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voLiMEii. so. 3 58. NEW YORK, WEDNKSDAY, MAY .5,1837. wiiole?o.?i?
ALB is somed to Subscribers in the city, regularly every mttinu g
(wmiii SundayJ at the rutr.)|"two ee/ifsporeopy,payable weeki)
Iss advene* to the Ni wsnieu.
Country Subscribers, m any part of theUnited.States or ,n Caw
da, can revcvo the Daily Hukald, by mail, at the rate of mi
cent* per sopy. 1*1 remitting csih ib advance?for sueh aperiodel
tfone as tbey please.
The Weekly Herald, eon'dining all the matter of the daily, i
sent by Mini!, at three DOLLAR# per annum, in ado arte*. In h
?Ay it is sold at the oflico at su cents per copy.
Letters te the Editor to be post paid.
The Birth anil Adventure* of a llanla Bill*
"Bless'd paper credit I list an' best supply I
'I bat lends ctiraption lighter wing to lly !"
.My moth, r wusu t:ny Med,
As smooth as Lady's lip or hand;
A ploughman of un honest breed,
Ifcr t ok, n: d u icd on his land.
Bu s oriVct.'i d and gave n.e firth,
Thi; ploughman srnii'd as life begun,
When up 1 st tiled from the earth,
To meet the morn and cheer! ul sun.
What signifies m> youth ami prime,
Tliedwws 1 fdt, or drenching rai ?;
I uever have, uor w il! rapine,
Not even wh.iestrewed , pon ths plain*.
With rhousa d? torn from out our b ds,
Then mingled with a demon s nerve.
And twisted into little tlmads,
F.rb.,j i oms and slaves te serve.
They tore nit into finest strings,
Such us the spider spina at dawn,
And tilted me lor choicest tin ig?.
Than took and wove im' into lawa.
But soon 1 travet'J IB a shop,
And found myselfdsne up w.tlicc ?;
Tol.udi ?* I was ne'er forgot,
But show i to all the pretty fair.
Now cor ses an era in my life,
The thought dees make h?o trembly still
With thrilling extucy and strife?
1 was not thi-n a j rimcil bi'l t
An At gel in a lovely form,
As bright at d beautiful as K?he,
Came saftly a? a hallow'd morn,
Tliat peps ' l>on u pious deed.
A clerk with rings in showy p'rade,
Uutiilde'l -e withailly wiles;
My r uisom <j lick aim gladly paid,
And sent ine home with many smiles.
The susson there she used with cure,
Together then she sew'd theparU?
1 cannot tail- I do declare,
The ilr *js sbeniidc?'tw ,uld break ad hea ts ?
Ye Onds, how shall I speak the rest?
Ye beaux and apes, and dandy cits,
Ccul I ye but know now I was bless'd,
W hat mimcle co ild save your wits.
How oft I've wrup'n her sylph like limb',
And been to her the only veil,
While birds wer > singing in irning hymns,
And. cpbj re floating < n the gule.
Coolly* i huhoU tliegl iwing charms
That Id > in heseath my co ding shade'.
What fears, and trtnapsrt', and alarms,
Wool ! rise, and a I the soul invade.
I cannot see, b it that's not much,
Who everf, b thejiys I feci-,
Tlie svnse, the mad'uiiigiieHse oftcuch ?
lean no mora?my sensts reel.
I underwent ablut' ,ns deep,
To purify and ci -dive me white,
But thiH was only once a week,
I then relur ,'d wiih fresh delight.
This could not list, 1 soon w .s worn
To tutter'd rags, iukI v ry shred* t
Oil I that I e'er shnul 1 have been born,
Te taste of bb?s, the poison'd dregs.
They tore roe up in little strips.
To Imidjip wounds and putriu seres;
At lengtb I 1 sy among tliuch- p?,
Until they sweep'd me out of doora.
Immers'd in tilth, my former pride
Lay ft.mi ingin the slimy ril ;
That in the gutts r nils its tide
Offcvers, pinguiM, and w hat you w.H.
A kaxom lass, a littls swiss,
In pity saw ray abject fate
There's noli 1 ig wo; tli a sous they mis.
Ho, n lick she cliung'd my gloomy state.
Another epoch miirkt me here,
To he remrmbtr'd lmg, I trial;
Titer took me to a mill that'* near,
Andahortly g ound mc into d >at.
Fair pap"r, tJen.l roecto l<?,
Jut ready for tlu gravei't art;
A poll h'd lace lie you may tee,
And tpolcaa a? a virgin heait.
Then Wavhmtton and Fi.nklin ttenU
Ho nobly drawn, it magia ?e, m'd ;
My credit,tilver w. ighed, n flood,
A a pic i id id tight, I tho'glit. or dress d.
Behold me now, and mark my fame,
While men and women on medoat;
" The thadow ?f a mighty no me *
I am. my aabstance it a note t
I'm now the idolofthn tow a,
Or w-tt n mq tew ahort monthi ago,
But now I'm mnkinf in renown,
Aintd th fpM'ral plaint of woe.
To me what komige true been paid,
What templet i na'd tl roughoul t.'e land.
By votarica of ev'ry grade,
Who thought tlwy built utuoe the (and.
No br auty part nj from her love,
Nan ever felt ?uf H inward grief,
A* thnac I left behind, to rove
Ale nit i lie town, and Ir.ng relief.
I've be n etch >ng'd fer I da and twampe,
F?r churches. bouaev. and fiir gold;
And vometimM tot 1 v had the aranspa.
From boying all that c uld heaold.
I pan I a hundred debt* one day,
And travel'd wiih 'He lightniiig't apeed,
WhathliM I tlied amongst the gay.
While swapping me for cv'ry need.
At length mto a bankrupt's rraap
I Ml, while wandering on my court e;
He in a booh did lock ma f tat,
To make afriend, ifthingt graw wartCi
With him a lovaly daughter grew,
Jot like a rote lap-rung biunnt.
That sully d oopi i i morning dew,
?r love in tcart be'ide the tomb.
Kite anw the working of hie miad,
Ben 'ntli.tb ,t calm and carel.wa air.
What mcnet will nit a daughter find,
To Hunt the arrowtof devpair.
lie gaa'd up >n that dimpled al in,
And anw the devil in her ''ace;
Mte aeem'd to mock the Mell witlun
With aurh a cold an I hearrleaa grara.
Wrtlitremolng hvndt he drew me out,
Andcavt meat 'he trraph'a feet;
I'm run d -b irat a frenai'd ahout t
Wail, wrJrem i rum t here we meet i
My dinner joya were all r new if,
She tdreet mc ia her ?nowy hto ??t.
Aiw? n those rfcariM gti l tinauhtlurf,
That hed tbe Prophet g.ves the bleaa d.
Thee turning tc lerfrantie aire,
She aaid, the vt a tit la tiestow'd on me;
To deck me out aa fathion'a heir.
Pvc tav 4 to meet Hue stormy tea.
But aoiin I left th a ancreil vale,
To wander forth with tad regret;
The Bank at tight of mc grew pale.
And tum'd me out?I'm roving gef? D. W.
Schppbt, Hungarian ftrigand. - Recent ac
count* from ICtiropc inform* n? of the ntitnde of thu
remarkable man. In a late Pane journal, we find,
copied from a German paper, n cunuui notice, which
we translate, of this ntan of letter* an I a poet turned
Hriband :
" SfcAurby was born at Funscherchtn, in Hungary
hiH father was a tanner, and Inn ancle had made 8
fortune by preparing saffron. From ins curliest yc.-.r
he disphytd a degree of boldness and rashness winch
oftea alarmed hia parents. Sanguinary quarrels,
winch he was often engaged in with the children of
noble houses, determined his father, at an early day,
to send him away from homo. He was sent to G o
thn, where he pursued the beet studies, and it needed
all the superiority of his talents to rt nder tolsrab e the
outbreaks of lus despotic temper, now become un
Schubry was a poet, and composed ballads, which
his companions learnt by heart and recited, us set to
music by himself; and lis was furious against any one
of them who sang false, or w ho, not being a native of
tiie country of pure German, mispronounced his
verses. He was compelled to 1< ave town in conse
quence of the tumultuous proceedings of the students
whom be had assembled together, made tipsy, and
then conducted with lighted torches to assault the
nu.nismatic cabinet of Go'ha. He escaped from the
place, pursued by the military and the police, swam
the river Leine, and concealed himself in an out
building of the chateau of I'licded stein. He then
passed into Hanover, to Holstcin, to Lubeck, und
finally to Upsal, in Sweden.
