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volume 11. nu. 973. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MA^ 20, 1837. whole mo. 531
M No. SI Attn most, tecond door btloio Sootau.aml nppooit*
the Veetry Rootnt of the Butch Reform d Church.
TBRMH OP ADVERTISING.?TtwextwulveareuJaUoaoftb*
Kerala, both in town and country, make it a aupertot channel ??
day, #0 56 I 4 days, #1 15 I 7 daya, ?i 87 I lOdaya, fa *
... *75 5 ? I 50 I ? ? |iw II ? ? ??
1 M I ? ? ? 1 T5 | J . . 8 IS I 13 ? ? * "
?roeaa, f? io | 3 month*, ??J*
1 month, 3 #0 I 6 15 *
BTB?All advertisement* to be paid ior before their laaertioa.
Advertucinent* inserted in the WbbklT UBBALD.alfl 00 pel
i every insertion.
Galvanism again.?Read?ye dolts?ye fools?ye
unbelievers?read an 4 understand, if it be possible for
such incredulous blockheads to understand any thing.
See what miracles are performed by this power.?
Galvanism is the essence of Divinity?the spirit that
brooded over chaos, and woke creation into life?the
breath that was breathed into the nostrils of Adam,
whereby "man became a living soul"?and the in
visible spirit that gave beauty to Eve, filled her eyes
with tenderness?touched her lips with lively emu
lien8_hung her cheek with soft blushes?animated
her beauteous lips, and covered her whole form over
with beauty, as with a robe of heaven.
Exthaobdinahv Discoveries!?The following is
taken from the proceeding at the Geological Section
of the British Association, at its late meeting :?
"After some remarks oa the change in the chcm
cal character of minerals, produced by galvanism
made by Mr. Fox, the chairman said, it had been ob
served to them last evening, thnt the test of some of
the highest truths which ptiibsophy had brought to
light was their simplicity. He held in his hand a
blacking pot, which Mr. Fox had bought yesterday
for a penny, a little water, clay, zinc, and copper, an 1
by these humble means no had imitated one of the
mo3t secret and wonderful processes of nature?her
mode of making metallic veins. It was with peculiar
satisfaction he contemplated the valuable results of
this meeting of the Association. There was, also, n
gentleman now at his light hand, whose name he had
never heard till yesterday, a man unconnected with
any society, but possessing the true spirit of a philo
sopher; thrs gentleman had made no less than twen
ty-four minerals, and even crystalline quart/.. (Loud
cries of ' hear.') He knew not how he had made
them, but he pronounced them to be discoveries of
the highest order, they were not made with a black
ing pot and clay, like Mr. Fox's, but the apparatus
was equally humble; a bucket of water and a brick
bat had sufficed to produce the wonderful effects
-which he would detail to them. Mr. Cross, of Broom
field, Somerset, then came forward, and stuted, that
he came to Bristol to be a listener only, and with no
idea that he should be called upon to address a sec
tion. He was no geologist, and, but little of a mine
ralogist; he had, however, devoted much of his time
to electricity, and he hud lately been occupied in im
provements in the voltaic power, by which he had
succeeded in keeping it in full force for twelve months
a water alone, rejecting acids entirely. (Cheers.)
r. Cross then prmjpeded to state, that he had ob
tained waterfront a finely crystallized cave, at Hol
way, and by the action of tne voltaic battery, had
succeeded in produc ngfroin that water, in the course
of ten days, numerous rhomboidal crystals, resem
bling those of the cave; in order to ascertain if
light had any influence in the process, he tried it
again in a dark celler, and produced similar crys
tals in six days, with one-fourth of the voltaic power.
He had repeated the experiments a hundred times, and
always with the same results. He was fully con
vinced, that it was possible to make even diamonds,
and, that at no distant period, every kind of mineral
would be formed by the ingenuity of man. By a va
riation of his experiments he had obtained grey and
blue carbonate of copper, phosphate of soda, and
twenty or thirty other specimens. If any member of
the Association would favor him with a visit to his
house, they would be received with hospitality, though
in a wild and savage region, on the Quantodk Hills,
and he should be proud to repeat his experiments in
their presence. Mr. Cross sat down amidst long con
tinued cheering. Professor Sedgwick said, lie had
discovered in Mr. Cross a friend, who, some years
ago. kind y conducted him over the Quantock Ilills,
on the way to Taunton. The residence of that gen
tleman was not, as he had described it, in a wild and
savage region, but seated amidst the sublime and beau
tiful in nautrv. At that time he was engaged in car
rying on the most gigantic experiments, attaching
voltaic lines to the trees of the forest, and, conduct
ing through them streams of lightning as large as
the mast of a 74 gun ship, and even turning them
through his house with the dexterity of an able cha
rioteer. Sincerely did be congratulate the section on
what they had heard and witnessed that morning.?
The operations of electrical phenomena, instances of
which had been detailed to them, proved that the
whole world, even darkness itself, was stet,?ed in
everlasting light, the first born of Heaven. How
ever Mr. Cross might have hitherto concealed himself,
from this time forth he must stand before the world
as public property. Professo- Phillips said, the won
derful discoveries of Mr. Cross and Mr. Fox would
open a field of srience in which ages might be em
ployed in exploring and imitating the phenomena of
At the last meeting of the Royal Institution, held
on Friday evening, Dr. Faraday delivered a lecture, in
which he alludeu to the recent discoveries of Mr.
Cross, with respect to the formation or revivication of
Insects in flint, which, all hough doubted by many, he
knew to be true, inasmuch as. by scontinuous valtnic
stream from silica of potass, lie hinicelf produced liv
ing animalculu!. He also exhibited some insects from
hard polished stone, and which were now, like those
of Mr. Cross, enjoying life alter a transition of many
thousand years.
The PolUh Heroine.
Claudia Potocki was born in the Grand Duchy of
Poaen, in 1R02. She was the lineal descendant of
that Dzialynaki, who, in the beginning of the seven
teenth century, wan sent by Sigisinandiis III., ns an
ambassador to Uuecn hhzabeth, to remonstrate
against the infraction of n treaty between Knglaiul
and Paland, and whose eloquence and boldness of
speech?though the latter inther startled the susc,.p?
tibility of the powerful queen?ate recorded by the
historians of both nations, together with a high en
comium passed aver the performance of Iih success
ful mission.
