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volume ii. wo.ar?. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3,1837. whole mo. m.
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rniiHB sailt n
M the CUnton BuiUUngt, ml th$ corner qf Nmeemm mnd
Bemtmmn ttreel*
TERMS Or AD VBRTttHNQ. ?Thesalensl vecirewlation of the
Herald, both in town mad country, anake it a auparior channel for
ldty, ?oseiirfaya, ?itfirdaya, #ls7 lit days, $U as
3 ? - - 0 75 5 ? ? IM S- - 8 N II ? - S 97
3 ? - . i oo I ? - ? i f? I ? ? ? alalia- - a so
a weefca, ?? SO I 3 mmitba, ft at
1 mouth, 3 0* I ? mouth*, IS oo
pr>-AM adver.iaeme?tatobe paid for before their maertion.
AAiertiaementa inaerted in the Wrkkly Hkhalb, at #1 00 per
?quefe ovcry iiui-rtion.
[For tlio Herald. |
Geology aurl Serlptare.
Ah the science of Geology (terms to claim theatten
lon , ? ?unou8 and learned at the present moment,
more than it has ever yet done, I beg leave to offer a
few crude remarks thereon.
The intimate connection this science has with our
religion being strikingly manifest, I think those two
learned gentlemen, Messrs. Buckland and Siiliman,
have scarcely acted fair to the mere reader and snstu
dious individual, in broaching doctrines which are cer
tainly opposed to the generally received tenets of our
faith, without previously informing them that although
the new doctrines might possess a tincture of hetero
doxy?still its lending features, its ground work, its
data, in fact, its tout ensemble was strictly in accord
ance with the Mosaic account.
Thus Joscphus, the celebrated Jewish historian, in
Antiquities f'le ^ewsi" writes thus : "Our le
gislator, Moses, speaks some things wisely, but enig
matically, and others under a decent allegory ; how
ever, those that have a mind to know the reasons of
every thing, inav find here a curious philosophical
theory, which I shall now indeed waive the explana
tion of, but if God afford me lime for it, I ahull set
about writing it, after I have finished my present
work, viz: Antiquities of the Jews.
This great writer, after recording the order of the
creation, as we find it in the Bible, observes?" After
the seventh day was over, Moses began to talk philo
sophica y ?evidently implying that till then he had
Been talking figuratively or allegorically, as indeed
he tells us in the foregoing paragraph.
Here it is that we iniss the singular work promised
by Joscphus, us it would doubtless have given as the
reaaons why Mo9es spoke in figurative language, and
what literal meaning he intended those figurative ex
pressions to bear.
Weought not to pass slightly over the evidence
which the above mentioned writer affords us in our
inquiries on this subject, especially when we conside
i?.r"al crwJll)ility 10 which he is entitled. It being
well known that he aeither followed the Septuagent
nor the Greek version; but only the Jewish origin
als, and that so punctually in all his known writings,
as to make use of none of the sacred books, but
those which were written in the Hebrew language
and belonging to the Jewish catal ?gue.
Consequently, we know he must be much better
acquainted with the raw material, if 1 may so express
myself, of our Bible, than any Christians are. And if
we really be inquirers after truth, we ought certainly
to prefer the account given by Josephus, to our own
tiibie. which has unfortunately, undergone so many
translations, revisions and corrections, as to have gi
on'ruvi ' accord'n.8 "> Or. Clarke, to no less than
30,000 versions of it.
Were it permitted to Moses to appear before this
generation, would he not smile at the simplicity of
any set of men, who would understand him literally
when he says the earth and heavens were made in
six days . As though Almighty power could not as
easily have made it instantaneously ! Are we not told
that he has but to speak, and 'tis done?to command
and it stands fast. '
Moses, in the second chapter of Genesis, calls these
six days gcnerati<ms or epochs, which, as some wri
ters have supposed, are a thousand years, or indeed a
hiindreJ thousand ! Moses, brought u? at the Court
.hFP \iati I T"" ' '"0?t enlightened nation
of the earth, doubtless had some acquaintance with
the literate of his day, and from them gathered a
knowledge of the order in which tin ir geologists had
discovered the remains of animal, vegetable mid ma
rine substances?that animal and vegetable bodies
were of comparative modern existence, when viewed
with reference to marine substances? from this and
a vanely of other information, he has inferred thnt ma
rine animals were created first?vegetables or plants
socondly anil thirdly, animals. All which is geolo
gically correct, as it respects the order in which they
appear m the bowels of the earth. But the idea of
this being six days work is altogether mythological.
We have lost sight of the facts by the eastern imagery
in which they are clothed.
I would propose a question to the advocates of the
belief that the world is in reality but six thousand
years old. How is it that it required so short a
space of tune to transform mankind, who in the
first instance, according to our universal observa
tions arc always savages?into men of science? I
allude to the space of lime which elapses between the
existence of Adam, and that of Moses. The nations
of Kgypt, Hindoos tan, China, dto, had attained great
proficiency in the arts and sciences in the time of
Moses?witness their splendid buildings, temples,
towers, monuments, and palaces; their jewels and
precious stones, all which bespeak great advance
ment in civilization; in fact their progress bears no
proportion t* the time they had to effect it in, and can
only be accounted for, but by one of two theories?
either that the earth is infinitely older than six thou
sand years-or, that the first men were created at
once intelhgent and learned, and had the possession
of a grammatical language.
But then, had the laticrbcen the ease, how is it that
Adam left no record of that fact? how is it that we
nossess no knowledge, comparatively speaking, of
him who might not only have recorded lus own life
andad ventures, 1 speak it reverently, but of the
Ureal Cause of events himself? If Adam had been
created intelligent, who so proper?who so capable
En?* .h'mpe,nlt ,<jr(!COr?'. 8?d to transmit to pos
terity, those all important statements, (a belief in
which will cither save us, or a disbelief damn us )
which when related by another s? many years after
their occurrence, some men might refuse to believe?
This latter then not being the fact, the inference
which we may logically draw, and the geological
facts which back it, all go to show the forsier is the
true theory, namely, the vast antiqu ty of the earth
Thi rkt,n"?n {U1,,,h<,.rfarl m "?W?rt of this theory.
