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Ad?t*r?aonH?i4ii inserted is tlie Weekly Hkhald, at #1 #o par
*).?ie?ni) unci Moo.
rKrom the Weekly Hruld of March 25. ]
The Sewn of the Week
Is somewhat important. From Europe it begins to
be interesting. The King of France had again escaped
a plot laid for his destruction. It appears that there (
are secret societies, the members of which are pledged I
to attempt his life in succession. Louis Phillippe can- ,
not escape forever.
The spirit which prevails 111 France is a most ro- ;
markable one. Nothing seems to put it down, and
the necessity of that country becoming a republic, is
more and more apparent. All sorts of opinions in re
ligion, in morals, in politics, in science, are prevailing
there. It resembles the condition of England, before
the conquest and execution of Charles 1, at which
t:me every opinion and every creed had a representa
tion. The present king of France may get a royal
guard, but what are guards against the progress of the
political fanaticism now prevalent1?
In England, the state of affairs is somewhat com
plicated. There is a confusion and a contest among
parties ? but the cause of reform and change fains at
every onset. The whigs are not yet dnv?n from
There is a deep political and civil revolution going ;
?on in all western Europe, evt;n to tUe borders ol Rus
sia. The progress of independent opinion, in that re
gion, resem bles the progress of similar opinions in an- I
cient Greece. At one tune, kings governed all the dif- ;
ferent states of (ireece. A deep rooted revolution took :
El ace, and the most of the states, in progress of time, '
ccame democracies, or popular governments of some i
kind. Europe, on a larger scale, is going through the '
same process.
The commercial affairs of Europe are in an interest- l
iug condition. France is perfectly harmless and quiet. !
But in England, in consequence of the extension of >
their credit system, they have caused general embar- 1
rassment and revulsion. There is, however, a whole- j
some reaction going on, which will produce health j
and activity in a short time.
On this continent, tke news becomes interesting i
from Mexico. It appears that .Santa Anna is received ;
with great coolness and suspicion in Mexico. His j
arrival has become the signnl for a new political effer- j
vescence in opinion. That country had not received |
the recent belligerent message of the President, threat- i
cning them with reprisals, but when they do receive
it, it will create a prodigious excitement. Whether
the new party in power will rally and assail Texas
again, seems more than probable. Our affairs look
squally in that quarter, and coupled with the nego
ciations of England, for Cuba, it would not surprise
us, if we had our hands full before the year go out.
in our own country there is little political news.
TUe new President sits quietly at Washington Not a
word ? not a deed ? not a thought ? not a wish? not a
nod escapes him. He is entirely forgotten. Now
and then some politician cries out for " a repeal of the
Treasury Circular" ? " a repeal of the Treasury Circu
lar" ? but nobody heeds or hears it.
The greatest events of the day are those taking place
in the avenues of commerce. The halls of legislation
have given up their interest to commercial exchanges
? Wall street is far more interesting than Washing
ton. The country is in the nudst ofa great revolution
in commerce, originally caused by too great an exten
sion of the credit system, aggravated by the quarrels j
and fights of bankers and politicians about the sur
plus revenue. This extension of credit has in two or
three years doubled prices, tripled extravagance, quad
rupled dissipation ? and introduced into social life 'he
most expensive habits that ever cursed a civilized peo
ple. The effect on morals has been terrible. In the
progress from apparent competency to visionary
wealth, men abandoned all the steady ami economical
habits of life, and ran into every kind of dissipation
that immense riches might be supposed to warrant.
The effects of commercial speculation and of ex
U?i?nu?*s. are thus shown on ihc mo
rals of society, and the daily habits of a country.
There is not only a revolution in trade ? but a down
ward revolution in morals. In consequence, there
fore, the gaities of fashionable life during the last
winter and preceding summer, have been beyond any
former period in the history of the country.
From Albany we have nothing very new. The
legislature is still busy, but what will be the upshot
of their doings seems wry uncertain. They hnve
not much more than a month to do the whole busi
ness of the state. They ought to begin it ? it ia full
tune to begin the work? they have talked enough.
During the w?ek there have been a few preparations
m tknig for the charter election. We have three parties
in the held? the Whigs, Democrats, end Locol'ocos. ?
In the ensaing week, there will be a good deal of
elec tioneering among them. The Whigs have nomin
ated Aaron Clark for Mayor ? the Democrats John I.
Morgan ? and the Locofocos are talking of getting one
from Sing Sing. There will be a great deal of amuse
ment during the next week. We shall watch the
movements of these various d.rty waters, and report
accordingly to the great laughing public. There is a
large lot of "confounded clever cfellows" in New York
who care nothing for politics ? who :ake it up and lay
it down for amusement. We are at the head of this
party? a party which can l?eat anv of the others if we
thought it \v?rth the while. We call ourselves the
"Choice Fellows" or "Choice Spirits," and can
carry any election, either on this side or tlint. We
intend to have a meeting next week.
We present below a letter written from the Levant
by Miss Patterson. It gives an interesting account of
a v. site to the harem of a Mahometan prince.
Thr Paahn'a Hmrm.
We are the only Christians who have everheen ad
mitted into the Pasha's Harem. We were theretwice.
The first time was a mere visit, but the seeond was to
ttpend the day. ] must endeavor to describe it for yen.
At tke gat* we were received by a doien male attend
ant* who lod us to the garden gate, where we found
three girls, playing upon different Arab instruments,
while two were singing and two dancing, magnifi
cently dressed in crimson and blue cloth embroidered
in gold ? the full pantaloons hanging ever tbe foot just
allowing an embroidered slipper to be se?n? a jacket,
tight tothe shape, without sleeves, open s littleon the
oh est. where appeared a chemise of blue or white
gnuz'*. rlose' v ?jtangled sieeves of the same, hanging
large and full to tke elbow, nnd down behind in a
doien plaits ; and on the side and top of the head,
large sprig* of diamonds. A sash of gold tissue with
a deep gold fringe finished the dress. These pretty
creatures nre. edrd in to the palaee dior where we
were met like old friends hy the Sultsna, her mauls of
honor and attendants, to the number ofa hundred at
least. The great hall of state into which we were
?abend wa* an immense one, lined arid floored with
white marble; in the centre a basin fifteen feet square,
nnd a large fountain, from which the eli nrest water
was playing; the ceiling richly painted nnd gilt ; one
side <rf the iiall lin?-d with ottomans of whit- silk em
broidered in gold, and a beautiful Persian carpet spread
ui front of them.
