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^ Im 'Jtsi# f !
QJfca, 1** H Xmn itrmt, hthmmm Mm 3>r?e? rfrwb,
1>yniU Dr. Spring's Cktsrck, imiememt story.
1 MHti a rur, $30 00 I 1 iquare 2 weeks, . 93 25
" 3 mcnlhi, I 00 I "I week, 1 7?
" 2 muhtin, 6 80 M S daya, ,10#
1 math, 3 00 ! " 1 Insertion, . OS
Sixteen line* make a aqnar*.
1'I COMPANY.?Peraona ta?T efect inatirancea with this Company
an their awn livej, or the lirea of athera, ?ml either for the
eritoie dmlidi of lift, or for a limited period. The payment ?f
premium way be either mule annually, ?r in a frass sum:
Premiums oa one hundred dollars for one year.
Art. I rear. Ar- 1 year Aft. I year Aft- 1 year.
M 0 n X 107 38 1 48 60 196
15 OH 27 1 12 39 1 57 51 I 97
18 ON 2t 1 20 40 1 69 52 2 02
W OK 29 1 28 41 178 53 2 10
!? A 8# 30 1S1 43 1 85 54 2 18
19 098 31 132 43 1 89 55 232
38 0 91 32 1 31 44 1 90 56 2 47
31. 0 92 33 134 45 1 91 57 2 70
22 8 94 34 135 ? 1 92 58 3 14
33 AW 35 1 36 47 193 39 3 67
M 8 99 36 ItS 48194 00 4 36
36 1 00 37 t 43 49 1 9S
Motiey will he received In deposit by the Company, aad held Id
trait, upan which intereat will he allowed aa follows:
Ifpoa any wta over #1*0, irredeemable for 1 year, 4* per ct
' " fc 100, " for 5 moatha, 4 per et.
" " " 100, " for 2 months, 3 parct
Bard. SamL Thompson, H. C. Da Rham,
Thomas W. Ludlow, laaac Broaaon, Jonathan Goodhue,
B. Lnmace, Peter Reaaaea, Junta McBride,
Jacob UoriUard, Stephen Warren, John Ralhbtme, Jt.
Jehn Daer, Jamei Kent, P. O. Stuyresant,
Peter Harmoay, Nathaniel Prime, Thoa. J. Oakley,
8. VanJteaaiellaer, N. Deeereux, Steph'n. Whitney,
Jeha G. Caatar, Benj. Kaowr, John J. Aator,
Thoa- Stiffens, Gulian C. Verplanck, Beaj. L Swaa,
WM BARD, PretidenL
H A. NICOLL. Secretary.
F. U. JOHNSTON, Physician to the Company. sep 9-ly
greenwich coal l'ARDS^UJHuAsoa?r
II aerof Leroy, and 413 Hudm coiner of Aa? street, WHITA1X
k LAWTON respectfully inform their friessds and the *<>nnun
of Aothraeite Coal that they are daily receiving cargoes erf
very superior quality Schuylkill Coal, warranted to be eooal to aay
Coal sold ia this market (wider any name,) they would call attention
particularly to the 0Boha and Oate Veins. Prom their arrati-erK
this year they feel satisfied they will he able to give satisfarto
cutisuasen txAL at' a quality and price.
Order* strictly attendee to.
(Mm received by A. De Carap k Co. 34 Walt street; or lo A
Tm Ey?k, US Washington street; J. O. Roorback. 195 Bowery; *
taitfecraf theiryard*. JAMES D. W. WHITHALL,
m^31 UN W. LAWTON.
rkeseaving attentiox.-the teeth;
\j the teeth!?From Dr. S. O. Paysiak, Surgeon Deo list
ol Philadelphia.?
Mean. Burwet k Co.,?1 aa not ia the habit of makissgoat certMtatm
wf recoasteendattonfor aay kind of medicine whatever, bat
a* pm had Usegoeduess la present me with absiol Dr. Stillasaa's
Milk Odontica, it would ill become me to withold my an biassed
eMuea of sisch a* Invaluable preparation for the Teeth. Itsmedi4MI
propettle*, frsm my experience, are admirably adapted to the
alleviatioa of that eacruciatiag paiu, the tooth ache; and I believe
fit* be a health preservative for the teeth aad guau, and it cannot
H too hig ty recommended to every family who desire cleanliness
of pm anath, a* well a* to fortify the teeth and mm, which b the
eat adbetaai step toward* preserving the leeth in a toomi stale,
?m) preventing that dreadful scourge?the toothache.
