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outer, J** 143 Aoook street, fcrtuwi Betbman and Spruce ttrteU,
tfpuilt Dr. Spring's OkurcK, katrmeni story.
1 HUtc I year, $30 00 I 1 square 2 weeks, $2 2>
" 3 months, . 8 ?0 I "1 week, . 1 15
? 2 aoafht, . 6 00 I "3 days. . 1 08
* 1 manlh, 3 00 | "1 insertion, . 0 5#
Sixteen lines make a tqtiUQ.
COMPANY.?Persons may effect insurance* with this Cum- (
pany on their awn li?es, w the lire* of others, and either for the
whole duration of life, or for a limited (wriod. The payments ?f
premium say he either wade annually, ?r ill a cross turn:
Premiums on one hundred dollars for one year.
At*. 1 year. Aft. 1 year Age. lyear Aft. J year.
M 0 *2 a; 107 38 1 4* 60 1 96
13 0 77 77 1 12 38 1 57 51 1 97
ic 0 84 28 1 20 40 1 69 52 2 02
19 8 M 29 1 28 41 1 78 53 2 10
]g #31 30 1 31 42 1 85 54 2 13
)9 0 90 31 1 32 43 1 89 55 2 32
M 0 91 32 1 S3 44 1 90 56 2 47
31 092 33 134 451 91 57 270
22 0 M 34 1 35 46 1 92 58 3 14
23 0 97 35 1 36 47 1 93 59 3 67
34 99 36 1 39 48 1 94 60 435
35 1 Oil 37 I 43 43 I 95
Money will be rateised in deposit by the Company, and held iu
trust, upon which inteiest will be allowed at follows:
Vpon any Mim over $100, in?Jiriwl.lt: fur 1 year, 4} per rt
109, " for 5 months, 4 peret,
* * " 100. " for 2 months, 3 perct
Wa. Bard, I ?l. Thompson, If. C. De Rham,
Thomas W. I.itiflow, ! .c Biuoaon, Jonathan Goodhue,
Wm. B. Lawrenc*, Frtrr Rrasen. Jaun Mr Bride,
Jacob laorillaid, Stephen Warren, John Rathhone, Ji.
John Duer, James Kent, P. G. Stuyresanl,
Peter Harmon*, Nathaniel Prime, Tk ?. J. Oakley,
S. Van Itensaeilaer, N. Devereui, St> p!i'n. Whitney,
John G. Costar, Bnij. Ku wr, John J. Astor,
Thos. SulTeni, Gulian C. Verolanrk, Benj. L Swan,
J no. Maaou, Cornelius W. Lawience.
WM BARD, PreaidenL
R. JL NICOLI., Secretary.
F. U. JOHNST'>.N. Physician to the Company. sep 9-ly
I > *\ 11 II UUAI< 1 AKU9?-m" nuilson rer- '
Vl iter of Leroy, uml 4IJ Hudson corner of Amos street, WHITALL
k LAWTON respectfully inform their friends and the ? >n- 1
?un?rs of Anthracite C?al that they are daily receiving cargoes of c
rery superior quality Schuylkill Coal, warranted to be eoual tu any I
Coal sold in thu market (under any name,) they would rail attention r
particularly to the Spohn and (?:<te Vein*. Frum their arrange- t
naenta this year tht?j leel satisfied they will be able to (ire satufactfea
to consumers hou. as' o quaiitv and price.
Oniers strictly attende. to. 1
Orders received by A. De Camp V Co. 34 Wall street; or to A J
Ten Eyck, IN Washington street; J. O. R'*>rb.ick, 195 Bowerr; or '
teitlier ?l tlieir yards. JAMES D. W. WHITMALL, f
af 31 HN W. LAWTON.
THE TEETH !-rroui Dr. S. O. Payiiek, Surgeon Dentist p
?f Philadelphia:? p
Messrs. Burnet &. Co.,?I am not in the habit of making odt cer- p
tificates af reco umendation for any kind of medicine whatever, but f)
M you had theguodnesi to present me wtth a boi of Or. Stillruau's
Magnetic Odonlica, it would ill bee ami me to withold my unbiassed
opinion or such an invaluable preparation for the Tveth. Its medicinal
properties, frem ny experience, are admirably adapted to the i|
alleviation of that excruciating pain, the tooth ache; and I believe c
it to be a health preservative for the teeth and gums, and il cannot ?
ft loo hig ly lecotnuieiided to every family who desire cleanliness (<
of the luouth, as well as to fortify the teeth and rum, which is the
Host effectual step towards preserving the teeth in a sound s'ate, }
and preventing that dreadful scourge?(h* toothache. j,
The above article is fur sale at Patrick Dickie's, 413 Brondtvaj, [.
