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Oflce, IU. 148 Ma.ua* thrrt, between Beekman *nd Spruce streets,
oppotile Dr. Sf ring's Cknrek, basement story.
I tqaara a year, f30 00 I 1 aqiure 3 week., $2 25
" 3 month*, . 8 00 I 44 1 week, . 1 75
- 2 months, . 6 60 " 3 J1*!*. . 10?
" I . 3 00 I "1 insertioa, . " M
Sixteen lines make a ??|uar*.
i^| COMPANY.?Person* may ellect insurances with thisCompany
on their >*n li?e*, or ihe lifts of others, and either far the
whole duration of life, or for a limited ptriod. The payinenu of
preainim may be either m?de aannally, ?r in a [ranum.
Premium <?n one kunJre<l dollars for one year.
Are. I rear. Ate. 1 year Af- lyeir Art. 1 year,
if" #? 26 1 #7 3* 148 50 19ti
? 0 71 'Si' 1 12 33 157 51 197
? 0 84 a 120 40169 52 2 02
7 H 86 29 1 21 41 I 73 53 2 10
? *89 30 1 31 ? 13! 54 2 IS
a o 00 31 1 32 ? 1 O 55 2 32
20 0 91 32 1 33 44 1 90 56 2 47
21 tl 92 33 134 43 I 91 67 270
5 0 94 34 1 S? 46 1 92 58 3 14
23 97 35 1 36 47 193 59 367
04 ? 36 1 39 43194 00 435
25 1 on 37 I 43 49 I 95
Money will be received in deposit by the Company, and held in
tnist, tipon which interest will be allowed as followi:
Upoa any wia u?er 91H0, irredeemable for 1 year, 44 per et<
10>l, " for 5 months, 4 perct.
h ~ " 100, " fur 2 muiilhi, 3 per ct
Wis. Bard, Saml. Thompson, H. C. De ilhaiu,
Thomas W. Lutltow, Isaac Bronson, Jonathan Goodhue,
Wm. B. Lawrence, PeUr Remsen. James MrBridc,
Jar oh Lorillard, Stephen Warren, John Rithhroe, J I.
Jnhn Duar, James Kent. P. G. 8tuy?esant,
Peter Haruioay. Nathaniel Prime, Tho*. J. Oakley,
8. Van Rensaellaer, N. Devereux, Steph'n. Whitney,
John G. Cutlar, Beni. Knoiaer, J"U? J. Astor,
Thos. SciflV-ni. Gulian C. Verpll-ick, Benj. L Swan,
WM BARD, President.
R. A. NI COLL, Secretary.
K. U. JOHNSTON, Physician to the Company, sep 0-ly
tier of Ijri'tj, and -413 lludsan corner of Amos street, W II ITALL
k LAWTON re?pi*tfiiMy inform their frieixli and the < . >n uminor
Anthracite Coal that they are daily receiving eargors of
very. (Ulterior quality Schuylkill Coal, warranted lo be rno-il to any
Coal hU In this market (under any name,) they would rail atteatim
particularly to the Spohn and Gite Veim. From tbeir arri-rrnents
thii ye ir th<rj feel satisfied they will be aMe to jive satufa.lion
to consumers hoU. ai o quality and price.
Oriien strictly attend*. to. *
Order* received by A. De Camp tc Co. 54 Wall street; or to A
Ten Eyrk, 102 Washington street; J. O. Roorback, 19.5 Bowerv ; M
t either of their yards. JAMES D. W. WIIITHALL,
aug3l HN W. LAWTON.
LP THE TEETH '.-Kruiu Dr. S. tt Pay.iok, Surgeou Demi.;
ol Philadelphia:?
Messrs. Burnet k Co.,?I am not in the habit of staking out certificates
af recommendation for any kind of medicine whatever, but
?f you had the goiMlness to present naeu tth a brn ol Dr. Stillman's
Magnetic Qdotitica, it would ill became ine to wilhoid my unbiassed
opinion a: such an invaluable preparation for the Tveth. Its us?d:cinal
properties, fr*m my eiperience, are admirably adapted to the
alleviation of that excruciating p*iu, the tooth ache; and I believe
it to be a health preservative for the teeth and gutn*, and it cannot
ha too hig .ty recommended to every family who desire cleanliness
of the i?utli. as well as tu fortify {he teeth and rums, which is the
moat effectual .tap towards preserving tbe teeth in a sound s ate,
and preventing that dreadful sonjrre?trie toothache.
The above article ii br sila at Patrick Dickie's, 413 Broadwav,
coraer of Liapenard street; J. Syme's, 63 Bowery, corner of Walker
street; and at P. Kumet It Co.'s, 510 Greenwicn street, twa doors
below Spring. Prior 91. jan 4-tf
F HOCS POWDER, for perlutaing a.d fumigating rnoup?
