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ALB fcf ?err<*J to Vu/Kcrrt^ri hi the city, rcfulitrly every i-??rnir|,
(except siumlujr.) at the rule of two cent* porcopy, payable week j
in advance to ike Ndwohuh.
Country Subecribere, in any part of the United States or in Cat !?
,1a, can re .ewe the Daily Hkbai.d, by mail, -it Hip nl( of l?i
cents perooy>> , on rouutuu.' aash in advtuyce?lor sueb aperiodel
time an they pleuse.
Tlie Wkkkly nuaALD, eontarning all the matter oftKp daily, i
Met by mail, at i-iihks dullaiw per uumuM, in advance. link
vur it ia ?o|?] ,,i tlieofKue at six cents per copy.
Letters t?tho Editor to be post p.ud.
[From the Weekly Herald, of May 6.)
Sewi of tl?e Week.
We have passed another week of time running into
Oternity, and such another week ntay we seldom see
in New York, it seems us it the very vitals of tin tr
commercial system were torn asunder by the vulture
of calamity.
From Europe we have had a few days later intel
ligence, but nothing very decisive oi thv state of mer
cantile atJu.rs from that quarter. They were waiting
m England with great impatience lor the next news
from this country. The whole American trade was
toppling to its foundation. In literature and philosophy
out lath, rland appears to he getting old and foolish.
Their liltermtcure are gradually burning down into the
socket, or coining to tins country in order to study so
ciety and manners under a new aspect. The English
uress now ihows little out but miserable?most misera
ble trash. The United States, in a few years, will he
thegreat mother of science and civilization. Thogerms
of a new application of original power to the purposes
of locomotion, are breaking out contemporaneously
in ddlsrt nt sections of the country. The magnetic
engine, invtii'ed in Vermont and Baltimore, at the
same pctiod of time, gives us hope that in a few years
we shall surpass our fathers, grand fathers, great
grand fathers, and great, great grun.i fathers, back to
the remotest point of being.
In England p ditical affairs are in a veiy quiescent
state. There is not enough of the devil in u to give
interest to life. The king is asleep?the queen is
asleep?the ministry is snoring?and both houses of
parliament can scarcely keep awake with O'Connel
to roar and Hume to do sums in arithmetic. A bit
of a three months' revolution would he a useful thing
to England.
The political news from France and the continent
is of the same uninteresting character as that from
England. The com nerei tl revulsion developes itself
to some extent in France, but, as there is a very limit
ed paper circulation in that country their credit sys*
tent nas not bsen expanded beyond a certain secure
limit. Deep and terrible revulsions in commerce are
always the consequences of great paper expansions.
We have also accounts from the celestial en
empire, by
the Nabob, from Canton. The dynasty of Heaven
is very q tic:?a palace was burnt down last year at
Pekin, but no other harm done.
On this continent the foreign news is very dull and
nonsensical. The southern republics are now in a
state of complete collapse, except Mexico, and that is
rapidly coming to destruction. The political effer
vescence in that country will most probably end in
the restoration of Santa Anna to power. He is pro
ceeding gradually and slowlv to attain the same pub
lic position he formerly held before he went on the
Texas expedition. The accounts wh ch we daily hear
of more Jlexican expeditions against Texas are so
many idle fancies. We do not behevc that Texas
can ever he united to that country; and every suc
cessful approach of Santa Anna to power, renders
that opinion in ire correct and certain. What the des
tiny of Texas may he is wrapped up in the womb of
the future?is in the hands of her own brave citizens.
The news in our own droll land, our smiling, hap
py, unfortunate, gay, bankrupt land,?this news is
the most important.
During the week the great commercial and social
revolution has been going onward with terrible rapi
dity. In New York nearly seventy large houses have
suspended payment?ami out of the city, probably
one hundred other failures have taken place, all over
the country, of merchants, manufacturers, bankers,
brokers, and what not. The whole country is in one
whirlpool of agitation. A Committee has gone to
Washington to wait on the President?a meeting of
Congress is called for. The legis'ature is still in ses
sion, but it talks?nets not.
In this eity bankruptcy lias swept away our best
and most pious citizens. The sinner and the saint are
equally brought down. No respect is paid to long
nforit or otiildor* of ohurclioH. Arthur Tappan,
n W. Ueavitt, and a whole batch of christians
who never indulged in giving lofrfe*, except to the
innocent negroes, have nil gone by the board, just as
heedlessly as those who played cards?swore oaths?
patronized Rosina Townsend?and drove tandem on
other pr iple's money. The glorious abolition caase is
gone forever. The amalgamation of the beautiful
white and beautiful black races must be postponed
for n while, or tinned over to the new theorists and
philosophers in electro-magnetism. Thcnnti-slnvery
society is knocked up. Their great patrons are
knocked down. Alas! for the poor slaves of the
south ! Th< y will, for a few years longer, be com
polled to cat. drink, and be comfortable, under the
control ?f their owners. The deliciousness of liberty
and rags?of equality and dirt?of an elevation in the
social scale, and a depression in the moral, must be
delayed for a time to come.
We are still in the midst of this severe revolution,
and no one knows when or where it will stop.
Impertinent Intksfrbbmcb.?"I never before no
ticed this cr.nl temper of yours, Edward," said Sophia
Willard to the youth who sat bcsde her on the
" I am not cruel," said Edward.
"Then there is anno strange cause for your anti
pathy to that rooster," said she; "I have seen you
pursue that poor ammni, and drive it from the premi
ses more than once." ?
"I cannot endure to hear him crow I will not suf
fer his c lamor," said Edward impatiently."
' Why not, Elward 1 I desire nn explanation."
"It matters not," snid he, " I have a rvason."
"Then 1 insist on knowing the reason."
" l)o you Sophia," saul he?"well then I must tell
you. Although our acquaintance has been of short
standing, vet I dreamed, the other morning, that we
sat very close to each other.?I thought that tny arin
encircled your waist, and yours around my neck. 1
thought that?nay, hear me out?I thought that your
rosy lips were prccnted for a kiss, and that I tremb
ling with transport, was about imprinting a seal of af
fection upon them. My lips were within an inch of
yours?1 hud already inhaled yoHr balrny breath. My
pulse throbbed violently as our hps came in contact?
no, they did not quae touch ; for at that very instant '
yon pestiferous rooster set up a scream directly under !
ray window. 1 awoke, and the illusion vanished. I *
lost a boon more h ghly prized than the diadem of a
prince. Now how do you think 1 can ever forgive that
meddling rooster!"
Sophia raised her half shut violet eyes to the fl.it- 1
termg youth, and extended her small white hand ib
token of her forgiveness. That hand was not re
linquished until Edward had gamed a solemn pro
mise that it should In- his own.?Ilonton Pearl.
Kkmabkabm VVomaw?The following biographical
notice of ?nc of the most remarkable women of the
present age, is from the Belvidere (N. J.) Apollo. This
extraordinary lady's name was Elizabeth Quick, hut
was for many years bitter known by the masculine
nubnqurt of ' Farmer Quick' and a very quick dapper
farmer she must have been. Some 'F> or 30 years ago,
her husband died, leaving her with three yoang chil
dren (daughters) and the farm clmifl v unpnidlfor. Ac
cording to h; r own account of the matter In'ely given
to a neighbor, she thus reasoned with herself in re
gard tomr - tuation end prospect* :?"Wholly inex
perienced m those caleulations usually familiar to men
about the expense* and proceeds of land tillage, she
<h-ieriiiincri, notwithstanding her sex and the disad
vantage* of a constitution at that time feeble, that
rather than adventure hiring extra help, she would
work the farm herself. She said, site believed, that
the difference in the employment of woman, rose
rather from the arbitrary usages of society, than from
any physical difference of constitution, subsequent
experience seemed to confirm her in this opinion; for,
ax ahc proceeded in her out door labors, her health be
came better established, and was accompanied with
strength proportioned to the task. The result of these
labors was, that she paid for the homestead, built a
new house, and enlarged her establishment every way,
and quite recently bought another farm, having con
siderably more means of disposal, than were required
to pay for it. About two months sines, Mrs. Quick
volume ii. no. so*. NEW YORK, MONDAY. MAY 8, 183T. whole no. <w3.
w<nt to the woods, and without any assistance, felled
the timber, and cut and hauled home in one day live
two horse loads of wood: besides doing her usual night
work, of feeding and lodering the stock, iVc. The
alteration sof heat and chill, caused by the exercise of
loading tht wood, and riding home upon the tarae with
wei fret, caused the disease which finally ended the
labors of Farmer Uuick.'
