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The monef market on .^aluriU ' ??0J*^Jniht^midd le of the
<M. exciteable condition The ^^ZiZ^n
week ha. ^M4 ?U> %J?7Z?n m***~
.mihag atgri-f >mj, lh|| tUr. yet re
wew medefcr the ^ck**V .Wan- -w, abrotd. Probably the
mains a deficiency of -i. -fall kinds of
wbu|? amount ro?n.tted-l.J not exceed two milliensofal *n?. o?
bills Canadian bill. on England we now aoounf into the "^rk?'j
Tho time* of illl *'? almoet reviving- rha United
BUtne Bank! Morti. Canal. Manhattan and Bank .fAmen.a,
have al! t??aed .ccuriue. to tako the place ot the Mather* and o
r "irn exchange. Probably this movement will ?ave a million o
g[K)cie for the pre.ent. All these pest note. are sold at mason. ible
rat. ,, except the Morri. Canal, which doe. not command much
c .nlidencg in the market. I
In thi.toc.k market, the fluctuation. were remarkable. Se*r.*
cty ba .k Mock. have fall n terribly during tha week, and on So
3aythoy.tooda.lowa. over, wlnle several of ?
fiacy sb.ck. rosrt from 3 to 5 per cent. I he Pbusnix an *
lew month. ago, .old fur 184-U ? now down to par, or ?neai i
film* Bank from II* to 94; and Manhattan Bank, ala* down Ik.
fall in those bank alack, aruea from the probabe
losses by the recent failure. It i. .ui foaed that the ?*?*
Phiriu* U.inki will .uffer deeply in southeru exchange. re
These two banks churned .he terrible high.nJ rumou.rau. of ex
cliange on the south, and few pity their loase.. By thow ai
probably fsoa.wo. or more, have been lost to oar banking i
Loan concerned in southern exelianie* importing
The failure, continue without intermission ? * *f ??0 t0
house impended oa Saturday, for an amount wj.h
two million.. This failure, as u.ual, .carried ??' W ^ m U)e
The amount of comm-rcnl ? la Jo Uian tkey
bank., i i vary great Noiano. public luv that auek i? the
c in.nanH^. Weal.o learn Vernation among
entir. pro<traUon of an.l tem,?erof the govern
tha hanks aadthedna ? any other lar?e hau.es, yet in
rat on 0?- public fundi. lu ^ ^ wjnd up tholr bwiaeas
.oveat circumstances. of two 01 three bou.ea. with
and .tap paymaa other course liefore them
depositee in bank ol ln"
^ r^I^JSTtat* "data., the cemmer.ul community wera
L ? to the United for *id lo P"*VPBt de*?M'r
I hat quarter. When the packet. of tins day ami last M',',d,iy
?'.all hive earned out the new., whit eff.-ct will it produce there
Then again if it product, a crash ih the American house. aero.,
the wn's'. will it not react up >m New Yo.k at the end al a pouod
7m 'affluent ... m.to ? ...... .to AS...? ?? u*
home By tin. view we .hall be hangii g by the eyelid, lor eaor
?) days in order la hate reiarn. from England. And the* when
we have th-s,re<urn.. we shall have am>:hcr remarkable conj-nc
ti xi of payments ma single point of time, at the end ot June and
lieg, name of July. a. we are just passing through in March and
Awn!, viz- the thud instalment of the auiplua revenue the 60 and
J, lay. paper given the Un.ted State. Bank then
there, urn of protested draft, and bil'. of exchanijo from E. rape.
II was a .inula r enaction of .everal p.y.renU^thrown by anr,
dent toe.thar, that produced tl? prewnt craah. Fir$t_ fi e com
mercial paper ot hut Ml became due in the litter part of March
and beginning of Apr.l-S.fom/, The return. ^ J
from iW .out h? and third, tha secwid in.talment of the .urplu.
"with such' a pro.pcct before u. what can the banks do ? Tlie
United State, bank, being backed by the Bank of England, and
having fortified iUelf by the recent financial measure, through
which all our city bank, are la.d at it. lee'. ? .jr be able to wea her
the .'orm-butcan the community do. o
??ch i. our condition. 1.1 thecommercul history of thu country
tl ere never occurred .ucb a cri..., except that which developed r
i-elf during the laat war-and even tha. was not ao .ntense.nd
. i J. .. the ure.ent. Let u. look bask i?K?n thatpenod.
al|T.ne year after the de.laratienof war. the government had ex
Jnd!d *M,m,00. iwrrew.J on loan., and the., required more mo
... January and Februarr, I8H. the cowmerce and banking
began to f- el the elf cts ef the
state of wax. About tliii pernjd Bo.ton and Canada, ih rough
tlhieh foreign goods come ...to tbe country, began todra n the
T New York Philadelphia and Baltimore for specie. In
^i^i- ?? - *?" v"'1 r'w?*
mllJloa which was supplied by the Manlmttan ter the wbo e.
Rr.i ?h Government billsfrom Canada al.o inr.raa.ed the drain.
A^it ^L Period the m ,.r cent stock, fell 15 per cent ua
/l r oar and a t'reeh loan wf twenty million* was raquirrd to carry
o" Z 'war interest inched beyond tSe legal .Umlard. There
' ' ah ., the .amo mania for bank making a. rn.w-Penn.ylv.aia
i^.Tin, created 4* bank. i. a. ingle batch, whwb the governor, how
?*Krwm April to Aufu.t, 1814, tlu..tate?f thing, continued, the go
vernment rwjuirtng large .um.olm..ney-the B-ton tankai refa-mg
to .uUciibe for any of the^ U?m- and ^
cllitiJa" rVlaxeT'oot their financial war on the middle
A'bany bank., for balanc.ee to pay tbe foreign import.. 1 1 us finaa
iSwar Utw^ithe northe-tand th, middle .Ute. ^an to
l.reak up all trade and reeoweea. A. a la.t reaort, the banks ?f
pa.deU.hu adopted what they called the only . rompi remedy
' i i!>r announr ed in a body, on the Sl.t August, 1.14, n genere^
~.tt. ion 'it ipecu piymtmfvntu after the tear. The .New
V wk Htnk. heade.1 by Wi.liam Few and CharU. Wiikas. lolloped
tL i.t September the A bany on the 3rd. and ' be Mary land and
I i Il.ee a small ."P^r of .pecie, which tliey he d on to.
?^Ttfcct of this me.sure wa. MM ?*nk currency in
i iv nu a representative of .pe?e, became a representative
"r ^ . pXr.^ rr.l e.ta'e- It ac ord.ngly depre
l ,'lH 10 to ? per cat below gold and .liver, but aU the bu.in'?
^untry tee. d
T?.r Bo* ton banks continue U. pay speeie, asd by that measure
pceaemri their honer. but breke all the.r merchants, destroyed aU
their csnnmeree and rn.de whole .t eeUt.nantle*
riM* war of wee net h?lf .o d lie tenon, to the cemmeree
an4 e.iriency ot thecmntry. a. the wicked and atnw .a. conduct
Tf the General Oovernm nt ha. b*n. since 1W0. epoo th.. present
A. a. to? ? ^ to. ..I,
about $M m Wii had beeu borrowed and expended b? the goven.
. . The action ef the tariff, .urplue. and diatr bu-MM law., r !
.... .. . *.? ? ?
Zm >..iM !>. .to ?">' ?'ltarr"t
?ion of .mall Iwiu-aml 15 millian. ot geld and silver hvarded up by
.< ?.? '? ????-? ? ?? t1
TBbh?l ..fthecornmerceol th. country. *a time efpr ifound pee ,
Lv ac ident.eeerbanking. overtrading, overta kinginMa?hi?gten.
and bad government *very?here. Why ^ouU ??? thep?ntday
'"ihe news f?em all qaarters coot nie. tr. be gluom/ from La
?.o? and from the South e*ual y .o. By th? latest account, from
|ltTre cotton i. .Mil on the .!eel.ne Account. Irem New Orteas.
m .he 1st in*t . and to every soetherncily in ike proportion, .he*
, dullneM ia the marke?.-af areiiy of money-a preeewe aed a
( ? r our M down totr and is in N?>w f?rlean. -wheat ..
St 4^ in Richmond -eotton i. fall.ni allovtr the .o th. Thele...
Zu c.rtnaiani'y in M.-.ile. New Orle.os, R.ehmond are .nl in
a state of d Jh uHy. and more disa.ter. are antiupi.ed IUI
more an.1 Ch%rlesto.i are the only cities that appear to be exemirf
"wHr^r^edat the^, events Wetold them-we per
<l,ftied them w. fore war ed the community of them sinee tl?
f dl.f laas. The, did not helieee m the truth of the^ views th.n.
hm n .wthtoy beiieeewhen it is too U* to adopt any other rem.dy
I'iui susptotiMon and failure.
Business we. anu. .ally dull on Saturday -more so than on Fn
slay U?e or tw.? public .alee were postponed on eerount ef t'te
in rWunertey ef the we.thes; together with the l.rge wine s.le ad
vto-tiee?i by the Messrs Haggrrty * Sons it will take place I hi.
diy All we have toieitice i. a smell (Msekage ** e of Dry GooiU.
a tuantity of damaged v heat and rye, and a small lot of coffee, an
a, count ofwluch we give below. Messrs. Austin, Wilmeedrng A
Co.. en<l Jehu Haggerty A Hons have given notiae that they wHI
eesume pe. kage sale, in a day or two
Drv Goods Market is eery dull -no ..Us on private account.
?We have te remark anaurtnm sale of about *aa pee. age. of Foreign
aad DomestK go? rts . it waa wall attended, and the goods were sold
at fair pre- e?? terms * months
Elou- Th' market remain, extremely he i vy . at a el.ght deehne.
bow quote Western at !? awm ?4outhrrn at ? a ? ?t New
Ycrk at * a ? W. l>'lean. has been sold at ?. No other
ealea of importance.