As soon as we were seated, coffee and pipes were
handed to us. The Sultana is about 3ft years old. with
n fine face, though the eye is stern ? dignified and affa
ble in her manners. Her dress was a chnli made in
Turkish style, only mofe closed over the n< k. On
the head was a sort of skull cap, formed entirely of
diamonds. Around this was tw.sted an embroidered
kerchief, and on the left side, down near the ear, was
placed a spring of flowers, ma le of enormous dia
monds; ear rings, a single psir, shaped like a drop, as
large as the end of my little finger, and on her little
finger was a superb diamond ring. Around us stood
tke hundred attendants, dressed in colored silks; and
everyone, even of the lowest rank, with heads covered
with dianion s. The pipe stems and sockets of the
coffee cups w?ro also covered with them- precious
monps. Such a glitter X never saw before. An Ar
menian woman wko spoke Italian was there as our
inte-rpetreas Our gloves and buckets excited their
admiration, indeedour whole dress. I don't know that
I was ever so hauled and pulled about as 1 was that
We were taken ail over the palace and it vied
throughout in elegance with the great hall. At half
past twelve, we were invited by the Sultana down
to the reception room to duuwr. As wa entered, girls |
bearing silver basins approached ? others with pitch
ers peured water on our hands others agmu pre
sented us towels. On the centre of the Persian car
pet was placed a small table a toot sijuare, covered
with a cloth of gold tissue. On that was a circular
glass waiter, about three feet in diameter. In the
centre was a dish of roast mutton. The Sultana sat
down with my mother and aelfon either side of her ?
then E- ? and G , and a lady of the court,
formerly a slave of the Pasha's, now married and
handsome ? silver knives and forks, &c., which the
Sultana knew not how to use. She punched at the
meat in a most unmerciful manner. When we sat
down, a napkin was placed on each of our laps ; an
other embroidered in gold laid over the shoulder ? and
a third, and a finer one, laid upon the lnp, to wipe the
mouth with. Some of the slaves tunned us? some
held the different dishes? others salvers and knives,
and others again silver pitchers, and so on. What
with the beautiful dresses, the glitter of gold and dia
monds, the divan, the spacious hall and fountain, it
seemed that the scenes of the Arabian Nights were
realized before me. I wish you could have seen it. ?
Our only regret was that this beautiful scene could
not be enjoyed by some of our friends.
It is said there is no pleasure without pain. Truly
it was almost too much for us. We counted thirty
nine ditlervnl dishes served out at a time; and of
each we were obliged to eat a little. And so strangely
served as they were. The first five dishes were of
mutton, rice, then a sweet dish, then friod lemons ;
then meat, then another sweet dish ; next fried fish
and nuts, and so on till the thirty-ninth, which was
stewed rice and bonny clabber. The glass salver wus
then taken away, and a silver <?ne, with melons,
peaches, grapes, &c. replaced it. When we rose from
the table, the girls with the basins knelt before us, and
hands were washed as before, when pipes and coffee
were given to us to finish oft' with. Whilst we smok
ed, the Sultana retired to prayers, which she does five
times a day. Then if you could have witnessed the
scene, you would have imagined us amongst a parcel
of great children. Oh ! how we were dragged about,
patted and pulled ; each woman declaring we belong
ed to her, and should not speak to the others.
At 3 o'clock we were sent for to depart, as the gen
tleman were satiated with smoking and conld wait no
longer. They had been with the Governor all this
time. The sultana held us tight, and said the Captain
Pasha had no business to send for us ; and it was 4
o'clock before we could getaway. We made a great
procession through the garden. First went the mu
sical, dancing, and singing girls, then the sultana and
ourselves, slaves bearing fans of peacock's feathers
o*er our heads; and then came the attendants. At
the garden gate, sherbet was handed, when we took
a kind farewell of our hospitable Sultana, and were
consigned to the care of the male attendants, and at
tlv? carriage found the gentlemen impatient to hoar
all about what we had seen."
AUTIFICIAL E YESare inserted by Dr. I*aac Prancia,
Hurgcon Dontut, which cannot I* distinguished from natural
one*, und will M<fti?rw every motion af (hut <a gun, without giving
tin.' alighte.t p;un. For the production and application of tlui art
iiuhis recaived a Diploma, of which the following 11 ucopy .
I* R E >1 1 U M .
Thi* Diploma wait awarded by the
In the city ofNcw York. it the late Fa*.
For a fine tperimen of Artificial Eye*,
(An iuiprirvt incut.)
Jambs Tallmaob, Pren't.
Fujwin W ii.i.iaii <*, Rec. Her.
J. B Wakkman. Corr Sac.
pty CELEBRATED BYE H ATER -Dr. F. alio re^xattuU/
" Jici\t the attention of the publia to In* imxt eatrnordinury andefli
cvlou* Eye Water. It li** proved itne'f 11 Hio*t vn uable application
in all caaea ol acute und chronic uitlawin itwn. affording immediate
hlief. Totheaged, who areao commonly aHln ied with weok
n?'i> andmdi?tii>ctnu**ofvition. and men to eyes diieaaed for aeve
ral year*, it* effect* have been truly aitnniahmg.