Toe aboil article is for sile at Patrick Dickie's, 413 Broadway,
corner of Lsepeaard street; J.Syme's, 68 Bowery, corner of Walker
drool; and at P. Burnet It Co.**, 510 Greenwich street, two door*
beto*RJHag. Priortl jan4-4f
r 1
"'IwOUb roWBEK; for perfamiag a>d fumigating HInans ?
(>(ikknM? eepecially, these articles are pre-eminently serrice*4MMtUnf
?n agreeable Tr.<gra nee ami at (it* urn lime destroy
any ?P*V??I'?II. y
lb tkhreher's reltbraletl Pomatum, for the rapid growth of the
kair; ComfwiindArountic'KreosoieTooUiwaeh, prepared from the
gammm RekMback's Kreuaote, fur cleansing and preserving teeth;
Compound Kreoaote Tooth Ache Drops, fur die instantaneous reNafef
Ihe t*rth ath-; Compound Syrup of Horehound andBwmet
for Um care of eolds. coughs, kc.; Compound concentrated Syrup
of ganaparillaa, together with Aliuond Gun, Capillairr, and a
lam amLchoice aslortrnent of other Syrups Swaim'i Panacea,
Le!*i Pilla, HJtoC. Veritable Life Pill., tad a large vai iety af
ether patent medicines, <11 waranted genuine.
The above article* to ba had, wholesale or retail at
jaa 1-lm* 14 Hud'an. corner Reed rtrret.
QTANMERING CURED.-Theaubscriher haa locaO
Wd himself in this cHj far the purpose of curiae 8Umm?iiwg
and all alher impediments af speech. And has takea rooms in No.
Coortlaadt street, Western Hotel, where he will attend to all who
may call oa him, that Bay need hia services. Ilariog been hiosself
dUcted baa childhood with a distraeing impediment of apeech,
he availed lunsxlf of the modes of core taught by the celebrated
Mr*, Leigh of New York, and Dr. Chapman of Philadelphia withowtsacoess.
Rut after a long and patient inveMintioa of thasalan
mi caoae of hia afliction, he his sncceeded iu inventing a system
?Btir*4y b?w, hy which be haa cured hiass~lf and all others wfcu haee
marie application to him. This system has la several imtancaa
pro red successful iA caaes which had misled the asoat sKKftri treatment
frvm other*, aad it ha' ia no caae failed to t9*A a complete tare.
Being aware of the fact that persona ha?e been in this city wboprofeaaed
the ait of caring stammering, and who?e system waa land?|?ate 1
?oo*?.? wrj-yet, having tpeoC about a year in the iofllructx* df
<rfJk#n tian'P ^ISm pmpp miwmi himself h? Cm!i a n?pfMl MinnnM
ia cutting before the public of th!? city, bringing ample tertlaanay
k(Mrinu the mod leenlinl rf the taperiunty of hi lystam *rrr
all olher?,aad the complete mccew thit h? in all cue* attended iu
application. He ha. amociated with him Mr. J. Siaclatr, rvceady
|?>ii| m at Initial By thi* arnsgameal, ladiea w-itt ,
be .taught m a wparate rlax.
Tterm* fr?m If to 9 dollar*, according to the nature of the care
*ae,,lha ?itartioa af lha applicant. A care ia all caaai will ha
aaartalM < ar the aaoney will be refunded.
PWHhnhm- pellicular* inquire at the mhwrihar at hi* mal, ar
. f ^t) t ^ HENRY WBLjj.
anxtoi SH.VEST BR, (from Eagland.) who alone la >1.1 in
ad af ia original xecipe. Sold in oblong-mure lia Mica, neatly
eareluped. with dirdttiea* endowed. at flJO and $0,79, beint but
half tfea price W lha iaaoftnd article.
New Yarfc. Nmaker B, MB
rIH?i8k?Having a dmire to discharge my obligation* ta you, at
arf a* la proaaote good to a&triagbuataaily, T herewith *end.yoa
fbr pobllealkja an extraordinary caae of cura effected by ' Man* af
yaai Hygeiaa Vegetable Unirenal Medicine, ia the Perrea a! my
on, RJpVaagni about thlrteaa yean; in which I*hal!eadeavur to
ha a* brief a* (.MaiWa. that yoa mar be enabled to nuha i< more uU
lively known. Whilrt in Ediebargh, my native place, mere
than two year* ago, ha received a atrofce oa the elbow with a rata, ea
revaree* te create in lha joint what waa termed by phy*ida>M an
inffammnlk- af the bone, from which he ka* nftnd *rvere .pain
antf Wtthi* a ihert tlem pert. He ha* been treated hjr mm ?f the
eat aaaiaant plmWam ia Scotland, which tended but little la !