The C hinese, than whom no nation is more parti
cularin its chronology, affirm that they have nmnu
ment. to prove that the world is at least seventy thou
scholar "sir'vv' WJ B5temei,,'Jlhat '' "nrd Asiatic
scholar, Sir Win. Jones, does not deny. The wuestion
m?r? cr?l'Me proofs of the tilings we
assert being true-than the Chinese have? The
latter certainly have geological discoveries in their
mir'tn h 'n e T wouM mem '"rk accord
ing to our badly translated bible. But if we take the
11^f*r onr rule of fn,th. it will be
,h? Ch",c"r 'nd
""r """'""V ?nd Mcrnl
oleith,rm, ..a,,d- lo*,,|h(". the study
ardent and i?m r"" ln.e*n*ru?*?? occur, which the
^7,,'r """""" ?r-' ?"?>'.
Ii?w Llf, In Lonrini,.
Mlr:P5i"hT! i
manner* in l.?nd<,ii??.,? enr.n if?o fuH^winT " #f>
It ir one great characler.stic of \nrBr eiliea that the
lower classes of the^inhabitants do not ferl towards
each other any of th*se kindlv emotions which are
so visible among the lower orders of m?e,?iy Hm in i
towns I hia want of sympathy in each other's -ni
ter nga, is particularly observable among the lower
glasses hi (.ondoti. Might or ten families inay ilvr
in the same house, though in diff.-rent apartments
and yet no two at those families entertain 'tie sliwht
st frH>rids|iip towards each other. Hence, thouuh
one fain |y |,(, contending with all the hormrs of want
none of ihe others, though in passably good rireum- I
stames will nfi >rd that family the slightest relief. A
wife or husband or child may be dying, and vet no
'IT ?.marie as to the progress of the maladv bv
he other families m the house; not even by the fami
y iving in the next ro?im. Death occurs: it excites
no sorrow or sympathy m the breast of any human
is. trrr*e nnrrow i{ ??
of iK i P'aw. This unsociability on the part
and so r?W"r '"d.fference to the suffering
^ "re ?rf"l,yto ^
pathy for en('h y 'nu,rcoun?e. sndof sym
nmn? i W"W',TMnd Woes only to ob
Imnihrnm iii lT' l! WuU'd *? far ??Hior?te their
imonclheT" -th1 "mo*nl of m,w>ry which
?UMMMagthMi. A I yet it is singular to reflcet
that notwithstanding the extreme destitution and
wretchedness which exist among the lower orders of
the metropolis, there is so much of contentment
among them. They are certainly a most patient and
submissive class. It is surprising to witness so much
cheerfulness amidst so many anu such groat priva
tions, as multitudes of the lower orders nave to en
dure. You often see a great flow of animal spirits in
persons for wlio.se wardrobe no old clothes man
would give a couple of farthings. Adversity lias not
soured their minds: they seem determined to be hap
py in defiance of circumstances. I hnve often thought
it a pity that fate?to use the term most common a
mong themselves?should not have seconded the
kindly purposes of nature, when she blessed them
with such patient and contented dispositions. They
want but little of the good things of the world to
make them completely satisfied with their lot: who
can help regretting that little should be denied them'?
They have every disposition to be quite happy : it is
not their fault?it is the fault of circumstances?if
they are not so. How different are they in disposi
tion from those above them ! It is the great error?
and it is also a misl'ortnne for themselves?of those
moving in the upper ranks of society, to be everlast
ingly annoying themselves about some imaginary
good. Give but the lower classes as much of the
humblest food and of the plainest clothing as the ne
cessities of nature require, and they are more than
satisfied. You see contentment in their faces, you
see it in the tones of their voice, and in all their acts
of intercourse together. Who that has had occasion
to pass through St. George's fields or any of the oth
er districts of the town in which the lowest of the
lower classes congregate in the greatest numbers',?
has not been strucK with the cheerfulness which lights
up the countenances of young and old ? Those lit
tle urchins you see around you are generally envelop
ed in a bundle of rags; they have no shoes or stock
ings?they never had any ; their faces have not been
washed for the last fortnight?their feet never; they
have had no food since they rose from their bed, be
yond two or three cold potatoes, or a crust of bread
eight days eld, and yet where will you se ? more live
ly children ? The same may be said of their parents.
You s?e them sitting at the doors of their hovels, or
looking out of the windows?the men with their c?ata
and handkerchiefs off, and the women with their
caps loose?and both sexes as black with dirt as if
they had severally just made the descent of the chim
ney. And yet they possess as great a flow of animal
spirits as if they were revelling in all manner of lux
ury. In fact, nothing short of absolute starvation
can depress the spirits of the lower classes in the
metropolis, or render them discontented with their
situation in life. Even the beggars in the street,
though obliged to make demure faces, and to appear
as if in the very depths of despondency when pursu
ing their calling, have their hours of unrestrained jol
lity. They are in the habit of meeting in forties and
fifties in particular houses, appropriated in different
parts of the town for their reception, and spending
whole nights in all manner of revellings. I have been
told by those who have put on ragged clothes for the
purpose of enabling them to visit such places and see
low life, without being suspected of being other 11
one of the parties themselv< e,?that the seem
witnessed on such occasions are indescribably
There is one of these house**?it is the most eel
ed one in London?in St. Gile's. There begii.i of
all descriptions congregate, and make up amply for
the privations of the day in the shape of "long facts,"
mournful accents, &c.?by the unrestrained enjoy
ments to which they gave themselves up. The mo
ment they enter the precincts of the place, their as
sumed character is laid askle, and they appear in their
real one. There, nuraclce of every kind are perforin
ed. And that, too, without the agency of Prime
Hohenloc or any body else. Those who but a few
hours before seemed at the very gates of death from
destitution, arc all at once restored to the full enjoy
ment of life. In one corner of the place you will see
thirtyor forty crutches which werein requisition the
whole of the day,?and will be so tomorrow again,?
but winch arc quite useless now. They who could
not move without them, and scarcely with them, a
short time before, arc now among ibemost nimble in
the company. Perhaps they are dancing in the mid
dle of the floor; for one leaning feature in the amuse
ments of these "jolly beguars," is that of having
their muhtly dance. You see a glass of gin in every
one's hand, except in the hands of those who are busy
in broiling Varinouth bloaters on the fire. There
you see dozens of persons with eyes clear and keen
as those of eagles, who were quite blind all the day.
Those whom you saw in the streets 111 the morning,
looking so ill, that you thought they would be in
their coffins before the evening, are now, to use their
own elegant phraseology, "all alive and kicking."?
