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CitiMa* and Consolidated Wanks of New Orleans are aot
feie paging fcyt* They pay (heir circulation ou demand,
t positively refuse to pay their depositors in coin. This is
Iubtle** the caaa with all the institutions named. The only
t and out specie paying bank that we have heard of is the
N-chants' Bank of New Orleans. This ias?tation pays all de
mds against it whatever in specie. It takes ne noU-s on de
site except at a specie value. We hope ere long to add to
* " Oasts hi the desert."
general markets.
Jew York, June 28th, I*. M.? The weather today was fine
|xi yt-ry warm, but arrivals down the rivers and from sea
?re sjnail. Nothing of note at private sale, an-1 but very little
| auction of any importance, everything has relaxed and is
11 relaxing to a reur?irkabl?-<Jegre<-ol dulnes?? labourers have
|)thing to d <r, ? they are lounging alwmt the corners of the dif
rent bu^jo< vi strei-t* in large and small squads, some convers
ion the limed, oihers are sucking their thuml*. and the rest
bleeping on their cars, and even the newspapers are droop
l, with the single exception ofthe Herald Establishment. The
tipping is also in a had way. The packets go out only al?out
ill' lull; our quotation* for freights are mrrely nominal. ? We
mi- of further sale.* of 10 cases sheathing copper at 23Jc. rtuh.
'e notice no material change in flour since yesterday ? few
occur of Richmond City nt $10, and Ohio at $10,23. W ea
rn is selling at $10,824 ? 10.75. The receipts continue very
?ht. Cuttoa moves on steadily at Inst weeks rates. In rai
we ixste the following sales, vix :? 275 boxes bunch nt %1.25
.27$; 309 half do. as U74 a 7.1c.; 5<i? quarter do. at 40 a 41c.;
>lo.?n at 37*r.; 300 muscatel nt 90c.
Auction Mf?.? 10 hags Java coffee nt life.; 25 do. St. Do
Inge do. at OJc.; ? 5 boxes hrown Hatann sugar nt 7jjc.;? 28
pimento at 3 a IJc.; ? 200 drums tigs at 2iJ<'.; ? 5# barrels
|iiK \r at a; a >4C.; ? 25 t-jr. casks port wine ;it 27 a 30c.;?' 79
irreU p. irl barley nt SJc.j? 25 boxes pirn- apple cUt c>e at In a
Mc.;? 15 bags almonds at 2c.; ? 31 boxes cider at $1;? *K> Itoxes
Jatiton tire crackers at $1.124; ? 30 baskets champagne at $>J; ?
' Imi\i - Ioitojui at f3i ? 5 In les good cotton at 10Jc.; ? 5 bale
lad do. at ? 9 bah-- seal skins at 85a37Jo.; ? 30 casks dry
llalav'H wine at l!tj n 23c.; ? 00 ke?s while paint at 6i<\; ? 50
|a<:.> ;? *i?r chaiunnrne at $5* a S Receipts of produce? 304
|arrels t!<>ur, 30 do. provisions, 17 tubs butter.
Niw f)RLtAN?, June 20, P. M. ? Sales af cotton this day were
bale- Mississippi at 9Jc; 70 do. Louisiana at 10A a 13c.. 170
. Alibnma at price* not transpired. Sugar, prime, Oc.t inl'e
lor, Ia54c, moderate demand. Mola*se-, on Levee, 25 a 27c,
-r gal.; on plantation, 2tiA21c., snles. Pork, clear, $21 per
I., plenty; mess, 19 a 20 risked; M. O. 18, scarce; prune, 15.50
lti, plenty; P. 0. 144; bulk 54 a 64. Bacon, bams, 84 a 9c. j>er
It.; cam awed 10 a 11 do.; middlings, 9 do.; shoulders, 04, limit
?1 sales. Lard, per lb. 84 a He. sates. Beef, mess, $ 14 a 15 per
*' ; 8 a 8. 50 per half do.; prime 10.
Bai.TiMoke, Jvsc. 27th, P. M.? At auction to-day the cargo
f sclir. Sumuel, froiti Porto Rico? 130 lihds. sugar at $C.3? a
15; lt? hhds. New Orleans molasses 33 a 3.1c.; G bbls. do. 411c.;
ca-Ks honey 52 a 53c. Flour? Susquehanna, $9J: City Mi'lls,
l>8, 81 a 81 Howard street, a 3J from wagens, $8il a 9 from
?tores. Grain? Wheat, foreign, as in quality, $1.35 a 1.70. Corn,
f ellow, prime, 95 a 97c.; white do. 92 a Mc. Rve. 35 u 90c.
| >at?, u 52c.
Sales at the Ifezu York Stick Exchange, June 2%.
00 U. States, 110 150 Ohio Lite and Trust, 93 a
1G Manhattan, 110 92
JO Bank of America, 99} 100 Ocean Ins. Co. 105
60 l.'nion Bank, 100 5 Merchants Co. , 75
20 National, % 50 Howard Co. 93
70 D<-1. and It ml., 71 i a 70 3-4 21 Mohawk Itlt, 701
5 Morris Canal, 62 75 Harlem |{. Ruad.56a 501
72 State Bank 90 a 89 3-4 100 Boston nnd Wor. 99
4-5 Farmer* Trust 90 35 New Jersey, 87 a 874
50 Anjer. L. fc T., 844 100 I'ticaRR, 1174
100 Louu Hand, 62}
Pricet of Specie in City Baidc Bills.
American Oold .... 41.114 a $1.12
America)! halfdoUars - - - 1-1 1 X a 1.11}
Mexican Dollars, .... 1.12*3 1.13
Spanii|> Dollars - - - - 1.14" a 1.16
African Quarters -?.... i.ll a 1 lli
5 FraM Pieces .... 1.03 M i.o,',
Napoleons, 4.20 a 4.30
X Thalers 8.30 a 8.40
Spanish Doubloons - ? - * ? 18.00 sales.
Patriot do. 17.001 a 17.00J
Sovereigns, 5.44 a 5.40
Prtett of Southern and other Hank AVlri in City Hills.
Alabama, - ? > - 14 a 174 discount
L-tuiswna, 12 a 15*
Mississippi, - - . ? 15 a 20
Detroit Bank*, - 4 a 1-0
Ohio and Kentucky, 4 a 7A
Philadelphia Banks. - ? ? lta 2"
Illinois, 44 a 8
Prictt of Paper Money in the f*gal Standard.
New York City Bills ? 89 a 90 cents per dollar,
Safety Fund Bills ? - 361 a 87 J " Jo.
New England Bills ? 80( a 871 " do.
United State* Bank Bilh> 86? a 87; " do.
Vli other* rejected, or nominal.
Provision Markets.
New York, Tuesday, June 27th.
Although oar markets this morning were abundantly sup
plied, it will be seen hy oat quotations that price* still continue
extravagantly high. One cause of this is th? immense flood of
small note*, from the neighboring states, with which our city ix
inundated, and which areat so greats discount that grocers, lin
kers, batohers, and otbars, see compelled. In self-d^nce, la j
keep up prices, ami Ja aanss-saMsnim Hi odtenee them, !? or
der to make op the losses they sustain on this depreciated cur
?eel, 16 to 16c. per lb. Fowl', 8 to m. per pair.
Mutton, 144. do. Geese, 7s each
Lamb, 14 do. Bucks, 0*. per pair.
Veal, 9 to M do. Chickens, S*. 6rl. do.
Pork, 1JI de. Butter, 2r> ct?. per U>.
E?gs, l^r. for 7.
Beef. 16 ta I4e per lb. Veal, t to 12 I Sc. per Ih.
Lamh, 12 l-2c. do. Mnttnn. 12 l-2r. do.
Straw berries, lOr per bask> t Spmage, 6c. lislf peck.
Cucumbers, 6c. apiece. Oreen Peas, Is. do.
Asparague, Is. a bunch. Apptv*, Ms. a laurel.
Cherries, #c per lb. Potatoes, 3*. half peck.
Salmon, is. per lb. Oreen Turtle, Is. 6d. lb.
Striped Bass, 10c. do. Haddock, 6c. do.
Hoi! but, Itc. do. Porgios. 6c. (to.
Eels, V. do. Cod, 6r. do.
Rock Bass. V- do. l?t?sters, 6c. do.
Sheeplieaa,^. do.
Hiok.WT,?2.75 a load. Puse, ftl.Mi do.