corner of Lispenard street; J. Syme's, 63 Bowery, corner of Walker j
alreet; and at P. Burnet It Co.'s, 510 Greenwich street, two iloors ?
below Spring. Piierfl. jan4-tf i
X ROCS POWDER, for perluiui >? a d fumigating rooms j
For sica rooms especially, inese article* are pre-eminently servile- : ft
-Me, emitting an agreeable fr rrance and at (he tame time de-traj- I ?
tag completely any unpl-asaiit smell. I (,
A 1m, Schrebtr** reiterated Pomatum, Tor the rapid growth of the j *
hair; Coapo nd Aroinitic Kreosole l\>oth wash, prepared from the h
genuine IUichenback's Kieosote, fur cleaming and pieserving teelli; 0
Compound Kreosote Tooth Ache Drops, for the instantaneous re- h
lief af the tooth icti-; Compound Strap ?f llurehounj and Bsneset ?
for the cure of eoldi. coughs, fcc.; Comp?und concentrated Syrup | (
of Sartaparillaa, together with AUnund (Sum, Capillaire, and a 0
large and choice as-ortment of other Sfrups Siraini's Panacea, e
Lee's Pills, Moffatt's Vegetable Life Pills, aud a large vai iety ?f f,
other pitesit medicines, ill waranled g nuine.
The above articles to be had, wholesale or retail at il
Jan 1-lm* 14 Hud on. comer Ri-ed -treel. j,
STAMMERING CURED.-Thefubscriher hat loca- 5
O ted hinttelf in this cit) for the puxpo-e of curing Stammeiing '
and all other impediment* ?f speech. And hi* taken rooms in No,
9 Courtlandi street, Western Hotel, where he will attend to all who
may rail on liiui, that injt need his semies. Haviag been himself
afflicted from childho -d with a distressing impediment of speech, .
lie availed himself of the modes of cure taught by the celebrated .
Mrs. Leigh of New York, and Dr. Chapman of Philadelphia with- c
out success. But after a long and patient i ivestifation of the natare fi
aad cau*e of hi* affliction, he Ins succeeded in mvrtiting a system
entirely new, by which he has cured himv If and all others who hare
Bade applied on to hi.n. This system ha* in sereral instances I '
proved successful in cases which had resisted the most skilful treat- '
mem fr-xn other*, vid it lu-in no case failed to elect a complete cure, ,
Beiug jwaie oflhe f.ict that persons have been in this city whoprofc*- _
ed the art ! curing tammetiug, and whose system was inadequate '
to effect a cure?yet, having spent about a year in the instruction of
others since effecting a cure upon himself, he feelsa perfect assurance
is Coining before the public of thi* city, hringii g ample testimony
toCMiviuce Ihe m.nt sceplcil of the superiority of his system over
all othersani the romp'ete success that has in all ca-es attended its .
application. He l.as associated with him Mr. J. Sinclair, ri cent I v
one of his pupils, as an assistant- By this an uugemeat, ladies will u
be taught in a separate das*.
T?p.?a fe?m K lam al.-slt .p? crrtnlin# In th# nafnr* of tli? rat# *
and the situation of the Applicant. A cure in all caci will be
guaranteed or the money will be refunds. '
For further paiticulars inquiie of the subscriber at hi] roomt, or
by letter putt paid.
ERHAL MEDICINE. minnlictiired in this country ny
GEORGE SILVESTER, (from Rutland.i who alone is posseased
of tne original recipe. Sold in ohloiig-tquire tin noxes. neatly I
enveloped, with directions enclosed. at $1,50 and $0,75, being but '
b?lf the price of the imported article. i
New Yor*. Noveioner 22. 1835.
" I>?*r S'.r?Haviug a desire In discharge my obligations to you, ai
well as to promote good to suffering huminity, I hrrewith send you ,
for puMic ition an extraordinary case of cure effected by means of I ,
your Hygeian Vegetable Universal Medicine, in the peiMtnei my i
ton, Ralph, aged about thirteen years; in which I shall endeavor to i
. be as brief as possible, th it you nnv be enabled to make it more ex- I
le lively known. Whilst in Edit,burgh, my native place, mere >
than two years ago, he received a stroke on the elbow with a rule, so 1
severe as to create in the joint what was termed by physician* an
inflammation of the bone, from which he has suffered severe pain
until within a short time past. He has been treated Wy tome of the
Best eminent physicians in Scotland, which tended but little to
ameliorate his sufferings; consequently I despaired of hi? ever
again having the former advantage in the use of his ifflicted arm.
