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The following came to us through the Post Oflko.
If Mary -Anti wdl confide her case to us, we'll get her
a husband. In our time wv have married off dozen*
of sweet voting skirls. Just try. Such charms ought
to be married oli.
Nearest. Bennett. saucy man.
Tell me, tell me, if you can,
Why the inru n. cluster* Hi.nglc.
Ami leave u? poor deal gul? single )
l.trive our smilea ami charinrue fare*,
Hietty loet.and ? wee test grace*
Liar- our charm* to wutii away ,
In Impelcs* sorrow, day by day
I'm my niwther '*, only, darli g child
*3he nay* I'm pretty, but r-'ther wil I
I've rc*> i heek*. and diuipled oUin,
Not *ery tall, nor v.rr th/r>.
The* I've got such pretty eye?.
?No fin so bright e'erde ck'J tlie skies ;
?Such !ip* an < ; id* would mn to press,
A fuulile** at) It.* in all my tires*.
Cloaay liuirol blackest hue
Teeth It - e |?*arl*. a m rtlthful ruo.
Yet with all the* ? charms combined,
I can no true lovt rfit.d
Are all these cliirm* to be sefleetel.
And only in my glas* n floe led r
Fort<id it lieavon 1 forbid it uiu t
I mini be marrivd? if 1 cub.
Dearest Bennett, saucy maw,
TeJI me, tell me, o' *oiue *laii?
How to hravethi* single iifo
And become a happy wife
Now York. March as, 18.7. M*uv Ann.
JV>. *b John ?tr eel.
J P. CAKKULL ret, tru* grateful acknowledgement* to
? the public and lageetleirwn ol Lbe medicul pmfriiion, lut the
liberal patronuge i,e?ti,wed on Ilia < HtabUbhnient, which ka* lieen
in suece**ftil operation upwunle of eleven year* A* the bouts ol
a newspaper advvrtiieainnt prr eludes lbe possibility of giving an
amly'ical detail of Tlie medicinal virtu ? if the Vapor Bath, lie
begs !e?ve merwly to *tnrc that it ha* b-ieu f.und a ?afe though
puwiftul remedy hi all ill'' following discusea cataneuu* di?ea
mm. rheumatism, gout, incipient canccr.iac tumour.", disease* of
the joint'*, cat rrh >1 coniplainU erojp. affi cliou* ol tlr- liver, asth
ma, midden ioltU, ilrbilit), and especially a* a powerful mrais of
relieving that dang, runt compliMii, now so prevalent.
over which i he Vapor Bath hits ImiM an intknn e a ioo*t unparnl
Iclled in checking mi, I irad rri la g the fraiful piugre** which the
weekly report ol interment* announce of i;? h iving made u that
I have on *evenl occasions visited the Vapor BitV EitaMish
Mirnt in Join ?lrevt, rondu< ted by Mr und Mr* Carroll, and have
entnely satisfied myaelfllil' tlie B ilh* are aOnuir*i?rtid there w.th
? kill and attention. ALtX. H STEVENS. M. I).
I rmii clieerl . * la have to.nU the B*lt( h Johnatnwt
well attt i.iltd to. and rvity coinfnrt of tlie pn' ient c<aui;ttMl.
VALENTINE mott, m d.
I have b?e'> lor many year* i i the habit ot vending i>?tiei U to
Mr und Mr* Canoll'a Vapor li i In ir, John ^treet,and liave.frt,'
qtiently -aken thoin myvli. U|inn all occasion* I had rea*?n to be
?ati-tind with the ?kill with which tlu-y wore administered: and I
l?elieve tha' in thi* tup! ct Ml. unl Mi*. Carr II leave nothing !??
be. deairuJ by ma'e or Ittn.a e batln-r*.
Th?' Hatha are in conitant rea?uneas f tmf o'clock in tlie morn
ing till <?w clo<-,k at night every day, Sunday excelled when they
are o^e.i finm fi till u in tirf- mo mi g Sulphur Batlia at al h<air*of
theiluy Portable Katli*. with coinixftent per*on? to adniiniater
them when r.tpnred, ?ent lo any purt of the city or Brooklyn at live
minut**' notice, No connexion wi h any oth?'r eatab i*hmen??
The.Shak?i*' Core, ntratf d Myrap* of rtartaparilla and Livurwort
foraale lUtUnnr Tub* and Hip ll itln for *alewrlii,e. mH-tnii?*
TEETH -Ait' worthy ohjt-ci* ul tbe An .tomut*. th? Phyni
P o oft*!*, tke i heini?t>, tin- .Naturalist, und the prac icil t?ur
geoo ? eo ia)i Doctor Hare.
( formerly of i* Park Vtn.ce,)
Ha* the pleaaore of annoa-x-in* to hi* frieud* ar.d tlie public In*
return fioui Europe, at\er an abaeni e id" live yeur*. wheie he ha*
a(?red no p.an* or exp*ii?e in iM'rfecting himself in th_- art ?f h.a
He ha' l>rou(ht with linu a large ami cImho; as.<?rtmHiit of natu
raJ a d V?ne'i,?n Ei<a>n?l Tueth, which may be *et arlitiiial.y from
a *ing'e tooth to an entire act!.
E. U pledge* hnnaeli to till carioua or dccayt^l Teeth with gold
of stsuinail loj'a. ao aa t? preserve them frae from paia lor Idas ?nd
alia remove all cau*e* incidental lo the de*LructiiMi, or that m.iy
iniwe the beauty of tbo*ein< alusbU orgaua.
he i* kmdly permitted to refceto ti.e Kev. H. Anthon.D D. ,St.
Matk'a Church; Itev Fra*. L Hawka, it. Ii.,?t I bornu* Churi-h,
N V . He may be found at * ' Kleecker atreot. until lh<- tat May,
atter that he will lie permanently e*ta>li?h?< at SlCbarabani atrent,
a few door* we?tofUroad?ay.
New Y.nrk, t*th Dec IfiS.
Mt. E. liidney- tfir, ? I have perused with *orao attr.it on your
" Traill** on thebnucta e, Dmiaw and Managtuneiitofihe hti
j?vn Taetb," and think with the hirhly r> a pec table gifitleiNm ?ha
have written favorable opunoiH, ihat tim nu eeriMis vi.-w?y>u
li.netak.-n of the ?UttJ-,Ct termed llei.twtry, have*h?wti yo r ex
tensive aciiuaiHt nice wilb lt? vario'is (Willi*; >*ur alluxion, u* to
the imiwr'anca of the regular uiundanccof a DeiiU-t, both in pri
vate lamile'* md public Kwmmarie*. i*. m my opinion, worth) the
highest cofiaideralion. Your i?ilh*ction of IH-ntal la?triiin?nt< sar
parses every thing oi tlie *?l I h?v ? seen; it* y?ns'| ,ti'nea< and
tiiiiih, filled mu wilh atrreeal>le ?ur;>n*e. and leave* no d.iu>A of
your akikl and abiUty hi tlie jniiciousaae of them ill) y.u goon
and prosper.
mik im* (aigned) P L. MITCHELL
Toothache: - toothache i-n?oni
A' HE '?The toothache effectually and p -rruanently c.ured,
without *ro(i|iing with g >ld, c -naent. Ac , or any operative wlta' -
ever by the n?e of |)r MMk ? celeb ati-d " Anti Odontalgic L ?
4(i -u' Many la I fin ??men who have ln*eu all.'Ct. d with
that pa nful malady tor years, and found ?-v. ty other means to fail.
Have been etreetna'ly cured liy ih * itlsc.iverr. The penem who
Willie* to niake this krown for the tH-neflt of the pahlic. ha* lieefl
etr?*ctaail> cured, and hn? not ha<l a n laiise for the la?t live year*
The nuivbem wl*? have been cur>-d by thi* discovery tlie la?t two
tear* la tncre<lfele Let the gum* kee-.er ?<> tender, or thet<>eth
aver so tlecayeii, they will in a ?b??t time l?e :?me capable "1'iaas
tication, natl free frwn pain for life.
These drotx will never fail t<? c -re any case where the pain i*
orcasioned liy tlo> tlccay of t*>e tooth, arid nonae'ioetit exp wure of
tite iierve They have tUe ettect not to reeiova jire-ent pa:n,
liat also todeadan the ner^e so effectually as r<* Pender it inca{>al>le
U'ror<a{( wlio'eaale and retail by A R All SavU comer <?f Eul
and William *ts , Mi 'nor A Utmbfe.c imer ofD^y and Brnd
WAnd retail by J. B. Nones, ??? Broadway, two doom above
B)e?? ker at.
W liorwell, cair ?er Canal and Hudson sis.
T. R. Au?tin.ts CartaiM st
Humcf* Chemical Hall. MSnth Avenue, nearly etipoaite Ami
st. Ar Ac Ac. Pricr. 56 eenN maim
A CARD TO Til IC l.<il)lk.S.-rh?Ntwuh?r'i
opinion of ?'??? female mind i?ed rlnr.i. i'T la too far c ? ,i I rd.to
Wp|Hwr jar a moment that the lailier ot'tlua nty and ela?whern
tin wliom thi? r?i d h i*>litelr adilro?aed> e?n bo rni Utd or fl:ittcr
?mI lup*lni"l/i> tmn; l?it wiahea to HimI'O** liiniit'lf to thnr iftml
??niar ?i>ly. They ale reap ri Inlly informed I lint "llndean'a Cole
brnte<l stretir lienip* I'l.iaieta," tM-re i repart d with apMillrplW'
mu;? to tW ir favor, and th-> ara mn t eariMatly inrvmnfiittli to
aueti a* are tftai'iled with i>aiii* in the liock, l>ren<t or aid*, <r to
ttmor wh > air ;iilirl-j with cuagha, eoM?. a-thina., &c Mr ?
confident that if it wefepoeeibW U ? ih'i ii.iiii-h uf the Indie*
wbohaverecetw-d bam fit by Weari.if thoan Iwaiuiif.il Plua'.era, he
rootd pwfi.l m array, *M" i t??r in?nl*at w rtb, lOtrllifetiee ami
Maperiablli'y would tar outweigh lua hclieit r emion ?ndntio:i?
"flwy are i|iw idutiV ni.iat lx?aHif.il. ?<?t ami phalde lamb mi ;
? iM not <<mI i Ht- white H iefi. and may b" worn by the mv?' tie irate
triual 1 in all aiiuationa. wi'h ?*?>? eed eomfcct . fur our month.
Thry arr told at tin- -Bowery Medi ioc -<ti.ru Ma H>.w?ry,hy
the l? i He ? ' dim: ohUftal and h ihiMd aervant
? > ?:< k w i ru s \ * i i - 1? VftPKP ric I'll
I > , I... i.'. nl , ?n? UM rn Ml umM MM T 'lHilaf fMMK
of the preaent 'lay in rrlieviat alinoat everr variety 'if diaordar of
the aiomech bowela, liver an * aideen, ?i< n ?? lieurt!?um. nauaea.
hniilwhe, r<Mi'iH?a n*in and I'mlmiM of the at.iuia< h ami bowela.
irwipient rilarrhoia. rholtr, janndiae. habitual ooativetieaa, aea aiek
neaa, Ar. *1 In full doaea they a ? a hifhly ai proved anti ImI
i.Mft n^Hfine. and it i* one oft hew ?re.?t"?t reaommvtidattoiia that
thry ?elA U) or aever p'odar* airkn-aa at thi? atomarh. nr <ri<Mn(
K.-II* p-iaaly a rrfrtab'e com pi no 'ion, they may be taken umley
any cireumatane-a of MPMOT with perfect safety The fiiffeart
UwumoniaU fr>m many reaper, nlile phyaiciana and other* t ?ce
ther with fal dirr'-!i?iia fbr their una anompanjrt.ut-.li bo*. They may
be had nf tb? folhiwmf ??ent? ;
Lrnrilt. Tx>-d * Co . I** Bnadway; H it H. Kaynnr. 7( Bowo
ry; K?-hton 4 AapinwaP, * William at . I to Rrw-ulwa^. and IS
A at or Honar. Jaima M Hart, *71 Broad way , Dr I>enia 1'iiirli
twac?er 377 Broadway; O. D Co?*eaHall til Peail at; Crowen A
?r|> ?i Blereker at , H. L. Rmhree, 77 Kaat Broad?ay, Allrn*
ra?f?<ill. U? Brand at.; J T M Mcakh y MiHaJa.m at, A. II *
n flMidi. mi filltoa at.; J Milaau, ttl Brovlwa), Thimaa J.
t'ravarn Rpmitway. Hoae t HaUM.Tt Chatham at.tJamoa
W-k tirand at.