(>r^n-Asmall lot amounUn# to ??4 wcks was imported on Ha
t .'day No private sales We kave to notice a .ale at ancthm
of tyro bog. white Butch Wheat damaged; il went at .4.?7 to7?,
also at the seme place, 2MB bags rye. damaged. W ca?h
r dlee remains excessively dull prices wavering and ua
?teady A- aucon W bag. R? (XTee. shghtly d.maga.1. were
si.spoeed of at 7| a s oa.h Nr.thing at private sa .
r?i. The m arket is witho.it nay iMuiry. All we have to ae
ale a. auction of ? beles Madeira nuts at *1; ? ?ba es
Imrd shelled .Imonds at *4 a *1 caeh atoo l?) boxes bunch raiaiae
iiij. ' V Prod.fg -Received .lown the North
#t. ? of cattle. ISO sheep; ? boxe. candles. 41 tube Iret
ger I Wil^ds proeiaione
* I'rtees ot /.or I,, at the New Y^k Kxch.nge. Ap.il V
r. S. Bank. 11*. Ml. t? O L'f* * ( * i"
Vei?i. H.nk. II* Vicksteirg Bank 7*. 791
Bank of Amem a. II* Howard W Co W*
rbemx Rank. ?? ????? . J
Del * Mu.1 71, ?*. 3. 3?. 4, 41, 4ttar. R. R . *
Mr^ns i anal Bk . 7* j Bos A Pm? R * *? '? 8?
Bk Stele ?f N Y . M. ?. 4?Ctiea R R ? }??4. "I
farmers Trust Co , *4, S? Cantswi r'o^. 4 i
Am Life* Truet Ce Ixmg Island R " "I
Pnce. of i^'eck. at PhiiadelphM April 7.
V. S. Ban?i, II*. 1??. ?
Oirard Hank. Ml, 4 *? **??**'? 1 M
Kertlucky Bank, 7>
HOOMH TO IsKT.-A.mall fr-mt r.^ai and be'lr.Hm. to
l.e for the ensuing yen r. to a single gentleman Bent tieomv
'Vi 'is-'j::1 1'?' -irir
light business. Apply **? Broadway. ?
High Water
latest dates.
Fsom l.<idw - March 1 1 i Fiotn Liverpool - March Iff
from Havre - March II ! From New orleaiM ? March 3$
Leaden? 8Imi> Mediator. Champlin, ? *Jarch 90.
Gladiator, Brittlon, - ? " March 18
Liverpool? Ship Hheri<ian, Rus*ell, ? ? March IS.
Columbus, Dopeyster, ? ? March 14.
Htre.? dbiiiUuricuiwiy, Rocket, March 16.
Slnpi Ti-ronto, Grisweld, London, John Gritwold. Bark Mariu,
Keinke*. Batavia, F Uebhard & ( Brgs Elizabeth, Brockling,
Daeuos Aires, Mryer A Hupenden; Kobt. A liuis, Cenkiinf, Si.
J a Kudo Cuba, Cha*. Oakley; Augusta dr Melim, Fort an Princu,
siciira gg *t Kihip; Harriet, Hawley, Brdgvport, P. G. Thuriton;
Luceruw. Wtlharu*. Apulschicola; Luchwanu, Luinbert, Wilming
ton; .Naiimairiiita. Lowory, Bangor. B ett & Vase. gchr*. Bun,
Townseml, ttichmond; J M. Clayton. Parker, Philadelphia; Mar
Earet, Holbrook. Bath; Kugene. Burton, Hwantboro: Adeline Jen
in*, Bl.zaheth City, President, Judton, Alexandria.
Ship Su'ly, Linen, Havre, March II, with nid/.e. toC. Bolton,
Fox & Livingston.
Mho Omega, Russell, Cunton, 127 dujf, with tea* to Talbot Oly
phuit a. Co.
Ship Ht. Thoni&s, Wutlingten. St. Croix, 16 day*, with sugar to
J. D. FomI.t,
Bark Eulorne, S will, Newcastle, Feb. 36, to Husaey 6l MrxcUey .
Brig Splendid, Clark, Porta Cakello, I6day?, with coflec to P.
Harmony *c Co.
Hwe. brig Swea, Fogclmarch, Marseille*. SI duy*, with wine to
E. OrouMet.
Bri* Patrey B Blount, Scott, 8t. Catharine*, U day*, to J. Lo
Brig Lclweller, Adams, 8t. Croix. 24 day*, with sugar to order.
Brj^' Clinton, Porter, of Bangor, Porto Cabcllo, 23 ua>s, to How.
land 4 Aapinwall.
Brnr Stranger, Hittrup, St. Croix, la day*, with nuirar to D. Ro
gers A Co.
Hamburg brig Legator, Murtozam, Guayama, P. R.. 21 day*, to
D. H Hcnudt.
Bni Commerce, CUnsev.of Bo*ton. from New Orleun*,20 day*,
with indze. to Robert & William*.
Brig H'i lleslcy, Churchill, New Cattle, 49 day*, to Barclay dc
Br g Honduras. Hopkm*, A;>aluc|i colu, 16 day*, with cotton to
Ne*uiiih &. Leeds.
Brig Vesper, Hopkins, Muyayoez March 2<>, t* F. Andiew*.
Brut George Wa*hington, Aderson, Porto llico, with sugar (? I).
Roger* 4c Hon.
Hchr CorumHree, Thebauld, of Wiscaeset . fr?>n Trinidad de Cu
ba. 21 days, wilh coffee and nio'risses, to Chasterniu & Fonvert.
Schr. J'luilee, Brown, Georgetown,! days, to A. Averili.
Hchr. Victory, Ptlby, Alexandria, h days, to Sturgean & Clear
Schr. Herald, Wteki, MurfreshofO, N. C..8 day*, wuh cotton
&.c. to H. Waring de .^on. bailed i i co. witji *chr. Alabama, for
New York.
Schr. Banner, Siinmonson, B ask River, Va.,3 dajs, with oys
ter* to inasti r.
Hchr. Tower, Barker, Our.ie.ju, 32 day*, with dyewoods to Naar
tl Uio*.
Schr. Albatross, Stuidevunt, Porto Rico, 23 day-', to T. An
Hchr. Cianner. siniottnon, Virginia, 3 lUys, to mattnr.
ttclir. Kentucky. U*good, Newbern, 14 duy*, toKan*om 4c Spel
ai an.
Seiir. Hedam. Hallet, Chagea, i6 day*. t.oHii??nv & M ickey.
Hchr. Elir.a R chmoiul, Morrm, Guu> aiua, F. R., 19 day*, with
augai to K, BeUn'-r.
Si-hr. Tell, Hawkina, Wilininjlon, N. C., 3 d'iy*,to G. O. Vun
Hchr. Cnlerity, McDermott, Guayin*. P. R , IT day*, with *ugar
to T. Andrew*
Hchr. Adeline Wilton, Corton, Mobile, 21) day*, wilh cotton to
Schr. A'ert.Loring, Portland, 7 day*, to ordur.
BEL?W? 5 aliip*, 1 bark, S brig*. 3 schr*.
SAILED.? Ships HilviedeGrnweo, Wiederheldt, Haw; France,
Howell, 8a* harbor, fmkina. Post, Mobile; Arkansa*. Dennis. N.
Orleans; brig* Warsaw, Sheffield, A lulachicola; Jos. HpraKUe,
Anthosy, HI. Croix, Burgornaiter, Pntlervon. Havana; Rernadot'e
HiiUtrow, Charleston; cavil ion, K> lley, Baltimore; FannjrCoit,
Bailer, Georie'own, S. C Sun. Brnwu. C'hirlen'oa. ?ehs. Yalta,
Hopkin*. Jack-onville. Exact, Hubbard. Savannah; Anei. Heal,
A;>a achicola; Mary Kimball, Jomet, Timplca; Cha* Pitman,
Le?d*; Rinhmond.
The ahipHully, Linet.Dotn Havre, arrived up to the city yestor
d iy M. Passenger*? Edward Deehaux. of New Yoik, H. A. Htor
row, and 166 in the vteorage.
Rrturtted ? Schr Alhambra, Darden, lor Washington, N. C. and
brig Nimble, Farrell, lor Baltimore; they having come in contact,
off the Hook, on Hat irday night. Tho *chr. loat her starWaard
bow, bulwark* , Ac., and the brig her cutwater and jiliiiooni.
Sor/oUc, Aprii 4 ? Ar. *chr W in E. Jegter, Fantres*. from Ba'
timwre, huund to Mobile, oil New Point, w a* run into by a brig, ti is
morning, which carried away tliree ?tuuchioiu, rail, and ttove in
the quaiter bow er.
The Pickett.? Ship* Independence, Nye, lor Liverpool, and
Toronto. Griiwold for London, will sail this day at li o'clock,
A. M. The letter hag* widclue-at hall put 10 o'clock.
Ship itruclc by Lightning, and dutroyed. - The brig Aphor.
Thonia*. at Charleston, 3d mat., April I, a|M>ke ship Mariu The
resa, fom New Orleans for Boston, with the officers and ore'vof
the brig Nahant, of New Londstn. from New Orleans, for Liverpool,
on baaed. The Nahant was strur.k by lightning on th? Jl*t ult.,
and when last seen wa* in a light blaze.
St. Croix, W. E , March l?th.? SI'u, brig Ma, Peiree, for New
.St. Johns. P R , March 20 -Sl'd, schr. Tribune, for New York
Na|H>le?i,f?r New York, Id'g.? A r. brig Leo, from New York
St. Jagode Culm. March 2l.-Br;g Pantheon, liuy..*. New York.