Previous to the great political convulsion, which
imposed other duties upon Claudin, her life glided
happily and cheerfully on, in the midst of youthful
pleasure, and those serious studies towards which her
taste inclined. In I8i4 she wns marn d to Count
Bernanl Potocki. The explosion of the 26lli of No
vember, 133(1 disturbed her quiet and uniform exist
ence, and called forth thosj virtues which have made
her name *> dear to Poland. Claudia was then re
nding in the liand Duchy of Posen. The first np
peal of their native country was received by the youth
of that ancient province with a universal burst of en
thusiastic sympathy. In defiance of the vigilance of
the Prussiancorpn siationed along the frontier ; not
withstanding the threat of the Prussian government,
thousands of courago citizens crossed the armed
line, and hastened to the support of their brethren.
The patriotic exertions nnd munificence of Claudia,
urged and enabled man* to swell their ranks. She
soon reached the capital uf the free kingdom; and
though she did not inn tho*? intrepid hi roines, w ho,
" a"l tinseted, dared the di ed ?f war,'' and " stalked
with Minerva's step where Mars might quake to
tread," yet her services in the n?honal cause were
neither less useful nor less perilous.
The hospitals of Warsaw were the scene of her
heroic devation; there, aocorapanwd by many dis
tinguished associates, nnd surrounded by many wound
ed warriors and those stricken with malignant chn|e.
ra, the sacrificed every thing to tho duties she had
undertaken. Seated by the couches of the e?ck,
ing seven successive months, she wa? constantly oc
cupied in dressing their wounds and alleviating their
sufferings. Neither ilie sight of hideous gashes nor
the fear of contagion deterred her from ner course
of persevering chnrity. One of the richest and most
gifted ladies, the daughter of Dzinlynski, nnd the wife
?f Potocki, became the hiiinble and attentive nurse of
Poland's brave sons. Such modest and unostenta
tious devotion is as truly heroic, and perhaps more
profound, than that displayed on the field of battle.
When t're day of adversity came, Countess Claudia
accompanied the Polish army in ita retreat to Modlin ;
there, in tho midst of general confusmn, she once
procured a truss of straw on which to repose her
wearied head, but, perceiving a sick officer, relin
quished it in hia favor. Having, as a ludy> tnoto faci
lity in obtaining a passport, she availed herself of it,
for the purpose of saving, at great risk and peril, se
veral patriots deeply compromised during the revo
lution. Many, disguised as her domestics, were en
abled to traverse Prussia undiscovered. On one oc
casion thov were placed in imminent danger. At
Thorn, the Prussian police discovered th? generous
stratagem, and intended to imprison the disguised
patriots, but the countess declared she would be re
sponsible for all; she offered the whole of her pos
sessions as a guarantee, and by this bold act again
preserved them.
On quitting Prussia, Claudia took up her abobe at
Dresden, there to deplore in solitude the misfortunes
of her country; but the wants of her unfortunate
countrymen called forth again her energies into ac
tion. She formed a ladies committee, in order to al
leviate the destitution of the refugees. The rema ns
of her fortune, her influence, hir personnl exertions,
were entirely at the disposal of the unfortunate. A
lady of her acquaintance having one day made inqui
ries for a person to copy n voluminous manueript, the
counters offered to prevideonc; under this pretext she
obtained possession of the work, and labored at it
herself day and night in order to deposite the proceeds
of her industry into thr funds of the committee. Hut
all her endeavors, all her sucriflces, were insufficient
to provide for the Polish soldiers, who, without pro
visions and without cloths, in the depth ef a severe
winter, resisted the cunning policy of the Prussian
government, and resolved rather to perish of cold and
hunger than to return to a land henceforth under the
despotism of Russia. At one time the committee were
at a loss how to afford the required assistance, when
our young heroine hit upon an expedient for obviating
that difficulty. She instantly pledged the jewels anil
cachemercs which the foreign police had not suc
ooeded in depriving her of, and the following day the
sum of-10,000 florines was sent for its pious destina
tion. It was in honor of this noble action that the
Poles assembled at Dresden presented to hern braclet
with an inscription commemorative of the act, and
pointing it out for national gratitude.
When the reinninder of the Polish army wasdrivi n
from Germany, and sought refuge in France; Claudia
lixed her residence in Switzerland, to be nearer at
hand in ministering to the wants of the exiles. It
would be difficult to imagine the sufferings and priva
tions which she was subjected to, when exerting her
self in behalf of those Poles who, in consequence of
their unsuccessful attempt upon Savoy in 1833, were
driven back into Switzerland, and obliged to depend
mostly on private exertions, till they were transported
to England. Here, again, her benevolence came in aid
of their miserable condition. She used to entrust some
of her friends with certain sums of money, and with
the power to divide them amongst the most needy, un
der one condition only?that they should never know
the name of their benefactor. In the exercise of these
Christian virtues, but worn out by silent grief, her soul
pined and destroyed her delicate frame. She died at
Geneva on the 8th of June, admired alike by her coun
trymen and the foreigners amidst whom she resided.
So general was the mourning, so universal the grief,
that all the shops in the streets through which her body
was carried to its last abode, were spontaneously shut
up, and remained closed for the whole day of that
melancholy ceremony.
Tlio occasion of the first peopling of America was
this: that the devil being alarmed and surprised by
? he wonderful success of I he Gospel during the first
three hundred years after Christ, and by the downfall
of the heathen empire in the time of Constantino, and
fearing that lus heathenish kingdom would be wholly
overthrown, led away a people from the other conti
nent into America, that they might be quite out of
the reach of the Gospel, and others into northern
cold regions that are almost inaccessible, so that he
might quietly possess them and reign over them as
their god.?Jonathan Edwards' s History of Redemp
Wove Straw Hats?A new manufacti re has been
introduced into the west of Scotland?the weaving of
straw hats. The straw, instead of bung plaited by
the hand, is woven by the loom, the warp employed
bein? a slender thread of silk, which unites the straw
firmly together, and produces a very beautiful fabric.
It is woven in pieces of twelve yards long, and about
an inch broad; the one edge exhibiting an ornamental
pattern, susceptible of infinite variety, and when sew
ed together and made into bonnets, the appcarunccof
the whole is extremely pretty, though the cost will not
exceed one-half of the Tuscan.
The Moss Rose.?Very little faith is to be placed in
the assertiens of persons ignorant of gardening und
botany as to the date of the introduction of particular
plants; as a proof of which maybe given the remark
able fact, that Madame de Genhs, when she was in
F.nglnnd, saw the moss rose for the first time in her
life; and, when she returned, took a plant to Paris, in
order to introduce it into Prance; though the fact is,
that it was originated in Provence. The musk rose,
Hnkluyt tells us, in 1592, was fi.st obtained from
Italy; and it also was common in the time of Gerard.