Every symptom of sickness has disappeared. Any
doctor would almost warrant their lives for at least
half a century. Do you se that fellow sitting on
an old dirty table, on the right hand side of the fire,
swinging his feet, beating with a stick, and hurraing
at such a rate, that you would as soon have your? ars
within a couple ol yards of the bell of St. Paul's ?
Why, that is the person whom you observed at four
o'clock creeping like a snail along Tottenham Court
Road, looking every respectable person lie met rue
fully in the lace, and imploring relief in the most piti
able accents. You said then, it was not without the
greatest difficulty and most acute pain, that lie was
able to Utter a word, even though only in a broken
whiter?I suspect you are of a somewhat different
opinion now.
VI APS.- J'l-r aulw-nber I a* mad* arranxeiaicwU t<? rjerute
I? I nil orderi in iht' Map,>m* line in thd neataat manner. .-*(?*?
r.unem may lie ?een at'he r i?#r?
LITHOGRAPHY?A Honiara in Lrthnfrnpliy, attended towitV
eete anli i!?'?,i?lrli
A rriat \eriely?f Enfreviafa on hand, plnin %nrt colored. at
duii-.l pneee to doalera BROWNE A REDMOND.
jyll y 11* Fulton at.
TilE aiilncriberiihavinf eatabliahed a Branch oftbeir Office, at
Hrooklrii, No. 3 Print itreet.ieapoetfullyinform their fri'lid*
and the public in general, that th<ly are prepared to receive or
?!ert far thi'ule and pure baae ofrealratate, collection of nnniea.
lettinr ami rentinjr ofhouaea, il^rea tarn.a. Ac Any order* bl
at cither of tbe.r office* will he im oniptly attended to.
N'EWHON A rLEMING,83 Na**a? at.N. Y.
and No. a Fnmi at. Hrookl) a .nextdo.nto th* L.I.|Kai<k.
*? r
nRBBNWUH COAL \ AKI)S. The iinder.itned
r.<*|?f-tfiillr infi*ni? hi* ru?iot?er? and the pcdtbr Ibiil lw h??
commenced receiving hi< n*nal ?upply of tbst very aupertorHchurl
kill coal.ao mm h approved ot the leaf v ear (iy conanmera, in pre
fcrence to any con I ae'd in the market. Otdei* tor Krokvn. Htu or
Nai. by the ton or carro. will be receiv.d liy A Da Ctimp AC*.,
34 Wall atrer t. Knaaeil A < upland, H? Wallatrert.or at either of the
ynrda J33 or 413 Hudaonat. JAMKrt l> W. WHlTALL.
J'? r
Theaulmcnher ra ?o* prepared loenecotemy anlr.ii for any
kn.ilnl in 'Jin' Pnrnitnre liaed in Ho aea or i' unrrhea, auch a*
Door Pla'ra K"ockeea, F.vitr.a of Number*. I.oab". Knob* Ra
rutchnona. Hell Trirkera, Venlilatora. Ac Ac. Ar , all of German
Silver, whn-h certainly la hy far srvf. rablr to plated metal, nail
lie :ir? aru Imif and |?o'iahin* to tne consumption of the metal it
aelf aadamec thepr re for thia me al in it* tinialwd atale la yi t he
biw 'he p'MWof plated ware, there la no doubt hot wlmt proprietor*
and builder* of h'aieva will aleoprvfer it. All the builder* an' I'm
prietoraot ftooae* ate invited to e (amine the apecimena of the
rnnltifafiotMrMea awl artie|*a inanulactitrrd br
n*4? y l?r LE fKI'TCHWA!V(ifc? 8TT Broadway
S\ l>t? \< KIM > nmPOI NU FOK KHA*
INO.?The hi 'nullified approbation thia !*oap hna recei?-?.|
frrmi llf nmnemit* MNM wrwi tiaveiiaed it. la nn evub-are of its
auperior ?.ilne met all oilier - liavin# aoap'm u?e. tor nqn'eli, h m
and emnilefit lather, wti eh wMI not my ii|wn th ? face nr irrit-it* tlie
?kin in the leaat It i? pleaaantly peHiim' d, ami pot in a n?at cov
ered pot, ana werinf ail ttiepn'WHea of a ahavmj b>it.
Price SB real per pot. for aale at
dim Rrimdaray.fot f'aawkliti a?.
STATIONKIl'g WA HKIIOI'RK. i? William at
'l'h<' 'iilair'ilier hiMiiK jiwt retimed fmm Iximlun, wliara be ha?
?tif>ce<d?d in nuknir the nioat advantaneoimarrameiiienla with hia
Rratlwr, for a renlnr anpply of all nrtf-lea in hia line, i? miw j?re
t>nred tno(li>rtn tl?e trad'', a ni|>iln naaqftmenl of staple ?n?! f an
cy Htntiotiary. of th? beat 'twality, ami on tower tnma than any
hfinae In thia nty.
tlen me Reeve'aand Ne < man a W?t#r i 'olora. Or^wint Pap^ra.
riaaiw Papera, le tter Paia>ra and every d ?acnplion of En?li*h
Waa,steel Pena. Ac
Hr aljo ' "ntiniiea t" na niti'ae'a e th?> Patent Ivery flaifare Play
n? ( wd<. rnameU ni Viaitinc, and fold border Carda, rolnred ea
piera, ever point Leufe, Ae, L J. COHEN.
l*a Rroaitway, offer to tite hl<<i?a of New York ? tarteaaaori
Fr#? cn, 'nun, tvvl Rriflitb Mtrirtot. ?uch un<u?l I'm
pftr<? cannot riul w i?4iirtn* i*rl. ta rMm fn pu *
p They have removed tbetr atoek of ?ooda fmm ?t Cenel at
t* |?9 Bread*&y, jl9 y
tin an improved principle which giv>? an appearance equal
to new.
in-8m? . , ?
A Splendid Ate rtinent of
(?t" every variety?call aud see
East Mite, i door* youth of Bayard.
CO" Merchants' supplied on iavitingteun* jit iin*
pail emiiiiati
n9t-tf New York _
Thesubsaribers have just received a splendid assortment of
which they offer at No. tlO. Greenwich s'rect,corner of Barclay.
d21 im J Wdt U tV JENKINS
Patent Vault Light*,
i? tf 199 BROADWAY.
Greenwich Dispensary, No. 36 Bixth Avenue, N. Y.
