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HO. J4tt.
Foreign Extracts.
Swift's Wonder or Wondebs. ? Some of our rea
ders have probably met with a whimsical article 111
Swift's works, entitled, 'The Wonder of all the Won
ders that ever the World wondered at," being an an
nouncement of the performances of the famous artist,
John Emanuel Schoitz, from whose feats of legerde
demain, Ac., we select a few specimens : ?
" He lets any gentleman charge a blunderbuss with
gunpowder and twelve leaden bullets, which blunder
F>uss the said artist discharges full 111 tlm face of the
?aid company, without the least hurt ? the bullets
sticking in the wall behind them.
"He takes any gentleman's own sword and runs
through the said gentleman's body, so that the paint
appears bloody at the back, to all the spectators; ?
then he takos out the sword, wipes it clean and returns
it to the owner, who receives no inanuer of hurt.
"He will heat a bar of iron red hoi. and thrust it
into a barrel of gunpowder, before ail the company,
and yet it ?hall not take fire.
" He takes a pot of scalding oil, and throws it by
great lad lei ds directly at the ladies, without spoiling
their clotlus, or burning their skins.
" He likewise draws the teeth of half a dozen gentle
men, mixes aiid jumbles them in a hat, gives any
person leave to blindfold him, returns each their own,
and fixes them as firm as ever.
" He takes any person of quality's child, from two
years old to six, and lets the child's own father or
mother take a pike in their hands; then the artist
takes the child in his armsaad tosses it upon the point
of the pike, where it sticks, to the great satisfaction
of all spectators ; and is then taken ofij without so
muc h as a hole in his coat.
" With miny other performances of art too tedious
here to mention."
Continental Populations. ? Europe. 233,500,000
? Asia, 464,000,000? Africa, 130,000,000 ? America,
40,009,000? Australia, 2,500,000. Total population
of the gl ibi-, S70, 000,000 ? of which 460,500,000 are
pagans? 129,000,000 musslemen? 5,735,000 Jews ?
and 274,965,000 christians ? of the latter the Roman
Cathelics are estimated at 148,814 000? the Protes
tants at 63,616 000 ? and the Greek Catholics at
57,535,000. This is the result of the last census. ?
German paper.
A Hiohlanb Echo. ? In the course of last summer
some strangers of distinction were induced to visit a
wild and unfrequented retreat in a distant part of the
Highlands, chiefly from the report they had heard of
an echo, remarkable for the clear and distinet nature
of its reverberation. On reaching the spot from j
whence the trial of its powers is usually made, their
guide put his hand to tlie side of his mouth, and bawl
ed with the lungs of a Stentor, a salutation in Gaelic,
which was repeated with a precision that seemed be
yond the expectation of the party. One of the gen
tlemen, by way of trying the strength of his voice, put
his hand to the side of his mouth, in the same manner
as the guide, and called out " How far are we from
h<9me? These words, much to the surprise of their
conductor, were also repeated, when pqor Donald,
with a simplicity that brought a sihileover the fea
tures of all present, observed, "You may think it
strange, gentlemen, .but this is the first time I ever
heard our echo speak English." " I have no doubt,"
said the gentleman, "but it can repeat other languages
if put to the test," and instantly bawled out some
French, Spanish, and Italian. Donald looked more
bewildered than ever. " Weel, I must say, that's very
queer; my own father and my own self have known
that eciio for more than seventy years, and we never
knew it nse no language but the Gaelic language be
fore." " Your echo is more learned, then, than you
supposed," said the gentleman, laughing, though at a
loss whether to impute Donald's remark, to archness
er simplicity. "You may say that, but can you tell
me, sir," said the poor fellow, with an expression of
earuastnest* that appeared highly amuvine to those
present, the echo has never been out of the coun
try, where can she have got all her education ? ?
jLai rd qf Lot ;an,
Sqcirrfls. ? It is a curious circumstance, and not
generally known, that most of those oaks winch are
called spontaneous are planted by the squirrel. This
little animal has performed the most essential ser
vice to the British navy. A gentleman walking one
day in the woods belonging to the Puke of Beaufort,
near Troy House, in the county of Monmouth, his
attention was diverted by a squirrel, which sat very
composedly on the (round. He stoppe 1 to observe
his motions; in a few moments the squirrel darted to
the top of a tree, beneath which he had been pitting.
In an instant he was down with an acorn in his
mouth, and after digging a small hole, We stooped
down and deposited the acorn; then covering it, he
darted up the tree again. In a moment he was down
again with another, which he buried 111 the same
manner. This he continued to do as long as the ob
server thought proper to watcli h:in. This industry
of the little animal is directed to the purpose ?f se
curing him against want in the winter) and it is pro
liable that Ins memory is not sufficiently retentive to
enable him to remember the spot in which Ik; depo
sited every ucorn. This industrious little fellow, no
doubt, tones a few every year; these few spring up,
and are destined to supply the place of the parent
tree. Thus is Britain in some measure indebted to
the industry and bad memory of a squirrel for lur
pride, her glory, and her very existence.? > rap Hook.
Assostatiom.? It is said that the idea of ascending
in the nir by means of a balloon, absolutely nrufi
nated in a very singular and simple manner. Mons.
Mongolfier's wife was preparing to cut up a loaf of
sugar, and taking oft' the paper cap lrotn the top, she
threw it on the tire; the smoke and draft (as we call
it) operat.ngon it, carried it through the flue, and the
fortunate Frenchman had the satisfaction to ?ee it
ascend above the top of the chimney. He reflected
on the incident, and proceeded to make a tissue paper
bag, and inflated it with smoke produced from cork
cuttings? tlr.s succeeded agreeably to his expecta
tions. He was soon imitated by others, and the ex
Eerimeni* on gssen, and principally by our Priestly,
rought ballooning to a climax.
The Diess or the Patagoniass. ? Nothing is
worn upon the head except their rough, lank, and
Coarse black hair, which is tied above the temples by
a fillet of plaited or twisted sinews. A large mantle
of skins, s?<we<l together, loosely gathered about them,
hanging from the shoulders to tne ancles, adds s i much
to the bullin' ss of th ir appearance, that one ought
not to wonder at their having been called gigantic. ?
Among ?00 or :W0 natives of Patagonia, scarcely half
a doten men are seen whose height is under five feet
nine or ten inches; the women are proportionacly tall.
