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lSvgatsled by ?dra*wf ?f W. Daniel*. R*q., A. R. A. represent
mg the Hindoo Girl* floating their Tributary Otieiiagi down th?
They bend above the moonlit ilrrarn,
With gntliered fruit and fliwer* ;
The !a*t on which ibo.uniia* lull
The earlier ruty hour*.
One *ei <ln u vaw to him afar -
Ah, nevi rem tlw h?art
Know half the lave it theiiuhe*
Until it come* to part.
A llioutand thing* aieth.n recalled,
Though near vly marked at lim i
But lingeunt though!* in af er hoor*
Betray how tliey were nur*t.
Auntlier koihIn 11 little boat
Upon it* happier >vty ;
8lu- know* to morrow will restore
The < jut ?lio iov-td to Jay
They bend with nil the eager hope,
'I lie confidcnce of youth,
Wlncii make* the future it believe*,
And t/u?U iuelfwith truth.
A mI never Urecian < hwel formed
??it ape* of more iierfect e ace,
Thin by tin; NXMHttiintei bend,
Bacbo'i r hi r mirror d face.
Ah love take* many uliape* . At tir I
It cw.-nei a<>flai>ht i* lly,
Tnat lM>ar tae lightning onthvir umjs.
And then in darkmin die.
But aft"r comes u steadier li;ht
A lone and laatilix dream ;
LiWetbo full heaven w iich tho ?mr
Fiinci down on life'* dark itreaui
One lingor*- for ?hu dares not truot
Hrr lamp Up*n the wave i
She k own the oineneic is come
H <r heart i? i ? own gr n>?.
There i? u love that in the ?oul
Bur. <* ulent and alone ;
Tlmui.li allot early h.ip: nues*
Mi, long, too lonp, be n flown.
But, like the lotiH, vi lio?C Holt depth*
Receive the morning nun ;
The true toad flower *t ill look* to heavJO
Though liyht ai.d dny are done.
But *ke, Ottiid 1'er gladder friend#,
I/e.in, (K iMne on the mrand ;
She keep* her fairy baik unlaunrked,
Brvid.f her trembling hand.
Vi'hr nlioul I ahe *ehd her fairy lh? (?ht
Toqaei'ti nt'uturi, pain ;
Site kiio wh her utter miaery?
hlie love*, audio v.- * in vain.
I pray hi.? pardon, he wImj traced
Tlie graceful forms I see ;
Oh, i mi cic painter ' to thy skill
The *t>iri' yield* it* key.
The treniurec of time distant kind*
Are given to thy w ill j
But thou hunt let a dearer cfcarni"
The heart obejs thy ?kill. L. E. L.
ARTIFICIAL K V EM are inm-rle.. by I) . Inane Kiam w.
Hurgi'ou D.-ikfiiti. which cannot lit; <lntin?ruis lied truM natural
unco, ami will perlurn. every motion nf ihut oi ?an, witlioit imiiwc
tin? *lurbt"t For 'he product ie and application of tins an
tie lua recciv. il u Diploma, of which tin- tollo* nit' u u ropy ;
P R ? M 1 U M .
Thia Diploma waa ttwmdi d by the
lii the city of New York, at the late Fair.
lo I) It. I FRAN IS,
For a tiuo apeoimeri of' Artilic.nl Eye*,
(Ail iiaprovuneul.)
J AMK i Tallmaob, Prue't.
Emvin Wm.liam-, Kit. See.
J. B. Waku'MaNi Coir CMC.
BO-CELEHHATED EYE WATER -Dr. F. aUo icepcctfull*
auIeT ? Hi' .itt niioii <>i tiMa piililir t * iii? ii(o?t i xtraoidiiiiiy and efli
cacioua bye Win or. It hut proved ilae I'a icoet va tialiie upphciit 011
mirll caa -* ofaeutoaiid chronic iiitiaoam tnan , alfordin* mi.i.ed.Mic
r?hcf T? tlie need, who areao e iiiimouly articled with weak
near and indieiinctnciMofv aion and even l?> eye* dieeaaed lor acve
re I yr.ai lUcUL-cto have been tru!y uatniii.tiiii*.
M. B Dr l\ piipoma to m?ve on tlie fimt Aiuy lo 134 Chitmlierij
itrwl , oppomle H iditon. mil ui*
Uud Eyr?.
Diseases op rut kye. -spectacles 1-3
Inilwi? up in H ; SHANKS, Ocuuai. pupil of tlie
moat re<?:> hUx! awl ilniini'i.i?l e?l ( truliat 111 Euro|>e, I'rofeaaor ? '?
Keiui' > an i Licentiate ut tie- m w York State .oedical Society,
he?M 10 intoriu Uiotte who are iiflec t<*ii wiili Dix-naex of the Lye, or
defi-'ive vi?io:i. thai an oprajrt unity m here afforded licmofgeltinir
their area iieriniineiitly cured by i?cnlmrlj effective meiuia,
which wlieii a|iplh u to uu.i eio taatlectkiliageiieitillycoiiaidDrcd in
curable, nut. roa to aurht.in t altorteal |ioa?ihle time, without the
expei imciitniK of>erati?li? and torturil.tr application* too iimc li in ilmi
by those who !>? stow but lilil. utii iiUum to toe rclitied character of
th? ttuuy 01 the eye, coiupriainit a* it thie*. moat ininute d aaeeuon,
aud an Ultimate knowledge no only o thee nmo? forme oldia?a?e
ami delect* ot ? anon, bill ulioof he iIimmci and ileli eta w Inch are |
peculiar lo each tie* :n?l?t endentli ? I MC otn. r *tr .rl MM wfcfc Ii
Mitnrinto iiie coniixaunoii of tin* Heli,-.ate and complicated orgim. I
Pr. 9.. from hi* knowledge ot op tea Conner tod with di<eaeedaml
def-cluc vi?un weak a id p.inful e?e?. pre>mt* to tli public u
car I'nl (election ot the Ix autiful tianap ireiil Sp< ctac.en, whic.i |
have the dt?i abl" |M'culianty ?t nul ouiy r mc-drinf tlie delect of
vwuu.but id 40 ofpreeentni; tlie aiichteatd'-rree of irritiitixn to tl e
?fe fcipeeial atient wa wium paMto the xlMitMat UMMMm ?
lot he pMMM Mimul di bet An.rrorin Ibu purl cular braiwi i
and Rontinuex to In-, pro^ui li?e of th^ iuo.? lerioue injury lo tlie '
ejrm of llwuian <?. ^y ap|Hymg fur ?I??m to ilaiae wImi are alike {
urnor 1 I ol' t lie acience <>l optic* and the fibric of I be eye.
|?r . s Willi*' h.ippy to <'xpl:iin tm- auaiotmcil atructure nl'the
?ye. and thecauae* of d> lec ive viaion. rhowiuc the ? eat inipor
tance. w Ih-ii i lii.M'M are >? ?|U're<l in <Miler lo iwwl and preiative tne
tight -iif ha vmf t h? 111 of toe exact fwcal length lo auittlie paitlcu
la/ age :ind detect.
N H ?Ariificialere* accurately inaertcd.
( ilTVce hour* I'roin II to 4 o'clock ilnilv, Sunday* excepted. Ad
tiea o the p?air, gmtln, tiom S Ui C e'clock. fso-iin*
DR. ELLIOTT, Ocu'wt, frofrinnr <\f the Anatrmty and
dJueaif of tht Human rue. - ft otn W year* iliidivnled nt
Vnth>o and c HM'aut ?tudy . twider the moil ccluhruted t>> uh*t? in
Biiime. amlnne of Iw(m-*||o Ain?rica? Pmfea*or * nut W. of 1'ir
Me irc I CoNefe nfoliut- w tilt the nhmI axteinuve ami ?uccca*ful
practice in tli- union, . ?r K. aaaerta with confidence, that he caa
nireihein ?t diinei rou* nnd cnmir di?<-a*c? of the aye. Witlnait
an iipurnlnoi, except in ctiae* of bliHilne**, when he o|a>ral?* lor
Cd?rcl. Corectomia and Kn/rophi/?.
HPECTAO..E lit. E'? ?<tlMit, beautiful, transparent, nteilititii
Hpec lade fila**1'!, hnvin< the i^'uhur projiert y of keeping ttw
eye iierfeatly tvwoi, civinr iiniueibate and |MTUianer>t eaao. and
at tiie Mttie time *uit every aee without the nix-eanity of chanee.
D E. wnl lun?ell uilj<i*t tlie tiluaae*, to ?uit Ciie partKulai de
I It E her* lo atate lhat be attund* to di*eaae* of Mie eye. and
imperb'ctiouof viaion only, irtfice 3e3 Broadway, private enlraiMie
M P? e atroet. Tlt-tr
A H R I'll, toeihaclie ell<cliiall> and f~'nBii'.<'iitJv ? on .
without aloptHtur Willi c dd, cement, Ac. , ur any operatioa what
ever by the use of fir I! atnnh * celekiated " Anti ihioutaljric L. -
gueur Ma ly la n - and centlMlWII wlailiave lie?o, atlecii d with
teat painful maiadv 'or jva *. ami found every other mean* to fail,
have lieen ? fleet un ly cured iiy th a dieooverv. The iierxon wlm
wi*he* to make th* k' own lor the benefit of the faibhc ha* hem
effectaa Iv cured . and i n t o' hn t h h Iup*i- lor the la ?t fivv yeara.
The niiniher* ?hn ha* e been cured by tin* di*covery the la-t t wo
yeara aunitrdiVIc Lit tlmcunt* be ever ao lender, or th*' teeth
rver *o ibf-nyed. tlwy * ill in a *tiort time become capable of mtu
tieatton. awl free fmtn (won for life
Tueve <lro| * will never l?tl to e re any caae where the pain i?
?icea?l??ned by the I lec a V of t e tooth, and con?e<|i?ent exjioaura of
the m-rve Th?'y ba\e tv.e eflect not iavy to remove pre?eut pain,
hat alao to deaden lite nerve tut ett'ertua ly a* re render it incaiaibb'
?lf h- ton'
Tor ?ale who eaale and fetnilby A II A l> Saeda. emmerof Fill- |
toa aial William *t* Mi me 4k U imble, corner of l>ey and Bnmil*
And retail by J II. Nwt.e*. ?<< Rr-adwat , Iwtt dnar* aleive
kleecker at
W . llorwell, corner < anal and HuJeon *t(.
T R. Ae*tM, 45 Camnneat
H>im.i ? rui 'iinB' Hall. *> *nth Avenue, nearly ejifwMite Ami
?I ?< kr Ac Pnce. se eenta. m* I ei
It)" N'lONE MHO FOOLISH a* to ?uia*??e for a moment I
that w?c m live wrlioui eftirnr, any evwe than a tree c?eild derive I
?atrtmcnt fr <m Hie *ir abtne, with ut 'he -oil. ('amt'lww* may |
lire on iur tlmu(h tw web known that ?uch air ia fnllof livinr in- j
eerto All , theiefofe. k??i? that it i* wtjil we put into the ?totnnck
which ran ?ea oa Ui live ^ e nuke over unr |)<aiie? from the *tmn- '
act, le f oet three t'tflv- y?i(re we in ike over our Iwidiea ewtirely.
