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estate is u iinlj is ever. The 800 loti in Brooklyn, sold
by F.-uikiin & Jenkins, fetched $75,000. Yesterday they told a lot
? Pearl street, for $4i,000. Van Antwerp and Van Djkesold
yesterday tu the imou:i( of $30,000 at high prices, principally
situated up town. The spirit and life in the speculation! of real
estate {row highti and higher. M a o r of llkse capitalists who formerly
dealt in stoclu. aie withdrawing from that bua ness, and tarn;.ig
their attention to lots and real est.te. During the last five
years, probably fifty ruiUtom ot dollars have beeu made by owners
and holders of real estate in New York. Families comparatively
P'-oi have become rich without moving a Anger. Broad street
this spring and summer, will he one of the busiest streets in the j
St ck> yesterday felt sick and dysprplic. Lit lie variation took I
place except a slight advance in I". S. Great efforts are making ,
in Philadelphia to raise it. On Wednesday, in that city, it touched
129, on tune. 60 days. We doubt whether it will continue. The
government is u> Jung a great effort to prerent the states from authorising
agencies of the Bank; it is also trying to make it penal to
circulate their drafts or checks. The slates may as well try to
make h peoal to breathe the fresh air. It is a ridiculous attempt,
and enly covers ihena with ridicule. The government can only
s; >p the Bank, by buying nut Nick Biddle, with the surplus revenue.
Not a dollar of relief has this eity received film the Corpora- I
Uon, the Legislature, or Congress;?yet no failures, except a
few Sauie ducks, have taken place. The Insurance Conpanies j
are arranging their business a? fast as possible, and, by the opening
of sprng, we shall be in rine trim.
Accounts from Ohio state that the attempt to repeal the Life &
Trust has turned out to he a ridiculms farce.
The hanking capital this year by state legislation is already in- ]
creased M>.000,i*h>?principalyui Pennsylvania, Ohio, Alabama, j
Lo-iisiana, and a few other state*.
(J. ?. Bank, 1264, 28,264.27, Kentucky Bank, 10Ij.2}, H,
M?chanici' Bank, 130. N. O. Gas, 105*.
? ' ? .... i >^ V V >Lvte Ins. Co.. 85.
DfU Hud.. 104$. 3,7,5j. Farmer's Loan, II8J, 20, 21, 22,
Or* Duck B?k, 145, M .haw* R. R.. l<M4,g|, 13. 12,9, j
Cons. B ;.k. 112, Paterson R. R-. lft!.
Morris Canal, 92, 3, H ir 1 :wn. R. R.. ft),
N. O. C iual. 1(T7, SumingtonR. R., 98,
Vicksburgh Bank, 1*6. 7, Bos. &. nur. I!. K.. 1083,4,44,5.
Ohn> L i^ T., 121j. 21 J. 24, 22, A L'trca R. R., 123A. 24. 26,
24J, iJ, Long ''land R. R., 97.
Prices at the Philadelphia Exchange, March 2:?
lT. S. Bx .k. 1254, 25}. .'St. 23i, N. O. Canal Bank, 1054,
274. 36. 264. 26$. 29. Vickafaurgh Bank. 66.
Mechanics Bk., 66, American Ins. Co..33,
Girar.l Bauk. 70,69*. Del i. Hud.. 1?5},
Cummer. Bank, ( in., 106, Morris Canal,94.
Kentucky Bank, 61. 1J, ,
CLEARED Ships Unman*. I.wlie, New Oil?iii; Havana,
Lane. Havana. B.igs titramo, Fowler, Baltimufe; IViie Scott,
Wilmington; Fr. hng Arsac, Le Il y, Rochelle. Sch'ri Du*ky !
Sally, B .uve. Fredericksburg; Sally Miller, Kohler. Baltiiaote; j
F jirtield. Bolkelv, Providence.
ARRIVED Sbips Orpheus, Bur-ley Liverpool; Commodore,
Wilkin*. Boston ; Henry Thompson, Parsons, Rio Jauiera. BugClio,
Slanwood, Buenos Ayres; Frances, Mertinan, Apalachacola;
Eiertion, Jones, Apalacha. <>la; Swed. Josefna. Gnlif u.
Antwerp; Aust. Baron Dietrich. Buifinels, Trieste; Monument,
Eaton*. St. Marks; William Tell, Riley, African coast. Sch'rs |
Lancean. Chapman. Wilmington; Washington, Noyes. Kantuchrt;
New Delight, Sherman. New Bedford. j
it "meeting OF MASTER CARPEXfER-?At
a meeting of tke Master Carpenters, held o*8aln- |
jay evening, Feb. 27tn, 1336, at the Howard H'juse, cortier ot
Broadway and Hvwartl street?A.her Riley was calico to the Chair, j
and *n<irew Lockwood was appointe.l Secretary.
The Chairman having staled the object of the call of the meeting, j
the following resolutions w*rr offered and unanimously adopted
Resolved, That we will pav Joiirnevmen Carpenters thirteen I
-*- in March till the first Mon- !
truiiuigi wj ? !>?? ... 7
day in April text, mil from that rime we will pay lourtern shil inji 1
per day.