I'm ma dearrooa ofobtaiaill( uaneiea. or putrhaainc at whele
Ml* MillpUaae apply to HEMRY l> THllNER
mil im* I ?" Br ^rlwar,
(Htnaidernt a? anniijei't rvrt rimnaiandinr ant-oaned adraii atiou .
awakrna a aatu-al ?oliaiM.lr f. .. It. H'tnu.n. ?,.t mil prrwervatina
ami the Unle' l>"'' naii a dcpai'meat baith ?f inii-wt^i rr and till
lay, more ra per ally wbore <lia*en.a>eil< prr anlr* In the aelert on
mf thawe appro la?ra whc-h ai|>rtiener Kn? aanriHinwI. For this
uurrxwr lull Montafua'a I MpMd 1 htara* .-?oap prrfitra at
imt??n. ImM on nearly a e rtury ?f trial. romUmnc ""Irmnr"
of prepera*n<i with the iiroounrnt rmpiiatlr* of .at. t? aad efRen
ay It h a attained e?ler?ai?a palnma*.- aa a ivfre?her and ana
taioorofthr r.?>?n|>lniK>a ?od t>ri*aer?ni / u 'iiaip urrd an *?roaa
Ue iea.bahtr. aolima and tranauarrnt >iuahi> at ihe*ktn.
"or aala by Or HART. i?Tfc?r Broedwai and rharaUra al*et ;
Hr >irn' . rorriar Bowrry and Walk.r, lir tfndrrhi I, la Beet
.treet, rn >?, H> eenta per rtk?. "?i? im
BUOAR nr HONKY -for tJoUfs..,(>^
A and a'l Pulmmiary Aff etkm? _AII th-ia-. rapeeially fe
naala? and rhiklraa. wbna'eayW to oiediranr in the common and
annr- n ,"?ratj' r f "rm? 'hia eBlr.inrnia lla tlti ?' palat ihle , ?
?i ixif'ifu'iHf riirtijnunl, TNit Owwouw ii ?if R'?tm |
art FJr?am|>ane root. UqntMM ^qni'la. Anaeaer Ron* Honr
hoon.l Vlnaeed Mrnefae, Hanrer R'Ot. foltafnot. nrwl foa and
M.-. k ' C'l"m The pilWK mi> lie na i,?|
M aontaina an arid. ,
B i? oard ?n aM tU- Eadiah and Frrnnh Heapit*'*; *"?! appmSa
Md by th, <; dl^r of lirarwM and MeJiaal Beh^ol-. of both
TW^now na phyairtant reeow pemi it dad y In Ihwrpratttinai
and hove far Ilia laat fi?? fM,i
John Ue l.amat. r. M U. H F HuMmH. M O
WaMol Wdh?iihbj. M U MA Lm. M. D. _
?akntme Mott M W J. O Rrakwitlt M B
P.trrC Tippan M O <hm V Wil. ??pon Al IV
J Whi*e, M. D. Kudolpb me' rrTil. D.
Hwal Maiwrll M D JaMlH^ok. M D.
J II -terl M O y ,y M O
Cyre?ua M D. AbrjMi Maim. M B.
Phyaaaian< of the Aral raepmalahi y will nut tralal y t'i maArana
lin|?<i 1 tn. i'rv?ll?"f ?;i'???
fu* aaW by th" hdlowlnf f??i?ety> ? atanta T?f Haft. '-or-rOf ft)
?<*4aray ; Or Jlynio.rKwwa,^ Watka* at ami
B" a ? ry *r Hch"l1blia. Ill Oanal a( . a UudwSiH, ja B*?baaaa
atfM. Prtee. >i pat law bottle mi 7 im
1'MtC BALM OF UILKA?-wl?h h? . hf^l Mw
J. mill. . I limn a*? tu?f?< '?* MriJMN aud W*5J? {#? *?I
enfurd lor itaelf a reputation perfectly uunvall u, * uflrtwaoyine
ureMHl pniftMivCfr lo i lm pubitc tt? * pwrtfi?i ????Hjvilui, woon i
virtaa* hat ? only to be U*ted to rtcoiva that univewal 04*>riA?atioll
it *o d calediy nienta. It >? a well e*tatjli?h?d met, Umtamed*
eii e la ? eat known um4 appreciated by the cure* ilpcrf.iin?,ali4a
iIucmiii K puMtc will suio.y not ri jt?ci a aaedicioe whoae t tneacy
hnv Men Ui'od and acknowledged in thoua&ad* uf ca?ea, in lion*
iii' which ha* it Ikwi known lo fail. _
lu cv*u? ol tin von* irmaU.lily. dep. e??iouol spirits, lot* ol U||ie
ute i? m . anil varioa* otmr complaint* ari* lie f<om u nia
oh.i'fnl iIuiiiiii'Ii, Ihu HALM 01' lilLbitl) i> a nuvei fui'inc ud
reined) , an thou?ai d* who have auft'creU, ai.d who !*ave
l?*n r? I tv oil i >? U ran it *tify.
The uMtKj'iity ?.f this invaluable medic.n* i* another iduminieti
dati >n wh.. h caniot Inn to la* acccplod. The aneia it K*> i>lmn?
considered il u> the n? plmullraofieiiudie*, an*, when the pluiiue
was tugm* at it* moat tearful height, it* viruiea tlien btcimeiiiwe
I'nlly k-.own and aj>. reciatod. anu were tlie tiieinc of every t..n*ue
The Pt r?run* knew of and used il ill a>miwle\M| caae where a
medicate ot tin* naluio waa nx|H ed. The ku*it i.i Ladies knew
und acknowledged iti vuluea, aid in more modern day*. phy*i
Oiiin of the lir.-ti eni*l?i-cii have not *,iu|ilcd to make llie moat
I'r.e u*d of it, and Imve added their lecmnm, ndutmni tilt.
To you n 3 Lad e* especially , who lire pusimur tliei stadia or
wii . aie engaged in un> *eoeiiUr) occuput <-n, it I* luvaluabe.
llciontp* a fr> e pure circulation ol Hit b'ood, animate* tlie Vpirits.
and ti.uiie. brigln eye* thine hiiIi rodi ubled brlliaiicy.
Young men who have parsed the iiiRht at the convivial board,
where tlie *ucial gluf* ha* pu*?ed Irvt I) ni.,uisd, aud vvlirre toolr c
tnduigenc ? hua bi wi u?ed, tin* Halm will be found a Itolm inwl
One draught emly in the morning w li tno*t effectually do nvvay
a I ilie evil ellecU of ilw pieviou* night* indulgence, ?nd a iree
dom Iron. headache, tiervouaiiesa, treodi'iiyr.and all the conai Qiwn
rej of a debauch, w ill induce the sufferer U? th.nk hit ?tar? that tie
li.ia UeAril of Ihn [rteemu^ Ualm. .
0 d nt in ye wwo#e lit ai!a are whitened with tlie mow* ol many
v> inter*, ru in iln? and ruMe.l. Ue no I omter old, lor the ?? "i ?i
Liilead w ill leslore yuMu your prist ne vigor und lienllli Ye who
are i nfueble i u* well by are a< by loll* ?iatKiin< coiupiauila,
which have been ?uttered to ivuiuin in your avatemi, try the L> ibm
ot G il-'tul , bud l>e ronv ioccd iliat ? hat is ?ai,i ol it m l,ut jus tic .
Koinemb- r ihut in olden time*, i*u b ? a are now old ijien were
thvii n il boy.*, il |iie|*?* *aion ofiul, lieuith i*al ?tien?i b. I* not
that aceou'itod for W:n l ot thi> precioua Balm then known m
aim >?! i very otiartor of Hi - wwtld H .ve not it* v ntuen bien tran*
mi ted to modern ngtn tbroufhtlie Bioa: ? .<:re<l ol alll?ooka. uo I *
Hoh Book? None can deny tint, in, d t one dare ii<> it. '1 he |*o
|imt?' wilNay no 1'nrtln r in it* | rami) Tlie be?l proof ol it* virtue
i* the fict tii. t in tliwcity ilMiii.and* of ImjI' kt hovebetn prermred
and Mold, a' d hi no one ra?e Ira* a complaint ever keen utler?,<l
Willi tin* pi, nil f?<:t, il h otb.rpd by t-ie proprietor to thu autluriiig
race, in tne fulled conlidunce tbat it w ill perform all he had pro
? IIMlll.
Kor <?al? wl;o!c*a!?and re'nJ at A. UuderhiU'i, 38 Bnekman ?t ;
I)r Hnrt'*, eorner of Broadway and Chamberi?t.; I)r Syine, tJ
Bowery und Walker ??.. Alt 8r.heflelin, 114 Canal *t., corHtr of
Merei r; K L Cotton 's, lilercker *t. A|K)thec-irie?' Hall.
Prie*, per bottle, with copiou ? dir ction*. miT-lm
GUNuHIKKA TILL ? A fj*eo y ami *afe cur.: for all l>uea*wi of
tlM' 1'iuiury * 'rear* o/'both -ex-?
WitL ??? -b li x it if'VOM Direction* bowtotak? t ..o>e Hillt. a?d
olwervai ion? on i ouit* lieiielitial to tlie pat ? Ht, lieinit hint! wortli
kiuiwir?{ !.y those who are, or have lieen, lut^erer* Iroin ilni dread
ful and dev.iiitatiii? malady.
That iyukI di*e<ue, which hn* ?1< * ro) ed so ninny thoiminJ*. is
now unhappily ?o well known tfniL a recital of it* ertiru i* ijuitc
unneecMU'y: it* in.ilieiuint influence extended 1>> inhi riiance Iroin
1'iMtMly to family; an-, wh n the great IhK-'Air Good well became
liruli'vioi nt Lcyde\i Uriveni'y, he e.O'iferred an mvaluaW e lieneflt
u.i. .n mankind 1 1> the discovery of hi* lira d Panacea tiir tlie cur.
of thu depioiuble complaint. >Uv?.r dal a iliscovory excit ? a
*.Hi,l?r ?e.:?ition; it win, jgut-'lil atlr wilhavidity. a;, U used with
un^evmtiri? vticce** m Ike mo. I inmute and intricate case* ofthe
r'.r irate c niplaint, for the cu:e < f vv'uch they liavo been *o Inn*
celebra'eil. Tbv) fame of liiuic fill* thiouchout Germany CAi.nni
their upee.ly introduction into alitMitt over) iroaairy. Tliecertairty
wi'h wh ch Aej were continually adm ni-lered run be attested by
many tl<o.ikan?la; hi f:ct,(unnc tlie lou? oontinen'al wa . they
were the into; arable companion and Kafe^u.ird of the *oldier, in
allriums where the*lichtu*l*iiypicicuofiulectiou wa* enlertauied.