Happily I was at lenjih induced to make trial of the medicine in
question; from which in a few days use he experienced considerable
relief,afterwards his complaint assumed a more aggravated form, in
the breaking out, I suppose, 'if putrid or acrid humors around the
affected part; hut receiving this as a svmptom of the good ejects of
the medicine, vuur directions were fiilowed, by considerably augmenting
the dose, until he took as many as ten pills a day, from i
which he gained great relief, and he is now, after about three months :
use, restored to health. 1 can also hear testimony to the goed effects j
of your medicine in case of fever and arue and other common com- I
plaint*; to would recommend tho-* afflicted with ?ny disorder to '
lest its virtues. Respectfully subsctibed. by yotiroMieed,
Architect and Draughtsman, corner of Houston and Essex-st. j
Mr. George Sylvester!
Certificates of other extraordinary cases in which this invaluable \
medicine ha? been eqtnlly efficacions, may he seen at the store of D.
BRYSON, Confectioner, Agent, 148 Fulton r.reet, near Broad- I
way. dec 5-tf j
ar ? b i -Hrur
this appjralui a!u?o?t anv ' fcltrc of heat may he proiiure*
men Jj i t burning t!u> ?le.nn of Alrr.h ?I, Hum, Whi*k?*jr, ?" an
ott.er ardent spirits. The intensity of ilie heat oujr bcgiadu.ite
in such a iaant er, as to mis* the inescury in a Ther u met r tu an
rr?juir-u octree, ana lu retain me iaiur tcinpei jlurr, or chuife i- a
plcfeurt, which will ht found rtn convenient in thi? variable cli
male, especially in the sptin^ and aulum*, nh?n it is inrunveui^h
if not impossible to temper the air piopeily with con I. The facili
ty wish which a fire may be produced, piad u a led aunt extinguishes
will, we think, render ho Compound lleater an nvaiuab!' arlirJi
for the inhabitants of the Southern Stales as wtl! us for those of ti;i
As n<> smoke r dirt uf any kind U produced by the operation <>
this appartus,nll Ihe heat is thrown off directly into the rooui. Ex
perieni " has taught many that no deleterious effect* are produced
in breathing the atmosphere ratified in this way. On thr contian
it has t>een found very beneficial in cavs of sickness. The humidi
It aud elasticity of ihe heated air thronn off from this stove, are believed
to be peculiarly agrteahle and healthful for those afHictei
with consumption or other pu manarr complaints.
The Compound Heater has proved highly useful in heating small
room?, where there are no fire places, flues, er other fixtnres, foi
heating with wood or coal.
The apparatus is ?o constructed as to answer not only for neatiag
apartments, but for miking It i or coffee, and for liming,
he iling water for shaving, washing, Jtc. all of which may be done oh
ttiVIe, sideboard or other fixtures without the u-e of a beplacr,
itove, or furnace. The fixtures* consists of several parts which
* hen dela< bed may be nude la accomplish cither uf Ihe above obHcta.
These parts are ?old separately or collectively to suit pur:hasers.
With a gill of rum or whiskey in the boiler, a good fire may be
made in fi>e minutes, merely by lighting the lamp, aud it may be
sxtuiguished in an instai L It requires no attention to keep it in ope"at
ion and it ? ay be used with perf?*t safely.
Thefollimiiig lesult of an experiment made with the smallest
Heater will sh iwtlie degree of hea it it su'ceplib'enf produring. It
vas charged with three cents worth of mm (half a pint) and put inupeation
iu a room in dimensions 15 feet by 8, where the mercury in a
hermometer stood at 54 dr.;. above fl. The heat emitted frvn this
ipparatui is produced by a column of ar fied air comtanlly pissing
iff from it, ami to lest the intensity ef this curient of air,it wa. the lejuest
of the spectators that the the niometcr shouid be placed fiist
> feet directly abave the stove, and then ia the roost dista t part or
he room. Atits pos lion over the Heater the mrrrurr rose 10 deg.
ii 5 minutes, ?0 deg. in 10 ininutess 36 deg. in 15 minutes and 31) dec.
ii 25 minutes, which railed it to 84 deg. above 0, wlieie it remained
intil Ihe liquid was exhausted which Ha* 4-5 nj'nutes from the lime
he heater became in full operation. At the expiration of ihis time
he mercury stood to 60 deg. above 0, in the extreme part of the room
15 feet from the stove.
The correction of these statements cm he proved by many of
iur respectable citizens, l ut if further testimony should he re[ucsle*
occular demonstration can he given in such a manner as to
irove to any one, who cau see aud feel, that tSey are not exaggeled.