The single yellow rose was known to Gernrd, but
not the double, which was brought to Knglnnd from
Syria bef?re 1629.?Arboretum Hritannicum.
Wondebfil Saoacitv of a Doc.?As Alexander
Forbes, Invcrharrach, Cabrach, was taking a walk in
his garden, attended by his faithful dog, he was sei
zed with a fit of apoplexy, and fell lifeless to the
ground. His dog instantly ran to a servant who was
passing the outsiue of the garden wall, and, by pull
ing and tearing his elothes, caused him to stop. The
dog leaped the garden wall, but seeing that the man
d n not follow, instantly returned, and, by the stran
gest manuMivres, led the man to look over the wall,
whe.e, to his astonishment, he saw the b dy of hia
master extended lifeless on the ground. He was in
stantly conveyed to the house, where all attempts to
restore animation were fruitless.?Glasgow Courier.
JT A CARD.?To tlx' Ladies of New Verk.? A new dune
riprcwly maiiuractnrcd for the ladic?al (lit K( ?< lit Y'S wlmlr
?alc and retail Confectionary (Store, No. 131 William -treat, N.
York, and i* sold wholesale or retail by no other peraon hi this
nlv. V ANII.I.A ( ream Candy, a new, very rn h, and ?!? li
ciou* article, j? now hereby submitted to the lodgment and pa
tronage oftl?e New York citizen* and the public m .icrai,. ihI
capeciallv the ladies, who are rsid to be tlw l>e*t judut ? of the
? weetaof life| ami a* a "sweet witlxiul s hitler," the Vanilla
Cream Canity Maiwl* pre-eminent
N. M. On hand, and eonnanllv tnannfaeturintr, a general a?
aortment of Candles for the (South and Western market*, at the
lowest wlmlesale price, and warranted to keep in any climate.
No charge for hoses, packing, or cartage to any part of tlie ci
ty. myl tm-y
THY'!* Compound Liquorice Cough Mixture, fourth |uute.
The apec:al srent, 1/7 Bowery, corner of Ornnd street, ha*
hern obliged, in consequence of the gn at demand of thi* Me.
cjecme, from the |?wer part and we*t *iile of the city, to ap.
point IIOl'PF.lt, corner Broadway and Franklin street, ami
1'NDKRIUI.L, corner Beekinan ami Wdllani streets, agent*
for this Mixture.
Dlt. SHANKS. OCCUIalBT?Licentiate of the New
York State Medical Bnoiet), respectfully inform* iIkws af
fected with Disease* of tlx' Eye, or lm|>crfrrtionr uf vision, that
Id* office, 183 Itroadwav, (ap *tair?) i* n|>on daily, Nnmbtya
excepted, from i I to 4 eVkx-k. Hundred* in thu city ami cUr
where, liave I wen restored to vi?inn. and uianv are convalescent
who, before consulting llr. Shank*, hare been rtttfcring for
SPECTACLES adapted, ar tumal to every defect of sight.
I?r. N. I leg* leave to ?tntc lie ha* had 17 war* esiienenre in
the *tody ami treatment of Di- a*e? of the Eye. ami has eiyoy
cd the tuition of the l?e*t Oculists in Europe and America.
||i PK.lt II A NtJlNti" l?ONt t?l RTfcsf AMMKItS
M. I>eg leave respectfully to rail the attention of their friend*
ant the pitldir generally, to Uieir new atxl elegant ?t*?nmcnt
of good* jn*t received ami opening at their new More, No. .'Ki-'l
Pearl street,hctwi en Frankfort and llagoeStreets. Consumers
ami dealer* will find, at their establishment, advantage* no
where e|*e to he met writh, in addition to their entire new Mock
of good*.
Nlaotmer*, of tlx* above firm, more generally known hv the
Jppellaiii in of the Three Fingered Pajier Hanger, ami wlm.it
J" ueodlera to ?ay, to any liol Mranger*, Maud* unrivalled in the
paper hanging, both for neatner* ami despatch, will at
teno ,n M practicable 10 all the work which ?hall
entru*t?H| to his care. ra.3l fim*
S 'irr K ?*?S?" B AHDA<TbsT AND THli?
o j STj ssaortment of the aliove of the rwxt approved
roy'lMT or rstsil, si No. 2 Ann street
J. H8 PEARL STREET.?This ?|>uci(ius establishment in
enlarged, ;uid erected upon its former ait**, in the centre of the
commercial operations of the city, surrounded by more than
500 entirely new fire proof stores ami wareliouses, occupying
tin* ground of tbe great conflagration. Tins Hou*l, fronting
nIMin I'earl and Water street, is a ranged ujhjii a new au<l most,
improved plan, with a spacious eii'bunge room ; extensive di
ning parlors; large and airy sleeping rooms; commodious bath
ing rooms; steam power to elevate a supply of water to the
upper story, and for Other purpose-; together with every con
venience required to promote the health and comfort of the
boarders. A constant guard is also employed to keep every
part of the premises in order anil security.
Alderman Peters, the owner, has spared 110 expense to render
this building, lioth in extent and style of architecture, equal, if
not superior, to any commercial Hotel in this country. This
House is now furnished complete in modern style, and re-open
ed 11th.March, 1IJJ7. The proprietors respectfully solicit the
patronage of its old customers and the public generally.
inll-Om Proprietors.
rhe subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the
travelling public that they have taken the above establishment,
and titled it up in a style that will cimpele with any similar
house in this city. It is on the Kursiienn plan, and personscaa
be accommodated with lodgings and meals at all hour-, an 1
lerved up with any dish the rtcliand luxurious market of New
York at all fun s afford?.
The house is pleasantly located at 91 Barclay street, in lite
immediate vicinity of the Hudson river steamboat landing.
The Bar is supplied with wines and liquors of ail kinds, the
best that can he obtained. N. M. M Kit It I.MAN,
iiivo 2weod L. WIN SHI P.
