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VOLUME II. no. aei.
Jn Uu CHnJon Buiidinft, 1 Uu comsr <f\wwu mU
Btskmmn i/rwti.
TERMS Of ADVERTISING.?The wteosive circulation af the
Uemld, both in town and country, make it a superior channel ftr
1 da?. (IHM dajrs, ?' * I 7 #1 ?I 10 dan, $$ SB
- - . ? 76 ? - - l 6U 8 - - um 111 - . 8 87
? 1 00 I ? ? ? i 75 I ? - ? a IS I 13 - - a 50
9weeks, ?? 50 I 3 ??onths, t8 OS
1 BUM*. 3 OS | ? mouths, 15 M
?Cfr~All advor'isama^ts to lie paid for before their insertion.
AdvertisaiNsnts inserted ia the Wskkly Hkhals, at 41 00 par
aquase ovsrr insertion.
In the year 1922, Mr. Waldeck engraved, in the line
manner, from the drawing* of Capl. del Rios, the sev
enten plates for the work of thai author, which was
translated at London, and published by H. Berthoud.
A suspicion arose in the mind of Mr. Waldeck that
the designs were incorrect, and he felt a strong desire
personally to ascertain the fact. An opporumty was
offered, in 1825. by his being appointed hydraulic en
gineer to the Halpujayhua Company in Mexico. He
set out for Mexico in the month of Mareh. Various
circumstances rendered his stay but a short one; he
left the mines at the expiration of ten months. On
his arrival in the Mexican capital, he resolved to car
ry into execution his original purpose?to give himself
up to Mexicun archueoUgy, and, by his studies, ac
quire the knowledge whicii would enable him to visit
with beneficial effect the ruins of Palenquf. Being
admitted into the Museum of Mexico, he copied there
all the curious manuscripts, as well as the finest spe
cimens of sculpture, in stone, jasper, and terra cotta.
This first collection consists ot 1(?0 water-color draw
ings, relative to ancient and modern costume, usages,
natural history, snd picturos<|ue scenery, and contains
also a hieroglyphic grammar, and a copious vocabu
lary o. the Aztcque language. A valuable article of
this colleclion is a copy from an original portrait of
Mentezums, which was painted by an Italian gold
smith who accompanied Ferdinand Cortes.
Mr. Waldeck attempted, at Mexico, a lithographic
Eublication, with an explanatory text, of the rich and
eautiiiil collection belonging to the University; but,
the country not being favorable cither to the arts or to
study, the work which, besides, was very imperfect,
in consrquence of the extreme difficulty of working
the stones, did not succeed, and was discontinued af
ter the a i pea ranee of the fourth number.
In 1S32, by the exertions of Viscount de Cliaptal,
and the influence of Don Lucas Alaman, then minis
ter, of Don Francisco de Kagoaga, the chief Alcalde,
and of Gen. Morau, Mr. Waldeck obtained a sum suf
ficient to enable him to make a journey to Pelanqu?.
'The subscription was to have amounted to 10,000 pi
astres; but, when only 4,437 piastres were subscri
bed, he determined to set out with what remained of
that sum. The purchasing of arms and provisions of
all kinds for this long and difficult expedition, and the
conveyance of his baggage and assistants, left him,
on his anival at Pela-,que, only 3,300 (tastres, and,
with this sum in hand, he began to excavate the mon
uments, and put the whole of them in a state to be
This labor lasted seven monthf. In the cours; of
it, the revolution brought about by Santa Anna hav
ing acquired more stability, the subscription was pul
a stop to, and M. de Chaptai wrote to Mr. Waldeck
that he must not reckon upon any more help from
Mexico. Mr. VValdeck's assistants now refused to
?0 on, and he was obliged to dismiss thein, after hav
ing paid their wages, and a sum to cover the expenses
of their homeward journey. Thus he was left alone
and pennyless among the ruins, but still too intent
upon his enterprise to think for a moment of giving it
>p. Resolved to subsist by hunting, he resumed his
toils; but, at the expiration of two years of fatigue
and danger, when he had made 119 drawings, an(fnn
interesting collection of reptiles, insects, ana zoologi
cal prepa utions, famine compelled him to abandon
ihe superb antique monuments which he had stadied
with so much delight.
The result of his researches is, that the destruction
of Pclanque was the consequence of a war with a
nei.hboring power, (wh.eh could be no other than
Ehul-hk, capital of tho kingdom #f Tlepollan,) that
the city was taken by assault, and was le t uninhabi
ted. This event happened 900 years before the con
quest of Mexico by the Spaniards. The Tulteqoes
perhaps knew nothing, except by tradition, of this ex
tinct nation. Neither thereligiotis worship, the hiero
glyphics, nor the architecture of this ancient people
nas any connection with the Tulteques and Azteques;
tbvir archives, which still exist uniujured, go back to a
prodigiously remote period. The Paleuquians were
formed by a mixture of various nations of the old con
tinent; to all appearance, the Chaldseans were the
original stock, and the main body consisted of Hin
doos. The astonishing sculptures, which still remain,
arc of a quite different character from all that has hith
erto been known.
Still influenced by an ardent spirit of inquiry, Mr.
Waldeck, in February, 1834, journeyed to thenrovince
of Yucutan, amidst the ravages of the cholera, and
the misery and ianiine which were caused by the pes
tilence. There, supplied with pecuniary aid by a mu
nificent and learned Irish peer, he undertook to ex
plore, in the interior of that tine peninada, the monu
ments which he knew te exist there. He first bent
his course to the mountains of the centre, on which
he found the vast and superb city of Vualan, which
has a width of half a league, and extends ?ght
leagues from north to south. The enthusiasm of Mr.
Waldeck bud been excited by the fine relicaof Palen
qui, but here it was raised to a still higher pitch?for
here he found monuments in excellent preservation,
the workmanship of which, for splendor, interest and
solidity, exceeded all thai could bo imagined. He la
bored with unabating ardor for two years, and was
about to visit a second time the ruins of Chichen
Ytzta, when, on the 10th of January, IH'56, in conse
Iuence of an order of the Mexican government, oil his
rawing* anil papers were seizecL Fortunately, he
had duplicates of the documents, and, since his arri
val in Kngland, he has bi-en engaged in replacing,
from his original sketches, the drawings which were
taken from nim. The ecientific bidies of London and
Paris have expressed to him the interest which thev
take in his researches; and his eorrovondMci witn
a learned member of the Institute (M Jomard) has
gained for him a medal from the Geographical Socie
ty of Pans. He is now preparing for the press a nar
rative of his travels. The first part will bo that which
relates to Yucutan. Mr. Waldeck deems it necessa
ry t? hasten the publication of it, for fear that the
drawing* which were taken from him may be sent to
Europe to be clandestinely sold ; a measure which
the dishonorable action committed wuh regard to his
property authorises him to consider as not improba
ble. The Inquiries in Yucutan are dedicated to Vis
count Kingaborough, author of the "Mexican Anti
quities," which hsvB been already noticed in a former
volume, and in the present number ot this Review.