Tot lick rooiasfcpeeAlly. these articles are pre-eminetitfj,*errictS|e.
emitting an agreeable fr>rrar*-e and at the same time d.-trojnc
completely any unpl"asaut smell. _ >
Also. Schrvhrr's celebrate'! Pooi itum, for the rapid rfhvth of the
lnlH 0?iK?-nd.\w>mUir. Kreospfc- Tooth was!}, prepared from the
genuine Bctcbeubark's Kre?i?ole. fur rleansiacand pieservin; teeth ;
Compound Kreosote Tooth Ache Drops, far the instantaneous relief
af the l">ulh ache; Compo i?d Syrup af Hiarehouiid and Boneset
for lh* cure of aolds. coughs, SJL; Cunpauid cnKtiilntrd Syrup
of Sarsaparillai, together wiW Almond Oinn, Capillaire, and a
' large and tlioiee astortnieiit of other Rrrups Swaim'i Panacea,
Lee's Pill*, Ho'Tm''VeseuMf Life Pills, and a large vat iety of
other patent medicine*, all waraiited genuine.
The above article* to b* had. wholesale or retail at
}*? Mai' V 14 Hu<l on. corner Reed -treet.
nK.VUlVk: POLiVOUIA Cilia*?A sure E?t
V* Indian enr* f?(t he Rneainitis.-n.?Thit FoUiiilria tli! is the
uemtial oil extracted from die PotanJria tree, and il an infallihle
care for that distra&sing disordcc, the rheumatism, in all its stages.
P?f sale by P. Biiinei &. Co.. 519 Greenwich street, two disori nelo*
Spring: Patrick Dickh, 413 Broad-var. coraer of Liaper.ard
treeI; J>ttyi|r*, Bowtrt, earner or Walker reel; and Dr.
Gobi*.fcornrr uf Grand streNrVid the Bewer?.. Price $2. jin.V-tf
jCi# VOKK TA,TTER!HJif8.-Th? rer?l>r
iv'es of liars*' Car-THigus, Harness, kc. will te take place
at this well know: _j. ihlishmenL every Monday, at 12 o'clock
The !>> at - ik will tsk> VI*ceon Monday, I8ih of January. All
Horses, Carriarei, kc. intended for this tale, must he >ltewri and catered,
"Hi or hefore Saturday neil, 16'h Instant, at 5 P. M.?and a* a
limited nem'ier of llorset only can he taken, early application is nccessarv
Ji order to insure a pi ice upan the catalogue.
JNO. W. WATSON k Co. 4* Bioadway
PRIVATK SALE--A pair of first rate Bay H se% 5 years
'l I and sound. 'dec7-tf
QTAMMKRI.1G CURKI>.-Thesu!*ciWr ha. locals
ted him,elf in this cit> for the purpo-e of curing Stainmeiing
and all nther hupedimert* ef soeecb. Awl has taken rooais in No.
9 Courti mdt street. We,tern Hotel, where he will attend to all who
may rail on him, that may need his services. Hieing been himself
afflicted from childho >d with a distressing impediment of speech,
he availed himself of the modes of cure taught by the celebrated
Mrs. Leigh of New York, and Dr. Chapman of Philadelphia without
success. Bat after a lung ami patient i nvestigation of the natore
aad eauae of hi* affliction, he has succeeded in inventing a ystem
entirely new, by which he has cured hims-lf and all others who hare
?lilt applk't .in to him. This system hn in several instances
proved successful in caaet^which had resisted the mest skilful treatment
from utile", and it ha- in no case failed to e fleet a complete core.
Befog aware of the fact that persons iia?e been in this city who professed
Ik e art of curinc stain meting, and. who e system was in -dequale
to affect a ciirs?yet, having spent ahnnt a year in the instruction ef
others since electing a.eure upon himself, he feels a perfect as<urance
10 cowing before the public of this city, bunging ample testimony
te cenvince the most scept cil ef the superiority ef his system over
all others,and the complete sucee-* that ha* in all ci-ea attended its
application. He hat associated with him XI r. J. Sinclair, r. cent I y
o? of his pupils. as an a*si?tant. By this arrangement, ladies will
in a separate dan.
Terms firoui 25 to V> dotlan. according to the na'ure of the case
and the situation of the applicant. A cure in all cases will be
guaranteed nr the money will he refunded.