The ?ppar*tus with which this experiment was tried, is called the
'Compound ll'llrr No.2." Its size is 12 inches by 9?price ten
lollars. The size of those called No. 1, it 14 inches by 12. Price
wenty dollaif. An additional charge it made for the fixtures for
iiaking tea and coffee as they are never *<nt in connection with the
leatiug apparatus without they are oidrred. Some however are
uade on a sin >11 scale rxpre?sly for making tea. coffee, Jtc. No. 1
n snscejtliMe of producing double the qu uitity of healed air that
au or uiwmrgeu i roin nu. 2, tnougn me intemity ut the heal ran
c gr.uluaied in both luai to increase or diminish the temperatureiit
|pasure, as bef ire stated and the time occupied iu onstsminr a
iven quantity of liquid and the expense attending the apem ioniTeend
u|x>n the drfire ofheit required. Tlit-e may lie calculated
ro-u the above data.
Fiain directions for using this apparatus accompany each stove.
Prom the numerous certificates, now in our possession, from
lose who haveu?cd the Compound Heater we select such as are best
alculated to answer the ouestiens that will uaturally arise i:> the
lindofoue whw may wish to obtain further information iu relation
> this novel apparatus.
Crowds of visitors were ye?terdav attracted tolls* star* (Messrs.
Leeler, McNiel It Co., to witness the most astonishing operation of
eativr a large counting room with two pence worth of New Engiftd
Rum, by mean., of a new and curious ap&ratus invented by Mr.
I. L. Barnum, the well known author of the Spy Unmasked and
rvcral other woi ks, as well as an inventor of several useful machines,
x. The apparatus is tiuly a curious affair, and well worthy avisit,
nd will and' uhtedly, when more extensively known, be generally
ppmved.?[S. M. News.
The Compound Htaltr.?At last there has been fund a useful
nd benefici d use for ardent spirit?of tlie consumption of which,
e shall henceforth lie the advocate?but only in the way proposed
y Mr. Ramum's advertisement. We have never seen a prettier
Implication of philosophy to the purposes of life, than is prevented
y this corinouud heater, whic_h, by combining the coinoustibility
fthe fas of ardent spirsts, the pressnre of steam, the power of the
low pipe, awl the principle of the air fornace, to the single purpose
f evolving heat, has pruduced au apparatus cheap, safe, and tfecjal,
for warming apartme its, offices, conseivatories, Air. Wc have
ne in actual use, and can say experimentally, that it is 1 minently
If dive, and withal so portable, that it may he removed by kand
rom place to place at pleasu1*.? [N. Y. Asreriran.
Heating roonu-without -joood or coaL? There is nothing?even in
kisdey of inventions?with which we hivn been more pleased, than
neat little affair recently invented, and now on sale in this city fur
eating rooms without the aid of wood or coal. Theatticleissmall,
eat, and portable. a?d is indeed a vary pretty ornament, not unfit
ar a centre taule. It occupies not more than a square foot, and
reichs aboui twenty pounds.?[Tinn s.
Alcoholic Fira.?Mr. H. I.. Barnum, of this city, has invented a
aachine w hich driuksdistilled liquors, Ihttuch in a manner not at all
ar ... .L-. e ?I c . . I I - ? . -
uilt of alcahol, not hy t >uc hing a candle to the red no*e of a tiper,
ut to the rum in its genuine atate. The little contrivance conifati
rst of a boiler filled with ?piriu, and a I tic- Net lamp heneatli it
lied with alcabol Thefirosufthe large lamp heat thr boiler w hich
i furnished with a couple of blow pipes placed it. such a manner
s to force ihe steam horizontally against (he blazing wicks of the
imps, ?iid drive the double combustion into two close doric chimera
which stand an either sidf, ami which become intensely heated.
i current of air is of course immediately formed in the chimney,
id ?i Ihe room it warm?d. No smoke or injury to the air isoccaiouetl
in the tightest room1. It may be thought that ruin must be
dear fuel, but we are told that this is not the use, and all mint
free that to burn it up, is making a very proper use of it [Jour.
f Corn.
Something Really If em,?A gentleman called at this office one of
hose cold days of last wc.tk, and proposed to warm our sanclnm for
is by a new heating'aparatus, in a couple of hurries. We could not
inject?more especially as he yet farther excited our cnriosity/)y
fating that the heat wa? produced by the evaporation of ram! In
ive minutes more, in came the aparatus, which, instead of a huge
Tata of iron castings, w? saw, to oar surprise, consisted of a neat
itlle article, looking somewhat like a chafing dish, with a h,iler and
:opper covered stew pan a-t >p. which he placed ?n a table, arid
vith a lighted taper set in operation. In less than ten oiinuies our
oon, which is ot good size, was rendeied unct nif utahly warm, ana
he process was as simple as it wjs successful. The invention is a
rerv curiojjs one, and bids fair to he useful.?[Com. Adv.