N. B Dr F. propoae* w inure ou the fir*t May to 134 Cli.iinleira
treet.oppooito Hudaon. _ nil Im"
DR ELLIOTT, Oculist, Pr><fe**or if the Anaromy and
dueate* nf the Wutnan rye Primi lu ye.ir* undivided at
timtioa, and coiiatant atudy, nnifer tlie in out celobrutad Oculiati in
Europe. and one of ? he heat in America -Profeaaor itftiilh, of fie
Madtc >i Colleire of Ohio- ivitn the moat eiteimve and aureeaiful
practice inthe union, l>r. E. uaacrt* with confidence. that he eaa
curt the moat dangofoua and cromc dicaac* of tho aye, williont
an operation, except in caatw of bliodne**, when he opurafv* tor
CtUrrart, (Jorectomta und Entroplm*
MPCOTAOLB-l-Dr. E'?|?al?ait. beautiful, trnnaparent, medium
J|iectacle Olaaaea, having the peculiar property of keeping the
eye perfectly oool, giving unmediiiU and permanent e.me, aud
i\ the name tune suit every age. withont th? nmemmtif of eMM
0 E. will hiw*?lfadjual the (j>a**e*. to *uit Che parUcuhu de
Dr. E. beg* to atate that he attaint* to detc.uea of Mte eye. and
ini|ierl?M-iioii of viaion ouly. wttice ?3 Broadway, private entrance
in Duane it reel. (tHJf
I PEARL STREET Tina *i*iciou* c.tuldithinent i* en
larged. and erected njton ita firmer ?ite, in tha centra of the com
mercial ulceration* of the city, *urroiii)rii d hy more than ?on entire
ly new fire proof atore- und wan-lamae*. occupying the (round of
tin) freat court tgralmu Thia Hotel, Pont nu upon Pear, und Wa
ter ntreeU, i* arranged uimhi a new and moat improved plan, with
n *ttaciuii* exchange roo?? anenaivx dining tmrlofa - large and
air? ?lee|an( room* conimedioiu liath ng room* ? ileum iwwerto
eimit* a aupply of wut< er M the appal at?rj M for utln r punOM .
? together with every convenience required to promote the health
and cumfortaf the Bo u dura? a c<m*ta> t guard h a bo employed to
keep evsry part of the im>:ni*e* in or.ler and *ecurity A'lleruian
Prt^ra. the owner. h?* ap-rrfl wo expenaex toreudci thia luiilthng.
I?>th in estent and attle of architecture. <-<pial, if m>t an|ieriur. to
aay r >minemal Hotnl in thia country. Tlu? lloiine ia now fumi*h
i*l complete in imalern atyle. nod reo|?ened utli M'irch. 1S37 The
Pr>?i>neloni reap, ctfullv aolicit the patroiiaga of it* old cnatonier*
and thn public gem rully.
J NO M FLINT i ? . ,
ml Mm J. D. W WHITALL < rrrrpnetor*.
I tYMPKP.HIA In it* moat dwa^n-eahle foriua. i* ell'ectu
\f ally cmwl hy HR MEAD'S AN'Tl DYHI EP NC. or MTO
MAt'H PILL."1, tlw; only medicine evtr yet ottered to the pulilir.
from ? iich a ladu al and |M-rmanent cure can W- olitame^ of all
thorn hronn atalea oi derangement of tli" iligeative organi. con
. tituting that co*i| licated iliae.iae, termed Dyaiiepaia
III" avmpl -in characteri/ing dya|iep*i;i or nidigeation are a
iniii: train of tlmae ili.ugr.-rial ?-iia I'eMia rominonly < ailed ner
voiia roinplanit* , *u?h a? loa* of appetite, uauaea >.r tieknea* at
I lie aioinach, and aone-timea vomihng Ulching ap of water,
w tiii'li i? *oiii' tniiea la<tel? .< I'ut inoal roHiiiKHiU aoiir gn'iuiag
pam in the atoinach, lieart l>uin. or what ia calkil aonr atoinach,
coafivriteaa. paleneaa ol ihe ciaunte anna, languor, lowneaa of api
ri'a. p.iloitatioua of 'he lii irl vertigo, or gidilineaa. and diaturlwd
deep The number of thnae*ympt>-ma variea in diffniMit patient! ;
with aonietietnf felt only in part, win eotbera hare emn addition
al one*, erpially di*agie?ali|e . am h a* ?#vere paiaa in Hie head ind
h en -i flatulence. or wind in the a'omach and bnwcla. emaciation,
or a waatiug of 'he wli*le htxlr, with gr at wenknea*. (wrticularly
of the lega. Thia 4iaea?> ha< beon " rr areurately ileaerihed by
many medical wtitera? hat how littl* it haa fievn uiutenitood, the
want of auecoaa whi'.h attend* the geoenl mo<le of treatmeat too
plainly ahow a. L?t ua take i?ie ? aamide to illnatrate thia aaaer
'i hi He.ut lairn. or aour atoma'h. le'ing.dten a rery tfMMMMM
aym|>tom of thia ironhleMnie nomrdaint , th? attention waa natural
lv .lirerled in aear.-li ol ?o:n<- arte I- th.it ?f>oulil li ne the (Niwer of
Hold by Hull A Browne. |J9 Yla den I^ine; fieotgen ('nffgeahall,
co n?-r of Pearl and Rvae atroota. Miioor * t.amh'a, corner ?f
I'>r<i4i *'?> and V eaay ain-t ta. J It II ii,l , orner ..f Bramlway and
Hleeeker atieet ; and by moat of the Jruggiat* throughout the t.'mlad
H atai.
None are g .name wuhoot tbo airnaturo of OE< ?BOE SMITH
m '& 3m ,
4 I.KTTEROIt M t riiiwoSv. i Wt iHJldiaheil,
.a ? Letter to th" fieiitlemeii of New Nark.'.n thn auhjoct of
Matriit oay; by a Lady.
I lie Young Bride at Home or a Help to ' "onnnbaal llappiaeaa
witli i ? >m|?m'i?eri?'wofthe aria*.
'1 to- V'?ing Hnabnnd'a Rook . nlao The Y mag Wilb'a Ro??k ,
l>ei?i? Mimiala nf thedatiea, nviral,r> ligpnia anddiMiieatia. irapuaori
relatioOHol MnrrH-d Life
It*, a'a Lerlar>'?on < 'ourtahMi and Mnrnaga
A Wlnaper to a Newly Wedded Pair fntn a Widowed Wife
t,.ranl>>hy ?' J PuL-*<-M.Na <? F d'on. and M.? Pearl at
mini w
Tho kotei, aid HOAiinno not mk
? KREPKRt una do* tier an ailrer laldeaitoona. beat pat I
i\ndtaii* white; tan do le<*p*ana. vo >Ui I'alde forka. 4 pom**
at do aagartnug*. y4ain: Mdo HatUr knrrea, rarnxia patterna;
nonp ladle*, arary and aaaet *|smna fcehknieaa, kinr'a pattern
? IHwn* mil fork*. <al' and muatard *p<K>na, napkin rag*. de*?ort
ai*nina. fork* und knirna, knoba. lock* carpet rial*, bow window
?iiahea. night ken n iml>er< aiu*? ladie*' aci?aor hane'ra. roai li
Imivllet . hkewiae. Oarmnn ailv** m i?g.?t*. platea of all wire gua?e
numliea and air*, and wire nf all ai?v*; far ante hy
?naif Dr. LBtflHfM HTWANOER .c? Rma.lwar
I heaoliacrilter i* ?i* pr. pared to eiacute any ordera for any
kiud of metahc Purniture uae l in lln iaea >?? < hurchaa, aiwh na
l?oor Platea, Knockea Fignraa nr Numhrnt. Loak*. Knnha Ha
caitcbeona. Bell Triekera. Ventilator*. Ai Ac Ac. allot
t hat which certainly ia by far arafarttbla ta nlated metal, aa it
t>e?ra aru'dang and p>>Kabin( to tne conantniition af the metal It
aetfandaince thnnnee for thia m tal in it* tiniahed a'atei* yrthe
?owthe P'iceof pi tted ware, tlmre ia nodoubt hut what nr?i*M'tnra
md h'iild> r*pf houaea will Mao prater r AH !?.' 'amdera ,? * f-.
