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nijw m ?w?* tmmm* <mtmm ?? i ??"*?'
; Htt< fJ^Wd ill ^ * 1* '
# rf' >M r" i 7. ! i i : : ->a <afc* ? *\ffc
OJfice, jV?. 148 Aim street, between Beekiaan and Spruce streets,
opposite Dr. Sprint's Ckurrk. basement story.
I Mure? yeir, $30 00 1 Miliar* 2 weeks, . $3 25
" 3 mouths, . 3 #0 "1 wt-ek, . 1 75
" 2 mouths, . 6 90 "3 day,, . 1 00
" ! mouth, . 3 00 ? 1 insertion, . 0 58
Sixteen line* mike a xjuirr.
et Ofti?e No. 100 Chatham ilreet, near Peailstreet.?ThU Company
cortinue to Insure against ton or damage by Fire, oil foods,
ware*, merchandize, household furniture, building,, and wareho
Titos, r. Woodruff Alexander Masterton
Jdhn C. Merritl Caleb G. Tunis
Wm. Bradford S iniurl Webb
Benjamin R- Robson John Clapp
fahn H. Lee Jowph Eeans
Moies Tucker Wni. II. Ireland
ThMWon Price Stephen Lyon
Thomas W. Theme David Rogers
John R. Davison Walter Fork.
David Jacot
WM. 8. THORNE, Secretary
37 All letters must be post paid. jan8~lw
COMPANY.?Person- uiay effect insurances with this Company
?n their swn lire,, or the lire, of others, and either for the
whole duration of life, or fur a limited period. The payments ?f
premium may be either isade annually, ?r in a grots sum:
Premiums on one kindred dollars for one year.
A ft. I year. -?jc. I yrji a ?c. ijnr -ajr. lj?r.
14 072 SB 107 98 1 48 50 1 96
15 0 77 27 1 12 38 1 57 51 1 97
IS 0 84 28 1 20 40 1 69 52 2 (12'
(7 088 29 128 41 178 53 2 10
18 *89 30 1 31 42 1 85 54 2 18
19 0 90 31 1 33 43 1 89 55 2 32
20 0 91 32 133 44 190 56 2 47 !
21 0 92 33 1 34 45 1 91 57 2 70!
22 0 94 34 135 46 192 58 3 14
23 097 S5 1 3fi 47 193 59 3 67 I
24 8 99 36 139 48 1 94 60 4 35
25 1 00" 37 1 43 49 1 95
Money will lie received in deposit by (he Company, and held in
treat, upon which interest will be allowed u follows:
Cpou any ?um orer $180, irredeemable for 1 year, 4J per cl
* " 100, " for 5 months, 4 per ct.
" " M 100, " for 2 months, 3 perct
Wa, Bard, SamL Thompson, H. C. De Rham,
Thomas W. I^nBow, Isaac Bninson, Jonathan Goodhue,
Wm. B. Lawrence, Peter Remsen, James MrBride,
Jacob Lorillard, Stephen Warren, John Kathhone, Jr.
John Daer, Jaines Kent. P. 6. Stuyvesant,
Peter Hnrmony, Nathaniel Prime, Thos. J. Oakley,
S. Van Renaaellaer, N. Derereux, Sleph'u. Whitney,
John G. Cottar, Benj. Knoner, John J. Astor,
That. Stiflern, Oulian C. Verolaock, Benj. L Swan,
Jot). Mason, Cornelius W. Lawrence.
WM ?ARD, President.
R. A. NICOLL, Secretary.
W. U. JOHNSTON, Physician to the Company, sep 9-ly
consistory of the Reformed Prrsbyterian Church in the .
