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' f-' - ihi' b ?- * ' J t
U * ,'jT - : V. A
I I.I ) ~*
Office, No. 14? Manmu th rrt, between Beekmun and Sprue* itrtrtt,
opfpooiU lir. Sprint" i Chunk, limntu* iftry.
I square a year, . $30 00 I 1 sqiaar* 3 weeks, $2 25
" 3 milk, . SMI "1 week, . 1 75
" t months, . (Mi "3 days, . 1 "0
* J month, 3 001 1 in^rtioo, . 0 5?
Sixteen liaea nuke a aquai*.
Ofiie No. 1U0 Chatham street, ueu Peail street.?Thit Company
continue to Insure ag-sintt lota or damage by Fire, on foodt,
wares, merchandize, household furniture, Viildings, and wareOIRECTORS:
Tlwv r. Woodruff Alexander Masterton
John C. Menitt Caieh C. Tunis
Wa Bradford Samuel Webb
Beigaain R. R.bton John Clapp
lohn H. Lee Jotepli Evans
Motes Tucker Wni. 11. IreJiud
Thvmton Price Steptien Lr >n
Thomas W. Tlwrne Darid Rogers
Joha R. Dai isoa Walter Peck.
Darid Jaeot
WM. 8. TUORNE, 8ecrrlarr
tcr All leturs muit be pott paid. jaa t-lw.
1^ COMPANY.?F?pm< mar effect insurances with thitCompanf
?i their awn lives, or the lirea of others, and either for the
whole duration of life, or for a limited period. The payment* ?f
premium may be cither made aanually, or in a gross sum:
Premiums on one hundred dollar* for one year.
Jit. I year. Jjt. 1 year Age. 1 year Jfe. 1 yaar.
14 73 ? 1 ?7 M i us M I an
15 0 77 3? 1 12 39 1 57 51 I 97
It ? 34 38 1 30 40 I 69 53 2(1?
n * 59 1 28 41 1 It 58 110
It ? 90 1 31 4t 115 M 2 18
U 0 90 31 132 43 1 89 55 3 32
an 0 91 3"! 133 44 1 90 56 247
31 *93 33 1 34 45 1 91 57 2 70
92 o M 34 I Si 46192 58 3 14
33 0 W 35 1 36 47 1 93 59 3 67
34 * 99 3b I 39 48 1 94 00 4 35
3ft 100 37 143 49 195
Moon will he received in depotit by Ihe Company, and held in
trait, ut>Mi which interetl will beallowed at follows:
Upon any mom o?er |1?0, irredeemable for 1 year, 4* per ct
tr .. > 100, " for 5 monllit, 4 per c(,
?- " 100, " for 2 months, 3 perct
Win. Bird, ??ml. Thompton, H. C. De Rham,
Thonui W. Ludlow, Isaac B ronton, Jonathan Goodhue,
Wm. B. Lawrence, Petnr Remaen, JametMcBride,
Jacob Lorillard, Stephen Warren, John Ralhbwie, Jt.
J.hn Dner, Jamea Kent, P. O. Stuyreaant,
Peter Harmony, Nathaniel Prime, Tho?. J. Oakley.
8. Van Rentaeliner, If. Devereui, Stephen. Whitney,
John G. Cottar, Ben). Knoaer, John J. Aitor,
Thot. SulTeni, Gulian C. \ erolanck, Benj. L Swan,
Jno. Majou. Ccrneliut W. Lawrence.
WM BARD, PretiilenL
R. A. N1COLL. Secretary.
P. U. JOHNSTON, Physician to the Company. tep 9-ly
JtlJL cowitlory of the Reformed Prrtbyterian Church in the
city of New York, afler for ?ale their church and (rounds in Chamber
ttreeL adjoining the Strings Bank, including a three itory brick
Howteand tot, tmiwdiately in tlm rear on Rard ilreet. The church
was huik m the motl tubstantial minner by day/ work, audit eapa
bteaf being ake ed U> great ad-anMge into H jwi, Stores, a Hoiel
orllath, heiag very near the Manhattan water works. Tha house
in Reed street, ?u ilto built in like beat Banner, and beta* connected
with the Ob am be r street Lots, u a tieat advantage should the
purchaser desire to altar it f.r either of the above purposes. Poasession
immediately. Fur further particular*, apply to WM. P.