For farther pa> ticulars inquire of the subscriber at hb room*, or
by letter pMt'paid.
jaa l2-3ai ; HENRY WELLS.
mJ the ra el c mfidential muiner, at his office, 12 Duane street,
between Chatham and William street, New Yort. where persons
aAtcted with del cat* diiea-et, old obstinate ulcers, dyspepsia,
worms, diseases of the Madder, urethra, and kidneys, and all ills
eJaes ari?ing fmm the abuse of mercury, or impuritsrol the blood,
are iuviied to call. The bncfnl effects ofe^ arising fraoi the abuse
of mercury, need iki description; persons treuhleiwith x certain
disease ajar apply ti Dr. Corbitt with lhe;n?ura?ce of having it ra
dicatly cured without a particle of mercury, or ary other dangerous
medicine. His charges are reasonable, and proportioned to the mean\
of the applicaa-. Dr. C. has been educated in Europe, under
teachers of acknowledged talent, and his had considerable practice
in extensive hospitals anil dispensaries. Instant relief given !o
tho?? afflicted with th? piles, and l perfect cure effected isi three
Aiys, without confinement fm n huMMM or the slightest pain to the
Int. A medicine mar he had to prevent the occurrence of a
certain dise.ve. The most honors crtay observed. Attend
ancedailvfe. r . '? ( | p ^ jan7 tf
IT'RESII JUJUBE P A ^TEs It imported and for sal
I MJ this apparatus alou-t minr Jtgrec of heat may lie produced,
inertly t.v burning the steim of Alc.oh >J, Run, Whiskey, 01 any
oti.er ardent spirits. The intensity of the heat may be giaduated
; in such a manner, as to rail? the mercury in a Themioiiirl r to any
' required degp-e, and to it-Lain ihe same temperature, or chance il at
pleasure, which will h? foieid rerv convenient in this variable climate,
(-specially in the spjng and autumn, *h'-ti it is inconvruie.i
if not impossible to temper the air piop'-ily with coal. The facility
with which i fire mav be produced, eiaduated and extinguish* d
will, we think, render liu Compound Heater an .nvaliiabl* article
for the iuuabitants of the Southern Stale* as well ai for those of this
As no suioke r dirt of any kind is produced by the operation of
this appartu!,all Ihe hrat is thrown olf directly into the rojoi. Experience
has taueht many that no deleterious effccts are produced.
I in breathing the atmosphere rat ified in this way. On thr contiarv
1 it has been found very beneficial in case* uf sickness. The humidity
and elasticity ofthe heated air thrown oil' from this store, are bcI
lievedUshe peculiarly agreeable and healthful for those afflicted
with consumption or other pulmonary complaints.
The Compound Heater has proved highly u-eful in heating small
rooms, where tlieie are no fire places, flues, ?.r other fixtnre*, for
hniing with wood or cual.
The apparatus it so constructed as to answer not only for :iea!iag
apartments, but for unking tea or offV-e, and for iioning,
he 'ting waier for >havin{, washing, itc. all of tvhich may be done on
stable, sideboard or other fixtures without the u-e of a file place,
stove, or furnacc. The fisturess consists of sevaral parts which
when dela< hed may be made ta accomplish either of the above objects.
These p.irts are told separately or collsrtively to suit pur:
1 With a {ill of rum or whiskey in the boiler, a good fire may be
made in five minutes, merely by lighting the lamp, aad it may he
i extinguished in an imlaet. It requires r.o attention to keep it in operation
and it ?.ay be used with perfect safety.
The following result of ao experiment made with the smallest
Healer will show Lhe degree of hea it is susceplib'eof produ<~ia:. It
was charged with three cents worth of ruin (half a pint) and put in operation
in a r?om in dimensions 15 feet by 8, where the mercury in a
ihertnom'ter stood at M deg. above 6. The heat emitted from this
apparatus is produced by a column of tar fied air constantly pissing
off from it, anil to test the i utensity of this current of air.it was the reSuest
of the spectators that the thermometer should be placed first
feet directly above tha stove, and then in the most dista> t part or
the rooui. Atits position over tiie Hester the mercurr ruse 10 deg.
in 5 minutes,20 Jeg. in 10 minutes'! 2G deg in 15 minutes and SO deg.
in 25 minutes, whirl* raised it to 84 deg. above 0, where it maained
until the liquid was exhausted which was 45 minutes from the lime
lite heater became in lull operation. At the expiration of this time
; the mercury stood to 60 deg. above 0, in the extreme part uf ihe n?>m
! 15 feet fro:ii the stove.
I The corrertneis of these statements cm he proved by many of
our respeciuwe citizens, cui n luriner testimony snouia He r<?
: quested occular demonstration can hp given in such a manner a* (o
prove t* any one, who can see and feel, that iVey are not nipger.ted.