Schubry, however, who, retained the love of study
and bis taste for the arts, determined to reform, and
to devote himself to scientific pursuits. Hut. by a sin
gular futalitv, he received the news, after the com
mencement of 1836, from his father, which obli<;<id
him to leave Upsal and return to Germany. The
inon- v, to enable bun to do so, was thus procured:
Every evening during the winter, he went out of town
and dug holes in the road, which he covered with dry
branches and snow. Whoever fell into one of them,
was immediately attacked by Schubry whose strength
was prodigious?und robbed. He left Upsal sudden
ly; because one morning, in the market place a farm
er's dog, v; ho recognized in him the person that u
week pr viot> had attacked his master, sprang upon
him, and tore his clothes. Fearful of being identifi d,
Schubry decamped. The number of robberies com
muted by him previous to his arrival in Joteplulndf,
in Hungary can only be estimated. From that place,
he wrote his father a letter, avowing Ins crimes,
which he ascribed to necessity, and adding that he
never more would see a father of whom he was un
worthy. Thenceforth he devoted buns If with incre
dible address and patience to organising a hand of
Brigands, upon a footing at once military, imposing
unci in some sort, poetical.
By the fascination of a figurative and sophistical
elocution, he succeeded in debauching a number of
young ami ardent men, struggling with debts and
difficulties?students and subalterns: ho soon mus
tered ICO men under arms, who, sotnetint's in bands,
sometimes dispersed and alone, executed severnl
most daring acts of violence. Schubry ulways led,
and always, before any contest, agreed upon a place
of re-assembling, in case of be ng dispersed.
Last June be had a severe conflict with a squadron
of hussars, who were proceeding to Saged. Schubry
was wounded and pursued by two hussars, from
whom, however lie escaped, 'lkat very day, arriv ng
at Saged, he had the boldness to dine at the public
table, with bis arm in a sling. The conversation
turned, of course, upon the event of the day, and the
famous Brigand. " Do you know h.m ?" suid Schu
bry aloud to ail the guests.
1 do.
What is he like I
He is about 32 years old, six feet high, ami with
shoulders square enough to curry all of you, gentle
men?a aoft melancholy countenance, calculated to
seduce all ot you, ladies. With one arm at present
in a sling, he could with the other lift this table and
tumble it orer. Me wears a black frock coat, Hun
garian boots.
Why, be is like you, then ! was the general excla
Certainly?for 1 who drink to your health, am
Selmbry. And having drank off' his glass, lie quietly
placed it on the table, and disappeared.
Many other stor es, denoting dating courage, and a
singular turn of nnnd, are related of this extraordinary
man. His band, as we stated above, is not made up
of common rogues, half-starved peasants, and famish
ing beggars, but of men degraded by vice and not by
misery. Over tins troop Schubry exercises the strict
apt discipline. He bos established for their benefit,
gymnastic exert.scs, and firing at a mark, awarding
Schubry found among Ins companions a lieutenant
worthy ol himself, W.lliam Kaiphen. a playactor of
The band, winch numbers about 500 men, is now
-kulkmg in the Carpathian mountains."
The Supreme Judicial Court was in session in this
town last week- Chiet Justice Shaw presiding. The
docket appeurcd lo be loaded with esses fur trial b t
the parties were not prepared for trial in many of
them. Though there were two or three trials com
menced, only one verdict was taken. This was in
the case of tfeorge Itiddle nguuiit the inhabitants of
I<cydcn, for d images sustained by the plaintiff* mure
by means of a delect i.'.' the highway. It was ad
mitted that I lie mare was injured hy getting Iter foot
int? a hole in a bridge, which the town of I.cyden,
was bound to k-ep in repair. Hut the deft ndant en
deavored to show that there was no notice of tlic
existence of the hole, such ns would make the town
liable for double damage under the statue; and there
was also much contindiciory evidence on the ques
tion of da magrs. The jury returmd a verdict ?f7!>
dollars, being about tke estimated value of the mare
before the accident, which verdict of of course is dou
bled bv the statue.? (Srtenjitld ( J/iim.) fr'ur.
Has (>r olr il inuilaate prices. Hardware ami fun"* Good* 'ir i!
tfy- A complete and aeneral .issnrtmiiiit of Rnatty'iCast ftee!
M|n Ti?l?. ?vrifll>il ?lwi)r< imi trawl dm tf
a" RIIRt'MATTSMofin-.c *<&ndiny. nndof the meat owtirr
?nd, thai ha* ItalHe-f It* *kdl ofnll phy-i ian*. tun Is- ?- en
tarelyi tired t,y th, araof'Dr. IRWIN'S Ve.e-abm I'reaawrattve.p n
up by himself ,i Nn A < flowrcy a* IW*
try- St. A NC A raofn wvu drt*pi;tfullf M DtnllHtfrt-nds
? ml the public. that the* has* remnv, d their iMmil'<rl?rr from
the c<?rt?*r of lltMMe and Rose strut Is. to the w? |,uilitip?s. comer
of Gold and Fulton ?tre?t?. where Its-* will lie (tail to ?r ?nmni?
date ?ticb ** deal to tlieir line TV * hare on head. nt i>rr#<-et a
larfp amls|i|.'mli I asaortmefit ofcol red i>?ix-r? of every varietr
N B M- ?? ? RLuir A Hodsn hnre It* re t.ad Its- prcviium
awarded t an at '!<?? Mas in - fair an
t liPEfiNb.
try The Fttbss itssa have now on tnirsl an e'eya t and ev'cn
? i*r ***orlm?nt nf urpem*. s?<-h a Rnissrla. the a>pty, *u e-ti ?tc
and 6nai Twdla-d, damask, ttire- plr, toy tin and striya-d atair
rarpetin^ nf *" widths and col, rs. F>?ured and plain Its:*'?*. In
dia inattin^.diss mat*, stand na'i, i tanas tattle and stand covers
Also, a rTf (real variety of paintaxt their oil elaallw. f run 9 to
94fe-twidf' an ?ld ami well season* >i article Any aaftha- alaove
rood* will ho ?n H *' lis- most reasonal le p irea
Pufdhaai is w-!l f.id it to tha-ir intt-rest to rail before makinf
their final aelt at ion*. J A J II BACK ITT,
Na 71 F.iat Broadway, evtendiay thrnoirh 'a
is*! in* N't 71 Division Sirrt
The Editor <.f tVt Hominy M'irninr Nsws comes out at
' uPti th. the Vlaur an at 'h-- Amariran M>i*eom, and call* luni a
ham,boy an l a hsurler All this is Is- atlaoC di I md sasCat a loll
who h ha - ma it, r,| n?>-r.-.idtlt-d to tho amount than wn? due la
"'IP l^eoeia * *fth? News, winch (' fan prove h? his receipts.
Alan, the ij, |,t w?, ra?nti#r-rd lay afto'V" person T e t-ier t< of
" eth Mo,,, ,? tow wadlknown to the rci/e. a ofNew York ta? l?
injuredhf Hie pr .pr actor* ?fi he Sunday Mo-nine New*
*r it* m hiim.
|>l\l--. \ IMM.lt. IIIFkhK. ? ' -d ami filly I. - ?
? first .i.iilitjr, for sale I,y MAR I MAN * H<RI)-'AL!..
_ I fTm rv' v?
I ? V . ^ ' V ' .wn "topers, just arrive ?
? inmlioi (hi* day, foa.t of Alhan* street par Mar caret, Irom
Liverpoal Apply ?1334 I'earlstrenl.
miff tr DOt'01.An noRlNBQN k CO.
U % HIP Mtts tPAItll.l.A (ONI'tll N It
*7 htrlily roneentratial friiin the pm?t ayprovml f.rmuJn For sale
wh?la<*ale and n tail, h*
, . NATHAN R ORAM AM. Pmrrist A Apotheeary,
"?-tr SO Nassau atreet, rtoner FnlteP
N Willi. A man to an in the coonV*. almut 14 miles
fr retSsr ity One'list n.is *fitk"it in a rarlenaed i? a'
mialnted with the mana em*n?ef horaes. ami is wiltanr t<i mnk ?
himself ua fn'. eitl tind it a desirable siPiatinn N ne t?u Enrlish
or -'evtt h m-t I apply. Iiituire at M Chimtsr* street, after three
Q'c'otb, P. aN mjrf-M*
? ? sons, w o unlerstund this ditto eut brunches, anil active
Lulsirors, inny hear of employ, in auountry village, by applying to
Ug'tlt* I) McLAVICN, No. i Co tlundt street, up ? aire.