On their fee* and lf,g"*re boots, made of the skins of
horses' hmd le^s. Wooden (if they cannot get iron)
spurs, sets of bells, connected by a thong of hide,
which they throw at animals or men, to entangle or
disable them ; a long tapering lance, and a knife (if
one can be procured) complete theirequipment. The
women ars dn-ssed and booted like tfee men, with the
addition of a half petticoat.
Florida ? ( >fflcial reports l- ? 5th June have been
received from Tampa Bay. Theee reports state that
on thenieht of the '2d instant the Micau9aukies,abont
two hundred in number, sufiounded the ramp of Mi
canopy, Jumper and Cloud. and forced them awny.
The order* from Sam Jones and Oceola wrrr not to
molest any white m?n. Micanopy refused t<> go.
Maying that he had signed atrwa'y. and should hold
to it. He was answered that if he did n"t go his
blood w<mld bespilt. His reply was to kill him there,
and to do it quickly. They, however, forced him on
his horse, and carried him ott. Jumper having sold
all his horses, they forced him to walk. The sincerity
of Micanopy and Jumper cannot be doubted. Cloud,
however, was always a traitor, and was the only one
'Who had been warned what was to take place.
(leneral Jeswp states thsi the scheme of emigra
tion has entirely failed, and that he shall immediately
discharge tb< vessels which had been employed to
carry the Indians off. He does aot anticipate a te
newal of hostilities. Measures have been taken to
place the troopa in positions to as to cover the coun
tr j. ?Globe.
Cheering Prospect. ? The Wheeling Times of
Tuesday says : " But a few short days since, the
Iiills were almost barren of verdure; tney are now
I clothed with the richest and deepest green ; the grass
that seamed backward in breaking from its winter co
vering, now waves beautifully before the gentle
breeze of summer, and the grain shows an increase
ih its fair proportions with almost every sunning sun.
The farmers are confident of an abundant harvest;
and if the weather should continue favorable, it will
be but little if any later than usual. There will be a
vast quantity of wheat gathered this year, as there
was much more than usual sowed last year in con
sequenceof its high price for two or three years past."
Willis has just completed a tragedy for Miss Clif
ton, for which she has paid him one thousand dollars.
We are glad to see dramatic authors looking up. It is
high time. Captain Marryatt is said to be writing a
sea drama for J. it. Scott, a promising American
actor. He is now in this city. ? Boston Cent.
Fatal Occurrence. ? The Columbus Sentinel,
(Georgia) gives an account of an unfortunate difficul
ty which took place in that city, betweeu a Mr. Tho
mas W. Howe, formerly of the city of Boston, but
for the last two months of Columbus and a young
man by the name of Richard C. Ridgway. A meet
ing was sought by the latter ? but f?w words passed
between them, when Ridgway drew a pistol and shot
him down? the ball entering on the loft side of the
neck, and ranging downwards into the right breast.
Mr. Howe survived until the next evening, when
death ended his sufferings. Ridgway is in jail, to
await his trial at the term of the Superior Court in
October next.
The Nobles of Germany formed a Temeprance So
ciety in 1600, and adopted by-laws, wherein t'ley
pledged themselves never to get drunk, not to drink
but fourteen glasses of wine aday, and to eat only
" two head meals in twenty-four hours," besides a
luncheon. It was further provided that ?
" If any member should infringe the constitutions
of the order, three staid and well-conducted brothers
shall pronounce on the guilt of the accused, and if
found guilty, adjudge him to the greater or lesser
punishment at their discretion. The greater to be,
that from the date of his crime, for the period of one
year he shall not be allowed to be present at any
tournament or Knightly play, either horse or foot.
The next punishment, that for the space of one year,
he be n?t allowed to drink wine; and as a still light
er, should such be deemed proper, the culprit shall be
adjudged to forfeit the two best horses in his stable,
and to pay a fine of three hundred dollars."
Thh Weather and Crops. ? A more growing sea
son we do not remember. We have had rather more
rain than was necessary, but the crops of every kind
promise abundantly. The Wheat and Rye crops are
made, all that is wanting for them is dry weather, to
harden the grain, and a good harvest-home. Fruit is
abundant ; of apples there is an unusual display.
Our market is well stocked with all the vegetables
the climate and season affords, and th?se of the best
quality. Accounts from all parts of the Union, agree
in the very promising appearance of crops of all
kisds, except Frederick County, Maryland ? there
they are determined never to have a crop of any thing
but complaints, and of them they always have an
average crop. ? Cin. Post, Ju. 14.
?CrWe have seen some beautiful specimens of gold
from some of our mines, within the last two days. ?
Old Virginia is brushing up ? getting ready for the
tide which is fast approaching in her affairs ; and she
will as certainly avail herself of it as it comes. Enter
prise is searching out her vast mineral storehouses ?
while ingenuity and industry are planning' facilities
of transportation all over the state. This gladdens
the hearts of the chosen people of God, the farmers
? and they are preparing for an increase of products
and plying themselves with diligent hands. What
can momentary derangement in money matters do
with ua? so singularly blessed by the hand of Provi
dence. ? Kick. Camp.
Steam Navigation ok the Atlantic. ? The N.
Haven Herald publishes the following letter, dated
London, May 11, 1837. ? 'The steam ship of 1900
tons which we are now building fur the New York
trade, is getting forward rapidly, and if it should please
God to spare my life and health, 1 hope next Spring
to take out late news. Some of our philosophers,
reasoning from coasting bouts, and coufimng them
selves to coasting boat9, and not bong able or willing
to stretch their intellect an inch beyond a coasting
boat, have come to the conclusion that no steam ship
ran possibly carry coal enough to steam a greater dis
tance than 2200 mile*, and as the distance from Ports
mouth to New York is 3000 miles, therefore a steam
ship cannot run to New York.
'In answer to such reasoning, I take the liberty to
reply, that thesteain ship we are now building, could,
if necessary, take a sufficient quantity of coal on
hoard to steam to New York ami back. The ship is
calculated to take 25 days consumption of fuel, ftOO
tons measurement yoods, and ftOO passenger*. She
is 235 feet upon deck, 40 feet beam exclusive of pud
dles, 27 feet hold, with throe decks. The calculation
is to make an average passage to New York in 15
days, and something less home.