N B. Lei ching and Cupping punctually attended to, at a minute*
notice day or night. Prescriptions una luinily recipes carefully
prepared jrira
Corner qf Kail/tan and Pinesti., City of New York.
The Proprietor of the above establishment returns his sincere
thanks to the pubGc.for the very liberal manner in which it has been
unstained since it lias been under his direction, and hopes that his
future system of management will convince hi* friends that he is
determined to leave nothing undone on his part to merit a continu
itnc" of their patronage.
The Hotel is immediately adjoining the Custom House, und within
a minute's walk of Wall 'troet, Broadway, aad other principal bu
siness streets ; consequently is very convenient for those g< ntlemen
wlio reside in the upper ; >urt of the city. Breakfast can lie obtainod
at the Refectory at all hours from 6A. M. till noon, and dinner from
noon tills P. M. The Piopriotor feels wurrantcd in s.iying that his
table* are furnished in a manner not surpassed by any est utilishrnent
in the city.
Arrangements have been rnudc, with agent* in the country, by
which the Cua'etn House Hotel will, iu future, he supplied with the
earliest fruit*, game, and other delieaci s of the various seasons,
and with an eminent importing house in the city, for a constant
supply of the choicest wines a.d liquors. JAMES HORN, Jr.
jT 3m
R C. BROWN A CO., having opened a Coffee House
(the Niagara), at No. 45 Warren street, ami laid in a stoek ?t the
choicest YViees, Liquors, Ac., hope by s'rict uttenton to the
wishes oft hi ii customers, tw merit a share ol public patronage.
{T"Jr-Mejsrs WKIOHTA IUIWK begs leave to inform their
friend* and the paWic that they tiave d?*pn*ed of their stock and
Store, conn rot Br ad way uud Cnmilst. tt <l have opened at 112
Broadway, where they keep the luust splendid assortment of Hat*
and Fur' 'ai in the city.
fr ' .^KE AdvertiaemaS? ABERNETHY'8 Cr?nr<nund Li
...ri> otigh ii ..idnage, thespec.ial A"Ont,127 iViwery.ror
(< m. i-t bus tx a oUiaetlin conaequeiMv of the great deouwd id
llus Medicine, from thr louerpart nnd west side of the city, to ate
i*ant HOPPER, Cor. Broadway end Franklin st. and UNDKR
HILL, cor. Beekman and Wiliiainsts. Agents lor this Mixture.
wis e< to inform ins friends und tl>e public, tluit he has just receive*!
a fresh supply ol lirst rate OYSTERS, and ready to serve them.
Fried, Stewed R tasted, and Pii-klod, on thr most liberal te/ms.
at the shortest notice. Pleate apply at 133 Fulton street.
of HARMONY HALL, has beun ojieura by the subscriber,
and will be r undue usd on an entire Beet Han, wiu h he
will rive satisfaction to his friends und the puidia generally,
l>" will always keep the best the mnrkut nilor-U sueh a* Birds,
Fish. Flesh. *c. The Bar will be furnished with the beat of Li
?pior*. Oysters serv?W uii hi the best style.
Meals ran lie had *.t .ill hour, at a moment'* notice.
The siilwcrilier formerly kept tlw Hark Hail at Botue, and hope*
by a strict attention to the comfort of h* customers, to mi rit a share
ot, xitihi- patronage. AMiWS. ALLIN,
nt7-diM* Shnksisnre Refectory.
tTjY~A CARD?*. W. HK YHAM respectfuHrmtorioi. nis friends
iiiil the public, thai since he has sold out lu< More in Grand st lu
has completed biseulargi'iiients and alterations at he. on: inn es
tablishment, No Bowery, opposite to f{iviiigt..n st.. uw.?
quern Iv tie is better pwpered to roevt the demands of his patron*
on a Mti}i more extensivi scale, and with a miir? reneral assort
uient ol pure ami genuine Confectionary, wholesale on<4 retail.
H W B ru'ufns thanks foi the very Haltering pat rotate he ha?
beretotiiri eiiwrieuced Bowery -tearnt 'onfeelioiiury aodSaloon
No *0* Bowery opiMaotr lo Rivingtou It. .
JUJUBF, PA.-a I'K, just imported from Frai??e?a seperiererti*
rleof Juiulie Haste, fwr sal* as ahove, wholesale ami lutail.
?l? tl s w. R.
nil. CAKWAN, HURUEON DBNTIHT. and V<inufac
lurer if Incorruptible Teeth, N?. ltd H.daon, u f. w (Lura
dlciVi Sprum *tr?cL
N B lit. C.'a rhnrgoa ara very uo It r it. , 11 n?4 tin mioirrptible
laatn are walli a^laa<iii, jit lm
MKN S HtiOr AMI HHUB 8r#RE. No. S C? knim *t
Clinton Hall, New York, ae rth Pa k The aub*criber, *ratcl,|
lor the M?tin?.iiahed pat-onafe rec iv.d since ln? openin* the
above atore, would raapoctful.y let 'tin Ills fr end. hiicI he public
in {anaral, ilwlkfkm * on hand and i- conatantly ma> nliirtur
iiik a prima articl 1 of wnt ?r praof Boot* of French calf nkin,
which havu liven un-nt aatwfastmn tor many yenr* to thoMi who
h ive worn I nein
l)re?* Boot* of auperior workman*hipi a d liru.li, anil Opera
Pump thai received eipMl ill* the Hilver Medii| of the Aracrn'un
Institute at lli' lute Pair at Niolo *.
fltran.-era vuitinr ih cry will find it to tlnur advantage to call,
ax much attention i< uiml to transient cu* on era
All order* th inkfully receiv d and pun tu i ly uttended to.