Haanaa, are invited ta eanmine the apoctman* of the
multirarMNMaaea and arlialen manntncMred by
Dr LlWIS TEl'Tt H W ANt.ftR itt Rraa lw??
Th.a ta the moat acionwic ?rmk aver puW ahed o?the twh^ct.
and ia *o aimpwled that[?raoai nuy lenrn frtmi it a bnl.l and iHpm
atyle ofb?i*tnea* writing without the aid of a ten r her || M nnrtic
4aHy recnwirsanded ta tW natwa of Clarta, who woi ted ample
4.recUntw to remov. aM We, w m iKm wat?ag ftv*,. (>.ubar
wflt Ja well to procure a cnf>y
N B Hereral of the Plata* am daannml *>r Latflaa M ? hi
delicate and tattafoJ itfia. tutted to fWhionaMa btWet aldMMr
| wrttlM. Hl7
<'ilue.i03 Broadway - private eHt anrein Duano street.
Ladies mi J lieiitlemen wishing to purcha*e Curpeting u ill ploa*e
to call mid r-xrtiiiiiit* n mo.si splend 0 assortment t >(
all of which will ha sold at bast from 10 in It pei cent less* I Uuii at
any ?i her e?tabli*hment in the city.
Al*o?Floor('il Cloths, Plum and Figured Mattnura, Table ami
' Piino Cover* Transparent Window B ind*. Tufted Brussels ami
Wilton Hearth line's to corruspoml with the latest fashion ot lui
ported Caip* tc.
N. B. Carpet* fitted to rooini ut the shortcut notice, and sent to
BrkA yn, or uny part of thr city, free ofexp -nse. in 4 i<si
% ouJd inform th ? ladie* that lie has u greater vnriety ??l fashion
able *hai>cs and ot liner material* than any other hou*e in tie
United State*. Ha flatter* mm elf with being in possesion of
with t!io flare entirely round, lo much warn in Eutipa . in tlir m<Mt
fashionable circle*. It i? manufactured oftinet TUSCAN liitAII)
th ,n ever buliire unpolled, and of which he w sole proprietor. This
Hat i* of a peu iiiriy graceful iliape and need* only tobj seen to
l>e iiiliiured He has alao u varied stock of
of rajnarkable ia.it; <| lalitiea, all made to the latent iihid*? * liieh
ha is en ibled to produce earlier tha i any other nsauaiucturer, thru'
Ute vuilanne of hi* Kiiroiiean agon'*,
N B. A j*r? it variety ot'iaahionable Pari* Ribbons, w hicb he chal
lenges th ? Union to equal.
uil7-im' CARL KiNG, Jtr>i Broadway, and 17 D union ?t.
Pre m in in
MRS, H. O. HOD(tK,
Wouid r.*|>ectfully inform her friend*, those engaged hi the loca
tion, and tiie t nblic g, morally, that ?ho*ti 1 coutuwt-a thankfully to
receive, and punctauUy to attend to. all olden in (he above de
partment, :ui4 every brail h appertaining thereto.
Doekoiu of giving ample **i|slactio i t* *ucli a* may fa*or her
wit n their patronage, Mr* H. will ptesen' pi tern* manufactured
in thii English style, ami of the lat, st and tm?*t approved fashi n*.
whieh wi I Seir close examination? the *ewing being ot an order
not surpassed in the United State*,
At No JJa ORAM) .STREET, lie'ween Essex and Norfolk.
.__oar- Superior Fretting fer th Trade.
WANTED at the a:iovee?'abli?hment, a PREISER, and i num
beof good TUSCAN SEWERS mlT lw
MAPABl 725 mk, niu.n PARIS
On an improved principle which g ip?* an appearance equal
to nfio.
jl l-3m ?
Patent Vault Li#hl?,
VTf- REMOVAL.? DR. HTILLMAN'S Uffi.e removed
to .So. 359 Broudwa)
P. 8.? DR. STILLM AN attend* to prjfensionil call* as usual.
hi 1 7 Im
Corner of Sai*nu and Pinettt., City of Nne York.
The Proprietor af the ubove e*tabii*hin?'nt return* la? ?mcrre
thanks to the public, tor the very liberal manner m wfuch it has been
MHkiined since it ha* been uniler hi* direction, and hopes that hi*
future lyptem of management will convince hisfrienu* that he i*
detenninod twleave notiung undone on his part tu merit a contina
?inci- of then patronage.
The HoteliK in>ni"diatelyadjoiningtheCu*tnm Hau*e,r?nd within
a minute'* waik of Wall *Weei. Bioadway, ami other principal bu
*aies.sstroet.s ; con*e<|uently i* very convenient for tho*e gentleiaen
who re*i4* in the am*'/ mirt ofUie city. Breakffutcan lie obtained
at the Refectory at 'ill hoar* from HA. M. till noon, and diiiner from
naontillSP. M 'I1?e Pimirp'tor feel* warranted in *ayin* that hi.
table* arefurnwhed in a uiauuernotiurpasiedby any oatablishment
in thecka
Arraiigenient* have been niitde. with ;igent* in *he rinintrv, hy
which the Cuxtam House Hotel will, lulutaire. Ije supidi^d withthc
earliusi fruiu, gitu:. and other deiieoch * of ihe va'iou* *eaaoa* ?
twul with un eminent iui|io.*tiiig bottte in th* citi.for a constant
*ui>fdy of the choicest wine* a .a li'juor*. JAM F.a HORN, Jr.
pry- K. C. BR?'WN ft C#., havmg apcRed a Cotlw- House
(the Niagara), a' No. 45 Warren atreet, and lata wi a oak of the
clio.'-est Vt iues, L?|iior* Si ' . hope by i^iet aUentoq to the
wishes of thvir customer*, to wvnt a*haie efpubhc.itairmiage.