The* what i* part ol ua l*?dny, i* ah?o u *-lv not a |iart of ii* tnm?^
t*? Th-aeff'tion*. *nch ? |<er.pir ?iMm i,nd ,eher eeacvatiiMH, !
e'Hifin tally make ?air bw tea wa*te. and ii ia from THE STOM
ACH lliat we ?upely tin* wa?te, II we h?ve to do to make ner j
imdnw ultimately healthy, i* to prevent iiehealthy particle* from
mix in* with th - bio al. I'urfdum doe* thw f<e m. prowled thetw- 1
tat ve we employ unilain* in it no'hin^ which will wcik. n ,,,
?a in.nry.
for ?Hx*? tairpri*# will ke fmilid 1 I 'h it ia required. Thouaandiblee*
the day w htch tiiuile ihem noi i iinti d with thvirvirtuaa Remem
her, rei diu/ at re Ii.m lh in for anl ? ami ft btianrr, hctart of
Cearavf rid.' At 1*7 lludeoti at , I Spruced., and??* Bowery ,
leiei-r P'tnceiiit?i Hntfa'IWI at.*., the tiENCINE MEINt IM. I.-*
\( Mill I'll Til K I, AIMKW.-Th' *u!.?i;ril..r?
op'i > ?"i ot ih ? fe?afe letud and rh iracter ia loo lar ? ?al ed.io
INippow tie a mnni' ht Ik' t tlie lirfie* oflhi* city and i Uew le-re
(I wlenn Ihi ' a il |i (H>b el i dor-'owd) can chj led or flalii r
edtopitr-i H" H-m : 'ett wi h ? !o ai d ee? hinia.'lf to Iheli ?o<?l
een?" o'oy. I'he >re reap el mlly Inlotmr^l that 1 Badenu'i [Cele
hiate?l Strent'ieeun* PI ?ter? w.-re tretmrnd wuh (prciilteftfr
enne to th irfi* ? id tb-\ m 'I f eartivat'y lecore ii tended in
ate i ?? xfi i n.u' ji-il with ,",i'* hi the back, hrenat or aidv. or tn
thrw* w h ' ai' afltet-nwrh f-?rh' co:da, aatbmaa, A r He *
confid 'tit that if if were i<o*?ihleto?htain lh<> name* of t Ik* ladle i
wno ii ivc 'I'li'iverl K? iefit by wi-irt k tho* iH^utifiil Plaat'r*. he
**ei d pe - ? t in array, w In' 'or m< d?at w ith, intellii' -ttce and
re -fai t delt'y wteibl ler oulerepjh bia hehe?4 r commeiidatwi'ie.
Tlvvare *pr?idont'ie ni nt IwaHlftl. anfl and pliable lamb- ?? Ml ;
?M n?r .Oil' h" white Ii ift.H m?ji| Vf mlmi* mne de icate
lemal in a'l aituatione, wi h i a-e audcomlbrt. tie oe- month
Iher are ?rdd it th?- Riwery Me?li ire? W?ire ?e How ry.hy
(he l-obea' meet oi.hrv l and If Ribl ! *? r?anl
iw4 tf 1 W BADEAU.
W AHIA P AH1LLA.-H??iu mn?l for eeveral rears
^ " Hynipuf ? araai>arilla. which bu Wen highly appioved of,
?nil admiui*te>e<i ny u number of the moot reaper table phyaicmn.,
uxl which Inu hrexctHjrd tny n oat .anguine expectation., I now
withincreOM-d conlideHce utter ii Ui the medical faculty and the
suffering community, ai richly Concentrated 1 vmiuund Syrup of
Sara, tuarilla, for thecuru ofchroiuc rheumatism, letter, ulco ated
tint- throat, pimple* uu the liice. scorbutic eruption*. bilf* produc
ted liy an impure habit .if thcbody,eryatpila.i ar St. A Mho y'* tire,
pain* m the bone. produced by too tree iwe of mere iry, syphiloid
a/Uetions.sciufula Ac., and m'I diaordei* uriaing Irom ?n impure
or conlutniiiated ata'eof the blood , Ac., it lui. proved an effectual
It u a wi ll c.tablislied fact that all cutaneous diseuae* ana*
Irom or are incrtioaid b) an impure or con animated state of
the blood. 1 Iter el writ inctr ad of unit f ext. rnal applications,
to force the diaca.<t hark into tin* ? lutein, there to remum ami pro
ducefreaterevil, uituin.il remedies should e ada.iniateied to i*i
rity Hie I'oniaiHiimten h.ow<i. itud urire the discoae out of tlie hi
tern, to lie loreyer eradicated In old r toefliet ih.i grand Ui&ct
recourse aliould bo had b> those medicines which have proved, up
I.J. hi . 2. . U'? """^oioug ,'<> purifying the bhaal. l?ar*apariilu
?i, bUrMn?! "i f )eu"< "* '""h""1'' ,Hlt hu? never, tilUiib
?tii^ .Vu hi'Jh ' 'i *' 1 *' "V medicine ha*
..u encomium* roui *ome wf tlie m.,.1 eminent
ptiyau una, and i? ptepar.d entirely I mm vi stable substance, hhiI
Mo?sc*aca tlie active principle ol Satauimrillu Root, Ih a moat c n
ten. rated detjiee. Rem* a very pulati able medicine. tli? moat de
licate stomucn can beai it convenie tly, and it i* withsalcty given
u ( if louder inlunl, ih rurruhoruCiuii of whicii curtiticatoi
will be shown.
Dr. ^ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-i i i'.h Concentrated Compound Syrup of Su?.ir* fill"
tuucoujpetelv outdo e Swaim'* Paiiac.-u ami Potter* Catholi
con, in tint cire.d ac wlulu, king'acvil ulcer. eranres, diseases ? ?r
eruption* ut the *kin, chronic rheumatism, ?oie ihroat, vrnerrul
( oiuplaiuts, mercurial "flection*, Ac , and without exception the
greatest pur tier of the hi. od ever invented.
There i? no mist ike bete, f r .nine o i tin' rrea'est physician* in
the count y certify to thva* facia, among which are Dr. Summ-I
.Mao Dr. Anion, Dr. Hunt, llr Levi, Dr. Leon , and llrn. Ludlow
ami SuHiirm, und many i,t ers, who hive usi-d It a nil ailmi ater
kd it to tlieir^wtienta with the treat at suctess, alter every other
remedy lnul failed.
Among a multitude of other certificate* of mint wnudorful cureu
Mr. AinoaCutiercerliiitM Ihit from h ai fVncy lie hid laen afflict
ed Willi adia<a>e ofth akin .,|>firoH. lnin? fo Irp'ocy, nil I h-idt'led
all ill. popular remedira v? ithout rtl. ct, until he hail ii-t ourxe to Dr.
.Stillmau'a Colicitntiated Syrup ol >a/?>j>unll i. WmIcIi lia* eflei ti d
an kiilirc euro. Ulim. c rt.lii'a'e> teatily lothe cur. ul'ulmoal eve
ry kind of cBtanei ua di.ienae.
t'ni tin) rurL'ol'rheuinul'aui, acrofula, or Mnf*>evil. ifout, acia'ia
oriupcou ,jncipi>-iit eancera, Halt rhe mi. ?yphi i ic and mercurial
diaeiiauK, i ar.icularly ulreia mid nuinful aff've inn* of tin- Immii-n. ?
ItJIouriileil throaiH kniI n<..- Irila . *ilc<>r-> of every ill acrip' ion, fever
awrea and internal atM CM '*, listula-. pilen^ a> aid head, aeurvy.
in lea i chronical r?t eym, etjaipelua. Iilolchaw, and every vaiietv of
cutam oua arieciiou ; i limine cii'iirrh, lit-m acha proceeding lr?im
uu acrid humor, pain In the altunach and dtapppniti, from ri>itu
tion; ntieciioaa of the livvr, chronic ii rtainiiiaiion of tlie knlneta. I
and general debility rauM, d by u torpid aetnm nf ihe vearelaof the'
'kin. It in aingularly ctfii ueiou.j in reuovuting those c naiitutiona
winch hy.ve h?vu br,,ken down by it |udici,,u* rrutu cut or.iuvenile
irreiul.iritie* In general t ima, it i* rec minendif! m all thoae
iliaeanfa winch ari<e from luipurit ea of tlie blood or vilmtion oftlie
humor*, ol whatever niiin or kind.
llr SlillniiiM's ComiHi, Hid .Syrup of 8<l aapari'la liiii l>crn (iiunil
highly uael uj in many umbiruoua din asea not here aixjcitiiil, nud
n ftaa been uaed wiih wonderful luccea* ua usiMi gand falii'uti
her. ly Ibiwr Hiiliiect to complaint* of th- cbe?t mid who ?? con
-triuliona r, quire vig..r. Such ,m rao, n will do w II to u,e t w<f or
Unee bottles in ainiillilo.1' a. Hheneveru diet drink ia conai erml
nwoawry, th? .Saraapaiill i.t#ker, ,u a.nall doaea, will a^we^H
I""I>"aea, 1 1 much leaa lime, at le-n ex. en-e, an., in a" 17 raow
agrei able uiamiur than tlie uori mon diet dr nk
CotiUon-ln coun?quenee of the au|? ra*ity of Dr. Rtillinan'a
coin em rate.. c?jin,iou,"l Syr-./ otSaraapurdlu, piepuie.l by the new
pioc, a*, mcr all i repa rations of Sur. ai ari In, und the great de
uiaild lor it, att, mpta have been made I y peraoua iguoni nt of thfl
I MMMoa, to tmiiiiii) it. a d by cipyin r the whole, and mm* inie
u.ep,,:i!cl!:^l!r:a;;raVu'ieuiM,Ho ihc,,r w,,ak <>?
to guard agamat tne dia >p oi;>tm< nttlu<? inuat nerea-urily a'i?e
l.y being deceived bv any of the fic.it o a preparation-, ,?rcha , m
will please a k lor Dr StlllmanVi ConcentiatH Comp it;td Syrup
of ftaraupariiltt, and oli*< i ve mat each laitt'eofthe g niini . article
^uine " i <yu> T 8- witlKiut \?hich none w ?e
Por a'le, wholesale an l ret?i1 hvthe proprietor . tlndorhill, 3?