The Travels will treat on the statistics, customs
ami usages of the country?in a word, on all that can
interest an observing Blind, whether amusing, useful,
or instructive; thev will also include many anecdotes,
characteristic of tne manners of the Creoles and In
dians; a sketch of the commerce of the province, and
of its future nnportnnce relative to politi al geography ;
an ancient Yucatce ballad of cons dc.ahln beauty, and
curious far the lij/ht which it throws on the ancient
history of the Maya; a copious vocabulary of the
Mava I igungo, for the use of travellers who may
wish to vi-it the coun ry ; sn Kssny to prove that the
Yucateea are of Pal.nquian origin ; and a Summary
of the ancient history of the Maya, from a century
befotv the conquest iill their suhjogat on, which did
not finally take place nil the year 1700. The work
will be i stratrd by a general map of the province,
the intei. of which w is nnknown, and by il or 23
plates, engraved or lithographed, according t? the
Style of the subje ts, and accompanied by an explan
atory text.?foreign Quur/er.y
Fashisn and Taii.? Talk. People here, and
still more so abroad, have supposed, or rather taken
it f <r granted, that we were to have a very duil season
in Washington ths winter j this fain.ly gone, that
circle broken up, or this one n mourning, nre promi
nent atn.il Mi* many reasons assigned. Rut I never
put any faith in such prognostications. I v.sit and
reccive a* many visits as ever, and if we may judge of
the nvmrU-courirr parties of iho sens n, inoro espe
cially of the df liuhtful little sociable given lh- other
day by the Inly tio-?tess of Montrose, wc w.iuld say
that truth 'iad very little to do with sueh reports.
Hjwevei, whatever may bee oiaeof tne, I nrist not
run awnv Wi?h myself i i my own letter, hit proceed
at otire to toy object, which ?* to give you an aer.iiini
of thi h<>iiitiflil ' tableaux r-'vinn," which w 'rein
troduced into our society with the happiest ts->tc ami
t j niost ?ignal niecess at the par'y I h?v.i m nnon
? do this in the hope that our fashionable ladiea
may learn to follow an example so delightful, by
keeping up the beautiful amusement on this occasion '
so auspiciously attended. I
For those who do not know what "tableaux vi- I
vansare, I must suy that they are among the many
?ther pleasant things that we are indebted to Franco
?la bella France?for. As the name implies, they
are designd io represent living' -pictures of fancy or
historical subjects, by characters and scenery dressed
to correspond with the original painting, and well exe
cuted, are full of interest and a most charming and
innocent improvement upon the monotony of our
parties hitherto, and indeed in my opinion quite carry
us back to the gorgeous interludes and masques
which used to distinguish the entertainments of the
fifteenth century. But a description of Mrs. C***n's
will give your readers a m\ch more accurate idea of
the whole.
At the end of the dining room was erected a plat
form, and immediately before it a large frame cov
ed with thin gauze, to represent a picture frame,
which was profusely lighted wnLiin and curtained
off from the rvst of the room. When the company
entered the apartm-nt, all was darkness?but when
after a moment's waiting, the curtain was drawn
aside, a scene was disclosed wh.ch won every one's
The idea was taken from V?rnot's celebrated pic
ture of the Bandit's Bride?which has, I believe, been
given in some of the annuals. On the ground, his
head pillowed on a small trunk, covered with a rich
cloak?the fruits of some of his spoiling expeditions
?an Alpine Bandit lay sleeping on his gun, in the at
titude of watching lor his prey ; while nis dark eyed
and beautiful biidc was bending ov^r him, with a
seeming watch ulness, devol^dness, and affection, it
would be impossible to surpass. This character was
personated by the gifted Mrs. G**???h, who has so
often been admired as a beautiful likeness of Fanny
Kemble; on this occasion she was richly dressed to
represent her character, the scarlet head dress of the
country drooping over her face and richly studded
with jewels, accorded well with the exquisite beauty
of her features, and the speaking, lustrous expression
of her dark eye ; while the scarlet mantilia, the pis
tols in her belt, and the brilliant cross suspended
frjm her neck, were all in perfect keeping, and
showed to fine effect in the graceful altitude of the
In the next tableau the scene was changed, and
was much more striking if not so interesting. The
Bandit had been sh6t in the encounter, his face was
upturned and his features riged, in the ghastly pallor
of dxath. The gun was lying discharged beside him,
while his kride in anattitude of intense affliction, bent
over his body, her hands clapped, her expressive eyes
upturned, her features softened and mourniul. The
whole attitude?" madonna-like and meek"?wan ir
resistibly touching, and with the mournful music by
which the representation was accompanied, had an
effect upon the audience which was expressed by a
burst of involuntary applause.
The next tableau was more imposing?Lalla Rookh
listening to Feramorz. The Princess was personated
by the young and beautiful Miss B. from New York,
and in manner and form, looked the lovely Princess
to the life. A splendid Eastern dress glittering with
costly brilliants, and a very handsome turbun, looped
with diamonds, and "gem studded slippers" of satin,
appropriately looped up, completed litr costume; but
the features of beautiful regularity?yet strikingly and
.softly eastern-Kave a sweetness of reality to the
character, whi^h the daughter of the Sultan's might
have envied. She reclined on a cushion wliile Fera
morz told her the tale of love, of which the large hazel
eye of the Princess seemed to be so full. Hehind
Lalla Rookh, MissC*****n, the graceful daughter of
the hostess, exe'ted much admiration by her rich
dress and expressive attitude as the attendant to the
Princess; while Fadladecn capitally personified by
Mr. H****fr, full of dignity and importance, and
sneering at every thine, completed this bnlliant group
which won general admiration.
The next was "Hagar in the Desert" by
an admirable group?aprettychilaof the
hostess, won laurels as the fainting Ishmjel; while
the costume, and imploring yet anxious features and
attitude of Iiagar, would have given inspiration to a
sculptor. Another admirable%ure of this kind was
the Niobe, of the accomplished Mrs. C. herself. There
was a statue like truth in her representation of this
elastic figure, that was admirable.
Another group quite beautiful, was Minna and
Brcnda. Brenda, by Miss C. struck every one with
admiration; the beauty of the form and the expression
of the features, fair and delicate as they were, were
all such as could sc arcely have been matched by any
other than tho lovely creature who personated the
My letter is becoming so long, that I can only men
tion the others. The death of M arm ion was striking.
The wounded warrior, in a full suit of armor, was ex
tended on the ground, as?
" With dying hand above hit h*a<l
Ho shook the f'ra?mrnt *1? liw blade."
The evening went off delightfully. There were
enough of guests to enjoy every thing and one an
other. One of tho most pleased of the spectators was
the President elect, who seemed to look as if the oc
casion and the pleasure were auspicious of the harmo
ny of his coming administration. The song and the
dance filled up the night, and every one on parting
felt the influence of the innocent and elegant amuse
ments of the evening.?Georgetovn Metropolitan.
f)r Litesary IS'ovkltibh.?The following new
works havejust been issued from the press of Messrs.
Satindtrs and Otley:
Sir Orenville Temple's new work, (Travels in
Oreere and Turkey,) 2 vol*. plates.
Adventures in the North of Europe, by Edward
Landor, Esq , 2 vols, plates.
A new work on Flowers, (The Floral Telegraph,)
with beautiful colored plates.
The Continent in 1838, by Professor Hoppus, 2
vols, plates.
Tour of a German artist in England, by M. Passa
vant, 2jvoIs. pistes.
Or. Hegg's visit to Jerusalem, dec. 2 vols, colored
The Chevy Chase, illustrated in a a series of out
lines, by J. Franklin, Esq.
Also nearly ready Mrs. Jameson's Characteristics
of Women, a new and gmatly improved edition?em
bellished with her own Etchings, in one vol.
Oercrnl Lb Fayette s Memoir*, wnilen by himself;
end MHanie and ?ther unpublished poems, by N. P
Willis, Esq., 1 v?L
Ths Great Metropolis, by the author of " Recol
lections of the Lords and Commons."