I The sppar itus with which this experiment was tried, is called the
| "Compound Hraler No. 2." Its size is 12 inches by 9?price ten
' dollars. The size of those called No. 1, is 14 inches by 1.'. Price
twenty dollars. An additional charge is made for the fixture, for
making tea and codee as they are never sent in connection with the
heating apparatus without they are uid'red. Sune however are
made on a small scale expressly ff>r making tea. coffee, kc. No. ]
in susceptible of producing double the quantity of heated air that
i* in he uisch irged Iroin No. 2, thuigli the intensity of the heat can
he graduated in both so m to increase or diminish the temperatuie at
pleasure, as before stated and the time occupied iu consuming a
given quantity of liquid and the expense attending the opera ion depend
up?n the degree of he it required. These may be calculated
frotn the above data.
' Flain directions for using this apparatus accompany each stove.
! Prom the numerous certificates, now in our possession, from
! those who have used the Compound Heater we select snc has are best
j calculated to answer Itie ouestivHs thai will naturally arise iu the
| mind of one whu may wish to obtain further information in relation
, to this novel apparatus.
Crowds ot visitor* were ye.terday attracted lo the store of Messrs.
Keeler, McNid I Co., to witness the most aUonithii.g operation of
heatiag a large counting room with two pence worth vf New England
Rum, by meant of a new and curioui apamtus in vented by Mr.
H. L. Barnuni. the well known author of the Spy Unmasked and
I several other woks, as svell as an inventor of several useful machines,
Sic. T(ie <tfparatu< is truly a curious affair, and w?dl worthy a visit,
r and will uuu*ubtedly, when more extensively known, be generally
approved.?[S. M-JVews.
TV Compound nib trr.?At last there has been found a useful
and benefici d use for ardent spirit'?of the consumption of which,
we sha'l henceforth be the advocate?but only in the way prouo.ed
by Mr. Raruum's advertisement. We have never seen a prettier
application of philosophy to the purposes of life, thaa is preeentrd
by this compound heaie-.Svhich, by combining the combustibility
, of the fa< of ardent spii <ts> the presmre of steam, the power of the
blow pipe, and the principle .of the air torn ace, to the single purpose
of evolving heat, has printed an apparatus cheap, safe, anjl effectual,
for waruiing aftat ti^aute, office., conservatories, kc. We liave
one in aetual use, and earfaay experimentally, that it is eminently
' effective, and withal so Portable, that it may be removed by hand
from place lo pi ice at pleasure.? [N. Y. Aarerican.
Heating roomsmod or coo/.?There is nothing?even ia
thiid.-.y of invention*?with which we have been uioie pleased, than
.meat little affairrecently invented, ami now >>n sale in this city fur
I heating rooms wilhjut the aid of wood or coal. The article is small,
t eat, ?ud pvruble, and is indeed a vary pretty ornament, not unfit
for a centre table. It ocrupies not more than a square foot, and
weichsabou: twenty pounds.?|Tinil.
Alcoholic Fii-a.?Mr.H. L. Barnum, of this city, has invented a
j machine which drinks dlitMrd liquors, ihjueh inmanner not at all
! offensive to tile most severe Jqt?l abstinance. A fire is
built of alcabol, not hy t .ucliing a caadl^o thercd no?e of a toper,
but to the rum in its genuine state. TJyi|fn?Vtjntrivance consists
fii?tof aI boiler filled with -pints, a>d " Wi lamp beneath it
filled withalcahnl The fires of the large lanni heat the biiler w hich
h furnished with a couple of b'ow pipes pritea in such a manner
as lofoice ihe steam horizontally against tli^ tbzing wicks of the
lamps, mid drive Ihe double combustion intolwo close doric chimneys
which stand an either tide, and which become intensely heated.
A current of air is of course immediately formed in the chimney,
and to Ihe room is warm?d. No smoke or injury to Ihe air isoccasioited
in the tightest rooms. Il may be thought that rum must he
a dear fuel, hut we are told that this is not the case, and all ntusl
arret- that to burti it up, is making a very proper use of it.?[Jour,
of Com.
Something Really Acw.?A gentleman called at this office on# ol
those cold days of lasl we_k, and proposed to warm our unclnm foi
us by a new heating'ajiantu-, in a couple of hurries. We could tiol
object?more especially as hi- yet farther excited our ciiriosityjh;
staling tint the heat was produced by (he evaporation of rum! In
five imnutet more, in came Ihe aparalus, which, instead of a hugs
f rst* of iron castings, we saw. to onr surprise, consnted of a neal
idle article, looking some* hat like a chafing dish, with a boiler ami
cupper covered slew pan a-t >p. which he placed on a table, and
with a lirUted taper set in operation. In less than ten minutes ?ui
room, which isolg"od size, was rendered uncomfortably warm, anc
Ihe process was as simple as it was successful. The invention is I
very curious one, and bids fair to he useful.?[Com. Adr.
i One of Mr. Barium's Compound -Heaters has been in use mor?
than three months, in the dwelling whe.e ue reside, and uot>'ithsUndittr
the cold has been intense torn* part of that lime, ihe rone
in whicli that stove was in operation, was kept very wan*
New Yo'k, January 18, 1S36. II." KELLOGG.