emeUofale hi* liTillagi; conreqneatly I despaired of U* ever
nin having th* former advantage in the eee of hie afir.led auk 1
hi* cojaBleirt anail a more aggravated fcna, in
the hraahlng wtt, I mppoee, of putrid or acrid homon around the
^ilrfj bl^hutrecefaegthKa*a*ymptum ofthe goodefcet* af
At atteia^ mm jii-ortiftiM Lllowcd. br coDMdcreUr tiif*
nhluhfrl galaad great relief, and he b mm, after abaatthreapmalha ,
we, restored to health. I caa alao beer testimony to the good efcet*
of year medicine in care of feVer and arae and other rnmmia t*i>
plaint*; *aw*ald recommend thoM afflirtari with *oy diaoader Is
tart ill virtue*. Reapectiully *ubecribed^^|ronr obll|ed| ^
' Arehilad and DraughUman, comer of HouMoa and B*mx-*L
Mr. George Sylvetter.
CeitlAcate* of other extraordinary caae* ia which tMi la rateable
medicine ha* beea equally eAcacioa*, may be *eea at the (tore of
D. BBYSON, Confectioner, Agent, 148 Fulton ureet, near Broodway.
L -'-"'.J.LJt-' ? -"i'. 'i'JI1
II ifil II
XlJCj Tl
this apparatus alrnott an* if Tee of beat may be produce
mert ly l-r burning thr Ue<m of Alcohol, Rub, Whiskey, o> an?
otUr iratM spirits. The intensity uf the heat say be jriadeatei
in ?uch a manner, at to niae the mercury in a Thrtmumrt r to an,
required degree, and lo retain the same temperature. ur change il al
pleasure, which will ha found very convenient in this variable climate,
especially in the sp.Ing and autumn, when it is incouvesiiekl
if not impossible to temper the air pioperly with eual. The facility
with which a fire mar be produced, graduated aiwl extinguished
will, we think, render be Compound Heater an wvaluahlt article
for the inhabitants of the Southi rn Stales as well at for thus* of this
Ai no smoke "T dirt of any kind is produced by the operation ol
this apparlus,Ml the heal it thrown Jtdirectly into the moos. Experience
has taught many that no deleterious effect* ara produced,
ia breathing the atmosphere rarilk-d in this way. On thr contrary
it has been found very beueficial incases of sickness. The humidity
and elasticity oftbe heated air thrown of from this store, are bettered
lo he peculiarly agreeable and healthful fur those afflicted
with consumption or other pa!maaair complaints.
The Compound Heater has proved highly useful in heating small
rooms, where there are do fire places, flats, or other fu.tmr>, for
heating with wood or coat.
The apparatus is so constructed as lo answer not only for nesting
apartments, but for tudtlng lea or codec, and fur ironing,
bejting water for sharing, washing, lie. all of which may be done on
table, sideboard or other fixtures without the use of a ire p'ace,
store, or furnace. The fixtures! consuls of several parts which
when detached may he made to accomplish either of the abuse objects.
These parts are sold separately or collectively to suit purchasers.
With a gill of rum or whisker lo the boiler, a good fire may be
made ia fire minutes, aserely by lighting the lamp, aad it nay be
extinguished in an instal l. It requires no attention ta keep it in operation
aad it may be wed wish perfect safety.
The following result of aa experiment made with the smallest
Heater will show the degree of hea. it is susceptible of producing, ft
was charged with thr ee cents worth of rum (half a piat) and pat in operation
in a room in dimensions 15 fset by 8, where the mercury ia a
thermometer stood at M deg. abore A. The heat emitted frwm this
apparatus is produced by a column of rar fied air costslantiy p issing
off from it, and te test the intensity of this current of air,it was the request
of the spectators that the thermometer shoaid be placed first
6 feet directly abore the store, and then in the most distant part or
fH> hMtn At (la nnailinn ?M* ?Hm U*al?e ika IA J.
in S mkiutea,2l def. in 10 minuleas 36 deg. in 15 minutes ud 3# drj.
in 25 miautes, which raised it to 84 ileg. above 0, where it remained
until the liquid was exhausted which *? 45 minute* from the time
the heater became in full operation. At (be expiration of this time
the mercury stood to 60 deg. above 0, in the extreme [Art of the room
15 feet from the Mum,
The correctaesa of these statements can be proved bjr many of
our respectable citizens, hut if further testimony should be requested
occular demonstration can he rifsa in such a manner as to
prove to any one, who can see and feel, that tKey are not exagger-ted.