city of New York, oder for sale their church and grounds is Chamber
tfrecL adjoining the Saiiag-. Bank,including a three story brick ]
House and lot, iuuM-distely in the tear on Reed street. The church
was built in the most substantial manner by days' work, and it capa- j
hie af brine alte ed to great ad'antage into Houaes, Stores, a Hotel ;
or fcaLh, bring very near the Manhattan water works. The house :
in Reed street, was .lso built in the best manner, and being conuec- ,
led with the Chamber street Lots, is a great advantage should the
purchaser desire to alter it f t either of the above purposes. Possession
immediately. P?r further particulars, apply to WM. P. |
HAWKS. Ks*. earner of Wall and Nassau street, or RICHARD ;
? OAKLEY. Iteal Estate Aeant. No. 4J Pine slre?. jan &-lw |
VX nerofLeroy, and 413 lludstsn corner of Amos street, \\ HITALL
It LAWTON respectfully inform their friends and the contumors
of Anthracite Coal that they are daily receiving cargoes of ,
very superior quality Schuylkill Coal, warranted to be eqnsl to any
Coal sold ia this market (under any same,) tliey would call attention
particularly to the Spohn aad Gate Veins. Fruiu their arrangements
this year th^lrel satisfied they will be able to five satiafar- I
tian IkecsisumerVfcoU. as' t> quality and price.
Orders strictly attends to.
Ordfcfs recessed by A. De Cauip Sl Co. 34 Wall street; or to A
Ten"^y<k, 102 Wasningtoii street; J. O. Roorback, 195 Bowery ; i*
teither aftheir yards. JAMES D. W. WlflTHALL,
aug31 HN W. LAWTON.
'T' HE la AT E PI RE.?The subscriber is preparing a aorJL
reel picture of the recent conflagration in this city , which wi II
b* published on Monday next, and offered for sale at his store No
43 Courtland, corner of Greenwich street T he artist emplayed by
him is every way competent for the task of giving a true represen- i
tation of Ibis dreadful event and of its distressing and praiseworthy
XT The publication of the afc>ve is unavoidably postponed for a
few daystnconssequance of the great labor of the artists; the publisher
being determined to present the public with a unique and I
finished piqUire. dec 29-lf G. R
rvsaMiviHG tTTE<?iTinH tmk tH'tii. I
1j tk*'tk?th: ?From Dr. 8. o. Paysick, Surgeon Denti.t
at Philadelphia:?
Hnn Burnet Sc Co??I am not in the habit of makiagout certificate*
?f recommendation for any kind of medicine whatever, but
a< you had thegoodnesa to present me wtth a b*x ol Dr. Stillraan's
Magnetic Odontica, it would ill become dm to withoid my unbiassed
opinion ol such an inraliiahle preparation for the Tveth. Its medicinal
prope' lies, fr?m my experience, are admirably adapted to the
alleviation of that excruciating pain, the tooth ache; and I believe
it to be a health preservative for t^e teeth and gum;, and it cannot
be too hig ly recominended'tv eveqr family y ho desire cleanliness
of the mouth, as well as lbJfcrtify the teeth and gums, nhich is the
most effectual step towartf! preserving the teeth in a sound s ate,
and preventing that dreadfcfl scuurge?the toothache.
The above article is for iale at Patrick Dickie's, 413 Broadway,
corner of Lispenard st reet* J. 8y use's, 68 Bowerr, corner of Walker
treet; and at P. Burnet It Co.'s, 510 Greenwich street, .two d<?r?
below Spring. Piiorfl./ jah 4-tf ;
ROUS POWDSR, for perfuming and"ftimi?<li?e rooms.?
For tick rooms especially, these articles are pre-eminently service
- Me,?mitling an agreeable fragrance and at the same" time destroying
completely any unpleasant smell. .A I
Also, Schreber's celebrated Pomatum, for the rapid growth of the
hair; Compound Aromatic Kreosole Tooth wash, prepared from the
genuine Itrichenbaek's KreovXe. for cleansing and preserving teeth ;
Compound Kreosote Tooth Ache Drops, fur the instantaneous relief
of the t?th ache; Compound Syrup of Horehound and Bnneset
for the cute of aolds, coughs, iic.; Compound concentrated Syrup
* *' IKlflt Alsnr>vu4 fwll k>l f1 millet r A *n<l n
large and rbutce assortment of other Svrups Swaim's Panacea,
Lee*! Pills, Moffalt'? Vegetable Life Pilla, and a large vai iety of
other pitent medicine,, Jl waranted genuine.
The above aitides to b* had. wholesale or retail at
jwl-la* 14 Hud on. corner Reed street.