Osk, 11.75 (to Liverpool Goal, fit pr cliald.
Anthracite, ?? M per ton.
In Friends' Meeting Hamburg, ?n Thursday, 21?t ln?l., Sa
muel (?Hrev,of Baltimore, Mil., to Martha Kvhm?, of Buffalo.
At NorthcaiMls, Westchester co., ?n Tuesday, 27ih inst., by
the Rev. Mr. Nichols, Bru*h K. App, merchr.ut of this cltv, t?
llannsk Maria Green, only dinghter of Jeremiah Green, fcsq.,
of the former place.
? ?r Tuesday, 2Tth inst., Caroline, youngest child of Iftnry
> ? ui Ih, Sired !1 ycors and I I in. nibs
? >n Monday, IBtti iiMt., Mat v Fow ler. infsrit daughter of Tho
mas and Msrv F. Norri?, aged 22 day*.
\t the Indian Castle, in the town of Onondaga, on the 13th
io.su. ( aptain George, principal h i of the Onondatra trilie
of Indians, agesl 70yrars. He o?s one of tl,e nK>?t nhle orator*
of the Si* Nation", and posas ??d the entire confidence of hi?
own and the confederate tribe*, and wss much esteemed by
both the white slid red Risti.
At Milcdgeville, Geo., on tl?e IBtli inst., aged 24 vears.Elua
beth J K' y, wife m the Rev. C. W. Key, pastor of Ihe Met bo.
dist Episcopal Church, of that place.
PORT OP NK* YORK. .11 Nlti, 1M ?.
MfA Wmtrr 6 ^
Frosts Loisdna, May *4 I From Li< rrpaal. Mav ?1
From Havre, May X) | rroai New Orleans, Jane l!?
/fcvr*.?? -Baltimore, Faneh. . m?y<m
Poland, Asthoor, . j-L ,
^?iiip?.L^^d,Kathhnri. . . jonr ,
v irtiwi^s ** , jiniA a
ssdm. Ontario. Hnttkson, . M??
Toronto, Orisa old. . . jJ,^,|
wnnysil ? Snath America. Bsrston. Julv I
, J?lr I
L*m Ink PtvtlaaHphls. Horjj?n, . j
Sturgess, . - . j'ato'it
Brie, Fisnck, ... ,
Francois 1st., Pell, ... j?jy t
Ship Ons Oeneywi. (Butch) Landsatt, Batavia, W. Oebhard
k Co. Brig Tim, {Aoa.) Scspunch. Odessa, A. C. Rnarire fc
Co. Mirv Powells. (Br.) Penis, St. Johns, N. B., Dense mob
1 miners; Emerald. Darts, Portland, Me.. NesmMh k Leeds;
Oil vs. Brichell, Cook, Petersburg, Va. ; Millescent, Hanxilett,
Philadelphis; Masonic, Bowe, Richmond, l?rig Tweed, Robin
son, BaltHDOre
Ship Celia, BlaeA, IJverponl, Mar Itlh, ahh sslt, honnd to !
Quebec. Site has gone to Am bos to land ;1J0 pn??enger*.
Ship Wash'ngton Irung, Latham, Apalachicola, 10 days, to
K. D HerWmt I Co.
Dsn. brig Beat Amis, rkaMing, Port an Prince. Sf dsrs,
W'th wood, to A. C. R?>ssir? h ( o
A us. brig Msria Ixnnsa. Merlsta. Ancnaa, and from Oihral
tar M (tops, to J. C. Halsey k Ca.
Sicilian brig Atlise, Stabile, Palermo, 4R dsvs, to Chamber
lain. Brown k Co.
Brig SesAower, Tyler, Philadelphia, 4 davs, to Oilctolst
k Co.
Brig B iaiaosvl, Sherwood, Charle?toa, 6 days, tn Allenk
Pie* son.
S?hr. Aurora, Sheridan. Havana, June 1.1, to order.
Schr. Two Daughter*, Warwick, Port Deposit, H davs to
Crane k Pork.
Schr Philadelphia, Annsni* , NeaHern, N. 6 days, to J. It
T. Window.
BKLBW? thrift wind SW ? very duck and bsey outstde.
The Jurarm, (the arrival of which u> reported above,) Sheri
dan, of Mobil*, from Havana, tor New York, went asfcore on
Cape Haaenu skoals, on Wednesday mgbt last? part of cargo
saved in a damaged state ? it was feared that she w ould not be
got off.
Mr. M. E. Gortnau and outer, came passengers in the Jehu
Bartlett, at Philadelphia.
The Peru, Kilhaiu, was at St. Catharines, March 12, tuucbed
to repair and utke in water, havinr experienced severe wea
ther, and lost tore topmast ? woul* probably be detained but
two days.
The I'. M. squadron, consisting of the follow ing ships of war,
anchored off Brassos de St. Jago, on the Xtli lust., viz:
The SavowiMaA, Aiders, that was ashore at Southampton,
L. I., ha* gone to pieces. She was very old, and leaked very
I . S. frigate Constellation, bearing the broad pendant of
Com. A. J. Dallas.
I'. S. ship Concord, Capt. M. Mix, 2*0 oficers and men.
1'. S. ship Natchez., Capt. Win. Merviucs, 300 officers and
U. 8. ship St. Louis, Capt. Thomas Paine, 200 officers and
U. S. ship Bostoa, Lieut. Com. P. Eagle, 179 officers and
. Jan. 11, lat. 42,26, Ion. lH.t'ii, a ship, 33 days out flroia Galway,
tor New York, with 17 j passengers.
New Bedford. June 26.? SI'd, Aaaazon, MncomWer, South At
lantic Ocean.
Spolctn , June 8, lat. 36,20, Ion. 74,28, Mattapoisett, of Roches
ter, 420 brla, I'antheon, Pell, of Kail River, had 700 brls. in De
cember last.
Newbury port, June 25. ? Ar. Adeline, Buckley, Pacific Ocean,
1600 lirl?. sp. oil; Irtll at Lahaina, Nov. 11, II. Astor, Hudson, 15
wios. , 70w brls.; Oregaa, Faiiliaven, 2.1V mos. .500 l,r|s. Heard
from in Jait , Cadmus, Fuirhaveu, 1900 brl-.: Wui. Wirt, do.,
2800 brls.; together w ith a number of New Bedford and Nan
tucket w balers.
Havana, Jiu.e 13. ? Five Brothers, from New York, ar. Gth?
Caledonia, Drummoud, do. 8tlu
Vera Crui. June 14.? Louisa, Hutchinson, New York, to sail
18th. The Orient is in port, condemned.
St. Thomas, June 14. ? In port, Calvin, Baker, New York,
wtg. cargo; G.-o. Washington, Andersfiu, from do., tor St. Do
mingo, sl'd today ? ConJor, Hatch, frofli Portland, slM for Ponce
Utli ? Orleans, Norris, from New York, was to sail next day for
Boston, J une 23. ? Ar. Regulator, Clusson, New York ? cl'd,
Friend, Baker, do.
Providence, June 27. ? Ar. Juno, Brown, New York.
Philadelphia, June 27 ? Cl'd, Sarah Stewart, Wing, New
Sa\aimah, June S3. ? SI'd, Trenton, Bennett, New York.
Apalachicola, June 11. ? Martha, Pratt, New York, ldg.
I / KOl'ND.-A gentleman left at this office a lady's
black gauze or crape Neck-kerchief, which he picked upon
the Battery last Friday evening. The lady can have the same
by applying at the desk of this office. je28-tf
HLVBti si VKR IlLTlClt.
IT Small change, such a< shillings, sixpences, ten and five
cent pieces, will be given in exchange for gold, halves nr?piar
ter dollars. Apply at the <1eak ofth? olee. je29-it
mental Concert Will be given by the Orchestra, comprising the
first musical talent in the country, consisting of selections from
popular composers. Also, a splendid piece at FIRE WORKS.
Admittance, 2.5 cents. je29
SI'ECIK AND t-DIil). jiii.i'iin iii American half
dollars or American gold wanted, and the highest premium
given. I'ncurrent bank notes of all the different banks in the
several states bought and sold on favorable terms. Apply to
Je 29-21 THOMAS D. CARPENTER, 13 Wall-si.