The apparatus with which this experiment was tried, is called the
"Compound Healer No.2." Its sue is 12 Inches by ?price ten
dollars. Theiiae of those called No. 1, is 14 inches by 12. Price
twenty dollars. An additional charge is made for the fixtures fir
makiuf Ma and codec as they are never seat in connection with the
beating apparatus without they are ordered. Some however are
made on a small scale expressly for making tea. coffee, fce. No. 1
in susceptible of producing double the quantity of baked air tbat
cab be discharged from No. 2, though the intensity of the heal can
be graduated io botii so as to increase ar diminish the temperature at
pleasure, as befcre stated and the time occupied iu consuming a
given quantity of liquid and the expense attending the aperai ion depend
upen the degree Wheat required. These may he calculated
from the above data.
Plain directions for using this apparatus accompany each stove.
Prom the numerous certificates, now in our possession, from
those who have used the Com pound Heater we select inch as are best
calculated to answer the Questions that will naturally arise in the
mind of one who may wis It to obtain further information io relation
te this novel apparatus.
Crowds ot visitors were yesterday attracted to the store ef Messrs.
Heeler, McNiel It Co^ to witness the mast astonisbii-g oparatioo ot
heating a large counting room with two peace worth ef New England
Ran, hy means of a new and eurioas aparatus invented by Mr.
H. L. Barniun, the well known author of lite Spy Unmasked and
several other ttoiks, as well as an inventor of several useful machines,
kc. The apparatus is truly a curious affair, and mil worthy a visit,
and will uudmhtedly, when More extensively known, be generally
approved.?{A. M. News.
TV Compound /tartar.?At last there has been found a useful
awl beneficial use for ardent spirits?of the consumption of which,
we tWI henceforth he the advocate?but only in the way proposed
67 Mr. Baruum's advertisement. We have never seen a prettier
application of philosophy to the purposes of life, than is preeented
by ihit cenpound heater, which, by combining the combustibility
of the *as of ardent ipinb, the pressure of steam, the power of the
blow pipe, and tha principle of tha air formate, to IhesingU purpose
of evolving beat, has produced an apparatus cheap, safe, and ??ectnal,
for w^rmiag apartment*, oflets, conservatories, Icc. We have
one in aalual me, and can say ex;>eria?euUlly, that it ii eminently
effective, and withal so portable', thai it may he removed by hind
from plana to plica at plaaiT-?fN. Y. Aarerican.
Henting roams wUMmU wood or coot?There it nothing?even in
this day of Inventions?with which we have been more pleased, than
a neat little affair recently invented, and now an sale ia this aity for
heating rooms without the aid of wood or caal. The article is small,
neat, Mid portable, and is indeed a vary pretty ornament, not unfit
for a centre table. It occupies net mure than a square foot, and
weigh* about twenty pounds fTinn-s.
JUmUHc fine*.?Mr. H. L. arnua, of this city, has inveated a
machine which drinktdistilled liquors,tbaueb in a manner not at all
offmaive to the mod severe friends of total fcbstinancA A fire is
built of alcahol, net by touching a candle to (he red nose of a toper,
hut to the rum in its genuine stale. The little contrivance consists
first of a boiler (tiled with spirits, and a large fat la aw beneath it
HI led with alcahol The Iras of the large lamp beat the boiler which
is furnished with a couple of blow pipes placed ia such t manner
as to farce the steam boriaeMelly against the blazing wicks of the
laaapa, sssil drive the double combustion into two close doric chimneys
which stand an either fide, and srhich become intensely heated.
A current ?f air is of course immediately funned ia the chimney,
no so the room u wintd. No I moke or injur; to the air itoconosed
in the H|kM room*, fl may be Hwutl thai ran must be
a dear fuel, but we are told that this is not die caaa, and all Mat
me that to burn it up, is making a very proper w of it [Jtar.
3amart<ng Rtallp Mem.?A gentleman called at this oflfce an of
Efcoaefold dayi of fact week, and pMfrwed to warm oar unctam for
us bp ? ant heat ing'aparatus, in comfit of karrita We eoald not
o'ljeet?nora especially as ht- yet farther excited our cariosily/jy
itatiag that the heat wai produced by the eraporaioa of ran! fa
Ire minutes more, ia came tha aparalm, which, instead of a hage
pale of iron castings, we aaw, to oar surprise, consisted of a aeat
Mile arikie, looting somewhat lika a chaflag diah, with a boiler and
capper covered Mew pan a-tip. which he placed on a tabic, aad
with a lighted taper set io operation. Is lea than tea miautes our
room, which is w (ood ?lie, was reodeied uncomfortably warm, and
the procs? was aisimple m it wm-eaeceeaM. Theinrentran ia a
rtrj curiam eee, aad bids fair to ba useful [Com. Adv.
One of Mr. Bamum's Compound Heaters hm been in me more
thm tWae mnatha, in the dwelling where we reside, aad noti^th>
landing the cold has heea intense same part of that lime, the room
in whka that store was in operation, wm kept r try warm.