(t*. prepared by Corbyn k Co., 900 lioltavn, London.?
These Loienges are universally allowed, bj phj"icians of the
highest standing. to he one of the heal preparation* for the cure of
Couth*, Colds. Asthmas, ke.. ereroffered In the public : many thousand
p*n?R? have experienced their happy and salutary effects,
many of whom have been by asthmatic and consumptive complaints
reduced to the brink of the grave. They promote a free and easy
expeclo* alton, and remove any tendency to inflammation or soreness
ofthe Inngs. shortness, or difficulty of breathing, and the general
oppression wheh int<-irupls respiration, kc kc.. Price50 cents
per Iwx. A sin-!e box will be found sufficient to remove 'he most
hstinate ca?e*. For s '.e hy G. COLBY, chemist, kc. 351 Pearl,
corner of Frankfort st, Franklin Square, the only agent in the
city. dec 15 lm*
C;eyi;ixk poCi\pria on..-a stii* E*st
J Indian mre for th'* Rheum iti*m.?This Polmdria Oit is the
essential ?>i? cttndld from the Politirfria tree, and is an irif iliile
cure for that distrusting disorder, the rheumatism, in all iis ?Ur?s.
F?r sale Hy P. Bufnrt & Cou?51fl (troenwich street, two d^ri below
Spring; P.itrirfc Pirki , 413 Broadway, rorner of Lisper.ard
street; J. Sjnw, 6-3 Bowery, con>er ot Walker reet; mid Dr.
Guiou. corner of Grand street ai d the Bowery. Price $2. jnn5-tf
US8I A ISINGLASS ,ot superior quality. f?r sale whole
tale and retail, by RUSH TON.k ASPIN WALL,
DISEASES CUHED.?Dr. Good will's Gonorrtied and
| Gleet De(rr|mt The wnly inf?!lih|? remedy ever discovered ji?r
Gonuriheaaiid it now ^rotuetoo well kit'wn ti'ab
lished in ail parti of the Kiiig?i'>n? to require any n wm?L Its
I uoivernl success which in m<( tnce has ever failed, hv warranlud
it to cure in foUv-eight hours the most desperate ai.it inflammatory
case of Gonorrtu a. Gleet and White# in all their ?Uz?2*?
Stricture*, seminal weakness, pains of the loins, irritation of the
urethra and fravel, a* well as chronic affections of" the urina'y nlad|
der and kidnevs, if ever so violent or of !on$ amlinp. Thi- safe
and ?nly inftihble remedy -is ?n acreeahl** liquid, and its effects on
constitution, taring composed of Sarsaparill i and theehoicest preparations,
that while it rtstorfi the system, its superiority over eveiy
other medicine of the kind, only requires so limited a trial to know
its efficacy. Erery pet sou that has made use of this medicine ha*
been ins own phyirian and seerecy has been secured. Having:
prtfved effectual in almost two thousand cases, aud never to our
knowledge failed in any one instance. The vast and increasing -ale
fnun lhi> rprA'nBMiiwlaliniM 4^ ? - Jt-*?* -?
w41 as those who have experience! its salubrious and beneficial
: effects prove its great succes? and superiority over every other medicine,
ih being the mu?l effectual remedy ever discovered for the cure
of the <?hore diseases, giving muscular strength, tnergy and vigorous
health to the whole frame. The mo?t delicate females may take it
with perfect safety. Dr. Goodwill'* Determent is a safe, lert.iin
and speedy cure for the above diseases, (root the most recent tu tlie
mifct protracted cases, it is taken without any risk, inconvenience,
or suspension from business. See that \ our case is eradicated, not
patched up by quack doctors or quack mcdicines. Thorethat make
use of one single buttle may be convinced of the easy method of being
cured. The " motto" of this medicine is, "let every persoo he
their own physician with secrecy." It will prevent the occurrence
of the disease in persons, male or female, of the mjst fastidious
delicacy, and is a Messing to human kind It ought always to be a'
hand. N. B. A word to the wise, take no medicine bat the above,
and keep away from Ute quack Doctors, whose names appear in
every public print, and then you lake no mercury and save your
" We have much pleasure in bearing testimony to this safe and
eflicaciowi medicine; we do this on grounds of strict impartiality,
knowing several friends whe have been cured by it" A fact that
we know.