Rio dc Janeiro, Feb. II.? Louisiana. Hands, f,n New York sown
Hainan. March 27- Ar. Hebooner Piclou, Graham New York
Miyaguez.F. R Mar-h M. ? Schoonvt Azore, fur New York
IPerHully Lines I
Havre. March llth, in pert .shu? B>rguedy, lloekett, Now
York. Wth CMftoi Carrel j I*?? d? . *i4lh, Kubin?ii. Koteis, do
u ur (iilliarii, Coisharri, do. do Jslili IUW, Crow. ||* d? do. Wmt
shw, Ro??iler,do. do l)Ho, Ailam- do -t?rh. Nirnrad. Pattris..n,
uno Einiiemr, Ch<ilf*r, Savannah.
Newark, April 7. -Schr. Eagle. Tunnel, New York John Henry,
but 1, do.
B lumore Anril7 - Ar. schrr SeMan.CiOWeQ, New York.Hally
Miller. Hopkin*. do ; Mary Gallant, Park, do
Alexandria, Apul 6 M d. schr. Natne. New Ymk
Georgetown ApnU.-Ar. schr Alexandria Bntfn, Bew Yo-k.
Norfolk. Aim-iI 4 ? Ar.sch , Virgin. an Bedell. New York, hplon
dial. La-insn. do
Phiia.ielpi.ia, April I.? Ar schr*. Ho-an, Bradley. New Yoik Va
limit, Wil lama dai
.Haraaaah. April l.? Ai bark La (iringe, Doane. New York ?
lib. si d.bngGe?irgia. NIhtwo..!, New York
New Orleans. March 31. -Cl'd. br'g H?kon,ok. Talman, New
Hi. Marks March 83 ? Brig Advorote. Pray, f* New York, in 1
Baltia**e, Ann) s ? Ar. achrs Hervme. Vandiucer. Now York.
Ctarwltne. Kiilirli, do , >f?r:ih 141% in*, PnrM.do.
HIh>. K , ih* CLEOPATRA,
CnpUin Heynolda, will lnnm tomorrow (Tnoa
aiy) fifti riMxiii at i u cla* k F?re t? INew London, ?< Hta*e?
will lie In readuieaa at Uurnu ? l.iuiilinc, Lym<-, to ?. >?.?ey t,,n.
?**/** London I) H ALLEN. 1 1 1 South *trret.
N. B. Poaitivcly Do &|i|W mmod aflvi 3j o rlo. k. HID
" A?KT OR l<K \ SK. A raie opitortunity fiir
gjjiB ? l*?r?on to gv into the retail froc.-ry anil MMIK Uuin. ?<
*"?? in an old eataldiahrd atand, oa Ihe <-<jrn..r oi Fulton a .d
Cliff ?U-, ?? the prearnt oceiipenl ia about In nltnfllih il I h?
?lock, whichia lifht.mayke Uil on moderate tcrma. at the *tor?
will U? leaned without II The three lolt?t which art well luhtml,
will lm rented aeparately If deatred one of them uliit.<l to arroo>
m??d ,te a family. Apply to C..J PI9LMOM.
alO No. 10 Fulton, or*. J PMrlMM.
VffBi fcCHEAPT FOIFcamH- I be apleodtd M. am
?Ml H w ALLO W. Impure at vj t:< urtlandt ?? a it- It*
Wamtko-abm ilM Bar. Inquire .it ill fleuth afreet
alo It*
TO 1 - r. I A - Oflbe U?1 Loft Iwil'f of
at* HARTMAN * BIRDS A LI. ?>> * V| Wat'* at
? Mill WPP \nu. A.a I "in* man i n uar <mi.i?y r.-nt
^ Jl/U aaiiimi into the Now York Hank to m < k.> a <1e,.??ii,
1 1.- 1 worn on* ami twoo'ctwck iw Matnrday, a pereori l imine out of
the Bank, drew from the Bank Book a parrel wf Bunk Notee
am.Hintinff tu Hurt) lira Hundred Dollar*, an.t made hia r?.-* pe
Therr were a one ?1000 bill of tbebenk of tlie "talc of New Yerk
?h? tw*> IM'I of the aenie hank , thirteen ?ino Mia. and fourteen H
billaot V amMM Benkamthia ?t?
A l( award of Fiee Handled Dotlata willbepei.l for the recoerry
of the money. and in that proportion far any i?rt ofH.
aiii-.t* A. TAPPAN it <'<? ., No l?t Peerlatreet.
|)AMT>KI( W AM KD In a reaper table and profitab a
1 manufertiirinc bnainea*. in the country . a lew hour* ?ail fn?m
Now York nP Wueineaa ia already aucoaeful wprrat.on, an?l
rapahlr of extenaion to any em'mnl To a reai?ertal?le per*rm
whnran -ommand ?lit"" nr ??? ht* offera a favorable n^wr
lunitf of ? ntenoa into a food huaineaa, either iia ai eut or a.tive
**lhr advertieer hoing in town for a few da ya only. a line with
leal addle**, left at Uie otfre of thia | ia per. a.ldrewd X Y /..
at finf whet, and where an ietereiew would l>a ronvemmt, will
meet leornpt atteottow. ? to-lt*
FOSTKH-* ( LKHK i UllOK. OK (Ofl
MCIICIAI. t.'ORR F.MPi iN DH.Ni 'K I ln? day i? puhliahed.
The rle<k'? Ouiile, <i? I'umiuerraal r.?ffe*i>ofidpii< e. rompnama
l,e?tera of IntrodurtMHi. Letlera of Crr.lit ,n.d (ienernl lloameva
with lortna of ltiTowr? Rilla, parcela, Rill* of Kxahunrr. Aeenunl
Hair* and'H Api?*n.'l*, nontammt A.Uiee lo YoOna Trad. ?m?-B
ana HhopK.'^i,<,T* P>i*aix>n of Paymenla. Oonioirrrial Ti-rm*. 4k?.
*r br B. Foater. I "??<
" Mr Poator haa laid th? w nntilr fomtnunilr of Ima .-nuntiy
nnder (real nhhrati?na to him hy the puhlir iti?n ..ft ha |.re?ent ?o
liinte, which, at a moderate price, and in reai^ntWo compa?*. af
fbrda lo Ike younc and metpetiaacrd clerk, a 'tear ami lurid ?r
oopaia of the bo?iB>-aa .detail* an4 c nnmrrcial t'aoaacti.ma oocur
not in the daily routine uf cnontin? hou?e e*prrience. TV lieal
mode la of Kireifn and l?o?nr rorre*po'drncr am here ant before the
youthfol aapirant for co*mercial hoii'HJ. au.l we km* of no pi m
ao Itkrly lo facilitate the att inwati ofauch a reaolt, aa n careful
atody of Ihe priociptea e?emplitie.| in thia anpret. ndlnf . bet talon
I ttle work."
Pnr*alehf the Author, al hi* Claaa R.mm* M Broadway, o? T
the dru?(ial aUw ... Alao
thrprtnmplni ami Prarti. p of DoiiMc F.ntry. awl the Modem Mo
thnda of arraatina Merahama' Acc^u^la M clition re?i?ed. en
larred. and *r?al!r improterf To which i* added, A CHAP TPR
ml pc Wl
*?* The da*i*?efthn work i* to eihilut ? *iaw ofB?M?k Keel'
in I aa actually i.ractiacd amonalhe well informed mrrclnnta. and
to rurtiiah Icatneia with a teat !-> ,k to e|P?r ,,, ,ia |j|u<trnti .Ha a<
to lie oaaily un.lerat.iod, and yet ?, c.,mi^ehrnaiva an to afford all
the information re.|iilred f<M practical accmintanta II rontaiaa
the la cM imiifirrmenn in the art. and will b* f.mnd n uaeful ?utde
to the .earner, the merchant and Ihr man of Niameae
[From theRo4(<in Atlaa |
Thia iade' idedly the heat trwntiar on B v.k Keeping which we
have aero B i* aimple ennci e and will arranged Mr P'iOt<T
haa renHned him?r|f to a |dain endinatinn of Ihe art. aa prartiaed
in mercantile eatahliafcm.'il*, ami we wairmly fai-uwiaiaml he re
roetill of hi* lalKira lo the fiildie
rr?- MK POSTER <? ?ntmnea lo fi?e |. ??.m? aa umial. dny
T1I.E I'nHftMMMtrMT, *r
noetw. 1*3 K-oadwaf. up maira ale 9Ua
tod. Ca
will I*- 1
j ? ? ?
WANTKO At Itur Intelligence Qi#ce, 7u Chambers street,
a man, as waiter, to go mis the eouutry, English, colored or
Americau. Alto, a w?man a? cook, aad a small (.r I to ?? to e-ing
siag. 1 wo American Uo; ? i s |?.4r? spur makiug, il-M
VV AXTED Three American Boy*, to leara the Spar Me
* " king trade, a white wimun as Coo*, anu a colored man as
waiter. Apply at No. 7t Charab. rs st. ao
WANTKD-A iiumWer of young men, Americana, to go ?a
whaling voyages in first rate ships, among which are want
Carpenters, Coopers aad Bluck-ui.ttas, to which extra i?iy
he t>'ivoii, all clotlaag and other necessary articles will lie fur
nished i?<r lilt- v.yage, at lair prie.ee. Awy immediately at 43
Pe?k i*lip, up itam. JOHN B. TAYLOR.
WANTED Five or six young girl* who understand werl'ectly
making silk bonnets. Apply 4 Of Uioauwuy, second floor.
?g Iw*
CO PAA PNEflSHIl'? A tew enterprising Imsiness men
with a contribution oft to fjooti e.tch, are wantt-il to isrni a limit
ed co-parMier. hip, lor the purpose or manufacturing a Patent arti
cle, th?- yearly consumption el' which will probably exceed ?"icu,
OiM, and tlie profits cousideralde. For reference, apply, wnh real
MM O. S. at tin; office oft *4# Oouriur k. Enquirer. d* if
\\T A STE D? 8-JS.iNKi, on pMiitfwtj in tht Fourth Ward, worth
*" miiru tliaii doulde Uic iMKiuiit. Apply to JameiK. Whiting.