B^man, corner.., >? ilium st. where nil o dera will he promptly
Alao tor sale hy Dr. Hv.rt, romnr of I!r ad way and Chamber* st
n?'i .1""*'' ?>lk' 1 ? Pr S?hcfflin, 111 Ca'
nni ft., A. 4i H .rum. ^ earner (A W iIUmih and Fti-!um tticctii Or
..uioii, CMit.erof flowery and Grand at/e. t ; II Pr.nti*, ?4 we*t
Bioadwur; Dr. PuiIor, Gland at. near Centre market; a d at n?
iHher pae,; in thia city. Alao, in Boa ton at Apntiircary Hall 19s
W Hjlmigton at.; Young, Pbil.deh.hia Price, ?l ,^-r l-,ule
?... ' C, rtJ y l,'"" ' ,mv.n M,,'d ri"llt "" Hepnring the con
&rntr ited compmin > ayrm. id aaraapar llu to AJr a. I ii.lerhill, cor
ner al Beekman and Wilfmm ata., New York, fi-r Ihe price of one
nurlaT! ",V Hhj'<I 1 u" ^l*'t ?'?>? of Septeinlar, in the year of i
uur Lord one tl.ouaaud eicht l.iiudreil and Wi.rty six
J. 8-nLLMAN. M. 489 Rroadway.
. 1 L LA.-'TKH.? Prepared lor t him or weaki.iaa in the
i'" ?r '? ",,u <g(?vt. riieumatiam, liver com
tilaint. and dyapapaia; lor cough*, colda, aatimi<i?, difficult r of
breathing, oppression <>| (he atomac h, &c., tfwv will give immeih
ate und aootbing rwltef ; and for pleasnn oeaa.aafefy, ease and cir
tainty, ure decidedly au|?ri. r to moat cfoihcr ieme.lv. Such
pera'.na whose biiiiin *aa or dvocttiion reipnrea that they stand or nil
much Of thf.ae of fed.-ntary habfta g. n.,?|ly, who may KuhM
aide or breaat, are jidvt*. d to try one ol these b. an
liful plaaUra, as th y are ca-entially d Iterent trooi all other-, and
arc free !?,,?, th?,? objection. * Inch nr? ho r. . s,,.mh'y
aeUlna ll m'T ' ''r'" '"'U,r ',acl lhc |J< ??'ir- of
, Hl? H daily lor a mini er of ye .rs in this city, and of the
i ~ l,KrW ^ ha* not heard ofn a..h
ary complaint The, are patieniml extensively by the ,n*|Ja|
hrU,(=;.r,,| i 'p" '*'> an in-, lb ent phyaioinn in
? i i - t lmiirE irapr.ihal would ttoa't.ite fo sancio them
portion lmH'e ?f wh?',, "'?tl< a qaainted with theireom
1 fwif
p ami* nl th ? or^ais of gen. rut o ?.
Of all remr-die. y^t eiiceveted for the above w.inilainU, this is
till moat ceitain. 1
ft make* :i -i?^-dv and permanent cur \ without t-e least r. r.ird
to diet, drink, ?\po?ure, or chanre in application to bu? ncaa
Vi e give r.o I in. quarkl fl r, cour. i-nda ion* to de rive the ikiIi
If. Ifik,e medicin.' dma lint */.? ik f r .taclf, no '.tie a hall apeak
lor it I lur ol>je ;l is to notify wh re it can be had. ano thut tlM
proprietor cballetigi* v ai gle cum- of recent G.nolm>a to he
b ought. Ill which I be M xture will noli ft; ct u l.pidcure, under a
forfeiture o
Thia is adiseaae, tint unfortunately ia rva.le.all rank* ofiwmtr
? high, low, rich .ml i**.r, tu .trimnmal and si. gle I bev are now
presen'.ecl with a h rn. dy I y whie , they can cure then *? |ves w,th
out Hie leas' exposure, in 'Ii- -Imrteat time p?? ihl . p?r th. r thn
diseaae c.inot lie convicted if a doae ol the Mixture i* taken at
ii ghl on tiling to led when ? X|nm<sI.
It .s pat up in Imltle*, with full direction* Iirc uipanvnc it at fci
a hot Ic. line ho' lie la.ta a week, which ger,eral y ca e* Many
tin- cured in twodaya. 7
for aalo by Milaor A Gamble IN I! oa lwnr, rorner n<~ Dev al
Dr Gumn. corner ol (.rain andl! i?or>; M l' Shieiitn, corner of I
f.roa iwa, an" Du.-.e at.; A II A D -?*.d*, I no Pullon, co-i ? .f 1
w Illiaiti, new York. Joa^a fe Ilutchuwon, comei ofC e.nut ami
(foventh ? I* I'bilade pliia. nU-lySm*
PATESIT imphoved motiiks- ( APsr
? IjKS. fo, the cure i fC1- R I AIN DIS- AHKs -Tlie?.- Ca-.
*ule?. which have mat with the rr atert aucce.. m F roia- .lf'r
Hie advantage, unknown until now oft .king or a<lmiruaterin> IIm>
liul-am nfCopOtri, III a'l its parity, an- perf.vtlv <rPe f?,m all ih.
j "17, nc" lUl **~?rn ta.te, and under a plea nut.lM|Ie
?111., new way of using tlie Ral?am i' nt the a.in.e tune the ,?.*t
! 'ttuph' and that Inun which l hi- Is at n- ults wil leol.ajm d aa
I it enahlea the aonauns. r ?* follow th? treatment with ut interne.
j Hon. .ml t-y ?o don gp'm itre* a .piMvty cure
! Tobe lound at Jonn .MOiiau D ug^ist. |?3 Bnw.Uar; So . llanl
A|i luc. 3*1 Hrondwatr. and ? Par* Knw- Ituahlon A As o.tv?ii
! m William, I.OHroadway, A-tor llouao, KMeCWy?"
ItriiMlway, an, 1 .4ber druggist* in town ni!> Sm*
" rAWCKVT. I, Uu a ?> urgron of trie asts
I Kegiu.en'ol the British Army, mrmheroftiie lloyn I .Johp,.
ut Surgeons of _Londi.li and IXinburyh. an.4 mmuhr rot Ihe MeX
cal College ofPudndeliihia. continues iriill t., direct hl*attmit.o?,
0 the treatment oft he iidlowiiigdiaetao a, vi* : ?
Venerii. in all ita varmus stagea. Coaorrhii.-a.atriclurea.irriu.
tion ol Hiw ur ji bra and bladder .and at! disbar, arising from the
abuse oi mercury, efdei.ng. ment olt'.e rtu?.l?, dy.pi-pria.ogue
Ah. AC. .Per*.*!. Wbohi.ve injured i b. mael vo. |,y a a. cret .te-'
alruative habit, arc invited t? call. A pnt??niive msy u- kail lot
the removslof arertaindisoider. Oftie.e, win Piutoa .treel nea
'?reenwich .1 .?V(f
T? T Vi*"' ? Anacrism, lia pr ol ateienl
1. iHieta, the lover and Ike eulogiat ol the ladiaa. never forgot in
hi* oac?, ui mention wf I ha teeth ofiie.il 'lorr-i.ni
Oval never f.ir one iiion.enl loal sight of the "balmy breath" ofhis
ladi a. and hi earnest ree?i?.ui.mhitinii to lailh a. xea wi.. ever to
??keep y?ur teeto clean, ami y.mr hr. nth swW|." The .nennts
ha I lh.-n.enn. of do ng ... An.c.eon'. la nutn. were as not. d fm
Ihew flowing /tine* and their, ye. of tire, n. for It eir t. eth of Ihj >rl
and their l.realh of h ilm.
Ovid, wh has taught it. how to hive and he loved, laid morn
?tiees upon the teeth ami breath, th in any otlwr point and vinlv
theae |t*i-cep?s .re worthy wf inu practice.
How mail) match.-* have I.e. n broken off bow manr nmnntm
aep??ttd bow murli ini*?-ry calmed b> the single fault of a bail
I .men heard a lady ain?, and mo.1 I'ivmely, Her voice was
" 'ear . full and an-kidtou.. her tOMa wiperti? Imt the air heroml en
Who dres not wi-h It have thi- d.fect remedied 1 What lady
doe. no! w lab to U kl.-s*. d with Hie teeth of |H-arl am] tin- balmy
breath, so noled by tliedivmn An.creonf W hat gerKlcman ihie.
not wi.b >? be in erery wayarrreahl.-to tb? ladieai
T"r; Rr.Mr.DY IS I.N Vot lJL . ,w? HANDS -Dr Pa W.
Dun a ii Pearl r.aotli Powilvr is otlerisl as n r.<nidv, w hoae efTeets
are ia .ertain a? tiny an; delightful Thia e*c. Ilant tmith pow
der l? not the invent am of the p eaent day. It ha.m tlie?-n estfln
Ml to modem time*, and Dr Palmer baa had Ih. hapein as of res
1 art ting, in its i.inly, the b.n* of artielr which was in such vog,?e
in the dajs of yoie It is offei.-d with th.- lulla-t confide-ee as to
it. merits to which thousands wh-. have uanl it can te.tifr and
s tumid lair lady or gentleman wan. by rmarhriiine. bn e lie. n af
Hictisl w ith i wisome brenS. or hid teeth, make oik- trial of iia vir
tue.. and not feel p- rf.-rt y .at abet ??f it. effi. a. y.thetl "OlheHo**
occupation's g' ne
Tli ? Dtman Pearl Tooth Powder 'a no mmb-rn rpmckery. it t?.
fufs mi putting, no paragrnplnnr, to r. rider its use. n? gene-ai as
??e , i' c Is a-- do irhtfui I . i. i- .die air ol a nature whl h
can ioi p |iire. sn.l nmst lieo'itify tla- te- th m d sweoten the breath
I*he certiti. at. s nl munr of tin- nbl. ?t me eel p.actitmner< .rf'this
rsiuiilry ? ill te lily to the b,. t and iIh> ionuinoi.d.1 r- e mi m. o i
tory I. it, r. from boli." aiM gin tlemen w ii" but us.-.) it, an- suili
rioist uuar.ntees lor ita worth
For sal. h\ Dr II i t. c rm'r of lima 'w. y and Chambers at ; Dr
"?jure comrr -I' w -ilkar ?t and How i ry
A*ao, hi Hoolooaosl Phileetelfdwa Pr.e?, m r?pfs --er lir>x Ol tm
4 > IM,M>;?IAf?. A .> I > ( ?- It i AIA ft it t*~
/ ? Ft nt H YDROPHoIIIA. ? 'I lie .utiacrflier ho a b? aid with tlie
most ? ainful si nautions. Ihe many accounts of person* dying with
this rfreidliil disease llivine ha.' u Ih |?.*se?s o,i a '
im* "red at n>m h pains and expens.-, b) v hu h ar.,a ? hare laren
t'ur-l, and neter in i lie c.ise knor. n to fail. His cnti-e for not he
tors in king it pin'ir H, lie was laid ipub-r ol.hgof pins tlie iiio.t
?olannt not to maVr it known lor a atatsd l me. Mfl is hapi.y now
0 atate that tue e is past. Amle.rsoos bitten ne. ii net d|.-t?ith
! '.'i"' 'I*' ''laassr ; for l>eiiig sensible of f he '*ppy ami sir. effe ts
" pfoihin-., and the mildaes ita oa.eriti.Hi even
vt it ''ii'! . ,""" '' ''."Ut 'o bo i o- fnw d from lei?inr? , al?i
ofarev.r^'' ""?on of looi'. iftbii I !t> medicine, niaile u.*e
aOer rotiM,! "tc ntvl powerful, ynf |? if ctly l^rmle.. as to
tectg, as ii If." nr' *' Heed I.- ficred irms as t . Ifsef
c infi l. nt ., known to Ikil' f e* ectn-f a cure; and s->
di.sasrs 1 1- r? t I V ' fs'rf ?? ma or oter hi. imi.t dr "idl il ofall
thin i sum- 1, oa dre.dthe bite r?fa rahlnd dot Bay more
milt." n ?ir?WKLL.I7 - o>t street ,
1 1 - ? near f l?? rorn. r of ( h .'tham sir "et.