R'*..?el, That the above rt-sjluUmii he sieneil by the Chiiraian
Secretary, and published m five of the dailyJMpers.
ASHER RILEV, Chairman. j
A. Lock wood, Secratiry. tnar4-3l*
native of Great Britain,) i? sti l living, ike will hear of * UDelning I
|o her advantage by calling al thr tfice of the Herald. She ha* a
daughter reaiuiog in London, ana a brother in this rity, a carpenter
mar J-3t |
in the advertising column*. H? is determined. at I
whatsoever expense, to place his GRANDFATHER'S VEGE- j
TABLE UNIVERSAL PILLS before the Pvplic. If i
iralida are nut benefitted by them it will not he Or. Rkamdkkths '
U'. THE ADVERTISEMENTS >peak for them.elve*.
feb 16-2m* j
OFFICE, corner of Wail and W ater streets, New York.
General Eantpean Agent?Dr. R. Shell n Mckenzie, of Liverpeel.
The -ubscriber havi;.; returned from Eutope, is gratified in ho
tfig able to announce to the uienhanu, editor* of newspapers, and
ICe public generally, that his arrangements (or the above are now j
rouiplee, srd that he is mom ready to receive orders to any extent |
for all foreign newspapers and periudieaia whaltti r, whi'h can be j
delivered in this city. 01 forwarded t> any pari of the country by
m?>l. at the regular prices. An arrangement has also been effected
with the trade in Europe, so that all mi-ctllaneous works can he
procured at the u*uai dkcouuL A catalogue of upwards of rleren
htmdied Brr.ish pub.ications, has been received, aud mty he sees
at the office.
Dr. R. Shelton McKenzie, of Liverpool, has been appointed
(general Ageni for Europe: the pruicip.il office heiaz in Liverpool,
with Branches in L 'l.dou. Paris, Havre, Hamburg, and all
ie principal eities. All ite<**-ary irfLnnathn will be given, on
application to the office, lor IIV letter, post paid, xddreued to H t'ii? .
Aweure. New York.') where all orders will be ?x>- I
^ute'd with *hr utm ?i regularity and tie.?;>Mch.
fehae-tf k(<BT. E. HtDSON.
" rr *i h post 6rf ic E-fii dsO-vsmekCHANTS'
WATER STREETS.?The Proprietor it the tainesj ?kicital?>a
of 1 great number of Mrrchauts. has coun?<ted Hithhis e?tabli-limea:
i SIB POST OFFICE?through which iwrtahau ai.d
lifters can receive from, aud forward tbwir letters tu the City P-?j1
Oftoe every hour during the day.
A Letter Bag will alio hecl-"-d at the Ness- Room at the latest
nauibte .noment to meet r? several mails, ami ..lie will betaken
than the Post Oxfice co a>?if let'era, as .*? >*< as the mails are Assorted.
liettera w;'l oe delivered from the p. ?t?*ft?'e on tS? special
tarter of the Metcnanls, u> wtv.iu they are addre^ed. Fui (her par'kuldis
of the arrangement v am be obtained on application at thKews
Room, where also all iafcnriioi conceding the ariival aiui
litpnure of the rn.ula.can >' ail time's he uktiimi!.
ANo every particul.ii relative to Ship Letter Bags,?thc'i.-ne of
dosing, kf- kc_, can at ill times he had on application tu sin Count*
mg Ruta Clerk. jim >lt
and Water streets.?Letter* fut all foreign pons received as u?ual, j
at this establishment, and lonvaided by the earliest conveyance
lan 22-tf
Broadway and 68 ExchaR^e PlaceLetters
and papers forwarded to Ml paits of the world by the
aulie>t conveyance. feb i-tf
N'TSofthe \ ecetahle Lile Pi i ? i. Phornix Bitters will he <mii,d
fallowing each other's heels on the last column of the fourth p .ge.
Turn over and read iheto every morning be tote breakfast, it yeu
want vn appetite. feb 6-lf |
J "it NEW ELL will this day puMish the shore canted work, with
* porirail of the author, complete in one rul. Prire3?$ cte. faMf
Collector accounts & rents, t renting
of uoi'ses, jlc. Nu. >17 Washington. corner of
Ooane street, New York. Merchants in the country may depend
with full confidence on theii busine^ Wing atttnded to with
vilritwe mott, m. d. e. Stoker. m. d.
william moore, Rich\rd Bnrr.
\ m topping, h. hoppock sl c j.
Hoppock .* Apc.ar, Lockwood. Ritch k Co.
uenrv b. gbELNWOOD, wlUXAM 3v.iih.
l>i^ 41R TMII.LS. ?W(lO?TKK STREET,Wa*I>
ipsion Sfjuere ?Heree Feed grand si l' W?f price-than atany
in t'UhluhaMBt in the city. teb i-lra*
New York. March 3,1336. 14-11"
Having removed to the
T T An extensive and fresh stock of Suplo and fancy DRY
GOODS, selected expressly for the Country Trade. our 4-It*
Thomas barn ard.jr.. gold, silver a.nd
The highest price given fur doumuko!, Sovereigns, X.C., and the
mint pi ire riven for bar Gold and Silver.