\t VNTl.D KMXEDIATELT-A woman who
? ? ile siuinl.x i" oking anil eon (I take charge of i small ila:;y in
tin-1 ountry, TO n.ee' tout the ci > .-cn'i h ir En;lull Miami lie
preferri J. Apply ut tlie City Hotel, No. it, hctw.eit lira hours ol'
I and 10 in the nomiair. aw.r-; ?
WANTED -Two first rate Wuiters, well uctpiuinted with
the bu.iiicrs of 11 Retire ory, ami sutLtied to devetr tlteiu
salves entirely In III il business. Ci e\e pUoiti.ble testimonials, nt'
good nhuiuctr rand cupabih ie#, front their lu?t e pioyer, aiII he
re't ,ir il. .None but ilm-e unswilng the .Pi ve doseriotieo metl
apply. ALEXANDER WELSH, Terruptn Lunch,
Corner of Ann al reel ninl tiro id way.
ALSO WANTED A rood . ys'er Opener, a-cu*' medto tend
a Refectory of extensive business. Liberal wages w ill bo given,
uti" at
iuantru in i?ii11, iIff:r, 1*111 v hTTTT
" Horse Maker. A'ao, a *? ti ller, nrni.united with triiniii n*
the a..ni<*. rtueh u? ate well ue?t laiuied with the business, gout,
wuroh ami seiuiy employment w ill he aiveu hy
CluEON < i i\,
at hi' Variety and Linlwure a ore ,
a'jt i\\ . I.. 11 .. , T Maikv-t at I ft I'hllauely hui.
\1' ANTED, A Ear our and Urdruotn t'.e iiinliei! tor a single |
* ' geutletnin. wnli tu and break fan'. LttU-is addressed to !
J. (i B. Hera d office, wnl he at ended to a a if I
\V' -A N I'ED -Three Arneriea i li -y-, ro f ur . th Spar >>r
? ? kn g tia.lc, a white* woman as 1 oo ana n colored man a*
water. Apply at \.e 7# (.'hamh rs a*
\y AN T R D -A nuinV-r of young men, Americans, to go a j
' ? whaling voyage* in first rati ihi unong ich tnt
ted. Car, enters, t'no >ers an.! Black.iii tin, to whu l extra pay
w dl la- given, all clotiu sg and other nt-ecss ,ry artn I- ? will Ire fur
niaheil for the v.yugc, at fair prims. Ayp'y imrn. diut.-ly nt tj
I'cck Slip,upstair*. JOliN It. TAYLOR.
?? CO-KAft rNEftrtHIl' A few < iitorprumg lHi?.ne s imn
with u contiihutgiii of a to gau.o each, arc w anted o lorm u hunt
ed co purtm r. hip, forthe purpose of mat nfacturmg a 1'ut-nt artt
cle, tin yearly consuiupti.n nfwwh will prohaidy exceed jwo,
ci w, and the proliU e ?nsidurahle. for r-ferenee, apply, with rvul
nil *e. G. S. at th-.- olKco ol'tUc Oour.er & Kigpiircr. d .6 tf
TO OAPi'fA LI ts'i'S.
\\[.\ NTKD-i , uiki, mi proper I ? in i i. ? E<mrt h Ward worth
' ? uiorutIiiiil doilhh lhe .'snin t A ply to J,truer It. Win iilg,
A'-'orm y andCo-umerUir,corner ot Cham lorxtr' -. I and I'ark Rluce.
CrmdPtoii: made knouH hy Mr. Wlntmv. alS-tf
\V ANTtlO-A ti'sf r te Brass liiurrlier, fnr screw cutting and
? ? lurniiig, to WU 'tu constant employ incut, and Hi 7 wiig-s
will ha glean; apply to377 Broadway. Mb*
ANTED A situatioans ehinril em aid. Ivn f ma'e who
*" H a il .ihI plniii ? wer, and wmi 'd ma o i,< rtclf generally
ii i ful in n private ami y. App y ut 77 Mulherryttrvet. uik- It"
WAX I'ED ? An active and i i juttrioHi ynang man, to
serve in I he e ipurry of aalesin ? 11. None nved apply iiiles.
he can produce good reft rencg*. Imjuire ul ItuCha liaai sirect.
_niyS'3l^ __
A MAN COOK WANTED. IByappirhicM MWiitr
stieni, a (list r iecook will hoar ofa g -".d >im.item, a."
I^AUMElih tiVANTEDs or aingtom-n win
uuderMtand farming, r an tiud sleudy employineni hy apply
ing to (' S Brown,ng.at West llohoken, oneuud Hipmrter rndea
from Hull ken Kerry. Appication inu-t me made early h? the
iipenic.g, ? at '.'Hi*
KUO.'I.S WITH BOAHD may I had tea Lean r
*t., tie agenlk'tnan and his wi.ea -d twoor three single gen
tlaineu Apply on tliepicmwea. m'J7
KDOMS AND HOAKD. A pleas ud I'arlor with two
Kniitrics ,,r i 'Insets, and n B -d Itwen, t i if let. with gent' el
hoard, from the first vt May next. For particalars n ipiire ut No.
67 Mail-<ni street. a?>*3'"
f 1 *D IIOLSf KKKl'EKN. Waired, if-..in the fr ' of
1 .May, hy a ) oune married mun.wi limit chllfrt-li, in a resp-ct
ahle private fa'rily, a parr t?l" a house, eonsmtin.- od a sitting
room, on; ?r two Uedro'>ms, with use of a kit 'in and yard. Ad
dre-s t> W L. at this olli'je, stutugtel.. is and wliere situated,
LODCtiNOS 'k'D LET x Sloe-lung Kisan f.,ra siegle
g ntleieun, with tneiikta-t and lea, il rriuirej Any persiai
wanting couiforlaa'e '|sart<-r? f^r the e. smug year, at a moderate
rxpens.'.wil lind this u desirable upportu..ity. Apply at 6i lohu
Street. _______ '
r|*(l KOARDim B .r.i 1 may Lo lud u- a sum i p-ivite
1 fan ily, I r a gentleman and his wile, or two ting e g<nila
n? n, hy applying at 144 Clinton streei. am 31*
r R K M I U M V I C K L E S.
A f iw uoyeii Bottle# only "I?li -iev ry superior Pi klrs, romp nine
Are now on hnnd A. lliese u-e the balance of the last yr-.ir's
stork, fainihv# and others, who wi?h to ulitam taem, mu-t riuik#
appheution, a# this w. ek wi I lie ; c only opisirtumi y
they wi.l have till text fall?when Mrs. t'Oold Iwipes to noaeout
with a in .re s de, did assortrr nt ot'thoao ib-he.ou ameliMtmin hrta
ever b -en produc rt in Hi is or .my o her r oir.try
These Piekli-s have lor two turee.sive y. irs taken ihe I'remiam
ut the Fair of tlw American Institute me hamlsouiely put
up iii s<iuar.-<t isrl ho'th . aad haveh-e. tt.eU uud
udjudged l? he superior to any import', d
Any orders lell with Mil. IIILI.s. No :i Ann ? treot, todar or to
morrow, (where sum| les may be seen,) wrfl s r-et prompt atten
iinn Tli ) w ill be ?-.ld h Pwm awly?amerled
The ir ludnluut* ofNow York, awl i<aiti- ularly the Nm(h
Wmd, are relief tfu lly informed thai the new market erariiw i.i
Jone- alri* t. Im-i wet-tl Bleeeker afreet and Feu th, will l>- <>(.i-ii mi
tfatiril.iy, the <9<h Mat., for the rc-wptmii ofvaitora, where thvy
will fii.il a 1.1-M<-riil aaaurtai* tefmeut, fl?h nuil veyi-t -ihlra, of Mi
(???at 4 i|wahiy and a* icrMMiile '* tl.c city *ff>td*.