111 fit ^aBptPBas dtOrf v, 45 Ann st.
VI *I?ICATION0*~ BhANDKE rtl hsa been an iM
lijrtli |>r imrlini oi other mmlirmi'i, Hi a meirensn U'la'k,
hrcaitaa he ? ?niH to Kmnnt* H i Mrdtrine in larire >ia ? tiit.a
himI ittHt na r<Ml m?'ieme ?? ao r> <m?rr.l Tha fan ia, rh i nMT
nifta-i ><? I rtfins Mrrrn >, A <? ir, Antimony of llemtix It in if,
a iiUI ll.it tw ak * In la |-o >!????. Iw-r-SiMM- i it went HO) rn'di
nut woo ?l d atror lifr ai *{St He d"<ea aot anr the mndi-iur?
to wh ch h<? alio tes, h? ?? thone in?r.- i*nU in them. I ml H t$ rvi
ficnt.fom MriliiertiiHH tl.at . rent es e ia r?i?i r.-H in the taki g
(ftkia. Now 'rao srth'a VwactiiMc Pm era .1 Nbcaifca ink*n
at all Umi't, in Isrf# or ?mall t*o.?i ac 'trrlini to ufpme|r of
'on^'Tthoap whoaprb tWa epithet of MERCENARY, was*
paiif t ol Mr R '? forthn-e m ?ntha: ? t. MSS Mar '? *HWt. I'm
tK.' Pilea. itf whie dine**. the B an.trr'h Pil a r mp at?. r nir <1
him Thin lann now ad ?riia*f lanrlv a P?l?. ? hiefc be i.mfaanan
wilt^art eeorj .n??aae, and es,* rtallr thai.ne under v> hirh ha la
l?r Rrsodre'h rpr n'a 'othehmh eatirnnUon hi a t ill* ar? h l?l
in. m all inrta f 'he United IWHl; thi? mi hta Uat nna-er nail
'I* *tifslM*KiR*ail 4d ?.to lp8MSM| whom ha earaat Imminet
sn tMf u?a Mff jw im
Continue to moire n t l?sa <? danmire bf ?'# os Rtnlil r>?t
'Jo'nta. Hhii a in Port .ml ii?str c f#ne*. ml fWf description 01
x'raoOal itiopt rlf, mI their OttiC", No IS Wall atfSet.
Robert Aina'ie, Th mn< R<4tnn,
llnriil OmIwmk, Hrnry II Cliiill,
n-mi?4 Jarlja.n, 'I hafTUM B "lOttBt,
C?wt amlt P dinar, I'nlf .r Jt-iikma,
trfwimeritr ihaaa, f V P ft >ahraok,
Twnassa Til rton, Umtgi H I^eda,
i. in* tV4'aa<?, J| Htn.ar,
"'"t *[>el|. iT, Cli ijeaO Handy,
Haaj-ol T TH lafc, <Mei ^n f?t.^wi.
wrtli>iwi P. xllott, M?ardPt??t,
? _ ROR RU T A I .N HI.TF Prea .iaf*.
R r ?rri!Vi:N?1(W4arT dl *m
On an improved principle which give* an appearance anal
to new.
jl 1-Sm*
164 Broadway, Hew Yotle.
?7-Sm* W; A. ANDROSS St CO.
*14-7 OLIVICit ?. UULD3MI HPS. 71 Catherine^.
nat tf New York.
Loans, Note* and Bills ul' Exchasce iicgotiutrd. d*8- lm
Apply at No. 4OS Water street, and l!il Pultun at cet.
Ttfiutwentara liave just received a splendid assortment of
whieh tkeyoflsr st No. ill) UieeRwick ? rent,com^rof Barclay.
I am JVT&G .V jenki.nh
Put cut Yault Lights,
j?-tf 192 BROADWAY.
Greenwich Diipcn*mry, \o. 38 Sixth Avenue, tf. Y.
N. B. Ls< chin* and Cupping puncisaHy attended to, at a minutrs
notice ita, or sight. Pre-cnptioi.s and lumily rcciixs curutully
prepared j7-lm
Corner of Xaatau and Pinettn., City qf Hnn York.
The Proprietor of thu above establishment returns h?s sincere
thunks to the public, for the wery liberal manner in whic'i t hiu been
unstained since it has been under his direction, ami hopes tliat hi*
fUture system of manngeiawnt will convince lm friends that he is
determined teleave nothing undoiie on his part tw merit a continu
ance of tlieir patronage.
The Hotel is imni?dniU:ly adjoining the Custom House,and within
a minute's walk of Wall 'true , Broadway, and oilier principal bu
sinessstrcets ; conse<iuently is very conven ent for those g ntleiiwn
who reside in the upper part of the city. Br.-aklaatcan lie olitained
at thu Refectory at ull hours from ? A. M till noon, and dinnet from
noon till ? P. M. The Pioprietor fe?ls warranted in (.tying that his
tables are furnished in a manner not ?urjsdfsadbyany establishment
in the city.
Arrur.g inents have been made, with 'gents in tlsc coun'ry, by
which the Cu* em House Hotel will, ia future, be supplied with the
earliest fruit*, game, ni,d othi'r delin >ci ? of tho various seasons,
and with i.n eminent importing housa i.i the city, for a constant
supply of thechoicest wines and liquun. JAMES HORN, Jr.
j7 8m
CO- R C. BROWN * CO., having opened a C^fli-e Ho<is?
(the Niagara), a' No. 45 Warren street, and laid in ?' stock of the
c!m> cest Wiuea, I.iquars, Ac., hopu by s'net attuntou to the
wiahc* of ihur customer*, tw merit a share ol public patronage.
? ITjf
Ct3?Messrs. WRIGHT & ROWE beg* leave to inform their
friends ami the paVlic that they ? are disposed of their stock uad
Store. cormrof Br adwa? and CanalsL a d have upaned at Its
tkiMSWur, what* tliey kwup the most splendid assortment of Hats
and Pur Caps, la the city.
mfry WRIGHT ft ROWE.
try- HBE Advertisement?A BERNBTHY'R Compound Li
quoncv Cough Mixture,Jd ixjn.-tl* s|>ecial Aient ,IV7 Bowery,tor.
Grand st has been obliged m conswjuencc of the great demavd ot
this Medicine, froni the lower part arid west snW of the city, to ap
point HOPPER, cor. Broadway and Pranklin st., and liNllliR
HILL. cor. Berk man and William st*. Agent* for this Mixture.
CCfjT" E. M GIJION. at Hie old established Drug Htore, 137 Bow
ery corner Grand street. Iim tin- pleasure to inform Itie pnRlir. ttiat
the tire which surroundi-d hi* premise* rest rilnv morning, and
threatened I im within* ant d slriictmn. h is not intrrf nil wilh his
business in tb? lav*' ; uicing to rhr trrlldti trted rffttrli of the PIre
Department inntaying ffs p??*re*a?lotc/iowi, txndnn friend*,
he return />f? ntncere thanki; ami he is thus enabled to sene
thaai as satisfactorily us he his before cndiuvorrd to da. with the
very Irnst nrtic ea in the Drug, Medicine aid Perfumery une
whieh a discriminating puldir may be aalisiied of by givmg him a
call, where lie will lie happy at all times lo serve thorn Aher
nethv's Cough Mixture, Uiimmi's Worm l>rop?. ami Oa on'* I'ntver
sal PUster still continue to receive the unqualified approbation of
an enlightened I ublie. (He* advertisement New Era. I dlTtf
wis c? to infitrm his friends and the public, that he t as just rec-ivea
a fresh supply uf ti'?t rate OYHTER.1, and reudy tos* va tlx m.