One of Mr. Barnum's Compound Heaters has heen in use more
hm three months, in the dwelling where we reside, and not-ithitanding
the cold has been intense some pait of thjl time, Ihe room
n whicli that stove was in operation, was kept venr wtrm
New York. JJtnuary 18. 183fw H*KELLOGG.
Wr hare uicd fne of Mr. Bamim'* Compound Healers in oiii
rounting room, and h ving fully te*ted it, are prepared (o expre?
ur opinion in relation 10 lis uuniy. n accomplishes the objed
for which it was deigned, in an admirable luanner. Almost anj
degree of heat may be produced bv it. without moke, or dirt of any
kind. KEELER, Mc NEIL k Co.
New York, Dec. 17,1835.
Hiving seen ?everal of Mr. BarnuM'i Compound Heaters ii
operation, aud heing reque<t?d to expiets my opinion re'p'ctinf th(
healthiness *f the atmosphere ratified by them, I in?t cheerfullj
say, that I b-lieve m delcteriuus eflecti will be produced upon thi
hnman srstem by the combustion of the articles used for generating
heat. They wetii to me to be an admit able contrivance for wirminj
rooms, especially where invalids are confined, from the fa-iliti*
they offer for graduating the lenperatait to th' circumstances of thi
patient THOMAS RITTER, M. D.
New York, Dec. 5,1855.
At the request of Mr. II. L. Birnum. I hire made ei periment
with the Compound Heiters. to a<certiin their strength and dura
bility. Having fully and faithfully tested it,I am con'dent that i
cann il explode, but, on the contrarv, tnav be used with safely.
New York, Dec. 30, 1835. SAMUEL HITCHCOCK.
At my request, Mr. H. L. B lrnuiu has superintended the ereetio
ofon? of his Compound Heaters at the Tontine Coffee House, fii
the purpene of making Coffer, Chocolate, Tea, lie., and numerou
visiters h ive pronounced it to lie the climat of perfection. Crowd
of gentlemen are daily gathering around th s n Vel and ineeniou
apparatus t* witness the operation of miking Coff-e, Chocolate, i.i
bgfteam. The apparatus is truly no les* efftrtive than nn'siu.With
it six gallons f water may be bo'led in a few minutes, and h
constantly kept at the boiling paint for ? trijling expence. Th
' '<* I
VY, JANUARY 26, 1836.
j1 heat i? w ittfcns* (when the full force i? given lo the gcne.aUr) Hat
'? but li'lle adJniona! warmth i? rrquired to keep the lar.e room in
v which iliis article is placed thoroughly healed. 1 h-*ve never f.'uud
tf anj thi-ip which would hear a cotunnnseu with the Compound
Y Healer. With it Culfee, Chocolate, Tea, 4tc., may be prepaied in
it the pnitst a?.d m m delicious state ia a f w minutef, and cm be kept
a< any degree* of heat without inconvenience. Pies, Cake*, vege! a
t iiie.-s &c, liny easily be cooked with it and kept constantly wanned.
*nde?U, I <io ?ot see the end of useful applications to which this
J appiratus m y be applied i ? this species of culinary art. ?\erj
e f imi'y ought to be ?upplied with such a convenient arttcU-.
s New Yoik, Jan. 22,1836. TIMO. KELLOGG.
Having daily witnessed the operations of the Compound Heater,
f we fully ceucur with Mr. KelUgf in the above s'aiemeu*nt.
M. liOOLD.
XT The Compound Heater? mi< lie ?een in operation at the
[ office of the American Caloric Co., Nt 155 Broaaway. (entrance
through Van Vletk and Davenport's bookstore,) and at the Tontine
I [ Coffee-house, corner of Wall and Wattr-treets. The proprieter
of that e*ta?lt>hiDfiit has ericted a splendid apparatus for uj iking
coffee by the application of the Compound 1I> ater, and numeioui
visitor" have expressed their delight. not oiiir iti vr tving tlii>oove!
apparatus, but in partaking of the superior coffee prepared by il.
Iy The Amei ican Caloric Co. are prepared 10 erect similar fi*tuies
in Coff?>h?ise- II itel?, iic., as well * to answer all ordets
for the stoves above mentioned.
I jan 21-tf Agent tor Aifl. C?L C 1.
RE AD Kit, the fallowing isan adveiUsement vf
this truth be impressed on every mind? That all pain or
weakness, are owing to utorbid, stagnant, and corrupt hMinors ;
wkieh impede the circulation ?f the blood.?Brandreih
" For the life uf the flesh is in the Wood."?Leviticus zvii. II.
that fhe office of Uie stomach is to prepare the food lor the
nourishment of the body, and thai the health of every organ must
I necessarily depend on the due performance of its fuuetiuns; foi if
the chyle or digestive fluid be not eooJ, the body cannot be properly
nourished, the 1 ervous system will be affected, the secretions of the
fr<me obtlrut ted, and the whole mass of blood liecomes impure.?
lleuce result the disorders considered complicated, wliicli are erroneously
tei nied incurable, by men, who either do not, 01 will not
comprehend the hypothesis, that all diseases whatever arise soleh
! from acriioniotis humor? in the bl >od.