TWO. Hh PKA It L STRfET.-Simri.Mi. aitd SnlerT
1 x diil Hotel?Board reduced t?> $1 50; Pearl Street nottM
rebuilt, with every convenience, upon tlie old seite, in tin' midst
of the Burnt District. The proprietor, grateful for a most lib
eral patronage, cheerfully meets the wishes of hi- friends and
the public, in this crisis, by 11 reduction to one dollar and fifty
cents per day, while he engages to continue his style ot keep
ing and attention as heretofore. JOHN M. FLINT,
my 10-1 in
' Mr. Horn begs leave to acknowledge the obligations he is
under to tint gentlemen who have <?? laterally patronised his
establishment,and has die pleasure to inform his friends and
patron-that he has entered into permanent arrangements with
a celebrated pie baker tor a constant supply of the best pies
and tarts dial can possibly lie made in this city. He also will
be able at all times to -u| ply lie, customer, with coffee and
clioeolalo of the very finest Mnvor and richest quality, and Bat
ters himtelf that at no establishment in the city can (lie public
lie better and more satisfactorily served with such articles than
at his. my 169m
NEWTON have removed their School from the city to the
pleasant and flourishing village of West Farms, Westchester
They have selected this locatkyi, not only in consequence of
its proverbial health, hut of iu proximity to the city, the dis
tance not exceeding eleven miles. The hause is large, airy,
and well adapted for such an institution.
They are now prepared to receive young Ladies its hoarders
or day scholars, and they assure their friends and the public
tlmt nothing shall he wanting on their part to afford every faci
lity of instruction and improvement to their imp !s,and to quali
fy thein, by a liberal and accomplished education, for the re
spectable w idles of life.
Tuition comprises a complete English course, superadded to
which are tauirht the Krt*iu*l?. k?iinn wju Sjahiiinu loii^uagc#,
Music, Drawiiw and l??ncing, if required.
Higiilv respectable references will of course l>< given to pa
rents or'guardinns, if application lie made either personally at
the village, or by letter directed to the post office, West Forma.
(^AHPETINR. ?The subscribers have now on hand
S an elegant and exteiisiveaasortiiient of Carpeting, such as
Brussels, Three I'ly, superfine and fine. Twilled, damn-k,
Three Ply, Ingrain an I striped Strir Carpeting, of all widths
and Colors. Figured and plain Bair.es, India Matting, Door
Mats, Stand Mats, Piano, Table, and Stand Covers, Lc.
Also, b very great variety ot painted Floor Oil Cloths, from
two to twenty four feet wide, anold ami well seasoned article.
Any of the above goods will he sold at the most reasonable
Purchasers will find it to their interest to call ln*fore making
their final selections.
J. L J. II. S tt'wf:TT,7ti Ea?t Broadway,
my 1 tin* Extending through to 71 Division st
The mammoth ciike?e farm F' R
MA I.E.?The suliscrilier offer* for sale tlie splendid Farm
of Colonel Thomas 8. Meacham, situate in the town of Sandy
Creek, two and a halt miles from the village of Pulaski, Os
wego County. This farm contains nlKiut 900 acres, 700 of which
is under n very high state of cultivation. The subscriber lias
no hesitation in recommending it as one of the best farms in the
United States. On tlie premises is six good dwelling houses,
five of which are newly painted nod in good repair; five large
hams; one saw mill; and variousotherhuiln.ngs; in all amount
ing to twentv or thirty. It also contains seven orchards of tlie
choicest kind of fruit; three springs 01 good water, out of
which tin wHt?*r is conducted through the houses ami vards
by aqueducts and two never failing streamsof water. There
was pastured on said farm last season head of cattle, ten
horses, ami forty sheep. There w us raised ou said farm, last
season, over 300 tons of hnv, Iteside* a Inrge quantity of wheat,
rye, corn, Lc. and also made $4u0u worth of cheese.
The proprietor, having accumulated a handsome lortune on
said farm, offers it at a low price and easy terms. For further
particulars, inquire of T. A. DWIfillT, 7 Nassau st.
N. B. If desired, it will tie divided in lots to suit purchaser*,
a25-1 in
NEW W?H KM ?Me.noirs of the Life of Mir Walter
Scott, Bart., hv I. <1. leockhart, part first; Jack Brag, by
Tltivalore Hook, autliorof Savings and Doings, this day pul>
lisiied. For sale by C. SlIEl'AIlD, No. 2B2 Broadway.
a29-l w
/ IKHMRN MIIsVEK.?Fi-h and fritter Knives, Su
? Rgnr Tongs, SfH?m?, Forks, and l,adle?, of various patterns,
all of superior quality, and warranted wrought for sale by tlie
manufacturer. The suliscrilier originally introduced thealiove
ware, and has been ?-tahlished nearly five year* in this city,
and was awarded the first premium for the liest specimen* of
German Silver Oood?, by tin- American Institute at their late
Herman Silver Coftin Plates engraved at one hour's notice.
Price from ft 2S to each, engraving included.
N. B. The prices of the ntmve articles are about 75 per cent,
rbeatter than the real silver.
WM. L1IANDLKSS, Manufacturer,
ti t'larkson street,
mv5 lin* Between Varick and Hudson stn-et.
pAHIN KM It HO I OK It I KM. Juki received,
plendld .i-.ortinrnt o( rape*, ccdlar*, pelerine*, *hlml7ett?.
In-., tin- Mwnt *ty|e ami noit i.i?lii<mmI>/?? pattern*, imported
tin* "prinff.
Al?>, a great variety of linen rnmhrir ham f kerchieft ami
CHfl*! an exteoaive *Uirk* nl infant emhroiderie* of every de
scription, frock*, robe*, f'rockwai?t*, linen cambric cap* ami
trimming#, kr.
Alan, 1 ea#e children#' emhroidyred ?atin iarir drew#; ?eve
ral rn*e? Rentth ami hn-rli-h OMi ami collar#, Ac. A large
? lection ot K?rh?li ami French thread lace- black blonde pvh?
rin?**?; a iplnwd ?ti>rk of hlaek and avfait*- Itrr diawt* ; black
and white lace veil#, very rich, Itr. lie.
Ladk?and Matkinrn who wkdl to nurcha*e any of thealtnve
would tiud it llteir Intercut to rail a id examine the ?i<m |( which
they will lira I are carefully (MPCted from the lw*t market?.
The *uh*rriher, from the c*'en?ive patronage lie ha* receiv
ed, mid ?tlll continue#. feel# no heaitiition in *ayiag the good*
are the cheapest in thi* city, w laile-nh ami retail.