Wonderful Memhv.? A feat nnparnllod in the an
nals of chess playing has just been accomplished by
that Napoleon of the ohess-board, M. dc Lnbourdon
nais, who some time since beat the celebrated player,
M.d e Jouy. with his back turned to the board. In the
match to which we now allude, he Ins beaten two
well known and excellent players, M. Bonfil and M.
Lecrivnin, who played their games at the same time
on two diift rent boards. Air. de Labourdonnais keep
ing his hack turned to them during the whole of the
play, and directing his moves merely from memory
and calculation. The billiard room in which the games
wi re played at the Clu-s.- Club, Reu de Manars, was
crowdt d to excess, mid nothing could exceed the en
thusiasm of the spectators when M. de Labourdonnais
ga\e hischeck-inate. The games were finished in an
iiour and a half. What seems most extraordinary is,
that M. de Labourdonnais did net require the by
standers to preserve a strict silence, and that his at
tention and calculations appeared by 110 means dis
turbed by the noise around him.
'? Josh," says a stumpy bullet headed bluck to a
molasses dipped companion on crossing the draw
bridg?" Josh, pay medal dare ftp vat youborrowo
o' inc." "(Llla mighty?vat you mean to ax a ma
f?r money these tunes, don't yeses all de marchen
breaking, hew can you spec nie to pay; l'se spendu
payment too.
I? 9P ^ ' HHEPARII r Hpeclfuly m ,irilM j,.
-w tiiniuli ttiwl putrorid, that he ha< r.ui >ve^ his Ho. k m ition
Jhr oy'.-Hi date.?He Zl'l ^a'tl^enlnw.'ll!,, S^ind'h
'?oilerlion "ofC("'|h<*i"ir ?' '""I'M v.n. ty, j.nd a. choice
He will iKwaye he reml> t,? simply lex customer* w ith the finest
lfi.'indf^Ja'l'n AT a,H?ta"on<>fy. whieii rnuy
Oloilini r.nif i?h letter and note paper, xt aline v? uv, steel mil
ipiill t eiiH, penknives, Wallets told and aiiver pei oils, Nouinan ?
Vie Wd "alio k ''? " YU,tfjrC?'"r,,r' e,,lfr,iv " ?? -11 Paintings. Ac'
Jren'i Hookx P ? ' '"l"d " rerj' uawtinent ?f Chil
V .New Yurk, MayJ. I837\_ mv? If
T^i^Tla U<,fiLA,W UBWaRD.-Iuht
M',1^ K,'"***d iy ntghtor Tliuraday morning, a diamond tir.eer
ring, with three diamond art 11 it The fin It r will confer a favor
35 C,r"""e ?* ri"if U U kZZ kr
03- cua IO.M IK it se HOTEL CnFFFF KO i\l \T~
Horn hog* leave to itrknuvb-d. the .filmtiiin. I, . ,l\.? . r"
made in this city. He all j will lie nhie bi ?ii th . i !?
customer* with cofloe and chocolate of Rm tor "fines* (lav! /aij
pa rat mn Toh,. had only*, ?.| How?ry
'v ' BROWN (J ( 'H. , Vl > Ml* ??I ? ? iiH la ( 'e f' II
nar^l n.|. the hut I1' "" hutttutwttn
mi iv1;1
UP hy himselfai|\n i; ,?,..v r-orvaKve.tBti
" * -SSr"
-- - . tf? Madison street.
IT?-a.ij fA?"?WABIxK iiatC?
did article to their how numerous .... f? '"rtiixh mi ll a .pirn
__ Misat*
A ( A HI).
and tlie pnhhc.C|tLFTiHy'h t va^l^ral '/l"*11?
the cor er of Duane nml Hnae atS!tT. .i'"* ,n,*"u'"">ry from
awarded f" f," ,, v - , 'V '""I premium
" ?" inform his friend* andthe,,..,hc hhhlf; C DLCKKK.
( i r Z,
I hat hernaatnh i?hc,|nearly fi, v,.,r.?k !h'- al",v'' "are *,l(|
rh.arSrth^K.|f.;,t::r"toT# '"'"Ut W l*r cent
myll lm* g Clarh-miVtie .r'^, Manufacturer,
I the city, now offer, for -ala h!? Karh"? hi" '
afreet, near the w,|ii?m,h.irghVm? Hh.7. ?*";? N"'s',^'r""1
the b tatne**. The fi?ture, ,li.!. ''? * * fir" ">"? "'arid l,H
Huo.- ImI'I Eurmti rc vsdil^^i!?' ' r'M"" razor.. Ac. A'.o,
Apply a, nlH,vc_ mU ,oW VTWW*- ,tw'/*".*
and fittm' it u? j a ,t> i...!.??....,,'!""'1 *V ah."c eata dt.h acnt,
tn the city, /t H * , Eu'raa.r.'r^ T,h ????*????? 'm?.e
ciirt-m N'a'ed with lodrtnr. and n nil. \ "o "?n bear
with liny tlierK h hi <i lui.iao' iL* ?*>?! ?ervtil up
time. ali.mi- '"""w* of New Yoik at nil
t. at ciebetfotamed ?nJlnfoojaofall knM* th? i^.t
? miitnmi N M MEKHLMAN
La>|)s h \\i iti ~70 7~? ??
i# an ae?e* .f ,)*"," *] l" P?WhMe. from a
no..' in. in ? healthy c em.y ^d ,n thi, PHce
villate A local,Wn IH ??'?}>? *""i,-y ?| ?,me town .
feirel. Part in n#m,J Michigan or Illinois would he nr.
AlTlrt.ll T V ,yh""'! V^,;^!r^wr,? ^ .nr.ch.n,
inyf.lawtw * ,h- i**' "tUi r?al name
very unn-htoihr, adv ?.!<,?? i.i'.17;^.. i*'? Wl" 1
,?as - ^
m-Mi'Mlr imrs.at Hnpl'EK'H I'iIARMAPV if a! foraale at i
Mr uf Franklin *tr*ct. "ANMALY.Jil Broadway, cor
N. R Leeches applied.
latodfmm rl,? Fmndi fin* la''a^lh' iSrfl'.STi? ftCL*.h' f*"*
""Wk?J H Man, come, of imtdwa!
f ? lm" """? r"",rr "f ' Walk", *t '
u"'1 " SynHt.ra,,. ,LfVow'iry'^
. . fi" >? *
?ear PeaH "nu* w \f"rVftTs" 1"?^ '* 100 Uhalham .1
practice in the i,e.im.ni ,i'a "* ".IP"'" "? c"e??-|vc
arising from fuiiiti,,,mi ,i "r'P'P.ja. W^> mi. and sll diseases
hver. kidneys and Ida Idcr "f"" " IT ,,,rt,,arh. mtea ines
.(s ural hon the f,?K Hnj ^ awirui c digctive organs have
.'age of the nlsve maTadie. nt rJV?!l( 'h#'"lh',r ?" ""-ry
storesthn unhappy ? ,il rer'i!.^_ i u i m"''" "* I re. t men I r*
pri' fic iM? i m,. r heaJib and ?n>'rgr i? the .horteat
JO- Office imChatham .t nR7V M K,rANH
/ ' 11 4 | s r " ??? "t1
v in the hoM. ?n"ajT,T*. ,WhirHhdr.) cbp/i |. lowered
n't? ir ?ouolaa romnaon a c<>.