? v || . (Alt \V i v 1,1 ? 1 ' K I .
1 f tnrrr ? f Inrm ruptfhi, j> '** v? r- *n,, Mnnufar.
ah >ve spring street i ?MA, Na. mi M?dtwn. a f. w .flairs
teeth are really sjenchl. *" 1 B"",*'f"*e,and his mi ornifitihle
N l( Dr ' arwan will, on the tat of Ma*
X . peM Snetnf tr?-??. owl of M tv, ,.,| ,, f , , r*fove III* office to
Cf ? t * ' iTtTiTr?^- laTae" *ui pi> ,imi , ' "J.
whales. I. atdr.ta I. by ' -tal ha safe, I
fl? y Dr LtWW I F' CH fW ANtiFR P7 Bmada...
V* CONCKNTHATKD? For purifymg i he blood, lemeviug erap
twiu.tr , from the skin, aiai.ul ii? purines from thesyatemi torn
pleasant and healthy Syrup has ho equal. PerhaP* 1 ? 00
more ocrtoin way ofpiomot ng general iieslth during thea-niit,
than by uemg ihis Hyrup in the spring The medieel
give it a decided preference pver Uiemoet celebrated Panaceas, Sy_
ruu. 4e , mill nursing mothers, whose infants art: nlflictea witn
Scald Head, Sera Em?, or Weak Eyes, are particularly recom
mended t<ia?e it. It is perlretly harm ess, ami when co?fcne?
with sei^litz or M>da wafer, lorms a cool Kg and agreeable beve
rage. Used wiih fo d watM it m-kes a very pleasant Hummer
drink and niuj tie usrd wiiii advantagt by nwat persons at amr
time. It i? prepared from tiie best Honduius Wa'sanartlla. nccwfl
inr to the ?? ut ip^ravMlumultiiand gieat cure ha* been taken
to keep ii free lioiu impurities and ail obnoxious admixiures.
Prepared and sold at wholesale and retar, hy Mie subscriber, at
the Bowery Medicine atom, 160 Bowery , New York
I". N. W. uDeAV,
Tbeae Baths a?" anhni>rav?aieiit t>e tbo-eof Mi. Whit law, whose
weiiderlul cures hav .established the cliarueter ofthe Vapor Bath,
a* ihr motf t 1 owerful auxiliury in medical practiot. ; an<i Dr. Jack
son's own practice in almost every variety of disease, ha* lx*.n
equally auccesaful. A few of the ipec.fim fleets of the medicated
viiiMir baths are To remove the effects 'it mercury from the system
may relieve difficulty of breathing, and lirnce cure A?ih 1 a and
other diseases ?> f h<- about and lungs togivo sticaglh to the sto
mach to 1 lie digestive organs, undcure dyai?peia and it? c iwe
uuunt disorders? to cure acute ai.d chnmicirflanulion? roprotnole
the pea ing of srroiulous and chrome UMt rs, and remove iht-ttn a
tic pair.* and feelings from the joiais? to jirt.ii.ott) the absorption
ordropsicui humors? tocuiegout iu nil it* lorms in lens time iliun
any other Agent hiihrilo un d.? Al>0, nil kinds ot eruptive dis
eases, Erysiiiela* erHt. Anthony's Fire, Salt Rheum, Scrofulous,
F>rii|itiiin?, Ac. I 1 beside* r lieves cxi uustion and latighe. raises
flii* spirits, tranquiluea nervous irritutioa, und increases Urn up
Fur tin' truth oftheae assertions, Dr J. appeals with confidence
to the hundreds who have tiNled tlicir curauve power These
baths are believed to bo the Miily ami s .11 op ration ih this couutry,
?iiiner tbe direction of 11 r<**ular physic an It ih proper iw mention
that they bear m> rrseinblaace whatever to thosw employee! in the
ThoMpHonian practice.
Visitors can hu>t; h hii'h at any hour from 8 a 'clock A M. to hulf
(?ast I P. M., mid flroni 8 to II in the evening. A female ulwuys
in attendance to wihi upon ladies at the Bowery. Baths during
be day at No. IS Ann street. d97 tf
I). . n emb* r of tilt? Mas rictiuselta Medical Hocictv woul 1 re
? Hectfully aiinotince t ?> the citiz esof New Ywrk and its environs,
that he may Lie consult don all diseuses incident to the liuiuuu
frame, at his t tfice
Dr. K. has practised extensively in Boston and Lo well the last
five years, aw l will refer pilients (if iet|H s'ed) to fer-ons tm?
nouneed mi'iimhle Uy the r physicians, v- ho have visited Imn from
variors parts of -lie United .Stales and the IJritifh Provinces, who
have been 1 ureti by bis improved nifthgil of administering relref III
chronic cases, which is 111 V rial ydiflerent from what has hitherto
Iteeri praut.setl, its object being tn purify tbe blo>'id and strentthfcn
the sy tcui while ertidicatiiig tilst itsti.
' Medicine, without principles, is an liiiinb'* art anil a detruding
The advantages Dr. K has iiosfrsse*! of aci]iiiring a know 'lcdae
ofthe prevalent and troublesome d seas# ealletl Dyspepsia, while
in practice \< ith his lutbi r. w 'to has been vi it, d by many from this
city, have bet 11 tar Kreatei than (,'? ncrally lalb to the lot oluii inili
Symptoms.? The common comp'aints are a disagreeable f. eline
iu tiie bead unpleasant taste in ihe wiouth. appetite sometimes vo
racious, und at oilier nirivs th ? reverse, acid eructation , sinking
famines, 01 nn unusual till in s? nl1 lie itomach and bun els, in sure
cues attended with sbort.i e?s of brunt, ?, wandering pain, boM els
pencr^lly inclined to Ue ct?siive. tiie n ind frequently becomes inel
ancholv and Rejected. IJyspe ties i.ereeivo a ureal difference
some days, ami even liours. ii. their Icelin . s.
Patients who c rmot attend personally fpon Dr. H., can, by
sending a particular sUteinent of iheir < liuve m diciiae sent to
I?r. Richartls'in wo'tld inform the public t!int he uses principally
Vegctalle Medicine *, Itolicving thein to be more stfit aeious hmb
sate, especially fur invalids of a riclii ate constitution, than the min
eral remedies oiten used Persons in 1 lee!, le sti?te of health and
those who hare injmt d their eorstitutions by nsii p variotis adver
tised nostrums, will tind 1 lietnse v- s v< ry much Itetn litteii by < btuin
iac Dr. Mini t!-on's advice a I'd men, cine. Hiscluirges in eoM
mon eases will not exceed #2 for <<fi* iccnnd medici ie. Persons in
low circtims'.. nc s n ill be lilieia ly eon>ntlered. ( iffi 'e, No. 8 Chat
bum st , oppo'itc tiie Park -office open from 9 to I, and from half
i?t'i t'? B <> clock (Sundays ex ?eiifetl.) ml cod-gw*
' 1 1 (1 FKMAL KB.? Mad . Giirtl ion - H|iecific li tr Lencorrturii .
J. ?rW*,,**t from Paris, with d reetions m EhcI sli, tran* laird
from the French. This is a sale, jiosi'ive, and elb ctuc! ewe for
the sb'ive cornpla nt. 80 d by J PI Hart, corner of Broadway and
Chnmliers st.; J. tiyme, corner ol IV wory and alker St.
^f^0 3ni' _
Ffn. van iia]*ibi?:Iit'?Temale renovating
I " PILLS ? Fhhii Germany- Anefif-ctuai remedy forsupitres"ie>n,
irregu arity, and all cases where nature doe* not have her proper
and regular course. N. B ? They aiiwt nol be taken during preg
nancv, as tiiey would i>tctln*e aboriion rit.ld by J. H Hirr'. cor
nerorBroaoway aii?Ckaiiib is st.; J. me, corner of Bom evy and
Wulkt-rst. fin 3in*
MEDICAL AII>. Dr GLOVER. ia caniulted cnnfideu
tuilly as utuul durinK lie day und evening.? Hf devote* hiH
perioral attention lo t m-Ici-.i brunch of t'.e pmfeaaion, ahere thorn
afflicted wiiheonn licated and deplorable emi'i, ml hucIi a* have
battle I tlie ikill of the uiexheriei.vetJ, n.uy apply with confideuce
? StrnriKer* urw appriacd that Dr G. Imh received a reirul?r
ical eiiucati n in Philadeli luu.it rid bit* no connection with theud
ver'uuuir quack* of 'In- day. Office No. 2 Ann ?t. near Rrwndwtty
? Pi unite ? nlrunce third do<> kmi the American Miuanm Lump
at Hie inner 4oor d'jt-tf
Prudence mall en ? * ia iiec-*?ury, hu' -he laving of eoppariin a
phi >1 of medicine i < pilii'ul <<? imuiy, und often lead* to wwr?e
con?eriiirm-e- lean the loss of i he mom y.
I ' having been MtaMiilii'il * a i-Uintia d miliriiieliw nearly hulf
acentary, ill London; lortlie ?ii*v, mild, tt> d i erf ct cure of Go
?uirrtxf. Gl # t, unci Li ucnr?b?-, it i , to ?j>eiik the tiuth. ilie only
patent medicine ? hour ?;i|.- lui* krui p re with it- ate: 'lid In
extend iin great u*-fuln. **, th-- proprietor, having recently arrived
in thia rj;y, Uan only ta irilorm tho-e in want ot *uch an art cle
where it liiay iie obtained pi mime One Hinjlc doMe i.evcr fail* to
euli*> in it* favor tlie l? m. t n 1 1 ? g ?n<l merit delicate, and through
their *ole influence has t ha HA L&AM OF K A K A.-IRI reach, d tU
present ?Avgu.lr popularity N'.t h *inclo individual him yet la-en
dixttopoii'trd nor di*roveted whif- tak" r it indeed it Iw* *nfely
conveyed every auffi-fcr beyond even tin- pale of niFpictoti Thi*
in perlint * ? I*- only medicine that h:< a mined a ln*rintc reputation
and eerii-ill rcromniem:aiioi., ami ought to lw jucicioiuly *elrc.etl
IroM the boat of medicine*, wlwae only nun aeriM to nave ' cen
to <'nzzle. duiw, and ileceive !??? unlucky and unfortiinute. The
cunuiiie B L>AM OF RAKAHIRI can only be obtained at the
lollowi< e drug* lata, in the < ity ofNew York? P. ice $1.