She is nearly double the size of any steam ship that
has as yet been built for deep sea navigation, and
when a steam ship is proportioned to her intended
voyage, I rannot see any more difficulty in perform
ing it than there is in running from London to Gibral
Melancholy and hngvlar event. ? The house
of Mr. Henry <*ay, in New Lebanon, Columbia coun
ty, about a mile from the l'resbyterian meeting house,
was consumed by fire on the afternoon of the 3d inst.,
and we regret to add that the aged mother of Mr. <Jay,
who was infirm and sick, and his lit tie daughter, about
four years old, lost their lives. The cirrnmstances
attending this occurrence are not l?ss extraordinary
than melancholy. It is supposed that the fire origi
nated from the spontaneous combustion of feathers,
which had been taken fn?m a bed on which Mrs. (J.
had lain, and who had died a few days previous. The
feathers had been washed, and spread in a close room
to dry; and a little son of Mr. G. who had been in the
loom, remarket! that they were hot. The first that
was discovered of the fire, was the smoke issuing
from the house, and the neighbors were there in the
course of fifteen or twenty minutes; but not iu time
to save the lives of the old lady or the child, whose
ruins were found partly consumed, in the room ad
lactfnt to that in which the feathers had been placed.
? Albany Argut .
Treasury Dapartment, May 26, 1837.
To the President or the United States :
Sir. In consequence of the recent suspension of
specie payments by most of the banks in which the
disbursing officers of the (roveruinent made their de
posites of public money, the undet signed has deemed
it proper to take the opinion of the Attorney General
on the effect of that measure upon those depositee,
and in consequence thereof to submit the following
recommendations to the President i
1st. That all those officers be instructed by the
several departments to which they belong to make
their subsequent depostte* in those banks only which
pay specie, if such can conveniently be resorted to
for that purpose.
2d. That in the event of there being none such,
they are to be instructed to depositc in those hanks
which are willing to give, and do give, such written
obligations as the nearest District Attorney of the
I'nited States may deem sufficient, and safe to se
cure the return of the deposits punctually, when
wanted, in such kind of money as was placed in
said banks ; and
3d. That the existing deposites of those office!*,
wherever not now in such banks, and not soon cx
Bndcd, be withdrawn, and placed within them as
r as practicable. Respectfully submitted,
Levi Weonavav " ' "
Jl CORRESPONDENCE ? Comprwlot? letters ot introduc
tion, letter* of credit and general business. with fornix tor Bills,
Invoice*. Bill Parcels, Bills of EscBange, Accouul Sales, Equa
tion of Payment*. an Explanation of Commercial Term*, an<l
Advice to young Merchants ami Tradesmen, with regard to the
Seneral maiiaeeinent of business; l>y B K. Foxier, Principal of
le New York Commercial SchOMl ; author of a Treatise on
Book-Keeping, fcc., 1 vol. l2mo. pp. 25a. Just published and
for sale by
C. SHEPARD, 13!) Broadwny.
1_T At a trifling cost, we have her? what should he consider
ed to lie an indispensable companion to every junior clerk in
Commercial or Agency establishments. It will be found ser
viceable to all as a book of reference and instruction. a 7
KM..VAI..-W. A. ANDHOSS * CO. Satin Beaver
Bonnet Warehouse, 104 Broadway, removed to next door
belnw, upstairs. Satin Beaver Bonnets at wholesale, with or
without lining, for the millinery trade. n8 if
RKMO V A 1*. -doctor J ACKSON ha* removed hi*
Medicated V apor Baths from No. 139 to 209 Bowery .where
he has baths ready for viiitor* at five minutes' notice, from 8
o'clock, A. M. to II o'clock. I*. >1. An intelligent female, w ho
has had three years' experience in the business, in constant at
tendance on tfie ladies' apartment. Genteel furnished apart
ments, and board, with good nurse*, provided lor invalids wlm
may wish to put themselves uu b*r tin- medical treatment of
Dr. Jackson ami the Medicated Vapor Bath*. my 12 y
ACADEMY. ? I. F. BKA(><> hax opened his School in two
neatlv furnished rooins, at 124 Broadwav, for instruction in Pen
mansliip and Book- Keeping. Beautiful and masterly Penman
ship will be guaranteed to every pupil (not tailoring under any
unusual disqualification) in a very limited numlier of lessons.?
Gentlemen will lie taught to exeeut ? with rapidity, like that of
thought, the tiold, accurate and splendid manuscript tint at
once secures the admiration of the curious, the decided appro
bation of men of business dexterity and taste, and the astonish
ment of those swarming, creeping, scribble manufacturers, who
impudently thrust themselves into notoriety by interminable
puffery, backed hy laliorinux black mid white scratched and
painted specimens, to prove their capacity to teach others what
they cannot do themselves.
Ladies will be lauL'ht to w rite with perfect ease and elegance
? the embarrassing perplexities of bail pens, which they cannot
mend, will be effectually remedied, and tluit which otlen deter*
ladies from useful and interesting correspondence, or graceful
employment, will be completely temoved. Writing will be
come a pleH?ure instead of a liore.
Book-keeping willlw* tautrht thoroughly and practically on
the plan of the late Mr. Ooddard. The School Room will be a
Counting Room, where all the ordinary routine of business
will proceed through its intricacies and varieties, (including cus
tom liouse business, brokerage, mercantile facilities of calcula
tion, itc.) Mr. Bragg having been a practical husinesn book
keeper duringmany of the earlier venrs of his life.
The silly absurdities of expression to be found in many pub
lications tor tike direction of youth in business forms and cor
respondence, will be show n, a nd pupils will be taught to think
as men of business, and to embody their thoughts, rather than
to copy ignorant nonsense, indited by persons who have no
practical acquainting w ith mercantile hnhit-s.
my 15-lmeud*
way anil Leonard *1. ? This establishment has Iieen removed to
the new ami spacious store 3.50 Broadway, corner Leonard St.,
where mav he found a choire assortment of clisth*, cassimere*,
vestings, French, German and 1 ri?k linen*, muslins, drilling*,
kc., of the liest quality and approved patterns.
Gentlemen can have all tnelr articles of wearing apparel
made at this establishment in the most fashionable manner, at a
net Having of 25 per cent. Cuiter.s of the highest reputation,
and experienced workmen are employed on Dress ami Frock
Coats. Pantaloons, Vests, kc.
Children's clothing1 of every description made to order and
kent for sale. Particular attention is paid to this department.