What MeUir ue ciu lie wore aiipropri it* Ihvn tiial wlurh iia*Klven
Mich general ?atiaihction } rim Gonorrhieal Pills root out every
(wtic e of tht! iiHidi u* ;< i*ua, |Hirif) ui| hi their proirreat, the
whole man* ol tlwi G; they not only lemove the dinea ea but irno
vn'r by tlie action* toe i Uli-ren' function* of (he h dy? lupellmir
ike uroiM^er Junior*, and in a n anner an mild nnd im|*nvct plili'e a*
tocurvpiee the nu^t ?<? iphcul of their a*toniiil?niB and lulled
i |>oner?. (1i, y nei'her OOl'aiu inereury nor any olhor mineral, and
? limy I*' taken wiihouttht *lirlite?t *iiipicion ofd.*coveryr-tli"y re
o ore no r?itrauit of diet, lo** o' t>iue, or hindrance ufbuMiio*. but
rlleot a cwijplete euro witliout the lea?t ex;>o*uri> lo the patient
At any periwd when lk? *lieliiem *iti?(neion may <>ti*t, it will bn
well to have r. course to the Gonon W il I'dU. f?r when taken be
lore theoiaenae kae mai'cit* up|ienr. nee they uct u* a eertam i>*e
v ntive. NTiovimr the complaint efltxtiiilly and aerrntly. The i!e
pl.irali.e Hla'e in ?vla hmany f*rami* b.v? Ixren when vmKiur tlie
I'ropnetor. from the u#?i of meicHry, render* it ini|mrati\ely h ce*
*at> to cauliou the I'alikc against that danKirou* mineiul when in
j d-ciov?|? adiiiHimterai)
1 he*e Hil'a should form ii portion of all Modicine Clx>*t? by ??a
and Ian I. and ought never to lie omitted by any |>er*<in going a lutvr
voyage or journey; Ujeir i.ropeilie* are ancii. that neither heat nor
cold wi I injuia :lH'ir ijuulity, o. prevent their due tttecta ujioti the
Ju*t rerrivod auH fur aale. wholesale ami retail, at l)r. Hurt'*
cor llroadw ?. > Sc Chamber *t ; Dr. i-yme. cor llowwrt ft Walker
*t A Un'lertiul. SSBeekman ?treet, cor of William; > ~ In filri,
|H 4 Canal at. Price 68 ceti'a ahoa m i im
Hadkai'h ( klebm ? T? - i . ? Nii iir
H ENI nG PLah'I EH. ? tropin- I u.i or we knraa in 'he
lirea*t , *:de, hack or limb* ; alvo U
nlumt, and dyvtwiisia ; ter r,ou?h? -i'.h.iii h, difficulty .|
breathinr, oppn-oion *t' the stoiva ' . tliey will (pve imm<y1i
ate aim soot !una relief; ami for p!eu? jiw.m ty, ease and cer
tainty. are d*-rniedly nn?eri. r to inn?t cf other macdi?i. Such
p?'r*iii* mIhih-Ihiiimi ?*? or uvoratiou re<pnre*that they stand or sit
nucili.or th >*e of 'etlentary haMt* fr-nernlly, whrv may be troubled
with pain* in rhe side or breast, are ailviard to tr> orw of these b.-au
tiful pla?tera. as th*y are es*entia"r 'f tterent from all other*, and
are tree trims tlio?e nbiei li.m* which nrv *u rrvsonali y made
mail*. I (iliistera trenerahy. '1 he pro|>rie*or ha* had the idtMiiur*- of
* 'Mlii* thi m daily fur a nvim'er of yeanv in this r? ty. and of the
hi H ay thoii*and- ?? ho hnve u.'.e?l tla-ni he has not heard of a *? ill
tJTy compltMiL. I*l?ey are pat onired extensively by the meiiwal
|,role**ioii ; and there i* not prnlaiMy an inteUnrent physician in
th I'liited ft lies o- Bur?|ie. that would heaiPite to sanctio them
with iHsnauie or iiifluu?ce, when made a<'r|wainted with tbeirnoni
po ithm fw tr
dfCA(| UK WARD J-SI'tflHC MIX ITttK lor riire
ot Goaorrliupi. Gle it, M net urea, and aaalofuua com
l> it.nfM of the organ iifgrih-rututr.
< if nil remedwa ye t liinnetwl fur the above complaint*. ilun i*
th? moat ccitain
Ii make* h ?imcdy ami iiermmicnt rure, without th> leaat refard
to diet, drink. Mfniuw. ?* rr lance in application t>> Ihhiwu.
We jive ru I' l'jr 'jtiu' ki fi r. i itfnii .mlu'ioin U> ii? elve the pub
lie lfihe madicine don* nut *peuk fit itself, no ?w ie aliali apeak
tor it Our okjfl m to notify t?h re it can lie luul. an.i that the
proprietor challeni'ea u m'-clr ruae of recent <*. meter* to lie
.Voijlit.m "Inch tlir ll vtur- * ill not rflV-ct a rapid rum, under a
forfeiture o' 9ft"i
Thi* ia n .4< -?-? thit unf.irt'inatrly iH-rvajleanll rai.k* of society
l-i?ti tow rich and poor, in .tniiioiuaf and *" fc'h; I hey art- now
(?reeentr I with ii remedy hjr whirl' they raa cure theawtve* will*
out the le.mt e\po*ure, in 'In' -Imrteat time (hm-iM Purth'-r. the
mi- -u??i r ifip it>. oniric). -il if a iW ot tlx* Mixture is taki n <it
it ifht on foinf lolied wlien i tikhmhI
Itim.nt up intMattle*. with full direction* aer mpanyinj it. at Si
? hot Ir. i 'ii' leitlle laata a wn:k. whteh federally i d ???. .Many
arc cur, <i in I woilay*.
for aale by Milnor Ar Gamble I W It oa-lwny, corner of Dry at.
I ?r (iuion, corner of Oran.i and tio?er> ; M.C rilocum, rmrr of
Broadway an. I tluaac at.; A B A !) .-a ad*, iuu Pulton, rormi ?t
Willnni. Mr* Ymk J >a 1 h. Hutchinson, r ornei ofCheanut mid
rMivenlh .t?. Philadelphia mW lrtm'
POK H YDK0PHOBIA-? The auuseriber ha* liea-d with the
uj.nt I ainfnl senaalMMa, tlw many ace >unta of pnraon* ilyia* with
Ihm dreadful ili*?#a?e. Il??nn hut in It ? i<o**?'?nio* a itM H
procured at much pair.* amJ eipenae, by w hich acoae* turn been
cured, anil never in one rave known to fail. Hi* cnu?e fur not lie
fore invktnt it public in, ho mm* ln<*l irider obligation* the niMt
woleiiut not to mttkc it known for a *tat ?d t me. II.* i< h.ti.py bow
to atate that time j* put. Ami pcraiai* bitten need n*t tin' with
out tlwy okoMf | tot tni|K ?OIWWHI Ot Uat MMf MM MM* I tie I *
tliut llitamedir.ine iirodtWh*. and the iniidiioa ot ita onerntrfwi #ven
wit bout cau -inf tt?* put wn t tol>e ronfiii?^l I rum lMi*inea-, iiUi
with thr KOitinuHtion of former Imaltli Th<# medN-ine* niiiile iim>
r?f are ycry entr. etic and powerful, yet |M-?f>Tlly harnilr*< n>to
after coaar QieiMM* Kupeii.ai need be incteduiou* aa to itaef
lee.ta, a* it ha*ne<rr tieen kiHKvu to fuilnf et'.ectii.i a rure. ami ?<>
oi.ti J.'iil i? he oflj* iierfrc ma t? r overt lua ui'i?t lir'Hillul ofall
dae-aaiM. that h?- would :iot dicmt the lnt>- ofa rabt.id dot iiny mure
than a aaue vims D. HIUWKI.L. 17 Mott *tre?l ,
ni'Sia* naar th? earner of Chatham ?tr ?'
\xy- i>i \ M'.it -Lady Creahuif ? Hennvutillf
Dienrr Pill* rrroiunimriedliy ih? Meitinal l'??uliy -Thia i? a me
dicine of l?"f iri?l i.tTicak) for norr. etiu# all l)i*?r?rra of the
."Mianach anil Bowel*, the ma t common *yai|?to?n* of whirhare
rontitenea*. fla'nlenc> *|ati>in<. o** < f a,-p- tHe. aiek lieudaclm,
aiildiii'**, a-nae id fiillnea* af e* laaul*. ri:czine.*-ol the Eyaa,
dr. w*in?*?, and latin* ui t e ?tntnarh and bowe'* ladirMnun
pro iBcmc ii tnrpiil atate of th? liver, and a aoo?ia-'t inactivity
of the b*iwrla, eauainf a di?oicani7.ation ??f every funete nof tlte
fi%m?. will, hi I'm- moat ?greftent i>r pa'abnn, bv a litt e iMirM
veraure, lie effartua Ijr remmed Two nr lhi*e do-r< will coji
viae ilio afflirti-il ot i ' military cH ct? . thratoiMich ?.ll
ily rerain it* atranc'h ; a lira. thy action of tho hver. Itowi-I*
and kidaeya will raiuJ y take place j and matead of liatl -**in.?*.
h>-at. i>ani. ami jaitmlired appenranrv*. *irrii.-th. ae ivity an re
iMWeu health, will he l!*e q<iKk reault of Uikmc thi* medicine, ae,
?<>r tin* to the dir?cti?n< arromtmnyn <rarht at.
POK PKM AI.K."< tbeac 1'iil* am rmnt Uuly cxoellent rmnovmc
idxtinctmn* , thr di*tr **inr hrail.i^h.! mi v#rjr pr"v il?nit wilhtbe
ae* : drprr?*ion of *pint*. < ulh<r?* of < jnt. nirniia all?-ct on*,
blotrhea. t'tmpla*. anil aallown> *a ?if tin' *km, and lire a k><ulthy
and jitvem e Mnom 'o the nomtdrxiva.
I'er* .m* af u Pl'I.L IIABlr. who are luhiect ta liemlarlie,
eidihueaa. drowkiiw**. and *in<ut? in the ear*, ari-inc fern too
rrrat ? flow of t?|t*jd to the head *hnuld rev r le witlmHt them,
aa many d.iaireroiu ?ymptoma will be antirely carried off' ay theii
immediate ttae
Bold wl.olvaalr and retnil Wv Dr. HART. eom?r of R'oidw^y
and Chamber* atreet . I>r. 8YME, rorner Walker and Bowery.
Price M cent* l*>r mi. mtT lai
hlte af the roraer ot I.rtw/ty and Wn?ht?|rtanatreeta, he* moved
ta Plfth atn et. No W, near the Bow>ry. where lie bai a VetnrinifV
In^rmary with ill ita adjunrta. iiielwdinf a lotfr fur Imr^e abonrif,
where "he work ia done an rhe in?at approved *r*ea'itc principle*,
hy *n>er. ?t.ady aud wlilifiin* mrn llorae* lamv from car n? <n
otlwral8i<-tj??n?aflhar?et wamuiteH to ??aoumlalterl>e?nf ?h>idaj
above Hi* b. r?e *hap* ritceiveil a premium atthctwolaat fair*
al the Artenrar Inatitaie
JAMK* PRY^f>AT.E, Veteymaryfariraoa.