N. B. Money taken in deposit and seven per cent interest allowed.
mar S-2m"
fold and silver ASSAYED by thomas
Where hoe Gold and rolled Silver and American Gold and Silver j
pl.ited metal it constantly kept for sale.
N. B. Old Gold and Silver hough'. tmr3 2u*
wigs! wigs! wig8s
.MAKER, 93 Chatham street, (near Pearl,) informs the inh>hittnts
ol New Yolk ?nd its vicinity, that he has now a complete
and exlenwe stock of .im^mratal Hair, manufactured under hi>
own superintendence and care, expressly for the spring season.
Those purchasing wholes ale, or by the dozen, will find a decided
lOv.inUga by inspecting Ins ftock previous to buying elsewhere, he
being determined t? . rter on such low cash term.'as " ill ensure the
purchaser's patronage. Hi' stock comprises au end'ess variety of
i he latest Hud nio-t modern P iri-ian And European fashions, viz : in
Ringlets, Curia, Puff?. Frizzttea, Wire Curls, Band curled and
plain. Ornamental and Plain Hi aid* Grecian in Kinrleu and
Puff?: a large ?a >rtmenC of Ladies and GrntU men's W.<?: plain
curled Whiskers Mustaches, kc. kc.
In his Perfumery Department, will be f>m il a choice andextensive
assortment of D>m??tic and F. re?gn Perfumery, Consisting of
Beat's Grease; Antique and Macassar Oil's: Hart's Vegetable Oil
fc>r Beautifying aod presen iii( the Hair; Kilvdor, or Ciearn of Almonds,
celebrated for removing freckles .and niotches, iltofur softening
the skin; Lip Saive; Cold Creaiu; .Mi k of Rom; Otto of
Rose? ; Musk. Lavender. Bergaumt. kc. kc. American Bouquet,
an indisp-n-able article for the ioalet; German Cologne, Lavender,
and other Watera; Soaps of every desciiptioia: Shell and H-rn
Cumin; Hair, Cloth, Tooth Brushes. kc. kc. kr. marVtf.
FELT k Co., are now prepared to execute all orders for
every description of glazed and coloured piper-, of all sizes and
every shade. They have after great expense obtained from Germany
some very superior workmen cspable of so combining the
colours as to render ihem permanent?thereby removing the objection
heretofore existing lotsarda all A met ican papers. To their
f'reig)* papers now on hand they are constancy adding fresh supplies
oy every arrival, selected by their agent i o? reaidirg in Europe,
and fr xn the best ra.uiif ictarrs both >1 Germany and Prance,
irhii h with their own Amniran papers ai? orferad to the tradf and
thers. upon the most unusually moderate terms at Stationers Hall,
245 Pearl si mar 3
STEAM POWER TO LKT>?Apartments fin a
huildinc witn Steam Power privilege, and fixtures for Turning
Lathes, gouging gutters, and other purposes Possesion g ven Unme
1 lately. For particulars, inquire i n the premises. 557 Water
street, or of VEKNET, SALOMON, k B ENSON,
83 W ater stieel.
N. B. Also, latge Water Power privileges r.e?r the city.
mari-4t eod
LEECHED ! LEECHFSI?Alnloft ij superior Leeches
iti*t received and fcr sale, at HOPPKR'S Pharnncy.
mar2 No. 364 Broadway, cor. of Fiankliu at.
A few shares of 'he above Company's stock, for sale by
mar 1-tf G. G. SH'KELS, 21 Wal street.
I (lor Varicocele aad Hernia.)?'These improved surgical tnI
struments of the latest and m?>t improved patent, t' ~ sale at.No. 2
Ann stre?l, where they are adjusted and applied hy a practical
surgeon. Also, a new in?tiumei>t for the cure of Prolapsus Aui.
mar 1-tf
S AL.Mt>.\??Nu. ,No.2. and Na.3.in tierces. A !so,ruaty.
feb 19-lw* 55 Broad street, up stairs.
jUKHs OPIK'8 WORKS.-The tint second *o1"
1 lume of .Mrs. Opic's Works ate just published aiti for sale ia
auiubera or volames, at tne office of J.Sl \* . S inford. Publishers,
H Anu street, and by all the principal Boofcteiiere througlioat the
United States.
The first volume contains the Fa>hienab!e Wife a*d I'nfishionahla
Hu>baiid, Mad dine. the My*leriou> Stranger,appearance against
her, the RobWr, the Brother and Sister
Seeond volume emjaiu* Adaliue Mowbray, Murder Wiil Out,
the Revenge, the Orphans, Uncle .snd Nephew, Lose and Duty,
the Death Bed. Black Velvet Pelisse.
The thlrdviluiae wil commence with Mr**. Opie's Tales on Lying.
in consequence af the numerous calif the publishers have had,
they will print an extra quantity to supply those who wish Iheas
without takiug the other pail of tkk intrtcstiug work.
