, from Miy experience, are admirably adapted to the
alievialiorf of that excruciating pain, the tooth ache; and I believe
it to be a health preservative far the teeth and gums, aad it cannot
ha loo hig ly recommended to every family who desire cleanliness
..r ik. t. .. ?.11 ... r ?:r_ ?i? > .1 a _l:.l .i__
?" ??"- ? "V.. .> !V IWIM./ II.C MXUI ?l?l KOIIDf ""II" ?? l?l?
DMMt HTectual step towards pre?erri*f the tnctn in a raaad s ate,
and preventing that dreadful scourge?lh? toothache.
The above article li fur tile at Patrick Dickie's, 413 Broadway,
corner of Lispenard street; J. .Syntc's, 08 Bowery, corner of Walker
treet; ami at f. Burnet It Co.1!, 510 Greenwich itreet, two doon
below Spring. Prioe$1. i jan 4-<f
ROUS POWDER, for perfuiaing and fumigating rooms.?
For tick room* especially, tbe?e articles are preeminently terrier
"Sle, eeiiiung an agreeable fr?gnnce and at the uae time destroying
completely any uiipl-asaul uneil.
A Wo, Sehreber's celehrat" Pomatum, for the rip id growth ofth?
hair; CompoundAromati<J^>*(isoteToothwash, prepared from the
genuine Rrichenback's Kieosote. for cleansing and preserving teeth ;
Compound Kreosote Tooth Ache Drop*, for the instantaneous relief
of the Iwlh ache; Cotti^nod Syrup of Hurehoun.l aad Beneset
for the cuieWn aolds. coughs, K.C.; C unp-uud concentrated Svrup
of SirupwiMaa, together with Almond Gun, Capillaire, afld a
large and choice assortment of other Svrups Swain's Panacea,
Lee's PdlJp'Moffait's Vegetable Life Pills, aud a large variety of
other piteyt aiedicinee, II waraated g> nuine.
The above articles to be had, whotonle or retail at
jan 1 -1 m* 14 Huden. comer Reed street
ges. prepac-ahy Corby ti k Co., 300 Holborn, Lontlon.?
These L-zenget are universally allowed, by physicians of the
highest standiag, to be on* of the best preparations for the cure of
Csmjhs, Cvlds. A?thmvs,fcc.. ever offered to the public; many (hnusand
petaooi have experienced their happy and salntary effect?,
many of ah in hare been by asthmatic and consumptive complaints
reduced t?? the brink of (he grave. They promote a free and easy
expectoration, and remove aay trudmcy to inflammation or soreDew
oftht tongs, shortness, ar difficulty of breathing, and the general
oppression wheh interrapts respiration, Itr ke.. Price SO rents
per hna. A single box will be found saffluent to remove the moat
batinate cases. For sale or G. COLBY, chemist, kc. 351 Pearl,
comer of Frankfort at*. Franklin Sonar*. the onlv sienl in the
cfy- ' dec li 1m*
loduloirt for )ke RkniniiM Th?? Polandria Oil is the
' taaintral oil eilracteH from the'PoUiulrU tra*, ami it at infallible
cure for thW (Mrmmi disorder, the riicumatitm, in all its itom.
Y" tal? bjf.&Ji**. k Cix.SK Greenwich itreet, two deon be4'1
licet; J. Byw, Wr Powcijf, earner Of Walker reet; and Dr.
Gatoa. earner of O^ud AM and Una fernery. Pnt?$L jmM(
new-York, Tuesday
mup TIIITTIl?'lf * lifinmr . -
* a. m. ?m. M. 11 *f 1UU mii I AIL ??l.ftlt I A1I>
X DISKASESi CUKtD.?Dr. GuudwiJl's Gonorrhea ami
Git'el Detergent. The ?nlj- infallible remedy ever discoveied fui
Gotiorthea and Gleets, it now hec-*ne Ion well kii.wn .uiJ e? ah
lithed in all parti uf the Kingdom to tequire any ciinuieat. Its
universal success which in nuese instance hat ever failed, hi- warranled
it to cure in fotty-eight hours the mutt desperate and inflammatory
cue of Goncrrhea. Gleet and While* in all their lUgei.?