Price of ^h'>e??? Por t remove*, fTt rent* ? <*!??>??. Iir, i?ir
pair l,ar*hoe* tt 71. i? 'm*
SWAIN'M WOHM Rt?An PLI'lllll. --Aa..?ca
clou* ami conv?Kie..t Mnliraie far Children, t iioain* worn. a
|o I". di" '.Iirce<l in *reat numb ra "i II wh?!0 thera i? n ? ap
peamncrof worm*, tla-y do uiMch vaod m carrying ofl'tfctacc etion
af inuc ia, from the at ian?h aad bowels whiuh (enerata tlam.
mil i? a* t"iurioua Uj chthhenaa worm* a!ive. Pi.r aale by the pro
prietor * atent. NATHAN R. r>RjlUM.
in t i f 8* t^edar at., corner of Wdli*m.
l?R PAl.MP.K'H IMamwrd Piarl Too*^ Powilar, rero-w
mmftrit hy thoiiannd* a V. fetat.le Whitr I'ow drr, ia R never f-iil
Int t menj fur every diaenae inwMehtha teeth an i (um*are tin
tlr nt the furn't Ufauti u Ijr wldle. while io Ihelatter
k?- at *n bnti ?. orWutv it impart* a I eaatiful h?-althy r?^. allorda
?n i*n rni.i to the breath afior fhveta or taking mrdi
r?l?l??tIH Haifa, mmcr Broadway and rhamhen *tr??f j
l*ymr, owiorof Walker and Bowery rrn-e ?? rent* r>er hot.
mt7 tta
TO I.MMI',* Ai*i> fif:?fTf7K
*rv ' IRR
por fact
j i, . ~ - nvam.anu ?*j.*iiii'u im' -
'' Ii?"' V 'Hf ""ote* laa. Kackla., tarrnJea.ap.ta,
i?,|n<.?*. a?'l all rut.nao'i. .*Mi.t,ooa. araduall* n-ai^e* a leai
.^lC? ' ?^1>Y . IHtirrAtiVKK COMPOUND CHIN
F?AP: T' -amif.ilPvrf.ca. and war.antcj per
Poi aalehf ?r Hart aomerof Beimdway aei cVaml.^aat fir
PyMie.Pmer of Walker and Bowery A BndnrhtU aw Wdtiani
and "eekmaa* * Pr or Mctnta p. r- ak? m17 lrn
j CONCENTRATED? ??' wmfyiaf thebiood, iwuoving emp
iiM<.tc , froui the s|uii, and nil latponiM rV?iu thoyatem: thia
plaaaont ud Wealthy Byrup haa no euual. Perhaps ihure ** no
more aertaui way oipiMnoiiiig general Iteallh durin* thee.,mmer,
than by using thia Syrup in the ?pring. The m??li?ttl profeaaion
fire it a decided preference ovei the moat?ek>brate? Panaceas, Sy
rup*. Ac., and nuraing moth^a, whose nifunis are afflicted with
Scald Head, ?or? Ears. or Weak Kyis, are particularly recotu
iimiM tons* it. It it perfectly harm'eas, and when combined
With acid lit z or sodti water, forma a eoolng and agreeable b. ve
rate. fsed with co d wain it ni.kes a very pleaaaut aummer
drink, ami may be used with advantage by im?i persona at any
time. It i* prepared from the U-sl Hoialui ua Saiauiiarill*, accoid
lU tattie i> aat approved formulas, and great care haa been taken
to keep u frev twin liiiiairitiea and all cbnoxi-us admixtures.
Piei*rad and sold at wholesale and retai , by the subscriber, at
the Bowery Medicine stoic. i#u Bowery, New York
These Butbsaieanhopreveroentoii tho-eol Mi. Whitjtw, whoae
womlerlul cures ho*, established the cliwhelcr oftbc TinmrBttn,
a* tlf moat | owertul auxiliary iu mrdical i?ractic? ; mm I>r. Jack
aon's ??'? practice, in almoai every variety of di*ea*e, ha* nefw
eoually successful. A few of tbe ?pe?i6? effect a of the medicated
vuiair halhs ate?' To remove thcelfectsot mercury Irons tl* system
may relieve difficulty of breathing, and hence cure Asth'iia and
other disease* ot the shsst and lungs- tofive ationgih to the sto
mach-to the digestive organ*, ar.dcure dyart'puu at d it* c nao
quunt disorders? to cure acute and chreutc it, Ruination? ' ropronaoU
the pealing of scrolulous and chronic ulccrs, and remove ihewt; a
tic twins arid leelm?* from the joints? to promote the absorption
or dropaical humora ? tocuse gout iu ail it* form* iu le?* I rme ihnn
any other agent hitherto us< d ? AI?o, all kinds ot eruptive <)??
onset, Erysipelas or St. Anthony's Fire, Salt Rncum. Serotinous,
Fruition*, die. It beside* r, lima exluu*tioM and latigue, raises
t'iir >pirita, iran<juiliz<,? nervous urttatioa, und increases the up
For the truth of these assertions. Dr J. appeal* witk confidence
to the kundreds who have tests*! tlieir curative pfiwir. These
With.* are believed to be the only hhh in op> ratioa im ilua couut'jr,
un^ertkc direction of a ri-vular ph>sic an. It la proper tw mention
that they hear no reaembluiice whatever to tltoa* employed in the
Thoini?r<nian itracticc.
ViaitoM can nave a batli at any hourfromS a'clock. A M. to half
paat I P. M., and from 6 to 11 in the evening. A female nlvvuys
in attenda' ce to wait ufxni ladiea ut the Bowery. Bathadurinf
he day a' N?. 15 Ann street. __ d'i7 if
D . ineiilber of I lie NhIIMWU* Mloiett fM*t| wtml I re
tpectfully announce Im the citiz>'i a of i\ew York and it* ?r.virona,
that lie mujr Im- cunault d oh all diauaae* incidtnt to the human
fiame, at hia < llice
Dr. K. ha* practiced cxtcnaivcl) in Boston and Lowell the last
five year*, ami will rider patients 'if requested) u> t.urron* pro
nuunred in'?urahle by their phynciana. Mhuliavr viaited him from
vain?* parts of 'lie 1'inted Htntea and the British Province*, who
li.ivtf been mred by hu unproved uiethud ol ailiiiinistering relref in
chronic case*, which ia m'iti.rial,y ditfrrent fioin what ha* hitherto
l?'?n praatued, it* object heint to purify the blood and atreugtlivn
thi) a fit eni while eradicating <ii*ease
1 Medicine, without principle*, i* an tumble art and a degrading
'the advantage)* Dr. R ha* po**e*?ed of acipiiring a knowledge
of the prevah nt and troubleaoine d:*en*? rulled l)y*|H'pma, while
IH practice with hi* lather, whohna been vi>it, <1 by many from this
city, have be. n tar greater than generally lolh lo the lot otua indi
vidual. ?
&wnptt?ni.~ The common complaint* are a di*?gre<>akle feeling
Hi the bead unpleaaant taate in the mouth, apiietrtu aometime* vo
raeiou*. and at oihcr tiriiw* tli ? rvverae, ae.id eruetation . ainking
fuintnc?a. nt an unu*iial Itilm m of thentomiiehand bon els, in aume
ca*ea uttended with *horti?a? ofhreat'i, wanderitif pain, bowels
generally inclined to be coaiive, tlw i, ltd freiuently become* mel
ancholv and t'ejecled. ])>*pe >tica perceive u great difference
aume May*, and even hown.iflth) r f eliim*.
Putienta who n-nnol attcml personally ui*in Dr. R., can, by
*ending a particular (tatenient of their i ate, fiave ne dKiiie sent to
_!>r. Riehardjon would inform the pnhli.- that he uai^t principally
Vegetable Hi diclvct, believing them to lie more tffiraciou* and
?ate, eajieciall) for invalid* of u delicate conatitution, than the min
eral ivmodie* oiHn naed Per>on^in a feeble atate of health and
those v ho have in iu rial tlieir conatitution* by u*ii g varioit? odver
li*ed nostrums, will find tbemselvea fcry iauchl*en, fitted by ebtain
ing Dr. t.'ieha il.on'* ailvireai d int dicme. Hia charge* in com
mon ca*e* will not exceed #2 for advice and medicii.e. Person* in
low circum*'.>inc> a n ill be bbctady con*;d? rud. Office, No. 9 Chat
ham *t , opiMi'ite the Park ? office open from 9 to I. and from half
?Jt'i t'i 6 o'clock, < ??Sunday* excepted. > ui6 eod'jw*
TO FEMALES.--Mud Gardiui? nix;cific t'oi Leaeorrbim.
or W*? ?? ? , from Pari*, with d recbona in EHgl:ah, tranklated
from the French. Thi* i* a aafe. (xmiiive, and etti clsal cure for
the above comfdn nt. 8oM byJ. M Hart, corner of Bro*dw?y and
Charnlmra at.; J. Uy me, corner of Bowery and talker St.
PILLS? From Germany? An effectual remedy Kir *um>rea*ion,
irregularity, and all caae* where nnture do?-? not have her pfnper
and regular course. N. B. ? They muat not he taken during preg
nancy, as they wo?td nroduae abortion .Void by J. H Hari.eor
aerol Broadwny and Chambers at. ; J. Sj me, corner of Bowery * t>i
Walker at. ftt Sin"'
Prudence in all cu is la necessary, but the saving of copfierain ?
plu il of medicine is pitiful ec noniy, and often leud* to wor*r ,
coin-eguenca* than lt*r loaa of the mon, y
hnvinr beeneatabhshod^a a atundaid medicine for neatly half
a ecrvUry. in Londois; forthe ea*y, mild, and i erS-cl cure of Go
norrtMr.CI et, and Leucotvfer. it is, to s;ieak ttie truth, the only
Patent medicine wlMi*eaa.>e baa kept pice with it- age; IMtl
extend ??* ^ real u*ef. !n> *a, the proprietor, having recently arrived
in tbrs city, hiu only to inform thote in want of Mteh an article
w here il may be obtained genuine One single don never faila to
oiiIuh m its favor the hesilatn g and nicely delicate, and through
their ?ole influence hu* the B.tLflAM OF R AK A>ltM reach, 4 ita
S-senl anvin'de iMipnlarity Not a single individual has yet been
supported nor discovered whiL' takirg it?indeed it ha* aafely
conveyed every sallerer beyond ?ven the pale of auspfeion. This
m jxtrhai* i he only uiadicme that ha a gamed a lasting reputation
? ml certain recommendation, and oucht to lie judicious'* selected
from the boot of medieini s, wljoee only aim *eems to have u-en
U> lUoale, dune, and deceive the unlucky and unfortutiate. The
gainiuie BsL>A.M OF RAKAftltlcan only lie nhtaiued at the
hillowing druKgisla.in tiw city of New York -Piice ?!.
A. B. m. D. AvmU.cor Fulton and William ata , J. 8. Osborne,
cor. H<'U>ton and Bowery, J B. None*. ?i Broadway, tvw> doors
alaivr Bleerker; W. Horwill. e> r. Canal and Hudsoa sis , *nd at
the New York Ch??iical Hall, 35 ?4ixth avenue, nearly otpoailo
Aniitv st. ml Jwi*
?5 I NO.? The iMHju&lifii'd ai>pr?bntion thi* Hoep ha* ro<*w?vec
from the numorou* pernona wlm liavnuacd it. it mi evidence of iU
? up?*rier value wver u II other "having oep- in uim, lot a quick i m
and emoilent luther, wbich will n<? <w/ upon tli- lace or iriitute Uw.