^|(| (Win WAN 1 Ellt-i or iio.nwi on bowl and
mortgage on good unincumbered real estate,
situated in 7th street, between 2d and 3d avenues, worth
$ao,ooo ? for which 7 percent will he paid. Apply to WILLIAM
?LACKET, corner Bow er> andFosrth street." j29-lw'
WANTKD-A smart industrious man to work in tlie store.
One acquainted with coopering, and w ill make himself
useful, may call at 123 Broad street.
je2P-lf CA M I'll ELL. WADE k CO.
J patronized bv Physicians and Dentists, manufactured by
R. II. COLE MAS' Sc CO., Baltimore, sole proprietors, who af
ter much labor andexpexsive investigation, have succeeded in
being able to present to the public a positive and speedy remedy
for commencing decay of the Teeth, and disease of the Gums ?
a fragrant and phasant wash for preserving them in a healthy
condition ; which is entirely vegetable, and free from any acid,
caustic alkili, or other deleterious ingredients. For sale, w hole
sale and retail.bv the proprietors' agent.
Druggist and Apothecary, No. 90 Nassau street,
je29-tf corner Fuiiou.
removing tlie blue from stove bars w lthoul injury to the jki.
ftsh, and for cleaning brass, copper, pewter, tin," Ate. with half
the usual laltor.
The al>ove liquid not only restores the polish to steel that has
been exposed to the action of fire, but speedily removes all
stains or rust from dead ground Hove* and fenders, brass, cop.
]>er, Britannia metal and pewter, are cleansed by it with the
greatest expedition. To block tin dish covers that havebecn
in use for years it gives the polish of new ones. It removes
grease, ink spots, or any stains from paint with the greatest fa
cility, and w ithout injury totke color.
Brass lacquered furniture will retain its original brilliancy if
occasionally cleansed by it. Foi sale by
je*MI' NATHAN B. GRAHAM, 9* Naauu-sLoor. Fulton.
TKFTH.-M. Dl'PKKKON, from Paris lately arrived
in New York, respectl'nlly tafomt the public thai he in
tends to follow liiii profession in nil its branches. For the con
venience III those person* ? ho w ill tavnr him ? ith their confi
dence, M. O. will attend at their residence, if ibev will dwhim
?W tW??r to add re** him a note at hi* doinicil, No. 547 Pearl at.,
near Broailwav . naming their street and nuniher.
?HMfHwa nprMNjr foraoM water anil hir family u*e.
and a better ijtralrty raiwiot he found in this city oreUewhere,
hv H. URKOokV. at hi* Vanilla Cream Candy MaHufaciwry,
lSl W illiani sts.. between John 1*4 Fulton sts. je9-tl
SI !?PBNNOKY BANUAUES.-Thisi' useful Sur
(heal Instruments made in different way* arid after the
?Mil iaa proved ptttrw, fet ule at W*. 1 Aim it, Jet#
t <KHN\N HlhVKK C * HTI NOR? Thewtoritor
? W enntianes to execute onlers for alj descriptions of Cl(?tia;;s
up<'H the shortest notice. Appl* to
,jel!W 2 Courtlandt st.
TVHKIin LEflCHBS. ? Received this day, a fiae
healthy lot of the above superior leeches. and for sale at ?
moderate price, at HOPPER'S PHARMACY, 361 Broadway,
comer ol Franklin str?-ei.
W. I. Lwehw applied. al7-tf
DIAMONDCBMBNT.? M rro^f thU vila.hk ce
meiu. tor joininff trlasa and earth<sa ware, for sale bv
J. A. L AMOI It K.I X k CO.,
my 2'x : 377 Broadway.
ttX?#SAFRA? LCIZ ENftE K^TLf moot pleasant and
ls? efficacious remeilv l?r parity-lap the blond. F?r sale bv Pe- 1
ler Burnett, New YorV Chemical llall, V> Siith avenue. jel-3n>
rT,OI?l: LOZENtiEH.-An eircllent article for cold*
1 eouirto, asthmas, he., lor tale w hob-sale and retail, hy
<M If Driiififi*! 4 nd Apothecnr) . 90 Nassau st.
I (in OI V('K,< PLATI1VA -Ju.i received la plates
.llMr and wire, of different sire*. for ?ale upon liberal terms,
jell office 2 Courtlandt st.
SCARCE BOOKi-TlM- History afPrintinir. by (Miah
Tliomas ? A* Historical Inquiry into tVe Prrxluctux and
Consrinptinnof the Precious Metals, i?> William Jacob, Esq.?
Wet??i>r's quafto Dicthsuary in 2 vol*.? Th American Ra< e
Turf Reristrr, Sportsman's Herat 1, and Oeneral Stud Book.
For ?al? In i* I ? ? 1 > 1 1 I- I" \ It l> . It i * i i
AKI.KM OIL ?? ? Halem Oil, for
?#an\ * Courtlandt st.
RA?D1 C HICK HE- 100 Jar* Kran.lv Cheeae: 10*
kefs do do, prime article, for sale bv
Brokers and Camnnuian Meroiianis.
*14 50 niJ ?- ,??. -H
VEUETARI.K ( ftnPOtdD OIL. fur cljrj.il
the hair either brow n or je? black.
Also. MARKINO I Ndv, lor Linen. withaitt preparation, for
Mlcbv MRS KINO. Ml Fulton st nM rf
(*iiK.E9E.- TShntes Chw,
/ S5 Old Enjrlishdo.
75 jar?, and :<5 k*gs brand* Cheese,
for saieby HARTMAN k BIRD4 /.LL, Broker* and
aayl7 Cowimiari*n Merchants. 5ft and 52 Wa'er st.
IV'HTIC K . ? The partnership heretohsrr existing betwen
IN tlie sulwcriber* under the name, style, and Aim ol Ha*er
stock k W?Ue, i? this dav dissolved bv mutual con?*i?l of the
pOTtiev Juae ^Uh mr WM H. WOLI.K
Witneaa. A. P. O'Brien. |e7T-3t
/~OI,U. SlhVEB, wisi I ?? urrent B.. <k N >tes Ik aght
Je87-4t Basement, It Hull si
W Half Dollars, Tor sale by HART k HENRIQI ES,
jef7-4t _ Baaemeni U^allst.
I'tkEXPIREO t.KANK. OK Til K. Nil \ K H
J Pl.ARF. HOTEL FOR MAI E, with or without the for
niture Applr on the preWLses, comer of William and Doane
? I reefs. JllMlWt*
PI HI.IHI1 - l> T li In OA* -Mrs ?lp.e* ceiebraterf
story if" After the Ball, or The Two Bir WiiUam*," by
W S^NDrORB, ? Ann at.
N. B. Men and bo^s warned lo sell the same jrl
Ann at., the pnpular story of " Happy Fares, or Beneawlence
and Helfisheew, by Mr*. 0^*e.
"Ternpel" will stM-ceed the ab^eswy. and an eiira a amber
of the same will be published for those who may wiah it sep?.
ratelv . j?17
P' NHTOB n AIPINWALL, ? WlBHwi street
Ivinrr for sale ?
Jaiabe Paste, in A# and 100 Ih. bo*es, very superior
Mtiinson's patent Barlev and Groats, fresh and Jtut re?ei?ed
Twtark Acid, In MU>. Uses
nnper Carbonate of Hoda, inDftlb.jani and MX* IT?. kein
Roes' Odorifenon* CnsnpnuMl, in bote* and WottJes
Alv>. ffwAhn'k f?n?ren. nt munufiwturerV prlcm. t?
D*rT?MOXT late vohk HO
TEL. The subscribers respectfully infonn the4r friends
and the t???ilinf pabllc that they have Uken the al?o*e e?a
MUhmentf and fitted it ap in a style that will compete with any
tfmBar honae tot thiseky It la on the Enmpean plan, and per
<on? ran he acroraasodatej with lodrhMO and meals at ail
knar*, and ??***?} ttP wKh an* dish the rich and Imor'mJ mar
ket of Vark at aH times aBbrds
The hnoae la pleaaantly loeaied at M Barelay afreet, In the
immediate srietntty of the Hudson risrer steam lioat landing
The bar Is supplied with wines and Honors of all kinds, the
tea that ran he obtained. N M. MFRRIMAhl
?yV?weod U WINBHUP.