SEE Advertueinenl? ABBRNKTHY'S t.'onipaund Li
quoiice Cough M i > ? ? ..I page, ? the *pecial A rent. 1*7 Bowery, cor.
Orand it has trevn ;>Wliged in coneetoetici- ol rtv; gvent d^mnnd ot
this Medicine, from the lower part and w<?i side af Um- city, to n p
ixiint HOPPLK, eor Broadway and Franklin *t.. ami t'NDER
HILL.cor Ueekiuan and William*!* Agent* i'orthis Mixture.
1)4 1 1
wisie* to inform his friend* and the puldir. that he ban just received
a fresh supply et tirst rate OYlJTERS, and ready to serve iIm hi.
Pried, Stewed. RiMisted. and Pickled, <mi th^ most lll>eral terms,
at lhe*horts*l notice. Please apply at IJj Fsltonsti.et. ik*
DO- A CARD?*. W. BRYHAMieipectfullriafarinshisfrierxU
and the public, that since he has aoldoat his ntoiein <iraad at. lie
has completed hi* enlargement* ane alieralir luut um ongmale*
tHblishmeiit.No. i??t Bowery, opposite tn Kiviagton it., conse
quently he i* better prepared to meat the demands of his patroa^
on a *till more cxtenuve *cale, and with a mora general assort
ment of f?ure nud fcnuiae t'ontectloiiMr/. wholesale iih<1 retail.
H W K rsturns thank* I'm the very flattering pairenai:e has
hcretoforeeiperienced Howerjr ^leaint^'onfecUoaary andHaJooo.
No aos Bowery opposite to Rivington at.
JUJUBE PAS rE, just imported from Fratiae? a superiorarti- I
cleof Jujube Paete, fa* *ala a* aaove, adiolesaleand tarail.
al?t It 9 W. R.
CClrMe?*r*. WKIGHT A ROWE beg* leave te mform their |
fueml* andthetmlkc that rb, y have ?k*i?>s.?l of th< n slock ami
Store, cone rof Broadway nud Canal si a?d have <>|ieneil at in ;
BronHway. where they keep the moat splendid assort nient of Hut*
anil Fur Cap*, hi the city.
Maps. ? T?.e?uUt-riber ha? made urran*riii??Ui to e*eeutf
all onleri in tbe MiiiwuKm in the n?at??t inunn?r. Hi*
rimen* mayW ?en? at their office. .....
UTHoURAPHY?AUaniara to Lith?(r?i>hr, attended towilk
eaie anddrapatch. , , , . .
A rrcat vuru'tynt EnfTttinf* on hand; *"*?.'! .7'!?'.?
dm e>! i?ricea to uealar*. BROW Nl 4 KKI)M<>M>.
jy|( j It'll llHO*
11 TRUST COMPANY.? Persona may efli-at jnauranrea with
thia Company on tliclr awn . or tbe lit'** of otheni, and cither
for the wbtit dura' urn of life, ? for a bound peiiwd. IV" pay
ment* "f premium mar be either made annually, ?rm a (rooautn:
Premium" on ?nc hundred dollar* for one year.
Acn. > r?w- AP*- 1 SU- A*?- 1 J"'ar A?" 1 rr*/
Ci 0 7'i ?* 1 07 3* I 4S *? IN
i? 0 IT V I Id 3? 1 ?T ?l I W
? a ?? w l an 40 III M a ?
i* e ?? trt i m 4i IK w * i*
H ? -* 30 I 31 4J I HA M t If
II e ?? >1 I M 4* I ? M * ?
?M 0 ft M I 33 44 I W M *47
vj ? n 33 1 34 45 1 ?l 47 8 7*
# ?4 34 1 35 44 I W M 3 14
M 8 V7 ?) IX 47 I M M 3 47
* 0 H M I 34 iH I *4 *? 43*
A | W 37 1 43 4t IK
Matvy will l>? recel?e?l deposit by the Company, and held if)
trust, upon which mtcreat will lie allowed aa Mows .
t>?n any nam orei tl*?. irrnbemable fir* I rear. ^ per at.
?* " " 100, for 5 monSt*. 4 perol.
- " 'i 1W " ftn gUMMtM. 3 petit.
Wm Bard, Hamuol I hompaon, H C. He R ham,
Thoma? W Ludlow, Wane Rronaon. Jonathan Onodw*,
Wm. B Lawrence. PeU* Remsen. Jame McHride.
Jaroli LorilLard, Btsphen Warren. John Rathhtww. jr.
John Pusr Jam.* Kent, P. G. Mtnjrraaa**.
pclet Harmony. Nuthamel Prime, Thmna? J pa kWf?
H. V|* RMWtnlMi N Oerereaur. Htejihen Whitney,
John 0 Cottar, Benj Knawer, John J. A?tor,
Thus Huffsrn, Outrun C. Veridane, B?-i?j L. Rwan.
J no CurM?? W. Lawrence
* M. RARD, Preiwiient.
E A SIOOLL, fWreiirr
Mr I) ATK1SS. Phjr?ir?an tn the Coroiianf. nMif
YEAR'S PRESENTS. -Th?' ?ufiarrilier ha?rerei?rd ?(?? nt?i
rhrxreiwwl heairtiTni rr?ll?rHon af Annual* ami Ju?enile Miwel
laneoim wocln. whirh he hat had the l>la?w?ir.- of of?eri?? to
bu> numerou* Irienda and imtrnoa, am* 't whiehai* thefcJIuwin* i
Tbi Bwfc afOww The Violet
Oeta* of Rnautf . Pearl
k"l*wrv*of Uoveliiie?a,l*34 7 (;hri?t?a* B>?*
Dnwini Ro???n -"rrap Book I'mon Annaul
Parlrw Hrrap Boo* J?vemle Pirret Me N<i
Keeraaiie *""1'
Roakof Beaaif LlUey of Sie fallen
Heath'? IVtuream* Annual Fiurr Rook
The En?liah Annual M?*m?lfpfcwal BiUle
Onentnl Annul Robert Ra".Wle'? ^ketrh Roo
M.ifnuha The New Ye?r'? Token
Token Pt'ent f.tA
F<?e? Me Not Parent "? i 'ahintt
f-:hri*tiau keaiNtaka FiirniHoiiae
R. lifioua M'??i?eroi Two Edward*
rriendnhtn't 'tflVnni tTolelar (IIS
lllu* ofthe Wa*erljr N*THla llluftrninin* ofHyria, Moly L?