N. U ?A fowl a?aormjiit of Over Shorn fur *al ? at reduced pri
cea. jar-in"
New hook* fok ciikimtmam a. nrw
YEAR'S PKMKXTil -The awl*rrtbar baa received the mom
choice Mid beaHtd'al collection of Annual* ami Juvenile Mi*c.<d
la uenua work*, which he ha* ever had the tilewnre of ofTcna* to
bia nunieroua friend* and patrona. amo"i whirl* arc theMiuwinf i
The Book of Oem* The Vudat
tlemiiif Hraiitf Heart
|'lowcc*ofLo?ehiiea?. I*M 7 Cbrudnia* Bo*
lirawin* Room Hcrap Bonk t'mm Annual
Parlor Hcrap llook >avenib I'oritet Me No
Keenake Hemp Rook
Bxik of Heautr l.illey of the valley
Heath'* Pictuioaque Annual > airy Honk
The Enfltah Annual Hicro?lyi>hical Bi'de
Oriental Annaal Robert Itai ble'a Sketch Boo
Macnolia The New Ya-r'a Tokea
Tokan Pa ent (iifl
Forget Me No* Parent'* t'abmat
t'hrictian Keapaake Farta Houae
Relifiooa Kauvenit Two Edwanki
Friendarap'a ttflcrinc Holiday (.if
11 In * nl'th. Waverty Navela IHuitrnlioo* "f8vria, Ho'y Le
Byron (?ailery, Ac Aata Mini*, Ac
C 8HEPARD, Bookaelfer,
dW I a# Broadway
a U K \ P OOODH. AT D Y HENRIQUE* dr O t?l
V/ llnaidway M?i<?r F r-iieh Merino at It*, da t*?*d; Oer
man ?* , b-at t.nabah Tt; Cbully 3? ?</ per vard ; *plendbl l.uatre*
tt , 4 I I'ranch Print* Sa , B itiah do :?a . firured Mlk* ?? . plai i
do far I.mini.' 3* IA . Bmbtoide'ie* .?f nil kind* , (ilovae It, I* ?*/.
ami uipcr i air. with an eatenaive aaaortment of H ?viery, RRi
fc???<i. mt,
? Uro'idwijr, havn r> cetred fm*n Pr i?ec a'?d 'itbir arrivala, tbe
ut?d*riaent'io?eil new ro->da. ?htch they will *ell Cheap.
Rich Djinred Hilk*. coloured and Moan ack.
Hilk Ve*'mra. and atrnaal Ve vet do
MplmdMl La*or?and CnaUya for Oman*.
Uaodaoroe *mhroMl<fed ami be?n *1lrh'd T.inenCamtfie hnndkft
A *hl udid aaaiatoMWl of rich ne> dlf work'd f'wwb Cape*.
W?l*h Harm' l?, Ca?tr?n FUnm-l*. and ??li?li P annela
Pl?m an?t fttinwl Men .?? Bbtnk.-ta.
Moaiery innTtilove* ine'e-y varietv, and every i rice.
Slmwla f?ilk Handk'f* Hearfi f-'bully ^hawla.
brown Llnan l>a nn<<k v pTMia, a tiew article
lri*h lane *, Hird?eie l>ia ???r*. I.inea Cambric
J a <H?et Wiaim Cam'-r?e Maalin, Cnxa^ar Muaiin,
Ridanet l^c. a. I.i?*l'?li I'lireaill 't<'? und Kdfv*
Putiittufr hrmi'M a ami Cnrtai Mu.lma
S t, 7 t and a 4. Dnmatk* and l'iii'tt< Ibt Table Cl?''li*.
Whi'e a ad blnck Lace, and Gaiir.? Veila
Cap Ribbon, Bonnet IliWtioa, Belt Rilibon. and Ribbon* ofev'-ry
A Jot of old at<?ek Onod*. *elbnr off a* reduced pnee?, eovwotmr
Of Preach and Kavltah t alu ea llondhtxine*. reranaitt< ol "dk*,
Pophna, amati Ptawl Mbnwla. f>>r Mi*??'? *r, ^c * nw H
'po ?ir,CH * ^ICH. PROPHIETRim OF
I HOUBR'4 AND II TUf.H, ttOAR I ti /?NI?
II01)-IE KEk PERa IN OENIiRAl. l b -wbacriber ofT r* In
rBrfha-nw bi? Anv r can ai vei r.iMni?ai*bin in myot. in.I ?heel*
of fiiar diaerent ttuckn ?ae? ?* ful d,r inatrimenta. ft te* a d frn
4<f.&r m th coiirav of 'bl? w ek, and lie la re , y t. aipply
builder* a d proprt tova of biaa a, ?ithh<ni e 1 am Mure, ??ch aa
kiek*. knnb*. key*, ca-net rod*, be I (mil* *a?h knob* Ac *c all
?f tlie m at ain? ov d ?.?km,.rwSii, and lat. vt m ton* ; ?nd
public and private ho ia k'<ei*^< may oe*ai>p ed with anyqu mtity
of t'b'e, t?a and de?*ett apoona . ileaaert tiirk*. t>'a set*, nankia
uac*. fiaban^ but er kn *?*, envy ?p ona. ladle*, Ac. ; all of the
be*t pattern, and waranted to ka >p their c h>ur
Price* very avxlerat*. a> d anv rder* executed by
jtt tf tn Broadway
STOCK*. A chraea a*nortaie?it of Oenf!en*an'a and Ywonf
Man'* Taney and other Htocka, of tbe ne*t material* and work
man?tap. juat received by Mra KINO, III TuMon atreat. wb?< b *ba
.a ael kne al reduced priaaa. a II tf
,,r. urtlteiwi wVuii.,"v,u' attention <?f the Teach
ImM U W J p. WIK11ZH1CKI, JIM! pub
to ?UlHJfCffU- ill Loi^a' i','!"", y Mi Walrtltoitl. It 14 culuiatod
io supercvru an tamk* ol that nature that may l,u I'mmd in ihe mar.
ket at present, and there is mi doubt tliat it will become vit? o.?>u
'l.r VSMi!!1 u"J,r ??v"?wn.?,u Uwt tKKhZffi;
all difficult ica with wh.es E,laj?h pupil mwU : hrrewe will
gfi *?,,,e i /"'ni; Until now-a-Uays, ii wu tltoughtihai an L??