D KMOVAL.-DOCTOK JACKJfOff has rem ?ved kit
lt,Medi?aicd V a per Baths from No. 1? lo 200 Bowery ,*herr
Im? luu baths ready for visitors at five minutes' notice, from I
o'clock. A. M. to 11 o'clock, P.M. An intelligent female, who
ha* had three year** experience in the business, in constant at
teudance um the ladies' apartment. Genteel furnished apart
ments, and board, with good nurses, provided tor invalids who
?nay wuh to put themselves under the medical treatment of
Dr. JackseM and the Medicated Vapor Bath*. my 12 y
2? Bleecker street.? J. W. bavin? fited up the premises 2M
Bleecker street, second '/lock north of CajnHiie st., with mucl
care and expense, in furnishing the Garden with neat anil hand
some bowers, and from his whole life having been devoted to
the Confectionary business, is prepared to serve up every arti
cle in the line in the best imssible style.
N. B. Parties giving orders may rely upon his best exertiom
lo please, and fusts they shall not he disappointed. Ice Cream
carefully prepared and sent to any part of the city. jeH-liu*
RC. BROWN A CO. having opened a Ceflbc Howw
(the Niagara) at No. 4.? Warren street, and laid in a stock
of the choicest Wines, Liquor*, fcc., hope, by strict Han lion lo
the wishes of their customers, to merit a share of public pa
tmnge in ti
AC ARIJ.? The ladies and gentlemen of New York are
respectfully informed that lor their further amusement a
BAND is engaged to perform on every fair evening, cninmen
cing on Mondav, Jui e Jflih, under the direction of Mr. Brown,
LOON, No. Bowery, where all the virion* delightful I le
verage* and delicacies appropriate to tho tenson are supplied,
and every attention pai l to the comfort and accommodation of
those friends and patrons who may feel disposed for a jirotiic
uadeto No. 20? Bowery, opposite in IX.vin^ton ?t. lejltf
(1 t* ' (>OU V'S V VNlhiiA iUK A >1 I AN
X This delightful Candy is manufactured and sold wholesale
aiH retail by the sub .criber, at lil William street; and is also
| nold at retail al32U Broadway. And the Pennine article is
not made by any other pe: miii or wild at ailv other store in this
city. II. OREUORY.hil william street,
ie.'l-tf between Knit. N lad John -ireet*
" Try ill things and hoi.' Ia?; Ui.it which i
A CTION. ? Whereas a number of confectioner* in rtii*
y city, are manufacturing and vending an article which they
call Vanilla Candy, which l* supposed by manv to lie the Van
illa Cream Candy, w hich i* not the case. The subscriber is
the inventor, proprietor and the only manufacturer of the
genuine Vanilla Cream Candy, and that made by an> other
person, oi at any other place, cannot possibly be any thing but
a sf>uri?tis article. Tho** who are desirous of obtaining the
genuine should ask for Gregory's Vanilla'Cream C a ?dy, manu
factured at 131 William street, between Fulton and John st*.
I earn ii. oHEGtiRv
IRON, fcc. ? LEV EKETT 4;. THOMAS, 13 Broad street
offer for sale,
1780 lioxes tin plates, assorted sir.es,
150 bundles Russia sheet iron,
40 toils" llank'*" best E:i?llsli boiler ]?late.?.
70 " English bar iron, assorted,
21 cask* sheet T.inc,
80 " bright trace*.
17 " brass candlesticks,
10 " wwd screws,
12 " ta'.le and pocket cutlery, assorted,
10 " files assorted,
S " band and pannel saw*,
11 case* cross cut saws,
7H " English foM ling guns,
40 " German d?.
10 " do. pi i*>l?, assorted,
17H cask* assorted Hardware, consisting in part ol steel
yards, tire irons, butts, latches, locks, assorted kinds, saddlery
ware, w eiuhts, fcc., together with a complete assortment of
American Hardware, all of which is oflered at manufacturers
prices. je 13- 2a w I m
published. "This work w a* written l>> one of the mo*t
a:- lUsinj' writers in the country, whose works ha\ * alw avs bee.)
popular." For sale by C. 8MEFARD,
je2ti 26s' Broadway.
Ba y water. - lwi me ?all i a det ii,oh> s.i?r *ale by
Brokers and Commission Merchants,
mv2 r>" Md N Water -tree!.
M&DICAI* MRS- May obtain Vaccine Vira* vials,
which will preserve the matter fnr anv length ol time?
lor sale by DK. LEWIS FEUCllTW ANGER,
je2-y N?. 2 Cortlnndt ?t.
PHl'MNIA TOOTH CK5IENT ?For filling hollow
ami carious teeth, for sale by
iel4 Dr. LEWIS KEi'CIITWANOF.R. 2 Courtlandt st.
KIllCOKOTK.? A lart;e supply of tTTis valuable prepa
ration for the immediate cure of the tooth ache, put up in
small bottles, for sale by J. A L'AMOL'IXEUX fc CO.,
BjrM .T77 Broii i m ;iv.
IC.TMIK PA8TE.-lrW0 lb. superior qnnlity Jtuube far
sf sale wholesale and retail, bv
RL SHTON 1 ASPINWALL, 3fi William st.
mv2fi llo Broadway, and 10 Astor House.
NITRATE BARV rKS-A large supply otpvre Ni
trate Bar\ tes on hand and for ?ale u|>on reasonable term*.
jel9y 2 Courtlandt st.
HAItbRM OIL. The sill,, ribers kne i u-t receuej a
lartre supplv ol the genuine Harlem Oil, for sale m hole
sale and retail " J. A. L AMOl'REI'X 4. CO..
' 877 Bmad wmy.
Proposals to trader* ano stork
KEEPERS. ? The suliscriber offers lo all whoare in want
of small change, to furnish Ihewi " T?ken?" of the American
Silver Composition representing eertain value*, the cok not
exceeding |>2<r>, fwr which Atifl will befaruisbed to prevent coun
terfeiting, and for further particulars ap-dy lo
2 Courtlandt street.
AC AMD TO THE Pl'ildF ? *M. HILL S in
imitable style of Hair Cutting, Na 8t> Pearl st.. up stair-.?
Kor fear aian>' wron?r i??iper*?i?>n Th# pftonr may labor under,
the salxtcrilwT respeetlidlr inform tbem he ha* never belonged
to the combination of Hair dresser*. Shaving 6 1-4 rent*.
rjyuk LAIIOHKHM H AKTKO, fivr thaiuMil
tJVnlW mm are wanted to labar on the public work" ot' tnr
Slate of Indiana, la whom constant employment will be jfiven
for ten yearn at liberal wayei
By order of the Board w Internal Iin-prm riuent*.
D. II. MAXWELL, Pres't at He- B?.?r L
Indiauapoli*, Cell. I. 1837.
Kor further particular* relative to the alxive, anplv to
corner Pine and S.,eth street, N. V
Atranfremeots ran be made here for pa??ai>e throuph the
whole mute, bv the I'ninn Line, si*. Pittsburgh, at very low
rate*, by apply! air t*s aliove a25-tf
C' OPfBK ?. OFFEK K>:r)l < KM PRH KK?
Country an?l city dealers can lie *upplied witb fine fcicr
ed Cofl'i e at the lollowfny price*, less 10 ;>er ?ek.? fur any qiran
Uty over loan*.
In the bran, jrreen. 10 c^au per lb.
do- roasted. II do.
Burned and trrouud. Ma 1 lb. parka?!-*, 1? >l<>.
je2. 1?H4< WMtPfNK, "I < afbar -
C'~K HNAK SILVKK-hi Sheet*. Plat.- ml
I W ire, for *ab- niv.n r?-^- naMi- term*.
wlfy 2 Courtlaixh street.
CKIiKNI'l K i Mrbrile.i i|? <? i'??r the M,ii' ? .?u?t reo-n
I1 ed from Pari*, anil tor -air bv W. Fortenha<*h, apothecary,
14 Hudson, corner Reed st.: J. Tuffel. apothrcary, corner El
se* :???! K'tnftoa at. .tflHl*
DL'TCH IVTTKllHlkfli rw Mjr l>r
Bruker, awl Commixsioti Merchants, AO k b'i Water street
lliijl.lv concentrated from t>e mo?t approved t>>rnmla. For
?ale wlntlet.de and retail bv
Dru^r^-i an<l Apothecary. <?0 N?? au.
IR If Corner Pultun street I
V 131 WiUianist, See advertisement in II) raid, Hun, f.\r
?iff Star, ami Sumlav Morninjc Ne??. ie.Vtf
STOK AOR ? Will betakes in the fire proof (tores. '-?and
AS Water ttreet. App'v on the premise., tr.