When acute and inflammatory diseases are the consequences of
this state of the blood, the faculty have recourse to blccdiiic! a niea;
sure, murderotis in its effects', calculated to sap the root of the conj
stitutioD! yet it it still persisted iu! though not a single e is* cac be
produced wherein il has been of service. But 10,000 might be pro!
duced wherein it has bmught on paralysis, and a train of nervous
disorders, dreadful even in imagination to those who have behelj
j their fearful consequences.
Hoiv tninv thousands are sent to an untimely grave! How many
families deprived of their amiable children! How many huhntirti
j of their lovely wives! How many wises of their dear* husbands!
] have fallen victims to this murderous prarlice! and the tame may
I I* said of Mercury.
Mankind, oh, consider this subject. I charge ye, lose not oi.e
i drop of your blood, for the practice of bleeding is opposed to common
tense, and all expel ience proves it is most ruinous to the conI
stitution! as all diseases are caused by foul and acrimonious mallei
entering the circulation and contauiinatirg the blood, the purifrirr
j nol the abstracting the vital fluid, sliould be considered in (he cure of j
diseases; and those who are attentive la ihis, invariably allain to a '
| healthy old age. We should remember that according In the purity I
of our blood, to s our health. Had I he Creator intended mankind
I to bare parted with hljod, rely on it, a place would have been made :
for iu discharge, when too much liad accumulated.
The necessity for bleeding is entirely superseded by
they do Ike suae thing with this Irennu/nut difference, that
the impurities of th? Wood an taken Hwajr by them through the
stomach and howels, without any of it, balsamic particles. Is thr
pulse too high? a dose of these pill* will b ing it down. Is it too
low.'the same means will increase it to a proper staudird. I, it
i tremulous.showing nervous excitement? the pills by soothing the
! system will 'llay it. Let not any one say these various properties
are iin(K>ssiblc to he p-jue-sed by any one medicine. Let such
doubter call on Dr. B. and he will soon convince him of the truth of
all lite above assertions. One box of the pills however, will do more
to make him a convert than any thing that could ba said on the subjet
t. Priec 25 cents per box.
Thousands of the mo I respectable citizens of New York will ha
j referred to with pleasure by Dr. B. who hare for many year's been
in the habit <.f bci ng bled,often as many as 4 or 5 times in a year, and
] whose constitutions in consequence, were becoming weaker and
weaker; hare, since thev have made use of these pills, never lost a
, drop of their precious h(ood. When any of the r old symptoms appealed,
instead of running to the doctor and having a vin opened,
j they have swallawed 6 ar 8 pills, which so. mi removed the vitiated
humors, thai were impeding the blued in its circulation. The-r
sensible people, simply by the use of these inviluable pills, are increasing
every day the powers hntkef body and mind, which by the
practice of hleed ng, were both becoming dreadfully impaired.
NOTICE?DK BRANDRETH'S Office for the sale of the
| above PilU, wholesale ami retail, 187 liudsonstreet,opposite Broome
j street, wher* he invy he consulted gratis,hy those taking his Pilli,on
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. jan 7-en2m"
I DOCTOR BOYD, ? Member of the Royal College of
; Lr 8urgeoi:s in Ireland, and lately a practitioner in the city ol
| London, offers his services to the afflicted'in the treatment of a cer|
'an disease, liis long experience and close attention to this class
1 ?f complaints, hi, plea?arL, sa/?, and eipeilitii.us mode of treatment.
! itis extraordinary success during a long and estended practice, ami '
shove all, bis legitimate medical qualifications are a few of the
grounds on which he rests his claims to public patronage. In this i
sgeof empiricism when ignorant pretenders and impudent quacks
ire daily spreading their nets to lure the unwary to detraction, Dr 1
Boyd would wish to raise a friendly and a warning voice to bis fcl.ow
creatures, and tell them to beware of such dangeroui per^ms.? ,
Thousands who wight have lies n at this day, " in the health and ;
palmv pride of manhood,''if tl><ir rases hail only Ix-en treated hy !
ne dulv quafiried, are now numbered amo igsl the ineurahle and
he dead. Apparent cures are very rcuninui and easily effected;
' hut to eradic ate the latent poiyn, which will otherwise consign its
1 victim loan unli-nely grave, ttl..ugs to the legitimate province of
, medicine ia the hands of k skilful arid able practitioner T-.a. Or.