AMorney and CisinsoHor, comvrof ChamherstrovJaiid Hark Place.
Coadmohs made known by Mr. Whiting. alt-tt
W ANTED? A firs* rste Bras* finisher, lor screw cutting und
? ii luf,|m'#' to wh?iu const ml employment, and fit 7? wages
wiU be given , apply to 877 Broadway. ats-y
F* AUMKHS XV ASTKDi- Four cr five single men who
understand farming, can tind steady employ mem by apply
mg to C. W. Browning, ut West H#>l>?>ki;ii, one and a quarter mles
from llobokeu Ferry. App icatiou must me made early in the
tnoinnn. ai-twi"
1 1 A Y \\ A Tlli ft .--One ? ask, about 90 gallons, for sale by .g
aio Broker* A Coinu i?sioii Merchants ."># d c 53 Water st.
Lard .?'?W5 Kegs first quality Western, lor sale by
HAKTMAN ti. I'.l Kl?s ALL,
atu Brokers & CommisskMI Merchants. 3o & 54 Waterat.
I > I SEA PPJL KClT K BNB.Om KnM fjrttAiKti
I first quality, for sale by HAKTMAN ?*. BIRDSALL.
aid Brokers 6l Commission Merchants, 5* Sc 5U Water st.
STURAttE -will be taken in the tire proof Stores, 5M ami 5a
Watei street. App'y on the prem sus to
Bookkeepers wanted'.-finn"s original
plan, for studying the art ?f Book- K oping, (at hi* office, 171
Broadwu ,) having triumphed over all others hitherto invented, re
main* at present unrivalled It* near approach to i lie action of ,
real placet it tkr uoove th* old pUn ot" copying off *rh<iol
hooka; by whichthtf student ha* no further practice toclMfiw bit
own ahihliea on tUo propertiMof Book keeping, than thatwhnii
the author's scanty prod -ctioii placed In lore Inm, afl'ords. Hew a
wide trnckless field is open !<?r mercantile genius, in whicii he who
treads, is sure to gain that practical know ledge of the art, which so
many unsuccessfully set * lor elsewhere.
N. B. Merca tile situations provided as usual, and mwenait?
supplied with lint rate BiMik-keepo'i. lor any part oflne I'nitud
.Stales, Houth Aim r cn.wr West Indies.
FOR.? I wo (food h-'il r< dhis, also a baseaient of' wo rooms,
in first rate order, ami in the pleasantest. healthiest and 'a"*1 re"
s ectahle part ot I he city, one block west of Broadway, and uliou*
ten minutes' walkul Wall street, in a private respectable lam llf,
admitiing only single guullaasen. Terms modar-ite, provided they
ara taken peiuiunetiily, by persons whose bubits and character
willlie iimiuestionable.
Address ROOMS at this office, with real Name, will meet
promi>t at ention. ,Hl
ATELY APPLIKD FOR.- a u#mt ba-em< nt fwuttory H?ius?*
v% it h hundiome yartl finJ ? Tfry oonvi?nirnoe, i* U? lei for a fOjKJ
tenant, iftoow applied for. Lo<*,ation in the vicinity ot A?t*>r'? Ho
tel, and in one nt the most lespectable and healthiest streeis wust
nal not fir from Broadway Any cwmmunieitions loll at the
office of this paper addressed ttJLLIl. will rile I piuinpt attention.
ROOMS WITH noil KD may be B at lo? Leuiiar.l
st., for a goiitU'imi'i and his wife and iwoor three single ueu
tlwmen Apply on the preiniaes.
|J EMOVAL-W A ANDROSS ft S? Sutm H.uiver Bon
IX net Waiehnuse, 161 Broadway . removed to next door below, up
stairs S^m Braver IJvnuets at wholesale, with or wikhout hning.
i?r the ftWlinery Trade.
Robert lowb, c.?md exgravkr,
has ramofad to 140 Broadway, coraarid Liberty street.
Visilmg (.ads ; Canls at Home ; Cards of Address ; Merchants
Caids ; BiM H?ads , Bills of Exchange ; Bills of Lading ; Notarial
and Desk Seals ; Silver and Brass l>??or Flare*.
Coats ol Arms, Crests, ami tApners engraved with eare and
JX ir~ An A|i|?rfntice wanted. _ 1
CC>~ Tl?r Democratic Kkpuldican Young M<-uol ihe rityoj
New York, fneadly to r;gular nominations and the General ard
State Admim-tratiows, a?- ri (|0tsUd to*itenrt u Qenaral Meeting,
to lie hwld at Tainuiaay Hall, on Monday evening, the loth of April
instant, at 8 o'clrn k.to make preparatory arraug-aients lor .he
coming ('hartui Eln-tion.
Ky ordtr of lite Young Men's General Commute*?
PHIl.ll* ? CROOKE, Chairman.
Cll AtlLE-S Y ATE8. I >nM
KDMt'NO .-tkw art, !??"?"??
The Bomocratic pap< r< will pleas'- eo^y this. "s v
ay Mil. H. RUSSELL, siacefvty grateful fa the kind and
flatiermg t. S'lmouial.. ot approhalion w.nch l?av? lioeii U*s_iowed
up<*i hi* |w?h'isii?ns< ?imimiii, l eg. Wave to iniorm Ins trends
uud the pobhc, thai his -econd and last Concert will be given at
the great Haloon of tueCoy Hotid, oti Wsdu^lty rvtningi the
12th Hist .on which occasion lie will lie asusled by sonit? of the
first musical talent ill I lie city, aided by Mr. B. Sclilssinger, upon
No tiwii tickets will lie sold than there can lie persons comforta
bly soiled in the H.tloon. A iirogramme of tta- i?erformance will
Hpsit hereafter. a* 3t*
CO- FOR SALE -The Fount of AUA I E TYPK on which the
Herald is now pnatrd. neighing Is'tween ^oo and to* |N?and* II
wi I Ik* sold low. Apply at the Fruiting office, rearol I la Fultou
MM. an
DCIr Having comph-ted the arraag*iaei<ta attenilant upon
opening hi* Hal Wan-house, is now prepared to furnish an article
how in geavral use aaiong the geu'etd co'iiimimt*. ami t>oes -ssiug
tin increased value id'c.i parity lor more lengthened s. ivine,at Hie
standaid price, viz. |5
As a gill ie to (hose who may favor him with their patronage,
he would present the following rales, whu h will invariably govern
his liU.llless.
firstly. The hats sold at his establishment will be of tie same
vslue, though differing in shape aad general app^arunce.
Seco dlv The very moileraie prirr d> mandod not warranting a
system of credit, all sale* most lie s object e?l to cash pavments
Ha has als.i added to his stock a choice ^election ol I'mhri lias,
fanes, Gloves. Haiuiknrch* fs. Toi et Brushes, gr
The - ales Boom which is lilted up n a etf h- conimeasurate with
the growing I. isle add refinement of the city, is loc it?d at the
enrnerof Wall and .New streets, Wwing a part of ihe building nixief
to be occupi) d by the Courier A Enquirer. as 3m
be well for every pniVerit family tn inak- thenueUf^ anjuainlrd
with the Mrtu? of l>r III w I ,\ d V.getible 1'ills ami fis.gh Pre
IwraliiMi. To be had only at ?l Bowery allm'
U_lT" R H tiUMAIlSM of lojg standing, and of the most ohstin
nntekuiii, that has liallled tin- skill of nil phy.ii ians, has Ihic-s en
tirely curud by theuseol Dr. HIM I V.S Vegetable Preservative, pot
up by hiuisell'at No 4*3 Bowery its I in*
. CTJ- 10 THK I'LT I1L.K4. I?r hTIM.MAN, the profile'* in
ib-priiilrnl candidate liar thr otlirc of A*>i*tai.t A drrmuii for tbr
fifth ward. No |m ri r liu' fur tin* guud < if tlie pu die. A bet tor m
majority ttf fit ban ire?l dollar* ' Lei llw working rniin ami r
tarchaiiir- nil the Hn mm join bind in Imiul Ware ?* toi |*rty
conrrrn Kvory rn.ni |..r hi. .>? i good. Thtl'lMnMl
The Ikx-ur't hriiMrilniri' I* well known Mr attei da the poor,
>wfcwmllMi>>lt. Xla'
L'lVK DOLE. Aim RKWAHD. Ut finn ? i.u,
r by 0 HA NO I Mi. on I t.-ir- .1 iv a ig I ' I ?.t brtw I
J4n..nm nad lar 7 Mill- lloiiar in Kloouiinidtale n light drab r ?!?
iirivl ?rf at roat; il i? ?ia*l?- Im n - ???<! . ami hn* lb* button* ?n lk?
Ifflm ide; Ital*nh?*an ou'anle tirra.t i>ork.l on 'li< li lt ? i> ' ?? , anil
tlwire weft a ihirk pair of leather glove* in <>ni' with* no kit*
The above rrwiud will he pant ia the i>rr*?n whn will ra'urn it lit
the ?iartieae Twin* al Pealr* Mn-eiim ??* t.r R Co? knn* at Ihe 7
itii. iinrth. I.iiimiIii- HI'Himingfcifc at 34*
CgpLl H llim I OI? * VI.K. TaaanlwtftfCM* Bnl
?> MINERVA, with Cuah on*. Carpel*, ami at! o?hrr
mix together wHli th? h*'iae at Calrtta tiarden Hha ritar h?
a*?n in the Maloon at that pltr* For futtlnr partirul.r* i ?ijuif
tit f Nl.ED.at Fine *irrel a7 I*'
I * I. I. A NR. 1 4 ftjiriicc ntfort n?nr tlir I'ark
('HANi'K'H Vhlki Knali.h C K"\? N (<LAAftt !)?? .o nfDOl?