New To*, January It, 1896. H.'KELLOGG.
We hare laed one of Mr. Barauart Compound Healers ia our
counting room, and h ring fully tested It, are prepared to express
iw cmMan iit relation to its miiity. It acnmjiHihu llrn e^?q
for which it wm designed, ia aa admirable manner. Almost any
degree of beat maybe produced by it, without smoke, or dirt of any
kind. KBBLBR, MeNElLfc Co.
New York, Dec. It, IBS.
Hating seen several of Mr. ftarnuart Compound Healers ia
ipiiMliiii.aal being re^aut>d to trfpiess my opinionrespecting the
ktmmjmfUm bf Hm cumkntm of * art kief u*nl for feoaratiaf
beat. They imd to me to be an admirable coatriraace for warmiag
rooms, aqsedally where tavalidi are conSned, from the fe-ilities
ihey <dhr for graduating the lea^eratare to the cimmtuca af (he
New Yatfc, Dec. 5, lt3&
At the raqae* af Mr. H. L. Barnum, I hate made ei perimeats
with the Compoaad Heaten, to ascertain their strength aad duraUUty.
Hariag faHy and HtMully teated it, I ma coaldeat that it
cann * explode, bat, aa the contrary, may he uaed with satey.
New York. Oec.an, 1S38, SAMUEL HITCHCOCK.
Al m? ranuaat.Mr.H.L. Barnum hm superintended the iwiliiia
of one of his Ommmmatd BtmUrt at the Tontine Coffee Home, for
tha purpose of mwtng CoBt, Chocolate, Tea, ke., aad Mumciuus
riutert hate pronounced it to he the ciiwtax ?f pcrfutim*. Crowds
of gentlemen are dailr fathering around th? novel and ingenious
apparatus t? witness the eperatioa of making Coflee, Chocolate, fee.
( Mama. The apparatas ia truly no less fffuttxx thaa fariai.?
With it aix gallons f water may be boiled la a few minutes, and be
constantly kept at the boiling point {or a trifling expence. The
^ J ?
1 !
AY, JANUARY 27, 1836.
b*a( u to inintM (when tlM full force ii fir?i (u the (emiaUr) Ih >1
but little adriiiiunal warmth it rrquirea to keep the lar.e room in
t u klz-li ikii arli^ln I nla.Aii itinrmivlilv ImiiIm) ' T AduJ
I uj thing which would hear a companion with tlie Compound
ileatrr. WilU it Coffin-, Cliocoiatr, Tea, lie., uuj he prepared in
t the purest and most delicious itate in a f. w minute*, and can be kepi
a! any degree of heal without inconvenience. Pie*, Calus, vegeta
I Met, fcc, uuy rawly be cooked with it and kept constantly warmed.
Indeed, 1 do not see the end of useful applications to which thi>
I j app 'rains miy be app.ied in this species of culinary art. Every
family might to be supplied with Mich a convenient article.
New Tort, Jan. 22,1836. T1MO. KELLOGG.
Hiting daily witnessed the operatiooi of the Compound Heater,
r ' we folly cencur with Mr. Kelldgf in the above stalememnit.
' CT The Compound Heaters mar be teen in operation at the
office of the American Caloric Co., No. 155 Broadway, (entrance
through Van Vleek and Davenport's huokatore,) and at tbe Tontine
Coffee-home, corner of Wall and Waiar ?treeti. The proprietor
of that establishment has erected a splendid apparatus for making
coffee by the application or the Compound Heater, and numerous
visitor* nave expressed their delight, not only in vevwing thisnove!
apparatus, but in partaking of the superior coffee prepared bpr it.
JJ" The American Caloric Co. are prepared to erect sitnila fixtures
in Coffee-houses Hotel-, lie., as well * to answer all orders
for the stoves above mentioned.
jau 21-tf Agent tor Am. CaL. C >.
READER, the following if an advertisement of
this truth be impressed on every mind?That all pain ot
weakness, ore owing to morbid, stagnant. and corrupt humors ;
which impede tbt circulation of the blood.?BrusdrethBLEEDING
" For the life of the flesh is in the blood."?Leviticus rvii. 11.
I J. tion, that (he office of the stomach it (o prrpare the food lor the
! ncwri>hinent of (he body. and that the health of every organ must
Dicmvilj depend 011 the doe perform ince of iU function;; foi if
; the chyle ar dijestive fluid he not rood, the body cannot be properly
; nourished, the > ervous tystem will be affected. the secretions of the
j frame obstructed, and Uie whole mats of blood becomes impure.?