' Koyu u sus.;., ..t j ?i,l,ng to convince nis patrons, by producing
i 'or their inspection his regular diploma.as a member of the Royal
| College of Surgeons in Ireland, and likewise testimonials for capa'
ftility and skill, from- many who are justly considered as lights and
I ornaments of their profession. Hii mode of treatment is safe, effec
; itraint in diet or exercise. Recent affections he pledgee himself (o
remove radical It w-thin a few days, and cases of longer standing |
sad greater malignity will bo Healed with cordiality and skill. In |
my case, Ihe patient inay reit astsured, afUr having being disi uarged
from l.'ic bands ofDr. Boyd, tiut hi? he.il)h is established upon a '
sound and firm basis, and thai hit constitution it renovated and unimpaired.
His professional honor and faith aie pledged to this, and
he Hatters himself that litchancter and standing are sufficient wari
| ranty for its ftilfilmen
Tbe strict ait honor arid secrecy may in all cases he relied upon
> Hours of attendance fiom 9 o'clock in the morning till 10 at night
tep 21-ly OFFICE, 14 Doversl.ooe doorfroui Water.
OCTOR CORBlTT May be consulted in
the most confidential manner, at his office, 12 Duane stteet.
1 between Chatham and William street, N*w York, where persons
' ; afflicted with depots discaes, old obstinate ulcers, dyspepsia,
worms, disiases of the Madder, urethra, and kidreys, anid all dis
j eases ari-ing from the abuse of mercury, or inipuritv of the blood,
i are invited to call. The bv.tful effects often arising fram Ihe abn-e
! , of mercury, need no description; persons troubled with a certain
_ disease may apply to Dr. Corbitt ?ith the assurance ofhaving it ra
" dically cured without a particle of mercury, or any other daiicious
medicine. His charge* are leasouable, and proportioned to the roe vis
, of the apptican . Dr. C. has been educated in Europe, under
, teachers of acknowledged talent, and his had considerable practice
j ill extensive hospital? and dispensaries. Instant relief given to
e those afflicted with the piles, and a perfect aire effected in three
! days, without confinement from business or the slightest pain to Ihe
[ patient. A medicine may be had to prevent the oeciurence of a
certain disease. The most honors icresy observed. Attend
s ance daily fr.? r M ! > P M jan7 If
t rEWDINE POLAVDR1A Oil,. ?A sure East
"J Indian cure for th? Rlienm itisrn.?This Polandria Oil is the
essential oil extracted froin the PoltntJria tree, and is an infallible
cure for tin! distressing disorder, the rheumatism, in all its stages.
n Fur sale by P. Burne* i. Co., 510 Greenwich street, two doori btr
low Spring; Patrick Dirki , 413 Broadway, comer of Lispfr.aid
Is . street; J. Syice. Bowery, corner of Walker reet; and Dr.
|* ! Onion, corner of Oeand street ami the Bowery. Price ?2. jan5-tf
PASTE, for eruptions of tbe fire, chapped hain't, tc. for sale
e J 86 William street, and 110 Broadway.
SONNET.?By the Ilou. Mn. N'urtuu.
Where the red Hint cup (lowelh, there art Umni!
Where luxury- rurtaiui o il the evening skr?
Tnuinpn.u). miith sit* fiiuh'd within thine eye.
Where the long djy declineih, Kme I sit
My fereriili hands with languid clasp entwined
And faintly iuiiliug at remembered wit
Act the scene over t- my muring mind.
In my love dreams I hear thjr eloquent voice,
1 ue th? pleaded attention of the throng,
Aud bid usy spirit in thy lov*- rejoice,
Lest iaUve'* selfisbne?* 1 do thee wrong.
Ah ! midst that proud and mirthful company
Send*'I thou no wandering to love a: d n;?.
Sayi Bil!y to Bobby 44 my Bobby, my nor,
Ir whist, at five dollars a corner, high play
" Not very," says Bob, with a chuckle ofj oy#
" If on bets, like your debts, three per centum you pay
A Swiss peasant, the father of three children,took ip
his summer quarters in one of those chaJtis which the
inhabitants of the beautiful valleys of the Canton du
V aud inhabit during the period of their grazing their
flocks on the moiiutains. He resided there with hia
wife and three children, the eldest of whom, eight yean
of age, was an idiot; the second, aged five, was dumb ;
aud the youngest was still an infant. The latter wu
one day left alouc with his two brothers, and their mother
had scarcely left them when they strayed away
from their little dwelling to play auion; the rocks. Returning
home, the mother could' not Hud them, but afar
a short search she succeeded in discovering two* the
infant was no where to be seen. The idiot expressed
his joy in the most extravagant maimer, but the little
dumb fellow, on the contrary, appeared overwhelmed
with consternation, and the expression of tenor in his
eyes, aud his whole countenance quickly excited bit
mother's fears. She vainly endeavored to discover the
entire of their pantomimic, but could learn nothing from
the mirth of the idiot or the sorrow of the dumb child.