Am in the l< It M plcnaantl) perfemed, and put in a ONt euv
ered pot, aneweriag all thepoipoaer uf ittdiavmgboi.
Price Sttceet per pat, fur *afe at
dio-tl M4 Broadway, cur I'tuuklioik.
1MPORTABiTIXK?HMA'?ION. -Peraoi.Miflfc< ee
with the following couip'ainl*. vi/ .-crofiiU, Lej*ruay, ft alt
Kbeuiii. HI. Antliwi) '* Fire, P vet flore*. men when the Votiea am
affected. Wlele f+wrllir?f?, Violent Eruption* after rii?-ur I.-m , Hem
rj, foal Feetcring Erunfiona, Pimpled eud Carlxinclvd fare*, iS-re
Eyea, rtorr l,e?,Hrat?f Head, CJcer*. Wnereal Taitila. when mm
rurybnx failed, nnd alldi*ordcr* nri"iiur IV en an impure *tale oftfce
l>|. xm! <m Unmofl -ure a**ur?d llmt l)R. KBLFE'H BOTANICAL*
DBOPH i ootinwe uorivalUd lor the prevention, relief, and cure cf |
t Kraft complaint*. in proof of which rvad tile following tt'inurkaUe
cure of a ca.o of 19 jroam' utandinc -
I Extract of a letter ) .
' Sir -My Iff, wWh before did i ot look like a human limb, it H
now entirely Iwtftlnd up. alter reaieting every other application lor
twelve year* Prevtoue to Uklng your Kelfcr a Uutuntcal Drop*. I
hid grven up all bepe of relief"
Another ( new- Aii agent write* : "There M a |>er*on taking the
Botanical Drop*, evidently with thn greatest advantage " He de
clare*. to uiie la? own word*, " It id doing wonder* lor bim,' and
i*, ux it were, " Munching bun from the grave."
XniWW nm'rnee* have occurred were per* on* were fining
away a nn<?>ralilc extateooe, nothing thev 'ould procure affording
Hull, permanent lelief, until ihey hu I made u?a oftlie above ii.vaf
i able medicine. They areal.o the belt *; nnv mid autumnal phy
Hriee #i , or (hot Me* for 94.
and meat thorough rmnediee known fort hi* trrMihlc*oiiie complaint.
Il )m* more MM'r amwerrd ibe |>ur|>iMte lor wbicbi' i? intended
tluui any oilier now in e.omiwon uae, n ml a flor in immediate and |ier
iiiHiieut relii'l, botblio u tbe di.o ii-i itaelf, and it* MMMMfiait
*yieptoina of pain m tlie loin*, vertigo, headtuSie, lo*t of appetite,
iiMligeation, and otfwr mark* ?f debility,
Prirefel fur hu<b artnlc?, Omtinenl and Electuary, orM cenla
when onlyoaen wanted.
None are genuine utile** aigned T. KIODEK ,on the wrap
par, tania proiKK'tor. and aueceaaor Hi Dr t.'oi?way,i by whom they
are for *ale, at hia aouutiag rtiMii. N ( rairt ?it<n.i |{<?ton andhy
hi* ?y?cial ai>potutiiieut. Iiy P. Dickie, tin Bmodwuy , Hilaa Carle
ft Nepliew. corner Fulton and Water afreet; (ieorge I). Cofge
? hall. 4SI Pearl atragt; J. H Hart, comer Phiadwuv and Cliam
b?r atreet : Whtfiug * Nowell, comer Catharine and >%adiaon *t ;
JAW Townamid. ??* Water at; Kuahlon ft Avpinwall. W,|
liain at : and A. B. ft I). BaiMb, IM Fulton at. fin %n
? fON.-f ufflicted with |Niin* or wehknHa#m tbe *iile, bread,
back, or limb* or withdi*trr*aing cough*, aaihmai.ftc.. wh? have
n<it yata'tnl Ui<le?m*a e,el<-brate<r Htrangt hening Plaa'er* Th ?e
who have will conC?r laating obliralion* on the aulMcnUir, by la
fiwiuing him by letter orotharwfae. of th? e^act i>ro<lueed by wear
lag t beui . and tkaa who have not. are poltvly reflated to rnad
the following front gam le w? who All t ha tnu.it ion in nociety, that
it it lmpea<fble fiir Utem to lie influenced by any motive* lait the
moat nuhle ami exalted, to write thua?
Fi*hkill, April ti, 1*34
Mr Badeau? I aai grateful to you. air, (?? fnrniahmg to me and
the rointntii.i'y ?o p'carmt and effectual reUet fmm f he di*trr*aing
effect* of a heavy cold. Home few week* atnea I wa* nffliclod with
a bad cold, ami f?tt aeverely preaaed on my lung*, with acute i*u>*
iu tb? ch?>.i Ry app ying one of vom ceh>hraie?l plaatora. f wa*
much relieved in two day*, and have niaUmwl if* uae until the
difficulty i* oMei'tuaUy removii and I, con.ider fhi m th? r i?m**i,
chaareat. ami m<at |dea*aMt remedy *uch invalid* can obtain.
Toon. ftc. Rev . i. Z. Nit HOtja
Htr-From a knowledr* of the material* of which rnur Floater*
are coinrHw.'d, and more from th<' beneficial effect* otllirm I li.ive
utiacrvcd I am prriiared to |da>'n Ibeai above an* thing ol the kind
now in u?i . i of iitJ) ? . .r tbe enmp1 x?nt? tor winch pUater* nri> gen
evally applied, hut lor jrtliort a* ruf 'aiiniandeil in yieir advert i*?
m?nt ?AMt'F.L SAROEANT. M. D.
Naw Yo'k, May
The*e Ma ?tew n e entirely free IV, m erery apeeiea of quackery,
and I cheerfully invite the cki??>?t itivcttictaton ntthe *cieiitllw. ui
telligent, aula, spiral f*>'i*oo* ah ?ut |air*ha*ing. will hep rtica
far to aak ftw " Bft'U s?'a Celrferatnd Htr? ntthenmg Phaser, " and
aw> that ? h?> din i-tion* with mv airwalNre pieced on the hack
?f the pis- tar. Hold whoUwafr end retail, by I he *ul?criber, whe
W the ?ole mvenh?f and proprietm, Bt th?' BuWety Klcdicine f4toce.
?0 Bowery, New York. N. W HADKAl . f?<
i\R. M AMll/roft, A Bnrgvon of loog itaniiiM, end a
pnpilof !*?<. ol tbe rlra_tc,Jlege* ff,.r anntomr ami llie tk
and prattire of pbjali and inrgery) le F.uro^ie.Vl* moved uif<n
the Uwiac Ne l?i Jelm (treat, at the enrnur of Pearl atreet.
wherane may beconmMcd on evary dueeae mcidentiil to hmnn*
o? cmnm n et enenwimoo. dete-.iie ar imlrt., . *e I be eanat
de*i>erBte venern I ceaea currrt mtroaa iwe to mne dnya. Horea o'
everyother d??crij>tioi? in e time proportioned lo f heir *lat?nad nn
tore Attendaac nfnllhoiw*. ? i H
UIH'TOH #A'WCRTT, lete a isurreon el the Mth
Regleirmtof the Rritlih Army, memharoAiie Royal College
ef Burgeon* ol l.oe<k)Pand Edinburgh, and menib- r of the Me?
ealCoflttC nfPuiladeliihi*. rentiaue. ?till todirecthixetfenHon
0 l he t rent meet of tbe frdlewlttgdiaceeoe. via ??
V enera I in ell lie verioua *tase?. Con4>rrh?ea.etrieterea.igrite
tion of theuretliraendbladilor.aen all <i??vaar? ariaing from 'he
ebureel mercury, ef derangement eftbe fkiidi, dy*i>ei??ia.arje.
ftb. fte. Perion* whobeve injured thcmael vet by* eeerri de
etreetive heMt , ere Invited te cell. A preventivewaf he hadfrr
the reeenvalof jnertai?di*m4er. Office. ?ra Ptel tee atreet, near
Oreeewich*t e?-tf
MfBICAI. Ali> ,-t)f fit," i V KB ta cenaulted ennfldea
tiellf at uaual dunng the day and avenieg. ? He devotee Ma
rtweoealatten'uwi toa aeleet branch ot the pnifeaaian. eher? theee
<rflwt''d with cumilnjjted imh! rb>ploratiln MMB> end auch M ne*^
f>ain?i the aluil ol the ine*peri?eee4, n.*y epply with
? ?tr*tte*e ere aporyad thai Dr. r. baa received e reiptJ* J***1'
trai edtjcaU'ti u> Pw,ladel| bia b.* eaaooneet.ee, With th*^J_
ve'haieg cjueeka of 'he **J ? ^e a Ana aU peer
-fnrtw entrance thrfrdd.** ttom ifte AwbtmCM Mm
UK. JOHMKtfN M ceaauhee eunftdentiahy at hi* office,
Ma. IT Duanestro**, Ixtwovn OkitliwiudWrtliM ata ,oa
tha Mvwiui^iaNaM, vu:? Otttorrhu*, Gleets, Chwura, Htno
tures. cMauinal Weahneee.aiid the numerous diseases ansiagfroai
v?a? rrul iiwiaan or improper treatment. Dr. John won engage* to
remove any recent affection in two or three dura, and the m??t in
veterate ease* in a praixatienate lime, wiihou( ike use ?f any lie
bllitating ar mjuiiou* medicine, or prevention trout business Per
sonstiH.ualiug themselves to Ur. Johnson scaie m iy d?*o w .tli a
certain* > of success, in the most aggravated coses 8?iMaiii
Sores, Ulcerated Legs, fcc. apeedily healed. cilrangerajvould do
welt by living Or. Johnson a call, an aeertaui preventative muy be
had atiuinst tlie oceurr.-nce of the Uregow* disc. sea which luta
never failvd wtvere uaed within twenty S?iir hours alter exiieauia.?
Letters post-paiu, end enclosing u lee, can have the nuceaaary
niedicuie, an? direct nv.s for it * use forwarded.
Atleu.lui.ce In. m 0 A. M tellat u?bt. Ur. Johnson has moved
frinu i j (Chamber street. aH-f
UOCTOR CORBITV may la; consulted in the moat
confidential manner at his office, 13 Duaae street, U'twewi
Chatham and William streets, New York, where peisons ufthcted
with delicate diseases, old obslnfute ulcer* djspeesi.i, Worms,
diseases of tiie bladder, urethra, and kidney, and ajl diseases
arising liou i the abuse of mercury, or iinpu ity of the blood, are in
viteil to call. The baneful (fleets of>eii arming frem the abuse of
mercury, nved no d' scriptioii i?er*on* troubled with acertaiu ilia
c ??e, may apply t* Or. Corbitl, witli the asvuramt of having it ra
dically cured, without a particle of mercury, or any etherilanter
on* medicine. His chursea are reasonable, and proportioned to
the means ?f the applicant. |>r. C. hu. been educated in Eutooe,
under teacher* ol acknowledged talent, and haa had considerable
practice in extensive hospital* and dispensur es. Instanl relief
given to those afflicted witi. the piles, and a perfect <uio effected
m three days, without confinement frtmi business, or thealichteat
puinto ihv patient. A medicine may I e had to prevent Uieoecur
rence of u eertain discs e. Ti e most honorable aecreay obsetved.