THOM AS COCIIRAN, 64 Catharine ?t.,
*22 1m* ami l>< ""wery, three door# a hove Spring tt.
t'MKAT H A H<2 A INS,?An extern?ve "aaortment af
? 1 Nilk and Cotton lloak rv together with a large naaortment
of Knibrolderlc#, rnn?l#titlf of rape*, eollar", pellerim ?, ranar
aWWiMli Dllea, InAlWl mite*. wai*t? and rai*. ladie* folaah
eafw, laee ?h.iwla; merino eiiihroi.lered. aehia iikI liroche, do.
very rich; thread and liolihiiirU lares iuat rting# and edging*,
?mile work'd Invert lagai ami arnllnp tHfhp; JOOB needle
workM and tainimrd hand*, plain and ftuurml ?wi*a mo*lins
liead bar*. pnr?e* ami ?alMy < liana, needle*, Uiivibb*. poM ?rl
v?t ami Seel Imdkin*. hair pina, vi?om; white and rol'd-atin,
gau*e ami I not ring rihlioii*, all width*; pen Me men* and ladiea
h<>r*?' ?kin glorr**, lodie# plain and open worked *ilk and ntlnn
fdove-, plain nid fo'iired ?ilk*; trial) |>oplii. ,i oen.-iik iod c tton
lamlkerrhiH*, law apron*.
Hlark ami white M nod pan?e veil* and ararft; &-d black
and white plain ami figured blond*, damaged at the late Hrc, Ag
Bowery. rrrv ID-tw *
Ml o irle llat* far <n?Ii at W ttoleanlr Prior a.
No. ttl Broadwnv, corner af Antlemy Mreet, til ?tory.
Knlrnnrt ra?y of nrm. C n Itc ceWicciy.
r|MIK ?uh?<rilier having c,ja'ned a Ware mora (or the *ale of
I Hat* of the eery lie?t niiaNtv and hit em fndiion* ?nitatde fbr
the ritv retail trnd?. would re*j tfn lly infirm hi* (Metwla and
the ptihiir in general, that they will find at the alrove e#tahli*h
ment a fir* ?h ami (ifhioiiahle artirle not extolled by any e*ia
l>li?hnient in the rity, ami at a di?rotim upon ear h dnrle hat,
wiiieh will aatonhh all wtio have lieea MfMnaeil to pay the
OMia! heavy retail rate* which the proprietor* of high rent# and
extravagant fixture* have lieen obliged to a*k, ia order to meet
current runam, he.
Whoh-nle orihra Mrietly aWaM to. ami Header# at a dim
tanra may rely up*u their order* living tilled with punctuality
and de*pairh. *
N. B. In prnec** of manufacture, and wlB he remty in a day
t?r two, the " ne pin* ultra uefh-k n Beaver llat," wfnrh for
hrilham-vof tini#h and rirhne** nf appi iraai ? rannot be #ur
pa.*r.l J. BTFIfART
At private *alr. ami will he rrndv for In* pert ion on Thurvdnr
the lath in*t. a lot of fine oil painting*, brought front South
America, and never belore ?ecn !a thia country.
mylS-lw J. A
V 1*1 PINO Allliartllt K ? AI?I>M, engraved it a
mtperlor *tyle, ami printed with the utimet a> atne?? P,.r
?on? furni?hin? their own Copper Pla'e#, WBi Bare (Item print*
etl on the -no* ' apfirovrd MMhlc #tyle of card*.
The late?t i.f'iion* received. and a ? invoice of *npei mr f!na
melh d t arris ? ?pri **ly lor Visiting Card*, which for hri llian
cv of po'i-h i an not |?< excelled.
Merchant* and More keeper* ?npphed with Card#, either
Clipper plate or letter pn ?*, at a few lionr* not lee.
Card" ?i Horn* ami for Private Parties kc.
Specimen* t r he ?? n ami all orth r* promptly executed at
VAI'KNTINK'8 Pngmving, Printing, ami ra#ldonahle vi#lt
ing and Store Cartl K*t?hll?hment., SO John itreet, corner of
William. | a24 Itn
(HIIhlHtHA'A CUOtHINtt ?The *,th.rnhr,*
J k?vp rnnatantly on hand Hit#xtrn*ivr a? rtment nt child
rrn'? clothing, made in tla- mo?t favbionahie #tyle, which thry
wdl *eil on very rv a#onable Ifcnw, at ?l*ik**ll#f retail
? j iidVr
Old. A. IIOYT It CO., id Bowery, N IT.
ffla+ftg'ii ijusnga a ) T1
ljtaxts the H'estchester Home, comer Itruad and Race streets,
daily at ti o'clock.
The Boats and Car* used ujion this Line, nre of the very I test
description, having been limit expressly for the aeenmiuodiition
ol passengers, and are not surpassed by any in the country.
This is the only Packet line that run* on the Kailroad to llar
risburg, 'hereby saving 80 miles of canal travel, and retching
Pittsburgh in three day- and a half, instead of four ami a Itaif,
as was foricerly the cut ?, when they went by Columbia, and
there took the < anaL
For speed and comfort this line is not excelled by any other
in the United Slates.
Passengers to Cincinnati, Louisville, Natchez. Nashville, St.
Louis, Ac., will always he certain of being taken on without
delay, as this line connects with the boats at Pittsburgh, carry
ing the mail.
For seats, apply at the north cast corner of 4th and Chesnut
sts. and at No. ?90 Market si, corner ad and Willow sis.
A. B. CUM.MINGM, Agent.
Philadelphia, May 3. tiiyhMin*
On ami after the 1st of May, the Cars will run as follows, vi/.:
Leave llicksville, I Leave Jamaica, I Leave Br'Kiklyn,
7 o'clock, A. M. I 7 I-1 o'clock, A. M. ' 9 o'clock, A. M.
II " 1113-4 " " It " P.M.
3 " P. M. | 4 3-1 " P. M. | 5 "
On Sundays the II and 1 o'clock trains w ill be omitted.
Passengers will lie received and left at the following places,
viz: Westhury, Clewsville, De l.ancy Avenue, Union Uourw,
Wycotf's Lane, and Bedford.
Tickets can he had at the various ticket odices. Passengers
who take si .its w llhout them will he charged one third more,
POH AI/HAN Y ?From the lis it of
Barclay si.?The ALBANY this morning at
>7 o'clock. The Kill E on Monday morning,
at 7 o'clock.
From the foot of t'ortlandt st.
Tl e NORTH AMERICA this at). ruoon at 5 o'clock.
The OHIO ti mi irrow afternoon at 5 o'clock.
NOTICE.?All goods, freight, baggage, hank bills, specie, or
any other kind of property, taken, shipped, or put on board the
boat* of this line, must lie at the risk of the owners of such
goods, freight, baggage, Ac. my20
FOR NEWBI ROll.?Landing at Cald
1 well's and West Point.The steamboat HIGH
LANDER, Capl. IL Wardrop, will leave the
foot of Warren street every Monday, Thursday and Saturday
afternoon at 5o'clock. Returning leave Newliurg every Mon
day morning at 0 o'clock, and every Tuesday and Friday after
noon at ? o'clock, commencing May litli, until further notice.?