^ 'veoina B-t \ inker Hmiff'R^T w'sVne
engriwd on the lid I he shorn reward w.il be ?wTT?21"^
the same at the office of tfis paper "" ?'?'?rerf ?>'
n gss' ?w5 itrvr/te
,, ^TFs:^DSsvi't'5?
A tow tiuKAii Bottle* only ol lhi*>e wry ?iH>t)iior Ph-klrs, comprising
Am now on hani A-i these are ill* balance e f (lie last year's
stork, fuinili. * ami oilier*, who wi.-h to ohtuiu lut'in, must make
I iunnetlta/f .ipplirutiou, ?n 11 is week ws-l be t r only npiaMl'iuity
tlu-y will have till next lull -vv lien Mrs. I oold hopes to come out
with u mere sple-.ilid aseirtment ot'ihee ? delicious article* than has
ever bet-n i ro'tuc it i i ih is or any o Iter cuntry
These Pickles have liir two succostive years lukcn ilia I'reniidtii
ut the Fair of tlie American Institute? are handsomely put
tip in sonar. i| etrt bottle*- ami huveU en trioii unit
adjudged to he Mperiur to any import il
Any orders 'elY with RIK. HILI.s, No. J Ami street, lo.lny or to
morrow. (where samples may lie seen,) will meet prompt i-tten
tion. They mil Iiv sold u ii i/i as only?assortad. all 3t*
I Tiie anbaeiiher havlag just returned ftwn London, hare to has
suci-eciled in making the most advantageous arrangements withhn
Brother, lor a regular supply of all trlich s in his ime, is now pro
pared to otter to tint trade, a superior assortment si'Stapleund Kan
ey Stationary, of thv ln.st quality, and on l?l",var terms than art)
house in this city.
lien ilie Ueevo'sanil Newman's W11tor Colois, Drawing Pai*-rs
Tissue l'ap? .s, Letter Paiiors, an 1 every tlsisripUon ol tiuglis!
papers. Sealing Wax,Steel Pens, arc.
He also euntiunes to inunutaclMie the Palvnt Ivory Surfaci I'lsy
n(T Cards, eiiiHnelled Visiting, and sold borikr Caids. color,'<1 ?-??
piers.ev rpom ILi tds.&e.. n5o L J.CUHWN.
'JtllK IhEKKM (iCTI)f, ?: ? ' I -! Hit IALTcoR
1 KBHPONDENCB ; Co-uprising Let ersofi tr.idurlio i, Let
tors of arc.lit ami gein.-i.il husiliess, with tonus ol'Bills, I voices,
Kills Parcel.. Bills of ExcI n ,ge, Account Sal ?, Equation <> pay
aieuts.un Kxphmui >ii ol' Comuieieial Te ins, mid -dvice to
young mere limits and irailcsiien, with rcgaid io the geie rul maa
agent lit ol'lur- inoss. By I! F. F ster, Principal ol" the N. York
Con iiirrci.il School j A 1'nornf atieati-e nn book k epu g, Ac.
I vol. IMuio. |>g> -Jl). Ju.t pobliaSe ', anil !'or sale by
0. HUEPA.M), Is# Broadway.
K3r- At a trifling c ,st, wo h.vu her ? wh l should he c u.?i.lured
to he mi indispensable computcon to eveiy.unior <"l,-,k in Com
menial or Agency esiak islimeiits. It wi.l be found serviceable to
all as a I took of refoicnee and instruction. aT ?
4 (\lll). I he kit 'actilu-r would inliiriu his eustotnors an til
/\ I",lends, and tli' puli 1c hi general, ? Ii >t he In< witbdra wnfroia
the retail ?? |>oi lieeui) bushiess, at bis old stand, No. 377 Bread way,
and bus removed to No. V Courtlaiidl str.et, corner ol Bfna way,
where he will constantly keep on b..nd a large aiipp.y of his prepo
rations, manufactured at his extensive chemical ubora'ory. w ?<I
devote to the Americans! vercomtiositioa.ttl rman sever,) which
is coming uily in more ge-trnl u the pri cipal purl i t his time,
anil promises to vxecuteor ient l tb" crude i.etal, p ates and
wire of all sizes, every van ty ol furnishing in iterials lie privatu or
public liossfls, as also a very extensive vur-rly of ?-? -fill ar tel s
may he seen at Ins p 0 nt ?t W ? Order* I rmn o Ins elien leal
prepare'ions, or t' ose urtuh s wlueli he h is been in the habit
sii|iplying the trade with, of hii - wn in per ulion; likewise Ins
A iiicie-'iii silver compos t on of w hate v. r form, may he ell either
with his successors, M-i rl J. A. L'Auieur. u\ U Co., o at lis
store, No. U Coartlaodt alri-t.correi of Broad way, w.llbe prompt
ly executed by l)t. LKWH FUUCHTWANUc.R. aut lw
AC A KD.-H. W. BHYHAM re?i>ee fully infirm* Ins I'rii rids
ami (lie iiul lie that he luts completed the enlarreiuent el hit
Mahsin Httacned to lus BoweryfOeHin Coiilectiuuury. f .r tbeliettci
acconimedationofladiesanii geiilleincu.on a inuch n ore ?i|irovsd
plan, and it is now ioop-v,ed for tins see sou H W. P. return.
tlun ks for the very lib- ra. pnirrsmee. h has h?-reto(oreex|iCi leuced
anil pledges h.iHself that every attention shall hu ii.nd Insecure to
liis frier,us a respectable and select seen ty, as also a I the ilehea
clcs as they come in season -such a* Ice Creaais, boila Water
.Mead, Lemonade, Coffee, Pi"?, Cake, Jtc. &e.
I ContectienanesmnmtfueturedasusiihI en the improved prtnciplr
at lis-Bowery Ateam Confeetionary, No. 80gBirwery, directly-jt
(k? ite to Kivingston st. S \V KRYIIAM. fls-tl
1 SALE ?subscrJxer ofter* l?t sal.? the soU-ndul Farm of
Colonel Thus H. Mea ham, situate in the town of Sunvly Creek,
two and a half miles irom tliuvtllage of Pulaski, Oswsgo County.
This Farm contaiu* ah ut 9iio aires, 7m) of wh eh t s under a very
high steteofeu tivstion The su'wertlter t-as no hesitation in re
commending it as one of < he beat f.nus hi the Un ted Htati-s (in
I lie premises is six gie-.d dwe'llnr liniiHiis, live of which me newly
painted and in unod retail' live large harns , fine >uw null ; ami va
rious oth'.r luiildinvs?in all, Binountiag to tit) or uo. It also con
tains 7 on hards of the choicest kind of fun t ; three springs o giasl
w ster, out of which ihc water is conducted through tnv house, ami
yards by aqueducts, and twonever tailinr streams of wn'vr. Tb re
was pastured on .aid farm lu.lseasoaMO head of earths, tuls>rN?s,
and 40 sheen. There was raised on aid Farn, last season, over
.two tons of bay. tiesales a large q i ntttyof wh ait, rye, corn, &?<.
The propnetor has nc acesmnlatcil a Iran isome for'nnc on said
liirin, uliers it at a low pric?ui,d easy terms Fot turther piriieu
lais,enquire of T. A OWIOHT, 7 Nassau street.
N It. If ilesired.it will be divided in lo's to suit piwchasers.
n'ts 1st _
nlSSOL.1 TIOI*. ?The limited paitncrahtp here!?,hue t x
istingumler the firm of Tread well * Mninby, n tins day ills
solvmI by mutualagrei rn'nt. Persona having claims nn the firm,
and these knsls-Ixts"? thereto, nrv r -juested te make an immediate
settlement with either of the general | artne ?, at No. IK Bisk
mux street.
JOHN BLACKBURN. Special partner.
ItoKEKT .MUMMY ^HeneflU par ntfl.