Sshp lutWPvur linna/i lK? ?? ? C ?1?
...... Ul UK gO?.
lures used by the idiot, which resembled those of a
person, to kis great jov, has found some thing for which
he has been looking a long time, that herchild had been
taken away by a neighbor, un event which ofteu occurred,
as the little creature was much liked aud caressed.
But night came, and with it no news of the
lost hope. On the following day the unhappy parents
again set out to seek their son every where. They had
not gone fur w hen an eagle flew over their heads,which
excited anew the joy of the idiot, and the terrors of the
dumb boy, who pressed closely lo his father, and hia
head in his hands, te avoid seeing the bird. The mother
then became certain that her child bad been carried
oil'by a bird of prey. In fact on the same day that
the fatal accident took place, a huntsman had stationed
himself in ambuscade near an e"gle's nest to wait for
a shot at the bird as he approached his aery. After
having watched for some hours with that characteristic
pntience which distinguishes the Swiss hunter, he at
length perceiv-'d one of those monarch* of the Alp* approching
?lowly towards the rocks, appearing twice aa
large as an ordinary eagle. The hunter's surprise waa
extreme, when on a nearer approach, he saw that the
bird carried a child in his tnlona. H-- heard its cries
and clearly distinguished its face.. lie had but one
course to adopt, nor did he hesitate to employ it, that
of shooting the eagle. He put up a prayer to God, took
aim at the bird, and fired. It took effect and the eagle
fell dead, shot through the head. The huuter recovered
the child and carried it Itome to tlm wretched and
incredulous mother. The boy was dreadfully torn by
the eHgle'g talons, bat none of his hurts were mortal.?
Sir Willuim Davenant.? II* had the luck to be connected
with great names and great events; to "t|v nothing
of historical matter*?w ith which, however, he was
much mixed Hp?and the king*, the queens, and princes,
amongst whom lie lived. He is reported to have bees
Shakspeare's illegitimate son; to have been saved
from execution at Milton's intercession, whose life
he had the honor ami hanpiness of saving in return;
and he eertainlv joined Mutthew Locke in producing
Macbeth with ihe grandest music; helped Drydea tu
niter?that is, to spoil the Tempest; had one of tbe two
theatrical patents, introduced puinted scen-s?and was
buried close to Chaucer.?Mitt Mit ford.
Kraut Learning.?When Kean first appeared, many
contradictor} reports were abroad respecting his education,and
a Mr. C.,resolving to put it to the test, wrote
him one morning a note in Latin, requesting seme tickcts
for his benefit. " Well," said H. " and bow did Keaa
construc it ?" " Into an insult," was the reply. Tbe
same gentleman, who vvus always a warm partisan of
Kean, beine one day hard pressed on the subject of
Kean's academic deficiencies, exclaimed, " Sir, auroly
a man may have drunk at the well of learning without
being expected to tic-allow the bucket
A Clerical Anecdote.?It is related of an incumbeat
in tbe county of York, that had precisely twelve written
sermons, lor tlte edibcation and rotiifort of ins parishioners,
which were prettv generally delivered in orderly
rotation, in tin? coarse of the year. On being remoistrated
witli bv some of the hearers, for having preached
the same wimon to them, s:h 1 from the same text,oe
the preceding Sunday, ho vindicated himself, with hii
wonted simplicity, by declaring that lie wm sure his
had Laid them rigid, but supposed his wife must have
shuffled them.
The number of deaths in the city of Baltimore for the
year 1835, is 2050; which, estimating the population at
95.000, gives a mortality of a fraction less than 2i per '
We think Baltimore may safely challenge comparison
for health with any city in the Union. Of the above
number, 791, or more than one third, were under two
years; 76 Itetween seventy and eighty; 39 between
eighty and ninety; 8 between ninety and one. hundred ;
and 6 one hundred and upwards?of the latter, four
free colored men were aged each 112, 110,104, and 100
years, and two free colored women each 110 and 105
years, fn the list of diseases, 344 are represented to
have died from consumption and 41 from intcmperaace.
The income derived from the (Jirard estate by the
citv of Philadelphia, during the last vear, amounted (
$250,252 37.
Think of this, and take tobacco Georce Lorillard,
the tobacconist, who lately died in New York, left an
estate of nearlv five hundred houses, valued at three
millions of dollars. His brothers, Peter and Jac ob,
still living, are each worth 'as much, and probably
more. We wish one of them would adopt us.? Virginia
( PaP'r

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