HAWES. Esq. earner of Wall and Nassau street, or RICHARD
OAKb8T, Bui Eijite Attnt, No. 45Piiit ?(iwt. jang-lw
VT n*rof Leroy, and 413 Hudsan corner of Amm street, H HITALL
k LAWTON respectfully inform their friends and the eonsuaaeri
of Anthracite Coal that they are daily receiving cargoes of
eery superior quality Schuylkill Coal, warranted to be etna! to any
Coal sold hi tfflk market (under any name,) they would call attention
particularly to the Spohn and Gate Veins. Prom their arrinr^inents
this year they feel satisfied they will be able to fire satisfaction
tocousoawrs hoti. as' o quality and price.
Ord?i? strictly atlendti to.
Ordws received by A. Oe Camp k Co. 34 Wall street; or to A
Ten Ey<k. 102 Washington street; J. O. Roorback, 195 Bowery ; ut
teitlteref their yank. JAMES D. W. WHITHALL,
aeg 31 WW W. LAWTON.
T^HE LATE FIREs?The suhscriber is preparing a eor?
1 rect picture of the recent conflagration in this city, which wi II
he published on Monday next, and ofcred for ?ale at his store No
43 Courtlaud, comer of Greenwich street T be artist employed by
him is every way competent for the task of giving a true representation
of this dreadful event and of its distressing and praiseworthy
XT The publication of the above is unavoidably postponed for a
few days in conssequance of the great labor of the artists; the publisher
being determined to present the public with a unique and
fiaished picture. dec 29-tf G. R
U THE TEETH I-From Dr. S. O. Paysick, Surgeon Dentl.r
ol Philadelphia:?
Messrs. Burnet Ic Co.,?I am not In the habit of making out certificates
vC/eco emendation (or any kind of medicine whatever, but
as ymi had the good nets Is present me wtth a box at Dr. Still man's
Magnetic Odontica, it woald ill become meU> ivitboid my unbiassed
opinion ot'such > luvaluible preparation for the Teeth. Its medicinal
pnjpei ties, fr?tn asy experience, are admirably adapted to the
alleviation uf that excruciating pain, the tooth ache; and I believe
it to be rheallh preservative for the teeth and gums, and it cannot
he too hig It recommended to every iatnilv who desire cleanliness
of the month, as"well at lo fortify the teeth and gums, whlclris the
meat effectual step towards preserving the teeth ia a sound s ate,
and preventing that dreadful scourre?the tootharhe.
The 4wre article is for sile at Patrick Dickie's, 413 Broadwar,
corner of Liapenard street; J. base's, 68 Bowere,corner qf Walker
street; and at P. Burnet It Co.'s, 510 Greenwich street, twe doors
below Spring. Pi ior $1. jan 4-(f
ROCS POWDBR, for perfuming aid fumigating rooms
Fbr sick rooas especially, these articles are pre-emiaeatly.ifarvire>
'Me, emitting an agreeable fragrance and at the same time destroying
rensplrteiy any unpleasant smell.
Abe, S> hreber's celebrated PuaaUHn. for the rapid growth of the
hair; C*mpoi?d Aromatic KreosoteTooui wasli, prepared from (be
genuine Kticknhack'i Kiwwte, for clemini aud picserring Vreth ;
Com|M*iiHl Kreototc Tooth Ache Drops, far the instantaneous relief
of the I ?oth ache; Composnd Syrup fHorehouuJ ud Boneset
Ibr the eureofeolds, coughs, ke.; Cuopeund concentrated Syrup
of S irsaparillaa, together with AUnoad Guiu, Capillsire, %ml a
Urge ?nd choice assortment of other Syrups Swaim's Panacea,
Lee*! Pills. Moffatt'. Vegetable Life Pills, aud a large vaiiety of
other pit eat medicines, <11 waranted genuine.
The above articles to ba had, wholesale or retail at
janl-lm* H Hud-n. comer Read <tiwt
' (ti, prepared by Corbyu k Co., 300 Holborn, London.?
These Ixuwnges are universally allowed, by physicians of the
highe-t standing, to be one of the heat preparations for the cure of
Coughs, Colds. Asthmas, fee., ever offered to the public : many thousand
par*** have experienced their happy and salutary effects,
many of whom hare been by asthmatic and consumptive complaint!
reduce ! to tbe briuk of the grave. They promote a free and easy
eapectoi ation, and remove any lendeBcy to Inflammation or soreness
of the longs, shortness, er difficulty of breathing, and the grneral
oppression wheh interrupts respiration, krykc.. Pi ice 30 cents
per l>oi. A single box '.Till be found sufficient to remove the most
obstinate caws. Forsyte hy G. COLBY, chemist, kc. 351 Pearl,
curuer i?f Ftaskfort ?l, Franklin Square, the only agei't in the
city. dec 15 1m'
l.idian cure f.r the Rhenmitism.?This Poiandria Oil is the
essential oH ettnrted from the PolanJrU tree, and is an infallible
cure forth it distressing disorder, Ihe rheum ?ti?3i, in all its stages.