Attendance da'ly from H A. M , to 10 P. M. nl'i-y
J* 1*7 Bowery. cernar Grand ? reef, where* large assort went of
Drugs, Medicine Perfumery. ami fws.' articles n.;./ be had oftln;
fiifciouMity and on the meat reasonable term*.? Alto,
Cougks Cold.'.. Asthma*. &c. The success of thin celebiated mix
ture, which ha* been liefoie the American public but one mouth,
i* truly astonishing. Hundred* ol ccitincutis have poured ia on
the agent from all rafter*. ...
The fallowing i* a fair sa*i;>.e. Need More be said to an uiteUi
gent people} .. ........
Or Guion? DenrSir? According to your advice, I used one Bottle
of" Aberuethy's Compound Liquorice Coach Mixture it lias ?n
tirely cured me of the very severe co d and hacking cough which 1
theu hud. Gratefully and Uuly youta,
Signed, B HOV E.
New York, Nov. 1#, 1938.
Dr. E. M. Ouion? Sir ? I comply with th<? revest of my family
and my own *rateful feeling* in certifying to thu perfect auccea*
with which 1 uud several wf my family have uaed " Abcrut rhy'a
Cemi>ouHd Liquorice Coagh Mixture. ' '
New York. Nev. U,U3(.
OUION'S Celebrated Worrn Dropa, alreiuly known ns a Sjiecillc
for Uhn aeourge to tiie young, ta particularly culculatrd to addrraa
itaclfto the niindiot ull methen. whose inn. nf a -re differing fn<m
thia dreadful diaeme ; ba it* nieri'a are nlready eatublialied by fre
queht teatimornal* in faiaaeaaionol tbe propricter.a tiiulofl Bottle
w dl convince the moat aceriticnl.
GOlON'S UiHveraal Plaster, established a* aa Infallible remedy
fer Coma, the moat painful; ulao, for old *orea and chilblains of
li.Mr standing,, ia an article of great merit a* hundred* willteatify.
Likewise, for *ale at Underbill's corner Reekwiun ;rnd William ;
Hupper'a corner Brnudw ay and Fianktin; ami P. Burnet. No. 35
8ixth Avenue. jt-tf
SHINGLKp), and alldiaetiaea oftlie Skin. cured by thegeMUine
" Thi* wandering race, aevered lror? ?*her men,
Boa4t yet tliinr into c*>",se with human urta
Theseaa:tl* wiatd*. the desert* which thsy haunts
Find thein aciuaiuted with their aecret treaeures ;
And unregarded herbs, and flowers, and blossom*,
Display undreamt of power* when gatliev.d l^r tliem.?'
Walter Scott.
Tlu* Ointmenl is expensively i:*e.l air.ons the Gic ie*?f Em
land and Ireland, the recipe of which wv* communicAted by one of
them to a lady who had alxiwn them some hospitality and kind
n> M,and who wms liereelf for ?r.any year* attficted with the Salt
Kheuui. She liud tried va'iou* rrmeci* *. and had tlie beet me<lical
attendance^ (her father liemg an eminent pbyvician.) I ait with little
or no benefit. Hheused the Ointment flirmshed her by h-r Gi|?y
friend, and wa* entirely and i?ermane tly cured. Tbi< laidy ?uh*?
fiiefitly caine to aettlein America, and cun.mumcated the mui.ner
of preparing (tits remedy io the pieseru proprietor, who was
afHicteil with this di*ea?e fur many y^ars ; anil whe entirely
cured by thi* elficaciou* Ouitn.ent. Since then it ha* been exten
sively u*ed aminig her aequaiiitance and friend*, fbr t?e above
complaiuts.and bundled* are ready to atte*' its efficacy.
DCV~ Tbis t)intmenti* iirepart'lotily by Mrs C.SIfERWOOD,
8fl A moir street, New York : wliox sitnature will la-feur.don the
lab^'l pasted en eaah jar of tin' Onitnent . All other tare enunter
felt. Sold abie, by J B. Dodd, corner of Broad way and Rleevkei
sti#*et; by HI ikiior ft Gamlde, Cemersrf Broadway and De/st:eet j
by G. D. Cowgiahall. corner i>f Pearl and Rone street : hf I. 4 J
Coddingtoa, *91 Green* ich street , andby Hullft Bowne, 136 Mai
den Lane. jM-8m_
Anti-consumption mPbcific syrip,
This nelebratni nud invaiuahle preparation, made by Or. J.
X. Cliuliert, is strongly recommended to every one whe i* predis
posed to consumption and other local end chronic diseases of
the heart and lungs; no matter how inveterate. ?r of how long
?landing. It hMS already atlumud the lughnet estimation at the
most respectable member* of flu- faculty, as well ofthis country as
if EngluiMl and Krnnre-^and can, therefJin.*, be prescribed with
iviiire uHifidence mil safety to all persons who labor under the
a4iclion* it i* urtendnd Ur remo\ e.
No. A-t2 Broailwar ?. JaniMry 17th, 1137. fl tm
1VIICOICAL ADVICE* ? DR. KVANi eoatiiMuw tm ba I
JIM. consulted u? biotoffioe as usual. in the tr.M*lnejjt and run at I
secrat an ?< delicate diseases Hi* extensive eufmnod and unto
mill id attention to these tfc*ei>s?s have secured Ihr him the conli
denct and I'm *?jt of tkt public. Stranger* are ap;*i?cd that Dr. E
hni liei-n rcgulurly educated in the cjlyof London. indtlurt he wu
for many yean engaged in extensive hoapital nrnctino In tlnacoun
try, iortbe Ual twenty years. h* ha* confined luuu<Hftii a certain
branch of the proleasion. Ht *? ill In- found at hi8-?ttic?, No 12
Peck near Water at., at amy time dining the d4y or evening ,
until WVclork. Society may bv dv|s?ndr-d upon.
jan?3# lift EVAN*. :?P?ckabp.
Medical, card. ? The study bestow* ? "r*?n a certain
brn-wh of practice, by Dr. M.OVDH, o?miinu?a ^receive rfar
confidence of tbe public. Those who are affected with glevi* of
lens atamillig, and all d? eooea urtmng from impurity of the Mood,
and audi protracted case* as huvelwffled the *k d I oft he iaoxpenenc
ttfJ.wiJIdo well to consult hmi at h? office, a Ann street, near the
American Musombv Hepanwte entrances and separate oflisea. Pn
rate entrance. Id dworfroan the Museum. dlO-W*
| kOCTOK KAHVKTr lateresideut kiurgcou ta Gny't
1/ Hp*l*tni. London. inform > those afflicted with Um> veneral
disease. m a.ltj* various fores* , OaMtorrhn-a, Gleet, Stricture. Ischu
ria <tr aupf?re?oion of Urine. Inffamation of thai teste* , likewise fhr
dr atrurtive ititi of lues, thrift. not tea , phatedee.1# Ulrera
and Mercunal eruption*. Dr. Harvey's iieciiliar treatment. wlie*
followed for the space of one wock, never fail* toaubvnrt the mom
appallinv ataj,?s in which this ilestmative malady iLaplu t? itself.
He withe* ul*-?to intimateto tite aftlictei ,tkat hei* no k'mpync*
bnteau iwidiie} hu< <bi>loma fro-ji the Royal College of Si.tveona.
Uondon. authorising lutu to iir ??tte?. und alsotestimomalt eertify
ing of hi* having acqi?red hm profutnioual knowledge in tin tirst
medical achoola i>Euni|ie.
Doctor Harvey'* Office, S Division at. n Chatham siaia
where he can Vhi consulted at alt hour* nW-y
? For the cure of obatinnte aud long continued Gleet*, a id all
[the weak act -c? oflhe urinary pti*wtq?r-?. prernrsd without mercury
cultcbs. turpentine or capivi. Upwards of 9U,OUO l<oxe* of rhwie
truly excellent I'll ? h.nr l*-en ?uld in Now York alone. the last year,
and not asingle c<*ii<lui"t has he*n made to a single ngvHt ta (lie
l?-n?t detrimental to their just celebrity; on the ctanrary, hundred*
that had given up all Ik?iicf of cure, ami tired of throwing away *ik>
my on medical advise, aud *wallowing nau*eH.i<* ii.i du uu *. m
jseting. Ac have returned and acknowledged tht'iimslves not only
cured of tbed *?>a-.e, bat then whole ivmstitutunw they have said
had undergonu u ctMiiplete ?alutary change ami felt thura selves re
* t. if.1 1 1 totnvir w?nt?,?l *trength and vigor.
When a Oonoriha? la?t? over a month, the u*? of Dr. Cherry's
P?ll* i'i H low dfiy* removes all tl s symptom* uhu-h. unle*a re
mijycd. a? aln* too many to th.-ir coat know, hang* oil for yea/i
HiilTling the akill of th? mo t eMM-nenred; and when tin* lm* iK'nn
iHeiM Bwadrmw rfimdira1 prarti'jwni'r? ran r i*ro!iorate the
wonderfully tonic aniM*trnicent proj>ertie* tlte*e Pill* poise-s. To
who have trie<l Of. CM'ijr'i Aj?t/ifipeiit Pi 1* it i* unnec??
* i#r to *m> mote, nnd tho?e itIh. in.i> !??? ????? ( 1 1< nl in?) advant ir"
0 ?ly a"d carefully t?fuse the following doeu -lent*, whichfully bear
out Hie Dor-tor's a?aertn?n?.
London, June OT, 1*33.
" I have muc'i |4ensurein*uh*cnhingtn tin- elfiraey of Dr. Cher*
rvls A *tfiiig.*ut Pill*, a* I Iisvn i-x|venm>tni*ll\ tn.-tj ilinn in uj
navil* of canes, ami always with theiamw result, \ix: pet feet
cure C A BaBISOTON, drtiHir Sui|?im,
Lock llrwpttal. OftMreiior |d*ce London "
The twoli.llowing have m?r* rp.-ently been re?-?-i\.Ml from highly
respectable indmdua'a, worthy uf perfeel reliance.
Pb?lAd?lphia. Junet4. lUt.
Df . Clierry IVar Sir I bog your acceptance of the enclw*e<l $T?
Uh as a gratef>i I memento the rratiM-Mtg my heal'h When I wrote
yuu in the month of last Keliraary I Inasl my case before yoa, statist
that I labored under a trvu blow itne (*l?a*. ami had done so for near
ly two vaars. and that I had travelled. iK?t*d sea bathed, in fact
?.-? rr means my |?hysi<-ian twor.mm.'nded; but stilll lo*t (1?-- 1. -in<t
ray relation* thought me in a deep dectine. ami in da*|*lr I aalMt
ei|-a tnalof ymir pn1*. thre*- tmavs of which I took, and *incs tbe
a iildle of lt>t March. I hs-^e l? ?n <-ntir?lr free from the above
enervating cjxiiplaint , ami am in a robo?t atate of health, and my
n^ml is now ?a*y. I n<i-d hardly say how happv I altoold lie to give
every satiafacliou to any pe son so * tim'ed. Dear sir. your * tea
pactiully, H AMP ELL T , Philntelphia
Chatham Sqoa'e, July If, IKK.
Dr. Cherry? Dnnr sir : I regret extremely tlmt my means will mil
parmit m? taexjire** my grated th.ink* in a way I could wi*h.l>ut
allow me to say that my caso wa* one of extreme hard?htp, and
preyed on my nut.d so muoh Ibat I c<aild hold oa to no situa
tioo for anv leagth of nmo. Luckily, when distituto. my
lirotherarrivetl fr??m Alhary, (where your Pills Knd cfji>ct*d almost
hitpvlea* cures. i and brought ma twol<.ves of your Pill* Thi* was
in April la*t antlmncc la*l May I have k-eti a m-w man. ami as
soon as I can. shall give yon what my feeling* itronipt me you de
serve I send you my nam? and iMlM. and if ?wy t"vii?riotiy will
?vail, I will aiost cheerfully give it to any ore situated as I was.