Brfm Galierjr, Ac A?ia Minor. Sr
M C. SHrPAUD Ronkaeller.iat Broad w>\r.
(lontuniet?irt?Mrearain*< Inaa or 4amtr> hj Ire on Rutldinaa
tio<al?. flhipa in Pwrt and (heir cargoo*. and ereijr dearripiion o4
per tonal piopertf . atthein >(nre, No l( Wall lUent ,
Rakaert Ainalte, Thoataa RwMm,
Daeid (^oHwiaa. Henrr H BShatl,
DamelJaekaon. T%?irm? Nnijaant,
Cortlandt Pahwer. Rdear Jerikma,
jxhnl^rwnerOrahaM, C > P Hmhraak. <
Tlnana* Ti lea ton. Henry H l^ied*,
Louii DeCaaae, Oewraa D HkotM,
Henrr Wfe.koE CkarleaO M.indr,
Haaiael T. T?dale, Slw?km au?rn?,
wMmat P Hahntt, Mwariiranat,
H OS MIT ilMKUI PMltfft.
JNO M^BR Altt. a?vyetarr
8TOC K S. A rhoire aamwUneot UeMtle*an'? Varan*
Men ? f aaer and other tftuaka. >* Um haat Mteriala m4 wm*
naaiwWo. )??' raaatrad br Ma EIRO. 141 PuliM tlfMt.wMcJiaha
? aaiktvf uSiii ariaw ?US
1*1 DIM. ?? Luouaril street, one dour West of Broadway .?
Mirnt Present I continues tw give lesson* to Ladic* in tbe various
brunches of ? solid education. Tlose ti.ldiiig tlruiwlvi'i ik'&'UHtl,
pjth.r in Peuuiauship, Arithmetic Knglii.li Grammar, Single Eidr)
Book-keeping. enrr xt Heading. Geography. Histo y fltc., run re
ceivuauch a course ol confidential instruction, a* will, in a rliurt
time, render In-'m proficients, if not critic*. The instiuction i* in
dividual .Mini Prescoti solicits the attention ot' those interested.
8ho lias u vuriety of specimen* of pupils' impruvuiii ?t, and numer
ous refr n-nces hiiiI recommendation* from literary gentlemen Iwlli
in this City and New England, front which she deem* it sufficient
to otier the following
To whom it may concern : Thi* may certify that Mis* J. J
Preseott i*. in my judgment, well qualified to n>r an auc.urute
knowledge "I ' Kngh.sh Grammar to those who wish tootnuui m
*trui'tion in that nirtia|ieu-itb|c requisite of a polite ed -cation
New York, 17th January, M35. C. M. LNGEKj'OLL.
With pleasure I testify I* favor of Mm* J. J. Preseott * knowl
edge oftlie theory and practice of Single Entry Riem-keciiing. '
lielieve her fuliy capable of teaching that branch of u u?elul il.tcu
nun c. G ? MARSH*
New Voik, December 1, H34.
From the knowledge I have of Mi** J. J Preieotf.i superior
skill in tbeuri of Writing. I can cheerfully and AoMdMtly NMi
mend hern* being well qualified to teach i Ins plea m guild um or
tunt accomplishment. NATHANIEL D. GOULD.
Boston, July Sf'r las*.
Tin* certilieth that Mis* J.J Pre*rott ha* bv?n a very aceepta
I ile uilsl |MTlcctly wi.l approved member of this Institution; triat
nlie Iu* studied her r, with talo. ts rarely equalled. anil sueues* of
the most promising character, Eng i-li Grammar, Geo*- ipliv, com
mon Arithmetic. Latin, &c., and she t.usui) entire confidence fn
her superior qualiticatiiaii, both in ntal and acquire.!, 'o instruct
pupils ill the solid branches of liierature. JOSEPH JO.-sLl.N,
Preceptor (if Monmouth Acaaemy. I
Monmouth, Me. Nov W ISiS.
The hnrh testimonial* of character and scholarship nluch Mis*
J. J. Prese nt has received from source* which I resect n.d tU" !
strong alteetion and resard that she enjoys wi/b an extended ami |
respect ble acquaintance in this quitter. jff>rd n. > tduwsuie iti
adding 5i;- name to th" introductions and credentials she his j
ttioic.'nt wight be useful to her in establishing herself as an inslruc
tress in that section of the country which the now proposes io I
visit. J. NICHOLS, D U.
Portland, February 91th, 1h->9
Beside* the above testimonial*. she has o'heri of her elurac'er
and scholars!) p iVom the following guntlenien ?
Rev. J woodman, New Ghsic-'ster, Me.,
lion E. Hilton. Wi?..i.et, Mr ,
Hon. J M. H AIIPEH, lu'e member of Coneresi
And nunieroo* other n tine* equally bsmornUe, that can be seen by
ca lingai her residence, S9 Leonard stn et.