We have used nne of Mr. Birnum's Compound Heaters in oiii
count in; room, and h-viug fully tetnd it, are piepirrd to e*pres<
our opinion in relation to its utility. Il accomplishes the objec
for which it was designed, in an admirable manner. Almost anj
decree of heat may be produced by it. without smoke, or dirt of ani
kind. KEELER, Mc NEIL L Co.
New York, Dec. 17.1835.
t Hiving seen several of Mr. Barnum's Compound Healers ii
operation, and heing requested to nptnt my opinion respecting lh<
healthiness of ihe atrno?phere rar.lied by tliem, I aw?( cheerftillj
say, that I b lieve no deleterious effect! will be produced upon lh<
human sy?te?i by the combustion of the article* used for generatin|
heat Thc???ii to me to bean admirable contrivance for warminj
rooms, especially where invalids are confined, from the fa:ilitie
they 'iffi-r (or graduating the temperature to the circumstances of th<
patient. THOMAS R1TTER, M. D.
j New York, Dec. 5, 1855.
At the request of Mr. H. L. Barnum, I have made ci peri'nent
wl'.h the Compound Hester?. to ascertain their strength and dura
bility. Having fully and faithfully tested it, I am confident that i
rami Help! ode. but, on the contrary, may be used with safety.
New York, Dec. 20, 1815. SAMUEL HITCHCOCK.
At ii'V request. Mr. H. L. Barnum lias superintended the ereetioi
of one of his Comp-ianti Heaters at the Tontine Coffee House, foi
the purpose of Baking Coffee, Chocolate, Tea, fcc., and DUiiieron
visiter* have pronounced it to lie the climni of per fection. Crowd
eeullen-u are daily gathering around th s novel and insriiifw
apparatus t* witness the eperation of making Coffee, Chocolate. Jtc
hp steam. The apparatus is truly no less effective than cvriotu.?
j With it sii gallons f water may be bo'led in a frw minutes, and bi
constantly kept at the boiling peint for a trifling expence. Thi
I, JANUARY 25, 1836.
heal ij t > iatenx (when the full force is eiTeii lo the pneraUr) that
but little -ddiiiooil waruith i? required t.) keep the tare room in
which this article i> p'.a.til thoroughly heated. I h*re nrver f.uud
any tiling which would hear a conpanm with the Compound
Heater. With it Coffee, Choroiale, Tea, tc? may be prepared in
the purest a'id mxl Mirioiu state in a few minutet, and can be kept
at any decree of heal without inronrenience. Pie?, Cakes *eeela
b!e?, See, liny easily he cooked with it and kept constantly ivarined.
I nil evil, 1 ilo not sec the end of useful applications la uhirh this
apparatus in it be app ied in this apecies of culinary art. Every
family ought to be supplied vitk such a convenient article.
New Yotk, Jan. 22,1996. T!MO. KELLOGG.
Having daily witnessed llie operations of the Coropoand Heater,
wefullv ceucut with Mr. Kell-ic in the above s'.ateiuemuit.
1_T The Compound Healer? may be seen in eneration at the
office of the American Caloric Co.. N*. 1S5 BroaJway, (entrance
through Van Vleek and DavenjKirt's bookstore,) and at the Tontine
Coffee-house, corner of Will and Water 'treets. The proprietor
of that estahjishinent has erected a splendiJ apparatus for making
ruflee by the application of ihe C? upound Healer, and numerous
visitor* have eipres<ed their delight, udl only ill vi<-winf this autre!
apparatus but in parukhig of ilie suptrior coffee prepared by it.
jy The American Caloric Co. are prepared !o erect simila' fixtures
in Coffee-houses Hotels Jtc., a? well * to answer all ordei
s for the stoves above mentioned.
H. L. B ARM'M,
jan 21-tf Agent for Am. Cat C i.
X DISEASES CI KED.?Dr. Goodwill's Gonorrhea and
Gleet Detergent. The only infallible remedy ever discovered for
Gonorrhea and Gleets, is now beenne 100 known anal esiablisbed
in all parts of the Kingdom to require any coinmeaL Its
universal success which iu iwne instance has ever failed, h i- warranted
i! to cure in foity-eight hours the m?st desperate and inHaeimatory
case ot Gouarrhea. Gleet and Whites in all their stages.?