BI.R THICK NE?K.of all*i? * fr<f ? ? by 4 to ? bf Hinehea.
1'REHCH OLA**, ?f nu|?*rnic nnil ijva'ity. flora 7 by ? t*
9# by 4a tn.hr.
I'atanl .*wr>el ?liamimJa. with NEW *parka. at market prwrn.
in on?atitir?f? .ail purrha?er* try
1 . i i cm '.n * (. untr i I
SHPRnti ( tKPKTN. R .-.VIIIM J' 44"Frar[?t
The mliarriber ha* tnat reeei*r>d, liy th< iite*t arrival., a
rbwirr nni4 ?(?ImhIiiI n??"irtMi. hi ??( -< ixiini ?? .--?(? ? ,
? ilk or tin. and romiri.-vn In* ain Cnrtwla jiattern* and r.d.?r* that
bavelmv.r hwli urtV-n-il III llix rily u toro I'lirrhaarrt will ftml H
??-ry miK-ti tothrir ailvaatafr. t??rall anrl i *annn?-rh vari.m* ar'i
elra. b) I ?r ttn y mnrluil# til Ihij . a* thr-y will bi- ?ulH vi ry low
at wholraal# i?r rrt .il. nW-lM I
V/ OANT Jmt rpa??'d. at "m < :all>irmi? *tr*?t ?nf?.-r?f Ma4t
aon, an ?-*trnai?t variety ?f >>lain and satin *tri|Ml t r.aJlfa. new
and "liperHir |i?tlrnin iinrf riiU.r. Alan, an i l?-rnnt *..(>ftm.nt .,|
b.i/'k. blur blark. otlnre<l and Afurrd Italian Pi>a ile run. tlni.lr
Khine, (irntW Hwm, ami atery ntb<* ityle Hilk*. at ri(lti.e?!
l*ii i ? Tbe lailira arr .n? In rail arvl rvarmn* tbrm
nr.* Im* K ? I I V * van orri.ip
Cbtll^e (.)?>*. ?. t.,* ?> lnif.ii..? tl r hau.l. n nil^r. thrin jlrrf.Tt
My (nil ami de'iral#. remove* fteek l?* and ataint ?? all kiml*.
.in J iaevru?a thair rbnpian?. The Obwn m pnt on at iufht
wltrreby the Mer*(iiriiti.m of the hand M roniWteal. an4 witht.ut lie
lea.' inr.iavrnievire Ibr hand i. rendered b?*util'nU? xrft and d?
brate for *ale at the Koibury Tartory Waielmuee, III P*arl
at tart. ?!>?>? j
Front hrickh Kor .ale, nf a ?i||>?n?r ijaalny. in.'
arrived at Chailton ?ir?ri Wharf, wn board ?lftnp Uen. van
rmirt|aridt Made hy N Ad?ma, m-ar Newharth; manufartiirr i
in a a imiimved > ower mnrh.na A aapidy may be had thmnfh
the* aa?. ? Hiw'iM
^ I HI - am i itiirtiir. -din a *ti|ierK>f mannr'. fnmi tMeawal
and ntah.i?any. inlaid with laa.? and pe%rl. with and wt h?Mit *c
erat drawer*. For *itle at the h ok*t? e of 0, J. POLflOM.
a 40 Faltnn and .a 1 Pna rl *lrrr I
COKKKIC A MB HN. The mlnrober ha* pi*' .
rereivrd a lot of prime rr? i u I odtv Al*n. a rhotre imrerl nf |
Ha viria and l''ttiri|ie Ciran of notod In and* airnmpt tbrm about
to.unO of Valetwitela A Flittl n fteaalia*. m 4 ami |oflm*e* Tbi'
?h<i'r in lot. t" .'lit l"iri |iu?"T?. Kmimre at hi* ortlre, -il Ri< nd
? trnet, corai r nf t:?ilar at-41* I. McNTRrtPJp
II BRCHRR, l.KR( IIKR, lat? rere|ved.W> ntntot fina
J h*althy ^w?dt*h l^rrbea for *ale. wholesale and rrtail, by J
I X. CH ABF.HT, No Broadway (the Fira Kmt'**tora ) a? at
NO HCMAN BK.I5IO ean aire a full and crrert dearni.
.timahle virtue* nfthe lira It h re?t..nn? *4rrn*lb
r>ninf . and ,U.r??"t" H?I.M "F HFAl.TH II i.prrpared and
lailn?i with ran hy Ht IRWIN at*. Unwary ?*?? T
PHBtljKR. \ -at' ?i v inrl ?ur< "-ii'' fer that loathaiMM Aa |
r?nl.r thePil??, r?a V hud ?t lw I It WIN Ruar-tf
M Im* I
presented t !?'? Dr. ma ?f ,
LUCILLE- Lucille, Mr*. G. Barrett -Ht. Cyr, Mr. Fickeriaf
Iim, Mr. Gates
To aonclude Willi ih*
LION LOKI) - Consuntiu*. Mr. Van Aiuburgh -Zeuohia, M?n
Duuriupt n at haH' past S, uail performances will commence at 7
o'clock. Boxes, T5 ? Pit. o7i- Gallery 'U cent*. fto
E be p eswnlMi i he Tragedy of ,
DOUGLAd ? Glenalvon, Mr. Judah ? Youag Normal. Mrs. Prestoa
Lady Randolph, Mn?? kerr.
After wmch, in* Pluv ol
DO CO La si TRAVEVIIE- Young Norval, Mr John sjefton?
Luujr Randolph, Ms. Kent
To conclude wiiii the liurlctta of
LOVE IN A BUSTLE Sawney, Mr. Walbourne? sandy, Mr.
Davis? Jtn ?> , Mis* K, ir
Hoot* op> u ii >. i wfiof utanc.es commence at 7 u'cluck pre
c.isely. Boxes so cent* ; Hn *i.
performed Hie Play of
RAPHAEL'S l?K LA M ? Kapliarl, Mr. Atnht r?t? Liura Mr*
After wlne.li the Drama of
THE KBNTUCKiAN ? Niinrod Wildfire, Mr. Huckvtt? Mis Lu
minal y, Mr*. 1 noruc.
Afior which,
To conclude with a magniliaent anu unequalled legend ol
splendor, called
PIONS OF tSHlUSTENDOM.? HI. George of Ensland, Mr.
Wool ford- -HI. Dennis ol Fnmrr, H. Woolfonl - The Dragon, Mr.
Needlmm? Kate ol'Covontrj , Mr*, Flyim? Prince** Habra, Mi*,
CCJ- A* m Stranger*' Guide to this very central location, Two
Muciutii ent Ga* Light- iiuve been stationed on the corner of
Hrihutw ?y uiul Leonard street t?rid a number of Brilliant Lumps
have been erected to illuminate heieal'ter the few huniirt il ft el in
terval down to the Theatre.
Bo.xt * #1? P t 50 cent*? Gallery 37 i cents.
I i-j Doors open at o o'clock? Perlormauce coii'mei.ce at 7.
ZO?tLOGIl'AL IN;* 1'ITVTE ? Thm interesting establish
nient, which has been visited smce Nwvumuer by upward* o To. -
010 individual*. will positively close for t-e *uinmei season on t^a
turday, the l">ih mat , to enable the manage** 10 make ..r an Ye
meni* IW ilu ir grand we* tern tour. Till that day, in oirior tu ren
der the atlriiclMni* of tins i n:<]Ue exhibition u* great as pos-ible,
they have eflocteu nil enuageinent with Mr. KenuuN ui.d thu Ho*
ton Bra** Ban I, under Iim direction. This full and *i It mint or
chestra i*fnrni?hid with uii.nnp.e varict> of new m d popular uiu
cie, consisting of ?v. rtnre?, pot pouris, cavutiMus, naitxos. a
great quantity of ih irches, and *oine choi e *i ecimeu* ?l * ered
tiiiiHic liom in most admired works ol Handel, Mo/art, Hay Jen .
and tiiv moi-t eminent Nioilem master*, urraug- d e.\pre*-iy lor, and
dediceatd to Mr KeiHlall's liraxK Bund.
The (Concert will coinin, lice dai v at 3 m'cI >ck in tlie vftrrn.ion,
and nt 7^ each evening, ami will afford to the lover* of music, an
enterta.nmunt,iin?urp. ssed in this ot any j.tliei' country. I'll- ma
nager*, notwithstanding the < x[M-n*e of tin* additional tcature,
have lnuiteil the adiuusisli to IIm.' tmial rate, 54 cunt*- -.'h Idren
half price. di*tl5
opposite st. paul'b church, bkoauwat.
ESTEKLIN'Ij ATTH ACTIONS.? Tomorrow evening, and during
Iw tue week ad.litioii ol tlwee tuw piecea to HANlNGTuN'.^
MOVl.Nti l>lt >l; A SIA.' - ln*t uineutal (Conceit. L> tM GeraMB
Minstrels, wu?i tl?r i:m >al varieil ainusernenls of tile evening, con
sisting of Fifteen Uinraniic Vie ?< ?.and the inimitable FANTOC
CINI, will be lor the liitt tuu-? shown the
a dthe departure oft he trooixi ofrtardanapannt by land and water,
in tew proud array of umriil eninib-ur, by Wal!\c-r ; a!*o. by the
some eminent nrl *t, ahchiitif-il
san joheph,
with funeral praces*. on, by torch light, producing an effect of the
must intense interest The third, painted by Uengou{h, represent*
liemg a grand nubmariue. hisa tic, tin y cavern , formed of coral, on
the lake of dreams, with the a*ceut of a fairy palace from the bo
*oiii of silvery water*, with attendant sylpiis gsideilby ?waiii> and
Pndi-?sorof tla- Piano, Mr. Huasord
Doors o|ien it h ill" i.ast 8 o'clock -tiorfonnance* commence at
half pnsl 7. Box tickets, 50 cents. Ip, er seats, %'> cents.
m/7 tf
Mplr uil'<l Paliktiii|g?.
l\un ed from Nature, by BoUOEl',
Are now txliiliitinit at No. 17 Park How.