A Ann street ? Love, Mystery, ami Super*. tution, l#y Mr*
Opto. aU
SA l<T<? I'lN ifk? Mm* IW t?sn* mar*' Applv ?t v>4
P< arl street. DOI OLASS KOHI.NSON k CO.
1Al(D. ? V)0 k*ir #B'' 2f? barrHs prime W? ?terw, tor sale
Broker* and Commission M'-rrhnnt?.
n*y3 Mud M w ?ter -trei t.
ll/lFsf njalitv. fw *a|e bv
Iclfjr i Courtlandt >i.
MAII KM' TOT*. ? Ju?t re?ei*ed. a *uppl> ol Marks'
celebrated rolored Tor*. They aji- offerej u> the trad*
on tl*e ino*t favorable terms, bv
|3I C. MMPPIIARD. IW Broailwajr
HADin ANDMKII LDRR8.-9 rask. Ilm>..?< to.
Shoulders, for side bv
HARTMAN li Blhl?HALL. B -oker* anil r;o?riini*?io?
my It Merchant*. SO and 52 Water ?t.
SliCtOH * .?A larpe supply ofthe best Oerman Succory
en band for Mle hy J. A. L'AMOI RKI'X k. CO..
mv aPtf *n Rmails. av
PHOHPHORI H -Jtl ' r.relve.l, a fV' ?li ?nppl> ofPhoa
nhorus, neatly put up la <me poun<l canistefsi. for sale
whol' Mje anH retail, hy
JAMBA A. r L'AMOI. Rfcl'X k CO.,
je!4-n 577 Broadway.
K~ *? ROBOT B POK TOOl H A K C? In aay qua..
tkv.mat he bad. viith lull direction* for use, bv
jrt y DR LEWIS FKt CHT W AN OKR. t CWllxwH ft
HARMAPAHIIJ.t NTHI'P, <>t superior qualitr
anil navar, made eioreaely foe Soil a Water, for sale at the
low prire of !?? a ^nUon, and ?ent to any part of the city, bv
nMres?nr; an arder to tl?e Bowery Btearn Confectioaarv. Ne
WI9oir*rf. _________ 'p""
H ROBOT E, V*?n TOOTH A?' M R.-Prus.
sian Cedent, tor filling decav ed teeth; Diaman<l Cetnefit,
far mendinf (ria-- and china ware. e?nstantlv on hand and f->r
?ale b> J. A L'AMOI RKAI'X k CO.
Suc^cswrs to Br Leal* Keuchtwanfer.
~"4 No. Bnsa<laav
a ft T Maw a ttl?4bMALL. r
for ?ale,ch''ap (or caah
?0 tubs Welah Rutter; BO firkins Oraafe co do; 10* keff- h a
arlced, aaitable for hakee%; I A jars Brandy Cheese; V)keij? do
ila: Mttfhi saperWr do; 40 barrels do iloi 90 lx'?es Pii?r Apple
Chee*e;Mca*kii Hams, far funily u?e; 8V da Shoulder*, dv do,
e^aal ia Burllaron. MAftTMAN L BIRDAALL,
my 10 ,V) and M Wnler street
reeeived, a larre *vipplv o< Bwwllah
llerrhe?,7i.r^ I,y J, a. L'AMOI RKi X A C<v
Rucceaaari |o Dr. Lewis Feurhnsanyer,
*2' No.aTT H roadway.
('OA B^-l? torn Blunders he*t bouse, carefully loa ? r.
/ ed la the bold. Apply*) 3.11 Prarl?t
B ELL'S STRATAGEM? Doricourt, Mr. Barrett? Hardy,
Cliippindale ? Sir Th?mas Touch* ood, Fredericks? Letiua
Hardy, >litl Tree.
After which
THE BARRACK ROOM? Marquis de Crusac, Mr. Chippiu
dale ? CoL Ferrier, Mr*. Mason ? Capt, Valmont, Mr. i?*-at
ley ? Clarissa, Mia* Tree.
To conclude with
A NABOB FOR AN HOUR? Mr. Framptoa, Mr. Wheatley
?Sam Dobhs, Mr. Placide ? Mia* l.a-?lie, Mrs. Durie.
(L/" Doors ( pen at 7? performances commence at 74 o'clock.
Boxes $1? Pit oO ?ewU Gallery 25 cent*.
MBHICAA THklATK *?.. MO .? k.u k ?
THIS EVENINO will I* performed the
MAIM OK CASHMERE ? The Unknown, Mr. Plumer ? C?li
four, Mr. Morlev? Leila, Mrs. Conduit? /elica, Mailll'e
Previous to which
PLEASANT NEIGHBOR? Christopher Strap, Mr. Gates?
Nancy Strap, Mrs. Herring.
O" Doors open at iu ? (lertormanccs commence at 7J o'clock
Boxes 7i cents ? Pit 3'\ ct nts? Gallery 25 uents.
C1A8TLK UAul)EN.-ll. MARSH respectfully in
J forms his patron* and the public that the Garden having
kx'fn extensively improved and embellished in a novel and at
tractive style, is now open for the season.
His well known and nislly celebrated Band, under the direc
tion of Mr. Thomas Dilks as leader, is re-ent',;?ged, at) <1 will
perforin the mo?t approved overtures, inarched, airs, tic., every
pleasant eve-.ing.
N. II. A piece of 1'' I UK WORKS every fair evening at nine
for Which ref?*faments w-ill he fur
mMieu ?u i tie bar.
THK A K i< If \ N (?Ii KM* t tin L# mdon, > i n open
1 at the ZOOLOGICAL INSTlTt TE, No. 37 Bowery,
being an artificial representation of the sequestered Mountain
Pas* utlie heart of Southern Africa, opening <m casionally upon
mugmticent I. urst, of distant scenery, over which tne evr wan
ders until ed for miles and miles; while at every step the visiter
is startled by the savage scowl of srnie of tl^e de-ert monsters,
or stands lost in mute admiration of the graceful forms of the
less herds ?>vt.-r the Karoo. LIONS, TIGERS, LEOPARDS,
YOUNG, together with animals and birds hitherto new to sci
ence, are seen in their den* humi d in the work of destruction, or
hounding in sport anion? the rocks. A cavern leading? through
MASSES Oh PILED ROCKS. now opens on hii extensive
view of the (,' A KKU K C< M NTH Y, abound in? with objects of
interest. Here, a wounded elephant attacking Ins pursuers;
there, a view of the two Missionary Settlements, a tree in the
Boccuana country containing the huts of seveim-en native fa
milies, and the u^assacre of an Kn^lish partv by, the natives.
Open from 10 in t '? e morning till lrt in tie e??-n;ti??. Ao.nit
t.in-e ,5?? ? children half price. For particulars, see cata
logues or small bills. j< H-tt
TUTE. Broadway, op posij i St. Paul's church. ? Comhinu
| tiou ?>! no\ el attractions, This Evening, and during the week.
| ? The tirst Magician in the world, CIJTIIBIKT, the Anieri
I can, w ho challenges all the great Professors "I the magic art
I - the Moving Dicranias ? Gulliver's Travels in Lilliput, and the
I Italian Kantocini, introducing tlw Kin d . niiilv iri miniature. ?
To conclude with the laughable burhtuol Billy U niton's Jour
ney to Brentford.
Doors open at 7 o'clock ? performances commence a' 8. Ad
mission, 29 ci uis. JlCI
d ' HAM) ST!! * ; ??'. ?' (iAKlJKN - Tie public a
"1 most respectfully informed that the Saloon and Harden
attache.-! to the conft etionary store. No. 278 Grand street, be
tween Ehlridge and Allen, is opened for the season. The gar
den will ste handsomely lighted every fair evening, and a good
Baudot Music is eiigageillo iiilnv three evenings in the week
throughout the season, viz : Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur
day s. The Kel'rt shinents are of the best kind, and a better ice
cream is not to be found in the city. Call and try it.
BiM'l' KACK.-A Bum Uace m ill take place on the -till !
of July next, starting fVom the Ilell Gate Ferry House, and |
rowing round Black well's Island. The tirst entry will be for
boats 2<t feet long or under, starting at I o'clock, for a purse of
$'i\ The second at 1 o'clock, for a Silver Pitcher, Wonts 36 feet
or under. P. at Clubs w ithiiii to enter their bouts, can do so on
application to Janus B. Wall, at the Hell Gate Ferry House,
or BENJ. TRUE'S House, Bowery,
Je27-dyy4* between Houston and First sts.