N It Pl*u*e ra II and rxumi' e 8>ryolirrelvee. ?as 31*
Hot 1 bey* L-1 vi- Ui a -knenh-d* the-o iyati'M * III- it undc-l to the
?entVtneii wliii hive ?i? ItlM-rally patroumed tin <;<tah lahment, and
ii.i4 tin* plenaurr to inform hu In- nd* a-wl patron*, that It** iuaa en
ti n il into |>eimunmt urrin*i-ii* nt* u.lh :i celebrated |ne haker,
I'nr.i ronptaut ?upplv nf the Ixot 1 im mil tart* tint '-an |xm-nlil) l,?
11. .-v hi tin- <-it> Ho ab? will be able at all timet t# aupply la*
enatotnera w ith coffee nud chocolate of the very tineat Hav r and
wheat lyiilityi and H,tiler* himself, that at no .-etutilmtvii.1 i.t in tin
kit) mn 'lie public h- Imtler and more "aUafkcturi'y tcrvtd with
aw h artiel-r-i than at inn. all 3nj
fTf* IN HUM.l it PREPARE FOR all KNEHM -It won Id
lie well lor every PTtucnt family to make Ihemtclvea arijiiumti d
with I he virtue* nf Itr. IIIW IN'H Vegetable l'ii l? ami CiM.*h Pre
pnriilioii roll, had only at-.#.1 llnwi-ry aitlin*
J?Jr~ H C. IIKI'WN A OA., hatm* nprned a Coffee llnnae
(t ie Niagara),at Nn 43 Wnrron atreel, and laid m a etoak of tin
rhoic.pt Wiit/a, Eiij'ior*, Ac., hope hy n'riet alter)lata to the
wnhi < ofi h* if <.->pt?mer*,t* merit aahare of puhhcpatririage.
? 47-11*
win ei ?> inlotiahutfrjeiyli and the f.uhhe, tliat he haa juat reea-tved
a freah (tipply af firnt rale OYHTLM, and ready to HIM them,
I m il, 8t?wi d Ro.t-1, d and Pickled, OR the rniwt literal terma,
at the-liorteat notioe. I'leaae apply at IFaltonatfi et. itJl
D Jg~ NuTli'B If Mild Wallace. Who recently matrtrd
Mr DavW?on. w Ulead at mr rariterie*, No lit Grand *tr. :t,?r
at luy eiwintii r Num, No. JJ O-d 11 *t n e-t, the will learn of K'ad
fkllaN." Mt It* J I
I Jn?t r-reived |* r the .W illy, II hale* of *u|ier F-e-trh Paper
llannnca, a new ami beautiful aril -le lor parlor* and lmlla Alan,
hy fo iner arr.aa a. 7*. l?al,-? and aaacaof vartona r|ualitie?, lielicvrd
toeomiaee yrcnl a vjrwly a - can Ve Chi ad in t a ciiv Alao.
Pre bos I irin'a. border* A ". Merchant*, dmdnr* and o'In.ui. ar
e-. nino u'.tdofiria m nhh-tcrnta. in?jn miiti.t to ?uit
ltd it* W If 8ACKETT.iT Dimvihi and 103 Williaari ita.
fry- TO THE FAWtllfiNAHI.EW Tho?e who have not yet
luiii ihed thrmae im with a fa?li on.i'ile IIAT, l?r tin- ?i?imr. are
itd'i-rit ed that llAhEAi CO.. 131 Mroadway, 'alwayv eelehrafvrlfor
their ??tp< rwr Hat*), have el late inadi evtra riertiotw, and ran
now IV- -out them with nnartiele autiereirtv any yet efl, red.
fl Ir- 1 IIAKI.E- It HI I.I. wo-ild arorm h'a frtenda and the
pilldi in aaneral, that he ha? taken ifir Store. No 711 <.'athcririe
? 'net. and Will n|eN U entire new and ?pb r-ti-l n??ortiiienl of
DIIV 4J?'<tlWI. ?i Tmaday. May and, when h would he ham y
to anil iIhi"' hi want vl '? ??!? rhi ap'
N U. Tlw luwett ivtec wn I lie mtarthJy aakml and no dermtion.
a? it*
00- LAWRENCE WAI.LI8 ? iaform *1 that he will hear nf
fonn tlvnr h ? ndvantaae, hy ea Im* at No 14, TON TINE "orner
vt ate ot \(i,i nndr at ire la, New Y-irk a#7 31*
LIVE DtihhAltd Hk WAI(I). !,. 4a day
? 1 vi nine a?t.a ?ilv?r Snnff Box with tnv miheeritiet'a n itr e
enyravd - n tie 'al Tl.e ahove rewjrd will lie paid on delivery of
tlie tame at the 1 fSee of thu paper.
l\|K.W UOIIK3, Memo ra rf the I. Pe I
I * i4eo|t, It.irt . I,v I ti l.wkhait p ir' tii-t Jack Bra*, hy
TlHiih-r-- Hook, author nf 8aym*? a?d Dom*?, thw day pnWh?he<l.
Im <a'e hy c. MHliPARD, 'Mi Bromlway. r?l*
VI, Y IV V who ha* *tadii-d the Vlnrya ami I Vino under t he Ue?t
Protrp?o a in Pen* ami I^H.d??n, and wlo i? at prenent teneh
rn* in th * etty, ha* lier tmir .li?ei ra?ed fir two pu- iU on eiMier in
? tmmi-iit A fee ad- reaped HABP ami left at the nffice nf thia
paper wi the atlandelto. aii jw*
' I' I li l( f Mil I.EEt IIP* Reorivrd Una day. a hoe
I h- dthy lot of the a'pive tup ma h-erfe p. aad for *ale at a
mmlrratepne-. 1.1 HOPPER H PHARMACY, Hit Broaaway,e??r
?er pf Franklin ?tr.et.
N. B. I/Tecliea applied lit tf
r iWUI kWRDIHII LflKl IIEI4 J OP- reee,ve.1.,11.1
al! PR EE Wis t EliCHTW A NOER. 3 Ctairtlamlt at
(t||!t,nRBN'M CLOTHI JIW. rh PUh rnlwrvkrr,,
J r 1 natantly on hand an eaten*,ve iaaortry i-nt ol f hlUlrtin' 1
Clothing, made in th ? rtmat fhihhtna'ih- atyle, whr--h they will
?nil on very rea*onalde te-m*. a' wh,,|4..nle or retail,
at! 3HI* GEO A litiY r fc CO 14 Hnwary, N Y
itiAHKr Tin s Joat reealved a aupply of Ma'k<' ret*
I? 1 iirntei' -ol-.-ed T-.y?. They are 1 tfered to th* trade on the
mint fWvomble ??-rmi. by
,;| c AlfrPHARD. 1WRmedhray.
Ill linn l-"s- T-llVAh MK CO* V luat re
I eived, i-iit. up in neat nneka*ea, f!ir *ale ol
ml I Dr. EE WIN PEUCHTW ANGER, t t'oertlindf at
S\ 1,1. ?< t> Mar ka Sieved El Mvllerie. and L e- .and
n?7tf DOtlGI.AM RttHINd AN A CO *
UTRR ADK willh* taken in the fire r -? ' ? ?'
? W?U. ..net. Apydyonthetweanr^^ RiRpMALL.
(ill A MITE. -The subscriber v? ill famish block* of Granite
? t., order of any - / , or dpuonmut*, delivered o:i1U.- e at bank
of the Hudson nvi r. Ii tjaiv tii.lc* Ir hii .V, a York. equal io m iub
tgr to any of the < astern <.riiuit', or any ikpiU designated on tlie
nvor, on 'tin Itiwu i hirmi,
A r*i ? 11? ution t? lie made to W'nnl 15 Howard, Fan., No 6 11 fit ri
*?li*t , Curiwkun Kdiemun at I'. k-k!l;or tlie -ubsrrtber ut th
Cold spring, Futmm count), nt ui (tic Uuarry.
A >-ot of the Highland Granite C .inputty.