Stricture!, seminal weakness, pain* of the loini, irritation of the
urethra ami giavel, as <vell as chronic aflectiou* of the urlnaiy tdadder
and kidney., if ever to violent or of lung ? and inc. Tliis tale
and ?iily infallible remedy it an apreeahle liquid, and Us eflVct> on
j constitution, Iwing composed <>! Sarsaparilh and the ehoicett pn Derations
that while it restores the system, its superiority over eveiy
other medicine of the kind, only requires to limited 3 trial tu know
j its efficacy. Every pei.ou Dial has mad* use of this medicine ha'
been Ins own pkysiciah and secrecy has been secured. Having
ErilVed effectual in almost two thousand cases, and never to out
nuwledge failed in any one instance. The vast and iucreasingsale
| from the recommendations of the highest medical characters, as
well as those who have expet ienced its salubrious and beneficial
' effects prove its great lucres? and supet iority over every other medicine,
in being the most vffeclual remedy ever discovered for the cute
of the above (litelies, giving muscular strength,merry and vigorous
health to the whole frame. The most delicate females may take it
with perfect safety. Dr. Goodwill's Detergent is a tafc, certain
and speedy cure for tke above diseases, from the most receut to tile
mott protracted cases. It is taken without any risk, inconvenience,
or suspcitsiou from business. See that your case is eradicated, not
patched up by quack doctors or quack medicines. Those that make
use of one tincle bottle may be convinced ?f the eaay method of being
cured. The " motto" of this medicine is, " let every person he
their own physician with secrecy." It will prevent the "occurrence
of the disease in persons, male or female, of the most fastidious
delicacy, and it a blessing to human kind It ought always to be at
hand. N. B. A word to the wise, take no medicine but the above,
aud keep away from tne quack Doctors, whose names appear iu
every public print, and then ton take no inercunr and ?.o? innr
" We havs much pleasure in bearing testimony to this safe and
efficacious medicine; we do this on grounds of strict impartiality,
knowinj several friends whs have been cured by it" A fact that
we know. .
For t<le by appointment, by Patrick Dickie, 413 Broadway cornerof
Lispeuatd-st. : J. Syuie, corner of Walker-st. and Bowery,
and by P. Burnet Sc. Co. 610 Greenwich-st., two doors below Spring,
Price 50 cents per bottle. jan 5-tf
liOCTOR BOVDt ? Member of the Koyal College ol
V" Surgeons in Ireland, and lately a practitioner in the city of
London, offers hit services to the afflicted ?in the treatment of ? certaai
disease. U is long experience and close attention (o this class
f complaints, his pleafant, >ah, and expeditious mode of treatment,
Kit extraordinary success during a long and extruded practice, ami
ahuv* all, his legitimate medical qualifications are a few of the
grounds on which be rests his claim to public patronage. In this
ageof empiricism when ignorant pretenders and impudent quacks
are daily spreading their nets to lure the unwary tode*t ruction, Dr
Boyd would wish to raise a friendly and a warning voice to hii fcljow
creatures, and tell them to beware of such dangerous persons.?
Thousands who aright have been at this Hay, " in th<' health -ami
palmy pride of manhood," if their cases had only been treated by
one duly qualified, (are now numbered amongst the incurable and
the dead. Apparei* cures are very common and easily effected;
but to eradicate the latent poi??, which will otherwise consign its
victim to an untiwly grave, Belongs to the legitimate province of
medicine in the hands of a skilful ami able practitioner. T..? i>r.
Buyu i? suci,, ,t .s ariii.nr to convince nis patrons, by producing
for their inspection his regular diploma, as a member of the Royal
College of burgeons in Ireland, and likewise testimonials for capability
and skill, from- many who are justly considered as lights and
ornaments of their profession. His mode of treatment is safe, effectual
and expeditious, net requiring either the use of tuercury. r re
traiat in diet or exercise. Recent affections he pledges him -f
remove radically within a few days, and cases of longer >1. Hi
and greater malignity will be treated with cordiality and ski!!,
iny case, the piUent may rest assured, afar having Win< Hisei-ar;. i
td from the bauds of Dr. Boyd, that his health is e*tabli?tied up. n. j
tutitid and firm basis, and that his constitution it r nova'ed ara < .
impaired. His Mwfaaionii honor and faith ate pleclpeu to this. &,k! I
be flatters hitu?elf that lischaracter and standing are suiTiciaut war- |
raaty for its fuHtlmen
The strictest honor and seqte^yjmtjn.aU. cases he reJled mt 1
Hnort rtlTWWSanCe Fiom 9 o'clock in the morning till 10 at night
Mp 21-ly OFFICE, 14 Dover stone door from Water.