Fried, Ktewud Roasted. and IVkled, oil the most liberal tcin *.
at tlw< shortaat notice. Please apply at 135 Fulton stri-et.
bra ted flroughout tne world as thu test and moat valuable pr> pa
rati in evnr known fur growing, U-autifymg, n<Min?lung, curling,
and im|>roviiig the human Hair, |*it up nea ly with * steel ida e
?nvvlopu, and a treatiae on the h unan h lir, for *aL wli>de*alc ami
tetail, at Hsrt's, rsnier ofRroadwiy mid Cb(iml>er st eets, at
Messr* Lawrence A Rees. and Hoell A lUiwrn, in Maid?ri lane,'
ami utmost every Oru; Htors throu?hout thu United Htutes.
ol HARMONY HALL, has buen oiieneJ by the subsr-niwr,
ami wHI be conducted on an entire new plan, win h he hoix-*
will five satisfaction to his friends ami thu iMiblie finerallt,
he will always keep the beet tin mirket sftorJs ?u> h *s Birds,
Full, Flesh, *c The Bar ?iH be fnrnislied with the beet of Li
quies Oysters served hi* in the best style.
Meals van Ue liad at all liours at a moment's notice.
Thesulwcrdier tiirmerly kept ths Park Hall at Boston, ami hopes
by a strwt altention to the ex retort of hu> ?'Ustmn<rs. lo mwrit a share
oil ublie patrwiare. AMOS H. AI.LIN,
nl7-Jm* ShakaiM-are Refhrlory.
?T3~A^ARn * W RR YH A M rsspe?-tfullT*furm? his friemls
and I lie public, that since he h is sold out his More in limnd st b?
has completed bis enlargements snd .dW rati ns?t his oriima es
tabh>hmenl. No. MM Bowery, opposite to liivingtoe st . tonse
queetly he i* belter prepaied to meet the demands of Ins (>atro?*
on a stijl more extensive scale, and with a more general assort
ment ol pure and genuine Confectionary, wholesale and retail,
fl. W B rrluins thanks foi the very Hatterint iMitrooage he has
heretofore exiieriencesl Baw dry ^o smt 'onlectienn r y and Saloon.
No son Bowery opooaits to Rivingtoo st.
JUJI'BE PArlTE, just importadfrom Franse?a sui>eTKKarti
cle of J uiJhe Paste, for sale as ahova, wholesale aod letail.
_ alt-tr * w- R.
TOOL HTORE. <?' m> r ef Chat' ainand Chnrnlierstii s. N.
York ?T. J. W has constantly f,,r sale an excellent as ortmentof
the liilbiwing - Haws of eve ydeseripti n. stocksand bitts, augers
and hitt*. patent sell saws, cnllippers and divid rs. Is mn< and
firmer chise s. and gouges, screw plate*, stocks and ill's hammer*,
axea.adx s, bevels, gu g. s, spirit lev. I* Inimisliers simke slsives,
circular saws turning lalhes. vices, measuring lajies. d a ?i"f in
ling sen
drill rows rutin* nipf<ers and pli,-rs, mitre s<ni rea. eom;?ass s
stniments. wuod Soxes fo e King screws of all sires, m es
?ing in
ss. nl *,
sows, pads, nil strains, draw hniw-s, tdane irons, mm and steel
squares, ledlnw aurers dra >inv screw tools Nlie ter's l atent an
ger* eslsnet mak>*r*'ela'iqi*, co,?per glue ot* blow | ipes Ac
ny~ A large assortment ot Plana*, manulhctured bt A A K
PnMn.n w V..rk d^? 'in*
MAI'S.?I esntis >il*r lias wmL1 arrangement* t ? execnts
all oniers in he Mail >mg line in thd ncate.t mssin" Hpe
chn^n* may b<> wen at*he r office
LITHOGRAPHY aII?rdvr< in Lithofr-tphr. sttendad t ? with
eare a ddes'-atch.
A gr at iarif t?of Enfravts#* on bind, plain am eo nrlJ, at re
dwed , rices Uid/ .lsra bRttWMR A RF.nMoNfl,
itt* y 11* Fulton at
F?DR'H OnOHIFKH' t ?? l ilMrOI'NW m ler-.sii Hweet
i Pag* a grateful (wrfnme for scenting ehsthes, dm wen, w ard
mhos. As and is an eiteetiial meventive niainst moth, lirepiired
from a Mdieiooa cnmlnnatim of the ehntcest ftowos. only bv Hole
?rt II Rde s, Cliamiat. and Perfumer. Lomlon. in naat silk Ing*.at ?
tbilhng* each
" It is an exr^dleni remedy sgnmst moth, a f*ct wbi*h ladies will
>fn well to lienr in mnifl when they lay by tlieir tmWTs, mantiibi*.
n?n*, Ac." - ftrtir/ifoa flora/'1
"Cann'rt lie t>io highly n- ? xn'ienricd -no lady's toilet slionld be
withoat it Wnrld of Kmhtnn
" I'hia long esteemed ami elegant article, by its in trie sic merit
fets more Into puMie rstunstion , M Is the most use^t Hod vnlitMile
7mnit?on ever <lisoovnrod Court Journal
or sale by JAMEH TARRANT,
n? if Cor Wimn A Oee-.wwiehsts.
WATCHKn +. JF.H KI.IIV H I. TtiBUt. Mutt
' ufaei rer o| Pat* r>t l^-vrr W..tclas, Tipiph Court. Ltvi r
pord. n I Imuorle , W Wilts reel, *tew York, has on h od^ n e**
ensi*' assortmeo' ot Gold lluplct P t* t l.e*et, An'-liO? F^ea|?
m.nt.lnde emlem 4 ermil l^pte? W*lct?a, nf * ipert?ir '**jli
ty. %l* i G?dd I'h* ns. H at*. Kevs. Wiamosui Pms, t men, Kar
i if?, Rmac'sea, Ac. w.iich hs off?-is for sale at low p ieis and an
rte?o.i moduli f'cmta ?WJ t?*
i if ? ? would invite the attention of the Teach
ers to the irench (Wummafhv Mr. J. p. WIKK/.RICKI. just puh
lislied hy V, Humituiil, p.,rim..ly J.Jt W, eiatnili.id. It is calulated
to sut>ercede all hooks of that nature that tuny Ik? found in (he mar
ket at present, ami tliere is imi donht thui it vsill l>ccoui" very popu
Uron ?cRo?int ot llie imororements that tl*rear?, winch facilitate
all difficulties with wluch an ?n?li*h pupil mc<ta s here wo will ?|M)
cifysome of them. Until now-a days, it was iIw.uk lit that an Eng
lishman could not learn the pronune utmr. of the Prench laitnuare,
without hearing one wIki pronounces it correctly iHuisvlt'jlait Mr.