F?r sale by P. Bio net A. Co, 5H? Grr-enwirh street, two d?>rs below
Spring; Palrirk Dirki , 413 Broadway. corner of Lisper.ard
itreet; J. Syme. 63 Bowery, corner of Walker met; an.! Dr.
Guion. corner of Grand street ai d the Bowery. Price $2. jan5-tf
rSSI A18IBTGLAM of tupcrtor qinlitr. for ?ale whole
tale aihi retail by - RU6HTON> ASPIXWALL,
to a iv? i v- *? > ''
in \? Vil?? . 1' ItllWi# ?>0J| IK
J. DISEASES CLUED? Dr. Goodwill's Gonorrhea and i
Gleet Detergeat. The only infallible remedy es-er discovered for
Gonorrhea .uid Gleets, is now ?>rc me too well knonn an J c?;ah
lisUed in all parts of the Kinjdom to leqiiire any c^ninenL lb a
aniversal success which iu no !* instance h ?s ever failed, has warrutted
k to cure in f?n ty-eight hours the mml i!?-?per?le sod ii.li .mmatory
cuc of Gonorrhea. Gleet and WhiSes in all iNeir stage*.?
Strictures, seminal weakness, pains of the loins, irritation of the _
urn lira and gravel, as nefl m chronic alJec'.ions of the urinaiy Ijl.sd- I
der and kidneys, if ever to violent or ?>f long t anding. Thi< safe
and only infallible remedy it an acreeahle liquid, and its effects on "
ronttibition, Ireing compoicd ui Sar saparill i and the eholcett preoa'
rations, that while it restores the system, its superiority ovei evety "
I other medicine of the kind, only requires to liuiited a trial to know "
ill efficacy. Every person that has made use of this medicine hat '
i been Ins own physician and secrecy has been secured. Having "
| prifved effectual ia almost two thousand rates, arid never to our r
knowledge failed in any one instance. The vast and increasing sale 5
from the recommendations of the highest medical characters, as *'
well as those who have experienced its salubrious and beneficial
effects prove its great success and supeiiority over every other uiedicine,
in being tlie ju-itl effectual remedy ever discovered for the cure "
of the above diteates, giving muscular strength, energy and vigorous *'
. health to the whole frame. The most delicate females may take it j!
with perfect safety. Dr. Goodwill's Determent is a safe, certain *!
and speedy cure for Ike above diseases, from the must recent to the
molt protracted cases. It Is taken without any risk, inconvenience, "
r suspension from business. See that jour case is eradicated, not
) patched up by quack doctors or quack medicines. Those that make "
use of one tingl* bottle may be convinced *f the easy method of he- "
ing cured. The " motto" of this medicine is, " let every person he JJ'
their own physician with sccrecy." It will present the occurrence
of the disease in persons, male or female, of the must fastidious
delicacy, and is a Messing to human kind It ought always te b* a< "
hand. N. B. A word to the wise, take no medicine but the above,
and keep away from tne quack Doctors, whose names appear in
every public print, and then yo? take no nercurv and tar* yoot cl
" We have much pleasure in bearing testimony to this safe and
efficacious medicine; we do this on grounds of strict impartiality, "
knowing several friends whe have been cured by it" A fact that 01
we knew. Jf
For tale by appointment, by Patrick Dickie, 413 Broadway cor- '
nerof Lispemrd-st.: J. Srme, cernerof Walker sL and Bowery,
and by P. Burnet k Co. 51# Greenwich-sL, two doors below Spring.
Price SO cents per liottle. jan 5-tf
IIOCTOR BOYD, a Member of the Uoyal College ol tl
U Surgeons in Ireland, and lately a practitioner in the city of tl
London, offers hit services to the afflicted tin the treatment of a cer- si
tafci disease. His long experience and close attention to this class P
fcemplaints, his pleasant, salt, and expeditious mode of treatment. I<
hit extraordinary success during a long and extended practice, and H
above all, hit legitimate medical qualifications are a few of the s;
grounds on which be rests his claims Us public patronare. In this m
age of empiricism when ignorant pretenders and impudent quacks il
are daily spreading their nets to lure the unwary to detraction, Dr a!