For sale by appointment, by Patrick Dickie, 413 Broadway corner
of Lispenard-st.; J. Syme, corner of Walker-sL and Bowery,
and by P. Burnet it Co. 510 (ireenwich-st., two doors below Spring.
Price 50 cents per bottle. jan5-tf
|\UCTOK. BOVD? > Member of the Koyal College of
U Surgeons in Ireland, and lately a practitioner in the city ol
London, offers his services to the afflicted sin the treatment of a certain
disease. His long experience and clo?e attention to this class
f complaints, bis pleasant, sale, and expeditious mode of treatment,
his extraordinary success during a long and extended practice, and
hove all, his legitimate medical qualification! are a few of the
crounds on which he rests his claims to public patronage. In this
age of empiricism when ignorant pretenders and irapinient quacks
are daily spreadiug their nets to lure the unwary to destruction, Dr
Boyd would wish to raise a friendly and a warning voice to his fcl.swereaturrs,
and tell them to brwareof such dangerous persons
T1 I- ?I ?" * I * . .. ' ?
a Iiuusnuui wno wciu narc nrrn ai mu nar, in xne hralUi and
palmy pride of manhood," If tl?tir cases had only been treated by
one dull qualified, are now nuaiherod amongst the incurable and
the dead. Apparent cures are very common and easily effected;
hut to eradiiat?4he latent poiun, which will otherwise consign it!
victim to an unti-*iely grave, Helungs to the legitimate province of
medicine in tlie bauds of a skilful and able piatti'ionT T..a. Ut.
Buyu u uiui| ..t ,t wiu.nc to convince mspatruos, by producing
for their inspection hit regular diploma, as a member of the Royal
College of Surjooos in Ireland, and likewise testimonials for capability
and skill, fiom- many who are justly considered as lights and
ornaments of their profession. His mode of treatment is safe, eflertual
and expeditious, not requiring either die u?e of mercury, or restraint
in dirt or exercise. Recent affections he pledges himself to
reinore radically within a few days, and cases of loiager standing
snd greater malignity will be treated with cordiality anil skill. In
iny case, the patient may rest asuured, aft?r having keinr dist uarged
from the hands of Dr. Boyd, that his health is evahlithed upon a
sound and firm basis, and that his constitution is renovated and unimpaired.
His professional honor and faith are pledged to this, and
he flatten himself that liwharacler aud standing are sufficient war- 1
rantv for its fulfilmen
The strictest honor anil secrecy may in all cases he relied upon
Hours of attendance fioni 9 o'clock in the aorning lilt 10 at nirnt
Mp 21-J j OFFICE, 14 Dover sUqm door frossi Water.
MEDICINE, manufactured in this country ny
GEORGE SILVESTER, (from England.) who alone is possessed
of the original recipe. Sold in ohlonc-square tin noxes. neatly
enveloped, with directions enclosed, at $130 and $0,75, being but
half the price of the imported article.
New York. November 22.1KB.
Dear Sir?Having a dosire to discharge my obligations to you, as
well as to promote good to suffering humanity, I herewith send you
for publication an extraordinary case of cure effected hv means of '
your Hvgeian Vegetable Universal Medicine, in thepeisonof my
ion, Ralph, aged about thirteen years; in which I shall endeavor to
he as brief as (.otsible; that you m?v he enabled to make it more exte
sively known. Whilst in Ediuburgh, my native place, more
than two years ago, he received a stroke on the elbow with a rule, so
severe as to create in the joint what was termed by physician- an
inflammation of the bone, from which he has suffered severe pain
until within a short time past. He has been treated by some of the
most eminent physicians in Scotland, which tended but little to
ameliorate his sufferings; consequently I despaired of liis ever
again having the former advantage in the use of hit afflicted aim.