Alto, theeelelrattd
Which ha* been exhibited in n>o*t of the Principal Citm of itie
Union. tj ine aJniiriitionol ntunv thousand Viitto*.
From f o'rlock.A M. to lu P. M. Aahniamoa? V5 Ceiilteuch.
i< Im
BIL.L.IAUOS I.M PUOVKI) tM-iiiJ<-mi>n wishing >,
play at Billiard*, or iturriuur table* , m? invited lornli at vit>
or Guj Broadway, w la-re ?ra S table* in one room, ami try t|j?- |>ateiit
buium Kabhtr cuahatMi*. (lute atone uHd <:om|>uaili<Hi roinented liedj
witii iron ra*l?- Iniinea, ai.il iianiiion lnblt? im iiliovr. will *n foum:
the larje.t ai.'l beat kmuftinent ever ?fl?wd to the publn-, udvuniii
ire* to llioac who with topurrhroe ul (hatrt uatticc, m they can hi'
parked al one day 'a notice.
N. H. Ordwra lor any 'Imi( in tin* line. with r?*hor good referenrt
tu A. kjLMai uKi>, Mi Uaoadwa#. wdliacatva prompt -"-iIimi
? 15 If
NOW KIHIHITI.-V ti at Hit American Ar-tatu-y.
Bairlity atreet, near Allot * Hotel, the two oritruial anil *u
Idime paiutiMKa, ihe Tnnplal u'l im? k.xptdaion of ADAM ami
|, fcVE. |>?int?H. I?y DiiUi'it. lor the ax kuuj Charli a X. ..I Kranrr,
1 Tliey have U?-ii ?? x In t >v' I iluriii* I he loar yaar*. i? laoet of the
pnnRi|>ntritia>*l the United ntittai, to llta lively gtaUln ution id
j(M,ine> viailort
Admittance '/"> rent* Meaaon ticket* S* refit*.
I>oor* pi MM '< im ?!., manMMi till 'i It unlit.
The AtfeiM ouwIidtliUy uttiaiea the public licit Ihli will be t1?e
biat exhoatKMi. a* tUe iwrturen ttre uliorily to Im retau ed t? Sa
lop* Thu room t? kept eon'tnntlv warm. a .? Jm
I IPliUftUU) PfeTsiM AAkHll*
ACUniiKI) I.N 14 LErt-lo\rt!
The Anti Angulai tiytem ij Hrtiuik- w n?ain intradarad to
the FamilR-a. fhu/en* :ind Siruiurnranf N w Yurk and Brook I) n,
Tu continue for only a ?horr
\|ll. BIllftTOW, of Loiniam. leapretl'udy nnnoitaee* In
i * I I (?? Public lilt lie! u rn. after an nlairiir* ul *n n.oniht Iron,
a very llatti rin* ami aurreatlul vi*it til Potion. He hat now re
aniiimwil In* Willing Cluaae* III Ihia Olty tor the reception ol
Pupil*. Ha> and Eveiun*,
Acad car, No. 175 Hroahwat, N. Y.
where both l.adle* and (>antlemi n of every axe and capacity, *n>
iWm M to ?? yrani, are < *???, lilio-i-lv tintWi. tin < vire< t ami
adim?ml i-niK .pli * <d' Commkki iai. I'knm a.n*hip
Ad-tptfd ta t^*tier?, Bill*. Note*, Hale* . Acnoiiut*, Kweipt*. En
CTMBMoa*. ami tlie I'ihwImiI Journal Kntry :-a*id lil thort, to*verj
piirpoae of puhhe huimet* anil |?n? ito life
That l* a* ium i tun - u- i? aereietary to aeipnrw a complete anil
llniriMifh kNowleaire of WriUnir. no mat er how mditferent, il>^r
Me. Defarnnil or ?'r?ni|>. d, the peraon't writinc aia> lie, hy >lr
Brntuw. hmnliMiK WritMiK Ma*ter. I hv Ladle* meet daily at II
try- Merrlinnt* n?l otlx-ra vi?itin( ll?e City, ran n?ai|lete*
roor*e of le*aoO* in 'i iK J day* t
?*? Mr. B in to lie *e?wi fiotii 9AM to I, or from 3 to * P. M.
All ye wUowooM line Penman Iw,
( ouie leiirtl th? iy>!| n of Mr. B
Wlio mTwKi.vK Lb*mon* i I?k? gut ran tea,
'I o milk* ) on wnte uio?t ?|,lemli?llr 1 j?-tf
Horn heita lent* to nrknnwfc'djf I lw ? hllff.llioii* he K Under to tlie
aentiemen wlm btve hi IfU-rully puinmi/t .1 In- eatah whinent, and
ha* the plea>urr to inform hi* irteml* and pair n*. that he ha* it
lured into IMitnanent arr inci-m, lit* with a ealettratrd pie t?aker
fora e??i*?aut *nppl? mI the ie<t |<ia* and ?nrt? ttiat rati (xwatfilr t.e
iiiii4?' in thi* rily lie .il*? w iIIIk- a'de *? al turn-* tat ?ut (>ly hi*
matomer* with rolhv aail ehiH'oiatn id the very line?t rta? >r und
rtrhett quality; nail 111 tie', lmu?rif. Ilinlat no i*talili*hiaienl intha
aitv tan '4w pnbiie te- lie'.tef and more *alnilactori:y Nrrnl with
?uehartielei than at hwl. wlHw
I'KABL *TRRET Till* ?|*?miu? e*tahli?binenl i- eu
laiinl, and Jfrrltd upon It* fortner *| V, IB the rentre ol t he eo-n
mefeial operatmn* of the eity nurro'indr d tiy in..r< than 94H> entire
ly new tire proof .tote, ami wan hoiiaea ?i??r'ip)in/ Om around of
tlie iri'it r?ol1aKratH>u Thi* Hotel, front nt uj??n P ?! irl and Wa
ter Hire***, in nrranr>'<l ?!>"" a new and aio?t imi^me.l plan, with
In ?paeiou> Mrhiafe nmn-niiMitiv* 'huinr iwrlor, large ni.d
nir, *lee(>in* ro,,rn? ? ??miin diona Imth m r<?.ii,? .lemii (>*>wer to
elerate a *ui>pt) ol water lalk* upfa r ?t r> . in i for , (her paHpOW *
toe et her with every ronvetiewi-e nfnnd U? promote dial Kralth
nnd romtift of the Boaoler* n rrai?1ant ft'.trd i* al?o em[i oyed to
kei-petary part of th?M?*,rni*e? in or 'er nn J aernnty Aklermin
Peter*, lie owner. ha? apare<l ao e?|n-an-a tnri nder thi* lioildi' i
tmlh ia extent nnd *t> le of arrhlieerore e?|'tal if rvit MMM
any r^mmereial Hotel in thi* ' o.intry Thi. M?hi> i?aow>fu
ed romptele in iiimlifii ttyle anil ri o|?-nr 1 1 tli M',rrh, I13T f be
IV'tHielort reap rffmly aolint the piitronaie of it* old rualomer*
and the pttMwfmrraJlr -
alilffl nV WHIT ALL I
VKW VOKK T\TTEII??iM,<4. I'he ren'ilar
I" |adilir lalea ollloriv*. CartlAfea. II inn -a A. continue to
lake plarc at thi* well known ???tal?h?hmi-M. e?ery Motiday a'
II tt'rlork.
The next *ale wilirommi lire on Monday, imhinat , at Un'rloek.
And all Horaa^ Carnaifi*. Ac, mteiHled lor ihia *al?. rniut lie
ahown and antered on or la-hire (tutiinlay next. Hth mat. , at
t a'rlork. P M JOHN W WATSON^H# Broadway, al
R I' III I TO. X dk. A WPI NWALIi M WAm ilr. et,.!
I fer A>r aale
Jiuaahe l'a*te in v< ami ina B> Ijjite. veit?
Rnlanaon * I'atent llariey and ?rout* f?e*h awl >oat rereaved.
Tatliw?a Arid tr, SO Ih Imxea.
H'a?r('arl?aiate of rfatda.in .? Ih Jara and laon ?> Kef*.
Ede* I kteriieroo* Cnniiminxl, in ho*e* nod hotth-*.
Aim. Nwaln'* I'anaaroa. at M^M'ifcctnret'a nn??a. n I -if
1 ACHE1 Th? loothorhe erterlnally and nennanenliy rured,
wphont tlMtn>in? with fold, eement. #e. , r# any ?|>emtK?? what
ever hy the n?e of !>r Bramah * oelek'ated " Ann iHliMitalffie L?
'Meur " Many la * and rent tmeti ulwhav l?eei, Htfert, d with
fljit p*mf?il malady for year*, and fimod every other meana tofhil,
have Iwen elli'i ina'ly rnred hy ihia dUenvcry. The iieranft who
wuhe* to make thi* known for the liern-flt of the pnhlir. ha* lie-n
ntferiH t U ? ured. ami Im* not had a n Wii-? fur the laat fiv? year*
fV,,. , l- ra w lio ha VI ii'i ured liy Una larnverv tl>e laat two
tear* * inrrealihle Let thefiim* he ever ao tender, or the teeth
aver ?<? derayed, i Ivy will in a alxwl time h*>'-ome < apahle of rant
tiration. ami free Imih pain for life
The?e drop* will never fail to enye any raiw where the paai ia
derationed hy lh? < ay of H e '?,lli and ronae<|Hent ex|H<*uia ol
? i. They hav <? i >,<? < (le, t ,r ,.i4? to ra*nne tireaent paia
hat alao todenden the na*ve ao elTia'tiially Mr* rVnder itllM'afaitde
nf fe?"lint.
fur- ile whoieaale imd retail bjr A R AO Hnnla. rnrner of Fixi
on and William *ti , Milnnrlk Oam Win, renter ufOey and Renad
Ami tetail liv J R None*, lit Hr?adwa?, twn door* iIh<v|
Ble??. kef ?(. : W f'orh?a WH I'earl at. e< r of Crrma at.