Wierabicki't (iramniar tranhes as tlie I'alncy oi'that upinimi, for '
the lact is, uat until now tliere was no griinuiiat (hut guvu any sat
irfnclory rules facilitating the difficulty ; his viauimar on the cun
traiy, give* all rules that tliero aie ih Ilia language, (for he ?^eak?
aWit eveiy letter giving its pniixr sound,) so much so, that ?r will
not hesitate to pronounce'hat every o'ie may uciiuire a good (>ri>
nnariation of tlie French without < ?.-ii a UsaeW, I haOfh truu, i... 11
that nif it? of the pronunciation * Inch cannot l<e described in uo
wav hot acxjuik'd and appreciated only hy tla: i ir,u U-t" to he learn
ed by the ori'tui of hearing. Upontlu' whole the ptecitv rul?j tkil
Ira (the uu'h->r) dives will unahl every am- to U' understood Ly eve
ry Frencluuai!. He likewise made a new classification of the arti
cle which cannot Ik/ found elsewhere, that article tla1 use of which
puizle* (,-very Englishman that attempt* t? siaiak French. like
wise he gives rules in what order tin- French w ords ought to he used
in order to make an intcHigihle sentence , (this cannot he fiainH in
any other urunimur ;) finally the arrangement that pervades his
grammar is a new and easy one, calculating to facilitate the study
of that beautiful language lor the pupil, una lessen thel.ilior of tlie
teacher, and vru are so confident t.f its merits that we w ill say noth
ing ttf it ourselves, but soJwit a candid peiusal of the teachers, liw
we arc satisfied they will lie pleased with it. iHilecd it hids I'tur to
supercede all others. It can he had at wholesale or retail at the of
fice of puldicution, 29 Ann st. N. Y.
nfll/ W. B AWT) FORD.
1 ' TRUST COMPANY.?Persons may ofieet insurances with
tliis Company on thvir ?wn jiv> #, or thelites of others, and ullier
f?r tlie whole dura ion of lifv, or for a hunted |ie>iod. The pay
aMU of premium may hu either made annually, or in a rriwa?uiu
Premiums on oao hnodreu dollars tin one year.
Age. I year. Ago. 1 year. Age. 1 year. Age I year
14 0 74 28 1 07 38 I IS SO I 98
15 0 77 27 I (3 39 I 67 II t 9T
IS 0 M 28 1 20 VI I 69 M 2 M
IT 0 *6 V9 I 28 41 I 78 V3 111
18 0 89 30 1 31 42 1 85 54 !? 1*
It 0 90 31 1 311 43 1 89 55 2 M
to 0 91 32 133 44 1 90 58 2 47
?21 IIW 33 1 34 4S 1 91 57 S 70
W #94 34 1 35 48 1 9t 68 3 14
?J8 0 97 36 1 38 47 1 93 59 8 87
24 8 99 84 1 38 48 I 94 80 433
36 I 80 37 I 43 49 I 85
Maney wil'' n received in deposit hy the Company, and held in
trust, upon which internet will lie allowed as lol lows:
Upvn any sum ovei Sleo, irr; deemahle for I year. <i per ct.
" " toe, " for 5 months, 4 per ot.
" '' 100, " for'2muiMhs, 3 pel st.
Win. Bard, inaviuel Thoni|<eon, H.C. DeRliam,
Thomas W. Ludlow, Isnac llronaon, Jonathan Ooodhu?,
\V in H. L.iwr? lice, I'etrr KeMi.en, Jame Mcllride,
Jaeoli I.orillard, Rtvpla-n Warren, John Rathlioue, jr.
Johu Hu?r, Jamie Kent, P. O. Wtuyvesant,
Peter Harmony. Nathaniel Prime, Thomas J. Oakley,
8. Ven Rensaellaer, N. I)eve rnu*, Stephen Wlatnoy,
John G Costar, Ki iij. Knowcr. John J. Astor,
Tlvw. Soflxm, Guluin C. Verplane, L. Swan,
J no. Mason, Cornelius W. Lawrence.
WM. BARD, President.
E.A. NICOLL, Secretary.
Kr. D. ATKINS, Physician to the Company. n94 If
The sulweribi-r w ,??v prefiare.l to execute any orders for any
kind of metalic Furniture n.eil in Hoi.scs or Church**, such us
Door Plu'ca, Knock en, Fitur.s or Mmiilxm. Lirak?. knot*, Es
sutcheon*. Kch 'flickers. Ventilator*. die Ac. 4c , nil of German
9 Iver, which cerUinly ia by fur prwli ruble to i-lateil metal. as it
lieursaru bing and |x>!uihins to tna eonnumption of tin metal it
self aa.i *incc the pr>ce for this mo'alin ita finished statins yitbe
lowuie p iceof plated wait', uitireis no doubt lmt what prepnclors
and builders of hou??-s will ulso pr.ier it. All th j builders <tn -! Pro
prieiorao> Houa.s, are invit d to cjuiuiinc the specimens of tlie
multiiarion* naea and article* manufactured by
11M y Dr. LE VU FECTCHWANGEIt, 377 Broadway.
Laud office.?johm l. booardua. Aiti*?*
und Councilor at Law, Clinton Hall. No. 3 Beek ? kiii street,
(oppoaitr the Brick Church d.ar.) city of New Yo'k, llbuiNx. Mit
?uol,Arkiuwa.i, Military Bowty. Uuncrul LMMHi mil WtM
cm Afcncjr.
PaWnts obtained, and titlua perfected for soldiers or their heir*,
?titln-r. 1st. Rev ilntionar) ?!?. Late War?3d. Ctuiiidufi V?lun
leers?4th. Endisli Kefugets from the U. Stale* t.# Canada and
Nova Scotia -5th. Dvter.era from the British army, or the heira in
all thenbove ca*i ? ?tlh Tiltta to land* t'.rfeirvd Inr nnn-iaiyment
oftax, reclaimed? 7th llci t under a* - en tilled to land* iold for
Kixcs-lth. Thoae who parted with thrir djtclnriM, warania, >>i
titles, lwfore he patent* issued oan reclaim the same Mb. Lands
in the ??vtialSlate*ami Territoriesin tfce U. Suite*, Canada. Nova
Sco'ia and Texas. IknikIiI and sold, or xcliangivl, luxe* paid, and
title* iiivisfignted, obtained and perfected on app'ication to (fas
Post Master* throiifUnit iIm I'mted State* and other gentlemen
for warding any of t he ti2*>v? claims, and artine a* ij'.-nt* in then
several section* of ciamtry, will be entitled to '^percent. on all
c mmissions. Communication* post paid
fO" Valuable farminx land for sale in the State af llliaoia, 3??
quarter section* of 140 aereseacii, in |ntr cl? If .in Ha tiiir* arret
Mluatud near towns, and alhorwiae. A sk. in wie? and Aiknn
sa*. ?J-jb 11"
Nkw iiookh for chrihtma* a mew
YEA R'S I'll ESENTfl The su scnlier ha* n ceived the most
choice mil lieuatifa I e< llection of Annuals anil I venile .Miscel
l.i neoiM works, which he has everluul ti e pUmmm of ajhiiu to
Lis nuroero * friends and patrons, amo e whichare the following i
Tin- Bo? >k of I Jem* Tl?* Vlolet
(iciSM . f Beauty Pearl
FlowersofI,oveli''ess, t*M 7 Christmas Box
O aeiiiK Ko^m H.-rap Ik/o* I'iiiod Annual
Farhit Scrap Book Juvenile Fors'et Me No
K?ei-sake Mcriip Botik
llnokol'BciiuIr Lillry of iIni Tulley
Heath's Fictuiewiue Annual Fniry B<M>k
Tlie Kng tsii Annual Hieroflynliical Bil.le
(Mental Annual Roliert Ba-' ble'sSketch Boo
Macxdia Tlie New Ye .r's Tokea
Tokvn I'a ent Gift
FomH Me N'4 Farent s t a' in?t
CIi mIiaii Keepsake Farm House
BHifMiu* ?o?ivemr 'I wo Edward*
Friendshi|i s otrenn* llohtlay tiift
Mos ol'tli.i Waverly Nvvela lllustratiom *-f Syria, Holy L?