Happily I was at length induced to make trial of the medicine in
question; from which in a few days use he experienced considerable
relief, afterwards his complaint assumed a mote aggravated form, in
the breaking out, I suppose, of putrid or acrid humors around the
affected part; hut receiving this as a svmptom of the good effects of
the medicine, your-slirectiom were f illuwed, by considerably augmenting
the dose, until he took as many as ten pills a day, from
which he (rained great reliel,and be is now, after about three month*
me, restored to health. I can also hear testimony to the giwd efleets
of your medicine in case of fever and ?me and other common com- |
plaints; so would recommend those afflicted with any disorder to
test itt virtues. Respectfully subscribed, by your obliged,
Architect and Draughtsman, corner of Houston and Essex-st.
Mr. George Sylvesl/r. v . , i
Certificates xf other extraordinary cases in which this invaluable
medicine has been equally efficacious, may he seen at the store of
D. BRYSOX, Confectioner, Agent, 143 Fulton street, near Broadway.
' dec 3^tf
CTAMMGRING CURED*?The subscriber has locals
ted himselfin this cit> for the purpose enuring Stammering ]
and all other impediments m( speech. And has'taken roouis in No.
9 Courtlandt street, Western HotelT where he will attend to all who
majr call on him, that may need his services. Hiring been himself
afflicted from childho >d with a distressing .impediment of speech,
lie availed himself of the modes of cure Xaught hy the celebrated
Mrs. Leigh of New York, and pr. ChaRioan ?f Philadelphia without
success. But after a long and patient investigation of the naterrand
cause of his affliction, lie has succeeded ia inventing a system
entirely new, by which he has cured hiius- If and ail others who have
made applic-.i on to him. This'system ha? in several instances
proved sbccesafal in cases which had resisted the most skilful treatment
from other-, and it ha in nocase failed to effect a con^plete cure.
Being aware of the fact that persons have been in this city wlio professed
the art of curing slaiBmenng, and who-e system was inadequate
to fflfc-ct a cure?yet, having spent about a year in the instruction of
othera/iiice effecunc a aire upon himself, he feels a perfect as<urance
in coining before the public of this city, hrinfii<g ample testimony
to convince the ino-t icept'al ef the superiority of his system over
all <>' h? r-. and thfc complete success tint hit in all ca-es attended its
applii nlioo.- He lias associated with him Mr. J. Sinclair, recently I
one of liis pupils! ai an assistant. By this arrangement, ladies will
be taught in a separate cla??.
Terms from 25 to 50 dollar:, according to the nature of the ra?e
and the situatiijli of the applicant- A cure iu all caset will be
guaranteed rthe'money will he refunded.
For further naviculars inquire of the subscriber at his rooms, or
bjr letter post paid.
jan 12-3in HENRY WELLS.
REWARD. ?Lo-t on Wednesday Gih inst., in Rioadway,
between Murray and Chamber -treet! or in Chamber
street, three gold ?eal?, two with Topax ?tones not engraved, one of
agate meravfd with a French motto; a white cornelh heart tipped
w ith red; * small gold vinoigvette, anrl a gold watch key, all attached
Ui a gold hoop. The finder will receive the a!*lre reword by
calling at No. 164 Ouane, coluer of Hudson st. jan 7-3f*
sales of Horso, Carriages. Harness, kc. will to take plac
at this well known establishment. every Monday,at 12 o'clock
The next-ale will laVe place on Monday, 18lh of January. All
Hor?e?, Carr'aces, &r. in*e:ided for this sale, must be shows and entered.on
or before Silurd.ty nest, Ifiih instant, at 5 P. M.?ard a? a
limited number of Horses only can be taken, early application is necessary
in order to insure a place upwi llie catalogue.
JNO. W. WATSON V Co. Broadwav.
AT PRIVATE SALE?A pair of first rale Bay H se*,5years
old, kind and sound. dec 7-lf
LY, JANUARY 21, 1836.
KEADKK, the following is an advei tiseui?al of
this truth he impressed on every mind?That all pain or
weakness, are muiing to morbid, stagnant, and corrupt kumort ;
which impede the circuIntconmf the blood.? Kraiidrelh
* For the lifetif the rinh ij in ihe blood."?Leviticus xviL II.
iliat t'he office of the stomach U t.i prepare the food tor the
nourishment of the body, anil that the health of every organ must
necessarily depend ou the due performance of iu functions; fot if
the chyle Mr digestive fluid be not good, Ihe body cannot be properly
nourished, the i enrolls system will I* affected, the secretions of the
fi Die obstructed, and the whole mass of blood becomes impure.?