KRSAL MEDICINE, maim far Lured in ibis country ft j
GEORGE SILVESTER, (from England,) who alone is posses*
eu ui ine oiigmai rtti|n. owu in ontonK-snuare Mixes, neatly
Enveloped, with directions enclosed. at $1,50 and .$0,73, being but
Ball the price of the imported artirle.
I " New York. November 22. j#35.
Dear Sir?Having a desire to d itchargt my obligations to you, as
1 well at to promote good to sti;Tering humanity, I herewith tend yon
for publication an extraordinary case (if cure effected by meant of
; your Hygeian )ieg?ubl? L'pWersal Medicine, in the person < my
son, Ralph, aged about thirteen years; in which I shall endeavor to
be as brief as f.osiible,-|hat you mvrhe enabled to make it more exte
sively known. Whilst in Edinburgh, my native place, more
than two years ago, he received a stroke on the elbow with a mle, to
severe as to create In the joint.what tras termed by physician- an
inflammation of the bone, froui which he has suffered severe pain
until within a short time past. He has'been treated by some of the
' most eminent physicians in Scotland, ivhifrb t-nded but little In
ameliorate hi- sufferings; consequently I despaired of hit ever
again baying the former advantage in the use of bis afflicted aim.
Happily 1 was at length induced to make trial of the medicine in
j question; from which in a few day#use he experienced considerable
( relief,afterwards bis complaint assumed a more aggravated form, in
the breaking out, I tnpp>ne, of putrid or acrid humors around the
l affected part; but receiving this as a symptom of the good effects of
the medicine, your directions were followed, by considerably augmenting
the dose, until he look as many as ten pills a day, from
which he gained great relief, and he is now, after about three months
use, restored to health. I can also bear testimony to the good effeats
of your medicine in case of fever and arue and other common r.?plaints
; so would recommend tho?e afflicted with any disorder to
test its virtues. Respectfully subscribed, by your obliged,
Architect and Draughtsman, corner of Houston and Essex-tt.
Mr. George Sylvester.
Certificates of other extraordinary rases in which this invaluable |
medicine has been equally eflfirvci o??, may be seen at the store of
D. BRYSON, Confectioner, Agent, MS Pulton street, near Broad- '
way. dec3-tf
STAMMERING CURED.-The subscriber has loo
to ted himself in this city for the purpose of curing Stammering
and all other impediments of speech. And has taken roonn in No.
j 9 Courtlandt street, Western Hotel, where he will attend to all who
may call on hlm.^hal may need his services. Having been himself
afflicted from childhood with a distressing" impediment of speech.
I he (Tailed himself of the modes of cure taught by the c < lihraled
Mrs. Leigh of New Tort, and Dr. Chapman of Philadelphia withI
out Merest. B jI after a long and patient investigation of the nalere
and cause of hit affliction, he has succeeded iu inventing a sy?tem
! entirely Bew. by which he has cured him* If and all other? who have
made application to hiin. This system lias in several iujUnrct
proved successful in cases which had resitted the most skilful treat'
ment from other-, ud it ha- in no case failed to Sect a complete core.
Beinc awareoflhe fact that persons have been in this qity wlio professed
the art ot curing stain meiing, and whoe system was Inadequate
: to effect a cur*?yet, having spent anotit a year in the instruction of
others since effecting > cure upon himself, he feels a perfect assurance
in totning before the public of this city, bringing ample testimony
to convince the t?o-t scept;cal of the superiority of his system over
all others,and the complete success that hat in all cases attended its
application. He has associated with him Mr. J. Sinclair, recently
j one of his pupils, as an assistant. By this arringrraeal, ladies will
he taught in a separate class.
Terms from 20 to dollars. according to the i.ature of the case
j pnd the situation of the applicant. A curt in all capct will be
guaranteed er the money will he refunded. '
; ' For further paiticulars inquire of the subscriber it his rooms, or
by letter post paid.
jai? 12-Sm HENRY WELLS.