Carrien wanted to circulate thia wutk. feh 27-lm
INDIAN DTE rORTHV HilRr-T1? beMarti1
cle cost in use, for chaugii g the color of the hair ;a a heautifal
black or brown, and warranted (sot to uijin e the skin, or cause the
hair to come out. For sale at HOPPER'S Pharmacy, No. 364
Broadway comer of Franklir. street. fr'o37-tf
ITTICA LOTS??5" LOTS, remarkably well lor,(el, tie
I. ' ing in the immediate neighborhood of the best business (treats
For sale, very low, by applying to G. G. NICKELS,
? " ' il w xll street
tughiv conccntrated. marie fiom the most approved foratula,
(or ?ale_by NATHAN B. GRAHAM,
f*b 2i 38 Cedxr. cornel of William it.
i x urn r>f Horse*. Carriage*. Harness, Sic., continue to take place
at this well known establishment rrvrr Mond.iv. at 12 o'clock.
The next sale wilt tike place oa Monday, 7tb in?t. All Hones,
Carriajn s. A-c. intended for tbii sale, must he shown. and entered oa
or before Saturdav next, ath inst, at 5 o'clock, P. M.
feb 10-tf 446 Broadway.
Horse forstle.?Or Monday. March 7th, will be ??id at public
auction, ai this well known est .bli-huient, the celebrated fast trotting
Hor?e Kail Road. For further oaiticulare -.pplv to
feb 24-3awt? J NO. W WATSOX. 446 Broadway.
STORE CURTAINS.?Merchants in w till of ijlore
Curtain- can he supplied at the shortest notice.
Upholsterv and Paper Hanging Warehouse, No. Mil Jen Line
fe S-lniS
J. AND EXCHANGE BROKER-Eichanges alTkind. ofuuewrrvnt
money at the lowest rates.
All kinds oi gold and >ilv?r bought and sold.
K ink of Englaud Noiea bought and sold. Thompson will roller t
a d nefociate malts on moat ?i the couitneicial place* in the States
X <f t'anadies oct Zi-if
tier of Lecny, and 413 Hudson corner ot Amot street. WU ITALL
i LAWTO.N respectfully inform their friends and the con.
<unaeis of Authrarite Coal that I hey are daily receiving cargoes *>
very -uperior quality Schuylkill C?al. warranted to be canal to n.r
Coal sold in this market tunder any name.) they would call attention
particularly to the Spofoi and Gate Veins. From their amngeinetits
this year they feel satisfied they w-U be able to give satijfs.lion
lo cooMimers both as to quality and pi ice.
Orders atrict'y attended to.
Orilars received by A. De f itnf k C?. 34 W all street: or a A
Ten Evck. M*2 Washington slteet; J. O. R. ..thai k. 196 Bowerr,
or ?t either .if their yards. JAMKS D. W. WHITHALL,
IC. r. jar 24) JOHN >V. LAWTUN. Ub 2-tf
ASSIGNEE'S XOTlCE.-H??i?f fy deed of ** ?"mcnt
own ipj?iiMn! A??i2i?ee of the prop* 11; tj AC0>B
*MITH. of the Oily of New Yoik. iLivery Sla i Keeper) i*>
tor ihe benefit of *11 of hi* creditor*. 1 requite all pet?oui i?.ie+>ted
tol?imtn make itninediatepayiwi t.jud all peraona liavi<(
rlaires or demands agtioat him to furnish a sMcomM of the parlirn
an thereofwilhniH delay to the whacriber. at the corncr of Beekma:
mm) Sjoath tlreefc ,NewYwfc.
Nav. *6. 1?S5l noTjO-tf WM P. WRIGHT. V?tiwt.
QAA LBS. Jl'Jl'HK PASTE* of 'uperior quality f r
OUU ?alr, wholesale u?l retail. hy
f?h 22 377 Bi??<!? ay.
rr prove alXTt hi xcs. Ut STi?.?
mn Dentiat and prt>eire hi* t?H h, t>r o*ing I>r *'jiltu.?n"? M ijnetie
Odootira- See idverti? menf, " "l"h? Taeth The Tteth "
I'Pf.S >\VKKT BAfiS. ( 1
J fi?r ??le. wholesale ?r.d retail, hr
feh 16-tf 36 VS iliiaoi itrcet, inii 10 Broadway.
IV ANTE D? A situation " 8al?au and Book Keeper is I
w T Hal and Capealahliahaaanl, bjr * J?"if dui who U well mquaiiued
with (he wholesale Southern and Weatern, at well as the
r> tail busiuesi generally. A line addrwed O. W. J. at BdleTille.
N. J., will he attended la, tad the best of itteT-. ni e? gisea. ll"
np AILORESSES ? Wilt fiud employ oaem and {tad price*
J. h? tpplyiog immediately at No. 6 Disiaiou st. marS-lw*
CCKtiWi?WANTED,. Wrought Iron Screw, about six
?3 inches diameter. Apply at 148 Spring it. mar4-3l'
PARTXEK W ANTED?Iu a fin: rate hustncia where there
i> a certainty of doing c good buxitaa unhurt any ink. the
capital required to p rchaae an equal interest will be or the
whole will he told for $500. For particular* inquire at 70 Chambet
st. mar 3
OMfc.STIC SEKVANT8, No. 70 Chamber rt.?Allkindi
of the beat ot Sere ants may be had at abort notice. Thia office
naa extraordinary lew.urce* for supplying Americnn servants.?
l n st- wno want ? >oa serrw t j *nouiU call ana (rj il >o. 70
Chamber sL is opposite Hutson's old sLand. mar 3
XftT AHTED?An Instructor who ? perfectly coav* -sant with
vv uie Clarionet lo U wh a young man who is desirous of becoming
acquainted with ihe above mentioned instrument. A linr
addressed lo B. G. Y. and left at this office, Mating teint-, ix. wil!