Strictures, seminal weakness, pains of the loins, irritation of the
urethra and gravel, as nell ns chronic affections of the urinaty bladder
and kidneys, if ever so violent or of long sanding. This safe
and only infallible remedy is an agreeable liquid, and Us edicts on
constitution, leing compo-ed ot Sarsaparilla and the choicest preparation*.
that while it restores the svsteMi. its siinerioritv over eveir
other medirint of the Itinti, only requires to limited a trial tu know
its efficacy. Every person that hat made uv of lliit inrdicnif- bat
been Ills own physician and secrecy has been secured. Having
CrdVed effectual iu alutost two Ihoutaml cases, and never to our
in?vledge failed in any one instance. The vast and increasing tale
from the leeomuendationt i?f the highest medical character!, as
well at those who have expeiienced ill salubrious and beneficial
effects prove its great success and tupei iority over every other medicine,
in being the most effectual remedy ever discovered for the cure
of the above diseases. giving muscular at rength.euwry and vigorous
health to the whole frame. The mm! delicate funnies may take it
wilh perfect safely. Dr. Goodwill's Determent is a safe, certain
and sperdy cure Car the above diseases, from the most recent to the
mutt protracted cases. It is taken without any risk, inconvenience,
or suspension from businent. See that 1 our caac it eradicated, not
patched up by qu.ick doctors or quack medicines. Those thai uiake
ute of one tintl- bottle may be convinced of the eaty method of being
cured. The " motto" of this medicine is, " let every petton he
their own physician wiih tecrecy." It will prevent the occurrence
of the disease in pen mt, male or female, of the moat fastidious
delicacy, and it a blessing to human kind It ought always to he af
hand. N. B. A word to the wite, take no medicine bat the above,
and keep away from tne quack Doctors, whose names appear in
every public print, and then you take no mercury and save your
"We have much pleasure in bearing testimony to this safe and
efficacious medicine; we do this un grounds of strict impartiality,
knowing several friends who have been cured by it" A fact that
; we know.
For tale hy appointment, by Patrick Dickie, 413 Broadway corner
of hispeu ud-st.: J. Svuie, corner of Walker SL and Bowery,
' and by P. Burnet Sr. Co. 510 Greenwich-it, two doors below Spring.
Price 50 centt per bot'le. ja;io-tf
! IIOCTOR BOTOi a Member of the Royal Colli-e* of
t' Surgeons in Ireland, and lately a practitioner in the city of
1 London, offers hit services to the afflicted fin the treatment of i cer>
lafc disease, liit long experience and close attention to this class
f complaints, hit pleasant, sal*, and expeditious mode of treatment.
I hit extraordinary iicctn during a long and extended practice, and
I above all, hit legitimate medical qualification* are a few of the
gruupdt on which he retU his claims to public patronage. In (hit
j sgeof empiricism when ignorant pretenders and impudent quacks
Boyd would njfth U> raise a friend); and a warning voice to hit fcljiwrreatnrwj'lnd
lell'lhera to beware of ?urh dangerous persons.?
Thousands who might hare been al Ihii day, " in the health and
palnir piidtjof manhunt}," if tlxir case* had only boen treated by
we ilulvJiuatlfied, are noW numbered amongst the incurable anil
tlie dead, u Apparent cures are very common and easily effected ;
but to eradk ate the latent poiv>u, which will olhei-wi?e consign iti
lictim to an dntiwely grave, nelongs to the legitimate province of
medicine ip lb? Kaud* of a skilful and able pi acti< ion?r T..?. Oi.
Boyu i? It ;vir..ng tu convince mi patruns, hy producing
fnr their ins(?cction hit regular diploma, as a member of the Royal
College of burgeons in Ireland, and likewise testimonials for capability
and skill, from many who are justly considered as lights and
ointments of (heir profession. Hit mode of treatment is safe, effectual
and expeditious, not retiring either die use of mercury, or restraint
in diet or exercise. Recent affections he pledges himself to
reiuosre radically within a few days, and cases of longer standing
smi greater malignity will he treated with cordiality anri skill. In
iny rase, the pstient may rest asssurrd, after having being disioarg*
ed ftswn the hands of Dr. Boyd, that his health is established upon a
sound and firm basis, and that his constitution is renovated and unimpaired.
His professional honor and faith aie pledged to this, and.
he flatters himself that lifcharacter and standing are suftiriwriL war-"
ranlv for its fulfuuieu
The strictwt honor arul secrecy may in all cases be relied upon.
Hours of attendance (lull 9 o'clock in the morning till-10 at night
Mp 21-ly OFFICE, 14 Dover sUoae dmr flora W iter.
/; K *i; i*tm;cK i a x vegetable imVJ
KRSAL MEDIC fXE. aanwaetiired in this awatry ny
GF.ORG E SILVESTEII,'((VoM Engmnd.) who alone is possessed
of the original reri(>e. Sold in oblonc-^iuare tin rvixt-. neatly
enveloped, w ith directions enclo-ed. at jljt and $0,75, hein; but
ualf the price uf Uie import'd artirle., TESTIMONY
f " .Veiv York. NoveniVr 22. IStli.