\l llnrwell. ra>raer t'nnal ami HuCannata.
T R Anatin.tS I'armineat.
Itumet'(<'he?ir?l Hall. Vi Sixth Avenue, nearly ?i>?o'ite Ami
tv at Art A' A' Priee SO caanta I w
SwAiii'ii I
itou* and ronveeient Merlti ine Ih* Children, rauaiaf woftvi* I
tn he di*rluirfed in *reat number* rttid even wh? n thrra i* ?? ap
pear* nee of worm* ?hev do nmrh ***?! m rafrirw off ? he aer < et ion
.'.,*, frrm. the *t math ,,?.l la.ae. It -tin h ,< "
and i* aa miurirni* to ch*Jdren ?? worrw* alive for *tle hy me (Ho
vn?lor ,.,!mL NATHAN n '? KMIAM
3H it , ??! >* |
Awitoa IkIm.
Br JESKEi AOV -tore, No* 1 IT and 119 Wn'". ? t
Thin ctao, ui *s o'clock. in ,ni* iu *??!? jairehtiiiwu, km at ?
Uirf ?' '?"> fteueial aMorluiuut ul shell Ii.ihi wure. cuCrry.lae
hats. CuUUM. thlicy *?lp. c !n*tli,iia ku? ? WaUda.dtrka,
nil tiiurtnom uj .ixxu suitea to iii. .SostfssNi and W eaten* mm
k(l, iik> numerous to u.^ntioa ui <m advert u?..iiiml of t u? kind.
At Private ft&W ? lo.cuo dozen C'ni ??!>?, ? *?-ete<i of all kii?Q*
MM> cattle Birmingham ?ttU Cut cry of ciory vuiMti
i<)*> f.i>?**n Collar* and Huxoam
Ne< die* ajougtedlrum i a \t Huanning's iu*l Gurmaaa d?
Suite (tii? IJutunia, Coat, V??m ai.d Heart, * IbjUCL Us * t**iu?a,
whnh will I*- ;aktxi in paymuift.
Also, Snntl Hovx Pii??. dcc. *?'
A .no. Uurmae. rr.nah.aud Risode Islond Jrwetky . low pnM
Watche* tiutirJ Chain*. *'?? martH**
H ^ ILLIiiM .?l 1 I. * ' 1 , 1 1 LIN , AiduiH'ri, i i : ?/
tio'u.rick, A. a general assortment ?l EiigUshand Ktaoh
Plate Wure fine Cu'lo, y . Mtocks, Cwkora and H?m.jiii?, ia|de iiimu.
Cloatlung; Combs; Wullete; silver P. ncik, ailv-ir tea ami
:?,io?>?*, JwH>y, die. Ub, fy^f
BV J. BEAKNd .* t.O. ,?'4ii< Mo. I?i Peari ai., cornel ot
Willi *r.
'I'HIS HAY? At 9 ? t irk at f'm auction ro ihj? Hardware,
Cutlury.? CtHiaiiiiii.it ut'pua, pocUet, and rink kmvi-t. on luirds, ana
iii dozen*: *ci**ors in do/til* and on < oris; nes.ito* mi c&nniatafe
uuU bundles; double mid eye epeceucle*. stool mid rxaaat
hurmllod pistols. percussion tups, thuulnc*, knitting netslloa,
honks nt.d e) v?, &C. 4 c
fu y < )? ci Co,io?.ttri* of.Uuiile e*tri cologne. lui u oil, por
fu;?i rj . F.ei ii .iiiii English ??a|>> iavviidet wi'.t, (tr.
A Ml, UJI 1 II k . ? I 111 coiulm, laittonj, MllUI'l, bosoms, Ixjot* and
Aht", un invmt-e of Jewelry? CeruHAthig of ear-rir.ns,
wntr!i^<, Uri'ini uiiMt ckdlim, Ac. arc. jM
> IDilM K. I'm nteniin'r LKXI.Vti ?
TUN , Copt. VanikriJiit, will invi Irani PucJt
I HipK. K.. on Monday uttermioii, Apul m ai i o'c.ock, and it
ri.'fui Pi oridtnre intiiw fyr pouenifet t to tax ? the 7 o'ctock
tram <\t von fur U fion.
Fur farther uilormulun umpire on lioarii, or of
a^ 3t I) B aLi EN 111 -i i'.Ui nlr??l.
irv FOR LIVERPOOL Hu k?t ui ntli April.
" p I o Wt'il kin'Wl. lum .lallllig PiU'k"! *1. p lirpulillc, Cai't.
- Wiliiama, will nail positively in. ilm\.', ii Ui 'inn koi re
gular day. H?r akCominoiiutioiiti lor ClbU. ^ cotid Calun and
Sleera.e arr ?rry sui?*iiur , utu tfe numiN-i (ioir:g linnu d ikone
aimut ? inbarkiii(; make iinii.t'i iate apt lication on boanl,
tooi ot W all aired, or to KAWco , * MwMURRAY.
c#r. Hou lidc Pine at.
WTK FAkM FOH NALK- .Situntii* ui the town of
* r IJl.ifr ruuniy, N Y , on ? h< ? Ni-wlmrah and Kuiga
??"?Win poet ruud, 3j mile* iinitli ofttir fjtrnnd, wliert" tlieieiMW
two mi unui iais runnina >!u ly tiirouali thr x ium ui New York.
The hinn contain- iUmt *crea, si? . t which t. w,..fd On.rJie
prfmiat* ik a ?lorit liouse and baiu. 'I ii? vtbolu i? Ml k<m?4 K<noe
u d M i ll w.il?'.t-d
aI?o. a lew lou on the Ueifhta bai-k of Hobokrn. Fur parum
lirs. iminire of L VAiA li BIT,
mlfclin* _ WO Canal itraet
TO Lie 'J ?From iIim i?t oi May ' en' part of a banes
iii iron?l condition, con-utin* of *i\ ni ?iim, m'u itiwi at
jeritey Cily about te? ml ilIo* v.nlk .n*n the terry. ?"or
furlkf riHtiirmi'tiun.eng'ire ot tl<<* *u( *rril? r
Alto, a .Sluble in let. N.i. 151 (i-chaid ?;re"' New York Poe
kileii iiiiiik ri,a'' ly,
q?-at* LOKIN BROOKE, John gtl? C
Tw LET - The fou aloiy tire pruof?lora '2? Aim utroat, with
umler ctfiar, anJ i loaet un4erth?atruetli>i ironrnfe; wWI
HUiit <1 tor whwlraale <k ntail I?hihii??. (be !?n'dmj n'J)
fetl by '>?, iron iliuUtira to all the window*, will be let i-e, aiatrl?
or tiHCtbei. and imeeeeaiou gii-'ii mmn diat?<y ln<|>i re of W.
Sandfwrii in the rear, or to W. Full r. so.; Ur.-eti ?t. mU-Ib
vaia aulk c ocnFky hesdeace rtiR haLK
Oil TO LET. -The Huoeciiheroffc r* tor > al?* ? food liai-d
omc two atory dwelling bouin in the village ?>? ALuailiiitt,
Conn . w.th uUiutan acre ot groaiid i ttai-ln d tin irU?. on which m
an rxi'flV lit garden, a tin> ortHianl of the cl.oweit fruit, agooJ l>ari?
and oillt i*ott biljn g*. in good or>'er.
Aluo. u .Store opposite *uid houna. otforduu a line aland for
buM'tiet* t .ii. i
Alan, a tract af about >..ven am* ot g< oil land, lying :l.out aixty
t'Mi* distant from thw dwoln.g, and *aitnl<le f?r puature oroult??a
tmn, which i'.ib be [lUrchaaiil witu the other i>iu|>erty or not, oa toe
purch.utcr chooaer.
The above dear nbcil jnoperty can lie bought or retit?d on reaao?
aliln term*, and ?> a \rry ?liglblr *ituation lor one w lio wanta a
Kood plemant ? ountry retideaee, or a di:Hiruble lm.-ie.** lonutlon.
For ternm. apply to Onofge A Ho t, 14 Bowery. N, w \ork or
to the autmcriber on Hie pcewta ??. MAKY ??'TKVENs a*itw*
TO LK'l' Oil L.KjV>K Kiubi llie lat ol May.
t lireu lot) ? a:,, I diy eeliur. N > 53 ?'ullon aorner of ChV
ntr? et. Applyto C. J. FOLHOM, R?okMll?r.
No la Fulton utrcei. one door almvu Pearl*
TO I*KT? The more known ?* No. lie Mnmcn laao.
one door from Paatl street. Poa*?y?ioii uncti uninrilmMf.
Inimire at l&t Pe rl*t. jsn-f
DlkHOLtTluR. The iiinted MirtiMTuhip lu-retutinn < *
i>tmg under Ulc n,m of 'J'readwe.'l & iMuniby. w Inn day ilia
?olved by Miulu<ilagrreNi''nt. Permnw ka^uig cJain* wo the firm,
und tlame in lebteo thereto. ar? re<|nr?ti <l to make an immediate
aettli ineiit with either ol the gene/al | artni ?, at No. lit Hek
man street
JOHN BLACK KI RN cpecial par i nor
HUBERT MUMBY. ^ General i?ar nera.
ritAX lSC.TRKAOU EI.L will eontinoe the Bt?
r cult and Cratke Wakliu; lm?i.ie?t at hmoid ?taml No. IM
Beekrnan atrri't, ainl will n nt.iinu iw tpptdy. by whteaile and
retail ths mual . anety ol Cracker*, Pi ot tread und Navy Broad,
at | r.cee |>roiiortioiiate to the la>e and to any luture reuuclioniu
the priec of tlour.