I meet with io.mediate attention. mar l-3t
V\7 A X T ED.-FL RN13HED LODGINGS for a 8mgi?
<?en lem.n. with Hreakf?st aad te?, somewhere in the neigh
horhood of Clinton Hall, and on the east aide of Broadway. A
ptivate family would be preferred. A letter addressed t? L. M.
<n<i lett at the Herald office, will he attended tu. feb29-lw*
W ANTKD-A NUMBftK OF AOCNT8 feo ?atrihii
the Herald in Philadelphia, New Brunswick, Newark
Pifnon, New Haven. Previdtnce, Hudson, Troy, and Albany
Apply at the HkraLP office. feb 2b*-11
wh eh unif-rmly crowns tie laU?r of Mr. Finn'sMudeuts ii
Sook-keepiug, at his tfice, No. 4 WaH street, cannot possibly bt
equalled elsewhere. Oulj mark ?the total amount of salarie*
conferred on Mr. K.'s finished Book-keepers, employed for tke las
vear, was equal to $531 ?oG 1 His prevent orders tor first-rate Book
1 keepers tur the following spring trader which will conMaeiice earlj
, this year.) auiount already to the number of 50 ; whilst not om so
! iiury diploma ot his remain* unfiled in ** the shivering hands'
| of an idle ace?*untant. In order, therefore, to give a chance tolho*
who > ?> not be able to pay the $15 in advance, (which is the usua
charge made for the .ttui anient of the science,) Mr. r. will recein
, $10, aud the balance will uot be demanded ui lil a suitable ?itujti?i
is cbtaiued fur each *tud#at, with a hearty f?n|rituUiion fur hi
| welfare. fch 29-lw*
V1ANTEU ?An English or American youth from 16 to 1'
"? years of as apprentice to th? LITHOGRAPHIl
PRINTING Business. Enquire at the office, comer of Nassai
and Spruce sheets, in the na>rin?ot of the American Tract S >ciet;
boilding. feh 25-tt
WANTED?a young Girl to d<> the op sialis work and a>
>i?t in taking care of children. Also a woman to do the wssb
| inc. ironing and kit< hen woik, those with food recommendation
can .p ply Immediately at 1-12 Greetsstreet, near Houston street,
\ V' ASTKI)?Notes of the Bank of Monroe. M. T. at H pe
" cent. dircoutiL Also. Eastern, Western and Southern Mmn)
?t the lowest tales. Doubloons. Sovereigns and Napoleons hougb
and*.|d. H. MENDELL,
feb 19-tf 128 Broadway,
VV AN X KD?A Boy at 70 Chamber street.
? ? feb 18-tf
WASTISD?A first rate Colored Waiter?two White Wai
? * ter. tor ptivate families?3 Small Girls for light work? *?
rw i good smart Girls for house-work. Apply at 70 Chambers street
, feh 11-tf
l *?e gross uf genuine Bears Oil, warranted pura, f'>r sale i
HOPPER S PHARMACY, Nn.W Broadway, corner of Frank
I ;n|sL. at 12 dollars a gross, or one dollar a dozen. feh 2-1 f
ingtou Square.?Coffee roasted for Grocers at 60 cents perhui
! dred pounds. No charge for cartage. j f?brf- lm"
A TLEMEN.?The subscriber has removed to the elegant an
' spaci o? rooms of the Collegiate Schoal, 160 Canal street, entranc
on !he corner of Varick street.
I A select class of young gentlemen will he instructed in the u?u
blanche* of education, also in the Classics and Modern Language
The Kreiirh department is under th? immediate direction of j
etlinua, Profeifor of the Ktench Language.
N. B. Particular attentio*. will he i.. R.^.L-L-?: ...
-- - u.
Terms in nleiate. Apply as above. C.C.JENNINGS.
dec 2-lf
C"1 LEXX'S INDIAN DYE?For coloring red,Light, orpe
T hair in 8 or 10 houri, wi hout staining the -kin, or injuring If
tenure of the hair, in the lent; for lale at If. -pperN Ph.? riuacy, N
j*rJ Broadway, corner of Franklin M-, by the gross or doaen. f2 tf
IJ K( BBEK Cloth and Clothing Warehouse, No. 3J Fulte
street, iMoiiU Holt's Hotel,New York.
MARK.!! The proprietor* ehtained the highest premium
the lute Fair of the American Institute, for the best specimens
India Rubber Clothing, Boots and Shoes.
The subscriber's stock consul! In r-rt ?f the following article
. and warranted water proof in everv rl mate.?
Goal's Hair Cainb et Sat touts. Air Cushions
do Wrappers do Life Preservers
imitation do do do Swimming Belts
Goat's Hair Camblet Clocks ilo Travelling Collars
I Imitation dc do Sporting Bag?,
do Capes W ater Bags and Bottles,
Merino Surtouts Travelling Bags
; Diilling SurtouU Letter Bags
Frock Coat? of all kinds Gas Bag?