Mis* Preseott i* hat>py to say that she has W-en hiatructiay ii I
this city nearly three years, anil during that tiniei-Ue has given tin?
uiosl unqualitied satisfaetioM t-? hui.dred* of lai'ii-s both married
anu single; in the aUi>e blanches, anil io many of whom slw- is au
thoii/.ed tx refer, if required
f rtima-rulUp. ? I' title r Miss Prescott's tuition, theputxl mar.ut !
eighteen easy les oik, of one hour each. L?i?ak up the morteligi
6le er cramwed haral- wilting, and ohtain a rapid, neat andtrssaiMi
ti>) style, which the pupil may bw turn of retaining This is truly
desirable. Two tvrms are mute siitfici' nt to nstru t those who
have never written, and who cannot even read wrttm^. Charge, '
including stationary and iieuiuaking. 3 i'i per term
Hesdinf. ? ' This course ?ccu|iies three mon'hs. lour days ri each
week, and one hour pi each day It emliraces i knowledge of < >r- '
tho py.>|sdluig.and fasi.iontible pronunciation, eompnsint in the !
course the m**t critical rule* of accent, sftiti nti' y , eai>>hasis. iiuuse
and tone. Ladies may assured of improving tb rr style ami ot i
becoming good reuders in that sho t period. Charre, 9ltt (teremtrse.
tngh.ih Uramrnar ? 'l'hose ii.-r>??s wli i habitually sreakb td j
Knglish, do not know Uow usuch they sin against the cars of th.-w J
moreconect heater* They are not aware tha' every s*rt?*r in a i
sentence they utter, is a* obvious to the ear as a black mark on the i
face, would be t? the eye. In teaching the science of K"glrsti I
Grammar Miss Prescott adopt* as a text b?uk the wi ll knows
work o C M lugvraoll. Rsq., aiwt in iuifiarttric a knowieilge of I
pract cal Grauimar. iter care hs to impose a* little a* ja ?iible an |
themeuiury oi lier pupils Thi? c?iurM involves twenty I.Kir ledurtu i
of one Isiur each; and will be delivered retiularly twice a week. ? i
Charge, Sit) per coarse.
Hnok- K'rplnif Single Entry. This coutse cmaprises twelve
lessens It wiil lie useful iu a two-fold sense, as it cxptuiu* tlie
nature of busp.es* transact on* gives a general kmswledge of trade |
and cominciciul intent Mr?e. and will enable a person the better to ;
art us her own agent .or with more abdity t<s his|>ect the accounts
of ber agent. In this branch. Miss Prescott pursie* the valuable- \
s>stem of Mr. C. C. Marsh, uow of this city. Ch.wge, Si) pet
Miss Prescett deems it votinu >i|Mirtanttosay that heraccsimmo- !
dations fs*r pupils are or the very liest kind, and that they aretauglw I
m a 4 English 'ranches exclusively by herself Married ladies, and
nth'rs who wish it, may depend upssu the utmost seetecy, if re
A pohcations received at b?r residence, from "GjVUck t II ta A. M.
and frotn 3 until 4 o'clock, I' M In onlerto accrwumMiate alt
t:io*e m ho may w ish to avail tie niselVus ot her uistiuc ion. >!*?*
Prescott will receive au evening class, from 7 e'.-lock until |i?r
three nnnithi provids-d application be inade immediately lli,.;rs
nf attendance ilu'ing the u.i) us will lie-t snitthe cunvi nieiice of
tlie pupil. Ladies a'e rest? i tfully Invited to l*ave ti?eir names
at ttrf? study as sown as |x>s*ihli, as new classes are u >w ie-ing j
duly formetl.
N B Lesson* in French rmd. Mustc riven at the luMwen of Ik
pupils, by au IneUueitess aft In- n *t respeclalahty as atvacUer and
a lady, ami |*?s. sring uiKiualilied recoHimenitatious freoi French
Engli*h. and American > ourews of the higliest stamiin^. Teuns,
& l s i*;i quarter. Application* receives! a* above.
LANGUAGE. We woukl invite the attention of tlie Teach
ers to the Fiaach Grammar by .Hr J. P. WICKZBICKI, just |miIs
lished by W Samlfostl. formeily JAW landlord It .s cululatesl
to supercede all hixiks ,sf that nature that may !>e found in the mar
ket at prvsent, ami tlif e i* no ibsibt that it will liecoiue very (Mipti
lar on accmint stt'thc improvements that tliere are, which far dilate
all iidficulties with which jti Iaig4i*h (aipil meets : here we wsll spe
#ifv some of them. Cntil nowadays, it was ilM>ught that an En?
Ushruau could not leurn the prominc ?tv?f. oft be French language,
without hearing one who eronoutices it correctly himself i but Mr.
Wier<hicki'< Orainiiiartciiishee as tl?e falacy ol'that opinion , tin
the fhct is. tbat until unw tliere was no grammar I hat gave any sat
irtnctory rules facilitating flie drtKculty ; Ins grammar on the con
trary, gives all rule* that tliere aie in tlie language, (fur hestieak*
ahvrit evety letler giving its peqier souml,) ?o much so. that we wtH
u?t hesitate to i>mtio?im-e tbat every one may acquire a rood pro
ninir-jHtiofi of the Preach without even a teaclnr. tlneigh trus that
that ntcity of the (?rominciation which cannot be described in uo
but Hcqsincd and kp|ir<>ciats<d mdy by tlie e.ir.is left to h - learn
y tlie organ of heariug. I 'pun the whole tl*- pr*ct*' rule* thai
hw i the author) give* witUnald every one to lie understood by
way I
ed by
ty Frenchman. He likewise made a new clanrficatitHi of the tirtim
Clf which cannot be found elsewhere that irtH b> tie- use of*w Iwh 1
? . ver) Englishman that attempts ts st>eak Fn-nch l^ke j
s?e lie giei.'* rules in what order the French wn?d? ought tube usnd
in order to m.ike an inteHirible sontsrnee , tthie i nnnot be hiuiii! m
uny otlu-r aranim.ir ,) finally the arrangement that pervade* his '
grammar is a new ausi uasy t?n? cslcubttinir to facilitate the stuify
oftbul Iwautifal language for th? puial, anil b ssen tbe laletr u?.
teacher, anil we are wi eunlhlent afits mints that we wrfl*ay aotS- '
i rig of it ouras'lves. biN *<>liait a candid |>eru*al of the teachers, for ;
we are satisfied they will be phrased with it. letlm^l it bids fair to '
sotwrcesie all otlu-r? It ran l?* bad at wholesale nr retail at tlie af ;
tit." of puldicatiim, VtAunst N. Y.
rK tr w sAwnnma. |
gwoctment of t, rates and Fire Hnt?. suitable for parh*'S,cbamtM>rs.
Milie, s. and ?lore., are eili-red lor sale bv the subscribers, wlwlesaifl
a il ret ill, til ' li^-ir wan I ^,o 97 RgltMINra id ice.