I ? ? M
&C REWARD. ?Lo*l on Wednesday 6ih'inst., in Rioadj
way, between Murray and Chamber streets or in Chamber
street, three gold seals, two ?ith Topaz stones not ehgraved, one of
apte engraved with a French motto; a white Cornelia heart tipped
I with red; a small guid vinoigvelte, and a gold watch key, all amehed
to. a gold h<?p. The finder will receive the above reward by
calling at No. 164 Duane, corner of Hud'on si. j?n 7-3t*
]WEW YORK TATTERSAL.L'8 ?The regular
sales of Horses, Carriages, Harness, he. will te take pfoce
at this well known estahlishaaent, every Monday, at 12 o'clock.
The next sale will taltf placeoa Monday, 18th of Jaouuy. All
Horses, Carriages, Ice. Intended for this sale, must hi shown and entered,
on or before Saterdiy Beit, 10th instint.at S P. M.?aa'4 as a
limited number of Horse? oolj 4bn he taken, early applicaion i*n#V
T fc,lre,e
, JANUARY 19, 1836.
READER, the following Kan adve:tiviuenl of
irt this truth be imp retted on ezrrf mind?That all pain or |
weakness, art owing to morbid, stagnant, and corrupt hunters ;
which imjxde the circulation tf tie blood.?Knudreth.
" For the life of (he ink is in the blood."?Leviticus xr ii. 11. |
lion, thai l*hc office of the stomach is to prepare the f< .-d for the
nourishment of the body, and that the health of every ?rgan inu?t .
nrressarily depend on lii? due performance of iU functions; for if
the chyle ?r digestive fluid be not good, ihe tody cannot be properly
nourished, the i errous system win be affected, the secretions of the
fruie obstructed, and the whole mass of blood becomes impure.?
Hence result the disorders considered complicated, which are erroneously
termed incurable, by men, who either do not, or will not ^
comprehend the hypothesis, that all diseases whatever arise solely
from acrimonious humor; in the bl *od.
When acute and inflammatory diseases arc the consequences of
this state of the blood, the faculty have recourse to bleediiij:! a measure,
murderous in iU effects! calculated to sap the root of the coostitutiou
! yet it is still persisted in! though not a single r ue can be
produced uheninit has been of Kivice. But 10,000 might be pro- Vl
duced wherein it has hreufht ?n paralysis, and a train of nervous pi
disorders, dreadful even in imagination to tliose who have beheld a,
their fearful cousequt-m es.
Haw ininy thousands arc (eiil to an untimely grave! How many I
families deprived of their amiable children! How many hutbauds d<
of their lovely wives! How many wives of their dear husbands!
have fallen victims to thi* murderous practice! and the tame may r(
he said ?f Mercury.
Mankiiiil, oh, consider Ihit subject. I charge ye, ioae not one "
drop of your blood, far the practice of bleeding is opposed to com- pi
man sense, and all experience proves it is mart ruinous to the con- ()|
st it'it Louaa all diseases are caused by foul and acrimonious matter j H
entering the ciiculation and contaminating the blood, the purifying
not tl?e abstracting the vital fluid, should be considered in the cure of w
diseases; and those who aie attentive lu this, invariably attain to a la
healthv old are. We should remember tliafamin1iii? i? thi. wirii*
of our blood, to > our health. Had the Crealoi intended mankind
to have parted with blood, rely un it, place wonI i hare been wade
for iu discharge, when ton much had accumulated. IH
The neceuily for bleeding is enlir* ly superseded by
(hey do the tame thing with this tremendous dijftrrnct, that n|
the impurities of the blood are Ukeu away by then through the
stomach aod bowels, without any of its balsamic particles. Is the *'
pulse lou high.'a dose of these pills will b iog it donru. Is it loo
low ? the tame means will increase it to * proper standaid. Is it p
tremulous,thowini nervous excitement? the pills by toothing the [
-y,trm will ^llay it. Let not any one say these rariosw properties
are impossible to he p'ttsessed liy any one medlciue. Let such jr
douhter call on Dr. B. and he wilisoon convince him uf the truth of l)<
all me above a?f rtions. One bo* of the pills however, will d < more "J
to make him a convert than any thing that could b? said on Use subject.
Pric; 2.5 cents per bojt.