Gentlemen*' clothe* repaired ni ?hort notice. Linen and
muslin slnrLs, collar*, drawer*, slocks, kc., for sale or made u>
Families can he provided with seamstresses to work at their
houses, by applying as above.
This establishment is designed to afford employment to in
dustrious Females of this city, by whom the greatest part of the
work is performed. Those wtMi patronise it will aid an impor
tant public charity, and at the same time have their work done
an reasonable terms and in the liest manner. A c<#itinuance of
the li!>eral patronage already bestowed by a generous public
is respectfully solicited. n?y20-lt;i w6wis
REMOVAL. ? C. SIIEI'ARD respectfully inform* hi?
friends ami patrons, that he has removed his Rook, Sta
tionary and Faacy floods Store, from 189 Broadway, to 262
Broadway, second dooraltove Warren street, (opposite the Cuy
He has made arrangements forreceiving all new publications
at the earliest date. He will greatly enlarre his stock, and he
promises to keep constantly ?n band as great a variety, and a>
clioice collection of Classical, Scientific, School and Miscella
neous Works as can be found in the city.
He will always be ready to supply his customers with the
finest quality of English ami American Stationery, among
which may be found EnvlUli letter nud note paper, sealing wax,
steel and quill pens, (tenknives, w illets, ir?M and silver pencils,
Newmans, Reeves, anil Oslwiriis water colors, engravings, oil
paintings, kc.
He will also keep on hand ? very extensive assortment of
Children's Books.
New York, May 1, 1I37. iy?-tf
VANILLA CMBAM I ASDV ?This most extraor
dinary rich and delicious article is manufactured and for
sale wholesale and retail at No. 131 William street, anil by ap
pointment, at 321 i Broadway, and at no other place in this city.
It is a fact well kow n that Vanilla is generally used in flavor
ing ice cream ; here, then, is ice cream in in its best and purest
form, (in all exrent the ice) hut unlike it* prototype it improve*
by age. The public in general ami especially those having a
sweet tooth, are respectfully invited to call and try it grutu,
No. 131 William st. Is between Fulton and John st. iuy2Mm
ILIK'B ~i< E CHE A M < * A l< DEN, AND
255 Bleecker street. ? J. W. having fitted up llie premises 2M
Bleecker street, second block north of Carmine st., with much
care ami expense, in furnishing the (iar.len with neat and hand
some I towers, and fr<?m his whole life having fteen devoted to
the Confectionary htisiness. is prepared to serve up every arti
cle in the line in the best possible style.
N. H. Parties giving orders may rely upon hi* best exertion*
to please, and trusts they shall not he disappointed. Ice Cream
careMilly prepared ;ind sent toanv part ot the city. jeH-lm*
I RLE HAIR CI TTING ROOMS, No. AO Nassau street,
Corner of Maiden Lane.
In announcing to the public generally, lliev beg leave to say,
thai they hu \r always a superior assortment of French per
fumery, Snap*. Brushes, kc..ofthe first manufacture. Likewise,
Gihblns's Itaypoolann, or Indian Cr? am, tor preserving the
growth of llalr, anil removing the dandruff, as that is well
known to be the great destroyer of the Human Hair. The use
of the fine comb is Injurious, as it produce* an inflammation on
the liend, which causes a greater accumulation. Also Wigs,
Toupees, Scalps, kc., of the newest manufacture, as every care
is taken, so as to deceive the closest Inspection. m'/t- 1 in
beg leace re?pectfnllv to call the attention of tneir friends
and llie public generally. to the new and elegant assortment of
goods just received and opening at their new store. No.
Pearl street, lietween Franklort and Hague streets. Consu
mers ami dealers w ill find, al their establishment, advantages no
where else to be met with, in addition Ui their entire new stock
of goods.
Stammers, of llie above firm, more generally known by the
appellation of ihe Three Fingered Paper Hanger, and who, it
is needless t? s?y, to an v but strangers, stands unrivalled in the
art of paper hanging, both for neatness and despatch, will at
tend in person as far as practicable to all the work which shall
lie enlt Bated In Ins care. mv3l-Aio*
TRl'ST COMPANY: ? Persons raay effect insurances
with this Company on their own lives, or the lives of others,
and either lor the whole duration of lite, or for a limited peri
od. The payments of premium may he either made annually,
or In aenia sum.
Premiums ?n One Hundred Dollars tor One Year.
Age. I year. Aire. I year. Age. I year. Age. I y.
M 0 72 2(i 1 07 as I 48 50 I 96
15 0 77 Zl I 12 3? I ?7 At 1 91
16 0 M 28 I 28 4<i I 1.9 52 2 02
17 0!K ? 1 2H 41 I 7? M 2 10
IU 0 89 30 1 51 4i I 85 M * 18
19 0 90 31 I 32 4.1 1 89 M 2 32
20 0 (?1 n; I ,Ti 44 I 90 to 2 47
SI ? 92 ai I 34 46 1 #1 57 2 70
22 ? 94 34 1 3% 4*i I 92 58 3 14
23 0 97 35 I 47 I *i 58 3 *7
24 0 99 34 I J!> 48 I 94 M 4 ,V>
25 1 <M> 77 1 43 4?? 1 ?
Money will l>e received in deposit by the Company, and held
in lru*t, upon which interest will In- allowed a* follows t
Upon any *utuover $100, Irredeemable for I year,
4j per cent.
" " " loo " lor 5 mos, 4 per cent.
?? " " l?u " for 2 mos, 9 i?er cent
Win. Bard, Satuuel Thompson,
Thos. W. Lnrttow, Isaac Bronson,
Wm. B Lawrence, Peter Reaisen,
Jacob l^wlllard, Stephen Warren,
John l)?er, James Keut,
Peter Harmony, Natfa'l Prime,
ft Van Ken*aellaer, N. Devereaui,
John G. Casfar, Bern. K newer,
Tl*i?. Snffern. C. W. Lawrence,
M.C. De Itham, Jonathan Gnodh'te,
James McRride, John Ralhbone, Jr.
P. G. Htuwesant, Titos. J. Oaklay,
Stephen Whitney, j<din J. Astor,
John Mason, Gulian C. Verplanck,
B'-ni. |fc ftwan.
WM BARD, Prsiedent
K A NICOLL. Secretary.