I/II V NCIS C. lit KADU ELI. wnl eontinn ? tlie Pi?
a cult and Crur knr baking Isismcss nt hisold st and No. 114
Beekmansirvit.iimlw.il c iit.niw to supply, by whe'es-le and
retail th<> usual ninety ol Crackers. Pi ut Pn-ail twirl Navy Ureal,
at | r cea prnnurttonate to the late and to any luturn rucustHiu ui
the price of Hour
Butter Cr.icke a, M'ater Crackers, HugarCrxekurs,
Bo.ton Cr i-ker ?. -o-'a r iscsu, Wine Biscuit,
Bucket hreat. Pilot Bread, and Navy Hinnd.
fcf The turns require that the terms lie cash ; anil the aub
?criber wiil he satisfi d with a verym doiate | roftt.^^^^^^^
150 bids f ne Nivy Hioad
110 Wltls. N ivy U ei.d
wiMild lie sold below the preave market price tochise us sccaunt*
,w- Ff rilEAHWFLL
street. New York. -Oentienien wishing l?Inrnish tlwmselves
with an ? Ugnnt pair of R . ts l- r it 75, would do well to cull at
H A J Walker's, V3? Canal street, where th? y miy find Ismts far
jiff, that ?re ptrtarred by nsay irnll?tea to tie- listi-s' priea
Imots; i hey are certainl y su enor to un> t mg of the kind ever of
Ii re I in tlu< city. Th< y have also a sph n.b.l assortment id' la lea'
:iod cluklreti's shoes of nil d<-srriplion*. auituble for spring wear
The public are respectfully invi ?d to raM and esaran e fin tlieai
selves, at 'L30 Canal Street, tin- oldest stand on the hl'ick; dull'tl
nitstake the stive. JJO is over the d hit. Boots and HImm-s - y thr
package or ihwcn? nt7 tin*
ll TKUBT COMPANY.?Persons may efteet inanrsnrrs wdt
this Company on their awn hv*s, or theliv, i of othnri, and cithi
far the wnoie ifiira ton of life, ut for n hnnied period. The imy
mantsof premmin may on e,ther made annunlly. or in a mats sunn
Mnnoy wiUbe recclrml m de|s?sit by the Company, and held it
trust, M|Mm which interest will he nUownd lis follows i
Upsn any sum oret lit, irredeemable for I year. t| per ct
'? " " Ion, " fir S moniha, t per lit
" ** 'I loo " forfmaaths. I perst
Win Bard. Samuel Thompson, H.C DeRtiem,
Thomns W.Ludlow,Iswnc Hrimson, Jsnathan(fimdhun,
Wm B Lawrence, Peter Kemsen, J a me Mr Urate,
Jamb lemllaril, Hiaphen Warran. John Kathfwrve. j?.
Joha Ih..r, Javnea Kent, P. U. ftsyiwast,
PePir Harmony, Natliamal Prime, Tixnaa* J Dakley,
H. Ven Reosaellanr, N. Devareaut, Htrphen Whitoeg,
John O Csnrtar, Benj Koewer, Jolm J. As tor.
Thaa Huflasn, OulmaC Verplaiic, Beay L. Swan,
J no Maaon. C?r?eUns W. Lawrence.
WM RAKD, Preardnnt.
E. A. NICOLL.JWraiary.
Yr I) ATKIN*. I'hrsn i-ve to the Company. n't If
ffontinite tninaure again t loss or damage by ire on Bo-Mums
floods. Rhim in Port and 'heir cargoes, and even description ol
personal property, at their (itfirn. No la WaB strard.
Rnhert Aknslie, Thomas RnttsMl,
David Coil wise, Ifeary H Kdmti,
Daniel Jackson, Tharnns Harieant,
Corllniidt Palmer, Eilgur Jerikina,
JohnIxvrtnterDraham, U. V P llasiirank.
Thomas Tihstoa, Henry H.Leeds,
Lauis DeCasae, Ccoege D Htnasg,
Henry Waqkoir, Cher ma O Handy,
Hsmwel T. Tisdnle, Htephan ftons,
Wdham P. Hailett, F.dward Fr.at,
JN'O. MsBK AIR. Secretary. Hi tm
are now coating sen -rally i-ito use in this c-ty, as th'y are
mase"?e?f at most nf the n"w boil 'tags that hsv ? lieeo erected
srnre the graal fire ; ar? well calculated to f tv? light tn_ a street
vault, and at the same time to exe'ude all wet.doat and froat, fie
ing a unit e'even ortwelve po-imls of fine tloaa rivht leches di
ameter fiat nn the oin? r and vonres im the underside firmly set
into an ima rim about acventean no-Las disrnnt r. having two
staples on the unih-r at tehr protect the oenvn* aula nf lh? glass
wtiea remaved from, and olso to secure it wlien in its place.
Also. Deck Lights ?f Glass nf the sama dimensions, uaad for
A liberal isdoeemeet will he made f-r pers-?n? to int-odoca thera
into other cities. Apply to K A H. 8. ROCKWELL.
aMMddkw*. Iff Wr?ndwav
l/INIC WATCH KM. F A * H R< -UK WEI.I.' have on
a hand ami gre cnna-antly receiving fr m 'he heat maufaetoma
m E i <>ve. a moat st-b-ndid assort merit of W AT. J?I EH. of every jte
acripto-n. r.f the very finest quality, and wairsn-sd to keep first
? ate ttme: and nf _
such as BriBiaiits of the finest water, a rut of r ch Tit?can Mosa
ic, snd Enamel araJGn-d Jewelry in a'l the mnvt fashi-mahle
styles and pittema ; and a'an fl-dd Hpr-ctar-les, SnoR Rosea,
I'enr-da, and all other artp.'ns in gold, both useful and ornamental
and ahmnf
Cnnsiating of handsome Silver Tea ami Table Plate, Porks,
Hpanes Ac ,af all the raoaur mterns. and hs -dsom- Hdver Pes
scrt Knives and Forks, Butter Kntv a. Ac soma with siKwr and
mine w th issper handles, a beaut fal article, all sf which are
w arrant, d ta he made of the Anca tnf ai>v> r
Persons visiting this ctywill da wall ta rail and examine the
above articles at Wl Broadway aft ktdAw*
1 year.
I year.
1 yeaa
I yi-si
o n
1 07
i ta
1 Or
0 77
1 13
1 57
1 ft
* at
i m
1 Sf
s ev
0 u
I w
I 7H
3 IV
U Hg
1 31
1 as
3 It
0 fa
1 39
1 Sf
3 35
0 ft
1 33
1 3U
3 4'
? VI
1 34
1 ft
8 71
0 M
1 35
1 9t
3 14
? ?7
i 3d
t t3
3 r
0 M
1 39
1 ft
4 3t I
1 an
1 tl
t Hfi
( w . 1 i?e auUfribwuill furii*1* bluest of (inflitf
^_w, r V1'^'O'?'/? or iliruonni'.iu, dirlivi rt-rl ?>ii ibv ^ tt tiank
01 the Hudson river. htymx nt ie* from New York s<|u;imh q*ru i
1/ touny hi I nn * 12 >t*? r:i (jraiiiti;, or u?> j.o in Ui signu i J mi the
river, ?m Hie lowuil term*.
Apiilirati.ru to lie kiii.I.- t.. Wanl It Howard, ?*??., X,? 6 llnm
J!"!? J,' man. ut l'c k>k II; nr the ?ub?crr,cr at tii.
Colli Hpruif, rutn-iii county, near tin- Quarrv
, . Ayent of the liit'liUad Ciraiutc C.iupuny.