Hence result the disorders considered complicated, which are erroneously
teimeii incurable, by men, w ho eilher do not, 01 will not
comprehend the hypothesis, that aH diseases whatever arise solely
from acriu onions humor? in the bl.od.
When acute and inflammatory di?eases are the consequences of
this slate of the blood, the faculty have recuiirse to bleedirig! a measure,
murderous in iu effects! calculated to sap the root of the constitution
! yet it is still persisted in"! though not a single c is* can be
produced wherein it ha' been of service. But 10,900 might he produc-d
wherein it has brought on palalysis, and a 4iain of nervous
disorders, dreadful even in imagination to those who have beheld
their fearful ronsequem es.
How many thousands are sent to an untimely grave! How many
families deprived of their amiable children! How many husbands
of their lovely wives! How many wives of their dear husbands!
have fallen victims to this murderous practice! and the same may
be said ?f Mercury.
Mankind, oh, consider this subject. ] chars? ye, luse not one
drop of your blood, for the practice of hleediBg is opposed to common
sense, ami all eiperiente proves it is niott ruinous to the constitution.'
as all diseases are caused by foul and acrimonious matter
entering the circulation and contaminating the blood, the puiifyiug
not the abstracting the vittl fluid, should be cousidcred in the cure of
diseases; and those who are attentive to this, invariably attain to a
healthy old age. Wesheold remember that according to the purity
of our blood, to s otir health. Had the Creator intended mankind
to have parted with blood, rely on it, a place would hare been made
for its discharge, when too much had accumulated.
Tk. t,.r i. ? !>. I., . ,, ?.r. I k?
! tliey do the same tiling with ihL tremendous dijference, that
I the impurities of the blood are tikeu away by Iheui through Ihe
stomach anJ botvels, without any of it; balsamic particles. Is the
pulse too high.' a dose of these pills will b ing it down. Is it too
low .' the fame means will increase it to a proper standard. It it
tremulous.showing nervous excitement? the pills bjr toothing the
system will -sllay it. Let not any oHe say these various properties
are impossible to he p ossessed by any one medicine. Let such
doubter call on Or. B. and he willseon convince him of the troth of
all Uie above assertions. One box of the pills however, will do more
to make him a convert than any thine that could be said >41 the sub!
jecL Pricc 25 cents per box.
Thousands of the most respectable citizens of New York will be
I referred to with pleasure by Dr. B. who have for many years been
in the habit of being bled, often as many as 4 or 5 times in a year, and
whose constitution* in consequence, wene becoming weaker and
weaker; have, since thev have made use of theae pills, never lost a
drop of their precious blood. When any of the r old symptom- appeared,
inrtead of running to the doctor and having a vein opened,
Ihey hare swallowed 6 or 8 pills, ?hich soon removed the vitiated
humors, that were impeding the blood in its circulation. These
sensible people, simply by the use of these invaluable pills, are increasing
every day the powers both of body and mind, which by the
practirr of bleed ng, were both becoming dreadfully impaired.
NOTICE.?DR. BRANDRETH'S Office for the sale of the
above Pills, whvleaaW and retail, 187iiudsou street,opposite Broome
street, wbern he may be consulted gratis, by those taking his Pills,011
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. jan 7-eo2m*
Eight vears' experience, is an epitome of Dr. Hone's physio*
logy, so celebrate*), and kt?wu to the public ua Bteuhei ufthe
ti'edical colleges of New York and Boston. Dr. Hone has devoted
i his whclc attention ! the treatment of certain delicate di?ea>es, for
1 upwards of fortr eight years, which is sufficient to convince Use m ?t
sceptical, of his merit Thousands In this city can testify to tiis
universal success in aii caati of Gonorrhea, O ieets, Soauaal Weaknesses,
SegiJnRl EmisaJoW, Whites, JrnUlion or the Kidneys, .
Bladder, Urinary Canal, and Prostrate Glands, Pains in the Loins,
and all Venereal cases of long standing.