Dr. D. ATK INS, Physician to Ihe Company. n2t-tf
I Til b- N <114 Til A M E 14 It) A A KIKK INsi".
RANCF. COMPANY continue to insure against loss or dam
age by fire on building*, good*, shqis in port, sod their cargoe*
and every description of personal property, at their oilce, No
II Wall street.
Rotwrt Ainslee, Thanias Bolton,
David Cod wise, llenry H. Elliot,
Daniel Jackson. Tl??ma? Sarieant,
Cartlandt Palmer, ICd?ar Jenkins
John l<oriiner Graham, C. V. P. Ilasbrook,
Thowas THest.in, llenrv H. Leeds,
bmi* Ds Casse, fieorge D. Strong,
Henry Wvckoff, Chsrle* O. Handy,
Samael T T'isdale. St.-pken Storm,
William P. Ilaileu, Edward Frost.
I JNO. McBRAW, Secretary, d-ijr
rpo I'H *C Pl lliac -In tin-, the age of puffer
J. piasters, when Cafe* d'Hotes, Restaurants, and
I1u(4mom'? Merchitiit?' Ki-wn Kooin, and
Furcijru 4ltlp letter Older,
REMOVED to No. 30 n,f,cul tlreet, corner of F.ichunge
Place, o\er the Audi on Room of Mr. James M. Miller
AC AH.O. ? The undersigned, of U?e above establishment
respectfully intbnii tin ir patron* mil the public grin-rally,
that the same lias lieen removed fromUhe corner ??!' Wall and
Water street, to No. oO Broad street, corner of Exchange
Place; In announcing the removal of the MERCH ANTS'
NEW S lt< m ?\|, wt* iif^ to assure our subscribers and trieods
that the usual assiduity and personal attention will lie given to
render the establishment in < very manner worthy the patron
n-'e it hat heretofore received from the merchant- and others o!
New York. All tiie privileges heretofore extended to subscri
ber*, and whatever improvement* anil benefit* can lie added
?hall he done w itli the utmost promptitude and attention. Tin
undersigned, in offering an apology to their patrons and friend*
for not before publishing a card informing them of lite cause* of
delay in removing their New s Kooim, beg leave to say that it
ha* been done bv the advice of ?? counsel" ? that the unwarrant
able proceeding* of certain individuals as connected with their
busii?-ss, have compelled them to a iopt legal measure* for pur
pH<.e* of redress, and until the attain. are settled in court, they
are unable to offer further remark on the subject.
W.M. H. HOB'T. K. Ill DSON.
Merchants' News Room,
corner ot Broad street and Exchange Place. jel7 3ts
?rv and shin
w numerous
other establishments with their foreign title-, are twinkling
themselves into notoriety, I would beg leave to invite the at
tention o| ronnoisi urs, epicures, and the |Klbiic m general to an
establishment conducted upon a sotnewlial smaller scale, but
upon a principle as broad and firm a* any, vix*, honesty and lair
dealing. It i> that neat establishment No, 2 Onirtlajult st. kept
by T. Cody, who?e natural good humor and pleasantry of de
portment. and assiduity to please, ha* become proverbial. Those
that are fond of" good cheer," should give bun a call, for then
are all hour* are to be found oyster*, and every variety offish
fresh from their element; also game, spiced meats, pickles, fc.c.
See., served up in all the various forms of cookery that ingenuity
can devise. At his bar may be had choice wine*, ale*, liquor*,
segars, fce., and every thing in season. Regularity and cleanli
ness is the order of the day in hi* establishment Hi- motto i*
" Live and let live," and as the anniversary of our National In
dependence approaches, which calls t? memory those "times
that tried men's souls," and is looked U|*im a* the time to "eat,
drink and be merry." Thosu that are so disposed cannot find
a place lietter suited to their mind than thealxive mentioned ?
for there in addition to gentlemanly attendance, they will find
good entertainment, and all the necessary requisites thai cha
racterise our houses of higher fame.
je21-3f AN EPICURE.
IZT A CARD. ? To the Ladies of New York. ? A new thing
expressly manufactured for the ladies at CSREOORY'* whole
sale and retail Confectionary Store, No. 131 William street, N.
York, and is sold, wholesale or retail, by no other person in
the city. VANILLA Cream Candy, n new, very rich, and de
licious article, is now hereby submitted t-> the judgment and
patronage oi the New York citizens, and the public in general,
and especially the ladies, who are said to be the best judges of
the sweet* ollife ; and as a sweet without a bitter, the Vanilla
Cream Candy stand* pre-eminent.
N. B. On band, ami constantly manufacturing, a general
assortment ?f Candies for the South and Western markets, at
the lowest wholesale price, and warranted to keep in any cli
mate. No charge for boxes, packing, or cartage to anr part
of the city. myfl fm-y
Paper Kux liaxaar.
[No. 121 Fulton street, Hiree doors from Nassau.]
Manufact ures and keeps constantly on baud, for sale, plain
and fancy Puper Boxes, of every description, *iie, and style,
for the following lines of business;
A ? Drv Omohh, Silks, Laces, fcc. H ? Shoe*. C ? fancy Ar
ticle*. 0 ? Stocks, Collars, Bosoms, Shirts. K ? Curls. K ?
Buttons. U ? Jewelry and Perfumery, in all their branches. ?
H ? Samples for coffee, rice, wheat, 4tc. J ? Matches. K ? Kurs,
especially for niyffs. L ? Musical instruments. M ? Drugs, a]x>
thecary, and stationary. N ? Hal Cases, hat l?oxes, and baud
boxes, fur millinery articles.
Orders for any purpose, quantity, or quality of paper l>oxes,
received, and promptly executed w ith despatch, at the lowest
prices, to tit anv article prescribed, in the neatest manner.
Merc hauls setting up new stores can be supplied immediate
ly w ith go*d and stiong boxes for store use, exactly fitting the
shelves, aud being a real decoration ot the store.
Country merchants will find every accommodation in regard
to ohtninhi;; Itoxesof any description, and shipping Ulf m to all
pari* of America at the sliortest notice.
In the mean lime lie gives notice that he regularly imports
from Germany, hi* native country, real Genuine Cologne Wa
ter, of which he has just received a large quantity for whole
sale, superior to any article in the present mar e t.
Also, a most splendid assortment of German pattern* for
sample* and embroideries of every description, for retailing ?
segarlKixe*, [locket Itooks, and ladies' notice hook*, derorated
with needle work in so rich and handsome a style as they never
were seen before.