Jipoi tins Jackets Injection Bags
M< nkey Jackets Gaiteis for riding
Pea Coats Leggings without feet
Par.taliiuus Bxggage and Wagon Cutrs
Wjding pan's with feet Gloves and Mittens
L> ng Leggings with fret Caps with Capes
Shottdodo Gun Covers
Gentlemen and Ladies' Boots fc Hand Reina .
Sh?s Horse Covers
Hells for carry ing money iu Saddle Bags
: Ladies' Ap~>ua Hose f.r conductive water
Mi.-es'do Air Saddles
Children's de Hydr'static Bed
Air Matrasses Bathing Couches
do Pillows, kc. 4.C. &c.
Alao, India Rubber Cloth, of ill width* .and kind* for Cairsg
Gig or Wagon T ips, Cumins Boots, or any ?ther u?es, foi.
I const int supply always ou hand.
Older?* fioiu Morrhanl* iu ley part of the United Stales praap
ly attended to.
I An account "7 the ahore distinguished individual, t-mbracis
the nsost remarkable events in his career in Europe and Anseiic
will ue pu " -nru >.n or nei re ine inn ol .atarcn. mil will he l<
air h' the principle Bookseller* in Portland, Boston, and Xr
York. feb 13-lnt-eod
MOCK TI RTLK SOUP-Althe Clinton Lunch,coi
ner of Hroadway and Liberty street, jeraed up every day in
; superior >tylfc jui 29-lf
TO TRUNK MAKERS.?5* Newfcaarflaad do
I Skins; also, 200 Canada dressed f>r Tnmk*.
W 19-lm' 36 Bruad ?tre*t, up Hair*.
| TO CAP MAKERS.?300 Newfoundland Seal Skin
1 superior aitidr. DIWSCOMB. BROTHERS.
Crb 19-lin* 46 Bn>a<!street, up stair*.
4 CARD*?S. W. KKYHA.M let urns his sincere thanks I
i\ his numerous friend* ai.i i*.- public, for their aery esteodei
' patrusMge durin?lhe paaf T*?r he ha been in business, and bef?t
acquaint Ihrui that he is enlarging his Manufactory, when he will b
: better prepared lo m#*-t the d< aiunl.f bis patrniH with a supply 0
) erery thine in the Cvufect- isary lh<? of the rkh**t description
and daily ?.??f?ctuied, fie-h ami m-?, i n the improved priucipl
of clarifying by ?t. am. S W. B. fl .rter* Inuuelf that by still ?on
I tijninc lo have his pud* imtu' *e tuied out of I he heat ingredients
and free from any deleter lous celling. the r- d onlv being used, I ha
he cannot fail to give tin *er al sal iafaciinsi, as thousand* h lie al
read; tcstifie 1, and who daily exiead their pationagetu the Bower
Steim Confectionary, Sa. jn8 B iwy, and la the Branch Stole
No. ZSM Grand street, brlam Chi iw and Forsyth streets.
N It. City and Count y idvrs atleeded to with punctuality an.
dispatch, and sent to any part > theiily.free of cartage. frbii-tf
* * W holesale Dealers in and Fancy Dry Goods, haari 11]
takeiistore No. 26 Broad street, i few door* below th? Eich?ng<
1 Hotel, haverecrired and are now opening four hundred package* o
F.*eipi and D mcstic Dry Goods which they offer lor ?ale by thi
pack ijt- or piece, on as good terms as can he had iu this city, am
to which they respectfully invite the attention of merchant* fron
JllT.r..nl JiL. - '
^z_: " "* .mm itj. rev> x-tr
P^R SALE? 22,000 Acm?f Kvud tiutVrrd Urd it
* the Stale of Maine, Ijiug on the Xaragm^i* waters and wilhii
ifrW llii!W of *h5P MT^KB,*on- Tke timber consists priucipaflr o
White Piue, *itfe a fair proportion of Spruo ami Hard Wuud
1 ,e ***? *veri' y?od mills ia tKe Ticinitj, of ea?y access.?
Pri*>ns who nave been on it, represent it at a desirable tract ef laiu
and .mi object for speculators to l ike held of. Terms ofpajmrn
j wi He nnde and accommodating; for further particulars ap
; ?lT ? , J. G. VANDKNBERG.
I ,lfc *-'f _ >5 Chatham street.
IVAHU^ 1IUK OIL. ?Thu Oil will prnuK.tr (hi
, *' Ctvwfh and beauty of the Han. more than an* ?therprepira
; u .1111 * in u*?, for -ale a:HOfPKK S rWanj,Na.,V4 Bro...J.
way corner Fnuklin feb?7-tf
| F9K SALE?A BARGAIN.?-That haod*??e tatI
S9 nory brick Hou?e, No. 948 Im Broadway, lufatfcrr *rtk
I JB^L the >w? mi all brick Homo, Nov 267 ind MBDiTiiioa A
Enquire al Nu 142 Chatham it mar 1-lw
Modern Built Brick Houtea, with baaeme aU and counter
cellar?, situate on the south side of 2lit street, a few doon
, raat of the 3d aveoue, and in the immediate rid nit j of timmmrrry
Park. They are finished in the moil superb Banner, *nh marble
j maatels, folding door*, (rate*, kt., together with Ur** and eonvi
oiaai T>rd. Apply to O. <J. SICK ELS, il Wall meet.
m*r 1-tf
fai HOUSE WIMTBB^A Family warn to rent a
' ."^W House in a ctol:al part of the city, for a Boarding-house.