Colli iSprunf, April -.'J , l-v7. iiiMin
IJ i lun, lor Bluilyinif the art ol U?oh K epmr, < ta? hi. oUiftt, ITI
I5r. adw i ,) having tnu 1 ohed over ull other* loth :t.i invented r ?
mailt, at present IIIHIV Died. In mar n. i.touch to *iie a, uU:i >t
real bu.nne** pi ice* it tar above Dir. 'lid plan ot'i op, m.-r otl'?i iinol
bunks: hy .Iiirhthratu lent Mm no further pructt. c lo.xrni-c Ins
own ukditie* oil the pmpcifit** of Bonk keeping, th n that ,vim h
the author4* scanty ; rod'.cli ni p ared In tore h.iri. nlinrdv Here a
wide trackless tieid i. i.pen ('or mercantile treiiiu-.m which I. wh .
heads, i- entc lojcam taut practical know lunge of l lie art, u hic i?o
many unnucccssf *l!y sc. v> for 11* win r1
.V It. iMcrca i ile situation* provided us usual, mil merchant*
supplied unli hrst rat,- I! >ok-r.ee[.e s, tor any part of trie tinted
btutf*. South Ann r ea, or \V , si In tie*. (l3 lui'
s.-,,. i.^' Vial.mlorLo*' .Ivory hulls. I liev
may we kn iwii liy tlieir sicca ar e hi ,. , ~> of ll etii are
vnnegal.d colors, anil n rnUoed from 1 hi 13 all those num em
i hove s huvu while-tripes round the n; all belo.v h v uo -tri n ?
I II se IS and one w He hall w ere in one timid e I .kcwi e i re
yuhr HI" s .1 t,| hard lulls iuans'lier It i nil, viz. n white, 1 deep
Hull I I)-fWt r< d. The above reward will tie paid lo a > person
w i.owiH isltlm mil I lial * to J. I.. (.Iltii.t, n,a- tn . come: of
I Houston *tre ??, > o l BP' ilw ty. o t > A. Bts. i?U:?. dl-j o ?J
Broadway?oral air proi o t.on fir any pirl the ii.
N.B, I noru w ill lie no riu*'*Do ,* asked wh n returned.
SA ?* S ,\ HA It I Eila A .?The hn h'y concentrate* COM
Pol \|) r-YllCt' Of HP .SAFARI LA. prepared to the
subscriber, patent the 4 Curiam a led SaisHpnr .11 Air ad" re
Rjintwen e i li? l)oi tnr? CI it ?seiiion, Stei <?', I! rte . Cliiiprnun,
iiiidolhrrsoMlie .il .heal profession, patent rigid* tor whrh wire
sold to Mr. V> il.mm Swaiin l"s adeli Ii a, | r'n ne or ot itic eiie
hrtt'ed Putia*'" !, and for th p n.cipul eilies i t the in ion. at I e re
? I est III a r *011 er of phyi. tins, tu. il other*, lit hen induced to [
y rep.ae it syrup nl saisaparida. comb.II* d with ottier ptiri'?*?< of
iter' aiod, hi a more i oiivcmk* I and ; ortahle li.roi liun the d rue
lion. A ta I- s;t o'iful thro times a day, hum.I with a half pet
oi watsr. makes i pleasant and ret e.lunrr lieveiinr a certain pari
h r "I th" liliMhl, and remvutor of i ?|ei ay d i ".isiii'itein.
S dd in Uit'les ,*.t a >? out* e . h; n fivr i!o lar* parked
in : o\ ,, ami sent to uny part of tie eoiintry. m d wurrantedto
k'*ep,hy J L. cClltrKf LIN, liMiitzisi, j
. , IH Ciii al ?t oj'po?itr Vv est Broad way,
water trom fhu toiinti in. w.th Sar-upanll i u-d other sy
raps, e.onst uitly keel i i the l est wider iny-thn*
T11.)MSPAclll0>i'r WASHVBLK window
5 MI1AI) .H.orvar.ous tints an pain U.d in Oil Cuius, wh eh
are warrunted lo stand in nlleluiiater
Thenueotinr workmnnthip dir|i!aye<l in these Imly kenutifal nr
tides ot lurnitsru. eo-stilatea hat ii twetion iS their nent- and
when t'-cir ureal duratiiliiy and Is-uui.ful upj*uriui<-tt uiv proimly
considered, it ol eie.vcd they will !?? Iliousht worthy the ucc* pt
utici)' t tlic A'.erie.'ii l>coplc.
The Shade* are ?okf, riutmcd a id furnished, ready for fixinc,
and nmy Ik? put i.p auU (akcndiiMri w ih <he (jreatr<it fu<-.Iityi?y
th*4 newt inexperienced band, a* but five screws urerr united fur the
Iti* recommended tint the new metlMMi oi'utUclunc the Siiude
to thf! icMif th.- Window frani" Mdoptfii.
Prico* from $i to diveach. Sold by
_????.?? 37 Maiden Lane.
KA ..(;dK \\I) LOWKIt still water
COMPANY v? shares id Uus stock for sale .it a very I iw
price- 891 per shurv luishreo i uid in.-the cr.p t il stock of the
company n #6W) 0 0 their dock in t'adc contuUol' .Mils, Lain
Iter, villuve*. cities, towriuhip* and truct* oflumbor laud Are Ac
down in Maine.
Six tent lis of this stock ha* been l ouulit by th ?44 No-th Ameri
can Lumber ComiMtny.44 x nii'iinio'h concern of 8i.oos.otvt ol*
dollu's t'..pi4al, located in Wall s'reet a dt* |.a.t of tlwir Cap
ital Hock There will he r.o utficulty in *howiny that the uliove
can bv had at a huixain?apply to
, . J THOMPStiN, 691 Wall street.
N. If. II the stock is uol * dd by the ?Sth hist, it will be sold
at auction by Musi* Kranklm & Jenkins. nttS if.
I ? BLINDS -1 tie piibscribttr les|ie'Tfu! y iutorm* the admiiers
of the fine arts, thut lie h is jitst received Ii sale, iraii?|Mirent
h4snd*ol aq Hhty and b"iuly liwr> ttp'ore unknown. *l4hw materials
of winch tliejr are inai'e Uotnr hs clear a* (lass, n'l pn.smr oiijer.t*
can Is- easily discerned fnan th renin hot stilt, tku e from the out
side cannot wit into tlie ??H>rn. Neither have tltcy the imp casaut
sine I, winch tie' printed blinds have.
I lie patte its are d awn with th* same perfection a* they nny
lie seen in f'iunc?' or Ir.nijr. Any orders can Ire executed aRerthe
lnte*t fashions, b unr in use jr, tlioae c untriea, and in Ilia moat mo
dern style* oftha luerwun Plastic OrtiauienU.
i liese Blind* lire par icul.irly adapted lo pari i* ami *ittinit
mums hi lie w bu it Iioimi s. tfthe eiiy un*'eouuiry
CEO. l'Ll sell hit, I'll rulton street.
33* lm tb" doors frofti Nassau.
K'Jt'lL?*"*?1 lt W 1 V n? u A \ I) I'll TIRE
UbAhV, K Hpr* re strcr't. near th" Park
Knslish CltuWN (.LAHS Do. i'o ofnoU
I'oi'vI'Vm . : ?',l horn < by 4 to 4.4l by Is inches
r iiy.At i |.I.A>S, Ot ?"i?T".r color and qvality, bom 7 by 9 t#
? liy in inches
Paurnl .-swivel diamonds. w4b NEW sparks, at market prices,
in quantities to rsit purchaser*, by
I'f I Is 1.1 A It IIS I >11*1.'. O V Kli,?Geutlcniau wishrn* te
*J play at Billiards, or puichrise tables, aio invitml tocall at tllR
or 90.) Bri'jidwuy. wls-rr nrn a tables in one room, and try the luitent
Indian ItaWicr eusbions, tlate stone and com position cnw-iiled l?eils
with truocairle frame*, and common t?l.l*s a* alswr will he f??m
the larjest arid I* *t us-orimeiitover oftvf?,| tulb.! pul.lic, advanta
?vn tn wiMi wuh tojmrrhwp ut ih?rt DRtico, :u thoy ruii )?>
liark?V uf ofio nolinv
. t K. any'hens in t his line, with cash..rir?<s| rcO-rcnce
tn A. IIAKHKlKD, *16 Broadway, will rrrene promiit alts nil on
?15 if
Ii Ve? 'uh" * AV'IAWAb 1. W dl.ua, Str. et, of
Jujulie Paste, in Mt ami ion lb hose*, votv ?ujK-i.or
Rotnrisrai * Patent Barley and Umatr f. sh ami tost reeeived.