Dr. Hone, getting advanced in years, deems it a duty to the pubt:~
?n , Jfcr I. * wi*h'jV*I^ tsrr^l nlW 44 Mavniim Ron inn" a Ri^<i iritis
whote virtues are so well known and so highly appreciate] by J
I lho?e wh* have had Ihe good fortune to receive the opportune advice
i of one wliose labors in this branch of the profession (upw.irds ??f
i fortv-eirht r^ars,) entitle him to the veneration of the adult portion
| of the' fhw ftorld?the many, Many thousands he has saved from
! the mat praxis t e Mineral and ignorant Balsam Capivi, Cubeb,
and Turpentine employers, whose awful ravage* have exreeded in
! number those carrt'd off bjr the desolating sword or devastating
plazue. and ?want away nitllioi?? of the profni'iag pat iotsof our ex1
alte<l country. Young men and women! do not trifle with your;
selves; be not deluded by the ensnaring venders of dangerous nostrums.
Only look at the soothin? effect of Dr. Hone's 44 Magr.urn
Conum," wh?n the unlucky sufferer is writhing with insufferable
pain, CHrsing his fate, tiesponding, heart-broken, almost in the act
of commi ting self-destination;?then, and then only, will he bless
Dr. Hone for his almost celestial medicine, which will and must
halt! it* balinv potter triumphant, when Mercury, Capivi, Cuhefo,
\ and Turpentine shrtil have been utterly forgotten. Dr. Hone is
ffrmlv persuaded of the excellency of his 44 Mag um Bonus" in
| combatting the malignant venereal poison, without in tr e least dei
bililaiing Ike natural health of man or woman, neither destroying
! the stomach of the person (in his opinion the ris mait/cor centre of
a human constitut'on,) uor disturbing the mental powers of the al'
leady over-sens*bly excited, nervous, and painfully irritable sufferer
Dr. Whitmorr-Hy.c's 44 Great Good" is a balmy, soothing, re- ,
I p*-l'ing, veretab'e preparation, based on strictly profession.-.I prin>
ciple?, combined with anatomical ami phy*io!ogical reasoning and
1 sou i d practical experience, and should he used by every hum an j
being troubled with*he above diseases, and who desire# to preserve
: his natural state of^ipalth.
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To the Senate and House of Representative* :
| GtATLtMtN: In my message at the openiag of your
session, 1 informed you ihni our Charge d'Affair# at
Paris Lad oecu instructed to usk tor the final determination
uf the French Government, in relation to the
payment of the iudeinnitication secured by the treaty of
the 4th ol July, 1831, uod tliat, when advices of tbe result
shall be received, it would be made the subject of
! a special eouimuiiKalion. ,
In execution of this design, 1 now transmit to >ou the
, papers numbered from 1 to 13, inclusive, containing,
! among other tilings, the correspondent e on thin subject
between our Charge d' Affairs and the French Minister
of Foreign Affairs, from whi^li it will be seen that
France requires, as a condition precedent to the execution
of a treaty unconditionally ratified; and to the
payment of adebt acknowledged by all the branches of
I her Government to be due, that certain explanations
shall be made, of which she dictates the terms. These
terms are such as that Government has already been
' officially informed cannot be complied with; mri if
' persisted in, tbey must be considered as a deliberate
| refusal on the part of France to fulfill engagements
binding by the laws of nations, and tirld sacred by the
whole civilized world. The nature ef the act which
' France requires from this Government ie clearly act
1 forth in the letter of the French Minister, marked No. 4.
W'e will pay the money, says he, when. " the Gopem\'
ment of the United States is ready on Us part to de'
c/are to us, by addressing its claim to- us ojficialiy in
' writing, that it regrets the inisinuleratandxng trmch
'has arisen between the two countries; that this misun|'
derstanding is founded oil a mistake ; that it never
- ciuerea turn in tiaenuon to ccUl in quc*tum the good
' faith of liie French Government, nor to tatt a menacing
aUitude toirards Franceand he adds, "if the Gor~
ernmenl of the United States doe* not tfme thi* assur
ance, tee thail be obliged to think that thi* mitunder
' sUiiuiing is not the result of an error."
lu the letter marked No. 6, the French Minister also
remarks that " the Government of the United States
' knaves that upon iUeJf depends htnceforxcdrd the exej
cution of the Treaty of July 4, 1834."