Cold spring. April X i, lt>37. nS'Mwt
How In rcdiict' lifcnd. Mcu*, Fuel and Rent,
('l) by the Sleuinl>?'t CAUttLINF, on Toe-clay*, Thursday*
I and SuftirrUvH, at 3 o'clock, I' M t ?, the villuyo ? f Kings'oii,
or any wltare ui^ilie Liue of tin- 1 ?. vvme and Hudson Canal,
w hern land can be bought lor quarter v\ hut tic timber *nd wood is
worth, on it. or will "tilHur. ifeutnud*hi|i ,-d to New York. Toe
Lund, when cleared, i* vvo'th f<">r liru> - the or liiiuI co?t lor uj'ri
cuhttrul purposes. For particular*. inquire t I'
A Ml J Alt .SMITH, at Kilutslnn.
!#ew Y<?rk, April '*?, ls>37. a86 gf
l? plan, tor studyin-i tlie art of Bu i. K>e t ? at lit' otiicc. 171
15, -\dwn ,) haviug tnu < tilted over ull other, hith ito invent, d, r>- |
mum- ut present unrivalled. It* n> nr a. prouch to he action of
real bu-ine** place* it fir ul ov- the. Id pi >n oft opt tug till *cl, ml
i>o,,U?. I,y which tli.' student lut* no f idhi r practi e locxcrcpe hi*
ow n abilities on tfea projK itic t ot I! 1 h ijuy, than that wlui h
tlie amine'* -entity ; rod vet ion place ?! b> tore loin, u thirds. Here a
| wide trackless field i* < pen for inet.aurde yniu.in which be who
hrcttd*, i* *tirc to gain tinit pruetu ul know ledge oi l he urt, which so
! many iiiiHiicceMfiih)-ho ?kfor, ls w i,er ?
N. 15 Menu tile situation- provided a* ihuhI, mil men hunt*
supplied with tint rut B ?< I keep,-.*, lor any part oftne Initod
6 tales Houth Antrica, tt West It ?? - uJ im*
1 M 10 W A 11D. Mttlaidor L?V .11 Ivoty bull*. They
\y*w"r may Uu known by th?ir sonru ar c l.n-, ISofthein are
variegated color*, and nun,'en d front 1 to 13. all thuao t.uin' . r*
shove 8 have w lute-tripe ro ill,I the n; ill below ?litis no ?trite*,
llu *>? l">uiid one w ile hull were in o u turn I e. Likewise. I re
aal <r *etta wf lit hard t ull* tn an-Mi. r bu -d|', viz. e win te, 4 deep
met t It.-kit rial. The ttlsivo row ird will he paid to a iy pcr-ori
who vi til rvturn auid lull's to J. L. GI11BS. ilea- th- ?oi or of
Houston st ent, >wl Br?u Iw iy. o t>A If V."*"- 'III), dls o, 91
li.nadway -or a fair prti; ort >at fur atiy i ,rt ot then.
N. 15. Th'iru wtlll> no uu -tin ,* a fed wh tt w turned.
\ IthA i'.\ K i hl. l Th" lu-h'y < oncenlrated COM
I'OCNH ,-Yttl l_* OF SA'i.SAPAKl [,A, iirf i, irad lie the
nulwcriber, pato.teei.f the ' Curliort 'te<l Sur>ni>Mrilia .Mend." rc
eoiillNett. ed bv Do-tor' Cl e l?eiii;in, Steveh .1; ree", CliaDtnun,
ando'her* o' the up ihcul pi f -n. n, tu'eu" r.ght* for w Inch w, tn
?old to .Mr. Wii.utni S w?im I ?iplel|hia. : mirie'or of the cele
brated I'auac.eH. una for 1li princp al c.tn - ?f tin- in ton. at the re
<1 i - t of a ntitn h t of phy?ici.it)?. mid otb 'i*. ha- Ween induced Ui
1 [ire,Hire u *yrupof naimpmiilu, couth n> d with oilier puri^er* of
the i lood, in a in >re corivcui- t and portable li,r,M than the d, coc
tion. At i h spool tultir e tun. - a dc.y, a.ued with a half pint
i of wmtet, make* u pleiiiaat ntal r. t t.ti'g l .-vctmr \ it c rtain pari
I li rolthe Idoml, and renovator tit ,i uh ay tl rut. t put put.
S.,ld in Ixitile* at 6* i ewtn e n h; -i.e nz. n live do lura, packed
in Imixi"., nnd sent to any |iart ef th<' cu pi-y, ?nd warranted to
keep,by J. L. RCHI. Fr? LIN, ntuireist,
114 c t: al *t r,-,|Mt* tc w e*t Broadway,
skula Water from tli* louiit un. with Su.--a|iariila aud other *y
rup?, noiiitautJy kept in the In mi older. niy-'Zm*
J tiHADKrt, of various t intr, alii paintvd in Oil Cohus, vlnch
ure w ,iminted to stand in till cl oiui ??
Thcsuic'ruK workuiuti-lnp dt*p anil in the?r>truly lr-iitifal nr
tide* of I'urntt-r*. tun -mate* hut a i?e tn hi ,.f their n.erit; an I,
wiien their treat durability and Im.tutiful app-arnnce aru ptopeily
considered, it hbob-veil tt*'y will 1-- thou.l.t worthy tbe accept
ance 11 the Am eric in people.
The Hliade* are sold, trtu n.ed a d furnislM''!. ready fur ftvinc.
anil may U- pit' i p arid taken dawn w.tli is irreatn?t facility ny
th" mo-t inexpert' t.ced hand, a* hut live -crew- are mpured for the
It i* re run nr-ruled that tlie new niuthod of attaching the Shade
to the lace<,f tip window fr.nii" h" ado[ ted.
I'm o* from 8 i to 8ir? aclt. Sold hy
jr-Tfs ntnr.n,
in yd at* 37 Maiden bone.
Haxuoii amd Loirnu still w&tkii
Cf'MI'iNV. aliao-- ?f t. i? utiir.k !?>' *.ih- at ;i very low
price?#94 per aherv Im-brco t-n*>< in.?the i ap tal .lock of iho
company if tj6lHi,u.A tti n-t ick in tuple c hi i.ttof M II*. Lum
Isr, villages, i itit*. toAin .i;w ,ui.! t.-m i oflinaiict land kr dec.
ti ,tvv in Maine.
Hot tent ha of tlti* thick lu. been 1 .eight liy ihi"N'nth Am.-ri
can Lumber Company." * mammoth conjo-n of #i,uoe ,ne<? of
dollar* C..p|iu . located in Wall ?'r? et n ii > | i.t of thmr c'ap
ital Ktock. 'I'll to will l?? i.o ? itfirulty m aborting limt the utvivj
ran bu liad at a burg-in?.1 pply i >
J. TllOMI'Sif.V. eel Wilt .trrct.
N n. If thoitock id pot ? >1.1 by 'In* ?).? i, ?t. it will be .olii
at unrt-ov by M?-ik Fr.inkliu A JerkiM 031 if.
/a BLINIW The i>utisci.i?iT icd|d.' tf til y ii.f.irnia tl.r a.bnirer.
nl lie-fine arfa. 'ant lie I. i mil mvi iv.:d for aa|c, iran?|.iir.-nt
b'tnlv ot u al.ty Mini b-aoly n?r>to'.>'e M' know ii. T'liu iniiti-rmld
of which Un-y nre made living in clear a? g|. c, ii I patting oLjih.U
nui La) i-ddily ilincoriMiflfrom 'In n win. I. it .till tUo-e from the out
aide cannot n* mlo :1m mom. N. itbcr have limy ilm unp i uyiu.t
sine I, which tin- ?, rin'i-d tvlinttn hnv.
I Imi patio mm me d'awn with thy vunir perfection a* rbryimy
be ace ? m Friinci or Italy. \ny md ,-ra c in lie vm i-ct.fd arter the
l?tout la?hi?Hi<.b'-Hijt m no- i'i llmvif c untrio*, and in the moat mo
dern ?iyU-a ol'ilw ? nierirvn F attic One m.-uU.
I In ao Hloi.lv ere par icoinrly adapted to pari n eiul tilling
room* in Utw bu It bourn ?. rflln- n ; and rail.litry
'?'.O I'M HI.'HER l,l rulton ?tmm
?"7 in tfceo door* nan iim.id
a UIjASS, U Hprnro il-ii-1, (ti*. i r the I'mk.
-i'MANCE'H Wbitn Fiigbab CKoWN l.LA ^ Co, do. pfHOU
FLE TIIICKNE'K.of itII"I/.-v Inn ? s by 4 lo VI by IHinchr*
K'HK.NCM (iLAHB, ol>u|f rior . obi nu.l i, ? ably, bom 7 l.y 9 !?
d by I* inelma.