I arti.ris Arid u, 5U lb Inxes.
tSopt-rCartsMiaienl StHlu.in M lb. Jars and imolb Kes*
Edna < Wenfrroo* ComiwHiml, in l*n<-s and Ih?iiI? ?.
Also. Hsvatm's Panaeew. at Manufacturer4* t>ric?a. nl-lf
* y ?-AMtit KECX aT'O , u;m? s i7
cesih d Dll. LEWIM EEUCII TWANOKR in bis s ore No
377 Hroudws*. will coot it'U" to furnish Die public w rh Do- ar relet
usually .0|.| bed l.y Kt.n and ho|M-,hy their. Itoris, Insecure i ron
tiriuas.ee o| it p.itronii6e.
Hwmlish Lce. U,', Diamond Owen', P.msisn Cement, for fil'inf
diH-atrsI teeth, Ci icb.By, the tim r Cneirm-sl |Oc|>iiratio s. Map*.
? us Uwenees, Cmi*h l.orcnres, Ac Ac , constantly on hand, uml
tor sale on the most re-,aonnlde terms, wbola.ale and re'ail
VKRI TAHbE COMHOUNI) OIL, tormdormi th^
? llutr, "ilSr brow cur tet black.
A'so, MaKKIN'. INK, lor Lrm-n, wit lire it prey a rat ion. for sale
by ?* D Mr- KIM, III r?
i^,1*1 ?11 K"* W HANDPDRDhas,Hd?
Iiflh* n,tni? ilajr, f hf fiiifwilip NeiiMp r in 17 I
Li 7t? Cfc mds'f si Pleaselotak notice tlust this <dlie? has later
Ion* esliiboshed. stal that most escelleul m rvarits are to be had at
the ?bort??t notice TIhmv who who arei i wniil ol r.sal s. rvanls
shrstld a I ail immediately. No 70 m jost at the corns,? of Broad
wav ? , tf
JI'NT HI HI, I Mil HI) |,y W y, A MDEOIID. ' lor Ol .'r 1 r J,
A w. Handford,) ta Ann *trs-et. Tlwt Kacb. tor*, ami other tale*
PriceSacts N i! i.?i>y right secured dt tf
KltKONOTIf. )<'R Tsm?TH A' lit Prus-ian cits* nt
. f-r fi linedecayed t-etb, sli imoni estnent f.? rm-udinc (lass
arid chin t war.*, c.o, slantly > n hinsd ami for -al- hr
M4 Puce*?-ors to Dr. Istwis Tenet,t ra if>*r TT7 II .? ilway.
Eire lb.1* -*. .1 on n ere waorcdrn lidair on the cnldi, weks I
of the Mate of toil .? a to who n r,,iist,iol eosphsyiii.*"i will he
|in*n for ten resr at bta'ral sum
By * rdor of list Hosnl s?f In'erin Irs. rnvem nt*
l> M MAX Wr.LL. Pre*' of the Hoard
lndiatutp.il a, Mi, t, Iu7.
For further i-a tiru'ars r 1st* ve to the above, apply to
KAWrSt'NA MC.V t'tt - A V. c.e I'l ic and Me ilti .t , N Y.
Arrai yerp. nt* can b * made here for |,s..a* ? thnai(h the whole
poitc. l.y the Union Line v.a. Pitt.bnrjrli, at very Ism rates, by an
plytri* as abova *<;) if
|0 OK HA IsB.- Fhe or ti-e stock of (.ms's, loci I Iter with fix
1 top's.and I ?.'?r- le,.?, ,, J ,| ,I .ir,,.| ibr doclbn*
over ?',? atore, now kept a* a tosnrurnc hotu- map tie had in the
same I. a*# The home can accomremlat'. ft bisnlcu, aa t has
lieen well filled lot the year past K?m n* tad lo atom p ea?ant.
Apply at MT <. ecnwieh ?t Hlt *t
HA I ? H Pill! K Ml sir . ' wand fishton ,?.
w left tin* Pmni? im?l Plutf uf $ renft 11 im*#*
tr_> - M'tHRlystiNii I'lLLrS The (amime ily*e>an Universal
M- .heme of the Bntish f,'ollr(e wfTI' iillh Pack.- sfrom * cents
tofJ ?red at Mr* KI NfiiS did Bland,
!**?? Ill Futltas st , near .'wiadway,
WI'IKRHORI) will pssbhsh this day TIIE TWO
s OfihlD by Mr* fhae Will
I Hit <11? >. it re'ened, n la*(v soiad. of Swedish
I i Lsaetw*. for .a'e by J A l.'A MOURKDX A Co
ITI Ho< res?or? to Or L*wi* FrneMsnipr, JT7 Hroaitwsr.
PINK APPl.KrHKESE .(tne t oral red and ti01 l> ivaa
first quality, for sale by IIA It I MAN ft lt'TtD->Al.l.
all probers A Crmtmi'SMwi Mercliarrts, 5a A 59 Water at,
POTATO KB. '.si# II nt pers, jost arrive I in eintllr nt order
landmc this day, friot of Albany street per Marrsrel, fr.un
Llsrerpool Apjdy a' 331 Pearl street
rw/7tl POfm.AH HOfRNHpN A CO.
brbly eoncentratnl frsnnlbe am art approveil IS.rrrmla For aale
whu'r sale and r< tm1, hr
NATHAN R fiRAHAM. firu**.*! * Apothecary,
fna tf fa Nassau street, owner Fulton.
.. ANTKD. A mm tn to m the c smt-p, atvail II mile*
?* fr m fhe city. On*'bat h** ? orked or * rar 'iai and i< a<
rpiamled with tlie tssnt r-nsent of hr, *e?, .in I i* w.lbna tn make
himself u?' At', will find ,t n d~ irsli'e ?it i .tinn N *r?e twit F.nrbab
or Hc-lch n ol appty. loquire at st Chnrots rs street, after three
o clock. P M Ity9 31*
ST4) K A OK will he taken in the fire (wool Htorea, M and *u
W*t*r slressr wulv im the prcm ??* to
CHHsDRRN'A CLOTHIND.?Th-sub-cnbew keep
coost.intly n hand an ettensive assortment of (.hiU'f *
ClOthintr, made in th moot fathionehU ?tyl?, which they w'll
tall ruv rswy leaaonalde te my, at whnie,?te or retail ?
M M' OX* A HOYT A CO II Bawerr N Y
(VI A K KM* TOLA Jet mulusli supply of *?**' ***?
|v| hrtltnd entered Toy*. They sr.'oDm 'I to Ire trarh* <?, th
mnatflivswafalatemis.hr .
ill C WEPHAPn ItfRr.wslysay,
At No '41 Ann etreet, second du'? belito Samau, and npposttl
the Yatrij K'.omi of the Out b Kef or in U CbuiC/i.
VEHAM or AUVKlC ri.SINO r?.. ,.\t. n?lvcrw<Mt.iUoiiuf4ha
fir i aid, both iniuwn iudcguutr|, make it a superior euinr.el tur
day, fH 50 | 4 duys, {>1 1"' 1 dai*, $i 57 today*. #* ?
... ? 75 J ? I Sit I ' - ? t iM II ? ? J 8T
I 00 I ? ? ? I T". ? ? . 8 l-> lis ? . 8 W
FOE 810417 LINKS, OH l.EM.
Wecgg ..... bi iu I 3 lu .llllu, . ? ? ? ? 83 00
Iw-'tfh! 8 80 I ?months, 15"?
----- 15 oQ
ET jr*Arl advar'ueiiMtnt/tobr p-ud tur lieforet heir tasertioa.
Advertisement* inserted in the Wkbkly Ulualo.u'. $: uv i?er
h; ii ft ? wry ii ? ftion.
No. 3d J hit ytreet.
t. tpcclf.illy informa the Luui. * and Hut public that she rco-iv-*
Constant ) liuiu Hie I -,
consisting of il.it* ill ? ve y duii'i^lWBi Kmbio.Jems, Linen ('am
lirn ilu,.ikci'l>icl?, Ai . &< . J,,,*
i)i?::.\*Ks or tiir lyil
l> K. K i. i. I O 4', O c t LIS T,
Ol?i'ie,3Jj Hr.xi.lw ,.y?j?n. a . ent enr. in Wu .ne street.