A. B. A I). HuwiIh, cor. Fulten and William at* , J. 8. 0?tx>rne,
cor. H- union and Bu* cry, J B. Nooci, 644 Broadway, two door*
above Bl'-n'ker: VT. Horw ill, e. r. Canal and Hud*on ?ti ; ?nd at
tlie New York CW-aucil Hall". 35 Mixth avenue, nr.-.tly ?pp"*itc
Amur at. ml 3in*
(,i iMPOl'ND ? An efflcactoua. aalutary, andeflee mil remedy
in a'l euMM Ltiwiitoi, Involuntary Eauiaaiona, >.-n foal W enk
m-?*. Irratulari') of Dm- Mivijh Ir italed or Diseased action of > he
Kladdet . ami hi all dt?ca?ti< of the I'tina y Or -an*. 'I lin immmli
ale r< I lef t eneralU atlnriteM liy thr uvr of t e ll?l?atnic ('oniixmml.
in a chort ?(<a< coftirne , ImfKomueh hrigh'f tieil it> cek'brity in thr
euri- of the aUivr dmenin *, it i? c .nfijeiit'y offered ?itli aecom
paxym* errt.Acate* of tla- imkI eminent of tlm Butmli Paeulty,
which will iitampthe I iirh reputation in wlueh the uimiue piepara
tlou ia < a lued. Pre[?are<l only Uv W. Slerun*. White Cnat-el, T.on
tloii. Pudd who e'-aleaad retail, by .NATHAN H. <>B A 11 A .M
ni3 if No. 88 Na?>auat. corner of Fulton.
IN'O.? The iNKjmilitied appmhutinii thia ."*oat( Iuk reeeiv??i
from tlie nximmui i^-raon* ? lei I uveuaerl it. ia an eviilrnre of it<
?aperiar value wer all other -havin# ??n?p- m une, fot a >|uiek, ti n.
nnd eminlrirt latlier. which will not ill) ui?an th- face or irritate th?'
<ktn in iIm- leant. It id plea*autly perfninnl. ami (ait laa neat <ov
areil t>ot.an?wertnr all the pntiwuea ul a ihuviMirlMtx.
Price luceat |i?r pat, for talc at
dio-tf WMBliiBHWay.ciiT I'ruuklinat.
I M PDItiA Mi I N FOK MATION. Peraot nnrtlicU-d
witii the lollowmc cotnp ainti, vt/. Scrofula, L'-immy, i*all
Klw-uni, Ml. Anthony ? Pire, F< va< (*i?re?. even when ihe ronen are
al1e?-tj*l. Whi'ie Hwellioan, Violent Eruption* aft?r uuu/lr?, H'-ia
vy. Foul Fratermr Eiaptiona, Puanhd aud Cailxmciwd facet, Hore
Eyea, Horr Legf,0cal<i H- ad, I'Jeer*, V. i-ereul Taint*, wIm ii iner
eury hax faile<r and alldi*ord< r? ari-inr fiom an impure alate of the
bl-iod <a hamor* -are ancuri-d that DR. RELFE'i4 BOTANICAL
l?r.i Ip." onlmwe uornall. il f?.r tin pierentitui n li f. uml Ctire -I
ihi-?e i ooipliiuitii, in i>rouf of which rvad the liilloiMng retna'kuUe
cure of a ea.eef H yuar*' ttundinr ?
lExtraci rrf a letter.)
Sir? My I g, wli eh b- lore dal ot ke>k like a human limb, i*
now entirely >M-ah<?l up after reamling evi rv othrr app .icatiou for
twelve year* Previwu* to ukmit your lu-lle'* Ifaitamcai l?r?p<, I j
had fivea up all l>o|>e of relict."
Anwlher < hx- An ng- nt wrrte*- "There i* a pervon takinc tlta
Botanical l>ruiM. evuh-iitly with the frratett anvautake." Me de
cla*r*. In u*e hi* o?j word*, " it i* ilninc wonder* for hnn," and
ia. a* it were, " anatcbinr him from I h?- crave. "
NrniH-mu* ma'anee* have occurred were |x-rwm* were pirnn*
away m mi-emhle exi*tence. nothinc thev could jwormwaflorrii c
thvn; |n-rmaueut le atf. ur> ll tliey ha I Riaife u*a ottlie alaive li.v.il
ualde towiiciw. 'I Ury .-.real o the la-at tprin,: andaatuianal phy
Price tl, or*le tt!e?f<ir |J.
and mast tl?>ro<i(h reiaedn-* known for tin* troulileiK^nr c?,mplai..t.
It h ?< iimrr i? rl'ecilv an*wered ilie pur|MMe f..r which r I* intendnl
ilia u aay o'her n*?w m coni'wiai uae, and atliird* immediate nnd per
?MMlt reln-1 . Uitli fiOMi t?,e >ti*o a.-i Ma* If. aud it* aceM?ai'anyj>i(
*ympiom* ?f pain in the lnn>*, verium, hendnche, h>?* of ap|ietite,
iniliceation. ami aT.wr mark* nt ih hi lit y ,
Pr cetl fnr both article*. Omtuwnt and Electuary. orMctnli
when only one t* wanted.
to- Nona are genuine unle** tayneil T. KIDDER. on the wrap
par. (*ola proprietor, and *acee*?or to Dr t-'iaiway,) by wlHimtlw-y
are f,,r *ale, al hi* convtia* na?m. ?# Court *?reel. B?*lon ; amlhy
hi* *|>eci*l ap|*antnient, by P. Dickie. 41* llioailway . Silaa Carle
A Nephew, comer Fulton aud Uater *ire?t ; Ororae I). C ?<gf -
fhall. 4.1 Pearl *ireet , J. II. Ilart. c-rner Hroadwav aud Cliani
Ber ctreet : WhitiaaA Nowell, comet Catharine and Mndiaon *1 ;
J ts W. Towimeiio, St* Water *t ; Ruahtan A. A*pinwall, Wil
ham *t and A B A l> Sand* lan Pulton ?t li" v-n
IHSOV -I B I. % TilflllL M \ % HF. *IIMK PF.R
KiNi afflicted with twin* or weaknua* in tin- ?iile. brea*t,
latck. or limln, or withihatre<*mit c.?ialia. a?ihma*. Ac , who h.tm
no- \ .t -?'rd Kil.ii i * c. |. V r* i il Pl-i* .-r* 'I h- *e
wlai have will cont r la*tii?a obli .nliona on I h- ?uh*cri!<er, by in
fortntn* him by letter orotherw !?<-, of th" ? fleet i mdueed by wear
ief 1 ti- rn . ami tlta*r wh-> lia?e not, arr |*il|irly rrijwxli-il to ie?ol
the full w i r. from riri'le I en who f'l tluit ?t .I|.||| HI *WI n tv, In I :
it i* imi???<ible for tliem to I*- inflii* need by any motive* hut the
intuit ni-ble ami exalted, to write tuua?
Fi-?hki!l, April nt. I?J?.
M> Badenit -I am ?ratr fill to you, *i-, for tiirnirhinc to me uml
fW|' cinnrnilMly ?o p em n' ami >?(!." t n-il rel|?-f 'from the -'i?tre.*inr
etfi ei* of a la-avv col'l. l*?-tnefew we?*lt??itiee I wa<atlhrted wiih
a iiad cold, ami li-rt *ever? ly prr*ae?| en my lnriir*>. with acute imin?
in the e- e-t. I!y a|>|i vin* <>ne of yie>t eeHaaieil plaater*. I w?*
much re I <??< .? ill two ll .v?. and I, Ill urd il* n... m ?,| th.
'hfliriilty l* elle 'tually o-inor d and || e< mauler them th" e* <i?-*t.
nhea?r*t. and niott |>leM-nnt remedy *uch inn. lid* can ebtain.
Toorv Arc. Rev. J. NICHolJ*.
Sir -From a hnowledee of the material* nf which ymir pla*ier*
are ciari|?>* d, and more from tin- b-netiepil eft. ct* nt them I have
ijhaerved, I am |wrfmr? d t i | lace th"?o alnne ani thina ot th- kind
now in n*e, mil only for the rompl tint* for which pl**ter? ar?-r> n
era I! r applied, but lor othrr*. a* r< i-in>-ntrvh*l in ymir ndverti*e
lu. nt. , MAMl'EL ."ARGEANT. M. 0.
New York. May ?l
Tbi-4" ? l??ter* a-e entin-ly fr? c fr -m ?-very *;>ecie* ofqu-irkery,
and I clnerfm'y Invite ilie elo*? ?? invo'igtamn of the -ctemiftc in
tellifetit, and ?cept-e?l Per?o?? ah nt . ur-<h**iny. wi lie p riu-M
lart'>a?k Ibr " BaiLitu'* t '< li-br.it- d ."<tr n thenma Pln*t. r." and
*..<? that i he direction* wi'h mj ?t*na'Hn> ure placed on the Imck
->f the pla>t?r fold w' oleaale and retail, hy the aubaenlier, wha
i* the *ole inventor and proprietoi, nt tie- Bowe?y Mr-W eme ftote,
360 Bowery, New York. _ N. W. BADF.Al'. fW
cioii* aral comement Medicine rat ChiMfetl, i aoainf worm*
to be di- charred in meat nmnb< r* ami even wh>-n thma i* n- ap
iwaranceof worm*. th*-y rh> inuehrw d ia enrrvine ofl'tf e*ec etion
ofmucin from the *t mach nad bowel whfh ee<erate tbm.
i n - 1 i* a. inmraai* lo child, tn a* worn,* a ;ye N"a?ie hy Ihe pn^
prif?iof n mfr nl. J* ^ A ij *
m3 if 19 Cfd?r it.f OMtr 9? WiUi> m.
U*- (? C'lNllM MinlMwIUlt it kMnfll*
No. IT DwMtesUoot.botwouo Ufaathaju a ad -.- J
trie Mlowingdiaea*, *, viz .?<joiioirhi?o UltMLs CkJliJLT^'*
lure*. cmmuimaJ Wo?Juie*a,and Ike numerous diMut Iru??Trtll
venereal pouon ur improper tr^UneiTTr JohSISl
reniovc any rocont election ID lw,. or three
veUrato e?*o*in a proportionate lime, wuh?utii^u*wTn!^
blliUtling mr injut urns medicine. ur prevention f,om buwncsi vZ
?ooaeotiuauug tlR*ii,.clvo. i? Dr Johiuon . w
rortaiirty olaucce**, in the mast aggravated cu*?.