1'utci.t .swivel itnimon.lv wi'li Nl. W .park*, at market pncea,
in >|iiantiti?alo anil pur. lun rt, l.y
Bl I.I.I A II lis INPEO VKU.?(i.ni ? b.oi wiahtng la
piny at RiHmrd*, or pu.rhu ?r labia*., ai* invited locall al *1*
or 64)3 Broadway. wlx-ro nre * table* in one room, ami try 'he patent
In.lian It jM?t rualnoiw, vlntc vluim ami ? oni|HMilnvicementi,!bed*
Willi nam eagle Iranian,. ml common 'able* or i.lr.vr, will to- ft mud
the largeat anal b. at aavrMtitaootcver otUrwl lollm pnlilic, a.lviui'a
(. a lo ihoac wlto with toiHirehom- ?t abort none?. <w limy >-?m be
liarkivl al onralay'* nolM-r.
N. H. Ortivra lairany llany Mi'bia Itrav, wilbravlior emvlrrfrreace
to A IIAHwryUl), 416 Ik. .ailway, will recant.- prannpl altaniiim.
Rt IIITON *. AM* IN WALL n\i i,.,? .tr, n .p
l.-r foi talc
Jnjn'v l'a?tc. in M) and inn ITi honra, v."rti |?n.,r.
Rolniiaon a I'atmt Barley aai.I tVrouta Iwli analyoatraacc:vn?l.
Turtarie Acial ita M It- bex .-a.
BuiM'rCaHa.nnlr of Hanla, in re Ih Jam rin.l innn lb. Keg*.
E<l.-v Oab rifcroua ( *ivi|mh!I.<I, m ;,n.l buttle*.
AI?o. Hwn.an't I'ona. oh. nl Mamiftoililfrr't urrcoa. nl-lf
\C K It l?. J \ a E l.'AMOi'KEI'X A CO7U*in? ana
c.Mrala.1 l)K. LEWIS I'Lt I'll I WAN'.Kit in Inn t'orc, No
1477 Hroinlwiiv, will contimi. to luniitb the public wpla tha- at I' la-a
utually tepplie ( lay lurii uu.i bofo*, l.y Mm ir . thirl*, tw aecufc u rarn
tinuoacr of II- patronage.
Swoiiith Lreebw, DinmonalCrmrn', l'.i.?-<ivn''rroriit,forfil ing
ilrc.iiasl icelli, CMrhory, the Ii.-- i .i? n.ical prcp.iratio a, M ipr
aia Lawrnge*. C.xiab Lowiu'i . Ac Ac . r.,(Mtyntly on hanaJ, ami
for a vie on the mot I re .mm nine icrnta, w riola ?aias am. retail.
RRF.TABLKCOMHOtlllD OILfur coloring the
llalr < ' lark.
A'vo, MaKKINC. INK . lor Lim-n wnhteit preparation, for vale
tp qM tf v?? KING, III Tultoa at.
UN. OPIKN' WBItltH. W HANt>ro?tOhn'|MiU
liahrai. tint Hay. Tim rsl;|*iaita- Nnablmr. i?77
_J 7b l b .nihrr at I'I. i?a to ink 'k?t i.,.t ..rf,.*l?a l?4
Ion* etlralilirlMsl, in.al that movi escelle .1 wrvanr* ?re toiMfcaa al
the tl.orict malice Tbuaa w In. ? ?r. /1 w?el o' r>*rl w-rvanti
abould appl. irninmliataly N? ?? r* j.i.l al tier commt oflNjI
toAg. ** " |
JtT?T IM IILIsliEll fy w. hAXiFOKII, jfrnarrlf J.
A W smiHCw.l.) 19 Ann , TIm- lla.-lo lort, amlolbrr laiaw. 1
Price to eft N I. 'my 'Mil. ctra-l .tt tf
KltKONOTfci rOR TlR'TH A' III'. I'ma?tan cm nt
tor ti ling Has-ayasl tet-lU, <lr i.nooH ramrnl lie luemlms glatt
and chin t ware, rnoalantly i n banal ami tor *a|e b*
a.a Stfii nra lo Of. la-? ,t rencht a liter, 377 Brat ilway^_
? V| VK I'lldt M AND la * HO It Kail* W ANTKD.
m Five tlMiman il earn are want.al to I .bait on the public w?ek? ,
of the Male III Iml oia, lo via. r. c. c. nit . mph.Ji cnt will lot
ftv.-o tor Irn jranra al lito-ral wage*
By order aif the Hoard of Interna Irenroarrrn-n'a
l> H MAXWbLL, I'rm loftlm Ib.aid
India num.! a, Feb. I, IM47
For (urtber pa Ucuiara r- lativo In tbr Mmvr, aimly t?
It A Wk.iN A MC.VI Rt- AY. c r I'car and -to .lb ?t N f
Arrangrmr nla can b > made hmr f. r na-aa e Ibrmayb the whale
mule, by Ihe Un un Ln*e v.a. I'rltebirgb, at rery tow ratra, by M?
plymg aa ?b'V*
hMill MAI.K. TV.-t.-r a'm-a. of !?*'? 1 ?T with lit
lure*, and 3 yeara laoae of ytaiav and if .b-v.n.1 tlie dwen tig
over Mac *ior?, now kept at a I meriting Imnve may be ha?l in Ine
taina bear The hmiae ran armmitaaidialr t? boanb"*, ami h ?*
Imen W.-U Riled bar tto- year peal. Km, ni tad lu alMin p raaant.
Apply al 717 OfWwhMi ft. ,a' *'
AI.K PltK'K NIHK. N?w iml faWummble rngrav
? ril Ms-"- fnv IS.- 1'iano Tf ?"?>??? ?' " a page
lr>- MOHRIdON* ?'ILI..s 1 be gOWUinn Hyge-an I nivriavl
Mrvhcm^.^flbe Br,',ab Colirge ItaBh.{j?
III Fa-Ham ar., erar Rnmdway.
&r ilRWARD-IKKI L">ST Dot on Sat-inlay after
'Wa^ no. n, nra' of Hfa clw ay, tie wrm Fr ink' e an.l Cwrfttoaal
a'mci a amall while rnrly Ijiii I ,* Hiwwarirg lo the name ..I Mar
tin V an Huren. Wbm-aer w.llreinm iheaaMldog '-r give mfcrma
lion where lh?- alaag ran he bad. will recr i?e Ibr alette rcwatd ami
the Ibnnka oflhe owner, by cnllin ? at W. at alrttot, New York
agj"i|l'_^_ 1
I- ((RT. In comiHg fra.r i the Female l*tktw?a M'rwlj fty')
_j il-rnug>: Hma.lwa* in Canal etr.sf'. a(>Ol.t> MWLAnT I IN.
art with hair I'he hmlcr will Ito rewarded by leaving it at^lS
Worwt. r atreet **JV_
W~*A RlDFIIIlD wi I indiliMi thai day THE TWO
. " I\H by Mra Opto
r fumi-h. d tied omnia in Murray j't?*t. ? ?
Broadway, lor "inrle grnilrne-n. m.y l-e bed by arplymg In
A A |??vl nftr#, with nam. a ami rel.-rence Pr?t#e*?lon givf"
nirncliau ly The loomt eommvnirate 'ntether, ami mmr
mmd aa haul mom and park* A a. rvant in attend .ar c, a-dM.
bonee rwivaie 55
lltM RD. Four or (h? ycntlrmen of .'emir b ?M< h
II aeeon.mo.latod with hoard .ft r I.t of May, at
? feel, ???! _i i-Aib.
? R? CHI*. Jnat received, * \ A fa
1 i t^eebea. f.n ? ?'? by J A I. A MoM11M Af ?
aueceworatanr !*?*? reuchlwanr'."7'""*11 "
M So 41 Ann *tre*1, tecind door biUoio Sa*iau, an l nppotiti
I'tc I tmiy Uoomn of the thtlcU Reform d CViurcA.
l" A"HSING. rkeavti'n.lvecu-cutatMinof Win
a"^ oouulry, makeit a .uperioi channel kit
, en .o. *?* TWE!;VS ?-"???. ?* lb...
day, fOSB 4^uy?, tltt|7d?y., #1 >7 I |0<lay?, C? 23
* " " , If , i ' 1 'U i 1 * " 1 W II ? - 9 31
1 Oil ! ? ? . I 75 ? . . 9 19 | 12 . . a M
??PPM. ?? -n ; J month., 18 0?