I""* Tl 1 AliWU ... >l?l X l_ k- 1...
i ; 10 X. X. X., and lea?e >t the Herald office. '''frh 49-2w*
Properly out of the city, which ii constantly increasing |Sn
ralue, for a House and Lot in some pleiiant part of New
York or Brooklyn, for a private residence. Address Boi 1187 Post
I Uftce. leb i44f
MTO LET.?The upper part ofthe three si?ry House,
No. Si'Maiden Lane. It could ne altered to answer for any
bus i net.. Also, the cellar, which is lofty, dry,and cuiumudious.
Enquire on the premises.
. Jj WANTED, >0 or 12 GIRLS foi Plain Sewing. Inquire
at No. 50 Maiden Law. frb 6-3m*
1 Jfr-x FOR SALE.?The ureipirrd term of Ten Yean
' !i!"B Lea^e of a Buck front House, in Stanton slreet?greuiid
*10; i Diprovemeiit* to be paid for at the eapitatioo of
: the lease, or the ground ran be purchssed at a fair valuatie*. Term*
, of pay mrsi made easy. Inquiife at the Drug Store, comer of Madi.
son and Catharitie street. feb 11-tf
M APARTMENTS forainii.il family is wanted about or
near the Park, at lew rent. Apply at 70 Chambers street,
feb 11-tf
' flOUHE WAX TED.?a Good Modern Built Tw
1 HloryHo?M, located between Canal k *4Jerckrr tiraeii, k
( wetl ot Broaaway. Apply mimed a;?rly at413 Broadway.
feb Vlii$
lIS?IW Story Madeiu Brick House, situated in the neighborhood
r ot Broadway, not above Bl> ecker ?treet.
I febC-tf Apply to G. G. SICKELS.21 Wall st.
II il!."W To Lease.?The .tore 1117 Mtidea Laae, (one of the Mar
ble Buildings) on the north side of Maiden Lane, 3d Joo. balow
Pearl slreet. It runs through from Maiden Lane to Fletcher
7 stieet, and is st out 80 feet deep, and lias a front . n Kletc her street,
; and is four Dorics high. This is we of the most central situations
j fur business ui our city. Apply to ADAM W. SPIES,
i- No. 192 Pearl street.
, fcM-ln lf6 kin! 188 Greenwich <(rwt
FOR S A LEi 2 elec-nt 3 *tory H with Uu Nos.
, 302 310 E. Broadway. The houses are new. in pood order,
" " iik H?rn style, aaiid built ia the best manner. Also, Brick
Houses with the lots, in Columbia, l>?tivet-n Gland am! Brmjae ?t?.
The houses are two story, and will he finished off in the very best
r modern style by the uinldle of April next. Apply to
' feb 4-1 iu$ THOMSON PRICE, 190 Kast Broadway.
i:"!W Canal Stieet.near Broadway. Apply at 413 B'uadway.
- ftb 4-l<n?
READER, the following l^an advertisement of
J Let this truth be impressed on every mind?That all pmin ?f
L i-rnimu, u ouin? to morbid, sttignnmt, and corrupt humor' ;
zchitk impede the circulation of the blood.?Braiidreib
it " For the life of the flfh is in the blood."?Lei-iUcut xvii. II.
that Che office of the stomach is to prepare the food for the
nourishment ?f the body. and that the health of every organ must
, necessai ily depend on Ui? due performance of iU functions; for if
the chyle ?r digestive fluid he not rood, the body rannot be property
- nowrisned, the > enrous system will be adected, the secretion, of the
- r?r1*.l jn.l Ih. uk..U m...
I llencr result the disorders which tre erroneously teims-d incurable,
:e by men, who enter do not, ot will not comprehend the hypothesis,
that all diseases whatever arise solely froiu acriti onions humors in
' the blood.
* When acute and inflammatory diseases are the consequences of
this state ofthe blood.the fa ulty have recourse to bleeding! a measure.
mmdermis in iU effect ' 'culated to tap the mot of the c??"
stituiion ! yet it is Mill persisted i. ! though not a single c?se cao be
produced wherein it has been of w vice. Rut 10,00)1 might he produced
wherein it has brought on paralysis, and a tiain of nervous
_ disorders, dreadful even in imagination to those who have beheld
y (heir fearful consequences.
ie How many thousands are sent to an untimely grave! How many
;0 families deprived of their amiable children! II* ? many husbands
of their lovely wives! How many wives of their deat husbands!
? have fallen victims to this murderous practice! and the same may
* be said of Mercury.