llf ?i?a? '"ar7 t^? MWiunr atior. of the French Uumuiure
W ie?lurdf.^") V!f .' ?,r,,1"owlcc? " ,:.ur'- etljr iH.iuelfTLt Mr'
Wic.nirMcki t Grammar tearhe* mm flu- falai y ofthat miimikxi tor
thj) fact in, that until now there was no grammar I luit gave .iny'sat
irfictoj rule, fkcil,tatm? the <Mfculty , U." con
trary, give* all rule* that there uie in tli ? language, (for he *peuks
uMh!. alt?!* A ".*i ?"u?Kr ??u?aJ.) ?0 much so, that wo wiU
not hesitate lo prrtnounce tliat every oum irmy ncouifu ft aooci uro
nuuciatioii of the French without even a teacher, tt tough true, that
that nicety of the pronunciation w hh-li cumiut k- described in uo
way hut uc.iuiied and appreciated ?* ly I.-, rlie eur.ia left to b*- learn
? ,X. (?5iin heart t'luin the w l)i.!c t he ,, recise rules I hat
r>Tlfe.^h0f) 'IITI'L ' 1 every Oiie to he understood by eve -
! ii' . '(kewisc made a n.w classification of ilie arti
J...' ?i cannot he found elsewhere, that article the use of which
puzzles every Ltiglishmiiu that attempt* t? Hiieak Frenrh Ijkn
in r i fVOi V "? what order the French words ought tube used
a nvMh*V'?r??ke an infcHiiible *enUnce , (thJa cannot he found in
any other grammar ;) finally the arrangement that invade* his
SftH!rfIi!i?,r1V Rn eaV ""f' ealculatin# to facilitate tl?c study
. i'?nguage lor the pupil, andle**en the labor of the
teacher, and we arc ao confident ol its mi nis ihui we wJIh.iv ?<>t h
wt;L'lSLl7h U^\ir f !"/??' ?f & tea&fo,
11 !i y Wl" ,K; Moused with it Indeed a hid* fiiir to
naBtf w. SANDFOllD.
O'F.S. S# Leonard street, one door West of linadwaV^
F1!*" J eontmucK to give lessons to Ladies in the various
al f? Wild education. T ?o?e liitdin^ tiieiimelveM detirient
?i ?ri!" ,,,,u,ang*1|P? Arit^mciic.?n*liili Grammar, Hinirle Entry'
Hook-keeping, cur^rct Readinf, Geography, Hiitn y. &r. eun re
ceive *nch a course ol ronjldentiiil instruction, rm will, in u nhort
Ume, render tl,< rn proficiunts, if not critic*. The in.liu.'bel ? m
di\ idual Mw* Pre*coti solicits the attention of those iuterestad
She has a varw.y of.pecimens of pupils' imsroveim nt , aiid numer
!r! !u ^T r* commendations from lit< rarysuiilleint^i l.ah
Towhutn it may concern: This inav certify tlu.r > .
^ ith pleasure I twtily in favor of Mis. J. J. Prescott . L?'.^.|
flf." uftbetheory and practice of Hinsle Fntrv Hm.t J.,
herieve her luUy ca^bfe of leaching that hranch of a u.efuUduca
New York, Dect^mker |, 1834. ' MAK8H.
From the knowlede* I have of Misu l i p.,
skill in the art of Wntinr, I can cheerfully and ciinh<?.!i H ,UpWK,r
mend her as being well ..ualilied to Sle WufiSi'^
lanl acr.?mi|?liiiliinent. NATHANIKf iw'/Iim tl
B4Mton,July ao, t?3<. HANIfcL I) GOL LD.
. ,TW? certifieth that Mis* J. J. Pre*rott ha* heon ? ..
hie and perfectly well approved member ol'this instilution^M^t
sue l a*studied here, with tale-its rarelr euual led ?' ""J.
the most promising charaiiter, Enjr i Ii (iraninuir r "'"'?e** ot
"ion Arithmetic. I.tin Ac Vanu she IZZTmfc
Imt superior qualifications, hofh m ntal and .icoiiireii f* "!
pupils in the solal branches of literature JOHKI'fl Ji)8l/v
Monmouth, Me. .Nov. vM ??c'Ptor<*M"??uth AcaJamj.
t ,ih';'"f'1 testimonials of character and scholarshio whi-h Mi..
L .u !T"y Un* 7''""" fru"' I"*? vvhichTre"p,et and the
sUung arte<-tion and resur.l that *|H' enjoys with an extended an I
raw?ct.tfc acquaintance in this nutter, aiPml m-pl.aZje m
adding my name to the intraductions and credential* she has
(Ksunt ought he useful t? her in establishing herself a. un Hstruc
tress mtaai section ot the country which she n?w pro,
Portland, February S4th, 1S29. ^
Beside* the ulstve testimonial', she has n'heni nf iu,.i,.? .
and scholars)! pfrom the folk,wing gentiemell^ h"ch?"cter
Rev. J. Woooman, New Uloucesler, Me
Hon h. Hilton, Wis?.ta*et, Me.,
Hon. J. M Harpbr, late member of r-Hi^res*
l.nU "lhVr "?Jln,'s V'"a,|v honorable, that can be seen by
ca I hi? at h?'r rendenee, ^9 I^onnHstriet
.1, . !?l2're"'<{" 1* h',p''J, ,0 HHy she has Ueen i.Mtructm- in
siais afriSaJsr*"'
Hr/imanthip. Under Miss Presnott's tuition thenaiul ,?..
^jlfhU'en easy lv? vim, of one hour inrh, braak up thr inont iT/fi
bI. mi cramped I and vvirting, and obtain a ra ?| ,ea ^ J
fill style, which the pupil may he sur -of relating I' m ,. , ?.
desirable Two iern?, are .,u.t? ?.rtfici ?t |" ,Mnt tth?, wlli
have (overwritten, and whoeannot even read writinc Chiril.
meluding slate nary and penmakiug, #10 per'enn barge,
we. L '"oar*eeccu|*es thr,* trnm h? four days m each
wr. k.and on- hour in each day It cin:,ra. es , knowie.lL'e ol (lr
?lu?!!?,;ir,*l,,n*,*ndf,u' ',r'" "iria I .11, compriauit in t ?
courw. t|, mn-t c itica. rules of accent ,iuai ti v eniii?,i.. . ,
ail I i?rie L^lirs rr.af ?e atsured of iinjimvinl' tfi ir st\ le and of
becoming g<mm) readem in fhal sho f ihthhI ( hun ??, *it> iWrm.rV
ElUfllth Uritnimur ?Those i-rs,,-,, ?), . b an,!,, dly"kT, i
Raulish. do not know Uo v much the, sin aga nst the cam^JfiK.!.! i
mo ec "i cl heaiers They are aol awate !ha Avry
s 4lteoc.e they niter, Is a* obvious In Of t nr a^ a bla'l, rn irk on tlx
fime. would be f. the eye In teieh.. g the s" weTf IWI I '
W^k'n"/' ^",|fre*"i,1t '!:||,;U ?' ?-t 1,1, k the W II knww'i
work o y M Ingersoll, Ks?i, and in imi-arting a knowle ltre of
ITi-.C^l,fJr*'"*T">r' ^ rye " i"'l"w a* Intl.'as j.ns.d.le on
f !!}?. I '"'.I"'* fbls course liiv.di It, twenty I nr teetnm I
w - j
?:ir. jsa'psu&^stsx&ii: i
nature nf bus, e.. transact ona.givesage.M t. imaiij".^
and conirneinai interco..rse a,.d will enabl . a |*r<o.t l&kX Zt
ait .? h.-r own a?en., ,jr w ,th more ab hly tniwpret the i.7rMH. .
of her ,p-nt l? ths. brunch, Pr. seott i-i-u... he val,
sjern ol Mr. C. C. Maish. now ol this V.U S
Miss I'rescott ileerns it ?i>t .mi ? Dorta.it to.sv 11,,.i I.,,.