! Hence result the disorders considered amnplicated, which are errooeously
termed incurable, by men, who either do not, or will not
comprehend the hypothesis, (hat all diseases whatever arise solely
from acrirroniou* humors in the bl'iod.
: When acute and inflammatory disease* are the consequences of
' this slate of the blond, the faculty hare recourse to bleed inr! a measure,
murderous in tu effects! calculated to sap the root of the con*
stitulion! yet it is (till persisted in! though nut a single owe can he
i produced wherein it has been of service. But 10,000 might be pro!
oncid wherein it hu brought an paralysis, and a train of iienrous
disorders, dreadful even ia imagination to those who hare beheld
i their fearful cooaequence*.
How many thousands are sent to an untimely grave! How many
families deprived of their amiable children! Mow many hurhands
, of their lovely wires! How many wires of their dear husbands!
hare fallen victims to thia murderous practice! and the sarae?aay
be laid af Mercury.
Mankind, oh, consider this subject I charge ye, lose not one
. drop of jour blond, far the practice of bleeding is opposed to cmn.
man seme, and all experience proves it is mtt ruiuout to the conjtftwttow.'
a* all diseases are caused hy foul and acrimonious matter
' entering the circulate and contaminating the Mood, the purifying
: not the abstracting the vital fluid, should be considered in the cure of
diseases; aud those who are atteative ta this, invariably attain to a
healthy old age. We should remember that according ta the purity
of oar blood, ta ;s our "health. Had the Creator intended mankind
to hare parted with blued, rely on it. a place would hare been made
for its discharge, when too misrh had accumulated.
The necessity for bleeding Is entirely superseded br
they da the mar thing with thii tremendous difference, that
the impurities of the blood are taken away by them through Ihe
stomach and bowels, without any of Ms babanfc particle*. Is the I
Clse too high* a dose of these pills will b iag it dosrn. Is it too
rf the tame mean* will Increase it to a proper standard. I? it
tn?iliia*|Shawmr nervous excitements the pflb by son thing the
system will allay fe. Let not any one say these various properties
are impoasible to .he possessed by any one medicine. Let such
doubter call on Dr. B. and he will saon convince him of the truth of
all Use above assertions. One box of the pills however, w.'ll Jo more
to make him a convert than any thing that could be said on the subject
Price ?5 ccnti ptt bepb
Thousands af the mo>t respectable citiaens of New York will he
referred to with pleasure bj Dr. B. who hare for many yean been
in the habit of being hied,often as many a* 4 or Slimes in a year, and
whuee constitutions in roaaeqnencr, were becoming weaker and
weaker; hare, since they hare made u*e of these pills, never, lost a
drop of their precious blood. When any of their old symptom* appeared,
instead of running to the doctor and baring a veia opened,
they hare swallowed 6 ar 8 pills, which sonn removed the vitiated
hiimir* 1h*1 ~tr~ impeding the Mend is it* circulation. These
saaaMe peaple, simply by the use of these invaluable pill*, are increasing
every day the powers both af body and rniad, which by the
NOTICE.?DR.' BRANDRETH'9 Office for the sale of the
above Pill?, wholesale iiid retail, U7Hadio?street,wppoiite Broome
tract, where be wij be cnoaulte-l gratis, by those taking hit Pillion
Mondays, Wedne*d.<ys, and Saturdays. jan7-eo2m*
UOCTOU BOYD* a Member of the Royal CoMege ?f
IF Surgeons in Ireland, and lately a practitioner in the city of
London, ufer* hit mricei to the afflicted sin the treatment of i certam
disease. lira long experience and dote attention to this class
af complaints, his pleaant, *afe, and expeditious mode of treatment,
hi* extraordinary nacre* during a long and extended practice, and
shore all, his legitimate medical qualifications are a few of the
grounds ?a which be rests his claims to public patronage. jo this
agoof empiricnm when ignorant pretenders and impudent quacks
are daily spreading their nets to lure {Jk unwary tudf?t ruction, Dr
Boyd woald wish to raise a friendly and a warning voice to his fcljom
creator#*, and tell them U beware of surh dangerous petaons.?
Thus?aits who might hare heea at this day,44 in the health and
palmy pride .if manhood," if their cases had oniy been treated by
j one duW qualified. an now numbered amongst the ineurehfe and
ihe dead. Apparent cure* are rrrr common and easily efrctril;
' bat to eradk ate the I ileal poispn, wnich will otherwise consign its
ssctim It ? untimely (rare, Urlongs to the legitimate province or
adlciaa in the hands of a skilful and abie jn actitionv. T.,a. dr.