I IKOiWll, 3 ?U I ? UHNIttu, ? ? - ? - 15 00
0CP""A!1 idvtr'int'iiH'i'f. to be jiuhI lor betore t heir in.union.
Adrortuouient. inneried i* the Weeklt Uehalo,iii8i no per
xjuare ev ery insertion.
So. Mt John ttrcet,
Rt .pcctfnlly inform. the Ludn . Mini lite imbhc Unit .lie recent,
coiii,Irntly tioin Ran <,
con.twtirtg of Hut* ofeve y tle.cri) tlon, CmUui^orii'li I.tnen Caw*
br.e Hu:n!k?? r< ii,? l,. die. A c. III 11*
ureases oi>' the eye.
i>h. ?c Ij i, i o r, ut; ulist,
Offile,303 Broad way-prii ate cat uocciii ttu ,iw?.lreet.
J. U . P A Til,
Hun opened a Ref-e'tcy, where fiiwyilcrr.en eno at all tune, be
.?Ippltco Willi the v?'iy lu'.l nod cho.ct.t
ar'icli* ' lir matin t nil nU
The Liquor. no- .1 tlv I ? ?: ki id., an liuvin<Brmrwl neither pain#
nor ex, . u,e in lilting up 111* i-HtublleInilt lit, he hope, to .liuro it
part ol the public p tp-hago.
Ordinary fr in I to4 o'clock.
tT_>" Oy.t .r# scried up in i vi ry ?ty!e.
.J<>W.IMl l?. SPESICEll
TJ- H 1 vI ? If ciiiipleliHl the hir n g" mo il. attendant Upon
opening In* Hat \Va i uini'. I. iniw pn puierl to furtii.U an article
now. n K inrttl u.4 ? uui'iiiir tlm .en I e'liniiitiriit'.', and pom'h.ihk
llie iuere.i.edv.iliut ol'c pu' ity loi more leintlieo.il .civice.ut tlio
itiiinl iid price, yi/.. ? >
A i a guide to ill oi- who in ly fivor li in with *li- ?r : atrooage,
he would prescnl the fallowing rules, winch will iiivurntbly govern
hi# lauinea#.
I'triiiy Pin-'.no *o! I at his e.'-ihliahwioid wilhent t! e .twne
value, tlioi'en'litlerin* in shape uod . cnerul upp a - pe ?
Fee,,.ii|v. Tne very Mod'11am price d in itnlcd not warranting &
.y.leni ofrreilll "ill .,t e.mn.l lie .objected to rash payment#
He Inu aloi..diled t ? hi< sli-cli . ciimee M-lection ol Umbrella#,
Car.el, ti'oves, ll'l inki p'ill- f-, Toi et Brushes. Sc.
The 'ale. Ilo nn win- hi* tittcliip n asf >b' eoiin-nenwtirale with
I lie firowin.; l i-tw ,i .1 rcti-,1 mint of the citj'. ie loc-itml at Uio
cornerol W iWund New < reel - -.mr a part of the building annul
lo bcoccnpitd by tin tliMMier 4t Gnu i'-rer. je* rn
Tlie m- valuab'eremedy li.r ueukre.4 and man hi the ode, Icicle,
and * on,i h, lot de .ility in tk ? back and loin*, from the et'oct
nl t'r vlur-'v a-idili.loi atl II o-'tlio lio in*, ever oiler- d to 'he pub*
lie. Dr. Hweetof Franklii . ('??nn *o lo-iif distinrui.b I f.r Uoaa
Netiinr, willing to mi el the vendue of his friend., and that tho
thini.aiid. ,urt-ring from "in ?? a nl w ilcur- --. uuy avail ilu-ia
.?.!ve-of a reinedv, am! ?liminuih tho r.t* ?f pbyeioian#, ha. ar
ruinted with Mr II. O. Uaxtei. of Now London, Conn, to maau
' lactnr l.w Ntrenyhi-ci >p ?< i!vc, and Mi?ply eve y city a.ul town
i pi IlieUiuteil St it.-.: none genuine without the wiltt.o .igoutara
I ?f B C. IIA\ I'BR Ag.mt ami J.ent Pr >|irt?tor.
Me?.r.. I'ritt ft Ray, I'ruvyiH., 83 M ii hsn Lane, whtEwaln
Aip-nt. lb <h ? city of New York, a d for sale by in .?t ol tlu-te*
ipcctal i<- ta Pi ran, uiJi.lm.
tO? DZKD, late fori inrtf. In, mill r.cit.i year* wc!? Le.yry tc
Co after Hie iun*t aueci **l'ul cxperiene ? in ill the bru.vche* of Ida
Lii-nncm, having ciluhlieiiui 1nt in the 1 ado, r.ow olfer* u> Inn
I'rn mil. at hi* mile* mom,No. 13 Nmiu ituHiti corner xl Pine, a
V/leviltii n**ortniciit ul lull* < fevery van. ty of nap, turn I he medium
lo the plum, \i Inch, n at j to of amd, I. mn'i rial, unit fiiueh, *h?l! Ix>
foun I n,.rivalled. lie ii.iruo* to veil at S> only, and bydnectiajf
h* win chic to that *111 ylc H'ylc. i? c?i lil. nt ?I ihmIit nig hi ar
ticle will,on' any *Hpirwi .mil la?luo,i ai d utility fiaveg e.tubluih
rd 'hi.* ? mill v u? W,*H for enonomy en! elegance "? ilnrability, ho
deem* it nu onvkma advantage lolhe public to confine lii* effurt* lo
oriii pari one milegd of making eXi i rtiuenlg in variety. F, anus no
rival in thedci artu.entnf t**'c, hi * willin n cntri'iit hinmeli in
court" tition with any ealanliakiW' "t i ? y> ? ..ncicc llu article.
Hv hu? made ariang mcuta for the London unJ Porta la-lnnna
with Mime of the Ivnt imnie* in tlnvi nit. mill mil .ilwuy* be
ISnr' ill the market wuh trie new s'a it ir.t ca'ablifched hy lotciga
tnvte a*. i;n i II IJ .Nan.iu rorn.r of Five.
I' i in r 'i.i t. iiin,
DrU~Be? !e ive iiHwt rv... ectf, llyt call the attention of heir f'liend*
i unJlh t i>u die !j?'H riliv, to their i- w and e c uril nvmrrtmrnt of
I good* ju?l received :iu,l/i ieninc lit He ir new ilnrr, \n ;t?j p,,aj|
rKeel between Fr nklbil tail Hn me * ai'U , ronautaer* and
j dealer* will find a*, tlwir cr ah i i; ?? at utlmnlwn n? where el*?
to lie mi t w ? i), in a Idi'io t to t.'c-ir entire ii-w ifock of good* srant
mer* of the u'vrvc firm mo r ; nerdly known hy tho appellatioa
III tie- Thru K/.IV ' >t U a 'I IV/, a nil w ho it m n.nill. *. r*?
I -ay tunny I. t * oui.-t* - jhU uart .al fin th , art of Papr r hane
, utg.lHif ? jwr nj.it-.i na I ,le?|.atch wi I n'lend in permm <1* fur a*
I practicable t all t|. ? work which **1,ill be i iitrit>li-iJ in hi* c ue.
| ____ a?ai am*'
mil: i kk 'if: tii r., .tin rkkin.
to tip: ladiuji.
T. :i ?? It Ci A N,
i ClM hunt i'reer,
Beg* h ive t i inm? m the Li'lie* ,,:'N w York and it* vicinity,
that he ha* ja?l re. en d, cm i cent r.rrivaU, the innit clmice and
eternal ue-orlmm t I.fprxi l* ever olferml mi tlu, erty.
Elegant Print* I .M.?hr*oi lite laimt novel deejgno
Printed Lawn* and i.'amIImi.
?f?Vn tana Ure^p., nt is *51! e IV.eai, of to yd*, mn.nt whicli
11 >H>ii'i a**oitnient ot Co<ni.
iwareol tle- Real Imociml Bine ni itk Waahi e ut V*liil
I'O* tieryard. uevero.e rod hi tlita c:iy under lOaliilliri**.