Ko'tfii, llceiated Legs, tie., speedily heuled. Strangers would do
well by fivin* I)r. JoTuisotia call, a* u certain prevent ativu may be
**(1 ???'"?? the ?o?ufr -life of the lorofoii* 2i*o^ which hE
Mvorfailed whore uaed within twenty four hours after 'exi>*.ur* -
L,i <m post paid, und eucluaing a to*, can have the noooaaorv
rnedn inc, un ? directions lor its use forwarded
, m',:u ',rom 8 A- M. U 1 1 at utg ht. Dr. Johnson ha. moved
rroin ij ( hiiinUcr street. dia-y
]VO. 3o DIVISION STKK1CT.? The time j? not far
, ws?eii U-Tnoii Hunter s Kcd Drop will *ui?eisede the u*e
oi every thing that ever w.s known lorthe VeneieaHiiot withstand
ing unprnicrp>rd mcoimuJii-Ik are tryingtorob us ?,lits popularity, but
it* n? use, people are not so em-ily deceived, particularly when
thrM -quartera i ol those that are cured every wotkby it, an- persons
that havL uaed every thing iliey hearor rradof. Nothing It sathun
?l po r vtal.il an hundred is taken at once, except to acknowledge.:
rain, d tur.tr "'t' * !o 1" to no further expense, g< ttliiH liwt-war
rant, d tm lb < t aprmntt and safe cure, or i lie money returned. See
whor 1 1 Yi iwi nVL! f i i" * / Wllt r." signature of I'riia'i Levison, wl'
sTonst P I ',Ua',lwlrricalelyaiid oonfidontl* a-. N? 30 Divi
sion lit. I or particular*, see New York Transcript 19 im
!Sll> i" the limit
r%.D w "'?'???' "t hi* office, u Duane street, between
w, h de .w. e T!'U.' N*iw ^ 'if* ? where percon* afflicte d
witti H< III utc diseases, old uhstlliutu- ulcers, ilvst e?*ia worm*
a^inVfiooi the uK f' urt'tl,,a' a,M< kidnej, am/ all'disea-w
fit? to i M rf i ".""rrury.or.impmity of the blood, are m |
me retire r! Ll ,,, i i "j' ' tcl" <*'*??" wising Irmn the abuse of
as. na'va' . Ivt M, I"!' l,"uhl,<i with a certaiu di?
i av , may apply l ? Dr. Corlutt, with th) aa.-.uraiue ol huuui it ia
diculU cured without a particie of mercury, or any at) er>dani.'er
ous medicine. Hi* charpeH are rea?< liable, and proi ortiomd to
the mean- mt the applicant. Dr. C ha. bwen edu.^ln Kurone
under teacher* ol aeku?wled|red talnnt, and lias had cotiHideraide
practice iw e*t, ij.,ve ho, p, tain and di?m i,?,r e?. Im,iant r"lirf
^i\en to tl,H?e afflicted wit the pili a, and a perfect cure effected
n * \t Bowery, earner (.rund ? rcet, where a Urfriu.ortmeiitof
Drills. Medicine Peifuii.ery. ami Futicj articles may he had ol the
iZ'uirTnv"1 n" *' "'""Oiiul.lc term* A!h'>
Cough*, Cold*, AHihmim.&c. riie aucceta of thia celehruted u,ix
fur , viIih h Iium vtn U'fure tlk? American public but one mouth,
i? t.uly ustonnhiiip. Hundr?t:ii ol ceitificate* have poured in on
the ajtent from all quarter*.
lent"' ^h'i'ih'1* " d '"U,r iiltnp'e- ^0, <' ???ore be said to an inteHi
, ?r Gun, i-Jfcarto,- According to your advice, I uned one Rottlc
or Alterneihy h Compound Lnjunriee Couch Mixture;" it has en
tirely cured ine of the very severe co d and hacking coueh which I
then had. Gratefully and uuly your* ,
HlKn<*<|f b UAiirn
New York, Nov. 16, 1836. - "owe.
Dr. 19. M. Guion? Sir? I comply with the request of my family
tll'h wyiS.knl'rUii!,Ul ^t.fyinB to the p^r'ec, success
with which I and revrrai ul my lamny have uaeil " Aberuothy's
CoiuiMt'iiid Liquorice oodKh Mixture."
New York. Nov. 14, 1H3?. *
GUION 'ct Celebrated Worm Drop*, already known a* a Sporjfic
or t iih scourge to the young, i* particularly calculat, d to addre.g
Wolf to the minds of all mether*. whose infant* are sufierinc from
this dn-adlul , l*e?*e ; as its menu ;ire alicady estnldish,^! by fre
qneNl testimonial* in jmsscssionof the proprieter.a tiiulofl Bottle
will convince thu most scep'ical.
GDION'S Cuivenal I'laoter, Mtahliahed as au infallible remedy
for Corns, the most painful; also, for old sores and cl ilblains ot'
long standing, is an article of ,?.?t merit as hundred uill testify
Likewise, tor ?ale at Underhill'* corner Beekiran and William*
H-ppera corner Broudway and riiinklm; ami P. Burnet, No 35
suth Avenur. il-tt
s H 1 N G L Eo , and a^ld >. eases o M he s km , e u red by thegeouine
??This wandering race, **vered from . ther men,
Riittcit yet tiifir luteic^nric with human nrta :
rheM6Hff,tie woods, tbrclf^rrt. which th ?> kiunL
r ina theru wtjumuir d with tl?tjri6ci'6t treasure* ;
And unn*#ranio<! herhs, and flowers, and blossoms,
I) splay uudreaint ol'i?owers when ^atheied by them.?1
loJ!-" 9f"l1n,r"t exten*iv' ly used among the Gip 'ns of '?EHg
? fn i l ireri"1 "r wt !rh Wi * cowmu- icated by one of
Uk m to a lady who had shown them noma hospitality und kind
h1I!u,L Hi for "lU,|y y?? afflicted with lite sail
I if,!l,..f 1 , t| k-J vh reme"|i *.and had the best medical
attr.iMiance, thnr lutber being anemmett tihysician.) but with little
or no benefit. Sheused the Ointment Airmailed her by her Giitsy
friend, and was entnely und i>ermane tlycuied. Thi? lady subae
quent.y c;in*i: to set:li in i America, and communicaied the manner
ufflieifld^lk V "' ' r'" f,M> I"0"'"' proprntor, who was
I. ,! " ?''**?*<? for many years; niid who waseiitirulv
cured bythia eft-cadous O-ntn cnt' Sinc.'ll ~ it I.M^^xten
sively uaed umctig lier accp-aintance and friend*, for t.^e ul>ove
complaint*, and hundiedsare reudv foattes' it* effica; y.
KTar- I bis Ointment ?* prep . rtil only by Mr* G.sHERWOOn,
89 -A mo* street, New York ; wh<* sianature will he found on the
Ub, 1 1 as ted k.n each jar of the Ointment . Alt other mire cmrt'er
, - old jlwt, by / B. I? dd, cornrr of Broadway arid Bleecket
street ; by Milnor * Gamble, c* nierof B oadway and Dcy st ert ,
V. '? ? rorn-rof Pearl nrid R,?,. atrvet : Ly J. * J.
L i n m' ichstieet , andby Hullft Bowne, i*^B Mai
.?!'-* jao-sm
{ '"* celebrated and invaluable ttrepuralion, made by Dr J.
X. C.liulswrt, is stroncly recoinmmde<l to every one who i* [ired's
IkmksI to .? onsumpUon iiiid ..ti er local und chronic diseases of
the heart and lungs ; no matter bow inveterate, or of how long
?landing. It has already attained the higiM-Ht eatimation of the
rncst re.pcctab e niemUr* f Hie faculty, as well ofthia country as
oT Encland and Krance-and can, Uierefore, lie prusenUil with
entire uinlid.sice and safety to all |-er,oiis v.liu lalwr under the
aniiclion* if im intended to remote.
No :t -ZJ Firondwav. Jnmuiry lTth, 1K3T. H Sin
\ilt',blCAL ABVICKhiII l. V a N> to |,e
*'? consultid at hi* offme 111 usual, in the treat intuit aiuJ cure of
?eeret nn delic itediscri.es Hi* exterauv* ex|iencnee and uoie
rrHtlea attention to tlie*e dia>*a*es have secured fiir Kim tlie confi
d< nee and luvnr of the fiibiic. Strangers are apprised that Dr E
ha* beon regularly miueaud in the cityof Lomkm. aedlluit he was
for man) j*ars engaged in extensive ho*|?lal Practice In IhiscrHin
try, lorthe last twenty years, lie has confined himselfto a certain \
lirauch o| the |>rote^9Uon. Ht \* ill U? found at hi* offic e. No. 12
Peck slip, near Water *t., at any time during the day or evening
until in o'clock. Rvciecy may be do|?*nd<ii ujsm
?EWM PR. B VANS, M Per k slip.
MKDK'AL < A It I >. The study bestow t ? upon ucr rtatn
branch of practice, by Dr GLOVEIt, nwnlinut** ton-ceive flw
ciaifiib nee of the sublic. Those who are aflected with gleet* of
kmc standing, anrf all diseases ari?uur fromuspuniy of the IdiMsl
and such prot rr cted case* as l.ai e lurtfled the sk ill oftlie incxpeneoc
erl.wi'l do well hieon*u l turn at la* office, 9 Ann street, near the
Arnerr-an Mum-uui. Separate entrance* und separate oll.ses Pu
vale entrance 3d dnMrfrom the Museum. dIO-U"
UOCTOR IIARVEY, latere*ido*t Surgooo to Guy',
llpsistal. LoihIor, infoim* those aftheinl with the veneral
disease, in all its vurMsis fortn?, Goeorrlawi, Gleet.Stnc'ure.hchu'
ria or suppression of trine, Inflr.maticn of tlie testes, likewise tla
dcstnctiv* staeM of lues, sore thniat, niHles, phagedenic CIdt>
and Miicunal eruption*. Dr. Harvey 'a (wculuir treatvnent. whrr.
followed for thr*|?r(of?M week, never fail* lo subvert thenHSM
atnxillllic stares iu which this de*lru?five nialadv display* itself
He wisbe* also lo intiniateto the afflicje . that heis no Enipvncc
tmt cud product* his di|>h>ma from the Koyal College of StirremM,
London, nuthonsing lam to pr^cticw. ami alsotestimoniais cectity
ing of Ims having acrjuircd hut prufvseioual know Inige in the first
medical schools I* Eumpe.