Thousands of the mo-l respectable citizens of New York will he 1 K
refrrred to with pleasure ly Dr. B. who have for many years been - li
in the habit <>f bring bled,often as many as 4 or 5 times in .lyear, and Jj;
whose constitutions in (ousequencr, were becoming weaker and
weaker; have, since they hare nude use of these pills, never lost a
drop of their precioas blood. When any of the r old symptoms appeared,
instead of running lo the doctor and having a vein opened, pi
they have swallowed b or 8 pills, which toon removed the vitiated
humors, that were impeding the blood in its circulation. These
sensihle p-ople, simply by the u?e of these ir.valnjhle pills, are increasing
every d.ty the powers bath ?f bod* and mind, which bv the I m
practice ?r bleed.ng, were birth hec>>K>ii.g dread fully impaired. y,
NOTICE.?DR BlIANDRETflPS Office for the sale of the
.'WK Pills, vhuieiale aJxt retail, lB7Hudson street,opposite Broome ?
-reel. wiier'i he m%y be consulted gr?tis,by those taking his Pills,on
l!oii<Uvs, s> edne-dayv and Saturdays. jM 7-eo2m~
- V light years' experience, is an epitome of Dr. Hone's physio- ,
tagv. (u celebrate !, and knowu to the public *i a member ofthe
ii edical college! o< New York and Boston. Or. Hoftc hasdevoted Cl
his wbsle attention ? the treatment of certain delicate disease*. fav-t-fc
?p?4i il srffci If eight years, whicfi it sufficient to couvince the m *t
sceptical, of his merit. Thousands in this city can testify to his '
universal success ill all cases of Gonorrhea, Gleets, Seminal Weak- w
ncsses, Seminal Emissions, Whites, Irritation of the Kidneys, IM
Bladder, Urinary Canal, and Prostrate Glands, Pains in the JLioiui,
and ah Venereal cases of long standing. j
Dr. Hone, getting advanced in years, deems it a duty to the pub- ,
lie, to offer his valuable secret called " Magnum Bonum" a med iciiie
whose virtues are m ?ett kn urn and to highly appreciated by b?
those whs have had the good fortune to receive the opportune advice m
of one whose labors in this branch of the profession (upwards of
forty-eight years,) entitle him to the veneration of the adult portion
of the whole world?the many, many thousands he hat saved from a'
the mat praxit of t e Mineral and ignorant Balsam Capivi, Cubeb, th
and Turpentine employers, whose awful ravages have exceeded in \
number those cam< d off by the desolating sword or devastating
plague, and swenj away millions ofthe promising pat' iots of our ex- al
ailed country. Young men and women! do not trifle with your- ni
selves; be sol deluded by the ensnaring venders of dangerous not- ell
trums. Only look at the soothing effect of Dr. Hone's " Magnum j)
Konum,' wh?n the unlucky -.ufferer is writhiBg with insufferable .
pain, cursing his fate, desponding, heart-broken, almost in the art
ofcommi ting i clf-destrumein;?tnen, and then only, will be Mess th
Dr. Hone for his almost celestial medicine, which will and must g|
hold its hajm^ power triumphant, when Mercury, Capivi, Cubehs, i
and Turpentine shall have been iitterly forgotten. Dr. Hone is
firmly peisuatled of the excellervv of his "Magi am Boruth" in '
combatting the malierunt venerital p*i?m, without in ti e lea>t de- fc
bililalitig the natural health of. man orVifman, neither destroying 0
tlie stomach ofthe person (in his opinion thVfu mobile t>r centre of r
a tinman constitut'on,) uor distuihing the mental powers of the alleady
over^ens-bly excited, nervous, and painfully irritable ?uf- H
ferer. I
Dr. Whitm-ire Hrne's " Great Goxi" is a balmy, sonthiiig, re- ^
polling, vecetable preparation, based on strittl^ professional principles,
combined with anatomical and physiological reasoning and w
souihI practical experience, and <hould he used ty every human ll
being troubled with the above diseases, and who desires to preserve &
his natural stale of he.ilth. '
For sale by the following respectable druggists A. Underbid .