Boyd would wish to raise a friendly and 1 warning voice to his fel- > t<
.ow creatures, and tell them to beware of such dangerous persons j<
j Thousands who might have been at this day, " in the health and I
> palmv pride of manhood," if their cases had only been treated hv | p
one uuiy quamien, arc [uw numoervo amongsi ine incurawe and in
' the dead. Apparent cure* are very common and easily effected; ?
but to eradicate the latent poiwu, which will otherwise comign iu w
i victim to an untimely grave, nelnngi to the legitimate province of di
; medicine ia the haudt of t skilful and able practitioner. Ti.a. Or. p<
Hovu u tucn,J willing to convince nispalront, by producing ih
I for their inspection his regular diploma. ?s a member of the Royal h<
j College of Surgeons in Ireland, and likewise testimonials for capa- "
bility and skill, from many who are justly ronsidered at lirhta and ci
ornaments of their profession. His mode of treatment ii wife, effrr- pi
tual and expeditious, not requiring either the u?e of mercury, or re- .
| straiat in diet or exercise. Recent affections he pledges himself (o ' al
I remove radically withia a few days, and cases of losiger standing ! st
sad greater malignity will be treated with cordiality and skill. In ! M
I <n y case, ike patient may rest asssured, after havingVeifif disruarg- ; 5
' ed frxjj Lh? baads of Dr. Boyd, that his health it established tipou a J
] sMind and firm basis, and that his constitution it renovated and im- ,,
I impaired. Hfc professional honor and faith aie pledged to ibis and '
he flatten himself that lischaracter and standing are sufficient war- ?.;
j rantrfcrhsfuWlmen
| The strictest honor anil secrecy may in all cases be relied ap<w '
I Hours of attendance fiom 9 o'clock in the morning till 10 al night
tap 21-ly OFFICE, 14 Dover st.one door from Waler. 1 "J
KRSAL MEDICINE, manufactured in this countrv ny ai
j GEORGE SILVESTER, (front England,) who alone i? possessed
of the original recipe. Sold in ohlonr-square tin boxes, neativ ! Ii
enveloped, with directions enclosed. at $1,50 and 10,75. being but : w
half the price of the imported article. If
New York. November 22. 1335. fc
Dear Sir?Having a desire to discharge my obligations to you, as ! ol
j well ai to promote good to suffering humanity, I herewith send yon i tl
! for publication an extraordinary case of cure effected by means of ai
i your Hygeian Vegetable Uaivenal Medicine, in the pei^an of iav ! n
on, Ralph, aged about thirteen yean; in which I shall endeavor Jo 1 p
be u brief as (.ossible, that you but be enabled to make It more ex- ' a!
te lively known. Whilst in Edinburgh, my native rlace, mare |-k<
than two years ago, he received a stroke on the elbow with a rule, so j ti
: severe at to cmie ib (he joint what was termed by physician' an ' 1!
, inflammation of the bone, from which he has suffered severe pain ! p
until within a short time past. He has bee n treated by souie ?f the o
mn?l eminent physicians in Scotland, which tended bul little to j t
i ameliorate hi] sufferings; consequently I despaired of his ever h
aain having the former advantage in the ose of hi? afflicted arm. i ai
appiljr 1 was at length induced to make trial of the medicine in fi
1 question; from which in a few days use he experienced considerable | o
I relief, afterward* his complaint assumed a more Aggravated fonn, in 1 b
the breaking out, I suppose,of putrid or acrid humors around the I tl
, affected part; but receiving this as a symptom of the rood effects of a
' (he medicine, your directions were followed, by considerably aug- n
, meriting (he dose, until he took as many as ten pills a day', from f>
which he gained great relief, and he: is now, after about [Iff** months .
use. restored to health. I can alto bear testimony to (he good effects ' p
of your medicine in case of fever and arse and other common com- j ci
plaints ; so would recommend those afflicted with any diiordei to j ?<
test its virtues. ltespectfullr subscribed, by your oblieed. . te
Architect and Draughtsman. coraer of Houston and Essex-it. ,
Mr. Otixp Sylvester. 1 3
Certificates M other extraordinary cases in which this invaluable "
medicine ha? been equally efficacious, may be seen at the *tore of i ?