Fourth ok .iuj.y ha?.l. at CALb>
1. WELL'S LANOINO. ? (ireat preparations are making
i*g for a Party, Dancing, A.C., at II. J. \\ akeman's House,
Caldwell's Landiug, North Hiver, on the evening o! the 4th of
July. Plenty of pretty girls (God Idess them!) will of course
shed a divine halo over the joyous testivities, for joyous ihey
WW be wl?piewl I ? \ lovely woman! jel9tjy4HAi (.' *
DE L'OLYMI'E, painted train natnrr, Itv Bmidet, of the
French School, are now exhibiting at No. 17 Park Row.
which has been exhibited ,n most of the pruwipal cities sf the
Union, to the admiration of many thousand visitors.
From a o'clock, A. M. to 10, P. M. Admission, 2> Cts. each.
?11L.L1AHI)* IMPHOVED-Odstleinen wkshinff
IJ Ki pjay at billiards, or purchase tables, are invited to call
at 2U or 92 Brwadway, next d?or alcive Wall street, at the Sou
thern CoflTee Rihiiii, wbere^here are 8 tables in ocse room, and
ii r iite p itvnt ImSmm RaUw Mfehn siaie mmm Ml wpt
sitian cemented beds, with irxu eagle frasues, ar;^ common ta
bles as a'?ove, will he found the largest ami l>esi assortment
ever .offered to the public, advantages t? th?se wXo wish to jiur
cha?e at shnrl notice, as they can be packed at one ilay's no
N B. Order* for any thing In tJ?i? line, with oosh or good
reference, to A. BAfc'SFOltD, 216 Broadway, will receive
prompt attention. inlfltt
1^1 KB WOEML-TW akwikir n nn n^n t?> the
? public thr moat intensive wad varied aaaorttnent of brilliant
Kire Work* in the I "uiti-.l Stair*, rm??i?!in? m several thousand
rocket* of heavy calibre, w itti rich aud fancy headine*, wlieeln
of every description, Koiuau candle*, xiine*, lovrtililiow, iiiv
ro?n-, Inn* pmc .1-. .mvn?, ?>-, Italian at reamer*. colored
llr*a for Uieatre*. ~ 1 1_- r i i*i - for Miipiiiii?, he. Lz. kit. Al*o, V) e*
hilaitiorM of brilliant ?et piece* lor city and country display*.
Atrent* in N<-w York, 11. Vvelin, ZJl'Pulton ?trret, near Orpfn
wicli, L'-wtA Paj?e K Son, 6U Maiden Lane, Ubkimt k Young, '/ 3
Chatham M|L<irv, or lo
ISAAC EDUK, Jr. (Pyrotechnic.)
nytS-(|y4 At tlif* laboratory. Jeraev City.
C^IMM WOHKit? TIip ?ul>*cril?er Itrlar ?{??m ftor tbp
I ?all1 of l*aar Ktige'a Kire Woika, i* enabled to oiler to tVe
public, III* larval anil nao*t varied aaaotrtnient of Kire Work*
III th* city, eonaiatiujf of Rockcl? *f ntftr *ue wit-l* lienduiir*
of every deacription; brilliant ?et pirm of every variety; w lieel*
nT nnry drucriptinni triaafin, HmnM candle*, mine*. murltil.
bona, Italian *tri ? ? ? "?m> tekhiliitmu i*?-? ) Lc. kr.
In addition In the abovr Ik- h*?onenf tlx* I ?r treat and It#** a*
?nrt?icnl*of.m?H work*, willful ejccptiori, in the city, winch
he w dl *e|| on the in<i*t reaaonaMe term*. C<? . millrt ? oi Ar
raii'/eineHt* for the approaching c? lebrarton of the 4th of July,
will find it to their *\VUtarr to call and nxamirethe above.
II. YYKLIX.23I Kultun street-,
betwen Oreeuwich and W a*hmi;t?ii *t*., N V.
Mlcwu. vor'Tiis* awd rmi.nurcivs
CLOT 11 IN <4.? OK.OROE A. HOYT k CO., N .. 14
Bitwi-ry, have on hand an extensive awftr. cnl of ready mad*
dttkitif, *nited lo ever} aga- and ?iie, which they w iM *? II \e
ry ekeap for casV, either at wholesale or retail. mv22-Uni*
At aatll. I AS A K LAMOI UKI'X \ t O Ii.n
Inir MK'ccode.l Dr. Lewi* Pruclitwanger, in hi* Mor* No.
977 Broadway, will cnnti'-uc to lurinah th?* public with tl>? ar*
tide* uaually mi j >| ,1 1<-<( hy liim, aud hope, '?> tbeir eil'oru, to ?e.
euir a continuance ol It* patronage.
Swedish !.<?< < he*, Diamond Cinual, PrtMlm CrinMil. for
AJIin>rd' caved teeth, Chicory. the finer clw-iniciil preparation*.
Ma(rn?-?ia, Loi/nt'^. ??? f/h Ln/ kg. kc., ?<^i-lantly o.
hand, and lor -air on ll,?- m<?t rt-a.-i.iahl>- term*, w ImiIc* il<- and
maiL mjtf
Kl' ? Ml A BRIj'I'N, Pi ifl ?? i * t arakm
lb* Hark and lour, and th'?* who Mand at llit <W?k*. will
find tlir? of ftriit ?ri ail'ordm<? ?nmfwt and ?npport to
tlie rrlax?-d nHt*cle*. K.?r *?!?? at No. S Ann *t. jr'jfl
nAli'r A, III.MII((I US have tbia d^s o|>rn?l an
nUicf nt No. II Wall *tr?-rt, fur th>- puicha**1 him! *al?' <1
tiold aod Silver htkI I nenrrrnt Hank N'rtea. S'h<- liiflir*l pr<>
mium paid lor CJold ami ^il?w. j? ?4- 1 w
AT the reduced pric? of M.AO.? MIKD,o< 19 Na**an *r?*t
rorrw-r of Pint*, rr*p*ctfiillv an- ounce* to M* friend* and
pllbl H.ai fie \?iU conMaWly keep at u
*n|i * room a *up?'ri?* n??or1irien! of j>lain white minuter llau
at the reiloced W ice o| ft 'O. He flatter* lilei*elf flint the tle
?ideil appr?hi?tion ??iiU which k? llat* have I teen heretofore
received, w ill continue to rt- wartl hi* antiou* w i?h to plea?e.
Hill II, l.'l Na**aii >L, c?". of Pine.
AImi oh hand, a fire a*"? i tiiKTit of fi^itleiaen*' Le^Vtrn *nn?
me, Hata. at reduced I>ri ??* j, 13-jw
I It - nSNiO IVrKI.MOtiJl K OPrU K.Kn
M A 70 Ckainlter* at. ? Hen., ir, take iMitice that tlu^ oflicc ha*
been I'tup e*u?ttli?hed. and that nHft eicellent aarvant* are U>
lie had at llir ?knrte*t nriict. Tlxee w ho are m want of rood
aervaot* alMtuld apply linuiediatelv. No. 70 b jn?t at tlie for*
ru r'il HroatlMajr. aT-tl
NOTICK- Toll* It-iail aift Cnmpamea ||o
tela, and oth r pulilic evtatdi^iiinent*.? The nWtHiff I*
prepared to make contract* lor tnmialunf a?tv e*t?li|i?|,meni
withl'ard*. te present nr a doe l.iM of aav value and t<? a?*
ainonat, ia hi* A aierlc^ii Silver Corw|>o?ttH?n. a?l he will en
f*fr not onlv to pat theci on mv rea*onalde term*, bat to re
d*? III them at a fair rate. Applr to
?r. LkWIS rn.'t.HT* AMIKR.
?iv 17 t Connlandt at.