38 Beekin n street, aoruer of William street; sl
Bonry, between Grand and Binome; John Colvlil, junior,
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L> PARATIOM of the Essential Oils of Copaivi and Cnhebs, "
recommended exclusively as a specific for Gonorrhoea and Gleets, 11
Numerous Wfll autlienticated cases of the extraordinary efficacy of ?(
tlii* pleasant and valuable composition, are daily presented; but this w
mod* of publicity never hat, or never will be adopted in citing indi- .i
'idu.il rases; however extraordinary or miraculous they may appear?
hut their simple recommendation to Iry it produces a greater exten- w
fion of its virtues, than wpuld an elaborate thesis on its medicinal ef- I
fectt, imeispeised whh'the particulars of ten thousand cases. But in (C
a changing community, doubtlws there are hundreds who have not
' heard ( il, and arc at a loss what to resort to, and arc probably not 1
swaie at llie uiugpitiide of the evil of relying nn doubtful mediciuet; tl
il, therefore, cannot be deemed imprudent to recommend this as the p]
firtt article to he tried in recent cases, for often a few doses produce ,,,
the desired effect.
Didering trom the common nostmms that ate daily attempted I* "i
be foisted on an intelligent community hy their fraudulent preteii- w
sions. courted in general terms, and insultingly offered to curt tl
complaints diametrically opposite in their nature and their fjroper
rempdies the very antipodes ' ic!i other in their effect. This me- I
diciife's singular action is derived from each of its constituents having
its own peculiar operation on the particular symptom intended to ot
remove?the combination and admixture funning an irresistible re- Jr]
tenet, rendering it inert, and piodueing a safe and certain cure.
Siirruiir.dine the medicine isa plain treatise, with T*ri??u? recipe* ! ni
for a)) the different syinpU nis, with simple and easy instruction* 01 (]|
the fir^t slaves of typhili*, olserrations on empirical imposition, ana | j
the lamentable delusions attendant on these complaints.
agencies. c<
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FVERY MAN Hl? OWN DENT^T.-It is not , '
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J. MEDT.-CiMltle has ns?i failed fn one instance to givf ina- ,
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looOi acie ; 80* OJ. ofthu celebrated article fi offered to th*tr?de fi
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f tm4 O.fl.nOMU.ttWitft
M'MBER 188.
A SIMILE.?By W. C. Biyatit
Upon mountain's distant ht-ad,
_ Where spotle-j *auu > for*?? r while,
Where all is still, aud cold and dead?
Late i hi no Chi- sun's departing lglil.
Bui far below thine icr rock*,
The vale, in maimer lilooui ariayed?
WooU? full of birds, and flelds of Bucks
Arc dim with mist, or dark with shade.
'Tn thus, from waim and kindly hearts,
Ami eyes where rent-rolls meanings burn,
Earliest the i-ghl of life depart',
Aim! lingers with the coid and stern.
I From " Awful Disclosure* by Mini Mouk."l
raJei*g the Veil.?Interview after irards tciih the Superior.?Surprise
and Horror at the Disclosure*.?
Resolution to Submit.
I was introduced into the Superior's room in the
veiling preceding the day on which I wua to take the
pi!, to have an interview with the Bishop. The Suerior
was present, and the interview lasted about half
11 hour. The Bishop, on this as on other occasions,
ppeared to me habituullv rough in his manners. His
idress was by no means prepossessing.
Before 1 took the veil, 1 was oriiumented for the ceitnoHy,
and was clothed in a rich dress belonging to
te convent, which was used on such occasions; and,
laced not far from the altar in the chapel, in the view
r a number of spectators, who had assembled, in nwm?r,
perhaps, about forty. Taking the veil is an affair
liich occurs so frequently in .Montreal, that it has
iug ceased to be regarded as a novelty; and, although
?tic? had been given in the French parish church as
?ual, only a snmll audieuce had assembled, as I have
Being well prepared with a long traiBing, and fre
ucnt rehearsals, for what ( was to perform. I stood
ailing in my large flowing dres*, fer the appearance
f the Bishop. He soon presented himself, entering by
le door behind the altar; I then threw myself at his
et, and asked bim to confer upon me the veil. He exragged
his consent; and then, turning to the Superior,
threw myself prostrate at her feet, according to my
istructions, repeating what I had before done at reearsals,
and made a movement as if to kiss her feet.
'bis she prevented, or appeared to prevent, catching
le by a sudden motion of her hand, and granted my
squcst. I then kneeled before the Holy Sacrament,
iat is, a large round wafer held bj the Bishop between
is fore-tingerand thumb, and made my vows.
Thia water 1 had been taught to regard with the utio?t
veneration, as the real body of Jesus Christ, the
resence of which made the vows uttered before it bindig
in the most solemn manner.