! nV? P IO|r 'I'T1* "r* of t lie v.ry Is- I kind, sihJ that llie* 1
K 't wjnehwe*. Iwivelv by hers-If M rn. <1 ladies and '
cjum" W ' ' ""ly U|*m ,,H" utmost secte. y, i| r%
Amilieation received at her residence, from ?o'r.W-k t II to A M
aral /.on. 3 until 4 o'clock, P M In onle- to
^*>se who t;iay wishtoayail th.mse.es* ol In r in-hu. Miss
l-1^ w'"'e eive an evening class, from TsV'.rk until ? I,*
I r* m ^nthi, provuied apphcsti.Ni be niride imrnedi .telv Hours
;fat.enda ?,^,,n.Uw .lav as will be.t the r., v. n.en'e'd
th? inn-si Ladies are r. si*, tfully i ,.| e.| to I save ilv.r nam s
'??n " M ? .Masses a^.^ VH,;
N B Les.nns in French and Music given at the houses of l|h.
' , hy "" "'?trucit-.s nl the ti,si re,p. . lability as a teacl rr and
? d< andposs tslng unqualified fr French
ii* and Ame,ica>. ourrvs ol tun highest standing Terms
nwquarter. Appticationi recnivvd un alm^t
A J J* ANV.? I er*on* may ftYuui inaurancea with
r t,^L0fnL",f,V L>f1 it"'"*** w th * liven nf athvn, and either
r?r the whole dura ion ol h|.> or lor a hnuteil pwiud The pay
meutsol pr. may be e.th. r made annually^ m a (mw
PraaiHMM on one hnodreddoliartfa one year
Ace. 1 year. Aire. t yinir* Are l ?par .
W o th -a | u7 f? i'a? AK llfmt
'? ?77 |? w i? ^ M
'? ? * w IN S aa ti 1 *
IT OM w f! " ?* aw
? 0 *? 30 1 31 4i { * 10
?? ? ?? ?t i ,?i ? 52 t? * ??
? M 1M 2 } ? *2 5,33
?? ? 91 M >34 ? I ? J! ' 17
n 0 M M IK 15 1 " tT 9 78
2 o ST M ! 2 44 I M M III
... . JZ J * ?7 I N 5* 3 f7
? t s * i" r ' **. " * *
trust, ujio wW^^fe^ wtlf'Ti I^V^Tm iolKi^' *"'1 ^
Upsti any sum .rvei $l*v.,rr.de.,mable f?, | yea,, U fw.r e|
?? - .j ;; *?r * montha, 4 per ot
TRUHTEE8. sm?whe, ? per at
ThLilSfw Ludlow i1HT"bTh"m?",?n. M T OeRhsm.
W^TlTuiwS^'te ,?r',K,"'W JiKialhan 'i'volhuO,
Jacnt) Uirillnrd. Htephew Wnrraa ' ,M
Johul^, Jam^Kent
Peter Harmony, Nat'innsvl Prima ' '"fveisnt,
H Ven Rensaeflaer, N lJ?r7eaus ' I
jnhm a rwetar, Ben, KnXV. JrTtt.^J >T?1or
Thos Mortem, Guhan C. Verplana, Ken, | Mwan
M*~m- GorUebae W. Lawtenre L
i: A. PnCOLL.Secreiarr. WM BARD, President.
" A I KInH. Chtsii'isn to the Comnany nt4 tf
A mall v m> imh.
at th< late so I' ihe A. " i" * ^ >'r,"f,,""n ??s??iinM
\-Lrn, ?f ,'!T,h" ?*' ?"?ng?d thai tli, M msy he I
tiuri rsl with i tss- raiad ty. .rata sae. | ,n nl or very s'o* |. i
, , ^erTJ ,hr * ,"?,,nr" "* "-may he mais to
L?_ _ . ''?e awoke pt(?- .a ehn. n i ormto an adjoining ;
ZZ.r'CltTZ?'**""** ' - -????*??-*v.? 1
tiJ?-?Ile kM' '''?"?"?a. 'ho fire may he ail eitucuished in
thecba bro.c.iobus.iou with ?tih r ...... slo> a iMsrtic.l ? ol the
*'^ '? ''"* me,and wi'Im,.!'ney ts? o. .In t whn ever
Corriit into the ro m lly this cotithniulior, of d a.qrht>, he fire
ma? be g te.1 f run th.'tMittr'm, srid e a.le |.,b mn w .r.ls n tl,e
usual way .iri mit be 'tghtoil font bet.pand aiade o I urn
d wnwa ds ih o rh th- wh?l. s as, .renal' 'h IHrne , ,1 2?
I'Bs nir .nt'hrxirht. lagh.m of t grs'e int.. the Hms an.liKan
eH into fhf M'liiikf | ip?; or ihi.uM the coal ittdiiMa ? ?
tbeh.rtt.m, of'h gr.ite wSenth fir ? H ilnm - 1 ,1 a Vh!"!!''
?h?o * m"n' ,o"f?
In ihe ?i of l.,..-rfmufM* the ho'air is b ought ta n*,, ?v?
every uichn' ther ?hitt-.g .urface nt the i rm vtr all v?,
hortom sn?l side, snd s enilrm. l* |. ,, la !. ', *J ,,i,r ? ?"?'
miU and pl. asant heal. " *? M ?" ???? ? ? r?