Buys it auco, j .rilling to convince wtpaiiuos, by piwiuriaf
far their inspection bis regular diploma, as a member of the Royal
College M fSrgcot ia Ireland, and likewise testimonials for capability
and skill, from- asany who are justly conaideaad as lights and
Wiaaili of their priftaMi HI* made of treatment is safe, tStrtual
and expeditious, nsK requiring either the use of oercary, of rest!
ahH in diet ft exercise. 'Recent affection* he pledge* himself to
iliBiwl radi?4ly within a few day*, and ease* ef longer standing
tad gitalin ilijpiity will be treated with oordiality and skill. In
iny caae, the patent m*y rest autured, aflar having baiag dxcuarged
from dke band* of Dr. Boyd, that hi* health is eetaMiZed upon a
sauHd am) firm basil, and that hi* cooatitution is movated and unimpaired.
Hb prufcaiinnal honor *s?d faith aie pledged to thh, id
he taBi blms*lf that riscbaracter asKl ataading are sufficient warrmty
for iu fiUlft
TIm strictart honor aad secrecy may in ail cases ha relied upon
Ham?f HMillll tlum9tfdwt In the morning (ill lOatnirit
aap 81-ly OFFICE, 14 Dorer iIom d?*r from Water.
Lf the meat confidential inner, at his oSee, H Dune street,
between Ctilhw and William street, Near Tent, where penou
aflictad with delicate diaearea, old ointiMte ulter?, dyapepaia,
mai, dlaeaaea of the bladder, orrthrm, and kidneys, and all <th
aaaes arMng from the abuii af mercery. w imparity of the blood,
are inakod la call. The baaafelefcctaoften ariaiag from the ahaae
of aaercary, need no deicription; perrons troubled with a certain
diseaae may apply U> Dr. CoiMtt lib the assurance ufharlng it ra
dically cured without a particle of mercary, or an* uther dangereM
medicine. Hit charm are reaaoiiable, and proportioned to the meant
of the appiiean. Dr. C. has been edacated in Europe, muter
teachers of acknowledged talent, and has had considerable practice
in extensWe boaphaM and dispensaries. Instant relief riren tn
thoaa aflicted with the pilaa, and a perfect care aCactcd in three
days, without confinement ftaa bowness or the slightest pain to the
patient A mi dlifai may be had to prevent the occurrence of a
certain dm**- The moat bonore creay obaerred. Attend
aace Jatlrfrj r M 10 P W jan7 tf
meatiil oil extracted frota Iha Poiamlria trag, aadls aa infallible
aire lor that distressing disorder, the rhemaatiaaa, in all iu itam.
Par sale by P. Buinet i. Co. 510 Greenwich 4re?t, two doom below
Spring; Patrick Dlckte, 415 Broad war, corner of Itianesard
street! XSyme, 64 Bowery, comer of Walker aaet; and Dr.
Galon, comer of Grand itreat and the Bowery. Prine <2. jan5-tf
] 86 William street, and 110 Broadway.
The wedding diT appointee' w*>?
The wedding clolhet piovided?
Before the wedding lU?, a!a?!
He ticket: *d and be die did.
London and Pnrii Fathiont.?The most simple and
elegant stvle of dressing the hair consists of a circular
plait at tiie back part of the head. The hair either
braided in front, or disponed in a few light curia over
each side of the face. Across the forehead, a very narrow
bend of velvet, and a rose on each temple. A row
wf small pearls may be substituted for the hand of velvet.
Turbans w ill be. greatly in vegue this w inter. They
are not worn so large as those of last season, and are
mere elevated in the centre of the forehead. Most <Sf
them have a bandilette which passes under the chin,
and which gives them a resemblauce to the turbans a
la Juive. They are usually inade of silk figured with
gold; others of a more simple kind, are of organdi or
clear gauze, having small patterns, in colored silk.
It is frequently remarked that a lady, en neglige is
seen to greater advantage than when arraved in the
most splendid costume of grand toilette. The recherie
which the French ladies now display in their neigners
hows that they are fully aware of the graceful effect
of the long and ample folds of silk and easbmere which
compose these elegant robes de chambre. Several
have been forwarded to Loudon bv MaJame Minette.?
Some are made of rich figured silk of a damask pattern
lined with plush; they have long loose sleeves and
broad revers?ethers are of satin, lined with velvet or
quilled marceline. We likew ise obrerved a very beautiful
magazine of Madame Minette. It was styled a
manteau russe, and wi s composed of rich pomona green
silk, lined with white satin, and edged with swansdown.
It was so extremely light that it could not in the slight
ucgrec ltumi mc iu<i3i eicgaiu uau urcss.
Should the rage for long dresses increase, we may
soon expect to see the revival of trains. It must however,
be remembered that these long dresses are strictly
confined to in-door costume. Their elegance cannot
be disputed, wliatever may be said of their convenience.