Obliged, by the precise language thus used by the
French Minister, t* view it as a jieremptorv refusal to
execute the Treaty, except oil terms wcoinpatible
with the houor and independence of the United estate*,
and persuaded that, on considering the corie?poud<>nce
now submitted to you, you can regard it in no other
light, it becomes my duty to call your attention to such
measures as tlie exigency of the cuse demands, if the
claim of interfering in the communications between the
different branches of our government shall be persisted
in. This pretension is rendered the more unreasonable
by the fact that the substance of the required- explanation
has been repeatedly and voluntarily given before
it was insisted on as a condition?u condition the ino*
humiliating because it is demanded as the equivalent
of a pecuniary consideration. Does France desire only
a declaration thai we had no intention to obtain oar
rights by an address to her feara rather than to hei justice
? She has already had it, frankly and explicitly
given by our Minister according to her Government,
his act ratified by me,and uv continuation uLu sftcielly
rommliilifiitfrfliv him in tiia !?
ifter of Foreign Allaire of the 25th of April, 1835, and
repeated by my public approval of tbat letter after the
passage of the bill of indemnification. Does France
want a degrading, sen ile repetition of this act in terma
which she shall dictate, and which will involve an acknowledgement
of her assumed right to interfere in
our domestic councils ? She will never obtain it. The
spirit of the American People, the dignity of the Legislature,
and the firm resolve of their Executive Govern
ment, forbid it.
As the answer of the French Minister to our Charge
d'Affaires at l'aris contains an allusion to a letter ad
dressed to the Representative of France at this place,
it now becomes proper to lay before you the corresp*ndence
had between that functionary and the Secretary
of State relative to that letter, and to accompany die
same with such explanations as will enable you to understand
the course of the Executive in regard to it.
Recurring to the historical statement made at the commencement
of vour session, of the origin and progress
of our difficulties with France, it u ill be recollected
that, on the return of our Minister to the United States,
I caused nay official approval of the explanations ha
h:id given to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs to
be made public. As the French Government had noticed
the Message without its being officially communicated,
it was not doubted that, if they were disposed
to pay the money due to us, they would" notice any public
explanation of the Government of the United Statea
in the same wuy. But, contrary to these well-founded
expectations, the French Ministry did not take this fair
opportunity to relieve themselves from their unfortunate
position, and to do justice to the United States.
Whilst, however, the Government of the U. Stales
was awaiting the movements of the French Government,
in perfect confidence that the difficulty was at an
end, the Secretary of State received a call froan the
Freudi Charge d'Afiaires in Wellington, who desired
to read to h?iu a Utter lie had received from tbe French
Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was asked w hether
he was instructed or directed to make any official com*
munication, and replied, that he was only authorised to
read the letter, and furnish a copy, if required. The
substsace of its contents, it it- presumed, may be gathered
from Nos. 4 and f>, herewith transmitted. It was an
attempt to make known to the Government of the
United States, privately, in what manner it could make
explanations, apparently voluntary, hut really dictated
by France, acceptable to her, and thus obtain payment
of the twenty-five millions of francs. No exception
was taken to this mode of communication, which is
often used to prepare the way for official intercourse ;
but the suggestions made in it were in their substance
wholly inadmissable. Not l?cing in the shape of vn
official communication to this Government, it did n?t
admit of reply or official notice, nor could it safely be
made the basis of auy action by the Executive or the
Legislature; and tbe Secretary of State did not think
proper to ask a copy, because he could have no use
for it.
Copies of papers marked Nob. 9,10, 11, show en attempt,
on tin* part of the French Charge d'Affairs, to
place this letter among the archives of this Government,
which, for obvions reasons, was not allowed to be done;
but the assurance before given was repeated, that any
official communication which he might be authorised
to make, in the accustomed form, would receive a
prompt and jus: consideration. The indiscretion of
this attempt was made more manifest by tbe subsequent
avowal of the French Charee d'Aflaires, that the
! object was to bring this letter before Congress and the
American People. If foreign agents, on a subject o(

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