After taking the vows, I proceeded to a small apartlent
behind the altar, accompanied by four nuns,
here was a coffin prepared, with iny nun name en
raved upon it:?
"Saint Eustace."
My companions lilted it by four handles attached to
, while 1 threw off my dress, and put on that of a nun
fSoeur Boui geoise; and thea we ail returned to the
lupel. I proceeded first, and was followed by the - -
tornuns; the Bishop naming a number of worldly
leasures in rapid succession, in reply to which 1 aa
ipidly repeated?"Je renonce, Je renonce, Je rejnce,"?[I
renounce, I renounce, I renounce.]
The comn was then placed in front of the altar, and
advanced to place myself in it. This coffin was to
5 deposited, after th? ceremony, in un out-house, to
i preserved until inv death, u li?n it ~n? ??.
y corpse. There were reflections which I naturally
ade at that time, hut I stepped in, extended myself,
id lay still. A pillow had been placed at the head of
le co'tfin, to support my head in a comfortable position.
large, thick, black cloth was then spread over me,
id the chanting of Latin hymns immediately comlenced.
My thoughts were n?t the most pleasing
ring the time 1 lay in that situation. The pall, or
'rap Mortel, as the cloth is called, had a strong smell
f incense which was always disagreeable to me, and
ten proved almost suflbcating. 1 recollected alio a
!ory 1 had heurd of a novice, who, in taking the veil,
iy down in her coffin like me, and was covered in the
ime manner, but on.th? removal of the covering was
tund dead. Whan i was uncovered I rose, stepped
ut t>f my colfin, and kneeled. Otner ceremonies then
(lowed, of no particular interest; after which, the
tusic commenced, and here the whole was finished.?
then proceeded from the chapel, and returned to the
uperior's room, followed by the other nuns, who
alked two by two, in their customary manner, with
leir hands folded oq their breasts, and jbeir eyes cast
own upon the floor. The nun who wa?4e be my comEtnion
ui future, then walked at the e.w) ef the proces*
on. On reaching the Superior's'flfcor, they all left *
Hand ( Sftered alctpe, and foundanrmilh the v
ud tw o priests. - - ' JX 4' %
The Superior now-informed me, that having take* _
le black veil, it only remained tlftfl fhould sweftr-ihe J
iree oaths customary on becoming a nun; and that
MM explanations would be toecessaj^- from lu-r. 1
as now, she told me, to have access to every part of le
edifice, even to the cellar, where two of the sister*
ere imprisoned for causes which she did not mention.
must be informed, that one of juy great duties was,
i obey the priests in Qi| things; and this I soon leara3,
to my utter astonishment and horror, was-to live in
le practice of criminal intercourse- with them. I exressed
some of the feelings which tltfS announcement
(cited in me, which came up<?n me like a flash of _t_ .
gbtning- but the oniy effect was to set her arguing
ith me. iu favor of the crime, representing it as a vir- 4.
le acceptable to God, ai?d honorable to me. 'rte
rieste. she Kniil. wpih nut eatuu?A*l lib- i?
* ?
rbidden to marry; while they lived secluded^iaboriis,
nnd self-den} ing lives, for our salvation.'Troy.
light, indeed, be considered our saviours, as without
leir services we could not obtain pardon of Bin, and "
iust go to hell. Now it was our solemn dutv, on with- "* ^
rawing from the world, to consecrate our iives to region,
to practice every species of self-denial. We
>nld not become teo humble, nor moitifv our feelings ;
>o far; tbis was to be done bv opposiog them, an^.^1? *
:tine contrary to them; and what sho Dtoposrd w*s?T
lerefore, pleading in the sight of God-. *? %(w felt how
>olish 1 had been to place myself in the jxfwerof such
ersons as were around me.
From what she said I could draw no other conclusion,
ut thnt 1 was required to act like the most abandoned
Tbeings, and that all my futnre associates were habilatly
guilty of the most henious and detestable crimes.
k'hen I repeated my expressions of surprise and horror,
lie told me tiuu euch feelings were very common at
nt, and that many other nuns had expressed them- , ~
rives as I did, wh? had long sincte changed tjieir ,
iinda. . She even said, that on her entrancH^to the
unneraLtphe had felt Ukeaae.
fTo h^tominued.] Jl>,
... i

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