For freight or passage, npplv to the Capt. on Imiird, or to
WJ HtllC T. POWELL A ( <>. Nuwhurgh.
KOIt N e\V ."OUT AM}, PP?
512*'* FOIt SH-.Wi'OHT ANI> *??**?
frS ,,. ' V 11) K NC V-Fron. I'. eK twiit, K. It. I he
^SwcreSSit.^isemer LEXINOTON, t apt. V anderhilt,
w ill leave on Monday "Oeriv on, May 22, at 5 o'clock.
Toe I^-*i,Ms??'o will arrive at Providence in time lor passen
ger* ?o take the 7 o'clock morning train of cars for Boston.
For further information inquire on lioard, or of
II. D. ALLEN, 1(19 South *t.
N. B.?All persons are forbid trusting any one on account of
the above boat or owners. my 19
?> FOR II * KTFOKM?From Peck
' Slip, K. K.?The steamboat CLEOPATRA,
Capt. Reynolds, wil leave ibis (Muturday)
afternoon, at 5 o'clock.
Fare to New London, #3. Stage* will leave Lyme (Bncon's
Landing,) for New London, immediately on the arrival of the
T l Positively no fre'ght received idler 3J o'clock. For fur
ther information inquire on board,or of
D. B. ALLEN, 109 South st.
N. B.?All persons are forbid trusting any one on account of
the aliove boat, or owners. my20
? NATION.?If the public do not wish to pay
till for flour and $3 or $4 passage to Albany, come ui th
- ? - Ajp|?. o|(- -
rescue of the Sanduskv. Tl le old Line mono|ioly hav?
a moltitnde of hired *iun<lerer*, and every infamous false
hood is uttered by tliein to prevent passenger* going in the
Sandusky. She is entirely newly fitted up?the best table and
gentlemanly treatment. Leave for Albany every Tuesday, ]
Thursday, <unl Saturday, at 5 o'clock, I*. M. Fare, one dollar,
my 18-2t*
dern built three story house in 9th st. a lew daor* east of
Broadway, being the middle of the three house* just
finished. This house is finished in the liest manner, with all
the modern improvements, and possesion can he liad immedi
ately. Apply to (I. CLARK, 196 Water street.
my 16-Aw
TO LIT -Three stories (or paro nfthe Iinuse. No.
12Sixth Avenue, snitalile torn smalltan.lv. Two linnd
?miiiu-parlors, on the second story, with marble mantle
piece*, sliding ibsirs, and a balcony in front. Three rooms on
the third story, nnd I wo bedrooms in the garret. A large yard
with a good supply of water. Situation healthy and rent mo
derate. A;>|dy On the premise*, third story. myl0-2w*
MTO LET?Tl.- Store, M-eond, third, A fourth doors,
of the first das* liuitdtug. No. 21 Ann street, separately
or together. The Store and second flour are handsome
ly shelved, w ell adapted for au auctioneer or any respectable
business requiring room.
PnsHSKiiin immediately, apply to W. Naiidlbrd, in tbe rear,
| ar to W. Fuller, SIS Orrcac street. ul3-2w
Mh TO CS t The More known as No. 116 Ma n
Lane, one door from Pearl street. Possession given im
nn .'lately. Impure at I'M Pearl -!. j3h-v
L I TO I.KT?Tin w l.i.l. of tin- -I * or.,I -torv of the
.'/J "nUM' No. 37 Cnurtlandt street, either to a small resjiec
j **L-a^tahle family witlaiut children, to artists, or tor olhce*.
| The IViMir contains two large rooms, well lighted, with lire
i places, and closets; besides two large closet* that have la-en
used ?? lieilriMiins. Apply on tie- ? remise*. iny8-tfv
TO LET?at Ear Rockawav, a large convenient
' two storv llou?e, suitable for an extensive boarding
?tmuse, with a new bam, a well and pump nt excellent
water, and two acre* of land enebwd with oriiameiital and
?tber good fence. It is situated within a quarter of a mile of
the lieach, and near to the Marine Pavillion. The priqwrfy
can lie viewed at nnv time, and terms known on amtlicaliou to
the snliscrilier on the premise*. S\ML. It. B. NORTON.
M 'I'O LKT-A haifk hiiildintf in a central ?ituatlon,
either a* a .l.iliU or wnrkdmp. Apply ?t T77 Broad
my. my44f
MTO LET?TIm' hirye and eaminodiou* Hmiw No.
5Dfy *treet, "iiitahle for a hrmnlinf lmn*c on an atten
tive *cul?*. Apply u> Mr*. It N. <?nu(jh, on tli?? premi
TO LET.?Tin- up|x r part ol a rrnfcl Ihmiw to
a ?inall family, in a very deairahle ?il uat ion, ami hut a
few rabiutn walk Irian tin' bo-maw |Mtrt ol the city.?
Rent $200. Addrc?e (I. W. K. at th* office. myl9-lw
< ourtlaii.li ?trift,Ih-l' to inform tin- trail'* that thrv haw
removed I'roin No. II f'onrtlaadt ?tr?*?-t to the aWore lar^r
? ami elegant new More. wire re tbey have on hand, and
art* ron?tantly receiving, frrtn *upplif* of Hatter** l*lu?h ami
Al?o. fancy rolori-d Phl?he?, for Indie*' bonnet*, which tliey
will aril on acoinmo'lntiinr term*.
Ilai?, t'ap*, Block*, ami Kiock k'ramr*, at wltoleaale. ?l2-y
Nl'hP, >l>ll) WIII ? E SUMMER MATS.
fl I'KII K HKDIJt r.D.?RAtiK A CO.. IM Broadway,
wonld inlonn their friend* ami the public, that in < <hi*c
?|u?*fK*?* of thr* unprecedented pmetir* in the mon#*v
re of their vi hitc ?innni? r llatx will be rr>hn*rd
ng I
to tlm*r fiirrn-lied, ami which irave universal ?atiafartton |n?t
market, tlir price i
troio ft to $4.10. 'I'lir <(11.> ilmv llatx tx'iriL'?ii|a iior
?iirniwr, it I* prrmimnl wtfl need no comment. iny l!4-lw*
^ HrtOVA If Sl (O.'M 4?? E Pit 14' E MAT
STOIt K.?Tin tttlnrrtlMT*. ?iacc the year 1*24, have
aSS aimed at I'nrnidiintr thr pnMir with an elegant ami Mh
^ ?tantial IIAT of thr n?mt jjrae? ful I'Min, at th?- ac.nm
ino'l itintr price of $1. They *an now ?ay that their rffort*
hnvr ban crowned with triumphant mko ?*. Th?* Hat* inanu ,
incurred hy llinn durinir thr lied Ihfrt monlha, *iirp**a In liran
ty and fimxh any Irrrrtoforr offered, ami ?land prr eminent
aimiiiL' I Wow of liiyher price*, worn by tin* ia?hKmatih.* world
To Ilwir (nitron* tliry would ?nv?thr ipialitv, a* tar a* may br,
l? nnitbrm?thr price moderate ami fined?III'" pi "lit *inail, ami
all Uir aalr* for ra?li. 178 t'halliani Sonari, ? or. Molt *t.