G. lVu*cher return* hi* sincere t batiks to his nnmerons
friends and customers for their former patronage .and trusts by
unwearied pain* to merit a continuance of the same.
He also informs his friends and the public that he ha* l>een
awarded a diploma froin the last American Pail , held Octolier,
l?3?i, at Nihlo's Garden. New York, for a specimen of pajM-r
tioxes, they being considered the most substantial and splendid
article in the line ever offer* d Ui the inspection of the public.
inyjfl I hi
NKSK SOAP ii prepared I'rfnn tieautiful exotics ami warrant
ed perfectly innocent. It cninjdctely eradicate* tan, freckle*,
piiTittl?">, ?pot*, redne**, ami all cutaneou* I'rtipU? ?< irrwlnally
realties a clear w>l\ akinitr-tBftfornw even the moat 'allow rum*
pinion* into radiant w hitem--.., im psirt 1 111; to it a beautiful Juve
nilr bloom.
Oentlrmen, after (having, will find it allay the irritability ami
aniariinir pain, ami render the ?Hln *mno?h and pleasant.
For -ale, wholesale mid retail, by A. Underbill, 1H Beeknaan
?t reel, corner of William; Dr. Hart, corner of Braadway and
Chamber* Mreet. Price AO cent* per pake. miMm
ARTiriCI AL TKRTH . w ithout cla?p?, ?pring?, he.
on tlie principle of abnnapherit pre**ure, by M. LKVlCTT,
Dentist, 31 1 ^ llrondwaf, oppoaite Maannfc llall. Tlie hapriwr
ment ami 4i>liii',li?lwf leatore of this method is the complete
Iy cA'i'ting Iw i iWMiitl ohjeot* of Bin ea*e and security ot
ihr supplied teeth iMbr mouth, ? holly w ithout claapM, Mfalirri
qprtMK*, <te any oUM-raimilar means. Per?o>* interested in tin*
inpnivnnnit, who m? yet nnnccipainted with it* nature and
rititit, may *ee b) a alight inspection, which in freely olTttfil
to them, thai ihe plan is different in principle ami restilts fiom
inr hitherto practiced in New York, and that the al?ove -tate
ment i? utrictlv ami entirely aicurnb . jel-Vfltn*
NOTH'K ? To Rail Road anil steamboat Companies Ho
tel*, ami other pul)li<' establishment*.? The subscriber i?
prvMrnttsnnliP contract* Inr furnishing any establishment
with Cards, ntprewlting a due bill of any value and to any
mo'i.iMt, 111 hi- American silver Compnaitian, and he will <?*
Kai'p not only to put th?in on very reasonable terms but to re
deem them at a lair rale. Apply to
my 17 S Cottrtlamlt at.
*ian t'emcni, for flHim,' OKajnl teeth; l>i.im?nd Omeni,
for mending nU?? ami china ware, conMiuitly on baml ami lor
sale by J. A. L'AMorRtfAf'X i CO.
Sum <?ir? to Dr. Lewi* F-micIiIw anger,
a24 No. 377 Hroadw ay.
\1 I t.i.1% KllN *L' PHLI K li AT "wiloLFSArn
Chatham ?*, begs leave to iafiirtn the la>lie?of N. York ami iu
vicinity thai he ha* ju*t received, per facent arrival*, the ino?t
clKtice and elegant a??- irtment of good* ever offered in thu
Elegant Printed Mu*lin*, of the morn novel designs.
Printed Lawn* ami Challice?.
4<K) Victoria Dn ??e?, at ijlii lii the drew at in yard*, among
which are a choice a?v>rim< nt of r.,lor?
I ra?e af tl?e real Imperial lllue lllack Waahing Silk*, at
ei^lit *hillin'4? per yard, never offered in UlW city under ten
Ri(jIk)ii* in endlea* variety.
A full and choice aaaortnient of rich floured and plain
Milk* and Malm*.
:i?> 4 dflten plain and embroidered ll*?aiery, for I* M per
RuMia Diaper* and T able Linen*.
I ?a*e of fiili?on'*celelirared Irinh Linen*.
4 carton* ol Kmbmnlerie*.
Drapenr Mu*lin*, in every ?t)le, lofethT with a large
anaortment of Krench C!ab<-<??->. and Di>ine?lic OorwU, too nu
merou* to nMiitioa, at tlie Inweat price a?knd, and no abate
ment. T. MOROAN. ISS I t Ctamm at a?flm
if YlHNO LADIK-4. AT WKIT K A It MS.? The Mi?e*
NEWTON h?v# remevf.l their kUoo! from the city to the
plen*ant and flourialnnjf village of We*t Karma, We?tche?ter
Tliey have ?e|>*cted thi?l<?cation, hot only in ron?er|nence of
It- pr?*erbi.tl health, but o4 it* pranmity to the city, Uie di?
tanrenot eiceedin* eleven mile*. T|?. Itoo*e ia larye, airy,
and well adapted tor *ueh an in?titntioii.
Tliey are now prepared to receive vonnf l.adi<*in? lioaplera
or day ?'l>*>lar?, and they a*aure tbi-ir fiiemla and the pnhlic,
that nothing *b?ll he wanting on their part to afford e\?>ry fa
cility of inatructlon ami improvement to their pnnila, an>l to
qualify them, bv a liberal and accompllalied education, for the
re?p<-c table walk* of Hie.
Tuition comprlae* a complete Riii;liahconr?e, *uperadded to
which are taaghl the French. Italian, ami Spam*h lanjua^"'*,
Mu?i? . Drawing, and l)am nig, il required.