D. BRYSON, Confectioner, Agent, I4S Fulton s'.reet, tear Broad- n
j way. dec 3-tf 1
STAMMERING CURED.-Thesutwcriber has loc?- '
ted himself in this cit> for the purpose of curing Stammering *
I and all Mhei impediments ?f speech. And hat taken rooms in No. |f
9 Courtlandt street, Western Hotel, where be will attend to all who
I majr call on him, that may need his services. Having been himself
afflicted from childfcoid with a distressing impediment of speech, ^
I lie availed himself of the modes of cure taught by the celebrated :
> Mn. Leigh of New York, and Dr. Chapman of Philadelphia with- <
out success. But after a long and patient investigation of the nalare
and notf .if hia afflirlinn. hf has SMrreeded in iiivHilinr a irtlpm
1 entirely if*, by which he has cured hints-If and all othen who have
made applic<t on to him. This syrtem hat in screnl instances j(
: proved successful in ram which had rwitlcd (he most skilful trot- r
' ment from othen, and i( ha in nocase failed to e#ec?? complete cure. J,
: Being iware of ihe fact thai prnous have been in thiscity who profited
the art ol curiae itim meting, and who-e ?y?'rm was in?di quale n
to effeda rirl?yet, having spent about a year in the iiutrurtion of ,j
othen sincneffrctingacure upon himself, he feeita perfect assurance n
in coming before the public of this city, bringing ample testimony
; to convince the most sceptxil of the luperionty of hii system over
. all othen,and the complete success that his in a'l cases attended its j,
application. He has associated with him Mr. J. Sinclair, ncently n
one of his pupils, as an assistant. By this arrangement, ladies will
i be 'aught in a separate class. i,
Terms from 25 to SO dollars. according to the nature of the case
and the situation of the applicant. A cur* in all case, will be > p
| guaranteed nr the money will be refunded. '
For farther pat ticnlan inquire of the subscriber at his rooms, or 1 j
1 by letter post paid.
I jan 12-3in HENRY WELLS. '
fij; REWARD. ?Lo-t on Wednesday 6ih ins'-., in Bioad' jP'*
way, between Murray and Chamber streets or fit Chamber ,
i street, three goid seals, two ?itfa Topaz itones not enerj??d, o?c of
1 agate engraved with a French motto; a white cornelia heart Ujipvd 1
with red; t small gold Timigvetle, anil a t-old watch key, all attach- ' '
ed to a gold hoop. The finder will recede the above reward "bj a
calling at No. I(M Duane, corner of ITuJ-on st. j??7-it* J 1
1WFW YORK TATTK^SALIi'S.-TlH- regular' !
11 sales of Horses, Carriages, Harness, Stc. trill to take plac-- {
at t^is well known establishment, ?ery Monday, at If o'clock
The net! ?ale will lake place on Monday, 13th of Jauitaiy. Alii ]
Horses, Carri ires, kc. intended for this sale, must he shown and en- ! I
tered.on or In-fore Saturday next, 16th instant.at 5 P. M.?and a? ? t ,
limited number of Horse> only can be taken, eariy application h necessary
in orderlo insure a pl <ce upon the catalogue. I JNO.
W. WATSON k Co. 44* Broadway.
AT PRIVATE SALE--A pair offintralc B*y Hone*.5 yiars /
j old, kmd and sjund. zlec 7-tf j
Y, JANUARY 20, 183(3.
REAUKK. the following isan advertisement of
Ijc'. thii truth be tnifiresstd on eirry mind? That all pain or
eaknfs.', are owing to uwrbid. stagnant, and corrupt humors :
AirA n'jtcde the circulation f the blood.?nrjiiMreth
" Kor iht life of ihc fl"sh is in the blood."?Leriticiu rvii. 11.
lion, ihat tlie office of iite stomach is to prepare the food for Ihe
oiirislnpeiit oi the body. and thai the health of every organ must
tcessaiily depend on the due perfoimance of iu function*; fur if
i? chyle ?r digestive fluid be r.'>1 good, the body cannot be prop?rly
ourished, the i nvous system will he affected, the secret! >10 of ihe
uur obstructed, and the whole mass of blood become- impure.?
lunce result the disorder- considered complicated. which are erwieously
termed iticurable, by men, who either do not, 01 will not
oinpreheiwl the hypothetic, that all diseases whatever arise solely
viii acriu onions humor* in the blood.