It BROWN k i "
\|ll l.lfKlta ?! l'1'hll.n AT Wilt >1, KM A I.K
If I 1*141 * KB.?To Tlir. LADiKM T. Moro\N, ITS 12
tiiatham *t, heyfleave to inform the ladle* of N. Vork and it*
vicinity that li>* haxjn*t received, prr r?-r< nt arrivM*, tlir r*n*t
1 of pi
cholrr ami elegant a-*ortm< nt of gnr*d* r?rr i (f red lit thii
ff.lrpani Printed Miiriin*. of thr moM novrl drtiyoa.
Printed Lawn* and I'lialiirr*.
400 Victoria Drr?*e*, at ft M thr drr?* of 10 yard*, among
which arr a choice arwortnvnt of color*
I <*a?r of thr real Imperial Blur Itlark W??hioo Silk*, al
ri??ht ?hillinp? per yard, nctrr offered in thin city under on
KiIiIhiim in ? mile** vari?tv.
A lull ami choice aaaortnicnt of rich fmBrcl and plain
Bilk* ami ffatln*.
UR4 <loarn plain ami nnbrnnlcrrd lln*'ery, (or l? 1'' I1*'
Rn**l? 'tiaprr* and Table l.inrn*.
I cn?e <jf (liliMin'arelelirareil IrtahXinrna.
4 carton* of Kntbttthlrfir*.
Drapery Mit?Mn?, in rrity *lvlr, tosrefhrr with a larpr
?t?viriiiient of P'rrneh t ialicoc* and l?*>ni tie flood*, I'*'"'1
mermi* to mention, at the h?we?t pi e" i"*W| ?od no abate,
ment. T. MttRtlAN, U? I *' <dwlluMit "t. ati lni
? f H A If I TETIm* ?ub?cril" r mil titrn?*J? block* of lira
f W nite to or-'cr, of any *.?? or . am n*loa?, d? dvered n th
mat hank ot the M.i.laon ri*? r, ?iy "tdr* Imm New York ;
equal in qualitv to any of the eaitern (<ranitr ; nr any p?nnt
drxionatrd f>n the riyrr, al the loww?t trno*. ... ?, ?
Application to tie made to Ward B Ihiward, E*<j., No. k
Ifarriwm *lrret; Torn'tin* Rihrman, Prrk.ktlh or thr*nlia? ri
her, at Cold *pnny, BuU-m coomy, neaMh.^uarry. ^
\ rent of the ll?yhlar*l flranrtr fa.
Cold Bprotr. April ?d, IKH '?
??w v OH K NIKALOi
AfiB HHB<*CRIl>'BON.-Tk? Daily Hew
? -^!Cf^w* '" ,*.e ca*- fefuliuly every mwnmf.
Country Hubacnbers.in a ptrtof'SelTnitedHtatenorin Can*
tin, can r??6ive the Daily Ukrai.d, by ru i< a h?m$ rnu) ? fit##
o&nt? peroopr. <>n remitting cash iu advance?Tor ?u?ti a period of
tune as they pbme.
The Weekly RBRAi.D.eonhumac allthsi matter of the daily,1
?cat by aiail, at THum dollars pur annum, in advanct. In lb
?Ky it is sold at the office at six cent* per copy.
L< ttera te the Editor to be peat paid.
Ilfci "fopriHonbav# concludRd tlieir adilittoiial arrauge*
menu for ih?. despatch of extra spring ships, to leave Li
verpool ini t|i,. in,,mi,. ,,(? fXiyuary, March, and April. Person*
desirous in sending for their friends should make early applica
tion. In iloing *>,they will prevent detention, delay, ami dis
appointment. All wiH t?. entitle**! to a free passage in the
steainers running from i),. different imrts in Ireland, Headland,
ami Wales. lJntli- as usual on the Hank of Irelaiul, payable in
every prov Rl"' mUmd tow. Apply or address334
Pearl >L l?<?l GLAS HmuinsoN A CU. N. V.
Y h,w>THERH, bankers, Liverpool
.1-5 tl KOII IN HON L CO.,Dni,lin.
M. M ak M
To remedy the inconvenience occasioned to stoppers in Li*
pool, by iniuiy nt the recent vessels having shutout roods, tlu-y
lire requested to observe tlmt in addition to tin- eight extra
spring ships previously organized by the Robinson Line, the
following -elect conveyances are engaged, in order to afford
evi ry facility vviili a greater frequency of departure, viz
I'OWIIATTAN, 530 puis, t apt. McCurrm,
GARDINER. .'Mil ('apt. Jackson,
MANCHESTER, .">70 Capt Patton,
RAJAH, *31 Capt. Bliss,
C ALEDONIA, (new,) 7H2 Capt.
ROBINSON, (new.) 702 Capt.
IIENRYKNEE LAND, 303 Capt. Battling
MATTAK KKSET, 133 Capt. Drew,
IIC It LI NtITON, -K*r> Capt. O. i. PriECe,
KYLLERIE, 221 Capt. Hunter
ANN HALL, 774 Capt Jackson,
KUTIJ/.OKF, 41?> Ca|?t. Ncwlo?i?
LEVANT, 3<i2 Capt. Parson".
To passengers giving a preference to Ibis line tliey are very
respectfully informed it is the intention of this company to ilo
aw ay with the present contused system of bringing out passen
gers, and for (instead of tin- present steerage) lore and aft cab
ins, after the principle of those much uiknired and powerful
(learners so sucoessiully employed on the Liverpool ami Glas
gow station. Apply or address 334 Pearl street.
a 14 ?QB IN SO N V CO. Dublin. . _ . _
Weekly conveyance by the Robinson'" l.ine. The proprietors
res|>ectft?lly inform their many and very numerous friends thai
the undermentioned extra spring ships, viz :
have been ?ngwgcd to funply the >erth, in order to en-ure and
irunrantee additional facilities, comforts, and despatch. Drafts
as usual on tlie hank of Ireland and the Kohiiisou At Co., Dub
lin, mi the National Bank, anil all it* branches, of which Daniel
O'Connell,"Esquire, is the governor. The rates of passage
have been for some tunc past very ronsideraldy reduced, ami
the company lender a free passage to all wherever the steam
isial" run to: the proprietors deem it worthy of noticing that,
for the last year, IB3B, they sailed from the |*>rt of Liverpool
alone, sixty vessel* of the largest class, being oil an average of
one ship for every six days, a great accommodation, as it pre
vents detention and delay, very seriously rnmplatoed of by
passengers who engage w ith establishments having only occa
sional opportunities. Apply or address .334 Pearl si.