Doctor llarvi y's (ifflee, A Division sf n Chatham stjia
s ' ean br enesulfeil *t nil Itnsw ,
r??n GON'iKRHEA OR C". OLEKT8, *c. TImim who
h*ve once tried | Is* ? French Vegetable Pills, ore fully convinced of
Ibeir creal?ti|*eriotity overall the naiweous a d ort< 'naive mix tares
which are sold for th? lib, ve .'iswusvs. The Fr. neb Vegetaiik'
Pills are put up in small, neut U>x-niay be carried in the pocket
wi'lmut any inconvi nience ; are free from that Hisagris'ble smell
whicheiiKM-es fi r pntient; are quite pleasnnt toibe tastr*. and a
certain cor*. ?! Jier l>o\ for - *i w I i??|e , I. ? and retail bv A li
9l D hands, ion Fulton, corner of Will, am str, et , Mi > nor A Gam
b e ls:i lirondwny ; J. ColviM Broadway ; J L Wc.hefllin, 114
Canal siree ; llowery, ISO Divisirai str. ct. and R3? Grand, Ho
H iv ingtoli. corner Pearlni.d Fraukford stree'*. fiitialophr r corner
of Washingtoa street New York ; I IU Fulton street, Btookltn.
f *!?!???
For th<> cure r;f r4>stinate and lone conlinuerl (ileets. arid aii
t> c Wfhk.n * > ' ..I 1 lie urinw/ passages , pMcorod witboi.i n.
culM'ha. turt?mineoc capivi Upward* of to ihki lioxe* of the e
truiv exre.h-nl pills ha\e liccn sold in New York alone, lis* last year,
ami not a single coii.tdni l has lien made to a single Kgcnt in the
least detrimental lo tlrcirpist celebrity; on the c?n<r&ry. hundreds
that hnd given up all hut*'- ?f cure, anil tired ofthrowmgaway mo
ney on modieal advpe.aud swallowing nausr ee.* medicine*, in
l?*clnig A c h'.ve returned ami ncknew U*d*ed flM'msvlves not only
c red of t he il sea-e. b-l tlu-n w hob* rimtMiOd Ikiy kin said
bad .itHlenono a eomple'e ?ahitary change and felt th. im'. , .
stored tothvir w, tiled s'rencth and vigor.
When a (iono-thr Inst* over a month. tb?> use of Dr. Cherry'*
Pill* i? a few- days rrmove* all ti ? Irft si in, toms wbicK. unless re
1 mv?ed. a* alris ?<?? many lo their cost kaow, hangs on for vears
| baffling the skil of lh" mo t rtia rn nc, ,1; and when this has h^ea
? t V*e . hiimlr-Hs , finrili, .1 pr.ictitioni rs ran rorroHr.it, i |H.
1 wonderfully tonic and n?rritK.*ent propert.es these gills is. ?e s. To
j 1 1 who who have tried Dr i be n't A?tripgent Pi Is u
i sar* to ?? y mote, and lli.ee who may l?e M-eptiral mav advantare
OM*ly a ?: caret' lly iieruse tla' f.dl.iwn.g docuxient*. wlnchlull) hear
out tt.e Doctor's assertions.
Ixindon, June W. 1*33.
" I have iiiiicV pleasure in suliscnbing to the elli, acy <?f Dr. Cher
ry's Astnnrt nf Pill*, hs I have experimentally tried them in up
wards of iee ease*, and always wrh the same result, viz : fieifoct
cure. C*. A BABINGTON, li. mor Hurgerm,
l^wk Hosiat.il. <>r isvenor place. L.sii<hai
TIk> Iwnfo lowing have mor? recently lieen rec, ived I'mm highly
rese ctable tedivnlua s, win thy of pr rfect lehance.
I' .I'liilelphia , Jim, ?1. I **.
It* ? ? I " ? ? i .if i. , ? | I tb?
'ill a* a fralelul nienH'irto li^ re*torinc niy health. Wlunlw ote I
you in tlie int'iitn of last Fi lirusry I laid iiiv case I* fore ? ..w ' - i'i> .?
t Ita I I labored under a trmibles, .me Gli-el , all t had don, -< . 'or lies
ly w i tears, and that I b id trai lied rliried. sen hnlb. il in tvri
eterv mi'iins my phrsiriae recowniu nded; h it sti.l I lost flc?h, arid
i?i relalams thought Hie III a ,'eep ||* cline, and III de?|?ir I snlint
< d a trial of i reir pi Is. thr e Isixes of whn h I lis k. and sincc th>*
mh*dle nf last Msrr h I h ive I? > II e* tneli free fioin tlie alstv,.
enc voting can plaint, and am in n mhost st?te of lienlth, srnl my
uned .? im*, i, n-\ I ii' < d hardly say how happy I should to m\c
e? i rv sii'mI , i,,n to any |s' s>t? so s tuaterl Denr Mr t..ur s
peeiiully, BAMUKLL? ? T . Phil.nl Iphia.
Ciiathnm Hrjna'e, July IS, |* *
P Dr. Chrr'y - Denr sir : I regret ex'remelv thai my n.ea- s w ill not
i iwrei t me tn express eiv grateful thanks in a way I could wish, but
. ? Issw net say Itat icy ca -e was one of exttemc lard-In;, an
preir<| tat my mii.d so mitcJi tbnt f cnnM Iml I ?? t.> no situa
tHin f.r anv tenth of time Luckily, w.'ei ibsjute, my
Urol hi t arrived fion Alba- y. twher- tour Pills nd efTe ted i mt sf
Ik |*lc\s cures.) and bitHiclit mo two . s r | ynur I' i lis '| bis was
in A .pI I is' and since lu?t Msi I ha < b-e-i ii new m-in. and e*
srsm as I "an, shall gi' e yon v liat iiiv re?l|i f*prom|K me you de
a, r\e. I scd y?st my i.atn* ati-l .uMn-s. and if my (. , 'jointly will
avail. I will oni.t . b erfully ni. i ti any in e situated as I wn*.
J A. W.
Wholesale *ndret*l> l y A II K I) ?? n.'s, tw Fnlfon, comer nf
Wi.h mst ? anil'ct i| by M I o t, t. iinlile.corri rDcyand Rr ad
way. J Myme c ri cr Powe;y and W alker st. ; n J .slsirae, ror
I luiislon and !!? ?rv I! N n.-s, gtt llr-ailw av ami at t >e New
Vork Chemical Hall. M futhavcnuc, neai I y opsonic Airily st t ;
T. n Atisfin. i\Cnnrtiae*ire<tt.
v B T l.sd wi'l.grvvel re wnrranfer) to beenrad hjr
Dr t b tru if Pi'ls KelVrrin e in I hut efleet mav I'e
I"''. .HAD Bomb ' .-i.' F dton. near William sf.
TIk.s hai ng ston- in the bladder, pain in the Sidneys.acrnmpmieil
?'? tla- i v arnie, are astnnishiii2ly relieved ky these pill*.
P Ice fll |. rlsi*.
S B ~i< nil,, r" mer"bat'ts who desi et" pere' as* by |Ve deren
rtrtrisn wrfl b* ?ti| p led at a very liberal di*eoont, nndtlve Pills
will It^carranted l?> tlwm t iprryluc tlie dec ired effect, ml .?m*
been assaded by ihe proprietors of other n?xiicmea?
; as a mercenary Quack, because ke is said to recom
mend his Medicine in large quantities, and chat no
good medicine is so required. The fact is, that any
medicine having Mercury, Arsenic, Antimony, or
Hemlock in it, could not be taken in lar^e doses, be
cause if it were, such medicine would destroy life at
once. He does not say the medicines to which he al
ludes, have those ingredients in them, but it is evident,
from their directions, that great care is required in the
taking of them. Now, Brandreth's Vegetable Uni
versal Pills can kc taken at all times, in large or small
doses, according to urgency of symptoms.
One of those who apply this epithet of MFRCE
NAR/Y , was a patient of Dr. B.'s for three months,
viz : from May to August, for the Piles, of which dis
ease the Brandreth Pills completely cured him. This
mun?now advertises largely a P.li, which he professes
will cure every disease, and especially th*i one under
which he labored.
Dr. Brandreth appeals to the high estimation hie
Pills are held in in all parts uf the I nited Stales ; thie
is his best answer to ail the vil? allusions of interest
ed persons ; whom he leaves to banquet on their own
envy. jl2 2m
CINE is becoming every day more and more mani
fest. Read the following case and reflect thereon.
livkr complaint cured !
Newark, Dec. 12, 1S98.
Dr. If. Urandreth,? Hoar 8ir? Hnvini: br?n afiiicted for Im
years with u most iireadful liver cnmpiauit and dropsv, and triw!
KVfcrr remedy thatcooldbe thought of, I gave iih all nope, wen*
into the ' ountry, le: t my I us mens, t<i aie hi jieace ; bu hcumift ot
your invatuub e medicine, I ir.dueed to iry it. nut ex| ectmir to
he ?ny liettnr : to my surprise, 1 I ?d scarct ly taken oi-e l.ox, before
I t'olt :cl ?f. I haw sii.ee taken tlir e boxes, nnd nvw 1 um well, 4
hr thr blessing of God, and the use of your medieii -e. If y?.u think,
thin will I e any service to let sutUring people knvw tl.is tact, ytm
aie utlihcrty t?pi blist, the above.
Your*, with kind re?pf,ct
Brandreth'* Pills.
O the in.Utrr.tlt Druggist*.
It is very important that whoever purchnsew those
Pills, should be careful to have them from tin-appoint
ed agents, one of whom is in almost very town in the
United States. 1 his is really very important, as there
are so many imitations, that it is almost impossible to
procure the genuine without adopting his rule.
Above all? NEVER get them from Dmg Stores, ae
under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, arc they evej ap
pointed ag?nts; and it is their hands the counterfeits
are principally in. Therefore never go to such stores,
where so little honesty is.
The New York Offices for the exclusive sale of the
Brandreth Pills, are :
PRINCIPAL ? 187 Hudson street.
CENTRAL ? 1 Spruce street
BOWERY ? 276 Bow?ry, between Prince & Houe
ton streets. J 12 2m
H" IJ N 'I KR'SHKD DIt OP.? Thanks tol?r. Hunt? o f
Guttrnlterp, the vei ereal disease is disarmed ot ;<|1 its tr rrura.
A single bottle of this infallible remedy is now provr d tu be sufll
eientin the mo?t inve entie cases. The medicine is 1 n.niM ai?l
dunsiw 111 ilset eets, and requkva I'lit n lew days, and fmiuently
but a few hours, to remove every ?article i t disi i.sr fr? m ihc sys
tem In it* opi ration it may be sunt to art like ri-apie, without
uny after ill consequence* ot ineonvtn ?nrw whuHver I!otb
sexes may hsc it with perfect safely, without r< find to riicum
stiinces or situation, ,-r any respect todiet. Pr ce ?l |er l.ettle ?
warranted to rme in any co?e. f'oldt.nlysl No 30 Divimrn st.,
by J. LEVI.SON, Agent. All intercourse si all be strict)) coafi
deatial. The genuine medicir.es eaa be?ktainedat no other place.
ft- tin
lair eftlie corner of Liberty a ixl Washington streets, has moved
to fifth stri et. No. 20. nmr Uir Bowery, wliere he was u Veterinnpy
lnftrmury with nil its ndjuict*. including a t'oiyr for hcrae c hoeing,
where the work is done an the most approved sciepiifie principles,
by sol er, st?ady and ulilipinc iren. Horses Ibh?- fr< m corns or
other afflictions ef the. I.et warranted to irvsouiid.wrterl tin; i- bed as
above, His borse shi.es received a premium at tl?>' two last Fain
ot the American Institute.