Hol?**r i^aekata. Water ' 'rai kom. Sugar C r u:keea>
Roalon Cr ieker?, ^olla Kueeit, Wti? maeuit.
_ packet breat, Pi;ot Bread, ani-l N ?y Bieail
VTp 'I'h>. tiiu< ? itn i. re thnt the terma be caah . and tbi *uW
?criaerwill be aatuh d wilha very m de ati; profit.
liu U,l? line Nxvy Biead
1 10 kbl*. N?vy Biei d
would be ?old below the pre^ea' market phce toeloae a* acc.ooat.
a?-tf V jr THF.AHWkLL.
IIOOTS-BOOTs HOOThl - Header, wiu you eear
I ) at Kichar.Utt Walkei'* la'geaiMl lathionalde entabhakiMuta
ui Canal alreet. Nia. "W and iJ9 ? the ?tor neat lo 'iriituwMhiU
If not, juat call and ?ee tie' la'gmt. rnoat ?pn-.Uul and ta?>i oaalile
amaftneotof all knuliot Hoot, and Hbow Only thmk? a pair of
ele ant die?n B<miI* fur llTi mm on my feet und I liave warn
them longer tlian Ihoae liiaiditfor Thu inerrhaut.themeeJiaiMe
and lat orr-r can hore Inn] a genuine article ami b?*t of workman
?hip. nt price* to ?mt tneir pocketa Lndirt - jrou, too, MM tind a
?aprrior antctr, mid of the great#*! variety ever i-en. ??owkibioff
beauty and durability I heii there are chihlrenV Book uad rtlioea,
tin largrat im-or merit C e city can p odore. and at nieh price* Ha
you cannot fail to buy You may think this <i r?f. lint too Imvo
only to rail at No. vvi or at their new store. No xlli anal itrrot,
?tore neat tn Greenwich ?troet, to tie *aliafi ?l. and aven amused,
with their irnii ?? ?e i>?ort me?t <aiMl dlepiai of fashion*.
l)on t anatako? RICHARDS ?i WALKI.R'B two e?taliliah
niuDte. No M*( ?r their new store. No 'M Canulitreel, *i<. e next
toQieenwich at. .New Ymk. Ott lm*
MktaLLK \\ \ mi. m pt >kt an"F TO HtHJHB
Ki.KI'Lll> - Lata ly a tiaingand ai.terpritmc Ck'-i?ii*t <bn
CUWI nd tins va aable Metallic Waab. arid by the p. r*u ,<i,ni of hia
friend* ai d a lireun* of Imniamty he is imtocod to otler It to the
public. a? it is w? ll known thai many i eat he naieeiMU <-d from due
lessly u?ing < tali Aeol, and other pmaoiioea aulwtaneef, far
cleaning ? e.nU Till* Vt ash will r ean metals with the lea?t ms
?ible iab<K, and i< an tar from containing anything injuttou*, that,
in snme caie*, it is a ?mi<i medicine
AI?o. W hid " w Ulna* and Laoip Hindea
Agenti Milimr <i (iaiMble. it:t Broadway . John R 1 >?hW, corner
of Broiidwuy ami Itleei ker. Adnmxai A ' ' I I tT, 4><* Droadw ly.ana
7 Bowery; W. Embreo, eo in r of East Itrosdwiiy uad Market *t .
(i l>. Cok'gi sbnll. tilt I'eaHatreeti A , B ft I) Sands, li.u Fulton ?t
Oirectiuii* tor usiik the Wash on the lah?-l a* at*
^9 ti
In-e th ?t he cootinuee to sell the above aitk le at V7.i W ashing -
ton alreet. eoinerof Wntren street, and it * entirety different IM*
tb? arlirle maite tiy other*, an celled Soda Bi?-?it Heblaogivaa
noUce that lie is not int?r-*??l in any Buk?ry eicept tbat, at the
cone r of W aahingloa and Werrea *treet, New York, where he haa
alto for aale
Batter Cr*ckera, j Wiae Biaeiut.
(sugar do. Pilot 4k Packet Bread
? ii er do ?
Ephraim Tread well'* mena are different front anv offi*r* in aee.
and ere l>ele-v?d to lie the ixwl lor fitncv btsemt. Un-. are henta*
with flees fnen the ??il*ide. without any lire within and are always
tree from eael*. a?lH* d'
t'raeker* Ibr eaportataon, 'e aait the different foreign markets,
ran tied It* . r? d a' -hot' nutoa.
n i l M,.i,. m '? ( aome y..ar? aeo putting myartn le* m leieoa
different from any then in use. Iiut eundien have imitated these,
Ami ship., of our eraf' have obtain, d my par kages s?eoaid bend
with my naniw on them, filled them wit., tliew arte lea. and *ola|
them without ri nun mgmy nan e, eon*e<|ueri ly the bayera rnuat be
wi.li lunit, K',"W whose .ifticle they gat IIW1
I A4 K OOOON A !f O K ff B A < ) 1 1> K It 1 K.*.
Ii I III >M A >< I " II It A N ies(--. 11 J >1 li,r?,? l|?- Indies that
he lei* re. euMi pint of his spnng ?lock, ani.mf wlu.-u are a *pha
did asaorlment of Frenek sirigla coH ,rs. new pat (ITBS some of
lliam are vt^y rich; also, two ? aae? Frenrh r*Iw* *?"'? tidt, and
una cage linen eanit nc handkere.hief* and culf*. w ,tk a<-vi.ral OB
s.-s af .ueotch and F.n* ish needle worked rellara the eh. ngiaat
giMMl* of ihe km I ? ver offurnd tor aale ui thia cit| A gmat van
,i infanta' em Woolen* ? af overy de*i -ip ewi an I'maia
atoi k of l>ialiati thread laae. tafether wit ? a general aomtatl
of every deecription of lar-e ana i wl^ooler iae
Ladies who wan' g<e?la of the ahov* description, would da
well to eill at Cochraa'* l.ace and tvnbraidei y Warnhoeae, #4
Ca'harma alraet, ,.r at hw store IM Bowery. Mai be?aff the owiy
eataldohini nta is this city earloaively dev?un to the retail lae*
and embroidery lio*iwaa< tidies nta* rely on it (hat the fiuS'
are well *ej? rteit and from tl* haat marketa Tlse ?riees
gtvn aalistaei on t i the porchaa^m eona>ooenee rtf th" erleriarve
patronage the *ulsi< nb. r has r<*. i?ed and eontinoe* u? rifsiK
his intention k to take the swiallest pietiMe advaare troei the un
ginal eiMt af the goods W hril.oale and retail
THOMAB COCHRAN. M da the one ??
?H tin and l?4 Baiwe v itm* s 1 ? ,v* ?* r in# el.
ami ('oiinselkir at Uw. tlmlon Hall. No > Rrv-lman * treat,
(oia*Mte the Bnck Church doar.) <M4 y of New York liheiH* Ma
so'in A'kanaas, Military Itaanty . Oeneral Land odlee, aid WaaW
em A gem y . .
Patent* abtainnd. and tltlea pevferte.t f. o ? ,.H?e ?? t n?abn?e?
"?her t*t. Kevdutionary- ad UteWar- W Canadhn Tgha.
testa ? Ith. r.nglish Hefu?e*e fram the L Htates lo f%n?da aad
Nova Scotia ftth Desor' er* from the British army , er the hena I
all the above r a sea gtb Titles te land- l-rUiiod foroon laymool
ofta*. reclaimed Tth Heirs ander a#e eoutlad to lands sold Aw
tales "th Those who parte. I wsth thei- die. barges, warranto, a*
titles, he Tors the |iat*ale issued ran reclaim the urns Mb I?aida
in the wvttal State* and Terntortfem the L_^tatee, < aaada.Hbae
tsentia and Teaas, lomght and sold. <x e*rhangsd. tate* paid, and
title* Hives tig lied ?Mainedsne |?rferted si ai^irMsn ta thu
*^iet Maatera fhmogtowrt the Vnited ."tales aad othai gen?
for wa riling any ?f the above rlainvs, and acting as agent* ii
several *??*? ion? 'J " will be em c hsI to ?i"rrsst
|siet tsnid
tr"^- V alii ilrle ft.rtr.rna land fn? sale m the Bute af Illinois W*
quarter sertione ef I** a. reseaeh, in par' el* trnwi aa to aaras
siiBafadnr-artowns.andolherwiae Also, m Mesmri Mid Arfcae
*aa <hau
S\V . mi y II \m MiM r. ape. t' i i ? ? -."ts
Ii ggid the laibiie gt nerally. tkat sine# he k ' 't- r n
I fbetioosry estaltlishmei ts in Grand street, hekas. forftle 'tetter ia
rommrsls'Ktn rif hi* down town fneivrf* of?im<l it new eatalilidh
ment No rn| liivtstofi street, formerly tweaptad by Mr t.oNin,
ii ted on ihe *ami apprevee pttidph aa
hi? lloweri ,-ite im < 'raiti Hoi ry No '.se Bowery
With many thank* for the sery extended patronage already et
mertenceil c W Blf* HAM to" Ihiwery,
and $i | Ibvawai street
p.oir first ra'e Jotinieyeaen wm r, 4 , 'rrtte|y m t If
All \ 'I' I. NIIH'I 4H1. A general a**n>ln?ent of AnB
H Mr.rtars wiibl'estaJ* o* difcrsat nemSers fot*al*hy
?r PR Lt:? H FFl't- II I WANtfKR, ,C? Bruadaqy.
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