Highly fe*pi>c table reference* will of conr*?- lieiriven to pa
rent* or gnardiana, if application be made either |MT?oiially at
the village, or by letter oirected to the jhwi oMre, We*t Karma.
|> FN IC UAlii.-T D. OILLRHPI|i.rse*t"n ami Under.
a taker, ba? always on hand ready aiadi- t'ortin* H all *i?ea;
aim Wimilda, t'ai>?, Jlcarf*, (Rove*, llear?e, t'atTiage*. fcc.,
wWch he ?an furni^b at the *hncl<'?t |*i*aild< mttii e. Applica
tion for Orave* or Vault* in any of the belying ground* or ee.
melerv, w ill Ik- ponetuallv allemle?l tn. If rtte frietnl* ?f the
dec?a?#d *end trtr the *ul?cril>?,r, Im- will furniali all without
any further trouble fletttm* wanting coffina, kc,, will fiml it
In (heir ad%antage to call at tbe above place.
ny|Mw* T-D.OILLr.Sfir., No. I4? Church ?t
|T. IN A KM *> CO., COttiflL'Rfl l)K I'AHIM, *
a Na^an srect, ? <?riter of Maiden I jine Having lately
arrived from Pari*, beg mmt reanectfhllf m anmiance to IW la
m|ir>cially, U>at they wiN atlfl continue to follow their pan
feaaion Ladiea" Hair Dre*a?'r*. Likewiae; that every atten
tion and iwinctuality M tlione ladiea who mat fa?or ibem wi'h
Iheir Mwniiiand' Alao, that tliey will have the late* fa?hioi?
from Pari*. P. K Mae* having bad a ailver medal awarded
whim by the French Academy fn ladiea' hair ift-<-*an*.
j&u -A-V .Afo. ???>?
2a2z. ?S3S. sue 5EBb
r or cabin aiul steerage imuiengera to and from Great Britain
and Ireland, \,,i Liverimiif weekly communication, 106 soulUst
near Beekniaii st., and ?7 Homl, ?t., New York.
Residents ill the United Stttfi iih| Canada w isfcing to seud
lor their blends residing in < > r?-ai Britain or IrelainI, can
w ay* be accommodated on very moderate t? nn?, per weekly
opportunities, via Liverpool
The proprietors hnvlng made additional arrangements foe
the despatch ot extra vessels, lieg U/ -uie to their numerous
friend* ami the public, that in *e|ecting tliin line they will avoid
tin* unnecessary i.etention nml expense mi much complained ??
iinil may rt ?t assured that all tl? a^enu m n,e tinted K u ?
(Join, a.< writ as this title of the Atlantic, will use the best ert'o
to render despatch ajid comfort u> all iMissenirers who may b
engaged here, and their friend* who may embark in company
with them ; and in nil case* where the p.i**engers do not come,
their money will he refunded to the person* from whom it ?ai
Ships will he despatched from Liverpool {or the different
ports, as follows: ? for New York, weekly; for Bostmi, Phila
delphia and Baltimore, three times each month; far New < >r
lean* and Mobile, twice each month; for Queliec, three times
each month.
Persons wishing a pa*sa;re to Liverpool ami I>>ndon, can lie
accommodated hv the regular line of packet* lor Liverpool,
weekly; for London 011 the l*t, lHth and 30th of each month
Tlinse wishing to rwinit money to their friends, can he ac
commodated with drafts lor any amount, payable throughout
Great Britain and belaud. Agent* also in the different jioru.
who will give evefy assistance in forwarding tl?e passengers us
For tnrther information relative to this establishment, apply
to or address
Ee?*r*. Sherlock 4k Adlington, No. o Waterloo Road, and No.
31 Chappel M. Liverpool,
Messrs. John Dickson Co., Waring st., BelfaS.
Mr. M. Sherlock, No. 3 Eden, Quay, Dublin.
Wm. Donoghue, William st., Londonderry.
James Belfew, Diwheda.
Patrick McMullen, Ca?tle st., Newry.
J. Callaghau, Lawrence Town, near Ballinasloe,
Edward Sherlock, Ca*llep<*llard.
Thos. Iliggiiis, Rallymahnn.
Jas. Dugan. Articlifl. near Colerauie.
Michael McGinty, Drumlish, county Longfood.
John Brady, Bailv; Jas. Duff, county Cavan.
Wm. Scrapie-, Cork.
Jas. Cochran, Slit'o.
Daniel Hughes, Waterford.
Hugh Shield*, Clones, county Monaghaa.
Mr. Anderson, No. 15 Turner's Court, Glasgow
David Foster . Annan.
D. McDougal d, Inverness.
Koht. McNeil, New low ii Stewart.
myoll-lm 1U6 in. I t)7 South U.
?fBi ? The well known last sailing ship TRY AGAIN, Cap
? ?r . inin llavcock. will positively sail in July, and will
comfortably fttl?d up l'or passengers, who will he engaged
reasonable terms, if early application he made to
a2fi < orner Ping and Southst
Leaves the li'ett theater Him.it, corner Broad emd Hart at rati.
daily at 6 ?' clock.
The Boat* and Cars used upon tliis Line, are of the very l?e?t
description, ha vine been built expressly for the acconimodauou
of passengers, nod are not surpassed by any In the country.
ThUMtneooly Packet line that runs on the Railroad to Har
risburg, thereby saving 8n miles of canal travel, and reaching
Pittsliurgh in three days and a half, instead of lour and a half, as
was formerly the case, when they went by Columbia, there took
the canal.
Kor speed and comfort this line is not excelled by any other i?
the United Stales.
Pa*?engers to Cinrttmll, Louisville, Naicber. Nashville, 8c
Louis, be., will always he certain of l?eini{ taken on witli>iut de
lay, a* this Hue connects with the Itoalsal Pittsburgh, carrying
the mail.
Kor seats, apply at the north east corner of 4th and Chesnul
sts. and at No. Market st. corner Id and Willow st*.
A. B. CUMM1NOS, Agent.
Philadelphia, May 3. roylt lm*
ixn'iS rrrfSI omI
WTO Wifff
On and after this date, the far* will run as ftillows, Sundays
Leave llicksville, I Leave Jamaica, I Leave Brooklyn,
7 o'clock, A. M. 7 3-4 o'clock, A. M. I H o'clock, A. M.
11 ? " 1113 4 " " | J " P.M.
3 " P. M. | 33-4 " P.M.I J " ??
Passengers will he recened and left at the follow mg places,
vi/.: Westbury, Clew sville, De Lancy Avenue, Union Course,
WvckolUs Lane, ami Bed lord.
Tickets can lie had at the varions ticket offers. Pts*engeri
who lake s?-als w itliout them, w ill l>e charged one Uiird more.
IT** BAlli HOaO 1.1 NK PtlH H(IN
S?i^H*?DKNCK.? The steamboat LKXINoToN.
Captain V andertiilt, will l? axe troin Pier No. 3 N. R. fool of
Motrissi, on Kriday afternoon, June 23. at .5 o'clock.