Ii m enrtfiden Ir l-elieeed that these stoves s? ,
lainriple- dilTenng fmu, a I others r>.,w km.wn ? n?
tbeco . hiiMiam of.ira'ta ri..i so sree s r..!, ' onlain
len.g aral e?h ,.t.n- llS hiTZTTh! ^^
airloleac d'ohe I .weat t^ssi i *'?/!" >??
the floor r ?. d theif..ye anrf tb. b. l. ' ** " ertaally to warm
pa t/wna . ???a i. us and . u, 1 .li T *' ??"? ?? " Tl?
Ra. cs s Hans. P ir|,.ra OflW J Thl^i' 1 #?
ste su en r In any oth^Js IB theTna Tha rMt?,g.
re hu hli omam.-nted. *r^et. snd tlx- sl.er t iron *ii*,as
jJS.F ma"nK.7y luZSJZZ
_ R atwattr * ro.
?one t w's . ',k#* T- 0 ^r. >f if HPar,
1*"**? bZ .nf.r'j ?" t ?*' ?a rt'i. Tor si by
Jl?r f?r LBWia FRUGHTWANOKR ,<7T Broadway.
<e*i-?ut8oiMay.)atihe^?.!i",- r"*t,i*rl>' Tytr* **""?*.
In advance to tl* New25?nf "*'? copy, payable w<3W
StB artfsr w, ft? *in s?
eentt per copy. .,? renuttiir uaab in'^va?,f J!**
lim*t a* the/ piea*?. auvance?for Muoh period u
Letters to the Ed?l?>r to be j?.*t paid.
'bupu . AI 394 pKAHL StREET ICK*
I , Pr*H>rietors h?v? cone mled f||#?ir ?(iiiiii<uiBi?
* tor Hi.- ilespetrh ol extra rt!,ri nr JS!L ' ""WIlH
the months of Pehrunrr, March ami \i.ni ??'" Livened ia
?endiiif (or tl?etr ftUJ. ? Id makeel *
^t^tewssss toHErFr^
ditlurriit ports m Ireland, Scotland and W^le* UralC iw uTwd^
_** ?.? 5 ^(Ks: Ha"k?:Liww^
ihelanSOK tiKKAI bhitawaSS
41^ &C>
respectfulTmtoim'iheirViliny'^t'TTv* L""' Tfcjj proprietor*
U"jA1??r'wiTt^omt,p"n??C v?"""r0"" 'rM"n<C' t,'*t
MARGARET, ' CONti??*?&
LEVANT, *[occmkumet'
Haveh.-en eneaited to supply the berth in mil*.
?'cS,'?S K&
a (mat accommodUion, ?* ,t ^venuX't'? 752 *'*
try tenoualy complained ofl,y passei ? ?l T *' *"*?'
d?S%earVLTr^ly OC, M"M,S' - 'a^V o7^
J< >S raHnE^;,Li~**
Jireat hr.tai.iand MamUn shJJJfo/ t^fir-t"^^'.''^'^ "SE
reasonable terms. Toe mnioa of'th! fill? ? f p?*" ffe.* 011
their friend*.'wlHMnay'wj'.Mrl^j^f'Z?* , nr?*'n* panacea for
to provide li.r the voniVe , ralL i,J T U>nto
?limed men-hauls ah , a e amn. , i i * *"o ?'' M"
ni.eein forward/.? pas-en.-enfTo LiftW*
Matthew M?Canii, Steam Packet oflU* ttr?#- ?
^?bn McAuIiH. Merchant Quay Cork W#B,W
t'flier Keenan, Wc?t?rreet.l)ro?lHxla.
John Beat, Surur Island. Newry.
m. DoQffhrriy ,C? eraine
jH'H"" 5'",lrn"- c?'? M"rket,Londonderry
jSSflSk on' u!"Jp-lfl ?'"Mrt.Slifo.
J.iKil It ,n'"'r?n, Laearrow near AthloM
John Muitaph, ISii'linacarity
J.'eph Ronan. Mulln.itar.
John Atkinson. Carlisle
ol ?ni RA ? HOW * M'MilRKAYT^
? y*rfWwd IomIa
wear well, Mid n. .L.. 1 w*'**nt?l tm
darala ity call at COC'PLA\D * CO^S
??de. four door* aoutj ofBj.ardi ' ?3 O^r. oaa t
?'iy i^'^io""a1 ro fc" LV"M"" ^
<ar ol Canal at , I, ?leave^wfJ*. ft 1 t/"ud.H"?' on?*
*?;?' ral y. I hat U' hai o,WI|!T,
of Far, .> ilk. and Beaver Hat? ; rfut.^and H^lT^L
eraitic'e in Imk m? ? -'U'rana .seal Capa,anduvery otta
The .-<Hk Hats are mmle ,?n th? finest r,,r
t?wo. haM.ela.tir. and d.irablr,and warrant-d^T?!, wh'rlil
and aolof until w,,m .ut. warranted torot.iiatk. ir ?kaua
^Tlje puklm are invited to ?,ve htm a lallbaf..,. ^
LrThe!l?"11 Willhr for r t?h
nll3in Ja.MKs U ul.||ii?i' , , n*
? WKHB ?W Bmadwa? .ror Canal at
Ak 'I'RKVA It T Ar < ?#? V- |7
J&B C'*" 'ndut/aet Hwr to itifnrni the tniH.-, thai ihey kav^
ai 4^ew HI ore, where tln^ have on haMi! him! ?
ifniifanfly roneivrnr. fresh ?m.?li|.,? Haiti r'. Piu" and Tf2
raiara-a/ao. fancy e.,lore<i IW,e? f,M Hmmeli w(2Ih
tkuv will sellnu accornmonatinff tenaa. o??aet?, WhHB
IliTl.tiri, ^Tocica, anil Htork Frame*, at wltolcaale.
aIMP?RTA!VT TO ' II ??; PI HIJC, nii
i' *ii^' '' ".''".'f "-,M,*r "f a new and heautif'u ?ryle of
I'll'Hall, wist hli - tn ? na'> ? (I to n**tI at tin In* nnM,r
?4 15. The itticle anovr nx ma'lul'ae ured on anentin
new pn C.ple, known only to hunae f. and wild at IM o?h?i MiiSr
luh iieiit in ihi? ? ?) Th y ato ? ,w ,.ut.fu| K n^ IV Hm
warmnted to r-'am 'hei In-tr.- and nhapeiu anyeiimat ? aiHTV
beautiful ?h<)it n>|i Silk II... ol .up,. ?,r
ssSvs'i'Cir ?" ... h.
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