When acute and inflammatory diseases arc the consequences of
its stale of the blood, the Acuity have recourse to bleeding' a meagre,
murdtriHis iu iu effects I calculated to sap the root of the contention
! yet it is still pemsWd in! though not a single c ise can be
roduced wherein it ha? been of ?ervice. But 10,00ti might he proucd
wherein it his brought an paiay-is, anda train uf nervau>
isordere, dreadful eveu iu imagination to tliute who have beheld
leir fearful conseqaencea.
How uiany thousands are sent to an untimely grave! How loanv
unities deprived of their amiable children! If>w many husbands
ftlieir lovely wives! How many wives of their dear husbands J
ave fallen victims to this murderous practice! and the same may
e said of Mercury.
Mankind, oh, Consider this iubject. I charge ye, lose not one
rop of your blood, for the practice of bleeding is opposed to cumion
seius, and all experience proves it u mast minout to tkc cmitution!
as all disease? are caused by foul aud acrimonious matter
liter ing the circulation and contaminating the Idood. (he purifying
r>( the abstracting the vital (laid, should be considered in the cure of
iaeases; and those who ale aUentiie la this, invariably attain hi a
eallhy old age. We should remember that according to the purity
four blood, so s our health. Had the Creator intended mankind
I have parted with blood, rely on it, a place would have been uiade
r its discharge, when too much had accumulated.
The neces-itj for bleeding is entir. ly superseded by
ley do the tame thing with this tremcndMU dijpcrenct, tint
le impurities of the blood are taken away by them through the
;omarh and bowels, without any of fu balsamic particle*. Is the
ulsetuuhigh* a dose of these pills will b lug it down. Is it too
>w ? the same means will increase it to a proper stand jid. Is it
-emulous, showing nervous excitement ? the pills by soothing the
rstem will-dlay it. Let oot any one say these various properties
re impossible to lie possessed by any one mtdiciue. Let such
oubter call on Dr. B. and he w .llsaon convince hiu of the truth of
II lne above assertion*. One box of the pills however, will do more
) link* him a convert than any thin; thai could ba said on the sublet.
Pricc 25 cent* per box.
Thousands of the m i l respectable citizens of New York will he
ft rred to with pleasure by Dr. B. who have for many years been
i (he habit of being bled,often as uiany as 4 or 5 times iu a Tear, and
hose constitutions in consequence, were becoming weaker arid
eaker; hue, since they have made use of these pills, never lost a
rop of their precious blood. When any nf the r old symptoms speared,
inatend of running to the doctor and having a vein opened,
icy have swallowed 6 ?r 8 pills, which soon removed the vitiated
simors. thai were impeding the blood iu its circulation. These
nsible people, simply by Ihe use of these invaluable pills, are invading
everyday Uie powers both W body and mind, which by the
raclice of h!e+-d ng, were both becoming dreadfully impaired.
NOTICE.?DR. BRANDRETirS Office for the sale of the
Mve Pills, wholesale and retail, 187Hudson strrel,opposite Broome
reel. when, br rmv be consulted gratis, by those taking his Pills,on
loud ly*. Wednesdays, and Saturdays. jan7-eo2ni"
V Eight years' experience, is a* epilomeof Dr. Hone's physio py.-o
celebrated, and known t* the paid ic a* a ? mber of the
.edical colleges of New Yor k and Boston. Dr. Hone ha* devuled
it whale attention I* the treatment of certain delicate disease*, for
pwardsof forty eight yean, which is sufficient to convince the m *!
eptical, of his merit. Thousands in this city ran testify to his
itiverral success in all cases of Gonorrhea, Gleets, Seminal Weakessej,
Seminal Emission*. Whiles, irritation of the Kidneys,
ladder, Urinary Canal,and Prostrate Glands, Pains in the Loins,
id all Venerea! cases nf longstanding.
Dr. H?ne, getting advanced in years, deems it a duty to Ike pubc,
to offer his valuable secret called " Magnum Bonuni" a medicine
hose virtues are *0 well known and so highly appreciated by ]
K?e wh* have had the good fortune to receive the opportune advice
F one whose labor* in this branch of tbe profession (upwards of
irty-eight years,) entitle bias to the veneration of the adult portion
F the whole world?the many, many thousands he has saved from
ic mai pruxif of t e Mineral and ignorant Balsam Capivi, Cubeb,
ad Turpentine employer*, whoae awful ravage* have ext eeded in
umher those carr'ud iff by the desolating sword or devastating
lague, and nrepl away millions of the promising pat' iot* of our exiled
country. Young men and women! do not trifle with your:lves;
be no! deluded by the ensnaring venders of dangerous nos-urns.