Kilkurntin eorflea* variety.
A full and dance atooftincnt of r,ch, ti/.rred and plain ailk* and
.41 do* tdain .'indemlir ml n-d .i? e'y for |* ad |i-r . air.
Hu?am l)ili|ieti and Ti.l.h Luc *
I r.ivc ol (iihuon * coiWiroted I.oh Linem.
t carton* ol'emhr iidene*.
Drapery u.uiloM IN every -ty e, together wi*h a large avuor'ment
of Fremhcalcom and d Mno-trc gootitoo nmiermi* to u*eidto ,,
at the lowi *1 pi ice a*k> d and no ah.iteaieni.
i* -i f" Mt-tK'iAN. I?k C' ath*i *t.
\ l-iilno am) v(orr ('aril*
Feroon* fnrn.*hinc ticsr own i'o, i?'r P a'mi, can have thei
pr.Hlmt on il?- mi Mil ?p, to' ell finhionahle ?tyie of rant*.
And an invoice of *ii|ier.or tl nimel ed ("arf*. expo-ialy lr r Viaim
Card*, which lor liridiancy nl (e >!a**l* cm not he ? are led.
Mcrchjnt'i i,|hI Siiire kertiei* *?. p ird with ''aril* ei l ei a'opp
plate i r l.vtter pf ?? at u/ur hum * notice. Caid* at
Dome and f,r Pi.vatc Partle*. her.
ft|iermiee * to I** nwi and *?! ? plm* promptly i t,ruled 11
ANDsrull, CAKD EHTaI'(.!-}<MEN I',
iti J "tin i!rrrt, t trntr <if 11'UOmii aJt tai
PiatM-r lint llarnar,
(2 F. O II (2 K l? K I ft C II E R,
Mnniifartiire*. and km', ? ro a'ip.tly ?o hand l'or**l?,
Plfliniind Fuu > Paper Ho\e? nfeverv dtt*erip'ioil, ?ut? and atrip,
lor the loliuwiea mo* i fhnaint *? . -
A- Dry *fn*l?. rdk?. I hi-"*, An H Miiiw* C Fancy urticlp#.
I), ftl'c'k*, coll i/*. Ih>* in*, *h rt*. K Curl* F Bulton*.
U Jewelery ae*l lairftimery in ad tl etf hran*h?i*. H Hanit le?fi*r
coffee, rtco, wheat. Ar J. Matrhe*. K f ur*. e?p. ri.idy fUf
muff* L >1 u?iral iiiatrutntri'e M Dag*, apothecary u? I ?ta
tir.nery. N 11*1 on, kith-.'. * nod hand lenee fix Milhnarg
Oram RK any p-i?r?i#e tmtntitv nrn*?l.(|r of p*p?r lertn*. re
e.i iv?*l ami promptly en <? ii n' with dinyial' h. ?? H?v *i?*c?t pru-ea*
to fit *? y irtH-lepiency!r*l, intheneaivat mail r.
Merehant* vetting ep new *lore* can lie iiipphed it?np dialr-lf
with good *nd ttro i' lr ilea for ??oie n?e exactly filtiiig the
iti'ivo oflieing a oal <leme?lio? of i lie ?tore.
i oiiNtry iw vi h?n ? mil tin,I ry aenommadatioR in re*?rd of
oktaiam* hove* ofany d, ?? rip i ???, aad .topping them lo all |>aft4
ul' iiif rica. at th- *hocte?t n dire.
In the ni"*n time hi- g vi * rotiee that he r- fiilarly imp<ir'* from
Germany 'hi* nrittve roon'ril rial *?nuine Coh^n' W?ier. mf
which be hi* j i*? ipc iverl a Urge quantity Am whole**)*, *?rp
riorto anyartn le hi ihefri -int narmei. Al?<?. a rr?*t sd'ndtd
annortmeul of German pattern* for (atnp'er* ami ?uihOM'terie*.
of every ih *rfjp'|op, Inr l??lai trig . oeg rh M. |?N M lank* ami
ladiv*' notice hook* di?Ci*a'ijd with nc die work, m *o rveh ,iad
handyome a *tyle aa tln-v oevi r were ? n I* fore
G Penan he i return* hi* ?in/?re ih eiln lo hi* mune p mi* finde
and eiMtomer Iwr iIm-zCerrp r pnlionaae, and lr*at* hy unwearied
pain*. io men! a r oMP name of the*am ?
He a mi inform* hri fnendB and lhe irtildie, that lie ha* heen
-I -1 to . ? i ? i i tie
i?e it M ? V'- rk. for a *|i. ?iiwcn of pa|? rboiee,
tliey Uong eoo-nlrrerl ill moit n- antial and a. leiMiiii ariie'e ie
the line evvrotlvred la the ie?pe Ipinof the p itdle ad lm
< in* t LAR.
try- THE COM Ml I m: ?>F CF.vri F.MF.N on hehnlf of Um
TATToHIA A M? Hi; ? >1* nt K affBff (d 'hi* epy inlorm llonr
friend* and the miHir yeiii"fnll> that lh*r have taken the kl*r? ax
thrromrr ij Wrote meet ami Nroadteay. next doar to Wilkaaa
R A*tor'? l,*i* , which i* new op n, and wilteontmee on'il the m
t> i?0*id Fait.ib whinect tiir tin if noe i? retidy, wdh a vpleinbd h**ort
me l ol Ftmeh, net man and Ii 'rh I men* of ilie moat u|i|itoved
blench *uch an ran I* w, r anUrt all at whfi Ii will lie vu! at met
yr?<r.a*ao lodaceneet we <e ntlene n lo'al1 anil *eh*ct *ucb a
ipial ly a* may ?ut?. ami ti?* ? niPhnnivnt lo tho.e wbe are a! pre
?i ul w dhwut proper meai.* ol * i |*nt
The Committee Ivor th- (.'? Miar to i"fiitm all lh' ir frrni'i. thai
they can have ah th ir art i h a ot W ? ating Apiaiiel m*d.. at thie
M?i?ldi*i,meiit m the m at' ?i ? ml beat insnti r ? vecfd Coal* wlecb
will not lie a tempted Even atliri ilticbat llrea* wi.l bi eiypM
?rt a net anviag af'X'ip*" rent.
Mara. V*i?li IVelnci t arehnrr e*. f* n/A?, and all vanetiee
el artic'e* *in!?h|e for N i ,.ti>evCtrttlaag, Mi|*t for Owklrat* W
Brei.tiityli' had at I hi* Store.
None but the bwttd' Cutter* will h* rmp'eved
flenl'emen ran eillee pwrcb;?*e'he mat-na "
pncea. or leirchn*''ihe rnaturial el?c*hire, ami ha? # hdOi MM
up at tin* Fdtalilwhiw* nt. ? ? ,
The nftr.e or Cutting Pan'}toon*, * ? *o*
Fvevy'd'- ienptioo ofchu'lfce * rln'bing ma??e tonrder and kept
r"Vlml*iiiiceofeirr? ?'? a t mil h marked in firure*. ie rm'et fhag
alt m?v he toe d ' " 1
btmcia^riT, b."'," - ,b" lT
uv G.-n- u.'?p n. *?" ? ?-./ ,n* ?
' Tamd'eVTa'aea' '."xee'p".!?'"n wo.k ?l thep I "*iae*. hy ap
' '',U n< m!tk" ? ?"S?
conli'hratde aa'lng in tl>eir einen.llliwe. and give emplo reenl a>
*wM or I. n il*"'**' 'I *? ml indintl on* f*in*lea. ami itevenl !*"?
?J?'-Mic piiotul iipi* nl 'bey h we hee ? neeiwwtate*! to o.ake to
t(,M tierie* id?n' of UN* creBt *n t ro'd city.
t>n behalf of tbe Committer, _
EDWARh' I CtlftET,
(II DNGF rul.'"d!d.
fit ?awtotf RnMF.lt Bonrwicic.
(tret The *nlecnhi*r t* now ?>??"* * fto*n aaanrtm?*tg
Candf. whirh lm w?t1 r?>H *nt tl*]
ftrwwiihinr'o fHif t?? *f*'n "J*
de> aleil v to the r ?d?n ti.gc to . *11 G ml* will RR' k' W
?cat ?o*ny part ol 'he country "? ONwWRl
alt If

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