Bj roil Callcry, <kc A*ia Mne<r. Ac
C SHKI'A Kl> n lokselW-r,
d'J4 1M Broadway.
DlSKAIKIOF '1 tl K K V K. i?r BLU< AT Mb
I'rutf ?K<ir ot Auatoii.v bimI I >i*eiis<n <4 liie lluinan i ye.
No 3*3 It'oadw ay. upstairs. Ii'fs te inforra th<?c wh.> are troubled
*i h weak, sore, mrtamed eyes. ">r any detect of ti?i*n, that thei
have now ail op|Mirtunity of fetlinc llieir eye* ix-rfectly cilfwl,
(w 11hoot an oiM'iation.) by tlie aid of skill, medicine, and ?la*ae*.
Mr K having studied under thv most celelauteil (teulisl* ill H'ir??|ie
sod ?n? of the l>est n Anwrten, |>r.li *?or Smith, of the Mi<kcal
Collefe sf Ohio, i* enabled o assert wHh conliilcnc.w tlist Ih- cua
restiae Is idRli* ami eure in u ?liort Inn'-, the Mfl dallMIWH dis
ease* of tlie eye, bitlierto considered inoirablw, a* from hi* eilerv
Mvc and siicossf^l |ira' tiec, hundiod* in Nvw York and elsowher
can toatify.
Htiectac'ea The patent, self adjusiutf, >M?autiful, transimreni,
met Hum fpectecle Olaasee, hnrnir tlie i?-cnliar |,r?>rwrty of keep
ing the eye petiestly cord. giviUg iininetliaU and permanent ease,
and al the *a?ne time adjiaH lUnlf to every ?(e, without the necsst
aitjr of chaace.
I) E. will hiiaaeirfit tlie Patent Glasses, to suit the particulw
t'rice of the patent glasses 9l W. earmnon da 9s.
N B F!ln?tt'? Falent (UntmsrU, for the imrae<liate eoce of infla
malioa of the eye. Pilce SO eenU per bus. wimaoted
Advice to the poor gratis mi the evening of Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday.
I>r. E ha* removed laJOJ Broadway, corner of Duane. Entrance
in the earner. ?hW tl
i? Is-rnmiM every day more and More manifest Read the
f dlowing case ami r fleet llwn on
livek complaint curedi
Newark, f>ec It, is*.
Dr. K Urttndrrth, -Dear Sir- Having l?een afflicted for lea
years with a most i'rritdful liver 'smpismt anal drofwv, arid tned
every Miie-ly that cmhlbe thouaht of. I gate up all hope, went
into he ouotry, led my I u*iness. I > in (teace : l*i? heaneg of
yotir ia> aluah e medicine. I was induced to try it. wit expertiag to
hesny heltsr to my sitrimse. I hadncaro ly taken one l,o*. befo e
I rt'il el ef I havs si ce taken thr e hoxe?. and imiw I am well,
by I hi Idessint i>M?od and l he imc of > our m ? icine If youth.nk
ibis will i e any aer? ice in let surf< ring | eoj le know Mu* faet, you
aie at I iierty la inMsli the above
Yoors, with kind rasie cl
liranrlreth'? Fill*.
OMr iwfteraWr Drwrg'sfs
It is varj' irnpnrtint (kit whoever purcbrses ih*?e Pil s. shcu'd
he earful In ave them fnna the aniomte'l agenS*. one ef w le>ni is
in li moat i very towe III (he United S?a'ee I hi* I* real y ve.f
imimrtant. i s 1h> re are so e.any in-i sti us that it i? alni?s4 i^-pa ?
Slide to I r cure the genuine With 'Ut i d'H'tP'g b * ni'e
Aleteeall NEVER got I e o fr> m Drug >!,* ?*. a* "?<t?r
CI CCMsTANC s, ar - they ever a P sated nrcrit*, *n?1 it is
Ih if h mds the rminte f< it are principally in IVnliKnsia I*
lo such 'bires. wl e e so lit e hnsiesj is. .
' be Vcw York drti es for the e?elu?iv?- sal# ?f tlie H aadrotli
Pil s, sra
PHINCIPAL It7 lliHiat n itrret
('EN 1 H Al. t So < eest'eet ...
B<>WRRY~?I> Bowwy, be we n Prm?? and llnulM *treet?.
.'1 tia ?
I'VjTaNMIN " >0 11* Nasaan *!r.f
1 raH-osile ( hnton Hall I he sut? fiber I-gs leave la in'.^m
the P-the I hat I* ha* r. refrc tor, M .thealM.vepl.ee. sshers
he will al nil lime* keen the lies! ,4eatable* Hint tlie markets af
f.?l. an iat *uch eaeonaW* ra-.*as h<- Umks must ms re to htm
su'-ce** All S r?*ofrelrestiment*. oyst. is, Ac frnjn 11 A M an
til Wn'clac*,P M. JOHN Ali<IN.
dl7 im
M. II. MA * W KM,, fnun?t llirr al !mw nnri Com
ImtnntT, N'o 1. N i?*au st . near Walls(r.?et I* ihdy an
ib..rise,l hv law. lo take tha #ekn. wladgi menl alwl es-rtily tlie e*e
cuiion af any deed, mortgage pWW of Attorney or in?tri\iiienl
undei seal, to I* osed or recorded In the slaiea itf New Jersey,
r on nee'lent. (?e>,r< ia. New llani|ishwi , Masaacliiisvtt#, rivula.
Penasflvanis, North and S?iiith ("aro'ina, Ac A'??. to'ake^and
i aertify'biisssitwna. knlsw used in <aid Male<, ami I * lake li-sti
I hv my, Iw he rsid in the courts itf Conrieelicot .New llampahirp und
. tebueetls 1 "
II'II it , Si I'A ? U AH'.MK.
'PlIE sulaier.'.et* havieg eslabliala il a liranch elleeir i iHlce at
I Hnmktsi.. N.i J front street. es|iecilu!i> ml' ? in iiti'I'S
and On* i-nli'ie 'a in r il, tb?t iS?v af nrrp? ir. it lit rv. ? ,?- ??
iters if*' s ile am .urel?aseit(real"?tate, (ultrtiiwi of
lei in* ant; renting ol bono s, sfures farms ?? A ? y order*
al either of the,r others willbi i? owm tly at'cnded to.
and Na. I frontst. Broakli a.aeatdoarta tae L.i.|K?
at r
f wL*ST"t toHuheeriUr* >? the city, regularly every naranb
?eenu fx'"*"*?*
Country Subscribers, in u> pnrtof the United States or In CaMr
da, ran receive the Daily Hkkald, by m il, it the rate of fur#
cant, per cony, on reuiUUij Muh in advauc*-fer sue* pnnod uC
tuna aa they plraje.
The Wbrkly Hubai.d, containing all the matter u(the dadr, I*
aent by mail, at tmui imjILau* p*r annum. in -tfr stiff In th?
?ity it u ?oJ(i at the office at *u centa per copy.
Letter* to the Editar to be post paid.