No. ,Vt llni- ?n ?t. Ciir "I t'hi v*tie,? J At OB f'KROtlN,
Draper ami Tal-?r. ri4pxif'illy inlorm* hi* friend* ami the
pnldic that lie ha* eommencfd bu?im a* at the above nu ntiwnetl
More, where lie will cno.tawtlv k< ep on hand r. adv made
cloilniijf of ever)- ile~-eiption, which be o#era to aell a* cheap
a* ran be parchaaed in any *t??re in the I ruled State*, and lo
?ait the emerft nc* of the tinaee. i
N. II OtntMHii ma-h- to order on the *harte*t natice? rea
?oaalih term* vir;
Makin? and triniming "'tai. $8 tat
Da. 'lo. pantaloon*, I 7.%
Do. do. veat, | 7.-V
Veat? ma?l" op from 75 rent* to b 00
Pantaleon* do
to * 00
ET GIm?9 tor raafc. H?-lt
? I Thi* r*ceedinjrlv i ich ami d? llcetu* article la manufactur
ed and for Mile b\ tin .ubvril^r at 191 WMiam *?.. w Ik? ? the
intrntfir and pntprietor of the recipe The public it appria-d
that the article calleal Vanilla < andv. which i> maoufactti'- d hy
ahoo?t all the confectioner* throughout the city, i* not * sirtilla
f^ream Candy.a* van. have ?rroiteniidy *upfK?eil, hut ?* 'joite a
diflerent thiiif. The genuine article canoot Ix made h\ an*
other prraatv The fatihlic in ?r nr raU and eaper'allv the ladie*,
are mri?t earne*tl \ and reaf^rtfniiy im it? <l to tail ami tr> it gra
tia. I ll William ?trae( -a between Pulton and John at*.
CMIAMPAKAK Wllir A 190 baafcet* ' tr.lv -
/ i hampafu reccne,i vaa Lontion; jw ca*ea w-ine*, con*t?i
uigot floe and middling <inatNie?, >nad< >ra, *herrv, pwrt '?nd
claret.^ Al*o. I oiMion nfawit a*nnt and poetar, receded pe
hark Kfyptian Aho, porter and ale put up for exportation
tmlchampaiane -uiar Wnevred to *'i- na*? ?i flavwe aint " ? e|
"lice an\ bottle*< n th, ? citv Por *?'e ai mod? ra'? r-r ? ? 'n
TM(?M A% M?.ANS. at Water at reel, J
one door ea*t of I'M *lt0
N B Wljifakoti.fdto <trih* jofWiaw*"*
Amcttnn Bales.
JESSE CADY, Auctioneer.
BY JTRS8K CAB ? . store No*. 1 17 and 119 W??r
hireets.? This Day, at halt past 9 o'clock, In lota k> ma
pureVnsers, tor cash, a lari;e aud general assortment of attetf
Uir.lv> art-, cutlery, fall foods, huts, combs, fancy soap, cloUa
iiiE, guns, pistols, drrlss, kc., with an assortment of good* tiut
ed to the Southern anil W astern market, loo numerous in iii<a
tion in an advertuemeat ui thi* kind.
At Pr.vati Sale ? W, 000 down Crwtbs, assorted of atl kind*
lboo rariU Birmingham and Sheffield Cutlery, of ev?ry
riety imaginable.
WOO dozen (iollan anil Bosoms.
10,tHH? Needles, assorted froin 1 a 12, Hemming- and Gertna*
90M ?rni-? Bution-, flout, Vest, and Tear!, subject to ik-t>?n?
ture, which v. ill be taken in payment.
Also, Snuff Boxes, Puis, ke. kc. kc.
Also, German. French, and Rhode Island Jewelry; l?w
priced Watctu ?. Guard Chains, fee. MWWBF
M. WARD. Auctioneer.
BY p. J, II K \ II Ns ro . Store No. 1=B Peart
street, corner of all.? This l)av, at tf o'clock, at (ke ano
tkin room, Hardware, Cutlery, consisting of pen, iHitfket, am*
lirk knives n.? card- and 111 do/.vn-; scissors in dozen- and 00
;ards; needles ui coiuiisters ami bundles; double and miglnd
eye spectacles; steel ami lira? barreled pistols; jiercusaioar
chpi, thiiuMes. kuilliujj needle-, honk- ami eye-, kc. Ate.
Fancy Goods ? Consisting of double extra cologne, 1> air nil,
perfumery. French and F.i.^lish -oap, la\endrr nal"i', i-c.
Al-o, an invoice of comb-, button-, collars, bo-o.ns, boots, and
\l?o, an invoice of Jewelry? Con?i -tine ?f -i ?. . fi.tgnr
rinir*, watches, breast- >ius, chants, kc. ?i l24
|V| n. VV \OisK TA'l'l' Kii?.lhli>,-r; - regular
public sales of llor-i -, Carriai ?? Ilarae- <, kc.. outinnn
t? take j?l?ce at ibis well known eslablislmunt, every Mon
day at 12 o'clock.
The next sale vv i-ll commence oh Monday, July :irt.
et U> o'clock, and all lionet. Carriages, kc. intev.l. 1 r.r this
m.'e 10 u si be shown and entered on or before *aturda> next.
Jills l-t, at - 0 ' ? " ' o||\ \V. WATSON, 4J6 Broadway.
Ti e proprietor will be much obliged to th -e vWitii ^ hVs an
tablishinent on Mondays, by their iwt crowding ill. street oj?p?
?!t Taiter-al- vv ith carls, ic., rendeiing tl thereby nearly im,
Ne*v York ?Iwiitt Ntorh Kxt-linnge ( iiuipuny,
3y Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Gold and Silver, ami
all kinds of rucurrent Money Ix-ught .nid sold. jtf20-3m
II KAl/l 11 ANti tOMroilf,
1 /* SALT WATER BATHS, niwonenat Casile Garden.
Battery, for ladies and gentlemen, and at Waits ?t? one pier
below C; ual, North River, fr'-nu -uori-e until lOo'clock at ni'div.
1 TOJ>RIK f ER S.-Kor sal. i t , >1 AGATir.
about one third w orn? weight altoot JlKi lbs. li w 11 b>- soM
low tor cash. Apply at 21 Ann ?t., U<l story. ,i> Jd-lw
who can f;iv? references would like a sttnaliOM as teacher or
seamstress m a private family. She would -o tot'.e Wist or
South. Apply by letter to A. B., at this office. ,jy27 2t?
! FO ? MiN AM) ?><>>? ? II KXCIIANGK
BILLS, gold and silver, and all Rinds of uncurrent money
bnuLFhi and sold by the Foreign and Domestic ExcSaiure Co ,
No. 3 N 1 -an -t. " jt.'27-lm*
1 Sl PERIoll XlIAI.h MITK KNtillA
VI.VG.? SMALL NOTES, kc. ^c,? Notes lor #1, Nl, 23, inu?
12i cents, being ni>w in general use Vy lUe tir?t houses in tlse
city, a ild the preference jrheu to those enyraved by J. LA
'I'llAM, his in lin ed I11111 toexcute atl entire new set ol plate*
in a style superior to hi- former ones, at the same tune that tbe
demand enables him to reiluce the price trom #2.V)to %l..ri0per
hundred. Anv regard lieiii'' had to the quality, these will tMs
lotind k>y far the cheapest of any yet produc'd.
J. L. Wf ins a practical Enslaver, can fivrni-h ias?ttuti??ns or
Individual- with plates in any style required far notes, certifi
cates, kc. kc., at a t.-w days notice mnl at moderate charge.
Apply to J. LATHAM, PjO Greenwich st., near C<>iu"tlat>dt
street. leSMt4
NOTES. ? T'<e increasing slemand lor s i. all twites far
change lat- induced the subscriber to engrave aa entire new
set ?l plates ?m steel, ol the denomination of ft 1 . 76, SO,
37J, Z\ 124 and t31 cents. These notes are elegantly engravnrt
w ith v ignettes, kc., in a hank note form, ami printed oa bnnk
paver, |.a\aMt at - 1 _r h t to bearer m trade <n furreat Ijank
bills. The above notes are n*w ready fot delivery to store
keepers, hotels, steamboats, manufacturer*, ami tradesmen ?f
every ilescription. Orders from any part of the I'mteil Htatr
will l>e promptly attended to. by applying at VALENTINE'K
Engravmg and Printing Rooms, St 1 John su.cor. William, Neso
Vork. A liberal discount to traders iud country merrliani*.
llts BaiTAisaic Majesty's Consulate, (
New York, 1 1 lit May, 1837. }
TT IN conformity with a law pav,ed by tht- le gislature of
this State, on the 21-t day of April la?t, entitled, "An Act tore,
gulate the miners and duties of Public Administrators and *nr -
rotates, rtlaiive to the property nnd eflects of foreigners."