Berlin Grates 'flie*e ?ui?.rb cMsttags, ? rtuallmg in flnuhtbe I
fm <??' metal, areorn iinential with rich atnl cluiste design*, eaecu :
ted in I Ms relief. They are colored by a <w pfircees, not acti^l '
ui",n by heat or tust, end requiring water only I j keep them
The Reflecting Giate. rec> ntly inr induced, unites lieauty and j
eeomimy. being nmstractoil with bnlluuit metallic Refine tors to
throw tnio th> room ? large (sirtion of the heat which ordinarily
est a|M-s through tlie flue
Doric arnl Mil erva Tire Pla^n.? This wcM estsb'ished article is
know n tothe public as one sii|>erior tsi any thing ihsw In use for
burning coal, as it combine t all the advantage* of both ths- ns<?iI
iiiolri of communicating beat, by radiation, as in the common
5 rate and ftrc place, and by transmission, as in close stove* It
itf?s< * warmth tbrougho ->t ths room by means of heater) air
which by the ctaislrnctios of the Doric Fin* Place is not |?*rwutied
to come is contaet with heated iron plates, which is w, II known
to have th" effect oldest r>sving the oxygen of the atmostther*. r?n
deriug it often >n>ressive, antl always mjunseis is th? lu-a th It is
portable, a nnnvennmee essdy iippo-eiated,*" they can lie rvmovrd
at pleasure. It is adapted to the parba, the warehouse, and'te
rtxiutiug mam. uniting th-' csnfiet of an apM hi with perfect
safety and c??iive?ience For s a'e by
filly i: \ \ ri.lt A I: It " III.U - 1,-1
Laid okpii e. joiin l bogardch. Atmnmy
H and Counsellor a' I^iw, Clmton Hall. No ? Iterli -?n street
(oia*>*te tin- lie is K Church d??sf.) city of New York. UhatMs Mis
? mm. Arkansas. Military Ifcmnty, Oeneral Land ottce, aid * eat
ern Agency
Pat'iits abtained. a ad title* pesfected for siddiers nr then heirs
?aher. 1st. Kevelutionary- ?l l?ate W ar? -U Cnoahan Volnn
teer* tth English Refuges* from the I' Htates to Canada aed i
NovaHcotia Mh. Deserters fmm the British army, or the le-irs t |
all theabove rases gth Titles te lamls I'.rfeiivd I'srsmi |*mneu
wftaa. reclinniesl -Tth Heirs under age entitled to lands ?>|<l fi*
n.- s-h Thoee w |w isxrtad wet h their Aeeharrae, w:?rnr t?. 1
tttlae, hemes tlm patents leened can reclaim the same ath I md*
In the sever alHtjiiesitnd Temtonesin the C. States, Cansda. Nova
fscotn and Texas, Inmght an^ *uld. or exehanped. tas'? paid aswt |
tiS's investigated, nlrtained and perfected ou nqdicainm to tins
Post Masters thtnitlKiot the Tnited .atates aed other g^ntlemea j
forwiiriliiirany of theabove claims, and nctrng as agvnts in then '
severnl sts tioii* t f crniatry. w ill lie enttt b d to 'i.? |*-r cent imi al'
?stn missions ( innmimi' Stum* |*>st paid
rtT>~ Valuable farnutig hit, d forsaleinthe ftate ?f III inrne, Mr 1
qu H rter sections ef I as acres ?n eh, in parcels ft.m *e to *V< asree
sttiMtedneartowtis aadwlheiwise. Also, in Muisouriaiid Arkiut
? ??I,,
BODTM.IIDini, nOOTM i \ 'M.i.l Ni r
MIIN tv e heg t , inliirill ths- yoon* gent enien of Ni w Vork I
that we have seer., , led in getting upth* w?t fishionable, dura
ble, and elegant llmsrs for gentle mc i'i dn-ss. Th-sa Hoots are r*|.
ca at"d toauit the taste. and ta?eths> lead ol allotb>>ri in wit city, j
at tlie pnee< ntv 7i Ihe stni'le |>air Ctnns, lay aside your [m> ,
judices try s imtt ?nd *"s if rnu on't prefer tlietn te viair IT or |
| <i Bouts A l?o a vrr? line and splendid is ,rtm' nt of Ladies', 1
, ? it . ? 4 Mioss and i 'hiltlr?m s Boa's and Bhons ol ,
nil kinds the ?-'ry Is-st ipnli'n - tor fnnulv '!??? rHeap. - I
Cm at^r ttan eaa V hail at in? ?sl I"r est <blishmeal in th* city
Please mil a' RICHARDS' ft W ALKER >o. n>jCaaal *?.,
the store nearest to tirrenwich st . tha largest manufacturers tn
th s |*?rt of theeity. rnSIm*
?omest. and beet Rmits. r ver ofle ed to the New York i*ibhc.
ip, now 'i* sale St HALkKR H, K4I 'anal strei't . at t hs old stsnii
The *ubsc ib'r* have rrci ntly laitl in a splendid stock of Lsdi?<s',
(Vntleoien's. and ( hiltlrenV Ro?t* and Hhns-s. of every daaerip
Hon. and at* now able to sdler to the public boots and shoes ?upe
rtor to any th'ngaf the kind lu-retofora offereil. Their fine ti shil
Lint dress iimls eanoot la- lieat T.heir apitearance is et^ial to the
I is nest prn-eil boots, and no mutak* on# trial is sufficient
prove it THsimhlic ,re res|iaciliillr invited to raN and sts
mine liar iheniselvea st Walker's, a* Canal street, the original
? s'ahhshment 'he ?er,,^ stnrefrooi Greenwich *Ge?t t? prevem
mislake theiroW vnstoins^s and the pub'ie. will do well to noties
the number V30, as their store has formerly Seen the flrst si ore f rem
(imenwirh street Thesohscribere.graufeU fcwpoet favora.wsHcst
a nortiseat on of inshlis petronage, they will spare e<s ihwss ie
evpensehw the a i1 1 nmroosfathm ot taoee who may th<?* wch
? sab al W < sasl sir set, where ths nimble sivtooae passes for
the slow shillfig ThmH tatauke the sioee ?mm over the dsar
N. B BotSs sad shone by tVpaskage orJonsa. art
A.LO u (?rv?d tonulweriheri. m t tip rity, lepdurtf ??vary morula M.
(?M?H arumiay.) ill (lit- rateol TWO ecn;? per copy, payable
In adv**ce to tht Nr??m?u.
Country flwhaeriberi , in any part of thy fiuted .Stntaa o r in ClM>
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