(2 if ROBINSON It CO., Dublin.
In opportunities every live or six days, by v\ay of Liverpool.
THE ROBINSON'S LINE, with remittances, nwmey or
ders, checks, aitd hank post notes, -ailing oil the 1st, 8th,
16th, ami JOth of every month
The proprietor of tin- K.ihinann Line very kindly return
thanks to their iitnnv and widely extended friends, for the e-tfs
eient and utile support tliey have received for no many year*
past; and at the same time feel gratified in having it in their
(Hiwcr to announee that they have, in consequence of many
heavy shipments of sjiecie, deposited to their credit in the hank*
nl Ireland and England, have been enabled to extend and aug
ment very materially their arrangements w ith the moat opu
lent and wealthy hankers, lor the payment of their drafts on
As regard-tie agents for the attention ?f the Bohinsons pas
senger-, through Ireland,they at least po-ses* honesty, probity,
and integrity ; have been selected as responsible, wise, and In
telligent business men, wIki will carefully attend to the collec
tion of debts or other business where eftieiciil puW?rs of attor
ney have been remitted. Passengers studying their .-oiive
niencv,should prefer tliia line. In doing so, they will avoid
making contracts with people having no agencies either in
Dublin, Liverpool or elsewhere, and whose only feeling, aft.*
receipt of money, has and will lie to gain a |>er rentage ou th?
amount of passage, reckless of all other consequences.
Application for remittances and passages should l?c directed
XJ4 "lyOTOLAS ROBINSON A ftl. New York.
ROBINSON k BROTHERS, hunkers, Liverpool.
| ROBINSON k CO. Dublin. inylOtf
PDA HIT-' ., ENULA N H.-To sail ?tli
May.?The well known fast sailing first class packet
i.s DANIELS, Captain Davidson, will sail
as alaive, and can handsomely accommodate a few cabin, se
cond cabin, and steerage passengers, it" immediate application
it. made <111 hoard, fool ot Borer street, or to
inv!2 Corner ol Pine aud Mouth*.
The well known last sailing ship TRY At-AIN,Cap
tain llaycnck, will positively muI in July, ami will b?
nimlnrtaldv tilted up for passenger*, wlai will lie engaged 00
reasonable tenns, if early application he made to
ajti Comer of Pine ami Mouth street.
,liil The pu.k.-t slup POWMATTAN, laying at Dover
BK whan", will Im' promptly despalclird, and can very
mmfortniily take a few cabin aad steerage panetlgefx. This
opportunity pre-cuts, 111 point of spent ami safety, a convey
ance see. in. I t ? mine.
Drubs us usual tin the Rank of Ireland, ami Robinson It Co.,
Dublin i on Liver|HH>l, Robinson Brothers, Raidiers. Apply
'I'll Pearl street, New York
TR17HT COMPANY.?Persons may effect msuruncea
with this Company on their own lives, ?r the lives of ot tiers,
ami either tor the wlmle duration #f life, or for a limited peri
txl. Tin payments of premium mny lie either made annually,
or in a gross -urn.
Premiums on One Hundred Dollars for One Year.
Age 1 V' sr. Age. I vear. Are. 1 year. Age. 1 y.
14 0 U Ai Iff! ? > 48 ? l?
\l 0 77 27 112 *? I 77 ftl I 9TT
? 89 ? t 31 ? '
6 <W .11 1 32 43 I 159 M 2 ?
0 ftl 32 1 33 44 ? ? *?
ON 33 I 31 43 I ?1 ?7 J *?
0 <M 31 1 33 ? I ?2 M ? H
(I 97 33 I 33 47 J M ?
0 33 ?i I 'HI 48 1 94 ?0 4 *
1 00 37 I 43 40 I *?
It l.v ilir <h'ltf
Mvncy will I" irrHftnl hi l?f !!?? 1
in trust, upoa which interest will h< sil<? wed as fidWiws.
Bpon any sum over irwdt. matde lor y 4* ' P,.rt
? M m I no - for ft mos, 4 per cent.
? m ? |tm - lor 2 inos, 3 pee rrul
Wm Bar,i Ramuel Thompson,
Ttemias W? Ludlow, l?nac Rr-oson,
Win B l-awrence, Peter Reinsert.
Jacob l-onllanl, Btephea Warns
John Duer, Kent.
Prler HaniKitiy, NnhAtiln Prim#1#
<n Van Reasn-llser, N. Deverrsus,
J.ihnU. Coatar,
Thos. Buffern, Corn*, w ,7"w.r,rBr*
H. C. ?e Rlimn, Jonathan0*n dime,
J aim? >1 Briil., Job" ^utMv.n. , J r.
P O. Mtnvvessnt, t hoinus J. Oakley ,
Mtetdien Wlutm J, {^9 J ,.A?.,,r' , .
JotinMasrwi, , , OuBan C. \ .rplanck.
Rem. I- Mwan.
WH B ARD, President,
r a NICOLL. Secretary. .
lir I) ATKINS. Physicis t to tlie Company. n?^tl
i THE N Oril A ftl EH It AN El H E IN.3IJ
aiirr t tiWrtNY rnnHtine to Insure against I .ss or dam
V.-e hv tire on buddings. poods, ships in port, amltheircarg-ves,
j, vrry ? 1 'pB"" ??! personal property, at their office, No.
is W ill -treef.
it ta rt ftmslle, Thomas Bolton,
nsvM <l^i Henrv If PlUnlt.
Daniel Ja< kson, ? homes Marieant,
, .wtlan.lt Palmer, ?''?? ?J k
John 1/ndtner Orahatn, J i'? i 7- '
Thomas Tdeston, Henry " 1,' 'r
Lnola De ( J
Henry Wyrheff, ^iMsrl" O 'MWiy,
Man Tis.lale, ?2^
William P llalh tt. RtfBKRT AlNBLRlt, President.
(NO M ItR tin, .
T?2. ? ., ,% wM II t' hf'RMtN respectfully iribwms
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