S. A. W.
Wholesale and retail by A B A I) Hands, 100 Pulton, comerof
Williitmaf ? and retail by Mib.orA (iavible.com rDey ami Brmd
way J. Myme. d.rner Rowery.- mil Walker <t ; B J.MMN
Hot^ton and Bowery J B Nnnrt. <11 Breaduny. and at the New
York Chemical Hall, ii Hixthavonut. neatly opi*wite Aanty st't ;
T. R Atisltn. 41 Cnrmiao street
N B Tbasc trouWe<l will. gravel vre warranted lo bo rmad by
Df 1 lu rry * AMringi-iit Pills l lww hay inr stmt' HI the K adder
pain iti ihekidneya.aecoaiptuiieil with thick, ropy orme, are astan
lilnngly relieved by lho?e iiills.? Pilce tl iieroiw.
N B ?Southern merchant* who dcotreto jwirehaao bytes neaffl
nrgrtM*. wiW lie *tipplied al a very hb-ral dweonnt. and :w PtH*
will lie warranted to tli?? ??? i.n.iluce the di-'ireilcffcct ml tm
? LEM. for I lie Mtte of CERTAIN DMUMA -fheao < ao
*ule?. which have mot with tbe (Ti ate.t .ucc ss in l/.rope, offer
thi advantage, unknown until now oftnkwa ?ir admiiiytortnir the
Balaam of( oiwiivy, in a'l it* parity, an perfectly fr?? fiom nil the
ineonwenit-nce* ofita liadsiixHIor luaU*. ?nd under a plea.ant *hape
and floror. _ , . .... . . ..
Th.s new way of using the ??lssir. i* al the ?ame time tbe moat
?intple. nnd that Irom wMch H?e haat re?.|lr? w.l Is eh ain. d a.
il enahleo the oonoomer to follow Ibo lrealm..nt w?h >ul mtontip
Hon and I v iniliNnf iiju'wny cur^.
ToW* fm inrf at Joh* Milhyn. Hruwi^, l4 RroMiwfif; 8o>rtkrH
A D'luc, <vst Broadway, and ? fwrT R?mj RuaHh* A Aipuvwall.
?? William, tin Wmndwoy. 10 Attor Houaet t Met rnnii. Ml
B otdway -.n.i .Ji..-t <ir>?g?*?>?>iiUt?w. Ol in*
OXflSTIlflWR ITCH owt?BRf; >?
1 pleaaanlaeas, exped.lion.erse and eertajqtyiit e. mfluitely *u
norfot to liny t.thei tncdii inc. fur the t ir- ot th TT( II, it i*aof?r
tain in its operation, that ft hn* n? ver fHi'od in any one inaUnor
^liv^reri of eff^rtunllf f4irjf?f tntt niNSk^rorcKlo in om
titgh". by ?ne aiiplication only, Ihtsifh applied to mnny thousanda
m lir ?'?tietlBtale* It Ho?*aot contain the luaat pnrticla of Mer
tyury, Hot m?r b? Applied wilh the grottiest aafwty to the most d(di
oate lady durinf pregtuincy; or lh- tentlereat infant*. On? box iaa
turn fir a grown iiemon, and dnMied. cures two rhil.lrrw for sale
pii.KH ! PII.EH1 t III llal?'a Pile t 'raiment Is a paM
? tive coit But he Piloa in firee tlayalMwe SoM by J, H Hart,
tor <?f ' boadiera at an'i ?raadway . J . H?wn. cor of B.i*ery as>
Wftl'M*!- f* **
Doctor caepent em's peck blip dispxssae w
lii^rnT'i.' I>eek BJ,*, 4wt <lw below P**1"?****- (late Dr
Doctor Carpenter litfiai had the advantages of ? regular mes
cal education, and having rec?ve?4hia Diploma If the nmum W
FJiytic and Surgery, how the New Y*rk State Medical So
ciety. and having had twenty Hirer years, fan* lal and verv sac
(.eseful practicv in thia city, devotes hi* pers??a1 and undivuU4
attention to the cuir of all diseases, incident to ttuil hniMyny,
and particularly to a cerMiin class or train ofditeaaea for which so
many noatrams and plana of medicine, abound I ? the cmIimmm >tl
the newspapers. Diseases requite te he treated agreeably to Cha
symptoms that may prevail, and the varums stages ana ? Langes
they may assume? and hence the least leCectiea must satisfy nn?
disseming aiind that noapecMic noatrum can he applicable te all
Tihe extensive experience of Dr Carpenter, in allatapesand ??
neunol thu ni9eii*??,enabirif him to offer a upetHijr and ihomufii
sure and to udotit & class of medicines 10 arranged and cesn
POUikWhI as not to ofkud the taate, or lead t? suspicion. Com
noundatotallv nnknow n to the ordinaryuuac.ks ol tne duy.
NOVaTINC PILI.8. ? These Pilli liave become io much
known, and tlieir efficacy to w. II eftaMisU-d in Dys<>e|>stn, Liver
Complaint*. Bilious An<-ctions,ai.d all disease* uriaing linai a ika
ordi red state of the stomach and bowels, or obstruction* in uiiy of
the natural *ecieti?<n*.aiidesr)tcially in those isculiar to fiwaloe,
uiul for babit un I costivenexe tlii.t it is deemed only necessary tossy
that they arefor tale at the oHiie,<4 Ami street, and by R Lock
woo*', tit Broadway ; A. Blakcly , 843 Hudson at: J. G. Shaw,
130 Bowery: W. 8iin<.n*on.6S Fulton stieet ; N. B. Graham, 90
Nassau at ; J. H. Hart, vomer Breadway mid Chamber. undcorr.er
Hudson and North Mnore street* ; B. Uuackeiikuaii. 7Ug>Greenwlch
street ; 8 Dintnnn, tio K.itflit h Avenue; G. V. I nibruse.7i East
Hioadway ; A. M A I>. Bauds, l?i Fuitr.n street; J. Milhan, ttri
Broadway ; and iiull it Brown. 13s Maiden L:ine. In Newark , l?y
William Ti ttle. At Alhutij, fey f.'&rr h Vuiulenburgh, and W. a.
Wharton. In Troy, by Fasaettc Seldtn. In ?<kene<*ady . by R.
Fuller For talc, also, in most of tlie principal plaoet in th? and
?any otlier of the St* tea.
l)R?PbY CURED.- In the month of Maylaat, Mra. Robbing
hum tukon silk with a vio'ent inflammation ai.out her breawt, at
tended with a cough and fiver. She 1-aU k<x.?I medical attendar.ro,
but continued to grow worse until her ait nation brcame alarming.
The mflumination and cougji finally abated, but drotay aucceederf
Hu r body and IknU beruine much mo.lrn, attended with groat de
bility nnd #t>vere'pain?. Scarceany ho|<et of herreeorery wereon
tertained. At thm time Dr. Seam wn* caHed toaee l.er, and at
tended upon her. In a few daya, hu madicinchnd a very pw\?erftd
and salutary etiirct ,in reducing lieriweliings und reluwnig lteri>aina.
Her health noon Ixtgan to r.niend, and in ten driyaahe wa* able Hi
walk nbout ti e limine, and continued to gain uuMlahe hua been en
tirely relieve?! from every appearance of Jrupmed aflurtiist, mid her
heiiitLotliei v, i?e much tmproved. JAMES ROUBIN8,
17th street, near ith A.eiuie.
New York, Oetolierifith, 183S.
Perfon* wirh ng to make inuuiriei in retard 10 Mn. Bohbina'
case, are athUr'y to till on her. or on Mia. Hhminti, 146 Bigbth
Avenue, who ha* had nonie kt'.ou letlffe of th? ean?. and whti hua
received e*m ntiiir?i.n? lit heraelfin u pulmonary u flection of muuy
year^Htandnig, f oin Dr. Seur a treatment.
ANGINA PECTORIS.? Dr Seara would moat respectfully wlr
?ervL'.tliut ainong tlie numeruua at plications matle to him in pul
inimary nnd droimical nflectior.s. he ha* ha, I many euaea ofthiaol?
acure and damfer.nm dinenae" Ar.;ma Peetwria." Prr*on??uliject
to it have generally tlie ni.pearaiice of enjoying food health, and
notion* uwiireofitH ratal tendency, applv no remedy, kbUI, ularm
a<l by it* death-like paroxysms, they nppfy too lute. Thi* dtseaae
i? ao doubt thccaiiHO at moat oft he aud<!?n death* which frequent
ly occur, and aro detu uiuiated " tlie visitation ol Cod." It* |<ro
mim-nt and charactt r'itt:r ?ymph:ma ar? an unph-aaaHt aenaalitwa
nt the sternum bre*ht hone, commonly at the lower |?rt of it, at
tended \?i'h put *al>oiit the breast, and more pnrlieuhirly about' the
leU aide and region of the lieail, extending often tw the ahouider
blad?*,eap4'ciiil!y the left, and often aftectHif the left arm. Thoee
aubieet to it nre mMMM awakei eu with a ?en-e ef aufliieation
or ililficultv ol breathing, and cenerally ex|?iienee a ?t ortniw of
breath, and lometimcj a pala|.vati*;n ol tlie hi- art, on walking fhat
wherein i* n*crmf ?ig. or agamat tlie wind, or up u flight of ataim.
Theae nymploiiHare not ror'atant, and tbe peraon often enjoya good
hi alth. except during ita >aroxysma. which at Mr't do rot freajucnt
ly occur, hu* which become more fre<iuelit, attriukd wrth pe
culiar and alarmiHg fe'.autions and often proving auddenfy fatai
wlwn inwtfith timJ heal'h i.v enjojod. Mavinppnri much atten
tion to the tr< fitment of this dueaae. a<d had eonviderahJe experi
ence in it, he would invite thosvt>t<bjccttoit,or who at time* expe
rience t he ac M>alioBH above dear.ribed, to c.uH on him at kia effleo,
4j Ann atrcet, and make anch etxrui^ea ua r?ay ?uttafy them.
CSRTlPlCATR. ? The auhject of thia nrtiole, ukhotigh having ft?
ai-tpraranceof bb i?ying gofxi health, had fortwoyearaor morebaew
much affectod with very nnpleaaant aeni,atioi * about the heart, at
tended witha sense oftjJhnos* at the left aide, and often moving or
dorting ruins, effect inK rhe ahouider and left arm aiw1 aomntimeir
die heait. Increaned exertion or mrntal excf ement would mareuae
these unplrjNunt aymptuin.v and often produce alarming aenautiMna.
He applied to DoJ-tof Hea? and under his treatment has experi
enced great relief. Rafweitce can be had at kii office, 14 Aim
(Certificate nt Mr ?mith E>y, of the firm af Burt Sett and B*.]
For muny ytor* I hu ve lieen subject to a bilious affection, which
remlereil applicarions to pbynicians frequently necesnary. Having
been long acpiuHited with Dr. Senrfi, I have aiore hw ei^tahlishmeat
in thia city at plit*? to h rn f> r advice ui.d metlicine when needod,
and havealwaya been sa'isfied with hit treatment. Daring the
commencement orbit spring, I had a severe bili<*s attack, accoin
imnied with an inflammation of my hir>g? and rou?h. Dr. Seam
:?r* nib'il ii|mmi me, nnd under his tr>-atment the inflammation and
?uuph uubsided, nnd my health win restored. I have the fulUwl
conifidenee in hi*abilit.7und sk II in bi< prulenaion. Peraons wish
ing to makeaay emiuir;'*aare atliherty to call on r?e. at 71 Fu-itoa
street. SMITH ELY.