Dea; ?ir?Having a d?sire to-di-charge my ohligatjpn* to you, as
[ well as t<M>romote food to surfering humanity, I herewith send you
for publicum an. extraordinary caXe of cure effected by means of
, your Hygelao Vegetable I'uiversal Medicine, in the peisanaf my
, son, Ralph. afce'd iWut thirteen years; in which I shall endeavor to
i he as brief as [AmibleTjthat you mav he enabled to make it more ex|
te sively known. Whilst in Edinburgh, my native place, mere
I than two years ago, he received a stroke on the elbow with a rule, a*
severe as to create in (he joint what was termed by physician- an
j inflammation of the hone, from which he h it suffered severe pain
, until within a short lime past. He has been treated by some ?f the
maat eminent physicians in Scotland, which tended but little to
ameliorate his sufferings; comaquenlly I despaired of his ever
again having the fonuer advantage in the use of his afflicted arm.
u. ;i- ?I~r >. i:_:? s_
' question; from which in a few djys use he experienced considerable
relief,afterwards his complain! assumed a more aggravated form, in
the breaking out, I suppose, of putrid or acrid humors around Ihe
affected part; hut receiving this as a symptom of (he (rood effects of
r the medicine, four directions were fallowed, by considerably aug>
uientinf the d ise, until heto!>k as many a? ten pill* a day, from
t which he gained great relief,and he it now, hfter about three months
' use, restored to health. I can also hear testimony to Ihe good effects
' of your medicine in ca<# ?f fever and ague and other common complaints
; so would recommend those afflicted with any disorder to
test its virtues. Respectfully subscribed, by vour obliged,
> Arch'tect ami Dr.iuglitsmm, corner of Houston and Essex-st.
, Mr. George Sylvester.
' Certificates ?f other extraordinary cases in which this invaluable
f mcditine has been equiLiy efficacious, nrav he seen at the store of
I D. BRYSON, Confectioner, Ajent, 148 Fulton street, Dear Broadi
way. dec 3-tf '
M. tises, at D. BRYSON'i, 148 Fulton st? near Broadway. .
j*n 22-lm
POI.'VD.?An efficient, salutarv, and eff-rttial remedy in all
r?n of Leucorrhiea, Involuntary Emis'ions, Seminal Weakness,
Irregularity of the M?nse?. Irritation or diseased action of the Bladder,
and in all diseases of the Urinary Organs. The immediate re'
lief generally afforded by the use of the Balsamic. Compound, in a
r sh irt space of time, has s* much heightened its cejibrity in the cure
' of the above diseases, it Is co fiilerttly offered with accompanying
* certificates of the mo*t eminent of the B'itish Faculty, which will
' stamp the high reputation in which 'he uniq i" preparation is valued.
Prepared only by W. Stirling. White chapel. London. Sold whole*
" sale and retail,~>>y
1 { jan 22 Apothecary, 38 Cedar, corner ?f William st, IS. Y.
la hut, in c?M, in raiii, iii mxjw.
In time of pleasure and of w?.
I're nni-ed it wilh a eheerfalhe r?,
And little ttx uihl we were 10 nart
Before another springroultl milr,
Upon uiv favorite plant a while.
Those withered leaves, were oare ai bright.
A? any offered to uiy fight.
Those withered limbs were once the same,
And maiijr beauties could I name,
Were apnad upon the garden chief.
Which (ills the measure uf my fiief.
The Sikur V?, A Romance ik Real I.ife.?The
resolution which it was supposed iiad been formed by
Morey, the accomplice of Fieschi, of starving himself
to death, is not the first example of the kind on record.
The same mode of suicide has on several former occasions
been successfully adopted by accused and condemned
persons. It has been remarked that the horrible
tortures <>f hunger do not produce delirium, ?r even
i annihilation of the intellectual faculties, except when
violently imposed by power superior to that ol the victim.
1'he suffering, on the contrary, when incurred for
the purpose of suicide, and eudured wir'u energetic but
fatal determination, seem? to excite and invigorate the
moral faculties, and to increase the acnteness of the
senses. In spite of the exhaustion, and prostration
of the physical organization, the immaterial portioa of
the system acquires renewed strength, and attaina an
( Bconsiderable developement of power.
A very curious example of suicide by means of starI
?! J
I lauuu, wcunca some years ag? in Corsica. During
the election*, the Sieur V rushed into the electoral
I college armed with a dagger, which he plunged into
the breast of & man wko had d'me him some injury.
The man fell dead at his feet. This assassination was
| committed in the full light of day, and in the presence
1 of an assembled multitude. Never was an act of Italian
j rendetUi more signally executed.