THE Proprieto * have cunt udeJtlieir additional arrangement*
l<>r the dnarateh of extra H, ring Hhiiie. to eave Liverpool i*
the montlia ol' February, March, and April Hereon* desiroua of
a ndii g or their friend*. ?h-ul<l make early apple atio? ; indoinjc
aa, th?y will preven1 d, tent ion, delay and disappoint^*' t. At!
w ill bu > ntitl.-d tn a free passage in the ste?mer* ruining from th?
different iiorts im Ireland. Scotland and Wales. Draft* aa u*nal o?
the liana of Irrl nd, paw.lil^ in < very Province, County and In
land Ttown. Apply ar address. 334 Pearl at.
J5 tf ROBINSON &. CO. Dublin
For kterrtt// e l'a**rngm /rtrtn Enflund, scut uvd.attd WclMm
' _vi. THE 8uli?crd?orii have m oe ariangemenls tor gettiac
rfti urn titrernxe l'a*?cnirer$fturn Orral Lrtiain mid Ireluad.
* wiih promptness) ccnnuiwy, rtnd rorutofl Pun(H|vw?e*
inr tu wed I'm th? ir friend*, l?y applying nt Ne. 100 /'INF K7*.?
or 167 SOUTH-ST., can ..-cure their pa aujre* on the n.ost mo
derate term* in v. (tela of the f,r?t rla*? No exp?twe wiH t?
spured in the dtHerenlahipa hy which thu pa**< nrer* will be re
ceived, to inaure to them e\,'ry cnnifi.rt iluriur tlie pa**Bee. IB
all rases where the person* drclme corner, the mone? win be ra
iny will Ik- given hi obtain"** iiitorii.Jition ai
urned. Every lucil . _
person*, lirnperty. Ac .in England, Irvlund and Seotlar.d. Ves
sel* will leave Liverpool weekiy, c(? that there will be no deten
tion. Fat the accommodation el thn*? persons engaging pa**aM
for their friends, whoifay wiali to send Owm money to enable
t Iir4n to provide for the voyage. Draft* will be given en the IM*
lnwirii; contlemen, vi* .
William Mdey,2a > den Quay, Dublin.
John Ilirum Shaw, Chichester Quay. Belfa?t.
Matthew iMwC nn, Hteam Packet Office, Wexford.
Jolin MeAuliff,Merchant Uuay.Coik.
Jeter Keei.'nn, Wo*t street, t>ro(heda.
John Ur*l, ?u?:ar Inland,Nfwry.
M. Donrherty.Co'oraine.
Janie* Cairn*, ' orn Market, I-ondomlerf.
Jump* Ciiimon. 2!S Rade'iflr atreet, Slipo.
Juine* Fwnerun, Lacarrow near Athlone
John Mmtnrh, Ba linncargy.
Jvieph Konan, Mulln.gar.
>ilin At) Mieni, Carlisle.
Darnel \ ich? A C?., 3 Rnhinann street, Olasaow.
Arent* w ho wiH aUi give every aaaiMance in forwarding nwim
gera toLivenxiol.
Aptdiration* for pawong Irotn per*on* residing in the cuuntrr,
(l>o*t puid) wiHmeet w rthove/y attustien. Por imrttrular*, apw
to RAWSON * M'MVKRAY.lMPineat.
ol-gm* or t?7 Moalh st.
JAMEN W. WFBB harrnr -nketi the ?t< re for
HR mer!y oecupied liy WRIGHT A ROWF, Rroadway ? ornag
^9 ofCanal at., U g* leave to inform hi* fr end and tl e I ahlto
" feu' rnl y. that lie ha* opem d witn a *t> en-id a^aurtmeat
of Far, !a UW. and Beaver Hut* ; otterand Seal Cat*, and every o?A
ur uitide in Kie line.
The riilk Hut*are made ?>n the fine*t fur hudiea, which rendam
them lii?ht,ela*tie, and durable, and warranted to ret., in the k a hap*
and eofor until w<m >ut.
The public arc invited to give him a call before pare baaing ebg>
N. H.?The< |.'stork will I* sold cheap forr.i?h.
nil 3ui JAMHS W. WEBB.trc Broadway,cor. CanaJaC
?jB RltoWN A CO. Clinthnm Square, rontii ue inanufae
tiiruig their relet rated Hata, p ice TUKI E DOLLARS,
^ n* ra ah i*h?d n IkM. In | riaent ng tiree I ateto ths
pub'iP. the pmi lietor* hink ibey have r early leached the a'tiana
tura of U-auly, darn bill y, c> ennriea* a"d coinfort to the wearet.
Alt *ah ? for eu*h ; ne iroo?l customer there lore paya the loaaes of
the liad. ITS Chnthaiu Squire, cornel ofMottitriet.
flV Cortl- ?>dtstreet- Beit to itrfiirm the tiadv, thatthey
?o37 removed froai No g Cortlandt *t., to (lie alcove largeaM
elegant New Store, where UmvT have nn hand, and aM
constantly receiving. fre*h auppliea of llattcr'a Pluah and Tite*
mings?also, fancy colored Phisbes foi Ladies Bonnets, whica
tLey will sellnri accoinmiMtatrng terms.
Hats. Caps, Stocks, and Stock Frame*, at wholonftle.
oiler lar Naif the to lowing mtielva -W hilr Oinger Rout. J?
ninrtt opt?Rurgundy P/tcii. Rngliaii. auperior lie pULatera. Ae ?
ViinUIn Beaut, punie White Wax. in Wtxea oi Seatolb each?
German Colupn. Fauna, warranU-d?Tooth Hrualee, Preach nod
Kngtiali. midf to oi<l?r. a arge nsaeitinent- H idl.u ami Htrda
Paxvdera. l a vfally put m>. # f ?uj?ri r quality Medicine Cheata, %
great variety of pa tenia, which will I* tilled to older at abort no
tice, for ?hip* anil laimliea Ww tutu Panacea and Vpn afuge.at
maiivfurtu.-cra price*?Ta.taric Acid-Hupur Carbonate Woda. A*,
dee I ?
PHlt BATHS, ui John atrcet-J. P. CARROLL retuma
grateful acknowledgement* lathe laihiic, and to gentirmea of lb*
nieikcal proltuNion, lor tbc liberal patronage be* tawed on ha vatab
ludiment.which ha* now Ixen in aucceeaful operation upwarda at
eleven f> urt A i the limits of a imniapo ndvertieemeut paachtdea
tin- imaiil'ility of giving an aiiylitnuf ilrtail of the m*d?c?nal ur
Uieeor hi* Vapor Bath, he ta*ga laavn merely io at ate tb?t it baa
liven found a *u fa. though powerful lemetlir in ail tba following alia*
ea*e* .-Hcaotula, Cutanrnua dt ea*ea, Hbrumatiani. (iaot Inci
pient caucetuua tumura, IWiuea of the adnU, U Uirb rmpltinli,
C/oop, Affection* <4 'he Ltvei. A*lliinn Sudalen co'da. nad totality,
Ac. lie huain hta pae-eerioa tb?' ttronipat written imaiwiula
hoii*. regarding the safety iiml i ttieaiy of t<ia Vapor Bath, fan I ha
moat eminent phyair.ian*, eoiae of whirh Im aubuiita U tba noCm*
of ttaejaililic.
1 have on *Trrnl mfflwua visited the Vapor Bath e# ebehetr-nt
in J I hi atreat, conducted by Mr. A Mra. Carroll, and have 'ntirelr
intiaiied myself that tbe Bathe a/e adnuniatered tlterv with aktM
and atteniHMi <iLKX H.nTEVENS.MD.