New York. Nowruher Ut. I?3?. daa-3m
K? AK.SAP ARIL & A. ?Having tai-i>med for aavrral yeiir
7 a Hyrupof > lufciipatilla, which lia? been highly approved ?T,
and adtuinwtcicdhy a i umtter ol'thc m**r re*./>e<-ta?.>U phjsiotani,
and w tuch has fai exceed* d m/ n ost aanguivr exjn elation*, I now
with increased confidence tiler it to tlie Biblical faculty and ike
wufctiaya? iyjtj , a* rMI/CoMntnicd c 'ami ourtff syrup of
-Saraai aril.n. for tlieturc ofcfiroiiic rlit-uiiiatieni, tetter, ttloeaaled
horf tnro.tl. pini|>l<?* <hi the fucn.hcorbutic omiMmu*. bilfyvroduo
tl-dby an impure habit of th"U. dy, eryopilu* tr 81. Ai.rtio y * lire.
IKiiii* im t1m lione* produced by 5t>o fro- lite of mercury, eyptotma
kli.etiou?> :citduln. tc., und all disorder* arising from an impure
or ceiitumiiiuttd *late of the blood. die. , it hat proved an effectual
It in a wcU <*tahli*hcd fact thit all cutunc-MM direane* ana*
from or art: increased by an impure or con .".(TunatwJ slate *4
the blond Therefore inetead if using external apflirationa,
to force the diara*e bark into tin- ?v*tein, U ere te remain and pea
duoegrnalt rrvil, internal reaicdie* 1a tx?u I<1 l e ad* innteied to pu
rify the contaminate* blood, and dnve the diu-aae out of tbe *y*
teni, to be tbrever eradicated. In ord r to ctiect thi* fraud object,
recourae xhould be ha<i to thoee medicine* which have proved, up
on tna4, to Im- mo?t etfic aetot^ in puufyiug the blood* Karnuaa/illir
turn I wen u*od many your* loAlm purpow. Init ha* never, tillwith
m udi .rt time, l-e. n pioye ly prepuied. Tlie al*ve medicine liaa
received the bmlieet encomium* from tmie ef the null eminent
(ibysiciana. mid i? wi-porcd unureiy from \ rentable aubaUuoe, ami
ioumimi the active principle of.SaiNiiparillii Root, ia a moetcm
cen- rated degree. Being u very pclatral>b> anolicine. thr moat do
I irate *tftmach can Sear it conveniei tly. mil it M withaafety giveii
to the uio*t tender infant, in curruUirat.on of which ceruffcatoe
will benhown.
Dr. Stillman'* Concentrated Compound Pynm of HariapvrttU
ha* completer outdone Hwaim'e PuMCN and Hotter'* CufhoJi
con,.int)ie core of *c efula. king'* evil, ulcer* or anre*. dnteahe*. or
erairtion* of the *kin. ehrnnie rhruiiiatixin *oie tliroat. venerea)
complaint*, mercurial affection*, Ac., and without exception the
fraatctrporirter of the hi. od ever invented
There i* no mistake here, f 1 *on.i! ot the grcate*t phy*iciana 10
the country certify to 1 lw*<. fact*, nn.onir w hach are Dr Samuel
Mao, l?r. Ainoa. I?r Hunt. Dr l-evj. Or Leon, and Dr* Ludlow
and suwncr* and many otl er*. who lure un?<l it and admonater
edit to thwr iwtirnt* with the crekt.*t iuomi, alter every other
remedy bead tailvd
Auioi.i a multitude of other certificate* of mo?t wonderful curoa
Mr A time Cutler cert ilic* !hat from hi* 11 fancy he had b?-en affict
ed with a diaeane ofth ? *l?in apfvoachnif to lepriwy. and b*<lr'i?d
all 'he i?H>iilnr reaiedie* without etR-ct, a.-itil he ha?t reeo?ir?e to Dr.
8UlliMn'aCoitcentnitod rtyrop ot .Sar?*|ianlla. which ha* effeeteid
MMtire oure Other certirti a'e* t. *til'j lotbe cur.' of alnMMtevo
rjr kind of cntaneou* dt*ea*e.
Fin the cureofrheuniati*m.*crofula. or kinc'ievil. Rout, a< ijlia
orhiHir??u',iuci| i?nt cnncura. *alt rh.- im, ?ypbi'i ?c and mercunal
di*i-a*e?, 1 iir.n-tilarly ulcei* ?<ml PiurWul atHdiona of thetiorww ?
('loomed tlmial* and n'>*lrd*. ulcer* of every d< acrtptioii, fever
*ore? and intvrnal atw< e?? >? fixtula*. pile*, *i r>ld h?-ad, acurvy,
bile*, chmnir *<.re eyr *, ?i)*:reln?. ^loii-be*. and evary variety of
wUfcetiua I chrwtic rataah. In nilacle* ,>r?M-ee<linK treia
atl acrid humor, pain in the atomach and dyapepxia, frian vi*im
lion ; affection* of the livar, chronic it tlaminaiiMi of the kidney*,
aed (enrral debility cau*> d by a torpid action of ike ve*?elsol th?
?kin It i* *iii?ularly rtliracwiu* iu renovating thn*?ciiti*tituti?mjt
wtiK-li have been broken down by injudicial* rratn ent or juvenilo
irreirularitie* In (feneral t< nn*. it 1* rec mment'erf m all Hhma
dwi ax** which ariM' from impurit e*of ihe blood or viltation oft he
humor*, of whatever name or kind.
Dr ."Hilloiaa'* C'o^ipieind Syrup of H.iriaparilla ha* been found
highly uaeful ia m'in> ainlafuou* di*ea*ea wot here ipN ifted, aad
a ha* la-en ?*ed w nh wonderM ?ucce** a* a (pringaml fall imri
tier.hv tho*e ?ubject In ci?ni|>laint* of the che*t and who?e con
?tiiuttoii* n ipnrr /imr Hm h i?eraon? will do w> II to uie two or
tl*ee bottle* in #maTldo* * Whenever a diet drink i* i^onan en>d
neemaary. thi* Harwtuudl.i taken in ?mall doae*. will aniwer all
ita pui|io?e?, in much le?* tun*, at le** eireoae, and in ? tar mora
agrees We winner than the ao?r mun diet drnk
Caution In conaequen?e of t lie *ii|>erianty of Dr. HttUman'*
concentrated compound Hjrvp orf'HaraniMirdla.prepaiadby the new
PDicca*. over all prt'pnrationa of Har<a(airilla, ami the n**t il*
maitd for it. attraipta hav* Ixten mada by pera?ma ignorant of tk?
imceii to imitate it ami by eopym* the wl?>le. and *omelim?*
a part of the dwretiot.*. U> wpiNr their weak and inert ?ymp* am
this iiuhlic a* the *ai?e artrle.
I oniiaril arniael Ihe iti* ?p; tantnn 111 tl.at mint ncco*?arilv nnw
hy l*in* deceived by any of tbe fictit ;* i-reiNiration*. ?ureha?er?
Will plea*e ? k fo* Dr ^ttllmaa * Concentrate.! Comm and Hyrup
of 8ar*a| arilla. ami obaei ve lhat each bottl^W t he genuine artiah>
will have tlie initial* tvt? ? T. without which none are ge
'* r'lv **le.whrUeaale?a?< rat*H hvthe proprietor, A tJnderhJI. ?
Beek man . cornar ? f Willam *t where all o der* will !>? pr<?nptly
"SSa ??'?* *ale hy Dr Hart, corner of Bruadway and Chamber* at.
Dr rtyma nomer of Bowery aad Walker *t.. Dr. HchHnn, lUCl
nai *t A. A B tiawd* '.*nei of William and Fofcm atreeta , Dr.
Cuion,' coiner of Bowery and Grand ?t/e. t , B Prmti*, ?4 Weal
Broad" ay, Dr Buitoo. (?rami *t near Centre market, md at n*
other place in thi* city. Al*o in Koalon al Apothecary Hall, IW
Washington *t ; Yoong. I'hiladelidiia Hnc?', tl i>ar bottle.
Thi* ia to certify that I have ?old my right for prrpann* the eon
centrateil '<?" i--it' <inin of*ar*apnr lla toMr A Cnderhill. ??? ?
ner of Bi'ekman and William *t* . New York, for Ihe price of am*
thouaaod dollar* Patcd thi* ?l*t dav of rt?-ptemher, in Hko yoae o*
oor Lord one thoaa*.ind eight himdre<l and Murty aix.
_n.? im T SIM. I, MAN M 4 rt Broadway. _
erdoeaan ar'icle of real utility a'tract public aWaetion and *e
ca-eexteaane 1 atmiinge than udv ntuicr**tart ia"? the field with
twee imitatmrw.to atiatch from t>.e iWMlM the ju*l recom rweae
id' hi* lahor
I'atronKedhy their aaaieattoa and the Boval Family, their Impe
rial Maje?tH-? tbe Kmperor and Empre** of Rueaia, aad tha Raa
pi ror* of A"*lna and China. . .
DR !? TILLMAN'* CIRCABB'AN HAIR Ott, the nahjrti
ct* tiiai pr duc? ? and r * tore* hair? alio whwhera, otuataahaoa.
l,r'.? ? A< pr* vvnt* hair !><*n falfng o# 1* tuwiM ariy ??
In* latea' 1 ermd of life chang. * grey ban to il* onemal color ?
fVeo* it (>om?c?tf, and make* It hena?i[>illy *j?lt, curly, and rloa
?y. In dree?ing hair, it keepeitirm ia the> eud, iminjawl bvdiimii
weather, crowded room*. or in the e?ei<.i*e id raAog- Toclohjreo
it in inv ii lu.iUf* ? is it liyt i r?iun<iuti<>fi fw ft wiu'tnil hctui i?
The renuine Profe?.or Utillman * Carraaaian Hat* Oil may he
had al Dr. Hart'*, corner ol Broadwai. and I hainher* *t 1 Doctor
*ymc. corner Walker and How. -y l?r t iderhill. roiner of Wrf
liam and Boekman atieet ; R?*b?? a A A*Hww>IT? Dn? *omj
Hchiefflio. IMCMNli treat ; Hand*. camor Fialfn. and Wflflaia at ;
holeaaht b? tbe pr nciwil drufftau ir 1 Ma den 'aoc und P. aHjJ
l*i rencnily hy the whoWala ilmggi*!* Ihroughnut the world.
N R llfwaf qf ffrii'alHwwi K*k f??r fgfiuNit. iniT im
? C< ||M I'Ot'ND An eflW-aroma. aalutary. and flftMtl remedy
ip all ca?e?oI Le??<?rrh.ea.li.x.4?iiUaryEuii?ei?i*.l*aa.?nal Wnak
ijeoa. Irregularity of the Menaaa, h ilale<l ar Dfaeared action ?d ihe
Bladder , and in all di*eo*e? ofthe Hiina y OflAra. Ih- iramedk
ate relief genera II* aBordod hy lAe >r?eof t e F? .najmc CaaapTimdi
in a*her??raroOf tin*e. Noa?umu*|< heaghrene d it* eaMotty In the
eoro of M?e aW*" diaaaap*. it it confident)? ofBwad w ah aeaofl* ?
?Laying certificatea of the moat en ioent the Britah raeoBf.
|S^la3wh?l?*M? and. teUtLbr fiATlYANlA ?RMaKT
aa?'f \ M NaiMual M?kfg of

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