JAMES DRYSPaLE, VetemaryPMfgaofi.
Price of Shoeiif? For 4rernove?, 874 cents? 4 s1mk?., #I7&-om
pair harslK?es, jl 75. j?-3m*
No. 4, Puck-Hlip, lint door below Pearlctreet. (late Dr
Audertou *)
!>?>' lor Carpenter bavin* had the advi-niafei. oi a rvrular medi
cal education, and havinc received his Diploma for tin j ructice ?(
Phytic and Surgery, Mom the New Y?rk Stair Medical Ho
ciety.and having had twi rvty- three years, fenetal and very nic*
coiaful practice in this city, devotes ins perseeal and undivided
rttt 'iiti n to the cure of all dieeaees, incident to frail hemQiHty,
and part icalarly to a certain class or train of diseaai t for wlicbse
mc.iiy riontrninH and plana of medicine, abound is the cwli'-r/ina of
the newspapers. Diser.ses requite to he treated apteenblj- to the
iviiiptonm ttiat may prevail, and the various stupes and thanfe*
tfiey may aasume? and hence the least ief!e<ta>i> aiusi HiitiffV ae v
disaemit.r mind tlmt noapec.rtic nostrum can he applicable to all
IJhe extensive gxparienr.e of Dr Carpenter. in ullsta#esand va
rmiies of (liu disease, enablee him te oiler a ?pee?iy ui.d thorough
sure and to adopt a clam of mediciaes to arranged and com
poun.V I a* not to offend the taste, or lead tmuiwitna. Com
oonadstornllv unknown to threrriiiiaryuuar.ks ot the day.
ROTA'iMQ PILI.8.? Theee Pills liave become ?? mack
known, and tlieir efficacy ao w? II eatnMislied in D)tp*NM, Liver
Complaint*. Bilious Affections, and all diseases nnsmir f ?>m a dis
ordered Ktate of the stomach and bowels, or obstructions in any of
tlic miturul secretions, undtapccially in those jacular te fcmaJee,
m<d for kahi'ual ro?t iveueM that it in ile?tii< d only neceasary to say
that they arefor sale at the office. 4) Ann afreet, and by R. l^eck
wood, 411 Bromlway ; A. Blakelr, U4S Hudson at: J G. Shaw,
1 jl Bt/wcry : W. Himonson. 65 Fulton etieet ; N. B. Graham, M
Ns?*au it , J H. Hurt, aorncr Broadway and Chamber, and corner
Hudson and North Moore strevla ; B. UuuckrnUush. TV# Greenwich
afreet; Dinmau, lis Knrhth Avenue; G. W. f inbni*t,7l East
Broadway; A ft A D. Suuda, 1*0 Fulton street; J. Milhan, 183
Broadway ; and Hull * Brown, 13H Maiden Lane. In Newark, bf
William Tut tie. At Albany, by Carr ft Vandenkurgti, and w . A.
W kartell. In Troy, by Faaawtt & Selden In flekener tady. by R.
Fuller. For sab;, al*?. in moaiofthe princip.. I places in this and
many otlier of theMatee.
DRftpHY CURED.- In the month of May hat, Mra. Robbing
wan taken airk with a vie ent inflammation about her breast, at
tended with u cough ai d ft ver. She ladgrx d mrdtral attendance,
but coiitinuud to rniw woiae until her aituation li'i ain- HML
The inflammation and coorh finally abated, but e'r- ?!?*? nvcteded
Hwr body ami limha became much awolleli.altcndt d mtb (treat de
bility ami severe pa inn. flearre any h?ipea of lier recovery wt reeu
tertained. At ihm time Dr .'eam waa called to see her, and at
teniied iijioii her. In a few days, hi* medicm had n veiy powerful
and oalutary efiect ,ili ledueiiiit berawellings and relieving Im'T tiaina.
Iler health aoon becan to amend, mal In ten da \ < she M HM vo
walk about tl e Imoaa, and continued to caiit uutilahe ha? been en
tirely relieved from everyappearanceofuropHieil nfle. tiio. and bey
healtbotfieiwiaemMch improved. JAMCH ItOHRINB,
17th street, naarath Avenue.
New York, October 2?th, Ift3?
Pernonn wi-hinjr to miikc imjuirie* in regard to Mrs. Bobbins'
rear, are at liber' ? te call on her, or un M a. Htiminn, I4A Eifbtb
Avei?ie. who haaliad aome knowledre of thecaoe. and who haa
received eaaentiiilbem fit iieraell'in a pulmonary affection of ar>aay
yuarst tandinc.fom Dr. Sear's t real ment.
ANGINA PEd'ORM.? Dr. Besra would meat re?pectfnlly ob
serve, that nmonir the numerous ai piiaatioiis made to him in pul
moaa<yund dmpsiral Mffn tinns. he has had aitiry rai'-aofthi? ob
aettre and daaireiout de>eaae" Antina Pectoris P<rs.Ti?siituect
to it have rwnerullr tl* apiiearance of rnjoyin* rood Iiealth, and
not twin* aware MM ta'al tenden' y.api ly no remedy , mitit. alnmi
cd by itadesth like naroiytma. they api ly too Inte. TW? disea*?
n do doubt therauae of moat of the auddeniteatba *? hich trri|?eiit
ly oecur.ai d am denominated "the viaitatioii of God " Ita pn>
minent and characteristic symptoms are tin unpleasant aei.aatiw*
at the stemum hre?*at bmie, commonly at the Iwiser part of it, at
tended ?|th r?t aahmit the breast, ami morepartii ularly aUmt the
left aide and reakm of the heart, extending often to the akoulder
blad??.es|M cially the left, and often affccfinf the left arm. Tliose
suhwet to it are sovivtimes awakenerl with a aen-e of aufTocntion
or<iirfi<-uit. oi hreathinr. and generally experience a at'onaeaaof
breHth, and aorrietrmes a pafapitation ?t the Iw art. o" walkp fftial
wherein is ascend ?>ir. or arainst the wind, or up a (Ufht of ataim.
Theseaymptonaare not i-oeatant. and tke person ? ftei. enjoys ffnd
) health, except durmr its parnxysma. which at tire | not frequent'
iynrrur. hii< which he< inne mora fte<:ucnt, a'teiubd wiih pe
culiar ami alarmiax sensations and often prmrft f si ddenly fatal
when nt<(ierei>tly rood health is enjoyed. Havinc pin i much atten
tion to trie tr< atment of this disease, ar d had aorirNlerrble experi
ence in it. h? would invite thos* snhject to it, or whuat times e*p??
nence the seu?ati?Hia above described, to call nn him at hi? office,
44 Ann ai reet . and make s> ch cnqiiiiieana r?ay ?atiaf> tbim.
CaaTiriCATr..? The aulncct of this articln, altlMMirn bavrac the
?|ip<>ara nee of eajoymccoed health, had for two year* or more l^cn
much aflecrxl with very nii|>]en?niit aenaatwt a ?l?.ut ihe heart, at
?<-mle<l with a aense of inlliiess iii the left ai'le. and often rm.vmf nr
diniinr nains. efK cfinr the ahmthler and left arm am* son et mee
Hie head Im-ieasedexerffonor m< n'al evci'emeni ?oal?' increaae
ll.ese impleaoiinr aymptuma and often produce aUirmtn# *? nsatisns.
He sprlieil to l>octor Hears ami under bis tr-ntmert baa expen
escrfl ireat relief. Rafereace cau be bad at hu office, 4| Ana
ICertMeatt of Mr. Smith Ely, of the firm af BartVtt nm ily )
' ' >r many years I h ive l?een aubject to a Idllmis affection, which
tend "d api licatioiio to pbyxii ian< fntjNcntly nr i ce s'v llsviiM
been h rur Mpunteil witn 1 ?r. Heirs, I have sin 'C br? ? .'ah Mhrm-at
inthi? city a I-I*il to h in |.>r advice at-d modi ine nliin aeeded,
and have always Iscn SII lafieil with his trea'ment. fin ,nff the
cumnMce?Mat of 1 ? at si>rin>, 1 1 ad a severe bilious "Mack ? aeoMB*
liamed with an infiammatMm of my hinfa and rc ltrli. f >r Beam
at> t'ded upon me. and under hia treatment th. I 'lninmatier and
euiicb aub-ided, and my health wao reatoi< d. I have ti e .ullest
roufMlene" in hianUiltty and ?h II in Im? i rnle??.i>n. Petaons wtah*
ir( to makeaay > mjmriea are at liberty to call i n r?? . at 71 t >dl< a
?Ireet. 8MITB ELY.
Ni-w Vorfc . November 1st, faaa. d.i; Ml
ft a 14 ? 1 1 \ M f I i'1'4 1 S . A wwrt'. on ef lour "ti'iiNnr, and a
? " of tenet the fir*' criHerea tfn| ariall tl v ind the tl.iMirjr
and praetire of i?li?ni< and Mirjrery) in l.urm i . I,., < nrnerl ihmi
ihe House No l?"> Jn'm r fleet, af (Ik* corn' r ?.f Pearl street,
u lierp he may be consulted M rtiri disease H' .i,tal ir, Inioum
nature, ronim I aftaniMMat, tk lcili'M iMrlx te. The Mlt
? desiierate veneriwl eaaea rereti ftrrwa lea to nine dnya. >:?ri of
every of hi r d< ^erifitioa in a time Hr?ta?tmn<'ii tot! eifatntr es? iw
fice Attendant st nlthooca mt-ti
, plea? i tness,e?ped tu.n.e ?e and certainty, it infinitely ???
?icrne to any ether medfrineimrthe care ot th ITCII; iti?siieer
m<n in its epera'iwn, thit ft b?a m vi>r fbi'nd i i t ? yon* ln^!ance
wl atever, of efl' i-tiially rurinr that diaayre< *' l? draotder, in one
I'ipli', by one ?t>pl(cal on only, thourh a| plnd In n hi V thr*:?an?|s
m the i'nitei-' States ltdm>" net contain tW least r-e rtivla- ? t Mer
cury. bit may lie appbe-l with (lie frca'cst infvty to t|><' mm t deli
rate lady durint p einancy: or th - ti ndere?t infa: tiiie ' <>1 .aa
cure f>>r a aronn i ervon, and divided, cures two ch'Wren F or ?ale
ma tf __ hy NATHAN f UltAHAM.
IIII<I<<NI HIIiKNII Di Hale's File < i-?ir eet Is ? jwiai*
live cu,d forthe I ties in three ?"ajs time yold'yJ .H Harf,
stir oi < I amf^Ts st and Bn.ndea< ; J. Symt coi <?f BriWerp M
Velkersi. fW'ii,*

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