I can cheerfully 'tat* 'hat I have found the Bat ha in John at/eat'
well attended to and every awnlort of the pate nta roovilteJ
I have been lor mapy year*in the habtl of aendiatpaUeata t? Mr
A Mr* Carroll'* Vnpor Bath* in John *t. and hav ,tak n ?he?n tra
4iM-niiy my?elf, uimmi alJocceaioa* I had rea*on to l*? ?*t?.'ed witk
the a kill anil attention v ;ta which tbey were aibn. metered. ? nd I be
lieve tiiat ,n thi*re*p.-ct Mr A Mr* t'aprt.ll |?avc ntMbiMr to tie'da
?tred l?r male or female bathc.a. W.V J. MAL'NKVKN, M. P
TV Ra'ha at* in ran at ant readme** fro >? ? e'ckiek in the mora <oc
till I o'rhx-k at raglit. Portable Rath*, with nu*Bt? tent pnxna ta
a<!Biini*tei them, *wnt to any part of the city ur Rrookly* at tw
nana tea notice. No i onnaxioo with any otiiaiaaiaiahabaMat.
dlT 7w*
No nnwlirinn \el ollcred to the world, ever poaaeaaed ibe in
imitfthte virtue*, extiaonhnary *orn **, and the iimnr?ir iiiaaa
and adini at,on ofl?r MAk'tIN X VKUETABLR EXTRACT i>r
LIVER* OAT. The rountle** individual* labor nf under all thii*
?yintwon* af that diralul malady, ('onanmptnm?uich a? vw|eni
eousai.ap ttMif of enrruptm . and IiUhkI pain* in the l*aa*t ali>?t
breathing, lot* of Iteab and apiietitn-?that hi* invahiable ex treat
nrepored tiy a peenlair ebonm al pro< naa) have navad fram an un
timely irave, i* a aoU'ea of mental exiiltntinn only a beapiiraeia
led by ttaiaa wlm?a eneray of mind and lon/aludy ha*? fH*di.Cf4
?omeihincof creaf baneflt to the human familr.
AgnVn in New YoHi. wboieaale and retail, by A BAD. Handa
nor. Fulton nixl William: and retail, by Milnor A OamMa.
rot Dey and Br<adway ; J Beeor. enr. Cnaal and Rraodway j
J.8yme, (.1 Bowarr, cua. Walkar atreet; and J. B Nuaa* W4
Broadway i John Colville. Jan *or Rroome and Rraadway ; T.
R. Aiisiiii. 4A Carmine (t .and i J. Oaborn. cor Houaton an4
Bowery Price SO re nta Hl? tai*
t?F SAItBAPARILLA -Teyo* rhat *re iMirfal of takmt m
makiuc uae ?f advertieed naedfine*. I?r Mtillmaa'a "rn*t of Ha/aa
parilla it prepared fmm the Hungarian Haiaapanlla rant, by tba
newly invented i?rnraa?. *y which mean* all I .a medicinal pm|>ar
tf* of tlie riMit are extract d at ihe uiti? tm>e mad.- vwy a lata
ble. wi t l>ai the infant can take it witb'Hit peudueing tba I naaaeatinc
mid di? nr.. jUle eflert w hirh um.*1 -yrnp* are net to r . <a Maf
?npnrilln ' a* Iteen uaed Inmi the mat remote (ienoil* wt hatch un
liouii^ed mere** in the raawival of old aoet*. pimple* lula* sy|Ai
Mtir alleetiomi cnlda, inftocar .a. and all ?h?ra*e* anan| IVw* a
contaminatedjtate of the M?. J. Ac . yet it baa never beaa aeaa
with more aata action, hot h t<> th- practitioner *nd patient than it
ha* af bite. And why 1 Beoauee it ha* nevei been p?ef> .*ed pro
perty liefare: I In* preparation la now 'be only pcvaraAaoa af
HaraatxxriHa renerally uml
It may he had i*f A 1'ndeabill. J* Rj-ekman. enenetof WItMiai at*
H. Heary. ?l?FuHrmnearOreenwiehat. f>r Ruiloa.Or?ndat near
Centre market. Dr. II IHrl r ?rner Rr-adwa* a> a t'k?al*r* d.
Dr Hyine Rowrey. corner Walker *t. Dr '?utret. Bowery, corwar
Oraml *' Ar?irl?eea'y'* Hall Boeion I J* Waehtagtan atreet f*aa
anothr't ealutaa at tin* paver Pnee 01 pe* bnltl* dW-tm
The -utwc ifrr ha tine juat retnm-d from l^m4on. wbara be baa
itfcrtx^ol m rnakm# the maat advantageotiearraiieementa with ha*
Rfaiher tor a regular *?pfly of all KttH lea in hi* line, hi nowjoa
j.nm I (aoffeflo tlie'rade, a *ur?>r?>rae?o*tment nfxtaplaaad Fan
| tt Htaiio-<aiy, ol the beat uaalitv, and on lower te m? than any
I ae in t W? Cily
mi. Kevve aand Newman'* W>i?r ( olar*. IVawina I'ap -^*.
' Tiaxie P'i ' letter Paiwr* ne<1 every d>'>rri|fti n ol Fngliala
paper*. Healing Wat, Rteel Pen*. Ac. ?
H- alao ? otilinuoe to ra?> u'acrn e Ihe Pa'rnt Ivory Burfber? Pley
ng C.mfa, enamell d VMttflg, and gold border Oa d?. r>4*r-il pa
pier*, ever inaet Uiuk.Ar L J. COM UN
rB .
I | N K- ?l I a "... ( filler,, II . I N. W v.. k an t >t?
I vi*itera ;ir< reni*etfu ly xjH'riMtl that E Reyn- W? J'ta *Hld) bna
i rmat*w.? 'V7'v.'
Mu*Miin. m raaneapw with an eii* >eoc. d I IIKKNOI."
OIHT. w o will give a will ten and fti'hfd delineation ot tb^
eKaractt r and mind fnmi a *e?entiHe < xarrvna'Kt" of the beaa
u.v.n hep ineiple* td" tha laf Dra Oal and Hixirrb im, whtrb
wl'l he nccompamed by anae> urate like ""?* E R . wki?*
Porfi e* have b en en much admix d tor '".wjaeHty.
Hiair* of attendance Ihi'ii II tillt. and fraMitHNiia. Terma
mo h rate _ T ? - .
(i o i: \ *a-11' 11 ( 11 \ I. * A R "*? I V" unrler itne4
m H hi' ru-??r? ard ?be inibbr 'bat be -aa
~ win. ?Ii Hm?h- I* < opb*nd wt Wai *tre?t.er *teither MI tba
?? * wh,talu
mar* tf v -??
Sim I c unqualified n,.,r.*ation rare ewi
ft m the If'"" rrata t^ra^a wlv? lave ward ??. ? ?" e*<d.-rt ot Ita
.^reTv"l-e - er all other 'anna anaf ir uae. ?? ? ?P?^* ? ? ?
InlTcn wl "t tMlvr. wh rh wil' not " y ?rvn ih ^ce or
Ck n rt? 'he tr*rt. It .* pleaaan'ly i-rtu.e d. ami pat in a neat
Unnl (>. .t, ana waring a I the ,w. Jt>aa* f a *havm?W.x.
r, ceMeenl rer pa?, for *a'e , WMArT,
i*i Rnadway.eta F anklin ai-__
PHOMPHORI'*. A r?o<l *ut>P?T <m hand and t r -fcie.
^r't.t. WIH FFtTCHTWANOBR. tn Bmarfwar.

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