Passengers lot Boston w ill be forw ariled m the rail n>ad cars
immediately on the mi rival of the LEXINGTON.
*.* Freight for Boston forwarded wuhoul iielay.
For further information inquire on hoarder of
D. B ALLEN. !??? Sooth ?t.
N. B. All [lerMin* are lorhid trust iug any one on acceuntot
the aliove Uiat or owner-. jejn
From the fool of Bnrrlnv Street.? The
KKIK. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
morning, at 7 o'clock
From the foot ol Courtlamlt Mreet.
Thf N. VMKItK \ ilu* afternoon at 0 o'clock.
Thi' M I. HTKVKiVS tomorrow Afternoon at .Wcloek
NOTICK. ? All good*, frriKlit, li.i/xaue, hank lulU,
or any other kin?l of property, taken, i|?jM <1, or pni on board
the lamia i?f llii* lint'. inu?l l>f at llie ri-k ot the ow titrn of <u<ii
I'ixmN, t r?* i ir lit . tiiiL'ii?i'f. Ac. j fii
k !;'?? % KOK II A K T KOK I).
y ' From Pwk Wlp, K. It. Tlie >teaniboat
MtiHSRH_cLKoPATKA, ( Reynold*, ?ili leave
tomoriow I Saturday) afternoon, at ^O'clock.
Farr to Nr* London, *?'. Na^e* will leave Lyne (Bacon1*
Lainlini.',) tor Nrw London, immediately on the arrival of the
1 / Po?iuvely uofreigbt received alter IW o'clock. For for
ther information. impure on ta>ard,or of
FOH SAO HARBOR.? Tlie ww ami elegant vieamtmal
CI, IF I ON having taken her place on thi* roulr. p*wen;,'ei ? for
Kju' llartHir will l?tvf New York every Tue*day, Thnradar,
ami Saturday afternoon. in tin- CLKOpATRA, *ii<J inter?ert
Ihe Chiton at Savbrook without delay, tonitnciM*in(f on T ur?
?lity, June fith. Fare ?2.
I). K. ALLEN, U???Btli H.
N. B.? All per*on* are forbid tro-tirr.' any one on account af
the nliove Ihmii or owuer*. !????
KOR SAI.F..-A ( < : ii ; t \ N at in the vllage of
ffTW w 1 1 i t ? l * .iv w. New York. T Im
?~??il<-intl>lr ronnln' ?<'at. "tu tf in lite village of White
Plain*. WttlflMi i count* . Si mil* ? fratn Kw V'?rk rily. with
anacre of land, on a liich r* a two ?tory hon?e,ii l?v 4t feet.
Iillllt Wltllill the l??l year, and Completely hnikhed throughout,
with a piatta in front. On the fir*i floor are lour room*. aJI
finnlie.f with fire place*, and a hall through the full depth of tlx*
Itouae. On th< ? *ecn?d ?tory are five rman*, twoof which are
fini?hed with rtre place*. ami a large jraroA. On the premi*e? la
a rood barn and other ott-liuiliiiin. aad ag<?>d well ol walrr.
Tll? whole i? enrloM-d with a ^o'xtpirket fence.
For further particular* restyling the almve properly, apply
to John Mrad. or Painter 4. ) i*her, it While Plain*, or Jaine*
Y. W?ikai?, Iti Catharine ?treet, New York )e7-lm
Mtirnr TO LFT *R for *ALB.-The new
modern built tliree atorv bou*e in ?tli *L. a lew doortea*t
nf Broadway, being the middle of the three hou?e> ju*t
flni*hed. ThmVioie feflntahed l?i the tM-?t manner, with al
lb?- tiMHlern improvement*, ?u4 po-v-ion ran fce bad inimedi
atelv. Apply l' i O. CLARK, 136 Water *treei.
mvlfl Mr
TO LKT. Tiie More know ii a? No. lift Maiden lane,
ffSB oni donrlran l">-?rl ?t. Po??,?ion piven iinmiitialely.
JIS1SM. ii., li re .i lo P*?rlA. J?"y
Lm (tt. ?* H '-.M-r), ea?! ?ide, tour d-?ir? w?uth of
%V navanl ?l. >inglr liat? at wlioh <aU prirr* Drah an t
t>lai k plain Hat* ami every article hi the lint ? iwnr
are lieller. jelft-lnr
M Til K. V A VjI.. STODD A It T A CO., No l?
M Courtlandt ?lreet,l??'n to inli.rin theinde that tb^v l?v^
im removed I'nan No. t< Courllamlt ?lreet io the aliove larre
and elepant new ?tore, w here fltev have on hand, ami are con
vtantly rereivinu, fre?h ouppliet of" llatterv" Plti?b and Trim
Al?o, fancy colored Plu?he?, for ladieV honrteta, w liich tfiey
will aell on n<-roinnHiilaliiiR iertn?.
Ilat*, t*ap?, fttor V?, and Mirk Frame*, at wholesale. ?|f.y
f*T??M The >uhv rtl?er?. 'ince the year IH>?. have
m. i , ? '? ?? ??leifant an I
?lantiai II \T of the rr?>?t praceiul form, at the accomm<e|ating
price of $.1 Tliey can ?<>? ?ay tliat tlwit etToru have iwea
crowned with triumpliant ?ucce*?. The Mat* maaufacture<|
hy |ti?tii durinr the la?i i threr monllt*, Mirpaaa In lieautv aa,|
fini?h any hereloiore ' iffered, and Man. I pre-eminent amongr
ih<?*e of hifher price*, worn by the faahinnable world. To their
natmti. I hey would ?av ? the quality, a* far ?? may l>e. ? uni
form the price imxlerate and Used? the profit ?mall, and -01
the ?Ble? for ca?h. 17? Chatham Bq?ar?-. ror. M?it ?t
nn li?-tf IIROH N v CO
"llALL NF.V'F.R PIlltTNK.? In conteijoetve nf ike
preaenl emerjrency ot the time*, the *ubarrd>er r rtera
lor *ale the nrvi, <jaal ty of aiuin beaver IIATp at t-i,
tlie ?ame kind t?et?enil1y *f,|<( b*r tne at #4. In arder m
make tbyae Mala >lo,iua|ire( there Jtall be nn pain* or e*et1 on*
?pared on x%j part. Olt'K P II l*i Mu4?ou ?t
jejoim* 7 'loon ab?ve CanaL

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