_ mil tf
J. w. IAYII, '
Has spuupti a RpCjc'oi) where (imikiRpn ran it ill timei bt
supplied Willi liit* wry bp*i and choicest
arttcbi the market aft', ids
lb Li-i'tor* are ot the best kind. -it i h.naig spared licit her pains
nor Ik , I,... in IiMiiir up kiitteU ii-i.meui, lie h . in ,,Ure a
part oi ilieiHilji.c p.tr..n*ge
Ordinary f> ml iiu'c! k.
Oyat .r? served up 1,1 i'vi ry style. aS
iry- flavirvr ro.-nplri,.,, ||lt. . rr..-m- nN mL'-ndairt ii^on
op? mr.jf Hi-11 ?? \. .i t*b?t?Y*?. is now ?#'? ntnft to fuiiiimli i\t\ article
???vv hi a ihj'ul iMr ii 'ioiu fin* ?t.u t * I iVi iiiiiuuity, a.v] ;?<??? -smirk
ilii increased value win paoity ii.1 inn: l.-ugtiiened s..,v.c<-,ut liia
Btnrilla.1 U (I ICC, VI/ Si
A. u ion i) it, ?-ha m ijr I' vor bin with tin ir Nitrouu*e,
In- would prcseut the I liowin; rob-*, vvlutti wi.i inv/aably trover a
h-* i u.-tnrs*
Firstly. The Im's sold at his establish * ent wil lie if tie tame
\ -Ii.-, tl,mi/Ji 11 its rmi,i hliupe cr.d general .?;?,? -aranee.
Si-co lily. The very ondeiuie i-riee li inamliil not warranties A
?: -i -iii ? i credit, all hu e.iimu- !?i tnlijii-'td 111-1,;i pa>mctiu
_ t:i-liUri aUiiaddoil I -till ?t. ( k i eiei oa of t'; Jn-llas.
( JMi'H, G ovei, tla' uk* rehi Is. I'oi ??? Br i-in . Ac
i lie ale/Kooiii which u fiiii lu,, r, aa|}l - coiinMenaurste nith
oeir.iwiiifU.ta a. il -n mont ..I the i-hy, !, Incited at the
corni-r.il W iH. i.| New/treetr. Woma ? part of ihsbaiidin? ala.at
in a Uu-i mim r et kmpiirer. a* 3ai
fioi l'. H NWEi.TS "
rite nn si valuab e remedy tor v%. i knea/ an I nmin in the si.le, hack,
Hti.l -iiriia Ii, i> ili-bilny m th ? back and loin., from the vileet
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lic. Mr. Swi-ctol Kraniihii, Cniiii. solnii/ii ?unarundi. I for Hona
Netlini, wiUinc tonji-el the wistn-s of hn. Iri.-iuU, and that (he
thousands euiteriaf Irtnii i>ai v anil wenkoei*si.'S in.iy avail them
m-!?ev ?t a ri-un-.i?, ami ?n<ii:ii*li the uiila of ph;kiciuna. luv ar
rainri-d with Mr U. C Baxter, ol New I.<>ndon, Conn, to i.iau i
lui lar In* Ct|ren(iheni igSn ve, and *u-piy rve y city ami town
in theI'niU-il St i-i>: imih- gi-i nine wilhont the entt.il/i8iiature
m1 B. (J. BAXTER Ar-em an.) Joint I'r pneinr.
Meier/ I'r itt A Ituy, hrn.'/mte, S3 Mai-len Lane, who'esal-B
Airente lo'lh-e/ty ut NcwYiuk, a d for /ale by im?t of t iti ia
/p,-i 1 ltd- S>r ITU'*'.*. I'riia- 81 eeiPs a roll. u.Jl, Sin.
-f1*'E w K a"- h I ? NA BI.K H A'l I - r A BLISIIM ENT.
LLj" BIRD, late lun niun in, and ci.iiij >. ai? walk Leary At
C-? iittef the nmet ?m-i-i-s.vf:! t-xt-ir . ne- iii all the bra>>ch?a o'hsa
munie/e, buviinr (-stablishtw kim*i Tin the tiade, now oilers to ins
Iritiai/, at In/ saiez romn.N'n 13 Ka/a/i sticet, comer of Pine, a
n;- li-Hilhl| assort lur-Mlot hale i I'-aery Vaiiety of nap, tiom iheaieilium
lu thi- |?liiin, which, in <1 ylt ol n...-l. I, n.ulenal, end lim/h, ehull ln?
fouiH aurtvnlled. He n tends to /.-II al only, und by dui-clmtf
n.a whale care to that single style, is coi tui. al of nr./U- mg u . ar
ticle ?iliirv.it any superior. and fa/him and utility liav.rir rHtabli/b
ed this uuainst as w.-ll lor economy and eleganee is ilu. ability, he
deems it ail obvious advantage lethe |.'ii.iir to run,tine In* etidrts to
one parouse instead of inakii.gesponineiits in vaiiety F arin-. no
rivslmthede; artrnentol t*-ie, h.- m willin to entrust hio./eir in
r.hi.. liti.>ii with anyestal Iwhiaenl i<-yt./dvcirg thii article.
II- lias madearranyr petil/ for the Londna ami Pari* fashion*
w th some of the best liouse/ m th.*e ci'i. s, and hi.; alnays ti#
hr*r m tha rnnrkei wdh the now sr.i- dar.l e/'ulih-l.-d Ii* touugn
taste. aS-tm Hllttr, 13 Nussit.r coriKr of Piue.
Pmpwr iiiinatiigs. "
BCJ-Beg leave imist rescwtfully t . e,.|| ilu-nlt.-iiionK.-irfiirn.ts
anJtli.- pahlic gen.-r illr, to their u-w ex.I e .-jant ??*orteenter
kuihU ?ii?i received aeii opening at thi if new i-tore, .No. 3CI Pearl
street belwcmi PnnkJoit in.I Hn rue stient* ; coasuineia and
dealers will nnd at their est ah i.hwnt adruntairv* nu w her* else
to lie user will, in addition toLbcircn'iranrw simn. I gmei* s,-3/n
mert ??fthe above flrin more generally ktuiviri by the njijie jati.iu
ol lis- Three ringet'd I'apf Hamftr. aim who it is needltai tis
say t< any-oat stranger* stands unn. .1 e.1 -nth t art of Paper hang
m*. Is.1 i >r neui-i -** and despateh m Inttend m person aa (ar as
practlMMNe ts uil I k work w lucn sue 11 be entrusted to his rare,
mM Kaa*
Mtt.LI.NEH* Blt'PUFt. AT WMH.IIAII rut- H*
n i . . e .... '2-4 t'ns'haiH sreet.
Begs leave tn info m the Li lirs ... X. w York sod .t* vicinity,
thut be has just re etved. per r-cent arrivals, the n.n.t rhmres wi
eiegast iu*artrrier,t of ever od.-rod in tins city,
r.i' gsni Print* I Mushiiso. the most novel designs
? 'miIihI Lawns and Challi*.
<fu Vii lorm Dresses, at tk -rfl U c Dress, of 10 yds. anions whira
s ' .iJiHtiftiiMMit ol I'o ori.
I Js*e of the Real Mipet til mie Bl >sk Washing Sulks at tslui
lint per yard, neve o nre.l ill tlus I'll) under lOshlJhii/s
Bildnrns in emlles* va.iel).
A luil amii-Iio.i <? ussortinent of r.ch, fir tre.l sud plain siiks and
344 do*, plain and embroidered bosu-ry for la.Cd p.*r fair.
Itu-sin Disihiis anil Ti.lih- l.in.-i s
I e.ise of (ill-sou s i-elebruted litsh L.nriis,
4 cartons ol eru'ir .tileries.
Drapery mBvlins ia every aty'e, togetlier with a Urge ussortmeni
*f French cabones und domes lie goo is iw nneo-roi.s to mention
at its- lowest puce asked and nqabatement.
ii*p T. Mi'K'.AX. I?H Chatham at.