V was tried, found guilty, aud condemned to
death. Mis high spirit and resolute character were well
known; and it was suspected that he would seek, by
a voluntary death, to evade the disgrace of perishing
on the scaffold. He was therefore vigilantly watc.h?d ;
, and every precaution was taken to deprive him of the
means of putting an end to his existence.
He resolved to starve himself to death during the interval
which elapsed between the senteuce of the Court
of Assizes and the reply which the Court of Cassation
j would make to the appeal he had addressed to it.
He had succeeded in concealing from the observation
of his jailers a portion of the food with which they supplied
him, so as to make it believed that he regularly
took his meats. After three days abstinence, the pangs
of hunger became insupportabfe.
It then suddenly occurred ?o him that he might the
more speedily accomplish the object he had in view.
by eating with avidity. He thought that the state of
exhausttiou to. which he was reduced would unfit him
to bear the sudden oiccss, and that it would inevitably
t occasion the death he no desired. He acroro|
injrfy aid down to tlu? food ? htct> to 'mil laid ato ?
1 ate voraciously, choosing in preference the heaviest
things. The consequent was. that he was adzed with
a violent fit of indigestion from which, contrary to his
expectation, the prison doctor sj?eedilv enred him.
tie then resumed his fatal design. He suffpre/l ?"?>
1 what he had undergone before. The torture was al|
most beyond his strength. His thirst, too, was intoiera|
hie. It overcame his resolution. He extended hia
hand towards (he jug of water, which hod been placed
in his cell. He drank with aviditv, and to use his own
expression, he teat restored to life.
To avoid yielding aggih to a similar temptation, he
daily took the precaution of overturning the jug of
water which was brought to him. Lest he should be
induced to raise it to his lips, he threw it down with hia
foot, not venturing to touch it with hi*hand.
In this manner he passed eighteen days.
Every day, at different intervals, he noted down in
his album a minute account of his sensations. He
counted the beatings of his pulse, and marked thair
umber from hour to hour, measuring with the moat
scrupulous attention tho gradual wasting of his strength.
In several parts of his melancholy memento, he declares
that he felt it harder to (tear the agonies of thirst than thow '
^of hunger. He confessed that Jo* was frequently on the
point of yielding to the desirQ of drinking. .He neverj
theless resistedl
He was surprised to find liis'sight become more and
j" more clear, strong and Hccunite :?it appeared to him
, like the developeniem of i ne?v sense. The Bearer lie
approached his lqtter moment*, the more his power of
| vision seemed to increase. On this subject lie thus
i expresses himself:?"Itappears as though 1 could see
I through the thickest wall."
His sense of feeling likewise attained the mo6t ex;
quisite sensibility. His hearing uml Mnelling improved
' in a similar degree. His ulbmu contains mauy curious
' tIBlpmpnts nn llino*
; . ?' -?J- V?"*
The Sieur ?? had <!evote<l some attention to anatomy
awl physiology; aoci he nitributes the- increased
ucnteries? of hi? sensp.? to the way in wliich the intestinal
irritation acted on the pcrvous s_\ stem.
His ideas, he says, were numerous and clear, and
were very different from any thing h'e had experienced
in morver.ts nf excitement or intexiration. They were
all directed te logical investigation, whether he applied
tbem to an .analysis of material objects ?r to philosophic
contemplation. .He also felt himself inspired with a
singular aptitude for mathematical calculations, a study
for which he had previously felt verv little inclination.
l_ r Ifoir
to ro a Courting.?A correspondent of the
United States Gazette, writing from the Old Colony, in
mentioning the maternity of the Quincy Adam*es, including
two of the Presidents of the Union, saya u Old
John Adams, yon remember, i<" the same of whom the
tradition is current, that he got his wife, Miss Mulline,
by undertaking to act its messenger ?r mediator, for his
friend, the gallant Captain Standish, (rather more
gtf/lant than cnl/ant, by the w hy, it would seem.) John
Was handsome and genteel, and delivered his messige '
in a style which so fascinated the fair damsel, .Miss
Priscilla, that, fixing her eyes on his charminsr face, she
could not restrain, when be finished, the interesting qaery,
" Prithee, John, why not speak for yourself?" which, of
course, settled the matter for all posterity, President
and all. How do ycu think he could do otherwise*
Dr. Thatcher tells me enough else, but not how the
lucky ro?ue made his peace with the Captain. John
was a gentleman, and he took hi? bride home from Cape
Cod, you know,on the back of n hull, covered with nice
broadcloth, leading the animal the while bv a rope in
the nose rine. The first notice of horses on record, it
seems, i- in 1644. The Colony Court presented one to
Kinj Philip in '65, as a very great affair."

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