Nothing is more graceful than the points of the toes
just visible beneath the ample folds of the jupon.
Boas are on the decline. Muffs, on the contrary, are
daily increasing in numbers. Long mantillas of efmiae
or sable are also extremely fashionable.
For walking and carriage dress, hats or bonnets of
velvet are mostlv worn. Dark blue is the favorite coler.
They may be rnaraeiited with feathers, or flowers
made of satin or velvet. The prevailing shape is low
in the crown; the freat wide arid rather off tbeface, tad
the Wavolet behind, very full and long. For dress bats
the most fashionable form is that called jean de'Paris.
It may be made in crape, velvet or satin, ornamented
with feathers.
A new sort of plumes for full dress has just been introduced
in Paris. It is composed of white fentbers
edged with gold, and intermingled with the barbes of
peacock's feathers. Tlieee plumes are placed cabouquet
on ene side of the head: and worn with a bandeau of
gold beads or chains. Their effect is most novel aid
*UgMt* - IncUdon
end Pope (tbe tragedian) on A me pea n Manners.
Pope's love of the good things of this life was uo>
bounded; amid many other sayings, one of his was to
tbe effect that he knew of but one t riete that mua could
commit, and that was peppering a rump steak. Wlieu
Incledon returned from America, he met his old friend
Pope, and after mutual congratulations, tbe latter exclaimed,
" Welt Charles, and now do they feed ?M " Ininortality!"
replied Charles," the very jwetry of eartng
and drinr. mv dear Pone, in all lliinrs hut ona: liv ..
they take no oil on their salads!" * No oil <? their
salads!" reiterated the horror-stricken tragedian,u why
did we make peace with them V
American Feasting (a la /ifiilval.j-WhenMr.GaUet
went through the United Stales with M'amseile d'Jeck,
the celebrated elephant, he, one evening was warm la
the hospitalities of the mother cpuntry; among atber
instances, he quoted the Rutland punch bowl, which,
on the christening of the yonug Marquis, was built so
large, that a small boat was actuall v set sailing upon it,
in which a boy sal, who ladled out the liquor. u I guess,"
said one of the company, " I've seen a bowl tMt 'nd
beat that to immortal smash; for,at my brother's chriatening,
the bowl was so deep, that when the young una
said it warn't sweet enough, father pent a man down in
a diving bell to stir up the sugar at the bottom."
" A man should be wise in dispute; a lamb in hia
chamber; a lion in battle and conflict; a peacock in tbe
street; a bard in his chair; a teacher in nis household;
a counsellor in the nation; an arbitrator in his vicinity;
a hermit is church ; a fool ia a crowd; conscientious in
action; content with his state; regular in his habits;
diligent in his calling; faithful in his friendship; temperate
in his pleasures- deliberate in his speech; devoted
to his God. So will lie tie happv in his life, easy in hia
death, and the esteemed example of his successor*.?
Welsh Proverb?.
The OmibuMici in Paris.?Low Fare*.?The radontry
of the omnibusaes is decidedly increasing; we bar*
recently noticed tbe establishment of tbe Algeriennee,
which carried passengers at the moderate rate of twe
sous the trip, lid requiring onl v six for performing the
whole distance from Be rev to Neuillv, several miles.
By aome large placards which we have seen we per*
ceive that, in order to neutralize the effect of the Algariennes
at two sous, the original omnibusses have iust
united to their establishment one as colos?al aa their
owo, the Accelereas, from Versnilles, St. 6erm?n, Acc.
to correspond with the carringes which go to Neuilly,
and meet them at the Berriere dn Roule; thus
the greatest possible inducement to travellers by th*
facility of the correspondence. The public, who will
this be enabled to travel two or three leagues for sir
sous, or a shorter distance for two sous, will be fully
able to appreciate the merit of these undertakings.?
For our own parts, we have great pleasure in sesingfc
purely commercial struggle taking the place of ton
fore* persecution* to which the Alger^nnes have
hitherto been exposed ; and we trust tut ere loug the
proprietors of this establishment will reap the btwft
arising from the principle of liberty whicli they have
introduced into a branch of industry which heretofore
was eMirety in the hands of the monopolists.?French
Going down in Life.?A pot u bov" (aged 40 at feast)
employed at a public house in the neighborhood of
Northumberland street, was the other day obwrvnd
with the dark fit on him," or, teas poetically, with a
stronr touch of the blue devils. On being asked ths
, cause of his dejection, " Ah! Sir," said he, " I can t
help thinking of what 1 once was. Although I am a
pot boy now. / onet vat a dustman

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