VIsitittK nml store C'airSta '
Persims furnishm* iIss-ir own Copper I'.ares, run hxve thei
pr ated on ilie timet cp roved liishasnahle style ef cardo.
And aiiiayoine ofsuperw* Ihiaiuei ed i urfs, espo-isly Pir Vu.ttt
Cards, which lor hn I uney ol |a>!isH ra. I,ot he . see led
Merchant's and ."liore k> epeis sui |. led with t arils, eut ei Coom
idate 11 Letter pr- ?? at af?>r lutmt Retire Cards at
lloiiu. aid ITr Private Parti a, Ac
fiwi'imett ? tels- sen and ad ? r.1.-.* ,.mui,||, , euteil at
30 J oft -i it ' I, ir?. r tf It iihnm. aW let
P?l?er lint llaxeer.
(IKOIHIK PHI *(' || K R,
... . "ltd kee| S co/i'm.lly . II hand lot sale.
Plain and r aiu-y Patver Moves ef every dvacription, *./e and styl.>,
lor Ihe lollow iii* l|m*s of Ihisiiiiwi -
A Dry gmsis,Bilks. Lue..-*. A-- H Slmea (' l'enry articies.
D. him ks, Collate, h-.s.-ms, ah-rU. y; I'utls. P Buttoes.
tl Jt wi-lery and penumery in *11 tlieir br.--.elM-* II Sample.fsr
c.lt.-e, nee, wlM-,.t. A. J M/tcbes K Purs, c.p nalit f.r
rnutls L M,w ? ud ii.atnmwnts M. It *gs .ihe. art an-l sta
iieiiery. N. lint n?e*. h >t Mixes suit band beaes fir M niiur*
(inters for any purpose, 'insnliir erqealdy of paper bote* ic
c ly'ul and pr,.(1,(1(1, etctit.d with <h .jatt- h. at thvlowest pn. .-s.
to tit 4< V article |?esrri ed lu the IM- il. at ma.iii r
Merchants ?iHiim* epnevr stores (nn l e anpfdlad mini diafstg
with good and str.eur h yes t.M sown use exarlly tit I .(>* t let
stivlv-s ofbeiag a p-al d. ? o'a'HSU of -1 e *ltre
4 O.iatry in.-r. hnn s will tiod ??vyy a< > .>ni.i,.ala'inn jn regar 1 of
obtain in* Iniyes ol ?uy description, a*d shipping these lo ail psrta
of no lira, at th- shortest n -twe
In the meat, tin,.- la- g yes nut.. - tkat he r -guiaHg rnitmrts from
(Ji rmnny (Ins atntve eoontf,) rea ttnuuie ( id.arm Wt.ier mf
win. I, he his hart rec- ived a large ipmntlty f.n wholesale,
rimto any atth-le m the pr. *.-ut n.aiaet Also, bm atdeod. I
ansortnu et m t.e-man paMerm fm aameb-re and '-mWimleties.
of every d??crtieoa.. fey mtailuig ( aeg r I. see. (km ket i-a.ka, .ml
ladle, notice hte.h* rhn-ore'e.! with ne. die ? vrk. m s. orh *a,l
haeda-nm- u style ua lis y le-?. r w. re .?? ii Is-forc
fi l'- M?her retnrn* his sinter.- thanks to his tMtmrr.nia f i rd*
and rii.tumrf. tHi lieu form i nuiotiage. and trusts b, unwea- e.1
pains o iron'a (ante uaare of tlie?'.in ?
hl.' and the puldie. that he ha* la-en
?w rded a diidtMiiii lmm Ihela.t Ameneon Pan. tewWI Octnbey.
.a- all m'T'. V ?"k ?*" " ?!? rfirw -rr ofnewvbee s,
they beta* i .ni.t-lered tin- iwal sunslant.al ae.l a h-mhd ante e re
tin- line e er ottered teU.e ins|> tiunoflhv isil.hr 4g |m
TfB COMMI I rKB OPGRNtIkMCM on l^helfof tha
I ' - Aj*D?EAll-<TIIEAAE.d aflhiarR^tSbnethair
fri.-n.ls and the BaMk m-nernll lt.it theg hive taker. tlo> Htirr at
L .TH". *'/' ?Dee/end Hioodieey. nevt ih-nr to William
. . ! " A." ofntt. Slut w dir..i,(i-?n.,| ij^.
te.Mled Lstiilr IS Inner! fin il? ,r use is ren.ly. w Uh a splendid assort.
me .lot Irene*.iterrnan nod Irjnh ujeg, of On- most amnsived
IL *? r*n w ir??nit?l. nil *f win- h wilt I* but *t eo?t
Write, as ne indm em-nt l.n (P-i.ti. m. n to i all aiwl select sueh a
?"?'IL? r,**Y ?*" *dgive . mphtymant to thoae who are at ere
sent w 8hind nr->i?t kmsiiu of ic(anitl
TV. CoowiHttee Neva the pb as ,r.- toi-fiem all their ftiend. thai
gey.yaheve MMhr-tr arte he ol v? .-a.it.* Ainmrel mads at -hm
Le?ldisJir..e -t in the neat-st ami1-at .aa....-r. xreptf ,wt. whtflb
will IMrt Is- a temtit.nl Pi-r. other Id.eh of Dre.a Will he sainted
Ift a net anv.sf of-.-, . ri M
t.lnen. Mms'In ie.r(rtr. Cussfrwer (t* Crdft -nd all ss'tetiea
el artir'es si.diiidr l-r etui, iner Lhdhi.-g, eitiwr for (e titleme-, of
?nya.may he hnd sf tins Ntwr*.
Notye hot ti e hrdof ( utt. r. will he et-gi'strd
C.entl- men ca-i either imrrliyae 'he tr-.'- r.s s si the s'nre at rsmt
nnrr, i* tnirrhis.- the material etnew here, and have theta it im
up at tins Rst'-'.lishiai ot
The par, ttf Cutting Pints loo-S 87 get t*
_ ^J?r . -da. Vi-?4s. M dm
t .svy d'acnptron tvf Chii im-t's r|.??:,.? of made tonnler an t keut
? ?; ??la. ^
rin> price of every irtw ?iii be m tried in fig'tris, in nrder fh't
all aiay he treat i-d th-< sub whether judges ay not all that w.II
W li'-riwanry Will h?-to|.reri I* 'be t-ntlerw Hn- aril' leistnhe mvia
hv. (irnth-nten ean h ?*e -Mr rbithcs iwensh 4 by (eating Uieoi in
tin" ii.ruin* a11.1 eel i?* ft' them i' 'he afterr-tmn
Psmil.es em . lean a. .nisti *sea to work at their hnusta. by ap
ply to* as nS#ve.
Ry patroob".* 'his Rstuhl shovenl, gentlemen will make a very
eonabWraMemviwg in th-rirespe, ditu'e. and ?iye enH,inrmr,? ^
e.rht ne ten ifvaisand gno italiwlruMis (.-males, end iveeent i*o
afte' the ieiiof.il airfw-nI th- y lime , !??.-..sss.,||ih| -0 ? Ms
the lietie- -.Irn.t Jg tins reeat and *ro.il etly.
tie behalf ol the t 'ommiite.-,
Rf.lAR roVXTAlN.
KB* ARD P, ? OHRf,
f.. _ cronoR p<?f.--t.M.
fit 8Swis!r H.'MRK Ho/TWri,
ll'HDI KvM.I, 4 \M?\ IT4INB tst ? m*~
YV Stiret The S.-lerrila r l?n.lWO|. -|, Ig a fresh .seetosenl
Cindy, Wtirh he wit sett, wholes-,'0 sr, f -efsi . at th.- ?
market pro-? IVrssms wiehing ro hu, to as It i?nn w ill An"
derided y to the i sdva- tog* tn e?ll. 0 aL wiff he r .rk-,hi
seat tn M y rait uf th* nouatry H LflEi.-ti' \

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