,w Manklml, oh, consider this subject. I charge ye, loaenotyiie
dropofyour bl.-?l,for the practice of bleediuw dPMMPVi* Kma'
m?n sense, and alt experience proves it isMsaf ?" to c<mititvf?m
' as all diseases ate caused by foul and act iuauuioui matter
emei i?g the circulation and contaminating thf M 'iw). ffcputilyiug
' IH>1 the abstracting the vital fluid, should be ronsiiterritjn tne cure of
diseases; and those who ate attentat- to this, invariably attaiu to a
healthy old age. Had the Crealot intended mankind to have parted
with blood, rely on it, a place would have been made for its discharge,
when too much had accumulated.
Wnen the pi.jserties of BRANDRETH'S VEGETABLE
UNIVERSAL PILLS shall have been appreciated, bleeding will
no luuter be Iheughtufas a temedy for dieasis?for in violent inAamations,
8 or 10 of them wijl take in the course of 2 or 3 hours
more of the impute humors from the hotly, bv the stomach and howels,
than bleeding to the extent of 40 o*' ceuid possibly have done;
and it should bo remembered that the Pills iMb>vc ONLY those
parti from the blood, which were the cause of (tie inflammation;
tdbraas Bleeding remmtt the essentia/ partm^o. How treat the
prostration of all the corporeal powers, after a copious bleeding f?
On the contrary, what agility and strength is felt, alter a due of
this medicine; the body is indeed lightened of a load. Nothing,
nothing is equal to ridding the vitiated humors with a vegetable
medicine of this kind, whirh 34 yean have proved, never do injury,
but alway* g>od. Is the pulse too high.' a done of these pills will
biing it d >wu. Is it too low.'the same meanswill inctease tv to a
| proper standsid- Is it tremulous,showiug nervous ejcmsi?i:i' the
pills by soothing the system will <llay it.
i Thousand* of the most respectable citizens of New York Will be
I referred to willi pleasure by Dr. B., who have frr many years been
.] in the habit of being bled, often as many as 4 or 5 times in the year,
' and whose constitutions, in coiueqaence, were becoaiiug weaker insl
weaker, have, since they have made use of these pills, never lost a
drop of their precims Mood. When any of their old symptoms appeared,
ins ead of running to the doctor and haviny a vein ort ned,
they have swallowed 6 or 8 pills, which sxin removed the vitiated
huinots, that were impeding the bloed in its circulation. These
|\ sensible people, simply by the use of these invaluable pills, are inig
creasingeverv day the powers both of bs-dy and nrntl. which by the
a, practice of bleeding, were both beroming dreadfully impaiicd.
,r t NOTICE.?DR BRANDRETH'S Office for the sale of the
w above Pills, wholesale and retail, ltniludsunstreet.opposite Broome
! street. wher? he msy be consulted gratis, by those taking his Pillion
- Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
r Frice 25 cents per ho*, with full directions. ian 7-era~o?
.1* dr. e: m. oriovs universal Blaster, for the
SORES OF ALL KINDS.?This Uuly valuable plaster ha?
hern generally ux-d, iih! already given entire satisfaction in curing
all ?f the above affections, the universal relief thai it affoids ill cases
( of?ChiU>lai?? and Corns are Mifirw-nt hi establish its rthcacy; it ii
' offered to the public as I sure ami speedy remedy for any of I he
,-ihove named disease*; it mar be obtained at 127 Bowerv. rorn?r
of Grand street The following are some among the number of
o ttstituouials already received.
1 New York, Jan. 26,1836.
? Dr. E. M. Guion, Sir: I should be wanting in my d?ty to you,
' did I not take this method of testifying to the lasting benefit I nave
f eapeiiewced in the use of your Universal Plaster, in curing my
i, frozen fret, after Irying every remedy I could hearof without effect;
f its speed* relief is almost improbable, when I state that after 1 had
it on my feet two hours, the pain had left them entirely?you may
, make what use of this letter you pleaae.
t Your obliged servant.
Signed Z. THOMAS.
f Brooklyn, L. I.,January 30,1336.
Dear Doctor. My Corns which f staled to you had plagued me
so l<.i.g that I had exhausted all patience in trying to cure?have
Plastei?which for your kindness in recommending, I return Ton
many thank*. Your* &c. P. CONOVER.
I For Sale at No. 127 Bowery, corner of Grand street, k at X". 83
? Henry, corner of Pike >L feb 9-eo2m
1 fike: fire: fire:~
i I "I" R* ROBINSON, of No. 48 Coiirtlindiftlmt, Propria
1? tor and Publisher of the larj? Fire Plate h?-g# to anoounrr to
1 the pnhlic that he is now ready to meet their demands for splendid
Colored Prools of said Picture. Also, a variety of F?putar Can i.
catures. kc. of every denomination, for sale wholesale and retail.
JI'Jl'HE PASTE?For Coughs and Colds, kc. for sa'?
wholesale and retail by
feb 23 38 Cedar street, cornerof William
TEWED TERR Al'IX-At the COatm Luocb, corner
of Broadway and Liberty street,senredupeTtry ereninglr tn
Sto 12 o'clock. Mult in a style superior to any other establish
inent in this city. jan 29-tf
CALVE'S FEET JELLY?In pint? jnd half pints, ibo
in forms fbr ptrties, M D. BRYSO.VS, 148 Fulton ?t., near
| Broadway. . fet 4-t/

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