Only look at the soothing effect of Dr. Hone's " Magnum
lonum,'' wh?n the unlucky *ufferer is writhing with insufferable
in mnin* hii fiito. itmnmilinp. hpsrt'bnikm. almost in the act
f cofntni li"i stlf-destruelion ;?tken, and then only, will he hle.j
>r. Hon* for hi? almost celestial medicine, which will and muil
uld iu balm* power triumphant, when Mercury, Capivi, Cubebs,
nd Turpentine sh.ill have been utterly (oirotten. Dr. Hone ii
rally peisuaded of the excellency of his "Maji am Borum" in
Mnluilinc the malignant venereal poison, without in the least deilita'ing
the natural health of man or woman, aeither destroying
e stomach of the person (in his opinion the vis mobile or centre of
hnman constitute,) dot disturbing the mental powers of the al?ady
over-sens:bly excited, nervous, and painfully irritable ?uf:rer
Dr. Whitm >re Hk.i's " Great Go id" is a balmy, soothing, reelling,
veietab'e prepantion, based on strictly prufcmonaf p rlniples,
combined with, anatomic*! and physiological reasoning and
mod practical experience, and should be u*d by every human
ping troubled with the above diseases, and who desires to preserve
is natural stale of he \lth.
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PARATION of the K?eutial Oils of Copiivi ytd Cubebs,
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Kide of publicity never ha?, or never will be adopted ia citing iadiidual
rases, however extraordinary or miraculous they may appear?
ut their simple reromaiendnlion to try it produce* a greater eitenon
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inlet <pei,ed with the particulars of ten thousand ?" But ia
changing < immunity, JoumIhss there are hundreds who hare out
rard ot it, and are at a loss what te resort to, and are probably not
ware ol the magnitude of the e?!l "? relying an doubtful medicines;
, thei ef??re, cannot he deemed imprudent to recommend this as the
rtt anide to be tried in recent cases, for often a few doses produce
le desired effect.
Differing irom the rommnu nostrums that are daily aUemptrd.tg.
' foisted oo an intelligent community hy their fraudulent preteri?os.
courted in general terms, r.nd insultingly offered to cure
omplain'a diametrically opposite in their nature and their proper
F-medie* the very antipodes ? ich other in their effect. This me
icine't MHfttlar action it derived from each of its c&mtituenU harm?
sown peculiar operation on Che particular ?ynipt'?m intended
fmove?Ihe combination and admixture forming an irresistible rr:>lt
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rendering it ineit, and ptodtirine a safe and rertain cure.
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MMBER 123.
IKr.m "Awful DiicUxirn Miii. Monk.*!
The first time 1 went to confession alter taking th?
veil, I found ubunduut evidence tliut the priests did not
treat even that ceremonv, which is called a solemn
sacrament, with re?|>eu enough to lay aside these detestable
and shameless character they so eften showed
on other occasions. The. confessor sometimes sat in
the room for the examination of conscience, and someI
tiiu?s in the Superior's room, and always alone, except
j the nun who was confessing. He had a common chair
placed in the middle of the door, and instead of being
I placed behind a grate, or lattice, as in the chapel, had
' nothing before or around him. There were no spectai
tors to observe him, and of course any such thing would
have been unnecessary.
A number of nuns usually confessed on the same day,
but only one could be admitted into the room at a time,
j They took their places just without the door, on their
! knees, and went through the preparation prescribed bv
the rules of confession; repeating certain prayers, which
; always occupy a considerable time. When one was
f ready, she rose from her knees, entered, and closed the
j door behind her; and no other one even dare touch the
! latch until she came out.
I shall not tell what was transacted at such times,
1 under tl?e pretence of confessing, and receiving absolution
from sin: far more guilt was often incurred than
: pardoned ; and crimes of a deep die were committed,
while tridiug ir.*,'gul?nties, in childish ceremonies, were
treated as serious offences. 1 cannot persuade myself
i to speak plainlv on such a subject, as 1 must offend the
| virtuous ear. 1 can only say, that suspicion cannot do
| any injustice to the priests, because their sins cannot be
I Some idea may be formed of the manner in which
I even such women as many of uiy sister nuns were rei
garded the confessors, when I state, that there was often
a contest among us, to avoid entering the apartment as
i long as we could, endeavouring to make each other go
first, as that was what most of us dreaded.