Notice is heraby ? iven that hi and aftar this dale the pr?
perlv and effects of all subject* of His Majesty who tnavdieosi
their way in. or iu this city, intestate, rarh property and effeet*
arriving in this State, are nlaced under the care nf this office, and
aot under that of the public administrator, a* heretofore. TKa
undersigued, in consequence thereof, requests that notices here
tofore sent to the public administrator mav be sent to this o#ee
w h<-re information as to the .-stntv and effects nf any subjects of
his Majesty shidl at all limes lie furnished w itlsout any fee Or
charge whatever.
The hi all li officer, and others at the quarantine, are respects
fully requested tw make I heir tmmmuniealinus to this oflce,
wl^-re all expense- connected therewith will be paid.
:nv I "> Itawtf
It'ANTKlt LlIMEKlATELl-To iro to
" H lir-l rate Conleetioru-r III :b?. -t? "
Tv u Urst rat. Coafeetionrr in tin* Aisericau drv atjAe, ua?*
ticularly ac.uamt.d with Pa?'rv Cooking. ln'iuliV M V. Fu*
ton st., Br?ok)v n. ? ?
titS) < WW) WANTED? (iii bo:i?| it*l mortgage, for a
r it v property, worth more than double the ina
new Apply immediately ?t No. 2 Ortlandt ?t. |e$-y
-J !>>?> ?( industry iml i;im?I character, who may 'Wire to
Law an ortice eligibly aituaied in Hull afreet, and the u?e o f
a Miliary, rent Ire*-, may bear of an opportnuily <v" doiw so by
a<klr?-'?un? ?' Oliter," throupb the pint office. i? J4-Gf
HI M<N, ol' nil denomination., of rh> IIANK OK HKN
NINOTON, t ermont, iitirrha>eil at I per cent dtaeoiinr.
by _ W *|. II. M< KKK 1 CO., 5| WilliHin <t, M-ar Mill.
J /* No hill oo tlu? Hank lui* ever l?-i-n cw?tfrMe>
F <??1 KALK, ? LKKCIIKft ? A [i ? hundred of , ipi-noi
l.i e< he*?. J.A( k ASSES ? Three .piendid animal* for
breed, iu?i arrived. Apply al at Front ?t. up utatr*. ie28-3t*
A ? Avtpply o| the uioat approved pattern. JuM received,
wMrll will h. tilled al notire with the beat itnihririea, ac
companied with a Imok of dlrectinn* lor their u*e, nbkhcw
We relii il on tor it* entire correctnem, For aale l?v
Ml SHTON A AVPIN'WALL, ?i litem ?.
lift Hmadw j . . ami 10 Attor lloatf.
|?OAHI>IK(i.-A It w mptrtalalryootif nx'ii can l>e ac
1) roiiMmxIa/il * ilk *<*??! tioard and Iodine* at No. AM .loltu
?trvet, by immediate application hi the pmin-ea.
Alio, two gentlemen and IIh ;r wive* ran br accommodate*
with board, ami room. cither liirin.licil or uiil'urnuhed, a. it
mnv ?ntt lie in, at u very reasonable rate.
N, H. Thn.i* w i.hiti? lo avail tlieiiiM I* ? ? of ?u<'h an opporta
nitv , tti make immediate application at above. i?7f-8t
1 ' ?? irtnn iit of drv i'ihhU, iMiucki for eaah, aud now aelllag
fiflj per ivnl In low their real value. LatUek wi*hinf to fnu
cha-i are r> ^.ectfilly rei|ue?ted I i rati and at the
More Nw. it 't Bowery. jfjj-lw*
l\K \ IHM ?* II A > K lll?.L.H. Al > AM-OAV A
1/ UAI.I.AH comer of Old alip and Water irtreet, vV
nrrrnf l)rv Dock Hunk Hifl* in raivim nt for I HON, NAIIA
N'l ^A( Tl HI.*, of which Mtev have a coniHete awuirtvieflft.
DIhVaN" * OK Tlll^ I- \ *? DK. FIJ.IOTT. OOU
LI*T an! ProtV???nr of the Anntmny him! Divwn of Bke
human ??> e.
Office, jn.) Broadw ay. Private entrance in Duane ?t reec
w i-lie?t<? inform Kia fri?-ad? and tke puklir that be tuu Jm M
recetvd a fn ?h ?impl* of firn rate OVS I I. Its, aixi ready t?
aervetb?m Frieil, Stewed, llimpted. and Pickled, on tkaM
liber ?l tprro*. at the ?horte?t notice.
Please apply at IU Fulton Mreel. <1B
F*l,t- (IAIN ? 1)1* ?:???* HOO'I ?*. 1!H IH*I>* AN?
A w M.K l'K> Two E?'nl>liidimi uti fitr wiling all tbe differ
ent kirwU of fad.ionahle Boot, mel *l,<?e* for Huaiitfr we?r, ?!(
No?. ?.? ami i.2< anal Mreet, w here the lar?e.t, n,?*t 'pletwtld
and f*?lii?nal>l? a??>rtment aiajr he bad ami wber<' the nimble
?t*j>ei?rc p?u?< ?for tb?- ?l?iw atcllinv ' where the larffeat and ky
far the t?iw| ? lepant aaoortnieot of (lentletMen'a Bummer Dreaa
Boot, made of fine lis hi wal<kin. moroeco, and calNkin, price
onlv H Ml to B'? i be Pair, warranted Vnperior to any in tW
ril) for tli?- price Don I mistake enr Btore*. for the Ftoa (JM
and ItH Canil ?treet) i? exactly over the door*.
icJVI,,,- Kit H AhDH k WAI.EEK. 7W ami JiOf.oaJ *.
bej; |ea< ? reaper tlully to call the attentioa of tnelr friend*
ani t'i< p. ildo p? ii?-rall> , to the new and Hefant a???>rtnient of
Rvl, iaat receive?l and op? ning at their new ali^re. No.
ail Iwtweei, FrariLi-rt , i II i. 'i. Mreetv Cot ?
?rr> an. I ?* aler? will find, at their e*talniahiaeat, advantage* no
where cUe to be met Willi m addition to their entire *?w Mack
Of tonik.
Mtanmier*. of the above firm, more jeneraHy hr. i?r the
appellation of the Three Fintrrrrd Paper Hanger, and wiio, It
I* oeeiMev* tn nay. to anv but Mran|fer?. Hand, unr < ailed in the
art of paper hanuinff lw?tk for neatnea* ami deapatch. will af
tend in perrfin a? far a? practicable to all lk? work which
|> bb mud to hi* car*. B^pvMllP^
itNiaitKII PAH l,OM H ANI) BP.I? B^?||W
r to M, ?a the rnor'ernbwih taoMnrv honve 'r?l P' arl
near Br?a4w ar , In I private fani'lv . Ref^ren< e?
nay ?o<1 l.e-mard at.? Thin e.tnblt*h m?n' ha. heen reneoree ??
the new and apaciait* vtrrre fWW Broatlw aT . riw-oer I ~ooara*?
where may he fourvl a choice aaaortment of "?M>* . :.T "^
ieatiug?. Preoch fiennnn and IH?k heem. a,ti?lm?. dnlHa^
! he., of the t>e?? qna.itv nn.1 apnro?e.l puw"*. ? -a.
I tientlen^n can have all the., article* of w>ar,n<[ aBpartt
| made at 'hi. e.taW,.lm^ n! in the mo>t fwhlwW maww^eiB
' net aav intr -i ?> per rent, l atter. ?b' *"<!??
| and eaperi# nerd workmen ?r* empk?>ed on Drew aad Praah
1 mfc TrT^e-tU-. drawer*. M^k*. hc? for vale or made
! <,r?" |u ran he pr?'ided with ?eajn?tre.^v to work at their
, ? ' ' i,. anidv in? ?* ahove.
Thi. eataoUmrneat i? .learned to artbrd employment to ia_
a ,!f?w ?? Kerea.ev of thi* ct?. hr whom the (frea?ew part afthw
p^rr^emed Tlioae who patronltr H wHI aid an impac
ia.,1 n.ih)i? harin an.1 at tlie aame time have th. ?r work dawe
on rea-'iua-ile tet m? and ta the beat mannee, b ermooaaaoe m
the lib. ai patmnnfre alr?adv Wa^/wed Hy a I C5w
a r? peetf iNy vnilfipi mt3AI?"*l|

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