One of the most disgusting pennaces we ever had to
submit to. was that of drinking th? water in which the
Superior had washed her feet. N< bodv could ever
laugh at this penance except Jane Ray I Sbe would
pretend to comfort us, br saving, she was sure it was
better than mere plain cfenr water.
Some of the tricks which I remember, were played
by Jaue with nuns' clothes. It was a rule that the
oldest apron* in use, should go to the toungest received,
I and that the old nuns were to wear nil the new ones.
. On four different occasions, Jhm stole into the sleepingroom
at night, aud unobserved by the watch,changed a
great part of the aprons, placing them by the beds of
uuns to whom they did not belong. The consequence
was, that in the morning they dressed themselves in
such haste, as never to discover the mistakes they made,
until they were all ranged at prayers; and th?n tkeridij
culous apftearance which many of them cut, disturbed
the long devotion*. 1 laugh so easy, that ou soth oc|
casions, ( usually incurred a full share of penances. I
j generally, however, got a new apron, when Jane plaved
' this trick for it was part of lwr object,-w give the fcest
j aprons to bet favourites, and put off the ragged ones on
soms of the old nuns whom she most ha'ed.
I was passing one day through a part of the cellar,
where I had not *ften occasion to go, when the toe of
aiy shoe hit something. I nipped and fell down. I
rose agaiu, and holding my lamp to see what had caused
| my fall, I iouud an iron ring, fastened to a small square
! trapdoor. This I h*d the curiosity to raise, and saw
four or live sutps leading down, but there was not light
enough to see more, ana I feared to be noticed bv somebody
and reported to the Superior; so closing the door
again, I lelt the spot. At first, I could not imagine the
use ior sucn a passage; but it afterwards occurred to
! me, that this might open to the subterranean passage
to^the Seminary, for i never before could account tor
the appearance of many of the priests, who olten appeared
and disappeared among us. particularly at nigrit
when I knew tiie gates were closed. They could, aa I
, now saw, come up to the door of lite Su^rior's room
at any hour, then up the stairs into our sleeping-room,
! or where they chose. And often they were in our bed*
j before ui
I afterward ascertained that my conj^ciures were correct,
and that a secret communication was kept up, in
this manner, between the two institutions, at the end
towards Notre Dame street, at a considerable depth
under ground. 1 often, afterward, met priests in the
I cellar, when sent there for coal, and other articles, as
they had to pass up and down the common ccllar-staira
on "tbeir wav.
# * * ?
Cases in which citizens of the States were said to
; have been converted to the Roman Catholic faith, were
sometimes spoken of, a nd alw ays as if they were conI
sidered highly important.
The Bishop, as we were told, was on the public
square, on the day of an execution, whea, as he mid, a
| stranger looked at him in some peculiar manner, which
J made him confidently believe God intended to have him
I converted bv his means. When he went home, he wrote
a letter for him, and the next day found him agnin in
the same place, aud gave hitn the letter, which led to
his becoming a Roman Catholic. This man. it was
added, proved to be a citizen of the States.
The Bishop, a? I have remarked, was not very dignified
on all occasions, and sometimes acted in sucn a
manner as would not have appeared well in public.
One day I saw him preparing lor mass; and because
he had some difficulty in getting on his robe, showed
I evident signs of anger. One of the ou?s remarked The
i Bisnop is gotnz lo itertorm a pn-sionate n/tw." Some
of the others exclaimed : u Are you not ashamed to
speak so of uiv lord V And she was rewarded with a
But it might be ltoped that the Bishop would be free
from the c/imes of which I hive declared so many
I priests to have been 2?iltv. 1 nip. fnr from entertaining
, such charitable opinion? of him: and I had good reaI
sons, after a time.
I was often required to sleep on a sofa, in the room
j of the present Superior, as I may have already nteni
One night, not lone after I w as first introduced titers,
for that purpo-e, and ithin the first twelve months, of
my wearing the veil, having retired as usnal, at about
half-past tunc, not Ion? after w? had got into bed, the
I ularm-bell from w ithout, which hangs over the Super
riors bed, was rung. She told me to gee who was
' there: and going down, I heard the signal given, which
I have before mentioned, a peculiar kind of hiding
sound made throuch the teeth. I answered with a
low.44 Hum?humand then opened the door. It w as
Bishop Lartique. the present Bishop of Moubeal. He
! said to me." Are you a Xfcvicc or a Received ?" meani
ne a Received nun. I answered, a " Received j'"

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